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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, October 28, 1852, Image 1

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: ' ' i r '! 4 U- " ! Hi '!! ! ; : ' ! " ; , . : . : - 1 , - ! : j , I . ' , . I, "
KEKKY & WALLACE, j j Let all the ed ,thou iiinrst at be lliy Couiitry'o, thy God' i, nnd Truth's." ! V PlBMSlirilS A l'I oriUL';.i:.
101.. & : l:i N II i t ! "j -I ii -'AlYBTTbFiiJLB . 1 TBNNTTII-ffiSDAlr. '-OCWiM 28, ! 1852. ' " i ; 1 ' f ' . " . M). 10. .' 1
' i '' j ' 1 I" ' 1 -' " " j J I'll' j- " j i
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-:i i
it J
ii -?
5 1-
1 1
i 1
J Two Ilars (or lone Yeai if paid ai
tlie tinii ot siSrfipiion: Two Dollars
Fiflv Cent?, without iievi
rpr th eiratioo of Thr-e Monihs.
inrPfVU IJiU' for Adrertisements,
V uric 4r Subscription, considered
wii-n c pirai-ted.ercepl agains; tho8 with
oi welnve Il'inning Accounts
i'.ZJliXo lJer ytrill be sent out ol
i m'.y . ii es iaJ forin advance
.lv.f:i.Moenis inserted at One )ol-
. J 1 t r 'ru-oiro .$.
., fr tlie First luseruon; FlUy
i vni.h coutinuajuce.
Perso!n-t a'v'rtisina by llie;Year,
hebbar?iJ I Jiirty collars tor a wno-e
Ciilonin. Tivuiiy Dollar for one half.
'ifn f M:irs fin nne-quarier. dell
fro'm thtse Ttrmt tmJer any eireum
slake: - I ' I !
IdpTlie privilege nf Vea-I) AJyenisera is
sirxtl'i llinieit to their own immediate and
lfl:t!tr UitKincst; and I he Business of an
AdTeriisii Firm is not ! considered as m
ru kin thai of i'i iii.Ii vniual inembets.
tpAnniiulil-Jn? Candidates, ThI'ee Dol
lars to be paid i t Jldeuitce in iucri Case
C3 il verii uienis nijt uiarked jwiili the
iiunkiier oi Itiserii.nis wlifti bunded in, wil
h-t cttirfianed ntililordered out and payment
exacted. ' - " i j !
JC7.V .i ll-trlisciiienl cai be inserted gra
tuitously. : j "'.
trJ"Ad erUe.meii'.- of a ;I'-Moial Nature
incariibhi iclnirirtd IJunblt Price;
e:ii'.'iis of raientj
Thirty Dollaiii per Col'
The Runaway Mjjtch
A great many years s nce,! when
bnsrnt-eved ana lair-haixea lasses
were edtso plenty ji in New England
rs they; are' iiovv, ther d veltj in the
town of F- pretty "village, dis
tant, then, some five arid twenty
rmloa fmm mnrVpf. trtwYi. n rtiftfinlinr.
comely ! and gra'ceful" miraen; f who
had a neculiar uclv ancfcross!
A. W W ,
ed but wealthy old father.
Minnie was D infarth's only
and report said :that sh would
sole legatee, j The1 -old mkn
sturdv farmer, and was estima
be worth full ten thousand dollars;
be his
iwas a
ed to
inseried a tj
urn n, prr Ve;ir.
5tPJo Vorli, of am. j Kiudir fealty
doue.au .NiV Type, nndii.n ijs reasonable
Terms 'as :uv Oilice. in Tenneisi.ee.
Cr I'a jM'r will be discontinued umil
all arr.'ara-s are paid ;uj except at the
option of ttt Publishers j
W.f shall tat
t;t no tnoiij iu ihe silent nisht.
IIU.I liopi's wlnth were rising
lasi away;
Wo slia'.l im-ei no more by d;iy; briglit
11m (Ireau!
