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j 'jWsfrrer Printing Office."
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TIIL'KSDAV, t JWK 10. , 1852.
Deniccratic Convention--the llmll
The Democratic Convention assem
bled in Baltimore on the 1st inst,
nad' was organized by selecting John
y. iDavis, of Indiana, President, and
s.ppbinling a number of its members
Vice Presidents and Secretaries. jj nation will arouse an enthusiasm un-
The .Convention,-in accordance with !kncwn .sin,c9 thejdnys of '44. We
.I c ; i , , , rl repeat it: he can I be beat we feel it
the saia, and time-honored usage of. 1 n , i i - j t i i
the: party, adopted the two-thirds rule
by ;which to be governed in noinina-
tir.js a candidate for President and
jVice President of the U. S.. As our
space will not admit the publishing
-of the proceedings in detail this week,!
wo now make the announcement,1
i thit after a nu
mber of ballotmgs
New Hampshire, was nominated 'as
the democratic candidate for Presi
dent, and Wm. II. Knte, of Ala!, the
candidate for tbo Vice Presidency!
l,o! unwavering confidence we
hi'ivo ever possessed in the '-nationality
of the great democratic party,: iji
all time past, would not allow a sus -
piciou that any others than reliably
national democratic candidates would
be selected, in this instance, as
heretofore,1 we thank God. our rcli
Ance haa not been missplaced
hence tlie propriety .and readiness to
zealously accept tbo Do'mination the
Convention has made. , We glory in
proclaiming that we are partisans
enough to waive personal preferences,
if we had any, and adopt the choice
of the Dcjmocratic Convention. And
in the language of Eastman of j the
NashVille American, we say these
candidates "can't; be beat we feel it
in our flesh and
bones."; Notwith-
etanding the selection of Gen. Pierce
and Mr. King may have been unex
pected to many of our party, it will
not be the less acceptable. It fore
shadows a complete union ofj the
democratic party North, outb, East,
and West, - which is mo re than e-
nough . to triumphantly elect j our
I etaudard-bearers thus securing for
lour years to come the harmonious
and prosperous action of the govern
I v I . I
meut. 1
As there may be some good whigs
rho feel liko .asking' the question,
who is James K. JJoUJi' we'l copy
from the Nashville American .the Tol
: lowing brief statement as to who
Gen, Franklin 0. Pierce is:
j "With all tho United States to
choose from, there is no one we would
telect before him, either for a strong
candidate or a safe President.! We
have known Gen. Piercej personally
and well irom our earliest manhood.
He is jthe son of old Gov. Pierce, who
; fought by the side of Stark at liunk
; ei- Hill and through tho Revolution;
'.. the brother of CoL Pierce, of the ar
: tillery, who fought so bravely in Flor
ija; and the brother-in-law ofj Gen.
John McNeil, who so greatly dis
tinguished himself on the northern
l rentier
the last war with
Fbaxk" Pierce, as he is familiarly
kiiowu t throughout the country, en
tered public life as representative in
1 he Legislature of New Hampshire,
at a very early age as soon as eli
gible, we believe and was immedi
ately made Speaker of the House.
Again, as soon as eligible, ; he was
ejected, a Representative in Con
gress; from which post he was again,
at the first opportunity after attain
ing the requisite age, transferred to
tho United States Senate. He was
reelected to tho Senate, and resigned
beforo tho, expiration of his second
term. . . ;!'!'
fe;nce his resignation, ho has re
peatedly been urged to accept politi
cal offices, but has invariably de
clined. It is within our knowledo-ft
that he was one of the first men to
hom Mr. Polk who had served
vith him in Congress and knew him
vfell- offered a seat in his cabinet.
This offer was repeated a second
time, when the oQice of Attorney
General of the U.' S. was pressed up
on him, and again declined. On the
breaking out of the Mexican war,
however, he informed Mr. . lolk that
- . ' t .
ho was ready to accept any position
in the army which he chose to offer
lam. He was appoiuted first a Co
lonel, und subsequently a Brigadier
(Jeneral, and was engaged in most of
the battles of the valley ol Mexico.
