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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, November 11, 1852, Image 4

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V : it?' iarnur. : ' - j
To Dost rov Weck:: i
.1 i
Wepds not only deslrov the far-,
prove injurious to
Ct'opS, bu
crests, in
b:;jg it of
Land th:
t weeds, is
ir n c.rmi t
L-f-mai .arwga m&sbcsscs
J' leaving, lie gave me some - change,
jC..,!- !. ,-rtt 21--Mt.t
JlU.j Uliu .umij, ; j which I put in a separate pOaket, to
r-n ff7r:: ! know j"st kow'much I hadi : When
i!1 funw,w5 13 fro thc'rc" i 1 1 sot home, I paid ten shilling for
ublished Memoirs of Kev. 1L Wy horse and cutter, arid, on count
ic. formerly pastor of the Uni-jing my change, found t hat he gave
Exhausting his soil, 'versalUt Ciinreh in 3Iartfurd,;Conm
Its strength and f.r-i , iv,. vr'.i .V: J :
t.oUiHl ilj CUUill.
it is capable: of pro-'
Did I over loll vpu of a ce'rlai
me the sum of six and sixpence..-
V 13 u jh, as he said, I .didn't "lose noth
jlng'' the other three and sixpence
M hal
,i.o c,....io,y oi 1'" pjj,.., T onco .lUcacd?. ItS histo4
1 Til1 1 : '
11 wouai ue, useiui ;rv vuhs tm ti,js W;3C:
Therefore, he , Thursday last .winter.
KV in fun.
On one stormy
as I was" going : ' i : h
i Verr Good. '
.ludicrous mistakes sometim
- Ready Made ' Clothing.
Wilts we were in the Ei, we par
chafed .Coats, lanls. Vests,
J.Llft .J, Wlill.ll
we win sell a little cheaper thajt the
his i;i
bv ro3
U 1 v.
J'ul fa
m:mf"T' "I" .Iter, can 1-! yd, tell me," bir, where t - Not Jong since while travelling
'...i.uiu-.a purpose, ine canpoc,prCJiCh..-r boulo lives?" "1 suppose j Roni .Pittsburg to, Cincinnati, two
hill ltd be ; renamed as a nmsaiiceL :'!J am' the man you ire seeking, rather verdant 1 specimens of. tl'fe fe
A fill S, 1852.;
.derates tl:(m, is a poor ur.skil-;to the post ofhee, 1 was accosted by ! cur in cases where' ignorant persons
i i i "' . in I'Anfiv Bi.i i nn vhJ ..-,! l.Mti 'f ' .. i i- j,.i 4 1. U ,.C 1 1 it I.
men ana a worse economist. :.UU!ln "' " ' wm v ,,uieiiiia uio uie ui lausu;- lyoui
s e rea?ons ! h.fjVe ' i-d -nd ikho'v 'viiich' hllt sl,,M1 ,oav? 'ou l? i lhe Maiming of which they" know
j j ' . . ' tjudge,) wiln. the iniuiry, -1 say, mis-: not! ing. : .
toeiiact that the) do not a;(er -t ; ye ; tell Jne,-Kir, where ; idot Jong
:r "
the Bcc Hiv4!
marled $lrcet J
- --i 1 ij.
Cloth ing ' Hlorel
t-'-S 1 1 (!A -niepn ihofi
l'he LiJijes' Apann
nlonabip.tinu ho im
satisfy iali wliq may.Grirr
lfnaelfU s'a well ke
nnioJauuii p( liorses.
ishvitle;' Tenn.
tire i h if llotne
liglily repaired, and
.4y fur piili.'ic acconij
" 1 1 Medical Siiddltbags.
:1 doz. pairs, of aborted sty lei, received!
and for. sale hy - ,
. - I EV IN.' BRO WN x&--CO; ! I
k. 23. JS5-4 ly v '.NashvJW.Tenn.i
' co
Deaif rs iii Foreign and IiomeSitic ; jh
Y'Ii!iirilY iitr
'-J :."r . -ff. - -
tn's are farje aad
shall be spared to
me tteir patronage,
a Stable, fjr t lie ac
ul hill Oil
Tia-'rforeJ the j'
II wc.allopt 1
uostiou, what
r their eradication?
iceL J jim'the man you i re seeking." rather verdant specimens of tfe
Dienna'.The S'ouiig! 'man's countenance ! male sex came on board the Uoat
The expression of intense one of the landings, who, for thejsake
i nivi..h' TVICCOil . '"HV'lV inil VMK CMC. : r.C And Inni tnn ...III 1T f.. xt
r -i i i i : , tiuii.'" i'iuvvu, """j tiu.j. i..j uuu-.yi uiotiiiiiuu, u will (.all -Mill V, iUUu
one of ebnsidi-rable ' importance . , , i.V: i ici vt ' ; i, , TJ r
im: , , , . :. i , ciieueo. oy. o.-io oi .iuuieroua u;ki;hu-. jane. -i.ow. iarv naa cut . ner ere-
l;ie nisi sup t,);iake, il we ;can not ; : sVvcli; then vou're preacher ' teeth, or in other i words:'-' was ;
cuureiv dtislroy! all of them at once.'Soole. he vc?! Well. I" want to seev'nuaintod with tlm. rtirfls ami rpr,i
the ripjen-'j'ou a'ft-w minutes, if you've;; no ob-ft ions which govern feehteel ;sbcie
we shoold
', till Vi: tiH.il! ell
le;l4t pro vent tlie
ing of. their seed by cutting th'cm jjt'Clions.V "None at all, sir. UBoj Jane, the younger, had never mided
oil while cirecuj tor it is an old s.nv-ikmU f 10 waiK m" In luV A1 iU1 S0Cl1Ct t0 SrP extent? atul
. r- i .,.:!.' niCi where we; can attend to ybur bu-! was therefore in blissful -ignorai ce
mg, and a .rue one, that ,one years:; hy gide of a comfortablc j as to any of tlie rules which govern
ruiu- Ums i me yoais wecu.ug. firc-' ! .. i . refined society Her language too,
.dany kimls of wpeds, such as the ragj Cice in the study, hqasketi again,! was only such asslie' heard amor)g
ied, are tirouldesome in corn, pota--"you're f.reachtr Souie,'the irinister,h'er rustic' associates. Mary was
if;P5;. ;,nd iiowl cruris, while ihev tlis- i hejyer'- ''Jam" 'Be we all done?" j aware of this fact, and -had therefore
l If 17. vl 11, A UllUllUillUl
N tie 2uih inst.'l ' intend heinj in
Tisllnlkouia, wuli a liuiiud s'ui-k r,(
i Groceries J and uvh oilier articles as will
p'-"5. ."" ' !,mL tUelJeiiandsofriUe acijoining country,
UAifs jusijreceiveuxnu com- ,ya ;anJ improyeiiifnts ol the new Town
pletedv ouci ol tie largest fpj- lly (Jeierwinatn' i lo be ready, or the
andiJosr desirable Motks ol UiU ,arr UaJ of the Cars, to onen will, a rci.t. and
Oeu(leinci's .Goods, tuey bave ever ' general assortment; aud sball he prepared
gflered in UuJ lOarket.- Uur stock consists ixi . lirl)ish: 1 he trade Willi , evervi ihid? in nn
pn 01 Blaclt aad Fancy Colored Cj)loiliS, niit ori the mqst liberal terms, at Nash
Cpsaiuercg a id Doe-Skius, ol French, En-. vjjL prices. : i: f J. GIUZZAKI)..
