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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, November 18, 1852, Image 2

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' '"7i " ! ' I I I ' . i . : ' i ' . v.- i ;i j . . . . : ;
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! i
A. II. IiEItliY
OMcRAt the Old
; 1 i
r .firrBMBaj
Sanrf; 5Vgn of the
! j The El
The Presidential
ecu hundred ,nnd fifty-.two is solved
Ge'ii. franklin Pieke s elected' a J
in nia;
liwioritv- exceediii
nny ever given to
the1 foundation of
wher$ there was a
ficei. The official ilote is not yet- in,
but enough is known to justify us, in
the statement We
1840, the defeat
whelmed the dem
considered unparai
of the Republic.
But the result oft
bv far eclipses thkfl
Buren received t
the twenty-six Sid
time comprised i
only lost Fenns
hundred votes,
hundred. Now,
has receive
CtlOH. !
probiein of. eight-..
favor, it had been cut down, "root
and branch1' the "sceptre had de
parted from Judah" the day x
gunpowder furor liad passed. .! ,
As hiib been .truthfully observed.
the most painful event's tfyat hayo
Uli;UUCU UUl'UJjJ Lilt; Villi! .123 Ul lU'JMl j
TuurW iV.vuiUi i,U5ajlmvc beeL tlie ths tfjicnry City j ;
Onu Bawlr Nnt( TilKip
vm uun. ...vn. u-t,
j named, not mentioned in this
should be refused: : :
iij mmorv iiih ,tri:i. hiiii a ii.iiLtiri.i
1 KJU11,HIU. , 4 J
; of East Tennessee, Knoxville-i-good
of Tennessee, Nashville,
inches .. ... h do
'he branches are at Athens, :C!arks-
L Columbia, Rogeraville, Shelbjville,
(rrpntpQf mpn rP thfir : ffil. 1 IlOll-i' : f r.cKtirir lib- nf TfiniuA. i. rrnrwi
samla believe tkit these-two dtin- j V1 f'nne9See' oshvil!c , " -(
I . j - niM branches good
guished Statesmen were the Victims i , -h)e branches are at Athens. Clarksviile,
of party ingratitude; --Tfiey were en- MkIi Memphis and .Pujaski..
1 J . i - 'Sou h cstern R. R. bk, Unoxvnle -gooJ
dowed pre-emiiiently with the med-j ,niln i.. NashvtUe. branches . do
a candidate since tai requisites which lend dignity to ! the branches aire nt - Columbia, Cbaua-
i. ! 1 , , h -ix. nooia; Jackson. KHoxville. and Memphis
me fjuuiiiuiuii, oiiice, ana commana mr us iuuum-. yeui,nan yA0d &C6s check?
ontestfor the of-u therespect of an intelligeht
people Yet they were thrust aside
lor men ot lar . interior caiiore; De- d.ia .J...... :. good
trayed by' tricky politicians, who Bank of the Valley, Winchester, nnd
J 'JJ -L- i branches. 4--ii Rood
have made. Iu
that then ov'er
.cratic party was
eled in the annals
bd so it was. -iO
recent election
Then, Mr. Van
i ji-btes of seven of
tes which at that
e! Union, and he
lvtttiia by three
dj Maine by four
oh. S:otf, it is be-
1 the votes of only
Bank of theQId Dominion, Alexan-
wore the livery 6f patriotism ovr
knavish, selfish hearts; hawked at by
the "mousing owls' i of party; aid
anclie fife at Bedford, EvansvUJe,
;wWe. IndiHnapoliJ. L.atiiyetie, law
Mifhivan CilV. IVew
Albany, RicHmond, South Ufna, ierre
w 1 ' . m-w. I 1
Haute akiu: Vincennes.j
Clark's Bxchdne bk, Spnngtieia . goou
h W. C licaso-......... 4- i Q
M,trohs (isanki Mechanics' bK.htcagb do
c.,Ulr sUiirit- hk. Danville. - ! uo
Refuid all notes on any - bank ol mis
cess'1 w
JSinmanWethod. of finding droicn
ea Jrersons.-f-i.uti umiuvu pajjeu
late tKki! on1 Saturday, tiie 2Gth ult,
an agricultural I laborer, named Solo-'
mon DUntofd,. was UrowneU at west
glebf WigW. A "novel pro-
iis used for the recovery ot the
'one of thd coast guards. On
morning:, rt,ne cireumsianeeb
The Resnlt in the Union.
The following: is the result of the
Presidential election In the United
Franklin Pierce has been
elected by the largest majority ever
given to a Presidential candidate in
d congested election; The result
may bi.summett upas follows:
Piekce. j ; ; j Scott.
Alabama. .9 Vermorlt,
Arkansas, : 4 Massaehusetts.ld
6 Kentucky. 12
3 Tennessee,
fThe branqhes! are at Charlestown, Lees-
burji, Romnoy and Staunton.
Baiik of Tirginia; Richmond, atid
biTHnches- good.
