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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, June 10, 1852, Image 1

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M : : :'" .'I;. : , 'li " ' -1: i -! !- ' ''.!. 1 v i : ' . , ; -. ! 1 - , ! ! 1 ; ; I
; j 'j f CF -'" '
! - i-: ii .. '; M !; te . : -.-j -i ''i-r -
BEU3T & WALLACE, ' j J ull llie cads tliou uiiu'sC ut be thy Ouutry's, thy ticds, aud Tmth.y j l'VCLISMCKS & KOIKIETOIl..
! 1
1 I
wo ta:i;irs tor one Veai it prl
anj Tifiy Cc:it, without dehi:
"tprtbe pxjiraiion of Th'ee MoijiIjh
Cf M itiU'i "or A Jerti5emcr;Js,
or Sii!)ecri;--iion, conii!eri'J
. wii:n'w? lnve Running Accoiiii's
SCr,. 'I'a?r wni be seni out ol
' O'MiV.y, unless (luiJ forin advance
iv per Snu:ti(
re of Twelve IA
or jLc-, for the Firstj Itisertiuu; I
ICT Persons a!T:rtisiug by ilie Yer,
Co! ill
iiiu, 'i'iv'::y Doli;irs ft;rone
id al
'i'riS ?oI !::; iur oiie-q ruler. kV ltii
ati.A fro:i thtse Tirmt under any rircum
tl.lllC 8.
. i-r i
tCT I privilege of Yca'lj AJveriiicerB is
tr:ct!'j litni'cl to their o:?;i i'ninediat$ ft
lit.x'ar Bu!ii7ttti. tnd ilir business ot
ydv-ri.iijiiig Finn is cot consntlreJ as
at ft its iti t! i v i J u a 1 ininbeiiiJ
c Pedlar and his Do
(Concluded.) ' ' ;
I now; thought it time to. wake up,
vhich I did with a preparatory yawu
or two. j The same apathy came
back and sat upon the features of my
entertainers. I made tliera under
stand that I wished to retire; There
wore but, two apartments in the cab,
in, and both left: the one I was in; to
cS'make some arrangements for my ac
commodation in the other, j They
came out at 'length, and ITwas told
that my bed; was ready, j They
watched my movements with Consid
erable interest when I arose to retire.
I started first! without my, pack on
',, l:irK;
1.1 !
be oii'ili.'ii.;
rn til
; J uuttl urdticd out!
liitcileil a!
Ue l'aitisht) s.
pair were
The laces of the worthy
lighted up; I returned aiid
took it and the" fell in a moment.
. j TJiis was not all I passed in first,
and the woman attempted to shut
.c.r c.i!j.jaips.T!:rce opi- the door ou Lion, but the litter nut
i fl 1 t F l-..-i '
paii ti .1 jcunce in ii-cry c
Iti'.-rllSlli IVlt III I kill ; ; Willi
J :fi flu i'A
nag in me epcnttion.
;I thought
h. rliset.iini can is iastrlii a-ra iJlko to S
a!e I forth his strnri"-Mi. snnmrr aftor mr
khe'. ...... r IO, ,L :
i in an lusiunr, almost upseumg tne
i;u payment
;iy by
w;ly of anology.
n with
mine hodt, in a v
j i tn;-:e:iiei. of a IVm m'hI
. - . ; :
i-iJ-Ji t.'iJrv' J Uonliie I'shce,
il'iiiitv no'.t.iii uti'Xoi- the roo
i e ir. - j
all KutJt, tXtutly
. ii-iiiis .lijjiiiy u.iKt; in i i-iHies.-te. -..
tcyxi I'ni-sr wi!i brf'diseoJiiiiif J iiutii
ill : i . .
djfftarAi-s 'ar: iaiJ up except at ih$ anSVycreUJ
j "Ale
'Mrt'if In
good de
"I pre
he varmint out taint li
12 i
'ire iijoiry
niJr-j ilitTtt. ii
f'x. Mi--rt 1
tliO Utui ll
10 sui;j'jir.cJ5
Thjin-kl. We
quite right he
tilcrt; i
have, i
.fcarqqiy s.on a ujui j Ittauu'lul tkctcli:
'J'luiV 'tvl! ma Iur;-ver ol' worlJs of 'blooin; .