'. is a n.pid ouiiof!thepub-
Uic life of our candidate, file has
jparunpHfed, since ms retirement
from r ubiio life, in the political b ittles
of his native State whenever called
upon to volunteer. Having, while in
Congress, distinguished himself by
resisting the spirit of abolitionism,
he has fought it at homc when ad
vocated by the free-soil whigs and
the Hale democrats; and it is to his
exertions mainly that the complete
overthrow of both those factions has
been achieved in New Hampshire, j
No man enjoys a more deep-seated
'popularity than he does.
His nomi-
I iu our flesh and bone:
he cant be
Pretty Talk.
The definite position taken by ma
ny whigs in the South, on the Com-
he all-absorbing political
topic oft
he day taken in a litpral
sense, Without any reference to' the
j past histo
of that party, would lead
the country to conclude that they
cannot be diverted from; it: and-that
tiothimr short of an actual avowal of
I 1 ' o
the finality- of the Compromise meas-
tires, by the candidate of their party,
over his jown ! signature, can satisfy
their minds of his fitness for the
ceEidency. Wo have a right to
ipfesume, that fhe slightest
cation will not do but that they
imusthave a positive and direct "thus
saith the Lord." They vlll pot per
mit the Convention to j select a man
who can give no better guarantee of
his soundness upon the Compromise,
than that he expresses himself in
favor of their finality, in his street
talks, and at the same time refuses to
put it on paper. We( have a right,
we say. to conclude that a candidate
thus started
would fail to receive the
vote of
the whijrs in 'the South.
Whether they; will sustain this con-
i " ' i r
elusion, time I jalone will' tell. We
trust the' will; for, notwithstanding
we have ver been opposed to the
Compromise as a whole, believing it
did not securo'all our rights, yet, for
the sake of peace in - the future, we
say, let it be final let adiscussion
of it now cease, and all Opposition to
it be dropped. j j i . p .
The" position which should be oc
cupied by the; aspirant to the Presi
dency, is so well and beautifully set
forth by Mr. Gentry', one of the whig
members of Congress from Tennessee,
in a speech iu that body recently, that
we cannot deny ourselves the pleas
ure of laying it before our readers.
with the hope; that it will serve our
whig friends las a political chart in
making up their minds preparatory
to voting in the coming Presidential
election. Read it, and remember it.
Lay it by lor the day of electron: L
It is not enough that a Presiden
tial candidate may be believed to haye
been lavorable to the enactment of
those measures, and himself individ
ually in favor of maintaining' them.
A far greater Iquestion is, by what in
fluences is he surrounded? What
counsel?, what influences will control
the political organization upon which
he relies for his election? ! Andjyhat
influences will decido the policy o
his administration in the event ot his
success? The public interests demand
the peace ! of the j country the
safety of the Upion require not only
that he shall be publicly and une
quivocally pledged "to regard the
Compromise measures - as a final set'
tlement of the dangerous questions
they crabraced'jbut that the politij
cal organization upon which he relies
fot election shall be of such a char
acter as to wield alT the influences of
a Presidential canvass directly in fa
vor of reconciling the minds of tire
people, North and South, to the ac
ceptance of those measures as a final
adjustment oi the sectional contro
versies which made their , enactment
a . public necessity, i These are the
conditions upon which alone my hum
ble support; will bo accorded to any
Presidential aspirant at the next elec
tion, i . -v,
Disteict Coxventioks. The Dem
ocratic Congressional District Con-
vention to ! uominate a Democratic
Elector, for this district j is toj meet
in Shelby ville torday; and that of the
Vhigs on! the 22d.? in the same
place. ; J ;; .:
Thcre: are more Free Masons in
S;:n Francisco than any city in the
world, according to population
Dcciotralic Meeting.
Pursuant to Mtvious notice, a por
tion of! tile . Democracy of Lincoln
county, mbt at the courb-hemse on
Afondnv. 7th irist. forth nurnose of
appointing delegates to the Demo
cratic! District Convention, to be held
at Shelby ville, on tho 10 th iust
Col. ). S. IIoebs was called to the
Chair, and tbe editors of the Fayctlc
vitle Observer and i Lincoln Journal
were appoin ;ed Secretaries. j
i i . &
On motion ofGenJ II. Farqiiharson,
it was ordeied that delegates should
be' appointed from each civil district.1
On motidn of Maj. Wm. T. Uoss
a committee, composed of Gen. Iij
FarquJiarsdn, Col. D. Ill Smyth and
Esq. J. A. 'Sainfclair, was appointed
to prepare a list of delegates.- j
The committee made the following
report, which was ratified
Lynchburg:! J. A. Saintclair and Bl
II. Berry
Call's, Wm
Tolly 'and Davitf
I ! i i
Joel Reese.
