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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, November 11, 1852, Image 2

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,' ! ' r i. 1 v
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'I : f !- i ': -
! . ! ' 1 "J i
I . . t , J . r . i.
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: , ; . - j
CrFicE At the Old Stand; Sign rftle,
1w,rrrrr rrnibugqficA. . j
1 i 't "
mmmmmmm 1 . . '
injlil Oil) JsJtf,"J i'(lttiur,v.i.,.,vi
i' ..!. . .... s!..!.;L. V.lh W
ilJW ! Glorious!!!
the latest
ik'ftiou news received, by which it;
Genj PIERCE is overwhelmingly
elected. All hail!- to ihc intelli-
irence and natriotism of the Amcri-.
f j i
can 'jplel! " The ltefmblic is -tjaft'
' The Result.
The Aashi'iKc Tmc Wujj of the
rilh inst, says : "We Khali not at-
Icmpt, just now, to enter into an:
elaborate discussion of the cuvae or!
arnica of the disast rous resjult of tli'
latej canvass. ; Enough, for the pies-'
entj that wo are beaten1 badh'
ovcrwhelnniigly. 1
j-;, New Orleans, Nov. 4.
Louisiana gone for democrats j'
majority in the city about 200,. .
' ' Louisville, Nov. 3.." '
Maryland probably democratic by
3,ot)0. :
New Jersey has gone democratic
by !a large majority;
Enough returns received at Pitts-'
bury, to show, that Pennsylvania has
gone-15,000 majority for Pierce.
Mar-vland. All the State hoiird "
from except two counties. .Tierces
majority will be over 5000. -
South Carolina earlier vote fori
Pieree' and King, and repudiated !
the; Compromise. '
crmont has gone for Scott. 1
PmLADELrniA, Nov. 2: !
Democratic mnjoiity 2,000. ;
Pennsylvania, probably forPicree by;
a large '.majority. Philadelphia cityf
autj county, 1,000 democratic maj
.Massachusetts 73 towns shows 0,000 1
gain for Pierce . ov(r Taylor vote.
Jlhode Island probably democratic by !
COO maj. . . ' ;
Marvland,Pierces maiorily 5,000. !
Maine,' Pierce's majority: "l 2,000; r
rdassachusetts, Seott plurality 5,000.!
Noiiiing from North Carolina, thej.
lino beng' down beyond Petersburg!
Vaf : ' - r;
Massachusettsthe vote in P)s'-
ivii dVes Scott 1,472, Pierce 4,900,;
& 144, Webster 1,071, scattering!
St'RINGl'IELD, 111., NOV. 3i
Partial returns in Iowa, show the
State nrobabv cone for Pierce.
Jlaine l'ierce s m.ij. l.uuu.
.Massachusetts bc-iU&i plurality,
5,00. . , '
Indiana riivate dispatches state
PiqVce maj..iu the .Slate! Co be 20',.
OOi i '
)elaware Fierce smj. 0. i
Xew York.' A telegraphic. raes-M
: lust received says "the returns
is i
le the arithmetic" so over
hninir is the democratic triumph.
ntell'gence from Louisville gives
i ; : .- I- :
j T ic. following comprise
Majority ibr Fierce in New Jlai hp- Washington, Kepublic relates tne lpi- -j - y n r-
shire Lrgel one fourth of the State, lowirlg occu rence as having .taken r;eyiew, hat the Judge of d he
democrafic gain' 2,200 since 'March, i place1 on ,;thc French Northern RaU- ?th right, atd hat no h ng
.: h.t. I r: nr.n i i i fi ti- : U .ttnfTu nrn, oVun. is well pleasing to Him that violates,
L'OUuvL lit. U L oUiU JiJj J. H;vvjO)VUV:iU"U. xnj nu laoiuj-iv nv- v. , . .
Kentucky to Fierce; the whigs con-.dif.
. I'J .. 'a !
ceding it.
North - Carolina. Returns fromi
several counties, indicate gains .for which was aj Crampton, refused jto carCj 0 whom 1 have mixed, with su
Pieive over last guberuatorini ,elec-- obey, and the inachimV. saw the !"t- Wcarbouate of soda, in proportion
liou. when the democrats carried thelter impossibility of ; . stopping it; in
State by over 5000. j
The result in New York bafiles;
thej arithmetic. Pierce's majority in i on the terrible obstacle. ' The wag-j
.tie! city, upwardd of 10,000. Saine'on was shivered to atoms, and tho
li-uii every iuarter. Ck-an sweep. ;
. Hirtial returns from Louisiana in-!
icale Uwt tt;t? M.ate
lms gone for
Ohio. A desj.tcli from. Ohio
t'talk that Pierce and King's major-ihad
it v! ?. ill be about Cass' majority initiation. : Thel endue was battered.!
u b ..i :.,. ..... lrt
40ip, uiLii ao au.iiu-
Utasluxutox Ciiv, Nov. 4. j
of l'lllnjore and his friends.
