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Fayetteville observer. [volume] (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, July 07, 1853, Image 1

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:-''! i . . . ' , . 'J . : i ; :; ; ' ; ! ' ' " I ' ' - ' I
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. i; 'I - I' 1 , '. ' ' . :. ,'..!.. ... ';. ........ I. .vtr-iL :r -IV. . h.
j ' a?
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f : ?
T 1 I
O. WALL.Ui:, J . I ! ? j Let nil llic end Ci n aim'st at 'be '"thy Cuaitrys, tlsy Codjs, and Trut!i." 1 t "l
' I I j '! ' i ' , ' i ' '' ': I . , i M l ill " ' '
Ihe crcrt'l ( loSCt. j lecutioa uon- Gj-enrV (he imsl'. And
Or, Let Well Lucujli A I one WS .'ifppiircnt lie L;i(l lilllo cxpPC-
h'ofncdiin' more than fifty c:ra of being sille" to finll the pris
S, a miu bV the name of Henry, ouerguilfr. rlle stated to file jtirv
'tiompson called at tho liouso ofint the casc'wiis jinvolved ih great
o'ui mitli, ?i it'sidout in a retired , 'mystery. . The. prisoner was :i man
art pf Eiiglaud, and' requested j A ' o ' respectability:- ijlrc prbperfy.
ighlV loilgini! Tliis renuest was 1 The deceased was .supposed to hite
rhiuily era n ted. and the stranger ' ,Ul about him gold and lewels t
ttTTiTwo IoJI:irs for or,-5 vonr if raid at
tho time of suUcrij.txo:'; l fonm:
iMiii VUty Vul. urniocr i.eviatios
after ilifjexjilratloTi of ibrue moa'hs. I
Won:, or S I'lscrj.t.on, cox 8:Uerd O'w, w :ian
we bavo running arcounU. '
i; !o E; vill hs-iiitoutol tUe couiitv
hir,l3S? raid for hi a!vai;ce. : I i .
ICtPA-lvartls'JCiants mortal at one hoi-
r Ia's -j" tti3 nrst ii.iS'.-n.JOE;
for eVih ronfcl!)TUii.fe.
tsf5 Per-o- i ndrcrtl.r.? V.y tho rear, v.ill a
m, Tivrsiiv ixiUar for oncbinf, (Jving moruingj When tlio S'ivant "1U I murut i. anu ie.Hie
pointed to 'cull him entered the pMfnor nau ,oi.';ael the pn
0 :t,
Having taken homy refreshments', re-, tTnf smiomit; but tiic. rismr Ira? I
red early tolled, rconestinjr that Jlot nici m v.Jint ol funds; its' to:
.... . . .w . 1... . J I 1 . .. .
p miirlit be awakened soon ttie iol- utJ i"ier a strong icmpraiion io com
l''ii ITlit;r- forc':o-iun,rt
No 'irt'r'a- I
St- rn.1 the !'is:r: .i'c-f an a-i j
T 1 . .
4-toH's ;ri:ivi.!nl:nt-ir.v.prs. f J pti
Am ouncin?'!.!
CC7fAlv.-rt:i -inrais :.ot i.n;ked uu tli? r.in
ihr of i;."rsft.s wh-jr- baa 5r, w.l; oc:o;i
',s,V:,a,; o he was, and s by what means 1
fX-1lr,.U..m.flj of aHjrsoaol uatuic, inoof i Canie to his Ueltll
.......... ... .. !
7 c:, ..wV;iM..;il.lor.aj ioraUe," i--iguooring village. nioot an; hour;
tj:i .i .'. f- ---ci':ico".r To nif-.-s:e. , ! beil'fo he I reached t ho houso where r0!i:5t'10
oo i-;Srr h:y he caino io.his cnd.T And then, s ! an,,0"t
l&a " " " T to the manner of his death.io little 1, J !
Iif:;: d K-vs, '
117,' LdjrnA iydlh'S
tauee bej'ond it.
f pmseetifiou hc
he had to sav.' D.i
Tlie counsel
concluded wli
inr . in
i ...l
"SIS. IV !
.-L Tw :rii..r. 1 vrn v aa e t.sers
tir V:i i.vi Hl to- Vt.r r.T4 .7-...'....c lil lil ueu piTICUliV UWHl KJll CXalM- ' '"r- vi it uihim uc luuiiti.
his body, marks of vio'ence : ,nen ; the i pusoncr sutr
red, buthlisceuntcnance lookwl , HolwooM state ! he pounds t
lifly natural,- Tho ttovy Af pieion. The deceased, 11,'nry T
l i C:. t.i foon fr read amonir tl
. . . 1 . .1 . . . .! .1 . 1 . ! 1.1 tl
;'t i ii'J;riUors. and lhnuines wcro im.-tiE' : u ; t' wen j in. ji
J(. iett Liondon lur flic p-n.-pose ol
ting a trader at II till, of. when
cat re
Nothing, certain, hewiver, was W H'J ?-,f1.il
vipi'wn. Jle had arrived !on horsj-' .
