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?n voit p'ri 1 1 o Ohsnrvor
CV UUV y"1 W
Thursday. juxe io.
CJ"" We are authorized to announce Ira.
ECJ We are authorized to announce
campbcii poathitJfof the 2J district
it caaiiuale tor lax iiOiiecior oi lidcuiu
County, for 1853. .
- r- "
(7- Advertisements
must be handed into
iho Office by! Tuesday Morning, la insure
en appearance in thy following Paper.
Neatly Printed Blanks.
Constable, and Justice's blanks just print
ed, and for sale t oa Idesll c7tecp. j
Q7 Advertisements are inserted in the
order in which they are handed in.",
Lincoln Railroad- ;
We are aware that, with many, the
subiect of i the Railroad has become
somewhat, j tiresome ra
atnpr tnreau - j
bare and stale. With them, it seems
mi eternal tlin upon a matter of but
little cons equence, besides being an
annoyance. Nevertheless, we hope
such will exercise" patient e and for
bearance towards those of is who are
differently circumstanced. It is not
expecicd-4in fact, it neve has been
the case, that all would see dike upon
new and uAtried experiments, at the
first giauccL And this is precisely as
it should he. Were it-otherwise, we
like to' run intojylW have t(
would" bo 'more
error, j -Matters of
;reat importance
fchould be thoroughly investigated'
and properly understood, before being
gone into. In most instances, hasty
and prematura conclusions do not
Bucceed. except by accident. To the
extent of its magnitude, the contem
plated IRaijroad to; the Rock Spring,
will come under the rule of that strict
scrutiny intimated in the foregoing,
. as much as other great enterprises
of the da'. If it is really unneces
sary or unprofitable tu build -the-,
road, we al ought to know it. Our
countyhowever wealthy and pros-.
perous, should not expend her abun
dant mean's iu futile ; undertakings
wluch are jnot likely to benefit the
. present or 'future generations. This
would be unwise aud prodigal. But
on the other hand, the project best
calculated '.and most likely to con
duce to our ease, happiness, and pe
ct niary advantage, should not fail to
elicit our careful investigation, and
tlje: employment of all -our spare
means. We have not to expend a
surplus brlcalhjin an effort to prove
I lift t Lincoln county lis
- t - I w
lo to build such a road
as the one
en of.!
This would be unneces-
&,xy every Douy aumns u. Aut, u
. wH engage a master mind, possessed
oj" deep forecast, to determine what
project is piost desiraljle for the coun
j ti- to adopt. Of course, we refer to
Railroad broiects. It is admitted,
t hat we must have outlets to market
for our increasing surplus products;
.rind it is further admitted that Rail
roads andj Turnpikes o hand in hand
-one feeds and sustains the other.
Allowing this to be true, we have but
little IdifJicu ly to pro re that we need
.'la Rai'lroai. Ami as jwe regard our
selves somewhat of economists, we
are disposed to favor i he Rock Spring
project oVejr all others iiiceiy to en-
gage Jtho attention of j
our people : for
4t time to
come. Wc arc persuaded
that Ibis toad would
answer all the
that a roatC in any other
direction could, while it is decidedly
Ihe cheapest route that could be se
lected. If we would be able to com
pete successfully with ; our neighbor
ing counties if suit Ale outlets arc
indispensable if Railroad and Turn
interests are ul
entical, and the
Rock Spijing project the most prac-
e and economic:)!, why not Dunn
No one will jattpmpt to . answer
tms nueb ion vy aj uS u.
not able, j That Wou
d be too ndicu-
lous. But be may
r; ,T Ji aZ
il io nnnwdtoTV find ffftUld
' i i I
IllUVli UU UUUIUUIV.. .v " "'J 1
1 T j.'-.,. i , i ifrom"iic7W and one from Edgar
diDutant in this matter our knowl-1 i"1 -"v" ' r , t
, P I V r T?;u.Jconkin nga left-handed compliment
eue anu exj.'em--uv;u m j.vamv.iu
being so! limitccL Until recently,
we hive tiven the subject but little,
Itteiior investigation. We, how-
cverJhavL our opinion; and it is based
upon1 Hit best information, we can
While it is true, that vo&sl Church fn ibis plaie Sermon
mav ic unable to convince -aay Qne!
' tlw& to build the ad inpensa-
ile t0 toth'-on, convenience and fu-
sgg-jture prosperity, Ware fully satisfied
ourselves that a large majority of
the county would be materially ben
edtted with the advantages of Rail-
''road connection jftW the different
martS to'whlCh they may Wish tO Send
i ; ; n :
uh-h liuuuvio. uu uiu ,
s.nt5fipfl tkt. thfA is nnt. n reorient i
satisfied, tnat there is not a resident
... J :!'.'-.' ..!.
jcitizen in the county, who would riot
be incidentally benefitted by it. ; We
will not deny that the farmer would
be the greatest recipient of Railroad
advantages, from the fact of its cheap
ening and facilitating transportation,
besides enhancing the value of his
land's yet, the balance f us come
in for a spare of I , the gobd results.
