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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, November 04, 1852, Image 1

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j ..... i jT ; ., ' , ' ; ' ' : ' ' ' ' . , I l ' ... I . ' t ;
, i I... i i x."-- ; t- -i-wm---- " : - - i ' . j : . f ' . . 1 '' .V i- 'f ' V Wrnl ISlIlfllS & PROPRIETORS.
BEIWT & WALLACE! ! Lct all the ends th? almt.at be tliycf uutry thy Cof d Truths-; , J t , m
: ""voPir" FAYETTEVILLI3, T-MN;, THURSDAYV loFSip U T ; ' 1' '
I 1
I r
i ;
!: .'!!
I i
1 '
- ., . . . . j k
tCPrvo Dollars for one Yeai if ai.l i
ihe itmp oi ubscripiion; T o Dolln is
:iml Fifty Oats, w ithout nr.viTic m .
ilier ihe exiviraiion of Tliree Montli- !
JC3VH Ritl" (or Aderti9enier.t8. Ji b
Work or Siibrriptionf consiJered 1ijt
vlipu c6nira:p(i.exr:ept ngainstthose:w 1,1'
whom we hive jit'inii tig Accounts. J 4
IfcjPWfr L'apcr will be sent ou ol :f
Cjunty, unless liaitl f )f in ailvance. I j
AJvcnisHmcrlis ins 'riei! al One Dol
lar per Square o f Twelve Lin
or JLc, foV the Fjrl InscrlioD; Fifty
" ('ents tor eacli contiauauce. ,
Ptrsans j a fvcriising by Ihe Year, wi'l
rhar-red ThirJV Dllar for a who
.Column, Ttt'CUty Dollars for one hk
. 'il'eii Dollars fr one-quarter. Vu'f(jf)i
atiuH from these Terms umhr aiy cii h
ItCPi'i'e privilege of Yea-1y AdTHriipri
strictly limi'eJ to thtir own immediate iuA
' Reirular Buiinru; and the Business ;ofi
Advertising Firm is not considered hs
cluJin- that of ts inJividua! member.
t-TAnnouncini: Candidate. Three Df-
l;irt to be paid .1donn.ee in Everx) t
r-T r veriisemenis not marKeu wiui
nu-nUer jf Insertions when handed irt, jyi
b- continued unlilordcred out, tint pyi
' exac.bd. . !
C3-Vjj .Wt-trtUenunl can litinterled
tuitniiilii. 1 '
trTAjverii-eineiits of a Personal Bju'
.ineaAab'y charged Uaiible Price, i
'll3..lUrii8e:neiiU of Patent Medic
Thirty Dollars ser;Cl
ii inn, per e;ir.
IrtTJoh Work, of am. Kinds. Realty
. k -1 .
Joue Jon Scw'Type, and on s reawnjable
Tenuis at nv Oilice in Tennessee. II.
0 laicr will be discontintiej ' jintij
all arrearages are miu up except, tu i"e
option, of the Vubiiihers. . I !
Lines for aa Albuui.
Wiih'uJ litis album, Kate, of thine.
Are written ninny verses.
And cadi, Day n!m.st tvery line !
- Thv lov iinef'S rehearses. fi
if only hlf .hf y say were true,
4 III'' v w " ' -
Utii I shall give ihee all thy Ju
In allini: tli-je a 'woiiiaii.
rtw... w.iili'l'Ki h more than tin nnn,
! 1
In; these refiht'd. er lightened diiys. j
I know it's out of fashion j ,
To write aught else ihan. fulsome (.ijuisw,
Or fail o feign n pnssion; j
Vet 1 shall venture to bo plain, ;
And if you are offended, ; ;
I fhall not siik o'erwhelmed witli puin,
.Nor wish my lifa were ended. :
1 I ' i
; . I
S ). having fixed these matters straight,
rrclimin:irits setiled, ;
Yvn though it may have .been tny futo
i Your tynjrr to have nettled, j j
1 will, in my unpoli.-hed way, j .