The brandies are vt Buchanan, Charles-
iiiritr linmn in tho verv crises when I !
it . 'AnA fr,,n in linnr ' towk Danville, Fredericksburg, ILynchburg,
they most needed true and hontet, , . , d ,VlsmLlh.i
friends, by dirty Vipers who WOUldi Kxihange bank ol Virginia, Norfblk, -
rifli (ir in "l vr ll'll f M 1 1 1 ' 11 1 I 1 1 ' I LA tl li l J I i
use their fangs if they had not been
i i - i
warmed upon the bosom of great
ness. ' These tluugs will not soon be
i . . ! . - !
lorgotten by tue nonesc people.
i fjThe branches are at Abingdon, Alexan
dria, Clarksvjlie, Petersburg, Richmond and
four, certainly nbti more than u of
the thirty-one Slate: lfie-Amen
decreed Uhat he
i , t
the regular army,
f'-that rich brogue1.
can people have
should remain in
where he can hear
to his heart's content. What a with
ering rebuke to il
",ill c(i!i!ipr's'
e party,that in the
i ouunation, mrust
aside qualifications,! and selected a
itiali mainly on M
rv attainments ;
.he had so plain'
world that he was
cduut of his milita
nd that, too,- when
i '
evinced to the
destitute ofsUtcs-
, and igndraht of the Irjualifi
ftt' the
UI LU SliH-U tu, citvtiun, vn ; OKTll UAKULlAA,
is-sutject 3UCh as the following liank of State of. North Carolina.
r i.i rr t!'i - I IRaleigh, and branches good
ken from -tlli' iN. 1. Inbune:. J MTThe branches are at Charlotte, Elizabeth!
iu the- North
"It is but jint to the successful
ndi il.i jfts til 2 bsotvo them lrom any
active part in tho double-dealing
cations necessary
aiministration c 1
Gen.. Phrccwm denouncetJ.uy,
i Winers and speakers! as a man t!
I l . ;
a divil government.
of capacity as U coward, a drunk- Uitutional power' of
box, J
lie iu
tho ; 1
Farmer's bank of Vireiriia, Rich-
! rhond; and branches - - - - good
! (jThe branches are at Alexandria, Char
iotwville, Danville, Farmville, Fredericks
hmlir. Lvnchbur". Norfolk. W vtheville, Pe-
UEN. riEUCE it We beiievea ICCie: tcrfebiirK. L.ewisburg and w incnesier.j ,
! 1... - il
w,, a m in the South, whig or den - f' T
ocr.it, -who seriously entertained thpj j jown , good.
i. Pierce' is not as saib j v eslyrn , ba',k v Ir,f,,a' . .
a man for the SOUlll as Can be found j hrhe branches are at Welisburg, Park
in the Union, WO WOUld Call attentip 1 ! "(burg and Jeffersonville. !
. . ! , , .! J ; .M irrjlaciurers anu i-urmers u,
to the admission o! the fecott papens i i wheeling ' good
have largely profit
Ko Kai e-lettijr swindle stains t
complexion of i 'their tri-iiraph.
, Maryland,
Items of ft es.
A fl'po Trassactiox Capt CU1.
Clay so
payable when Pierce would , be elect
ed. A
C 8
for a f;
last we
the wa
d a few days ago in Madison
1000 hogs at 4 cents gross,
sharp trade that
Tlfeteditorpf the' Boston Museum
the following queer incident
let: "During a severe storm
Attorneys ailsmv,
QtrOficf, one door north of Maj. Ems's.
Dec. 2. 1851. if , ' ' j
Dr. jW. W.i M NELLEY, j
fatettevilij:, tenn. !
Wl f.L continue -to deru'e his txctruvs:
attention 10 the Practice ul jMedicine
in ii3 tatious hram he. He liojTes; by does ;
attention tu his Profession, to aieru a
bk, a large dog sat m An open. 0ffice.one door Nonh.oi w.T. i;o Law
Office. i .. May 27.:652ly
1HE nicest and n.'Jt subsiamial article
Homifinnde UMiXfJ Jeans, nnd let
(Oct. 7) . CllLI. &. IIUSELL.
1. of
body H
being made 'known to him, he assur
drowned in the neighborhood heis$ippi,
would d scover the b6dy by means oi iK3S0TrI
a "nei loaf of breddJ m which should
i 1 i i
tiededokited three! dunces of quick
otU.o htltian Vin Innf unn1d flnat till it
Oil CI y Ml liVLfc wtv v i i v
fho hoflv niient
r T ... .-. i I Unnnsl' rontfl V
appear, pe eenmtiat ,
on' the
nnd hrnuo-ht un the body.1 The
man states mat uus ls uieiuunu m
sltancd in which the experiment has
New Hampshire, 5
New York, 35
New J irsev. 7
(Ohio. 23
opposite our olnce, wna as
er poured in torrents from the
eaves overhead, he would stretch out
his neck, catch fais-moothfinl ot the
rfifreshinsr drautrht. and then draw
back and swallow it; and then go, Y
thrOUSll the Same Operation Mgaill.4 Side of (Public Snu.ie, Faietteville, a lar?
It appiared very funny to us, iis.wi:J7e7d",ia;,i'"7' u s'apie.
