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t 1
a. s,. LEt.-iw i juniors. I '
QiviczAi ihe. Old Stand; .
"Observer rrinliu Office"
et'l 'j.
l" AY E T TE V il L if,
FOR .plitSIDEXT, V '
! , Of 'JS'ew Ih.wpzh'rc.
Of Alabama.- '
Df-caocratic KSecioral Ticket.
A. O. 1'. Nicholson. otMouiy.
0. 3 SMCiL A. MlTil.ol l3rjJ.V.
.No. 4. Jo. G. l'icKETT.i Kimia.
tin. 15. Jons K. Howard, cf VViisoo.
No. (6. Vi.lia .1 T. Koi U" Lu;ci.lu.
No. 10. l. Ai. CiRK'N.jof SheSby.
Gen. Pierce.
With the single remark, that what
':ver of ol.j;
ciion thd waigb may have:
lo tne aemocrauu iiiiiunuin; iuij
,i ,i i i-. J.-.i:.i..-v.i
Presidency, we tro they can
that he is-.unsaic ; upou
.Slavery question -nith this remark
. i. J 1
we sav, we surrender iuu :iouiui.
- i i
I i .-
J.V.WV.. :l.vT j
.cupy cunomiiy jio ujc puuuuiuuu
t - , 11 i l. llT-.il f
the fuilowing in reference to General
.Pierce, the depiocratic nominee
The reader will be;
arin miud that;lhiste Trolej furthe following, doustitut-'Grat of the 1st
upon tho 4rw ling a part of a series of bk-luons'distijiguishid
is not dependent
of .anyone, or sjny set of men, but
literal esuiicr, inom u:e iruc pwiuvu
. i i .i ri ii. . i .
history of our ca ididate, winleamem-
her of the American Congress. :
Oa ti e lbth bt: lec. Xb3o,ilien.
Pierce, when a petition lor the aboli-;
i 1
uon oi s avery iu iu
Iumlia ffas before the lower House
ine uismei oi !o-j
ottongriessl embraced tne' opporiuui-jwhlcii
ol uongflessi cmoraceu me opponum-;
ty to foimally dejiue his posifiori up-Jan
on the subject of abolition petitions,
the ulc of these, bold and vmphat-inM
ic wordi i ,' j- j. ' ;
"This; was not thejast memorial of
1 : I
tne same cnar.icter wnicn woum uu
4 1 J . 1" -TL Kl 1.-
tent here. It was perfectly apparent
that the question must be met
or at seme future time, fully an;
plicitly,! and such an espressiiju of
this House tziveh. as could Ieav
possible room 1 to douut m to,
opinions and sentiments entertained
by its members.
"He was unwilling that any impu-:
tation should rest on the North, in
consL'Guence of the misguided and fa-
jitical zeal a few,who, however hoii-;
est might have been their purposes,
he believed uau clone mcaicuiamu
mischief, and whose motives he knew
received no more sauctioh among tne
great mass of the people of the North
than they did at the outh. M i
"For one, he Mr; P. while he
T,ould be the last to infringe uponjthece;ons by tlie yt:atcs pf Virgin
any ot the sacred reserved rignp, oi:
the people, was prepared to stump
laUh'disupprolalion,. ui the tms! ex-
onss and unequivocal terms, tne.icnoie
incvancrii vj on this sv.ljeet. ' , j
"He fdt confidence in asserting
that Among the people of the j State
which he had the honor in part to
.represent,, there was not .one in a
i hundred who did not entertain the
most sacred regard for the rights of
thcir Southern brethren nay, not
one in live hundred who 'would not
tave tnose rigins proiccieu
and every hazard, mere was no
. J ... . . ,
i ho f. in- if.st tiisnosmon to l nenere
with any rights secured by the con -
" ttitdtion, which binds together, .and
which he humbly hoped ever! would
bind together, this great and glonous
. cunKdtracy as one lain'.iy. . j j :a State, the people thereot wilt! be
Upon the motion to lay srid peti- entitled to decide that question ex
tion on the table, Gen. Pierci said : ;-clusivclfor themselves." J '
Mf the motion to.lie upon the ta-: Gen. Pierce, in 1830, in'present
blc bo 1 persisted in, he would vote ling a petition praying: for jthe aboli
ibr it, though he would prefer to meet jtioii of slavery in the District of Co
the i question in sonije form which jlumbhj, said:. !. -j -I
.could by no possibiiity,be considered j Tliit the memorial came to him
cither equivocal or evasive.'! 'accompanied by a letter from a high-
The following resolutions wtra'
unanimously reported jto thoj House,
by a select committee, of which GeiiJ
.Pierce: was a member, iind.Mr. Pinck-
neV. ef South Caroliua, : wafe chair
Hesoteed, That Congress possesses
no constitutional authority o iuter
jere in any way with the institution
'of slavery in any of the Stat s of this
confederacy. i ;
r Jlesolced, That Congress c ught not
to interfere in' any way witl "slavery
in the District ofTColumbia.