If we have no produce toj transport,
and cannot be benefitted
n this way
L,; r cr ti,S f,Pf itc
- - - v 'l7- v "
the ntrmnr it bn d hff tin and
i-.H :
c.i'--: i '3...-: J:n cn
rily; render "material .aid" to even
the nonproducer.
Right here, per
mit! us to remark, that we are 1 in
hopes that we shall -not in future
hear - any more j opposition ' to the
Railroad from those who should he
its friends, because: they will not have
use for it to send pff produce, or-because
it wiil increase the price of the
meat and bread they eat. It is true,
pay a little more
but of this you
for 'these article's.
'should not complain, since it will in
crease the farmer's
ability to patron-
lse you in your.
ipursuits. . If he
grows rich, you won't starve; and it is
in this way thatj
thol nonproducer
will derive the incidental advantage
we have mentioned. No let
dismiss all selfishness, and advocate
that' best calculated to accomplish
the greatest good for! the greatest
number. Some of us may regard
tlie Railroad .s riot calculated to di
mly push forward our particular
calling or engagements and we are
of that number;- yet, if it will en
rich our citizens: generally or facili
tate! their peciury matters to a de
sired extent, w"e should . bid it God
spcel in both word and deed, as far
as wo may be able remembering, that
it is preferable, and decidedly ad van-
tageous, to ; have
bors. j;
As this is the
prosperous ncigh-
time for action, if
we intend doing anything in the mat
ter, ;wo hope our readers will take
an interest in having tlie columns of
the Observer, partially occupied with
Railroad information; which we ofier
as an apology for this
extended ar-
tide.' We are not
discussing or
suggesting the best; means for raising
the money necessary for the construc
tion of the road-j that is a question
belonging exclusively to the people.
The New Mercantile Trade
Tim Nashville1 Whiff notices the
arrangement recently entered into
by our merchants, and tries to ridi
cule the move by. an abortive attempt
at wit. He thinks they are taking
on "city airs," m contemplating the
Rail road we are to have. Well, no
people have a better right Fayette
ville has been, perhaps, "under the
weather," but it is now one of j the
towns "you reid i about." Large,
handsome and substantial buildings
are! going up in every direction,1 and
everything evinces prosperity of the
highest order. ' When iho Railroad
is completed, Nashville will be brougl
in the immediate vicinity of Fayette
ville then, our citizens whopmay
wish to Escape; for a brief season, the
"noise and confusion", of a large and
populoufe town, will jump on the cars,
whirl aWay to a village styled by cour-
tesV tU "City of Rocks," breathe
the cou itryairj rusticate awhile, and
then retfirn to Our crowded thorough
fares, td again!! engage in tne great
,.l u
iTo Correspondents--
We Have several: communications
T . . i
! i ,1 n-ink n ill nrnhahlv. nnnnar
next w
them' is one
- ;. jr.
to tneiau
Bible Society jKoticc o .
The Lincola County Bible Socio y
will held its Anniversary Meetmg
the -Sd Sabbath in June, at theMelh-
by Ikr. Mr. Sloan.
South-Western Monthly- . '
The interest we' feel lor, and the
. i . .
pleasure; etijoyed in the perusal of
the South jWesterh Bfcnthly, pub
lished in Nashville, prompts us to
make the following proposition to
the reading portion of the citizens oTi
Lincoln i and adjoining counties.---
While some may feel disposed to pa-
- -- - v .. ,- -
tronise a . publication merely because
il . t L'.:'l. : 1nA ti
01 ulO lUUt uia it la luuaicu m uuj
section, Or . that its editor is a person
al friend or acquaintance, we aver
that no such influence induces us to
recommend this work but a; consci
entious conviction that it possesses
superior ! literary merit. It is from
tblS Consideration, tnat We WOUia De
.. . i . , .. . iii
pleased to have it extensively circu
lated. n the absence of ; an accu
rate and i extensive history of Ten-
nsRiat-inessee. thO accounts oi ine uwucui
.L... ' 'iMuirtmat nr
"es aueuuiug wcwn; ociutm.v.
... . I . . . i ' A 1 ' Tk
t his Ktate. wiiicn appear iu tuu
Monthlyj make the, work decidedly
interesting as well ! as useful to all
Tenhesseeans.- By an arrangement
with the 'proprietors,1 we jare enabled
to furnish this magazine at $2 per
annum, to adVance-paying subscrihers
to the Fayelievilk Observer, By this,
we mean all those who have paid for
our paper can have this 3 monthly
at $2; and those hereafter subscribing
and paying in'advance for the Ob
server, can have it and the , South
western ! Monthly for 4. ! We will
take pleasure in showing specimens ;
to any one; calling at our otfice.
Railroad Tax- j l
On 1 last!; Monday,' the President
and Directors of the Winchester j
and Alabama Railroad petitioned the
fJountv !Court to subscribe, in the.
name oi
j-incoiu uouiu, -uiiiiiij
m 1 A-- r.whtfr
thousand dollars in thaiRailroad,
111 .
onHnnl.inr'r. Willi in flt of ASSCmblVJ
. i -' i '
in sucn .cases maae anu piuvmuu.
