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i . I . I I' " . i : . if - .fr . - 3 -" - .. . - . .. - - h
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' '' ! i: ij : i : : " j, ,- r :- h 'Tyy8'' . ' .-. , m, . : . :;. t y
J BEay & WA LLACE,; t ; "Let all the eds tlion aim's t nt be lliv CouutryS, ihy God's, and Truth's." , ' i rt'BLISHERS & PROPBIETOI1S. :
"" VOL 1, . i 1 ; l-j lf FAjlTfTEHLliE,. TEXN,, TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1S51. . ' 'v.' NO. 28.
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The Tiff. ,' heard you, v, ere her most devoted ly; her flee grew redder, than ever Evening. I -4 - The Sorrovtful Tree. In the is-j The Banner's Coxsistexcv. Tho'
t j ! c i admirer.' j ' and, with a jerk, ireaking the minia- 1 Thlre are-two periods in the lifb of laml of Goa' nT Bombay there isa ; Nashvillo Banner whines over jthJ
Br JEREMY short. i- Now Bella-', T Rnirl. ,-1rtnf. 1a I tore 'from its nhnin. sIia rsist. if hiv. 4 . . . ?...-!.;--. ! sinrrular vegetable ther sorrowful fact that Gov. Trousd:ilr rnnfiniYo
I i ' i ; - . "j min tn wnirn j io pvptiiiif nour is uti- . . . ; ...
- , 1 , . .! 1.4 V,, fcV. Vtl AW V LI I T UVUliCllVU H V V- AAA. A - ' 4'V1I 1 ilililLS 11:1, Iflfl
tha rvi.-r it At Cimcr nn ( nn'ora nr.i , lllTlfisja rt .Inriorn I'.imnlll T I
ae. Id youth, we love' it lor its "l , v.A.Wii.
inT,VO DoJl!!"" rqne Yeai if nid at
ire mm (:t 5iil.rriiiii.in
V and rilly Cents, n ijr.iocT PtviAXioK,
b; n-r t'iie :px;iriio; of "Tiiree Monili
jCT'AIl' lt'sil' f-r Ailv
Wort i '. sabscrij'tion,
nvliO'n wtj h;ire II tnui:ig; Account').
leriiseineals, ; Jub
consiJereii Jue
against those with
sent out ol '.Ue
Cjiity,.uii'c$s ja:il f.jr iu aJvaitcp.
1 ai One Dol-
flUV'"' ol
lie cnnliiiu
l.ir per .Square of Tivelvtv Lmesi
or IjCV for the First lusernuii; Fifty
LViI lor esrli couluiu'-'iie. A liberal
reiiticnoii It t-.r Yearly Ailveiti-;in;r
LJl'he Hiviiege of Yt-ajly A,ivertiers i
llr cthj lit itirti to Iheir own i nmc&itlc and
le LllitlPs i f an
Cuiisii!yte lf as in-
Ilf li.'iir l',siVtrs.5; and I
AJvt-riifii Firi i not
tlu liiij; iiJ.ii! of iittin li.vn
fCPAuhoij kjii-T Cai.di.UN's. Tlirce 5ol-
I:irs;j Li paid i i ..Jdvnncein Kvery Cute
iCPAJverifc.-nifiils njt ukaikea WJU; le
Inf rtiont vvlifiii lirttiutJ. in, will
d until jfdcrU put, and naymttn
icriisaaent cau lc instrted gra'
ECPA Jkerii-pinenis cf
"Now Bella,'
'How are yon, my dear Mqw? 'Jealous! she exclaimed, stamn-
Joiin,a cnair lor iir. Lrranam-h-ex- infr her Iittlei foot, white hpr pvph
cuae my rising, you see I'm gouty flashed fire, 'its time to be jealous
beefsteak jand bumpers have! done it 'sir, wheneverv p!retty face you mdet
at last, and, though only eighty -sev- tempts you tp neglect me: but I'm'
en, I m really beginning ;to leel old. not jealous I'm onlv ashamed of
'Sorry to hear it, Jeremy! But I vou, sir.'
you look; quite 'hearty j yet. Ah! "My dear, lovely creature,' I be-
Vhat have you ttieref '.omrley, 1 gan again, trying to take her hand.
.. J,i i r U no' li! '11,1 i d . , i ,
u guuu uuvei, i&ii l in . , , . !; urn sne jericea it pettisniy away.