And, whereas, it is1 extremely jm-
ortant and desiijable that tho agiia
d beflnally
,rrestetl for the purpose of restoring :'
. tranquility to the public .miud,-,your'
committee re.?peciiully recommend
-t ill; iiuuyuuu ut iuu i.'uuyuii tuui-
tioWil resolution
! Jtesolvcd, That all petit idiis, .me- j
morlaH resolutions, ' propositions or ;
: extent whatsoever, to the subject1 of;
1 .. i 1 1 1- i ! i" i '
slavery, or the abolition of i slaver',
i .shall, without being either printed
In terred, be laid upon the table
1 !
that no further action' whatever shjall
i:e nau tncreou. !
i.i i i '
on thee resolution?, land each .one; guaranty for the unmolested enjoy
.: passed by a. large majority General ment of the domestic institutions of
.fierce voting in theafiirnutve upon'jdl its parts; and, I trust, further,
bach one. ?. ' i :: I - I that they will, no longer 'close their
I In 1837: Gen. Pierce was' elected! eyes to the fact that, so far as those
An hf ITnitfd SLntes Snatei and iu!in
' that body;during the same vjear, in a !
''speech he I said :
1 1 .. 1
'om -
"As a member ot tne select com
;:mittee of the other House, of which -
sMr.-Piueknev. of S. 0., w;is chair
jman, he had fully cojicurred in the.
sciilimcnts of .'the report presented ;
ta m,au avVn. " i ' '
further examination and reflection;
had br.lv. served to confirm! him m'.nient that
at tine
iatical as
the ftbO -
1 . L ,
.he reglirdcd the schemes of
litioiiists, ami. deeply as he
deplored '
the cunstquenccs of their course up-:
on all sections of the Union, ic could
iMvoi tio vni ft thiit niirrht be construed
. . . ; . ;
in ml nt f ift 1-l.r IT fi I 1 T 11 III
inul bus enuble them to chanse their;
',siti(U, and makeup a false ;iss
r-. - u , i
! before the countrv." I . '! Ti
Gen. Pierce, in 1S37, in jthe: Sen-
a0krcii iy Mr. Calhoun iiji' that' body
! i .. i i i
: Op0u the subject w slavery!: ;
Hookah That domestic; slavery,
jns it exists in the jSootbernl audirjng3 ti,e dqath-knell to the 'ijii'prccc-j
"ebieiu fius vi iu umu.i,ut -
i'" j'11.'
.... 4. a ri(.4.tiihniir i n!nrt r nl I i"irvi
. i .
their ccstors, and.'existiug at the
!. innt;nn tir u rnnstitiitioni bv
it is recognised as constituting
Which it is recognised as constituting
importaut elempt in. the appor -
jtionment of powers among the States
no change cf opinion prj
kf,,)nc ..rv TT;rtn n ruii;ln "in if
1 . - f I; n if
tlm T.-ii-tof the other
lIlllirLl 111 lllLi . J A LA A - AAA IV ( l
?ustifV thein ori tlieir citizens in
ii w . i ' T
opeu'and systematic attacks thereon,
with the view to its overthrow: audi
that all such attacks are iu manifest
violation of the mutual anil so emn
pledge to protect anu ueenapen;
l.-. .... .,rf-;.,f ihnU;tM;i;n -
"j ' r - ; : ,
Ik - 111! I" lllttl lil II. IjttllLl LUL1U11
ul compact which formed t
ie Union,!
