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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, June 24, 1852, Image 1

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T-- r-". " ,r :.,(.;. t.Lot alt tuc ciMs thou aim'st at be Country's, thy od s ald . - ... - - I - i - V'V -j
BLBKV V WALLACE, 4 j - '' : j' I ! --r " " ' ' ! j -. I-- ' :' ! Wft' tfi '
rj X"vt Dollars fur ne reat ifj nt
lid lime ot s'i'isrripiion; Two Dolla'
an J Vifiy CrntS without pKViATjos.
Hfier the exraiion of Three' Monihsi
i7A1I Kin- Tur AJvenisenif.Hs. b
Work or' !suNri;uion, icrmsiHereJ !up
; intrncio.l.pxrpiit ,12lilSt those ilh
W.iril von'"-- - I : r;
ICIPXO Paper W4li he nl out t
:. iliantv. unless taiJ f r in h'lvaurel
5C7A;'l7-riii.iiitVins''ne.Iat'.OMe Dol
. litrpcr Jqnnrcorrtvclvc Lines
or Less, for tlie First Insertion; Titty
-i i
"ets tiii each e&nUiiuance.
.!rriisir)2 hJ the Year, 'will
U cLts Thirty DoUikr; f" 14 w.1'.",'
FiVCSlty UUliill'X UTiMie .
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v.... f,ir nn.n'iiit'er
it.. Tr.)i under unv ctrium
Advertisers is
OoiisidfreJ ap in-
oitiiu 10
.-xrhe privilege of Yea-I)
ifr ct.'. IWicllo ifuir otck inmeJint
i.-..i,k- ti-.nlii'i: ami tin? Business dl au
.1 I...... .l,r lwrtu IS
Jl HCUP"N' ..... - ,
clu iia" Wi ff itsindiviJiil.i'-ni!eif.
trTA "iticiii- Oa..JiJ4.eThlTC. Do!-
CaJcria:Miienu -nl Willi, tlje
ntu.ber uVlKrtiu;.. when hauJeJ u,j w
,U d uulil ordered V'U . !'j'''
- duiJoiiJ.'yi
.ii'MniJ cui tc iitstrfcJ gra-
tr-f 4,lvrai-eiiieiiis ct
iL V Jrf.3e:neMU -l l'iel M.'J.Cint
iu.erieJ n TZiirly Dollar per Vol-
xrr Vc:tr.
d.mt.on fS"eW Ty ;e -in h.. reasohaU
Terns'iiL any Ouii-e m.TeiiHrse. . J
t r"Vi l;iirr wii! d cirntii'
"nil arrt'ar.ig'-s arc pari. u,.
f,(iio7i uj the I'uhlisheJS
. . . The Devil's Hollow:
An Iucideut of Ueiil Lire,
Iii tlic ; town of Cutsldll, on the tim
'son linmeaiaiuy iur
I ." 1 r ' i 4 i:
anu was cioseicu wiui 1
Hudson River, thero, ihvelt, some
i r
(idencc, and usually cmpl
thnt? iMicate matters which somo-jwu-
ncss, and
than-! he
1 i
Kinds, Mally
-except ut tht
in which the honest)
Mansell might raliieU
Mason had a nick1, who he Icing ajiw
bachelor, lived with him in the ca-;clo
pacityiof housekeeper. She was a
lively, sensitive and clever girl very
pretty, if not positively handsome:
tSm had the grace of a sylph and
the sten of .a iawn. .1 It was
1 Pt
: Mansejl, -however, -soon recovered
himself a,nd told
le was it
Van Buren,
imllor along
n'acitatcd by ; overhear
anif ty 1 which intended
attending to own. -
;Nay,T. was the
hcj stranger that
ill! became him to
conversation that was not
for other ears than'. their
rejoinder, "be not
Ii . me: "perhaps you may
Mansell, 'utterly inc;
tt nmf.i- f hp. ' tho oYerwlielmiiiir ca
1 i r- 1 v ti:ii. uru. 1111 miLviiiv 1 v .w
name ol, 31ason. lie was in .consul- mm wmu Uv-r 0
rmmriro .,nd lAt Uxo clerks his Qutics,. was walking, ignorant ot ,
-. 1 ...I,,:.;., ,,.JA'a r-n. Af.-iion's 'return, when Kate came, or angry .wi
111 "' U!,u '.r; j flfllJ ' 1, i,;v ,T ox-nve rcafeou to moice in my pres
il:Ul:t ii co I being in possession of
dinosition Van Buren was- coU, you; and innocent though 1 know jm my pewer to aUev ate it. 1-ime
1n;;:... " ; ! ' UU-nn .v, ti,nf. Hond in human iorm 'assisted men in much greater
close, auu bOHiuuHw suii.ii 111 7 -.. . ,,
but in business, shrewd,' ac five and j VaA Buren, has worn d suen a, iseuia fea
' . ii ' i;!.: ....i. ..k i,.w'l Ari 'tlMit T flrC.'iil t in worst. Ijdwalk
S l is Juties was of aayer I h ve not time to eiph.iu: fly. j tcuce, nJr 1 k tone in ich ; it w,.
temperament; open as the daygeti- stautly, and meet me-nghttall,; m,i
erous, co.afiHuS and tnje. ! . the Devil s Hollow, when j" I will cx- (
Mason, without being absolutely I plain an.