1 (:.,. ...,1V lt.li.in ".- I ..ai.,I. . V : '
a, Genu a il, Italian, and Scotch
of - the latest styles and beft :
makiei! Holl and Unioii Tweeds, Cassi-:
meres and Drillings allow prices for Sunl-
nieriaud boyi' wear., Liut n Dn'ilmgs, and ! Ur.reirihV.Forwardi:! t "rAinniivvtnn
I man anil l"rvTf...i t . . i ; n . . , . i.t III 5 5 . '
Gootl of.qll kinds. Vestings in great van- .
et'; Satin,, ilk, . Grenaume, Embroideied j
Cftsl.rjieres, iialiie, Vaiencias, Linen, Mar-',
setlb:, Co-lit a, Vooien, in plain and ' all i m
iasuijuaiia spyies; auu -colors. Jj.hck ana l Wi.t. aiin,i ,a.iniiv tn r.:;
, . . . . o
itaVille, Sept. I 23 if
Also, Agent Tor K:mwa Salt,
Im .a'.l Goods and Pro
hU care,' ..(Jurumtmlv. on
Faniy -Silk acarls aad Cravai,--,- do Madras ' i-1 land h
and ijolton ot a !!: u'siraule styles and,ucb consigned to
qnai lies.., Ifongee, Jpiiialaeld, lr.glish , lian 1 a large and w ell (elected Muck . ol
and t'irencJ) Silk and Linen Put kei Maudker- , rri,-i imiim
Clue sf and bt e plain.aniJ fancy blocks ,wii!i jypScc. and all articles usually kepi lur lam
sprugs. Back. and Fancy Colored Kid. !,iy aod plantaii;).i supiiries. Kanawa
Line1,!);, LisJeJ ,1 lireaJ, Vvoiton, yi;k, Buckr S ilt Viil be i furnished at Nashvjile iri. I
tnl iLV'ooienL and Ber liti' (i lnvi-s: I .iiihi ami' .o .l.ll.mr M,tK 1 ; ! -i j , '
Cottou Half. Hosej ' b r.fncb aadj Domestic ; Kemerke: (''' V . ' ! -
Suspenders! 'of alirjuali its, including those i TL 1 G oodhich -k Co.L FavetteviHe
of te t and: o India, lliibber suspender ends, ; Qill Si Rl-elt. . d
lODRirH.cccHASAN &. Beavers, do I
'Hats, Caps, Booia add Shoes, - Walking . Q
Canes', Kidii g, hip.4, Lnibreiias. Hair,' 1
CloibJ and. i ljooth , Brushes; I'ucket Knives.;
Stc⁣ anJ every ihilig ntcesury.io com- j
pi etc a geutlwuian s.waiJrobe, ; j
Ihe! clialqjtier ot ; our establishment is so i
1 1 Lt: - -.1 4,:U1, U l,x 1, f j i. i i i '
.iimcf ,ni;,.,h- fi-nm- .imcr:1"., i..aiji v i iuu ; 1 1. i yi'vu utiu no uwi ner io ooserve -.now. sne
' . ..' ,! vi i ' li bed-room door. - '-e are, 1 said I, : (Mary) acted, and to govern herself
......... r.l .:.fo. is I closctl HI l knew well-that lie J accordinglv. Jane promised implicit
l i!.(h. i?roGtiQgby tms peculiarity, ; Vf-;intcd, but I, was wicked endugh tojobodience."; Shortly after, whii3scat
. ?: il sucli nnxiousweeds m iy : bo de-: enjoy his embtirrasiinent.. j Aftciried at the. dinner table,-the waiter
roved (in their! lender ?ige,: before hitching and jshuflling, and hemming : asked Mary what part of the fowl she
l;I,...u Lrmr,1.,vJ ommi Vr'j.(.1V fbn ' awhile, llO- Spokp Oul "Well, 1 Code WOltW llttVO. '" " " . -"..'-:
.nob ri VjOiiiv imi.V' vuvu.u lvc i.lv tut. ' r i t i " . i -l
i- for to get vou to go sul marry some-! bhe informed him in a vprv nolitei vvel? known, )ud so : correctly appreciated by
til" i -i t , i,i ,, iii ! i. i '., , .. ' - . . a Dorti'.n ot a liberal and inteliire'iit ' nnhiir 1
.1' ' . . -----D 1 , ,
i it alniost superllu'.us to espa-
tneriis thus .inu'ch, however,!
Itliat our iSpriiiir Slock has nut j
n; iviy Icstowed to 'destroy the cuin-; ed he should go an-1 get soipe one, part, she would choose.' The simple
;! irsot the ground; for, infivnuentlvleise; it stonmjd furiously, amp I did ; minded girl replied with all the" self-
iniir the earth there are several tmi leel 11Ke fu-img a coii norm-'assurance imaginable .
.easier inacnigi.i, xul no taiw, -os, -i jicneve I u taKe a niece oi tne
Focket Cases.
3 ddz. riiysicians Pockftt Cfe of
11 do : - vd -
Reteive'd and f.f saJe ly
Sef. 23 ly , iailvi!le.
1 . H
; r LUID and OIL ';
. 20 bbU. vt Linseed Oi!; I
500 kegs Lead of superior rjnplitj;
Received and If r sate bv I "
Sep .23. - i , .NaslWilie, Tenn.
- Sup. CarS. Soda.
5009 US. rcrived and tor aie hv
' ewi:;, BROWN &. CO
Sep . 23.
I - s. MTirnri' Mnslflnr I.!n5rapn.
'JfTJV 'j -"'" rpru;""?i of ihii
- dailr; the eirclei f its jji-
ffuer.fe and j;;iboiji,t'eJ
r poplaiM7 m deepening
'S, tgfe- h.nd widenin!:; and the ca
SA e ot pHHrard fcuflVriiig,
and n?ijis, teueve: Wv
its use-, are multiplying and inrri-jiiin? be
yond all precwf en t. Iigoes lfce:in ac-tl
1 i,Tif. .),9lrnff nri 1 1
To persons vho wisn. p ra ftirni.l
names and residenrej f jn'-ins '"m, il,e
city aad country, who bave btert I eurej of
: Itlieitmaiiui, Sijmi, ftrwiscs.
