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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, November 11, 1852, Image 1

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j ! iKIti:r L WALLACE, I J : : ' j' V I ; ; Lyt all the ends tli4u aii't 'at fJi.: Vhy'', Cpitnlry's,.. thy CSod's,. ami Truih's! j- .'- ,;, " pJpr.ISlIERS P1Q PRIETQlv.
-1 vol. 2l , , ' r.' n, iS52. j m 42,
.t ?:j
lt " ;
i .
JO 2 wo RaJIrjrs (or one rea if paid ui
"l-iTiption; Two. Dollars
a'ipr ill fxviritn if Three Month.
C3!1 Rjllsilur A Jrertiefiter)Js. Job
Vir or S I'l-jrifMion, considered hie
iv'icn v-nr.i ;ijpx.f pi ngaiusMhose wilh
'vfiOTjMv- bav tljj iiinsr A count.
'. i'a!y. ;i.t-s ;-uj for in aJvanc
p '. nis-!ii"!ii) in!rttd at One IoI-
jpr SquaVeof Twelve JLiacs,
r Li"-;, fjr vi'e Kiral Insfriiti; TiJH
i'i':jt lur i-:irii i caminuancc. ! i
.'J P-rs.n-; 1 v.jrlisi hy ill' Year, will
t.f .!:--ir-rri! T:5ijl naJIar- f.jr'a ivlio'e
)' l-iu). Tivriity 'Dollar f,oa'P hnjf.
ii . i. . . e n ..4 .
r the s
rff!i noWar I
. lili.iti ', :i ii t'lese
tCfT '! p.rlvi!2e
Tlr.rAhj fr,
A ! vt?rti-iritr i'inrl-
ijis luiiier-anij ctrcvm
N-q-.'v A1'vriipr8 is
t.ivir nrrn i nm.ed.inlt ami
anJ the Business of an
is not considered as in-
c'u-Uns t:t if it iitd; uluwl tiu'tu'! eis.
rjAiiiiiiiii':Mii I'a.-idi T hreif D-
tue lonowins:
In a rqcent number o
is Intelliiencer wO'fiud
bit of romance -in bumble ilife, which
the editor s;i's he has from unjloubt
J 1 I - j
h as thev
cdl authority,- ana gives
rlainly amd without varui
actually Jranspired:
Some time during the spriiig of
1S18 a German opened, in South St
terDi'ise virtues winch so lar ena
bled him to. overcome every obstacle
Our new shopkeeper wasj at this time
considerably past the prime ot life.
yet iirosiienty dawned ! on him as a
. i
second youth., Hardly eight years
had elapsed since, as a levco laborer,
assislmi; in the lreihtinsr ana unioaa-5
vre I ty
The above facts, we think, offer a j :' " jj o 111 a n tic.
fine field to' those who want material T j 'i-emeniber wHlquite a
ior a story. . u nai jouows migat rue ,nciclentrvhicl mdy Hoi be ui inter
worKeuout wnu mieiest ior a cuuciu- ' fu0 .-i.tr l-.,
ding chapter.' . fe0iv inarrie 1 ."si IoUlv girL
! T - i J CI 17
The old man continued to 'pros
per unjtU the summer jof 1849, when
he was thrown, back almost to his
original poverty, by the double loss in
the great nre, ' in. which' all or -Jus
bavmg long been addicted to habits
of dhsipatiohj even ti e sincere at: j which o
tacmiei.it. wnicu He tell lor Ink uile jpy alio
its snares.' His dcc
Tlis Small Bat t Currency Delusion.
a small bank
, yvhat on. iihpos'tiori
currency Is upon the ri
Tiflii Tt'VvilLi fatwra fV
pwL tu . f uii vT' frkly
Ledger) occasionally '
,her coi
viujr a
eople! It is
;o draw , the
jdttentiin : to. the eyils j with
lmunities'afe afflicted,
The Great IMelliodist Ckurd fase.
' Tiie !New York papers publish
the report of John.AV. Nelson, Esq.j
the commissioner to whom was re
ferred ;the Methodist Episcopal
Church case for the adjustment so0
accounts between the Church rwth
urrency of bank bills ( and South, by which it appears that
jUit -entirely discntaiTgU him pi Mess denoniiiation than five dol- the property, previous to the divis-
?:i,i(ihri! ir-1 lar.s. 1 Peiihsvlvania.' fortunately f jrJ ioir iif the institution into two se.c-
pfopertyj was ; xjcjnsumcd, and an i regular hours ;wouh! hate dived any ! her! oWu.itJtere.t3, hd got rid of Ihislfions, was upvards of 8502,000.