And vain wti jvisli' tli.it n lime may come,
When ihcj',iiiiSof tlint mystic chain.
"Which bouniJ me to life, and ihee, mid home,
' Shall bu wvtn so sirong ag-iin.
. . . i , .
Tlis trt-e ny wave in the slms-Jt an1
And lar.gt;(d flowers may Snngj
Sweetly, ns when we hoi!) were there,
And love Wns a ji.yiius thing; J ,
Dm our notes: shall never again bi; jheard.
In the? tnuist nin! luntlj woods, j
Nor our sicusutl cveninj! siail thu b'ird
j i !:''
From her mist in their so!iiulcS.
Thcrasof the monnlii founis may: weave,
Their 'gossltnivr-woof of sound, i .
And ilie quieistais iook dowji av eve
On thj silont and sleeping ground;
tiiiiwu by their light f-luill never roam
Again, to iho silvery streams, i
I'or the bosoms where Romanpo I ad a home,
Are dead like her sunny droams. ;
r ' I 1 ' : i ' : !
' 1 I - l
'Ve fhalUingT no more by t!e g irdun wall,
Whcrd; melody us d to miet, j- ,
And never again will my fousste s fall
On thq path to thy sh:cded sea;; j
For clouds have siromled theirafk of love,
i .... j
As tli?y! curiam tiui bitio olj ev
And welnuiM aii. till we room
In thuYh gain ii.ois r.f Heaveil
at that period !a;
fortune to b'e stireJ
The sparkling eyes and; winning
manners ol iumnie uanirin nau
Stirred up the finer feelings of the
whole male population of the village,
and her suitors jvere numerous; but
her father was particular, and none
succeeded in miking head way withj
him, or her. ! j
In the meantime.Minnie had a true
and loyal lovei4, in secret. ! Who
would have supposed that such a
fellow woialddare to look upon beau
ty and cornporatrvej refinement? His
namd was Walker, or as he was gen
erally called, 'Joe,'- Joe Walker, and
he was simply a farmer, err.ploye.d by
old Danforth, who liad entrusted Joe
with tlie ijianagement of his place for
two or three years.
. But a ery excellent fanner, and a
right gooa.managerj was this plain,
unassuming but I good looking! Joe
Walker. He was your-g,"Too, being
only 23; and he actually; fell in'love
with the beautiful, and pleasant Min
nie Danfoith, his old employer's bnly
daughter. But the jstnin&cst p:ft of
the occurrence was, that Minnie re
turned his love cnWstlyJ truthfully,
and frankly, and promisedjto wed him
at a favorable moment
- Things went merrily on for a time,
out oia mntortn laiscovieu ceifuiu
glances btween them, which excited
increased, and the old man may like
ltji or not, as he will!
. 'But' " ;
'But me no buts, Joe, Do ttsI
bid you and go about it at once, and
' !
'You will! stand by-me?'
fYes, to tho last. I know you, Joe.
X ou re a good fellow,
and will make any boi
or husband.' ; i
i 'The old ; man will
thouch.' i : I I .
'Who cares, I say?
Iv but ciuietlvJi .
'To-morrow night, then, said Joe.
Til hire Cplver's horse
'No you shan't.'
N0t? ,:' H,i
'I say no,!take my horse the best
one, young Morgan; he'll take you
details of he elopement, for he saw
how completely he had overshot ihe
a good man,
dy a good son
. be so mad
Go on quick
er fHE Negro. it he.
lowerbrdcrs of the -Brazilians enter-
. . ' .1 ' II ' ' r ..I ,
lam uie.ioiiowmg sitrjruiar bclietJ as;
to the original iurmation ol t he
time of the creation
. i
nvcr j(t Jordan. i On his apprpa
the;1 river''1 Retire. I and he had joi
time to push the black man on; I
wet sand, which! touching the su
of his feet and the palm oljiis hatu
tion of thfc
Females in Enssia.k '
o the enormous; consump-
army, the female popala
tiqii of Rucsia greatly exceeds that
"Soft-he m;:
! value: thd
money uppn the male serfs, counting
! others a;
are1 at a
over and above. We
oss for words to describe,
l overseer.
