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Ff js jf Postage in Linsoln Connty
-cg.r:iT-r-jrrrg,-r" i ; t - .tma
N. 0. WALLACE, Elitor.
Offips At (Jit same Oil Stan-U Signof lite
" Chnercrr Printing OJi x."
1 1 ' M
Tlinr.d.iy 5Iorn!nr, Dec. 13, 1SJ5.
Wood ! Wood ! !
Persons owing us, ad wishing to
pay in Wood, will please bring it
Hickory or Ash is the kind.
Wo ara indebted to Taze. W New
man. Esn.. member of the House of
Representatives from Franklin coun
ty, fur a copy of tin "Report of tho
Comptroller of the Treasury to the
General Assembly of Tennessee."
From it we leara that the gross col
lections by th-i Sh-riiT of Lincoln
county, 1853. were G,042 22 gross
collections by do. in 1834, 89,431 00.
Net collections by Sheriff in 1853,
$5,079 70 net do. by same in
1854, S,S13 35. Gross collections
bv Clerk in 1853, $2,20 30 gross
do. by Eame' iu 1854, 2,0G0 24. Uyi:mot Proviso and no more slave
Net collections by Clerk in 1853, States, says the Cincinnati Conven
$2,114 37 net do. by Eani3 in tion! If this is the best that the
. . . m. I
1S54, $1,972 74. Revenue on iip-
pling Licenss in
1833 and 1831,
8490 43.
The Report also contains a tabular
s'.atemnit of tin taxable property of
Tennessee, ia 1834. In Lincoln,
tho number of acres of hnd is put
down at 4ll,7GS., which aro valued
at 83,510,875. Value of town lots,
com ios Wrt lmw 2.912 slaves.
ich afe valued at 81,909,350.
Vl.irt r.flirr tiixahles. S33G.01G
ii . . cw.nir,
kLt r toll's. 2.475. ' Gross tax.!
812,421 G5.
The number of acrs of land in
Tennessee, is 25,278,537, which are
valued at 8110,223,808 84. Value
of town lots, 821,540,143 00. Num
ber of slaves, 117,532, which are
valued at $71,172,397 00. Value
of other tobies, 810,009,203 97.
Number of poll, 102,020. Gross
tax, $U1,S52 10.
The following table eIiows the val-
uationof all the taxable property of
tin State, tho average value oi ianujwi)0 (0 tne foed directly and aid
acre, and the average value oi
Tar. Value of Proper
ty. Average
Value of
Lani J
.$4 00...
1333...125.013.75G OO..
IStO... 122,957.624 00..
1312... 118,857 ,672 OO..
18U. ..109,173.121 00..
1846... 113,1 17,939 00..
18 13... 120,510,043 00..
18."0... 159,533,183 00..
1S52... 136,621,119 00..
1354... 219,011,047 81..
584 800
, 3 82
, 3 8 1 .
,. 3 5G...
3 3o
, 3 03 .
. 3 06...
,. 3 25...
, 3 B4
,. 4 CO...
540 oo
543 oo
467 44
506 93
547 2d
605 52
Tas Trade in Human Flesh. The
following statement is calculated to
produce a thrill of horror in every
feeling heart. Where isWilberforce?
Arrival of Another Detachment of
Factory Girls. Among tbe passen
gers by the ship Star of Empire,
which nrrived at this port on Wednes
day, from Liverpool, were about sixty
Scotch girls, engaged to work in the
factories here. They were mostly
young, neatly dressed, and 6ome of
them are quite good looking. They
were forwarded to Ilolyoke, their
place of destination, last evening, via
the Boston and Worcester railroad.
Boston Traveler, Orf. 23.
Th9 poor children, torn from the
narental roof, and from all other en
dearments of native land and home,
an! sold to New Eogland cotton
the special wondsr of a single philan
thropist in Boston. JI tney oniy
had been destined to raise cotton
instead of spinning it, what an uproar
there would have been in aneun
Uoii nn.l thft Fish Market. Charles
ton Mercury.
