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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, December 23, 1875, Image 1

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jQp Two IHll:r for one year, tnva--tably
in advance; Two Hollar and
i'Uty nl if payment be deferred three
rmmthe. All papers going out of the county
to tx paid for in advance.
X- Single copies, Five Cent each.
Advertising Rates
One inch $ 75 Fourth column. St 00
Two iathes.... 1 2jTl.ird column. . 5 00
Three Inches.. . 1 75 Half column... 7 00
Tour inc hes .... 2 25 of column ... 9 00
Fire inches ... 2 75 W hole column. .14 00
roa two week's.
One Inch 1 25 Fourth column. S5 50
Two incites . .
2 00 Third column.
Thne laches.. . 2 iHalf columu... 9 50
FouriiithM.... 3 60 of column. . 11 50
Fire inches ... 5 "f-jWhole column. 16 00
One in- h ... .?1 75 Fourth column. $5 25
Two i-idir-s 3 00 Third column . 9 00
Three iiichea... 3 75 Half column.. .10' 60
Four inches 4 75 of column... 13 50
Five i.ichfs.... 5 75, Whole column. 13 00
flinch 2 (0 Fourth column. S 7 00
IV ,. inches. . .. 3 60 Third column. . 9 50
Tn:re inches.. 4 50 Half column. . .12 Oo
Fouinclies....' 5 50 of colum ...15 00
lire inches ... C 25, Whole column. .20 00
"nc im-h :.. .&3 50 Fourth column. $ 11 00
I -v.i i.i -l.cs.... 5 (KJ: Third column. 14 50
T'i-w inches. . 6 50 Half column.. IS 00
2 75iHalf columu.
u incncs
8 00'?- of column.. 25 00
-e inches 9 fJW hole column, 'M oo
h;r l-ic'i... .-..I Fill, r r.nrlh i-MniTin t 1 Fi (Hli
T-.v- i;icin s . 7 (. jTliird column . 2'J tKJ
lo'iijn !,es ...11 oi ol colnmn . 6 ) w
Five i:icti?s....l3 0 J A hoh-column, lib 00
ror. six months.
: ..e inch f'l OO rourt!icolunin.2i 01
T wo inchf-3.... 10 "C.Thinl colnmn. 20 ()')
H.ree inches. .14 OOiIlalf column.. 20 00
Tuih inches 19 (X) ?4' of column.. 4S 00
..; ai'.:iiCH .. 2.1 t to j Whole columu. to w
One inch olO 00 Fourth column.f ? 00
v. iiu lies .. 17 00 Thir column. 47 00
Th-vf ii.ciies. 22 00 Half column.. 00 00
Fourihclies .. 27 0 of column. . CO W
T-'iv-i:,fh . . '2 0' 'I'A 'h-le column.100 Of)
ijt'y-" A'irtr! iscniems inserted at One Dol
lar j ti- Nf.iar.' of Ton Lines or les for the
i-.; in -('.: '.i.jii ; Fiftv Cents fur each contin-
i- !,'. tvJI.O" al and Special Notices,
Twi i.t v (. iiij her lint.
...-i.it.uri alealU oa candidate,
1 .; v i. i't.1 s per sfiuarc. I
i!,; ii!fvi!cF, of rearl.r advortjra
-,u-:!v 'n:i.:ca to tiicir own umneuiai. ;
:!v 'ii:ii:c(l to iluir own limneui (e
u-uula: l:eino;; and the business ol
iv-.iriii linn is not considered as in-
;i.n!of the individual member--.
No d vi 'tiou f.om tiiese terms under
n: -c;reuiut "luces.
, A'tve- tiseii' -nls not marked with the
-'tnt'i of iiiyrtioiis wlien iianded in, will
..!:: ' Uw'il ordered out, and iaj
... i. i.vrete.i.
; r-No r.drpi;i?leriei.'s insei t-l ;ratui-
A Ivoi-tisci.ic-nts of an abusive nature
w'A rot ! iiicnrtcd at any j.iice.
i.-.-p.iiiiiuiicir.? T.ii(iidau ioumt i"ive
:' i!l;.i-: C-.! C'e-i t a: ' tonal or F1''C- i
jiil 'id l)o:la' t lc paid in adraucc.
CUurc.h Directory.
rienhyteritti, Ftyetiuvi le r'vicc.H ev-
1V S:'d'Hth at lOl'lO and Mt night; Iu.V Geo
Il'i'l. li: S'.ll'l-lV soliool Ht3 A SI.
',j tl o .st --ei vices ir. ry Sablmth t
1 -1 ;.y and at. i.i;dil; KevAl Lawn pce.pastor;
: r. il.iy school at 8 'cio'"k.
1 Unulx'vran.l Pre- ytcri -.n services every
Sahbatu at 10:3'J and at night; ilev C V bu-
fl. .!
or: u: ia'. se'uool at S.
.if-..iud8t. Fivntviil" .erviccs Jst S:ib-
nth in ach month at 11 nd ni.ht; IIjv WA
jT'-acher in charge; Sun lay school v. II.
