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Fayetteville observer. [volume] (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, July 29, 1851, Image 3

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FnveUeviSle Observer
Jt'LV 1851.
' :r v
- . 1
Kiection ISjI.
l. Co
s-Tv :
f ...--i
I F.'J'
1 1 L
T l ! .' 1 1 .. .11..
1 e. IA I. 'II -li 1 ';ilj.Hj HI lilt i
lie 1 1 J
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j.) :.:.
.v- ait- iiiMii'jtucii u n.iiuuiife lion
A'- a.e a.iin..riZ- t- aj.i.t.ounce Jo
W i'lter. E-T.. all c.inUidm I
,i i...ii-u";.i iI Ti iiiliiiu
s mate, i j'
l.rC-iE MS' ')'.! AST) GILES
. 1' H !;. :i eamlriair? re
". . ; t s Couuiu iti lU iitkt,Leg
Counties U)
;V',. w ftui'.Kif'.2-2 t mmiftnce Dr.
. . . i.i iij in renresei. I
Counties in the next Leg
r.Kun-ar. ,t.t,s cot.: co. .
. .a 4 M i. .' Ze J tatT.ituunre (Jen.
M'-il'i ir-.t., a c:ic. !i.i'? "
l.ikiT branch ol
r.tl Ais'inU'y.
i.4li I li ,
Election 1
Whh? Candidate for Floaier!
1 To lour Tents, Oh! IsraH!
We sion the Press to arwiouncd that we
have been cftdiiuLly informed, ihat lhe
W higs liavt EliccccJcJ in Lringirg dut Jack
son, of GilesJ for Floater, as we fretiictcd
!dj ill unoiht-r column. This
brinaiioi, vol trust, will i be tuHiciem
i boy woiji
The CanTass.
From Vie Nashville American.
' Elizabetiitown, Tenn.,
I attended the discussion at this
jin- place yesterday betweeu Gov. Trous-
,0', dale and MK Thos. A. R. Nelson,.tlic.
arouse.cVerj ttemocrai within the diitric to:r,roxvor j.AQ Camnlell. r.Ild I W
1 k I : - t . 1 1 - " k' f I , i I o r '
cu77'f u'7- lts '. 'endeavor td give yoii the most prom-
low wuiuuL-iHia, coins out nu v0tq lor ine, npn fMtniU, r,rcr.nfnf1
H L: f :L.t 1 I . I- - , .... ! . I ' 1 w '-""
u.g .wf,nry o. ue u .s cnt.ug!, jto.j gpokeo thcuufortunate absence
Know, without Isiivtng a word about the im- if i,-
! r l i
w...uW w .is.ature, mat i us man . i ,.nricAnA W
Jye, but is the: man who unJeitook io black
extremitfea bf loth sections
thought disunio l r secession was in
evitableClay came forward a in
ro2 Cass, Webs ter, and Foote joined
hand in hand and -adjusted the diHi-
cult by limutual concession tiie;'I;).,f
Comprcuiisci bills were passed, lie
supported every measure hc South
had received justice in every1 particu
lar, and we Should all rejoice. In re
gard to (JoV. Trousdale's objection-to
the mmner in wliich California was
idmitted into the Union, he proposed
. , . .
ITont, blai-lf, soi-ie fn.lille maris aoJ scar
n Ins wether!, fifieen an I a half hands li.gh,
hJiou! J ivrsold: by Wnrl3otuer, Dia No 3,
April iU 1551 J '
ou ri uu.y Mute oi tne oeepesi. i f y. nvnnp
of his com ietitor, Campbell, though. that Southern people should go there
hewasreprlseatedbyadistin-uisiicdi1111 their ilaves, and after awhile
jjuurJ the people; of Lr,cp!n by dontribu-
; representation -was by his approba
l. :..' I i .i I . i uuu, iui uuiu v.am,u at tnii vti i
triir monev to spriri n Mitunnnm in t.n r - a
ctiiigliien US. i Jbiiikof tnau Democrats , , P ?,
ilf !'
tie v
J 1 1 a:ni- i:r.re Me
et Ji:!.ud;e lor oiicr
sH:::i;tr uncoln co. o
T.js. 'i l ; ii a ciiiiin-nie iji o..ci .h a;
)H ,Inc:i 1 -! '"'I '".
f":if t - - .1 ic:r t-.icCtiiiii. tr-;.1
'ir. it c.-:::ia'.e fjr olierill
' ! .OUIl-
' I lift Cir Tk at l.lC M
il -i I V ('Jjil L'ic.i At Hit!
o2. V
RSI 1ST Ji t
frtT" " Hf ' H'.jl'i:UH;l t;i
stt I!ii!i:'. i . -j . a c
i .11 tut- M.i.-oii Kin ii hi ,
fT"- Vt nr-. m ;i tin : i7. i
- r ' :ci :iUil .'f.-'il
12, i:?rr; , :i ra...b
er Hi ' '.J.ticii L'i i-i.-iin I. I"
tj" V- af :i'it:ii(i :.:
Ii br j! i .i- .2aicii C.t . i t. ii , -
CivtiiT oriiT :i.f:k'
! JW.' ai Jtinh'.r I '
i ! ' I .
i-.Ii c:i... i".'-2-
to Pl.UOUtlC
a rap l iliHtf lor
' CO.
a'ii'i'Un XSi-
mli-'iaie j for U
i, a en mi nee
l, a caidlaie
.i-cl'ori, li."2.
: ;ilinOU.UCe
lit ftJr llrgitler
Ill i.
. 7
i cf Itev.i.i:;
. A f
e prec;;t .nr.
r.iik; '.nd v.'e ' are
t CjjII C.it'K at ih; i
?.k cor. '.ec on r.iv
'I 'D f, ii
t;3The chii ,i.k:k t
.i . , Li...
till-i CO llll V
The p:
ii '
f old Lincoln, nnd come out and dive him
blizzards, on the 7ih of August. j
Ur. y-1 W. Walioris Ca d
To the People of Lmcolu aud CSiles
: l i I l
Messrs., Berry Sf Wallace:
1 am.nguiin under the necessity oil claim
ing a small' fpace in your columns, for ihn
purpose ol jnoticing the extraordinary Cur
f " ' TT t r . I . I
ot va)t. iiffrtf. wnica appeared ' in you
to discuss t ie political questions of
the day. Ilitherto no one had done
so. lie sap, ne loveu io see uoin
sides of thq subject presented so that
iue peopie iingnt ste, auu iucii cnoose
the onG or the other! I He said he
had heard mevious to his canvass in
'49, that thb Whics bf this dountv
would not listen to a Democratic
speaker; bu
sented; he thanked
numerous aR-tendance and attention.