Sirg out my rhyming gingle.
In whit-h, though simple bo the lay, i
iJutno hcnesi truths shall mirisle. -
. J . .
Now fair you may he does not suit
My purpose her) to 'mention, ft j
Your ch-M-nis and graves to compute;
Is far from' my intention;
Yet this, in e irnt-st truth, I'll say,
Nor from the pnvinff vary.
Thin thou art but a child of clav-j-No
nngel, sylph, or fairy. j;
l.iko oilier thii'iren of the rariu-
Ptav, lo not stmt with horror
ThotiVj of precious little worth,
jL'or givein is every human heart
To erYor am! to weakness,
And bettjer thev r.fona their part
1 Who fread iifuspath with meekness.
"4- ' - ! I '
Tltis truth bear ever in thy minj; ;. !
Tis line well worth possessing, j
Which in tho end thou'lt surely fin-i
Will prove a double blessing; ' j
For t wtil teach then what thou r.tt.
' How unto error -civen ;
. Willi charily, subdue jhy heart,
A virtue born of "heaven.
Jo knoT thyself is knowing mora
Than knew the thousand sages,.
Who, with their metaphysiq lore,;
Have filled unnumbered pnges:;
To know thyself is of more worth 4
Than heaps ol golden treasure,,
' For, though it sometimes lessens mirih,
It takes the tting from pleasure.
Dt ware of hypocriiic praise, ;
To which thou oil must lisien,
.For round thy iuhwny Fortune's rays (
W Alluringly dl glisten; r !;
Nor deem each haltering word eiitl criiu c
' As tributes to thy merit, I ',' ,
For they -are often but a w ile j
For those who much inherit. l
But, Kate, I fear my simple lay j
' iWill scarcely get a reading, j
And who would sing, I humbly pray,
- If none the song were heedirg?
Coi I; and what I now have sung -
Was not for singing merely, j
Then, thoogh my harp was" harshly strung,
Believe :nc, yours smcereiy. ji
: Jas. Thomas, Esq:, of IluntM ille,
Ala. recYiUlv slieriff of) Madison
m ' J 1 CI I. -v ,
rrrtitilv. died on uie twn ;v4 FU
-- i mmmm
I cCijoirr porinj. j
The Satisfaction of a1 Gentleman.
''Sir, 1 w 11 have satisfaction!
Thft words were uttered in a loud
and ancrrv bncbv a military look-
ing pcrsoiuige, in me s;uoon uuo
of our mo::t respectable clubs, fre
quented by opulent merchants, coun
try squires, bankcrs, ,and lords, with
a sprinkling of naval and "military
gentlemen. " j
"Sir, I will have satisfaction!" so
saying, ami! buttoning up jiis milita
ry enrrrmfc kvlth the jiir of a man who
j i . . . i . ' 'f
has detcrhJined on some desperate!
course, thd offended hero! yauished
out of (the room, lie was immediate
ly jobservet- to "mount a j handsome
phaeton, dnwn by a' rair( of smart
greys. His tiger leaped up behind,
and the eq lipage drove: off wth a fu
rious clatter up St. James street.
"Satisfaction!" of coursej every one
within hearing knows the meaning of
the word when uttered my j a "man ol
honor and;
' Tn Aiatiinn.
soiio uticicft aaioiani jmcaiio ui
chance! of projecting anjouuee of lead j
.j v. ..: .iu ,..4.: -p.kxi-.