! V,nA ok-or 1r(Tirp pon nvthintr ot tne . . .. .
a - vtueen,iw are in Minn, every arurie usually
- lepl'iu a firji c'a?i dry gooils H'ue which
.lliey artj 'prepared .to. sell uJ rill tell, on
11 UhdniH'Cil.- 'A ' better -Itrms for cash itian any itlier esiab
D. & S. M. F.WING ure no open
inif, in HiBea'j'ki ote,, souiii
Candidate $
ried byj.hinuvith success.
i,;?U fun pr -w in li l leV'Wiiiuuwe wnoiiuui v.&- r
obtaiii work
and ' Cul
twenty lyear-s
- - :
...u:.. iTiMih iiMfr ! ticnoa 4-uiieoui
Mill" "H- - i I " i
oVri:N and consistent rdibciplefe of that lo
Jitical school W'lncn ueinaes ine on
nd a bigot but what w is mc u( M,rotect Industry
riic"iekrlcl 1 at the ballot jtivcrs and HaVbora.
laced the isal I'-of coudeuiktiou j teems J.he perpetuatiori
these slainlerous.cbargel and jUon oi uuma t cuayury
beta' the wotld as
- i
firit Re-
w . si.inu.s
ieident il'Jet of the
ribni of eartu.
Thb result ofit
not hive other it
lion parties
In lSiO. the w
tier I
I .elect Ji
the J
ted in
i? late election can
1.111:1 salutsJry.ef-
in 'this cou; fry
i party nonjlluatedl
Gen. U aviso, c cause of his -Jpiev- fect q pui.bue thafc course h
U on the iNorth-Westeri
the war of IS 12 and
In 1$1S, tlie whig
t) tii!
;tted Gen
exican v;
Taylor, , -'nd-party
ate," beclvdse of his d
of the .Federal Unio
no public act of tliei
ever been contravev.
very fey; instances
Pierce has - used the
Freedom, it was only t
thereby subserve mora .effectually
Tilrboro', Wilmington and Milton.
fWnk of Cane Fear, . Wilmington, .
hnd branches good
' The branches are at Asheville. Fayette-
vile. Rak-i"h, Salisbury, Washingion.Salem
.rid Greensboro'.1 .
i ex pec
j low id
! vk'ual
into t
1 . ... . .It
. i .1 a' i - n,.,. ...a. Iiisnirit'fli in iown;r f poncitixi dealers vu
u(o for the uflice ol Coioner . , . r .
in Lquisvilh", ' gives the following; j..iy 20. 1852 L - ; - : - -
reasoi for iviihdraning: j Gentlemen's Wear.
I i m Oca Mock in (liu line comnri-
(act, disappoiiilincnls hive rrYTT)
d tne on eyciy hand. 1 ha.l . VWil I
ed the assistance, of a fcU, as ciuih.Ca'
ses every th'i'gj uecessary t-
in,i.nfdld A lb Ii I ! b III II ' tnti.1
assistance. Ol a Ici-jasCluthj.Cavsimeres, Ves'injr-j, &c. which
occasionally knock ah iiidi-!jewil!e!ifilpcl.eapiihanilip.-heai.
, , i . , . tii "lease call ani exatnine lielre purrhasm.
ou the head ;uid tumble Inm i jut.of, w. D. & M. EWINO,
ic canaf, but he has t.irnedj riVi fSYi'
jand left thes'-- digging. I
Cal fornia and North Carolina, not
iyet heard from, may safely be added
t i ti
to the Pierce line, which (wui give
him 254 votes. Winchester Ltd.
A correspondent of ihe British ;
ournbl speaking ol hoprpickmg
says: fJ-The pickiig .usually uegnis
about the sec!ondwet'U in Septem
ber. For some days previous the
roads swarm with bands o-t ; bare
?d Iris
111 WO!
mahJtk'm themsil
Wherc they
ry. Ih my neighbor hood lew;siran-jTerti . For our part, we are satisfied f i()t4!ieqUence of the fam
I rrnra ; toVrt mn MVP . I I'lL' UCiZJII' ... . . . .
COlliil niH fiiried assoriment -.r Silk and lift-
get alon" wiiliout him ami I mtisf j rases .s.,ne m fine which w
if 1 li. n !t-l- " twill sell even if ihey have io go at ccst. A
dechn; and that poMtivelw jChoieeio.-kcmq.iick.
Belt ct. Great Britain. The; .
amoui t of the public debt of Great j 2 R HT
"Rrit:iin lias hf Oil reilnced If. the laift n HRDVAax and C'utlerj ;
years 260,000,000, about one-1 , ' " TB i
sixteenth of the whole amount. i Leather auJ Tin Warei
Thdse who doubt the truth con- T1 interest jLu how ever, been re-'fe f tdJI;'.y nc f"ri,T'
.---.'! .1 1 i ' Iron, real's and Mcfil
tained in the following paragraph; Juced about oi c-half. A mucli4.tr-1 S3 s c.ir-e "n.i f :
ctpi' niVmimt- ot itlli nrilicinal of LilC .' Tinwarr and Castings;
" T 1 I . . . ,..!