We did not! he said, expect when
they would set stronjr enough to alter
.Vare JIuleAbnzhi !.mv, loached mane and
mu'e (irirkcil liewa the slioitUleu, IL
hanJi liish. Jjrs las! Sirit:s; I'V A!oxai.dt;i
Esleinan, 17iii Uis, Ajvrii 25 1?51. :
."ire, bay. t'ii'iil Lrloreji si.ir in forehead,
on noef liH.i thf bjj ja;v, 10 hands h'irli.
Syrs old; by Jlni ;iler, Lia iNo 3, Jan Ic51
m a nsit A i.l coi-'xir.
Hone, b iv, I liiid mi ! It vr, small l.laze ir.
forelit ail, It-li fore a nil rig'ta hind feet while.
aV-iit 13 hands lajli, 3ts idil: ly . jSa'imei
M'iup, li:h Uii.'March 2 I 51. I
aeii al J?u
Hie IJtii l.ij
oer ol low ii L.
a, on t.ie i.
Lul hav been
salj: or to war tioTS, -
Cn t'iv 1'usli ville and C'litiUauooa
CCail Ai.tal, in t'oiiee t otmij, j
'fflflli. lliliit r.L i ii"l l!uai:ii.mnrl ujilll'r"
ic Audi. r , ui 'i'tttday, 1 L'y
1 Anjusl tiexi, a i.u.i.
tain lae iuivuol I'ullaliu
it a J C. uai Kuritj TliebJ
laid titf i-ii the lands vvlncii!
surruti.itf a.iJ luciuJo the Culi-r Cuuuiy De
tiji, wli eti ha r-trii !.caici Ijv the JL.oait o
Commission llcrclianls and Factir
Vanderhorsi's Wharf.
k Charleston. S. C.
We oSt-r onr jerrices as
Cirmmi on .Merchant and
rutiurs, :u all Hit braachesof (he Cul,
sion Dunne?. j . ,'
In the; purchasing 0f MtftcniwDuic on
orders, ct have hud viueU txutrience.minl wi.l
at ail times pri'jierly aiieuJ tu iliir-ct orders'
loour au Jre5. ha purchasing aoi loi warding
Merchandise from iU:a oiiirr ma kiii.
In ail safes of I'ropeny aud returns of pro
CPeds we stiall e usiaiiv t!ie triiereMs ol nut
ll'ifiids, and birudy lit.'ow ordeis. 4 j
daisignmen's.ol Pi.operty fur reshi; mer.t
and (J. Kill Kual Ouectuif, on :he 7 U
Tne ClTe-2 Depot is most faTuraMy siiua
Je.J lor the j0i turns of Coliefc and Kraukiiu
a-'ouuiioj, I) aig bcliveen Uucfc and-Elk IliiV
! 2, 1 lifllllliii. I .uriili.tliv 1. Nitlii.t tiiu : .1 i . I . ..
I r : v wiuci I'uiu. i.ii rum ur ve3f . win im
fLjWe ij!).ih below a leiifr from! Dr.
the Constitution of California, lie ;11-ll- vi'No.-i nf Panof,Ga;iia Co. oti!o, iu
(the Governor) said as soon (as they Uf' fuin aud Tp-
touched Cftlifotnia soil, thev were as! Mr. a. 1j. "Sc'oTilL DJar sir. I wisli to
A. 1,-n r r'-niv nlbor wn k. T.i ci.t.iunirsife tl.e result ol an en,.eiimei. i:. w r'oDaD.y be eumjileteii by
. Vli 'f ! ' , ,r j i-e ca,, of the laJy oi the Re7. Henry V,se ,he ' '"1 iid' W.t,l,td. fl be
thlS dir. .NelSOn eOUld UOt reply. HO ,IM, W h,.,n I have aneutied for the! last I l'Kwaa wi.l be coo'inueJ to
spoke of Mr Fillmore in verv Lii?h twelve year.. t (fli..,tiw of her feeble i;!',;4' V,u,e Lou"y' "h'f "
1 1 ? . i,i.i. i,.,... I.,.;,'. .....I , l, I Ki esleru Uohle im!ea ov.r the Ciiiiil-n:.i I
Muanlaiii. Tins line ul Ale Auani'ZeJ KoaJs,
cr.'ing i lie tUil Hoad ai i;;e iCcllVe Dejiot,
vyill te eliei ieii 'o i'ulas.'ii, l i winch iace
a Inriijiike i.'oiii i-'ajriic-viile is nuw in jiro
ceys ol con-iiruiiion. T.ius tte laciliiirs lor
ciioii o! a McAaanazed Uoad Iroiii ctlTe j,rou,.u auenlin.
. ...e, via ui.iaro io l uuanpiiia, j, lM PQU'LE & CO.
Charleston, S. C, Ainit 15, 1 51. j
Ale., in
J id will nrusecute llir work to roniiili-ii.,!.
i ! r -j
as s.J.-n as practicable. '1 ne at ettcviile.
Mulberry, at. a Lynchburg Turni.ike leriiu
nat at nasi j.ona. Mo.-t ol it ia now under
i. ! i" it i i i. ... iifai'ii ueinr wear, uuu u'nta.ieii iiir."s. jrs.
terms for executing th.e laws, bu., was Wl9eiI1Illl.8"c ..,,, gtD.,!n,y grew ,.i
HOI quite aS; SirOUg lor Itim lor T HO ; ill the syinpt'onis ol Pulmonary Ci.iisiiu.ji
paper of jhe 22d, in answer to mind of the
loih. 3 have neither the tiine nor eisposi-
tion now ti notice my competitor and his i
lalse and m'alignant attack as they aWrve. I flee of GoVtlmor, but I his party had
Nor will 1 ierejtipp!y to bi n and h is bant-1 brought hini forward, and that he was
chdeavonngl as best he could, to car-
next Presidency, as his principal. I ''J ?,"J rar"' ami early m. .he ?1,r.n?
t i ' j-i i! ii : j 'A - lierc.isrf became alalrunr.g hm lie
J Uuge LampL'Cil. "nmeeniafiaiidland worn itown, and all ny
In reply, i0 GOV. Wanted to kllOW 'enVta were .ront any permiiient h-n. fit
if Mr. Fillmore executed tlie lawslbr!; 'igJr-1 1"'?"
thev had been inisrenre- ove felt for the Union, j would pa iiue her symptoms during mj"'
hanked them for their or .was it Irecauso lie was srom to it,inrf- Au. srveral ?rc. -)
UdnKtU inem lor llieir xt -L'" j t xi . astiiIimrnt, she declared liprsfil alums
ivi. HJi. Xli itllCll U I lilt BUUICili i um
i . . v I
SECOND AUUiyAL FOIi 1&51 1 i
AT Tit
-1 d
J Vest Side of In .'j Pu lllc frjuare.
