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Salt fur Animals
Profcor Simcnds, Veterinary Id
Fpector'to tha Iloy;:l giicaitural
Society, observes, in rdhtionto the
HCticn of salt on the animal economy,
that Ht 13 tswcuingly beneCcial m
irodcrute quantities, hut prejudicial
ih "large ones," lie thwjfht horses
might tr.ke with advanfcu'o from an j
ounce &tA a ha'f to two ounces ofrdn( P:M, a . visit to tha sliippinz at
rait di; hut that .;n ericas cf itj
would rtLth r a; truls weak, debi.itated
it d unfit for oscrliou. Simifcr facts!
Vr-tie ep piicyUj also to ox:n, which
: ccuDiuLite ft-sh (aster by the jadi -
nor.s vhe ', salt, than without, it.
He citt-tl Arthur Young and Sir John
Sinclair, fo show that salt had a ten-!
rtctcy to prevent the rot - m sheep;
'Prof. S. addfd, as his "own opinion,
lint t-alt by its action oa the . liver,
ai d the supply cf oda it yielded to
the bile, led to a greater amount of
liuinmoiiiL'GirgUt uvea irom the iooci.ine c;ii ever eeenia his .lite two
The' substance, he said was also well 'freshets in one day ana&nary drop
known r.s vermifuge, destroying many I o' rain!'' -
kinds of worms in the intestines of
animals, and confining a healthy tone
of action which prevented their re
cccurrei.ee. Severrd members of R.
A. Society, as Col. Challoner, and
Mr. Fisher Ilobbs, stated that their
ryprrii'nce led them to agree with
I rel Simonds, in regard to the value
cf salt for animals. In reference to
the Kcde cf giving it, the prrctice'of
placing large lamps of rock-salt in
fields cr yards, where it. was accessible
to the stock, was mentioned with ap
probation. This practice is now a
doptcd by many formers in this
country, and, alter several years trial
is prell ntd to t he former mode of
giving salt periodicdly. When ani
mals are only allowed to havo salt
once or twica a week, it is sometimes
the case that they eat too much at
ccce; but by haviug it constantly in
their reach, they eat such quantities
as their systems require, and it assists
the digestion, and promotes health
and thrift
What Railroads do for Farmers.
-The following paragraph, from the
Athens (Tenn.) Post, shows what
railroads do for farmers. The far
mers of the three' counties named,
derived a clear profit last year alone
on the single article of wheat of more
than 200,000 from the railway.)
Their 400,000 bushels of wheat sold
for $200,000 more than it would have
realized if tber had been no railway
' ;tb tako it off.
" " Wheat. The price continues at 1 .
One hundred and nineteen wagons
unloaded at the depot here on Thurs
day, Oth. "This county-will export
of tho late yield of the harvest, one
hundred and sixty thousand bushels.
Other counties along the line of the
railroad will perhaps do as well. The
three counties of Bradley McMinn,
and Monroe, from the information now
id our possession, we have no doubt
will sell for export over 400,000
bushels, at an average of one .dollar
per bushel. Here, then, is the snug
sunvof between four and five hundred
thousand dollars diffused among th3
people cf these counties for the sin
gle article of wheat alone, the pro
duct of a single harvest. IIpw much
ivheat did these same counties export
before the railroad was built, and at
what price? Not more than twenty
five thousand bushels, and that small
amount was sold at an average prico
of fifty cents per bushel. In the
meanwhile, lands have actually be
come rich by the enhancement,almost
without an effort of their own.'.
" To Pkotect . Seed Coen. Gabri
el Sleath of Delhi township, Hamil
ton county, Ois known for the heavy
corn produced on his farm. His plan
is to soak the seed for ten or twelve
hours, in a mixture of one ounce of
saltpetre, or one pound of salt. No
insect will touch corn soaked in this
compound, and the grain will sprout
quicker and grow faster than if plan
ted frithoutr
Cow marrow, which may be pro
cured at a butcher s, applied to a felcn
will speedily cure it. Another receipt
says: Take a lump of rock salt the
Eize of a hickory nut, pulvsrize add
equal quantity of brown sugar and
bar soap, spirits of turpentine enough
to cover the swelling, and after an
hour or so make a socond applica
tion. : '
. To preserve fresh meat roll it up
in Indian meal, and it will keep four
or fivo days , in the hottest weather.
Tho meat should be laid down m
pieces not to exceed three pounds,
and cr.cn piece Enouia no entirely
covered with tho meal.