means the
in the shape of a bullet into some ot-
fending.fripnd's body; .but, the man of
wounded honor is eaiiallyj "satisfied
ifhisfrien(? sends the bullet into his
own head; land if his head resists it,
then he m'ay thank the thickness of
his skull, rather than the! soundness
of his -brains. Two men ff honor fall
out aboutj the most trifling matter,
perhaps inflamed with 'wine, begin to
talk angrily, ana ?no V
an offemnve wo, mtofly tho oth -
pi- nU tiiv ";ntist:intlfn. 1 lie tWO
The two
call them; fools father, come
out in the cool, grey c!f -the next
morning, with two other! "friends"
equally" foolish, and then, in some
c'talk pit or ravine" each sets himself
ur as a, target for! the j other. .'Two
.bullets instantly 'speed, upon 'their
f, ol's errand. They miss.! Weill the
tuo seconds step jup, "interfere to
p -event further hostilities, declaring
that their friend's honojr is satisfied'
aid they--march off, Jo . breakfast,
thinkinji they have done some gal
lant featj'or the balls hit their mark;
one, if not both, lie on the grass; a
bullet has lodged in th spine of one,
and another bullet is in the shoulder
joint of the other. ; Forth steps a wiry,
njan with a box. ol implements, ae-(
vised for the cuttinsr out, extracting.
ol- wronchinji away: of (the little bul-
I Ms from flesh and bone. Ah! with
ohe of them it is tooj iate; belies on
t ie grass breathless,! bis lips " apart,
his eyes glazed; he; is dead; he; has
had His desire, "tho satisfaction of a
gentleman."; The other, after sub
liiiu'ing to the tortures of bullet ex
traction, is borne from the held pn a
1 ftppfaiti&fififl:,,!hei,has "killed his
man." 1 Such is "hoiior", in the mobths
df tools. ; ; j I '
I But we must return , to our s
scarcely had the gentleman of W
tjed honor rushed out of tho . hjmse,
ere the friends of the other askem-
Med round him to nil: "What i; the
:.tinr? and how did vou Ml ( ut?V
The matter said the codding
jKcnueman, wno .sai; somewnau -
. i i r.,..
. 1 ,1 1 1 1 . ij
r t hn ririfllTr OTrl mi' W l'
vil of h'is militaryTricnd, ".why
is. -as lrasciwe as a lurKey -
cock, we ieii mio a uitpuio uuun
politics, about which he posilively
khows nothing. He became -toore
and more insolent, and his arguments
U nf lpnnri h so absurd, that I bould
wlere at length so absurd, that I could
nbt help bursting out laughinri, and
fidlinn. him he'w.ta' a bullet-headed
fool!" : : f' '
Is that all!"; said a city merchant
hvhy, everybody knew ttiat
"Ay. but to tell him of it ," saSd an-
cthcr, "1 fear mischief will, come out
cfit'M ": : 'U il '!"'' ', j, ,
A considerable : damp scemqd to
1 aye, been ttipyn upari the spirits of
t a' the company, and .the circle) grad
tiaJly broke up. ' The fgentlemaji who
1 ad been thf cabse'of the explosion,
-1 lengtli "rose ant) went home, nbt
ver.free frdm anxiety. , He now re
i retted the use of the offensive1 word,
ndyet hefeltjthafc it had not been
undeserved? Not hing as miUtajy
man for Ihe was a banker in
;ood business, Jarjd with - extensive
r'nnnKHnnc .lio r'ntlld SCarCClY . 01"
f lue what the dthejr would do in refer-;
ence to the "satisfaction which he
had spoken of; yet he had some un-
Pieasanc misgiviu uuuut tuc ...u.
i . . . - i i il. r:
The banker was not; left long in
IdouDt. Next morning, ;after ananx
ious night, a thundering rat-tat tjame
to his door.; Immediately thereafter
a gentleman ivas admitted. The
banker irose up to meet him, and re
cognized him for a military gentle
manin fact the major of the oth
er s. corns. : 1
. "T hiivp. the Ihonor.'said lie, "of
waiting upon you at the instance of
rnv irtpnn. the lion. Vjuul ton aju-
n i 1 T T . 1 L w, . U't,
stace FitzGiles; this letter will ex
piate to you the object of my visit"
The banker opened the missive.