Thtt profits from that period, 1815,
i....-jii r....
jtii 1 1 1 1 1 1 r. ! in ri r I 11.11 i iii' j 1- 1 . . 1. . 1 - jt . t .
i J-- 1 ' Tjj r :iLp - 1 " , uui ouc oiiso pure anusweei a uis-;
b " T )in nos,iuo upon ms reai osil on everv eason to siisircdt fli.it Curfehcy,7
a economy ana an ununnginuus-' finrl lirlnfr1 o.nmtiU.tn-',- - i Lr. 1,,-., - ij.i
, combined with, welldircctbd en- lhe :wrecfc Indeed 'he was left the I -.Vli ,:.Vt I v.;,j
! 4 (I 1 " .Lllulll Ii 1111.11' kk il II 11 I 1 I I I : I II I I 1 I X 1 u .' 11 ill
c i. was
little garden on the city s outskirts ri-rt.-ctioii scairctdy ever Sntru-
as ms; last stay., jxot a .word naa l!ei( uon j r;s- j i( T, e habaml
j l-U'; t ' .'if -a i i:i .l icence In FA-ehj Cafe
! vi-r'ic "'Jicli' ti ll IIVJuJi'
1 ' I
'.-... I v
of I;i--e!'.i" :it when linndt'il
t- niiliiiw.'l .i it I, iflvhred onl , a n ;
IJ" . i.?:rI.M'ij-.'7i: f.i;i fic j.'iscr:
tnil-ius'ij. I .
I3 Advert iptiifi:! ! of ft Vrri;nl
ittrririubhj ch irked DmiLle V'l'ice,
Ol' I'tlKHt -M
in'-' ilt d mi '5'jsii ly ti)iiitrs peif
ii.;;::, wy i-.tf.
Jik? Vifor"., 'of vt.i, Kiit'h,
tltiitr.ini 'S'j ;?pt ami .in -eaj-ontt'ile
'IVriiis n "' l.i'.'e in Teimcsswe
5 T'.' I'.sor '.viiil he discominiiH!
( sri.es ar'!l"n l u; excrv
o 'in n'
is uie liL'il
dy Know.
Oh. lu
i" the wiirfu sttmmcr lnv,
And only m t!;t
(.)iv nmy v :uure away;
V-.l itiinku !h n jilio shadow .
FhI'.s tl.irk Itri'm the irj
i'iu r-''s or.o i.fJr li e initio'. -v
. Tiiafo u-aitiji- h.r lliiio.
A t c
Thi y"d
-If t!
( r .ni!; (r
'0J.I li'f
v lis two v-!k;
.i ij" .yon tiicct l Ii t-in ,
t.ii!'.: I'tjitii)!
l-.t r.ulji.iiv Kj
nl free
ing of steamers be earuied his ! daily
j bread-literally by the sweat of Lis
In. ibruw. Even then, however,; as. the
lymeu! ! sequel showshe w;as laying the loun-
Uation ot n lut ure lortuna. o', not
only was he possessed of a complete
assortment of grocers merchandise,
but he had cfovat(& hijiiself to the
consequence of landlord and .was
actually drawing an annual income of
nc;jrly lfOOO! lie owns three hous
es and lots; not yet quite paid for,
but yielding a largo interest, and wel
insured. Besides all t ns ;the indus-
try of his wife and a gown daughter
rendered the little gar. en which sur
rounded their dwelling ion-the. out
skirts of the city, another source of
handsome profit indeed the yield
ings of the garden Isufflced of itself for
the maintenance of the family. Al
together, our emfgrc' ,'wafe successful,
in full proportion to his prudence
aud economy. About the time, how
ever, that be embarked in theppecu-
Iation of shop-keeping, a new , and, it
apjtearcd, a permanent obstacle pre
al the
been heard in the meantime frolu the
daughter until the arrival from New'
Orleans last Wednesday of herself
and husband, on the ster mer Tuscum-
bia. i i jTh6y had just returned- from
California. Tise young man easily
effected a; reconciliation with bis fa- !
theivin-law, for he is now no longer j ,;, jl
was f ir from liein2T crtiek and real
ly lovbd her, but hi disposition was
weak! and his companions were elo.'
