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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, November 18, 1852, Image 1

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; ' ' i. ' ; I ; : 1 v . ! . -; ' f, .; - ' ' -!:
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! ...., . ! . ; - 1 - ; 1 - - i ' . . , , - gM--i--u- -.- - .
I BElJItY WAlLliE, 1 ! 'v i "Let all the ends thou alm'it at be thf Conatrr'it ' thr God's, nud Truth'! i PgBtlffl.tBg & rnorniiTOns.
I u . ; ' J : !i ! ' 1 l,; li y-j-.-'j-wjjg
! iii o i 1 1.1 S I" I K ;'. : ' n 4 vDmmiiini i b !'. mnuxi ' mil nic n A v MnFMTirflli IS 1S9 ' . ivO. 4S.
I 1 3 1 !'.: II At I I i I I I'l w 1 II 1 1 I . ' I I'lil I I . - . I II 1 1 1 111 IA II ,1 I . I 11 If I 111 II I ill 1 U I 1U Vl 1
tcj Two Dollars toisr4 yat if pil at
tin;l Fifty Cents, without xeTrTioit.
SCJ1U nill for AdverHpmenf. Jr,h!
'.V irk i.r 8 iVfiriptioi, ons!Jer-d du
hr n w?hiv Rdininj Account?.
lO'o P.ucr will b fepi out oi
C niy, uiite'ij aid for in Rilvaore.
JrrT" lv-r'i"iniits in!rieil ait One DoI
i far ptr .Square of Twiclve LlncS
j or Li? Jur ilie Firai Inieriion; Fifty
al-rfiir2 hr ijie Year, will
Thirty Dollar foV wlio'
j. Col'uun. Tweaty Dollars fr'.on lialf,
' Y!i Dollars Inr .ti-.T..nrilT. lv. fifi
: id'on from
.t'use Terms wl hr any circvm
itr'cfly tiiit'rd to their t
imeJiatc and
A J vertiMrta
' inn is not teiM
nlrel as in
clu.iinj tii
f Ms in livilul
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2 Cfliiilulaiesi T
aircc Do!-
l:r.; t' he
Keery Cae
frU5 ! veriis-r
lienn ti"t iiiatii
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r 1
r 1 .. - ... I. 1
icd 'in.
te continue :inlil ordered Wit, .hi Jj'j-ntu
tr.ncltd. i i i
V A-loerlUtmml canjte vhtrltd gra-
- Int(fm.'y. :
rC"A'lver:i-emi'i of ret!-oa! IS'tuie
iiioiuiabhj charged Duuble Viae,
Paieni iMtrdicino
jti-iiuil :.t Tliittr DlJkskcr Col
lutiii, P?' V;ir.
tttfJolt 1VirK. of all Ki'nh. JVcallij
. done-Ion XCH T) pcaiiJ on asJrcft&iluWe
T.mN as :iv Oiiii'p in Teiiin-f
JdpXo lapcv will lif Jiscnniiijufil t;it'il
. nil arfarajw . art" p.iiTl u,i .T(JfI cf iht
y option lht Puhiithriti
;Ti Tiiifc to be Talkiag of Ucddiii
IT:, f. I.., L.l- ' I rr i
. With noiiiii g i til! i,rt the puip:
B jt I'm tii.-t toJoe ti.tssiV leJ in
KxcliutiL"! - 'iiy Wv.i'.r fr w jvs-2.
E N.tturi! ht-rs-'l b'tyes tis Hanwpg,
E, N.tt,,r,: hi-rs-u bveS!s,a:.;!r?,
rr it's s,-:;, ly a. ,!
!Ti Iss tiii-rr s sum- giii in "" sy
( ', v m,k' in mi' ivnf 'i rn'Hi.iiii,
, . . . r
behoU; ;
And lean, u hilf its it'ims voi
r,. i ,1ms v,,,r!J wiii.hl. zM.
Si) ci-ase 1" br talking ol wodd
With tKMiiirc fit Jill in the pt.-Jsp;
To bel;jv r.i-, I'm n t to I'C 'A i"
rr. !i:ii)oin'i' mv bLti(.r for woipc
Lt" mtiMC. bia! i ii. pmiin?;
On g:it!-lilii mid s:niug1:t ulc
Evcti braiity oni-s onr. to ;m tilirrr,
YVht-n tliu-Miii 'J has q'.iittf-d hiaihruhe.
Th. n ta'k not tn nt of wcdtlinj:,
vrnl, nrnlivnr nt ::U nt tiie pm'V
T'-.r h. Mir,' tliat I m not to be iil in
Exch.tngirg my belivr
for vvi
uiikmNG I'BAvr.s. t.ci.
t.icntt'i persons were foii'ici y i-
mr'fi do tin- Clrncli, art tnli;icr fo
i i
the old: IHItiMl ltnmoiiiim, br the ; tain she prcfi-n-ed his society even to
cerHiylny of bippins: th r ave's.Uhat'of Mr. Wellington, wh )m. idone
When t va rcsnlved the da ! pa'r.'ksawfit to lQl with the apP-lsen!
ly f u"(Id Pe rf'ftorrd it :ue
tmi:ii li i.t -SallilS. l was. Oi
tliat t!