Dempsy Sullivan and
Renegars,jD. F.
Y. T. Taylor.!
Robertson arid
: Tucker's, Ien. Howard and J. Rei
Gross's, G. V. Hebb
and Paiil
Buckeye, Y. B. Rhea, Esq. and
liu i lnomison
Fayetteville, R- Farquharson. and
W. T. Ross. I; - !
Millard's, 3. G. n.-irrison and S.
Flint. .1 : ! . ' !
lung's, J. Gillespie and II.
Blakemore. ! !
p -
Wesley Chapel, C; Smith and W
Dyer. ' M ' h
Common's, John Carey and Peter
G. McMullcn
T7.,lKnrf'c P TTrtHiPrf. nnil Wi K
Hcdereneth. i
Boon's Hill. Dr. Jno. Wdod iknd
Thos. B. Wilson.
: Trantham's. John Robertson and
B. M. G. Alsup
Jdillville, Wm. Murpliy and S.j D.
Kelly's Creek, J. Leat
and John A Hill. 1
Coldwater, Wm. R. Mart n, Esq.
and Capt. L. P Hodge.
Moore's, A. G. Downing, Esq. and
Col. A J. Childress.
Ranson's, A. S. Randolph, Esq.
and R. Drennon,' Esq.
Edmonson's, F. M; Ycntress,,E
and Wm. McGee. i
Quick's, Sam'l Hopkins, jr. and.
, . Duke's Creek, I. D. Bray and B.
Gregory, j ' if
Count's, Lewis Pitcock and W.'I.
Grills, Esq. i
Shelton's Creek, W. M. Newman,
Esq. and B. Christian. j
Resolved, That tho following' gen
tlemen, together with the President
and Secretaries of the meeting, be ap-
nmntPfl in nddition to the foregbiug
list,jdelqgates to said Convcntida
rpnrpsnnt the county at large, Uen
Wm. Moore, J. A. Motlow
r ' i i
V, UOJ. If. Ii.
Smyth, JJ McDaniel, Esq., A.
loss and Jumes Ri Chiicoat.
J. Car-:
' i
meeting then ailjdSrned sine die
f : ' " " : .
Hon. Thos. II. BInton in his let -
.1-1 ' .1 l
ter ofacceptance of the noininatioQ
as a candidate for Congress, in the 'pies, the only barrier between a fanat
St. Louis district, 'Mo., defines Ins ji cal majority and' the fighting point
Dosition on the Compromise, and sets
forth his views relative to blavcrVj! to
be, in substance, as follows : j J . .
1st. He; was and is opposed to
the Compromise. j ! '
I 2d. Hej does not fear f(?rthe
safety of the Union; and thinks it in
no danger of dissolution from the
agitation of the slave question. ! j -
j 3d. He hates slavery; ays he
says he got his hatred of slavery1 out
of the Virginia school, fifty years
ago, and1 out of Tucker's notes on
Blackstone. : 1 .
4th. He was and is ojpposed to
1 1 1 1 C fl.i-nw r;tw firn f A-
L -
. i :l ;cf. or,,t cove
he has and always wiU oppose its ex- gine performed three hunted evo
k . v ! lutionsina miQute!: She does, not
km. ' TTa ,i;.,iioC mncf mprfhpss-
Ulll. Ally XJUiVMivv
w th irW that i the institution of
fact that slaves now command a high
er price in the market than they ev
er h.ivft done which is to his mind
nroof nositive that the institution is
in no danger.