The' Court passed an order submit-
Uiig luu iiuwauy i .uuvVr.w
be voted on ai ah election, held for j
,he purpose, at various V'ZfSt
in the COUnt'', fin , the iourth batur-
Tf fi mmnntv !
V o I I . .
vote "for subscrip-
tion, then one-iuira oi tuo &uui i iu
be mid on ihe 1st day of May, 18-
no.!lnr.t nrJ ihp. 1st dav of MaV.iof no sales hi"iuri than 58c
""vwv'. " J "l
1854, and the remainder on the 1st
day bniay,lS55
. Our firmers will bo . pleased to
earnlthat Pork in the North is Uke-
y "to command a fine price in the
talL I Bv some of our exckingo' pa- J ,,,,,1
persj we notice that engagements which iheV wi
1 ,i , . j" t T 'short notice. Also,;
have already been made in Indiana !!iaivjjreadv for sale.
at.s,50 to 84,75' per 100 lbs. nett.y firing -ri
Thf nrnmisin? rrospect ol an a
. O J. , ,
bundant Corn crop in this county,
with' the anticipation of high "prices
for Pork, can riot fail to produce a
happy ; class of feelings upon the
Hog-growers of the great ! Hog and
Hominy State of Tennessee
Daguerreotypes j i
We have neglected to call atten
tion: to: the fact,1 that an opportunity
is niw offered to all desiring an acdu-
rate type of their pretty or ugly fta-
i L t.! n:LJ. Wr TTwrii flu'
u room ia Hiues new
From the bdst information we can
erj we ha'
b reason to
fear the
wheat crop wi
bo serious
y injured
We hear
he rustm
this countyj
of some crops' being literally ruined
DV It. I !'! M ! : !
Tn .his eountv. bn Sunday, 6ih inst., by
Re r. Mr. Harris, Mr. Wm. C. Solomou and
Mil s Harriet Harrison.
In Bedfordj county by Rer. M. Hills
man, Mr Edwin C. Zollwoffee. of Ms.f
andj MIssLvct G. B, MosELY.tof Bjdfordi
In Washington city; Hon. John A. Wil
coh a member of Congresi from Mississippi,
and Miss Mar E., daughter of Hon. A. J.
Dofielson- I P ; I.1 ' I
in this coumv, recently, Mrf. RICHARD
W 'rATT, aef about 84 yeari
J ' '
The MarketsLalest Dates.
ashyille, j Ten. Conor:. . . -The
trade; in cotton this wetjk bus been rather
inacifve. This results principally from the
limited stock and the snall quantity offered
for sule. The demand however has been
good, and all thai offered found ready sale.
The teales of th4 week amount to about
450 bales at 6. j j : ..
Hags - Tliere is considerable demand
for rags. Wh item an is paying 2c cash1
(or all thai he can get.
' Susar- The demand
'continues steady.
Sales at 4fo)6c by ihejhjid
and 5(jjl by
the barrel. 1 .
. Coffee There is a
Coffee. Sales'at 10l.c
faijr demand
Flour. We oubie Tennessee and Cin
cinnati 4fcD4i the finest St Loui3 brands'
are held at 6J
Molasses - 25 to 3pc. gallon.
Salt - Kanrel Salt at B2c, bushel;
Sack, fine 81 60 to 1 70; coarse il 50
CfmrllfR. . . .Thft .5iinnlv is amnlG. We
t t . ; A , .
quote Tallow: 9 to 10;Star 20c; Sperm 45c
Whisky ; Price of gdod rectified 13 to
6c & gallon.
iiacon- llnms oJifiOU
c; Shouldd
is 7
Cc; Sides 3191-; hog rbuiid 8ic.
Lard-- . -Scarce and m demand.
at 8 to 9c
Butter, 12c
Jf Cat hers, llWcCXUc.
, Beeswax, I8(SJ20c.
, Ginseng, 25D,3c.
Corn Meal,!4045c bushel.
Corn, i 754x2 bbl.
Oats 2530c & busln:
(itiber Peas, 7077c 2w bushel.
Lead, pig 5c, bar 6jc.
Irish Potatoes. iS2A bbl.
New York. NjVJ-H
Flour. 3000 un-
04. 1
Mss Pork 18-..-Lurd 9j
b. Flour unchanged;
Vhibky 16J;:Bncon siiles
9i; Shoulder? 1.
New Orleans, La.-F our good demand
for export,. $3 40OD3 JiMeFs Pork 17
17i;! Bacon sides
Coffee 9c.
ta, iiA.-f Cottoil. - Tmq market
is veiv qiiic-t. Prides aire
merely nominal,
am lo fctn..cl sae
a declino rniJist bo sub
milled to
Mi cox, Ga1. B.-icoh
Hams i ffl- fe
uk: riues LMclISA; bli bu
dersllfa)2. !
kjitain- Corn, sacks
ncluded, W bush-
el POL-; Oats, 5030; Iivd
U.;frd, aP- fc 10f2)12( .
