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Favetteville Observer
Free of Postage la Lincoln County!
A Reqncst Easily Granted. 3
ttJrtPersons pnrchasinz articles advertised in
t onr columns, will confer a favor by mentioning
tna.-tn3y saw tne advertisement in the
- 03"A1 vertisements are inserted in the or
der in which they are handed in.
OCT Advertisements must be handed intothe
Office by Tuesday Morning, to insure an appear
.ub ui me .oiiowing raper.
X '- 4: Neatly Printed Blanks. -
Constables' and Justices' blanks just printed
id for 8aie at our desk cheap, -
,Sh3sjust gone! Bards call her
thefiirv-fnntnd 'V ThnvrnvA ' Rht
makeshrffrin!oiiWfi.sn!fid W
o.-i in'
1Jtuu0 tuiuugu iu uiuu ue
. woman s-nghts woman. The poets
say sh3 briDgs the snow-drops. We
admit that onlv. instead of brinsr-
ing them up, she brings them down.
An oldalmmac now befoie us says,
.underthe head of March, "this is the
violet month" evidently an error of
.the compositor. - lor violet read
lent A little farther on we find these
words "now the crocuses begin to
blow.'-V We put it. to the reader if
anything "blowcd" "that month ex-
sept big guns. . Then what a swindle
it is to talk of Spring's "genial breath,"
when it inoculates one w iththerheu-
matisin! Shaksp'eare is the only poet
that has written sensibly about that
misrepresented season. He admits
that -the sun, in March, nourishes
We admiro his candor.
Phoebus does not begin to fc'wood up'
t r.. . e it, 1 -i.ri..i ..p ai I
r l .: ir. r t i J
ukc oiJiiay, ana never xairiy aruws
11 . 1 ' l.l. -i lT I
ixe camper unm me lira oi June.
To be sure the blossoms, poor igno-
selves in Apni, Dnt how oiten do they xt chdid considerable dam
fall ictims to misplaced confidence!
If theycou!d read the book of the
future before opening their leaves,
they would probably keep them
turned down. " The green blades, too,
whose young iucas teach them to
shoot in the morning of the year,
have generally bitter cause to repent
their early rising; and even the flow
cls that do not get out of their beds
till the first of May, or -last of April,
are not nnfrcqucntlycut down as soon
as tbey show their pistils. The sugar
tree is the only member of the vege
table kingdom that Spring is always
sweet upon. The honey in its veins
flows by the almanac, and its annual
process of dulcification comes olf punc
tually, f like concert perfoimances
"rain or shine'
Htallh- V;,
We are happy to have it in our
power to state that the health of this
town, and, in fact, of the whole coun
ty, so far as we have heard, is good.
Undertakers assure us, that there
have been fewer deaths .. this season,
so far, than for several years past.
Prudence on the part of the people
will contribute in no small degree to
ward continuing this state of affairs.
A Change
iVr. Ji Floyd, Esq., has sold the
Athens (Ala.) Herald establishment to
Messrs. Jjingham $ Johnson and
D. A. Jjinyham, Esq., mounts the
tripod. The new editor wields an
able, vigorous pen, and will do good
serviee in the democratic ranks.
"We welcome him to the "press-gang "
and proffer , the best wishes cf the
II M '
Peiersos?s Shgazinc
The numbers for February, March
and May, not before received, are just
to hand. : This work, In -our ppinion,
is the best literary monthly for ladies
in the United States. That is saying
a good deal :but the facts are just
so. Address C J. Peterson, 102
Chestnut street, Philadelphia. -
Land for Sale
Mr. C. JUT. Godholl advertises in
another column, to sell 5,000crcs of
Land, to the highest bidder, on the
first Monday la next month.
Suit andFIcsr V.
C B. 4 W. L. Carly are just in
receipt of. a large supply of , these
household necessaries.
I1"5 RaUroad
ne unuerstanu mac me liauroaa
meeting at Wincliester, last Satur
day, was well attended, and that the
best feeling animated all who were
present . The Company will-pro-
ceed, with as little delay as possible,
to complete the. Road to the State
line, whence the Alabamians will take
it U the Tennessee River. Th3
route from this place to the Rock
Spring W33 re-ieceived as a part of
the main trunk.. An engineer will
soon pass over th3 line to this place,
to survey the" route. Gen. Farqvhar-
1 ii
son was appointed, agent to open
books to , receive subscriptions for
stock in Lincoln county. A careful
estimate shows, we learn, that seventy -
fivfi thnnsand dollars, in addition to
the State aid. will be sufficient to
Ju.a t,i Cmty twu A
y" "UA" w
the liock spring, lhat that amount
can be readily raised in Lincoln, no
one doubts. The right spirit isamonsr
the people they see the importanc
of this enterprize. and will cam' it
j through to a successful termination.
Grahams Ma;;aiine -
The J une number of this sterling
monthly is received; and it is a rich re
past of good things. A new volume
commences with -July a good time
to subscribe. Terms, 3 a-year.
Address Watson & Co., Philadelphia.
Too Late .
The.first'of our Georgia commer
cial letters came to hand last week
but it wa3 two weeks old! The P.