L J 7
Several lumps of gold - were dis
covered in a ravine in the village of
Mineral Fort, Wis , on Saturday, the
1st inst, worth from $2 to $4J vOn
the Monday following, half the; town
turned out to search for the "hidden
treasure," and in a short time
a "lead," containing gold, silver, and
diamonds, and before nqon J $200
worth o'f I these precious
taken from the earth,
CoxTESTipx. There
than, , one . thousand
were not less
jclttimonts for seats in the Democrat,
Pc Convention:: Virginia sent up ,os
as one.' hundred and twenty
delegates, Mississippi forty-six, and
other States equally as large num
bers. ; The " Convention, however, vo
ted by States, each was allowed the
number of vote.? which it is entitled
to in . the next electoral college, with
out regari to the numbec-of dele
gates in attendance. j r
We will publish the platform laid
down' by tho Convention as soon af
ter its reception, as convenient
CJ the Whig National Conven
tion j will meet iu Baltimore, next
Wednesday, to select a whig victim
to be Pi
reed by tho democracy in
November ne
. j, Whig) Tarty North.
Is it probable thai the Whig,Na
ional Convention, -composed as it
)vili be of a majority of Northern
whigs, w ill select an avowed Compro
mise j candidate for the Presidency,
L i .. 1. I' . . .. . . -
j jwhen it is remembered that but three
idJol" that wing of the party could be
induceq to vote for the Fugitive Slave
Law mie very feature kV these meas'
ures th ?y desire and intend to repeal?
If they do not select such a candi-
date, wpp wijl Southern whigs vote
'for? They have said that they must
have a Compromise mjanf-ono they
.know to be such. Wd shall see.'
Singular Death. a man of the
name of Burns, says the Baltimore
Clipper, died a few d;
unison bpinr nnrrmiu
ivs since irom
communicated to Jiis
''system bv a diseased
t o r
horse. It ap-
j pears that the decease
Ll had a horse
afflicted with thejglHliders, and du-
riri": the administratiob
of medicine
thrust h;s hahd in the a
imal's mouth.
One of the fingers of
the hand had
been previously cut
and the flesh
laid open, and the poisonous virus en
tering this, wound, ijiortification soon
ensued. A' 'physician was called in
to amputate jthe limb, but perceiving
that the poisbn haA penetrated to
every portion ot the uniortunate
man s system, the professor declined
! performing the operation, stating
that no earthly skill could save his
life. After lingering in great agony,
death finally closedj the scene. The
corpse presented a blackened, hideous
appearance, and afforded a dreadful
warning to
tamper with
those who heedlessly
diseased animals.
The Veto. We do not remember
to have seeii the whig doctrine, that
the President should not Veto an
act of Congress save upon constitu
tional grounds, formally abandoned.
We presume it is yet an- article of
the whig creed. ; See, then, the dan
iger of putting the whig party in pow
!er in this: 'We'll fight,' say Southen
v ell light, say ooutnern
whigs, 'if the fugitive shve law is
repealed.' But an act repealing the
"n wou f10 e unconstitutional,
i and your President could not veto
such an act without violating "whig
it0 - g,vn -lt
r a
'He would becompelled
bo by . putting a whig
, President in power, on whig princi
, . . ... .
, I
they willing, to run the risk of a
practical application of their own
principles? :
The . following story, which we
copy from one pf our exchanges, is
decidedly a! "good 'un.'' j
J European papers state that a girl
is now bein exhibited in Paris, and
great attention, who
possesses t
be power of turning round
on one leg for the space of time
which, were we not assured of the
fact by an ej'e witness, who has just
arrived in JNesvjiork from Havre, we
should hesita
i i a t 1? -l 1
e to Deueve possioie.
On one occasion, Mademoiselle An
appear at all biddy after the opera
t. 1ir 111 il .
ition, and lia remarkably pretty and
finely formed person. Her feet are
lar developenient. (
I Perhaps the most striking part of
the exhibition is iwhera M lie Ange
line fits a circular saw to her Waist,
id order that the visitors may test the
fdrce with which she spins, by apply
ing pieces pf wood to the saw.
A bridge for tbje Panama Railroad
Company find designed to span the
river, uhagres, has Deen completed
Danen, peorgta, and will be shjp
d'to Chngres without delay. It! is
bhilt in four sections, the whole 420
et long, and is to be supported by
abutments on each side, and a single
pier iq the ; oentje. of tho nver.,
Items of News.
b? Interest ix England. In
1822 thMnterest on the public debt
of. England was i five per cent. In
the: course ot that year! the reduc-.tjtfh
tion wai made to;4 per. cent. In.tkke into consideration the necessity
Ibz4, the . interest was
reauceu 10
Z per cent. In 1830 it was fur
ther reduced to 3 per i cent. The
present ministry! have it in contem
plation to reduce it to2 per cent.
