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Fayetteville observer. [volume] (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, June 30, 1853, Image 2

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Free cf Po'sfcis in Lhirola1 Conn(j! j
Tr thc 'Fuyciicvitlp Observer;
eville as ilis N. 4.
! Dear Fpifm
Fayettlville, June 4-TSa3
OiT-4ttvs. 0?i.SW; s$r importance ia t
"(Iht-VKf.r' PrirJili.y Clf. a 5 : '- i
sJ . i I - - -. ,shoTS. Of thCSC
! j j I I - ! I
T3IUI2S!:V, SVW. SO. 195
The next
;c place
tlio most
taut is j the Carriage Manufactory.
tit t;lf? &
tat? ominaii
A veryj large shop
lor this business, ai
! square, ia which n
Andrew Johnson,
The Otloiiiaii Portpjand ilsssia. -The
difficulty between Tuikey
and Iiiissici i:is fast assuming a te-
object of r4 j ttletHy hostile attitude, so much so
. i j inai i lie iaignsii pmreats otiieriaiu
tup the; t . f . t , iJ. . , .,
.! ! serious. apprcnensions; lor me peace
t ; II n'rvuv
l as been
put up ; j
Tierce's Appoiatraeiits.
We once beard of an honest iun-
riretending negro, who en his way to
is trifes house on ! Saturday night,
iscovered an oM darkie of his ac-
laintance, a member of the church
nit had robbed a henroost, bartered
the poultry lor Avhisicey and had fallen
' ft' is thought bv mimy that the
ositinn England and Franco h.ivojdjown drunk by the roadside, where
little north of the assumed, lias! mi-s. ii calculated to lio was muttering curses to himseli.
ell, said he to the old pretendder,
;i) M"t in! his designs upon the Uy-ur God mcst b( very umustifhe
loys you to sfeal and get -drunk,
. ., , .;iespoi in! ins designs upon l ne ' 1
stantlv eraploved.-lrnd do cverv part : .1, . , .-:.., i 1 i
. ' , i i nrhisli doniiiiions. , h
of the work attached to their j bus.i-V,Thp iine cj,ses j xvh dl ,iavcj
ness. In the lower story all the h (l (,, the present statt; L( afT.iis j vlni
j wood work is done, and
r- i harnegs,. &c, are m:uK
Hie iiPOuIS ICEVCnllon. the painting, is also dorie
One thousand delegates were' in ! ond story. ; Back of tl is
nlteudanccreprescntinsfiAeeuStatei mith shop belonging t6 t
supported by twenty Mcc.; butinesg men and are w
the cushions,'; between these two power?,' are thus v.
An ' Kfjiiiv- I MJientioned by the'New' i.oik Lx-in
-v. it-,
pn tne sec-,-1 i" ' j I
i? ft black- .! 'i. . . . !. . J,i . ,.s
- - .i . i . . . a m -i . . . j. , . i -i
tie iiic ue.ui i uil' yprw
ie concern.
l ( . I I . a I
Jadjr-3 Dckson. of G.-.. was elected lne owners seem to Ld e'uterpribing ; t
Trade, the
There are some twtU'c diil'.imis of-b
jell sustained. Q recks in Turkey, and to tin so, ;aihd groundless
Action w'as had, through Tliey ; have turned out some ,new j 1
't?, on the
huniitcpcclioute, Manuficlures, El-' nearly full of old vehicles, and is
oration, S tea inert 'frcm Southern j or entirely empty. There is aifcoth
' Ports, Cot on Ink
' hit was resolve
res on the trade
; tl;e Amazon, and
C 1 -1
The recoSutions
cific Railroad are
n. nJ .1 , . ' f ' j i 1 r j iiki n ils," shall be, extended all thcifo
5ubiet-t of Direct work, and done a great deal of re- . ; . . .
Kailroa'd, the Te- j pairing xlu ir yard is sometimes
iat class ol ri liiMonists that ni.ntv : n
"iT'i i v f ft iwriTr n ' "r '
The New Wliig jP latfonii.
Following th
Banner, we lav
the pi it form on
nesseQ, has long
ewear, s:hen if I were to do so he
1 damn me for it. Go way! go
e example of ihef j It has been repe
Lielore our readers crsare at t':e head
which Maj. Henrys' Ciiina. Judging IV
whig candidate for 'governor ol ieu'succe ol' the rcvo
ksscu;, naa iung iueeii biaiiwui-. j , not uiipruraLJe.
Plank5 1, Maj. llenry voted against that theso fore:
iving tiiemecijanics oi iveniucuy a tlian. the powihiI
htn tor their pay i for work done. Maud ubiquitous Je
Plank 2. While a member of the 'called the '-C rist
Tennessee Legislature, jn 1851, he, worshippers," aud ;
voted against extending!. the. provis-, Sundav. Tlic
ions of the Meciharyc's lien law of: throws light upin 4e';in;.ir, rs In, m
lenneseej c i a rrivato letter
the pipv
- a i e t
utioaists, thi.s isl'v dL-cused iu
iHii unpii'awe, it is luiuicr snni have nssv a! moi-j st r;:;;:
)-:e othtr Santa A i;: !h'tp l.;:fr. -
i.m:iritg-'overi;t?n'nt (whicii he !,.;: ?
fhey sre pains to conceal) and b'.j u.