1 1 1 1 -1.1 t t
1 II. Uir "I 11 I : IV'l l-unti twwwW-wt t! I'.iM.rt.
. . . i.4: lino :.i:i I Ml.?. l tt LJ Li ll
Tirol ii 1 . : : o o . T
' w 1 . i. . I -ii i . i .: i ' x
al;t r
51 r.
:.it trader he did meet; and
e- departure of the Ia'tcrJ
lornpson was known o l ave fn lus
sion gold and iewels to a L.ro
-'mi tli appean d in id ui-'i to fe i'gi-; Ifl
t.tted or disturbed, and equally u ji- inJnres.ive tvne,
ni'jved was I. while the Witness jt- an 1 artless mauner.of the mail, per
titiLil in substance what the1 ojieniug hups not one present doubted Ijis cn-
lH!Lch of the counsel hjd the cu!u
uajl the juiy to expect. " . j j
t-ord .MansHeld nmv addressed
t : tii
p He tu!l i tlum thar, i; I. L .Hid
pinion, the tvi'dei.cejvafc, 'iivt)
the rii:it to condemn the prisoner, ajn
1'Cily, I i.at il the jury! agie.d vii: him! i
Not hpiniyc, the cti.rL i(uhi ,;iteharg
ill!: I I l .t .
W iiVf aui. u: out Jea iig tlic;r seai,
i. i 1 1 - - i , . . ......
eciKi.n n e m y jij.n ed thai the eiidLi f
f sus-Mvtis.ijot .vufliciiit.. - I
! ..... . :, . J I
oim-i inis. moment'. v,:n tucy were
1 i Lj
jtr?i- about to re ndc r a ver!iet of aeq-utj-
ji hadital, ihe prisoner iou"innl addressed
meet-S li'C court, lie sa?l he had been ao
1 uo
hliliLL lib, j
iiniad of t!.
Sue"-, v. i3 it ho prisoner's addrtl
I reduced
lL-h jTodu
was deliv
. innocence.
The housekeif
any j'.hrt of
Jeath; of his guest:
u owerful efiect
in a v iy llrin and
and fronijthe pimple
iith a room where they c
Jby tlitmselvts, jidjourned tii
llwu l ours. T. hi prisoner
, nie;iulinvj was rtWjiihHo j
It was iwi
. t : i i .i .
o uiock w.ieti ui
sc-rit utioti tiie beiieh. . Ti e j)i
WaSi.iiiiuu tihiCed at toe bar. Mi
per was now inir'o-l housikctper brought in and k;d io
ed, and exiimiiud by the iuusc! j the l.uif. Tiie cofjrl ro6m was c
tiie risoner.
;e ex-
these in his prrssion, he
'p Tcfc JIuil on Lis return to London:
novn t! at he s' i iM-d
co iiidj be discovered, that the jury t1 Jluu 01
thb cause! returned a verdict that he ' ualiI.,,e rfc!!t:? the
difdjfbvi u iitation of aod.";!1! n!0ri' '5 asdisc,yeied dead in
1 1
i :, ,f....i r nwlbti.u. fl.VOrs! Whi. t:i ka done, fhrt k r:n, r ' "13 1'eU 4 tl.eil! MnilllS
r a . - i:. .!..-;.!... ;;v ,!',.. ., ! i - i bouse, and it t cu old be soovn thai
i . i . i ......i.r .r.r -ini 'r i i , . i . lie canic to his death in an-unna ural
, . . , ,,t. ,, c.m LiJi-.i, ; .i i , 1 m.i ; r , wa. it would iu( reaso he i suspieii
(leQjent eh r;iy nn-u, s.u.J to ; lit lojlur her was known. The nuU Vii I 1
.1.... I. .. I fi..iiTirk flll:i:i T 1 1 i . j . . . w ...... ..vw tii
ii;iB t r-: i fin o v ; ii. ilium, i luiwever. was not, at rest.
cuh'u o a i'lin ci-me, am
n.'Ki sa.nt nine riic . eynii nee
-uineieui io conviet' mm.
dry in .an that there was any cyi- i could hcc(
lenee jigninst hiiuV Was
out of the coc.r.!: Aiih
resting upon him, afer all?
Was not was the
bid the 'door no!
jhe juiy I
ingle word of the tii; 1.
Ll'o this atJceeJded h r cross
iinjtioit bv the counsel lor the
eutiun. Viiii
ed ly Hie counsel j ti'e i.of. liie c
.She had not heald 'ed to txcess, at
iliment cf Smith, IpLfVilded the phi
d' the tlii hl i ' j Tne CiO-s-eX
.i an jstutu
iine CiO-ss-eXaliiiniiig co-ln
p iiiiprtssioii on his m
that wliih
iKmsekcci'er Were in tiie room oh this stopper:
ii I
the liu in
had ,bsli
r, some
ictcd tl
t he fact, Uit ecu!
was iiuwilhug Ui tio
innocent man, - and if IJi-Jj' judg. 1
would-gr.int bin: the of'jor
would. r-tve it. lie v.oai
hou.-i ket j cr,
statt nv-iiC w;.
wiii) won
JL'O i
T;:e liou-ekeepf-r had not
in court.