and as such are a mauifost bieach ofil
taithj and a violation 6
emu, obligations. I !
most sow
Peeked, That the ;i hterterenfee b)1
J . T-
.the citizens of any of tliieStiiteSp with
jtbe vjewto tho abolition of slavery j
in this District, is endangering the1!,
nglits and security ol tne people o
the District; and . that any act! orations.
ot Congress; designed td a
bolish slavery in this jDistrict, - would j
t . . i . I'll. . ! :' vL.1 :.l
oe a violation oi me laun unuiit'u m
n(1 jarvialKj, a UstcaUse of
larm to the people ot; the laveholid
ing States, and have ii, direct and ,ih
eviUible tendency to disturb
and W
daager the Union
Jiesoloid, That any ' .attempt 'o
Congress to abolish slavery I iu any
ac lu.j .u u ciuu.u Y
wnicn H exists, woum creaie Keuuus
alarm, and iust anwehensianj in the
.'Q.ltps sust.,iin? that'dotaestic insti -
!,, :nft. urmlfl hpn vinl.iiioTi of pooii'mpnh will vote for tho win? ticket.-'
jfuitij toWards the inhabitants of any!
an) such Territory who - have been per cere thug! expreEsinJ
not!mitted to settle with, and hold! ,J . . u , 1-
Wl. , V .'4.we cauti imagine what eh(
ucn territory who- Have been per -
i . gach Territory havenotasked for!
Slaves UlCltUU, ueuauav mo uu;iu
j thcrabolifioa of slavery therein!, aiict
.because when any such
snaij be admitted into the Union as!
ly respectable clergyman,
ibis native couoty. xue
i I flllllUll IVr Zt I tZ il twll U ItlUV vu iivny
a.. - - ., - A. !
pond with those of
may not corres
: the petitioners, they; have no doubt
t of your readiness to present a re
'spectfuj petition, coming from any
portion ot the citizens kl JNcw Hamp
shire.''' -''r . ;" ' - . j ' j: j ; j
"It is certainly no task j:o present
the memorial, and yet I .can not,: iii
justice itomy own convictions of duj
ty, comply with the request, without
expressing my deep regret,!; tha,t
tliese petitioners, should so f-ir mis
take their oWn moral responsibilities,
and' the power and duty , of Congress
in relation to this subject
- "Ido earuesiiy hope that ever)'!
hdnest man who has ' sinceilv at.
heart the best! interests ; of the llave1
and the master
may "xio longer .be
i governed.' by blind zeal and impulse,
but - be 'led to! examine this s ihjeet,
so full of '''delicacy and danger, in all
upon to lend ! illicit names and ijnflu-
euce to the cause of Agitation, ;
i j i I f l i' . '
cr.nuvy remember that we live un
.1V1 41,
written - constitution which
. . I ,' , , 1 -I .
panoply and protection of tle
'as well as the! North; that it cbvers!,
whose Aveii;tra thev. 'express soi
much feeling are concerned, thJsw
1 efffn interference has been,1 audj must j
'inevitably continue to be, evil, aud
rcjIf we -were wanting in
enco j 1;c propriety f
i cor-
if the
of General Pier
Presidency, the
is' the 'favorite 6f the'
Virginia (
!an doubts
5 cnK;f
:.'w...A..-,mm" :.lori the 10th inst, the democratic:
ud m s!? v imrs undn that
, -J
nd it Seems that iu'ch IS
the case; at least, so lar as tl
p IT
j i3
,s U(l
ition is conccrne'd.
they put the Fierce
If the Washington "Eepuulic
(whig) is correct, when
it says that
Gen. Pierce
is an old hunker
dem!o-1 j
it of the js tlic test, sect, and
that he
himself in the I. S.