UnK ii Church, Pleasant P!hiiis servie( s
lb! Sabbiith each month at 11 and night lj
the lletiiodi-ts; iiev Mr Harl.am, preacher
n chnrse- 2nd and 4th Sabb'ath eacn mouth
at 11 hy the A-.), iate Ke'ormed Presliyteri
an, Hev J B Muse, paator. Union Sun
day s h'.ol at 'J.
A K Presbyterian, New Hope, services 1st
....A .. s.l.U.l.i .1 11. R..i!wl 9n.l a :iri
i;h Sablaths a.t 11 Rev A S Sioau, pastor.
' MetnoJit. Mulberry services oi a Sun-1
(1HV I'l C'.i".o lil.'lilji a t i & ... v. . u jv .. v . i i
Suii.l'V i.icht; Rev WJ Collier, nastor; Sun
day Sehft"l at 9.
Cuuibvrland Prebytprinn services 4:h
i.tiUMV each month at 11 o'clock a m and at
ri'j;ht;"l.'Mi jM.'rns,pastor;S:tbhatli school 9
Haptist. Mulberry--church session. Sat.-
iirdiv before 1st Sabbath in en"h m m h
ft- rv. com 1st Sabbath at 11; KevA Van II os :
I asii.r; ij:iblmth school at U
Cieted Presbj tevian. Lincoln servicn
.very Sabbath a 11:15 a m; Hev J W Wait.
;js ur; S'lnday bci.ooI at 10
Mi ihndist, " Shady (jrovn, (Sbeiton's
creek --services 1-t Sabbath in each month
:lll chic k; ii -v l Clenny. jne Klier n ni
L. be tr liMvt-services 2od sauba.ti at ,
11 a; Kev W A Gill, pr a. he. io charge j
Ciuuberlanil . Pi esbvttri.m. Oak orove, j
-rr PUniv.ile) Wviees 4th Sabbath in
,V;icli month at 11 o'clock; Uev A W Suth-
:i :'MI'l. Siil lily. I
i i
1 Old
an i,.r!un. Unite, on ttie letersnurir
ti mill S orltl o' f avellfv uie, im sou
. .' . - r-. - , ... i
'.id Sabbaths in eii-h i-ionth i!so hwan ,
t'leek c bureh, 'Jnil at.fl 4lii at)llHlllS in eacn ,.
.....,.rl.- I!,.v I P I V-lwii rie n:..tor. I
Cumb. rluiidPres' yteii;.!i. Cane Creek, on:
list.::!-lord roa.l. 5 imKs Noinioi ta
tlll'N'- ie.
'Jiid mid 4th Sabba'.hf. each mouth,
tlev J "It 'iijreit. pabt. r,
Mcihodiht, ok hill services 4th &H approach froTi the other side
th each m.e.th at 10 o'cioek. I ni' th.. m-nd-nf civ tlie bov
,:uii.l.erUn.irresbyterir.-llevX0Craw.,Ol Ihe Ul.U kCt , sa UlC IK.
f.r.l, pastor.
Motho iwt services -n.t samatti ai iu a
. 1 1 i. t l Hi ;
r.Hvi'. --!! i I'rest'.vtMiin eniees 4th!
Habbalh at k) a m: Khv .1 ', Tigert, pastor; 1 j y "Well, Dick, I gUCSS We'll
lZSWvy the Roosevelt street boat."
f'Mtli; I lim-1" ...... 7 .........
Mt. 21'Ttmm, Fiir.lville circuU tt vicos
Hrl Sxbliatli and jim'Iui Saiurauy;
Ii. v
W A Gill. iinarlier in clinrp.
Mc'loni.t liuiville circuit'
-sprvice t:h
Sabl.ath nr.c.Miiiz batuniay; Uov U A j
u,i.pri,aci,,r lacimrtrn
eye) 8 ,-i-vces 2nd Saturday :md Sundny ill
each month; Hev Sjxord, pstor.
M islonsrV laptisit N orris Vr"K, inuh ,
lIrill Directory.
Fayetleville lost-Office.
RilroHd lenvi'8 every day except Sun
day at 6 a. M.: arrient 5 Supj.li. s
.i... I..11,. j-ir.ir fliers: Kelso. LillCC'lli, t'lvnU
;i!i iiro'on. G -orce's Store, blora, Hunt a ;
Sut.on. Sal.-m. Winchester nd l), . herd.
Sliclliy vi11 stage arrives Monday, W ed- j
i.,i i-viiiav t IOa. m.: leaves same i
days at 2 r. m.
Sui'i'Iii' Mulberry. Lyiu h-
r ltnoneville. County Line. Shelby vilie. I
.,iiooiioint, u j K(n,i.iv. o,.,!1.
untsviHii. ijiase leioes ivionu.iv aim.