.lUlmnnsh wiis what is called ii keen! Mansell scarcely
lawyer,1 his practice "being spmewhat j did, rushed out of tj
- . it
vonte-more mtinriteiyjiii ms con- . "'r - . " LX JM Y,A, ,,ntH vkn
.1 T.i !tl-Tlrlt in thf IVI' meaill UUi, Uti-:miuuuui! in a oum, r-
I 1 1 1
Edwaid did not like the last scn-
it nidittall, in i uttered; but he sard,'"! see not bow
vou can help; me; you cannot give
mr n " rliSn hv : ' whicil I Can liud the
' .L - :i..rii:!i.v . : .i . "
RfcW Wiult- lit; j uu.. -j I . ; - j. . ; ,
irarUCu auu ;.. jLcWj iiciuwii wuh '4UV;U
or ihd he ston: other as he held .lortti. about, tnr
tne:snarpe,i; ana as tuo,. u.-; ,Vr ,!(if . n VlirJ 0 ,stron!r - -f Hcre is
,A iw Mpr :. ;UI lrfll'lMl. ilSSilll- i "11 IW luyim-wui-n P"-!v 7 ; . . i . I- : . ,
? .... .-"-w - , i ,!...-,,.: - ... rpiw..,-' fr I ,W rn n ho llWllt t1 llOint CK-
tohis own,hewasa great la-;iiqqaiiKsoi u mp. - -iirr' Ilu lir M,
box; attach one end of t
in ' 1 sit'iiCHi in inu ui'ii uiwiiv i'k " i i.r; o
... vv r ' 1 . . t i.-- r. , i
. fAniKol nf 1 -.?. (1 :ir Kate. Uutitmd H'.q
W v . I - I I I . . . " 1 h
: ,1 1 , . T 1.. 1 in .T hAY M Iii I ' I llf ill IKT 111 it r I I J Li Li LU1H.
nyi.nf 10 iiti oiif.rnnv s s - 1.1 u 5ii w 1 c uir.vni -w 1 ir-
wmya uaui ii "V, " . 1 .. . ,V ' 1 ... i.:i 1 1 -.,4,. rt ,-f "
.w....- . - i .!.. ...!. , 1 Sl
irrived at a thick grove, in tne
nitv of the Dovirn Upllow, where
" - . L
:iv cnnmlr-tclv lid, tllltll
k. , w . . .
ed niton him.
Ie't!on "approached a dark open-
in which there was a deep hollow,
wllch had acquired ;l celebrity irom
;fdll:lV!ii.r l)f(Ml the SCGllC Ot il 111111-
btlicveil himself to
"The devii!" said Mansell;;
1 1
e reaiiv
in the presence of the Evil One,
that! the; word was merely expressive
ot syiTinse, we know not. ,i
The ktrauger took1 the eompTime
anil Acknowledging l it with n
from prosecuting, quitted the town
in merited -disgrace. The sLranger
proved to he a gentleman ot large
landed property in the iieighborhDod,
which he had now visited for the iirst
time in many years, and having been
interested in the .young paii whom
he had so opportunely delivered lrom
tribulation, ;he subsequent tf appoint
ed Mansell liis man of business, and
thus laid the foundation , of his pros
peritv." It ;is almost needless to add,
that 'Kate, Who had so long shared
his heart, becainc,his wife, and shared
his good fortune! - j j
Consult th
Itichards'on, the celebrated author
and printer even in the latter. days
of his life,! entertained the greatest
confidence in the literary taste and
judgment of his female llieuds. Nor
was this confidence couiined to ladies
of mature age, inasmuch as he often!
i r-,-.l,-.f ml row 'rMinr riniviiiiv; tn U'lirm'1'!