The Charleston Evening News, a
paper with Know-Nothmg proclivi
ties, says: 'It will be observed
from Iho action of tho American
Council here, that the present organi
zation 'of tho American Order at
Charleston is virtually abandoned.
It is the end of what has been called
If nntr.Nntbinpism in our city. The
A- W O
name, and all which has peculiarly
distinguished it, apart from tho prin
ciple that "Americans shall rule
America," have been repudiated and
' ......
Epinners,witbout benefit of the habeas
corpus, or Hiss Committee, are "for
warded to their destination'' without
consigned to oblivion. J
The North era Know Nothings.
We are told at timis th.it the
Northern Know Nothings arc becom-
ing national. The convention of the
party at Cincinnati, composed of del
egates from eleven States, adopted
th fullowing resolution by a vote of
90 to 11 elector d votes: : ,
''That the repeal of tin Missouri
Compromise was an infraction of the
plight;d f.-.ith of the nation, and that
it should b3 rtored; and if efforts to
that end should f dl, Congress should
refuse to admit into the Union any
State tolerating slavery, which shall
J be formed out of any portion of the
territory from which that institution
wa3 excluded by that Compromise."
This resolution was adopted as ths
voice of the Know Nothings at tho
The minority were for going
even farther srrainst slavery than this
does.' "What docs this resolution1 Greece.'..' ...'. 7. "
ni2an? It is for the restoration 'of; JurJ",.Y1
I Holland
the Missouri Restriction, the Wilmot ! Hamburg
Proviso! It is against the admission ;pn,ian.7.777.7 ... J. '.".".
of Kansas as a slave State, even it : Denmark 4,789
A. . i . , . rp,. . Norway. 8o2
the people desire slavery! lhis is 'Sweden...- 886
the national ground now token byM-f 15M
this n.irtv Rt the North! And we!
t j
even see that Southern K. N. papers
r,;0jce tha1, ithasdone so well! The
party can do for tin South, its South-
era members may as wsll "hang their
harps cpon the willows," for the peo
pl.j of the South will hava none of ei
ther as their rulers.
An Abolition Discovery,
One Parker Pillsbury, writing to
the London Anti-Slavery Standard, !
referring to Washirjrton signing tie!
Fugitive Slave
Law, says:
nAcver before teas uc
here so deliberate
W io a'ush ih rt'lhts f
immorlal man!'3 The Now York
j Day-Book asks: "Can anything be
imagined mora atrocious than this?
The immortal Washington deliber
ately conspiring to crush the rights
of man, which be had spent eight
years in vindicating! The same pre
cious traitor then goes on, and io
ipeaking of slavery says:
The system should be regarded
not asan institution butss a crime
Jnrrimn committed bv Rnmehodv.
jAn(J (be crirninalg nre the peopie
others in doing it The American
union so much glonjied teas a hold
and daring conspiracy ogiinsl liber-
"Can any one doubt that there is
! a settled determination between tho
of this couutry and
420 oo'iiingiana to DreaK up me American
The Prayers of the Church. Th?
Portland (Me.) Argus says: We are
informed by good authority that at
a Baptist Convention held iu Kennc
beck county since the election, a res
olution was passed in subtance as fol
lows: "Whereas, several of our brethren,
at the recent election, voted against
the present State Admintstration,
ullcsolved. That the prayers of the
churces be requested in their behalf,
that they be forgiven this sin and
brought to repentance."
An Important Bill.
Mr. John A. Jones, of this county,
haa introduced an important bill in re
lation to tha "faithful execution of
the fugitive slave law" by the North
era States. It is entitled, "A bill to
be entitled an act to provide for gar
nishment in certain cases, and for oth
er purposes:" and it provides that any
citizen of this State, who has lost or
may lose a slave by his escape or ab
duction to another State, and who has
made an ineffectual demand upon the
Governor of said State for his return,
shall have remedy by 'garnishment
against any citizen of this State, or
any county, who may be indehted to
a citizen or corporation of the State
refusing or neglecting to surrender the
fugitive. The bill contains stringent
provisions to prevent the garnishee's
evading the law; and it provides that
his payment of the amount due to
the garnishor shall operate his re
lease, to that amount, of his indebted
ness to the, citizens or corporation of i
the State so refusing to carry out the
fugitive slave law. Columbus (ua.)