God .i?lf corceitlinav indvd ho t;
iro said (o observe ico'J.ini iiito a warjupou
said tiie old hvpocrite, vou have-
kith. I am a; professor, - and you. Ken tuck v
no! right id do as I; do. I have? on the 8th
it privilege, you h'aro ndt
Tids our road
it wo think it
f6 s1P'Tas coojbravely ' defended; the cause of free-flnd without whose ianction no siqvLoat leader, the U. S ; would f!;d' ii
is surpassed in cool-jdom at New Orleans
ie ilussiaii (Joveinmeut ' lde-'a:
in !u.!r,io! f!nn-' fit Iirr ti:irt nf f!ir tnivn
I ' . ! i I f..J l!tf (Jrrwk- C iirfli r rr"-, 1 1'
il. ii.. "k , .:.... ,.r 1 ... ,L .!' 1 ,.JU ",v- -n
Willi tot; wionuuu, ; sulci tigu vi mi; cuii:i tuiu . i onu'i- . (- j
iux riaui riv-iiy or place, man 10 see ' csukuiisii-i.; ,,,tt 0 ,un .,..
I mentsr ot -ting kma growing upJ A iimtliorities: Tim
b T.i- place must become highly bulti;v
did iniprovcd, before such a bu:
cr shop working three hands iii an-ioiiMils ami agent
where, should hav
s no j
regarding th
is follows:
HcMtcaly That a railroad froii tr.o; would thrive. Tins, 'shows prolj
Mississip'ji to the Pacific ocean
onlv demanded bv commerciL
individual uitercsts, but by ua
interests. ; j (
' feecoill, That as .soon as; tin
vey recently ordered by Congri
ainst 1 1 io pr
r the; alledgcd
i i
miii.Mii'h-s and j privileges granted ' inconsistent Taul
-to Christians ot Otln r ih noiiiiuli-id.) themsevess. 'iTiiev sav President ' into 'Kentuckv
, , t j
C. He voted
Plank 3;. lie voted against a res Boston Daily Adve
jolutioti requesting the Governor olj; : iTi.ere are fur i
to lire, a national salute Chhu
ot Jahuary, '-in honor ot.iChin. se lan"u'j:e i
I the officers and soldiers who so;t,e -fc4wl of tliVreb-
is taken. These nnjn are goerallv
ss by the hyj onitical complaints j Plank 4. He voted against declar-1 suppled (0 be Fret cli Jesuits: and enemv
charges made daily ling confidence in the patriotism of-jf Ca
ent administration j Andrew Jackson!
loings of what
t finders did ac
ucv-;tions. Also, that the lliisst.-.n Ani--Pierce has appoj.ifed freosoilers and Plank
:Oth-: bassador at Constantinople, and the. disuuionisfs to lfKce. If this we're (ions in f
I. .1 I .'.Li- I ...:. i . I . . ' i 1 1. ..... i j .1 ii. . L.
s (, Itu-sia else- true, t''e whig pi
je the right to pro- '.same thing have . no right to com
t all plain; The mail wholiris ' cwallpwed
on and oppres-'a cam:,! and pretends to gig because
of the Tiiikishihe thinks h seifjs a gn'at floating. on
t!ie rupola ol '. the suifice m I
ated jthe Church of thti I loly Sepuithi e , ly tick frnm'si.J
(in 1 1 1 e Snltaii s ; dominion) he rc-, ' m t;i w!io bean
I !
these Pbink 5. He I voted
ually; prohibit the introduction of slaves !,.3 th
; fused
r. l.- !
ior ii'boui-; cess iii
hited States !.m,i t
ivor of a U
irty having done the Bank.
Plank ;7. He
s not as well, as anything else, the, 'i
ana i increase ol ;tr.e town, co snort a li i (
bnal time as four'or five vcars ago, yehi- to tl ie (ireeks. Another dema
i , ' ' ' . ; , ' . 1 I .... . i.
beam ia his own e
e mo
ally ! ,,m'er jtjie inspection of thesis pmnly qnaliHd to pluck th
i GrecK Patriarch, and that what is out oQlic eve ol' another, or (
teru!(I tlie prmrity in the tomn.ol judge ol tne presence ot one. Jr.
a jthe' Qhui ch of liic Virgin be assured Fillmore hiiiisejf, tlie preseilit favorite
3 bevcir.ge, is certa
. r rrti
,ne oinrr cause. June
' I j i . L
cles were very scarce, and drices un-j rt'a'J'hat a church and
sur-! know:
tw,t!he CMitrueted at Jeiusahui, in liiioius
es benoug'a-Svheels" to accommodate the ,
w hicjKiWsiau uionks sholl
In order to obtain th-'se com
id of Soujhcrnjwhigs; did onc&iu his life
momlery express sentiineuls favorable to abo-
m. He also had in his Cabi-
and Coliamcr, uncom-
nmendment to subject the charter to positid
such restrictions
us might be neccpsary.
voted against ani(.r,rJ
vent the bank from j
I'Ui government. The territory of Me-i
......I r... II. ... . II 1 J . - . .,
i in. Ii 'run in .il.'l'l L nit'.l i-m. II'". ;l W I i! ! 1 ,1 II I . n ( 1 . ii i.
to unless with thevora dy known J conT tnr i:, i;ni, 0f huuude, was through tho!
mt in ,"Iob 1
I Ids es
F ank 8. He
amendment to pro
holding real est:
consent of the Ld
Plank 0. He
amendment prov
the government o
or the olhcers ot the Lank, should s!