lisyoijj liiubkit-s, uinl LjyoiiJ tlm luinb;
Ol" xiij! ivvcei ivjiost:, aud liipmrcs ibere,
1'li.n lii'o i:o; j.jjiitl ina world of care;
JjJl ll ij, l to lilo'CHl lilt! .rcCl2t M't'li), J ' '
, , . , . , . , -.
liiio i loviiaa laiV, or tit iuie urcnui.
l.jv.rs ct: lit uveii arc
thing til;
tallow c
he creature would
powerful frame. -. lie was i already
reeling with blood, and I hastened
p save what little of life was left in
him. The do was loth to quit his
hold, and wheii he did, ho left one
Victim to punish another; for before
$et his
Lai's arm,
The follow looked jrhastlv enouirh
use than it hart ever been before. 1
lilted im; self from the bed, and felt
around iiji the dark, until I had found
one of the, pumpkins I had seen.
Over this. I drew my! wig, and it hap
pened to be an excellent fit. Hav
ing dressWl it in this upcommon!! could prevent it, he had
manner, i crept back to my bed, and i teeth quite thi-ough the
i-iatcu, iii uii luj. puiuw, m uiu uauul wno snneKca liue a maniac.
spot whip my head had occupied
When it kvas adjusted lit was in'jux- ihen I released him
taposiliod 1 with the long crevice, ifnghlfully torn, but he got ho pity
inroufrn wmcn i now ook another rom mo. .nh'smprt vv no
r , , . u I T . - r 1 'tj '
looK. h Jipavensi the heiu s were load- j Satisfied with the arrangemehts, and
inga brace of pistols witi the infer-1 laid down m the corner and patched
nal slugs. : tjicm with! much calm philosophy.
1 c; u t say but what 1 telt a little j. )Vc remained with theili until
dry aVout . the, throat just then. I 'morning. , I cajmot say but I enjoyed
looked towards old Lion. I could ! dur triumph as much as Lion did. as
.... . j . , i .
just see his great eyes through the ; they were certainly old offenders, as
darkness. ..lie was still on the alert. ! it was afterwards mmW'in cwtrt.
7 I ' i - x
2i'k was
.Luqumr;; i
The Ktional Intelligencer has a!
correspondent wlio pro)ddes a series
of numbers on this I sufi
uen your compaaiuu
lady, you bhould do so al
a gentleman bowslo a
lways bow to
commands m
Before vou bow. to a
street, permit her to, dec
you miy do so or not, bv
look ofredognition
'Excuse my cloves"1 3s
essarv inpolosv, lor the aUi'Vcs should
not be !wilhd.rawn to shaite hands.
1 Y
pplitirnl JUnuing.
in the
i i
ae wnotner
at least, a
an unnec-
fortune would
he next morn
word to the
what had oc-
Pcrspijration.f rolled down my face in I ojf justice. As good
great drops, not that I felt absolutely j hjave it, a man passed
afraid-fur I flatter myself that Iji ig, by whom I sent,'
Has no; cowara out i uia not hKe ; nearest settlement cf
thejideji of taking human life. Incurred. .
was couiideut 1- could deiend myscli, j Before ten o clock.! the" offenders
here' sauLshe by j'et evcn that! confidence . was not j were in the hands of the law7 Thev
j ! .. : enough to make ,mo i feel altogether were conveyed to thi nearest jail,
where- they awaited thpir trial, which
bows to a
in your
iim in re-
turn.j !
A letter: must be answered, unless
you wish to intimate to the writer
that he or his subiect is beneath
ybur nolic.
t i :
p i uu ieiuim.il in
ly the gjutlemah wan.ts t( sleep in
the beasU" added
ay that expressed a
of christian anxiety for my
er to have him with' me," I
it quarter of
von t, eat tti
htre, will he?1
J" I answeret
t s not ins,
lad irovided ihe with: .4 dim
tndk'i and thd
O! I
; l
Jl.ii 1 ilo inn lot " fi-r i!mir liar
did was to; examine everything In
ty well lam
thrti rnmn ' If woe tin.
bered up! i Various kiiids of vegeta
bles occupied dillereijt
mong which were pui:
toes,- mejlous, I &c, to
quarter of venison, soue jei'kedj becfj
ukhv that .di .- w at...rs of lifu-irtt there; wcre takin from the wbod: hnc
tSii'i j 'iart.is sucli a fbumain bf b'iis
.bkjw;: ; j ' i '
'An i i ivuiiliJ not leave, ur iho rest above,
Tiitf laiiiifai' buajia wl trusting loVeJ. !