" -L I
.1.. .i Mt Hi , urn.
- .. . I 1 1. t
ul'.ikt the "Wv4 Uliali
he l
. -i ii ... i.i.. . i' ,l..:.i.
n-!, tiiui, wiiiik tiiei iicm;
whins t,'c nv, i i snail say. Jy '
" 1 ' . . - . . . 1 ' I. . :
'i ; t-i ii
he tiui!!i.)ii( whirl) 1 hiwe iv'iiihcd'a
Vfre.4thrc fulni the. bond, nil I expand fine maimers; . and Iherd was
commtiniciui-.n, nni resi'ir ioir jt 1
tlie cuiJipiUnion of the laiiijlvil- j
OmqiN or inn V onu "UL ck-;
GUAnrslr in all great housep. hut'J Also, he was considered, twjpcr three
particuiily in t oy n I n-Vidtii cesi'degrecs haudsemqr than Mr. F Mi
tlitic wi if. a iHipibt t of uii an andl not. !. ! J:
4y.ry tJojvisde nip, whose o.Tij it Therefore, tho only thing on which
....:... ..Li ! i.i iKu H im Knnl ivn'- Vr iii!. l-.n.i in AernA. tens the nower
was to t cimi .u-it". j- .
lerie '&H Of ; these, (ir in th-f
lllli.'l f - ' V I
i ...... .. i ,ilJ.tl iKii'ft ic :i fiit pr il'll.M
iUI.) I
the ii.6k iWhvnhvn-tches sc-ki tol
1 I . r . I
I III .M I i:iil 1 UH i. 'J u .w" ' if .
have bee
iji se
IccUd to cariv coalf lo-ry
ihe kite
smuttv 1
To ihis!
htiuiientl w no all
iMuicii. pie
ii iii. a
tlie elarls
1 1
.1 .
otic 111
were niofrd frcirt 'pulac fo palate,!
lhep(jp!4p"lenston gnvc tlienai le
.f b!a-M2rds--a tirmainrn 1
. .nil il. ror.il!.f onil nr'
r b-.loie projn ily explained
IT 118 i
ctjhh, ;and will
20 ft-fi by' 'lh"
pro I) I
Ay reach
vviih the !pots ahel kettles, wllilb,Mr. Frank was cot willing to believe
willi e very other ; rticle of lui niti.cj that she tiould. suffer mere worldly
Kate Yale's Marriage.
"If ever I marry,1 Kiitc Yule used
to fcnvJhfllf in ipsf. hlf I in fi.'irnpRt.
r " w j -
"if ever I marr), the hnpy man -or
tho unhappy 'one, if ydu please, ha!
ha! shall bo a, person possessing
these three qualifications:
First, n fortune. !
Second, good looks. '
And thirdly, cotnmon.sense.
"I mention the fortune firsfy be
cause I think it the most; needful jand
desirable qualification of the three.
Although I could never think of mar-
rying a tool, or a mau whose ; ugli
ness I could ba ashamed of,- still I
think to talk sense for the 'one, and
fhine for the other with plenty of mo-?
ney, would be preferable -to living ob-
Ecurely with a handsome, intellectual
man to whom economy might be
necessary.1' . . - . . . i j '
I do not know how much of
this sentiment ! came from Kate's
heart. She undoubtedly ! indulged
lolly ideas of station and style lor
her education in the duties and aims
of life had been deficient or rather
erroneous; but that she was capable
of deeper, better feelings, bone ever
doubted who have ever obtained even
a partial glimpse other true woman's
nature. j . j -T .
And the time ' arrived, ,at length,
when Kate was to take that all-important
step of which she had so often
spoke so lightly; when she was to
demonstrate to her friends how much
other hearc wasia the wbrd$ wehave
quoted, ' ' ;H
Lt the enchanting age of eighteen
cho bad many suitors; but as she nev
er jjave a serious thought to" more
tlmu two, we will follow her example,
and discarding all except those favor
ed ones, consider their relative claims.
If this were any other than a true
siory, i souiu cer ainiy use .an- ar-
list s privilege, and aim to produce
an eflect by making a strong contrast
flMftwcftn the two layered individuals. !
story, I should certainly use an ar
rr t ; ..i t i i i,m
J 1 X V UUUl tii( I l UN Vllill vV wiv-'
i. . . . . '
110 a! Poor eenius
and somewhat ' ot j
-i . ,
hero; the other ' a
wealthy tool, ana
somewhat ot a knave
Jjut the truth is
Our poor genius was not much of
a itnius: nor very poor either, lie
was, iy profession a teachtr of Mu -
sic, ainl he could live very
bly in exercise theieof-w thbut the'
iK.icf rlfctorit lnrA hrttrovir. fil 51 1
taininjj to wealth. Mores terFr'an-1
UIOIUU 1 in kV, mvivi v. . ...
cis Mmot possessed excellent qu
pnt qmih-!
be called
by discreet eldcrlj' peoplfe "fine .
cnaiauitri, u did vwiumuiu 10
,.l. . i Vn . f. . t A.l,mnn ikiKo 1 f 'n A '
: bio good fellow," arid by
er.erally u "darling.
nmu-;ba,l,""J "
Kate (jould not help h
Frank, and he knew.it. H
ting Mr. !