It w:is written in a thuhder-and -light-
lnrl. sind smelt frightfully of
""O ' " . " 'I.
gunpowder, in fact, there was no mis
understanding it. I
"I will call upon the captain," said
the banker. "I will do so at once,"
"The usual mode in such matters,
you are aware, is
- f- j m
to , refer me to
j tTn ; Xa mp sir answered the
I banker ubljt first wouid see the cap-
lUiti mmoci
Vorv wHLv said the maior: "but
the usual Course in such matters
'"Yes; yet!" said the banker, ''1
knoiv; but I "wish to see the captain
i . ' "
f?IIe wjll refer vou to me.
"Verv well! then I shall have the
lel of seeing yoa againt" and
1 1 ' litel out.
... . . 1 i x'
..' The banker, went straightway, to
the choleric captain. "S:r," said he
to him, "I am not at all ashamed to
'confess myself in the wrong' in hav
ing used towards you the expression
which has given you offence, j- I beg
to withdraw, and I apologize for it
with all my heart." .1 t
fToo late, sir, byl Jove! too late,"
said the captain twirling his mous
tache.1 : "You must meet me, sir;
nothing short of that will do. Had
I knocked' you down on the spot, an
apology might have been accepted;
bui 1 did not knock you down, and
your apology comes bo late. I re
fer: you to my friend, who is author
ized by me to settle all necessary pre
liminaries. Name to him your time
and place, and go home and settle
your affairs." "j .
j The banker was thunderstruck.
lie- considered with himself for a
whilei "Well, sir!" said he, at length,
"if it must bo so, meet irie to-morrow
at 2 o'clock, in the large fiehi
north1 of- Lodge, in the Road,
with ybur frienc . and a pair 'of pis-tols-'l
'.' -I-
"ErJough, sir," said the brusque
captaio; and the parted, j. '
' . iThej parties w 3re on the ground at
thptiie! appoint 3d. The captain was
accompanied by his friend the najor.
The banker was 'attended by si gen
tleman in a suit bf professional black,
j a ivery
unmilitpry and most civil-
personhge. Asi-tney ap-.
I 'a lit
, I .1 ... rlnn
, pro uu, u TrrZ
.nod tiHiorn dis Drincjuai, aim ouuiti-
v 'r. - , Rfi;Tf
; I I HI I I IH I 111 I I rv I Ll uua
4JCi . ,
was perieciiy unaersiouu, tu, tuat,
ir r- - i, .
f -, w '
if I mistake not, ; you bnnga blun-
- - j- -- .,u
; ; -a us Jf "ZZ Vr l it
er, drawing the instrument forth, it
is not a' blunderbuss, but a teles
cope.' j lie. . ... I''---
And what, ! in heaven's name,
is the meaning of this? I hope it is
not meant as an additional insult to
my principal?"
j "Oh! by no .means," said the bank
er, who proceeded to inform the ma
jor of his previous and present readi
ness! to apologize, assuring; them that
he had intended no offence to his
friend the" captain, and that . he was
now: anxious to explain. The apolC-
'gy wa declined as before, jand an ex-
pianauon ,iTas uenyuiutu. i
"In the first place," said ttebant
er, "I (earnestly beg that Jod,captai i.
will loiok through this telescope:' '
"Wjhat, sir, I? Look i through
esctoef By heavens, sir,- wl
foblerv is
Tbe bapker's second claimed tofa
I insist, said he, '
that this
is most serious and important- to my
cli to my friend.'":
"Jt is such a breach of all the cus
tomary forms," said the captain.
"Such a proposal is quite1 intolera
ble.." 1 V II l ' :
"I regret," said the .banker to the
major, "that I should ; have to urge
thid reauest: but1 it s to me a mostJ
necessary, preliminary: Will your
major, do me the favor to apply your
eye to the-telescope? I put it to you
as a gentleman and officer, whether
there is any offence iu the request?"'