and skins of animals
concern, the frame be
rouud poles, in tho san
j-aiMii" an ) iiiaiuia ill my li.iuw, x , iwn 1'iuv.i; uuuuii i,u iiiuntiio iiiiii,-i
bent over the lied and commenced wards. They were sentenced to ten':
snoring ascain. at the! sam
watching the movement
and his amiable spouse!
plosion from my nose seemed to give g"
of th6 man ; einm jtances cons-idcreq
Every ex-: nj
first thiugi 1
rs, a-
lpkins, pota-
;cther wph
her! infinite satii
at each; other,
faction.' They looked
nodded, J and smiled si
grimly.: Ho I; took the gun, aud iu: you fan find anywhere,
I believe, if ti
but excess
A vi.-it mui
manner,! cVcn though no intimacy ;is
intended j i j '; 1 .
miiliiig Countenance! is pleasant,
ol Jaugntcr slibulu be a-
' voided, espbeially when ij js possible
fur any one to suprose himself deri-
1 Yw if
AVliisvicrincr in company; is always
Thek' wj:re sehtenced to teti I cflon-ivoj ahd often for the reason
time J'pars imprisonment which, ail eif-m,!- tM-.rw,. r; rimroiit' erfiok thht.
wai not too they are iHo subiects ofii
ey ever live to
h ilint. thnv ivlll I-?!- T !in:ilI1.lir
survive their, punishintnt. He', is 1 ff tic se
ill as strong ahd . heard! v a dog as!i.vr. .
his stocking feet approached the ere- jwjulH tempt mejo ,p,lrt with liim. I Warui?u. of
vice opposite ; my bed, followed by He is now looking quie
the : hag with the pistols and carving ; asj I write this. I have
knife,"' : Stopping he peeped into the j the propriety of ihaviiif
tlyinmyficei t;lliyJ
room, and brought his ferocious look- pi bliished with his "sketch but heL.,,u unrr
x i.:-..: -J 1 i till!-.. i . i'.......r.. -i. ... i V" cli U,CR
iiijA eve. Lj. uear nnon mv wiir. bitawes in.-s neau rraveiy, as niueu iio
I knew it would bo dangerous lojto
see any more, j j I raised my head out teh
of harm s way, and emitted now aud .lih
then a snore, fl directly heard him
fix the ; muzzle of tho gun against
No money
WitATiirrt AXD mi ! Cnors.
son! has been fine for the past
three -weeks; i
copious si!
Hon. James Buchanan
Ten vears asro. in the Senate of
tho .United' States, Mr.. Buchanan
said: "Foreign aud domestic fmatic?,
some from" the belief that they are
doing God's service, and others from
a desire to divide and destroy this
glorious llepublic, have conspired to
emancipate ;thc Southern slaves.
On this question, the people of the
South, bevchd the limits of their
' W i
own States, stand alone and unsup
ported by j any power on earth, ex
cept that of the .Northern Dcmocra
ey.'' The same is true yet, cf which
we have conllrmation strong as proof
oi holy writ.4-Mur. uScfcs.
The Whigs and the Compromise.
he Nashville Union', in an articlo
under the caption cf "A Review,"
deduces the fulluwing llacts from a
brief review of "the course I taken by
the whigs on'the Comp'omise, which
shows how much credit that party is
entitled to for their pas;agfand with
what fidelity they have
ed them:
; Murstv That upon the iutroduc-
tion ot the Compromise
to Congress, the then
1 j i if Y f 1 r i 1 i
tieni oi tne Lipueu states w;:s op-
since regard-
measures in
whig Presi-
posed to them so muea so as to eli
a rebuke for
Elites in thd South' and Gen. Scot!.
Southern whig aro very
much afraid cjf the coltish '&nvj it
is rather j strong for them. They
want some pledge, they try to coax
and iprsuadi Gen. Scott io give
them a pledge that he does hnd vill
more democrats
2 measures
cit from rv v.hig Senator
his conduct.