be permitted to riros.titr.te its influ-f 3,0;)O.C0v), the crop
er.ee to the enlargunect ot tie -bx-j;if
ecutive patronage, or .lnieiKTe Aiinij.tt Vf
'T. sin l:i f nrc
OHIU JlliailiSL IIU ; urn pj
iding "that neither .d'thr
file iat e. .net, Ewir.g
e?sion, promising enunJes of tl-c" iustifution :the right of "suihjage in elections."
v i i the jofshivtrv, a'dThonnts Curwin, Avhoseii j Plank 10. He
he stockho
ccmplytcd, ne General Govcrnbent ; people.; Anotlicr -nejw establishment I tjje Jinrro. r':i,
ouglit to adypt such measures, a is will ; bene is the funaturo store. This.oc-U,,rii despatched Prince Mt-nsehi-laboliiiou seuliments were too strong hlVt i
insure the Completion of the main ! cupies part of the new brick build-: ke.fij Especially tfomuiisfio:uetl to in-; for the, stx:friijicli !f Cassius1 -M. Clay i;of Loi
trunk at the! earliest possible period 'inir on tiie !C. E. corner of the !'orm tln S ihan that as lie hod had ; himself. II 'a democratic aiUninis-;iJtbIe for its debid.
Third. Ai ll.oVpmM-.lUiWnmeni Ur,-i;!r( nnd rrenhnV thrpo rr Trlnr Occasion to complain tint ' former t ratioir does as well iu'tbis': regard as II Piimk 11. lie
- t e "r r - - - , i 7 i . . . f i i
is expected to construct oidy onejj !:and?.: Their working room is:
trunk, it should be located on that
route which the sctcnt fie Explorations
Coucesyions had heen either with-, did tl;C
tli.-ill show to possets She
advantages with regard lol
furfiiity. of fiiil, chc:iprie:-3
Eduction, and accessihih
sons from nil p;;r!s of tip I
Fou rlh.l Thai it is c-
I ' ; l
proper that; the general
should make liberal dona
lie lands to the different
deitng on either side of
tirvi, to enab'o all sect
Union, however f-envjife,
themselves with
The Hrsl! and
pasicd unaniin
a w.nu dicu?
Kcv'er moved
ing ia centnil lea
b' a vole pf ton
ouh v.
he ciAci
the second story, and ll.eir salesroom l,,.
jThey import
some of. it is very fine
Ira wii; or materially modified by'eently cndorsj'd 'by tlie party in lhis;i,la to the amount
ickhitain orders cfven bvitho Siiltan ' State, :;uivh! hevlhavo no right toil he T,:inh f.iUh
muehj furni-jj Febrnnn , hist .yef.r,
and that it find fat
tmv, and their room is veryj fulb 'co'uld b'e n c.essary "tn; have some .l iin l
A new fia-: security if-st tiioe tir lers sliuod not
. I I '.I 1 I- ' .
,r., 'tMv v n,-fr.-,a ; riAfi.;'nioe;coiniuiicii or itic ,cui!i.i scions
t all sea-; Store, kept in the Urge brick builjl-
icnt at
i ing on
ias !'p!
wilhllra w n. i . j i I sionist
T.he i'..t te reg .rded that a comr-Mu fact:
wnig! Jamiiustraiion, so ro
II. i(;iHiJ
ev sho;i:l
1... l it: J-.x..
ointed IVcc-i
IS SUCil, to
have no right to
h others may com-,
king stockholders
he Bank f died.
Flank 12. Whin a bill to c!
ho Louisville S
- ; c ; "i
nt administration j,vas befl.ro the Legislature,! he voted i vt-i!
oilers and seces--iguinst! amendments to1 rcsilrvo the Icuirin
l I.- lint tfitn ' 1 iL il... T 11. .A 4'
Geti. Fierce has made his
W; corner ;cf the !.jj,.,,co tj,,. ,b.jM:td w o u 'd a p;(;i nlin tl? fromimior.g those who!
;d j i-quarey- wkicii the proprietors omit. i;..n-e p2.0-::0,t!i'O ol Greihs, now i voted fi-r-iiim. . Thee who vbted for
govcrmcit: It keeps! several Tailors!. constantly j acknou lodging Turkish; rule, nn.hr :hihi, snpporUd the plnilbrm
ionsofin.b-'oinp'hivfi and . briiigs on. a large U U"ian IVotectoratej u-lhieli he. upon by ihe.conver.tion ;hat
States bor-: amount of clothing every year. A!!r
he Mi
i vcrv
pas of the j the street leading wJstfiorn the town. j, ,he jiac; Sea arM iowdcd
to connect j It is very large, ; hd
") horses and convcya
rcselufionjT Since my 'first vi
,tho third' calk d the "Fayett
g up. Mv.,; has commenced us
Iment, giv- two for..the town, j
winleh was lost hrge plain type, at
to o::2 vi a. ineat iippearance. It
to irrtcrt t io better advantage t!
It was then ; mocd
word tcrapi-ratc lfcf.irj? chniatc, which j newep
was agreed tc and the resolution, ns;w; rk
jiiaeiaied ,:issed unaiiinnuslv. anv.
