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''r!ibrMlajKor&ln,DeceBibr;2S 1875j
" 1
Hard Times.
Much as we complain of hard
;,,. fannUnrr innlnnm.
w.s.!.,.. .....
ty arc in an easier imanciai con
dition than those, of most
lli Nashville, last week, the !
.. n -r ... ii ... r.
l an lire oi r,win, xenuieion a.. , P
. . . , . . inossess. Of this, a
C., wholesale druggists, was
anrounced.- They owe 70,000, -John jaCob 2d gets the 1 ion's jwrters on medical subjects in
of which they think they can! share, or some 35,000,OJO. t10 country. This work, al
pay about 2.Vper cent. Anum-jThe remainder was bestowed :reajy n jts third edition, is a
Ikt of other houses are sell-J" miscellaneous bequests to rc- Iargej clcgant volume, popular
.na.n.lKi' mPltl lPrS Ctl tllf 1:11111 V. ' .-.! 1 t 1
i i fliif:'"ai"" 6 j ,
,ng atcoat,or being sold on. the lattei. l,ow-
tiv the f-nenn.
Cincinnati, able-bodied
men, respectable and worthy,
who are unable to secure em
ployment, are petitioning to be
(cut to the - work-house, w here
they will have shelter and food.
In Montreal, laboring men
arc inarching through the
Htreets - begging for labor or
Ii is true that times are hard;
labor is unemployed; individu
als, corporations, counties and
little hone of i better condi-l
litue nope oi a ueuer conui
tion of things until there
radical change iu our
policy. The people compre
hend the situation, and will not
be coaxed or driven into the
support of any party not com
mitted to reform. A 4 "'specie
basis," to which the Itepubli--n
party is committed, would
bci gar the country. The rec
pie demand' that contraction
shall ceac, and that the vol
ume of currencv shall be com-
110 cffict; the honest, reflecting
mensurate with the rcnuirc- jized that the game had been 'established by A ashmgton and
ments of legitimate business.-: more earnest than he had sup-'otha Presidents of the United
m it 1 i l v 1 i posed. JLticn he cornmenccil Mates, in retiring from the Pres-
fhe talk about '"dishonest mon-lthc fight for libcrtV) which end-: idcntial ollice after their sec-cy,-'
"rag baby," etc., will have j cd as we have seen. Taught !ond term, has become by uni-
masses will peivirt in pursuing ;life to ii'Sard money as the one , our republican system of gov-
the course we have indicated. 0ll r'ce lliat, 5.s ;fl i'cniment, and that any depart-
: . r 1 application aim irresistible mi ure irom this time-honored cus-
3 A very interesting operation; this was, very natu-j torn would be unwise, unpatri-
4 ( . , i n -f- n- ; rallv, the agent which he selec-'otic, and fraught with peril to
ter lrom a lormer citizen ol Lip.- , ,v -ii- v i- i V
; ted to aid him. JSor were his our lrec institutions.
co.n county, now of Colorado, calculations at fault; for the re- ; .
is before us. glean as fol- sult has proved that monry is X3? The State of Tennessee,
2ows 'stronger than the intense and -through its Gjvenior,haa announ-
'I left the San Juan country ndeous indignation of a whole ce( inabilitv to meet the Jan-
the 8th of ' November. The lwol),e- sUT' in hlM,roSHuary interest 0:1 its State bonds.
snow was very deep. We 7crc ,css to:1,(l 'reeilom are known; ;
three days crossing tin; ran--e. ; to a11" f " si, wlrcn the law had i A number of lots be-
.-.nd we like to froze. The snow U'libeiMU-lv and finally pro- . , . tQ the cit of Xash
was Uvo ieet deep on the Mnn-:"''-;!1!11-fm Jlivillea advertised bv the slier-
nut. He were ten 1 avs irom-
100 miles", having to I'Jot it and money brought the craltiest k
pack our blankets on Mexican c-ksnr.th to pick his prison
bnros or jacks, if you gie locks aiul sct ,ilin Iiee- l-v-them
the righf -name. I ; rested on other chaiges and a
am now in Del Norte, which !:i!n ,mP' 'ncd, the same pow
i;..e tlr. l.lr nf ilt. T.'ir'erlul ally oiic'c more came to his
(.irande river. This is a horri
i!( iilaec. There are suventprn
saloons in the town, and it is I
not one-third the size of Fay-j
etteville. There is a fight here
nearly cverv night. A man
was shot the" other night, but is
..-..ttJiKr xvaM Tlioi. -i m..,..f
many opanisn living nere. 1
don't know how they make a'
living, but they are fat an I
ileal iy.
I t... 77
good old family newspaper, the
Xew York Oiiseiiveii, now
some fifty-three years old, still
holds on to the old truths which
were so firmly advocated when
it was founded. Xo new lights
or nineteenth century doctrines
have ever caused it to trip or
make any false step. It is al
ways satisfying in our day, to
take up a newspaper that rs
sound and reliable. The On
sr.iiVErt comes to us weekly
with a variety of reading in ad
dition to the news, and it is al
ways pure and healthy just
the paper for a family. For
specimen copies, address S. I.