! llurns,nnd tlie most Joathscn.l si res; a3
iweil as Tumors, ;mccrs ar.ji IV .!;;
iand of horsethai have ten cured til Sjiax -
ius. Rlnsr-Bones JP?iiit. FitKlH, ai.d
iFoIl-Evil. aifJ bard boi.-ett lutHffn
j feet, legs, shoulder, and back. A 3rnrst"t--v.
Iahnlie, lenn.i 'ery f;nirr thrnugh-if the eouuirv rna' tesri..
" " jy 0 (s w iderlul heafing jx.c'ers Pfid
PfKPCr. SniCC. kit '-none of.tlem wiulj 1c a d;iv wnlrii; p.
13 3CKS Black Pepper, 64cks Allspice: j Owners of fvefy StaMes and Sigjj C.-nipa-
13 do Race C.'inwer: 1 00 il s Iutne2s; nies cn save nunaretfs el dollars vearlr ly
' Prime Ground IVnnpr. Ginsek Cloves and , using iliis Liniment on their lif.rsts:n b-k.ev
Allspice, lor fale low bv I - ' - ! ! fr they1 become g filled, fhaf(p,t. or j cnjip . il
EWIN, BROWii &. CO. j jfror.i hyof ihe thousand acidt nts fn w &:ch
Sept. 23. ' Nashfle, Teiin.T j th-'r stock is subtec. p.
t -1 i Kurcnasers-wi i fare nionev tiv I iv ir.-r th
- ' COC'II!rI.AI ac. I ; larje si? bnttleF; the fJrpTir..-ize c'ohlaii-g
ICO lbs- besr Cocbioeal; j tliree, and ihe dolJar eisbt tiiuus ,! uiiii.tv
oo .oiuiion v ut:r. i-i i; iuj sair cr vj cents. . i
low by - EWIN
; Sept. 23.''
LK(Jrt- Hist rreeivil aiic! t., m!i it
niNasuviue. imn, ' Projuieidr s prices I v
Vinegar lor nofaje anu ntt;aai ag"iif. 'i Unors Irenr
A LOTol superior Cider
iL pickling. rt'Ceived anifurjsate by
Sept. 23.
Olive Oil.
ihe S'iu4re, Matkef iirT'.
t. n Wnr aola in i C ..uri .... I . 1 ..
NashvVlIe.Tenn. ':'lMcELRjY & CIj A Wb (RD. -,03 j
ji) ' Nashfiile. Sepi.fiL lS'ri ,
sale by
Sept. 23
aa ..,n'.n-i ..f r.-iiW-11" iui rtt.i.u-
lt.'O ib'Z Cut. in papers;
IC?. 2H0 Rolls VeirId and iu;h;
j h'u.ts of their, liutrlment) by st
ir"v J l . .( ' UV; r 1 -'body to-nigh ti" r ai d ho manner, that it was -perfectly imma. ffi e -J
ring tne ,od with the cultivator. -;far isi.r it s only jusi seven Itcrial." lie. accordingly .gave hera KSpfu
a.iio wk.hj jlaborj thus, spent, is not. . miius-i hem you know'; I Want-f piece, aud then inquired of Jane what e f1
' i 1 ... 1 j 1 j j . . 1 J r! 1 1 ' ! . .. ,1 - . -. . . . ilJf. superior ji
; 1 . . -, i 4 . T, 1 , , easier inacnii.i, iuc no saiii, -o; , i relieve 1 1 tak
aau imporUmt; adviintHffos. It loo?- , , , ,.,, i , - U , ;. . , ,v
., 1 .,i , j . , ,1 the pld folks want you, -and the-gal Hmmaterttd too. ' '
vns the .oil.anu makes it pcrmeab:,; yoi1; a.ja.-fc0 doi want you,! I The scene that fol
to the roots ;of plants. It pres-eivls aull(1 .tue 0?a UiS Wouldn't like it if ration is tevond the
i:-. u' s;ivi;ioe to tlie air, which becomes we' (ji.
rnriehvtl l'V. elements imbibed fro:?i ; - Wfll
th-. a-tunispliere. I Uut there jis an-! vou
t;l :.i r cla.s of weeds, such as the lai- weathd
sy. wild carrot, tie., that almost lo- j marry
cato thfinselves in, and hike posfoss- l.t0 no
5 n of,-gr'as land?, .where, in. a tew ' qq .
yessr:.' k-: last do they: spread, tlieyi.,(rjn Y nojjjU.i
root out the grass almost fntifeiy ;i,fuuSir. I'll: tell vou what
'meadows,- as-well as J uj.lands, t!(at ! jf Voii Will cunns'down here ji will
w,..ald otherwise yi(i: abundant j mnrry -oa for ning." 4xl, that
ipiainiu :'S 01 nay, "a re, .03
followed thfe decla-
the power f- pen to
n't have yen,' yott know. ' describe. The assembled company
if . you must have - j'ue, ji wish 'wore compelled to give vehfcto their
rould postpone it till (better :-surehawd f.jelinss in venU ofbois-
r; I -.will "then come tip and tcror.s laughter; whilst toe poor girl,
I'you.'' ; "0, 'dear, thati won't iher free suf fused with crimson Lluih-
penor . j it this place, botii ?s legards i
q.i!ali;iV and price. ' e are, ' iherei're, ;
li,ow, for we ye postponed it;cf,Lf& the table, declaring aij she tied I
1 theiis
h-i'tjuenily rendered uiipi
The plough is tl:e!onlyi n
l.tvj these pests may he e:
it being1 imioKsilue to! dd
4'; 5
i:i ti
in ff-
1 : a i .4 h:C.i
up. it is
hois. -h
when th
1 1 , S'i 1
UTaq!oi'in.-As has.lieen noticed in our
lud we -wouldi) t postpone it to the ca&jn, "they won't ketch me'ciJculais and Ter. a.ivenVse.en, let it be
id -toh-ijbdanl of
vill do Steals sooi
one of these pesky . steam-
i a inn.
iir ui) or cntfin
vill spring up sig
:' thi-ir roots are
o -giouiid; and so'
:n whoii nulled 1 hi
:t or: below tlie t-brl.K
en' the so his
with. .con,is.h
licceeded Iby
tfoine.'i in wini
'ink; the corn
! ' '
USe Ol too Cull!
tin? yause; ;m,u,n't 0 noitK'f; cause jtlje old 'xocorder
duc.;ive. j . fjlks .wants for 'to see. us git jrn: rried; . -j
and whore-;an, V(a jriust'come, any- way; you ,
i:....4.i. . . r . - . .1 h,"
ICMIIUiailU ; th.,,T!; r.1f li.it liner " '
strok' them j - xhe poor fellow-bo aged
; tiilm oh.;co-ni.iu,itli; to go, and accbrdihgly!
so hard, h i the Mi
A corrd'snondont of the Western
jat Burvsvilkvivy.j says :
iron: I think the following
to . be . lost. A staunch
in this neighborhood,' du
in, as lojig lured a horse and cutter, and
n I I '1
cit. tomasn-1 five o'clock started on my novoHved ;
ii- -..