"Secondly. Ti
than whi's voted for the
of Compromise.and tuat tut for north
crn democniti the, fugitive slavo
adoption ot
lull lLiij nub i:ai u kj. i
tuo Wn:g ! caucus
continue to1 regard the Compromise
as a final settlement; but his, North
ern friemds are opposed to thi course,
and Scptt, jpoor fellow, he is not left
to his own free choice, but npst ;act
out the) wishes of the majority of I his
whig friends. The Northern wiigs
agree t ) lctjhim, Scott,' talk as mirch
as he pleases, in order tomake c:pi-
tal in
bwers have
hinted to him
his likeness
abrmia telU
mi Biuuo :iw .l liV. 'u 1T.
n ii r v -ii k i UU1-J ewieis vou wuia i o incur
(aentloman iromi JNorth Al- , l J l, J.
uu unio you, now; say i tucv. rwe
'J oats, corn
... . I .ii i i -i . .
say, "i uou iieare.aoouij it, mas- rr ,iv
very, worthless P' ppy I has hisji,
eiiess puolished nowJa-days.
1 1
Ut wa
Tiiere- ar
l lovc-lit bro-.v
;ure hei'iiiiil vui
!s lid rc; they nre seen ihe
'In a KisnJiV loi!', an
lit, :ueh
oil ua here li'
: Vet. will on it coracth
- I . - ;
1 wja'jl i:ini from i:is
Tih'iJh t-'vLll llleli,
;inJ g;nt!e smile;.
y! tii.it iiijijt mo ear,
ihe word of cheer; j
us ihcv have ubove, '
0;n tne eyes oi love.
mv time to "die,
ras a poor
made of
e state I they
clothing jipon it was ciarsej ejijough
for a hermit." But whaL struck me
as being a little singul-tr was that
the bed was turned towirds jthe par
tition separating the tw) rooms, and
right opposite the pillor was' a wide
crack, which had the ippeiii'ance of
heing leit open uy design.
! Kcw TiiLory on EaIlv iiisixc.
the fissure1 opposite the wig, and then iTpe, editor A the M tdi.-on Eiomoerat
with a feeling of indignation, and ardvaiices a new idea about jeariy ri
kiud cf creeping sensation, all over sing. He ;ays: j ' j
ine, I drew back, and awaited the re-1 uWe can lot but -admire the- energy
suit It w4s a moment of awful susj wliicli will overcome tho very natural
penso . td. line! ! ; Wlia. if' he should feeling of . assitqde which pervades
discover the cheat I and elevate tho I the -system! 'in this billious Country,
piece? Aj- thousand I such , thoughts : particularly of aj summer morning;
.riwhod f iil'niin-li mv mifid in nil in- ' lmf. ivo von' mnili ilnnlir Hwnriinf ir.
stant. The cold sweat ran down my 'ability of: the thing. . Early rise rk '
in n c;ii.A.,m I Ti;..,.!. 1fn... 1 f , 1. :-.. . . I ... .!.. I
iu a ouviiiu. xiiaiuv aieuien. our oi&ei vuiiuu ikis uiuiiiiL. us. aie j ...u . ...
j. i ' i i 1 I - , - ,. , , i , ,, r -iuwu, v. lieu
was not kept long in suspense. I mucli more liable to the diseases of!:;".. ,
of fruit exif
them, thcr
in one of 1:
km of II u:
"The e:
beautiful di
We are lit!
which it c
dumb anim
A terrible explosion followed the; the country, than! those who i
Tl I Is llit t'l'! : . 4 i 1 'a... .1 t . - M I
I ucgan to leei queer (anu that is leanui pause., i , x; storm oi slugs imbibe the mortliiig air unu Lneir ... f,;;f
not just the word to express what I poured into iny.:bed, perforating my ! stomachs are braced by . colieb and j oostul-itioii"
: j . : i
in a me; sine h,,. ,i:
Tin'J everv dream Jf-tl:at land of b
''Ami 1 fail wmild LLaii on ilie loved for
Nor will!: iine through itio valo of sliude
;Anl iT'iis mi.ie liil life's changes end,
Tog.iard the heart of one faiihful fiis. rJd,
Vhafer hs'ii trials cf tarili may be.
On iho t-eaeeful t'.uae or ih;i restless pea,
In a palace homo, or t!io ft ilderness,
There-is h.aveii for me in u world hk$ ihis.
"Cii Hi:RCT,-A minister of
Godl,- nol a tliousand miles
lilt? !