Y; iT Vdib.
g Has j:ist received, in aJdi
lion to his former stock, a
iraiaptaia.!ioii to ilns LVpot iaough ome obi " BEACTircL aiisornnect ol
uuuiies hi the Stale. w:lif ""tf
'he lllosl t (.-( t a 1 e Cl
here, in '-lOl to run acain for the of-
ing ilie strpn ;and foiribld languaaa with
which I hate been compelled to denounce
J unwonljyofj, jl
proof J U he J .n
to nnnrittnce
!aie Ijt Itfgts-
.' !
: iv aino'inre
li!a!i lor Reg
!-jiLN CO.
,l';i)lIICe Ja.
both from the ?iumnf (or the ;lasi week.
Suflice it to pay, that hits whole! communica
tion a bundle ol conirjadictipns at variance
with the h'.'tlh from beginning to end ls
base as thev are faljelan
centlemnn.1 ; Now ft-r the
" i i .i i i
says, "there was no Convention." ! This is !
i i
one! Jf not, why is it that the "immprial
njen of
ry the flag of Democracy through the
State. lie then spoke of the origin
of the Government its vicissitudes
e! iinaJhf, ne saw, severed itne
I.i 'his caseiit leaUv. acid like a
of Internal Improvement, and saidlcbar.v. I have n d.ubi of j-.s virtues. , and
that he was with Gov. T.as far as ins ! Vl cl'f rfi,,!r'. r,?c"V,,ena 11 ,0 1,er,"'s
: uijcrni m.'ii itir.icn i .1 i;5.
Vours rspecifuH'v, !
II. ll.'WiMos M. D.
iv. : ri . . 1 . 1 .
, , . n 1 . rt I li"fi. llliMMl.il n rrjiUlrfr SliauiJli"
aui u.u aui tywit itiutu ui ui utuu-; ,,f of, SehW; and is wll known in sniiih-
ence over 'the last 'Legislature. The !c" oin. a-t a piivii.-i.ui or higii sian.iinz.
views were' concerned, and the only
objection he had, was that the Gover-j
...I I... a, ... .I...J.. - ...... ...1 l .1
,. ... , ... - i janii ne carJtaiiy invites ine l.aduir ami ,
lieliveeti iNasiiVille and C lallano. ea. ,:, I ... ... ,' , ... ,. ,
r. i . b ,- , laise who wish io ,uy r.rttlij L'ttuu fjitodt,
li.P I llWll S H 111 1 II. A 111. III'.. It IIPI"l!l3t!l' I .. . . ' ' J . I
" - -- : to ca! anil a imini- hi M.i. k . I I. A 1) !-;
urn g ric.a'Cuaiiuriiiij roiiiigi
lav lira hie
iiie grounds io-'ii become linn and dry , ahei
long ciaiiiiiueJ r:iin. The beau'y and con
venience ol lis jiirs lor private residence, and
tiie coinlo: t of it bus.i:es locaUoi.s, canni:
Oe excelled. Snuatrd li.'ieeil mil.slroiil the
Cuiiibfrrlaud Maauiaiit, on I lie elevaied table
lands luaned by 1 1 j Modheni bench, it pos
9esta an a:mo!iere of "real salubrity.
W wan ana near it an: numerotii Ireenaa,
S'lk?, figured Swiss M .11.11-, .'achontrs,
ColorediJerages, water en.tn.udeied d , lancy
Lawns, Belgium Lawa, AJpa c:u, timg
hains, ea-nbric and lawn li.iudkerchiel;
French, Knglisli and Amtrxju I'm i. Bon
nets, ft.lil.ohs, fue Fiencii F.-.aveis, tjioveg,
MiijS. 'eils, cotton Hose, Pairt.M.k, and m fin
uN-iiVaiieni Laches, Mis.-ea and Cmldrein'i
Governor told him that that cHec-j .-. , ,
lion w,s in nUsitinn to Winn. ,im- 1 Gr0V
' 1 'ii f v -I i. i l I fflllE matri''i f-esMiin of ill's Itji ii:nio:i
.iii, 1UI UII'A Ulll HUL ilUNUCaiO OX- i will Ol.e.l oil MOADAY. THE
'a - . j 1 . : i . . i . , :
itish yoke and became free and iu- u 1KV10 UI1J VAt'tlunt- UR-;r T
iviou urvv.! - , J,,.. .. ii... ..i .j. .o i- . : liol ol llee. ile:tt)l lltvton. 1 erios -i r
thirteen" are now moving heaven an
in order to secure his election as the
nee "of the party? Independent
both political parties would do well
member this pn the day of ejection!
ond, he says ilutt I "made a mlost siu
attack on Mr Gillespie in thi town
luski." This is. two! If iiot, w in
not Mr. Gillespie complainj and
inuti who wishes to! make votes by!
Third, he says that "Gih'espii and I
4 :i;iro:if. a caii'LJ!- l-r Cwcuit Court drew up the pgreenn nt they put do
t.i! announre
I c t nil id aie lor
parch Eiection,
pr.s; co.,
j pmj: announce
J N'ai;f idate lor
the names not one did I put down.
i incse cnc'.imstances, in. n aiton con
fore the j eople crying out fra id and
dling against! him." j .Here are. two
pera at once! j In,the first place. Mr. failles-
pie dr jw up the ngreqmen't, ard the
of the four gejntlemen to whom! we proposed
to refer the tnntter ih dispute bctwden us
.?cro put down lv him, with the ronciirront
l'1l-v 1 ctj consent of mvself and CaptL lleba
II. I ufiirh 'c nil ihriio (siirnil thrt nJTPDmpnt.
Z Mi lllVlteU nnc3 stnnrd home. I In the next plneel thesa
referees refused positively to uVcide which
of us win the strong-st man i nj this r-ftintv.
Vinv Grove
f I u
I, liii- i j i t.-ifiort. ()n ln stilnVef r.f rVavmirvi i ,M'' i Uee- "e:
.ichit haAcciuci.bc- 1 -t 1 ro,,, n o, , J- ZZZrZ
) Sections Of the LlHillV - I1,0 U1C 9Llr' a,W Vf A i AISE? lain- on your hnrtcr a, lat . naitanoosa K.ad esAende.s its portion Aiajj,
1US -qd moments which 01 Ultlt rT 0 be aad(l t0 the Vs- ii voU please; we wiilpay ljit;Iesl m:ir-;,4, a",, u'"v'-i:fJ P luanufac-Lj,. . n . -. , !