Fdalhers, Prime &
Boc. '
rittpn . - There was
the sales at pri
c. The market
'"H'lT" v -
. Ct S
ran "in" from
cqntiaiues linn.
The Ijito' rains
nave! caused a lino trad
n the rivclr though
iefiy arrived pre
ity iii ogr produce
lht , 'r0(Juce boal,t had
vipujij. The usual actti
infT, as tne season
0fcratu.i trade draW
to; a close
Mclnm-v stfil brinJs
full freigh
tig in smail
arc no sales
transpiring in the latter nfiiclo
ItT itaiiroaci continue llarge, and m a very
short time our w artho
thoiisek must be! emptied
ol their surplus sturesj
Corn - - A good sunpuy on hand and pri
cos are slightly giving way under the bright
ening prospect lor a new
We hear
w i th E. Ten nP8s(.
Bacon - Finvi und
locking upwards,
holders asking 1 2t fuij a good article.-
A ready sale for Iris! potatoes I and ev
ery thing from the country. i
IIwe just received from Philadel
phia, a splendid assortment of Copper
which -they will make up to orqer on
livo' setts of ti!!s on
Call and see.
kinds well and prftmpt-
Fayettville, June 10
Tokli'e iail of Lincoln couhH
tv. Tennessee, on the' 25th
day ojT jMay, 1852, as a runa
way slave, n very light yellow
boy who suys his name is
LEVI. Said boy is about five
feet high, weighs about one
hundred pounds, and i3 sup
posed! tu bo abotii fourteen years of age.
Ho had on when committed a fight co'.ort'd
wootep coat, clark colored janes pants, cot
ton shirt, and smalt black wo'ol hat. lie
savs tiiat he belongs io Robert il. Watkins,
off Pulaski Giles county, Tennessee, and
Hps lured to,-James L. " atkins, of Hums,
vi le, AUibama, fromlwhorn he ran away.
Tht! owner is herr.by notified to come for
wird, prove proierty. pay charges, and
tajktj him away or heSvill be dealt with a3 the
law 'directs. I . i- ' ' i
j JAS. M. HANKS, Jailor. -I
June 10, ICoi! tf.
I Special Notice to the Afflicted.
MITCHELL'S Indian Rhcnmatic
Extract and Blood Purifier; a
ceituin Cure for either Inflammatory (Acute)
or Chronic Rheumatism, Neuralgia, and
GoctJ This valuable remedy stands without
a rival in the history of discoveries in this ot
any 'other country, n curing those painjul
and paralysing diseases in meir various lorms.
The vast number who have been cured by
ihd use of; this Extract and Blood Purilier,
during their discovery, demonstrates this fact.
Not only recent acute, chronic, or inflamma
tory casesi but old chronic cases ol ten.lwen-
ty.aad even forty years standing, when they
had not ond tried
evetv other internal and
external remedy of
but at greit expense
which they could hear,
had visited . the various
nlarea without ootaininji reliet
some who were reduced to a mere skeleton,
theii1 flesh without and limbs paralysed:
1iese have been permanently cured, are now
enjoying excelleut health, are able to follow
iheii1 fjrmer avocations with their usual agil
ity .from the use of jthese medicines. These
facts ate fully substantiated by published tes
timony that cannot .be gainsayed; but can be
vouched for by thovsandt. ;
Also, MITCHELL'S Indian Diar
rhflpa Cordial ard Coh Drops stand
unrivaled in curing pulmonary aiseases sny
affection of the Lungs, as Coughs, Colds,
fcc, and everything of the nature of Diar
rhea by the use of the Diarhcea- Cordial can
be speedily sloptied.l whether chronic or acute
long or short sianding. Tube had ol U. li.
McKEiIE,Fayeuvilie, lenn.
Th. ..."Via- nhior akn has an Infirmary in the
city of Nashville, oh the. corner of Vine and
accommodation of invalids wisffine to come
lUmnmhranA RirHia. IOI Hie ICWUIIUU uu.
. iu'odei his ioimediate and personal care.
i ; i - . '
I ;
Dyspepsia. Ulcers,1 Colds. Coughs, Canceis, j
Pifes. Sore E?es. Scrofula, Disafes ol
Skiu; Diarrhoea, Gravel, and Asthma. Fe- j
males suffcriiig from irrfgulatities, nervous-!
Dt,ss and debility can be ''permanently cured.
Diseases of a pecclia charactei I guarantee
to remove in a lew days, without ofiensiva cr
deleterious medicines. Invalids from any
section of the country, bj addressing a letter,
fnost naid) statinsr the symptoms of their dis-
kases, and enclosing a fee of at least from $3
to $5, as a compensation for trouble, &,c, can
have medicine and full direction forwarded
to them, in any way they may direct. !
Indian Botanic Doctor; Office, Market-street,
three doors from the Pu -lie .Square, sign of
the Indian, Nashville, Tehw. I
Liscols CocNTV,TEssMay 2. '52. i
To all afflicted with Bhtumatism, the most
painful and -annoying of d seases in the whole
catalogue of human suirej-ings. I would say,
apply"io Dr. Mitchell, or His Agents, for some
of his invaluable Indian Rheumatic Extract;
and I venture to assert you will not be hum
bulged but find ifiliel irom your sufferings.