.....oi i
nn-Uion ol a rival. ' i : j
Thi Mr. Wellington f h b COtnpafl. !
o . . 1
,ii. 1.; 1,0 inW n-,.o
idiot or hump back, as I could have
.i ,i T i . ' ...L..u....
wisneti mm io ue, in uruei ;iiu.ujntt.e
" 1
good story. Un tnecomrary, ne was
b .J . .. : " , . ,
man of sense, education, cood looks,
noiiung 01 me Knavouoout wuj.aa x
could ever ascertain, i i s
It T ..11 lL!n lm MSW,V.R.A0 iCfffPfl.
XiUcluta itwe, ma luu'uic nflo ouiu-
cieut to enable him to live .supafbiy.
. - - . ia
--j : ;s t j
he possessed over Kate's sympathies i
nnd aiiections. Ihe ; "duke ai-1
..i. . . - - .
though just the man for her hi cvd-
. , tt i I
lies, winch euuues jium w ue oiuu,y s vr.,nic
other sense, being wesseu iu jtinu "-v. .v..v..v -
furt une. frood looks, and common
v?, ! Vl J
Ecnse naa never uetu nuio
these ont.ar.d the amiable, conceited
... . . . ).:
considerations to WtroJ the aspira
tions ol the heart. 1 -j
However, she said to him, one day,
wh:n ho pressed her to decide his
l .'l - - l 1 . 'i.L - wW
! fate't and she gaia to mm w;tu a bign
; "Oh, Frank! I am sorrT tna
Iwve ever met
- '-Yes for tp nrist prt rsJ
"Part!" . repeated Frank", turning
pale. ' - . ' . -j '
It was evident he had not expect
ed this. ' j-' . ' - I
"Yes yes, said Katiej casting
down herijyes with another piteous
Sigh, j I . j - j : .
Frank sat by hef' side; he placed
his arm aroun her waist,! w ithout
heeding her feeble resistance; he low
ered his voice, and talked to h ?r un
til she th proud Kate--wept
wept bitterly. j
"Katie, ' said he, then with aburst
of passion. "I -know vou love me!
you are proud, ambitious, stlfish!
JSojiv if yon would have me to leave
yo'u, say the word, and I go!"
' Go!' murmured Katie, verr fee-
bly!"go!"- ; i: V
"You have decided!'1 whispered
Frank. 1 I -
l have!" . . 1 I .
"Then, love, farewell!" ,
He took her han, gazed a no
ment tenderly and sorrowfully ujon
her beautiful, tearful face, then cla sp
ed her toj his bosom.
She permitted the embrace, jhe
even gave way o the impulse,! a id
twined hdr arms about his neck. But
in a moment her resolution came to
her aid, and she pushed him from lier
frith a sigh. ; :
"Shall I go?" he irticulated
A feeble i"yes," fell from her quiv-
ering1 lips.
And an instant later, she was lying
tho sofa sobbing and weeping
passionately alone.
tear the tenacious foot of love '
out of her heart, had costlier more Uric you know this elite of things,
.t-..iclf0,,M l,vnnti,.;re,i n,M,nnr.t. hnntinns.il I '
than she could have anticipated; and
tho certainty of a golden life of lux -
ury proved but a poor consolation,
it seemed, for the sacrifice shs had
made. !
Shtf lay long upon the sofa, I say,
, passionately.-
ef appeared tQ cx-
baust ,eame
-',, , , . ; ,
more regular and calm
Her i tears
Jna.icnl fh fliTj'. ond it lonnrfll lirr PVPS
, I 1.1.1
. . . ' , t n.,i,
and cheeks were drv. Her head was
.,.. ... . r ..i t,r.
half hidden in a flood of ibeautifulj
Etrucrde was over.
The aco
nv luia.i rvifit I SKa KJtW Mr. Wi'llillf'-
t Jtcr and ! arose cheeituly to re-
ccivo him. llis manners pleased her;
stalion R
fortune fascinated her!
at.'iA jf A bi
11r(im., a i, )
i n Vr tT. v
could not' repress a sigh!
. .