'Passabe,;my young 'j friend, but
inferior to j'Jane Eyre.' Carbline
Holsten, the principal heroine, jis a
little angell; but in Shirley! herself
there's a cross of the devil, 1 m afuid.
Her; husband led a dog s life
the truth ' Was but known.'
minds meo
Vrsonal" "Nature
.Vice. :
lent Alt"Jicines
I'liirty Dollars per Col-
Kinds, J'eally
Iiim Mtu at
! unin, Iei'
; rjJub Work, of all
i done. oil evv '2'j pe, ami u as reasonable
I . IViins us an C:Ii-:e in 'I'e niessee
; IZZPi- Is.icr wili be d.s
arrearaj-s are pai'J u,n except at the
Option of the I'ubtithetg. I j -
oii'inyeJ un'ii
to an Absent Hnban J.
Dourest, coiiio liomt! 1 cannbt bchr
Tliy loi:-proir;ictcI strty.j
a si, J and lonely is my litari
Wh.ii ihiiu art pone w.tv.
lve;triti, nlus! how vainly
Tliitv,' nbsrnce to forgot,
Ytl iiill I can "but think of I
Willi fondness arid regret.
s :nourr.s the gentle, cooing dov, ;
In ueeenss dos l;ite, I ;
Wyit forcedly srae un fi i'.I!y har.J
Vu'f lrotn her lov.i:' n);itd ;j
Sthr;tigh t!ic tlifiinbcrs of jiny F;eari
Echoes n inournfiJ tune,! ; i
.WIJ'm verv iu!sj L.fTcti ri bents, j
Ke-echoci, "I'm alone."
Thirgs that are bright when thou art here,
Look daik and gloomy now,
And iiiitore seems ij tliare iny grief
With clnuds upon her brow.
Thrt bij-J sings now a sadder; song
Tliaijr-eVr he s;m before!
ii;! fl-Avers liave lost die sjjinv hu
. : . i " '
Ihev once to twreeiiv wore.
To uhile t'ir w
the heroine of t,
it, if
ture the dne over the1 mautel-diece
'The Tifi
l have o
mv. thau i
with it. Till us tale.
'Well stir; up thojlu
f I call it' ! -
'ten heard vou
re was a story connected
sav, Jere-
V I . .Ml
cheroot. , Jbhn, retire till vo
called and bow. mv dear lad. Kve"I
as cosy for the rest of thej dvenihg,
as a we ujusi eaien a inani;sgiving
dinner, and iiad had our fill; elf boiled
turkey and! oyster sauce, j ijBlessed
'Don't dear me,' she broke forth
'you know ; ,rou don't love kne: you,
never come h ire j more than once aJ
day, while I. any Saville, vhohi I1
dismissed forj'ou more fool was I
used to be he -e three times a day,
and always .dined with us on Sun
'I began to grow red in the face, I
assure you, at being thus talked to;
but I masterei I my- rage you know
I'm a meek man, it's because of that
I was chosen president of the Peace
Society and paid meekly
' 'Bella, dear, don't be foolish!
loVfs you better than all your sex put
together: '"ut hrou mustn t expect me
to uedect. ndV? iS5alt by my rude
ncss everv wotnan I-meet' Once for
all, let this bp understood between
and, with a jerk, breaking the minia
ture from its chain, she cast it, shiv
ered into atoms, at my feet.
"I discard you, as I discard that,'
she hissed between her teeth. . 'Yav
dare to come here again!'
'Aly eyes darted lightnings at her:
I was, for once in my life, in a towdr
ing passion; but I remembered that I
Was'a gentleman, and, therefore, con
trolling my j tongue, I merely bowed
low, bade her good morning, and
walked from the house.
'And is that all, Jeremy?'