1 1
o- W" u !il :
1 cu;ct
it i i i .
er liaa nee;.' coticealed
fh'rs was considered u
to go ' ne.-s is pusiiive t
pieiuiiSua door did
, tween tla
: This need
This Ij;e
was an
t riirv.
fill 1
ii-in in
i epef wa
ill i . . i i r
, -j it-
, nViifi r in t
! 'struct
rtiiii'stai.ei; made a ' to as' vou," isald he;; "take
: "1
thing like ;
e bitht "of the cau-
Hlle, q tiiat the witness testified to
not see it.
hing ii the mom
unt for I his. Yet tl
mt Solll
!, lor a inomentJ c
window and till
a -not wib-iiius
exam- gain iiddiv.-!-eii the I oii.tke
en four
in lira rest! i
ui t
ecp v. awn n.'ia iiorcr:;.
court I The editor of the I;ntsi!k
the nn! iias a v-.ry.rt;:d.-.Ue ari'cle
kids 1 o.'id, frcui w!4ch w:; cut I'
five jnfj n.-ir-i'M"!!!. It h fail eft!
I the
i have but a
tew m,oii rpica
this; how you a us veer.
rr and . hangs ujmu a ,thre
... t
poutry ti natural and ic.'Lied
nie:.iJi:. . '
- "Ixessing1; on the hadi cS
!w!io tend ihw:'ry ::.. .!.. to
'a n"e energies iiave i cc!. !.;
y disease! Flowers import i:-;
ragrance tiii.l b:.ia;itv to c.V
1 "-'room, but ithev jibsoluly 1 .'
he gloom that Iiai.'gs around i
-r curtfiin :t::u cause- ciittri
tor your own
ad. Do yiu 1
i "i do."
'To whom dKs:ir belong?"
"To Mr. Smith!." (
'When did yoa last see Ml
on? There Was no j 'O.t the niif iit of -iMf
wLic'i death.-' . f
ewii-; At, this mornen
tliini 'like! tcivd the court, hiiuuing with
on e ue- upon a tray, ins waicu, two mo
iesl.ou.se-! and a bottle of the same' mat.ulac
he onl person tliaKould 'as t lie sloj ptr, am having a coi
this jt. Uhe tray, was plaecdioii.th'
but ; bh, i:i sight iS thj- risotii r and
).:.sigi'iisig to pfuhJ
ie end lo the fiottoin
!r to cxeite h r slhirni.j he : witn:ss, and from that tiiemtnt i
i w ni ike.! ;! (g. .ii by asking In r a lew ui'iiio! or- tloubt riiitaiiied itw the mind of
appeared'. it. -mt qsn siions; and amciug others, : inaii of t' e gai'L oi toe -lUoiier.
led: her- h r.' thej candle stood while si
'V bmitl'ii- !iu S mi ill's, room?- I
In the centre of the room,
wgli "
. i . 'i .1 ' i I I ' I 'II
rn r pi ivirn t mm rnnrt r ht-imiv him i iit .imL-.-n r.r, u ivi.t imr - .
J, 1- , i i -, . i,-,- iN, then,' conlintuil the conn- oii.;vd lol img .her lurwsirtl, an L "V eh, and was the closet, or
that sum.' ol ui i.i i) g-. t'" l.-svned the stranger s death. W his-. c ,t :,, , . , , , . i " - '. ' , , . .
, i- , .j,; th-rt . . .i .v . ;scl. it will be proved bewond th i;ts. stated ;:c toe ivasor,- not- Nai he was board, or wnat ever you ca it, r
jiiWu. I cm nn on. .tuie.oie,iuu p,rs to that ehV-et were expressed, ' , r , . ., ; .. , 1 . , , , : , . ' , , . i ., . ,; ' , ' . . V-i
i ,. i , , f ni;,-. .n ,v i - ii i '! r i&ib'.Iiiv ol a (Ioubf. that the deceased i unwihfijg t;,at slie snot.ld tosi.lv, lurt cd eiice or twice while it s
on s'.iMil'l If i.ii Ul -iv ''' .and hi the minds of many, Smith , , -,, , , . ., , . : .. .. l -' i i,, ,
- . , ,Mh r'l-.oil . 1 - i" i .t -. OM -died liy poison. Lot what was the! knowing the cxci m.-nt, l-e was there. J
gen i-i:'.is,at.: wisi yiu io t.mn.ui.tniH W;IS consider ed thegtnilv nun. The-. . l.T. , . ,. ... ,n, . , , i., , , h ' r, i ' t
i 1 .. t u-M 1 1 v i 1 U O I! o!;f) 'ulliini 1 ,1 iH.r P i!iv- cV r Smith on .. I ' 1 i 1 i
1 uu 1 v v - - .-'v.i .iit4iia J 101111 ini'j io;l I I' f ' I !. I L
I to be
l is dehiJo put anything in the-been gooij. lie had lived a loose'
i la te.;
ting -orne.
That 'colleftiou1 was a ion- .',, irr,.jr,il,.,r life, involved himself
A ritnll pit.ee ol paper or Ijncn,;
1 witii tuipenliue, jand
jdebr !
his extravagance, and; tit
la.ing succted of having ,
n c:icmis:s. s;.n
.diMiiiiug seed of the
uivc tesiimouv eoii'rai
Ihil. i.ew.-'S now Tea
produced ft-om
wild cherry trie. It was a pnisimf sdl th.e -.ircumsta:tes !