. . ... 1 ,11.. i I.I In ir Kn.l r-.lf llri.l it . i
at picking, endeavor to; per, chn, we think', have a practical uc-m "l E"ok,. P.j.er aud si.n.ori ;
, i : . .,, .1.. i . ii: r iKrv HOI ueen lor l t? lie iiriuiiis u.tii-j 'X urujs, uus an i r ni;
res by beggmg.-.; illustration, by calling at, any of,; the t. j.r,;. n. r i Ban2.Uo,e and Tw.ne;
nil orrt u-ork is a niVSte-! ...Vicn nvnnrtotnra rln! nnf. .1(1- 1 . : . I '! ii . . I (ilasivare aad Sloncwuro.
"'".Js" J OlUil, huuco i..n, I ...vco in. thrtcimal ....
i i tmm) I ii ki.a.i.i.i. kfawat
Fayetteville, Morganton, Newbern, l'! J l IU,' Ip , , Wlthoht an periRient r
""u, H' lv' i r- I . r.X' i Xfm ATrv
I D,l Of,-.1 in ".i1ABKHill.Ut,UiW
I IYI1' LV"ltv, -' I, I 1,. . T il
ir..., i.i,..0ron ,.u ni.'icp.l leral r de merchants who do not ad-
1 I . '.i 1 .!,.. I. 1 VPftlS
Mill ii ; . - . -ii
-"' , ij,,,, 0( fayeuevuie-
of them have been Gdn. Pierce lor. Commercial bank, Wilmington,
J . i -j i ir: f,. J n.L.
Ithfe Government
or, to improVe
arid which es-
hnd fortifica-
As a chief end
By no vote,
b, 1 as this faith
dl and in the
wherein General
Kill for a I M trchanu', NewSern.-
' . i r ii? j .1 i iv ...i,..k
t'OQal U3in 1 aasoorougn, . v uen jo-
Bank of Washington, Washington -
in thrJ
, III fcipw uwaw ' 7 . .
i I lit ii i 4 mir fcMcurc
rn, ili .U a rprt.i.i nun isioi for Sd V iwpaUence. of- the fellow u ho ;
firinUfand other necessaries to car-
-- i i
li " .i ...wl ,vi, i.,lr 'vertise are close ana narrow mmueu n
: single
-As a gen-
Srpl. 23.
ine atjiendaui 'upon the Iosj of the
polalje crop i'4 li t laud.
Doth l!;e ci'ain and cotton rrops
.... I " I M , I
111 OltlCl IV iUrtiiic v iwiiwi.iv iK'nctiA
' .. i Ml it.- il.i uiui".
operation, kui ine gyobe nmt
the uses of Slavery.
tand clear on the record, with a per
e was
their inclination prompts, and jto
which no one Ibis any plausible clam
to interpose an oirjecuo u
feeds m !
and he wa.j elect
(flit8, twicnihad they nbmina-
litary men,1 on account of ,thcir
miliary renown, and in both cases
.... ' r. , i-
Jt lVi 'V.
had been successful. Expe-
; Wno Bjcats tiiis Beet! Our friend,
P. G. Perkins, Esq., sen ; us on Wed
nesday evening, a Beet weighing
l!e. and I a handsome o ie- it is, and
hard to bmbFranklin Iia'iew.
Btjnk of Camden, Camden,-
do Charleston
do do. pay ia New York-
do of Georgetown, Georgetown
tip of Hamburgh
do of Souih Carolina. Charleston-
do Slate of S. Carolina, Chark ston,
! and branches
! The branches are at Columbia nnd Cam-.;
deli. ; j i
Merchant's Ik, Clieraw .-good
language 0f Planers' and Mechanics', Charlcston-i-good
if V,o TTiio-ht Sdith. Western Rail Road,Cliarlesion-j- do
: i . i do pay at Knoxville.Teea- do -
Stpto bank, Jhariesmn do ;
Union bk of S. Carolina, Charleston ,do
: U GEOEGIA. ' j !
Aogt-'Stn Insurance & bkg Co - '-good
Bank of Augusta, Augusta - j-good
do of Brunswick, (removed to Au
gustn,) and branch it Columbus - do j
Bank o ' Milledgeville- , do i
Bank of the State of Georgia, Sa- j.
vann ih, branches- gld,
The brancies are nt Athon, Angu5ia,;
EatocioE. Macion, Washington, Griffin and,
! I
I An
plus r
g, according as tho
or less plentiful.
in all the cities and
iflmiipfwho1 stinied his-laid to lwlfl tow iL siatiouers and i booksellers
i.. T ,'i 1J. J cell nAct-nfTir.. Li-ittinc II i : OTP at
a: t . T .:ihfl ntinniiiiV. oi ' seeu u 'luauwa," " .'v-v u.v, --1 - D
VVERFLOWINU XVtVfc.tl5 xau!: 1 ,..:.., -:,. L ' I nhi t ,1.-
LLC m ,1IIU I O fuii . . .
1,n,v lUirUnR:lvSo.,isa nuiJlic ca- harviit. . As a general rule, those
They both
Here's; what
can old Lincoln
!0ur frieiid Andrew
tiey thouglit, had nt us on kst ilurlaay
tli;:h th ft gunpoivdcr was the hig garden weighing 8
dl the ba
o-muhr W;iS
: .wiiiiv.fmd of cut
b that-was to trans-
el" nioiais uuo goju
I i i !
the 'fopen ses.-5mc
hanav, Esq.