'All. She repented, the next day,
and sent a verbal message to- me that
she forgave me; but I took no notice
of it. Forgave me, egad! Yet it
it waslong before I cured myself en
tirely of myj passion. I often 'i'jmnd
myself ou the point of going back to
her; but, in such moments of weak
ness, 1' called up the vision ol her
face inflamed with passion, -and
thought what a precious life I should
lead, if my wife was to treat me to
such exhibitions every now, and then,
as J felt sure Bella would if I mar
ripd her. She actually did drive heir
first husband into being a! drunkard:
but her second was too tousrh for her:
culiarly interesting
nirt iriT TV rtft lincht ire mi I Ilfn' if r . 7 " (
itsh n.riaVshootinffEuades.iii full of them. They, nit be considered as magnanimous
-1 7 O j '
..M l 4- cU,ll.
still sbreniUt; amid those who can.- . ' ,
i .J-' , .! n sooner begins to shine rpon them,
commune with our loves, or twine the j , ,. . , '
UUtU Ul Ulii Vll, U1U VliitlO
close up, and urns it continues flow
erinjrlin the right all the year.
wreath of jriendship, while; there is,
none lo bearLus witness but the heav-j
(ens aid the spirits that hdhl their
.u il ,1 r t ,. i''ust such i a flower. Jn 1
the deep bosom ol creation, spread. J . m. ... r ,
i : . trmght of affliction it is iresh
nlirnnrl liko i ennnnv- Jihnve! US. anuli . . . ,
, '
look and listen till we can almost see
and h$ar
t srv'r
Grace, in the soul of a believer, is
In the dark; Polk and Jones, Mr. Polk! was taken
towards his competitor.''
A rom this we should ! infer that-:
such a thing neve'r was known be- .
fore, least of all, that whigs had ever
condescended to practice the samo
thin. In the last cinv.-iss hotven
and fra- ;sick at Jasper, and Gov.
grant, puts on its bloomj arid seems on 'filling his appointments. . In the
leg songs
swimming id gravvand oysters. But
to my tale. j v l
'When I was about twenty 4!iat
was in the ;y jar 1783 cotcnlporaie
ous, I believe, with yourgran4iather s
marriage-fl knew as pretty i gir as
ever sewed; a 'sampler on week-days,
or carried her prayer ; book n Sin
days to church.: I j ; ; j: J 1 j
'Bella Belgrave was the beiutyj of
the district Her step wis like a
dryad's might be supposed lt( be; her
lips were as fragrant as strawberries,
and twice as sweet; and her voice 7
Kir, u ;you couia nave nearu; .it, you
woulil have! fancied that a mgjhtingale
had nestled in her throat, or that St
Cecilia herself was come dorn from
heaven. . At Jwenty a man falls in
love as naturally as he takes to
smoking; and he does both, I feup-
ue ice man, as oancno lanzai says 01 us,
sleep, that l rst invented turkeys-- 'Wo nan s rights were not yet
though to my taste,it would bp better 1 thought of mv boy," and wives were
if they all !rin about, 1 ready boilbd, expected to obey their husbands', as
nature and Scripture vPommand.' I
deemed it higlh time I was asserting
my prerogatives; and spoke accbrd-
' '1 es! I repeated, 'you are unjust:
you ask too much, my dear Bella.'
'She made ho answer; but sat . sul
len and sulkv. I again attempted
nry Hours away,!
udeii f,'eti
Th.'it' lug with
I 'fcu'J tiiy favorite uml.urs o'er,-
'J'!u-ir tiioictsi nn repejit.
L5ut even bot k?, those voiceless friends,
' Have lost n!l charm for me,
' 'II :
nd fail lo cheer my heart, un!t.!s
1 I read them, love, w ith thee. !
And music, wnli ner voice so sweet,
, J'va euiled her to my aid,
And soft at d low, with, trembling jhanJ,
j Thy faviiriio u i r I've plnjedj.
pat n'i tliose tetider notes itave eiirred
. ' AfT.jetion s foiiniains de j.
,uJ tamy nave l liAi my shng,i
1 ro. think of tliec and wet j. j
'ThitSTploomy tlionghis tiicijr Jisma! thnde
OVr b(ig!uest iil j-Tts fliil
JIow unpins a saddeiied h art;
j ! Can sail
Then, deii
A henit w
Is fu.:l
den every thing!
res', come iliy tjife's fot,J heart
rmiv l- ats ier vc
ios every throbbing puis
ful, kind and true. j I
de fault
j there is
in this
com pro v.
-To ! woman
tn inexpressibly fascination
'alliance with danger this
between lovq and co-
It is their one excitement,
I : ' I 1
and it is worth to' them: all the thouH
sand o'tliirs that serve
more of;en to detract the dullness of j
their" lords and masters. iThey are
'coutentito be whirled out of their
own thoughts in that pleasant vortex.