M. at Atlanta sent it to Fayette ville,
Georgia, and then it was forwarded
to us.
We j thlfc therQ a h
sfnrm in- nfi;borhood of the
Gum g in thk count about 18
miles south-east of this place, last
To Correspondents
We have several communications
on hand, which will have a place as the
state" of our columns will permit.
"Pen Scratches" miy appear, but for
a time, at least, its extreme length
will-prevent. - -
. That we take all kinds of Country
Produce in payment for Subscription,
Advertising or " Job Printing, at the
market price.
Wind and Rain
We have been informed that the
wind blew down timber and fences in
the neighborhood .of JJoon's Hill, last
Sunday night, to a considerable ex
tent, while the rain fell in torrents.
In Maryland, there are about 800
Protestant churches, and "only 05
Papal Out of 152 churches in Flor
ida there are only 5 Papal. In Lou
isiana there aro 223. Protestant
churches, and only 55 Papal.. In
Texas theie are 104 churches, 13 'of
which are Papal; and at the present
the Protestant is greatly the pre-eminent
influence in California. The
census just published reveals the fact
that in all tho country the Papists
have but 1 12 . churches accommo
dating 021,000 persons, which is not
one-eleventh of the Methodist church
es, scarcely one-eighth of the Baptist,
and not one-fourth of the Presbyte
rians. The Protestant population
of tho United States is to the Catholic
population as 12 to 1.
A Minister Without a Govern
ment. Senor Marcoletta is left in a
very awkward position by the recogni
tion of Padre Visril, which places hira
functus officio as far as Nicaragua is
K r. T li
concerned. The JNew Urleans Leua
suggests, in order to save liis minis
terial dignity, that he be recognized
as Ambassador from the "Rest of
We see by tho Court Records that the two
Courier fetters,' -White of Buffalo, and Law
rence of Eruins.N. II., have been placed un
der ten thousand dollars bonds, each, for m&-
in- and sellinir, imitations of Ayert Cherry
Pectoral. This is right. - If the Law should
protect men at V.1 it certainly should protect
them from being imposed upon by a worthless
counterfeit of such a medicine aa Aycr'sLherry
Pectoral. We can only complain that the
onnishment is not half enough. Tho villain
who would for paltry gain, deliberately trifle
with the health of his fellow man, by taking
from their lips the cup of hope, when they are
sinking, and substituting a falsehoodan utter
delusion, should be punished at least as severe
ly as he who counterfeits tho coin of hiscouli
tTv.Oreen Co. Banner, Carrdton, HI.
With Editorial Sarinklintrs.
; -i.uoaAL ijuress. a. 1 . An
drews, an-abolitiou lender in New
York, maintains that an oath to sap
port the Federal Constitution made
under "a moral duress," is not 'bind-
in on the conscience
"Moral du
" he defines in this case, to be
an oath taken by the citizen in or
der "to have his proportion of ivfai
ence in the common interests of the
community? The right to hold of
fice he seems to consider, one of the
"laws of nature," and hence, to win
it, he" may commit -perjury l-jj,,-;
French Finances. According to
the National Review, Louis Napoleon
has borrowed since the coup (Tetat,
1,700,000,000 of - francs. "The ex-
tpenses incurred by the municipality
of Paris on account of the arrane-
as to theprica ofbread, reach
poteen fifty. and one hundred mil
Hon francs. For the embellishment
have contracted three loans, to au
I extent of 135,000,000. The sum
borrowed for a similar purpose by the
department and communes are sta
ted to us at 300,000,000 franci.,-
Failure axix . AnsQUATULATioit of
Illinois Bankers. A New York dis
patch, of the lOih, to the " Philadcl-
phia Evening Bulletin, says: : .
Adispalch from Chicago, received
here to-day, annouuees that tho firm
of Preston' & Co., of that city, ' who
have been largely concerned in tho
Wild CatPhnters'Bank'of Dalton,
Ga., have failed and fled to parts un
k nown. Many of their 'drafts on the
bank have lately been scattered east
ward. '. Barnes & Co., of Geneva, III,
who were in the same connection,
have also disappeared mysteriously.
The .Herald's correspondent tele
graph s from Washington under date
of the 18th: ' ' ' ' -
Mr. Dallas writes that he is now
in possession of official letters from
Lord Clarendon to thi British Parlia
ment, in which his lordship gives the
precise construction to the Clayton-
Bulwer treaty which'is coulendyd
for by our government. Mr. Dallas
says it is more conclusive than any
thing he has seen written on the sulv
ject. Mr. Dallas says, also, that
things look most unpromising in Lon
don. -
Richard W. Anderson, of Hunts
ville, Ala., has addressed a printed
circular to the sovereigns of Prance,
England, Russia, and Turkey, invit-
inr thorn wifln .ll v fr TvlWii-li tlim'r
"& :V v 1
regai power, -inat ine peopie mny .
return to their primitive ruler.- lie
tell3 them that the Isarelites commit
ted a fatal error 2950 years ago,
when they called for a king.