61)0 Will Ke-l.Knrr ,r.i;nn. T f .ili:d ti.f tmvo
, i , l "'"tl . - -
til'eai-: nvoufnlvHrK' biiil fill flip U'.-iV '.'inll
:h iii
v keel
hy tLffrW,ueat
which mjist- be'donjii to obtain
ci op. th" woods will obtain .-o.
a th(.ek that vm lew vill
with ."-urdoieiit'.iihjtti start ag
nest spri:;g: a iul! these will he
deitroyeu b preparing the g
for! oats liiiSti, sual sifierwar
wheat. ' Butiafier 'the weeds at
lVoqueutl, i
.sfroytsd, the :-ee
1 hot alway s, ag.--
the riiam i
come 111.
on to pray
.'xiean war, was called up-
it a regular church meet
g, upon phich he perpetrated the
ual form
naS this addii
our armv 1
or wi
t"!ticularlv so. after 1 1 1
,roi?:i road. At lemrth I!rea
;U : Id I- ' bnn;r in TriichliO! f-iir
wneat, j HitehinL' my ! horsq, I wei t !to ! the '
grass , ,oor and lenoeked, wheh-a stjern:-old 0p defence.
i-it.Mii.! voice bade me
lie : mo ioj;-;f 1 ; uv ,.r
mue iivcu, ,i..j,i
7 '
H.ei,iUie house, i was, invited: tq sit down :sutject bcjWo yoU) but f.r' furtlie
;l gvoti with all my over-ciotlics on; i I skel : particulars would refer you to th
rcVt!tho !J mn7t' ihy going" to:i?ro,iacnt. mQHS.v,Q;
upon such occasions, with
n : "Oh Lord, be with
i Mexico, whether it be
ether .it bo wrong; bless
the democratic party are
l making a war for con-
j quest; - hut we believe it to be a war
Uut, oh, Loin, we would
o an argument of :the
piepare.i lo son on as liberal .itruis as
! . ...I ii i I
rt'tiuinr. reran I'stauitsiiineui in the Male.
Keljing u,pon ourtjioik of Goods, as upon
ouf.uijiionti uesire 10 - piuase, we .t'l col
dijni of receiving the award ui an u.icrea
Share f patronage, 1 . -
T i Scbll, Gray Co's eonie one and all,
' ivy here CKiihmir is (omul in plentv;
We hdve Saues, Frock and Bnsr.iets Colts,
I'iomuno dollar up to twenty..
We haveGl ives and 'Socks.Ctavats & Sto
Togiiher woh Drawers a.jnd Shins, sirs:
Fine ranis and Vests, bin .wiiiat is bcu !
Vfe sell as cheap as dirtj s'irs. !
DAvinsojt &. Sons. .
II. &d RD. Deeri,
Eak:jt L Co..
ame.1Jf.tt &. Co..
1'. Dromg ;)0LE,
Mc(RE.i &Terras?;
wis. Brown k. Co.,
MMERif an! &. Co . V
. II. Gorpok, '
uusi 0, Cm i
Shel'oy vitle.
- do i
? do
do i
- do 1
j do
TVl,,J,l!o T.itu
...... . f.. . -. . k. . . .- i .
; ' ij tun .-tcarasiaiii lUfKisn;
! Just lecejivid ami for le low ti
1 .1 1". t fiiiniii . 4r
9S.i.tr Imil 'I'm ,f vi r l.i il trT.lK I ' ' . - J ' vl
ruifierial Tea.
'r -t'i r
seme reiy fine, received tv
EVV1X, liROVVj; It CO.
I Sept. 23. - i4s.hv
SHALL lotol Delluc's sui
els, just rrreived by'
Sept. 23. Nasi
lek ienn.
ERllIFCGE loOsr-ss M Le-.-
hnniorkV; al.viO rusa JlI.e.if,
ce!ebia:ed Pi!!; lor sate bv i I
J.M 7.! OPf? IT A V "i
benor Satch- Sppf o. , . ' N.,,,ri':;- T. i.n
vi'.l. "lVm
i lli!. .V. i
i.tisii, I r Sile by !
hr.12.). i DIEMER St HAUPTOW
! SnullV.
1300 ib. Maeeobov Si'lllT i 1
150 dcz. Gai rttt and others' Scotch S'tiuC';
led do Scotch Si. "fi in rolls
iEVVIS. BRov:-& CO.
Sep.t. 23. Nashville. Tenn.
boine jn mind, that' tins "brai-Joh of oor bt;si
ni- ;s 'is! still prosperous and JivAvn.gj on in ita :
va illy I improved biaiity; n ifing', tii'at. we
bare at length aeiiuiied such pi racoon ; in
ilu cufTixtj and if ASiiii.NiNG no, iliat notoue
"Indole Merc."
LL at .our Cheap Corner Slide for
tiotign and Readv ! Overcoats;
Seaver-. I do
S'aukei Hunting i . do
'iii'sliincr I lo
F aticv Silk Vests;'
iVonl Velvet iio:
aleticia do J
'rassimer and other; Fani:-:
I uslin Shirts: i
itten Shirt Cpllarsl . &ei
C'sislor Oi!,
71 r, u.Lowi .Nu. I Cas'or pi!, received
and fur sate fcv ' '
Sept. 23.
lie, Tenn.
i' PI
reiiairis lo iloobi liirtl ke conid it
loiiiiiii'es of Btdinrd! Iii, or lit I
iiu iuirmu wno naoe ui on
ok, arid '-iWtw the u to Iwitnejs h
ivb - tiler sv u - ami raneU cos:
iailksoli, wlio. led ainiies io
yiqiory. iiinu were ti; req'itr
Ume-I o Cit-n
froiii liie fai uiouVlings ol Vdnus
ho left! j,.ive n -weddihg there tha!;!eVcMiiii'g. ;'
'Pint: W a 1 '.VA it 'i1! i f Ps rr i ' r-w tiA ' r
in th!rr T..,..L. T n : V1.VU,1V V "lluu J
' iV;iIlu fc','a uu ; "fr , , Oi , i I h'nng the same brother, before an
the Gfeek 'S.av
to the va
Aiiolloio! Beividere.
l our Irieu w . in Lame
April 15,1852
le the de
i tiers,
t'. bUi (if l!ll !i i.:r' f.:A f liullriurr nil .1 f
T ; '""i; not' , sjeiit. la
nokmg lUlJACCO: S.N l FF, in Bind- i
Coiiles, and I'apfrs, aud suirJnes 100, Cair.iis's IVrfumtT)".
oui- (jen. numerous to meiirion
niry cttn-
diiiimu- : '
Ap t! 2t).
e and - to
I, wtl con!. I. fh i
le Me Jici s f . is
'l-chested !