The ratj'a the Bank of England is
now 2 per cent. j ' 1
Europe contains 3,807,195 square
miles; : the United States contains
3,221,595 squsie miles;; so that the
area of 'the United States is nearly
equahto! all Europe. I '
A ' Simile. A i Roman Catholic
priest, some tim since, in Germany,
on entering the pulpit, took a widnnt
into it. He told his bearers tiiht
the shell was tasteless and valueless
that was Calvin's church. The
skin was nauseous, disagreeable, and
worthless that was the Lutheran
church, j He then said he would jshow
tnem tne noiy
he cracked the
ien.-: !
ll li t 1 A 1 "i 1 f 1 I
Apostolic Church
nut and
buad it rot-
An Aem?" o? Lawyers. Accord
ing to Livingston's Law Ledger for
1852, our country rhas 25,000 law
yers, Mose annual incc-me is not far
from $36,000,000. I !
ll '!. ' i !
Meagher the Patriot Escaped.
Thomas Meagher, the "Irish Patriot,"
who had been transported to Van
Diemen's Land, by the British Gov
ernment, and made his1 escape, has
arrived safe in New York. ! This news
will cause -the hearts of thousands of
Irishmen in this country to beat
with joy. j
'- ! j
It is said Hon. A. O.jP. Nicholson,
of Columbia, Tenn., is to be the suc
cessor of Maj. Donelsoh in the edit
orialhair of the Washington Unijon.
A lman named Livingston, wlekl
before last recovered a verdict agaiiist
the Nashville Gas Company, j for
glotjlO,1 The company left an iron
lamp post lying across the pavement
Livingston fell over it and broke
his leg, and sued them for damages.
. The Maine liquor law has pasked
both houses of the Massachusetts
Legislature, and has been j signed by
the Governor. : It is to go into effect
in thirty daj'S". .j ; ! , y
A number of the citikens of Nash
ville are about to buy and lay out an
extensive burying ground somewhere
in the vicinity of that city1, which it
is intended j shall be ,an ornament
equal, in time, to Piere LaGhaise,
Greenwood, Laurel Hill, or any other
of the most celebrated burial places
in the w orld. j
' 'Che Growing Crop. Letters from
New Orleans state that the cotton
blooms have already been seen in
that vicinity, and that accounts 'from
the Red River country speak ot the
cotton crop in tha region its haying
attained a most promising stand.
We have new3 from Mexico of the
5th May.; The city was the scene
of numerous altercations daily;!. and
in one week 1G murders were com-;
mitted. ; Robberies were of daily oc
currence. A conducta arrived at
Vera Cruz on the 7th inst., 'with
1,700,000 in specie. I ;,
The I St Louis Republican says
that large amounts of money, prin
cipally from the EaStj are in that
city! seeking investment.
The ! J St. Louis Republican: says
thai new counterfeit $20 dollar notes
of the Louisiana State Bank,' well
executed and liable tb deceive, are
in'qirculation in that jcity, j
I r ! I J
Usinq Cancelled Postage Stamps.
-j Within the last ten days the post
master' at Utica, N. Y, has detected
tbx2e bersons who have used post
stainps which have been used on let
ter$. aud made tio of them pay the
penalty of their fraud on the depart
ment, j The penalty is fifty dollars
for each offence. . !'
Our exchanges from every direc
tion state that the prospect for the
ensuing tobacco crop is gloomy for a
large quantity. Plants were exceed
ingly scarce, and in many places
those planted out do not promise so
well. Such is the case in our -coun-
tryl we learn. Russetville Ey.) Her-
he sugar house and refinery ofj
Drs. J. & H. Perkins, about two
miles from i Baton Rouge, La., was
completely destroyed by fire on the
10th mst. The establishment was
insured to the ; extent of $75,000; it
Cost about $120,000 and with the
building and machinery, sugar to the
amount Slo.000 ' was destroyed,
making the actual loss to Drs. Per-
. 4k n A AAA V I VI f " r f f
kins,G0,00Q. Tota
loss 135,000.
overnor Collier, of j Alabama, has j
his proclamation, in obedience!
to a resolution f the last tession ofilhe cilv cf Is'ew Yoik. to be con
the legislature, declaring that it is
expedient to call a general Conyen-
0f the people of that State, to
0i altenng and reforming the consti-
tution thereof.