Cholera" axd Yellow Fever in
Brazil. Advices received at New
York on tha 10th inst., represent
the ravages of the cholera at Per
nambuco as terrible; 2,200 persons
havo already died of that disease.
Yellow fever was also prevailing. .
; The wife of Mr. Washington French
in Attala county," Miss, presented
him two. boys and two girls at one
birth. Mr. French was 45 years old
when he married Miss Elenor Hecly,
of Mississippi, and has been married
one year. y-
Tho Supreme Court of the United
States closed its adjourned session
on the Htb inst.,-and will not again
assemble until the first Monday in
December next.
A Washington letter says: So
far from Gen. Gadsden having nego
tiated a treaty with Mexico, Com
fort's Government has more than
once expressed a desire for his recall.
The price of beef is on the decline
in the New York retail markets, hav
ing fallen nearly fifty cents per cwt
last week.
.The'Norfolk - Argus slates, that
orders have been received at the Gos
port Navy Yard to furnish immedi
ate estimates for fittin! out four" ofi
theiargest ships in ordinary.. .
Santa Anna, the eX'Dictator of
Mexico, is living in great style at To-1
baco, four miles from Carthagena, iu
New Grenada, in South America.
Ueis said to be worth 4,000,000.
" There aro to be niue hundred and
thirty -four hotels, and " two hundred
and thirty-one eating houses in the
city, of Philadelphia under the
new liquor law.
" A man named Rafferty had nis
throat cut in the streets of Boston-
last week by a woman whom he had
refused to marry. . . - . ;
The smallest bank in the United
States is the Bank of Cayuga Lake,
at Painted Post, .New York, with
)$10;000 capital.
Sad Suicide Aa Hem for the L
oaZ Fraternity The Chenango Tel
graph announces the dc.ith of . Bjnlri-
min Wilbur, aged GO years, by his
own hand, in the jail of that county.
It seems he was imprisoned for cost
in a suit which he bad commenced
against a man who had charged him
- i with neriurv. ITe abandoned thn
suit because of its frerment Dostnone-
" . " : ... r 1
- jmeut, and from his inability to pay
the expenses of his witnesses. This
of Course, threw the COSt Upon him,
a$d being unable to pay, he was pin
c$d in prison about a month since,
.fhisso preyed upon his mind, that
l,. c i on- e .m
iuc u.guwui uw ouiu 01 pn.,;Southbvtheoridnalschool tract of ,anJ
1 gafhed hl3 left arm With a razor,!
and was found barely alive next
When eilortS Were made
to; restore him, he expressed a wish
to ldie, and refusing to take any med
icine he soon expired
Judge McLean's letter in the Io-
telligencer Stating, in Correction of
, .-? n t-
some remarks of Ueu. Cass, his po
sition. that Conirress has no power to
--.. -
estiiblisb, but can prohibit slavery in
the Territories, is considered equiv
alent to an admission of his candidacy
for thn' Prftsidencv: sis a Jild"e of the
0. . . - i
bUpreme-Court WOUlU' Scarcely, UU -
der Other Circumstances, publish his
' .-I l
AArt 1 1 nf ( ail. I i
question in the shape of a letter.
E. G. Eastman, Esq., has been
appointed one of the Board of Visi-
tors, for 185G, to the West Point
Military, Academy.
.1.0 nftXt ma10g Ot the Pre&by-i
by tevian General Assembly will be
DCia at itCXlDgton, Ivy., in fila,
JS.o7.v - -
Tho Madison Courier states that j
the" wheat crop of Indiana and the j
reat Norlhwest never was more
promising than at the present sea
son. ..
32nrktb Jalwt Sate
Kashvilte, Tcnn -
Sales in Cotton and Tobacco becoming more
limited, without any material change in prices.
Lotton. Sixteen bale3 told at vc.
Tobacco. Sales cf live hlids. at 4 83, 6 CO ;
7 25,7 00,8 35. :
New York. K. 1'.
Cotton buoyant. Sales 13CO bales. Or
leans middling 11c: upland do, 10?a.... Flour
firm . . . .Wheat unsettled . .Mess Pork 18 12J.
....Lard easier.... Coffee quiet Sugar
buoyant. "' -
IVew Oi'lcan. La .
Cotton sales 3300. Market unchanged in
every respect. Molasses- 4oc. Flour iG 2j.
Mess jjork $17 50(313. Lard in tierces 10.
CincSnnati. Ohio
Flour, superfine
Whisky 2l.
Sugar very firm
Mcss3 pork is hM at gn.
For common and prime molasses
PcoFESsoa Wood's Meuicite Depot. The
attention of our readers is requested to tfte
advertisement of Prof. Wood, in this paper,
lie engaged in his present business, we be-
lieve, not more than a year since, where he
establudiedadepot for thcsaleof medicine at-
iA4 nr..!.- i. i, i -f...u
xx jia. v. ""x J, '6! i-i'oj j
hohasincrcasod itto almost limitless extent.
Now he has a depot in the city of New York,
arranged for maniu'actiirini extensively, aud ,
for supplying the eastern portions of tho coun
try. The value and popularity of his prepa
rations are attested by multitudes of certifi
cates from persons who profess to recommend
them solely from their own experience. St.