I l'luhnnont bo' in a manner submitted
his literary: productions uclore trust
ing them to the'criticisni of his rivals
and cotemporalies. We have, all
doybtle'ss heard the story related of
Dean Swift, who, having io other
eould re.id his:.1
ths JVushoiUe Aurican.(
Gen. Franklin Fierce, j
Frvvklis PiEECE, tho . nominee of
the Democmtic National Convention
for' President of the Uni ed States,
wiis-born in J the town of HrUsboro,
New Hampshire, in 1S04, and is now
fhrtv-scYeu vears of age. h Ho; is ol
vn!:.tim:irv stock.- as will be ! seen
Pierced both nf whom
so much distinction in the war ot
IS 12 and; the- Litter of whom recent
ly deceased at the city -of Washing
ton, both belonged, when they were
young men, to the militia regiment
commanded by 'the : father of the
democratic nominee; and it - isaid
that sevetal other;, valu;-.ble otlicers
wha have - ilistinguished themselves,
have been -proud to dLkre that they
nvvMvwT tht-ir first' lssiioni of mUitii-
revoiationary - 7"" firv discipline from Geh. Benj. Tierce,
by the following sketch o the Lb j.; 0niUIr5ugh. 1
his latlier. - . . ; " i;i v,-, 17S0 tn IS!)- h'o was n rep-
Hfn-jamix i Pierce, the hither oi - .1? Tr
Picrc., ton. fet Ctata?- -
Ion , a t9V, u near i.ov.eii, .
setts, in 1757; and, as he -was tne
son! of a farm vr, his early : litl' was de
voted to Agriculture.: lie w.is de
scended from a respectable Irish t.m
ily, who - originally emigrated irem
Londonderry, Ireland,1 and settled m
Now WUiderrV, hi New Hamp
shire1. On the memorable 19th of.
April, 1775 the revolutionary com
mitted .of Bostou sent out coui.er,
was first elected uiembe .ol the
Governor', council, where he coh
tmucd.six! yeari, five of which wej
p:iskd.in iliec'ouiicil f fthe cvlebri
le'J Governor Joh;i Landon. It -w.isa
ftenda-ds Shorifr of Hillsborough
county. Itehitive to his kind JiearJj
edncss i:i the discharge of the'daties
of this offiea m:iny anecdojes a.rj rej
iated. Ve mention but" one. In
ithos; diyK the Ijw titrated, mi-
tile door of! l'nsomnentv i.r. u.-o:. v.i t-.u,i. j
in every direction, and one Of these f
niesseners came up to l.
thn f irm house, while young
-I. . v I,.-11.tTfi"'ll . 111 ll.J l - i
pioiug ia iu? ... r,. j , iLev&laiioiLirv
.hen only cig ucen - Uris6ners-:co:iiik-.l for d.ht titi-ee old
.lowing in ins lauiersiieiu, uuu tu.-, ,
Pierce, the elder, found sm.irk tin?
The" tin box of ; winch . VouJ
A. Seaside (ala.
'lUt inoning air wus pure anJ caot-q
Asle-p;ilij siivcr b:yi ;
r.ucli c-l-jk-l " 'nit' shining sands
la sk'ik- n-fl'-'Clcd .lay.
The piaiJi chilli in !rrav j -
Wi-ru !i!aw'H np hy the sea; .J .
Their l4'Js ihronn hack wiih lufty p-hi
i r J
Tl.! aiiK ih.iijihi!i'i od the Ivift
In W:fUnI "I" love-r- .
.And, liMcnii.g (t-nn ahovc!
Th5 herds of .cjo.ids wrrc lyirg d.w
ling winds w-rs g.'iu -,
... .,rv k w.is lR-:irJ'i.' inure
Tl, . l.i,,,.
Thj wcaiy ch ise ra Join.
D d;N
.mihrosial: cotisciousn;sa
der some years 'beloi, and iience
nn ol-.ioct of sundrslitious awe lb
irmers of the vijcinitv, that he -j will lind that 1 Have
men livin- under the samel root and wte ; considered a po.i man u " . ,J
.,!.. .ri u wJim ,.n.,tnr l -,wJ fi (r r'htf ill. i Mansell hCMtatcd
bv no means a mauer oi. uaLuuiau-. v Vd i "i t- - i i'"
.1..., '.a. iirtJi,.if tK,,n s'!Vnl.l Ti is doubtless. had i lfhieneed - Kaieii ceom
uiyiit iiiiti j.ic ui "v-"""v: i . : . . . .! j , .i-r. .l
1 ,,f in hnr C UVM lit SIKlil. :i HUC ,Ul '
.i ..i:..,.-.t,!- .. triAcjinfrpj ii:i-! - . . .j
manuscript , was in the habit of 0 -cory to be at once ma, e a geu,r, j,,
ing his fern de servant, and though t ,,tb news ofthU Al no n a- b .
it, she docs not appear (o have been a . r r . wMcll thetrbger 5 r::'.