qtientLand he seemed to grow'worse, j
rather than bejter in his Jiabits. ; It
happened on'cej "that bejvas called
nut or. town and, in haste. left be-
im a letter, jn which, to please
an unprincipled fjrieiid, he hail spo-
ken of his wifeliu' ternis of 'deiision,
and dilated freely on his 'course of
penniless , Three years of hard dig
giiig in tijio mines ;near Sacramento,
had rendered him a capitalist to the
tune of 0,000, of which 7,500 were
3resterday deposited in one of our i I)er,3C
u.i i i. ; . r.. :..r t'
wauling nouses. . wui intuitu uu,; when
States that the young man has already rypjtj
commenced an attempt to redeem 1 mst
someiof the old man's property. ,Al:.ijur;i, uni ermncmbored di
ttioii-jh the diHtrent members ot the
jlv.lliat the fatal letter wage?
party have occupied , opposite nosi- :md sealed 6n his wife's ta
tions on ' the wheel of fortune, they : i ,y
seem all equally' satisfied
since they have met
How to get Ijicli.
A coriesnondent ' of the New-
ivin iiiuuiiai ji uu 11 1 iuci u.i
US '
the editoi
change, IWc think it milit siizu;est
sented itself to him. A younggirdener j a good idea to ti;o l emperanee! re , .,, " !
! became enamored of his daugbler and ! lormers. It tiiey would establish a!,. , J
I jy tl 1 1 k fi I'M I. c r c 1 1T 1 1 1 rv f 1 1 . . ! c 1 1 t 1 1 I i I t . . . . i . I
.1. I . ' I .. 1 C - . . MIUCl
uie eraunai accuuiuiaiion 01 ca puai;
l I j . i . i wretc
uoiiiu soon I'ptia'eas n jono or
union anil; prevent hundreds fio.n
'i v o j'io iiliiiikiiig r in-:
Oi.. 3'inlf id' tin; ivi:htort
'An; rir.-iy jt'.yay
l in n u.vr or tr"lii vvinaufi'
An ii.Mir-in jili-j u.-iy!
Y t v!i.-tttt'r th.'V may gj'"t-s .
j r j ri'ioiiil tjicy may jsee ,
XcVi-r ivii f.ir a tiioiiiilt t
! asked her iu marriage. ' '
! . f ...
. lhe swain was penniless; and the
girl (her father deemed) rich, injiis
own possessions at all j events she
frhfi, was of too much service to him
lo be bestowed on a comparative pau-
per. Accordingly the lover was de-
nied in pretty Hat terms,1 and forbade
i to show himself again at , the : house,'
to nnlilis.li llioi fnllmvin'T
I . r-
for the tipiiplit of f lirto voiinir nipn - .
and children of larzer irrowthi' wlm 1 ' . . 1
C7 CD J . ..in. I, I
iheir shillings and small
inn to
foi ev
m-iuuv, ...l; ! 1I0 r.xollccte too, Willi a pang,
we are told, tl;ll 0 , had ' Wantonly, to rdply to
J .- ; , w... . .w,-. . ' ,7 I . I
applieatioils to repeal tho ilaw! pears, also, that the profits paid to son v,1o "us reached the age oflifj
prohibiting th?ir "circulation. In- j the Northern beneficiaries, since;1)' ,s without Ins cpffin, which not
stead; ofl going back again, Pennsyi-'ltho division of ' the' Church,, have i only stands ready for its prospective
rama should forward, and still fur- been $113,000. The Southerners !.,se Ult serves even ' now, as a ta-
hcr restrict thb circulation of paper id ul not icceiveain thing during thel c day and n bed i by night. The
Othei States are following 'peiiod. the Northerners contending' chddreu of a family m-cood circum-
ler ,example in regard to five dollar j ihat in consequence of their volun: stances, will coin bine! to offer cofilrii
bills. I , . Mahdapd, only a few; weeks itary secession thev were not cnti-i their father and mother, and pu-
go,'?cut out if' that' State all the! tied lo participate in' the profit. rpilsmake the same present to a ven
oreigu bank' UUs of that denomina- The Southerners have taken ex crated tcaclier.
lion, land the
when these hi
.1- -'
imaguie ine-ansieiy a nil sus
. of the j. 'startled profjigati',
he found himself bornfc by a
steamer on a journey. (I-1;! ouie.oi ine o; uki; in. xne i jjisinci cisanu www
ol necessity be of several d a': ' Columbia which issued them' wero'cril days
exposed j
.le. (
her oiiquuiesU'oasted tnat
a' profound sccret,"wh ch hejiitizens ajre no
n4 hajo revealed fur the i The X.'Yt. Cou
He p iced the deckjin aiij
of disappointment and siianie.