gro rape:;
Ai tliP
m u ISU - .sis, Ul- f J Ul L .r j T" '
Adam Satbn looked on and tor i;1 iU, "T0 ,S I"
A L. l I I .. .1 -... . i . 'W.iUl UIU
-u iijuii d mi ivin, uui eer umii ue
touchejd be'eame black, anil luf c
trmini rt vc!i nm (v-liitu in t m- v )
, ' wreteiieu
. j brother, sd
J 'daughter.
i death
OC ;
w , . 1
; isuinent, ci
i . .
ttccuuuis km tue wim iiess oi uiete
off in fine stylej in the.
new phaeton.'
spliced come
jolly time we
his suspicion. Very rioon
Joe learned tho old man s
directly, in regHxd !to pis
ininaj in
fill ure
rlisnnsiil nf Minnie's hand, and he
niiinklvsaw the case was a hopeless
one, unless he resorted tajstjatagbm,
and so he set his; wits at once to
work. i i i
By an 'agreement, an apparent: set
tled coldness and distance jWas ob
served- between ihe lov'ets,; towards
each other, for five or si5: months;
and the father saw, (as he believed)
with satisfaction thai his) previpus
suspicions had all been premature
Then, by. an agreement also between
them, Joe absented himself from- the
house at evening; and night after
night for full three months longer,
did Joe disappear as soon as his work
was finished, to return1 home only at
a late bed time, j j
This was unusuaham;
'As soon as you are
right back here, and a
.1)111 ll(i Ui 4 W I'UU 1JUUOC.
'Her father will kill me!' . !
-'Bah! Ilk is a fool1 whoever he
is; he don't koov your good qualities,
as well as I 'do. ! Don't ho afraid, a
faint heart, you know, never won a
fair woman.' ! ;
'The old man will be astounded.'
; 'Never mind go on We'll turn
the laugh on1 him.; I'll take care of
you and your wife at any rate.'
'I'll do it,' said Joe.' I j
: 'You shalljjV said Danforth, and
they parted in! Ihe best spirits'. - i
An hour after dark on the' follow
ing evening, Joe mado his fippejirr
ance, jura nice, new, bhjck su?t, ahd
really; looking very comely. The old
man bustled out to tlie barn with
him to harness young Morgan; to his
new phseton, and leading the spunky
animal himself into the road,; awjiy
went hapy Joe in search of his in
tended, j - j
A few reds, away from the' house,
he found her, according to previous
arrangement; and repairing tox tne
next village, the parson pry quickly
made them one; in holy wedlock. Joe
took his bride, and soon dashed back
to! the town ofP , and halted at
pai Is. In his rage, the devil strut!
e thincs. Tho master
jnoj so oftdn the lord as thjb agent or
C- : i L i j ' t " .
pvno tyrannizes over tne
neople--enslavH his own
Us his sifter, and often his
nto a servitude woke than
se lash, tne universal pun-
stimulant, is not! spared
A French gentleman who
ing through i Russia, :was
his crealur'U the nose, bv v.'liidh
ii of "that organ was !ac-
the flatness
for mercy,
be attached to him, upon which ti
other .somewhat
of his
hand, curl
negro then bcench
no blame cou
t hi- rrv.i i it. ri
pacmeu,. pi us, i -Q ,p.;
II Villi
himjon the ;head and ,bv the het
bef his hair in
. i .. . i .ii
uie way ii is seen at tne prest:
day-. '. :
The D6ou Yaud: -We Idvb
neatness. Our eyes take in a stran
ger s house al a glance. Heave 1
pity the man who has a sloveill
housewife. jjWebhh .may cast he
lavois around him; but dirt n I d'is
...:n : i
in of i n mi , uJitKy ; ins
cheerless adikle. As we
d wellingj
the country,
door yards.