Frpqucnt and j j
fallen, and the
.'13 1K11V l.UHfll, anu tuo . , , , , i ., J
, i.i , pass, awnv, 7 but be mustn t wntq.
he weather jhas caused V.- i lU ,
us that crops look very
and in this county, whe.it
injl Irish" potatoes were
ever mora promising
the South, knowing
woids are but sounds aid soon
. "Thirdly. That the
the Compromise by tl
last December w;i3 a fraud "north
ern whigs," according toMr. Gentry,
'being absent er ' present with a
mentai reservation1."
, "Fourthly. That in t
cus which fixed t!ie tim
of holdwg the whig nat
lion, a resolution endor.-i hg the Com
promise was treated so br
twenty-one southern wh;
eleven, or more than one
in disgust and indignation
c wn!g cau-
; and place
nal coriven-
dJy, that of
gs, present,
naif, retired
took ' General i Taylor: without any
asjtatho viimot Proviso,
you should jicjt fair, and
and no
tl c ; i U rir L u i.?, ij take General Scott on !)C sain;
be atair crop el all kinds , ;:rp, .. J
opt peaches, and even ot j? ,
. ' .- l i it istti he
is not an entire dearth. i ,
ian F,cn. Oliver Dewey,
is lectureis on the 'Prob-
Kin Destiny,' remarks:
rcssion of tl e lace is a
stinction of liurrrnrsity. -le
aware ,cf thjo jinlluence
instantly Jexertsi If the
d, on
run wh
vent ion
Vse see it stated m th
rirjindcaler that' the IVio Soilers bt'
the Vestcrn Reserve, the "infected
district" in Ohio, are fivrralle to tho
nomination of Genl Scott to the
I'rcsidency. They wouldn't bo in
favor of anybody else.' I i ' j ' I
Will Tm:v Do It.
peatedly heard whigs
Wdi have re-
in sub-
line chque:ot ahoiitspa- stance, if not in so munvtronk t!,-,i
ilbyiJohnson, Seward & Co., I10 man shall- receivo their sut.nort
seem diitcrmined that' Scottr nA'dl
thcr nominated by tb-o Con
iiot, and wi
that. They
very ytpl to concilia to the
of 'anv rded
IT! i i . 1
oriiiern wing ol the w
the great majority' of whom
houti ;any
would like!
n nc wing or democrat,, who is
afraid or ashamed to avow himself
distinctly, over his own signature, iu.
fivorofthe Coniiiromisa niasur.'.s as
Southern!;, f.,1;.l sr-Hlrinnr. i.f t!n nihKi;,,,.
ut are afraid to risk the ebn-Uvi!icn has g;) Io; tli,.urbcd the
ul t lie i peaeo of the country, and endan
ranks, ! gcrcd its vital interests. We ask
re op-; thc nu-stion , will the whigs stick f
posed to the! Compromise; as a final t',;
whom man excr-i i- . . v-.i . i ... . ""1 ""v
cuijusuupiji, oi ic tia.eijrj qjuo?,; Actional ; Convention has inadifiU
10 thO pabt LlSiOl V I iidmitiMrivi iU-.t llwn- i.vi.i- .-
vttiiBivtV.iy unit ? u r V4 UC
cises iiis cruelty if t be horse or the! . . , '
, . . .., i . . . : as a i eh:
t blow from the ;
man, could turn ippou lm
ition or appeal cjoina any
ic power of thejiiliutc ex-
" . How ! cxtrnordinarv
LIV V-UlUlilUVIi lii-l J Hilii.lU 1- win
the .Northern: whisrs ko lor him?
If Gcju- Scott is not nominated bv
We sliu!'!
the breech ;of the gun heavily ou the j the; system by such harsh means, j j cjx!.)
floor. '-Npw fur the dog." ; ; j ; j antj in summer it is highly deleterious j '
During Ithcss .operations, Lien 'had to health." . ho'rn ii
i . i i 1 ir i - .. - i -ii ; i . B : ii.ius on ii
rrar.ll surf-ice
vTi ti . i - n . i . ..: i . .1 .. i.i i
mean, i had large i sums oi money wig anu scauenug me pumpKiu in toast, and the sua has
about mc, enougn to teimpt the cu-1 every direction.- , i . j dispersed the miasma which inv uia-1 it. ...,
. : .. ,.-.i:.: .J .i. L.i. hit '.." 1.,,' - .1 1 .! ,...r T t i.. . J i n. - L i. ..-.i l It I IlUI,,-ia
piunvuimv enieiutinees ai. any late, nc uu t irevu iqi u siuuci. uiy rise in iiiouir. ai in gnu ian win- :,-. ( t
.... A,:. , t..,.i i ' l..., iVL.....;.. .,i t. .i .;; n tJL.t. ... ..I 1 llKlu'1 01 I'1
us men aeuoa nau iuieauv eon- ucaiu iuu jss.u;iu ci v. an nc uiui'i'ou - ier it is: not iieceysiii v . iu in m'M.ue . 4t;...