La Beet from
lbs. .0
Lincoln leads the columt
It fender Of
htarisi iu arousing a
ii'kiasm for the mili-
Wantld. At this office any num
ber of mammoth apples, potatoes, tur-
ninc rjr.'ljsliP!. r,..d,hfiT'S. Uiltin nurnT)-
ie mm- p'H , .. , r---
;is countrv. Ac- , ..J .... w J. c a,, . , u.
i u-.fl with nnlirifs. nntol whufih an eni-
in lB-2, the inovement ; ffir- , m,v be cdkicicted. Writhe reslilt
l I ' :.1. . ! ... . . t U- 'I t ' l ...!..
au.icamouim unutf ..ui.i u- tne iaie eiecMon nas piaceu us in
ffl enenil S7 the ''American
dton, as
d attainet
thr .Ci
him; a mfi
a deplorable Category pelt tiddly
speaking. Fra iklni Iloine Press. !
hp admirers delight j Come over, 'yeighborl we can fir
u who. for Lis mili-nisli you the articles called for; the
and for nothing subscribers to the "Observer" keep
name coextensive j our office piled up with them. And
iizjef. ' world was se-! if these won't do1, we have any amount
tary ;
curd u
f nicious eircum44nce3 was followed
; Wolli
to call
tal-v '4
t-lf , li
with t,l
that ct
Hivrc i;
on Lut
wa, 'a
Ilio G
the .eh:
anted Ob;
its rank.-
dipion of the party
Vt'ifsUr md Fill-
Civil merit and
L- were l-udelly. thrust bido for
L-r availapi
,v's L-jnd
Voni ' the
a! I was
-. halajin
tly defeaicd-
i .
If,: ha
;thc iii.i'1
VlliKi' ou
ie is pi
been prd
l to wnitf
1 voices o
ity. Tne" canvass
u Ujcs were runir mi-
Niagara, Chippe-
kn other battle-
Arxistok to the
1 with what elkcU
were counted out
bind to
cf the prettiest gals and widows your
key es ever did see," Cameron 3 as
sertion to the contrary' notwithstan-
! Singular Freaks of Insanity.-'?
New Vork 'Times savs a freak
insanity was .exhibited iu thadcity ,
011 Saturday morning, oy a mdn
named Augustus C. Lewis, whe has
been for some llimc jnst in a de
ranged state of knind. One of the
Ml : ...l.;.l. 11 ininceail tllrv tVllrlil
bo over-i
1 : I n -ia i-Tio iliiit lift ronld walk
J , VI IJV."I'J w ..w ;
ail end Sol- 1 r,, n:rr ,,4 llo ..mlU.
! , Ult I lllU lifltl ill.l I4 MlJ
sou 10 fciyie p"'-:(()0k .the monomaniac lasK at live
nounccduunt for oVlock in the a emoon of thatdaj',1 . ,
h he aspireil, by setting out frornjthe foot of Eighty-!
.: Ju.;s x street. Ul course ne iaiteu ui
I'lOi'ai.'iv ii'JH ''' . . - -i 1 j
1 die fi-I-.l Inn iiin
thousand vo crs; : "' 1 J"
. vyiueei il,uiii-,
y ;i--'otigU
itf the w hi;
; ;V:I, j,Jt-!with tjhe! fi'dend ad ih-:and Captain
ding i
s'.iullucucc iji j Is. him to tlic,trc$HIrn.ce.. ol'lii fric.tiU.i. ; brum
immediatclv sunk.
j;f the Nmeenlii;an;,,hci
if .i A .J.I i.'... fpnm .'i riir'iiiiiiir ! -'
it aiu, reheiiiiU ii. -u ii vi" ti,
Greeiibboro'.l I
Bunk 6 su pi rys Jo.umbuf. - - oroKo 0I taxing consume iu un muu, , ma ( undalion stone o u)jch
liana l O ivannan, oavannan- 'Bi ivhlP.h When raiSCCl. ; IUUSU tempt vO ,!., .1 ... -
.. . . ;vas ini six, ceniunes agu, i3 noiv
! Mil
nw felt
bv our banks and h-'hot
merchi, who saw; into our city Wy to make their business ex-Sab-tWaiury
yesterday, $7,400,000, itensively known, will not hesitate to
rho lfest amount has become so ;,skin every customer who comes with-
alarming1 that the Treasury Depart
ment, upon consultation, has prom
ised in !si)me form or j other; (we do
not exactly see how, without some
appropriation,) to deplete it. iV. Y.