W, woman ol cducatiiJi,.yet i,e caretuiiv!. . ;,;,,;,...,., 4 a ..m-L.ini.' and,1-1--1 uv-4 vw-'t" 1
I . ' . . I v S I : ; I : I i lliojlv.i1- a .w l w 7 t . . i . t j; i
watched her. countenance: while he !. .,. , .v.-;; v.vil ! oa in-'1 P J'-'11". . .
"--'- i t - T.'t ii i ii..::iii-.i:ii;i;.uji..vk""--"i -w . i f
... In I m, e.inii'St l
oi it i.iuu. -
have tben accused cS stealing, is at .read io hcrj and in that way, discov-i;iI1 ; jibitants
or tne siicp.,'SiU:i
which arose about tho close ii Mr.
I natural that such a maiden should be w:jb. a
(au! -object of interest to two young tb; f
,- 1 il - :. L .;.,.l n-lo i
fall in love with her; an-.
i V . - ..... n i t till t.lVy j.,.11...- I 1
tt, 4..ir.! 4 m rivor '1IH Vftll nrm 4 10 nvilh-ll) A f O fit . hlS SPmiOnrf i tl kU.U! ..ml;
llli: IllllXtifll. lJl Llli LAtV., bllV ,'ivt.-.v.....wV- r - i ", L'l,.lfl,k I... I!. Ill' IMIlLJi'i'b I llil l - i . . L . .1
..v , - . . i T llll Ill.'IltTll.i. ,'iu .v...r- " 1 j ,r 7. 1 - I..,-.. .11 1 . . .
-: . . . - . ! i ' 1 , . . ! . . 1 ... " f . .1.1 !... ;n in !IN 1:15 III. I ll.J . 1 'I " J
ana on e -1 shouldering his musket, proceeded on , -, .j. jUs'. as Ldl
! SUUinuiCU 10 lUf ii Ui.MUii inu juu-
.uiro's U'Wn sici p
A,m:S''4.'1s. "1 s" stcrti f S Drtith.':
. And tin ro priU.ui.d than. Sleep!
T was jir.isic tnsno, a no luigt,'. .-..-
II . ;
1 I
A quivt, cropping pp.-n
without fjrg'.-tU'.lm-s!
U l. isr.i
I'bJ DrcaEiug, Ltve, of Thee..
Til stars are shining brightlx'
in iho.l.hi.; vtiU above,
Add spirit? bivaihing lightly. I
Are whispering lalt-s of lovt-.
itar Hie lonvs ji tin-
A jovoiis .iiiflridy;
Tl Ji I h-ed not;!n.-ir irsiistc :
I'm breaming, love, of ihceJ ;
and to the annoy-'announced thenpprdaeh ot"
who would have ' being whom be ielt
.vli -..1
grin oi uiis rivai,
ance of Mason,
been pleased to fmd Van Buren -the j
favorite suitor. However, -Mansell'
tho i-bnsmi lover, and Mason
. i : .1 , i . ' 1. - L ilL.,
them did. But, as the y$ung l.uly imping, ina.mucu uu.l-v
t. k!w coil.!d not re-1 secure from interrupjliOM.
tjin the love of cachl Its is scarce-! jMansell returnedahl 1 1 gereu on
U necessary to say, that iii makinglthb skirts of the grove, dutih he;
hit selection, the choice fell upon j sound of 'a light Mst on the
Edward Munsell, greatly to the cha-j graveled patn wiucn acuj toj
would bej sis whin' lie last saw
;e was
meet lor-dhc last ; tune;
girl could not spea
they met, but bowin
is : shoulder, burst
could not alter the case by Jirguui!
,mr wn. ho. illsnosed to send awaV his "IpassionUtc tears.
rl J,
) til
the place,
the loved
about to
jrd wheiyi
tanied the stra
... i
a tew minn es
no; longer, but j He: We know political as well as liv
- . 1 . . . I ... f , , i 1 .
lget to,tne spot, j erary editors wno nave long oecn in
the1 box, sealed tbe practie
it, was again in articles to
ce of reading their leading
their wives, relying in a
his possession. . lid looked from the j. groat measure upon their'advice and
I , X
fireasulro to the stranger ana at iai
said, ' I owe you more tlian a life, for
, ? 1 : .1' 1 l' . i .r
m regaining mi., lunii iciutu uy.
good namer
traduced. .
i i i i . ii..