I a?ujuju. V.U1, .m'i. i. i jljiu en"uieer, wuose eooiuebs ana ue -
jj nu Scott attributes his defeat, j cision s; ved the passengers, is a Pole,
lfct To N. Y. Herald; '2d, Defection , and will le the .object of some tribute
of JVebster, lastly, ToIukcwajrinnegSijorgraUijudo Irpm the company."; '
Eimugli has been received to jjlacojlwo of the eminent men who have
$ ejection of Pierce and Kiug by been voted for; during the iast thirty
m. . v. v.- " CD w
ujivcrwhelming jn;ijorily beyond
; Tlie returms indicate glorious Ui -
uaiUlis in everv State of the .Union,
exempt Vermont, AlassaehusottF :and s
perhaps Kentucky, 'iVnnc-.-ee
; 4 , I; (JlXCIXXATI, JNOV.1 4
I Obio,T 5,000 fur Pierce. All East
cm States ! gone for Pierce, excep
' Vprtnr nt nnd Massachusetts. : rtortn
CarolhU, Pierce gains on Heed. '. Al
Western States north of the Ohio and
Mississij pi, gone lor Pierce. '
.aew 'Orleans, hox ;4.
Further returns from Louisiana
,.,i .:,! ,.i:u i. ii
iicsi63! iu fun j;iuiuuiu ' iu
,,T- . ,l ' -l J
ilieia. mirs uear meir ucieat
: Imtn Ar.nl 1 v
notwithstanding losses
'ifrom betting.
Returns from G corgi
favorable to
Pi ere p.
villi;, Nov. 4.
Maine 129 to whs show a whiijthe
Tgsiin of 23001 ' P erceY majorit
VII.LE. NoY. 5.
Kentucky'' will give" her vote for
Scott by a small m;uority; not, it - is !
I.oUavpiI ovnfllrnr J '000 !i i i
Tennessc-Gains and Losses.
: The Howiug are the gain. j and
lofesc?' nnd; official. as-iar ab
Iic:ml ft'om'
in Tennessee:
marrato: Gains
Maurv, ;
Wilson, :
; Smith; . !
Franklin, r
Madison, I
Fayette, rf
Henry1, !.
-o-i :
101 " ' .
; 54 i-
: 5
13 .
211 I -240
340 ii
- 50 !;
40 '
303 09 -137
' .7
! 5.-
Tipton, . ; '
; Knox, :
Orundv, ' .
Lewisj" . '.'j j
I Montgomery,
j Lawrence,
Sbelbv, '
IWavne, .
,! Carroll,
Cannon, .
i Warren,
-. Bedlbi-d,
. Hardeman,
I McNairy, .
- Marion,.
1 Weak lev,
Stewart, '
Macon, ;
Benton, .
Wavnc, .
Coffee; -
243 1
. 42
r 172
iMan'L--A I'aris correspondent of the
; "ine iasfcungei8. uuij uju-xhujiu-- , ; .
!cni Railroad narrowly escaped dc- j PiJEvfcxTioN of . Salivation. Dr.
istruc.ionf -sme d:jysago. 'A large G StearnP,' in a communication to
jcart ladeik diwn by' the. weight of ;injthc jjpSt0Q Medical and Surgical
enormoud block of stone, had become Jquj gays . - '
Ifislened in among the rails, and the i j w,sh to commuinicaie a fact to
.jellurls oij uie tnree iiorses io aisen -
gage it were: perledly utiavaumg.
Uie winslies oi tne expresa iraiii was
heard in tiie distance. . The wagoner,
express train was
heard in the distance. . The wagoner,
fdetcrminedto fcavchishorsesatJea.it,
cut the rcijis. and harness aud inadc
.Jho Engineer saw the obstacle,
J 1 ll.., X. 1 . 4!
lut'iauu inu lu.iuijuiiw l..v - .6 -
nalfor the brakes. But the engine,
time, he put
:on the steam again,
e train with full fcree.up-
and drove the
stone sent flying in splinters for rods":
in all" directions. The train was : not
i thrown off tliq track, and the. passcn-j
leers were unaware of any t hock.
I They did nit hear of the danger they
run till they stopped at the next
:j.:;.i:t. .i! , , -
!uui uo uiaiitv Mas iioi, ueuiuaaeu.