Rrpres. v i !
iWe hope Congress will prescribe
the proper course, both for depleting
the Treasury, a id preventing pletho
ra heril ft er. Let itv tako'measures
to payi iff the National Debt and eb
larte the free list. What is the ube
- A siptaioa article ot tlour.at
lue cu.l miarv pui'fS, bv
i0dauuui.uw i-- uf tj a.e r.porle(i ns exceed-
, and a perfect tvpe of the, , 1 QQd . Uorn in 8ome
is worth kn!y 20 ce.di peri
S,!e Ldatbrr cur.ir
-4 . .
rv tl tJm throu-h the winter. : rrpm .wv""' "" Hand e
six W ten bushels are nicKeu ior one b. 71 :!i2rau
S I I'.l II I 1 iU.LrUllCCO Ui IUVVIV.-JV i
1 Li..J;c-:n-! ;a obin tn theik nf the In a' udandj
surpassingly , good, 4
!.iv !:-!.
ery inducement ofiVre.I to cm- j
Utions threaten us with a stir-M cibp, under the expec ation otjcoiive ue
venue of 320,000,000 by De- raying r.iseeuuiue, iiuu t y v
ii ! - ? . lh..! ' i nlin tiff -.k n J-
next. wh eh. stranffo, as itV'"raei,i gaiueiu-'g ...
e wanting in the liberality ne-
Kicii i t.
K. A f ! I A V &. CO.
,n siiriian'i of Cp-r and
Ii A. til'.AV ft CO
A V K iasi
file stuck 1
Centrf 1 Ii. tl. bkg Co, Savannah
Jand branch (it "Macon'.
Ceutrdl bk,1 Milled'evil!e-
Geor" a R. R
Marine ic Fire I
& bkg Co, Augusta i
nsurance Co, Savaji-
ond branch at Macon
Mechanics' b,
Planless'. Savannah, nnd branch at
Cank'tf Mobil
do off Siate fc
1 The branch
gomerl', Moliltj
Souihdrn Ixmk
S k
Mobile : t
iranches- ' I
s arc at Tuscaloosa, Mont-
JJutii&vi.le and Decatur.
do i
of Ale, Mobile
Merchants! bk, Mobile-
Bank of Louitiann, Ntw Orleans -good
Canal I3anlitn Co. New Orleans- -good
Carrollhon R.. E.l likg Col ...... do
Catyb ink of Nw Orleans- -good
Gas Libhi t Bkg'co, N. O-j . - good
Louisiana Sintej N . O., and branch at
i Ba'iop Rogurj .. I - good
Mechanics' & Traders , ?x. O -do
Union Bk of La,! N. O - ) - good
, 1
Bank 4f Kentucky, Louisville. i
bran nus
The branches 'aro at Bowling
Danviil 3, Gcensburg, Frankfort, I
villo, L '.xington and Maysyille.
Bank o ' Louisville
bcanch at Paducah
Farmerfe' Bank ; Frankfort, fc branches -good
The branches are at Covington, (lender
son, Majyavilje, Ml. S;erling, Princeton and
b6merst.J I
Newport Sahktv bund bk, rsewport
Northern Bk of Ky, Lexington,! k
Lrancfic ' - -good
The branches are at Covington, Louis
villo, Pdrisand Richmond.
.50111 herb Blf of Kentucky,; Russell ;
tc brinchr. 1 ... . good
branches ore at Owensboro and
1 bdnks
All il
aynard cortveycU;yJta ;
0 b;
in this State aro wcnh'cis.; :
ARKANS.IS., . ' . j. !
ii k s in this State aro broken,
s ure of doubtful and nominal
Ind, Indianapolis.
in thl-ir reach IdJad'CS are .snga-
ciniK L TKrv iknow who; advertise.
and w 10 doi no t and they I never ex-1 sti uci id bttwttn Great BriU
n,.f :n lmrUiin in a nnn-advertisinff ; the ! L nittd States, 'lhn lei-
J'tiWU l iv & " tj
establ shment. So, too, with men.
They say the man who does not ad
vertis; his goods has nothing worth
adver isingi or if he has and does not
he is ; skioflint, and it is' better to
keep jut of his 'dutches."
Til Cctorm Cathedral. ihe
grand Cathedra! at Cologne, Gcr-
ii. il 1 . : i .. 1, ,01 , .
. g00(I extravagant expenditures?
A Giant and Giantess1. At Plais-
fast h istenihff to its tompletion. It , State Bank of Ohio has made its
r--' lil
appearance. It is fillcxl up on; Hit
Biplcy branchy 1). P. Evens, Cash
ier,;wiiich 15 a dangerous imitation
u ill bk one of the grandest struct
I- wil 11 1 ... r
..An- ii. ft. kii.tm n 1- iinn ,r iiirii
., I 1 t , 1 .1 IUIC3 III tJlllIWWC. X Ul owvufc iwui
tow, in Lssex county,; England, there . n . 1 . ; 1 . . 18o3 noth
I . 1 - ' - - J - - - I
at , present resides a woman ageu. , 1 . , u unfinished of the !uiuihe.! Tii ventre vianette
twenty who stands s.eet lour inch-s ,,, o it6i 1 f , j :f .