The.Philadelphia Ledger says that
split gold dollar pieces are; rapidly
multiplying, and theaution cannot be
too often repeated to be onthelookout
for them. The piece, by some fine
and ingenious machinery, is. split in
two, about: one-half of the coin ab-
stracted and the plundered sides stuck
together again, the face of the piece in 1 4 SO. J It was a weekly paper and
not the least scarred or injured. A the price ( f advertising and sub
little care' will readily detect the scription' we give in the following ex-
traua. . ihe milling arouna the edge
will be found broken, and very gen
erally a pewter-Colored cement may
be observed protruding from it. The
coin, too, is thin in the middle.
cracked, some windows were broken,
arid the people fled from their houses
id terror, i : . j
I Among the articles sent over the
Erie Railroad, a few days ago, was'.i
piano for Salt Lake, Utah territory.
The distance i3 about 4,000 .miles;
the place; where it is destined to go,
a fewi years ago was inhabited onlyj
by Indians; and a wilderness peopled
with the red race and a few; trappers
only i has to be crossed before it is
A Washington letter in the Balti
more Patriot announces the death
! I ' ' '
violence, Tvas felt at Apalachicola, E '
Fla.. on the I0h of May. ! Timbers P
of John! Howard Payne, Esq., our; pi the hew territory. Tho
Consul at Tunis, and the author of:rcSion saJJ to, be capable of main-
UU1S, aUU lUC aUlIlOr OlT p t.vu v-ajiv; ui uwia-
atic works, and a num-ifaining a larSe population, and pro
literary productions, in- puWy ifc Ina3' iu a lew years ilrni a
several dramati
ber lof other
eluding the popular song of 'Home, '
Sweet Home.
At Cincinnati, a splendid .marble"
monument is to be erected by the
Order of Odd Fellows, to the mem-
Orybf transient members, of tho or -
erjat a cost of 82,000.' I I
The specie in the New lork City
5anks is, nearly twelve millions of
There is a marriage contempla
ed in New York city, cf a very in
eresting character. The gentle
man is 94 years of age and the la
dy, shall Vvc name it, is IS. The
liatnes caniiot now be riven.
Tho Methodist General Confer-
ence. North, has decid
the system, and against that ar
e of Methodist dici
plinc which
requires that "men
and 1 woinen
should sit-apart in all th
Is churches,"
by a tote of 89 to G2
Stolen Plates of -ihe Ba:k of
Kentucky!. We learn that the
genuine plates of the Lank ot Ken
tucky, of the denomination of Tens,
have recently been stolen, and a
largf batch of the notes printed
of course they will be put in cirtn
latio i. The theft was managed so
adro lly that no clue can be bb
taintd to its discovery, or to lead io
the detection of the perpetrator.
The plates were stolen from the en-
fer in Cincinnati. Lou. C our.
Si 0,000, without the wine! The
cost !of. the reception of "Gov. Kos
suth!" at Boston, was officially stated
in the Massachusetts Legislature on
Thursday, to be $10,000, exclusive
of the liquor dranlq A member sta
ted,, further, that this did not include
wines, of which, however, only-eleven
bottlesj at $2 45 per bottle, were
drank! ! 1 !!'
! I l '
i The Methodist General Conference,
now in session in Boston, has passed
a resolution declaring that an .nnu
al Conference is not competent-to
censure its members for joining se
cret societies. - j
It is said that of 30 ) families
introduced into Texas by General
Austin, only 19 heads of families
The Ne w York Independent, a re
ligious paper, has the names of 1700
clergymen on its subscription list.
Senator Berrienj of Georgia, has
resigned his place in the U. S. Senate,
and Robert M. Charlton is appointed
for the remainder of the session.