btured lor opening the Setter, ?
g pah; vt ti Horror and Indig-
perhaps fainting with an-
- alarming the servants fly-
h er fatiin
door softl
lb a
ell in:
)ossib!e lie rciilrnetl,
uiir heart he entered
aCing himself
of an enragftj!
an. lie opened the
S lie was beftdind
(iolatin'jlwir ,lisI,teJ faitti. tlie llie. F Kr'1" A,1
, i . 'i ! i Sdiile bealed her mouth wit
il'fllr. rn,.tc. lo li 1. . n-c--
i.i if Lf'i, A f i !.. .'ect v
man will jlay up 18 pence per 'day, i
aud keep jit at compound interest: i ., (
tiiat is, reinvest principal and i m-: , i
. x v I .i i -ii i i her I ps, in
ttrcst every six months; he u ill iiu ,.'
1 while the girl was well lectured by
.... . , it V I firttr Mr it!
j both lather and mother tor hjer iooi-f. .... ..... 'i'.jnvs
. - i . , - i i :.i .i.:;,i, i at I in a?e of fit), or'm SO v;;ir. it ....
isii lniatuauon a oau wav ui mum - ---- -or ' , j - ,t 1P
illUOtllU to cuu.uuu
j j to suppress the 'flame of love, fas this
ti.n.lting of nitr.
N jvaco !n rr r
tone evening late, as the girl ;jud her i fh- fur Hi cen dollars. II iMnt;; ,
i mm. i . i t-1 l .iiun.1
.(l. i u;e isianu oi j.iianuaiian was ! L .i -.i L r.
mi "time iuou;m-,i:
originally sold by the Indians to; t lie
rhntj n!ic, 1
ma ui?.r
W n'.iM UiV
All fMMlkifl I'l II
Tor ilicir.
i t
Ho, liowu'or Jn.iv love me,
It hi.Mt.il mUsi
I'm no ilium! it:st kiiow
Thtit vi'ii'r iliinl;
her stood at their door, wondering . en dolors' had (Wen kept at t-j.in
. i t. 'i i i-iniiind iiiinrAf until f Iik- fiiir-ril
because oi I the -mother -profiracied .. '"-
Kfnv nf mr.rkot. n. stran'yer oif horse- wouui nave amounicu u more i
back rode' up in great haste did call- j ihe whole) wealth, real, and perjjoi:
edby name fur the ojdimaii The al, at this time m New 01 k. ; j
efr.ini7ir nffor ml itinJfi lnnl In n 3d. Ouo German! banker sent to
. ill N: f. ... j
m Is.
, it i
. your
j pci-
;auly, and sprpad over glow-1
lures the .mild express
and Toy; had as she wrot
nf ol a sweet ballad seli
Up to
dacul lily
fvith tihe exception of therelief
andl that should .be rc-
speetflily as possible,
(stiin ling the" experience of
ormer years, there are some who de
ire to visit iije inuicuon oi sman
ank! notes npqn us again, and at ev-
jry sessionl of the Leinslature there
'52, have been over
$225,000 vary ing a:mi;allvfrom Importunity to offer
;i7,000to 73,000. The aggregate essary piece of: f:ir
- On good terms pith Death. 1 1
In the Southern part of Tonqutu,
tlje highest complinent you can
pay to a distinguished personage,
and the dearest token of estecni for
a revered friend, is' (he present' of a
coffin. A number of Catholic Priests,
of native origin, joijied in giving a
coflin as a New - Ve'ar?s present, to
the bishop of LaranJa, who. had
instructed them in ideology, saying
that he was growing old, and they
could hever iiave aj more suitable
him that nec-
At the
to January,
value of tlje Book Concern, at the samejtime. theyjcalled his attention
commencement of this 'year,! was'l tnf excellencej cf!the wood and
$008,431 , the increase, since ! then ! beauty of . the 'work. Such is
1845, bciiii; about 516,000. It an- Uie custom ol lha dbuhtry; no per
Death there I
bum unable t
;p'sliop, cheat
lduals who hax
pang, j pphdnge" for
pay,' and had;to shut jtetid that thev should receive their j nounccil, to the sufferer hr;fi.in-
ng hundreds of indi-share ii; money, and that they are bIcd .with Joy,sand afeed to fee the
1 taken their1 bills in entitled to STO'OOO nrore than is al-! borrow ed article. 'Now safd lie.