The engineer, whose" coolness and de-
mi. ' '. - i i i i
1 . W r
years, for President, are now alive
Van Ruren a!nd C.iss. Crawford, !
Wirt, Jackson, '' Adams,! -Harrison,
iCalhoumPolfc, Clay, Taylor and Web-
sler, are now no more: i Van Rureniit
'and Tyler are the -.only, living ex-1
Fir the Faytlerillr Observer. .
i Messrs. Editors; Hiere eera.s
to be a want of understanding ou the
part of some of "our jreiiders, iQ:re
lation to the people' to -whom I apply
tjlie ' term orthodoxy. To set them
right on this subject, is the object of
thi communication. By the term,
I neither mean Presbyterians. Heth
odists, nor Campbellites no uenqm-
ion, but that refractory party
ch withdrew from the old Baptists,
raised the cry of heresy against
people with 'whom they so long
associated. Now why did they do
The truth was unpopular, and
wished to let ve;" and then to
!;e tihe people generally believe
that wf had left,
hey cry heresy,
From the
above, the reader
will red
dily admit
the propriety- of j
ju ap
jyoUr P
lication. In a number ot
piper (Oct., the 21st)
I pro-
ndelt a question! to; your religious
to which I at least atiach
sonhe imiportauce, but have received
no answer as yet. The question was
not designed for controversy, but that
the yomhs of our beloved country
! might have the beneht ot tne l.nvea-
t ligation of their expetienced prede-
lknrs nii a nuostion of such vital
... - -. r
I will now propound an-
other, tj both of which I hope to ol -
tain answers .for -'the reasons above
assigned. All thehopes and-expec-iail(j to $r.m an the trade and
tations of suffering, sinful, .sinning I travel of the Charleston and Mem
mortals of, this life, of a glorious im-njlis ao;1(j to'Winchester,-and a city
i mortality in the next, are based upon
ithfe consideration of the; life, death,
and Tesurfe'ction of Christ; and toj
this proposition we have the divine
jtestimou)', Romans 5 and G:."For
iwnen we were yet wunout siruugiu.
1 . L L X' X' -1 i 1-
;in din timft Christ di(id for the
Igodlv." Upon this declaration, the
ieood news that the gospel brings in
Uvhich t.hft rirht.pousncss of Godisi
' I O
Revealed, rests for support. This dec-
-Ijirntioi pn;ibhs the ministers of ev -
laratiori enables the ministers of ev -
:ery name to proclaim to the ends .oi
; the earth, salvation to a lost, cuilty.
and dying world of mankind, and
'point to them the method of God's
! redemption, through Christ, liis son.
J The, gospel, then, reveals the right
leousness of God in the complete sal
jvation ofj those guilty culprits
doomed to die, and through the death
of Christ; and His sufferings,' they
are raised jto immortal joys at the
righ t hand of .God. Now, Messrs.
Editors, jthe question comes, up with
no little force to my mind: How can
;God be just, and inflict the punish--meiit
. due to sin on ' the innocent
j Jesus, and let the guilty sinner go
j free? : To this little short interroga
tory, I hope some of my friends will
respond, and even my enemy -has an
opportunity though he be an ortho
dox man. The question may seem
loo sim
pie to some, even to attract! Jremarkable for its -acuiicnandi Wlth.p tne.1 ?l pnt Ws
attemion. To such, if any,commoa sense? s scathi.J expos-101?" 13 fo a time extinct Whatev-
I would say, "analyze the subject, and
if simple, the easier the task. In
the investigation of this weighty sub-
in uriv nf TTia nftrl-
!y0U rccenty C,UCn under my-
-observation, which mav' be of some
;nterest- to the nrofession cenerallv
interest to
a ii phvsicia
AH' physicians are aware of the sali-
vain firc,nf nr P.,iomeT. And of the
j iuconvenience" that arises from sore
; mouths nod -other irritating com-
.pj;unt;s Unt allect tne patieni. 1
;navc na(j geVcral persons under mv
tjiKout (twice the amount bv weight
f da. To one tient in particular,
,me atcndedf r, About two
weeyi J j,aVo given three grains of
f..1inmM with ;iv o-r.nins soda da'ilv
fr f1Vfi -Poks. hnsidea administerinir
u AWnAntlv fl'P mst of the time.
As vet j)e m nct suffered at all from
!t'Cni;U m.M. f itSc p;ilnmp1
which has nevertheless been very
hrnpfimil to him. Is it possible that
vv w rr--
to salivation;' oris the absence oisai-
1 ivatidn to be attributei
jcar)onae of soda?
j ' ny Dne who can all
jlible distresses of saliv
o be attributed to the super-
alleviate the hor
rible distresses of salivation, will cer
tainly be ' a great human benefactor.