There is a great aversion to Patent Medicines
by the public generally, as they have been so
often deceived; but this invalujible remedy is
worthy a trial, and has, s far, proved effect
ual whenever tried. I will give brief state
merit of my case, that thbse jwho have been
long afflicted" may not yet despond while Di.
Mitchell suivives. I I
Havir.g been afflicted wirh this worst of
maUJies for more than six yt-ars, Ieinj Con
fined tu my room a great portion of te time,
anii unable to lie by day or niht my joints
stiffened, iny muscles partially ossified, and so
mudi emaciated as to seem more liKe an in
habitant ol another world than this. IJavisir
tried every physician ol any note ol fwhom. I
could hear, all proved unsuccessful, j I had
emiroly despnired of recovery, expecting to
spend (not emov) the hie of the luvaiia, wueti
I chanced to see n accouat of tlU wonderful
cures cflec'ied by Dr. Mitchell's Indian Rheu
matic Exirscr, 1 resolved to give i a fjur trial,
as I had ail other Physician.s-..vv !io ttied my
casff, nolwithstatuling it was a iaten,t medi
cine, in which I could not exercise very
strong faith: When lo my great
durptise and
satisfaction, be lure usm" it more
II an the
short space of one' mouili, it has
been so fr
vstetri, that
arresieu in us ravages upon my
I can almost venture to assert though: of long
standing, that it
is entirely expelled from lis
stronghold, thot:
2h apparently sb wll forti
fied. Less than one mouth is a slh'ori lime to
route an enemy
which has been so
ely en-
gaged in erectin
:rr r..rll(;,-jliiili (nf nPHT MPVP11
years. 1 can say to ihe afflicted,
ry or Vour-
selves, if you vi
tsh to be in the vigor' and full
bloom of health! again.
Yours truly.
F. M. HcBLsr.
June 10. lS52-ly
Turnpike NoticeJ j
raillAT $5 0! on each share1 of stock sub
JL scribed in nioiiey by citizens jof Fay
etteville and tb 3se ' living vrithin 5 miles of
if avetteville, to the LiBco l portion of the
FayetteviHe &. I'ulaskif urinpike Road is re.
quired to e paid to Cen. Thomas A-Owen
or .Mai. Marion Childress on jot before the
12tbjSst. And a call is heieby made, on the
saiiiestock ol 3 CO on the! share to be pa'
on lite first of every month until otherwise or
dered. By order of the Boird.
! J. R. BRIGHT, Seen
June 3. 1852-2i.l
A'JL' t.'03'f. !
BEAUTIFUL Muslin di Laines, Embroi
dered, Printed and Sdlid Colors; Plaid,
Black, Alpacca. j Bouiba? ne, English and
French Merinos, at in ' i.
South Ent Corner of ike J'ullic Square.
April 22, lb52. j
Circuit Court! for Lincoln County,
MarcJj Term, 1852.
IraE. Douthiu audothersBilI fo saJ9 of
, . r, : Laud. !
John Martin and otners. '
N motion of complainants' icounsel,
nnil it annearin" tu the saiisfactioil ol !
the Clerk of said Cdurt that th defendants
John 3Iartin, i James Mariin, William S.
Maitin, Elislia Brown and wife Mary A..
Rachel . Baldwin, Francis Bush and wife
Elizabeth, Lewis Au-burn and Wife Rebec
ca, are noil-residents of the State of Ten nes
see. It is. therefore, ordered that publica
tion be made four successive weeks in the
Fuyettecilte . Observer, a newspaper pub
lished in'theViwji of Kayetteville, Tennessee,
couimanjiing said defendants to appear be
fore the next Circuit Court to be liolden at
the couri-hotis'! In the town t.f Fayeiteville,
oh the first Monday in July next, to answer ;
complainants bill; otherwise, the same wilt
be taken for confessed, and set down- lor
hearing ex partej as to them. I
May 27; 185-4 1 -j !
Circuit Court for Lincoln County,
,lflarcli Tcrin. ! lataaw
r - i l ll-ll I 1 . . I. - -.
uavia xiau dun olueiS, D1, or ga)e of
L .' C Slaves.
jelterson v usoin x outers, j
motion jof complain
ots counsel.
Jr and it appearing to the
;ansacuon oi
the Clerk thai tjie defendants. Jefferson W.I-
s.m anil wife Clarence. Mary. Sarah, and
Aaron McKiniify, Josephine Wilson, Miles
Nesbeil and wile Adiline, arid three minor
heirs of Caroline Edmi.sion whojse names
are noi known, iSamuel D. Pir son kild Rich
ard A.- Pinsoii ate non-res dents ' of the
State of Tennessee. It is, theielore, ordered
that publication be made tour weeks in suc
cession in the Farjetletille Ob erveir, a news
paper published in the town of FayeUeville.