1 i i - i i xi :.ui i-- - t - --.1 ct
cnesin neignt; i eniiuuieiiugci-ou, . . , . become W but his rtin 0,1 shi. Id or frame, with
either jband measures six inches;the; an 1 t u, J. had leen preserv- mocha.,ical and agricultural imple-
ti-- . 1 t "
1. . 1 .1 i ! I'M."
oi tier arm is iweniy -eigm, , . m nftll, hpht(T fMifi.
ti -i.. ..-iu: i... !-ui "'-t " ---- n
11. is omy tviuuu tuo r.ct, b the tv.issian government.
r:four years that she hasat-,,.. - c.ve iiuntl,cd
her present ; extraordinary , , I b I on(J M fif(y
ineye is v.y i aj(, projectins transepts
that two or threo inches will be ad
ded to her stature.
giant, Edward Crausar, is paying his
addresses to this young woman, and
they will probably be married. Crau
sar is only nineteen yeare of age, and
stands iSven feet six inches, ilis la
ther anil! mother are below the mid
!if fifi faofloorh In frnnl nri. Iivni
. jf. i..l 1'J fcll.UV.ll. .a ....
Alio jvyiiuan ,.. 1 enrf r.v-. !,;, nvnAi' i ... i. ... :. :
; lUiYcl f , UVU ItTCi, tl'iU Il 13 ri ' IllUiVUlil. U3 II 13
cd th
w as i
is at present almost unexampled want! Salisb jirv, N. C, to ;Knoxvillr,Xeim
of vessels in this port; for freighting with a capital of thice millions of
cottori both lbreiirn and coastwise. idotlartl. ftf ; which ihe St ttei 13 t
There are! now 10,000 bales more of subscHbe llvo million?, whenever! c
last year. 'With 2000! tons more ofjed by individual 1 iThe proiisitlns
shipping now in; port than at the! are thu'same in thisrespect ,'a$ those
ii- . . : 1 ill. . I
same tiine last year, freights! to New
York, arc 37ic. per 100 lbs.
against 15 cents Hast year; to Liver
pool, 7-16 to id. this year against
f last year. ozvaiinai liepubti
of the
ine numoer 01 passcpgers uiacar- vara nireis over imu,p iau wur ""o..-."-.. f
rlvorl U L55nn Franciscf during . thXd LiJ the potatoe" once out Jf five A police officer,;wh;) was standing tj
w w " : T . " O -f-i I . . . I
quarter ending September 30, is 19,-?! shots
217, and
is 3,504
od'Trom th3
19 . namlier that departed
Of the; arrivals, 7,500 arc
'jelesti'd Emrlr?. .
1 ; r 1 1
meas: 01 uispasing 01 a iar:e tman-i
tity of stampsj and thertby saving
cnorn ous labo'riiu the post-oflicc I
Th 5 U. ?. Allnt in riiiladelphia ,'
coi:iet about $1,140,000 during the!
month of October.- iine
; . j which ihey will
It iis understood that a sub-nia-jj
rine telegraph, is about l uq con-; LL ALSO t oil
in and ;
;lh ol
ihe lii e is estimated ai 2,50-J miles i
the su
to 1G00
000 'shart s at each.
Twelve negroc, -consisting o a
woman and her tr.d.'.ien, tne gi;eal-
riart of ihein oung, were sold at
'ine Drcs iioads.
iin Isoiue fu'd Dr.ir:! Si. k ;
tl KJro i! Nii, d'
VVird P,'Iin;
Pns U.lllay,lnli
Turc Salm;
-w Siy If Itohf;"
th:tin-l.'(i,i Lti!trt
jiin clieml)'iask
! 1 Plmdv, Si.:.
. 1 1.. ri.Hiv
1" iciii vi'wyi
a itt ssi:M
irpiveil n f'Jie Mini desiM-
I; Wail Papi-r, a 11 J Tu iiler-
Flie Ri.tW. a"1 Wliidow bliior'.
tell cheap.
May 13, 1K.VJ.
i,llu . blarfc.brwwn Astern
d t"jiiiiiifes lo uo lanry
taiiin.-il ' J f"J
, m-i'iiur' 1 n .i-tiim li on 1 400 leaver Cloibst liug au-l Lion Skin:
)0. MicI.-sale expense $--; south WORTH.. morgan neiL.
Flour j
rr& I ii.rniv.rl -til firT mr lii.
r-Vrs.SLI I r 1- ir1! oil A III mi
Mblid auction at V arrenton, V a.,
davs'ao for "8 5.902.
evv ct.unteifeit 8 "20 bill on the
buildings will be com-! executed.
next vear.
ments lyins about; le!t hnncl margin
a portrait td Chiti Jusficc Marshall;
right hand margin an Indian queen.
As this plate will, likely be filled up
to all! the tranches i f the State
Sept. 23.
The Subscriber
KEEPS CONSTANTLY on bund at lt.i
old sUnJ, il I his Tm. Yard an racel
ltni sujiply of BOT'-' ul SHOES. HAR
NE-S and SA DOLES of a!l kin,!: needier
SADDLE LEATHER:' superior qual-
iiv; nil .f which Will be sol J to w Jot cash.
01 excliaiist-d lo.r
April k-!8?2
Bank Jit will be w
.1 ii
Flic GiZttto
JVoA'h Carolina Legislature. On Cincinnati between hur and live
1 t
Thu'rHdavi week, Mr. Avery, ol
Herred to th committee
Gnat SMrcityof Shipping. We Internal Inprovpin;ents and ordered j dollars. Tailor?,) clerks anus?
desire to call the attention of North-'to be pnnted, This bill providesistresses are employed to the nun
ern smp-owners, 10 luuiuci ui;u i nciunor exrcnuingjiue ucnirai roa-u is pin 1 01 io,uuu pei&uos
liooiis: hooks::
igv- Ji,a o-TOfd, a lot ul DOOKS.