To Tliti n .vJncT.'e--1 COmmoll schoolfund, &C, &C. . VrUo, , guuJi at C-i, rate iojWy 'J "f - -- , , i&l .F'' ?C UmJ
le. lie tr.en UiSCUSStdi , . . . . . ,, - ;,,,,,, t . : fcu rounded ny a beauti ul and we!l-iim-! t'-Sii Jbaieratus, I'.'wdcr. btiot. LeaJ.
o nil
iculties w
t;een the tw
arid the varipus
iiauneen mane, lie ir.en uiscusseu .. , . f .
i.U n, CA MO,e,L Lf ,i. i,d He concluded, by e-ilogi
A : I . I L . . ! . 1, -a . n .-c ml n't n Ii. I i i ne t.i- I in r. f
tm: i i i
nee ot lioyornon .;.
i.i.a.)utie. w.ine anu oiats suilur spring : Shocs. Also, brown add blfacned Dome
which must make a a place of greal resal'nes, Camlets. Cliambravf. IlampUairt Di
toriuvaaus and oil ers, whose leisure, moil j t.eisi-. Tennessee Cottoua 'j3. California do
nainm and. meaus induce them tfj ?peud their Lew York Camlets. Ca.s meres. Tweedt-i
uii.iiie;3 .abroad. In ....gh the euliie .ei.gih hro-.n. bleach.-d and Irish Lmen; Dnll-uc
Tr- V ,!'e C'ar C"' Wa,Pf u,Und Ticking-. Hats. Shots a-d Si..oueirj
Uock Crtrb li jva I over a bed ot lieestone i flu ,,.n .hue. n.,.l ... I 1 1 .1.. 1...
1 ...1 r .... , ...
an., fe.a.c.. ot Su-'.ir. t ollee. Teas.b. ..union ami fi,.1V
'I' . k- T 1 I , I C -
!e. IlitU discussed!1 com1R1?11 fofhn ., k
. ' ! 1 1 T7 concluded) bv eulosriziiiL'' the tu
1,. f... I UHlOUKt l 'I
vv, v.. (;,.dvheavv Irown JranJ
t . ii
e did not umiK
1 1
South Ladbepn rightediin every, par
licuhir, but lie loved the eace and
harmony of the
ir,e led no' farthcij a
hjL.'S'the Compromise
The old party ' issues, the Bank,
Coarse Woo' Svjcks,
I'Vaihers, CJitisenjr.!, W'.nl. &c.
.July ISjI.
:' I-
i T.x .1 ... ,7 . . rl..vrt.iri- 1 'r. atAo. I T; . . . i . - - ... I
peopleJandhe want-: A"u;Tcl;uc' " -liV'lBU-V' -----; r , r. uo;p
u0t;nn Vp iv-? far!01 Ijands, ctci ,wcre not j-eierrea to' . " , . ,
gltation- l.e S wr MSTTE will t av SCc?.-. n-r pou.nl in Ca-.Ii
and the Union this" u- t'-URT 01 11 c tlll-i;Ktl- vucx j- T f lor clean washed vooi. or w,i; ge I
T . 1 . . rr..,..t..i 1. r-.,.,, i 1 ......... r . .. 1
. 0- 7 .;..... it r .-u i 11 u aai 11. .MvJiiLi : &l n i-.i i . ;
j,,,;.,!,, rtiiu every parucuiari uu iue listieo tu . . , 1. r 1
.j rounded ny a beautiful and w'e!l-iim-' fc'-Sii Saieraius, I'.'wdcr, bnot, Lead.
bered (ounlrv, Wboie heai iit.'ulness, nuinv ol ! 1 acs,;.aiia, laads. iuJio, .Madder. Cut tout
air. line Ireestone ind injirieral waters, areJCaidsi Cotfins Axes, Cutiy Ci tubs, J-pauei.
ur.su'oassed ir. any pail ol ilia world; this ! Shovels. T raceSllaiMes aiil it'o-:iars. liunk.
!lai;e, alfording as it will, great lacility of: -'m.5' Neelil.e. Kmli Ilaolls. .Suspenders, Ta
tiade and imerciuHe Wnhl tne dries id liie 4ud IVcket Cntitrv. llii'l Waie. Tin
i this canvass, that he has done ail over
l ( i . i
IMelso'j is
I j!
iiTa(!neos on
he discussed
vn all ! read various pointed
IIUVl ' " -- I y
iiU .r i..f i i uie
C5 OC' i tUCU lUUIV. Ul'llliV cuwjtu vi iaium.i
swin-1 Imrirovementfe, and stated that-he
. . . , i ' .
whop- j bad been much mis
East Tennessbe he
a judicious system
nrnA-empntis LvpII rrnari
I . , i , . , 'ili'-r " iTTo nf OanrJ
nrriA-isinns. p:i r-ir .tted IV ITS rul'itirt) ro i 3"l- i
develope the (vast resources of the!to ttlR!c th-.t,ti.rf
Sfnfo ns Ms irimnpf ifnr nr nnv oihrr .-Ounu-r
-'u--)"u T v " ";v - ta...' ' Ij..
man, and for h further and fuller ex- w" v o
j p l K. E" tL E I
! nf I'l.aiTeiv at Winrhister-i.
110t Ti'lid JUCgC ti.-e, July 11.' Hill
I hi. ...... ...1 ... .1. . M .1-... .. .. . .
iDir-oui on. i ui tuc riiiaini, ireenis i. ine
eiiietpasi..- Mechainc, Mi uiulactuier, Mer
c.'iatu and Capitaiift every inducement Iqr
l:icaimn and invest nnt. I lot aimers and
P:a;i:e..-, and ail oliieis who uesue a sate
and del giiilul ui'siiilei retreat in a pu;e Iree
stone legion: wherel boiera and llie Eii
i: . i .... . . i .1 i . . ., . ..-
I ii en. it -asfj oi une O'luin a:ra e-t are
i fi...i mi.krmwn, none moi e lei'gible ca. be cfi-'red
rtccorJing to the last Annual Ke:oM ot
. I onir.'tnll iftn u r 1 I r, , 1 n c tv I !H . ! .-a n VS i- I a u i is .uouma ail'J ouiers.
yeprCSenlCd HI? I"!--;-:6-r . J'. i " O., ,ii n of mmt-lainantsianditannehr. 'ColLd
fas as much f(ll.;i-iiim:ue inatov. a .is a uisamomsc it, ,rt,he i8.-aP, oa ..r.iie cie.k ami next j
V-r . ' , r ii.irnw.li' l.nf. nA tl.A rtf'-ri- .llnrl I li.rJ I idi Vtand-i u!...l:i.a I.Jin IlavilL-il and wLf,. 1 he terms of .Isale
oixnternai im-M" :rf. 1 " VV . "'L ,Mi;.,V. ii., i , AVr and Iwife- Maiiih. : 'vo' i:i,ee yr.
ttd in nil its .e-UgUCfI wm; as a P?nos HLUi.,:,,,' ,,,:,.,, ,., . ,. , ecur.;y, payahrf'.in
though seems iTi.om
dvcervii, are i
feui-icctt than tlie',
Lion villi the Acathiiiy c
?, 1:1 ceir.moa v:lu a
ef edncaiion, regret i!
v''ith 'u' con
1 other lov
liisj Mr. I,
1 i
1 tcricm.r, stanus 1:1 t
0 i-r to dcSciv
edlj poj
o Tt-
C W.
lotees have'he-on -pcti
a iu securing tlrj orvlt
We will
Acaih".;;v, .- i;nd;:r t.itf
i 1
0 part. Willi
;lar as
a)y fortu
d of Uev.
