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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, June 03, 1852, Image 1

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I 14 l.Jiil'l ft V IJMY -r J 'm,
1 Jn.. i j i"t all the ends thou aim'st at be thy Country's, ihyiivdV, and TruJU's." ! i PC 2LISIIEIIS & nroPRICTOllS. "
! cntriioqiusm. . . 1: IMitiral -iUabina. -I
JrJTyo Dollars (or one Yeaj if paid "ai
lie iiitie of subscription: Two Dollars
ami ilty Cents without pkviatiom,
after the expiration of Three Months;
cj7"Vli Kills for Advertisements, Job
Worki or . SubiCriptjion, considered due
when Iconiracied, except against those witii
yvliniri we have Running Accounts.
irtP-Xo Iaicr will be sent out" ot '.lie
pmmjy, unless paid for in advance.
fcijAdvertisetniits inserted at OilC IJoI-
lar per Square of Twt'ivi: Lines,
"or fJess, furl the First Insertion; Tifty
.Cents tor earh continuance.!
Wrsons afvartisina by Ui6
he Xiiirtj Dollars;
Year, will
or a wbo'e
jColuiiin, Twenty Iol!ars for one half,
iVii Dilas for one-q'taiterj , A deti
ativl from tlke Terms wider any eirtum-
tlanci$. I :
jtrpFhi. privilege of Yea-ly Advertisers is
sh-irlhi tiinilcll io their dwi immediate and
I that li
-i . I ... .... ra.l . 1
rAiiNi"unciiff Uanuiuates, iut;
to lei
umiipr of lit
be cuidimud knlit ordered out, dud payment
A Iver
j tuftoAslij.
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5dAdvernse:iUi of lJ.itnt
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; dune.
t-d at '3
)4 .il'W
Tenuis as am
-, all arrearasj-'s
option Zf the
ITIu-v t :II us
I While Vet is fcl
i T
i Tlw Citntige
j Ah! lift; ilt'-y
I Witlili'Sior
j For vhbr the
I Theni 'II ').;
j i ;
i If lours be lov
L t
Te fjsi of,
Artil'only docj"
;. r .
j ; In passmp ti
1 Then better v
! :Vo IcrvcntW
iThui wit at wc1 !
While wc !)
!Thc hoftrt ha
.1 .-. . .. r.
cs.; ana i lie uupmess oi;a
inn is not Iconsidered as in-
f its individual u-mUeis.
i Tk Pedlar and his Dog. J;
Some years ago I travelled through
a portion o Michigan. -I went on
foot, or rode, as best suited my pur
pose. I carried rich silks and jew
elry to sell :o those disposed to buy!
My only companion uunng my jour
ney, was a
lanro'dos of the New-
d i'l Jdvunce in Leery Vusc
.fins n'l inarKcu wuu
ertions when haiiided in, will
ixemcnl enn le inserted ra-
len's ot a 1 erut,R'
rsed Duul'lt Price,
hirty Dollars ! per Col-
'e;sr. I'
li, of all Kinds, JVeiilhj
'i'j je, aiuloit as reasoual!i
Oiiici; in Tennessee. j
will be diseoii'iilui-d unii!
are4jaid u, except at '.he
11. I
uvo. that von ana t
l...,r. c..',.i...r
t;t from cithers cje
... i
lint waits on being;
y s :i weary way
joy ihatt sorrow,'
jsun-light falls to-day
;i ihaJo to taorruw.
3 that will not hear
liane aitil sorrow,
r channels wear
each incrro'v; .
e u thai to-day
wcro praying,
ave migltt pass away
t worck were saying.
foundland lireed. j Lion was fit to be
the king tf his species.- He was
crnnA iwl TirJul 'ind tnirf ntlll tltPTP
was something almost human in his
I I.. h ! t .i ?
eyes. Jie tittenaeu to nis own uusi
ness, and never ruarreled liko-curs
of low degree, lie ''would bear an
insult from worthless puppies, with a
philosophy wortAiy of emulation.