For 'Negroes. !.
V Au. i... i ..r ' .- succesr-ar to Louss:
r . ' w . I ll'l HI 1 1
ket than suv oilier
Meavv double sjleI Brogaus;
I. est 1 willed Blanket;
!.' Have purchased; i
of Gooii oj SiiAtti
xer; and are. iuw
same atj lin.ustiiilly low piicet;
punctunl dealets on .ihe usual
leeiiiire stock
LIN it G A R p -
otlV-rii g ihe j
of casliL or io i
line, j It litis !
will leave for tUe .ub;ic io due
will say
association, a flkv days-since,
it- m-'1,in stairs, and; to iny as
;oduced iiiti the sou, along wUh tne; (jlt, brideirroom an 1 -bride
lanuro zMvA 'just, before, kwing the ladder, lie bi
wheat and grass. FCfid. ''it is not ia- j ing her by both h;:
common to find! the 'seed ol weeii-V seated.
.... ! . : -... - l.L. .1- i
even oi tiio i!iit. .iioiOib. m.,, n vou are, read;
mixed with gras'seed and il is.ji.u a inv vyoii will please
to this cvrum-,. 'jhev stared at
stance, that weeds h.vc spread them-j tblks, at me,.bu
selves m l-apidl'V ovcrsomo jortionsI repeated it, and
of the cuutrv.r .Too much care. can fthe same vacant st
not be exercised in procuring grass ; .f you want to
seed, and none thontd beiised, upoitup;' said I.' That
ayiHtvounl, biitthat wdiich is l'er-jall( p proceeded td
jeoily clean an Tree Trom 'other seVja. ! one. WTie'n'Ii'cade',: to' t
!Crej the ceremony, the
all others?" &c.
'Whv," said lie, d
ilanure made upon fa,rms w
hinre (fuautiiies of i weeds grow-
variably contaiij the 'seed jof tjtc
lor. and if it boUppJied tbjthe-po.
the time of sowi'pg the grass, seed, it
w,V, hM.rt si?: i fed. serve to' keen
m a constant s;ipply; of weeds. :r rjrood while. !
Kow this evil' may be avoided by!
proadiug all - the ; manure upon jihej
i-.rn-ground, s.o )hatt!.'C seed it cop-
suns n.iav be destroyed, alter it
legetatcd, at thoi-samc time that
onr is cul.'ivated, liistcad ot c
jlVto' - trrow undisturbed, as is
ihse whcn the msnure is
tl'lie wheat
1 j. A
whollv i ..
I tUOUMM L. CVVy 11 J-!- V'.i'.y Ii ll vl v i tnw iJJ
'v'UllU.' i ' - tj t .
iMilu.i.n.M-ti.- ivr,r,-i i'limUKf HilIM- ' it .' en . i
, f . i j ,--.' iiuuvo me loiiowiag speecn : -
l; as but .ono'j!r.orijto the house, -jind n wouIU urgeupon you, brethren,
-"jtlutt let out M,to jncvvoiidA- i.A.eryU,- takinr, of the W(stern Kecord-
!c.so0nj 1'owevei; 1 heard-; clattering :er;V turninrr to the deleiraluin from a
onishment,!Aiii.nT'-" Tv.ao4 ,
camo oown ' rvr,t rt,,,,i." ,wi.k : V.-,ik
l i uiuuiUUiigiu lu uuvi.; 11, luo, us tuu
own, lead- fs f)ftm f.linr,,l; :n TvW.nrl.-v
lliey. were au(i Tennessee , are vdry closely al-
ilicd, and will becomeimuch. more so
ie ceremo-1 Iinr. n,; a,,: iun.,;ai..
: uj'uu uc vuuijn;iiuil yi lil5 J-ilil V U1U
iMIld AreMinrtvillo - Rnilrnfid uliir-h T
'r' 'Ii -aC ! rry 0l' not be lPn as I. have
1 1 . i . . . w . . 1 ... i . . 4 1 ..... .1.1!..... .f
i , itii'uuu iuiceu iiiuusuuu uoiiuis in-
as met byY0iVC( in that enterprise."
1 ! t i . !..,. ; . ,'..
icd, stand h A fricridJ in sneaking of California,
.l..-.AA'.1 '! . J. ' n. ii
uucii you, says ir you can a pnysician tore
v lor ti
ach ot
sat sui
wico v.
iret manr
they r
f'Do "ou take th3s worn
Iost sariiainl',
4Do you proinise
I almost forgot
to lov
Pvc d
-!' Alrieiid ofthd
ly anIyi- this
in succession, to
t hat for years r
J been: a source
Ihat.'fn-med a sllongl and' pleaM
' ooiitnt with th wtthless coat
Idaifeies with' whichiins u'eighbors' fic
! Vire Covet
the so
the occasion in my efiorfls to sup-, bow mi!
press laughter. ' waen fc
si ion,
lilSi brtdf witli rm
i 1 A i
Intake this man?'.; kc
ulle s took me, h
his wife: he's my hut
out mv taking him.'P
"Do you promiee to 3ova
;dl others? &c.
'T'H lnvr bim isnt;f. !fts In
writer was cnahl
:ule !to all his Ce
Uestroy the wcefe;: loves me, and that's long en b-ugh.' . Unj a s
oil I smiled, but succqded iii gotvern-
loss anrvexatiour nvd obtained, in ing myself so as to coricludd the cer
tfi;;ir stead, a bealitiful so.! of grafes,!einOny, which throughout wis of the
, . t i. -y... :Li : .1 : - U ' 1 tn , :i.,
Pglsain'c unique character.
of ! over, the bridegroom
J;a bowl of good! old b
; tiien gacpie a Cigar.
this much alt I who
Goods cheap, give us .a tail,
our yj-iies'. Thai is the way
mailer. . I I b
EjfiaveiOt) -baud, and wi
kinds Bridie and Harness, Co
a Jare lot of Ic;
Notice io the .tihicfrd. !