It was jjiaved ;that when jthe Con-'keeps
day i
id.urn it will Pe .to rneet m is odi:
stb-.il S. C, on the second Men-: Frenc;
per that Fever. saw
been erected on j
refused to do, ".Menslbkoff le
in high dndgept', and f bib
ion his wav home1, the ITnssian
kocr s i raany j (he munitions id 'wuri, and
h iU!s above Odessa arei ci
with the tei ts of an im!ii ns( ;
it, ;a row paper
bville Observer
career, ni;
('ai'v receiving new aecejssioi
-Tlii". n'n't'iiii ll fcf;ilol"
. lift . ' . i 1
""" maintained, is one ot deei) is
t is printed witii! t( ih3 Suited State, as it vi
aerv iimposdde noon i (he result
n :anv
con? pari
The ''Lincoln
.hie even tenor
ed -by my oV,
:, who lias bee
li rii, lD-j. me motion : tlic l.xeculive witn tJie appointment
,ice in the
seldom We
ventson adjourned to meet in Ciiaies--Sec a i h.vn or-couiilv kvith a popula-1 l!"-oug!i the TJoph.rous any day.:! A pat
- I ' l VI M. B.
ton at the time abveistat'ed.
was c;!irried : After some farther bus 0f, Posit master,- for. his scrvi
incfslof little importance;, the Con-1 democratic cause. !j It is t
f ivorablv
I makes a
s!hovs tojr fiuchU,a"? ,;I' Vs t'.,:,'pm;,
intv ' 'i''Ctlois oi a ttri
!'rt illfst lll.-.fl I'!!?
; ropf were engagt.
with! TUp moral of' the
Journal" still i f I o is ! so far as E-ig'ajid, France ;in,d !same
f its way.' It j lifissia are co'nci i hdtl, is thus .drawn ; Fivsi
n rew
; disiute
u ii
puvvcrs 01
whole trahsac-'ence
aves!uated him, a;nd which he hear
e is ! i roved. Tliev now ( m h-race 4
1 the . Uiticei are auo.vH'P'ionablrt
ered Inenns ol the couutrv. v
i m v m .iv
hi . . .
i asor
t is i t hov
d l)e 'COIltll
the ' ear 0
sted , th mi
all jare r
Fu ; by so
,i A ' a hv the N.. Y. Fxpies: !! ;. itend
(i, o. a. : (. , I ! ... . - I
, 11 . . i.ll liUM.' I'l Ukli'lil in HI' ; III. . .
arueu yv , , . ; , , , .
AtediterriJiiean wiiai; iapoicou , i:no i
wanted (-vrvn here "Vhips, coio-; eef
ujeg and Commei er ;"i ami to obtain j in l'u
them, ho wonhl . break his . H av (o Co!
lid not the I i i : i ! l Lion and the.fGreel
t . . i ... f .. iiii.
I inn r.i-j-t irrrnri 1 "it! t hia CHTinoi't 1 :i rr i
,,v" "'1 -'o- T"", '"li f i I,:, . ...til.,-:
m,. .: I . I ' I & ltlil.l. .l-.ll.l lll II;.' .', I null i
l his is a sumcieiu ;
WiHT inr: Aim:n:stuatiox rxrrcTS, 1 ,': . i,,.' , ; avoweulv ready f oruo him hack. 1 p .1 1 U
in r.FG.viip TpMr.xico.. We find the i garan5cc lor mo j into lngenco ci mc Thesc qMavrois Willi, Tuikey a.ejddlici
f.lloivinT inlll.fi last, r.umhrr of the ; people. lonr3 truly,
- ..... . . -
Kew'York Viiurirr avd Eriw:rrr: i i i I ' ! Eden
; i
-' Washington, Juno 8. Some trnn- i
blc is evidently expeetedon the boun-1 tJra iv rrY:n(r
but modified manifestations ol this:ships
cuviflousiifsg;'' a covr lonsuess that U)..hbi
has been the growth; of ages, 'and j-'Jeficr
.1 . . - .,,...1.., If 1 nr. n.- ,tj rn. 1 1 . f t
tiaittiui.l'li.'ii. ii i.i uiiii.i ;"u uia. . !
' i . . ' elotliri'ii in ehnren
-additional troops have been ordered.
from Texas! to New MexicrJ Among
them are hx. companies of the Eighth?,
Tnf-mirv. The two companies ol iigat
fidurod s nuisances, and
1 ' : 1 1. . J
... , t r- ... . -"'-1
rt'i.crv a'reauy in f vuexieo are
this h not
to b; i-qnt'cd with fresl) horses. -
Three iuu:iIrod crcruits ar?' to nvirch ;
following a nceab
A brother iust returne 1
ii-i,. says no was. .res
Leavlenworth on the 2tlth inst.
l Li:
with hov. Meriwetjhor and Gen. Gar-!'1"
laad.! y jjigh authority I am inform-;
cd that the Adoiiftstration' -expectsj '
ro w.ir wiUi ;3ieXH-o on tne prescni .
question, I;iti, nevertheless, is resolved j .
to liavc j lenfy of men andj guns on j '
the frontier. ; It is clear thuta high
tone is to,' Lg: adopted ia the negotia
tions, j
lle expected fruits of'-uh'ch !make
n nn draniii r.rnri' I 2 lit, m M I .it hr.
are usually con- j 1 . ., , - ', . ',
taken out; , r , ... ,, . i
i ' diMs of the great t athci ine. Lie
i case, as .. ,
do ;fnim the i La-! ,'; .,
i'liai waive u;i ioi one
Ki ishow: '. ; . .'