The free States elect 144 mem
bers of CoDgress, and the slave States
The United Slates Ahead.
Soma time aro we published a
brief statement of the entire ton-'
nage of the world, in which it ap
peared that the United Statea are
travelling close oh the beels of Great
Britain. , That was an old estimate
and was not up to the times. Ilunt's
Merchant's Magazine has a more ac
curate account, from which we learn
that this country outstrips John
Cull. We give the table below. It
exhibits the amount of tho shipping
of the world in 1854, and shows that
our commerce is at the head of the
Vessels. Tonnage.
I-United States.- ....40.500 5.661.416
Great Britain & ColoDies. . .33,960 5,043,270
France 4.354
-'i-y' 7'988
Sicily and Papal States. .17,066
160 000
147 903!
105,609 j
The Shipping of the world is es-
timated at 145,500 vessel, and the
aggregate tonnage at 15,500,000.
Ilunt's Magazine estimate? that
ton, the shipping of the!
ihih.MAfiL .m.nnt
th the enormous amount
at $30 the
world is worth
of 8775,000,000.
Western Mjvcmvit of the British
Fleet. The Washington correspond
ent of th i New York Courier aud En
quirer gives what he considers a nat
ural and obvious explanation of the
movement of the British squadron:
"It is that a secret tripartite ex
ists between Iranc?,- England and
Spain, for the defence of Cuba, and
1 that Spain has insisted upon the dis
patch of his fleet, as a proof of the
sincerity of her Allies, and a3 a con
dition, precedent to her raising an!
auxiliary army to aid them in the
Eastern war. If it is the purpose of
the British Government to make a
demonstration in support of their
pretensions in Central America, se
rious work may be expected. Our
position is such that wa would be ob
liged in that case to support the filli
busters on both coasts against these
European invaders. Let but the
word be given by the government,
thousands of gallant and adven- 'purchase of Cuba by tha ' United j 10 ,bn,nry
us spirits will rush to the standard j States is ' possible if the l itter will I , t0STASTI5
turous spin
of the Litter, to repel th? arrogance of
-i.- rv ii n
foreijni intervention. One thousand
men are already organized in Califor-
nh to support Walker, and thousands!
more m all parts of the country are
eager to join Kinney the moment the
interdict of our Government, which
stamps his enterprise with illegality, is
removed. Tho Mosquito Protecto
rate is an obsolete idea, and so is the
notion of any sort of a European
Protectorate over Greytown and the
great line of communication between
the two ocoans."
A correspondent at New Braun-
fels. Texas, writes to the New Orleans
In the course of last week this
section of the State has had a fresh
visitation in the shape of grasshop
pers. They csme upon us suddenly,
full fledged and full grown, ready for
their work of destruction. The ele
ments, air, earth, and water are full of
them, and the way everything green
disappears before them is a caution to
soma bipeds I wot of. One week ago
we had the finest garden I- ever saw
at this season of the year, but now
okra, tomatoes, turnips, peas, beans,
beets, and even onions are gone, and
tbe spot where they were looks' as if:
a prairie fire had swept over it. If
you have ever seen bees when swarm
ing, you can have some faint idea of
the numbers of our new visitors. The
locusts of old could not have been
more abundant
The New York Journal of Com
merce proposes "a resubmission by
Congress of the conflicting claims of 1
deeder and Whitfield to the people
of Kansas." There are no "conflict
ing claims" whatever involved in the
case, for Reeder has no legal claims
at all. Whitfield was elected without
serious opposition at an election le
gaily called by the Territorial Legis
lature; while Reeder was chosen by
an unauthorized assemblage, having
no other authority than the call of a
parly meeting! For the Southern
Representatives to submit to Whit
field's rejection on that miserable sub
terfuge, would bo disgraceful in the
extreme. '
The term of naturalization has
been reduced in Canada from, seven
to three years' residence .