winca; lias ucen louiiy
into a j flood of
V degrees she
and then do
t r
WUS proceeding lowaxua
when the other cried: '
oi, vou!iT gentleman! not quite
judgment. And our own observa
tion will bear lis out in saying that
we have scarcely ever known a lady
who was not competent U give sound
opiuions onj'all such matter?, and to
seems to renusre a ms-
IW fmvMids ' Lexiuirtou,' wncre ne ... j , ,. . . i. .. . j,
Iroun.l. on 'tis arrival, ttat tho i ir : "J- s.f.l.,r ,L
nrncd to Boston, and enlisted as;1;. , 1 ..n!.!,,..,,,
n . ,. . . : ' piL - , lUani-j 101 ills UWC UH:i VI i.ui.n kj.iu:
a private soldier m the f(in 150S, supported Gen.. Jackson
Kevolution; was assigned- o not .g with him in Political
giment commanded by Ul Lroo. . - bllthro h t Mr.
in the battle of Banker 1 Hdl, wmeh ; lV -.1. . ?. i .:i,. ,.i l
give wiiieip
i i - .t . j . i A r'
so fasll; just fasfen'your cord to it, t upon the refined and dehc;
replace' it where you'! found it, jments and jinstincts which
riu please." jEdward started, : be the natural endowment
niece, who' was in soihe measure j cs-f became more calm. ;nd then de-J
sential to his domestic "comfort; imd-tailed to him a conversation she had p
moreover, he loved her us much1 as,.; overhcord between van Buren and c
if yki ileasc
jut t
io bre'2- is ofily sighing
As ii fans iny c-'.ietk a:id brow;
Aii.l the llo'.vrrs aro r-p')ing '
ln fitiriinsso rich tind IWr;
ijiiear-the brooklets murmur, -
In. to ik'S tf fairy g'tc; , , -u
l heed ui tht-ir sw'.-ci msnic
I'nidivuti)ing, h'Vf, oi". iln-e,
;n)nrvirus !uv dccasionallv ! eh-! most formid
joved, more than compensation Ibr ! ihg of; a considenib
the annoyance to which they web : in Mansell s trunk.
thus necessarily exposed.
e sum oi specie
Knowing - that
j he could not:; satisfactorily account
in pi
tir.n. M Coil
ccrnmeut ytncii docs not ;deponu ' followed the fortune oi his regim
nmcn untMi a renneu .cuueauou fi , f- wf :t ... s ..-dlx into ac
i ii . l-il. C T,... f,U,.r-;
occurred oniuciiu. u.uuuv., y. ,confitIence i;l
imr, 1 icrco! took a part, audi lromd . . ... l,r:llv,. ri.
that tine to the , close of the Ilevola-; t ' " - - ' S " ' .
.:.....! t.nwrni'n -"-J i-" T
illlU'.-u ia , : . :.i.i. .,, t., .,,,, I f,
rimout fJ- tcruj. r j.w ttci, i?.i n'""-"
"S ! Geh. JaCkson'in ' "ew Ibtmpsiiire i
ie stranger continued; "Werp ECx. It is a common
had ! vou co take tha.t hbx b
ck to your gome iiien!, when they des
ver, think you tjhijit you would jC!,pe l had bargain, that tl
1 ,L.,k i. ., ni r...r on him than ' ein l-nnin nini fnnlllr. innr
l,o -inY'iP" . - her -urn-and gainireu inence- mai m. r r . iT V A x. 7 V 7
he hned anv ... i.B. . . . , , v , r . T . , con. thc'cLnviction, that finding your de- Our behel is, that fewer ba.
Matters went on iji "f - ! - " " iV '! hr.l,....,. r, ;ir HnnnU.v rli-nvcred. vou wish to se- would be made: and that I
lancor being dkpi.cd u pxouaaa j . must not only restore mCstic circles, were .husba
nnb ' iP iir i io ' ih - IlUSllI 1 liCar a joouua; uu occatiuus, Liiai ...iiu ciu,
llklV V - -i.;- i i
le -senti-j
- . i
Hi? tear to!
of her
ing with
re to es-
ehver troh-
o the db-
, i.
ids more
wives on i
sppkb, he took the box from1 Edward, j
who 'now saw bis' meaning, !' fastened; . -
! .. .. i A :.. ' 1 1 .
Aedel-Kadeii A it an
thftdord to it,. and it wds again low-jCCi!ole is related of this L'lltislt ious
. i i . . r. ii i- i nrw ii in l iwi iim iiini in liivj iiii
It happened, at the time w nen w tot. n jl'.'"1 M;, J r ni.r n-hl of thp cord
wards cn-a-ement was1 within a without theeviderJc ol.a- near re a- thecoikon the otheread o t e coid
month of Sion, that1 Mason five who M departed for Europe a was lwimmmg down with the de
i money, as week befJre. and wW address was) -j "Now follow mem silence jb-!anotlier.party,;amo
4 nroo t nuisnnd dollars. 01-Ward,-10 mom um .vv -ivw ,
a lue trunk ot i the tree, wnence
IKA t.Wii' . " , w i- ; .
be conveniently ; disposed of ui
J.J VifTTOi. -TiMr ns UproRD. i
lit, i .iOlKl -"- t I
Tashjonand Boston made pretty last
time iover the Long Island Course
but we think it was slow compared to
the time made' on the Bingam'an, at
Algiers, on Sunday afternoon, by the
crovd when .they' started on n; stam
pede! at the fearful cry of "the grizzly
' bear lias broke loose he has already
- eateii up a woman and two children!''