their! own labor and j lowed them, while the Northerners l'1 me die, for" if I live I shall have
lartl-earned pipperty. ISew ;lork is contend the stun due the Southern"; 10 return it, and who knows if I
t con-jfuffyring:from
, The pr ict-icq
baiiking ins
omote say
will io
and 8
r cei
that it
for specie
t halt pfc
rs cm Saturdak'
I from 'tradesme
ier pent
or laborer is om
.i i
ui money at a b
fliiat he receives
effect h;vs been, that jceplions Iq the report, ami tiie uiat-no terrors. A 'poor widower, felt
Is were driven; home, jti'fis again before lhe Circuit Court, ! dangerously sick,' and the fu st caro
uk? in. the District cfjaijd will, not be ilis;pose'd of- for scv-f ''is f"eds was to borrow a cof-
. I
The Southerners con- (r
him. When this was . ah
he same evil, and the
trying to remove it
ner say
Church is ,550,100 30, deduct ing ;can ever procure anoihci?' fa tho
S10,2-S4 10 interest on the value of !s?inc spirit the friends of a djini;
the three Southern .newspapers, nh Perso" speak in hi3 presence ol - hu
novristaestapiish J) the profits ol which the South have .appoacinno cna and ot llic prrpa
itution. in a placo so retained, leaving du the South foft Falrousfor his funeral. The tiislmii.
in muiana or Illinois i i ivnipiK s -an.i lni.Tst tn iirtn .nr"u"H: luiciieu 10. savs i ai our
t pay to follow it up! 7, 1852. SG.302 29-.' The immber !day he visited a cat chumen, whose
l 1 i.I' i . ... -- . ... . f.. .1. .!.. 1. 1:1-1. i
nen aeai out tne notes oi travelling nreac iers enlil pr to ;iaiao, . uiougu. inceiv io oe pro-
. discount.to employ- tlie benefit of the fund is, 3,303 be-'0,)oc u as sure to end fatally, and
, and buy them back longing to the Church North ami :untl a oman sitting by hi bed-
i on :Monday, at one' 1,323 bclonrit' to" the Chrirrh .'Side making the mousnin ' cluthes
nechanic ; South. ' ' ' ' ibr the family. At the' door u a ih;
ed, the poor mechanic
)w tnusfc
iom a heart entirely at peace.;
husband stole noise
:u compelled lo sell jl ; In relation to the .payme nts to the! carpenter, engaged u. making tto
lavejon the very day -vidow of IJUIiop Iledding, jt is sjta-4'c,ffin hi sight ofj the patient, -who
(5 it; as very many es-jted that tiie IJishon bi-nucat hed 1.0.-; unecieu ine wors wirn the utmost
auhshmejutshnjve always retusea the inn) to ttio hotik concern, subject fo-Pi,Ilir,,apy- ; '
i-ifd ait ciarrenjcv in Question. - Eve- an annuity of 700 a year to his u5d-j These particulars We gathrr
y man Who (mceives one of those ov, which 'has been paid, and which ;.a Jcttcrof- the good Bishop',
ink. bill;
Modi it
' hcliik to .sustain a system
to a
should be deducted frnu the share 'I friend in Franer, published in the
ion dfiljretik.up.
is tljb interest of ; 'all to j of profits due the South. :Sto. Journal ' hs DeaU
avk of
.1 ? .
he U
I and read, as her pen traced
'Voi ur letter lying by ine
iter containing profound se-"i; nien
icsslv dbfasfrou4 resu
ll'Itis strange to what littleness men i
'ill istoort to
-the ; matter ot
,fr?ul rv
What a'co-iro
bbt her t :v - :;''
r is voman
can so win
I !.V.
ia man
friim bis sorrow, make placid tlicknit
l;rov, and wreath the; stern lijr. into
smile, i'lio
lightsome loy at
id US
soldier, becomes a
her feet; the anx-
hniles himself back
to free hearted ymith beside hjor; the
still and shaded countenance ojf care
brightens beneaili her iullueiice, as
the'closcd bower blooms' ia the sun
shine. ' l, i
Now I could punish! jou, for.
carch bslicss, bul my de crest v
-s. boiv r.mdd I look Von in cbunt,
: : t - . . - ; . j i . 1 1
liiejfite, on your retu-rn, alitcjr hav-
ins; batiidv violiiti d vour ti tisjt i'n mv-i
i I 1 r-iuii' ii Ii I iiiu iii tun r
-..I . i ui , ..J.:.. ; - a inmcrr in fr.n? ann. :a iio : ol i .. - J .