fhursdav at y a. m.; arrives Tuesday and)
ii.i...riMi. ctan-r
Friday at 4 r. m. Suoplic-i llar,.er Iomch Jn(j ,opei( ny astrie' atte'itioo
-!.,s,i,.a Hle Green, Mendianvillc and
lluntsviil" ' jto husines, to iu-nt the further
Shell-yvillc horse leaves Mondays and j cni.fi Ifcilce and orders of those
Thursda-ys atSA.M; "J?:"WhnUv bee,, pissed to patron
Friday at 4 p. m. Sujtplies orlI Creek, i I
Chestiyit Ridge.llawthorne and Shelby ville. jlZe him 111 the pat
Talaski ho?se arrives everv tim.; . -
M " leaves hauiv " --" ' i
rustoa, Boons Hilt. Millritle, P.Bgah, Brad
M .til Siitmlins Hv
sltaw and 1'ulaRki
ni.t.cho horse leaves every rnuayai,
fix M ; arrives Saturday at 3 r m. Sup-j I 'onArt . , '
,1 's Camarto, Motino.Co'.d Wr. Blanche, i over 2 000 The animals wen
Monev Orders can be obtained at this ,jrfl!r!,H4j the le-nth of two COlin-
Idr'Koi'M writ of replevin,
i..v be ue- n on applicatn.n. Rates of com-1 juid it 8. erns reasonable to mfr
inisbion ir monej v:u
dine Ho.
over 1? exceeding $30
do 30
. da 40
do do io
do do &0.
W. B. P0CTHAT, P- M.
Established December ISiti,
For Charity's Sake.
The Hatful of Pennies a Boy
Gathered In . a Fulton
Ferry Boat
Milton terry
as he c.uight a thinly clad, shiv-
j tM.j bai e it jot d 1 boy by tlie ear
1 U tn Inu-nvl 'I,,,
- 111 - a....w.
i i (l
"Get out on the deck
livelv now.' lhe little iel-
luw had been asking the pas
senger lor cents, and the man
had caught him at it. "Oh,
plea-c don't," screamed the
child, as the deck hand twisted
his ear, "I'll go, I will." A
fashionably diescd woman
Mepped quickly forward, and
ilks rustled an I her ees snap
ped fire as .-he said, ''What has
he done, whv do you treat the
t -1.1 l,.....,Kr9"
wrr m.
, . v , v"",, .......
"lie s a ;ni!iii oc.ii, I'lum,
a.,:, the r.ues tlo.su l ail oeg-
irirs in the noats. UlUiU. 1
iT . . n , id;iitie enough, and has long been
. , ' .
he. "it s coh outKie. lie is i ' , ,
i. . .:..A i B,. ,....., t,.;,ir;1ty; but iut what the Fed-
.1 . k . ...v i
Ill c .lii i i y iijviv.- iuuii
live or six years old.'
the biu: man let go the little -
' - . -
one s car aixi sioou
"Poor little fellow,
-i i
tiie lady, scanning
1 , ' i o i i v.
"ou look tired and hungry;
111 o nine IP! l.lfO ! INI'H. '
I've a mind to give you soiue-
"It's lor rum if you give him
a cent, mum; his folks will take
'm t ......... t'...lf 1.111. I...!..!. 1 1 1 O
II II IV II V 1 I I II Ml III I f I 111.
foot's j;it ashore three minutes,
....... -
answered the deck hand.
But the kind lady handed the
shi wring child one of Uncle
Sam's crisp fiftv cent promises
to pa' hereafter, saving, "he
certainly needs shoes and some
thing to i at."
"Mistaken charity," persisted
the valiant emniovte. y e
know em all tie 11
frood of the UlOll V.
s welcome
to the little I
gave him, sue answerei
4 4 i
tl, and
noticing that the passengers
were regarding1 her with rn'er-
et "a)ld I believe CVel V OUC ill
this cabin believes that I am
ight and that mo.-t of them I
: re
to give the poor
chil 1 a penny or two
The passengers did agree
with her, and i hey began drop-
ping money into the little lel-
ow ,.,t Uillj VuM)ic
pl'OVed his ljOU.IllZ.i.
The boat touched the 'plailk-
inir fFln. Uir cL'iliMin! tn tslimvi
c. . 11 . , .
u in i iici u.sa iiic oiiuv-l i u i m. a hi-i
I ilwi 1 1-, .1 t Hi,. In 1 I
j()n market.
The reporter f ol-'
lowed him around into Beck-'
m;in street aU 1 Saw him Wait Oil
,ue cum,-., iw u.i.u, , .
ward saw the well-dressed la ly
iu-n miniitos alter
carefully empty the money into
loved palm, and passing
the pair heard hcM- say cneeilu
A young in in of Clsic i.''
nie.-i m. nos !
sesi.iL'Hvvidefisl'i.iiihleaequiint -
e ' ! I
; U,wl,,.,UJ '
1. . 1 ;r Vr i I evil is not plain in the light ol
"lie can s t it lu re ll fe ne-t . . .' M .
i i- i? ' it k ,f, existing circuinstanees. The
haves himselt. mu-tn t l)''g,T.r , , 4,
- ,i i i '-Message ends abrupt v, verv
Us airm the rules, mum, and . , 1 - '
;' ...i,,,, vir ,,!,.......,. v :
j"Me varying ill amount fr
otn io
til"U to Hie loves i leiio.vs tuey
art just dying to kn nv, or for a
sinnl r Htn-.unr, with a p-rcentaje
if any ihin e.otnes of it. h will
t f i' II 1
in ike young in jn acrpmnted wrh
tlte idols thev tiave at h oistanee
rt,(,V(1 jj.j,, ,M pi.Hp.,re,l wi,,
i i
neatness and dispatch, io adv nee
li suits nf rnstmnern or to Ket
, j
h ick rivals with innuendoes m to
their character
and connet.tton,
A unit for the value of two hogs
j lias just been settled at Logan
. . i .,a
'thnt coRts lnciuae consequential
pi ii'nnini iuii uia i . . 'jfUltuj uunom xjoiuiimhmici UlJU
1U v.fiiia - . .