Cup Cake may bo mado thus:
Fivo cups of. flour, three caps of nice
sngar, ouo cup of butter, four eggs,
ono cup of good milk, a epoonfid Gfj
rihratusand one natmeg.
art anil. mm.
The following is tolJ by the Chi
cago Journal of Gov. RoynoMs, whom
they call tho'Old Rmger" in Illin
ois, when for the first time in hia life
he visited the seaboard us a repre
sentative ia Congress froin'the buck
settlements: . -
"Upon reaching Baltimore, the
Governor rose early in the morning
Ibe docks, when the tide was fall,
and fguiti at noon, when it was ebb
not' satisfied with the sudden
jenange that had taken place, again
ijn tho evening, when the tile was
! in. . Herojofore he had resolved - to
I keep everything to himself, and eo
in pursuit of knov, ledge under difli-t
cultiesou his own hook but now
his astonishment broke over its
j bounds, and as he returned to the
I hotel, the Old Ranger remarked
j"that this was the curiousest country
"The Ceisi3 iias Come.'' On one
occasion during un engagement, Cap
tain Duncancommanding the flying
Artillery, Gen. Pillow, in his usual
solemn manner, called out to tbe
officer, "Captain Duncan fire the
crisis has cornel
Duncan, without saying .a word,
turned to his men, who' were stand
ing by their guns already shotted
and primed, and simply called out
'.The men wero slightly surprised
at the order there being no parlic-
uiaronject wunin range, when .the
old gray-haired Irish sergeant step
ped up with:
"PJase your honor, what shall we
fire nfT
"Fire at the crisis," said Duncan;
"didn't you hear the General say it
had come?" , . :
"I und. . taiid you are engaged to
bo married," said a 'satirical roguo'
to a yong man who was known to
have no other idea of a proper qual
ification for a wife than that she had
money. 'Is your intended a young
lady of good moral character?'
'Well, yes tolerably fiir, she has
forty thousand dollars in her ' own
right now.'
Is sho accomplished?'
'Well, not exactly yet, but she will
bo. When the 'old man dies' she
will have thirty thousand more.
You know there are only three chil
dren, and the old man is as rich as
Job was when he came to his last
property." ' ,
An Aversion .to Rve- :An old
lady of Pennsylvania had an unac
countable aversion to rye, and never
eat it in any form. "Till of late,'
sne saiu, -mey nau got to mauing it
into whiskey, and I find that I can
now and then, worry down a ' little,'
IJow Long is a lady's Foot? We
are curious to know how many feet
in fomale , arithmetic go to a mile
because we never met with a lady
yet whose shoe was not, to say the'
very least, "a milo too big for her.
j- L , "
A "Western paper winds up its de
scription of a railroad accident thus
"One man had his arm broken, tha
flesh torn from both his legs, and a
number of others slightly killed.'' .
Do Quincy being asked why there
were more women than men, replied
"It is in conformity with the ar
rangement of nature. We always
see more or heaven than earth.
"I say, Harry, did you ask Hicks
tor that money yet?''- Yes."
"What did he say?" "Nothing
He just kicked me. off the stoop,
and that's the last I heard of it"
If a spoonful of yeast will raise
fifty cents worth of flour, how much
will it " take to raise funds enough
to by another barrel? Answer to
bo handed in over the left.
By the ancient law of Hungary, a
man convicted of bigamy was con
demned to live with both wives in
the same house the crime was, in
consequence, extremely rare.
It is stated that a yankeo baby
will crawl out of his cradle, take a
survey of it, invent an improvement,
and apply for a patent before bo is
six months old. .
When men grow virtuous in their
old age, they are merely making a
sacrifico to God of the devil V leav-
A young lady being asked by ' a
boring politician which party she was
in favor of, replied'that she preferred
a wedding party. ; i
J.W.Wallace & Co.
rvs t r; -e i5 ,?i
Alike oU stand of Eliotl Thompson,
given to tiis purchase of
Griiio, and all kiads of Prodace.
November 1 12m
f J1HE copaitneroLip heretofore .
" 1. existing between the under
signed is tills dav dissolved by mu
tual consent. The business will in tho future
be conducted bv Mr. Thompson, at the same
stand, where bo will ba pleased to attend to
all orders for Groceries from Bedford and sur
rounding counties. . All those indebted to the
old firm are earnestly requested to come -forward
and close up amount due us by Cash oi
Note, as it is important that the old business
should be closed upas soon as possible.- The
Books will be found in possessiou of Jo. II,
Thompson, either .of us however, are fully
authorized to mate settlements for the old
firm. J. M. ELLIOTT,
SheTjyvUIe, Sept. 21, 1851. -
Successor to Elliott 4 Thompson,)
Wholesale Grocer
Fo r warding and Commission
Depot St, Srei! illc, Teun.