ung.ii uorm wi.ungij ; villCed IllC. JiOW CaSy It .WOUid De
iJ iheihou"!;tS of, fi. hpm tn fihnnt. rnrt .tlirAnrrV, ihn
. ...t,:f . t i i. rruu :.i
l.lfrVII:!. Willi.. I r.ll-'Ilii. 1 III. .111:1 I'llL.! 1 J Ll I 1 1 1 V I.I 1 1 M I; 1 It : 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 J ji 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' I 1 1 1 I ! I. I , . , i I .1 . i .1
. V . . i -t J ii i i i ' ir r . -i -it i- i T '''. : tants on tlib eanh, no two .have- the
possession of me lully, and I Cou d placed nmseh by myi side , with his ; 4 lSalnc liniinfns a fat;c. What dire
not unve it irom mymuiu i would ore leet upon the ney,iwmie to Keep, yACACY F0R a DocIor. Grem.cr, confusion v ould ensue if a I counte
K.. A . -. i- . ... . I i-li. . K i- ' i I I v-inf- if, I ImilvI rnn I.i.'t!. It - . ' r . 1 -r ' 1 I 1:
nave .idsieueu me uooi; out lueiu imu-aim x Pui nu.uia .11,a-ithej Indian Agent in iew Mexico, f n!inccs v;cr J alike! If fathers did
mouth, lie Knew wen wnat i,mcant
!' i From the tone of
o r -
W:iiGr,i:iiy.-Upo:i ihe receipt of
iournals we !1'10 '"hlresa of tho bolting meni!)cr.i
erenco oi expression ii.(,-0 comjiace;f tl-,t hcy ;vill npt..jof the late whig caucus at V,
,U',7, y'T Slr 'iThcre wi lovid2':i:ly bo a
roil.ll ! iCIIll l V .KCllUlCUi r . 1
fori had kept him quiet so
At the moment of the, discharge he
. i "
mcint?j wrote home on the 31st of iMarcli,10tkhow their own children fy sight
W'lu,that; he knew of (an opening for an nor liusban.!3 their wives! lint now
was nothing Jto fasten it with, and I
was impressed with the idea that the
uaugei uouiu eouie iu inau uneeiion. uiu; uioiiieiiu oi iuoi uiseiiiiizu ue ptirr,r n" I) iVIClin A VadtnCV
If it should, Lion was there tj apJ gave a ov growl. I pointed to U had'liapnened, and' he told Irow. One
door. ! He; understood ! my meamr g ' of. tho on the San Juan river
well, His eyes Cashed tire, while he'u.,JO! ..i,r. c;M.."oi,,i ri TmUrm Ti.-m.
. ' i i
prize me or it. 1 laid oil my eoat,
and bustled about as though I was
uudrcssiug.;. I put my pistols under
my pillow 'and laid do.Wn, but jsuch
aii unaccountable and j terrible sense
waited. the nioment to; wreak his veh-;tor irom thc Kl0
aati," wao is re
ii" rears m pauiwuu jmii.o
j "i
Ids discourses, :. accepted au
tio:i ti occupy thc'pulpit of a
boring pastor on a given Sabb
was oa his way to nu u
.markable for .! of evil pressed upon me that I ;ould
not sleep. Lion, too,! appeared un
jeasy came and put his fore paws
iiei'rhi! upon the bed every levy minutes,! then!
in vita'
As h
i u.i ntment. with. the
document on the highway.
tssing shortly alter fodnJ thd
, all neatly written for
bv some accident he
pen pa
ilocunjentaud, of qourse,
o peruse.
Oa reading it, he
k i
said the she wolf.