- to flet. I ! ''I will help
ly to relate ! said the counsel.
0 knew; she ! !i:id lakvn the medicine out ul
, lit r
iaii the warnrule j r drawers
-in- I; daV. tuo .r! three times
a yrar, ps a hiiicieiit
t-gaihst li)'tl:S. !
IN i
Wo ((.--An
t h.-i ten! years. hi-wevr,' had now j ' '
clahsed sinte l is return, dining which
more powerful Tnan any other kmwn, might jthen 'bc called, sa-'d exa mi m L close', did. he shut the door, or
t.esti.mosiy does noli
i v, let me ho cuudeniued.
j- qu'-st of the prisoner seem
'IHIM Ui 11.1 I Hill .11 '1 4'1-J- 1 . l. i
i . rj..iii-1i.-i, rii-fiil .Jril-4.k o t..ii.f.i.t.!.- i It I.....
obtained' Imoncv wronglu'ly. hesiid-! : , , - 1 ,
, 1, . ... : , 1 1 ' ' . : f 10 icavc no marks 01 MUtcrni.i mv
and no contortions to the lla'.un
fin e he had lived at his present res-h ,
idvticc, apparently in good , cireum
jttipees, artl witli an improved char
acter, llis former life, however, was
ii"W l't nKimhi red, and suspie
thor, ilalaag o; hen jCuliure
l U that uro j penned up
fc:i.,ij!d have 'some 'kind ofji:mu;e-j idl, fastened upou: him
inenil - it is esei.iial u, jiieir heMlh. j i 4t t1( expiration of two
Thbilatid of a:ii is-nv.-iit, is -shelling ; .,: (11(! (,,y st(..,(
. . !
1; t ir
ih ( . f:,-.r
&c. :
;s V. o
. J t , is
1 1.0
ph.e il r ihe purpose of ma
r 1 1 . c strat-
tikcw-itSi u e tail ns v. Kjujj-y lopecliiig the &t r.'.r
.ilii-uwlo aie pi.- rd op s-houhl i,,.up piv:) f, ,lead in
1 ui seme : luuf oe lit
1.;, i
their own head. q-.t.
1 .SiWi - '-r-
Mr. Itasl-11
tC so
ng at'
is fU:-:
oti, after
lut then, the quest ii..;i Wasj . by ed r
cirj was it adiniiiisteredVl liOnel c'on't
Miijnstjiiice, a nnaii one it;de;Vj
'et u
on it-tn'ght baug a I
01 nl
s that the stopper of a! 'iu::
tie ot a very sirgul.ir desciipiio-'i
been -found in the p-rioi'n r's In'
The stopper had been exrlmiuo'J
lcmuiries of a J' !;i
Ah ppo.: (s-iy
4 iiiiuii the e ehi iog -ii.er i u gym
V": ,s lna: lie stij pUCd himself to bo
of the man. The horse an
of ti. j unfortunate man
ui iliK mijiI were iinmediatelv know 1
as Siavijig belonged to his brotlui
The Le.lV also itj-eii' was taken in
in-jtuoug!i cjusit.irai'iy change
niOUtliS, bv niPiKivd men
M" vJo a GernLn phfal,
JS '"- kind of i
rcr, wii s t-crsbcJ.-
his bed. ;itim!iiistered bv Sm
brother siiMtion? i Wiio we
1 c mine. T., ,v Ti ,,, uti I ..-..'A
v - 1 r
still le-.c.ii' V,,vlw, i.-i
:soir win
ut then
and; ed it
1 tie,
Listiual le, . and Lord Manshi-1
to hii' usual piactice, giant
cinluu;i remain open. t
j Iio shut it.", !
i ; "And wlii-n he rrpb-cr-d the a
; in the closet, he opened it .-gaiiM
...I! . .1
e - 's.m suiheient wnv tr.ev ti.ou
-I I II J a.
le. 'bags, a jewel CastL a lockc-i ek, I hllivate.d. !Uut w'len wa remtj
prisoivr ivent on v. 1 1 ! 1 hi.-
bo?-. i'-sfatcm'ri.t. He said he nisli-d tog-
o have Ih hi
conitaiiiiinr !
1a.1i; outor
i i
a!:d An to
g d tl.o stl
i.e lie la .
servant. The inin-f lvar,
1 he
was t t. po
rli, i r at ! is
e the 1 1 is-. u
ol 1
one n
iue- Oil I
ctiuvt reiii vrd lii nt the si
... -. . 1
S v.vica W( 10 res'irg npip.i r.nn
he i MlVoiK 1 v nie.iiis
4 ' , -
rr r 'Was s iiM in iiav
,'. in i' l 1 r 1 1 eaiauif (-1
e existrrav f il. mi'
on k a wn by the coitnsi-1. . lit
e-.!l ;,0d to vat tie t.-; the trutu
r s lie salt
ci-! I A in
in- was a
1 1 1
ill t,t'llit;i
,b ue 1 e
e hv
it. 1
1 :na
. an out house a'djoiiueg the sia
aii.d did so on the" 'night '. .of jThoinj f hi ow.