W!i!.'tjagnmmL'KJ aaam ajL'Maaaij'.uM. ,spiu.i l vaiim i.'iijtvK.uu.maj3uiiA 'ja.sxjja 'jjujmjggi
. President's Message.
It appears from the letters of
Washington correspondents, that the
Message will not be sent out to press
in advance of the mails. ; We ap
prove most decisively of this policy,
as it will leave no room for special
favors to preferred presses by those
who happened from their position,
to be able to secure the first copies of i
. The correspondent of the Balti
more Sun gives the following con
jectures in reference to its contents:
. - ............
It is Dot probable that anything
in regard to our foreign . affairs ct
speci.il importance will occur, within
a week after the 3d of December, so
i . - ' .
'as to require a modification -of tbe
379,421 1 message, unless indeed Mr. Buchan
545 02! 'an's despatches expected to-morrow
324,447 1 should not be conclusive upon some
In that case, the message
; prepared for Monday or Tuesday, the
f 3 j or 4th. might hold a very different
'tone from that which further advices
- might suggest. The message will,
no probable event, be other than
of an amiable temper m regard to
our relations with foreign nations.
,. . ;t-Xll,
..that the message will present and !
'enforce the views of this administra-
tion in regard to Central American
affairs. - Upon this subject no new
Policy and no new preteLsion can be
put forward on our part. : The pres-
nnt Fet-utive unon it accession to
oni Jixeeunye, upon iu ntces.1011 io.
i'fCfty VUUA talVf lUUWU fciiiaw i.aav4 v
of eminent domain over the s -
quito coast is in the State ol iMie-J
aragua. In a document submitted
to Congress in 18o3, Secretary Dob
bin states that San Juan del Norte
to t lie view of this
covernment, within the ri-htful iuris-
diction of Nicaragua.
Thus we ignore and resist the chum
and pretensions of Great Britain to j jHjly the Freuch. The allied Corn
any . jurisdiction in San Juan or 'm;in(ier called on the Turkish troops
i, in virtue of her Mosquito
a!. There is nothing new
in this position on our part, for it i3
the same which was taken by the
Taylor and Fillmore administrations.
jThere is no . reason to expect any
diUiculty on tnat scoro unui one or
the other party shall . attempt to
njjumo vAvriono 'Ud0,i;1" Vl
territory in question a purpose both
parties disclaim. '
Purchase op Cuba A' letter from
London to tho New York Courier and
c r."l.'m fVlf flia
give two hundred million of dollar?,
, vi. ii i- ?j
one -half to be allied to tho liquid
tion of the foreign debt of Spain, and
the other half to the liquidation ef
lnrro fltilif Ona Vmnlrnl mil
lions of dollars is about one-fifth cf;"a Wl.in juon nates oi z n uu.
the face value of the foreign debt of Sh br,nf . th? fpHowuig inte hgence
Spun, which stated in foil is 100,- no KCo;t",nc( ,n .th,e IahfaX dl9'
000,000, but the CMi of Spain is of Pat?,htof tbe-Amenc sinews:
such a nature that the bond-holders . he : Bi.Rnzines belonging, to
would riadly accept on3 hundred the French artillery were blown up
millions of dollars from the United
- - .
States as full payment
We learn that pork has been en-
! gaged. in Benton at 2c, and corn
at 15c. App'es cannot be taken
cartf of. Some of the farmers have
cribbed them like corn. Fayetlcv'dle
Ark) Independent.
The Hog market was very quiet
yesterday, so far as sales were con
cerned. We continue to quote
nominally 80 25 to SO 50. All
the. houses were killing yesterday
-Louisville Journal 5th inst.
Pork. Pork is scllinir in this
market at from 5 to $5 50, net
the former being 'the ruling figure.