"Nay, Sir," said the major, "I do
not say that, but it seems to be ab:
jSurdr-so contrary to the established
rules in such cases "
"Here, sir," said the banker hold
ing up the telescope, "place your eye
to it for but one1 moment therein
that direction!' j ; ',
"Where?" saidj the major, careless
ly applying his eye to the the teles
cope. He looked , for an instant.-
"Egad," said he, "I see a very fine
woman walking jabout ou a grass plat,
with a little trcjt of a child in one
hand, and two others prancing round
her. But what, I should like to
know has this ;o do with the matter
inhand?" r
"Everything," said , the banker,
with a serious face; "thatlady, sir, is
my wife. Those children are mine
and tier's: indwe are all mutually
said the captain i"vyhati
Ji! that , to met You shoul
thought of this before." ,
I "I know it is nothing tb you.
sir," said the banker, "as you have
no wife or children, I believe I am
correct in ayiug that you have no
wife or children. J Now then, I ask,
do we meet on equal terms!
no-j-certainly j not, said
'but it is too late to think
the major
of this on
the very ground; it is quite
informal fthis1 discussion it is reali
lv. auite-Pau'ite" and hereupon!
thn m:nor took a huse pinch of snuff;;"! really thipk, that as mdn;of lin
fn fill nn i s simile. - ' '
"I Avarried
t . ...
you to settle all your
affairs," bkoke
in the captain, as if a
sudden I
to him.
ighi thought had occurred
"Trucjf said the banker, pointing
to the distant family group, "but 1
could not settle tl era.' I have set
tled ever) thing elst The banker's
second now yenturt d to observe, that
as the captain's secand .had admitted
the parties about to contend were not
on equal terms, they should be made
equal, or as nearly so as possible, be
fore the actual commencement of hos
tilities, and tie . appealed , to them to
do this as "men of honor and gentle
"Well, there is certainly a show oi
' : . . J .
reason, aid that sort of thing, in what
you say,' observeaane major,
i : ill J,n rn.-iftripqc! 15 that
uuw u tuc u.tmf r
to be eliected. I .
'fNothing easier," exclaimed the
gentleman in black. "Your lnend
the captain, jhasj an independent in
come of fifteen hundred per annum,
and' no family; whereas, the income of
my friend though he nas some nine
property mainly 'depends upon: his
own exertions; and ;he has a wife and
three children. Now, if the captain
should shootj him, tic ought to make
over five hundred a year to his fami
ly and thus the parties would be up
cn equal terms
" "Putting flection out of the ques
tion," added the banker.
The major at this looked blank and
puzzled;, the captain all astonish
ment. .' ;"t '!-! : 1 .
"It would! only -be putting
vour handsome pba3ton and?
returned. the banker's second
lv. ;
"Oh, sir! I ati! yes, indeed,"
Jated thjg captain, redjdening up to
par??.' i- 'i i-t :-
,"But supposing 1 acceded to this
mgst irregular proceeding, said the
major, "there is no time for it now, as
1 cannot consent ro wuuumw
principal from the field without
exchange pi snots.f.
"That is not'at all necessary,
the hankers "This gentleman is
attAr-nav." Whereat, on the instant
the little man in bjack whipbed from
beneath his boat a. deed on pjfrchment,
ready filled Up, dnd wanting nothing
but. the Attachment of the signatures.'
The cdptam ajid major exchanged
looks of blank n ge. 'They saw: that,
in Common parlinceit was'aj seU
and. they begah o storm. . i
I j'A most absurd proceeding mer-j
cenary proposal! ' ejaculated the cap-
taip. "Put dofri my phaeton indeed
TTTl il 'i -II -Ji. 1'
wny, sir, tnis is ut3yquu iob.c-
;Itis, indeed a most serious mat
ter, sirs,1' saijeu the banker. "Do you
think, sir. whetlier I would not be
justified injpbnkidering it as some
thing more than an 'aosuru proceeaj
Inff' and pretty joke . to put down
dead here,' "ami leave my j wife m and
children (to peHury? 1 know Ajery
well yp.u are a r
re shot, and can snuff
a candle withoa
pistol bullet.
dexterity I Can it pretend to nsk
Yet I am readv to pit my life against
your phajtob arid pair." ; ; !