ine ouus .i" ui.si
rogation of broj
be i ti the jirms
rom Cal
ient in the
titer Qwjen whhen
of itsJmptlior bc-
fornia, atfracte
n ihat' dream
to ai ins but had b
focrv. A thiag 'so! unusual in
not a"- little: at
ion. and the n at her rose (q ro-
'Don'.t leave; ?:iid the prjach-
he sound of that babe's voice is
more in teres
(oogre;it. we im:ii,eeL I l t
neror to I i.-k. As lor (he
friendship of England n in I
for the, Turk, it is not wott
j;it imw are j thci aj
1' ranC
t urn
A transparent selfiVa'moliv a is i;it well k
Tik Roanoke (M' C.) ;Ilfpo!licnh
published Iat 'llalifix, re't rring to fhe
recent b.ail storm which took place in
that potion, says: j,
Mr. Bshj Johnson, who wns one
of the principal sufie xr? by the h ;il
storm alluded to, id ft rm? usilhat the
hail was at least lark feet forp on
bis j rp'm'scs. Tins he says ho is wil
ling to testify to, hnd ths( others
who saw -it will testify to the jsnm.
Mr Johnison 13 a respectable farmer
and we believe his statement to be
i ir ! ' . . ! i ; !
ho t
t i "
m tins
ing io many
than my own. It
aps the
sweetest music many a
tlie bottom of' it all. Not tliat lhe
love Tm key, but that ihey hate !nr.
fear Russia, is the sect a sp ing .
the :
ally a i
h. I other:
re no
iC'si- rtr n
more jhYjv oilers titan Mr.. an arhendmeiit to tax gobl
. i
ling tne
: not on
id net, I
ma by ding dun
i this'.sub'ect ai
ii g their owii eo
udeiig themselves
d.-ing. :
GeuJPierce made such;
mo;ig those'who united
t.l.iLt'uim to iekct lorn
io sll'lj
d the
fl'oso who are vCr, and road and i bank
it they! The Poston. Traveler ; h
count rv
as tiicte fiullfind.Jrs pre-,conqUest
ie in? AY
y that c
;uld, w.UiId they n
CXflu.jled with ppr
X cl.un-h as good
giyen ihein an inv
kon they
."with Sc
e r.
in at;
; and tiiat boasts ofd
as AlcCle 1
l i i - . i
t, and p-iinoiic, ; on
- .
Davis, and ihey y
It to make the r.corlo
i i ,
oiihl. V'h,o heirti'v'
. n ,
ininisirauon v r bireiig
ti e ;u
the riihion :nl putting down tj
gin harmony clemen
en conflie'irg? Xo one!
point nient of such inci
m-, vie an t lrousdaie to oiuee w;
rohationof the count rv
!ee, not
' ;nlv of iU influence cm the vast cm-
leJlow- !'n;'ru V,f ESQ irtillions of in onle. thus
nd and pr,)Uglit fi'r tlve first time intb unre
I - ,0 :
O. 11V. Ul.lt LWlilUlUlllValUVtl ! UHlil I I ' V
1 I HI 1 1 j T. .? f U naf iaii3 o .1 tr l f 1 f Hi rt Tvin
l . IIVOlLlil IMUvIIC, H1VU lliv
iivj.T win iciKuii i vi ii Ly m a
Lli;imeSi ment and enlightonc! rrogrc-HS but
trite by :Tr,-foi, ghlt;,ni with V i-l:in 1 will !eU
ts that k0 iarjietliately and gfeatlv increased. 1 J"
tyx . . : I
T 1 "r- r " t-vI
equally ! fall', who ar
their ai live sympathi' s; tail
!efisiies preserve the nationality
of the! Ottoman Empire la blth-
has heaW since a long time ago - it o.o-la to iLvPihe
.ok leafe of las distant home ; ,lr; rs,f l!c vesti0jf thc w uld on
own li the people of th
Mu if rccshoro J;acs.
effect: was instantaneous and
rful. and a large poihion ot the
reg itio'n melted into:tea'fs.
its side.'
One pair of pigs will iner&asfe in six
years to one hundred and hinteen
fran of Locomotives. The Rail- i thousand one hundred and six
Times savs the! annnal?deterio-;f,.injr the
n of American i locomotive cn- pcr;innum
h is from eight ro twelve per cent i S;irce (jnie
. . . - i i :i r
their i.rstrosr, wniie nve ctinm
nilo are reqpired for - repairs, k
no hundred and six y-mne. I 'iou.v ii uh. oiui.,i.p-jt isi Lr.m'cheB ot Methodism in
increase at furteen times j11'1 tIl;lt hail torm htely passed' and America show a total of
. A pair of sheep in tho ovcr Macomb (ountyj Mich., and that traveling and 33,000 local pre
would be only Ci. ! tlie sln?s l!irp'1 (l( m ' fhc size of a! who rc'mister tc 2,03G,1G2 c
The Mavor of Xcw York
"enerally o-r icngiues destroy jtoed a bill paased by the AI
selves at the rale often dollars of thd city, exempting charcl;
? every day when jn full use.! j erty from taxation.
Some statistic monger 1
diving into the census1, . and ; lias'
brought op the following imfe in re-i
gard to tanning: About 810,(
of capital is ( nijdoytfd in the b
Tin ro are aloutG.GOO cstablis
which turn out annually $1
udu. juicy .import aoom ?u
worth of hides: every year.