And I never knew him, save on a few
ciceasious, to resent the undue liber-
of larger-growth,
owever, was thur-
te male such ofien-
arninir to "evil den
tics ol puppies
When his rile,
oughljr aroused
tiers a terrible
CT3.V .
When I
by mv side
trade, I he
and watched
led, he trofted along
when I stopped to
.sbatcM himself near me
movements with a
him a ' little
m, and ''with my lull cou-
cp-ili!Lof bitterness
As wt-ll as ddpths of- pleasure, .
And those who
They both of
I There! is a time
Ibve, love not unless
these can measure;
nti l it will come,
si discover, i.
wc tread,
' When this tht,y mu
i And wo il eilhef, then bo dumb, ;
To p jwer that moved tjia Lover!
There pre some spots where each will fall,
. And ?ach will need sustaining; ,
And suifeting is the l.f of nil,
And is of Coil's ordaining;
Then wherefore do oiir hearts unite
In ben is thafnone can sever,
If not to bless each changing light,
.And strengthen each endeavor?
Then w hilts these happy days we bless,
Let i s no doubt bo sowing;
God's rhercy never will be less,
Thotl"h He should change the showing;,
Such be our fanh as on
Kach trusting andjohe1
As two who by His hand arc led,
And jiear what he is saying.
A SSHcr'et Worth Knowing. Boil
three r four onions in ,i. pint of wa
ter. Thcil with a gilding brush do
over Vour glasses and frames, and
rest assured that the flics will, not
light on the article washed. This
may be used without apprehension,
as it will i not do the least injury to
the frajmes. ' ' .,.'' ; -; ',
'; Shocks says-..that there is a marked
.difference between birds and women.
-As an I illustration of this he cites
the fafctlhat a; bit 'of looking-glnss
on a fruit tree will frighten away
every bird that approaches it, while
the same article would attract mo :e
lair oies than! a lwid . of xherrieb.
'Snookt must. ' look jout for brooiii
sticks about these days.: ,
ajarr-p-The full -clear.- moon
shone'bn the brook, 'and as the - w i-
ters'wcilV.r'PF111101 ovcr Ue
Btoncs' it seemed as jf the moon were
fcmVp, in nieces, and every little
wavelet were scampering off with a
1 1 . .
11 i-wl
and 1
freeditm,- which 1
low growl, While
piece wltn
were mot av
1 ; 'I' ,
: He reall
likeito tlio
businesslike lxiiession. It annoyed
sometimes,- to sec my
the jjoods from mr
them with such
expressed with a
he followed every
lis evps, to see that they
ited without proper
o wh
s: in
know uie, v
siitisftod wl
tail when I made
was an excelled
there was no
confided to his
away. I found 1
4ho v
i i
uns a
en I
companioniible m juy. travel
j Conveyances
uncertain, that I
go on foot from
another. These
thing but.pleasaii
was new, and the i
thins ' but g
frequently perpef
lonely roads, and;
no doubt, to whom
carried would-be a
tion to commit a
;d to take a! dis
were disposed to
ith very 11 :ing and; my
articular. I-believe he
f every th'ihg I icar-
iue I attached to
k it may, nesoemeu
iaSj and waggqol his
ood trade. l lie
watch dog,jj and
anger of anything
beins tiiken
nil very useiui ana
linsc through the
my side, ready .to
and proud to shard
I always went am
lere so scarce anu
;s often obliged to
one settlement to
jurneys were any
andthe Icountry
ate of society ar'
Robbcries were
rated upon thojse
here werd those,
the rich stuffs' I
sullicient tempila-
murder.: The idea
frequently occurrcjd to me in travel-
kvil'd woods of the
West. But old lion was always by
die in my jdctence,
in my wanderings.
cd. An Excellent
brace of pistols, steel barrelled, and
loaded with ball were ncyar from
my pockets sav3 long eniugh to
see- that they wen ' in order, and.jat.
night they lay beneath m' pillow.