The major Idoked more perplexed
than ever. The captain more toohsh
and puzzled. ! ' I
"Again, gerjtlemcn it j 1 should
be killed, my v ife and children will
absolutely necc the money1; but if I
kill the can ;aii . his property is abso-
lutely of no sort of user to j him after!
Ilia luublai kj pcuocs un. jiaiu. iwi
is my proposal without precedent.-
Upojn such occ isious,. men of refined
honbr and higl courage have thought
they never
oiild do enough. 4 When
Best shot L )rd Cameford,his lordship,
on his death bbd, left his antagonibl,
who s-as in very poor circumstances,
a harjdsom
Income, rejoicing, no
doubt, that hd had lived long enough
to do such ah act of maguammity
and finished 1 oner. , I never fired at
a man as ; riark jn my life; I am
sure to be shot. So you see my
proposal li -inly a fair one and
as 1 make it q men fif honor, I ex
pect to be acceded to." ; :
"0h,)bu!t4-yes, but you, sir!
exclaimed thtj captain. "Kbally
terrupted tfid major, b;ting lus ups,
lshed, honof, nve musi acccue 10 uiu
, ,
; proposal.
The banUr now flatly refused to
fight on any other terms, putting it
directly to Like major, as thfe most re
fined! pointi b
f duelling lifcrtor that
could be m
1 i
ljiifesfed on the occasion,
till the tw6
:ed and annoyed, could
use their consdnt. The
Affififli-c tlinnfflv HYODS.
sively provb
no longer lfc
is nanueu to t,ueui vy
i . i '.i i . it : 1...
the attorn
y, who saw it properly
signed, and!
;hen the principals took
it fifteen! paces distance,
er had thb first fife. Not
their stand
, The ban
i i
wishing 10
lie banishid his country,
or get intd
prison, or be tried for
fcr, he : tooiv very gocu
; care to nre
: .
wide of his mark, and
away flew I his
mmu m h - - :; ,
I Then mmfi the captain s-tuin. i
nrrn.d fhfi fif. ds. !i
-7; - T - , iv mn-
, uow,; wficu j-, "j;;
low, keep s
ready now you ve got
nadv now: vou ve koi
"Got Iunll"stammered tho captain,
his face turning blue and his jaws
falling. ' Got-him! put down my
phse , pa r five 'hundred a year for
being called a bullet headed fool, and
so prove it.", Will 'yon pay the mon
ey if I hit him?" ' ' "I
Away spied the bullet, hut ot course
it did not
V T" 1 ,
tHer too close to the law-1
hit the banker, though it
whistled p
yer's ear, thb had forgotten to have
a similar
agreement for himself in
case ot ac
TbfJ ant
idomsts then shook hands.
The majori
n Ebatace Fitz Giles from the
nwuii ii - i
field, decl:
that 'his honor was
hrid the banker went home
to his
and children.
housand seven hundredj
letters accumulated in Ihe f
o (ji. Y.) post. office from Ju
lv Is,
til September 30tl;. ot this
cair,'maing an avtrageof ovcr one
hundred per day.
i Dariud
Davidson, of New Ypik,"
to build a leviathan steam-
hip,- seven hundred feet long, with
pniiines oi itiie inuusunu
horse: po
ver to eachj calculated to
ree, thousand passengers,
carry; t
and cross
the AtUnlic w hvc days.
Go it D
Jrius! ! - ! !