Louis InieWjecer, July, L 1833.
In this connty.Mc. Geocce W. Posey and
Miss SaeahJ axe Stewabt."
At Boon's Hill, in this county, Tuesday, 3d
inst, of fever, Mrs. Paethexia, wifo of M1-.
Jamc3 Cliff, aged about 25 years:
At Petcibur?, in this conn tv. of typhoid
fev$r, Wednesday., 4-ili inst., Mr. James 11.
Wixs, aged about C5 years. -
ileres of
Ta!oab!o'Lan3 -.for Sah!!
PrOPflST" in coll nlvirn !
LAND at ptmLTC sale, on a-V4i'rs
the lt Iilouilay iii July t&lLzi-
next, inthe town of Favetteville, Lincoln
conntyj Tennessee, in lots to suit purchasers,
and on liVflrnbtimal
The above Lands are situated about 7 or 8 1
miles from Favetteville, on or near, the road
leading from Fayetteville to Iluutsville, and
near the Alalh.ma Tine,
June 7, lS56-4w ' CM. GODBOLD.
91 (I BMf SALT; ; . . - fj
r CO sacks do. received and
for sale by (jel2) C. B, & W. L. CARTY.
A -GOOD article of FLOUI- recciveJl
je!2 C& B. & W. L. CARTY.
i. B
basset ie l $mm
(33-8-fm tf& - rr 7 twm
UttOi ilCUS Ot lJjUW)
t TTf w MflCJintTTf T- t-1 m t.t IT IT
OtOffice: South s?3fl of the Sinare. JpO
May 15, 135512ni
Wool !
Wool, for wJiij i we v. j:! r.iv
the highest market price in cash
or discount.
Cliuiiccry of Lau2.
L. L. Stoxe,
Augustcs Steed and Jobs Laxdess
N pursuance of a decree of the Chancery
J-4 . -.- .. -IT a-L 1 -
Uourt at a ayeuevnie, m me auove cause,
pronounced at the February teim, 1856, I
i will on Jlonday, tUc 4ti Cny of Au-
(gust, 1S5G, at the Court House in Fay-
etteville-, oner tor sale to tne hinest wooer lor
CASH, all th8 right, title, claim and iutcrest.
that Augustus Steed has in and to, a tract of
Land on the west fork of Mulberry creek in
civil districts o. i ana o, oounaea on ine
West by the lands of Alexander Asbby'a heirs
and DunkeueiiAortii by e lands 01
fJ: Oanrrnr and East bv the lamts Ot Wilson
, JIartiu, Uon In-le and George Cunningham
lieirs containinct 315 acres.
Juno 2, 1836. n7:v6 5w 4 80
tliaiiccry feiilc of Ltjud.
N pursuance of a decree of the" Chancery
Court at Favetteville, pronounced at the
jl'ebruary tcnnl35G,in the caseof W. T. Eoss
vsJ. L. Thomson, I will on iTIontSay,
liie day 0f ausum. next, at the
'Court House door in Favetteville, offer for sale
I- -i-- .: .1 j.' xi l:. -.f civ
to nie ui;iitjs(. u.auci, uu ji vivuli. vi -iv
MONTHS, a ; m V-
Valuable Tract
or parcel of Land 4h si-me bein
the western
! P'"P" f Tract sold Ly V. T. Eoss to E. T,
iurav and others, ana by said .l.oiw am Uray
t0 Jamea L. Thomson, Iving about on-milo
v.-tst of Fayettovillo ar.d contaiits 45 acres.
Sad land ia sold to enforce -the vendor's l:on
- I3ond with armroved securiiv will
required of the purchaser, and a lion ictaiued
upon the land until the purchase money is
paid" - .li. TAI.Q U i I A R SOX , Clk. & M
Jnne.2, 1S35. n7:vGj 5 s-4
CJauccry Sale of a More House
and Lot..
"SX ptireuanco of a docreo of the Chancery
r . x. t1 . ;n -. ...-,. ....-. A i V.
r0brnarv terra .lSoS, in tha case of W.W.Gill
; v. L. E. Tuckcr.ct aV.,l will on 2io
Jn i.rtyetteville, offer for Bala. ft. i
hi Idcr for Cash, that veil ki.ow
?iou:iy, the
court bouse)
the highest
l)i Idcr for Cash, that veil ki.own STOKE
HOUSE AND LOT on the North East Comer
of the Public Squaro in FayeUeville, lately
! occupied by L. E, Tucker & Co.
Fcrsons acsinn to purchase an eligiDle
; StaD1. foi" a 81016 W0E,d tcaii and
esarc-nexne premises.
Tho sale is made to enforce a lien retained
upon tho same for the payment of the purchase
money . Possession piven irr.inediatelv,
June 2,18o6 c7:vC 3xr fyt 80
Chancery S:ile cf f.a:ul.
IN pursuance of a decree of tha Cbancory
Court at Favetteville, prononnced at tlie
February term, 1S36, inthe case of Willi-un JI.
