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Fayetteville observer. [volume] (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, July 29, 1851, Image 2

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FAYETTIjiyHLE OBSERVER. f hou-iiWntioa
1A. II. ntlHIV, t riiiArc
by- Lis' corii2etito'r. ;1
was contended us on t
! t
Ic thouerht Hie who m
! proper way to carry bit that doctrine 'and ne
v.'ic Old aumd; .Sign f the. .wds to remove all obst;;
. '-prevent! any portion
Of FIC .1
0 errrA iV'fi.''Yi'iVf."
loi: covriiNon
18 h
uf the l. ,S. frciajgo
i 1 lv 151 '.my kiad-pf pivcrt
" . happen to own uridLr
of i " the -States?. I HI
P ! North :i it t-m-'ii nil
! - ;
if, Jill;iJiili.iljL?;(.1udcj ff0;n
SuKlicr ,jf Tji'I-tlii,'!- Talladega, ' g;, a?id as wo' I
qlisiioola, t.'ji'i (jioMoUs .i"r;ia ,Ui- x'.ul ,. , , . .", ,
thr. rji!;.- of u ; iii!;icu i-; the Three ; ure as . brothers
cks thai mikhl we havd
Lf the citizens j it Js 11:
ng there willHjiutiee.
k they uilglititoiusr, )
he l.iws of anvfv.-y will
thought the the
ras, of C'i'-riibn.-or ;of .!.,Huo -d-J iantl thca'said .to :!.V,
i r
: ,. '"to
1 'our C::aliC'- v.'!Tj:-y
m. tEldcliouJCov. TrdusdaleI !boi!lsnrstsottI4
; wislv with vour til
moiest then), but
, question to be dette
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on T
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I'l , h
a hlls tpeut
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inures '
on - on
th jf August draws
l on th it d.tv t'it her iroe.j
the!. Governor ol , i r ..'
l i , wap : in)V settle-; the
. i 1 : i .: i .. ,. ! thought wod h:
111 11. U ; t; i V icy VI la.-i i
;:s a tnator to her
fort of iioiL-intervdat
would have objeetej
t ',1 1 1 1' mill ,u:U.V.'
. and with the brand oi;.v i ,, .
'. Li- . 1 l ,1 r u ilroi; tl:js was tiic;
:us trow:-! 1 f.s, Icow-; i : , .
.i L.,...:: .Jihpy told us, r."
- . . V limot Proviso-
e,asa nor'HiTii, . '
, ..... ;aata Ani:a and t
tr.ro a-ai sui oneness or
aivisions j a
i - i
r-riLU i ii- '' gra liave placed
jWei will not let j vtaa
v.'licn t!
1CM p
:d we ivere cx-
iero with our'itJand
shed as. ranch
.-. .1. 4 L J? '., ..
a i:iu.U' n I'll 6- liici;:, VjO
l lionest men, ! we beailit
1 v.i.f,-1. rtiv:,.. r,
.e will' low risk i ri'Uls v
'. V.ii.t I!j;V Jcr t:
(o there-if voi:1:-
; we will not a
vc the whdle : wjiose
) V)'i
t is
to t
ined' bv those
h Cl ' tiii
not i
not ne
ere lor
you are ' sp 'ca&ily pi
pe you to another1 tr
suljcct, pssed it.. Those ; i 0jj cf (Unoa. i ! I - Information Wanted!
.k 1 : -.1 - . . . I
H "vueuy -ier ae .otliavincr the ciftbf OToohecv.it Rinrft tl pdJtnr nf : flip
. ..ill ! U O l 2. A W ' I j -"tuvl.
aji.uO iwiilnot-be expected of us to. tell Journal has tofcdiv fldlod tn nnsLr
1 i i i i ii - i . .: I . If
uueu uieateu ia laiuiana y.hat 7faV .come-to dass. Yet, we .'several auestioris wo nut him.wp
greatest JbUy t say ive sot , Oiinlc 'wr rt,;n LiwnncWr, i-
I L ' 1 . I -X i t 1 1 I . 'I li
ii oauJu:eort iwmsayit :e part0f the Vli of this dis- inir the information which this tU
-cd, t.rlpt to bring cut one if their number 'lication is intended to elicit. V
iuq on jikid elect- him Floaterf-they belies therefore, trust some of his fridhds
laugh iiJjg that the carelessniss of the De-: will be so kind, as to inform iub-
ino doubt they
hear a Eouthern man
thev like to tr.idd
e. No rather let
kv.ow' we ar.e cheatc
lor tl;e sake of pead
ro;mejc-rcy aCbts them reasonable lie, in what way that editor has ent H'eshock continued longei XforM!0re than, six Uveiksl-J
ili!!fcs cf saeccss. TVithin the last his aid towards supporting GoveLr as more evereHlian any; kit; i., tf llJu - j ,
U-n ft, aavsnrleiihas been avid bv the W , L,0iveral years. A rumblmg .o,,e in . . , - ; , j , ,
-afcdi ocular manner. We believe they i one hue that has annearwl in 'the
: tI;c fllture 'nowing our nroj as aaxious to ieleJt one of their Journal during that time, which lean
pare maintain them
) qxpressic-n cf such o
ejen t!le right j vice of
- i -1
no one j uopneet
iffcrcnt ; party."