Some sellers ask as high ns $6, but
we have heard of no contracts at
that price. Lebanon Herald, Gth. -
Pork was sold here on Saturday
last at Oc: but the general price, we
believe, does not go above $5'25c.
Irankun Kevieto, 7th.
St. Louis, Dec. 3.
Hogs. On Thursday, 200 head,
averaging 180 &s, at G c, immediate
delivery. Other sales have taken
place at 04c, but to a limited extent.
Buyers .appear willing to . open the
season at G'f but holders ask G.
We notice at Cincinnati that prices
have a downward tendency, Dis
patches received from that point show
less firmness in the market The av
erage of hogs this season is much lar
ger than last, and tie crop is sup
posed to be .iullv ample for any de
mand that may arise. Money mat
ters will hardly admit of the usual
heavy transactions, and with the gen
eral uncertainty regarding tho de
mand, foreign and domestic, our city
packers have, as yet, done compara
tively nothing. : , ; .
In the Georgia Penitentiary there
are 179 convicts 30 more than the
cells can accommodate.
..News from Europe.
Arrival of ffTN the Steamer
v. r xwv 'K '1
I -r ; ' ,
; me nonaon papers, are iuu o.
np.ace rumors: nmnne the rest is one
t . ' -
for peace.
It is considered a doubt-!
ful rumor. Also reported that Can
robert has concluded a treaty with
Sweden, to take effect in the
that the Prussian Envoy had an jn-.i "... ; r Y a ' , 4 HAVE just received 7P!?.Z:J2
..rvWwUh thpr ;,l nW.in!".11?11" la Regard to.llJu-nte
bia consent . to inform the Western!6 f!3 ,n ? b TvTvo'T
Powers of his willingness to treat in ent The vailpg opinion , a that FALL AND WINTER LC0D3,
s effect in the spring,;, . . , ,
is toccrrente bv ffnthatthe commercial classes are ex -
is to cccpera te, iy sea j j abrmea at the bare idoa of
the Allies. This :i:i:Lr a-.t. Ai .
when Sweden is
and bind, with
No .active hostilities ia the Crimea
or Asia. It- is rumored,' however,
that Allies have determined to bora-
1 i il . T :. ii . i ci 1
uaru me xtu.an potion as oeuas -
The Kinjr of Sardinia is in Paris
The troubles between
the Ameri
can Minister and Greece are settled.
The town of Nariopouh, on the
r t. . P e
lorth coast of the Sea of Azoff,
North coast of the Sea of Azoff,
, 1 , , , 1 , ... ; uiuu sunt. 1-1 j gusaiu iu- oiip, i.r I
1 was bombarded by the Allies on the!. , , a
30th of October, and set on fire.
In the midst of the assault the
a .,,-:., i - i: it
rvuui;ui uieiuuiui9, nfoiuiu lucre1
. . n xi .
hoisted the Austrian fl.-g over their!
warehouses, when the nr.ng ceased.jfer mnch anQther k
It is ramored that Gen. Wrancle' j v.u
menaces the allied
Strait of Yenikale.
position at the
'q nnf, frftnnR. onfi . c"nor:ni
, reinforcements. A large allied
force eml)arked at Eupatoria .and
n west rf
xt i i v c r
No biter intelligence from Kara.
Pasha's vanguard reached
Baltic. Admirals Dundas and
Burdit,with part of the allied fleet,
were in the Bay of Kiel
Letters from Constalmorle de
scribe a bad state of ff dr. N timer-
rnhhar,a, hA lKniOcnit the Marine Lank of that city
nnan r00.c rura , .n i,c;nJhas. wl,h,Q the last eighteen days.
'f.'twm 41aIw f!v;trn
;to prevent further oatr.,ges, under
; threats of takiu the polict
'tion3 0f the city.
The Spanish Government is re
ported unanimously in favor of joio-
-in the anianee, hut defer for the
j There ;j a rrocpect 0f the Sound
n 1 IPs I inn VP n Tin n nTiprl 1 n frnn InP VllTrl
of November at Copenhagen.