Its eddying rapidity is sodd-ghtful
. its attraction so gently powerful
its surlace,;up to the 'very edge,; so
emooth and glass'; all is charming till
the List fatal pluge itself, when the
abj'ss. is opened to its victim and
tiiea closes upon her fjr ever: , j
pose, to prove himsell luu-grown.
Well, I sooii lost my heart j do Bella.
Nor was my suit hopeless II am
handsome yet, as you see don't
laugh at me, you young scapegrace
and, oficonrsej 1 was handsome at
twenty. I wrote poetrv, too, which
won girls' hearts just as a moustache
does now; and I had a pretty little
fortune: so I was soon the
lover of Bella.
j 'Bella possessed but 0
She had a deuce of a temperj Now,1
a little sharpness in a wile occasion
ally may.be very excellent, jjust to
spice the mohotonv of matrimony, as
1 . 1 !
mustard spices beef; but toOj much of
1 1 1 "ii 11 1! 1 ' 1
it is as Dau ;as spilling ine ; contents
of a whole pepper-box in yd jir -plate,
when you had just taken thej last bit
of -what .was nice on the table. Not
that Bella "was what is called quick
tempered 1 often wished she -had
been for it s bettej to blowi off su
perabundant steam now anji then,
than, to keep it screwed stiibbo'rnly
down, till, sbme day, a grand explo
sion takes place, that sendsi every
thing to kingdom come. . ijlnfortu
nately, Bella both took offence easi
ly, and then, 'nursed her warpitn
keep it warm.1 She had been
much petted that -nothing sbort
abject slavery on the part ofjja lover
would suit 'her, and, i'faithjll grew
tired of it ai last,, as you! shjill hear.
'One day jihad been singing "to
her a ballad she had asked Tme to
to take her hand and, thinking I
had spoken tc 0 harshly, . used a tone
of mild pers; tasion. But she only
replied by je king her hand away,
and removing her chair from me. . I
expostulated with her; I told her how
idle was her jealousy; but, the more
earnestly I defended myself, the fur-'
And how, my dear fellow, take sq- u
Other clieroot; and 1 11 ring for coffee,
I 'And the -picture was painted to
commemorate your escape''
I 'Just so; Wellington has one of
Waterloo, and1 thanks heaven, thev
i l izi 1. ..l 1 il. 1 O 11 1 TT
, . j 1, luu oi lmmorcaniy; uui wneu uw sua , wu,im ucmuvu a.-u o. pn(t i. .
the waving Wings and melt-' 1 .Alt,. , . ., L .
.. i -1 m 01 Drosneritv binues unoa rx. auu 11 ,xiyn.., utu miLcr was aeutinna . iv
ot other wonas.. loyoum . ',--t .t. . ,-.J .
j t- t if i "l 'L 1" 'mJ is surrounueu-vviui eariiuy oomiori!?, i-aiiw;, nuuu uie loimer continued
is delightful; it accords with 1 .. . a , .. . ,i . .... i.i.- , , I -. .
spirits the fervor .i"k iii'.j n.o uitiiiuinu-x v'"ux'ouf i"'i- v4i injuiua-
" frnr,-j- r J withers it collapses and shuts its J ted that his competitor was afrakl to
ones vrent
the flow of his light
r P ! 1a, c' fmnt, o.irj tl
i l i t-, j i ii:..i. E leaves.
nearc. ri veiling is, aiu, 1110 ucu&iu
jAiut.Aii ine wnoie numuer oi w.i o. j. ttn-vim v. nuiwa
Now the ikibles are
Huf V.;. ; - : '
Aut iuu nao' Aiiuiiu;i:nmuua
'"r "e-7 If. -
of the tranquil close ;of busy life j
i i t .mi iLui.. 'trauiia -convicieu oi crimes: in tne nun.
serene, maciu ana muu. wim me mi- . . , . - - ... . , , i, . u .
nressof its Creator stamnedunon it: r?lt? &1 ork, Irom to jneu ana , now - womlei-,IIy the
I . X . '
it spreads its quiet wings over the
grave, and seems to promise that all
shall be peace beyond it.
To malcc Water cold for Summer.
Let the iar, pitcher, or vessel used
he had buried three wives before, and I for .water, be surrounded with one or
ncw how to manage viragos;, hbjmore iolds of coarse cotton cloth, to
said .'roti.!'? -toiher when she got into be constantly wet J The evaporation
a passioi; and, CGDsCrently, hi tl reb of the water will cany off the heat
years 'she fretted herself to ' Mom the inside, and reduce! it to a
zing.. point. In luuia and other
troivc-ii r'-liiI1? wuere lee cannot ue
i -0
procured, jthis is common.