Todvl against James L. Thomson auil others;
I will on'moiid:!)". Ilic 4lli ttny of
A;?S.t next, at tho Court llousd door in
Fay ette ville, ofrYjr for sale to the highest bidder
for Caih a valuable tract of land situated in
Lincoln Couuty, about one mile west of Fay
ettoville, and bounded as follows: Ce'.'innin
! at a stake ou the north side of tho public road.
thence north east DO poles to a stake.
thence west 30 poles, thence Dorta s4u east
41 poles to a stae. thence west O.SJ poles to a
stake, thence Sonlli west 131 poles to a
stake, thence south' 8'J cast 12S;j pole3 to
the begicning containing by actual surrey
97 IX acres.
Said laud is sold to enforce tha ven dor's
lien for the purchase monev.
Jnne2-. 1S3G n7:v6 5w $4 80
Chancery Sa.c- of Lm.mI.
IX pursuance of a decree of the Chancery
Court for Lincoln Comity, pronounced at
February term, 183G, in the matter of Hugh
P. Pcnnv and others. Kill for Sale of Land, I
will, on Saturday, tlie'l'illi day of
July, 1S55, offer for sale on the premises,
to the highest bidder, on a credit of one and
two years, a VAbUAM-t. Al.AUl Ul' 1au
sif-.iated on the waters of Cane Creek in Lm-
Cl,n County, containing fifty n.-rcsI-ounded
f)il tjie J!0rth by the lauds of Henry Gaut, on
the east by the'lands of -Raniey, on the
south by the lands of Joseph McCown.and on
the west bv the lands of Ann. Clair.. -Bondi
with approved security will be required of the
purchaser, and a lien retained upon the land
until the purchase monev is paid.
May 31, 1S3G (n7:v6) 5w $4 80
jea-'s-C,ja.z: am- ,
BY virtue oftwelve Vendi- jM?5?
tionr Esijonas to me issued p'H fv '
from tba Clerk of- the Cu-cuitvtae-t;
Court of Lincoln Conntv, Tennessee, in tho
cases of J, W. Barry, B! U.Bcitv & McElroy,
T. P. Green, Dance & Fergeson, Holt Ililes,
Jame3 Meadows, J. T. Men-it use of Tolley,
Eaton t- Parks, and Tolley Eaton Parks,
against Thomas Phelps, I will "cm. the
first Monday of July next, the same being the
7ih day of said month, 1856, offer for salo for
cash, ai the Court Ilouse door in the town of
Favetteville, all the ricrlit, title and claim and
interest that Thomas Phelps has in and to the
the following described tract of land .situated
in Lincoln County, in civil district No 1, and
hounded or. the' east by the lands of Felix
Mollow, oa the south by the lands of John
Silvertooth, on the west by the lands of
Calow'ay Daniel, and on the north by the lands
of James P. Baxter, supposed to contain one
hundred and saventy-eiht acres,
May 22, lSoG i.6:v6 $i SO- j
arm, left hip down a little, left Iliad foot white;
bare 'footed all round, no brands or marks
tKTceivable, Valued at $75. Tosted June 2,
ri AKEN up by John D. Smith, in JV-tyx,
X 3d d-a., a xllare, dark bay, black
Tnnnfi and taiL sf me white scars snrpoatd to le
a saddle mark, alioiU 15 banda hmh, about b
or 7 ycara old. Valued at $100. Posted Hay
19. June 5 -3w
f atAKEX np by S. P. Freeman, in s
tivil district .so. IU, a Biuret v?
. 1 .nf 11 Knnila tiirri 2 Ctr
veari oldie's black.ctc.mane and (an loncbcd
and shaved, point of tne lettnip zuocKea aown,
marked with collar ahd pear. Valued at
$100. I.0. VrALLACE.lianger.
? Jlay 29, 1356 Gw,
IX pursnanco of a decree of tha Coanty
i Coart of Lincoln County, pronounced at the
Ma v term. 1S50. 1 will on Monday, tb a 23d day
of June ricxt.-offer for sale to the highest bid
der, n-non the rifemi-cs, on a credit of Twelve
Months, all the lands belonging to the estate of
Aaron McDongal, deceased, dower excepted;
tbe purchaser giving bond and security, and a
, .. . Gained :ncm the land untU the purcliase
I i
monev is raid. This 9th May. 1856.
n4:v6 tds prfee$2 80T
Wool !
rpAKEN npby A.' W. Caton m
JL lSth il.L a iSofS-c, bay color, JQjJ
srar nn lfi knee, also a scar oh ame .2L
' " , !). J035 BULL.
I.I si
The most powerful King en the face of the globe now
asijus iuun in the American Republic. The power
of the crowned heau. of Burope sin k into Insignificance
When compared to our American King.
Kuropean kina employ the pwer vested In them to
Increase the riehes of the rich and lordly, and to reduce
to greater misery and degradation, tho poor, and depend
tat. our American King goes forth with equal willing
ness to the lordly mansiou and the humble cabin, ready
alike to administer n-lief. and to oiler health and happi
ness to tho lofty and lowly, the rich and tha poor.