London. Nov. 21. It is reported
t nat LordPalmarston has determined
:on the dissolution of Parliament and'"" vctl at Richmond, Ind., on its
that a new Parliament will be called
taxtinofle, Nov. . 17. The
.; r "ccoun" irom aw rePreseni
i that Umnr Pasha exnected a battle
with Gen. Mourn vieuff.
lhe steamship St. Loni-s from
n. jo 11 1
avre nnd Southampton, arrived to-
I nnn r n ird' ni in m lint, ; .11 n.vi, 11 Arn
and 2 oftkers, and wounding 100
eoldiers and 10 officers. Tha
zines contained 30,000 killogmm
mes of povder, 000,000 cartridge,
and 300 charge shells, all of which
were destroyed. , .
A large quantity of Russian grain
was destroyed along Greskeioar
coast. , ,
A large fire occured in Pari3, by
whieh the Government Bakery was
consumed. ' It contained 28,000
quintals of corn, and an eaual auan -
tity of flour and biscuit.
The Czar has dismissed Prince
Menschikoff as Chief of his Staff,
and appointed Gen Oldenburg in his
Ktpnfi '
iiuiiLOj iiuui ivuo omiu m.n ;
Gen MonriavreufF, overcome by his:
defeat before Kars, became insane
Gen. I'ufusoff assumed the com-
Naval Acnvrrr. Notwithstanding
the peaceful statements of the Wash
press, ' there are indications
that our government is preparing
actively for soma naval demonstration
in the V est Indies. According to
the New York Post, there is consider
able movement at the Brooklyn
Navy Yard just now, and it is ru
mored that the Secretary of the Navy
has given orders for the immediate
equipment of the sloop of war FaI-.
mouth, a3 well as the new unfinished!.
fnWp. bntV if. ia a,M ,Win,l filiUJ- A jear.igo it was auout,
CJ 7 w7 uvoktUVU IU1 '
the West Indies. The U. S. sloop of
war Cyane has already gone to join
the squadron on the same station,
and the U. S. frigate Potomac, the
fl.ig ship , of the. Home Squadron,
will sail to-day from New York for
the West Indies. .! Hen are two ves
sels certainly known to be destined
for that region, and two more rumored
to be. : Considerable activity is also
manifested iq the Philadelphia Navy
1 YtWh Editorial SpricLHngs. - -
'Kossuth, in a: fetter-to the New
J.York Times, sneakier of th sadiusr
, . Gu:NeiI WoOreS&Wridlt
. 1 . .. .ill tllJlU"i vovv !! l ijiifc
Suva 1 h rr u .much cnppnhtinn onI,
feomethi-J2; to'
! with British d?signs in Central Amer-
f ican. Koswnth saya: H)f two things
ivnn PiiTl rrst assured. Tlift fir;t. 1
the possibility of a conflict with the
United States, the second is that no
body here believes that Brother Jona
than will prove a coward, or conde
scend to excuse. We look with
; at interest for newsfrom Am?rica.M
A -Bank Office?. Locked Up. Tho
Boston Mail says:
, , , ,v.: t i
1 banks was closing up business, a short
,. .. , "JLi - i-
wh?n another ofiic3r, not knowing he
was in there, closed th? safe doors.
, , , ti v, .
and the spring lock Listened the gen
,,.; Tr r... ni
tlom-iTi incite TToto wn i a flv hnf
ej .
if : T: -Tnlm TvW
who was a Gardiner is heir to a
bv which s
m- V I- t
Think ot J
-discovered fortune in England
he will get 8500,000.-
John Tyler being accident-
, ally President of the United States,
I accidentally marrying one of the hand
somest women m America, and ' acci
(dentally having a fortune of "half a
According to the Chicago (Ml) Dam-
"iPd checka to the amount of 5l,2b0-
006, drawn by E. II. . Haddock, Eq.,
of Chicago on account of purchases
of wheat. . One of tho checks was
if :n,.Ua
(tor teJ.,UUU, a
nd another for 8G8,-
The Russian Minister at Washing
ton, it is stated, has commissioned
farmers in several States to purchase
I horses for the Russian service. The
Albany Argus says that one man ia
SkAhAnnfcH r r-.iir? fr ha on rTilri f.
j j
A few days since, a train of can
way to Cincinnati, to vhich was at
tached four locomotives. The cars
were forty-seven in number, forty of
which were laden with live hogs.