We stop with!
where w kn
An eminen
was travel
t!irpwn intb prison at Moscow, with-
out a shadbw or pretext. JJav alter
. ;day the wf
tors seni i!
e :
etched serfs, whose mas
jem to be flogged by the
; obliging pilice, wer brought: before
ol his dungeon.; to which
n by some irresistible) at-
ome spell of tcnior. he
ltnessed, and the soubds
id such an effect; unon! his
i i i
biiiin that le ' became nearly' idiotic!.
I , ..-'! ....
,vo young girls, inilhntrs,
nty years old, were sent
signts ne v
I he heard, 1
Ohe! dav.t
scarcely tw
b their nit
icy were
writhed a rul
; thl
we look in upon th!
I he door yard is llitt;
programme dt tlie order ot iiHcnta
The clean swept
doiir-sill and ivalk aid the flowers
are no Unmeaning indication, alul
a sense of comfort
w that 'order reigns.1
torn with the rod;. ! They
.. 1.1 o i . Ill V .: " 7
,i ncKeu lor mercy, ai i:from a tree a li:
the bleeding bodies ol was tt,(, firsf R:n nf
1 , 1 - 1 35" "
fry gins, wnoso, sinews
werej laid ejen with each stroke', thd
i rrbiichman
ianof New Or
leans,.; Dr. Cjartwriglif,' has com
municated to
and Sur'gica
i tin!
Taveiii fiix-i cannot be tWe best in
the, world in the territory t Miunc-
. Htu, if the following fromjji recent
traveller j there. Do true. . lie j went
from St.Taul to Prairie du Chien.
We may as well premise tlla't ! Beef
Kiveris a branch ol the' Llirp-peway.
lie says: "The stageman kept our ap
petites to a very fine edge which
indeed were nojt dull before by! tell
ing us that wejshould thai night put
up at the Beef River 'I louse.' Drench
ed and cold, at about nine iijt night,
we rattled ovdr a pole bri.Jge and
drovft tm to tlib hotel. Tile hotel
A. I J.
was the only iljousc within
old Danfotth
was determined to know the cause
of it. f . j j ' ' 'i . '
Joe frankly confessed that he was
in love with a man's daughter, wbo
resided less than three! miles distant;
but aftei a faithful attachment ; be
tween them for several menths the
old man had utterly refused to en-
for the young
tertain his application
girl s hand.
i This was capital
Danforth most desiredj This sat
lied him that he had made a mistake
regard to his own child; and he would
help Joe , to get married,' and thus
t llO'lt . 1 A 1 '
stop an iurtner saspicion at nome.
ust what old
old . Danforth's house, whe was al
ready ! looking ; for theni with open
parms. . ij j
j'ls it done?' crkd the old man.
, fYes yes,' answered Joe.
i fBring her in,' continued the old
fellow in high glee; fnever mind com
pliments,- and no matter about the
dark entry; here, ! here, Joe, to the
right,iu the best parlor,we"ll have a time
now sure!', and the anxious farmer
rushed: away for lights; returning al
most immediately. I
'Here's the certificate, sir,' said
Joe. j
Yes; yes
viind this my! wile, he addeq, as
he passed up his bride the bewitch
ing; and loveJ? Minnie Danforth!