-One itunv gentleman ,' whose1 -chronic
rViim.itisni required the r 'aid -of
cruiihes lo assist him in his locomo
tion,! after being rolled over j sundry
times in the mud, abandoned the
crutches and made a shute for the
gate! at tiie k'dlmg pace of 2,29. A
coatl tail "sticking out a feet,f ' in the
rhborhoodof the Marine llospi
ibout half an hour afterward
I the I List seen of the rheumat
ic individual, and, for all we know, he
!.r. nmnr vet A. v. 'lruclwa,
IU iHJilllJ l.iiv , ' i. ' . 1 . . ,l I I i j 1
nvhif h iho i greater rortioywits iu sui- oatu ui "b " ..?'. .. ., . , . . l rrt
L . . P ,, .! ? .Ut Ut, ; .UiWiiinto t mn. resolved on i bv the ivsht vi mo moou twe
dcom.. .as tne,in,i. ii. tT; it, .Mj, , uro: arr-roacih. the- water,
If with the looking cautiously around mm
i.'Hl 1 , . ,1 i -J . -I . 1 t
i in nrain his hands. ' '-That is the tiuet, saidjine siran-
UIU i....i,v.. . 1 HI 11- .
had now risen above ecrJin a low voice, in Miwaid s cai..
til (evading
4ko fnihuvino- (l;iv. it was deposited
in a tin box in the iron safe, -the, laey
ntovjivs in the custddvl
Ul 19 1 IVU 11. ..... - r k ..... -t il 1
of Mau'selL boon alter ne.receieu inu m wun.. wup, r'-i--
charge, Van Buren quitted the ofliec land warned the Uvers that it. was
he could
proofs of!
The moon ;
for it short time, andinthe'inte
an application from a client reiidered
it necessary for.. Mansell; to go un to
the Court House. Having dispatched
his business at the hall, he returned
with all expedition, and in due - jtimel
he took the key ol .his sale to depos
it thereiu, as Usual, po vaiuamq
nprs of the office over night w
i . . . ... i --..' i- .i:.l,...
to his inconceivable norror, iiu uioiut
cred that the treasure was' gone!
lie rushed down stairs, and m act
ing Van Buren,; communicated the
unfortunate circumstance: He, in
turn, expressed his astomshmentm
kroner orms. and . indeed exhib ted
l.:.l yC cvmnn hv. in his brother
a luijt i"i . , .
isfortune. Every search
made about the premises, and ii fo'r;
mationwas given the nearest magis
trate: but as Mason was irom hempj
and would not retum Hill tho iiiext
day, little else could be done.
nnsftd a nirht of intense
the feelings- of liate
mnfo -' unviable C v Mason . returned
""i-" .. .' " .. .. -Ji.i
sonie hours earlier than was espuuit
imftime to separate.
"And now, deai'est said he, "1
leave you with the j brand of thief
oDon my' fair "namcLto be hunted like
a beast of prey fro in one hiding place
to another,
with me the
Arabian chit f, who, to tl
dis-racc of franco, is st
oner of state at Auiboipe.
lately cmp'niyed a competr
to cive his lour tliihlrcii
wri'iimr. J The leacher liik
in t!u; most exemplary
treating iis liltlo pupils tv
most 'kindness
bc ini: vc v
c'rati'fulj betho
tion, and attracling the no
the commendations of his
superior officers his gallantry and! j
. i ,i.l..t t..r iv1..?ia- mTi(i lie i i
I for
lice ! "Ft .fAt!.ieT:vr,t, ckel r.,
r: , i ceav eu out m. iinui ..tiv .- i
ills i 1 . I - , , , . . r .
wn niter the eiccjou oi Mr.
good conduct, l.y rliich moa he J i;l ilioa to t!l,
.m-uTmmIIv "ris to the command ct a, f , ,. .....
must.!0'" - : i 4,,..f .4 .ho .Iklvindin-'erai iU0Ciriea oi ti n ."""o:
: of the llevoiutionary Armf, w 1 , t ! . .L , r ... t.,..,
he held the rank of Upta a 1 h. incrcc wo3 one of the bad-
luad,rs otith, revlu nd been J . b,, it m,
driven, byjnccity, to the pa.p .. cuH St,lte Cr,
ol paper money; and in that uru,-, , . ,
i . x- . i . . : ... v . . m v - w - - - - "
i rr otntMn v 1 1 i 1 1 :t:i.i Li il ' n-v w-i"
1,1111... lt u ' j
i .In- !;x.v i iv!i sirnfins
. i n ittt.- i u i v,ti ; . ....