A Michigan II m
musket ball to two-ifiirds the size of nicauts.
has ve -a goose Men caught in tliQj
dermen sto.rm v.re so pri ded by chunks of
prop-jice fis to be confined
j for two or tiiroo days,
ower tjo the Legi
i mend ike charter
Piank 13. Who
is a State, Bank w
agreed feature, he Voted
nomi nient to niako t
ly "P" .L'ank Bubiect to
ho dce- 'stockboidc-rs.
I the dombi rial ion. tl
for a bill to 'they go tho strong
against nn!KiVe ,4
i i
led that foreign-j . Ti.e pristi.c
of the revolt ji:i;twem ih'e-l'aiti
un the t;fct ai:d w?,ie!i has beeu latelv rail. r
of anot!:.
a us,
liowing, which
foolish enough to go! with j.fm in hi.
fronk Cautoii to the hvild attemjit fo seek rexuigi.. I :-
I ho
JJOn. wearing
hot talking the:
dl. who are at 'Ions cxisfci
1 council of war,
;s;td-j juvtexr. lliui ih
i . .. i ai iir -
iCCU, u:o I JJeXICall J apelS
Khat they suffered kf-at iii the la'.-t
var only bi cause unfortunate V.U-
liat thev
.among the '- j h-; i.ov
ii ts miHt.i iniwtr tiitir
he Mexican ar.mii-s a vcrv dihiivi
holieism form an element -f: The difiiculfv arises fie
e farther north (ion of boundary between the h ri'i-
r they become, ' tory acquired frcm ilexico and Moi-
it religion is more widely dif- ico herself.
aat quarter. Their sue-' The treat v which term:n:ifrd th--)
battle against jthe Imperialists,' last war, fixed tho bouri.h.vV :it U
e rhilitarv sh
i terize? some of tl
and modifications i
lditional s'ren
n of foreign a
CoTTOiN Fnospi
maw oI io e i
::s, in aJbitc
t'otlon Ffi'de
tho Uuited States, I c,o, A C.COOr.OO I
d a
dl th
w ere
votfil against ma-
dets of the Fasdc
lisvillo jointly; nnd severally came
i throng
liable as indiyidju-' ,(!if. t,.h srM"t (1( ;ij !
of their
lature to: alter bv ,
j i 1 1 Og f
nla bill U esta'
.s1 teforo'tho Le;
tgnirdt all jtui'-'u'i
io book's of ti
the iii.-pectiou
)tn Is . KriiK-' of the in:iugural, whose doc-ij' Plank 1-1. He joted nga:nst l'n
with ; triueis, as regards' hi. i very, and tlso : itinc'iiccoinmodatibiis to s:.eckhol
to thc ers to $5,000. !'; !
. I . , -1 ITU . ' L. J 1
:.Heei . luan c io. -w ncn a revenue m
have been thij) soiili:neits and 'levying an ad valorem t:ix
i'tolore, lore the Legislature, he votjc
public. jVashciUe Union.
!y (iin-
ljtter from aThighly intelligent g-ui-
tkman. lonrr retident in Chi
i -v r
U I IK I rii'ci i f c i forv inf Afiicf inor
cv. ii i d ti i j itiu icwii Ci
on i ue
to the
ia which : o I v t .
vie'.1.' of! h-'ul.l I
1 tlie present tate of thing- i:i that could ha
of China and the ol
t have of the Tluitr (vn.,slv
narms J() ,Ut(1
iind ac-
ey not.
l i.e win ei-
so tyrannically
was b
H sigain-i
tl'tl s
t..r- ot:
f ir, moicmeits, ' commissioners on each side were ap
gth to tic sup-.pointed by the two governments to
d. I 'draw the line: but tho ho- th.-A-
a well kn.Avn commis
oild the ree
'250.000 bal
ir. 1 hive
ea o
into rot
iea u i
il wide:
char. c- certain Hie-ee of latitude. Tor-
';raw the line; but the liu-j thev
'should mark out was not to 1 cec-nl.
hd). G. tho ho'l'id.irv ntd i! eiir-.t'i-ni,-.' In-
ts cottoncrj.ps management! hf the Mexican coin
r pi the editor 'miioncrs; given to Mexico. Tho
r.jsmi-a!e he'ot!itr two American c..inni:s-:or:er
;l!rs, ao.l add: iiid nnt sj'tco Ik if.i li..i ul-iid. th:w
I ll IS I'llll ll!l 111 i isruKlM id i..-,r'ii -i til' ,i:;r vri..J
j 1 V W J- ( . . .W V V v.. . , V .....
3 Ih-en lljien rv: our ruVi rumeiit r; nuJ;-:te.I i::i
.. r-, ... ....
eat i.:r
lit:.1 11 MltIi'ii c-i i n! i. .hi .1 i
I j f '..-.V.v..ll. l'H... f
!!"''l'-'', I'Kiog . Cuv. Lane, of
lerati.oi, if it; tempted i:ot long
least qS0,(K)O lah
ko hind, u
out tite C"l!o
if f rwai a!
! f any
w 1 1 r t r.
T if;as i
, I !ie!,e c, a
tcelinu io f
op u
l ack in ' ta.
w llh all tin
elements, if
not ie.veed
..!, 1 Ihioh
o'eh.i e t
erjii o1:
'iOioe f!