North, things 7
is3athe!pi'ru pa
bessary.ipo.;e? If not, then rally tq the bl,!s as jcf fjhem waive your
is a-disun:inistJ f;nd hini guilty, aiid , I ; . , ; .
, ,1- , , J U iliey are in thcinajt nl
'lac'i upon his brow the: damning! r , , !, j J
, . ..! i i , T,r;. . i the: control cf the eu
won;' rc : in a ia the . ijig r-ress . i i,
w::l hold him up! to Ine ivoiid as hav- i j i i T.
i ,!.. 1 .1 , ... , I ,-. rruit ot Jlarv andat ;
l'r ic
the viein
i i i, i ' j.iii, ) ii;;ii
j-r.n 1 I'lV.-t rrtu t 1 n'"iitrr At i J , i
V.lJ!lia.l.l.l.l.l .tci-i ivj v i I I
i. ' i , " ' 1. - -, . pasts an ameudjuent
uinatre,! orPben.g unlkithl al to .1 1 . , i 1 i
.uefii,m lav.s nuu an
remove it.
rit)r and have
oVernmcnt, and
'en Mi.
u Con- one marl
us, ana j a suppoUj
done, hi!
mav be
voted it down. !
intervention and b:
IQ Coilstitutioi!. It
make thi;1
'and ' on s$t tliry found 'i
makj it, becaust; he will ! giot ju:;i
theni in singing hosannas to the Com
promise bills, although iu the maii
. 4 i. ,;i , '. .-' ii competitor Urnirirca is
mai.estv cf the 1 law, and advises a!-, j. . ... . ,i
to ihoAVilaot'Pruvi
Vrijig friehds brag fco
tokVus this was; ;
great Compromise) at
EUi-jrvL 10 Viinen il ii iaici xiu-y
tcs, and aive it
reauvi acnuiescenee. vnat more .
. ii i . ;'Lrrear cjiuKe oi v vj n-.r
can be asked of ar:v citizen, than a; :, , U . ,
j n - ' . :jwc had;;to indued the .
faithful observance ot the law, al-1 .: , i , , .1
I , i us law to enabl-Liv.
t-nouh he may not think it the best i ir ... ' , .:, . ,
V , 1'our fa'iitivctsJav-js, to 1
that ?ouid have been, parsed oih t;ic .. t. ru
.. . .. '.u. . i1. . m, intory cnou;2-:i ot l)x..s
i and give the Old IIcrJ such
as he merits, i If this is
iokclion is certain.
01 Wh
ked tl
rendennjj ;tll
i frt the, non
ful re.1
who luWd
us tke
ihat we
eh our
ness aiu
1 c
!--! .1 A.Mllllllnlll'llt.'l l . -.
- .' Toy
part (H the!1
, . , .i -Li i ; rroprie:
'lit Wi.X'n his; 1
. - . i tun' r
) j:;ue.i!.
tj:cro-was anv
ier.ianv wn-u ,
Korin to
' i.rcdieate the Wianre on j'hat he savs !fc.i ;. : ? ,. i I,
- . ....! ( : r . l, liiaxcs, me Letter to e:
-ot these biirs: ' ana to enaiile you to;i . -
1:' i . sioverpower us in-all
will state his positions, asi nearly as
to re-ftpa;itrr -
i :saci::i.ctj
t" ..if
:cm as lreoi y
able them tol"'1''
-If ! 'm J: . . I
L . . m j; millions to ps;as: to l:?cj
. I,, -, j tor slave tetntonr, and
lie tola vou he thought tb.e adnns-1,,. ,' . .
n ox L,ainoriua wasi wuuoui prq- 1 , . , . i . i, :
i , - , 1 ; i rL .'iUipan wa:ca to harbor
lent that the character joi ther, i I ,
.I.-,. : : ; '! jislives. Ana k-r Wiuit
Ul.lllLUl Was Mil . V2i UJ llt'iU .,.! i , ..
' J . i - t , , J I lias: lo gel-1!
the formation' of a biate sove)-e;gnty ! . i ' !. .,
. . .-. .f .! L' : ! clause in the Co:
in accordance' with the fpint ot cur! - i l a,.
i . n . . '!J ; ' , .i i capture ol slaves
Vdiiczs wacn , j
we pay six;
i larlhcr.
Nortirs four
rce tern
t Ji ii . ' a. , ai- wv v.-ill noX con
' ' L'f A . : ! , , , Ml'onstjlulion, asstoate
through iu a. a -rents, ca-Asea her to: ,, u .. .it-
i 'i p I, ;a!I ti:at is glonoti-3 in o
organise i rptath -guvcrnulent, apply ! , i .. ' ; !.'
for allmislsion, and her cliims w4re- ' '
io set thchi to re-enact
I - :
nsjitati ri, fjr the, rc-
il'ly with the
d as it is with
' xnainlv rrcs.icd bv thoie very nerh- j , i i J
era Aboli (ion members, who had ; , , i,; A,
i i t n 4i 4 1 ;c,jc, what wdl the
Toted steadily through the two pre-L, .. .. 1 .;
P , . . , iCertamiv not u Mhi'-lc
f.ie names oft
I such men' as WMMfo Ml:3oi:, Vitx
Hi rr A,',n.is " . :
V. paper
ceding sessions against' giving her a!