- - 'What!' roartd the old fellow, 'What
did you say, Joe, you vilhan, you
scamp,you audacious cheat,you you,
your-f ! . I '
i 'It s the truth,
married, loui advised me to" tms
course, you- assisted rhe, you planned
the.whole affair; yoir lent me ybur
the Boston Medical
Journal, an article
entnithd "The Sugar House Cure
lor Bronchial!, Dyspeptic, and Con
sumptive Cotnplamts. V It is stated
that alrcsideilcc in a sugar house,
during the rowing season, far sur
passes any other means ol rcstoriilg
flesh,- strengtli, and health, ' lost by
chronic ailments of the chest, throat,
ht o
ougress ONE-THIRD refused to
support u-eu. fccott. In the north,
?nty. years old, were sent the Ji3affijct;on wa3 equally rong)
stress to be flogged and act;ye supporars 0f the whig
party fell off from !cott, like leaves
ird lrost. ibis
from ' f
girls fel
to the (1
Ol W011K
could nc
; lady of the
staje,, and ii
it of sue
hi form'
rom kit;
stronger, th.
could hardlv keep him
A J 1 '.jl tl
mung. lengin. tne s r,ixt tilfi rsl:nra in pt
sed, but not until one of!miI;tarv ftn!I1,:.lsm fl;r fim. S
, bathed in blood.ianddy-Whe' i'jLundy Lane" celebratioiJ
scarcely a respectable meeting
the tricksters who got it up, did
have the brass to even attemp
magmly it into anything. The
and most crushing development,
irth.' Another traveller
caring one .morning the
s ef intehseisufiering froniiia num-
n who were being flojrc:-
t restrain his tea its. The!
iousp, 'finding hini in this
understanding that the
terments could so move
rS 1
i n i ji
leetinjj to
we can
utter (
manitv in tl
and stomach
is the harvest
cut, the juice
veiled! into sugar.
The rnllin "i! r:i;m! ! sian pcipubit I
uheii the cahes arein5 offyoun,
expressed, and 'coii-iroij sets the
In Louisiana ilQ children
commences, about the middle of Otj- !lv
we are lawfully
twenty miles ' ojf the site Where it
f stood; antTit was a mere log hantee.
, It had two apartments only inside1
most ofitsri'oom beinjj outiide, as
wlien he lajjon the flbor wa could,
through thq logs, plainly see. Each
: room was-ecant ton feet square.
, Seventeen of us lodged there one
.night. ' Oh, 'iwfauLhunP i
perhaps go he.gaid
Counterfeit $ notes on tlje State
Bank 6l North Carolina are in cir
I . I . c . . . . I
culation m mat, oiaie.
Larbe Sale of iXegroes. -The
Ilichnwnd (Va.) Examiner .says
that a gentleman near Fredericks-
bur sdd to an Alabama pianier
I 'Yell, Joe is she a! buiom lass?
; 'Yes yes,' said Joe.' VXhatispth-
er folks s;iy so. lpi mot much ol
judge myself.'
I AlJUyOU ItiiB HCli
i 'Yes, sir yes. .
Then marry her,
forth. !
'But I can't the father
'Pooh!' continued! Danfor
him do so, what need jou card? Ran
' 1 1 I .
away witn ner.
'Elope?' ,
'Yes! ; Off with7 vou at I once! If
the cal will ; ioin, all right Marry
hei- here; -voa shall" have the little
.!. ' ' - . . , K t Tll
cottage at the loot ol: the; lane; i ii
1. ' t ' -L-M 1. -
said old Dan-
h, 'let
.onohtiiidrcil negroes for $ $5,000. ; furnish it for you, yoUT w?ges shall be
horse you thought me jast , evens
worthy of any man's child. You en
couracrcd me. vou Dronlised to stand
by me, you Qllered me the cottage at
the foot of the hill' L
'I ! didn't! I !deny it! iYou can't
prove it; you're a a j I
'Calmly now, sir,' continued Joe.
And the entreaties ofj the happy
couple were at once united to quell
the old man 3 ire, and to persuade
him to acknowledge the union.