J i
'election in 182D, however, Benjuniiu
v..v, - ; , i-irise wus nominated as mo.
i i i f..v - : ... i .liiAn irt ti - r i t
line sunerei auu - nLn,r,.v.t fr 1 ,.t- .,n,
' tnrr.fnrn to- his native lw;ige, pc-l , ; . . I . . " . i . .
. . f- , -r, ;.i sue l was ii s greai p::r.-unax ijfui.n .-
! found the contmental money whien. f , L v,,nt!vl 4,L..
f. et(r ho had reefed from Congr so lar. v I.- p cc,o j liud ak
II a pns- n,,Wiated. that the whole amounf:M: ..V ...... ,i i. : . .'i t,..
Ifr-H- V- - .. ...... 41,., .fl.ik 11 u expu;uiu:.,ui no
" ;:il HIS iMscbi-ion, t" ...i v, r. - - ,. ...,, i;,..i,l f,.; in r.,,1," M .
11 PC,S; for ei-ht years el service, p id, J ;
'H 1 ll0t suflif,for the furchas. of a.iarm. er
''sta;IIc,vasoli,gwl,hkemany otu.-rOf- .,.,njumiu Picr,, vias an uu-
ii.ane. ijficcreoftlcKtYOiuU?n, o go iiyo , : khvl hcarletl
ih Lieut- Lhe Wiiacrness, where lands weie - crn,, , ;:imlirv ,
Tiie. brave lather ,Liinn i,,;,, the- culUvattoiiioi .r: .. . .. i .
,hrt,r i.m. u , Vi 1 i rt 'ii,o'MM Kevoivitioii, was lur many year, biiti-
ngiU hint ... 1,1 ..p i j Tic removed to lue o.ate . ,v.n , i , i r
, iW-l-l,1- aV.-mJ , x.L '..Jill ol Hillsborough county, and fma.-
T i,w- h in. last-uienti tnrow
-. ... j . w. T
f into the river, and when ho
beinjr, and t
T tonk the libcrtv. of rais- r
it-' I unvj - t i s r ; A
iuir it Up: when, expecting that he-r
would return and remove his booty, ;L
J ' . .I Till
f.,r.4 T inotVOU 111 the liOilOW
Bv this- time the man had. reached
T. . - . . . ' tr i
rivers brink, 'and
time through
after groping
he water, he
found the box, biifc started back JcnotI4 in, lhe name of Allah,
.' I 1 . rtr-iVil
astonishment on seeing a mug w
4tthched to it.' His back was turneu
U Win w tHesses oi the transaction,
hat Edward and tne siraugei i.
from behind a soli I
in the Hollow, a till! figure wra
in an ample cloak walked towards
them. -: The place,! as we liav.e.before
said, had an evil iJeputation; and al
though Edward and his companion
were of course frefe-from, the super
slitious fearswhicji characterized the
country people, - ah lindefinable feel
ifg stole over thijma they : gazed
oh the tall form before him. v
of Van Buren,
Li ntec: when asj the moonbeam fell
orj thence of the cuiprir, mey iv
edgriizpd the features
his fellow-clerk. ,
I ; Our - limits w 11 not nPdw of our
Lling more, "than that'Wansell s
pliara$ter was cleared, while Van Bu
ren, whom Mason, for reasons Con-
filled to -lus . own Dosonij wuaiuiu
ttislird t be dcrt inoninn?-. and ber
. . .!..... ...,:..;,.i..;,.l,:c11fr i'
atin.'hi a'com icons manner, thai
He ivou il stiH have four wives hit
I rrjplaced'it; and, had, been unsuc
desi fully watching the place just le-
Eut oh, .' Kate, 1 hear
blest iissurance that one
at being1 the best loved
len of my heart, knois ma to be . mno-
cent; and that thought snail- connort
ir.e. : - . i
.'."A remarkably pretty speech, and
well' delivered!11 exclaimed a voice
-.i.IaU i.cj.rl 4lm -on)!ifid n;nr in
start! and iurn thJir!eyes: in the di- j go him securely by the collar before) f an pocar.yir.g him eff from
rection whence it proceeded, when ! he could maue atjauempt w r- t!)e duels presence, ami -.pi ouuu-
ary tree that greVtTIie surprise ot Hansen auu a..