! i Very r'pecLfullv,
'. M ,. 1 ; CAPtTER.
Tjn.f.)it. t)rr!).il If. :iffuril mr.ro. f:i-
Schools, &c, f nd 'discussed them, as ; cilitics (or inWess and press to pas-
well as all the other tomes, in a man- senders, bv means of li'roads.
posure of his lopinions, he 'referred
So the whole ntan of abar.pinjr'the difficulty uicm to ins message ueinereu to me
was dropped and 1 never cried put fra id and last uencral ASSemMV, anil
sxvindlii.g against ihem or anybody dlse. Uw tKev werl h3 opinions DOW. lie
Fourth, he Says that my ;'mm,.ncnnon L, t00k up khe Subject ofrCommon
cn mncr,cn hml rnd.q iin nilsrnr)r!. I I his 1 1 . J i ...
is five! I hnve ma le no statement in my
Card 'of the 15ifi, that I do not end rse in
tbis; and no charge jhat I ranniit prov true!
Fidh, he says thai I charrer iji my Card,
that "the four thousand Defnujcrats id not
know ny thing about Jiis prrfitichl opir ions."
This is six! I sty irt my CanJ, "I -annot
believe that the thirteen genl'emer who
nominiited Capt. llffyb as iriff standard-bf-arer
of the four thousand Democrats of
this County and Giles knevit any thins about
his ptlitictil opinions." Th'rre is a v;t deal
of difference. Is there not. Capt.hn.'bstwecn
tfiirlcrn and jour thousand! I IV ow turn
us M"di :
ovr.;oi Ine .).aie.o! leira.-eiw--, so lltaX the oMnja
j ry process ol:iie law cannot be served uprm
i'hein; It ts.'t'.ierp!oiP, nrderpil ll.al pi'MtcattLi
be n:ade mi tiie FtiLflttv.ic Obsc leer, a uenU-
paper i ijl liHiied in (l.e Town ol e'lye'i' Viile.
lor i i! r; e succss:ve week, ri rlinr'i' sa'd
ilon resident Defeiidants t.i mala r tjea ,er
sonal Hi-iaraiiCK herein nn it bLfore
nesday Hlierjihtf. third Monday in
neit. and plead, answer or demur to com
plaimtus li ii. or :he same will le ia';en lor
conltsoed, and set f.a l.enrins ex parte as lo
' Acaii".;iy, muer tjon;roi oi
. 15., will h no:i3 offtliat onvja-
eu'iOlTO tliat Ull vour eves; like a dviP? calf, and! swear
clira'-'cr v.luc.i
sMv 1
if 4
j p
ner which jmhde the (Democracy fjibah any otncrScily in the IJj
Carter exult En the cjxtreme, while1 xyA sce it stated in a B'ostol
the Whigs wetejsadiy disappointed. lhat llirrc are! 17 members bf the
Karr.. J...t 'lie ! Pr sidenl an-J t-ihiet Eaeimerol the N.
; i. .iil ttoa.l. II it etpected lhat ihe (Jars
Depot by ihe It day of
will le a credit of onp.
Bi.iids with approved
q tal insialmen's, will
i retained on the Lot
W ire. G:a3J ai:d (l'ieen"s Wa'e.and many
otutr aiiicii'3, in the Dry (Jnods auti viioct-ry
line, all of -w tacit he wnijtli very iuw- lor
cash, or to j . ;
I ou"t forget to call at Vkbb's. here voj
will find a certain cure nr tongue, colds, c
VIClUlilA COUGH C.i.NDY. whoiesal.
and retail, by W . II. UEI313.
April IS51.
on resUeJits i " i'",.t"
uutu tn la
131 payment
is maJe.
May C, 1511. -Us
: Wed Ijy
IGIlEoi' Jiviiktir trice given in b?r
ierlor goo I; niw limes. It wished
nil! c.vs.'i w.il be
Slides. ; j
iicarMiicni.v L.i.c of roi'B
j noiti: co.ijtuiis
From .ntj.h ille lo IStuitM iJ.'e, AJa,
Leaves NAiSll VjLLE, TuVsdaijv. 'Ilmrtdayt
and Sundays, at 3 . .li.! .
Leaves llb'iYrsVILLR. riff;.. Thun
dtr s a id .'tiiJif . at 1)
tit '17 Ziour. Fare. ?57.
t-CK The Piopn
i. M.
gliven lor L.are Beef
July 0,!!?51.
Dy F. T, E.-ti!l, D. C.
Mr. clsoh, i ol Jonesboro, t then : Ici-slatiirc who are
took the s,tdnd. He said" lie .ap,boaVd t home, and nerlorm their
pcared as thebepresentativeof Judge!(jr,t es at the Stale House.! This
Campbell, thfe Whig candidate lorj(j0ck not include those elected from
Governor, whd was then sick at Ale- Boston. Thus all the oiiiei delimit
ATInvi-nirt Y,X onnoo-Prl wifli tlin nr.-.L.P iU.. ....I .'..! '.. .1 ..L .. .. .
probation ot Uov. Trousdale necon-i0f n)e city are, bruu-rht tojrelher
i ii 7" i I "jeiMnr1 l-vcv lirtf oc Tr)rar7 1 fil rA"-. I I 1 s
nioro uoa von. never iou n lie in votir ine, ;wuacu imo. liuvuo 'ui , n-" ; . rf i-1 n 4
and I will give you the Inst edition of Gill- test, bt a Contest for principle he . T 'T, , 'l i ' i
liver bound in sheep, lie next Lsavs t think La''i C,L IT Ifnr TiU .Ikf i'n .1 the.t Cannot be laid "Upon, the lands
kl . . I ltjUAVWli.Vl v v I " ,
e aiwhirf news-jj . P , .vi ! 1 1 1 m j
No ti;rc! ?to IVt!
rjlUE CSraefesilJcr-; Dyseistrry Svr
E . . . i r
fconc Jt WO0D3.
lor. cat siy that
f this Line is well, siock. d wait
4'oaelie and Hordes. Iojod, carefil,
soock Urivci; and in (ij days the Ea.l
U.jaJ i:ng compleied to Ai aaLesJoro, will
connect the .-r'tage. reducir.sj ihe Stae travrl
to 3 miles will ni ie ihis Line more d.
siraMe. thaa any caiitjr. lTuaukl.it io tn
public for their gentrmi au'p'port herotolora.
i i nop to meet a coi.iyiuai.e ol the sanai
Jlay 13, 1551.
E.YLI.D, Ueiie, Military and Rrsia.
.May G.
ijG. B. AtrEENZIE.
C',J (J ! Jt:p, will ct-ruiuiy ,1-ure, Ijromlv F.ux
Let fiiio p!'ee and Itnperlal
May G.