.soils death. The piisoul si-, pt at Hell,'
The rhfe-room is the f j-r.:u wh ' f,! lJll":u-" '-"I'-son s death. The j'-risonbi iivpt at -II nil,
, Pi4 -.t ti e pron. r tS.a' i ve 'resemUmce , to ! l.im: one'endof the llous, the 1 ouseke. p- t'-o ir
of lU i iride llo d-es i:i.t!sdi;Il,? Jion-,lt atithonzetl b ascertain, rr :it the other, !ai.d a he deceased had1 I If,. I'
V . v are to1 jmnht 01-., "O manner of his death. lccn ,r,lt a ir0o6i at'join:. g the And i
thel Vcinait-icr of her i-aiaL '- VV'' Hi-to. Uo invest:; li0.kt.CJ..cr j ; t tl dr
C..TU j ' , j ' j i ,,gc t.uj cireumstauws as well as hej, It, ecmld bd.pr.:vrd :t't ahouMt hini
.lii' - I -l j! was able' iAtlengtlslKMaadoUfcowKit-.j ?lft!r lni,lrii:;ht!, o: (i'C:. He
A certain dnmj w.-Oj hau li.u.d- j0 tho-lri-.gisr:ito;.of the distruil. the ; ,lhait. of Theinp h ' " l:ghk tl at 1
iv. a ivi rv Mir.ii ij-"; " ; . i-.i' 1 ni. it. on no nai conec
day! p?;--H
:hv.r i
!;i:i wht.i-' t ' f. do-'-rs v--re Klrcngth -f tliis,
Lin stalked :l I itan'dor and ;,l-e!i ti iaii to be tried
pijeaeher to!; ful murder of-Ilenrv Th
to rem .lk. 1 :at k) w.M; The Ad-d rated Lord Mf
:'!rt !;,r 1!"n- then on Ihe lcheh,! He
. Ili
!eeti l
.c'l im-
11 I
ud.and up-l j,ri( -been' -seen'. Yncvhig al oia the y 1,1:1
Snutii was; p nse .,n,i t.at !n j;vn. 1 oii'iing thi not ti.
I'-r inewii- !.j:ght whs seen '.o go from' the io"!n . longi '
inpson; jin which ;thepii'.fer s!, pl,! to jthe:.cou
mslield was j otisekect'er'' rot rli; tiie I:i,; t ra w ia oi
beeaiis.', thu
ttend th-t in.-tlvc
Jprcscnta lives.
k.iii tiu; si 0
h ii s p '.'1 be
Inis te.is"i
they sei.t.,., q, .ititist the pri
. r 1
li'-Hurn 1 ;.
1. 1
tvortii of;
n, 'cvi"'j;,-"!'
! i i be 4ibt
I ! I final a
iit:i' basvbe acq
r! -I th-'.ed ag.-
iiiSf ti ( I'-' id Milf (
.o !j:e i!" I - w- i i mi;. : 1 1 of! nse t
1 " .j.';
y-.r is a omit. us. tie as : jury;
foi no'i ') an anti .Masoii
1 ,11!::' -"T I
nos.h.V hist, ) d
It hi liii-dti) a'l'dv
i ,:f d'jh 1U, tt'i
li.t pi 0-'S-iO . i j
T'ii ;; r-Iebr;it."i; Drj
t; - : : !i!;Li.-t : l -d a I'iiTf ol
was l;V1
n Miionited its two-! ij. f
1 . 1 ami
vn,M is ,0.1 W ci!
ciiUuon, &i
d i:1
"of his guilt, if
iartrcii ire iiisit.iu--li-d 1 inr si lWimito: : k h',
' 1 ':.!! .! ''rl'V to be Caf.tHiu.-i as to liud-. hi-muis vC1-p ceen ' ilait vvhe'la r I
. ..J . . . . .
ouer. jne went intw J la-rnj
iilty, might ' witness coulil not s
ij. - At'a future tiliW it 'might. sifter thev wire"
1 ! ct str aiiiiir to l i m.
e Know wr.ii ar.:ei; s--(-
il Ml
then, as In Mr. Ti CR
r 1. f ...... .. 1 .. 1 t
r v
!':.( uitii bihi? lie ami i
' Jf he had such arlielc?
to might 1 aVO lost the Ul
1 I 1 I - - I
a., r whicli v.i s more.jm
.t . 1 1 . 1
e oil ( ruse liisposi-u 01 uu
ho 'died 1 v moans of (he
1 . - 1 .