Anecdote of the Horse,
There is a story told ot a famous
trotter belonging'' to a butcher,
which attracted the attention ,of a
gentleman -by its splendid action,
and Was bought by him at a very
high price1. But no long time elaps
ed before the purchaser came 10 ine
conclusion that he- had been taken
in; the horse was decidedly a dull,
lazy brute, it was all over wun ins
fine trotting; and the butcher who
soldhiii, was no doubt aware that
the animal labored under some un
soundness that destroyed his former
high qualities. The gentleman took
the horse to its lormer owners and
indignantly denounced the fraud
that had been practiced upon hirrj.
Th linfr.lipr listened in tdlence to
the stormy harangue, and then turn-,
inglo osift of hi? nen,' who was
leaving the shop wjth a tray of meat
on his' shoulder, he said to him,
"here, Dick, jump up just as you
are and see it the horse can t trot a
bit." ;
The man. did so, and eff he start
ed the horse in the very b(stst)le.
The gentleman was amazed and
confounded; k'I can never make him
go like that!" he said.
" That's a pity, sir," replied tha
butcher, f you see it is not his fault.
But Til tell you what it (s you just
please to' mount, and let me put a
trav of meat on the! saddle before
vou. and then Pll
4l ,
warrant you'll
say he goes fast!'
Mcteobic Phenomenon in Tex
as. A n anonymous correspond
er.rof the Galveston Journal writes
from BrazoriaI'cxas, under date of
the 18th! ult: V
I send you an account of a remark
able phenomenon, which was seen
here on Monday night last. " It was
a meteor ol a splendor and beauty
of appearance .seldom witnessed.
' About half past 10 o'clock in the
evening jt appeared in he east, and
I think 50 deg. above the horizon.
To the observer it seemed to be
about the size of the sun's disc, and
very brilliant. The whole heavens
were, lighted up with its radiance,
and the most minute objects were
as rdainlv visible as bv the li&ht of
day!. Its path was across the hcav-
W ef wes!tf lnf US
4 south of the zenith, lu about
40 do 2. above the western horizon.
unere il uursi mio
I'ere it burst into tM thousand
Iragments. Its jiassa
e occupied
apparently four or five
Second''. As
it burst, the fragment
of it, like
irks from a t-Ky-rocl
to fall for a second, anil then disap
beared. ; Immediately
after it burst
lere. appeared a pal
blue light,
i i . . ,i i
th f the me-
ICOI IU UIU mtc "iiu-i v
visible a-ul llierj
' . 1
tended with
ed. The wufie was a
noisef i
i Vlv nlle Claim in f
lylur.d cant-
ion an Oiater. Mr. J
W. Bryant,
! at ! Washington Uiy, wrues an 141-
. . . .. -I . n i
lows: .-!,..
"In the investigation of- some
claims df Americans to estates in
England, lately, havo beome ad
vised of one which has an ijucome of
about v.0,000 per annum, with a
title of faobility attached to! it, ; The
. J r, nM.na
! UeSCenUaillS Ol VJCOi-c yivnuy, u
lieutenant in the British army, who
emigrated to this' country about the
l.....n.in - . - j ..tti-j.t tiJwfciii
xr, .C h .
Further information may bp ob
tained by addressing Mr. Bryant, at
the National Hotel, W asfflngton.
Xhe 'Baltimore atjd Ohioi
road Company have had
a vermci
rendered oiast Ihm
"cr $3,00,0
damages, for injuries
susiaintd by a
man named Piper,
cars. ""
ie II
A celebrated surgeon in
the result of his observatiop, fenys
that ; out of sixteen fractui es and
amputations of tbo leg, to whicl f he
had been called. lie observed that
thirteen; had.' been of tho righUeg.
and only three of the left. .
PhTsioIogical Fads.