-w- ; i -
i It seems that the brig-ship, the
Vermont j of 1 00 guns is in a condi
tion of uselessness only . one degree
removed from that of the Pcmisylva-
man. one nas neen unaex Duuaing
r-i i , , .,f'
sheds for a quarter of a century, and
is thought may. be. got ready fori
the sea
i by about April next. , It. is! minus of that road, with the impera -
a to eeud her to. Japan, Itive clause' in the charter which di
! piopose
1,1 pi i mil LJLJUAlJaBBC
- -' yFor the Fayelleville Observer. .
M'Min'nYilleandTnllahcma J ailroad
The present writer does no t intend
to eiiilist himself to combat the fury
and madness,' that seems"' toj actuate
thosi opposed to the preseutilocation
of this; railroad; but he will; say, ia
all kindness to m&ykeep'axd" geti
tlemim, no danor, con noji" change
its .locatiou. . .The road is fixed to
Tulhihoma; and as the abljl and tal
ented editor of the McMiniivillo En
terprise says, "as firm as the rock of
Gibnlter. This ought to be enougn
to induce sensible men to cease .their
clamor, seeinjr 'that it ,is work with
out profit. The Winches
er and Al-
aba ma railroad which! h;i
is been so
much harped ; upon and
made so
prominent irj the . present- cont
(or rather say "in ihe past) was ft
t- contest,
the first, au ill advised schema to
!suy the least of it, and in the opin
'i . J.. . .t ! . i t
j011 0 dispassionate men, tlie little tit
route! to the Rocky Springi was the
most ludicrous and crazy 1 concern
that ever: the addled pates M selfish
men I projected, to subserve private
gam, and delude public coiUidence
The iWinchester and Alabama rail
road Was an ill advised scheh
causei it connected wi th no
railroad to the Gulf or
else rand had not the
L'. J;,!.!. f.ikt h. vnr
. s 'r 1 h ,
; ICflOUllUUlU UlUCUttU umv iv 1.1"
would such - a 'thins indeed, vasiuta b' sellisn lings:
j more be prayed for thaii hoped!
t first it vas going' to IluutsSville,
yvas start -inio existence as if by
j enchantment.' extendinir from Win-
ches!ter to Wagoner's creek! But
i tj;e 0ttuse Yision 0f the people of
V the
T-ii...:i . j 'iuvl.ai nx.ui
I i J T. . . . .
I HM H..IIHI I lit! (lllll I.U lilt
iJiMril nf ) roe tors o the U ar eston
!notRAfl that- Warner's creek.-and
winPstpr were of suffidieiit im -
t., : f rifv.'irr'Kf -
jJlUlUlUUC ,J tUUUCVU 1M. . kjll,ilnui-
way.th'e insulted dignity of tjhc Win-;
Lwtir -'and Alabama - railrcc1
panyis kindled and initsivrjit
Li-i! hs pfitinnlinn tr he ( ii
, pro.
YiHey The Legislature of Ala. look -
ing with indifference and cc
lectupqn a connection with t
.a nrn
ua piu -
jected route,' suddenly' a n
Mno nn tf a nnf li - ftJustkl willi
n' U.U:n' -fil'unli hnrv
t"n-0'Lw r';fR v;U,Vtiro!tl eir fame. Lord Chatham, when
hcadAind again making full tilt lor jhn yielded thcrank of the 'great Com-
IIuntsville--slowIv dragging its!" seep ed an LarWom,
length "along as fast however as ils:cipresse ins regret ina5 nenaumu-
i Ki u.f
ineauvi eiUL-aaa cm g,v.
: ?f l,n, An Uein ouseureu ino s uaiiRs uj wura
I I III Ill V 1 Il-I i:i 1 L. IilliUd Ull 1LU
supreme uuai pomr, i
like the fabled Twnia Aflusu , sticks
its tail in its mouth and swallows' it
self! j In the mean time, Mr
an eminent lawyer of Winchester,
publishes his address, and in hat
ures, and astounding cteohments,
proclaiming: 'The Winchester ana,
Alnhama miTrnnd will novpr hp. built '
AIiSpU' nnihinff fL.nnf rd a Hhonjrh
o t
and the absurdity of its Iarfee pro-'
ic.:n .,,v,t ;i' '..,.r,i
and proclaimed itself the traridhigh -
way from the Lakes of the North
we ft,a r:trnf r0v;L ,nri Kv
: d..it. i:
tie1 town more than tw Hundred
miles fioni the allf, on the Ala riv-
.. i . ..,1 -in T, i 1 1
wav ui cunucjiui., maftw utiuw, i iil -
its very feebleness had cicittd pity,!"f V'.lr 'T- ue':
er, its great tuiai point: mu tnc:v'.",v:, '""V - r
truth' is, it Las ! no wc 1 giioundedif a V. boun' UaT a.0(? wteDsier"
prospect of ever connecting wUh Sel -
ma, and if it had Selma is not: a tidal
Rutas fir as it ii " desirable
for 'the travel aud trade oT this sec -
'Tr, ..nrt llin Knvf h nnfl
Aortn- west mo compiemon oi me
,-r - . m ITT . ii .. . t . llf t ll .