Is tbo Terra rUjbw or ttis Woxld, an4 the greates.
blessing ever offered to aCictS'l humanity; to the suf
fering millions, the Doctor can say, relief is at your com
mand. Ton have only to use this magical remedy. All
those who still soff-r. and wili not accept tho pcu&ired
Balm. ueseiTs net the pity cf their families.
This wonderful medicine, daring (he brief period since
Its introduction, has carried happiness to tlie hearts of
thousands, and made hie a charm to many who hereto
fore regarded it only as painful and miserable, exiat
ooe. To tbo winds with all Uuiments, Embrocations. Pain
Killers, and Pain Extractors, and let millions of glad
tongues proclaim the merits of tha great American
King of pain," a preparation composed solely of vege
tables and roots, produced by Ajuerica'i own nth acd
bounteous soil.
We would ask the Ladiis, who are always competent
JnJgesof what is and what is not a valuable famiiy med
fcine, to do us a special favor ky giving the Kingof Pain
a tingle trial, and if satisfactory, exert their mSuenco
in its behalf, recommend it, speak well and often of it.
-- and sea that it is med by their afflicted neighbors. Thj
iaaies are always ciiantame, ana wnen tney luaace tnetr
suffering friends to nsa this really valuable medicine,
they will be doing an act of benevolence that they can
well be proud of This a powerful and truly-magical
remedy for ail external disease, sores, swellings, burns,
ice., and for many internal afflictions is a certain core,
yet it is perfectly harmless, ani incapable of producing
the least injurious eSects in tha most l"iV'V cues or
tiie weakest constitution.
It ia entirely useless to follow the old and worn-out
aystcm of publishing to the public thousands of certificate-
of wonders performed be this mmiteine. It casta
but twenty-five cunts to try it, and Dr. Bull stakes hi
well earned reputation on (he King of Paia doing all
and mors thau he claims for it.
We would ask have yon tha Rhanmatism or Gout ;
these are not pleasant eoopa-Jons, and we know that
yoa would Uks to drive them away as soon aa potsibla,
then use
"BriX'a ktxcj or paix
Would yon be cared almost Immediately of Bowel
Complaint, Dysentery, SammerOomplaint. Cholera mor
bus, tlrsmp, Coito, liead Acne, Tooth or any other aoba
or alu, tho remedy Is simple and tha core 'n,
Would yon have your SoreH, BweUicgs, Cuts, Burns,
Eoalds, Bruises, or any other wounds iswtied, wo repeat
It, KM the
Would you be cured of Scald Head, StilT Joints, 3ore
Throat, Neuralgia, Sore Breast, Lumbago, T.tter or Emg
Worm, gait Kheum, Bites cf Poisonous Insects, Chapped
Hands, and all other Sores, either dry or running, wa
say again and ajain Toua atnaoT is Dr. Joltn Bail a
"KrSU Of PA3.
Would you ha cured of King's Evil, Cancer, T amors,
Eruption, or any disease of the Skin caused by impure
blood, tben nse Dr. John Ball's arkaparilt internally,
and the KinojOf Pain externally, nothing oan be more
certain than a speedy and effectual enra.
This Btedlctae. when al toeoc!tc( to 4imt!ou
H con, viUtoot ul :
or Kijf' rfl, -
Cancr, jsnipttons
tb. Snin. ErjsipdM,
" Tumor, Chronic, Ser Hyua,
JUdk Wnnn or Tetters, Scald Head,
Blieumariiim, t aios in the iSoues or
- Joints, OiJ Sores mad Ulcm, Sutlimg of
tho Gland, grpbilis, UT-fpepsia, Salt Eheam,
Itaea.-es cf tfae Kitlw-s, IHsmccs atising from tho
om of Uarcai7, Lossof Appti, Pnln la LbsSiiieaeil
ftioatders, Ocnenl Debility, Lamban, Conshs, Colds,
Prr.psr, Jaundice, Cotirrnes. Broocluti, Wsaknanof
Chest, Sora Throat, Pulmonary afflictions, and all other
Slmeses tending to produce CoEsnmpciou, Lirer Com
p bunts, .'eniale Irretralaritics end lo-pplaints, Low
rpirita, Sick and Nerroos Ileod-arlie, N igh 8 wests,
Jfxposores, or Impradence In Liie, Chronlo con
stitutional bimaies, and as a Spring and
gammer Stink, and General Tonie for tbo
System, and a Gentle an4 Pleasant
f nrrvtife, it is snperior to Blue
iikk asd Congress Water,
- Baits, or SeidUiU
It Is a remarkable fart, that among the hundreds of
eminent physicians who hare examined the recipi by
y which Enil's Sarsaparilia is prrpared, not one has con
demned it, but all approve if. and commend it in the
highest tains SIsny physicians express themselTes
strongly Id the belief that it I d-ridedly the best prepa
ration of fkirsaparUla thnt has ever been placed beruio
the public. Although there are many physicians who
feel a reluctance to baring their names appended to tho
recommendation of any particular remedy, notwith
- standing tbey may approve of tt to the highest degree;
there are others who frankly yield their support in favor
of a remedy which they know is sapable of doing so
much good in an afflicted community. As an erideaee,
read the following from oM and respectable physicians,
of hi& standing in the community in wUch they lite.