C !i?ii::7L have admiiiistei
bciri'-d the iurv, to rem;: an!
hums hai! l-'-efi repeat (M:-:t
u;e:yV archei!, and. t'
st trijiing arlich' lhiit I
khc ih ccas. il luui bc-ji 1ts-! eh. -a 1
i . .11
1- pc.scssni:
wo of thijs. la
know lii il-'i
son s : 101 m. ;t; e lore itj .wa4
wiv.rl liiit ishor'H' 1 : Oa4 Li
bstTVeTM.sinir Iv one
tion might quite through the cr.tn into Mnit! t. bis hun;
je jury now ; room, into wiiic't they! eio'eml, an 1 s'a' in nt
d should he! in t.bouf fivjb minutes the light was'. A t'wui
.or: nicro inform:'
finod. Shouhl th
il against; lam, ai
dtteii, he could no. be mtdest- extiiiguiheil. . . ! Mui :!idg
in, wliatever teslimony should- The witness wouh firthrr s!;A, hoysek'-q
I -against :h:m. 'The grand that after' the'ptr-oh li.-al ret nrneii tion. i lit
Owe' r, did Hud a bill, but it- jwitii the light bit.! Small's tei'jn, and it w-f: !.
i majority of only une. ' At K-fme it : was ex'-tiogaisbed, ;'be had s-d j- et U.
the, time .oi trial arrived. ; twice perceived , sen'it? dailt id i
Njas "brought into the court, -intervene bet wei n itciTtae;
lacetl nt the .bar. A great j window: almost large t:-s the
(-rs,ryby the ring-U.ron lho rmm Cilg,r nml;face of a window ?
, :.i-xuM;
I lcnr t!
i ii -isoit 131 in ain
g-(d i ire append
i!ir'V t!loiv.i,iidtli; p:H j -t , an a d
:ic i hi liiu ketss, ami u is 4 .111
cd thU tiicgohl 00 iheJ venr liietpjt gu
silver vite bd- bl lace is iJ, m.ic ; Udtciji:
third !.d' one-millionth of: nance
. uu ihv.i '.) lh;5Uness
ct to : suihii-u h!
tin SeiZfi! ui
sjto see t!ie prisoner, ami ho! he dnseribed, bv s.hiioi. if ai 1
trial. He lmnsell appearc't,. if ,1a door bad been pl .ceii bell r
Collectcd. Nothing la his'nie liht. ' -w - 0.
iiicc or manner indicated jguiit; ;" -. Now, in Smith's ronn tleit V:
eti ihe qatsiion was pvt to,nothij!g whicli could viVoaa: f-r ti it
die clerk,4'are yon guib'V orl.,npesirai;iv;'bis I d was :: a ili if r -n'
by"" he answered with an un- 'paia hnd ti.er wis matin! r capb a ir. .
gj tijngue. ami wi'h a counte-juoi p-ekin the p.-!., vhica 'but! jfh
srfectly' unchanged,, p'Not : i,e b. was cntir.dy mpiy, t: e r 'Lin
.'I gone
ol :
! did."
"jii ! ow hu:g was it ope
ihutliUvr - .
Not above a tnlijile.-
j AM1, and" whop openwpuli
jt- exact lv between the
am! th.
'It kv uU.M
1 .
V.iUOO'A t,
was; A ft-w wnids wiii bring this
janclioly tala to a close. Tiie In.
she 'where the murder had been commit- th b, tY
ted was between nipe aad ten in
cup-'' disi.Mit. Toe solicitor, as-toon
pen-! the examination d", the I o is-kei
tood had ioV.il tiie txisteueel td
.; closet, and its sifuatio-i, bad s-t
hi hori-jbaeU witn two
ill! ,11, S
on," c r?, anifaVir p
Inith ; ihe; wall! of .the house, had
the ti.is i.'npi
id it i Tl.'eir se:
ic!t -.4i v.t.;. rav;.ii.t..;
the piop-..-'riy beioagiiv
ihompsou Was louad 1.
g in value ' to s-naj ti
! Wh;!e ol
otl'e j. moii nil
, did ,.$.ind nil: and to Lave 1.0 1
a pagt
I'ght ha
thel V. i::.i
0:i t!
's.V'l the counsel, "w
sa'nl 'the -h'Sef w:js 01
lid or Ihe left La lid
ov. ., ; -J
-! lei't band side."
AVooM the ! door of tho J
niaia' any xioiic in opening. . .
'Are yni certain?
T am.":
'TIave you oyer cpencdj it yoUrf;
1 1 1 1
sen, or only seen Air;
i-r . v.
p the 1 ronouni
I tied poi.4
the The resu
II j ir I t ., exiaaii'.ii
0 ir
whidi ti e, nnilicb . in
io 01
1 o,.
Tit' t
i ;
Haiit pl.ci
iiiuir now; a p .1
.11 e
on s , C
iitn. '
ke'the i-lace ffhe.-.vindi-. aij't
('. Cl' '-
e t.a"'
sen' l ;-
th .So
i. IT.
fa 11. . -
s io;r
.t ,,
tlprqiisioa of ! cart.' ):v, b;
eJul Lit exceedingly grrat'.uio
l - 1
women wi;o i;au loosr.
olv estate, ami seat Ihaveii;, fi
' o.nr
r;f grant and beautiful, to c
bdii'i.m. Couhl -we sir
ihwav throu-h ?; wit!
w eagerly would our hands 'pei .hi :a
b task! Had ll iWersno olht-refoVn
n Io minister to the pleasures tf
b sick, that . of itself Wunhl ba rea-
iuiii. fi'.-it t ht-v :ir n it oi:K' ;i!i ov.-r
. " -f - - - -.
nt j'yH.o the e0, but are ah-o
' t:,.aul goni.d ter't-iiers of -ni jtal
ot a !
any l
e !i'
ad eXctiijiiee.