TN store a heavy lot of Sack and Barrel Salt
JL togetter with a good lot of Suirar, Coffee,
Molasses, etc. JO; H. THOMPSON.
SlieUycUle, October 5, 1854. ;
WE have this day associated ourselves to
gether in tho Wholesale Gro
cci )', Commission, Receiving and
Forwarding easiness. (Succeeding
Erans & Cummings.)
Of the firm of Coldwell & Co.
Of tbe firm of Evans $ Cummings.
Wholesale Grocers
Commission and Forwaruir?
And Dealers in Provisions,
Neio Brick House. Depot - Street
INTENDING to devote my time exclusively
to Hotel keeping at the Shelbytille. Ins,
I retire from the Grocery business, and take
pleasure in recommending the new concern,.
(COLDWELL $ CUMMINGS) to the patrons
of Evaks 4 Cchmin'QS, believing and knowing
. i .. -1 1 i r t . - ...T
lliai Lliey WIU give sausiacuuu luan uiajr
deal with them; (Cummings, the active part
ner of Evans Cumming?, remaining in the
new concern.)
Of the firtii of Evans 4 Cummings.
Dec. 1, 1S53. ShellyviUe, Tenn.
TTSTE have iust received 50 Bags
prime Rio and 20 Bags Havana
Sheroyville, Tenn.
Dec. 1.
()K nHDS. Pnm3 Sugar
AO 15 bbls. .Loaf
nHDS. "
6 bbis.
10 bbls.
Clarified '
Crushed " .
Pulverized "
For sale cheap for Cash.
Dac. 1. SSteWyvUle Tenn.
BARRELS No. 1. Kana
wha Salt, 300 Bags fine
1. SheToyville, Tenn.
r . unpii i-t iimi.ii ii i i v ijii ii.iiiii a i -
1 . V f -WW w . .v-
at the B edford Mills, which, we warrant equal
. . r. . T -Til .
to the Uincinnati or st. ijouisi: iour.
Dec. 1. SielbyviUe, Tenn
TUST received 125 kegs of Nails,
aVkflotnrtinlD ma0 in t.Ti a TTnirff!
Dec. 1. . Slielbyuille, Tenn.
iUQ Oft (11 , - i J LUfv -v
MICHiEL SHOFNER would respectfully
inform the public, that ho has become
tho Agent of Richard H. Pease, forthe salo of
Thresltins' and Reaping Machines, to
gether withthe Railroad Horse Power to pro
pel the Theesher. He would state, for the sat
isfaction of those wishing to purchase, that
the one-horse Thresher is capable of threshing
from 100 to 150 bushels of Wheat, Hye, or
Oats per day. The two-horse power ip capable
of doing double that amount.- The Reaper is
capable of reaping from 15 to 20 acre3 of
Wheat per day, with 2 horses. Early engage
ments will bo best, as he will not order any
nior$ thn- he has . special engagements foj.
Those wishing to pnrcnase, wmaauress
Dec. 27, 1835 6m. SielbyviUe, Tenn.
WaxPeg'd do, Lace Boots, large sizes, Ladies
India Rubber Over-Shoes, Deerskin do for
travelling.'Missea fine Kid- Boot, Calf do, Goat
Polkado, Childs fancy Taylor do, Roan do, La
dies Whiteand Satin Kid do, Gents' Calf W.
P. Boots fine Kip do, Ex fine Pump do Ex
size, Boys Red Top do, boys -and mens Bro
gans, Mens Rubber and Deerskin Overshoes,
Homemade Boots and Shoes; for sale by
Oct 25. - - JOHN GOODRICH.
Bonnets and Bonnet Ribbon. ,
HAVE just "received a splendid T?"
stock of fine Bonnets and Bon- Xffi
net Ripbons, which I will sell cheap as
I am determined to Sell theni. Call and see.
April 3 v T. C. GOODRICH.
T ABi.!n bbls., Feathers, Beeswax
M-M and j. allow taken in exchange
for Groceries hj C.B. & W. L. CART?.
mm mm
LADY'S fine Kid Lace Boots, Cloth
Gaiters, do Cloth and Goat Boots, &'&
do Polka, do super sewed Got, worn. '
Wholesale Grocery.