; HousVof Representatives by Lis.hos -
i .... ..i i
itility to the river ana fcaraor im-
nrovemeTitsL his inevitable election
espeiMitures wine 1 have
characterised Mr. Fillmore's adiranis
tration, in
keeuinc the wneels off
- i
ir reused. It is
a sure
Guarantee, that tne . wnigs
will be
unr,tle to report of his-ad
jtion -ffbat L s;.jd iQ be a c
lact as to
- i
,u.-l'"a" r
ttoPA it 'nCT 1 Tor CIV
millions of dollai-s are expended an
I -
. JJsT ILe Nashville Uanner ( wing) i
:avs 0f t5j democratic "nlalfirm laid
- jj bv c,r ut;onai Convention,
. j , , n v f n
'Compromise is concerned
i r fT"1
lLT i no
whiff) savS of Col. Kinn. of Ala., the'!
. I.
! democratic candidate fu
: i
r Vici
e Presi-
! dent, that ihe is agentjlcmaU of ftir
! . ..L . -. . . I
abilities and moderate! views, acour
teons amiab e gentleman, an 1 a com -
i" .
The Louisville Jou'rLal
"thb demderacy generally will voteiluuui:iaur'- "'fe'j0.-"-"
! the! democratic ticket in November
s!tv that'
1 ..
s our opinio
J'goo'dly number of the most patriotic
;1 ; whigs will! do the same, if they do
! their dutvj."
err IThe Nashville True Whig, inspecting your determination oi seek-
in article relative to the democratic
; . - t , i , . . i
nominee for - t he Presidency, says-
I'Trecioui few democrats, in jourjudg-
Amen, td that. ! If the editor is sin-
' wh. fin! pxnrp!:s;n
ment he has to bring forward n whig
; candidate; for- without democratic
i votes, defeat will be his inevitable
: The Whig also says it does not be!- it be yielded jto him' who has an ear
lieve!thit our ticket "can command jfor its music to whose masterly
any othJr than mere parly strength.'? j touch it will (brill with sweetest mel
Well,th5s is all we desire . it to com-.jody; which Syould otherwise screech
mand; at'kasit is all that 'is needed Kimble discord." Many sensitive
to elect! it. -i
. , .. . ...
similar 1 class of:
k( U the same : en'thusiastic
confideijce and fixed determination
which came over us at the instant,
unon the I reception oi the news ot
the democratic nominations for Pres
ident and kit a President, must have
thrilled the soul of the'edi :or of the
Dolivaribemocral when he penned the
following:-"This day we hoisjt the flag
of Pierce ami Kins, and with theas
sistaucej of the friends of Ameriafti
interest, intend to bear ' it onward
and plant it ia the cnpiUl at yash-
Shelby vi u. e , J n nc 10, 1 S5'2.-
. Dear iRTbe;undersigiedr in
pliauccyvilh the Juty assigned
thrill bv t
ie President cf the Demur
vrauc. -.JLJislrjct. Convention nmcu
met at Shclbyville, !on Thursday,!
the lOtli ihsUliave s the pleasure of,
infaTiiiingiyou that you were nnan-
iinoiislv Ichoscn the Democratic
canumaie . u vu-
vemion, lor tlic uisinci composeu
of the rouolifs of Maury, jiarshal!,
Bedford, Franklin, and Lincoln; and
earnestly request jour accrpt-
ance of the sanic.
cry respectfully,
our ob't serv'ts. '
GeoJige V. Uebb,
Dav b F. IIobb?, (
T.Ross, l-'ayetteville;
FATEiTEvrLLE, June i 18-52.
V. llkhandD.S. Ihbbs: ;
$$r$. G
G ENTLfeMEN f I our favor lutorining J
mi that I was k-leded by the Dcmo-i
- I i c " i
'r1"'-- at"" - '
-i-i . ! ti ii.:,. t: ..,:,.'.
""V v - i
i. . A 1 1
' b(flore mC 1U W1UC-1 0U urou!
..-iaT,s,nM.flf i in nnrin mpnf.