- i. . i
gcance, on tlto assassins. lin o a tend hini l Ow:
. ; "I will c-pfcn the door a, little, ai d . strcWth of the Id scaw.
when the;cehture slicks his head odt, : wcaknesl- 0f the prescript
SilOOL 1UII1,;
The door
chAraeUr of ' our modern sermous
iars ofien been the subject of criti
:,u ft'Hsure, hut this is the
first iitauce we have ever known of
'ailier no'ang m the body ot
uneral, the doctor
friends of the de-
was opened, out -me riw1 . . f.f,r
i. ... , i ... i . i "r -
iiiaa c sticic his neaa ouc, ; 4,i.on vv the
" i . 1 k . ! .1 .1 1 IT- !l ' m T . f l 1 I 1 mi
itli. h went Daci; to : ins post! oy the door, Lnoa Knew, too in uc trior that, anu ccaJcd .tied r. shot aud . scalped
1 11 .1... :.. -i.l -i f.. .. . . .... iLTl:. Ll T7 1.1 1 1 .. r 1 " i
anu lam uowu m a ixinu oi iepnu naiiuaurs chance. Xiinuoiueueu t-yj ,js wjj-e's iajr waslcut oll-his house
anxiety. , : I not hearing Whing,' the door s burned ' containing all las irocrty,
At last, I feigned sleep, and shored gradually i opened. -Xiow was tl 3;anl!all Lis animals killed: ! This is
most musically, but I did not fail to I time, j W lift a terrific howl, Ltoujta amon tlic Indjiins reLitive
look through the crevice and see leaped over the jhead of the v.'omaii,! j0 ictors ; 'Uq canbyiis yet uu-
what my nost ana nosiess were uo-;anu seieu pie ruuian uy me inroar, 1 f-jjej
inor. Thcv'laid down 'upon the! bed! dragged him iii an- instant to tliei Tl .
whicirstood iu the room, and I were floor, where a great struggle took Ccors in Geohoia. The Savan
. . 1 i Trl J i i' T ; . . ll . 1 I i r ,
ba several cf tho pages thesej quiet enough un;u i oegan to snore; ! place, j. in anoiner moment me nag nan liopuhlican learns irom a gentie-
enclosed in brackets cyithen 1 heard mem . winder, tvnat was ivnmnig in ; my nervous rasp; man Who na3 neen imo tne interior
Tae artificial and artistic ! were my sensations when I saw them : her surprise was so great that she! of Georgia, as far as ' Griffin, that
maae little resistance ;anai i qn:cK-:ihe crops ot corn and cotton are very
ly bound her hand and foot, with afpromisius:. The seasons have been
i .t,:-t. Li.j u. .1 i c K...1L f .
Verde fva3 called
to ine
r to the
on of the
doctor, the patient died and was bu-
i . ! . 1 . 'I
I The whigs have deserted Pennsyl
vania, to-hold, tb-ir National Con
vention at Pajtiinore; thcyj havefol-
i 1 , 1 ll.U Jf.... t t-Uk 1.1 1 .-.Pi
..11 .1.1. . , C...X..1 f, . . ; lUttLU liiU -UlV-lill'. IU liii IK.U VI
10 eoiti'i pica, uui uui iiiousi liuiii i - . . -v; . ... . , .,
mong thc .ultiludcs of itp 'a ;T I1."!'. , "L u S
bled uui ver
Court Di irEnpEDyj a Mob; G ray-son-:
county, jVifgiiy1 has been the
ti pre
i- fC Cur lirt i mi
it,) whbu the matter of his discourse
needed.' to be accompanied wijth tears
to makb it .effective.: A pretty goou
mme!ntary,this,n me aevououai
rise softly, and tho man take a !gun
from behind the bed. I . saw bini,
assisted by the hag, draw out a charge
(if shot. which wa in tho gun, land
reload it with a handful of slu
turued over heav
have wakened
was arranged in :u
worn a wig for- sojeilal years on, ac
count' of losing i
I now determined
ind pretended to
plan of action
rioment. ; I had
hair by a fever.
make it of more
other use-c
cord which, she had prepared for an- terv favorable. ' The wheat harvest
. 1 7 T . . r .- i - ..- . -
his sharp teetl into the throat of the j Rains begin
wretch, and rendered; all his cCorts ; tlte
abortive, a
haps to drag my body ( is progressing rapidly. : Early wheat
.1 ." ; ! . ! f . i ! 1 1 1. - ' 1 .
isne irom rusr, anu me ircnerar im
.hat it will vield an itve
'ri ,.n -" . ..-i,n whn ir nr.r trryr r-no
away intb the woods.