JH.-J2L X3 "3J S 333 9 .
cun r w ) 1 1 sr tctm
Baltimore Coffee.
1 Oft AGS est Coffee;
XVJU 1Q do old Java do
Jan. 10, 1856.
Shdbyvd'e, Tenn.
Swgur and tficiasses.
K Hhd3. N. 0. Sugar;
100 bbls. pulverized and crushed
5 boxea-Loaf Sugar. Sugar;--
Just received this day from New Orleans.
Jah. 10.
SJieZbyviUe, Tenn.
Kf) Boxes Pint and Quart Flasks; t
" 25 do Tumblers and Decanters; y
50 gross Matches; .
50 doz. Mason's Blacking; '
8Q do. Shoe,Brushes;
50,000 G. D..Caps; .7 .... .;. .
10 doz. Lanterns;'
' 10 casks S. C. SodaJ - : '
5 bbls. Mackerel Fjsh; -
. 10 half bbls. do
20 kits do
20 doz. Willow Baskets: . .' .
10 doz. covered Buckets; .
25 doz. Wagou Buckets;
10 nests painted Tubs; .
15 doz. Quaker Brooms; '
For sale low for cash or produce, at th
Wholosalo Grocerv of -
Jan. 10. . SJtelbyiilk, Tenn.
1 00 Keos Pittsburg Nails;
LVJyJ 25 doz. Shovels and Spades; f
20 pair Counter Balances;
500 pair Gate Hinges; ' - -
5 Anvils;- '
5 Vices; - -
10 Mill Saws; ' ' . '
15 Cross Cut Saws;
25 bars Cast, Shear and Blister Steel;
For sale by MOORMAN & SPERRY,
Jan. 10. " ' Shelby villey Tenn.
' Cigars and To&aeco.
9 K Boxes Va. Tobacco, ass'd; jg
.i. r J
10.000 Fix Star ' do".-
5,000 La Lima do
20,000 Patapsco do ,
10,000 Bloomer do
For sale by MOORMAN & SPERRY;
Jan. 10. - SheUryviOe, Tenn.
Los, Fifth and Trace Chains.
paih straight Link Chains,
100 cair Twisted da
95 Fifth -v.
25 Log
50 pair Breast -50
do Halter
?.fk A.i Tnniriin
For sale by
Jan. 10. .
- ' Slidbyvin Tenn.
. Fpicnrean Department
9A boxes assorted Pickles;
- 10 6o do ' Preserves;
v 5 - do Jellies;
10 do Pepper Saucer
5 do Tomato Ketchup;
- 5 do - Pickled Peaches
2 doz. Ginger Preserves;
100 cans Oysters;
50 do Preserved Peaches;
Together with many other articles too te
dious to mention, to which we invite the atten
tion of the ladies and dealers generally.
Jan. 10. . SMbyville, Ttnn.
Valuable Tract of Land for ale.
THE subscriber being desi- pflb
rous of concentrating his fjyfiJk
plantation interests, offers for friiisicvS
ss(le'that every desirable plantation ton Elk
lljver, in Limestone county, known a
with cxtonsive and valuable additions. The
tract comprises about 2750 acres, and for ' fer
tility, healthiness and pure water and excel
lent timber, is unsurpassed in Norfch Alabama.
On the premises there is a first-rate water
power. About 900 acres are cleared. Per
sons wishing to examine the land will be
assisted on application to .Mr. John Eaton,
on the premises; and for terms of sale, may
address the subscriber at this place.
i nivr.tsvile, Ala., May 8th, 1856 2m.
GENTS' Super Ex Mole Hats:
.. . . fine Cass do;
" " - " " tur unacr,
. latest style; -' ' J . .
Men's Soft Cass Shanghai;
. " Saxony . " .
" . IIungariaHj - .
" Pearl Merino Hats;
" Wool , S
Boy's Pearl Saxony " '. i
" Black , . . i
Pearl Shanghai .
" Cloth Caps; J
" Plush do; 't
Mens fine Otter Caps;
" Cloth and Plnsh do;
Childs Velvet Turbans; - - , -Boys
red trimmed Star do; ;
Blue Navy Caps: . .i
Ladv's Riding Hafcf, new stvle; for sale by
Oct 25. . ,. JOHN GOODRICH.
Embroideries and Trimmings.