The Post Master Gencial has di
rected, that from and after the 1st
T ' . .,,11.
1 of January' next, all prepaid letters
. , J . 1 1 1
luuuu uriu ;ughMQ'j oimuii.j .1141
on them.
Gardner R. E tries. has been sen
tenced to be hung at Knoxvillc, on
the 7 th of December, for the murder
cf his wife.
The editor of the Eddy ville (Iowa)
Free Press boasts that a Lady of that
plac3 under twenty-one years of age
his been the mother of seven chil
dren. '
Three hundred millions of dollars
worth of gold hav j been brought to the
Atlantic States, from California, sinca
At an idiot asylum in the north
of England, seven out of ten of the
i patients are tho children of parents
related to each other by tbe laws of
DarinS the 'enr 18j4 one than-
Idred and sixtv-four men were hun
the United States for murder. Of
this large number only seven could
read, write or cypher.
'Maury county, Tenn.,has refused,
by a decided vote, to make a county
subscription to the capital stock of
the Alabama and Tennessee Rail
road. Consequence of Carrying a Knife.
Mr. Melvin, one of the killed by
the Pacific Railroad calamity, was
found with a bowie knife, which he
had on, thrust up to the hilt in his
body. He was terribly mangled.
Indiana. The Democratic major-
. . onnnn tu. v-'
. . ' .. , ,AMn
for the Fusionists.
Mr. Buchanan, in his dispatch to
our Government, states that profess-
ions oi inenosnip were never more
Btrongly expressed by tbe British
Cabinet towards , the United States
than now.
Last year the Democrats had but
one member in the Massachusetts!
House of Representatives; this year
bll LiiU I v ill v 11 w lias CUUlvliiiJ. LU uu
they haye . chosen thirty.
f?aisjf; Goods.
hsr bav ever offered feotisM t as low pn,'
nd forlo P'ots 3 imail any Uouse m
he mauy de3Cript)n. of
I rt n rr.T-s'- rr.-sa- (.(7STrr-
tblli'JiSii ly.
! Are elegant new u
j Eich colored d
" Tolkade!
L4 ';i '".N lJLrt .1'l l"i J M fJS-J
style fancy silk;
ames, anew itTlc;
S.Uin striped turquoise do;
Clack and satin striped silks;
" satin striped and watered;
Plain delaines all colors;
Merinos " '
Tames cloth. Canton clotn, Dw mouraiai
goods, Coburg cloths all colon, etc., itc.
We hare a choice lot of talmas, mantlet,
cloaks, shawls, ladies' cloak cloths and tnm
mins, dress trimroinjjs of every sty!?, Look
ribbon, sash, belt and cap ribbon, ladies, misses
and children's gloves and hose, a lare assort
ment, head dresses, jet bracelets, beads, etc.
We hava marseilles quilts, table-diaper ani
table-cloth?, towel, diaper, crashx etc.,
napkins, cotton diaper, bird' ere do,
furniture covers, oil cloth table
covers, carpeting a fine
stock of oilcloth carpeting, etc.. etc. Wa
boards, brooms, brushes, etc bed blankets
beautiful lot.
Super black French cloths all ;
prices, super brown, blue and olive jLLl
do., black French cassimeres allllij
qualities, fancy cassirnere3 a large stock, fancy
cut velvet for vests, black cut da, heavy beaver
cloths for overcoats, black, brovrn, blue ard
drab. 6-4 double milled Mack doeskin, black
fur crape cassimeres, 6-4 double milled fancy
cassimeres, heavy weaved black beaver cloths.