' K ;
- j In acdepting the station assigned
bJi'mo ihtiiapprachi4canyas,by the
1 l,.-n,rauio.v.ifi ienc!f the ilemccra -
IrloFthe Dial rice, which I most ..Ul-
'hbsitatiuiilv dv permit me to assure
! yj
Inn nd those whom" vou represent,
at my
'exertions will ' be put.
ffJ,ijih id the majinlenanceand advocacy ,.
: of the nbod cause in which we ar
! engaged.
Most Rspec;fully,.
W. T. Ross.
Ladies' Corresnaadeiice.
"Reginato Sophronla.
-1 il I - f
-Whh mind his maniling cheek must g!oT
His vuico, his btjatning must &iiov
An oil til)iriiijg!ow
TW i d T. i nvt
Months have passed
1 u.VA. .WdJ A
: away, y tt yohr last letter Is by me
i unanswered. I have nothing to'
j plead for this neglect, except the
lethargy which, occasionally, enthrals
even tie most -active spirits, when
'the mind is 'troubled with petty c:
nd the heart absorbed with its owuj
bitterness: bat I will now - cast oil
such selfishness; and try to give you
i i i .
FOTT)f Ol lllfi
" ; T i - M v
, '' "Ttiou"lus liioJa have come to mc,
. In ) lonely musings
'J'h6ngl ihf y drift po strango ai'.il swift
r'l'litru's sf-oixx'ly tfuie Tuf choosing
V1 icii to follow.'!
I wis!h, in this age of improvement,
some medium' : could be devised .to
) - ( a mt"
our thoughts
, rapidly and . freely as th
ey flow- for
l.,ii- n,;,;;r,i ,M;tis of
jtheMa take to flight in the com-
aim ua ; f "-o
I should have heralds swift as sunbeams;
I?" the richest 6em of tlT-U
?ost forever, from the utter paucity
,1 any worus to express mem. .
I promised to give a few hints re-
&ig th:
t land where
ors'' and
"old n
vice in
aids1' cannot come, j My ad
Ihis must be guidedj by your
own peculiar disposition; I do not
know you, but I would, take you to
be a being who could not be happy
unless your "whole existence were the
pouring out; of rich and deep affec-
If so if your feelings are
oned oh! giye it not to. one
- ! fmelv
who will sweep its chorus roughly; let
'jiemaies naye j ueeu uouvcilcu luiy m-
tolerable shrews, by being mated with
'those who had no sympathy in their
finer feelings. I' heard a man once
scoff It his' wife lor preserving for
ten years a withered bouquet of flow
,ersr-his giia in their courting days
i tnougm oi! me many wmpw mc-
mntos l. had stowed away: a with
cred rose-bud, a lock of ibair, and
and would you believe it? a black
silk thread, aid a paper oj ashes, etc.
Very tinpoet cal, you may say; yet
each is hallowed as a link, in the
clwia C;f hap;y reraiuiscences i which
bind ir e Ho the past jmd wlio does
not often quaff deep and pure delight
from thd fcoot cisterns' cf pleasant
memories t This is rather a digres
sion, but I will jnot suffer my Pe
gasus to run atjay wi(h me farther:
Have you a mind of . a high order?
seek such to be its mate.. Have you
a spirit athu st for knowledge? seek
lur one who will go witli you tons
headwaters and: bring up brighter
gems from its depths, than even you
dreamed slept in its bosom; such as
would elude ijur feebler, grasp
whose, spirit could lead your spirit
onward and upward, unfolding the
klden mystericslof nature, and point-
g to what is gr ind and beautiful in
its seemingly dis:ordunt elements.