.--I 4 .1 irnrnvniTirinj 7 ; tl noi'OT
t,J . . which they aro nhv,Mrvihg-to repeal., ,W!iV-? . I
would agree to give hen any unul; Y ;7 , .. l " , inmsuei
it . t:.e
io WO (I
will be
soon as
of the
..n ! vcrs:
. t.. 1 1 j
! 1
which i
will dro
we pan:
law of Con-' met! wi;
aiw time, anai inc:c;u.
' ....
vnnlc it w'ns virtunllv tl.ere: and he 1 -, " , f
' Compromise, ana
rnrr( nrnr. . t iCr-tcstirftonV 01;., .
- 1 . -them the poor privjle;
-"'"7 fmg-the r lugit vesr
his" count rv :is to 1
a Ti?AiTeiby the
Men and Lrethreuhsh;
Is sucli the rew
s a-:ift, (;jyS much has betn eaid by the
b,i:tjVlb"gs en this subject! ina' pretend
Items of iS'es.
nnhvorubltt acu tint?, fri rri; tvn v
dirtttion of Ihejeoin tit; in il.ii
region. In some places, ti:e kani
tis Inve in dep;iir, cut (heir c-in
Earthquake. The New Ma dnd
(Mo.) Herald, of the 3d just., gives
r..ll.,r.-Mrr trrnnnt ot' the taith-
uiv iuiiuii mi I i. I . f I
i- r,lt,iNew Madrid W, am! . stacUed ;U.; Cutton is try
op ! j .(backnard also. I From afl account
1 16, "n i 7' v,tfr.lav rW, iHiie corit crop everv nh' re in ;1;3
Anah.CTy (AW a;Soulh.wst-wiI U thc s!:t.rUit
ncs,-y)Uiwi;lacewaSi In-aju-r-rood
old fashioned earlnq.? -IT ! ,r ... ,r. ,. ; a. .. ,i
I j 1 j liii J v wu im r "fc; vvW''v
' t ."I 1 t -w r
Trousdale's re-election, during
past six weeks. Will theypoin
t to
the earth, resembling the sound oi ; 'Tc were visited ;oo yrst( rday
thunder, preceded and 'lulloweii ;even.:" w.!ln a consKkraeh; v.n-".
. vlt; parly now as they ever have been j be tortured into a support of the Old
aacii.5 ! th.-jt thy thinkathe ti: ne has now. ar-; Hero's claims? Will hey designate
veiu-'riv.a i0 make. the,. fibrt and it the No. of thai paper: published with-
coastituiioii is Ifokenj iwld not surprise cs, if the attempt
aii.3 are an scairea wnh Remade. Then we say to the Don-
i.'M, cup ei Laacoin ana u nes vc on
, , i ....
ce nas been fpent ia te ser-;.,. Lotus bfc ready 'for the
e dc-!,
cm'jrgciicv, if it should
Villo! warincd is forearmed.
1 s'jea; candidate. 3ou. believe .to be tho
ird of srnnr-rnsf find vnfo fi,r! Iim Whnt
I IWW V A. I A 1 A U 1 1 14. V
rlotism, and honesty of pur-i though you have objections to both
bbjections fox
and; wtll throw I3emocritic votes, and
that v
ill answer for all
lowing letj
ii l-!rir.,'.
L.I. Iljl 1 1 v. .
galy appreciate tncir hiiiu-
iih comiisjendaiiou of our
the friends in and about rcsrs-' ' ' Let. iisgo in Wr our.pnnci-
t n f". i Ai:ii,.:n.. Ipiesk even ii it has to be done at a
iiii, VMiiiu.i, iiiiu .uiiiuin.., ' : -i
.i . -i . ' ATriiieo ol .': 1 r.f hfr nr;n oriitinns.
, o 1 1 .... . ..... -i. . . . . ,. i t " - - . . . ......
Select the
iu this period which alludes even in
a remote degree, to Trousdale's right
to a re-election, or an effort to dis
prove the many false charges that
the Whig press has propagated
and circulated prejudicial to him?
Will they show- from that paper, that
its editor has j said he will vote for
him, or that he desires any one. else
i to do so? t&ZT A reasonable reward
this time, They are bdth Democrats, i will be given for the desited ihforraa-
practical pur-
UeS, as S2j
The Liacohi Journal aad Us.
I j will be gratifyin
t to those of
our j readers ; who have personally
furh in their j presije-d uto uiseoatinue, on our part,
1 We will cn-1 the existing. controversy between the
continue to receive their ' Ohskreer and Jonrncdl thatMve have
obje'eis of the virtually yielded to their' sohcita
;r, is to U ions, for this week, tit least. The
ic of ll-e
of the "i
;e approval oi" thi
fjrnishir.2: t'acm
4 ;
hoy will bo pie;
ii .-we are iresoi
reduir? inuc'a 1.
srihe perso::;:
tion. VJ
Facts to be Keiuenibercd.