Tennessee, commandinif said deffndanis to
appear before '-he next Circuit Cdurt to be
be holden at the court-house in jtli'e town ol
FayetteviHe, on the first Monday in July
next, to answer jCoroplainanis' biU;jotherwise,
the same will be taken for confesed, and set
down for heitirs ex parte as tnJiem.
June 3, 1852 It M
J.VjLB.!i&X !
WILL attend at the tunes and places;
herein designated, for the purpose of re
ceiying the State and Cocktt Taxes, due
fori theear ! 852, in Lincola County Ten
nejsee: !
,Vi. Districli. -3ih
Halbert's, " Mon'ay, May 31.
16th Millville,; Tuesday. June, 1, .
15 h Trantham's, Wednesday do 2,
14 h McKinney's, Thursday, j do 3,
11 h Wesley Chapel.Friday, ; do 4,
12 h Commons's,; Saturday, I do 5,
8th FayetteviHe, Monuay, i da, anu
' ' ! Julv b.
9 h Millard's,
. luesday, uo 8.
WedaesJay, do 9,
Thorsday, do 10.
Friday, do 11,
Saturday, do 12,
10 h King's. !
5 li Whitman's,
Q,i Gross's, j
7di Buckeye,
171th Kellev's creelt.Tuesday. do 15.
ia.h Smith's,! Wednesday, do to.
2Qih Ranson's.
do 17.
lOih Moore'sJ
do 18.
do 19.
do 21.
do 22,
do 23.
do 24.
do 25,
do 2i.
do 28.
do 9,
22J Q.uick'3,
list Lynchburg,
2d Call's. I
4th Renesar's,
$J Tucker' cresk.l hursday,
th Arnold's, iriday.
th Count's; Saturday,
j 23J
Mrs. Foster's, Monday,
st Edmondson's. Tuesday,
i J.T. MOTLOW, CofecloH
May, 20. 15j2.
ao Have recently received) t "''l
3c- ... T.' ......Mia Ir-.h Ironi i-nil
CUUdlC, I'jitiitMio..."
aJelphia and Iew I one, an uumuu-
ni kiinl) f o:
glnoine Rleoicinei, uiu5
Paints. Oils, Varnishes, Dye Siutls V, inuow
Glass, Putty, Peifumery; hoe Soaps, Teas.
Wines Brandies, Snuffa, Segars; .fine, com
mon and smoking Tobacco, Surgical 1nstru
ments, &c. Sic. which makes their tock un
surpassed if equaled by a a establishment
outside of a city. I I '
They have on hand, and are daily receiv
ing! an extensive collection of 'the best
Paleni medicines extaat. Their stock
of this, kind of Medicines embraces most f
the popular preparations ol the day. lUv
n obtained our DriSgs and Medicines i i
fact,! every thing we have in store trom the
most reliable Druggists East, we leel no hes
itancy in recommending ihem to the public,
physicians, and merchants generally, as pure
andlgenuine. Being resnlved fo continue a
permanent, reliable Drug business in Fay
etteviHe, our customers and the communny
generally, may rely upon out statement? with
most implicit' couudence all articles sha.'l
come ub to the representations given.
The ladies in particular, and the public
generally, are invited to our unequaled se
Teciion of Perfumery. It is varied and
decidedly tasty. Come ihe first opportunity
and Iview them. j . t
I Farmers, Merchants, and other business
niert. will be supplied with Castor Oil, Sweet
lit. Spirits Turpentine, Paregoric.Laudanum,
Essences, rateut Meaiciues, etc. kc. oy me
dozea if desired. . !
I The order of local physicians and all.
others promptly attend d to, and the. r pre
scriptions carefully compounded.
The liberal trade we have heretofore en
joyed, encourages the belief that with our
extensive and well selected supplies, we can
meet all demands iu our line, ia a Jf sired
increase of our business. "
I ! May 20'. 1S52.
LARGE and useful collection of ajl
the best Liniments, for sale cheap
cKLROY & CRAWFORD have just
received a Iresh supply of Extract
of Coffee,, which they offer low.
May 20, lfcr2.
Pt HE 'VViiite Ecad in any quan
tity desired may be had by applying to
Jlay 2'i. McELROY &. CRAW FORD.
Indigo and Madder.
ffflHE very
best article ol : Indi;
o and
iL I bladder constantly on hand.
TElETIAN Red. Spanish Brwn, Lamp
IT j black,1 KedLead, White do, Litharge,
Cropie Yellow and (reen, Paris Green,
Prussian B ue, &c. Stc. Just received and lor
sale, by i i ,
May 20: : ! ,
LINSEED, Sperm, Fish, Neatsfoot, Lard,
Castor, .Sweet, Olive, Cod Liver Oils,
&c. for sale tv i I
i Mcelroys crjiffOrd.
Mav 20: M
UR stock ot Chemicals embraces
former and receut preparations.j
attention is called to them and phf
in particular. i
May 20
A I NT, Sasii, Vvnueasb. Varnish
L Hair,
I Clothes. Shoe, Tooth, and Carudl
I:. ar 9 n -wr r r rr f- r f
May 20.