I The father relented at last. It
$ra3 a job ofj his own "manufacture,
and he saw how: useless it would be,
finally to attempt to destroy it. He
gave it reluctantly; and the fair Min
nie Danforth was overjoyed to be ac
knowledged as Mrs. Joe Walker,
i The marriage proved i joyful one,
and the original assertion of old Dan
forth proved truthful in every re
spect The cunning lqverwas a faith
ful husband, and lived mixiy years to
enioy the nappmess which followed
upon his runaway match! while the
old man never cared much about the
.-it .i
tober, and ends at Christmas but ss pdlicy'dircctly -against the!
is sometimes protracted into .lamia- 'races, 'ihe
ry. Dr. C: says the vapor is moist !Eot 0I1b' &r
lirelv n moved a disti-essinf ronob. ! tion. " W e w
He stood for jhours in the ''sugar-tone who trai
house iiihalingjthc vapor, and drinjc j dancers, som
ally' a" glass of the 'hit; mine theatr
r w. ; .ii ii'
cane mice. oiners, at u.
who am"sed
Lately, as the workmen were ; tic perlunnailce's . in their own
engaged; jn reihoving Gerard s Hall ; sjons. We
crypt, London! they found beliind jmonstrate t
some brick-work the skeletons of a land debasemt
cat and rat. From ' the position in ; under the mdst perfect form of
which they weie
dent that the cir.
found, it is
evH'lute irovcrnn:
suffered ihe pain
large species, had suffer
ful death of starvation i
the rat,l hich s firmly lyjld in its
mouth. I The fi ames of the cat an 1 ! i
i i
died years, the sme
complete as when lif
antiquarians, w
skeleton of the
be one of the Persian
of English tabby.
i l l i . i
10 nave viewed tne
car, mainkain it to
'ii. i
brqed, othcj;s
United States,!with an invested cap- i 113 own m1."
ital of .! 8.900.557. nnd ,hch mn .iLeen Foniwt
, i
uuue iannea mues ana SKins i ycany
aluedatS32,8Gl,79G. The num
Uer of hides tanned is C,12S,970
skins, 2,653,8Gs. The number of
Ij i. 15 f r rrii. t
i amis empioyeu is 2if,juy mai
A -ssttssihaie Louis
N. Y. Commercial
which is pi a vri y
1 1 I 'til
'I lift rG III. I Am,
.' : ! ! Allan k
ycrtiser of Wed
, i
iowiDT naraff
... . 1 . ' ' 'f .' i.t i a X i c
rai are .most penect, an longu sun-i pr r(...fl VP(ii
poscdto have! Iain in tlidir place ( f merchart in
Rentilliirpl nmfl fnnri nr fivp h'ml-' i
lrri lipinf ik HLiciiiuiu nao uwuu suiuc uuw
ing '.Sevedlisagoto
leonlon his
The Post
102 females.
A series of frauds have been comn
njitted by the county officers of Knox
County, j O lio, j running through a
number of vears, and amounting to
between :$ 15,000! and 30.000.
: Ofiice in New
icosti about; $
. and (ground ai
leen leased
fourteen vcaibj
?11 0.00(1.
cs. Women are i of little
! i-
! A Survey of the Field
Since the commencement of the
canvass, all the developments have
banks will only ladvancejjb f;lV0rable to the prospect o
democratic success. LTpon the firs
nomination of Gen.. Pierce, the hopes
of triumph for us rested alone upon
the principles a advocated, and the
undeuicd iact, that ii large majority
of the people of the Union were im
bued 1 with those "pnncmles. This
was! certainly a basis upon which to
standan element from which a glo
rious triumph uviglit be expected.
Relying upon this basis, and trustful
of the intelligence of the people, the
democratic army prepared to drill its
forces and meet the shock of battle,
i The 'bugle note' which announced
that the battle was begun, had scarce
ly died away in echo, ere signs of a
gloriously" victory unmistakably
manifested 'themselves. Unioo-whigs
in the south and Union whigs in the
north repudiated the work of that
?' unholy alliance" 'which had led to
the nomination of, Gen.' Scott Out
of tfiirtytwo southern whig 'members
of C
Tomy Ke Chuiiu
Speaking Last1 Night. Agrooallv
to the, appointmei
addressed the" cili;
last night and in1
brilliant arid effective
season.1 All were ft
The cloqueuGG of tl
new zeal anions ' th
His' masterly vindi-
fierce, we believe.