16 do datntsp f(,r the worry of tnind
.jo do which the hogs must have eudur-do
The President's Message.
TTnnn the slvlr nf ih Tv,.,..
utive Mt-ssiiffe no words need
be wasted. It betrays none of
Chief Magistrate to the Nation-
al Leiri
j t nre. The bombas-
lie, historic opening is poor
stuff, even lor bombast, and will
eairv its author but a little i-av
on its weak back. Xor is it of
much more importance to know
what the President thinks of
i he coming limn ol' the past
century of the .National exis
tence. The Des Moines in co
herency is injected as a stump
speech into the head of ihe Mes
ag, as if Congress ought to
looU after popular ethical ion in
the Stales rather than the do
ings of Washington and Whis-
an immense
sum total of church Dl'ODeitv
... . ' 'J
: lunvn n .. t mi mor w-, . w,,-.
( lal Oxovcrnment has to do with
the correclitn of tin
14 Towimr
miw.i. .... ..iK.... ..w... ! .
. . . , . . 11
inn it in nuIU'i fit' '-luiii in ! . .. . . .
1 ' " ,v
io meet a waning personal en-
i gtigeiiicnt.
l he most impor
tant oi it.- .suggest ions, howev-
. . . , .
7 1 .' .J 1 O
a statesman m the Execut ve
... , , t .
tuiicc v iiti win t.uvuie ins iiiue
and thought to the welfare of
the country, without any of
these unwelcome symptoms in
an ollieial address of preoccu-
. i .
inlw.i. n,i. I i.v.ln
OilUOli -.1111.1 IlflStU.
rhe people
will supply what the Message
a a
hurriedly omits.
War to the Knife.
The AVitshitiptoii correspondent
f tin- Savannah Jeius writes as
(ullows it'iout the. feud between
the Radical ins and outs down
A lit res t gneeiniiit is raginr;
hetwetn 1 h earpet-bagers and
so. dl.iuaejs ,,' Mi Idle l'enu- psee
over the F. deial ollioes. The hit
tt-r lio'd the i llices and the l- rmer
jirtf tr in-j to mist them Tiie.-e
t-xFed-r-tl 0'd.inls, O'Roake,
Jones Old Galhr.iith. Ilie been
pti-liii.ir l-r tii." eo heteihlii;). the
Msrslial'- p'.sitii.n and tl;e Pen
-ion Agency, and have b -en back
el up petty heavily. But the
pies-nt t t It cor, CiiiTe, is backed
y liiowniow, win 8on Jim
rutin i-tl his di.ughti r, and John
Ijiowid w bus been here act iiiil
lor tie.1 pirson v preventing any
etianjie.- The carpet baggers -sigh
hrMijn od ns their h-pe, and
h;i v that Jakey Thorniairgli, the
Il.-publieati nieuitt-r for that
Stale, H no account. So the
VVulj!(l.b,Jon;t.iils vviU ,,ave to
. . , , , ,,.
At Geiirs2etown. D-I-.lrtt wppk. !
Jo!m An;jrtf (;(lioied '
lHf.a(nK.r u he killed hia wife h.sr i
April . us found guilty of mur
der in ihe 2 I dt-gree. si ml ent ne
ed tostitnd in the pi 1 iory om? hour,
to be w hi nsied with GO hndifs
nw fi ..I S"i (Iflfi a,. A h i... !
' .
,,, - isoneil lor life. The loadimr
J "- ' "
...... I ,... Pi., ..... C P ' I
nokv rsiate Senator, has hein con-
-'vieted til issuinir a fraudulent
school etriificaie for $70, hy a ju 1
ry tif which 11 memljers were '
Ins own color.- and 0 of th-mcom- !
innmiMiiti! ii us own idoiudi l
A Brooklyn lawyer's four year-
old daughter is a diplomat i., the
future woman s era. Kecrntiy !
h r mother,rettiruing Irom church.
foiiTid her 111 irslialbng a long nr-ra)-
of toy olliers on the nursery
f! tr. "Are ou playing with wl
oiers on Sunday, Lou'tse?"' naid
ui itnma. "Oh. these are the ar-
inv of the Lmd." Was the ouiek
response uf their curly-headed morning, I wish you would tell babies during the canvas, was e-1 pl"d i?s t.nrs: v. 1U1 ih bi.ake . took p.ul 111 a grand .Masonic a. ioiLr r on 1 hursday, and was di
comm aider. him that tnv step mother is dying lected by tC Urne maj irity. So lit W'iJlt be worth wldle to make demonstration at Horn hay, In-! vor.ed on Saturday, uod he wm.W.
Ihe iniancial condition of Al-
abama is pitiable. The whole
taxable property of the State a-
mounts to 100,000,000, and the
: . 1 .1 .. .1 .1 irnjt r,rr .
iiiueuieuiiesi? is ncariy ovuuu,-
000. Of this, about 11,000,-
000 was incurred in legislative
indoisemcnts of the t-ccuvities
of various railroad corporations
now bankrupt,
all the ends thou aim'st at be
A Bad Fix.