WlllCjil eCri H'.IJ f-Tji-l "I'liglM 11'
this ilnaikl. mnnng wlilrli are fo
fouuJ, MtJical. HiMioricul, Ptirtim!,
Dlank anJ Sclio., Uook. ikt re ffifrally
April iO. j -i
A r.R3 I assrini tf rty line
Hat", ivhifjli ! ate iflViin; much
ell to keep 0 sharj) cli3pr ihan snc ari.tle ha-vrr oetn
uriMic 11 . oi. . j. . .
tnl, for ti'ile iiiuiity. j iel cai!
tU of town ! 1
! D.&. S. M. SWING.
cxc.'cdiiigly well
s;n 3 thcrr? are in
1 over oil 'tie
July '29.
00 1
The IUil Koad Cars
. - 1 . .k.iaa
hundred dealers n ready made clo- 11 Al" -r:'L;, . "
thin, ten of wrjoiii are .using a tar?-Mock of Liji-s Drs Ji-(Ji foi F:i.
v r? ruvii? ana moM
IJurko. introduced a 0;ll loincoi 10-
' .. 1 . 1 1 . . i-i .1 ! t .1 ..I., -.l.li.l-
die stature, and his sisters are dwarf-irate tie 'North Carolina a.id Ten-cap.tal ol 0U,0U0 aciN m ejine XtZZZi U
npssed ilaiiroail Liompanr,! wn en; aregrate capiiu 1-3 ten minimis, ;b.8l,.)ul ol liit. g,.0ri HV-s, tint n fx-
- I . 1 I 7 . L. k . .1 I' . IA., . V - "V
tWtlllV lllOUSnnil . Biinnaiion. ; 1 . ; j ' . I
clerks ands,-am-, 1 1 i 1 1 1
rvh., : iTrniu in iiiccmcnLs:
on! nine luindrtd ani
Attempt 0? i a Female to .'otL
cucircii than ;cvi:k:
"1oodrichnIlMchanan & Hi-aver
female dressed in male attire present-', stock f
. .1 , m .1,.. 1II1 '11 UU
The JNew lorK lr Dune states mat a ij- h fa ail immense
chartrr of the Central road.
per, thht
London unt
ihh ml,
il stated in an jjngusn pa-iouix. ic iui"' .....,,.w..0 - r iiarter
a man in the viciLitof face to be rather s mooth loraIgaiiE wiIi,ak j
ridertook lately, for a bet of j voter; and thinking it possib e hat, J t B'"
. j .ii. 1, ! cii tnltrht hA n fprr ale. refjuested hen L,nfI-5CR,b',,:AJ
itwentvVhve dollars, to lay a gu.n up-;sne m.igm uo nw, -i - 1 w.taUow. BironL L.r,i j rio.,r
Ui th: rrrnund. throw a POta 00 upjto take off her .at. sne reiufeu ,, THOMSON fc u.,ci.a..a.
iT- , i. L 7. , i foiiom'nn- ihnfe E ha fcad. a severe cold, j Oct. n. ,
neis oyerneau, p wi'B-L, .nrlino- 1
i 1, m 1 1... ' tit.! i ti ed nersen, on iues-iY me u, .iniu, jj j -f-- -
cotton here than at tho same time inne rn Ulion shnll havebeen subscr Els A-...-.I .nvivndni I rsj:j.n3ii5-
i . . - 1 . - 1 . l . - . ... 1 . . ;4in r 1 ir .MiiLLUi Liicviiiin miuu,, . . , .
and wanted to deposit her vote. Aj- phis wnUz bargains nouM
1 A- TL.11U.l Yr,f TMrrliH (n, J. ...II m -a II tofnr. hll if! O . S ih V re Ol -
VEom er uiiJiiieiiLi'i nvi. ukuh " T" ,w - r.
v'nfn .irhnn sh9 decTinCil to "kis tbeifc.Vf1"
" i . r i . , uci i:-?. i
L -i - : . ... mi . . i ... i, 1 .: . i I. , . -X -
r We bee it stated in an Engl sh pa-,boolx. ine inspector imnwng ut- , - Barter tjartfrt
in pxcIiiiCp tor oom;
Jeani. line nd srnptl
f i n .
' . . . I r t,-. I.liiit. Fi!tbeiS. li.oiiiPn. --oc urn-
I I. & ft.. n .-. st I n T"i 1 1 I I'M I' I , I I I 1 ' " - - .
fiM it fell to the cround. ;took the liberty cf
it a i A.,Unla ..nntaallv nerfbrmed when her sex wa? at
a& w : M(fcvi . j. , i .
winning his bet ; the1 , rst "and she Ml the
raUing herhat,!jrtn ocu iock ol Doonru, tn poiai of
1-3 a t bnCO discovered,' qu!.f,'cti.noji be aurpaised. Lf,Jiei.
; p lft amid the sup.,,.,., , w. r.K5ct3. M t:vi.Nc
3 c '. thebvstanders.; Juty) - ;' -
i ,

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