MITCHKI.L-.s KiMiiiin
lirtciiEr.iUir xtra.rt
a ceiUin (Ju:t fur jeuheij b
finiiiinaiorv. Chronici or
Acute Rheoutiwm.N'eu
km.ru. anrt Goit. TL.
valuatle ren.eilJ M,!r
without a. rival oil the
t'-ry of diM-oveiiib in j;..
or any oilier oiniryj i
C'onig t!use; pa. Oil .j
paralysing (ii-a-ir m tj,c,r
-v.irioiis im.,s.: 1 he va.i
w . . ! . .. 1. ' t
Crown's tscnc CiJnjrcr. i ' ,l,!'e.Uf"
00 ooz. ii. store and -xpecleu 'in: feW nlrca "Y UiP 7v ,-XIrhi'' iM 11 ""J .-
dav. This valuable arid . feasant aoicle is ''e,r 'T-li ni..iii,:ri. ,
rapidly gniivinff in public frr and se.ns to !h's ,ac!' INo1 ' r,,'c'n,1 ,s,c'i!-. f '
j he mud. preferred to any similar tn.de now ,fiflim,!,aU,fl' ul f"U ri'r"H"
before the publie. - :ten,twinty, and evfn folly jeais iiandn..
' ' FWlV BrOW Si CO i when tliey had not o il) ir:d every ..itier 111-
! Sept. 23. ' '- Nashville.. Tenn. erit and external tei.o tiy of Mc h it, v
! j could ftear, but at grjeai-eipenyi :l:d vtsi'. d
JClr:'t of Itg Wood. . w various watering places w 'tbrm olitaiiiimj
I m. o y l . . . i:..i ... t I. . . 1 .
r i.b. i-.x n 3( i 111 sinan ooxes, irnci puuic -win. ot in.o., n an'.
iand (or sktletoa, uietr lleMi wilim ao I bs .r
CO. .alysed: iiese iiave been -ertnai,iitiv l ine !.
N.ijshvslle, Tenn. ate now enjoying kre'neiit hllia. ;;ne a.h:-
10 loliow Hieir lurtntir a vol a: ions v.i lit!-, o
usual agili'J fr:i the use ol ib-e n;:t'i
I Le t.iUi
1 420 pounds BIup Vitriol. 'iceivvd
sale by EU Cvf BROWN & CC
!:WE are fgetils.lor.lle sail-of the vao c,,.., c:-j-se fact- ate tullv subs
DIEMER & HAMPTON, f - rioua arti-le t.f ; tuieland pinin fuiiev iiutiiiAei! ifstunvny. il-t rann..
: Soapo.fcnaving - 6iav?ng C iopuund.-. S4VJi J,.,t can be ..ichd for bv Ih.min .
Shaving Ciean.s.tii.e and comti.on C.lot'.ifs, A!m, MITCHELL'S It:Jiau liiai
j Lxiracts, kc. piei.nr.i.l by Z. B'fzin. 1 rhoui i'01 l iul and Tonsil in ifjs mm,. I
l:-.tl Nfgrp Kerseys aud
G-ods. I ;j "j , . ! !
other coarse
(ash for Wool!
; "l"17Tf will pay 5cts ter pon id in aii
: f 14
"oods of
ir clean w ashld Wool.
at lowest rit'4
July UO, lb: ! ! :
T ' u i.' t
hMml!r AA,...n ll.r JlobUmk ... a ! ."Wfe. r ..OlUriVlllg .-leeVl S
that -theb are sellin- Goods for Jii.alle t.ruh.s !3 fi1. U'tFktid Ohe.nit tte.;
.. r . " .. . . . ...
man any otiier tiuue in1 i-uvn. 1 11s wc
r r .: . , ' . . .
Jt:e. Jjui we !
w ish : to buy 1
kit J1 eKatnine i
ti piovo I he
2o IS52. -.
wi! be sold in conn
; buy ma to sell ;'.g m
1 NFIL AVlln 'osr ' transpi
k V , ' .H'pply just rpfeivi
,.' !, . EWiN,
i Sept. 23
Pi. 1 In
tilelploa. Iiit:st unrr.ait .1 in Ci;r.iitr i-u!u.iBrv dtscart s i.iiv
preparations are noire j-opwlar in. this mar- ;,ir, en. 11 of the Lungs, as Contrha,1 Co!,!-..
it. eni aii Per.jmei y. an 1 &.o., mid everyiiouir ot lor nature i f ;tai
ry ii.frchanis and oilers . riura by the u.-e ol the Di.ui.tua (. oidoil ran
at Philadelphia pr:c-s. . bMpetdily Moptd, win ihi;i ihrftiii: oracuie
nation. adJed. A frtsll bmir or ;.nr: .mdn:. To l.r tia.l ..I f. Il
- " AK-KENZIC, Kayefv.i;e,Ttiiu. , ' ''
BROWN Si CO. ' 1 ; i
Nii'liv.iie, Tenn. ' The snbs'.-iiher al.so bus an Ii firm rf m tl;
1 '.' "" " ; r. i f y o! Aa.-.hv.;!e. on the o..ru' r el Vine arid
r will "ire ! WILLIAM STEWART. W. V. OWL.V. l ' imooL-ane ir-ets, tor Hie ircei iroii i,i !
l-.r il.
Stewart &.0ven.
ai ciuuiiii.ildO.:n I invalu.-i w i-shin 1
Under l.o inituediaie and 1 fii'iiat Mr. 1)
11 iii. in..-eoVir,'cnr Oi lioior.ii.g iln'rii'-it:
I - j pepM. 1'li-ers. Co-I .'s. Coogb.s, iUiv.t.
arts 1 rmiinie
t hitttjand Bla
llwisidd Sulk .
I Co!iar
k Lace Ch
his; 1
bread Lace Epgmgs and Inserting.; i Stoves; E.ian'etrd
II conlinui: to
lllitT of a! I
per a id ole ;
' J.lcontlt do-
) Slviss k Bobt L
; n.
!k-t a"4
; flt?I0K1l(-
the twainilieve vl
is part of: of the Idiscase
ou, lie generally does- it; if not
an thus: Fot tl
n?"&c. jjuce h
her ftbiwe ! Rlinbar:
ne so'tlusj - BoyJ
i j j beef th
mmty ol;; Man
U-'Mister, how . do you sell
i 1 . 1
me to tne; Be-v.
r'Do vou Wo h
111!- Man,
Itia't hd for to be- Unv
icu, with-; not liav
im above ;
i for beefl
;ig.;a's jhe ; i.unninnrl
of your pocket-book,
Lhems" and a "'ha,' in
st, he. raid, ho says, twenty-
dollars.- sice country for
b, that
Iu l h
t iw Goods! icw Gdods.'l
fJlHE jundelrsigned have jusl receivid a
' JL large anl varied Hi;ck of desiriibl. !