: to! imt
dm- th:
li;CC -i
!..r i)'. f
j "Mi.!
Ui!e 1 v
i !
..t liie js
1 ..
! a I
h !
B seen a
iM' t qu
i;r - of (
lers the : the year
over Ciiina, 'well-nigh' crta
it 1 v does not j apj
put good from sue!)
Of the t fibct bikd
L. 1 - ' - 1
r nc tviue
would. ',...;;
rdand r)roa,100, i)V t ho pxr.ccted ovl
i ... i: rv -
i inuiii0 f i i ..rpiimf Government o
. i - . "i ii'.-- t' . , i t r -
oontion nuimung v ermonr. in fcW C;lM cJtim;i(c tho imr,ortah
i.i ..... ,i.. i;.,. . .
, te;iii uiji'l iiu'4
tv in taking info thei
meet discussion between Drs. Drajer and! value of
bencr-i Watson at Boston, Dr. ! W stated , making p
d so 'fill tlie appointment of that in the course of four j ye
not so a half ho had taken from the citizens
s State, of Uoston and vicinity; one lmulrcd
is been!
barrels of Hood! and had adimmsicr-i ri ,t j rA
; e ' , irotn the Sfng of fco
lea fortiMixntpoudi of mercury' ! Ji , .
! - J J , J : day one of his p i ro
a iuh- ici h.r. nrt,kh,i r
.. n, wo. in i iiiwuh iu, noL :a rain,ro
enr, in
long since, by a 'railway acci
00,000 j:i'in s"ef' the railway cojupany, j j0
Linpcs i nnd recovered about $70,000 darna-Lo
unents; .
ges. ihe damages were calcul. ted on !
, v i .-
kftndn'aiid the averanro Ipnftli of i;n nc
inriiiiii' nl" J i...-, i,.j.
rr "i.i.. i.i.ii i ... ; iri. i i
uemonsiraiea ty lite insurance tab es.i f 111 oiuiou
iew lorn ftunuav lir.
riou-sjing to tie Queen says:
Thf) Etatitir r.f .,!!
I . ......v. v4 lll kliU
bTCr.M.h Jt IS 1 ratinViP r.P Afnf I.dtc t
n, and
a fey-
to he
' I I hi
:of thd ci
tiariiv pil
a. lvalue
CCS will ;
iial, on
Iih srvrr
vear will
state tha
fed but n
do the en
either on
in ,t rom tv
number o
he tim
fir bet
m id
iat ingenio:
4gS, that has
irs and boflh useful and profit
i t nib ilia
rr a ; it does
oi . 0 i V
p! . !tV
If Ii:.
1 1 S
( id. I t ;.
es ul!i lU
il i:::l l .
eat . il
,)iht, - lie
r tn:.i.:lii:s
iocs v. i.:
ear f:i f
i.i .
O o '., an
tin- tim
u i' t e a '
lis Vear
i;o t,
o; oj.i col
at , his' jnrisdic
oi was met bv
Xcw Mexico.-
incb to ; extetnl
ion ('er aiecid i. L-uu :
armed resisrenee froin-i
Trias, Governor of
i n, is h 1.1 j r'viace (.'h:!:!::.!:!! !.
'IO lOot lt:l
r of
confnns C
o.vt rnur
the Mexic.m
Santa Atii.i
i rias ia toe i-
lowing 1 . j 1 1 : : :i ir
"Hi; have! no mt.en.ior.s tot::,e::--s
the I'uuaih.rv ivi'..:stioi) i i
iuntrk aJn -' , !,.... as r - .rd-i t!e t'r'.'.v.
! wh'-h it r. hry, that iildhiug bo:
f.fvorahk p..i;. f.ith t-ou!d liave rcn-red i: -h
t In Poind l!h-
V)0.rO ,
I. ill 0,0 f 7-
o:v i t
l:'l!l'-, W
f.i'J, ' r docidetl it in Ihvor . f
Ameiicari infi res.'K.
( a.ni!iii5on ideelartd
wit hin the ri'ris-dicti.
::" 1 that ilo.-birition !
;!. i i !
: u id t.
'..'v at.- i
rj il
(l a treaty slipu! t'i .h.
. to the tcrinvf t!
t;:o ti
n o
e titJOudai
, lio!
1 1
Fpou fhjis s'.ibstaidh.l
:d,l It - fori o
:ee.-r.l::.g to
;;re it y it.-, d.
fi t ! t.hi'ro im::
tie n i eontr.iV! -r-'v; w,
iiiw M-i. fitli vv.:sto n; tiniei .about; if
S.-in'a ', Anea firi'i
v ii! g . to
' Nt fall.
we so; ! tl,l- 's;,!.?, .,.
theii ha-. wi
r s-sv.s 1
i.; w
t .
s oil l; no .ncgotiataoti
we a ro r.ou
it v ere
I to
, 1
ree. i;.:
, put r,.