. i..
ili'tre Was a magnuiceni weutung.
jSp'endidly attired, dazzling the jeyei
. . . l ".J 1-11. '
witliiher ucauty inus aucrneu, vtiin
everything around' her ewimmint in
! tne ciuumea aimospnere oi wiry tauu,
i i , . t r IL.I
n. .rri ,i t oi..
i u in it i ui i imi i ik i i in i. t Tin: nil r. iiniv.!1!! i r.i iiiiqikiiiul ) i v . v . -v a
..v.. ..... . ....... ...... -r- , . Ir'ajsp, zvv pcrdaj
iss Malri-thoen-ThK not if
h was not fiurth n 1 hearts, is mockerv. ; We have played; ' ,
id mven her. antl Rhfi t. he larce lonfr enouirn... rew Know i , i
Kate gave her hand to the m;tn,!tocon
her ambition not her love-had dho-jsepara
' 4 ' r -I 1 'cry, ar
tiut certainly ammtion couiu pol,
fcave mado a better choice. Aireaay
. ! f .1 L
. ! . 1 11 Ll
C una' hnriA t KUTTOunucn uv a liiaii"
nificont court, of whlqh she was the
'-'i.i' fs,rnrd nf
acKnowieuLTtu uutruu.
fortune were snowereu upon i.v,p.c, V V Tv tiv 1 T
t . . . . I .1 . Jit. .... . i a v9 Wk- true T 1 1I1 nil mi-
1 a- ti
floated, luxurious upon t
in' isi iidiii 11 i
finrl crr-iKKv ttnvA of n charmed life.
6" i r ,
1- .1 . .
Nothing was wanting in the whole
circle oi her (outwaroj exisienco wi
adorn it and make it bright with hap-'
pinesi But she was not long in dis
covering that there wis something
wiinl infr witliin hpr hrpast. I
llUHil. ..v. -' i j
Her friends were numerous; her j
husband tender, kind and loving; but!
all the' attention 'and affections she
, i cni- t l ct- '
enjoyed could not fill her heart. She j
imu o.uuo ttfu i vi.uiua m 'i'.v
. . ....... . I. . .i
moved by a skiiltul touch; she had j ; &be raisea ftj
V.,f,.r. lo lonrerv Hi firm of thPtrhpr DsfnntKnpn
deep delicious haimonv; and now thoy :
were silent--motionless muffled, so j
to sneak, in silks and satins: These j
chords still; and soundless, her heart,
wn4 dead, none the less 60 because it
been killed by a golden shaft,
came magnificently miserable, splen
didly unbarpy,
nhjinp-e beeamo ! npivirent
remain i blind to the fact that his love
in lici Liuouaiiu - -- -" n i-
. . a 1
icuiaiu wi ( , - - - -
n ct rnrncd Hp pjt. 4h -
had, been killed by a golden shalr,
hnv nt-known and felt the life of svm- "Dreaminzi 11 murmured vAatie;io.o3o person, and
r.nii, .'n it nnAnnRnlfiel hv the lifej of l'and is it all a dream?1 j 1.000.000. Thei
hnrv. Tri snort. Katie rn time be- . "I hone eo." replied Frank, takirig ! consists of less': than
AUAiU T - -7 7"--- - I
comnanv of ihoke whose crnietv midht
r - ., o y ch -
w,nr tn M.t. wna, kA
desnair of hits scul. This shallow ioke
Was unsatisfactory, however, and im-
.. .. i . i . . r
pelled by powerful longings tor love,
he went astray to warm his heart by
a strange fire.
Katie saw herself now in the midst
of a corceous esolatidn.burnin with'you did not Uream you were married
a thirst unqjuenchable b y golden
RfrP5tm? that (lowed around her: nant-
ing with a hjniger all; the food of
fLitterv and aomiration could not an -
no: it i I :
She reproached her husband .for
deserting her thus; and he answered
TvifK n n rrrxr linn rlocnnrtlfn tuttli fi-if
tutu nuij u.4ipt- uc'.iuw tnuiti.
deception, and a total I lack of lovei
which smote her conscience heavily.!'
"You do not bare for me, he cried,
T . .
"then why do; you complain tliat l
. - . - ! .. . -
"Yes, I know
band, fiercely,
of an evil seed.
"It is the evil fruit
And who sowed that i
seed? i Who gave me a hand without ;
a heart? . Who
becarAe a sharer of
Un m lv,ro ,'n
my fortune, but gave tne no share in
c,.m(U9 n.i,riM..ti A
fate of a loving bnloved "husband:
T,1V i wAn ' flWl rlr.cn vr.nr
hands, and sigh
. ' - "
stow elsewhere the auection you ioiioveu ny a i im-oi iove aim wuui-j jearned them lrom tho peasantry.
met, with c'pldness?" , mentj and that was tue marriage oi xhe : pretty bride ' was so new to
"But it is wrdng, sinful," Katie re-, Frank Jlinot, and Kate 1 ale.;' . the world that her husband almost
and bob with Such:da,t,1M,elV,slf!7"lIl)?ln.PI' hT
....:L c, t ! vrrv cltimsu 1 lie ladv said notli-
i desperation of iknpatience, for I say
I nothing you do riot deserve to hear."