MiUi ABU 'mWZZp&Mty
tiqught o best terms IVmii; first -flas houses
inijhe citlies of Philadelphia and Aew Yoili,
loj, Which; tliet invite liie 'attention of put-
11..: 1 1 - 1
u. i;oi, 1 luuu" iirfu niuiii if rience In 1 ;
ihe 1 business, and being well known 10 tilth 1 vTv v f
co':iumuniy. t!i y deem it almost utinecessart I 'ouf
toJreneati the la.ssnrance. liial at tliis , i11111.1L " veM
cart 'be found as good Goods, and on as lih ral
tettis,jasj can fe had at any liie es;ab.,ih
tnot in' the g'pie. Suffice, irt'.i-say 'tlm lii'tJ
art ideterinineil, is heretofore, to make' it i,j
tiia interel"! of buyers to deal with' them. '
. Np-23.. ' j. . '.'' .1 1
I Copper, Tin and Siwt Iron Ware. l',u h. -!., DiW-it.i n
; Opposite I,:snior A ISrother, i ;;'. Diar.biea. G-v.. and AMi.ma. V)
Murtrt-S., N-Jtril!cw Tenn
- Kr.F.v i-onsrrftitlv en ha:;d all kinds
1 Ir'lii "'r tniprove'd Cookinff. Wood and l'oal
,"t KIO-W Parlor. lUll itiid Fliiied
aim ' .1:1 n .1 .1
u" I iral. ECPJob Work s.-.icited. ar-d x-
,ce do I (tiiteil willi nalnesmii.l fl.-iai.li I.V,..l.i.J
MOKGAN Si NEIL. !thsw;ix. P.-wier. and- Oat r..t..'iJl-..A ..."
'-exchange lor work, ,.
April 21, Io2-f I y
rteit! BiirHrll Darfi-r!!! !
rinj on voiir barter asfist rrs' !
we wi l pay ii!irt ln.tr- i
rcj iki gooJs at Cheap rales lor any :
: i r
ravy broky n i Jeans ,
Wool S. eksi.
, Ginse ig, Wool, Sir.
of (ioeeisWa Je
Ware. B'ld Ti
lies, SvC kc
April fl
CONSTANTLY on hand, a supply. 0 tlie"
vy most popular I'alosit Iflr:3iciiK's,
April 2D.; i 'DIEM Ell &.H AMPfONL
April 2'.i
s morrumr. . -
WJiyj seven cents a pound:
ch will you have?' . ...
'Seven cents eh? have you
-just Sold it?' p :
, I kuow'd you could
I a heiiit and ax seven ,cents
I'm 'sorry you ' sold'it
k I'd like to have some meat.'
A moment after the bov.wasiseen
JO c
I Alt
ME Ion.
Ota' stock ol Jioimt'ts, in point ol
. j ... ... 1 .
ri. qoaniv.cannoi ne suroasseu. L.Mie. . r.i
il ych wish, to piirchase extremely low.pleasie Arril 2')
call.!; I -. W. D. &.S. M. EWINGj ! i
Juy 2S .1 I. ' . '..! PO'lT KCAIIY'S FUU.MTUKE, and
ve any
Give 11 rt
WI 1
iron; INK of the best
If ATM ; i
-1. ior. tnuuaijic juJi icifi cu. mill
Ltl lor aa e hv, - 1
r-lJX - VIALS a
i f Annl23
out of the market house,
in bone sailing alter him.
Wlileni it was
-lasse-a around ( nonsense
acksflrap, and ; a! "n-i-c-
Jusu qs I was! thcmselv
! il
uVi Lie stock oi Cloths, 'assimeres.
aiO aild VestingK-Blanket, Oiercoati
To Ihe i Ladles
"Ji ' ' ' -! :9Sk. Wt bade reretrcdia snlenIid assort-
liriyAlMi. & liL.CH A. A a TV. i iJ mpi .it Hprfiimori:a!i!n. a ma-T-
iUCi. n.l .) . j L ' I - nirUoni Hit 6f dardb. Muttoes. Enve
s 1 - - - - . -
lopes, Note and
i politely infitey
us a call, arlJ we
-.il- ' I OBRELLAM.' j
Itv 1m srvllas ot all rjuiitie. - A IsH,
Engg . Uiiibreila's rececwyed, and loir
rir . . 1 . -
sale iw py
J, L
" GentleRiens Mr.
I un, brush ; vour whiskers
(if you Itave anh) dress fashionabjy
and lay m a plentiful supply of soft
:, and the girls will call you;
young man. They wdl.
'iJlL Hint
UAuff. 12.
We hatk a large pnd defirai-
inss, and ready made toothing, of every de
scriptmji. .Ueniicmen wouiu 00 wen mgmj
us a ciii; ai
corner ol the Public, Sijuare. before puscha
Oct. 14. IS
April 25,1
c j Ktrpcr.
and every thing in that
lot of Glass Ware i; i E
wtiha heavy itonk 1 tie s
Slafioaary. I
in hand
to tl
rail Sloe Ii for j
ilE umiersigr.ed are no w in rechpt'o!
thiir eotoe strok ot HAIIDU"ARE
I t ; I I !.' t . H a ! 1 . . ' - . .
v. .j 1 1 .1. i. i i.riiic ran i laoeianu in rp ,1
un.f S-so;! rin irutu 1: rt'u.anil-s, net vonf
"ne? s and iil.!ny tai I r'nanrioiy .r.ir.-'l.
Diseasi s of a riiOCLiVK o..':.-i 1 1 t'oa. n?,:.
." r. niove 111 - lev? oh . w irbn.ii i.livi.M vr it
dfhi. n njs iii.'djiiiii s. liiv;i.iils !n. any"
si'i'lion o tlie Coimlry, I y adilo-ssin a U ttri,
(post .aiJo i on.? tl.- t, 0. piou s 1. 1 ilieii di
ea-f. and enclosn s .j, he of at l.-ai fr. ui t3
tnij,."), ll" a CiiropunbatK.it for Lionbir. c , rnu
biile iiifditine and lull oirectioit forward. -I '
to jhem, tu any way thev Hiiiv tlire. f. ' !
; ' I . ; J. Ail I HELL,
I Indian Btit.inic Die lor; Ofpr.f, iVlaifct-t-Mreet.
Iirt tl doors fioin lii- i'n' ii I : ! . i' , tifu t-:
the Indian. NAnui.i.r., Te.m.
I dr.
an J
I'tiliiiig ihe atiention . vt the men-hints ' of
, 'Tenbesbee. Ketitnr k v. ami North Aluiiu.iU '. . 1.
! , ,, . .- - tlie let
ii-ii run n now 111 siore. ii:C leei t uli'I - .. t
ll:at ti will be toiind lo Compare favora- -Mi '.
o .1 " . j ! . ""
.jtj... o .jo.iiiiiiy ailU HS'-OlMlitlir, Willi (jiKj;.,r
ui ciiij 11001c in me cuui.irv
peti.-nce hasralready dnnoii
... Ii.- f ..... t n . .. jr '-
es. Hardware, Tip '. in dm sectioi! 0 the couniry , that in the ar-' ' ' i, ''J1
ae . loins, Uouks t ele HurJirure at least, ihe Nash vi!ie! mar
e to thosenf New Y"nr!j at.
tra ed lo
i and: th:
. sent1 for
a lead.