Keep it before the Democracy
Lincoln County that the editor of
the 'Journal admits that he and 1
Whig candidate for
on the. Compromise.
Keep it before the
that the editor of the
pcjvernir agree
article touch-
etition of his
ir ulscvi-.'Jvithtafs last "strong'
I i
1th such a :ing Us, is. merely a re
ised to ix- llimer "charge?, which we have over
ved to doand iagiin "dissected, .fully exposed,
i;er and a 'and proved to be. groi ndless. He
i pre(ii:er-"!p.;r.--ists in his charge ag ainst us, that
a !;.'!; skowrr 1 rain, r just
u h tu jja.'ie vf potation l klhke
:,,! l)iMliMit'.eU with i- oLtirg
the shock. Our cotempcrariis and
may boast tf their tornadoes, ha:I jtIU
storms and overflows, but; u hen it j
they come to earthquakes, they are! water. Cjiii ctvps ,''ave if,'ua'.
no tthar.' . We expect to gel one;,..C:, grcatlv dam.-'g.S'-' -f''1.
up one of these days, alter the stvlt; 2uha ViinsL . , '. -
of 1811-12, when we will s!:6vv ; L . : !
and cenlraf portions have zntf
learn bv
thrni that "some things ran be done i
. .
it! ,-!! Id 1 linrc " 1
CIO 11 III UlllLI, : i I I 1 .
the above was wriUene:,0 u M? ,:,,!:5' ,?
: .
'tlli'l'i.Ii.ll III t lia c, I I i r . iimHV.ii
j , i-i... ill nil Ulliill. I II I'WI'.U.I
a gentleman living in th
riplniir tlinf llio chltll nnpnivl lit! '
i ! , vct i itli'l season iKiS'uct-n very Iaaahe,
i , i .f- i i ani tiio crups are cxctliciit. In
and that an opening several yards i.i ,, T ? f
, ,, ! 1 . I r abasn vakfv, the, v. heat crcp
length, occurred iiithe vard ot .ir... .1-. .r
in. Conneliv, about eleven iimrsi,- . . . . " .. , ,
r ., , J1 ,. , i !ui p. in f!;e -vicnury o hpr.ncheuk
Irom this place. It aiso opened j . , ,A 1 - i
., '., r,, c-, 1 7 't! icg;i!;r sins the dt ps ui i ot
near the residence ol Mr. fcdas Lea- , t ft . " . ' .
..i... i.. i ... t M as t 23 usual. L.ti
vers, about six miles from here and; y.
sana ana waier, our inhjrmani say,
was thrown to the.he'ght of f ity
or fifty feet. This is the first time ; ard
that the earth has opened, or (hat a j in
"blow" has occurred since the greai wa
earthquake of-1812,
California Fugitive Slave
Law. We learn from our cones
s. ii
4it", 1 i.,7..
-.. Hl'nr, r n . . . . T 4 ..I. .. ....
b ginning to sisJilr jvei v jmucli
i . - r- . . ' i . i
uissctiu ii (i c(a::.uy iioin l ie
. i
t ot llain. It the thought
iiies n.icli longer tin; ici
stistnin sf-riutis thiri)Lr,e.-4-A'ils-
that there are no issues between him
and the Whig candidate for (Govern
or, and at the same time complai
at being called a Whig.
Keep it before tho; Democracy
that the editor of the Joun
- Ipondcnt that a fugitive slave law
. i i i-.. i ... f ' . .i
. nas passeu me house, Willi - a line; vni
not deny detracting from TrwsiAde
j i '
by saying that he has takt'n the
wrong position, arid that he is not the
exponent of Democratic principles.
. Keep it before the Democracy
that the editor of the Jounial rc-
tivf:re, the kaest is eh1 we ar,e slnviiag to cast him into the
ana n.mU receive, ttae. .vmg raa;:s; ia consequence oi ms mscJ to rcp0rt 20usdides argument
i us m tiic controversy to diiicring vata i I'lHisaali and the ttb
ioii is made. -We will go s-:nf Jp:r the Compromise. Now, if
ual sav that 'the co:iirovciv
liscontiaued oil cur parfi, as
our honor and the interests
Democratic' 'pVirty will ;lh,w.
ci!, hiends, that ij.is contro
ls I fciced uison us
lyi beca -driving id deleml :
5 andwhat we Regarded the (tena
t!:?s !isa,t ; dovnrignt impudence, we
dou'i kno'.v iwiiat is; for he knows we'
a ide any suca attempt.
never aavo
We Idefied hiia ia our
out Li the. (
that -wo 'jmautngs
Vo contend1
hcrcrr the
ttast, to point
first syllable
e'aarge. He can't do it
th:, so
ling thai the Com
, and thatJ
int intercuts' of the party with jptyj measu:
is our pleasure to air. AVe j fekiii t
the controversy as i:oon as " this subject i.hould resist ia the pro-
f Faycr.criVe Clsrrrcrjt VICW3
ruling: an abiding desire to see ! cours
seriniioa of
tr from con-
romiso was a
existimr' dif-
;c Democratic ranks on
A crtai nin rr and CAcelle
ontinuo as it now i;
iter whenever and .v
, aad feeling gratified with
re ability and-? success with
x news-' saving t;:
i-'siuiut'ed beh a thing!