"Very well,1' iaid Katie, calming hcih) al a -f ,,;,, k nd gloom
:erself, "I will no! say Jour reproach- tl,i,n bipeemcril the cp.rt of
.-3 are undeserved Bui" granting that, Hyn.ciMvas crn to gather on her
- it- '.tj .uJitiAJi ?ui . 'i brow. he- walked! deliberately.
am the cold, ded
iiitful thing you call
cannot fcontinue.l
! "Ye I knew i
Mr. Wellingtp
i's brow, gathered
djiiikly; ,his eye:
flashed with dc-
termination; his
scorn, i I
llips cjurled w i! t b
i i
"I have made ub my
mind,1' said
he, "that wfe should not
ive together
ariy longer. ' I am
ed the husband of
tired of being cnll-
the splendid Mrs.:r,'Sr! sailed
I wi
I mnvo 5n mv r-
ele; you shall shiue in yours.
I will
place! no restraint
on your
i nor shall yop on mine.
We will bo
'free, i
i,T ' i 1. . 1 JI1
nui me wonui
shrieked Kat
trembling. ! !
"The world will
. . .fi
same and what more do y
, J 1 J
lore no you op-
ihe conventional meamngoi ir.e it-n n
.. . . - l t . f .
i....t j ..ji -.. t. . ,u A i.na
; nubuanu uiiu wur, uut uu ;uu
what it should meah? j Do you ftcl
iL.l it.- ...1- : 41,., 'rf
, mai, iuo 'nny uuoyuuiuiiyio umiv
'love and sympathy?!
rn rrlk
; oi uus . muuimery. : xaicc. 57
' f 1 1 .
Farewell. I go
j . 11 1 : ' ii a -kio t
10 consun inenus nuoui no iciujo y
T - , I 1
uon. xay, uo iiui, uyuioir,
aim caug 10 mu uu u4 A on,..
uo nveiai, 10 you. o wuu. v "V
toriune buuii oe j ouxa as j uu uosuc.
tt. - . j i i -t:
TT. - t J I I
ue pusneu ner iinmi nw-
j fell upon tho sofa.
i , ,
tnrnwit.lt nnrmiRh Rhri shrieked aloud:
. - .
............ -
t i r ' i ,; tu mm -iii ciiai
.- !. . - i oi.
nil ii i 'i 1 1 j i - i
til siht brought. me.p;&L-ry . ,
i o u a ii 1
i r-t . il- . J.T. . .liking n.l
one lay upon ii.e vh .u.
weeping passionately, viwj
grief appeared to exhaust .itself; her
jmei anneareu io liiuauoi. .nov-,
Y i . , I . , . . 1
breathing became calm; ner eyes anu
cheeks dry. Her heafl by - peadelul -
ly on her arm.
over wnich swept
.. . - .u. , . - vear. i iK?e ci-
; n . fJ ti nrvn t . I 1 1 I'D o ' 1
Li: i;. r.i -...: !, f,....U l,0K v"
J I 1 I 1.1. L
dishevelled tresses until with a start
she cried
"Frank! oh,!Frank;
come cacK
soft ! voice by
her side. . i ;
rN. .
She raised her head;
She opened
Frank was
standing before her.
"Ybu have bee.3 aSihep,-
smiling kindly.
''And ;dreamipg,too,
I should esk'i
not pleasantly, either.
her hand.- "Yoa could not, mean to;t)St, in lS31,8o4.C00; orj3-0 per
6end me from von so cruelly, I knew? ' cent more than iioni on, in propor -
6end me from you so cruelly, I knew?
So I waited in Vour fitbers stbdy,
(where I have bedn- talkine with him
; .
alii of an hour.
I carao back to(
. i.' t!
pKid my, enw oisce mere, and found.
! vou here, where'-1 left ydu, asleep.
'Mih what it hnrrul rirenml mur
. . - ..... v , '. ..i
mured Katii, rubbing her eyes. "It
wa? so likeh terrible reality. thatlltheevelling0ftheday.whenlthb fiist
i - .im. .p:i 'Til Lit . . O . .1
! sntiaaer now 10 unnKoiu. 1 luuuia
jl wasmarnejdl ;
iAnd wouild that be so horrible?""
asked Frank. "I hope, then, that
I to me.1' I ! I
"0 I '
: without m1
1 "Then if
tiuugut a feac tiij nduU
l'leart. !
ybu gave me your hand,
:iit would no
t le without your neart,
J . . . . . . ,f !
"No, Frank!,1' said Katie, her bright
eyes' beaming happily through hei
. . al . It
nd 1
ere it is. !
t '
Site pi; ced
her fair hand m his, he ,
kissed it in tr;i
nsport .
. i-. i
i Ard soon
here was a real mar-
' .1 1 T 1 t ..i .
rwgej not a spicnuiu, out a iKipp unc,
1 1 .
cony oi ue ieipoo!,
i 1 ,,,1CS a?? 11,11 a 51 ori, ll,"c '
i! .