Nashville and Chattanooqa railroad :
to the Tcnnesse river opeiis up with -
out any such unnecessary outlay, a:
inoxe than sulhcrent avenihe or any
intercourse of ! travel or jrade with; VY.bster. Mr.E'verett lhas already,
Sclma and all that portioA ofjAla. j;R varjons! positions of high responsi-
6f& , . . ' .V ,
'; 0
? E Z
thC NaSll VllIO
ilroad strikes the
Tennessee river, the course 6f that
river fivhieh Ws ever navigable from
this po nt foi- .steamboat t iUun
tersville) is more direct thajn any
railroad that 'can be built ttrorh Win
chesterio Gunlersville, Ala. And
frdin the point where ihe Nashville
and Chattanooga railroad teaches the
Tennessee river. : every ra lroad that
i ma v be 'constructed m tile btate ot
. , . ftIl fPrrr.in.nfft rin thjit
river above the Muscle Shoals, will
be cheaply and speedily hccqssible,
from the North-West, thraugh the
Nashville and Chattanooga i railroad.
This has always' been obvic us to sen
sible and practical men whe have
exajaineid tlie facts of the & se. See
Robb's map of railroads inl thej U.S.J
In this state ot . mings uie presem
Directors of j the $lcMinnvilIe and
Manchester railroad Icomdanyj were
called uioq to locate and fix t&e ter
fill i . J ! K ilJL i'iImam
rected that location and terminus toj
be the nearest and most practicable!
roiktfi to thft Nashrilto ' and Chatta--
nbUa railroad. '"Tiiat nearest and
m!( st practicable routd led direct to Jitter from Madison, from an ex-
Tillahoma. FromTullahoma'aliiiost1teiisive pork packer to a firm in
an air line, the road when continued 'this city; . - '
will pass directly through, the centre !
Giles, and thencerto Florence, Ala.,
below the Muscle Shoals, where it
1 connect with two great tidal
liilea bv railway tolNew Orleans and
IUUUUK. - V ICUlUllvaWiC wuui-t.iiuii
subh viewed in all its relations as .no
other railroad in the U. S. can boast, in Indiana we have suflicient inlor
arJd in which' ever 4 citizen of thelmation to know that 75,001) more
Mountain District of Teun.. and the!
Kiteat -North-West cin exult with un-
diminished approbation, and rejoice
th enlightened feelings. Thus
Shoals ihroQen the Nashville and
Chattanooga, railroad and lennessee
ri rer, and by the extended road to
F orence, below the Muscle Shoals, j
tlfts junction we will .have openeu up is uuusuauy iargp- ur ,u:" Kei 15 j tjie
td us, all Sduth Carolina, all ueorgia nun; no one anioii uujtum iew
aiiu an 'viauama auove uie xuusum uiit-nu", ami hch mtir.si
-no thain 0f?-uth Alabama Mississippi add ;The prevailing price appears to
anf wherel";? ad the two grat tidals marts bni th lcoatiuued decli
. Ji- Miin N. O. and Mobile, rsone but! . , ; c, .... v
-i - 1 t
nien bent on seltisli ends.
. . . ...
can lament or clamor
universally and reciprocally advauta
I Atl ! Ii t - 111 1
ir$ous. Ail naiju tnen ana an nou
auaii " -
01 toi tne eiorious
mo Riuiiuus r. lc.w4
sagacity and firmness located
. 1 1
ti e Ale innvjue ana .uancnestei
n ilroadto Tuilahoma.and who have
tus opened'up to their countrymen
.ti e prospect of a commerce and
tdrcourse so sure' of realization and
I I ...
I c? tA nrTnii11,f nrnffrcctn'O nllll 0trlf.lIV'
"1 B"l"v i''' . v ;
U shall pursue this subject as brief-
ib as possible in another communica
Clay, Calhoun, ebsler
The "National Democrat" speak -
Z of itho
ho great American trio, Cal-
Jlay and Webster in counec-
in.1Uu Ma
tibn with the Presidency, says :
tiWll ! V. tliot-n mini nro.fril.