nerever ,
or tiemcri
iju have so t iunipaanth" v.t
the hditou of the Lincoln ; desired a
, and proven the entire fidsily ;
'desired a
: sioa s'hoij
dive to thd
t At
niondst ilkm'ccrats as
crat for his
- , i
same the
Justifies us in
;ver ever jn-Ivucrwing
dllTereiiCq of opinion
o the merits
. . . . . . ,
4-l.si-ir rrn n li-.il Cn 1 t- nil CO 1 llfr 1 .All- I I ' f M ! .! 1:T I: I
Etitulion. Ho told vou tiiatia the -J u , , .a jk i -,. , , .a t.-r -i...r0 .s .... i...... u-ncu .i..ia.b. CSrae.d, Uq
4- 1 t 4i I T.tc u:ailirw 19 if.-pcmfiptic party vou, in I lie linsuccessfd and uncalled-1 - ,,J ,1
organization . 01 the I em tones ol( r J. , n . t. . j ' r. ' 3 . . ,, - , c Lox-Tivot
O i iii - nf ,M:iS.:ie'l1Sof fa lirorA,! Ifl-rm l.- -a'I,.i. i-infria-cviv I -.a Ivi hiwi mfr.n I I I
New Mexico and btah, althouiju the . . . ., i i.i ..t ' i J i . v 4 ; been ktpn,
' . . . ii, , . i assist ia uie repeal ol ttils Iawr:lor, : (JU :!pa I'cacx.us nu-naa fcogni,
Anmot, Proviso was 110 ikaere :1a; , , ; .f m . - ; t!'c05hroversy for the sole parpciso T'ted It.
Vaii curr ... im lirmnt
1 u 1 c u 1 K 1 lt.xaiii..i 1 1 ,
;q bt re-captu-;i.i tllC,
aves at a cost of wo. 'do 1
fact, every prominent northern man. ifur y j
"They ail say thatveiy is excluded f q f.;j. cogt
fjem these Territ
can laws existing
of their cession td
ii! ill .1 "
lucm iiiai.
recovered -hvike u
T,. jwillthu
. .. .......
ra.3 ev. ir.c Jicxi- .1 1 . r rfr T ! reaaer&
1 i : 1 11:1111. 11 v 1 nv w r i'li 1 i.n 11 .
hr-Vn nf i i n M.'. . . J . 1 . .1 J . i ins mat
and that the courfs wo
. . ....... .1 1
Jle told you inal. the mt ucnee ol;:'0llnn,v vjV ': J flilll nnlvaud bbl
those great names wouia icnu grcauy, :
re at the thhel, . . ". Jj, it ., 'jiusmat
. ! i -c .' his oinmon, that jlio thought it airos;hv
is government, l I . U: n j J- 1 ,
-1 1 i. 'ivory poor sort of I Compromise, and . ask y 00
ouhlso decide. !tIl:l' . nol tuk tht Solitl ia(i creafte
io influence ol: . i- , i , -ii , . , , i..,.a J.i.r
rticubrlv tha
and was so intended, to influence thej e't
(lection of iherourhs; dor all rcol- j jatc. i
' lect that DarJd WtbsUr is calledjaud isj,0l, (..,JV
considered, thc;.tVgreat consiiiutitiiial! ; , ..i ,
espourxlcr." Ho told you that if it!n;Sfi nnd c
did not have that chert on the cour.s, ; t rcf ! iThcS0
. , ' '; 1 ! 1 1 11. 1L L -1 ;1 ;!' - ! .-I . I
it would at least (:eter au siaenoiucib on(y.-u .j ...1,:
11 : it to crive peace audi
phjc'jcjtsto. whicji it rc-
liars cac
i!g you with the people, and Jjurnul to
r up his own sinking fortunes. Compromid
.y ot ncv.vp:ipor puhhslang, ' ratified hi
Oijwo do lope vou will disregard an'i ,Ur .; ,
Ii; laud! all attack's he mav hereakor; ' i? :
ion the U3simvr.R, and you j y
bo enabled to furnish yountenusfo r.
kith more useful and interest- this be) tru
er than this discussion can fault, riot c
c-.iTord them. In a word, we we "rcni'mb
1 ' , T I Lie eit
mah.0 wua bueni coutenqu.