I felt quiet safe with these a.nd
Lien, who was the companion of liny
nights as well as days. : lit alwajys
laid down' between my bed and tjhe
dbor,with his face tpward the latter.
Ko one could enter' without ; attrajct
iug the attention of Lion. : ; I
"'j One day in the summer of, 1830,1
found myself in a small settlement
on he border of a small lake, arix-
ioiis to get forward to the next, which
ability to! calculate distances. But I
kept up a good tieart and went, oil
until I was quite (certain I had nib
taken my way, or been misinformed
in regard! to the distance. I conclu
ded it would bej, best o keep 'lite
road I was ; in until I reached - some
habitatiou. ": . j . . '
In a short, time I was glad I luid
made the1 resolution, for I saw a light
glimmering front a cabin.. v I ap
proachediit as soon as possible. It
was rather above the niedium size.
I thought I would be accommodated
there very well. It had the appearance
of being l.yery comfortable within.
I knocked for admission. The door
was opened by a man.
Now I lam not a person to believe
in presentiments,' misgivings, and all
these' sort of thing; I certainly saw
something iu that man s countenance
that! I did not like the moment I set
mv eyes upon him. In a gruff voice
he itsked my ! business. l.told him
I belie ve'd I had lost my way, and
was under the. necessity .of asking
accommodations. After hesitating a
moment he asked me to enter. A
tall .woman sat in a corner near a
large rock 'fire-place,
busy in watching a
hissing over the lire.
jShe seemed
piece oi meat
It struck me
that I had never seen a more apathet-
She hard
She might
ic couulciiance than her
ly hotitied my entrance
be forty' years old. Her jlace was
remarkably long! and wiimdod to a
degree jto bxeite curiosity. Her nose
was: sharp! and skinny, as wps indeed
her 'whole! ftce. The head-gear " was
wholly indescribable, and beneath it
grey hairs were visible. Her entire
dress was ; unlike anything I had ever
seen, j I could hardly keep ' my eyes
oft'jher. She, as well as the man,
glancetl eagerly at my pack as I laid
it down. ; The latter; was a coarse
looking person, whose countenance
appeared more indictive of rapacity
than villainy. ,
To my! questions he replied very
civillyj after I entered and he had
got a view of my person. I learned
from him what ;I. had suspected for
the: last half hour, that I jhad taken
the! wring' road.!
A kind of telegraphing took' jjlace
between the two, after which I
informed-1 could stay. This did not
appear j to me t a very great
since I had a chance to observe
host and hostess.
The meat upon the coals was
upon the table at length. I was
vited to partake of it which I
with my .host, who had been absent
and had returned a lew minutes be
fore my arrival, t During .my recast,
Lion took his j station by my side,
rpnnivino- n nnrf ion as li alwaVS did.
wimn i t,.,.r T Avpw !iu-fiv I be found
from the board, and taking a paper
from my pocket pretended to be bu
sily reading.
I giahceU up occasionally from un
der mv brows. and was startled, to
showed two rows iof whil e teeth,:and
uttered a lowgrov L The pantomime
ceased in an instant. 1 he door j was
closed, acid the poker returned to its
place. : Ii stirred i little. They were;
quick to observe ime.
"A fine dog," said thi man, think-;
ing it. prqbable I might htpr the re
mark: "Ij reckon he wants to !get
out-he rowlsras though, he diet
. A naue followed this remark, i He
thought might order; hini out,
I did no s'ueha. thing. I
"Nice ! dog, the woman - added,
Ycntriloqiiishi. .
The real nature'of ventrilonuism
is, so llittle understood. by:'the. persons
who. write the 'humorous sketches ot
e da',1 that the ', most ' ludicrous
unders j are made by ' them, and
that the hand out
friendly' one?