Iter preff rafoi
Philadelphia: fi
the Use
I .... ... f. .. . k . .: ! I.J. . 1 1
i.iiirt, ioi uir aiutiiiv iifaiuii 11141 in is . . 1
I . : .1 I I . . . i O..C.H1 tf
ur9iiiMiun hi wo.mjs ivui noi near me eavy . .
LL. 1. ... 1. l --.vMUl n
expenses 1.1 iranspori'iiion wiucn miJsl ncc ; froil' fj
ess aril accrue when brotK'hl ilir.iM.li !,v . . . '.
a line a-sorliiient of . il. 1 .. t,.. ' . . T 3 ' Allictipi
...... .... . 1 1 v- , A v. ioiui i a 1 - tlx
te and (lap PAPEIl; EN VI
inds; PI
lion im
I !
9sorled, for cale by
Letter Paper, to wnich we
bar special atiention. Gire
will endeavor to please vou.
GOOD ARTICLE of Ueri amlj sulphur
Bine Cral Seed, for sale by
Tnllaiioina Lot.
fllHE unjlersigned ha? laid off bfocks of
JL LOlb ot several acres in, each, for pr
vatfr resideilce, and is now prepared to sell
iher.i at pri rate aale lo ihos w ho desire tb
have sunanier'rt8ideDces, j in' ithe beaut.ftji
and healthy! town of Tuliahoma. W
have in thti Town Site, besides ihe rioHt
healthy atmosphere and pure freestone wa
! ter. a mosq excellent Clialybeate SnrtnH
) wmcn is sapposed to be mixed with whiff
U. A. GRAY & CO. j
Mv co, if.;;-if.
Wm. MQORE, Agent, Lc.
NS of ejery descr.p- i P(,udl Jo,,,,,,; wiii, those purchasing in! any 1 r !"'3
oOir u.aiket 'rum th bu it. at iheir Euro- i 1
pean et.ods 01 inz ml imparled direct Iro'm
N.4SHvji.i.r.. Jun .1,
ilin" (Jf the llrcriifl .Veuji.- 1
11 my duly to h i Un pob'i': kno-.y
1 1 have rl"i'ived from the ue o! I r.
S (i.dian Diarri u; (JooihI. ' ,i ihr
I was sever.-ly attacked with llin
rhns: sun.e jruouuced itChi.lern,
i'a in dinigt-r. Dr. M.tchell wg(
anl he proiiotitiei-d it ChoU-ra Mor
no'viseJ. Ilie lo n-r bis Itidiaii Di-
nli.il. I procori-d orle bol'li-, and by
i, one nan j i. 11,1 was reti-v,i k,
I on ihe next un..rnirir was t h'.n 1,1
boint-ss. As tiwe is a report about
in.lhit tiiy, I advise those stilf. mi"
eia Morhus or Fiux.M procure Dr.
inuian uirri;:r .orui.ti, uj tl,py
a speedy rediVf, !
espectltiliy.j JAS. MrGOVF.RN.
Deriiumbrane Si, &. branklm P.ke.
F.ixititti.i'. May 25, ltr.2.
HtscRiPTioN, 0-r "b"? mUiiufariorers by xvay ol New Of If ans ; D- f.Iiicitr.i.r. l)raf Sir:
ill lou elm'ig .Viw York, thus euabliisc ' ' A( a t
it) uficr their goods at a small advance itvalua!
L ; Purifier,
p-ortaoon col.
Jlcchanlt, IHucksmitfo, Carpmlirit kc., ! i,a,,f !'
sitiojg Nashvillu are invited to call aiiJ ex- with' j Bi
oinei their stock before purcha,.inT. ; J without
il. if. ii r " . ' 1
falher$, li'ob!, litnteax and Ginsen re- i poptiLr 1
ceiveU, iu ex change lor Hardware ml ii.m. ! or Miner!
ment oT debts at the liighes'r market rmces ! One
mute of respect to the merit ij tour
le I Rheumam: Extract and Blood
I cheerfully ailtl wittlcut besitalion
at part of ih commu'iiiiy suilVrirt
iiirialiiNin. iut'lhut disease il stnnd
rivil. in the whole! ra:h:nue ot
edidines, wbtihir Botanic, Parent.
College street, Nashville
that dise
f that she
j I spent a
i.iir.ii: Lovril
fflHE following comprise 1. onion t,f
A lalrge siock of Hardware; unsurynsed ,nt she
tu vanieiy by any House ia the west, i I i the rnan4
I Uiwis Alfj," Warranted. Axes of other : medicine
pi Us. Aftvil and: V ices. Bellows and &rrew i !io that
Mates. Jiand and &ld!r Hammers: ,Tj5.Ip fit ve it a
hnd Pocket Cutlery, Razors. Shears and fecirf.lwo hot
prs, tfwrry , Oomlis. Padlocks. Fiieii and Blood Pu
1 1 O.i 1 r rr -.. .. : : i .
Mrti-,9, oiiicrana uouee Aiiiis.snrrun lion?.: wouiu sa
Bridle Bio. Augurs and Chisels,! Plane of trial.
1 ll il , r. 1 .-. . . 11
o Kinos, iianu ."aws anil Draw Knives, '
IatcheUand Handaxe. Mill and CroiCut P. S
i-'aws, Si.-igte and double Shot Guns, Rifles,; can do so
complete, Chains of all kinds, Coflon Cards; ;'"
A'ceuer wiin many otiier ariicies loo" nu
Birrtmt 10 mention: . j "
!epicmL-er 23,
College street, Nashvi
1 ?i.-.
se jot
as 0
the rbember of my family, fa valu
able in-njo wdrnan) had been ia.'TI.cie-.l .vi..
fiu cr six year-l cenflned so
no service to rtie on whom
amount ol money ar.d no re
I pad cou.e to iii couciut',-n
tould i6t be cured, when rioticin?
etirts' f fleeted by tht use e f j i;or
tfiodgh 1 bad! but ht:.'e anttcipa-
sh otild liud relief, l;rsoired 10
a". Suit'ce ii.ti sat, afier iin;
ttesj Rheumatic Kxirjcl. and two
ifier, she is entirely ! reliev".!, 1
to ihoe arflicted, it is Woitl.y a
Kespeciful.'y irrors,. i
Vron wishing; to confer with n..
T calling i iur residence "n (i d.
Edgefield, Tet.ii. A ujr. 2o. 1 552
1 . , ., , i. -
fXriNTflVV GLASS nf all l7f . let l
! I
;. t
i i
J t
p ! ! i"'
,11 I
1 j;
i .
.A 1 -
i '
1 - - : - I I

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