ni; v brmare. easily coucuivcu i.u
. - i . . t : l l6 .. i i I ij i in vji nine
lau,n?tl.e;iea iue; to,. (JoV,rn.r. His soci I
.1-1 .r l.e net,. nit, Hiil filler -i I.. -C 1 1. ,!K,rAi1irh fM ll'.J
I lli.ll IV vi..ira. irnui-,......, nnil COUIUV 01 liiiiJv"0 7 il. ! ." ,...,...1 ,.,,.. , ..i.i
t . lll. I . CI UUltU ilil'l lii.l3Unil ivmiuiin x.t...
n ut u cVsu--' . Vr w ; .g jnaue a wc. u6, , the fondaiion of his son' s fortunes."
nii.(f his five Arabian uh?- lhe r,i in h.-il, hdion. l-jlhn the trees , . . ... ,
. i . - i.i i . i - , k i r,-' vi nai a iuuuu uii.u.n-Ltx u in.
''T" J,'"' Sl-'TI .' : ,J "ilh Ws d K"5 Ua.r ,Us.y it IT.U to the
Kn a i iiui ut; i"txiu; ii."" s;is enancc v.un inn ti"' .'v 1 1 '.., .. ..r,.i.r,.,M,i .....
' . i : I , l i , , ii- I .. .. MO",llll'TK Ol Hit? .1 Ul Ul'l icwiuiw..
that the European kon f-i;,; Hankhn Pierce, -tiaSj r flmfmr . tu ;nftI1 fit
I x I 1 . .I....! 1 - i . ma 1 X r i. . . . i .T'JIAIlt f I IUV ' tw
ii i i.; . r , hmi:.i.k :m'i i i i i i, . wi ii 'it i I ii it . j
! I . . 1
1 1 - . . I I. I . ' ..... t . .
hoUilili mai tne uruuc
mr.clM'! 1 . i 1 i . n.T.i !;. .1 nC I T.o
"7 moved to voncoru, uuc . Iw.c. 1lllf v iPfl,.nPli n !r.
Sate, where he now rc.. . ; h ofl mtrioti,m, better than any
"ftr ' .I tnn'dstrflierein. . The New York Her-
r a poor prisourr. I ne niaiui
nded, and the writing master was
cscued from this ludicrous dilem-
1 ia bv his "wife lhe original Euro-
r ,-i i ,. 1 1.:1
in t ie auiuiiin
.Tr.im Sullivan." who Was thdn
TJ V X X A ' "
t.. rald savs' -that uunnz one 01 rrani.
ernor ol Han ps m e, a -- 3 coll,gc vrcation.s, he was at
grandson, John bu hi. in, w Uhe olA hometead ia . Hillsborough
torney General of hat fc . i to , ctcr- , the popol:ir. cllkf m:,gi,-
.1 ti,A' -liniii 1 1 iii 1 111: ;
iu!T him from ever' rtturniri;
ir iiiorrv
few dars 'ago, a paper was liand-
d through lhe VO. House of Krp-
esentattves, lor the mcmoeis w
lesignate the lime of adjournment,
ind a maioritv fixed. the I5th of Ai
tust. !. We: presume that "ill be
he day. . '
county of Iliil.-horough into a bri-
trute of the State, Ids f ither, was en-
1: in preparing. his annual mcs-
, - " - , . r tlf r:t v.ou gagedi m preparing, nis annua 1 liit--gade,
and having o.gao Ben j o I of thc gtnte.
Pierce,, nimiioned htm . Ik o ,,tn4CS in :l strong,
g:ule mnjor, and he. Wig ft V Ocran fc erlin.itt,irt!i of inhonl pat-
sohher 1T701tt-!viotism, (wliichluiCs extended sen.e
saryl stops lor the pe feet .n rz. . v country'
-1 1 t - . ' 1 . , f -t . r. 1 I ni. ! u t xv f v v..v -
jnts. ; He
years, in
he continued for twenty-one (years
in flic militia, leaving it finally in
the station' of- brigadier gencjral.
Gen.i Miller and Gea. John McNiel
( who! WW a son-in-law; of iBcrvjnmiu
tioinmd discipline 01 tuu iwi.me- . . . .. ,f. cnw,trv
' 1 1 i ir,fiir W-rvr.1 ' government ns well tts.ot te cou.ui
g,mnts. 1 He had already semd p , ( revolution
eight years, m the regular army, and i-cn,; watta i
:irv vf-frr.-in.
There 'was a word b be spelled.
It was a bar! word. It was no less
a word than the word Mont.
(C.lnt;nud on the Fourth Pajc)
..... i '
! !
I ,1
i i
- r I
i - -

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