By this last ho
-i .i
. Ims was some
lor mm. : l never
to refuse meat whenji i was offered
him. Had Lion share d my suspi
cions? Had his instinct taught him
Iter a moment, "nice
j j . . j' i 1 1
then she bffered him a piece of meatJ:
and attempted toi fondle him. Con
trary to lir expectations, Lion utterj
iy reluscd the mcai, aiid put an enu
to all familiarity by showing his teetl
again in a very testy manner.
icir readers are led into egregious
errors in regard to the true philoso
phy of sounds produced by ventril
oquists. j-We lrequcntly read an ac
count of scenes iu which Signor Blitz,
or some other professor of 1 magic, has,
while ' traveling, incognito, thrown
parties into rrcat disorder, by causing
ana ihis voice: to be heard in various, di-
an account of the Fillmore meeting iwithlihe llouin voting, and
lately heldl there. - Messrs. Marshall to show their hand. The Scott, wins
and Oeutry were on hand, and labor- !cf the party ruled a compromise res-
hind very strangd
befjre knew him
ficd was
hot a
of -jmy dog, the big appeared not a
little "disconcerted
almost behiijd my
heff skinny fist at
condescend to express
ness at that rather deqid
ergetic expression oi n
MvsTEr.r axwExcitemexjI
n iiuui liu diuiuui.ii,
shingled - with
int-ir L-nAun in ha in iiinns:. s : ' p j::iiu will iiuiuci CLitu-a luim i,
to California, leaving in ' possession : ness
of his wife land rolls of ltiouey. j the earth
there beiug.consu
the Doctor was
- -i . i -i .
man: anu touu.mc
dig for the body
time since, an
ciunati paper
reference to a great cxcitemcnt'which
at present exists in.Mdrrow county,
Ohio: '
it seems that, some
Indian doctor, known t!6 have! large
sums of monev, Very.' suddenly dis-
appeared; soon alter, uie mail witn
larm v;as
ami Myas
on the part
Fillmore Mectiflg in Ncr York.
We 'find! in the. New-York' papers
'irrni n i m, n ii
The Wliigs and ihc ..Compromise.
Another, illustration is afforded
jastolhe support the whig party will
res, by
a piece
give the compromise mcusu
;late caucus action. It is of
ed hard toshow the necessity of nom- j
maung iJiieir iuvonie tor mu 'icci
dency. The meeting ..was large, but
from the njiso and confusion, it - is
rather uncertain who had a majority
of the 'crowd, as all candidates whose
names were! mentioned were cheered
with more or less enthusiasm. Mr.
olution out of order,
ilie same wing
they mean to make use of slavery
agitation o elect their! candidate.-
The whole story, to tlfe caucus, is,
that about' two-tilths of the whig del-.
will do the same thing elsewhere;
egation of Coa gross sanctioned a dec
laration of principle. The Seward
, I 1 L J 4 I. 1 T - " - - J ' -
rections, appearing io coiau uom , j j , r , .... . . ,
li ns nf vnrtons persons or the conina- i .. v,.i J -. . - . .u . . . . b -..
"mi- 1 J : T.L-I
ting Fillniore,
and extravagant in ;d.tte mum on the question, and use
we coEfeider that all the yenai oquit; thut V:Unnr fA L,lrt .. L-rv (Ww,n.
can do is to produce: arUcuIatoi ah : rr,.: , 1: i- L. J i' ..i...
wuuua;T:' "ii Y ' ould be (encouraging, if true.
UIILU Ol UlbUiUUU lo iiuuy,ucu uj, , ma
king thesounds
and, softer in their
? V3 luti 'V'rsiceGreeh- joins issue with the F:
s lower id 11,1,0 fhroiit mbriiing , ic :ibout MM
heir itonc.;: !; Theycn-hj ti y woll rtificd. nefcho
Ho- jbcat them down at the north.
game go-
Now how is this voit of
sing down even hc-rof at tliC South?