I o i iiik.Miiiv riii'li rtTfi o 'trinunlfi(T
as a w edding party ascemlu.g
the steps of o. e o t!ie churches o
liat cjh;, the itit.erded
,'-' IOOtlPg 011 itlt.
bride misled
The swain,
i unable, even
it that joyful crisis
;0I.UiS fMnc,io conceal ia? ex-
! !Ul" l lll,s 11 l,e CQnirwmp, ex-
f ...... I ,.aHi..U i: I 1 n h di a iAii
"? slf w
is observed to. bite
alkrd1 deliberately,
. . i . . . i .
orr, "uo e u.u.u., ...c
n.ny c.nnme.ibhl, and every lung
i. " : ' : .1.- i:....t. .i.
e w . ii. a a r t '
proceeded in oi tliodox lasnion, tin-
til the import,! ii
qnf stion w as put
"Wilt t)mii hat
IImp, instead 1
this, 'man?" &c i
ipgly, a sc. ft a fly'
mative id the com-
inuiiron cuuioi)
, ... j
o njr h v iPiv
heiself ip, cast
w ithe i ins glance
upfiii her befio
bed, and tittering
the words, "Del
ar inc. How very
own the ai.de, and
: .. p . i t i
P' OI lilt? CIMlICi
w ith the air of an
tfTciich -(hoddest?
ocks. The mjm-
her of clocks mallei i ihis country,
as the Aibanv Ivt
lickcrbocker verv
jnsily td'serjc.6, 1
Mier sin pi ios t;e
ti tin is nut sui.it
ii.. ..... . j
n;!iat postrd up in
Ihe n:atl r. J hd
Jerome !r actoiy,
.... ..
oi ;pw 1 1 a veil.
iliakcs on an aver
'I his is e qual lo
or 187,200 perj
ks: sell eJn an ;iv j
VlflHI.V'lllllfM.I'.'fJ -l'-.', " HI , I' I
; , ,
. i , i
the pfciniial earnuiMol
Connrrticut el1
i . i t- I .
r,r0Ts u
" "' '
at $5G
,600. Brewster
. 3,i(lUpi 0j . ft.ji
td. Cchnclicili,11- tliere,fiotletpd rou
1 ijiandvounff. I was pro
it nse numbe r of 1 - 1 1 0 l, '
micii i nrti r;iii nil in
.jt non ,j ir tjn
tllt' 1UI II III
c r j . rrinh
1. 1 III. SI J JjJJIl'll"" UIWIIC ;
, , j ..,.
or about l,W
. . . i
. f .
not be su " 'sed
no j 'M'j
iLnciisli const: nrtb
;jl0W(.v.cr ,jial t)e
,A f;,.pn, WHiaihl
UU U l. U'M ci iiiuiuou nio 11, iiini
r. .. .A.
K..;., li ,..!., I n. I I...J
i ii in" iiiii tiiiiiii.ui im; i jiMLiiit ii
" . a., "
afff-nts lo nil pans oi me woni.; ui,
so much iitipor anfe is Hie Ameinr w.., 'i
v . i ' I . j . f tint hfinif Tirf-ri:iri-rl hilt F.at UOVV 1 anil
t i. i. ii,,in i i ,r. .,..ii.i.ci.im1
lall tinili llriviu hi inc v-.i i ii 1 1 1 jL i "i
. ..,..,.,., nfl,t.fl t;,,.,! Kinlnm
lllUILIlrtliioVi ii'v-
! ,
u j (,n,, on hem ,ave bctn
:ilt,v reduced! to- thi per cent '
, ,! .rt
111 IliO I wvii iii.f.n. i, . .i.
oi e itK innKii'ir, uu:
. n f , , B . ,
; J :n , L r.,l,l Tl.pvi
y communitv in the woild. J hey
vc reduced the lli ng ton system,,
and can it iney chomsc, uuuu ciocusy- vv . " . -
lor a less price per tiozen, man any
.'otlser nation; charges
Mr. Crockett, pn
the St. Louis Inteilid
oncer, says, in
a recent letter fr
ST-l .
an Francisco,,
command the;
labor and provisions
prdes, flour is sell -
most exorbitant
ins at thirty five dollars per barrel.
and i ice al thii ty ce its per pound.
The London Police consists of
tost, in -lool.Linn. the briUi:,nr.v
TL -.4-l- lOrtlaA
i.iCT iuiu i uiac
1,000 men and
ni r r . .
cent more tha
ft ion. ,
on, in propor -
' 4Trn thousand her
ons attended
f 1
Uie lunrr.il c
..!. i ! .