The following physiologiaal facts
were translated from a French Sci- ?
entific Jourpal:
The average height of man and
woman at brrth,is generally sixteen
inches;' m eacli of the twelve years
after birth, one-lw elfth is addect to
the stature each vear. Between
the age of tw elve and twenty the ;
growth of the body is slower; and
it is stjll Jurllaer. diminished after
tliis, to twentyfive, tlie; perioJ of a
maxiutn growth. . r
.In bid age, the height oi the body
diminishes pn the average about '
t iree inches. The height of a wo.
man varies less than that of a man in
different countries. The aVerage
weight of a male infant is about sev
en pounds, of a female about six
aid a half pounds. The weight of
an infant decreases a few days after
h s birth, till it is a week old. At
ti e end of the first jear, the child
is three times as heavy as when it ii
born, At the age ot seven year-,
it is twice as heavy as whenryearj
ohl. The average weight of; both!
sqxes at twelve, is nearly the same;
after that period, females will be
fflund to weigh les-i than males.
The average weight of mpti is one
hundred and thirty pounds, and of
Women one- hundred and twelve
porjndsl '
j We c6py the following from tha
Cincinnati Enquirer of Sunday:
I Suspicious Issues. As our city is
flooded with paper money of various
kinds, it would be well for shop-keep-:
ers land others to look out, or they
will wake up some of these morning
and find themselves miserably bum4
bugged. Tho District of Columbia,
especially, contains a number of "pri
vate banking concerns, whose issues
hav i been scattered all over the counv
try, with no intention whatever of
redeeming them with gold and sil
ver.! Brokers here, and elsewhere,
aware of the fact, sternly refuse thd
purchase cf the ' following notes, re
garding them as mere trash: Ocean
Bank, Bank of the Union, Central
&;hk, Citizens' Bank, the City Bank,
Bank of the City,Eastern Bank, Free
man's Bank, Fulton! Bank, Mer
chants Exchange Bapk, Railroad
Bank, Bnk cf the Republic, Metrop
olitan Bank, Southern Manufactui-'
ers' Bank Washington City; Em
pire Bank, Mechanips' Bank, Empire
City Bank, Union Bank George
town, D. C; Kentucky Safety Fund,
Newport, Ky.; BelleveroQ S.aviugi
Institution Pennsylvania. Eastern
money (New England funds we me)
is generally bought at 4er cent dis
count, and regarded almost universal
ly when genuine, as well secured and
as par currency. Lancaster City
(Pa.-) issues are so hard to distinguish
from the counterfeits which are-afloat
as to be rather rejected than, receive
ed. j
A Sympathetic Souj.. Mr. II.
G. Battle,, editor of the Caddo,
(La.) Gazette, publishes the follow
ing card in his paper of tfw Hth
ult: ..r ' - .
The undersigned hereby gives no
tice thai he has resigned the-r pffic
of magistrate. He is led to this by
the over 'vhelmfng mental afllction
whicli he experiences, in not being
able to give judgment for both par
ties. . ; II. G. Battle."
The word ilunr was first used du
ring the reignf of Henry VJ.
owes its birth to Joe Dunn, an Eng
lish fcailiff, who vyas so indefatiga
ble and skilful in collecting debts,
that it became a proverb, when a
person 'djd not pay liis debt?, "why
don't you Dunn" him!" that is "why
ilftn't cn coml rinnn nflpr him?'"
Herjce originated '. the
is in so general use.
LI . J O V t. 4 Mil., ..w, - -
word which
A man named Schwaschenljngenk1-
has announced bis intention or Decern
ing a . citizen of Dunnyiile, C W.
The population of the city of
New York is 515,553; 276,:
were born in the United States. hl4
i'237,T95 ?fe ortg,,'r." t-?uuw
i were born in Irebnd'. ,
: i
l'1cv-.; i". -
f ' ! ! ' : '
i I ; !
! '." ! ' -I
i '' -i ; !
i . i "i i
' , 1 -.ii --. M
.-4.-. . . "-j-.r't:'---.3- ', -J-1- J .- -' ' " rty-'''
A. ,

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