1849,! inclusive, iwas 27,949. Of morality of Ihe thing is cl
these'1,182 were returned as having
received a common education, 414
as having a tolerably good education,
Chattanooga Advertiser.
All that the Advertiser says is
true. Itfr. Polk was two lor thr
and 128 ouly as fell educated. Of; times, during Ids canvass w th Jones,
the remaining 2Cj22-3,and about half ; detained by' sickness front his ap'
i . i
I ia
say, w
le never he looks at it; and, I
am sure, I do the same when I regard
The T ff.'
Hints for Conversation. A lady
should always j excel in conversation,
be, courted for the ''honey that drops
from her lips," and bear a charm in
her words to win the hearts of all
listeners. Here are a few hints for
the younger patrons of our Bureau,
ther she hitched her chair around, 1 worth beinarkept in the upper drawer.
Mr. William Pigsford, a j nativ
were able 'merely! to read and write; point nients
the residue were jdesitute of any ed:jUed to speak,
ucation whatever. over the State
write to
one of 1
some, of her j musid, when
er friends' came in-tla dash-
ing littlsj, creature she j was-4since a
great-grmdmothcr, my lad! with
three hundred and fifty linjeal j de
scendenisj, egad and I,- as
bound, did my best to be agreeable.
Scarcely, I however, had. the visitor
gone, when Bella, with a face like a
thunder-cloud began
' 'Mighty sociable you and Alice
Gree are, she said, 'I supposes youVe
ha.f in lovo wjth .her vetj I always
n duty
until, at last, she brought its back
directly again st that of mine. j
'I now gav up explanations; and
sat silent on n ly part. Her pettish
ness began tc open my eyes. She
had always ben unreasonablv exact-
ing; her vanity forever ran ahead of
possible attentions; and the jealousy,
thus unjustly sntertained, yet cjon
tinually smothered by her sullen
temper, was now finally come tj a
head. As I stole an occasional glance
at her, over mv shoulder, I saw no
longer any beauty in that sulky face.
My love was fast changing; to ahger.
I asked mysel why I had submitted
so long to her tyranny. i
'Yet, feannz that I might be also
in the wrong! though cnconsWu (
how, I made '"a last effort ! I afttlX h
had sat for sor le time in 'iilencep
conciliate her. For this jiurposGfjl
threw my hand, over my j shoulder,
qnd dangling ny glove so as to let it
playfully strike s her head, I said, smi
ling and speak ng gaily j
' 'A penny f jr your thoughts Bel
la. Come, forgive and forget
We've had a p -etty quarrel, now let's
make hpt you know .the making; lip
is always the sweetest part of it'
And, as I spoke, I wheeled my chair
around, rnd w uld have put my arm
around her as of old. .
;Did you ev :r ; see a tigress in a
fury? I . pot you've no idea how
Bella locked then. She had been
sitting, pouting, pullipg at a chain to
which wa 5 'attar, bed my ilTiniature; she
now spra ig to ier feet, her eyes em
itting fi : e liki an; electric-mnchine
in the dark, and her whole counte
nance bio od-suFused with passion!
'Unhitnd mu, sir,' she cried, 'how
dare you touch me after having! in
sulted m? Ldavethe house thia in
stant, sir'; 0
I had. borne a great deal: I was
not going to endure any" more. I
had jiever dreamed my charmer had
such a temper. I replied, haughtily,.
As you please, Miss: but if I
now, remember 1 go lorever.
'She became white as death for a
instant I hadj spoke firmly, and sh
of this country died, a few days ago,
aged 87 years, after living wit'u his
wife sixty-five years, whomjhe has
left a widow tojiiourn her loss.
He is Oiio trf'six' brothers ajid sis
ters, whose average age is 80. He
has left anonly daughter nciw 63
years olJ; and what is a little more
remarkable,. not one of them ever
toolra dose of medicine from a phy
sician, were ever bled or blistered,
until they attained the age of Q
but Ihev lived temperately and
Y Axold-qfectation. Instead of ma- used but little animal food.' It
king you appear to advantage, it will
nly expose you to ridicule.