"TTTIMB'D Swis3 and Jacconet Collars,
ml Mourning do. Breakfast Lace and
Emb'd Swiss and Linen Undersleeves, Rich
Setts Sleeves and Collars, Mourning do, Linen
EdgiKg and Inserting, Valencia do, Thread do,
Jaconet do, Flouncing Silk and Linen Braid
Bonnet Ribbons, handsome stvle, More An
tique do, Ribbon Trimmings, all colors, Pluah
do, Velvet doandan endless variety of arti
cles too tedious to mention. -For sale by
Oct. 25. vi s JOHN GOODRICH
17STE want 5000 worth Land
T T Warrants, for which we will '
give tho highest prices.
' Dec. 13,1855. -" '
Readj Made
BLUE and Blaci? Cloth Coats,
Italian Cloth and Alpacca do
Duck, Marseilles-and Linen- do C
Pants and Vests of all kinds aad Urices,
amris,jLyOiiars aaii iosoms ao . jdo
Cravats, Stocks and Suspenders, kc, &c.
March 27. W. A. oOU THWvRTH.
Mantles, Embroideries, &c.
"EIRENCn worked Collars, Chim-
JL - azettes, Cuffs and Undersleeves,:.!
cicaui iu.uiiit lixuui'' irum o iJL
3io; wane, uiacs ana moae Urapeis"-
Shawls, Wash'Blonds, Floupcings, Jnoertings,
Edgings, Laoea, Ensches, &c.'at the cheap store
of . - M7. &.A. SOUTHWjORTH.
- Masci 27.
Thebx has long existed a puUie demand for aa
effective purgatiTe piU which could be relied an u
ore and perfectly safe in its operation. Thia has
been prepared to meet that demand, and an exten
sive trial of its virtues has conclusively ahown with
what success it accomplishes the purpose designed.
It is easy to make a physical pUl, but not easy to
make the best of afl pill -one which should haye
none of the objections, but all the advantages, of
every other. This has been attempted here, and
with what success we would respectfully-submit to
the public decision. It has been unfortunate for
the patient hitherto that almost every purgative
medicine is acrimonious and irritating to the bow
els. This is not. Many of them produce so much
griping pain and revulsion in the system as to more
than counterbalance the good to be derived from
them. These ptiit produce no irritation or pain,
unless it arise from a previously existing obstruc
tion or derangement in the bowela.- Being purely
vegetable, no harm can arise from their use m any
quantity; but it is better that any medicine should
be taken judiciously. Minute directions for -their
use in the several diseases to which they are ap
plicable are given on the box. . Among the com
plaints which have been speedily cured by them, we
may mention Liver Complaint, in its various forms
. of Jaundice, Indigestion, Languor and Loss of Ap-
tite, Listlessness, Irritability, Bilious Headache,
ilious Fever Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side
and Loins ; for, in truth, all these are but the con
. sequence of diseased action in the liver. As an
' aperient they afford prompt and sure relief in Cos
tnreness, Piles, Colie, Dysentery, Humors, Scrof
ula and Scurvy, Colds with soreness of the body,
' Ulcers and impurity of the blood; in short, .any
and every case where a purgative is required. 1
.They have also produced some singularly suc
cessful cures in Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsy, Gravel,
Erysipelas, Palpitation of the Heart, Pains in the
Back, Stomach, and Side. They should be freely
taken hi the surin? of tie JZZX, to purify Xh blood
hd ptcafe the system for the change of seasons.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, and restores the appe
tite and vigor. They purify the blood, and, by their
stimulant action on the circulatory system, reno
vate the strength of the body, and restore the
wasted or diseased energies of the whole organism. .
Hence an occasional dose is advantageous, even
though no serious derangement exists; but un
necessary dosing should never be carried too far,'
as every purgative medicine reduces the strength,
when taken to excess. The thousand eases in which
' a physic is required cannot be enumerated here, but
they suggest themselves to the reason of every
body ; and it is confidently believed this pill wiu
'answer a better purpose than any thlngwhich has
hitherto been available to mankind. . When their
virtues are once known, the public win no longer
doubt what remedy to employ when in need of a
cathartic medicine. Being.sugar-wrapped they are
pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no
harm can arise from their use m any quantity.
For minute directions see wrapper on the Box.