How will those whigsi act who regard
these, coniprcmisc measures asneces-
!..4 -.4 l. 4 r..iVA .Tw..K.n !l .
nom ma auuiuuvA., auu-.mu. aiu . . ,.,i ef(nt! tha . ;i nv fti ,
some aid from their imaginations in , , ' ... J i r.f. t,.. 71,
una tiutit;uc ; j tv iii inoy iaii.ii.uo ino arrungcuiomi
amount of his lis this a two faced game?i If we im-
such a
fU lu iUVK- Tr V'nced very much in this
order to produce the desired fcfleeU, fiU- t. nm,
I upon their minds- He directs their i:. i
ie' retreatcu
and shook
lim; but lie' did not
amy- uueasi-
d and cn-
.A Cin-
lowing in
attention to a box or .window, 0,1; the
floor of the stage, and as'., the imag
inary. 'Jack proceeds into the cp'lar,
he forms the replies supposed to borne
from 'Jack' lower and lower iu his
throat, asj 'Jack' vanished in thd dis
tance.. WTh(n you occupy the mid
dle of a room.a ventriloquist standiug
at one side! of the room cannot 't irow
his voice! jovcr your head and nake
it appear to come from the side op
posite to jiiimsclf, even byj the help
of .your imagination; j Ilejwill never
attempt shje-h a lbat as that, and (hose
who writq or read on jthe subject
trength in j the southern States ::derstaii.l it- right, ; precisely
don t believe he will carry Mississippi
siiso. thinks-that nobody
bility in tic matter.
; Effcct. of Laxd MoxbroLV
vno niim oi reau un tnu su 1 ai 1 - , o - ,,
1 ii! M ii- r 4- ' 1 inspires tlu.4 zeal lor Gen. Scott.
should,keep.this ftct in view in fruer -mm t 1!ot :cten(
to mainta n-consistency and proi-U. Scjtt tandH: on a! level
hi itv in I in riT-i T rfiv ! . . . I '. .
wants Scout! to write a letter excepS'
those who would damage him by it;
that no President ever: was beaten
for writing too few letters, and he' is
therefore against the letters.
It is manifest the whigs who are
earnestly for Scott don't want- the
people to vote for a man on account
of ; any views he may hold ou political
subjects. ! : '
It is farther evident,ihat it is not
the fitness )f a mail for office that
inspires this zeal for Gen. Scott. : An
whigs that could be named in
Ire- statesmanship or abiiitv in civil
residing j ism
ted, intimated that ; coniputedi by tne best! auuiORueslkyill be, hard to defend, i Accident
murdered by thij! (hat onc-lnn'd of tne: population cl.kiil do as well to fill; the Executive
ifaii-s. It is; mere avaiiibflity that is
and a warning to the nations oijjto be tiKen into account, i If such
jigainst the evils of leiinal- j policy prevails generally, the ad van
and absentee lanaloidism. ItiSjjUige ol votingfor a l'reoident at- a
game as the imbecile tory adminis
tration of England are now . playing
to receive their sanction. Sink cr
swim, ;wo-believe the democratic par
ty will'not dodge the if sue.- It is
not their custom lo tluuge issues.
j Will, then, the anli-aboiition part c f
the whigs go with them. Here is a
sign from the Journal cf Commerce.
It saVs i
"For ourselves, we will never vote
for, but earnestly oppose any man fjr
the Presidency, ba he whig cr demo
crat, who is afraid or ashamed to a
vow himself distinctly, over his own
signature, in favor of thoso healing
measures, ; as a final settlement of
the questions which -have so bng dis-
turbed the peace of the country, and'
endangered its vital interests.'' j
UostiU Pot'. !
citizens where
Ireland cither polished from famine, bhair. -Lj,:. Dan.
orlto escape it iverc driven from their
native land, within the ijstlten ybars.