Avoid low expressions. There is a
ialect peculiar to low people, which
you cannot imitate without appearing
as if you were yourself low-bred. -j
Never speak unless you have some
thing to say. i "A! word fitly spoken
is like apples of gold in pictures of
State Tax on U.S. Property. The
old. Question of the rights of the
State to impose a lax upon proper
ty belonging to-the Federal (Jov-i
ernnient lias beeni revived at Car-
jlisile, Pa , where a tax wHs imposed
upon the u. S. barrack, and some
horses levied upop to enforce pav-
ments: Judge Kane has granted a
special injunction, upon the a nplica-
tion of the U. S. Distiict Attoaiey,
restrained the sale of the horses un
til the question can be decided at
the October term of the United
States District Court. ;
might be well to remark that, with
iu te n . milrs oi Sill's Creek, on
which this family 'was raised, there
has never occurred a case ol pul
monary disease or consumption; and
persons who have been threatened
with the disease, and moved into
the neighborhood, have invariably
been restored. Wilmington (A. C.)
Commercial. j
' 1
American Enterprise fn Swe
den. II Swedenlhas sent to Anier
ca ihe most admirable representa
tive of j modern art, we in turn,
are about to establish the last; won
der of Ttioderu utility. An Ameri
can gentleman lias ' obtained j the
privilege! .for fifty years-."! of erect
iiig and inianaging lines of magnetic
is said to have made the first dis
covery of gull iu that country,
while digging at a mill race for
Capt Oilier,
1 - ' :
The! Hickman people are deter
mined to have a Bank in. their town.
Stock is being taken freely, and it
is the ! impression that, the Bank
will go into operation in a short
timeDresden (Tuui) Democrat.
' Co7ifession.-Some newly or
ganised t itle companies in Louisi
anaj having lately applied to the
State Adjutant; CJeneral for their
quota of arms, were refused be-j
m ..:ni iv. i : ... .i -
ones not only contin-i
but the cry ran all;
imong the whigs that
"1'olk was afraid to meet Jones, 'and
The California! papers' announce 80 ws shammiisg. sickness."
tire death ol an aged German, w ho ? 'We are sorrV that Judge Camr-
,peu is sick sorry as men and as pol
iticians fjrhira in his affliction and :
because Trousdale makes more -votes !
with him than without hib- But1
what courtesy has ever Wen shown !
to 'Trousdale by the whig?, that they
should now ask him to a bar don his
appointments? They have misrep
resented his position nil over tho
State,' and now inodestlv as! him to
! refrain from visiting the section
where their misrepresentations can
do him most harm! "They prevailed
on Judge Campbell, to resign a good i
office to try to urn 'Trousdale out of ;
another, and now want Trousdale to
rr.ncn nil tf L.L.nmn Hi, ll'u,A:110 utilise- Ul'JIf CaJl iaiC
c,.,' i unable to travel . What n
uiaiq noc nc.i urn, tu ILteoi
"Cuban Expedition,'" and have not
yet been returned, and therefore
none can yet be procured.
t Baltimore. July 5.
All debtors in the ciiv jail were
released on Thursday night at 12!
0 have the wh
that they ask"
gs shown Trousdale
this .sacrifice at hi
. ii 1 .
o'clocWumlcr the provisions of the dot km;. LJ
new cons Ut utionj Ihe event was j daty.iVf l7.j
hands? Why, Ue should think it
would make th mott rabid of ou:
opponents blush to use the word!
Gov. Trousdale Jfijcls that he owes it
y -of the State to
rent sections. lis
v to sl rink frcm ft
to the democra
; canvass the diffd
celebrated by the firing of guns and
torch light procession.
Valuable Hd
cf cholera mbrl
re The worst ca?e
us, dysenterv. and
r i
saw, i have receat-
w miuutes, or hour?,
knew ma to be
'esolute but direct!
The feminine" gender that ! went
down to the .river to drown herself on
Mondav night, returned without
'easing her lacerated heart She
struck her foot in the water,, and
found it so wet that' she feared it
would give; her a cold.
in the United Kingdom of
and Norway. A Compa
ny has been formed, including some
heavy capitalists of this city and
Stockholm and the work of erect
ing is at once to be commenced.
A.J. Tribune.