Oh!, only. those vho have known the
"one idolatry,") can tell how precious
I the boon to have such an one to wor
i ship whose eye sparkles "the all
i inspiring soul:"' It is such pure,
holy bliss lo bathe one's spirit in the
sunliirht of. a clance beaming with
Intelligence, and blazing with nativa
Butthe "ereat desideratum
is to obtain
. . . .1 :
i Where love unC(f awakemkl ttill nevcH
.... 4 pan:
.Turn. mm. to tint Lrensi like the dove
! - ' :
Ai.d you'll fi,rJ there's no
horn a like the
i ' Dome ol inc aean
Rut; dear Sophroma,!
do not- as
many do, invest an olyect with all
l those perteclionsyou deem necessary
to inst ire i your, idohttnf, and 0era
5 tune find they existed in your lmng-
uoatiort only
I hope ybu have suffi-
. i Ji
rtnnf nYnT11011 tn lT:H r. iK n.'inrv
must, however, close without entering
fully into this mitfcerJ as I cannot
! allow
my. Pegasus to soar too higlilfor
ie will not return in
time to meet
I the
requirements of
the Obscrvci1.-
II hai
e-thought y
ou would like to
have1 an account of my life, whether
'true or' not; and if yoiji can get jthe
! "editors" to consent, I tvill write it in
lhe usual style of . "story writers."
j Pray let me hear trom jyou. 1 mve
not forgotten your promise to dehne-
o . y i
! nn t :ffl jo vftW Oilcans."
! i Adieu, ' Regixa
Gentlemen's Correspondence.
i Fayetteville, June 8, 1852.
Slessrs. Berry Wallace:
GEjiTLEifEN I have observed, in
my ; brief .career, that ben who are
rcaiv the most fond of the society
i i i -
0f ladies, who , cherish for them -a
high respect-are seldom the most pop
ular with the fcex. Men of great assu
rance, who make words supply the
place of ideas, and place compliment
m the room of sentiment, are the
" . . : .. . . .1 J
fireaic .0Ultbv uuo
to nacci cs!for womcn ie lds to rpectiul actions
i l0ffa13 tIiem; ,au respectfully
usuauy uistanc action: anu uns great
distancc is mist'
istaken by them lorji" ies ume to ia uie- -cuu iuviv
neglect or want, of interest. Why is
it so: why will theythU3 miscon
sirue? for, 'that - my observations
arc ;fuHy sustained' by. the trull!, no
nerson, I think, will have the hardi-
hooil to deny.
Hoping that
fair: readers will
some one of your
explain this matter,
it s
ie can,)I re nain, ..
I Yours inquisitively,
Democratic Convention. The 49th
and last ballot of the National Demo
cratic Convention, resulted as follows
r Pierce, 283; Cass, 2; JJuchanav,2;
Marcy, 1;' Houston and Dickinson, 9.
Upon the second ballot for Vice Pres
ident, Hon. Wm. fi King, of Ala.,
was selected. After adopting a plat
form, andj designating Cincinnati as
the phice at which the next Conven
tion1 shall assemble, the Convention
adjourned sine die. ! . I
Abundance of Money. fho St.
Louis Republican says thati money
is very abundaut inj that city. On
the'- 10th inst, the Gas Company
opened books for a subscription of
50,000, in shares of 50 each3 a pre
mium of $10 being required c n each
share, and the stockholder to; liave
no interest in the profits of th 3 com
pany until the 1st of December next
In a ; few hours the subscliption
ainUuntedto 110,350. . .K-
.' The effect of thc Maine Law upon
the? public health is noticed by the
Belfast, Me., Journal, which computes
from the books of the agent appoint
ed to sell liquors for medical purpo
ses) in 'that town, that there are twen-ty-jfour
thousand persons in the im
mediate vicinity who are disoascd
I . Items c( News.
' Cotton. The shipments of cotton
from Memphis .since September1 1st,
1851, amount ; to nearly 105,000
bales, which1 will probably be in
creased to 170,000 bales by the ex
piration of the season.
Farming Prospects. Wo have
had fine rains duiing the spring, and
crops are very Littering. The last
few days have been rather cool for
cotton,' but " corn! and potatoes are
making a tine snow. Mur., icics.
The fare on the Railroad from
New York to Albany ! is-l.&U.-
WhicbJ is just one cent per mile for
traveling. At this rate wo can all
take a ride downjto the . "tillage of
Nashville when our road is built.