Iri 1S!I0 klouc. ihn'cl lumth-cd (fto'u-
ler than (he suggestions ;bf the UJof the Irish peribh.cd from star
liums, no discovery ; has p' been j vdtion, or fi jimt dise;ise I incident to
b. . lleriewed! exertions are be- Ulfc lack of ibod. And 'during that
The editor of the Journal thinks
Two or three hun-
ithered and begin . the
1 , , J-in 11 ?.
search; out ignowipg ir.eir supicioua
111: ad
;.,.! r,,.,,7 tk t!. roi-.-.titlnns r.flvdrv vonr 1 oJOOO cattle. 4 J.14d Pig
i 11 j iuau.t-1 J 1) iiii- . v iuv vmwwiiw s 1 . - ' r f 1 '
n. ilairvovant. The clairvoyant said i add 2G,599 Crates -of eggs; weie :'ent
. .. J I . I .t- , . A ... - ! . j . '
thik man had killed a pedlar .some ; to; England irom tno, very -uisincis ;
tlv.f lu lmnAiw hero Ihu himme raged with inostiln
1 -- ; ..,.?.,, It, II.. . ' . i. .
would be found jn the.bank of i a mill , seventy. I or idthougn tne Irish- ( wings did not prevent it; there was
race, the excited populace wem w mttu umi uiniuu iv4 muKtu ui uuuu w uitm iu j'lcuut ihj-
the snot, and found a human skeleton, i iN" to eat, though ( oomed I la stand ; ,llnng. Had there been no wlnggery
The clairvoyantthbn told them where jby and see his wiie and Children per-j 'there would have been no I need of a!,. J
tint in ici it Via.- ni.tiic. .... :. .-.
that ttcneral
iUo whigs South did jeniinent service
in' supporting the compromise in the
Southern Slates; thathad it not been
for the whigs South the Union would
lave been dissolved. ; That's all gam-
inon. No jwirty in the South pro
posed secession or disunion, except
South Carolina, and ! there -i the
J (lie lGi;ipioi::i;e Yocrs.1
It is often unpieas::ut tu i?tatc un
welcome truths, but in self-defence
against those who would cliipi exclu
sive privileges, we sciueiinics have it
to do. I' Wc assert i
1. "JThttt but three Northern 'whig-
in the lower House of-Congress,
voted -for the Compruralse,' and but
one of them was afterwards returned
to Congress. . .. " '
2. Tiiat a Congressional whig cau
cus, which fixed I ho time and place
for the meeting of a National Con
vention to nominate a candidate for
the Presidency, lifused to adopt the
Compromise as a part of the platform
on which the Convention should be
th(t bones of the Indian doctorniightiiih day by clay iromiackoi, l'ou compromise;! and alter it was made,
found, and another great search is : he! must pay his rent. And liow, m ; the matter would have ended just as
..' i j i . t i T 1 ' 1
being made
Thd search at last ac
counts was not complete.
FiiAi.ALE S'iciMri
The studies at
cveiy p;ut of ..Ireland, men, vfomcn, t well without them. We. don't admire
and children are turned into the open ' the whig plan of saving the Union
air the roof is . torn . from 'above putting it 'in! peril, just to save -it.
then, and the bare walls are leveled ! Throwing the patient into fits, in or-
-1 - I
Tavlor, . to i ivhosc
see the apathy,; of the woman as well
as that of the man, wearing off rap
idly. ! Her eyes grewjauimatcd, and,!
in unison with! his, glanced at the!
dog, with evident sigus of dissatis-j
faction. ; " .,; i
Presently I nodded over my pa-j
per, like a sleeping person, lustaiit-
nbont 'ftio-htech miles distant
conveyance could be had without
ting till the next day, which' I
k not inclined lodo, so I sat out
foot.! It was near night and I
wajlked forward briskly. I was . not
lorrg in discovering that my expedi
tiqn would be by.no mean's an agree
able one. ' " -!',''
: !The road if road it could be
called was very bad, and through
the thickest forest in thijs part of the
country. The nightoo, crept on
apace, and promised ' td be dancer
than ! common. But Lion trotted
Along by my ide; I ,wasa .smart
walker and was ' confident I was . get
ting over ground fast; so I didn't
mind it much." : , ; - 1 - ' -;
! The darkness was on me before I
was aware of it. It seemed to me
that I had already walked eighteen
miles, but I eonld see no settlement.