1 our friends.
saanin'.'! (n tl
. . ' ,,: . , ! p.444ii.44o ulu. ' .1V--I r.uii :i -stchieicat rain this summer. 4.-mflt; v.
from moving lucre with tneir- slaves, quiccnt4 though 1,0 thrif t from ! pur cor 1 beer ui to suhlr wonderful-i "7 f
wcn they -have lcci toiq ,oy tac, ht indications the-N
great statesju.e 1' and kiwyefs! that jthe j not j,cpp j.cr pnrti,;f (1;0
slave wouli be ;free the ; moment hejj fa ghc ivonkI
' ' i . . 1 . 1 , ; , , 1 1 n 1 ' 1 iii !
c-n.erea mr c .icmtory. , All nny :ono eoblcnd that ,th
Low tmiid rtoper.y naturauy is any iso!w.l3 maj
Low; and surely it would j require a ! .inCQ 't ira5 ncr
1 1 ' ' ii 1 . 1 i ' ! ' -I III
Doiu man 10
slaves, with
T-mill liA t ry-
j la. vi : i-y"f.
imifiediately and that that suit would f ,
1 i. 4i:.,,i 1 ,r ii..i:i! Li i
jiac 10 uu i .cu .oxc-au Thev were1 no parties io thj
Judge, sppoijtited by that AJLcli
; President, Jjitf&rd Fillmore. '.
tho old General thought a poor
to carry out the Democratic doct
hot. Will
i- Compro
ac wrong
flhcr.n Abo-
d all this
with' them
we should; have agreed. Can it be
I . , 1 1 -il-i .1 r.h ; v
shown that we aid ini: . io.
- " "1 i pcirt v, since it was the nor!
move there j with jus j liticss ,vho hatjl :caus
the ccrt-dnty: that suit le. illcrcfore it was
ught fur their frccdio m ! t..i.i ! 1....-,.
w e ii
the North
out I in irooid faith the; ivar, fro
e Compro- extract:
isHJ toiii-itatt the sub-L ,
utuiwithif 1
would; iy, and J
. misc they voted againstlt, and de-
i dared per never iky-hi a
vay The outi, with a v
ihe' ths jie'rilii who ncttr had
T 1
tr iew
mei'i frou.
ouo in
water m:
4' i
k;r a ioi
1 1
'it Cxi.'
s of the Compromise, we
1 resolved that its discus-
sd far as we were con-
kft to the candidates for
This resolve -would have
ibui for itho taunts and re-
dlengesl of the Lincoln
show pur hand on the
a, he c
of th
as Gov
ments.on t
it was
1 .
ike a Whig of him. If
y II U OU.k M 14 Xr iij 4. v VJ 4 v
irs. All the accusation
r to hale brought against
for its osition aiid argu
0 'Con: promise w as, that
or the purpose of
vo read a letter, savs the n,. 4p..fj
. J .7, lroiii a liiendia lol- r t-n
-' . , .u r ;Pjr stilli
awuicawotakelheloaovanL? i 1
;ht v. iiiJ, which
lad a verv.fme ltua 'oh Sat-; position
ht, U3i.Ii ui:., hce'mibanied en Gov.!
tag us
Gov. T
e belie
it eflijicat rain this summer. 4
imes, wpul
-doubt whrthc-r if cm ho suf-':
reir.stated.to make a gobdj
crop. The cotton looks'
g. 1 he river remains iu s 'a'u chesi
. treacacry to
at as in
As Id o
about three feet of high ; theiucnes
a:-: aad taere it 1 lias been cmi Wecl
rdght. Though we hear of:furmruio::
a lal!, h( tali comes. ' . 0 . measures1
We bid a inagnif.csnt rain hereori'duoa ? fb
day befdro vesterdav. We do not I
. i ,i
know hd,v Lr it Extended, but if it The cei
ivas pretty general threughou
. T ' i
..Kir.- p'.f
: ho pro
t the! city and sub
ur planters r.iriy hiil-.a two-, seutati ves in
a crop of corn, y-Jt., though.,' State ap;Urt
cct was raasth-:-m a week I N c v u
ton '.V.' I.:-1.-'. v.- ii. clnil'r!i,n Loi":fT Is
- 7 '"Ol . O
iruon (31iss.) . CiL'z:n. 121':. I lyo. one
Aintt now that we have
i'mplains" that our
; measures, which
Trousdale does,
T! it? -nrn hAfonfl 1
!:..:i ..: i u hj- i
b that Wr a De-riV" llUtfa"UUB tluu ui' " "
udgo ' CtMijjlclfs
necessarily' tend to weak-
QiisduLw. And ifjrther,
such ani act, iu former
iv now
r scnid
en the
Ive put
ace, he
b not
s enilt
on the Compromise, made in his
speech at this place. ,
Keep it before the Deraocracy
that the editor of the Journal has
been charged with giving "aid and
comfort1' to the Whig party, en
dorsing the arguments of tho'Whig
i I
candidate for Governor on the Com-
' ! I i
promise. - !
Keep it before the Democracy
that the editor of the Journal has at
tacked, the Fuyctteville Observer on
the Compromise, with the intention,
it is believed, of weakening Trous-
dale's position on that measure. ;
Keep it before the Democracy
that the editor of the Journal has
assailed and charged us with intro
ducing new tests into the Democratic
creed, because we saidwe were on the
! Democratic Trousdale platform.
Keep i,t before the Democracy
:hat tho editor of tho Journal char
ges federalism on us because we arc
opposed to the people of Lincoln
County's being taxed to build roads
and other works of Internal Improve
ments in other sections of the State;
wo i being in favor of old Lincoln's
! : I
havjing an equal share -of the money
thup raised and expended, if the State
is driven into Internal Improvements.
r Democrats of Lincoln remember
that the editor of the Journal has
said in effect that the Democratic
Trousdale platform is the cause of all
the confusion that exists. . j
IdT The Journal ! must be sick
! but it isnrt the cholera, sure.