I -!",
Tte Poet, Tom lUrti
A lady who had the good fortune
to be present at a party h Dublin,
. volume ot Moore $ Melodies was gi v
- i i ci
pn to the world, was recallinir the ci
j camstauco in so eranhic a; manner
, tjiat we tliiiilc her story may iuterest
! others as much as it did us. At
ftht time our now aged friend must
jnave Leen oi remaiKauio neaut' an
! enthusiastic irirl. brought !un; in deeo
!Sfil.i ,,s;ftn m;irned in her seventeenth
! vear to an officer, with whom she was
out to leave her native land. Of
, Little's poems, the -avant courier of
t :
ooie's fame, she had never heard;
a no,
though the "melodies'
of her
country were familiar to lier ear and
hi,, sjie ot think that thev were
. . .i . .. . .
, known exceptj by tbdso who had
No d ,im
- 1 ' : i -j -
head, hold vour tongue, 'and re mem-
Jbe .our c;irts ;, He bcg j of
jh wiiatftVer occurred, ask no
I . . -
questions", 1 It was 'that great event
in a country holy's life, "her first
town party, and she was, ot course,
perpetu ll!y cliarmed, confused and
ui,,..,:, , ; prpcPntlv she Bier. f,1 v.n.
. f . . -
rious wliispcrsi in the! room "Is he
"Will he comeT "Is he
certain to; conie? vague' ideas of
the Lord Lieutenant, that cynosure
of Irish byes of the commander orients direct th nnoMtmn TWn
the ' gahison floated before lier; j Wurk is dono by a large force of po
then the lady of the house asked her j lice Knd soldiery. Under tho pro -daughter;
if the . look was placed on I tectioa of the latter, "The Crowbar
the piand, where he could see it at! Bifgad' advances to the devoted
once! And a dozen sweet faces j towushirftakes possession of thj houi
pressed forward to inquire if jses, such as they are, and with a ;1W
vas "certain sure to conic?'' and the! turns of the crowbar, and a faw pukV
reply calJed forth idl the little be-i-if o
witching i'Oh dears! i' and "Oh mys! j
" - v . , --
..-.. .t ,4, ,
JinU ..un Uiens, "WD,C11 rendered the:riev. t ev.-n that. Th Ann tlmt mi
"brogue" the true accents of Cupid. ;ou H vUlage sets on a desert; the pc
jThe obedient wife a very Griseldajiicerotbra to their barracks, aiid tho
would ask no questions; but she 'people are no where to be found, or
tried tj reach the pi; no, and asber-:.ire V:n'nry watchingfrom some friend
iainwhat "the book' was. Howev- i jy covert" for the chance of couching
er, one pag2 of music is too much ;once more unjtr tLt.jr rujuei homes.
like another to have yielded much j .
information. As the evening melted ' Tue English Language. Our lai
iway, the anxiety of the hostess and
er tnends increased tp lever heat.
At Jaot, a
J ;i i
?i" i'P-
ro of that and many other evenings,
ut star or ribbon not the lord-lieu-,
, fc I If V llll'.IU liiaii if 1 .1.
tenant. I was so disappointed; J
. f f i f n f i i
even t nougat nm njiiv. j iookcu
alanine rauiani omqers auu lvon-
.j ...... 1 fr. .. . .
ucreu no me nine man v.at. iiicuiatwui oou worus, out uy-mcuiii mc
! came nne Epepcnes inmi int noa'-css,
I 1 i . t .i ? i Ii uii- ii
:o an mo oiu
Wokid; all this!
'(Jfiiss for a little) tiny man in black,
w was nenner my loru-iieuieuKiiit
- i J .. . n; 1 i i .,. ..ii.:t.,
i 1 ... l !il. lL. I A 1
. ihili .ill : laivjJ L .. i uia uu i u ;uiuiii hi. i
..., J ... L.. i i.. -t
piano, nu roumu
Qt U0 look ati him. Present h'ihc
, , I i . ,. . .r
jiiosicss mai.ccuvreu imn io uio pi
)ul 7 -,,,f!ano and then, showing him the first : -: Ai V CTC pnysicmn
,'s o then r !. , r , - - ,,,,1: Mtl.A,rKom;e has recently succeeds m Ciz-
j , ft- 1 ; 11
--7 i
i . . 4m
i him to sinjf. IIQ Klld EOmetllinff-r-
T . . , . . , . i ..U'ordninrv .1 rowe-r ot coiirul;!!!
-it.1 mi mat imr.r nvnnrii' !. r nnii r
- a i 1 ' .
i ... ,. ,
iwith his small,! delicate hands pre-;
luded a moment and then sane.
1 ,t t i..r 1 . i i
to the
. . . if.-
or.gr. go., nrg. ,
i was speii-uouuu. ii.e ue; m Migui-.
ly -upturned: tho while, full, brow,
I was spell-bound. The head slight-
;;ui j
icyery word was beared, and not only
I " I I 1 1 1. 1 I I
heard, bu felt; ant every eye fixed.
upon the 'poet of all circles Whenj
! he finished, the bursjt of enthusiasm'
as he glanced round,
audience to . exclai;
emboldened his
;n, as with
. a
ivmcp. 'Another: another! llo
m ' .a . t I , a 'tr
e I . '
t ; '- -a "i
cifti. .i.iort thA snn
li-vvo 5n Vila cvoc tnr.
xj 1 J in 111 V. I V. J V V V
i '
I intense fire pf'patrioti
1 mil 1 1
itand he gaYe ihe line,
Go w hero g'oiy roiis tht-o
! as if it was a command from Heaven.