excueu, out u.uuaiuio kttu,. a swwus - ---- , , . . : v.. ilv. a billv cur osstv. at the tx
v i"-"? I- i.t i 1 'ibaI II I I I..III. U III) till ujiM. Ul
accident which he said had jus occur-; vine4d0 fczvs old, .vyhich ongina -; J TJ (jc3 caf- ar
red to his wife, put' spurs toihifs torse, i' costs 50 cents. J he Lng.isl, . No : ,,11,,. (s ,,
id mat-1
dnd was again out of sight- The old
man. a few m'nutes after, Cane in
i i
uuuu.tr; co.i'l'uifu too .uuiouiiu r . . e i t -. i " i J
. J .; c i n .lfbi ou ieei uneasv i riictoM
terest fori the time, hie,, found the ! - . I . i, -
t..uwx,w " -v 7 v j . - . 1 Villi IV h K t' ' III V t. f II I
hand, was on his way to the; North i Tc 11 1 a! M'i Lffcctionate w fe &c. ' -tr.i.-j.
' :.. ... a . nr;ettt national debt ol lL Iji'itam. r '
.wan-ei. a. uiuituw o utiw i t, - t.,t" - . , ... - iWliat'" aii.anzei: exclaimet
mputed the compound in-
i,d confic:
He had ' i4th. If a note shaver start" wilh a j
.i..- -rr , rh... ,iAn , i . iuu strtitti' tia tt.t:u
keen gone some ten minutes, Hproba- jcliiai o piuuu anu get ; pel ct.j gl.c slart if w
. n i Jj l. I . nnr mnnt l lino ncii'i I ; tr n iini ...
i v: when therascaiiy lover maue uis i"i , .uw, ...
' ! . -. I . .1
- A tire oe.-urrcd at-Athens on the j
3 Oth hist, which! consumed the Cir
cuit Court Clerk's office, papers, kc.
This is a serious losi to, the citizens
1 of McMinn.
.i 1 1 . ..i
I I I 'inn 1G I L I I! 1 11- -
.nrancc jK,th a tosgage'eir, in- ... )--;!0n,tr uilsW killg vcl,,vas
to which, pl-wing mi. old chKt mat j ',y", .... . j ,,ed ,hat -4,-e oul( llai,e tai
. . ... . I c I , vfl rail's si Ii I ll'ltl- : in rnnrc . i - ! I .
contained the entire wrtune oi, ms Ii "' i v i .a,t her: and dpeol'v strhc Id v it i r
inamorata, and both taking pts inpH lonng men you o Hen la J 1--,; '
the vehic. they also .lett the house "v." 'S".sy -,
u) observing tnesc rules. 'Ana re
member it s wuat you save, -'not
what vou; make, that you have
hand. '
ins in Wajlor, anil make good
)iK oi it at i hat. incy ouiain uu-
rimr thq dav. koiiio 80 or 100 bush-
tbeir ch'
w ork of
els of c
bamd o
al;and occasioiihlly'' secure, n
wui.sk ey, and ifarious mis-
celIaneous: articles of liafdware, etc.
' There ae su'me .rimgei.ays of mat
king mniAhi ti'oo world, and sure
' this is-due of ! them- ;
.Tudtfl Ander.ron has
resigned the
office of Judge for tho 2d J udiciaTNvhon the absence
Circuit, and Coi. R. IT. Hinds, of
. Dandridgc. has lieen app-tnted in ms
of their daughter,
rused hjs subsequent
vpinmnrt on iier nost so lonff. An r ! TT! : : -' i,..M i..,.. 'rU.v.i U-1tii;nr;..i.r.
. v. ...... - i j . , r- . -I.t - l ' 1 ! ' ' J UlliU IJ.l C IUUUU lJUVU-lllfi ln.l " i . 4 . I ' l I'll ' 1 1 f f P1' 1 I '. 51 1 J I
tjxplamtion ensued, whenit appearpdj In every town and c.ty in Ma sa- jng hersdf-sae bursls'orinccre:.1 fy 7TVe ?' ? 'cV Jc sry -I?.,
i i-if. f hn s ramrer ccmestrian wno nau cuuieu c waiiu.auuic; ui wui.ij,,,.- ,j ,;..i . .. v11 vv T"uIUi ....". .1 i.