Detroit Free Press.
It was one day in the early
history of Detroit that . John,
ll,m - As there were no scales
to weign mm ne went nis way
unweighed. (Patent.)
' When John Snow had crawl-
ed ovel' tm' Peer logs, rolled
j 'm the mud and eaten johnny
cake until he wasfo rteen years
old, his mother died. If his fa
ther had been like some men he
would have put a weed on his
hat, engaged a cheap house
keeper and continued business
at the same old stand without
interruption. But. he wasn't
like some men. lie married a
cousin who had two or three
children big enough to fight
John, and so the boy's aunt, be
came his mother and his father
became his uncle.
In due time John Snow had a
sister. STo, he hadn't either.
It was a girl, but he didn't know
whether she was a step-sister or
a cousin or a half-sister. Some
said that the girl would be his
grandmother if she lived long
enough, and he was almost dis
couraged. In about two years
more a boy was born, and John
figured and figured until he
made out that he was a hall-uncle
to his step-brother and that
his step-brother was his own
While John was off on a fish
ing excursion to Lake Superior
one of his half-brothers married
and John came home to find an
other baby.. He v-'anted to
know what relation he was to
this youngster, and he marked
the fence all over with chalk
and could not reach any satis
factory conclusion. It rather
seemed to him that he was a
quarter-brother or a step-uncle,
but there was the fact staring
him in the face that the child's
step-uncle was also its grand
father, and it might be its own
cousin for all he could make it
For two or three years Join:
Snow moped about among the
Indians and fur-buyers, and
then in a fit of desperation mar
ried one of hi:t aunt-step-mother's
daughters and became
brother-in-law to his cousin-hall-brother,
son-in-law to his
aunt step-mother, and the same
to his father-step-uncle. He
might have lived on ami been
happy if the public had lei him
alone, but -school-teachers went
on ntwi miufo -nnf thfit ho xq
his uncle's aunt and his step- j
mother's .mndfil her. and that :
he was no relation to himself,
and he pined away and died.
If isn't a great big four-sto- 1
rv with a basement, and bronze '
trimming, but John Snow's
rv.:,tl1Pr.hr.nf,-n tnmktnnn w.o,
unearthed at the Detroit East-
ern hay market by some dig-
gers Saturday, and it is well
that his late be known.
A snod story i extant of Mar
tin Van Riiruri vclui vviipii .1 P.rtn
didate for ofhY.e'-as he frequently
... .
w.-i found his wife weeoinff over
a bitter personal attack upon him
1 . .
r...r.ii..in ii I I.K.I. . 1 Mi ill I I I rri
jjr-i nwii.iii ntiaLix ujiiii
i ,,u l tlm i.PiMminnro. "Whv.
, Aa. aA t)u of
Kinderhook. "I ptid fifty dollars
tn l,vp that nrinte.L" The inci-
III, III hi, ... , .
1,1 J ""'i "
to have that printed.'
dent, whether historical or imagi-
nary, is a good example of the
" " I'-" '
value whicu many politicians sec ;
iinim nolitical atiuse. vvnn .lern
t,..tl.;.wr 5- mi Ptnl a ne.r ert. It
, "Uiiiiut -" f
h better to be assailed than to
be let alone.
'l5 thw thf rioctor s otlice7 lil
miirla !n vchn nonned
. .. . ... nr a .
fiead inside the sanctum door.
"No, sir the next flight of stairs."
"VvVll, I am .oo tired to go any
further." eaid he sadly: "but if
mi spm tin dnntnr nn'v time this-
and we'd like to have him call if
he tjme "
A child living at Bourbon, Ind., !
was struck 1 lightning recently.
. . .,i ir i.i.i
uh1 was r susciatea u o-mg nio
under the dripping eaves. ler
hearing and eyesight are sligh'ly
itnnaired. but noothwr mjuiies are
apparent, ab hough Ler hair was
crjpSe(j nnd her Wody discolored. .
thy Country's, thy God's, and-
A. Jlemory of Twilight
oom of twilight,
woihl from H Rht,
no angelH lighted
the lamps of night
i C0I..
.la npar the quai' e shrill pipir.p
From the Khadows, dense and dp.
! "Take mo on your bosom, mamma!''
(Jh. how weak my darling's words,
But to me they held the music
Of a thousand singing-birds.
Close I held her to my bosom,
Strained againstmy aching breast,
But the mother arms ab jut her
Could not soothe her into rest.
".sing," sho said. There was a ditty
To an old time Jaelody
That 1 u-icd to .sing to hush her
Into slumber, on my knse.
And I sung this simple ditty
To its old, familiar air,
While my tears were falling, falling
Like a raia upon her hair;
"Hush, my child, lie still and slumber,
Holy anc s gaar.i thy bed.
Heavenly ties nags, without number,
Cenily falling on thy head."'
C.-.me a light, so soft, so tender,
from the hhudows in the west.
And it t uched my d.irli.ig's eyelids
W.th the blesse 1 balm of re-t.
Oh, that li.ht so s!r.in,e, so r.diant !
i have often thought since the;if
That .in anrjr'J touched my darling
And so cnurnieii away her jain.
For she si pt the last sweet slumber
That a weary mortal knows,
And her fac; jrrew strange and quiet
In a new ami swet repose!