- - 7
Jno. M. Bright
en of thii rhi cp
one of the mat
peeches of the
;ken by surrrisd
e speaker infused
democracy hero.
.ation of (it ntial
never been
exceHed'on the! stlimp. Wc h.ive'
skeUt X tho
to say th.-:t th."
hi namiltv:! !
e for the .Whim.
not tirno for even
speech. Suffice it
fires beam brightly
"Col. Brabsori gpolf
necdote, .taken
atlas, is a i linch-
nuation acraiafft
The folio winr?
from the New York
er to the base ins
Gen. Pierce's courale; showing., tea,
that the whtgs them!
Gen. Pierce discourl
flang abuse circulate
ortion of their part
"At a recent whi
at a village in the in
gan, one of their ora
bis duty to charge G
weakness arid cowan
was unfortunate that the General hod
:he battle
augured checribj' for
cess, i "Still whigs struggled madly
on, determined not to yienl.
him that it was'entire-
ei'S" and attention to a
bho had ordered; eighty
its to be flogged h)r neg-
er wild strawberries
t. The hh iiistance
ilid space to givejof the
rd for the rights bf hu-
treatment of the Rus-
bl), is the forcible ."icarry-
k children, Tlie"Emie-
xample, and carries off
of ; the Poles anil Jews
in pursuit of a rcrkorse-
vious to the late elections,, was
silent and unobtrusive melting a
from the support of Gen. Scott of
the whig people not the leaders or
tip a
; to
office-seekers, but "the unambitious The Louisville t;
masses. Suchwi'S the clouded state i-whigs of lioyle count v
fainted at every pdii
vices were needed.
ing period of the di
said he wanted to- s
the flippant orator.
"I belonged," said
teenth regiment in M
a whig; but the man
Pierce a coward, shal
'Why' said the fr
er, ' I certainly '' have
persons say lis I have
"o matter, rejo
nant soldier,;"you mu
words, or fight me.
live that could, with
Frank Pierce a cowarkl, in mv pr-
" i i . i '
It i3 said that thjj
nobles carry offchi
bleasure,' says 31. Mich-
of the j horizon such the shadows
which overhung and darkened "the
winter j of i their discontent" some
five weeks since. ( A point in the
canvass nas now reached which was
to exert a decided influence upon
the result, on one or theothtr side.
The State elections of Pennsylvania,
Ohio and Indiana, - were -coming on.
Terrible efforts were made by the
whigs. to carry those elections.
Gen. Scott himself .: traversed and
spoke in all three of these States.
; The election came on. THE DEM
elves who knew
ter.ancc the low
by the foul.r
against him:
meeting, held
crior ef Michi-
orS'Uiought it
n. Pierce yiih
sc. Ho said it;
t where his.str
lt tiiis intc iv:-
"iussion, : plait..
Uian aiose. and
oak a word to
no, 'to the fif-
txico, and I am
ut calls Frank
fight me, any
ightcned speak-'
heard, m.-my
isscrted." .
ncd the indig-!
t swallow your
'he man don't
Iniiiinitv, c.dl
qralor fainted'
U:cs sayi th';
Ky., are L--
ginning toj bet' a littUe ou l'i
Of this pl;?M
andl sawia good whig
buy a fine coat, payable when Seoti
is elected. They showrt their faith bv
their works.
agreeable and! in his own cose t U-' clet, 'but alsj as a nicans of specula-j OCRATJC PARTY TRIUMPHED
11 cite as an example OVERWHELMINGLY. This last
icd up whole troops ofj Svn aU the fate 0f Scott lt is
of whom he exhibited
s'of Moscow, arjd i! sold
h prices, to those nobles
themselves with opera-
heed do no more
q" universal corru
j, itUllCUlUl IUIUirtl 1
tieylthis as tieguage of
6 de-
gathering of the dcml
that its .friends jouM d
sembhige ol between t!
thousand peoplt was
jgether.-and the right
was manilesf ed. Spcec !
by Ex-Gov. A. V. Bro
Nichol.-on, And. John?