...... ...r -r y i . , , . ' " . J - ... .. ,
eu, on 10 a coustu-5
Tlie statistics of
at a brisk trotJ The husband m time:
met his'wif- at her' usual stand, with
whoIe limbSj in excellent health, and
disconsolate only because ol i having
vMniiin.-.ll rill llPl TIASf. KO lonr'. All
. very voi way oi t.niui i jj
ing is diving. f;r co.U in the Ohio rh'
or at Chu-innati. .Men work; up to; . , , t .i ' iniiin-encia'to the litis- and shoes is carried, on to
-...-tl 1.J. 1 uwuoUv...T-.--o -y . . , .jLl-- . flM. - ...
lin.l onlv a short time bctore, had prauic exteui. in? su
nt bfir vegetable i the'nopulatian show that ohe-twelfth
-.1 ,i SnfnmmlU f. i.it her hua.- ot Miem arc ensagea m
MUiiu, aiivj iuiuiiiivv.i f ' i ii
h-md reo'uested' her to remain there ncss; It s emphatically
until he would call Lhe stranger
represented himself as ,a particular
friend of the husband, And transmit
ted the message merclyjas a courte-sv.-
: The 'whole'" affair was inexplica
ble until the couple, reached home.
h ii cry of pleas-
met the Jiiht
thenpefortli severed All tics that
drew him abrjaad, and if 'the purej
beiiis whose nflueiicehad allured j
hhn lo the
th of
d and.!
it it?;
. th
hjti';icterJ oii t
pbeared in thi
ry $10 bil
Inch he
the case of rthc late ; Aiwj
on wo discharged our! ,
first dav its billsL " Z V . , V" "ciai etto ot aVoy:
Attempted flight of lhe iW."1
'ri.. c. ii : i L -. i i
.Lou lonowing sioit is toid in tiitj
front Gen
;!citvr.redictin- the conc?r? recently visited the According to a letteH
. prison of New Jersey, situato Piu, i v h5 unin:llv
ik, luiiui Jias otixurcu.i , . t.. - .. i t.... . .. . J ' ' vv ' 1 '
t i.ini.u.1, . urn iid givcira uiy. : ; make his escape from Porto d Anzio
panied him under the pretext of bhovy-
14th, Gen.
Turgot, and
ir h be huvs at two iir cent dis- , ,7 , - . . 1 ' Pamea mm n-ier the prete:
' mt iKasin' -S et r'L,fe as P?nt " 'thin these To,,i- iug him repect. ;; 0a the 1
-nf.rChnl;. 2i5 :! brc walls. When be' first cme, vCotte. the M:imflis dr, T
ew bin una auo. itrai'ysjiit .-,j, l l i,nj , '.. .V .
v r- c'vnr A'ddinl 1 Z ' ' V I J J1'ua y had wailed upon l ho
"Sr 810 at Castcl GrandoIfbjbr tho
uy. another. JIM ind ior j, toikeepp him .fnm gf ling' Tjun.0o of- r-eruadintMbp Hr I-
s m ikmg twenty per cent!,. ...r. L; n,. : A . - PcuaiDfi the UoK l a-
ood money at
tb 0, Ire buy
vense I'iir SO, thus making twenty. p
ence. j cjn each dollar thaf he spends
llirougli tfic grating. . lie m a nu- therto nroceed inVX in
-l - i i ' i -l . r ... i
vcterate thief. As his l.it t:rin ; crnxvn Vt'itica T.ooU Vr.rtTj.A., t;...
, ...... I ... ------- I...... ....... JUV
- I ' , . - : - -was about expiring his Kcfpeijsaid timid counsellors of the Poi-o aton.
1 ho popula lion of Augusta; is 14,- ( to bim. 'Well, Mablon, - you; are '. advised him to take flight, m ho had
72, of whom G.OSOare slaves. j about i to go.-audi 'hopo'we ihall ; done in the winter oflBiS-'J. With
lit lad
Salt Lake bur. A ' Mary lander, ! '!'c ildef," 'hot once in filly riines.' - him to xal,fe9. . ' "
vritingroi Salt Lake City, underj IIc , 13 incorrigible. .Ilii , oIJ father.' 'Bat -at Porto d'Aufio it appeared
,i,fo AdnUr oil, c.v . ! ' " land a brother are both m the same;
i y i I . ' ... .:.... i. rr. ... . 7 t i
"It is situat jdsiu a' valley,' with a j rs 15UI.' c nie oueoer. ; woe ; the 'liber lbr the service cf the i rcnoh !
.ream of cool water coursing'throuzh v,:m(J tw,cw yeneiaoie-iooKing oiuvisioj, and is commanded by Can-
etich street.