This surprised me a little, for 1 1 was
used to travelling and kUe'w well my
ly the manner of the two persons
M;liiy a girl" knows the
heart,' who could
not write a dine ol j 0r! Dukes, or Earls, to whom! the 'rent j
superficial. to! the ground-that they may no Ion- . der to cure him; the. doctor bein
grammar 'byj gdr give them shelter; by the-Larons, h I on fits
life defended ; is
;rdod Ecglish.'!if her
on it; while there is many a;bpy who
figures in the Utile of Three, who can
not answer the most trivial question, ;
li it is not couianieu m
Ask him
due for tlneir occupation.
name and fame the whig party is in
debted fur the power which they-,
hold, was opposed toi the Ceuipro
mie. . !
Don't bo startled. If any one
uv"'o ...: .v:.. -,u-4 -1 .... '..i -it
What is the whole whig! VI1 "Tl n"arl afc:Cit WVUU
1WUI. .'J llljl 11. ( V7 Vt'ljll J.M U -J.
: j - - .. C3
mt party Nrth at now, wit h !' here and
j there an .exception?;. They are bent
d as it was with: drollery, was ir-;""
jtible, and his occasionid daring!,, ' ..ef:
how mach, (en pounds f vcot co- .
" i, L , 4 , . . triistcd with his extremely undigni
d comcito at ten (tents n " , . , , . . r suppor
L- i. ficd person ' that, accompanied ns it 1 1 " J
it In 'to hand ; as well as she VaS j
able, j Her eyes flashed like a ser-j
pent s, for.it contained a large quan
tity of specie,! besides valuable jew
elry and costly silks. ; I always made
a f,ract.co of p, t.ng n.y. vet mou- ' amUt,ai notUnS.
ey m?bas, and deposit.. t ma cor-, , j , hi jm.Jks
, - - k . ,
U halfT lowcst' Sradc- He would, how-
in , the contumely
k . I ill .llf.il li will w; " i
nAnn nnn atvii v l . m n ,tv inui iui iii i . - - .... - ' i
n ; " : n,nfil, itcd; and once, when ,
uaj. ; vuuuvU.v rMov. , f , q,oots. at. nn inn. ho!'
Jlike parrots. vThcy.learn things W T "K, " , :lvckt-s;eoa,. i ho Kll3
Mvn . i s i ii Aiirt-i i iinr fniiir vmiv i . ' i . -
' adthoratively bid by the owner, and
4 1
llivJUb ItUUiU wuu. iu .ur ivu yi,"w ' 1
. ' .. i i i :n o..,.. , tt, ili UMU iuiouu,:.iu.u.
TiAimii nni na it in miimii-i ivum hi, i . i i im'uv.vi ti
became more alarming. Finally the i -yy - - " ff S with his mean npparcl,' often oc-fiT;,"!
p trA r nA wnP(1!lntmost readiness. ary the question f , .m fftllM:lln 11Bia m:in ofi tluit thei
Ltlll liU IJILOVI 111? -v .n&.wv;. 1.., i - I v,.H 4 h i ViiK""" x4w - , -
j -. - i MTT in i Qir nun uinv in 111311 - liiu
111 1 11. 4. 4.kJ Ik, M.M 4 444 , mmv r 1 -
! South d
oil bre.tljing 'dowii the fugitive. clave
uiuipr the le.ul and drive of W.
rdl ! What will ' the whigs
-Lou. Da',
only to cypher, but to think.