T honr, I i"4 Gr 4irf Wirrsarr
1-II11 U. - l 4 .1 Vl-Ul .........
for rat traps.; WTingeits tu m ui "l'1"" ling the .mass, and adding water suf.
r . r 1 ' 1 V 1 ?i - " ? . i ncicntito mai.e up the original quan
icinal editor of the most bird-like, cu&huiff music; 1 i.r t..i. iii .. ..i ..n:.
1 1 - (- ' 1 1 1 v in 1 ii" 1 i-.viiiv.' 1 nil (in 1 iiTtn
my husband expected every day to
be ordered off to the war, my hoped'
for him Were so mingled with terrors
that I felt a shudder when I beard
the wordi of the song. They wcra
succeeded by others.
Bu when fjrrie elstca the
k Oh, then retn.2njbcr me,' '
in tones so plaintive, so tender, so
that ashamed of rny
emotion, coy
ered my face with mr
nanus ana pressed it on the piano.
I tried to endure it, but every lico
winged by such bewildering melody,
entered into my heart. 1 had. said
tcbrds wit 'hihc same nieanir.a to wj
t -a; m.. .
hmlaiid twenty times. As the pact
nnistieu 1 jyas completely overpow
ered; -the burst of tears would coma
and my hu'iband carried his foolish,
child-wife cuj of, the rocm. I after
wards heard that the. poet Lad said
'those ters . tvere the most elcquent
thanks he could . over rpceiva.'
r- i
lisery of Ireland.
The Galway papers are full of tl.9
most deplorable accounts of wholeardo
evictions, or-rather exterminations,
in that miserable country. The ten
antry are turned out of the cottage j
by scores at a time. As many as
203 men, women, and children havo
been driven upon the roads and ditch
03 by one day's work, ar.d have n3
resource but to beg their bread ia
desolate places, or to bury their griefa
in many instances forever, within tho
walls of the ransh work-house. T.nnd
leaves nottim: but a totterin- chim-i
" "',v B
guage is now spoken by seventy-Svo
i millions ot people, and it is exceed
lititrlv copious.
Webster's Dictions!
'rv, tiic- ttai
v;cvk, contains morj
rdJ-s- in oar dp.'Iyj
i:ie! cclv about enc-
than 70,000
; ... w w. .
sixth part of them. There are only
about 10,000 mi daily use by thos3
' i i ! f f
- who wnie anu sneaxour jancuajre.
j..uc mncse rmauage contains only
t ... ,.. rl ... r--
: uic suuuus, a .uczeu uiucrent luers
. . it .t t i
are esjuesseu ny inesame enfiractcr.
io appreciate the flexihlo charade:
1 of the English language, we havo but
1 .1 l. llf.-l a TL
iu tltiu mo worws oi tvasiur.gton iz-
i i. .i..i.. a. i -e
' t . , 'i.. i .... r.'.
iiiiliiiu' uuiitr.. Lim i.iif u u
; ui ihu appearg iq oo enuriiy uiusr
. ent. !
i ; :
! x- c- i i . -
1- . i :
r it'ri n i i rii i i i i iwc si' tr vti a- t r" t
" '"6
' '
- . f- - - - -
t if to a.Jr2e bain contain-
"ulu'f urypm tii aiypiw
: : 1 1 n .
ue auf" Pie so nuuiuuiou va-
so that the basin my be? in-
j verted without causing any blood'to
1 be ;odt. J ho following is ita rrcrcr
tion 1 Take eight ounces of trum
Lenzo n opoynQ cfapjrnf and ten
5nt$ Jf TOiter . jj0ii nI together, for
n, oT pound cfalum, and tcir
the ?p icect eight hours, m an rth-
! f;1,.. 1 u' TA i.i ,uQ
, Wl V, UUIl.ll.ll IV -I.UU
tcr S0mdd.lU thut boiling may not
susmlc(1. The liquid portion of
tonould no
laid portion of
now to be slrainod
m -ft.
!off, and preserved ia well corked b;t-
, ties.
A ik extensive siii of 30,or0 .'.cr-33
r-nwarft rrlxr.prt vpsspa. IrpnnprHv st?
of his expres-jof land, ii to take place at IN at en tz
rklin light of; on Monday ! ne it. Thi- land wan
pened into the 'granted to the . State by the Legi.ila
)tism; l is fbrm ! ture of Mississippi-, for the improve
' I i i . C 1 1 . T I.
ment and njavigation. of tho "Hvm
chitto Kivcr;. !
Tho debt ot illr
'.i! ;i
le r :i
1 ;
1 '
. !

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