The next thing to attend to
the man and
I ..... i -
Lion. 1 The strujrde
was ; prcssion js
on, but the .latter had is sufiering somewhat lroni rust.
to bo needed, though
though he was a man of 4 wan
v6 not
sufil'riDg for
lawyers noq
lhcre was
-1 1iriWl4rf-w7 f.i'lHAIl.l '
r "r1" !u 1U,U. inwy be thrust forward a' a con aha
g the millions At inl.tb.- j Ti)at is ;tbe villi: -I10,
reat strup--! tor, t'.,e I'ittsburg Conimereial Jour-
case Mr
a .plit in thdt r.inks,
Ir. IJrownlow s pndr'e
ti:i! n!ff. Si'ft- r.rinf
...... . .... i'.i.ii,
'Wa can. clee
aid of the Sout!i, and there' never
will be. harmony and repose, in tho
relations of the two wings of tho
whig party, until we show the:o dis
organizes, not only that we titu do
Without them, but that we mean tj
pirry our man in spite of theni.
" '"There has been always. a 'South-
cm Whig Party,' nkot we j could
boast only of A Whig, Party of tho
Northern States.' The remedy for
this state of things is, a 'Northern
Whig Party,' and thc defiaut atti
dude if the S Juthefa wing suggest
this it ; the!proper tirno for an iiq pli
catior oftlie remedy. , . ' .
'It is a high Joke, that these men
wh jlould, atjhe most, give us three
or four States, should insist on con
structing the platform on which tho
whole battle is to be fought. We arj
tired, of this thing, and indisposed to
lurcher compliances lor the
iod of Southern malcontents.
and his friends, are q)hte
ii i ii J-
scene of an cjutrage, such as; seldom
y countrjy, where lav; is
to undtr
occurs m c n
supposed to govern
Coruutt wab lynchejd
with the naves. He! institute!
suit fi.-mrst the parties, who after
ward held t meeting and p.issu res
olutions, 'ndtifying thc cort and
platform to do busines3 uhon. An
exchang ; papr says, that they 'will
next Want to take our candidates. '
A man named1 :.V. r'
f,krfUnn,.;nol, tltc rsiaeucy and n o iv nigs,
ho case,
upon nam oi a coat pi tar and leath
at the
srmed men marched around the court
house, fired, thefr guns by platoons,'
The .oH hkver, convened jc.or.a vc
he appoi itfl timid, when a-band cf j 1 6al,lenp
"Wre repeat : that it is our deliber
ate, sober conviction, that if Gen.
Seott he run blind :as the schemers
in. Washington now intend to have
!him run4-Vrermont will be! the only
electoral vote i he will Lave for the
io l)lood shed.
1 T
ye held
passedresolutions, ' sustaining the
moyfments of theeitizttusof vraysou.
The rav4
at Rio J;i
heart rcndii
cases are rdported. daily among the
crews nf for
Liin voxels. Ttvciitv-
been svvpt
ges of the velhiivv fever '
eiro are described as
igl On on iiverase CO
'Swedish crews have
Siiov?. The
m y -m l t , TTf
ihe lyiimmeaiv&t says:; e cor-
!1ir.llv rr.fbft kSo fi!!ritvlnr S-vnf imrntt;
, I Hi.rnr?rtj I A- Hon n..r 1 ... n-, uLi-.Mi , I : . w. .
uuu4uT w u ,.vr.ite tlieLNevv.ork National Dem
There ivill be no quarreling among
democrats, whea our stiindari
has beed named at Ualtimore.
Whenthi nominatioris are 'made, all
diversity of ' sentiment as jtowhois
will end. He. will
be the ndminee of that body, and
nobody else.. He wiUbe more "than
toat; hd jvill be the President of the
United (States for; four ydars from
the Fourth of March next
Tiij Wines o? Sotrrn Carolisv
There is ; some talk of thowhiga in
this State sending delegates to the
whig National Convention. It is
knowh 'precisely, how many it
take to represent them becomin
When thc last cenius was tal
thcv: had c'iust stonnod out.' P;
ing -through Cliarleston lately,
heard it confidently asserted that
ihrv numbered thirty-two, nil tdl 1.
----j --
Perhaps they have increased sinpe
Na-ih'ilk Union,
iv ol our day.
, i
. ...-

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