Practical and Analytical Chemist,
. Price 25 Cento per Box. Eire Boxes tog 51
For tha rapid Care of
This remedy has won for itself such notoriety
from its cures of every variety of pulmonary disease,
that it is entirely unnecessary to recount the evi
. deuces of its virtues in any community where it
has been employed. So wide is the field of its use-,
fulness, and so numerous the cases of its cures, '
, that almost every section of the country abounds
. - in persons publicly known, who have been restored
fTom'alarming and even desperate diseases of the
lungs by its use. When once tried its superiority
over every other medicine of its kind is too appa
- rent to escape observation, and where its virtues are
known, the public no longer hesitate what antidote
to employ for the distressing and dangerous affec
v tions of the pulmonary organs which are incident
" to our climate. And not only in formidable at.
tacks upon the lungs, but for the milder varieties'
of Colds, Cotjohs, Hoabsetess, &c. ; and for
Chtxskxn it is the pleasantest and safest medians .
that can be obtainei
" As it has long been in constant use throughout
this section, we need not do more than assure the
people its quality is kept up to the best that it ever
bas been, and that the genuine article is sold by
iSold by Berry Denioville, Nashville; iiie
mer Hampton, Fayetteville', and by my
agents in almost every town- of the United
States. . ' . -:Mayl-4in.
TVTY stock of Hardware is very srAT,-!A
J-tX complete. I have a good jj&fv
assortment of Carnenters' Tools
of all kinds Mill, X Cut and Hand Saws.
Queensware of all"kiDds. Come and see.
April 3. . T.. C. GOODRICH.-
Tullahoma Lots. .
f ffHE undersigned has laid off blocks of Lots
- JL of aevcral acres in achr for private resi
dence, and is now prepared to sell them, at pri
Tate sale to those who desiro to have summer
residences, in th beautiful and healthy town in
Tullahoma. We have in the I own bite,
besides tho most healthy atmosphere and pure
freestone water, a' most excellent Chalybeat
Spring, which is supposed to be mixed with
White sulphur.
WM. MOORE, Agent, etc
May 20, 1852 tf. '
MOURNING dress goods. Collars, r
Sleeves, Handkerchiefs, Veils, j.
Bonnets, and trimmings, i ' ' ' ' -N1EL,
April 17. i
I HAVE just received a Spring sup
ply of ready-made Clothing !oats,
Pants, Vests, Shirts, Collars, etc., which
will be sold low. -
April 3. T. C. GOODRICH.
Hjad Quarters for Fine Bonnets.
TT7"E have the very latest style of
VV EONNETS, from one of the
best establishments in the city Cf New York
we sell tnem cheap.
.March 27. W. & A. SOUTH WORTH.
V E have this day commenced
business in tbe house formerly ISr
occupied by B. W. D. Castt, and will keep
. r - i , '
tousumwy oanana -
Coffee, - . ..Ginger,. Borax,
Tea, Pepner. Sulnhur.
Loaf, Crashed "Spice,- - Nutmegs,
Brown Sugar, Indigo, , Cinnamon, .
Molasses,, . Madder, Cigars,
bait, " Copneras. Tobacco .
Soda, Alum. - Nails, etc. etc
All of which will ba sold at the lowest
possible price, for Cash, Tallow, Beeswax or
c earners. -
We will also keen and sell on' time to nnnn-
tual dealers, a full assortment of Iron, Castings,
Steel. Los. Trace. Halter. 'Fifth. 1 ni. ii a
Breast, Stay, Lock Chains and Stretchers.
Call and see. C. B. & W. L. CARTV.
Fayetteville. Nov. 8, 1855.
CARPENTERS, Saddlers,: shoe- rr
makers. Wagon-makers and J -'u J
Gunsmiths' Tools of every kind al-
ways on hand. For Wagoners
straps, halter coUars, hatoes, chains, collars,
bridles, breeching, Wagon sheets etc.
HAS removed his OCce to the South
Side of the Public Square, in the ftl
: large brick building opposite the Court- C0
House, where he can be found both day aad
i night, unless professionally absent. Aug. 30..
Cooper, SIcKiaaey & Canuinghani,
attorneys at Z,aw9
OFFICE, thirl door from north-east corner
of the square. March7. tf
Drs. MJOL & miiTLV -
WHERE visits are made, Phy
sicians' charges may be ex- C2Tj32r
pected, : March 27,1850., .
WILL continue to devote his ex
clusive attention to the practice
of Medicine in Jt3 various branches. He
hopes by close attention to his Profession, to
merit a continuance of the patronage of his
friends. He has removed his Office, 6 miles
east of Fayetteville, near Elk river, n the
place formerly occupied by Mr. Brown Greg
ory. ;. July 19, 18o5 12m.