V-- i 1 . as
remr.ti is to the highest as v.
1 . :
i:e r.iObt lif.atd ftidimer.ts, V-j cau
: . .'f, iri- i.i i'i' irnt-if 1 .ii r tr i , , 1
'-i' ;ib that tl.c band jii.d heart of w e;nr.:i
isesjov.'er:s licr loveliness and -.iie.uhght
1 h a
es jji r iov
fc:ud Se-n-o.
i::.S r.o,
I 1)1
go in iviite.'i in-i'iv a sua.:! r.vi'.t
r- .
ie w.:i t
C.Mi u;
uetrv o!
a bottloi Was iii.-ei'Vi
n 1
ie vi rv 1
CailS" 1
1 la mpj
t was too obvious lo 11
: -lv noed th be L-d
1 . .
p council a jina extent
eu to Contain t !
on which hail
heui. fortunate
'. 'i
i r Lie rAyl'rr-.r.i ('a
itiiiliii 'epeil
at '
r-evcr opened il mysi
Dili Vi-u ever keep, the kcy-'j'
i- er. ' ' . .
ir. Smith, tdwys.''
ibis moment tne houscKOt v r
. ... . ' I a
eu io cast ntr exes 1 own vis.
. Tiie1 step-J' Siiiit'h. the prisoner. ' A cUd, ibijifip;.
a Hi itd imib been fouad but I. sw. at .stood upoa his bmV, and tisi
(k'uhl.iudy K'tV-he had r; face bad boat ail lis. celol; he ap-.
and h ad hevt r seen it oe- p.'aieL a l.ving iinnge off death. pj
i-rodi-ced in court. I; She i'.o: seem-r saw l im t h a 1
i .
; had. bi-en juoveii, and on- sue .shruked and l.unteit. ino con
hat'bei.woui-ii explain, a-d; . si quenceS 01 her answers tjished
ild eenhjui his-" aeioss Jar mmd. m.c 1 ran been
. . . . , 1 I.?
so ihoro'.i av iiveeiven ny t:a man-!
me' nl r of the athociite, and hj'! thcilitile
ss had, t est i Jied that
me to the b
i-or-.-t :
'111 'is '-.i
The sf-il
I.-- on
i h v . o:-J
1 l.tVt
Ar.l av
1 v Ii
I's s.ike
y c c v
.'1 lr -:
Ga-i ta-:
.And ol;!
?Iv w:i
T i.-i::'
Cf-.tT, in
And clia
( r on tee liig'.it in 'q n-
il-ronni i.l" t!a; iiiUKti tauee he had seemeii ;to ji
ti her s!atiirc:its,. that she bail
1. . 1 1
nae 11
thaULd on by one question lo anijthi r,
w:;s reaiiV to aninit
himself Uu had beenj till she bad told!
inany years! i-f las U!e;ito ki.oiv.
i id iS'lii.-s?; be had bed n ' She wis oU'g
1 one on (i.-at occ.i iohand the c.iur:,ai:d a
to her to pioc.:re; hi r as- present V.:S req 11
am all he! wanted to
i v,4p
u-, myb
:i;Ir to !:"vt
: 1 ir- in
. l.o-.v v..;n.
r-..::T 's r :
v e.arK
strom evo
v-'irit y-:-t,-
CiCl f .rc'-:t. j
ni ? il i".iric;e:; In
ctiod-t nt
If'l tti lllv'S- i
in"! tt liiv'. t-j.-y lj
;-,..i:.,! T-ii:.
.m .'if u".' i
O'.vcvrr tl.uh ird v--;;ll
R-ar.l ttart Ti
t a il an a-i ii
z I tiiir.k'r-f
is;oi.5 bril.t
ot no uio.-fc !o
IV !,
tb on.
L; i by su.;b encb.intirg drear
I fen iut.bl f'vii fo.'eer.
0:.?ahi2U W'A ( love froai tbc
To my lf-.r:d neiit, )s y f-nb
Jl.-.r.?triii aw hi rr(:.r.
Of horn i -3 from"
I've foiii-bt tbe bnblt-t star of exi.
To narhJ ar.dlove fon tb.e.
And tboub a m'.15: n
! I
was i
Ji buiias Joae for ms;
d to be taken
p.sysieian wnof
sited to attend b-er.i Uhanthou artUrfiv.ay
Upon m? ever se-rn
. I:$ pure nd sfrt-.lf
As '.wcro tby rprlrit;
'fche At this time the "Solicitor ' for tiie ! Thereisablcmo
li iiud w.itli- !,;m to i l is pvovi ruiio i
btV'tl.o com t. but i:o Whhabi5r.83cxihofUi,Vit,
The counsel the pros- jiu which Le dressed bving at a disU wi.icu Le Lad Jnot risen, whua he was( the jujry sjouid be iCcou:
ri''m iihr that p-arpo.f, !io , having'. one km w bn-vtbat purpose, 1 r-jseuN ,
id (lie p..ssj ge.:iy the p'.ye.an cam ; luio tlw u)ii?r,;
ho;, Ttiis a-'d staT.-d tbat.it wounl he impo9i-!