Haralson, of Georgia. ;
lerct ;
no longer doubtful that Gen. Sc6tt is
doomed to be badly beaten. His
nomination was armistake.
! The S;ate elections following and
pending a Piesideutial , canvass, yrc
always regarded as indicative of the
'4 f i I
Plonj current of popular feehng. Taking
lungs the sims
abSO-; ofn mnQf f: ivfir!ild.' Tho lpffinns
t Maine, Mis-
cracy. w;i.s all
isire.. Anns-
ree and loin
gathered tr-
kind of fcelitm
e.s were mad'
Hale, tho candidate!
burg free-soil eonventio
A. O.
), lias
i'i U-
are most I favorabl
in Iowaj Texas, Qhib
souri, Arkansas, Indiana, Connect i-!
cut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania,
Ad-i North Carolina and New Hampshire,
eduesday, gives the! fol-, indicate the overwhelming triumph
aph from a private 'let-1 of Piere
been in Ohio, and the fallowing front
the Plaindcaler, shows hjow jhe is af-
lectcd toward the othci two
dfc. " 'i ..!
l"Itis welL known tliat Mr. ILhj
desires the election off
This' he has said publicly
ly, and he desires it for
reason, to wit: the defe
It is a personal matter
ssassinate Louis Napo-.
iay ip St Cloud. !An
Jierce and King. The whigs now
by the Africa, from a have but four governors out of the
thirty-one. It is not probable that
uea. Scott will carry more, if as
many, o the States. Nash. Union.
j T Boston, Oct 0, 1S52.
The Webster meeting in Fanueil
Hall tht3 evening wasal regular old
fashioned, enthusiastic politicalgath
ering, and by far the most spirited
meeting -of the present canvass.
The speakers took a bold and in
dependent stand, and completely' an
nihilated; the wire-pulling politicians
of the Scott party.
During the evening there were
not" less than eight thousand persons
in and about the lllall.
The Seott whigs 'are in a terrible
rage, and their defeat is certain.
- This meeting is to be followed up
oy others, ail over the btate.
The Webster tide is swe
individual firqd a musket shot at him
from a frencli on the route, and the
ball grazed his left shoulder. ! See
ing that be hid failed, in his attempt,
The journals have
pdfrom speaking 'of the
faster General ; has Or
dered the enlirgcrmeut- of the Post
York. " The improve
ments will coyer about 1,000 square
vards of grouijd now vacant, and will
B,000. The buildings
they now . are, have
the government for
nt ni -;iti nn :il rriii'r.: nf
i I throw the Scott whi
dote, in its full fojee. Let
ward,, and it will completed' over- read-and f'pi'Iy it JI'..:t!.rci!U
nng on-
en.! Scott.
and privnli'
a particular
it of Pierc
with Mr.
Present for General Pier:t- A
splendid ring, intended as a! present
to Gen.! Pierce,, is being nianuLo
urcd iu San Franciseol It is snM
it is to be of the most jeestly wo'rk
jnanship, and will, when', finished.
weign one pound and alhalf, and be
eignt inches m circumference. ,Ti.e
gold 13 . of the fin
could be obtained in
f st quality that
' - 1 !
oome pi cur hig triends heio-
abouts who tliought Gen. Scotfj be
fore his nomination, a wea!;,' Vain,
foolish old man,'untrustworthy orj tho
slavery question, incaptc'ated bylhis
military life for the discharge! of any
high jcivil fuhciens, and totally uiifit
for the Presidency, and who hve
since gulped him down with ihe av
idity of a cormorant, will appreciate
the aptness of the following artr-
i i
I -
i ...
i .
.Sif w'
1 1

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