OTssrimony like the following renders superfloos
all oommenta on tits efficacy of XI nil's SaraapartLa. t'roni
Dr. L. P. Tandall, Profeseor of Chemistry ia tha Louis
ville Medical College : I have looked over the list of in
gredients composing John Bull's .Extract of SaraaperiUo.
and have no hesitation in Saying that they form a sefs
' compound, and one that promises weU hi chronic- dis
eases, to which it t applicable. U P XASDAU. 1U.
liOUUTiLU, Jane l Ibii.
What Dr. Pyles, phyakUn by appointment to tbo
LoiiutviUe Uatiae iluspital says of Bull's Sarsanarilia:
Locumu, -.arch 30, 1349.
- I havo examined tho prescription for the preparatioa
Of John Bull's garsaparilla, and I believe the combina
tion to be an excellent one, and well calculated to pro
duce an alterative iuipreMinn on tho system. I havo '"
used it both in public and private srartiee, and think
it the best article now in nse. 1L PYLK3, U.D,
' Sesident Pbyskian LouisviiUi Martca Uosjiul
letter testimony than was ever offered In favor of any
' medicine. K & W. 8ehoa lie v. & etevenion :
Locsttui, May 20, l&i2.
We havo used John Boll's EarsaparTla, and hara
known it to bo nsed, with entire satisfaction ; and. wo
have bo hesitation in stating our belief, that it ia a sat .'
and valuable medical compound, and calculated to pro
duce mach qod and relieve much ftuferinr;, and therefoco
won Id cheerfully and most earnestly recommend it to Cho
(Signed) "EnO,
We would earnestly invito all peuoos who aro ra fibr
in; with any of the ills that fiesh is heir to, to call oa
Dr. John Bull's agent and get a copy of Boll's family
Journal gratis ; and for the sake of humanity we hops
that a single individual will not bo found Bnwiiiing to
give Bull's Harsaparilia a trial after reading and rvcol- .
lectifcg, at the sauie time, that it ia impossible for tha
Doctor to publish the tenth part of the number of cer
tificates cf astounding cures performed by his earapa
rilla. Xbe amount of testimony voluntarily showered
on Dr. Bull's arsttpariila. from well known and distm-
rnkiued individuals, both m public and pniiiM liie,
been perSsotly overwhelming. .
o:2cc:!. 1 VifiU t., Louisville)
Ky.. siuri o. lJ (-i.scy Iluildit-v;
:ut!:it)4l St., R. V.
. Toa alnve porwx'ar medicines Tereived and
for salo by DIE'IER & HAMPTON', Fay
cttcvillc; J. L. Jo'tet, Lswisbnrz; S. B.Robi
son, Murfreesboro: Dwj tj' Majors, Shelby-
vnlc; A. bnook. izca5itcf, Laa ana set
almanacs and pamphlets frcei which desTibe
tneiruso. . Aor. , looo i-ra-
STRICT attention ib civen to the
storago and sale of Bacon, Lnrd, ii
Corn, Oat?, Wheat , Flour, Domestic Liquors,&c
AVe sell for Cash Only, and therefore have
either the Produce or Proceeds athar;d.
Liberal'cash facilities offered to shippers.
May 8, 1356 12m-
Tiunks, Vs!-Cv, Carjct Kag.
iUltt-iet!irtnerB we nave r-
l T31 In, CV.,.-,1, Oj-.AI ?:.
JI. 1 IUUI.2, klUUTCI-, H'vo,
Uoes, unain3 -ixes, urosj I
and Hand saws, be vib.es, Cradle, unadMone.l
9, tcvines,oraai-, uu.-u-t.i
; Oral Uia.les. Cutting Ki nves.i
Millot Blades,
I April 17,
Nei I , IMo ores & Yv r z i
HAVE just recHr
Northern cities
j JLJL. Aor:u?r,B Cli.cs a rtin :J--'"; "!" -;
a.iirtm-3nt of smwnubl-i Gf-cvii, :ti if
:wuioii may be f;uml ever arliclt urtialij? Iej'6
in rstail hou3-!, as wtfl s rui.yiiot Xi--r.aIjT
foa.nl in th;ducv. vc b itc T'it tssnj
. do.cn to tU kueJw-s'lknjnre n : oof of whicli
, we only -jus. au t.umii;u;ioii of our soods ai..-,
f . . r ? . i: i - ' -.
!i 't-', a ---- ) .
In this we htve'.t suDOil ssivrtaiitut
' to"!.itiu ' in part of
KJc '.int Fane v fill!. s:
Silver IUiiok do. pbifu an Dr-id;
Diack IUiiindo. everyone'":;.-;
Canton Crap- for rtouriin j; .Irenes;
B'ick and F incy Pere';
Brillitrtinoa. Pbja bero'-e- ul! colors;
Linen Lawns. Printed Jaconets:
! Dotted Swi.sscf.citwkcd.ATbt.ii-ea -sansoo'xt;
! Printed Liwns e'.n. ;c.
A r.iiaiitiful as-orrmeiit ofMuiit!os,- ani
llantilluit, Cl ick and F;u:cv.