Prime & Co., Xew York.
The Fourth Congression -
al District of lennessee, around j 1 weed s recapture grow beaut 1
which there seeras to hover Bomejb' lss
f.tdity, two members having al-l pnr metropolitan journals are
V . . . 0 . iiiot particularly celebrated for
ready been elected to represent it, livin togethcr in ,armony at
both of whom died, have again any time, but theie has been a
chosen another in the person of little mid recently between the
Mr. Kiddle, an old-time Democrat. Times and Grajiiic, which was
We hope Mr. Kiddle has his life rather lively even for Xew
well insured. . York. The Times commenced
the attack and in a week or so
Jjgg" Gov. Porter has refused j had so covered its adversary
4 in.l.ocn iha Pfinitnntinrv with mild til.lt, thfi Hl-anllr
The whole matter will be left to
the next (icneral Assembly to 4- ,,"
un- uv-vi. j v!ta pristine purity, lhe pi
Oar New York letter.
AstorN Will. ''There's Millions
iu it." - AVhere 's Tweed ? A I
Character Worth oo,ooo. a-!
miispmntP;irft?rjihs. "ilan-!
,--. -
From Out Own Correspondent.
New York, Dec. 18, 1875.
IZotAe Udltor Of UBSEKVEK.
rrm . V V X" I
-T0 err is human," especial-
ly as to the amount of a very
HJU ill 111 )ijt- y m xi.'uM !
'two weeks ago public opinion
as to Mr. Astor s wealth crys-
as lu "T"' ,VT
tallzcci at 100,UOU,Wa lli
talized at 100,000,000. j
will, recent lv admitted to pro-'
lo-jbate, reduces that figure just a -
:oout onc-nau, out bun ieatja "Common Sense Medical Ad vi
sum that the average man would j
Dl toicrauiv wen tsuusuu-i tu
I posse
was gen
erally understood to be the case,
ovor. henv' but leeblv repre-
w v - 7
One of his sons who commit-
ted the unpardonable sin of
marrying "below his station,'
was cut off with 30,000; but
happily in tins instance tne enus ,
of poetic justice were served by
his having been already made a
" A . -II.
(millionaire through his grand
father's will.
The Hon. Wm. M. Tweed has
been suddenly called from the
citv on urgent business, and his
present whereabouts are not
known with any great precision.
ue paper &a mat "no"us
ias beCn hcard ab(?llt , 1)lltiSical table at the Academy of
t t that wu liaver,: . t.
ere is ajjardly hcard anything a
financial 'any one else since his depar
. -
any one else since nis uepariurc. ;
part urc.
But seriously, it looks as though j duced into Congress to repeal
this were the end of it, and asj lhe liational banking law, to re
though with the Boss's escape! ,
the curtain had fallen on the i storc lhe franlcing privilege, to
long and tedious farce calied .reduce the President's salary
"Xew York Justice." Previous 1 after IS77, and to refuse subsi-
to his incarceration on Black- to imblic or private enter
well's Island, Tweed maintained ' . r .1, . it,
, ., , . . prises. In the House, on the
a bland smile and what-are-von-ii , (1 , .
,rmn.r.fn-eln-.-,bant-;t:i;r. with i 11" ,llC following resolution
which hi
caricatures have fa-1
miliaried the public; but once)
witlun the striped suit, lie real-;
by the history of his previous
iW 4,IU l,,!s :
: rescue, and once more it vras
V.iown to ba invincible. For a!
while it only procured him extra
luxuries oI lmnS but lt was'
nat Ion- l,cloi'e b&lls a!!'1 ba,"s!
began U) be worn away by its;
corrosion. Gradually as the J
case progi"csscd the mass of tes-;
hiShcr aU(l lli'h' against him,;
uiti a jiiare 11 uy just m projior-i
tion as the meshes of the law
drew closer about him, were his!
liberties and privileges increas-j
ed, until at last, all the plans;
ior 111s nigi-c naving oeen ieis-
urely perlected, and the eyes of j
keepers and detectives being;
tightly bandaged with green-'
backs, our bulky hero quietly I r
vanished, leaving Xew York ; L
staring vacantly in all direc-!
tions in helpless indignation at
this humiliatimr and disgraceful
exhibition of official corruption,
Of COlirse Something has tO be
done tO allay popular feeling,
and SO a tremendous lllie and
, . . ,. ,
cry is raised by the police, and
ft crro:it. dp.nl nf talk inn do liv
i. 1 !. i.- i.i.
uib iiiyHfi pwcis, no UKiinti
and threaten to remove their
snbnrdlnntoc lmr all thnf lonl-c I
goes by, and the prospects of
,4i,:i - a ii,t :....:ii 4 u
thinks that it will have to have a
; Oaill 111 IIIO COUrtS to get l)ack
MtM-1 1
. -. , 1 ? 4 1 1 1 :
un'ir. 1 11 1 iv iiivu nun iii'icr 11:1
been damaged to the. . value . of
$600,009, 'and desire the Times
to nav that sum forrenairs. If
one-half of the letter's charges
are true, five cents would fully
cuer uie juss.