A thief, a low contemptible thief,
removed the corner stone of the new
Episcopal church, ' recently laid, iu
Nashville, a,nd stole a bible, prayer
book, and $1 30 in coins which had
been deposited there.
They hail fine, large, ripd peaches
on fhfc 27th of
. W 1 '
Chops in Tex.vs. The Huntsville
Presbyterian of the 15th May, says:
"Duiingihe week we have.had pleas
ant showers, and crops look remarka
ble well" ! ! '
" The Washington Star of the same
date says: I I '
'Through' the politeness of Mr. J.
W. Lockhart, of the vicinity of
Chapel Hill, wc were favored, a few
days since, with a fine, healthy, fully
developed cotton bloom, which Mr.
Lockhart states,1 opened as soon as
i the ,7th inst
In the closing para-
grapu oi Jir. u a. uulu, uu uu(
crops are fine corn silking and tas.-
and every thins bids fair lor
ls ja
a good yield
The ' yethodiat General Confer
ence: North, has decided against that
article of their discipline which re-
quires the men and women te set,
apart in churchy
The Illinois Central Railroad Com
pany; advertises
borers to whom
will be paid.
brjone' thousaud la
"one dollar per day
fJ"""";. """f" u
Baltimore Clipper, writing 'about the
A ! II f 0 mm Arr.in,lAnf At 11 A
public printing at W ashington, says
"As i three-fourths of the documents
h ihn K.-inilj nf mirp'nnfi; for
w w V A i-M V UliV 1IIU4 VA-A'AWJ.AV m j m
ing paper, it would be but fair!
e committee to consult the tra-
for the committee to consultr tho tra-
ding portion of the copim unity, as to
the best description of paper for that
The AdvantagEt-of Doikq Nothing
for A Living. The census of Mas
sachusetts shows that' the average
I life of what it calls gentlemen is G
ycara-tuat o proiession.-1 men ou
laborers 44 and paiiners GO!.
However, the longest lives do not
al .s tave the most in them.
iSThose who work the hardest live Cist-
esr, anu get oer u. miu bl"u
nothing lost
The receipts of the Erty Railway
for the month of May will bo about
3-50,000, m iking j.1,300,000 since
the 1st of January, whicjh exceeds
the Directors estimates.
1 i :
Tue Crops in Rutherford. We
are informed by gentlemen who have
been in different portions bf the
county, that there never was a better
prospect for fine crops tha a there is
this season. Marf. Td.
; i i
The clip of Western wool this
year is estimated i to exceed that of
lS51,;from 10 to 15 per cent. In
the jSijaie of Ohio alone, t ie clip is
now estimated at from 12 . to 14,
000,000 lbs. ! - - . !
J ' ! i
The CR0P3.Thc Lancaster, S. C,
Ledger, says that thejfe irs entcr
taiuetTabout a month sine 2 with re
spect'jto the productiveness; of our
Corfi and dotton crops, have been in
a great measure removed by the
very favorable seasons that have since
been iexpeiienced in thaj District,
ancl that at present an abundant har
nest may b anticipated!. Cotton,
however, as we learn from tjhe Ledger,
is not so forward. The rains, so
necessary to growth of caltivatecl
phnts, have proved equally beneficial
to weeds, and tho farmers are now
busily employed to prevent tho grass
and weeds from obtaining ihe maste
ryj: The. Star states tliiit Marion
District had been visited during the
past tveelc .with abundant rains, and
the crops begin to assum ? a promis
ing appearance, j'
The Duke of Wellington appears
to be, one of the greatest party goers
in, "London. Only think of an old
rnanif eighty-thrpo years being out
almost every nighlt in the week at
the fashionable ball and dinners of)
iSevcral counterfeit twenty dol
lar notes on the State Bank of Tei
nessee, have been put in circulation
iu this city;recentl)v ' 1 he central -vignette
is composed of a fcnialf,
and air eau.le, which are rather ,
coarsely engrayed. The other por-
K i 1 1 ' -" I a I
lions ol bin, are suuuar w iuc gtu
uiiie plates, and well calculated lo
deceive. ' Loitiitille Journal.