April 17. -
jl. G.-etn and Brown, .11 iju..l- Vj i
. j ities anl prices. . !
I Cassiniires, S itins, Grenad'r.f-s, -
. Mervj?:!!..', Linens,' It di.tn CIotLi, D.-b ii
j E'.es, etc. besidoi asto-k )f
.that will b',ur conijr.iriso-! witb ,r.y lika
arr.onnt tf be found in the Su?e To fcuu
lu ratj all descripiiiira would Ite toJi.ais '
. siuH.-ier.t to say we havo Co.. P.iut.-i, Vet.J
j an-l HairU of every tti..!i;y and price, ir'.r,j thd
: costliest to thj che;:;cst.
Our assortment of
li unusually extensive a:id t-nnnot TTVa
fail to please. We h.iva Oak ford's. JQ'ii
', Bobe-j's, Las-ell's and II uik ui, Dur
yce tf Hats of every kind;
Super Aiol.1 skin fn-ra ? to f.o;
Elujantsoft bat.-t " J to 5;
All colors cheat) li t5, of till stylos;
Rockland; Citizens;
Empire, IltiLrariaii:
SLinhai; Wile-awake;
Cavalier; Scliastoil; etc. etc.
Boys, Yotuiis, and Children's Ilata of crert
isiyid an a prioe.
Spria aaJ Summer fJoods fjr 1S53,
j"T HAVE jmt received and open
1.8. ed a.i entirely new stock f i?r'
jXivr-iit;- and Summer Gtws.---'
which L by far the larcrt and best s-jlectcl
! stock that I have ever ha.I tha pleasure of of-
f?ri:;r to the public. These Goo.Js were pur
i chafed at the very lowest possible rates, arid
'will be soil unusually Iqw for CASH, or on
tune to punctual time-dealers. Bein ah.no
in business enable me to sell ni smaller pro&U
than heretofore. My stock of
j-is vrry" cniplete. Iu fact, I have everything
j a lady can desire, from the finest to tha com
, moncst. Mv stock of
- Gbtlomeas 'Press' Goods
cannot bs surpassed. All I k is ttn exnrui&-k
ati'ii cf this sto k; and I will take great plea- "
um in showing them to all who will favor ma
with their pn.oei.ce, T. C. GOODIHCLl.
April i. - .
rrHE undersigned is now receiviur git
JL and opening, at bis store ou the
we3t side of the S-uare, Fuyetteviile, f
Ter n., ore of the most extensive and dealrabla
stoc"3 of
ever oTcr;; ? in this market. Thy immense
tiok Ins f".'n detained some time at Pittabarg
by ice in the Ohio river, which induces mo
to olTur it at ,
ia order to chse cut during the season.,
I be leave to say in this ehort Card.a t
do nok intend to be lengthy,) that these G00I4
were purchased uuder the most favorable cir
cumstances, by an experienced buyer, well ac
qaainted with the wishes and lasts of thecotii
munity: and I can say for him, that he had
spared neither limo nor care in tha selection of
I cannot closu this commauicatiop without
aiin returning my grateful acknowledgment
to a gcuerou7 coriiiitiufty for the-very liberal
patronajs e.itjnded to laa for the last twonty
jew, and ajain assuring thern, that on my
part all honorable means will be used to retain
their confidesico and support. The writer ia
conclusion only remarks that his assortment Li
extensive and complete, and invites an extia
iuation before purchasing elsewhere.
May 1. JOHN GtfOpP.ICTI.-
p.I thnir Kr.r.r.r
i J -" ' . 7 i
' t- . r. "j rtf f i . .- I lV rf - .' I .1 nrw r W ntrr-.s
their lifia, to which they respectfully Cftll the
ftttor.tiou of tho public. Their slock lslarsrer
atd more complete in assortment than it Uj3
ever beca and will be so'd oa the most reason
able terms. Fhyijiciang and all others wishins; .
to purchase p.nythiu in their trade will do
well to call and examine the:r stock at thir
store, west side of the public sonn.re, Favette
ville. Tnn. DIEMEU & HAMPTON.
April 20. - -
WILL aland tbo present season at Jv
my -tubb, three miles r.orih Q
of Fayettcville, at $15 the iusuranro ''"
for jennets, pastarod gratis. Black John is
beaatifal black. 15 handa hih, 6 years old
next July. lie wx sired by -Tallin's 0!d
Mammoth ont of a Kin Cyra3 jennet. lid
that shows tho nnest colt irom tnr Jacs or
Horse on the first Monday in next September,
1 will be entitled to the fodowmj
season "rat is y
and the second best to a S3 hat.
The season Las commenced and will en-l
with the year.
April 17. 185G2ra.
fTi$, Pails, Bnckcfs (cedar, ft
X r,ruce and pine)
Chnnis and
Wasft lioards. Willow ware of all kinds. We
givo the hishst market price for Barter of sll
April 17. j-
Cotton Wanted!
,rE wish to p
rchaso Fire
ndred Balr of Cotton,
--- . , . -. r 4 QTf -."
for which the ''?E?

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