V.r Earrk!, and UtTtir.. avchm
. i . .
a any aud g
STAR a iu! .TALL JW good ami cheap.
May G. G. Ii. McKENZIE.
S lUllKTLO l 11 SM1 :" ' uiwiiib ncw.v. ... r.., J J U:..:i
t "h . ic cpvinl I knnw frdm i ftuwutu iimw . ; u.m w...
To i icvt iil Sml in p. heat
'.Is: y;.:;.f a';? fur. a aPalbcrry,
thb county, has kindly iuniishcd
vitii the fallowing rudo,; the 6b-
v.mce-of which, he as.-?ur03 us, has
;g th
iu r.
i of wheat free from
cnibled ' him ! -diirl:
?, to succeed
hstanding the .wheat s
tv.vj insiance.-!,. had n ut in it.
i.ubljsh it
1 i
ft l'Jih
th.e in;
- i
uf service ito o
i i i . j
vour wifoai ret v.
of OctiM.cr, jvsj:
Idle ef I'd
. last
nen to
paper! 1 his is seven!
'.perience hew hard it is for some
forget nn old sweetheart, and when I scje
my competitor going back occasional
To watch and woo, j
To bill and coo !
. : . " - . L
with his first love.ag-iin 1 lee: alnrost
.cniut, not
nvu, m one
thecountn'. He; th
Compromise i-he read an extract from
Washington's farewell .address he
spoke of the rebellion of South Car-
nlirain h ch whs ed bv Ca
...- , -r -
,v ''T l-a.l U., T..t..,. Al,l-
to see the coy one pive the back f her iJiOun uu profcLiaiuu ov vavu, mat
hand to the "pay deceiver." He snks that j the fil)e Was ilbt Yet iquenched. lie
mv third serious charge is, that "he said ; fKnn tnnk nh the Annexation of
lu nher the iNorth nor the ouin had gainra m ri I.,i u:A -vr "C ' I
nv .1.in for khe Compromise. Lit it be rTJi " . . v. Almost feari
civil services to I about to; be purchased Irom tle Sioux
en took lip the ; i j ,, ;
1 anextract from i ; he j Markcii LalCt i-iUcsi
FAriTTEVir.LE Onsnuyrr. O.-fh-e,
Julv Id, ZoY.
NksilviLLE, Te(n. The weather since
our lust wjee'kiy report nasuecn vnneo uv
the jiccti rrer.ee of ia copious and rraiefu!
?'iithe 1st
tuve it un-
witii light
jflLlis si l th:
Murfreesliorb' Hai
i i$ now
I.'.N'.'cln Co., Jldy "r
have been a Ncv.jsp;
twenty years, andalwJys fai;l best
tr.imy paper-is paid
ice. ' I am now taking
c:i are p ad far, and I
not getting the worth1
-r . i 1
iney unless . 1 reau a;
1 tlidr-jyghly. And anot
n my po.tgc b raid
p.j-t UC3 a:id lock
,tcr b the;Xc?, an;
t . a..., -.ran-! :
.3 CHX2.2 r.v.v:t.'-ti.
'ood co::-cienc
r.i a-v:
far in ad-
fourv all of i
think that
of rxiy
1 of them
.cr ; thing:"
can go to
the Post
I think he
for the
is best
fromery to teii ihe public that my. "dommtt-: predicted thb treaty with Mexico, so,"( d
nieminn rorrirnenccs aiid ends in falslhood."' I .? i, T ii . t..i 1 lie
. . ;i; iiat ne saw, was ine ranuora s uoxi;
C-yvt hnra i rim T5 anil fiintT I n rrlv f-nm- " . I I
nuu liv.1 Vyi, rr jfiai uiivj ap 1 v
Dysenieiy, Dianl.a; i, and all tlie tailv stagea i
Ol I. il.'i.era. -
Tlie C Iiildrcn's Panacoa. will cer
tiin'V cae ail dix.nieroi incide!i5 i.i the second
summrr in children, lecihing, fevers, worms,
and Iims alrea Jy saved mere v-'irog c!aidre.,
than any n'her me Inime inveii'ed.
I::rIi:4ir?. i'ieriiie aIlio:ico:i,
wiii ceft.uuly cure ai l d seases of. females, no
pat&r liw comj.licai ed, nor ol how K-ng
slamfirig. -. If
Gr-scfeaTjer-r Vcjo'iiMf Pills,
vv i : i cuianly cae or ptevei.t all;.Ci:lioii d.s- i
cnl f , lever and ajne, headaches, dyspepsia, ;
liver cornplam's, j j
The CiiracfentoertT rnparina. a j
powi r!u! coni en'ra:ed E.vtr ict -in not a di t '
drink, nor is it put tip in, targe j lut'.lts. nor!
d..es it contain' .Molasses, n-r any syrup, but I
is cheaper aid better than Sars.ipanlla that aVlV Cpow.n ; an! Lovr Sugar Golde
posse es the confiieuce of meiii.-nl prarn- ?JIll fc'riiup and Molasses, ol ei;ra nual-
,-r Pepper an I
Qf& si..., E.gs.C
C'jlogne, Ito:
.iav (
Coinmnn Candies, Rai
hm Nuts, ar.d Lemons.
loSejOil. and Rea'.'s Oil.
rSTIIllS is to noitfv the tub ic'enprallv ilmE
JL W. II .MOURE.S i;4 legally aiiihor
ized agent for th Al-abla Yam at Nashville,
and all contract? will be filijil in ii,e neatest
uianiier and fcho.test tmii.e po.-sible. A I
woik wi;l b delfsercd at Fayeiie.!. or in
1-lacea most suitable. All kinds r,r Furniture,
.Moiiuiiieiilii. JSiabs, Ile.id and Foot Stones,
either ol .Marble or Lime R..rk. Call and
see specimens of Itihan ami American Majble
i IU LE. STONE k CO.. i
April 20. l?al. By W. U.Mooaaa .
I . 1 II ' -
t H.tvE ii ..t.iriy t.i tii.-1-.-
7 ft ....
. L. O'lo.lr, li'O.i.eis, -iI.Im.iis, '-i'
J Flowers, Para-ol.-, fi-e k id Shoes, iicj
lliat I Aoul t like; to show ). ( iiye me a cal(
April 2i. IJ St 1 A PA UD.
imner. ror5i!f hv IJieiner . uam;.tun
McEboy'i Crawl. .rd. F.ivetievjUe. Tenn. '
i Agent Graeeuberg Company ,
July 22. l):.). !'
y u.
(j:. D.
The Ciacsisnali Typo Foanderyi
FR11E patrens of i!ns e.siJ':.hshmcTii a'e in
ionye-l tu at i he bo.-jiie.-s wili-tmiler (Is
i ? JE.il" UlfALlTY, and cher-- M you
I co ild ag. i i i
i Mi G. ; I G. 13. McKENZIE.