Mf position And wb'? t!ie rca(kr ma' 4- L'c"
rtT,wi cause, weeks since wo asked it a few
ts ra:i M y shortly t!iecr'i; viU
kame ox'eut, CL
The . Thdr-
... .... rc...L
t , r-. . ui'ii.i, ... c.wiv. 1. 1 ii.u u. iii 3-
iirriii, l r I . i- . . . f . . I I.. W4m4a n . . II
. tdav hist, and tt It Udter mi V td
iilic tn tc nilnii.-rin i I. In I in li. . ' I
J lit? I I V '5 i Si.lliU
ol'ovying gloomy account o;
litiomol the croiis in West'!
the fol'o
coiuiiiioni oi the crops
nessee, &ec:
The Drovgld and the Crops.
have just jrc'turned from a visi
the interior, and during our
sence have heard more comp
prospect of goin through the Sen- is s
ale which provides that any person i?gj
uho may bring slaves into the State'! bjetit conskjci u! !y siioii. j T.ibaf
in s;o(id faith may- be pel milled koif also ncfdimr lninl hu;t i;a io
to send them back in specified time, die
and it makes it the duty of shcritT ;:'
and other fiiceis to aid in the cxe-
he uai;t of rain i jtiit now se
by f !t I v the fa: tnci;s. j Ccn
ifhriog v ryinu.eh, d -iidfss
I i; r ,-l
1 i : ''.
! I ; '
fliittrt ul i d I'lii I MA ni'Mi'iciiM-.w' . t . .
,i . i a . , : ioi cig.il ui tt.ii t!iis. I ij:e J ltd
ot the act embrace all those whoij . n. . , . :.,. ,! l. 1
, , . .1 c. . wioiiii is r siot-it ai i'-u 4H-'j. on 'iu;
iu sday.
nni;!h in r.itd of i jtn. jVv'e bad
-Memphis Appeal.
The list Memphis Eagle gives iclioshiisg -shower i n Vidnsday
the ; cvcr.in-:; Lui m t ci!:i'h'to o nuiiih '
'cn-'g'x d; and we very-much fear! tint
jl .c f i u and .tobacco ciops viH di9
ii. . - i.
W e shin, if ci ih m t bnvt- a i:od
to !: $oon.Spri:-7j!d (iu:-y2
. t
'Wo learn from sources fnliit
: .. i . ii.i t i ii uiu ii nu ii ;u nits i i i u
in repaid in nil the ernwin' rhir.s 1 .. . . j
,, i I , Y 1 ' r liatle i bac I ho ci.tti imi p. is Li-
than it has ever been our fortune , : ' ... . , V .' , i
I,. 1; i r mm i i , 'i:!isg ai iaei , n ieia u i .,i
IA l!Ifin Tf I lli-k IIPAI.rvdf , 7 O 1 .
...vwiahv W.i'tV.. A 111. IliUtlLlil . I 1 t . I
I : i . i ,i ip i i oiitm.ied uit,n"h!, and in nc.ij v ad
has now lasted more than two'..' . . ? i ; i
LU'.tu) II tA urn' i II... !..:
ry dircctionv as far as we could i A - i . . i . V
i ' . .i iu ,T snia lioni ( mkt to . tccfi
hear from, the corn crop is in a man-' f , , , . 1
fi. . i.. rr i . i i. L, ! inches lne.li -am!- has not t-w
ner utterly cut oil, and the cotton , .. .. .i i
yj . i - i. iiiui:ir , u.:4 :o ii.if
ooming ti the vt iy tej, f.i d shoorj
is'div weather bo snc'ccc-tkdj lr
avv ia;ns, which is .more tlniii
bat le, Iho j. resect ( i p el fhv.Vr
as now lasted more than two J . . ? i i - r i
.. -1 a ,, i,. j tue coui'.Ires tnbuPjiv tu this t date,
ionths,m all the surrounding conn-,,, . .. . - , '
V! ,i , . ,,t i Hie ) a Id caiii ot itasonallv bv ix
es ot pelh JMississipr.i, West!, , . , - , . ,
-L ii. I ifitcttd to be irriuN-r than iho-- pr.t
ennessee and Arkansas. In eve-!1 r h , . i , 1
een. regaraea as
tnocratic party
r's trip tOiWiA-
Journal answers
ko its editor sev-
caa got : the in-
hecessary, to . in
ly and
d,six i
nothing "comes from it!"!
positive; isn't it? ' ! .