A Orcr.Ti Wedding. The way to
do it is quite amusingly illustrated;
in themarriajre of Mr. John Zulie, of,
c TJ,i:.,ni;a JrxAnr,-i ixi thi.
cars on the Madison and Indianapo
LULI. Ol lliUiauaiJUUi l U"iuu.i ; ... I
lis railroad, on Monday of last week.
er. tu;a M;iu..oV cnpl in sr.lpmn a
mnffpr. was that "all the money" he
" 7 "
had with him was a bank note not
current beyond Indianapolis, and .be
"didn't want to cheat the minister."
Valor to be Re'.vaeded. The
gold box left by: dtn. Jackson, to
lerred on bun -'who should be ad
judged the most heroic of the
American invaders in the late war
with Mexico, has not yet been dis
posed of; but the committee ol the
common council, charged with this
dtity, have fixed a period three
months distant, to determine who
is the most worthy to receive the
testimonh! of valor. The applica
tion ot c: ndidatts must be sent in
within that time. A. Y. Express.
The firfc press iu Virginia was iin-
ported by the city of Williamsburg;!,
tract from the first number:
"All persons may be supplied with,
thi paper at fifty dollars a year, and
have advertisements (of a moderate
length) inserted at ten dollars the
i first week and seven dollars Jof each
etilions are ,m circulation ia
Rhode Island, addressed to the Legis
lature, praying for ha restoration of
the punishment of death for murder.
A clcrkof oneiof the Bostonmar-
ktts recently seized thirty carcasses
I of Veal, totally unlit for any person
io e'af, and which had been sold to
a sauiage" maker lor thirty cents u
rp rnf - t t '
Afciuuxum. ine mnaoi-
tants of Caison's Valley have applied
to c ess fof the es?ablishmt of.
a territorial government over that '
region which lies1 between Utah and
California- They propose the namo
new fetate
The XalionaJ Intell
liicnccr gives
tabular statement of the number
i oeai anu uumo, uimu, insane,
;and K,lot,c Persons returned by tho
.jfcveiilncet,susf United btatcs.
rr,,e a-gregales are as follows: deal
jand dumb, 10,103; blind, 9,703; in-
l!Sane, 15.7C8: idiotic. 15.70G. I J lu
jced 0f sustaining the public institu-
tioiis established for these heirless
beings w ill be better than ever un
derstood after such a showing. '
Virginia .LECTiors. On Wed
nesday last, i n important election
took place throughout the State of
Virginia, io which for the fast time
in the old Dc minion, judges ol the
local and Su.te courts were to be
chosen. , !
The Boston Jojirnal says Daniel
Webster is thje only Whig who can
under existing circumstances, carry
Massachusetts. '
! j-iie nernng nsnery occupies
r ranees ubu boats, measuring to,
;crl4,o74 tons, and Lav
amounting to 7,750 meu
; , i !
Surloin steak is
selling at Boston
oii beef, i
! A division of
jWe need no tariff
he Sons of Tem
perance has just been formed at Cor
pus Chnsti.
The i Council
of Pittsburg has
subscribed $400''
!000, in ! bonds, to
the stock of the
Allegheny Valley
There1 are 4G places
worship in Louisville.
of religious
There are between . eighteen hun
dred and two thousand barrels of
malt liquor manufactured in this ciiy
annually," and nearly all consumed
here, besides tho importations!
This fact may startle one it sight,
but here it is, m itslhideoW reality. ;
Cm loin.
. The emigration w
est ward, especial-;
ly of German immigrants.
the Albu-
ny Argus states, is Very lunre. Tho
cars and boats from Mew York aro!
crowded with them, and in one week
three thousand had been conveyed
over the central railroad line.
The nett amount subject to draft
of the treasurer of the United States,
on the 2Cth of April, was $13,717,-
t ''
Strawberries were selling ! in tho !
! markets of Baltimore, on the 10th
ult., at one dollar per quart. ; '
A dispatch to the morning papers
last evening from M. instates that'
a woman carried a child to. a Cath-;
olio priest in that city, to be christ-:
ened. ""After the ceremony, two uol
l.irs were demanded of Jier. Jxir
unable or unwilling to pay this sum,
the child was taken, from her and
shfi thrust out of doors. Her cries
attracted tbo passers by, who inter-
ceded in her behalf bqt without ef-
feet. The priest reluseu to give up
the child) until she j would pay the
sum demanded. Boston Transcript
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