. i t . i i ...
rain.I w hii-l) hail lini elK-ct to r.-cuperfite veg
etation, titid we ari nappy to .cam tnut tne
in rriTnr.l 10 ihe efT'Cl S iii
'n.iii.e. . ,.iw.. ... . - i . . . . ... . . . & - - - - .
' , . i l ..ii i nncuii ir nna ctiin ir. vviiiaii li'ini ia nr. ia.. .i: i i... .,:;-,...i i i
so. Here n.e acimits mat mv cinrgeris -v . , ivinu'i'in, m t.ui uv n-ui..u. . .. i. ,
ne, and still !ho has thp brazn-fijced.ef- and disunion H.he Wat took place as howdver,. of cotton and corn will sustain j
ualTo! , . : Imie riiaritie as possible in con-enijenc tl
hood, 'j, i , ij tu .D.,,l,.'D 1 lie river is nt low water mark, nna nav jh, iiie late temt, Mr. Horace , TN conseouem-e ol1 addn .,n..l liabilities in
Wells. The methaniC il dcpaiiniei-l w.ll . jj. curred bv rehnildn mv hc: and other
i?r Now uriivivii. Mireci fr rt,-
Piiiladelphi v. a general aisorf-l
ticutot STAPLE nnd FANCY i
wlii. h I wiill seil at fiiti.L profits for. rash.i
a to puncjual dealers on ine u'nni imie. I
April2l i U.S1IAPARIX J
1 null crushed to earth will ne rerain.
The eternal years iof God nfe Hers;
But Error, wounded! writhes in min, 1
A.id divS amid its worshippers,
next sas that I j'SRid Tt4a
rider is nt lVw vvntrr murk, nnd n;iv. '
ip-niinn is iihn-.it as near a total stisnenMon as
.l I.aViri niAi I li tnA O" ikrvr cti-am iri- . ..L. .1. Tl t '. .:! .t. rf- i 'n.it"... I . ' ... "
va uwiuiudiivi. txv. vvvji. iv. j ' 11 iretieraiiV gets ia oe. inure are, uuwev- ' cunnnue in cna en .v.v-srs ij. t. ami, ui. n.iuses, 1 am compelled to request th'ue in
grOtinds on tlie Federal doctrine if cr, one or two very light bonis that will prob- j'W ells.-io whose afl ats it is, mai;ily indebted dehied to me by tioie or account, to cane fa
: i. :iJ-,r ! IJn un Tnm ' bl v olav Hu ri ni tho1 enure low witter sea-; or presem n
uu liiu.i i" tv;i itii'ji j t ' iti-v viiw - .
li a mi M A I i HI V A L.3
1 V.
Cioodrirli. Dticliatian A Beavers).
(Svccesrors to John Gotulrich,
. , ld s lejave lo, aunour.ce tu the Oy !
ijjjL-i surrji)unlif)g t.AouiiiieSiiiiai 'hey , y jjr j
i now receiving dj rect Iroitt PhiUdet.u..i:
IMMENSE .-slOtJv. Ol' PRESil j
OCratlC party ' kOUld keep . extending; . f.,nn ' i;,- rrft Ir,.-,,rnn, ' faciurei! fully what tiiev jaok'ss n be erjual j lu.-ce me l ) make ibis request.
tPrrifrvrv nnf . kfi the Kfim.in KfiJ iJn ;n-n,l.;, fpn.,fi. UV $r - any m ...e ,..... ..e i nope an t nose imiemej w,a ieei tnern
v .. . . I: v "a.lele Siacimcn XJioH is raind.V prifiim ,i .-Ives ca .Vd iintir. lo ciii.it in m v rel.r P.
1 I 11 JL j. I I- JL ' 1. . 1 . . 1 . I I.., I. .. ...I . ' - . I ' J T
nfff-r boat?.
it i
-i I tiau iivr-i i ! -m
richt to sell that territory " This is eiht 1 Puu-- WOUi iu ty F,tv-a UJ w T-" " J-r ' "7 ' "7 , wmcli we expect t nave reaiv or .:istnnu: ; 9 do. ng you wiil much, fbii-e
n onrcolumnT WhlTi man XKlSt a ! OWD Weight - Iho acquisitions by the! fpneeswere so low that he ,ho,gh, . (i , ,s( 0, -mber. We have; ' L. G. G. REANLAND
in one coiuiim. an ....... u ai ( . o , -P .1 . , ( ! srobab'v holders woald remain holders. on hand a large stock hi Punting MateraU of: Mav fr 1 f '.1 if
nominee! Now. reader, just turn lo ,.iy rtrratv with A?fcxiCO strengthened the.' '-. 1 c r.-o. i.. :. r... : i...e ... i i i "ia - 1 u jI
- ti i I id r ' i i L . . (uraeeries. vreuu.ne J'n' uj'a.w..i""iy ii's'.i'in". ii.ui.uii'i m.. m.1. r'umu 1
Catd.ond see w bat I did say. : Mf fourth ; Xorth and Weakened the South. He ' cSjffUe lodllc: extra Kio c...Mo!ass.,S Mian J Powiraad Hand! Pressed vylurh we fs.MFF.
charge against lrim runs thus--'' IIo said i . f T ij f : gouU I pun!al5on, 35c.; Rebidled 445. Flaur ! ready to sill -m ,ir mon.hfs t..n for.' COTcIl, Garrti'a.l uriell & HalPs. Mac
Tcxaa had no right to the dif-puwd iJrntory. P01w 01 . .lut- T"'o lucowa,1" nil, , Ji: ' ,r! i ifn.-.TiO R. T.,,,,;, ! e-d nmes,: or make a d.sc'..uni o( ieii rei . J -ahuy-a fane arnci.
I tlvJI V JitVUIVVAM VA ; VV.--.VV.1 1. s V .
and that Ccntrress did vrronp to nay-
ten millions," &?. j Siiji my competitor has by the Arch nbllifier, Mr. Calhoun,
the audacity to gel np iand ten jih pcie 0rae memKers; were too smart to
ilmt he stands on ths platform of J; and . .. .1 J: . . .
touXuTlLL my leave of myj engage it lit o)j sign the address to
cttmpotitor throbph the press, Hnrf tur.vhim ; tlje Southern people, lhat meeting,
ArAer morpips fif lllrt pnad. h eM1 wia fhA fnnnf innn iT fhjft
people. of the two counties, to sajr tfuihy on NasKvillQ ConJentiori-that! Conven-
r f",y?; tmTl Altrt7n at first by both
In the mean time, I shall pursua tna even tv.J..-1Li- i..i tt.. iri.:-
v nigs ana jjemoerd,i wuiwuij vuja
said that its oRect was Disunion, and
they would haye nothing more to, do
wjth it Ho denounced tho Conven
tion and its Ambers. He said it
was lacjvocated py the resolutions of
?6Y Sall-r-bW
tenor of mv wav; and if beatenJ I shall
console myself 'ith the glorious; rj flection
ihat I have kept the fidih. and tnai I nave
Cvnoht a trood "ht." .Yts! Iti pib fall if
wrv- o 1
f: itfA in fa. !