Fire at Uomz, Ga -Great Excitement.-
The Huntsyille Advo
catp, of the IGth, says:
We learn by private sources, tliai
the citizens of Rome were kept in
a great state of excitement during
a part of last .week in conseque nce
of on apprehended rising among
the negroes. Constant watch was
kept night and day. On Sjinday
night tin large railroad depot and
the extensive warehouse ol the
steamboat company, were burned,
together with their contents
.$15,000 or $20,000. A consider
able quantity of bacon was
prnn line I. ,10.1 c n tn.is.li . ... ,....!
i.ii' lino unii ill null 111 J 1 1 1 tU tlc jjj
to precltiilo the possibility of nprc i ,'i
than tw'o-thirds of an average (jropij
if it tides not rain within (the! '
in,iin)ic 111.111 ii.iii a.inii cuiiiioi i 11" 111 , - -
i, . ' 1 ! irr ' 1 1. 't-is and bous would le dei-trowd to
ur iiitiut-. 1 e ueie assured on an
hands that the prospects .for both ', ,
cihisid. 1 aide rx?enr; and
ll'Hij, " .
it is' too
i.w .vi. ui.i , ., t.. ..L.ll ,
L . ; 1 1 - ; 1. lit in l AIM I.. I .1 Ui Till ii. t. V.ll
crops, at this season, was never; , . n 1 , ,
. P Z lllill t I UlililH I It
di crop a Ii;a oaicu.atn u! h,r Il ls
rioii! I ho crop t f roj e, t xc 1 1
j '
tobe so gloomy before
Columbu?, Ohio, Journal ri
dales that the wheat crop of ihat h u k x fnorrd s; ids I (ow h;!,d,
St-itc is iory large, and that jthe ( is past hope. .aenp'U.s .i f, lulh
greater portion cf it has been sc-!'''i';- j i
cured iii good condition; and that j L iter fiom Owm r.tlr.lr. kL
allhough the corn, crop is not ad-Ljates thai the ptop cj for a g. ud
vancedis faras usual, it nevci the-1 p.bacco cr. p in that n j.i.!;i is r::ite
11.2.1 IUI1IIX3 IV UU U gOOU I'HC.
! unfavorable. The iiardfiosi
! GBAtsnoppERS. The' Washing- j wcaihi r m the sjn iug have t mafi i
ton, Pal, Reporter is told by farmersl alb" reduced the jdai.ts, in addhiioii
from various parts of tjhat country!10 ullic!l a 5lna!i tluk 'Ah
that voting grasshoppers are becom- lr0) e'l a Sl cat ;y I'ats. . -
mg alarhiingly numerous. In some . C'ps' ui Fad Tuuh-wc The ,
iiai ts of; Ohio, thrv have nrvrr bppn ' i'... r. ' . .
i : j . Xi.ii;il A ,;,c j.,1, itiii.ii's r.ever
so numerous, nhd they are literally j (tj.j,, tjlc mV.norr even cf that
eaitns up me meadows and oat'mmu vi i ,-orri!.! .
-' i m iiu' vipu i wii fit utuiu iiiv ivj
est iidiabiriit'" has the wkrM crop (
in, Kasl Tcnncssi a proved
abuni'.'.nt. L ud r..,d on!v is it noVo
fields in sditne sections.
The Rallimore Patriot of the
12tb, contains the following infor-
mation from Virginia as to the pros-
abuhdanf, bit the 'rpiahly1 of the
grain i better than usual. j:
es lNcvlYork
ubs tu seven Repre-
Congijcss, which the
onmeijt bill gives, viz:
were, w ithout doubt, set on fire.
lembcrs; Ilrook i We shall be able to give further par-
cr.ber-4makin seven. t ticulars next week.
pects of the tobacco crop.
The Winchester Republic says, jyie )fcvfii al,jtt Crops. IU
the prospects for a crop of tobacco Mc.rkis I'jjecl last wctk sat-i
in this Stile is mucin worse than Willi the ! exieption cf a sh;v?.t
last year. Few planters have any- si,owcr 0r two, the dnuht has now
thing like, plants" enough to re-set. iastfH sjx 1Vetks in thisi region, anil
.Many crop's have been planted over, a consequence the ahi.oit utter
and many of the plants are very destruction of .the ; coin crip, aid ,
small. A planter ot Charlotte coun- very great injii.y jto lh cotiiin cu p.
ty says it s impossible to expect o We have seen scv'er.d h tin's frt'ia
full crop-. ! This will keep tobaccjo planters in the interior, tl! of whhh
up. j j ! jgive the most gloony accounts. -.-j. !
Great debars are'entertained that(Oneof 'theni from 3li.rshall oiii.ty
the continued dry and hot weatherjMiss., del d 20lh ult., fays,1 uTl.if
will severely (injure the corn crop drought, w ith pat rial exceptions, is
in this section of country. It hasjgeneral and our en ps will hi a sl.oM
now hrpii iirrlr four weeks since'time be bryond recovery. Anoth4
. Loss ive have had 'firiy rain, and the pres-jer, from tlie vicinity M f..-grni:gej
onsider- ent hot suij is'parthing up vegetanTen; dated the dih ut., :;)? ,
as con- lionoa 'ci nsiderable extent. Thc;uThc ci p- in th.s vic.-Miy ;.re-
sumed, which belonged to individ- aimers bail e!j.t commenced their burning rp wi !Mh.:;ght audi. cat.'
uals in this place. The buildings oat harveisi which looks remarka- Ancdb r. Irom Columbus, Ma-,,, da-
bly fine and is better
fore kiMuU'zaleihtcn (A'favond le at-count of the crcVs hi
Ilvff loin.
ban ever bc-'tcd -Dili tdt., gives au qoaiy uii-
that quarter
' 'I
V '' '
H " -
! I
- -

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