,t; 1 v ! .),. 1-r jhe btu.-e ker ;: r to res nine
i .--'at i;i tl-ie box short ol an hiUr;
; Wal e 1 O l' it T.iit.utC
I . 1 1 . '
v.7.-!:'; j-i .i 11 i'l, be; ei-)iii ;
vi.n! ! cio i H fu' t' o m.
;.h.:1p,.ro,t,-u- Ihejbght
- ii ui.ii. log a b v. minutes m i
h o.jing
lilV If l l'U i', he
Jiiisi; I lr i- and r -"tired to 1
S l O.'lil, ui' 1 rt o.
rti.i it ,.:.lC rib, 1-sb tevci vo in th:
.-iV.fr. ih 'Loi J .M us ici.l l aving iliroe
til that
Tboi-.h or e, ry ore t
That r.urtcd il it: A light
OL! yes! sweat ra:"J- 'a row v.-21 24 Jil
When e.izn x r.t- A bopo 'Z.)
That bt ii- citfly Uo.nn
The s'.ars I lovs shall l)isntn for m,
The rosi shall MotLom fet,
Fur I can; ot coarfe totol-
And L.e'.cr ecu
1'emtLe ceaTn,
0 sbina
a ;
v ; "
ryti 'eg u t i.it 1:1 e;o ir.
imiics has bnden' V.)
' . i'V
Mieuga m
t r tr.crase i.er 7
1 .0 r 1 itic'ss and
iot'ihil to do jf J.jghc
it) i! i VJ 014,4.0 ie uUtif: 1
ii4,v..... ii-kto- i-i. n.a ii iuL'
1 1
'We p'lblMi ll'c fo'j --vi-.g fru-i
e !r.t l)'.aa II Tli c
young bion-s d "mi cet e ghtH-:.
d upwards, a lnilii:i;' (. p!S-
: mis is h --C'.i.'.in O'li!- i:!)i'-o
i'l I In. South, and ;., tvi iv insta
silt.Iar ;is w v ha h uecn ai ie to h-
pi'i.iitl lho mraiis uf s'--ii
il U roils ul1ii.I1 tho biir iid i-riih''i '
li L.I io ti.'wL TIi.' bid -..I-, i
.diin it Jlftr ptii, '!Vn:ic-sfv
lt-ia nr as s.-i..- lair siiai.i. i'.
!ihd t:o i a c a w b.ttni.T
i'..: In !
-. .--;
i 1 oa b.-;'-'U.:i.
iiis'ay. 10 t:;;- aiat
, 1
' .'r-f
' '1'i.W-
ft c
i-xainp'ff. of lo r ci-i:a p.p.,
Mfmphis, and! acta dl v adve
;iv nrt. d Im lo-r condai- ii
V..' n.f'.v, this f.i:r iai'-ttv
piicd nit'i the I' -fly si-i.to
( !p v e, enti't lio-li-d for matt :
ofioi??, :i!fl I'll. IS lifl'M a us
Ihe gre.-il bd!e- v ' f lnM:'
liteni C- VV,o ol oil!- VvUrg
r tin mis wii!, Ike a ti 1
5 1 1
.!f l tp I ing ler dm; l: ir f.ii
.mi!, nod C'livi::..!- I., r tliaf ltar-
; c ',1V
hu ist 1
m i ! f,
t .-
a :Jr.'
m rx-
. 1
n -t.eidy a bitscrr r'j.ftf' I nt
ieg U'.nii i j cM:!fi::!'"; i r
i are -nbi-ing fi'oai 1 ir
r ariual intenti-.n, and noist r.oii-
bide by gi!! g . publicity Ij the
loung ladys adi ei asC-i'.t 1.!. I
Suv.F.ruiN r Kxtra.- A yonr.g
liadv, ha. ing become cent in fail lh.:t
1 tiiiiiagc is but a lottery, :;nd I f ii g
s,riu5 id diavi is.g r.s good a prii'.c;
is po.-s'.l -e fiotn the ulul lol bb','
ikethis method ol :ubl:ap: .to t,c
lombi r of cli tr.crs isbe wiudd h; vr
in 1 lollowing th'Misur-l 'bi atcn tlia 1."
j She is f a Irgidy respectable buiii-
, fll etlncatei,' iigrceab'.e !i;
i liou, pvssesse a moderate foijuik.
is c iiS;!iu red quite iandsonis i 3
ears of agep an 1 I be l.appy
reran e coiifldctitial c.oniiiniim:.''
ioiiH froiY, grnlh ioiii -i g o'.'i: mr-
il c'uaracb r "oiid int l'igcn, r, who-
ai- good backing, agrreat.b' aril ra-
ib!e ol making a thing it tn'tfr
tiiie flioiild cvei take tin an.;
kvotdd 4jf"c';tii'st preli r a gf a; "a a? an
.1 h-rtune, Lilt it is r-"t a uqav,
is iorfiino Mid I vm Ih'.'isi't-s aic
00 (t It uui'eil in l!c?-mr rersJ-i.-Armies,
'lu ,"l i'uCivr, ,!a f
:.Lit nuid . :
' Ji
' ii
i. !
- i
- 1
1 I
I . J
i ,
t P,
I -
!. . . V
A. -
1 ;

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