Ah. slie sleiit to wake, at morning.
On the calm, eternal shore.
To that new and strand's existence,
Wrapped in rest forevet more.
Married in the Snow.
A writer tells a story of a
runaway couple who reached
the p irson's house at the dead
ol night, when the snow Iny on
tiie ground and the winter winds
howled an anthem for-the wed
ding march. The' succeeded
in arotibing the parson, w ho had
been snugly tucked in his warm
bed for several hours. The
good man reluctantly raised the
window and asked "who was
there?" With chattering teeth
the would-be bridegroom an
nounced his errand. iS"ot even
the piety of the parson preven
ted his uttering a few impatient
growls at this unseasonable in
terrupt ion of his dreams. He
did not tarry to put on the wed
ding or any other garment, but
in thundering tones ordered the
couple to Maud well off in the
moonlight and to clasp hands.
Then he demanded their names.
"John Williams," said he, "do
you swear in the presence of
; God, as yen will answer irf the
aAV L jmlgment, that you will
take E!lza Catherine to be your
own y"1" true and your only
Jvl,c and that yu Wl11 1'cze to
hper as lonS as both shall live?
ll'f Prom"e was rVCI1 but thc
cold was so intense that the la-
dy Was Spared the O UCstlOll that
had ,bee Sivc and answered
by the man. "I pronounce you
man and wife and the biggest
fools that I ever met!" conclud
ing this -brief and all sufficient
ceremony; the banging of the
closing window intimated to
the loving pair that they had
i ii r ntr inn 'n in t v liiir i iioi i
,luini,1.- 1,101 c TO exI
iioiioii iiioi e n e.peei irom
th;lf fin lift ! finil tlinv Kfinn lw-
.,.....i,... .,.,.1
I - . fc.- . - -' ' '
l""t -il""l-, lU11,1
PPL,lIct, WOIKieilllg
at the
.strangeness of the situation, and
.1 I . I n . 1
oououu. n mey erc as ,
nineh married as they might j
I . 1. - f I I.
-f ve oeen unuer more unoraoie
An angry lawyer in a Xewr
vuuaiis coui l u inning uii iuh-
v.i ...,t: (:., :..t.
. 1 . ., . .
ta,,a lo u,row at an opi,oncnr
spilled the ink all over himself, ;
ailu UI:5U luv C1,CUJJ u,luocu'
v 1 -
mi... i .. .1 . .1
I M 1 1 ri S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T ! I r SMII1
-.w. 0 0
that there had been acontempt
of court, but theofFense bad in
volved a sufficient punishment.
The candidate lor the Pennsyl-
vania Senate, who kissed 1.G39
was the candidate who was caught
kissing another man s wife.
There is a man in Duer.a Vista.
AU , who has eleven daghters ' at !
' . . . .
home. It takes lyo yards ol cal-
ico to go round.
The editor who said his mouth
never uttered a lie, ptobab'y spoke '
throurh his nose, ' !
A Haven of UQrest.
From the Philadelphia Tress.
Bishop Gilbert Haven, of the
Methodist Church Xorth, has
done a very indiscreet and very
indefensible thing. He has de-
monstrated most emphatically ing out to 'the pices a lot of
that he understands Jieither the swindling advertisements.
political nor religious proprie- They operate from Virginia and
ties of his relations, and in the Tennessee. The first was sent
dramatic attempt at a sensation-' out by one Lindsey from Ab
al nomination for the Presiden- ingdon, Va. He pretended to
cy has damaged, according to J be introducing into this coun
his best ability, himself, his can- try ''Egyptian Coin." It was
didate, and his church.
With singular maladroitness,
at the very moment that the
irresident is sending to Con
gress a grave and well digested
message warning the country
of the dangers which threaten
it from ecch si.isiical ambition
and aggression, Bishop Haven,
himself an ecclesiastic, and one
of vast power and inllr.ence, if
his church organization amounts
to anything, in a re'igious con
vention called together profess
edly for religious purposes, was
engaged in. making a political
nomination to the first ollice in
the Nation.
Had Cardinal McCIoskoy in
an Episcopal Convention of hi
Church nominated Judge Kel
ly or Governor Carroll for the
Presidency the uproar all over
the laud would have been tre
mendous That an outcry from
East to West is not hear! over
Bishop Haven's politico-religious
venture is simply because
his action does not carrv the
weight that. Mr. MeCloskev's
would have done, and is not,
therefore, felt to be practically
as dangerous Its impropriety
and indecorousr.ess, however,
we hnve no doubt will be re
buked by nearly every re-pec-table
ionrnal in the country.
What the peopie most unmis
takably will resent and punish
promptly, and in every section,
is ecclesiastical interference
with our poiitics.be the hierarch
Roman Ca t h o 1 i c,B ud d h i t.Met h
odist, Pagan, Presbyterian or
A National Disgrace The
Emma Mine scuidal, with which
our minister to Iv gland, Gen.
Soi;enek, h.i b-i-n so unpleasant
ly connected, is beiug wiitibitf.il
at the present tim". It nppeais
that Scln-nck awpted a "loan"
of $50. OOP from the chif m:iini
er ot ihe c uicm, one Parks, -to
enable him t huv stock
at tli pum time guarjfntetd
Seiienek ;i profit of eighteen per
ct-nt. on his investment, uni-novvn
to the other stockh 'ldM.