Ready Made Clothing
of all kinds india rubber coats, pants an 4
leggins, water proof shoes (gentlemen, ladiee
and misses) blankets of all colors and quali
ties, verv cheap.
A superior assortment, consisting of
gents' calf water proof boots, heavy
calf waterproof df, light dress
boots, heavy kip broyans, etc
I a, lies' shoes, sewed calf,
fine kid, pegged
and sewed,
glore kid a very
fine article, common
kip, etc., gents' shoes, un
bound kip, lined and bound do,
heavy calf, light do, youtha bound
. and unbound kip.do calf, do brogans, Chil
drens and misses shoes all qualities.
hats; hays
Ilnngarian.kossnth, shanghai, tavaliar, f"7
rockland, empire, planters, black, brown Jt
and pearl, boys black wide awake, boys peart
do, childrens black and fancy, boys black and
pearl moleskin, A cloth and velvet caps,
children do.
Grateful for the liberal patronage heretofore
extended to ns, we solicit a continuance asd
pledge our best endeavors to jilease.
sept. 13, 1855.
V - v ? -
The Great Purifier of tbe HlooM
Lettle AjliddBeaJaTul Porulnl
AN Infallible Remedy for Scrofula, King'
Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous
Eruptions, Fimples or Pustu.es on the Face.
Blotches, Boils, Agne and Fever,' Chronic Sore
Eyes, Kins Worm or Tett?r. S"ald IJead, En
largement and l'ain of the Honw and Joints,
Stubborn Ulcers, Svphiliticl)imrders, Lumba
go, Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases arising
from an Injudicious L se of .Mercury, Impru
deuce in Life, or Impurity of the Blood.
fj7"This great alterative medicine and Pu
rifier of Blood is now used by thousands of
grateful patients from all parts of the United
States.wbo testify daily to the remarkable curs
performed by the greatest of all medicines,
"Carter's Vp-niSi Mixlure.' Neural
gia, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions on th
Skin.Liver Discaie, Fevers, Ulcer, Old Sores,
Affection of the Kindeys.L'sease of the Throat,
Female Complaints, Pains and Arhin of
the Bones and Joint., are speedily put to flht
by the use of this great and inestimable reme
dy. ' For all diseases of the Blood, nothinp,hae
vet been found to compare with it. It clean
ses tire system of all impurities, acts jrently and
efficiently on the Liverand Kidneys, strength
ens the Digestion, gives tone to the Stomach.
makes the skin clear and healthy, and restore
the Constitution, enfeebled by disease or bro
ken down by the excesses of youth, to its
pristine vigor and strength.
ror the Ladies, it is tncomparablr better
than all the cosmetics ever used. A few dosra
of Carter's fywnish Mixture will remove all
aallownessof complexi3n,brin; the roses mant
ling to the cheek, gives elasticity to the step,
and improves the general health in a remarka
ble degree, beyond all the medicine ever heard
The larje number of certificates which w
have receired from persons from all parts of
the United States, is the best evidence that
there is no Humbug abont it. The press, hostel-keepers,
magistrates, physicians, and pub
lic men, well known to lhe community, all add
their testimony to the wonderful effect of thit ,
Call on the Agent and get a Circular and Al
manac, and read the wonderful cures this tsulj
greatest of all Medicines has performed.
Xone genuine unlft signed Bennett & Beers,
Proprietors, No. 3, Pearl Street, Richmond, Ya,j
to whom all orders for aupplies and agencies; '
must be adlressed.
Forsala by MeElror, McKinner & Miller
Favettevillc; Robinson, Roane St Co.; Shelby
vine, anu vv urtut-r in aiuuicine generally.
way o, looa i-m. i .! i , ; t . -, ,
GRATEFUL for the patronage le V '
has heretofore rece'.ved from tb'' f
community, again offers hiasrTira. .. VX.
an Artist tothe Ladie. and Gentlemen' of Fav
eiieviiieana vicinttT. 1?mm. .
4ooms at Odd r-
Ft. 15,1333--rf
i . J
lows' Hall,

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