Mr. Nahum Thomas of Plymouth,
Mass., Was : divorced from his j wife a
few days since, and married the same
day to Miss Abby Kempt6mH ,
most striking ! illustration ol
placed in a belt which I wore next to
' 1 .'!. : 'it
my skin, i . i ; - , : - : .. .
After she had done this she mo?
tioned lor . him! to, come and lift it,
which he did with apparently as much
satisfaction as his other half had ex
perienced. ' j. i .. -j , ; . ' .
He then opened the door' softly,
nnrl mntionftll the dog to go out.
Thrmirh T have .iio doubt but Lion i ever ' heard xf, waithat of a young
understood the pantomimes as well as ; lady who, having -gone out to Indi
anybody, he did not offer to. stir, but 'ana, and writing home to " her frienus
lay at my feet! as quietly as ever, concluded in the following words:
At last the old hag grew impatient, "You will see by mj; signature that
and shook a poker at' him. ... : JLion j 1 am married.
the sayihg 'f that, the pith of k lady's
tetter is tne postscript,
him, enjoying the man's amazement r
when he saw him saluted with awe, i'i CAr.5
a town whereat the vehicle stopped, I . f y
a whole municipal body, that was 11
1 -
en traveled inside the coach with
Mr. C
:iys that
out ol
j approve
iilo tell y
' Soutiilt Bights Hilmocuats.
The ift d:i al Ciuai, the central or
gan atj Miliedgeviile, Ga., says :
: "The Soutiicrii Bights Democrats
Threaten a - little, and are side by siido with . the Union
This is the way they will i Democrats. . Oa I the ; Compromiso
the! compromise make a j;md Finalih", wc hesitate not to say, ,
fijr another compromise,; that the Southern Bights Democrats
may save the Union again.; of Georgia will meet their Union
Democratic brethren oa the ground
they have assumed in their inciting
here lalst Friday. Southern lights
Democrats will agree that the Com
porinise shall hk fconsidered a mal
settlement of the questions embraced
in it. ; They seek not to disturb it."
ibell, in his recent letter,
throwing the compromise
Srsr-ENSioN of the Ann A Rr.on
BixK.'Tho Government Stoclt Lank
at Ann Arbpr, Michigan, h;is recent
ly sustained1 a' heavy run upou .it for
siJccie, and oa Tuesday last gave out
arid refused to redeem. This Biuk
hrjs large circulation,s"tated at$3G0,
000, and is owned in Wall street, New
Yirkr where! the bills arc issued, and
rabst of theru circulated,
the. whole whig party
he policy of Mr. Fillmore's
atioii. He does not;st6p
hat jthat policy is or; was.
.line he was alluding to the
execution of the fifty-two Americans
.ivana. through the rgency of
administjration, .as the record
does not Show .anything else they
have dono, if we except the spending
of more nonoy than has ever been
spent in the j same length of time
since the establishment of the gov
ernment, in time of peace. " A cata
logue of the Fillmore administration
thus fur, will cut a : big figure in 'the
history of the .Republic.1 Whiggery
has rotted out and been used as ma
nure to nourish free soilism. :
Edward Coopcr, Esq., cf Shclby
vilie, Tenn spent a few days hi our
town last week, en route, for the Bal
timore! .Whig National Convention.
Mr. Cooper is a young man of bril
liant, talents devotedly attached to
the ivhig party; yet he is liberal, no-
Dleyma generoui ' hi ail his Views.
f 11 is a delegate to the Baltimore
Whig Convention, one thin.gj we do
notj like.- "We .tnulersumd that he is,
fur Seyt, witlioiit l-bdgcs,- without
protestations, &c- Is there ahy thing
that the whig f arty will not do fur
the spoils of office? Bolivar Pcni:
-. i
'f e.
5 '
1 i
- i -
I i
f ,f

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