r .t,. .k.. rtoll.ru Gluv fit Ruena Visis
With m v leet to the field nrta my tacc tp iue toe
And my lag still flvirg
I EebriectfliHv,
r. S. I understand that CaptL Uiebb IS
rcponing;it about that I ;htve said that Mr
Gillrspie said ' he would run if I fid not
Phis is f,t!s". I told Mr. Gillespif n
Fine" SI 75. Candles Tallow. 1&G12-U,
Star, 22?2D23c, S.jcrni 45c. Whi ky, 20-
lurcpminon rectiiiqo
i . .... .. I .... I. Jl. VI.
n (si. i rr icenitrom iFraiar i.rices i a c.-sn wowu. ta,
Conrse bait. 1 60. . -,, .' .. . . rr I
oruers alllree'l i:j iiiv vnn in ii ill t i pe i
Tunipikc otke.
would ruti that I would not. Pi
W. W.
Bacon. iThed -tninnd is limikr-d. Hams
find ready ale at 8 Jp; clear sides 3 Jc; rib
bed Ce. shdiildcrs 7cL . i "
JgJS il - - r
JList 0f ltiay-t Tnkcri U.
1st. kind of animai is given. Sdfcolor. 3d
description. 4ri.age. 5ih, potter's name
6th, place and titue; of arrest. -:'
1 ,
Mare, white, mane short and thin, veiy ; rer of said boatd, on or before the first day ol
abort tail and has tho appearance of haviog ! Sept. ne xt. j By order el the P.oard.
beeo eaten off, sonirw hat marked bv the gear, j i PAUL INGLE, Stc'y
liareinfii. about 14 bauds hish. 13 or I Iv rs-1 Ju'v S. 1S5E 5t. - - I l : I
0f,O .Dem0CrktiC Vlaiform Of '49, old; by W Ii P,,sSer. p.s .No 5, Miy 17 IS5I ' nnnM"l
till i i' ,1 T T'-iocn Jtiurzt, nay, nas wens e-es, doiii nica.ieeti . - r :
wMdtl nominated U0 . . 1. inesej whi( iboV- he plrfnjl-y lUK af)O0l ;44 ; -poTS. Oven-. Skilleis, Chairs. PaiK Pig-
rCs-OlUtionS, lie Baidi intimated DlSUn-j hands h.gh; by Edmund D. Hicks, 7ih D.s, JSL gms. Tubs, Chunis, &c tc. all the ar-
III jr hvv,.-. - J . viaiv. nil) jvu JUUUJ
Iron! Iron!!
fE will kee; on lhand at all times, a
complete asnrtiiiett of Iron, and s.
FoiiqJery va limpet wi'.lii prot.ipt 'attention.
Country papers p-ihlishibg tins a.!vr rtHe-1
nient, lour iimes bef.ae! t'.e Ist j of August,
next, and sfiiding us a j cpy tl the pper i
r .ma n.2 ,.. ... , ,..u ... iv, . on ur- ..i.t a.- cu,.om o. .uose wtslurig to purche.e , , cj, 0 a fae..dnd lha m.blic g
chasing three times the amonit .it the bill. I.r cash nr nn lime. Just receded i.1C.(Ul """' 6
i ! riiAov'i7rToo... . .. era. iv. i"iii" -'"'-".
jiji t. vuij. t ore
L . rf. -..ll..-.w-..'Wl l,.I. .l' f li..... i
or Mric-a la 1 ilalp i.i n.r Wii.in.' r. n. I . " ...I .. . . ir a, . . . TV .k k... I l.iimtilie. ..iu'.iv ur rur.o 1
ui- j' j J nni'j mm ciii i.c uu iiic imiir, l,.!....!.'.!!! j
no laiiit, wi.l ne sj.arej j tu re,n ar its manu- ihe most u.gent demaitJs for SlOUCY could i MI5IU A.1 t JlJIPJIt CiOODS, I
comprising Jott of ihe fineit. richer!, anj
most ra.tjtd ai-siain-eiaa .! LADIE-'
DRES5 GOOD;, th rut txl-.miee, he.;
gim ami vtMiiiLK Sucks oi CLOl lJS. !
(JAS.SlMlJtiE- and V EATINGS and GEN- j
TLEMENjS FURNISHINGS gei.erally.aml j
the laig.'st and mr-st coir.piet- asVaimeM of ;
N ETS, VA Rl El I ES. 1 1 A I . D V A K E. !
R1ES, &.cic. kc. vei tir.iuiiit io tins mar
ket, ail tf jwhich we plidoe ourtelves lo
sell as LOW! . any rrjiumr icia.i uuuseiin
Tennessee J i ; , . '
-Fv-elin" eonfilem we ren make it the In
terest of eiircfiairti .o d at with us. ae ebr-
i pounds; il is ia Oui wayi come r n ami nk it
Jan. 14. 1631. !
OTICE that 5 per cent im each share of,
XN stock subset bed in money to ll.e Favette-J
:!li. Mulhenv Si Lt ncliburgTornmke Road,
I is required M be paid lo Jttmes Bright, i teasu
Br th barrel or retail.
Jan. 21.
iori. i He spoldo of the portentious; My
ciouus mat, iio.vcicu o-ci uju uauu. naly
at the meeting of the last- Cocgre-ssi Wm
j Jeiinef, brown, whre nr-se, sniad while : ned peopie giva u a call, at
i ti.e ngiit shoiij! ler. Hi hands; by
e, D.rici l "113. July 22, iSSl.
Jan. .4. ISL
. JLoolc Slerc.
HAVING purcliad i,he Goods and. Dooki
of Jiio.J.Hodit Sr'.Co . I w;il continue
busiiieks at my old staxo, .VurfA llast Cor
ner of the Public Sqwirt, where I wiil be
deaed 10' see enl wait upon all personi
wishing' tj buy Goods, Groceries, &.c. 2Vy
p. a 2, iSoi: ;
eraliy, i E1T
Siock. I
I dV'etl Side of tUe Pubi c Sqir
.... ,e.,c-,
a j ii io, i icoi.
j The ui.urigvel temg pr
jjpf& pared to do ait description o
ti-Sa JXouse, Sisn, and oirn
PuiutlngJ. Paper-Hansiijff. and CJla
xiu'i, in akiguod style a u.ai of tne ttt
workmen in Nashville erelseiliere w aM
iepectfully solicit an :eng g-irnt in i JJJ of
ihe f..te2iii2 bratirheH ol Mimes by inure
desiriris work of the kind. K U evntei.r tf
h.4 aohiiy, be refer to wo.k lie has alrta.'j
'tone here.
Juue iO,

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