I xicitiit-i ui . ilic-v .1111.11 w.
i . I ., ... : i-r- t:
W liht'0!11 T wcre lue11 quamieanuua jui
1 1 oUico, reaenca me rresiueniuuitne ruieis piacea me perpetual aima
. ii rv 1 1 it iTl - 1 a '
sthtiori. It was not necessary for
!Un ms neau m a coronet. xoo
j - . , , . .,, ,
i.j .1.1 i xi : :n..,..
ir .a iUr I
, - i . -
1 1 , ' . J : ..
We aow n, not. uF, w: tuu
' i -I J - x : i. i . n:
The "Charleston Standard' re
quicKiy jne ims -ioijuu
ad-T?"?9 peprs, Calhoun;and Clay.-
,;ir.. r.u.. L. 1 T'll A 1,:
, v
f, . '.,iramur
! 'J1Psl1 lu -
1 11 e inrce 6-n)
! ti e three mity men. j-u mai
,i - , l a
, T ' .OT'Su
iruia nan conceaieu. xjiey
Li. Xiicy nciu
;1, tne numan .instruments, w
, uPl "i" i""" iUi "
.eii had been. It were as easy to itn-
aaine a history ottho rrench empire,;
, m . , ,,T .
j"ltll0Ut a Napoleon, a Waterloo
without a Wellington, as to conceive;
ihf in Irinmnh! nt nnr Spnnt.o. wi i-t
; , - y"" "
."vp" - 'VCl ' V.n
tnp numan eye '' "u"
iseNs5ib "Sl1 earth toi!
iCoK'er it
c '.
r f tt ,
j u
rciarv oj o
a i-
n-hnh snnnnncps i.nnt lion, rviwaru
til TI T 1... 1
iKierct has accented 'tlie appoint-
mlnt 0f Secretary of State, made va-
icnU hv tha lamftntd death of Daniel
:,n l., rrrxn V.imptf it .st-ltfiSm.m
Vlif I t wvfi - -----
anjl diplomatist
competent to any
duty with which
he ma' be entrust
, and his appointment cannot fail
command ' the confidence of thc
rni ( i ' i 1 .1
country. -The, intimate friend audi
biegrapher ol Mr., coster, he rslpected. Several routes have beeu
prefbably well acquainted with, that
at man s views upon certain com-
ated questions .involved m our lor-
eigh relations. i i .
Irs. Sarah Bliss, of Rehdboth,
:MaBs.,reached the age of one hundred
years on the 1 3th of this month. On
F ioi riirfhria' Inorn
. , , ,i i .
was assemDiea a large company at
the house of her son, dyrus HI W-1
1H0ng fhesi were quite ii nunjber of;
1.1, winAltr.fAnii ! ilftfrtArvrtflnlo rtlil '
UCi 1 mucij.-iuu; ucotguuauw vim- I
drep, grahdchildren, great grandchil-
dreh, and great great grandchildren.
Sevpnty-fiyo of her descendants are
believed to be now living. There
were present in the comrtany twenty-
persons, aU of which
were seven-
ctt.? of age and upwjirds.
Items of News.
Hogs.- We hear of 110 salys or
contracts, but subjoin the following
' Mad'!sonOc!. 30,1852.
Messrs- ilUFFMAN,irUNNixaHAM &
Co. 1 he number ot liogs mv
contracted tor at tins city is I lo,uuii
head. Last season the vth 4e num -
jber packed here was 98,000. At
"viuii""' , ' " -- (
cite, and the cliiel packiilg points'
hogs havc-beoi . contracted fr than
was packed lost season. The num-
bcr 0! hogs yet unsold 13 largci than
? C . ,, ?
niany anticipate, and the rutu e crop
. J ,, 1. .
figure otlercd
i; 1 oi is.
GOD AN & SinllNG.
-r ' . mi r- ... . r
Liouisvuie courier 01
Is, anal "rioints iuducea uirchasers to hold lhra or the whoIe lr"Zh ot
and interests, f , &. .. . L 'e -j the road. lie also says he lias taken
l In back m anticipation of a decline in! i . ' , ' J n,
at results so , t . . t. measures to secure :. patent k-r the
nnwKiAna nr. i hp i-niiin hiki in iif.i
! hojrs.