TlHRFbiMliKiE.S. Fancy Aiticles, Co-
SL I ognes, I Fancy Bottles, Beriamois,
Clovts; Lemon, Sassafras, Hemlock.l Rose,
Peppjermint. Cinnamon, Aniseed, and most
olhea fancy Clils; Perfume Boxes, eiirja fine.
Miv 20.; I 1
' TEA.
Fresh TEAS ol all kinds for sa'e at
the lowest market price.
Our; as
sorl men! is very superior. i
May 20.
TIQIINSOtS'S celebrated Chemical
poap always mi hand. I his is heiieved
to U
the best and the cheapist faoap ev-r
nteJ. Come and see. i
May 20.
Tullahonia Lots.
MP .,.',..., Uaa i.J1( .,ir Ll.k. .,f
TjJ of seavera, acres ,n each? fu, ,,ri.
.0.-,i ,. , nrPiarPd m
jihemal private sale to ihosr who desire to
l,.Jtro Bnnnir residences, in "the beautiful
and healthy town of Tullahoma. We
have in the Town Site, besides; the most
healthy atmosphere and pure freestone : wa
tery a most excellent Chalybeate Spring,
which is supposed to be mixed with while
sulphur. . ' !j
j , Wm. MOORE, Agent, Stc.
' May 20. IS52-tf. j J
WTiiriirit- !
"-m " i
TP. have on hand, and will eoniinuu to
keen, a lar" e lot of Leather ol all
k i ii 1 1 i il ill ir 1 1 1 a aiaiucas - ' -w.
New Goods!
millE undersigned
New Goodsi!
have just received a
ML large and1 varied Stock of desirable
an n fWt VHuVlZlft
hfiuc ht on best terms fromiirsl class houses,
in! the cities of Philadelphia and New Yoik.
toj which they invite the attention ot j pur
chasers. Having had much experience in
the business, and being well knowu to this
community, tiey deem it almost unnecessary
toj repeat the assurance, that at this bouse
can be found as good Goods, and on as liberal
leims.as can be had at any like establifh
ment in the S'ate. Suffice it to say that they
are determined, as heretotoie, to make it to
the interest of buyers to deal with them.
Sept. 23. J ! ' !
TTTILL continue to devote his exclusive
T v attention to the Piactice of Medicine
in its various branches. He bopeg by Close
attention to his Profession, to merit a
continuance of the i)airona?e of his friends.
rrr, ..i,n. .nv t r
Office. .1 , May 27. 1852-1
GILL fc RITSSF.I.T. havn lust re
i .u..:. i ..i .t,. ;..i.i. in.b
vcivcu men i.igc auu uciii.vic
O niuinctrnra naa.riit pnihrarinT Pl.lll
W the finest ! China varying ia price from
2j cents to 1(J oer sett which the
ev aie
anxious to sell.
Mj27, 1852. ,
K.Mp.iOAt. il Jh d.y ol Jclt, ic.
t aretfffvif: I ui nKn Kir su ( D ine tt- KU-
j -
est bidder, lor cask, to satisfy uxei and '
charges o lands lying in Lincoln County, ;
for the year I S51 that the taxes therecu re j
main due and baiaid iowr.:J
John Williams' heirs, one tract ui Lamf,
200 acres. Uing in Civil District No. 23,
Valued atlOO; taxes 22 eenis-,;Colkcitr's lee
$1; Clerk's fee J.I CO; Printers fee $t SO.
David Pugh, one tract of land, 3f 0 acres,
lying in Civil District I'o. 10. valued at 30G;
faxes 66 cents; Collector's !e $1; Clerk' fei ,
fl 50; Printer's fee jl 50. . Satkh Moon,
one tract of land, 200 acres, fyimr in Civil
District No. 24. valued at 75; taxes 1G4
cents; Collector's lee'l; Clerk's lee 1 5;
Punter's fee 1 50. James Miiore, one traci
of land, 201 acres and one pole, lying in. Civil
District No.. 21, valued at $75; taxes 44 J
cents; Collector's fee 1; Cork's fee $1 50;
Printer's fee ft 50. Willis Rtiit. one tract
of land, 200 acres.jlying in Civil District No.
24, valued $250; taxes 55 "cents; Collector's
fee 5 1; Clerk's'fee 1 0; Printer's fre I 50.
James Sheilon.ne tract of Kud.50 ace,
lying in Civil District o.25, valued at jtI5C;
taxes S3 cents; Collector's fee 1; C!t it's fee
$1 50; Printer's fee jtl 50. Susan Suibvan.
one tr&et of land, 14 acres, itmg in Civil.
District No. G, valued at J70j taxes lt cea!';
Collector's -fee 1 ; Clerk's, fee 1 50; Priutu's
lee $1 50. Faulkenberry, tine tract ol" land.
lOO a'cres. lying in Civil District No. 20, val
ued at $300; taxes 00 cents; Collector's fee
$1; Cierk's fee $1 5; Punter's lee $1 50
William Davidson, cnf tract of land. 76 acr . -lying
in Civil District No. 10. valued at J5C0;
taxes $1 10; Collectors lee $1; Cierk's lee 1
50; Printer's fee $1 50. Alexander Crawford,
one tract of tad. 40 acre?, I)icj to Civil
District N. 3. valued at S00; taxes fpcen;
Collector's fee $1; Clerk's Iee$I 50; Ptioter's
lee $1 50.