The receipts pf the Cleveland,
Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad
Company- fur May, show
increase in business:
Receipts or May, 1852 $70,433 93
! " ISM 37,301-13
$3b,000 53
83 per cent" increase.
Number of passengers
fur - May
Gov.- A. V. Brown, is, by invita
tion, to deliver the annual address.
before the "Law class of the Cumber-'
land University at Lebanoi), on th
1st of Oct next.
Gen. Caleb Cushing of llassachu
setts, has been appointed one of the
Judges of the Supreme Court of that
State. .
Kossuth complains that Yicks
ice m the
U S., where he has had to
pay a lio-
tel bill.
There arj 7G,725 free
hejrroes in
Maryland: of whom 23,405 are ia
tha city ot Cakimjire.
The Cholera is "prevailing slightly'
at Memphis At Maysville, Kyy
it is distressingly titai. '
The citizens of New York are ia
earnest about the erection bf a brouze
equestriau statue to Washington, iii
that city. Already 52 persons hava
sabscriboxl. $500 eacli.
The whigs of Easteraaiid Western
Texas have met, respectively, in
Convention, ancj appointed delegates
to the National ,Couven'jou. They!
express tneirpreierence iar lumora
fur President, and JouesJof Tenuei-
sec, for Vice President.
There are in the arsenals and ar
mories of tho United Stktcs, about
500,000 muskets, 31,0t riUcs, and
. ' " i ' 1
estimated to be 4,O'JO,O0U.
J .
The Lexington Observ?
cr says:iO((
crenuiue one dollar note oil the North-
! em Bank of 'Kentucky, sicrnud Jnu.
era Bank of' Kentucky, si
j " - rf O
TilfordjPres't, bears date subsequent
to the jfcar 1819. The fact of tho'
to the fear 1810. The IL
! genuiuepess of notes of this denomina-
lion can, therelore, be at 0ucc detect
ed, if "they 'bear date subsequent to
A Mr. Drown, of tl
lo V lrsrinn
House of Delegates, pi
overseers thall hive out
poses that
ree negroy:-
and mulattoes till tiicy am a funI
sufficient . to defrtiy the expenses" of
transporting them lrom tto IState.
It they do not earn sufficient for
that purpose in five years, then they
are t be soid as tLtves.
Last week; Mr. Bremen, a mer
chant, showed the peojile of New
Bedford how to strike a whale pov;-
crless by means ot electricity accem-
panying the blow of ti e harpoon.
The galvanic battery is in a cheat
weighing 3-jO pounds, add is capable
ot throwing into the
whale 950
shocks a minute with
awful force.
Mr. B. has placed the 8
board two of his Breincu
paratus on
! M. Prodhon, the greatj French so
cialist, it is said, has been set at liber
ty on the condition that lie will leavo
for the United States
Tue Wheat Cro?. SJ far as
have heard, thj-ougaout jNorth Mis
sissippi, the wheat crop is very fine.
A larger quantity by double, has
been grown this year than ever has
been before in oue year, in this
State, jind the yield promises Jo i be
very fine. .We have never seen fin
this country aunerprospiect for corn,
than the present crip so lar indicates.
Cotton is said to be a little backward,
but tho stand is generally fine, and
the prospect encouraging.' IIopo
smiles in the bright promise 1 of a
very prosperous year.-Uoliy Spring
Miss.) Gazette. . j
Tue i Crops, &c,is Louisiana. The
Feliciana Whig of the 26 th ult.,say3
that the prospect for au (average cot
ton crop in that section is good.
ihe editor says; M ' !
For the List three or f ur weeks
wa have h.-id no rain, and the corn
has suffered to some extent. With
in 'the last forty-eight hours we be
lieve this country has been generally
blessed with timely and refreshing
rains, and vegetation hs recom
menced with very lair promise.
r Over sixty thousand J dollars of
stock in the Nashville and Hender-1
son Railroad, jias j been: taken at
Ckrksviilo. .;;
(ipu'of this suhjefct ;shou

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