? " In Cincinnati'tmall sales have been:
- ma3e for delivery next month, at
- 25aS5 30 nett ;
T, U n(Mlr:Ar sffllfta
were , 0Q h . driveu freshment hoaw9 .llong the ro:it, or
- TrimMe aaiUIenry inapy of the grounds of the compu
, K rp,. VGar the num.;nv l :lhh,?nv refuse emnlovment
t" 7 J' .
ilinr vW roorti TO f00 !if lnsf -
I1U 11A1VI1 - , v v uw - v -
A gentleman of Ontario county, ""a-
N. Y:, has invented a 'two foot rule, ' Laborer.- are in great demand, all
whH onnhniM sm interftst table, a.ovcr the country. Five handrtd are
tcondensed board measure, and an al -
raanac for all time. The different Lit
bles of figures on! the rule are- so that
by properly adjusting! a moveable
; "indicator," the j amount of interest
on a given sum for any length of time
is represented, while another table cfj
ot figures gives the number ot ieet
Un.l 5rfVioe'n Tin-iril nP nnv cnvpn
,ciii iiiuii. aai uvun v c
,1 1 1 . 1
uengtn una wiulii. -yn uuucuu ji
?! 1 t 1 1 111 I -
!nac. The article will bo of great ser-
! vice to those who havb so
much busi -
jness on their" hands hat
not spare time for anthmo
they can -
tical calcu -
Flo unc
Thr? St.!
I.ouis Republican say?, the Flour
Inspector roporl fif the month ol
i j . , f o onr
; beptember, shows that out oi J.yuu
1 li rL nfn.nir Ihcnol-lui' lllll'lll (T I ltd
u.i I it" ' " ihjix v
r170 were f und deficient
in pounds. Ina great many instances
the barrels were IVaiiduleinlv tared,
arid many other tricks resorted toljourned, on itlic Jist uli, ilLeuL
for the purpnse of deceiving. Most j electing a U. S. Senator.
nfjihis flour came from milfe iiiI!- (jEjslf3 0F Canada. The jceiiMis
hnow, and none ol it was manufac-. rciArni )uj-ltrp il.o iI..hmJ.,-
lurcd in that city. Impositions lik;
thU should be brou-ht home to the
f.l Lilt--.
perpetrators ol tiiem, aim uie name
of.0,ima"u,aci,Y " ' ": " '
. . i. i .i;.ii,.rir ,
Wanlr as t(- play sucli , s vvindlin -
.e held up to ,h public.
r r-
V reliable medical uoHc now be
fore us stales tfat H supT-caruo-
. ... .
nMp'of .nda '-!flivftn iUi calomel.
;.ith cah
Ihe usilal salivated fleets ol
.. . i- . i iv ..r . i.
. T . . .. .. .
mercury mil be dispeUca. ;
t . j).lujej WcbJ
istdr are renorted to bo. i
r . I I still liveI"
! rhey will form an appropriate cPi -
itaph ou his tomb, and motto to his
! workA a York Coa. A' Ena.
i r . itt i i . 11 . t (J
i i.ur. iveusicrismc eecouu oeeiu- j gi ; ,
!j tary of State who has died in his of - KjOssuth s siller has opened j a .
,"!fice;Mr.Upsher,ofYirginia, was thelhoaijding-house in Nev Yorl,' at
hrst; he having been killed by anuc -
cident on board the United States
steam frigate Princeton, February
23, 1841.
L. .- ! . , ,.
The important ship canal which is
i - -i t ? c i um .
will soon be begun. The surveys;
for its location have been completed, !
aud the ground has been found quite
as f ivorable for the easy .and speedy
construction of the work as wa3 ex-
surveyed, which will enable thc i-eg-
islature of Michigan and contractors ;
to pbtaio a perfect understandingfj
the whole subiect.
Thc camd will
be a fraction less than a mile in length.
Thi law of Congress provides that
the locks shall be at least 2oO feet
long and CO feet wide, and the Mich-
irran JjeiTisiat.nrn hfl nnwpr tn pnlnrrm
,v ? .7: r " . T
the dlmenS1.0" . " " '
A "Great l'raveller.i John
t nAf n. I . I. n I . ... nA ( .. .1
uai i c, 11V iaS, UUL II cull IICLCU
with the : Boston
and Lowell Rail
road since it was
built, s pr oba)ly!
conductor in ijlie
Ie has traveled
the oldest railroac
United States.
over that road during thc last cigh-
teen years over wx hundred thou '
f sand milf s!