Fatal Affair. We learn I
Cure: for Gravel.-1-Having much ' flux, that I e ven
sympathy tor all those troubled with i cdly .cured in a f
the gravel, you mny -relieve many ; by a strong jtea iiade of the bark of
suherers by inserting in your paper, the fcweet bum; taken recn from
Steep, a handful to
until the liquor ii
- Drink it clear, cr
the following valuable, recipe, which j the treejis 'best
seldom fails to relieve and cure that , a pint of water
dreadful diseased i ; ! like good coffee.
Make a strong tea of wild carrot, ' sweeten I "with 1c nf sugar, or add a
of1 the flower aijid seeds, into a pint i wine glass of g khU Irandv .if the
.i.:i. -..i i . i. j . i - -r , .,,.,,
oi vyjjh.1i ijjjcu oi s.'tiipeire, : snocK is severe,
about the tiza $t two large peas; let -it is remarkable
the patient drink it as warm as pps-j well worth being
sible and in bed, and it will produce ' every family.
copious perspiration; it may be ta-
ITiie Last. It is now fishionable
say and wpte, Congress are in ses
n.r In former "times, when there
was more unanimity in ! that now
rangling bod', John Randolph, Sen-
tor jRobbios, and the best scholars
f tho day wrote, 'Congress tsla ses-;
ion: but how, as-the times are al-
tered,and as a Democratie45enate,and
a Whig House of Represeatatives, are
two distinot bodies, with distinct in
terests and objects, it is proper to say,
Congress are in session. This is an
improving world, and has whims very
much like individuals. Ave expect
soon to hear such conversation as
the following. ''Are Cougrcss in ses
sion?' It are! 'Is you a member
of that are Congress? 'I are.',
i - . , ?
the Kuoxville Plebeian thai Dr
Win. Wright, a citizen of Knox
county, was killed by one of his
slaves", a few. days since. Thi Ple
beian "says: "The Doctor was un
der the necessity of. correcting one
of his negro me a for some , negli
gence or misconduct; the negro re
sisted, inflicting several stabs 'with
a knife upon the person of the 'Doc
tor resulting in his death about 21
hours follow ing. During the af
fray, alter the Doctor had been stab
bed, he succeeded, in stabbing t'ie;
negro man so as to kill him imme
diately.'', I
" ;. j: . I ,
There is one firm i in ;this city
that intend putting up for the ensu
ing winter season the enorjnons
quantity of 20,000; dozen eggs
they have already, commenced
Ctn. Aonparcu. t
r(?nj ken at other times during the day,
and will act strongly as a diuretic.
There is only one thing worse than
The Beauties
About the best
'licking' children
that we have hea
.erica ii.
If not infallible.
in its' cflects, and
inown and tried in
of Flogging.
cotT.m.nt on the
r slight ofTences,
id of lately, was
The number of emigrants I who
arrived at New York, in June! was
.Wrvmrio nnA ihnt U mnrnt Of a remark made by a hltle girl uho
was i'jiu uy ner inomer to retire to
bed. .She was usually chastised ,
each day about sundown, regularly,;
but on this occas on, her mischiev?i
ot pranks had been unaccounta-;
bly overlooked; and she could n t
understand it. Accordingly, when ;
her mother told berMo g to betV;
she lingered.- . j
Itl'l. ,rrf inn rrn In mnr ftt-m. !
Rare chanle for Lawyers. -tho . ura?, M-ke(1elhe Jarcnt j
'U by, mother, . said the child,
all intrtictable fool, an over-wise
man is the worst You may cause
idiots to philosophise -j-you may coax
donkeysito forego thistles but don't
ever think of driving! common sense
into a! conceited person. They are as
impregnable to argument as Gibral
tcr is to apple-dumplings.
Minnesota Pioneer advertises for one
hundred' able bodied lawyers, who
are wanted . immediately in that new
country. They will be employed in
splitting rails, clearing woodland, and
breaking" up prairie soil, for suitable
fees. This is the . best chance for
the profession we have seen offered
for some! time. These who accept it
will perhaps confer a benefit on both
the country to which they go, and
on that which they leave behind. 1
looking up with an arch expression,
You h'avent whipped me yet "'.
The mothtr gave her a kiss in ;
stead of a blow that night
Let . every young man remember,
there is nothing derogatory in a iy ;
employment, .which, ministers to
the well-being ofthc race. It is tho
spirit that is carried into an employ- !.
rrent that elevates or degrades it, ' ;
I - :

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