So'K'iitk then fnfi-rml hitns.dl to
be Ul de a director, and underlie'
prestige ol iii.- !i;niie and influence
as U. S tniiiis'er KuiMpeau cap
italists wern ltd lo invest" in a
worthie- coiii t i n. G n S'.menek
maks hi- extHe, but I hey re
too ''aitonH'iJed" to si.isfv sensi
pe, p
cple General Sid
conduct in the matter i- u ui.-griice
to the A me i iean governm nt and
people, and the only til eg t bat
ciu no.v he d ine to sh w that his
actions are co. dt ini.ed hy our peo
ple is to P-call h:m. ii t Prcsi
djui Grmi d-j so at once.
n l i i
Oonie pitp'.rs are pui.ii.-ning. as
a cui ious'slein, a .statement to the
t fleet that a hnr.se in Iowa pulitd
the iilutr out eft! e buntr-hole of a
I C t-
barrel lor piH1 ose ol .hiking
hig tlir,t. Wedu not see an-
thing extraordinary in th" cir
cumistance. 'Now, if the. horse
bad pulled the barrel out of the
bung-hole, and slaked its thirst
with the nlujr; or, if the barrel
' .
had pulled the bung-hole out oi
tiie plug and slaked its thirst with
... - j , i r- 1 1
... . . . ,
tne inrst ; or, n me piug nau pun
ll.n I f Ihi. Ii.rrl .inrl
iu nui-c oui m 1.. u .....
8laked its thirst with the hung- j
Utile; or. if the bung hole had pull-
ed the thirst out of the ,ute, and '
slaked its plug with the barrel;
or, if the barrel had pulled the i
horse out of tie bung-hole, and J
some tuis ove r it.
"Where fhail we put thi??' ask-'
ed a man of a Ilailf rd woman,
at the same time pointing to the
jL i. ti i i i
i.tritu ijKjn y ji uvi iiuou'iiiu, 1, tiiv.il j
he and other neighbors had:
brought home. "Well," said the
rI....I f liur liilV..ril .l.li-.Vl
widow, "I'm furel donYknow.-
I'm just d me bouse cleaning, and
I mat have it brought in he rf!''
VI)!, XXIRO. 43.
Faom the Stlinsgroye (Pa.) Times.
For some years already sev-
eral scoundrels or , the same
scoundrel under dillerent names
have been engaged in send-
to be a womlcrful corn but
whoever &ent him money lor
; the corn never heard of him a
5l" uimvi liiTT OdUlC UU3IUC3S.--
Since then they operated from
Cleveland, Tcnn., and were
introducing a wondeiful pio-
rr'ltit Imilii tl... o.it-.. I.i-t ...,.-...
duction known as the "Japanese
The same parties are
engaged introducing the
"Celebrated Spanish Nut Chu-
fa or Souchie." It is &Uo an
article of wondeiful production
and usefulness 150 bushels
to the acre, no matter how rich
or poor the land, or how hot or
cold the climate." The fellow
who offers the "Nut ' is S. Y.
Haines ol Cleveland, Tenr.
Lucius (X-ment fc Co., also of
Cleveland, Tenn., the same
party who were introducing the
'Japanese Pea," are now in
troducing also from Cleveland,
Tennessee, "Hughlitt's Ivory
Wheat," which produces 80 to
100 bushels per acr and weighs
70 lbs. to the measured buhel.
It will take, for they miv it
comes direct from Africa!
They offer 100 grains for $1,(0
or oUO grains for $-1,03.
Frank Lindsey & Co., lately
set up again at Ilolstein, Va.,
Irom which place they propose
to introduce "Canary Birds"
S lipped by express at $3 and S5
per pair to any part of the U.
States: ni -o Parrots, Swans, and
other '-pet an m lis." But the
g am. oojec;. is me mirouueuon
oi toe cui routs oi uapan.
"inese oints mey say, "a:e
covered with long .silky hair ii
stead of feathers, green, purph
and variegated
ieate and ten
lledi very de! -
el hi re as
brahmas very hardy and great
layers, never have the Cholera
or Gapes, and are sold at pres
ent at $8 per pur or $lO per
trio." Wondeiful! Ami it is
also wonderful how many " pub
lishers continue to be deceived
by thee swindlers,' who ought
to be eomk ti d at nee and sent
to the penitentiary.
Untrue to Himself.
He is a 8ecoi.d hand clothier,
and hoi's forth in onth Second
h reel. If was about the hour of
ten esterday morning wlo n he
reeled into an :nij lining estphbsl
iiudl, e! I into a r.hair, weaved
his hiunl.s ifito tie tangled loeka
of his gray hair, and rocking back
;md forth, tno med oiU:
'Uh! dear, oh! dear, I ish
"Vat is der mitter, Jacob,''
i .ihi d bis s rnpathizir-g brother in i
the trade, Koiliiig over him 'yoars ago to repress Yukoob Khan,
"You remember tlat coat vot (happening to get out ul provision
I paid six bits for on yester-,eti route, stopped to supply tt.eni
d:i vV" -i selves hy planting gram, aud are
"les, I remembers him.