: It, i said" that the widow of tho .
igreat Mormon leader, Joe Smith,is .
married- to a tavern-keeper, t who
keeps his rum-mill in Smith's old
residence, in Nauvoo; that one-half of
! the houses built by the Mormons are
Itprn down, and the ether hall are ten-
fantless; and that out of the former
-:u,UUU 31ormon population, tncro
are now only about 200 lei t. About
400 xrench socialists own a great
'poition of the citv, inclii'ling the
i ruins of the temple. i
It ii said that the donation made
by Jenny Iuul towards the establish
ment ol die schools in Sweden
amounted lo over $200,000 Tin-
j -
Boston Atlas s.i)s tint $00,000 .f
as sent while Jenny was in Ibis
, A. , .rtAAri
icountry, and that 140,000 have
1.1 n r :. ; .
inow been sent Irom Hamburg m
orni ol a biil of exchange on
on, drawn in favor ol Mr. Thc-
Imauer, arch-priest. Dr. 'Wtesel
I green," pastor of the Cathedral of
! Stockholm.
A Mr. Mowery, of Auburn, N. i'.,
can be used to propel carnages on
railroads. v- The air is compressed by
water power or otherwise, ancl earned
. . . . .t .
i the Erie Railroad Cumpauy have
recently forbid entirely the! sale of
n,vLu, ;,. flv of the r-
,.v,.. - . t
! f oUv linKnH vin m-ilfp llr ot 4'1(M1
J WV HULl Uvi ;u i ' ' ' ' . - " -
i liiillD
1 wanted immediately to work' on the
Railroad. An agent of
the ; New O
leans and Jackson Rail
road, has bden in Cincinnati for sev
eral days, endeavoring to hire four, or
hundred laborers, to work on the '
e namejl road during the winter.
Good wages
are offered, but he h:is .
not isucceedad in! inducing labours to
go jSouth.
Thej industrious classes
congratulate themselves
a indeed
oil these comnarativelv halcvon ; days
' of labor. I'ju., IK'ui. ZOlft id'. 1
! L nnninarte in Lwk. nrc
i i !
.ii.'imi to If le tllh'l ilk flit
i Lughsli papers', ha'just lii! i the
gooy-fui tune to break the bank r.t
the noted German gaining place:
Hamburg. He win 480,000 iraiici,
$9-,O00 rather a weak bai.k..
The city debt of Richmond, Yir-
giuia, amounts 10 jji,-uu,uuu.-
Tlie Legislature of Missiji i ad-
t J gll0W tliat thc ro,)ni,ltion If low-
Canada is 890,201, while
that ol
, r n-.mhx is 9.V OOt."
number oi persons occupying 1
Mtds in
! r ltlT t''l u 1n.,4ri!r
:id tlie
is 17,-
r,llr v.r 0 ,,cre5 vij ,,
i937,M8. Ihe number of biMhei uf
i , , . . ... . -; -
y - -
A 1 1 ...
i'iwuuluu jt-.ti n
! "20, upwards of twelv
e rs
t t.iicl'-'ls nt" wtiii'li u-fi-p nrn(l;ir-i it in
J n A.
wptr wiiauu. . . (
m W
c........ I . r . i . i f i.. i ni,:i
ocTri-iui nu "imuasm ,t uimT
jdelp na have given, notice .hat, in
; ro'!?"cc " B'
W l'ricc von.mvy a.eoi.ngeu.
!1a a : proportionate advance'
: in tne price ol stoves and .castings.
i"' coiner oi rouuccnin suxi-i ami
j avenue A. .. j-;. ;
jj , His ''Kxccllcucy, Governor Cubb,
! of (jreorgia, has issued a proclama-
lion jappointiug Thursday, Noveni-
r . I fi,.- en '
( ber xotn, as a day el thanksgiving.
i , J .
,Ai Expensive lliil:. A Yankeo
ship piaster, at St. Petcrsburg.Russsa,
recently got upon tbc statue of tho
Collcjsa! Horse, jiri the square, and
seated himself behind Peter the G rea t.
The fun pest him SG000, the amount
of the fine. When the cantaiii re-
mons.trated with the judge at, the,
largeness of the! fine, saying that it
was rather an expensive ride, the
judge good naturcdly replied, that
tho fcaptain iiever before rode sd ex
pensive a horse. !
f , ! i - ; : :
1 Susan House was recently tried at
the Circuit Court, Tuscaloosa, Ala-,
for killing her husband, who, in one
of his habitual fits of drunkenness,
was beating her at the time, and jsho
was acquitted. I , .
There is a great scarcity of women
in SJincesota, and the men' are too
busy to co to other places in search
of wives, and are contracting habits
of celibacy. A cargo u! Indies wopM
go off quick!
. ' !
, i
?; ,
- ' ,'
I ' I
' - i
r r
' I
-1 rendeuts. ' . j
' .: ..!- .' !o
i- !
i -

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