WM. DYER, Tax Collector.
April 22.
Spring Circular.
JF, havi been leremug large supplies
liom ilia Lasrern Cities lor eevtral
weeks, and bow Lave the pleasure ot an
nouncing that we have in store a very f.x-
which we would be much1 phased to have
our old customers and the trading public
generally lo call soon aud examine.
We buy our Goods in the best markets in
the United Stales, on the rtioi lavorab.u
terms, and being willing to sell at a very
small advance on co,sf, we will uffer inducements-
whicli cannot fail t( suit purcnnsei.
We trust by keeping a stock ol Goods inte
rior to none, and a.i increased endeavor
please, to merit and receive a continuation f
the very liberal patronage extended us sincuj
our commencement u. Lumtss, and , i,r
which we beg have to return our tiacee
thanks. j
Very respecitully,:
April 15, 1852. j j !
New, Beautiful aud (heap 1
The atteation of the Ladies is par
ticularly Called to one of the must
handsome stocks ct Dress Good
ever displayed in Fayeiteville, comprising
Rich Bracpde Dress Hils;
superb Dani;Mfk ' co
splendid EuiLroid'd Robe do
magnificent Flouuctd do
blk Gro d Rhine and Waiered do
do Brocade' and Damask do
fine Embroidered and fjiriped Berlages
eiegant PnuteU Chaileys;
beautiful Ptaid Poplins- "
handsome Figurtd Grenadille;
Paris Primed tieraje Je Laiutsj
Lawns. Tarlatans and Prims:
' White Goods. Ginghams. &c. &.c.
These Goodsi are verv selbct, en.biaein
all the i.ATESTj stti.es out. Some of them
are much fii.er than any heietofore brought
to this market, and we rely on the fine tasie
of the Ladies of Lincoln to eiisuie their 'sale,
April 15. i! '
Lace G'ood etc. j
LACES, Edgings and 1 user tings; :
-Capes. Collars and CufL;
Hudersleeves.Ch"eini2etiesand Mantill;
Linen Camo Handkerchiefs fc Keck RiHton;
lltrage and Crape Shawi3and Lace Veils;
Bonnet and Sah Ribbons aud Trtuiiulj.g";
Wieaths. Flowers and Tabs;
Mitts, Gloves and Hosiery; j
Parasols, Fans, fcc. &c. ' j
For sale very cheap by j !
April 15. j
Bonnets. ! -
gr-yw 250 Boi5ETs cuinjirising eveiy va
nety oi -the latent and inol
beautiful styles just received aud, for Sa.e
ov by I '
April 15. ; '
Cloths, clc.
di EKTLEMEiNiwould do well to !caM at
vJT the store of GoodriU, Buchanan 4 lea
vers where they will find an uuusualiy l.'ix
and very superior a&sortment t
Cloths, C'a!iiacre and X'cstin,
in great variety, and which thoy are anxious
to sell at' lower prices than Goods ol t!.e
same qualifies Lave ever-teen oid in this
market. Give them a call tefor lujing.
April 15.
We have it received Mnleskm,
iJt received
Beaver. Satin, Otter, MrXicau, Hutic i-
...... i ....
nan, Kossuui, .wgyar. i aim. i.-imu.
, icaioo anu raiiaii.iiai-.,m...,jUU,
iiient decidedly the larKcit and nOil Cotu-
- -
ilete e nave ever ipine-i.
OOODSlCtr, BUCltA5.."
April 15.
Boots and Shoes.
1 cases IJoots, feiioes, nrc
eau and Gaiters, comprising ev-
i! fa.
1 try style and quality Kr Men's, Boys'.
Youths', Ladies', Miss9 wear received aud
for sale at remarkably low prices ty
April 15. - (
The Subscriber
KEEPS CONSTANTLY on hand at hii
old stanJ, at the Tan-YarJ, an excel
lent supply of BOOTS and M10E3; 11 A R
NErJS and SADDLES of ail kinds; together
SADDLE LEATHER, ot a superior qual
ity; all of which wjill be suld low for .'caaii,
or exchanged lor birler.
April I. 1853. JAMES II. COBB.
. , Tlirn!u Xiiee
i uriJJC nuuir.
TOTICE that a per cent cn earh hare tf
XI stock suhsmbed in money to
he Fav-
etieville. Mulbetrv St LTnil.'-ur
y Rl. tequirtJ to be pa.d to Jtn
s Lriht,
-a Treasurer of said uoaru.on or uen-r,
W he tut
- d nt Prhruarv next. Audaca l i Iiern y
r' ma,t ,.n it. ! stock tf 5 per ceut. lo I e
V. j ... u v. v , vl. - .
i nuid Oil the UfSt Ol eacll anu finj
By rur
( ot Mm L.oaiu
t J-...C, IS52

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