The streets' are wide,
prisoner has numbered hu seventy-; tain OUivier, bad acijcmpanied tho
regularly and handsomely laid ""f0 Jr,-;,n,"u v pontifical eaj. How came this steam-
nST Thrt !i-.i; nrftbn 1t.fmd.nrnt "itii t ne oei n n ni rauier oi i er r,h.ch otfhfi in l.iv f,l fi
rip, v i.i ,i ' . -i ! .j . ' . r : ; , i. - ' " O J 11
brick, but preleut a neat appearanceJ S05P'f ; f 13 111 liorst-,aI-rFlum;cin0 its station , to be at
llicy have" in course ot erection in '-'a' ' rui,J i'orto a Anzio ; i 'ihri i'opo and hh
his biisi'.
the Jebd-
ing : branch of industry," the valud
the goods 1 manufactured ".xccedsu
by, severa millions the vajuc of the
collon gods 'mannfactured, or the
product o the whale fisheries. .The
numbei if. workmen employed in
the business is upwards of- 75,000
lit. ti niv tA--V iv - 4J 'Jj .1 i I
nnri 'h.a f..,v iinin nkflhto siffna which jlmalcs and females and lhe yearly
...... v.. v. . ii vi .....- o -i . .. A ' ' - . L - s r.n
.nttPnd rWn,t surrirested tho value ol I he goods, about kivu,-
f . - .,- . . i i: '. ' .1 n.'uv
Mill I rlll Ol 1I1P P.lir. h ; : wmv
Tho Methodis:. ' Church at Green
ville, Tenn., was 3urnt down on the
th inst Thjj wdrk Jof an incen
diary. ;: The - lionse was valued at;
$2,ooo. ; - - - ':!;-;
Nkw' Way bp Closing a Bask.
The Commercial Bank, at Albany,
was closed a fe'7 days since in conse
quence of'the officers being' unable
to' unlock a ncv patent lock; on the
front door.: They were compelled to
cii'inra oml ci
t 1 ..... tAUV. .V . 1. . . .
Ljullt upcu pillars the walls of mar
bie and overlaid I with gold. ' When
cbmpjjcted this will be a costly and
t i I'" I " '
magnlncent' structure.- The . citv
'd umbers in inhabitants, some 1Q,?)00
sbuls, 1'conlaiils ' two ; military Compa
nies, two. iiraas band?, fcc.j and itlial.
tbe people evfinee a great degree of
cievernessi Mroccriea are very nign
here, hut; nlt equal; to the prices
cjharged along, the Toute. ; Sugar, col-
lee and rice retail along the. road at
from 50 cen
'suite embarked ionddr nre-toneo of
practice Wa not CX-S fakirs n'r,lM5irr'trm 1..,f V.. I.i
I I, - '!:-. i- i . i n i-.-u.i. mi', uak uis j
hundred hisch to be: V w vul lu e W1 rni i steamer insisted unoh
fl PP Amr:-i n v 1 1 1
irrinvno' pril' f tn in tit .I ni ii'Ani'i r i . . i t
...u, 3i.i. uiuy u..u 'i'Iur '-(.tne Holy iather as toi escort of hon
;ni u;e imney 10 nis own use. lie "or l,mn-
Miarmarried no less than live wives. i
tertaihed that
ped, so as to
, . , , " , j-- - - --j.sik iiiigui oy .ouiBinppcu,-so as in
ana has had a 4so b?r,i unto him'ireacb 0aeta or: Naples ii safctr,
by one cf U:cm during the incarce-l)lit Cat,taiu 01Hvier Uuck clore (o
the pontifical' steamej-, so that the
lideacf flight .ras rfven up. TL
send: to 'New 3'
ork for the patentee those article bring 40 cts per ouuti
iiieie.are annua; v; tliroiisnout . rresment,' at Liyonsi'ftiiudes to re-
Garmany, 40,000 deaths from de-ilirioas consecration Ik' the chief of
.... f '
5 to 1 er pound, here j 11
bring 40,'cts per round.' h
liriuin tremens; in tiie Zoh'verein Christianity. It may,
ttloce, of;0,000,00() otjarts of bran-Swell be that General
dy are sold and consumed, and in , ceiyed' such a mission
llcosc one-half the grain produced ; counsellors of tne.lo
used dor distillation. ' th'.m to tauc to ngnt
ih ere fore, very
Cotte.had re
and that tho.
e bad advise
; i
1 -
' 3
' J
..J i
... f
!--- .'
. ! I.
7 I

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