'Ju.-t now a man from the
country comes in and asks me
how much foi dat, and I telis'a
him dree dollars; and would ; COmina out of a loou this alur
you believe it, Mo-es, be puts ! no ,;' -Well, my darling," re
his band ii--ht into his pocket p:iel the horrid wretch, "you
and pays the full price u it'iout woildu't have 3 our husband stty
a word" Here he lowered Ins jng j,, a 8(tlOOI1 all day, wuuld
voice to the lowest whisper y ,u?"
"so help me gracious, Moe.-t, I;
believe he d paid me Ihe dol
lars, just the same."
"Jacob, how you vas swin
dled vourself."
. .
1. ..... ....- .l
-if;il oi o iuait;." oiu 11.11 c
mine self so much as never va,'
And t he old man limped back
ito his own establishment, ami
doubled all his goods at first call.
Tl'e Prince of Wales lately
It is said that the brderjto know if a b gger w.ek'H wvrk
I has rapidly become popular' a
mong the natives, there being
Pa 1 see, Hindoo andMohamme-
dan lodges, as well as English.
' ;
"What is the interior of Africa
principally used for?" asked a
teacher of his pupil. "For pur-
pos?s of exploration," was the re
Hotel Char;e;i. .
How aPcnnpylvunfa Irf-'u Ter.glA
the West rinatcicriug,
Pm ths Tff-k (Pa.f D-tooorit
Not long since t ro York fnert'
visited Kansas, They stopped
at a hotel one forenoon,-ajid af
ler dinner one of them wall ed
down to the barber's s! op to
get shaved. The shop wa hu ,
tne oaroer iiavmg gona oft to
take his after-dinner nap. Then
the York man walked back to
his landlord and said: "With
your magnificent country, w hich
is the garden of the world, vou
ought to be the most prosper
ous people oh earth. That you
are not is due to the fact that
you don't attend-to business.
You don't look for coppers.
Here's your barber now, shut up
an ! gone where he might have
earned ten cents by bhaving me.
Now he don't get it, for I'm
going to shave myself, and sae
my cents. I have a .razor in
my valise, and if you will show
me a mirror I will shave my
self." The landlord said flic
barber was a shiftless cuss, who,
like most Western mtn,cou!dn't
compare with Pcnnsyhumians
for attention to business, and
patience in scooping in the
dimes; but he hoped they would
all improve in time, and thn he
showed our friend into a room
where he found a gocd sized
mirror, and shaved himself
Soon after he joined his com
panion and congratulated him
self on the success he had Lad
in saving ten cents and teach
ing Westernmen financiering.
After tea the pair paid their
bills, and went to the depot to
itake the train. On their wuv
the man who hadn't shaved
said: "Pretty reasonable honso
that; only a dollar for dinner"
; n l supper." "Only a dollar?"
said the other; "n hy, I paid .1
dollar and a half 1' and a little
further explanation showed that
he ha i been charged fill' per
cent, more than his companion.
So back he went, and demanded
of ihe landlord an explanation,
and got it in these words: "The
fi!y cents e.xtra is for ihe uc
of a room. You don't supple
ive can have our rooms turned
into 'arber shops lor nothing
do you?" And .the man w ho
shaded himself went to the di
pot a sadder if not a better man.
He don't brag much of his ad
venture sine.' his return to York,
and it will be some time beloio
i.t:c:npts to givo another
v,teru man a lesson in finan
I c;e: ing.
Mark Twain being cilled upon
jt ontrihute to an album for ti e
! M iachu-ett.i Irifmt Aavbiin
i J
Fair, furnished the following:
IIautfokd 0otuher5, 187-3
"Dear Madam I leg to wi-h
the be:-t MiccrStt arnl a long t:?ret:r
i f usefulne.a to the Infant A")
lum F or. But words are -utpt;
de ds are what hhow the i-nri et
spirit. Therefore, I an willing to
be cue of a thousand citizens who
tdiall agree to contribute two tr
inure of thtir rhildien to thin en
terprise. I do not make tin oiler
in order that. I may appear gaudy
or lavit-h in the v)es of the world,
fur only to lit Ip a worthv cause to
the best of my ability. Very tru
ly, ours,
"Sam'l L Clfmexs.
-(Mark Twain)"
John Chinaman's method of
W tifare is slow, if not sure. 'lh
troop who s'aited from Pekin
for iheir western frontier thrte
now awaiting the harvest.
4;Z pheidah," said hi; wife, with
c tUuz sevtriiv. "i w ou
j James Hill, of the United S.a't n
IDidiiict C uit for M:s.ii.-sippi. las
L t- rally changul tht cempl xiou
... .
1 . iimuni tlmt muirt I u .
, , .. , - ,
in uiki' in ...... . .
j m,m u,; P;iIJf a,i vvno canno.
iread wrltu auJ Clu,Pu,t; el..
An Indiana gentleman buried
one wile on Tut-sdav, married
was ever perfoi med hy any .vxu
in m tefore the panic
M km r 11 is, November 22.
Ben Parwater was &iiot aiut fa
tally wounded at Gardner'-,
Tenn., th"i3 morning, by C. L.
Brooks, in retaliation for the.
alleged seductioa ot hb biater.
by Parwater.

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