C bee;
dlv if
...ii if
h", t !h"l"i fo"e,
Itoo p .inter :
!jit Ion,
his e s u f ii
Iso be good
rmn ii "(..nl, ..'
c :iden!! If V
Rh year's nu:
be a con r.i o
KIXG- Tlie 1
a uiaci.mo h
bt yet patent.
iro pegging o
two, or tii red
o to thr '.; tu
rows m de i
p. and the wari
er than hand
! . si iij , mst., .av:
ff IT! C" Ii
Iheso I
r. Tin
d ' r
i ''
I.Mr ou r xr
ur o:i
;iM-srS rsl
a' 'The S. v.:hi.;i;i!i (Vi, irr , th!-
I 1
i ( S
! th
t :;r"i tv
t . e. tj
" Ciisf W.jiS tl I. f, .Ol! Mil! the re-
r id tsvi .ii of lire Foiled la(is
s iC.K U.'t Coin tl in this c;lv, iihu 'i
gci)'i any
onid to In
it I a
:!. i hv Sue p"op;e ;,
lie prosper
re etr.o.r.i
d p,
- - I
as i
W'inti does
ii .... .. 1 1. ... i
. .. I., i
nl the . fi:-; .U
n li .ve i ;!..! ' I toe .u .aii
. ;'.-t i-dirt s tiU'Oihoot h:. r..nt.tiv.
! f iie Fo-!o;:ivti r at SlU.'ifi'i i. io . j.
I'ven r.eiotv.i a air.t?iod and
fun .! fdtv ii..!hits f.r th I .vac a h L-
t f in ids .;ii;-e.
14 The l ;w m ikes ilj thr i i ;o ia
liic i!'i!v of eveiy I. .vtinasli r o
hu e ar I all mail nnj'cr deposit, ,i
one ha'f hour before !H' (!i j,ai I'o
ts.ern pj-prr's
s been- inven-
ol fi- mail, in less a on r tmio
ohould be granted by ill" P. stm;.?.
tee (t'em-ral en .icrmjtit o the 1 U--
iness in ihe nf.icc,'
wiiie.i wil
a shoe, with
We learn from Madrid that J
rows of pegs; 1 f I' f: 'hat Sant.i A'.na hid ar p!:
nutes. The;'" i!m" 1' Mlih Govermm m i,.r b.
f h,ilT?.'neo preseiving l!i io.l. pel. di ne
is pronouuc-! Mexico, against the.Fmted Stat
. . ; i.. t . . :
fori; can he 1 ! "m- mKinrn o: mock jij3m
novelty ih thd ease is, that! s,,(:'1 application, sap oit'r i
no ui-'.tcos v.a
work, thus
t Oil.
r .ji i . . ..I tuf
Pfi!5ft.'ne oasis &t ins prolessional lbcome.iuli. .i.i i. ... . -' A ,. imiteol
vm, , ,, - . . : ... ' mo e in. i i pv n- .'liner. 1 ro ir '
I 1 1 1 I 1 , 1 1 . . . . 1 1 . I 11 1' I 1, J
ast wdek an low;
lvy his irerlders." pa!
ly one ot las p it rot
entary Fd
i eiiijori
led ii
te it? XotPobSi n?
Va, we saouid tlan I
bf our
s ai;
r . ... i. ... i i ! i , .
lUHM.lili, liiS Ot;ell made. I'd,
f if l irttr-
b t; 2 . L ' j i 1 " : r
slrftvjit" t he : : iJ r -',r- o oiie nfrpti
miehine fir sur-tl that it ixilbtake
iJng Ljeen' u'Jhont aey diilieulu ; but' lint
j!ieshoiibj rp'.n i!,p .ubj' i t of ; hi
The i
t to
a, lie u id get a piNi'it r-
plo aoiV a piO-iaiit !Mi.i!if. !.;
1,1 r; never w as less inc lined (, n.ii v.
j'-';1, j(hfMsi;,i,.l than at present. Jr.
r r
rs a fide field f r t
T 1 . ' 11-
concluding I :
rrr.r,d WTI...
LL t:i. It 111.; rj. T . i
, , Jiunn l r.i:s in j i:i .- fr-m-in
on, did lie? , ii, i , -s
I from this,, ,. , . ., r. , ,n 7 ,
Hon. Uerschel V. JohnsrJn
to their bouses been nominated .as the dem
; candidate for .Governor of G eofgia. tily , ami
oo ks iv
CM f II .
irone; no iniiy i
6.4of) family tp-ndencv to sf on
libers 'cently developed itseif
cbincia ; she is getting vulgarly 1
i tiic t in uir. rio Had neon an in-'
or upwards oi ;
d.iritig which
I" f .r. v.il !
time she! had
ideal of thH charge of the kitchen, under the !;
cs, in aflud-;' rectioii e f the matron, to v.l.r ro .i.!;o
i was a valuable assistant. Shewa3
r , ag.r Tic j scr-'pa-l vu-ly exact in carry ii:- out
ness has r-? ! all cud. rs to her, that it is qucstiori-
i i her, nn.Fa! I :!'a r aid serv.-mt wo::'d have i er-
'.ti The f.ct ! farmed 1 services in-ie l.-tithf-illy.
is, she fakes littlo rxijiuhe, has a: She Itad !ecn .comn;ticd fr. in tim j
rnind not easily trool led ;by triO to tim? at he r own requeat, and never
has; and has
c,ratic!is of th.
a great appetite. Tier food! f;r any crimeJ during the last ten
plainest, but she eats Fiear-
K-f la afi-.'f : rr- i
years she had
never geco outside tho
war i e-
-. nis to t"4
I .::r J .
; h. 1 rn k '
' i . vj
r v j!au ; :?
. ii.iv b . -i
- i,
f I
' V
i-"f I
i 4 f
j i
. t
I i
i t
. lis
si I
I ''
t .
-J. ...

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