MORE Antique Satin Plaid,
Brocade and Plaid Poult do
Soie, White" More Antique- Silks;
Plaid " - " "
Striped and Plaid Delaines, ail woe'.;
Kolid r- H
Black SLalleys;
Fancy , . ... "
French Merinos, all colors;
English "
. Super Black Bombazine;
High col'd com. DeLaines, new style;
Blk Alpacca, all grades; -Lady's
Cloaks richly trimmed;
" Blk and Fancy Cioakings: -41
. " . " -Cashmere;
Rich Printed '
Crape and Thebet Shawls; "
Black-and, Plaid "
Spanish Debge for horso riding Dresses;
Jaconctand Dotted Swisses;
Dimity, Long Cloth, etc;
Lady's Merino Vest and Zephyr Sleeves,
All of which are for sale at his usual low prices,
by Oct. 25. JOHN GOODRICH.
x m v-m -i
North'Wcst Corner of Square
TT'EEPS'coHstantly on hand, a general as-
j-jl. sortmectot Jriimiir urocerics.and
a general depot for the sale, of Coun
try I'rotince. Jan. 25,1855.
r.4s i tutu
2a I
WE have, opened a new Cabinet
Ware-room, on the south side
of the Public Square! Favetterille.ia
the large brickbuilding, where those in need of
are requested td call. Our work, in point of
auraouity auc nneness, shall not be surpassed
by any establishment in the county, while ,the
terms snail be as. low as any one's. Fine Vard
robes, Tables o( all kinds, Dressing Bureaus,
tii.uuauu tuuiuiuu, ueustciuis vi any size ana
quality wished, Sofas, Chairs, Cribs and Cradles,
Tirana on.l flltc Tf.f TV
ntfir.tlv nnhiininrfn'rnia.
j w vm. m u.uuv,V& V VAUbA (Ail AA VA
We will, also, make CofSc in any style
wished, ar one-half the price lieretofore
cmrgett, wuicn we win aeliver in a good llearsc,
free of extra charge, in any part of Lincoln
county. Come and trv us.
Jan. 12 12m
cv rv rx o
Fresh Arrival!
WE are now receiving, and ,
in a few days will have in v
store, a large and cheap stock of r
Fancy aad Staple Dry Goods,
Boot and Shoe?, -.
lints nnd Bonnets, .
- Books nnd Paper,
. .. Queens ware,
Clothiusr. &c. c.
to all of which we invite the attention of buyers
peto with any retail house in the State, and
our purchases for the spring trade, though
neavy, were made witu tjreat care: and we
thiak we can safely prombo our friends, and
vulomers, 10 lurnisn mem uooas, on as lavor-
able terms, and in many articles at less Dr ces.
than.nbl,.WrK: P.l! m; '
ourstocK. , V. cC A. bUU TllWUlt ril.
March 27. i
Fresh Arrivals!
TTT'E have just received and have '
I! in store tha tollowing articles,
which we will jell cheap for CASH
6 hhds Brown Sugar;
12 bbls . do. do
4 do White do x
6 do Molasses;
10 do do.
10 Ho doi -
20,000 fis assorted Iron; .
200 Bbs Cast, Shear, English American Steel
2 kegs N ails;
20 boxes Star Candles;
10 do Tobacco; '
10 bbls Clover Seed;
--Chains, Castings, Hsmes, Collars, -Catting
and bcytha lilades, IJucket3. Sifter3. Coffee
Mills, Indigo, Madder, Pepper. Spice. Ginger.
Alum, t-opperas, rowdor, bhot, Lead, Oil, etc
etc., for sale.
w ui
A Large Lot of Assorted
By C. ;B. & . W. L. CARTY.
Fob.21 At(he Old SlandoS. IT. D. Cartv.
HAVE just received
i 24 cases-gantlemen'i calf kip boots
b do boys' do do do
20 do gentlemen's and boys, all sizes;
20 boxes ladies! fine kid gaiters and J do
20 do do calf and goat-skin shoes;
33 boxes hats of all sorts and sizes; which
will be sold low by
Aprils. ' T. C. GOODRICH, i
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic
AM) .
R. 41. Public Square, r .
sept. 6. 1855. .- "
Wessel &; Thompson,
(Successors to John Kixonr lfr.
, lot.., AlUC'liliiC, 1CNH.
ueaiers n foreign fruits, i
March 27, 1856 12m. - '
Stewart-& Owen."
No. 51 Yarket street, a fewdoart below their. elJ
stand, an next door to W. 271 Gordon df Co.
Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron wares
KEEP constantly on hand all kinds jl
of improved Cookijtg Stoves: al- ?!
so, Stoves of various kinds, such as Par- C3&
IorUall, 1 luted, Box, 7 and 10 plat Stoves.
Abo, improved Coal Stoves of all kinds; En-
ameiea ana riamilantle
Castings or all kises.
Job Work solicited, and executed with
neatnegg alld despatch.- Feathers, Ginseng,
Beeswax, Pewter, and old Copper, taken in.
exchange for war etc.
P. S.We hope our old customers will re
member us in Their orders.
Sept. 6, 1855 12m.
Two doors north of the Sjuare an I opposite th
HAVING taken charge of
this House, is prepared to t J '. y
accommodate all who may favor
him with a call, with good rooms and board at
about half the charges of the largo hotels.
Thankful forthe patronage heretofore extend
ed, he solicits a continuance of the same, and
hopes to give entire satisfaction. Good accom
modation for horses. O IIonse open at
nil hours, and meals furnished to suit liail'
EoadtimeCO Jan.' 10, 1856.
Ahead of AH ConipciKioa.
THOSE wanting an elegant suit of J
clothes, will find in our stock tho
Cuest nnd mort superior arti
cles of black, Fbesch Cloth (Simoci's
make.) black Doe Skin CAaoiiiEKE3,and
Silk Vestings, that has been brought to
this market for many years, and at small proiU
And we ulso have
Black, Blue, and Fancy Cloths, '"' '.
do do do . CassinMres,
do do do Sattinets,
Votings of all kinds and descriptions,
Cashmerettes, Drap d Etas, Italian Cloths,
and Tweeds for Qoats and Pants,
Linen Goods for Coat3 and Pants,' an raaENsa
stock and of all qualities.
March 27. W. & A. SOUTH WORTH.
BOOKS, PAPilii:, lite.
CE just received a jrood
supply of School Books, Pa-
1 rw t?i x . ii
Jj" ZmS' n'J
I SCt 11,0,1 WUi be SOU OW.
April 3. T. C. GOODRICH.
BLACK Challeys,
Black Canton Crapes.
do TamLse Cloth.
' do
' do
LawnS and Calicos,
J-ereges, ' -
Crepe da Paris,
and White Bereges,
do Tissues,
do Lawns.
do Organdies,
Collars- and Undersleeves,
Enzlihh Cran unA A
Crape Shawm -do
Veils, :
Silk and Cotton Hose,
Bonnets, Ribbons and Flow'ers,
Gloves and 'Handkerchief
Necklaces.Bracclets and Breastpiaj
All at Lour Prices.
March 27.
SWISS, Mull and Nainsook Muslins- c&V
Brilliantes. Organdies. Twna a-.-nc ZSy
dj bams, Jaconets, rich plain arid'faacv
Bereges and Tissues, ele-t blark and fancv
I snt. .f w , . 7r,Lf 7
,T ". A. Dyu AUW
Russell 4V Vance.
WE take pleasure in an- A -7."t n
nouncinz to our Cn- STQ
tomers and Dealers generally that we ae now
receiving and opening our supplies of New
Being the largest, most varied and A
Stock we havo ever had the pleasure of rar
ing to purchasers consisting of
Embracing the newest styles of silka Ttor
ages. Organdies, Brillantes. La wns.it c. toto-
with Bonnets of the ktet stvies and TifKr,.
and Flowers of the most beautiful patterns.
Those who want a Love of a hont- cW.n
call soon. Out stock of
Embracing .Cloths, Casslmeres, Satics, and
v estings in grent variety.
Also Boots; Shoes, and Hats, a 1
menfc, embracing every variety, style and price.
Also a large assortment of i:p:i.1v.w.,j.
Clothi ny. v w
We have also a larA tv.V ,.r -n,.;.
Goods, Hardware, Queecsware, Glassware, and
LuLery, besides many ether articles tonally
v -"cuurrangea retail nouses.
" V e invite our old Cn tfmPN ft nil all nrtiAm.
persons who want O.lo -
OMStooi heforo making their purchases, as we
thiuk we can offer such bargains as will in
duce them to deal with 03.'
Thankful for'the natronarra h
ceived we solicit a continuance of the same.
liubbLLL &.VANCE.
P. S. Those indebted. tans bv acrvinnf r.
requested to call soon and close them liv note
' D0Sy money me latter will bo much pre
ferred as we desire to do a safe and: promt
business and se.l our goods cheap, which w
cannot do unless w make collection..
March 20.
B. T.

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