Trade U besinnina: to show
j holiday activity. The market
jis filling up with everything
hnr. u;t, nntliino- mnrP lnrfrplv
tjjan books, which have for
POme time een comw as thick
snow-flakes. Out of the
raass a .few as ugtIal) be
,lf,pPssfni Thft one -which
promises to have the largest
of many yearS) is The People's
ser byR. Y. Pierce, of the
World's Dispensary at Buffalo,
one of the most prominent
mailer, siy iu, aim iiriiru, aim
cnnnot fai, tJ add to Ar. Pierce's
high reputation.
Amusements are attractive
and well natronized. The on-
ly n0vclty that bids fair to be a
j striking success is '-Bosom
i Friends," with Mr. Jno. Gilbert
as star at Wallack's. Mr.
Fechter holds to a French dra
ma at the Lyceum. "Mighty
Dollar" and ;Our Boys" are fi
nally withdrawn after very suc
cessful runs. The harrowing
"Hose Michel ' continues to
draw crowds to the Union
Square, ami the German Opera
;COmpaiiy, with JYachtel at its
head, sds a very attractive mu
jiUUSlV, ItAUlAi
13 anis nave oeen nuro-
was adopted 232 to 18
"Hcfiolved, That in the opin-
ion ot this House the precedent
versal concurrence a part of
ill' to be sold for debt.
50c to Cu per dozen.
liliOTKK & DAK EI!
Sfitcll Mcldline
at Manufacturers' prices.
at manufacturers' prices.
j Sfntl needles by mail on receipt of
Wgassor ment of Burial Case, and
! Caskets, from the smallest to extra large
I Hs,nd prices from 10 to ?50, ready
' trimmed, including outside case.
j 55-Also a iareiot of Fi4i Bros.& Co's
'Wagons just received, at $90 to $110, from
:liiht2 to 0 horse size. D. 11. HOLT.
sep. L, 1873. tf o
J. L. Brvatlt, II. B. Morjan.
I t JjtncJib urg
KEEPS a full line of goods in all the
different branches of trade, viz: All
grades of fancy and staple Dry Goods,
Made Clothing, Boots, Shoes and Hats.
Y"e also keep the best of Coffee, Sugar and
other jrroceries. Iron, Nails, Horo and
Mule Shoes, Castings, Cook Stores, Tin
ware, &c, all of which we trill sell
Cheap as the Cheapest !
We want all the
Isring us jour Wheat, Corn, leathers,
iiccswix, Ginseng, Dried Fruit, Es,
'n' ny thing else that will sell, and get
1110 market-price, for it in cheap goods or
r . ' - j uaimiiu tut tawio
17G. . NEW YOKly,
Kiphtcen hundred snl seventy-six is the Centon
ninl CHr. It i also tlie year in which nn Opposi
tln liouse of Representative, the first sinco the
vettT. vt ill be iu power at Wt.liinf;t' ; ami the ytnr
of the twenty-third election, of n i'jeiiteiit of the
I'nited State. All ot thec eveDin are sure to lie
of irieiit intcret and iuiportuiire, ef-cially the
two latter; and a'l ol thcHi andcverrthiiiK connec
tel with tbrm will le fully and fre-shly reported
atd pxpotiodud lnTnEirN.
Tle tipoition J)uu?e of Representative, tnk
injrvip tte line of inquiry fpeuei years an by
Tut U!i. will t-eMorniyarildiliffontly investigate
the con tipl ions and inisiee) of Grant's !
iiiintf iratiim ; and wilL, it ii to bo hoped,- lay the
liiDdat:on lor a new and better period in our nat
ural history, of all this Tnu SUN will contain
complete and accurate accounu. furnishing iiS
reader with early and trustworthy information
ipn these ab-orlmig topics.
The twenty-thin. I're.-iilential election, with
the pwpanaiibns lor it, will he mPuior.tlile as de
cldinK upon tin am '8 afipiraticiiR for a third term
of powerand plunder, ami still more as decidiPR
w ho shall be the candidate of the party of ki tonn.
and as elc-ctui, that randidatc. Concerning all
these mihje-t!, those who read TnK will have
the constant means ot being thoroughly well in-
The Weekly Sck, t.-hich.h.it attained acircula
'shfy NhousauVTOp
i-'veiy rate and Territorv, and we
tlooot over etgnty
iu readers in every
trust that Uie rear ltJTS will see their numbers
doubled. It will continue to he a thorough news-
loumi in" it.condtnced when tmimiKirtant. at fi.u
length when of mogieiii: ani ahfiiys we trust,
treateel in a clear, iutercsting anu instructive
manner. .
lt. isouralm to mnVp the TTtEKLY Sty the lest
family nexvjia!)er in Lie tvorld, and we shall eon- .
tmiie to frive f.i Hi toluinnta large Jmoui,s of mis-
cellan oi;s readinp, such as stone?. tale, icin, j
seientidj intelligence and apieuitural inforuia-1
tion, tor wlcKh we are not ah e to make room in
our dAilv edition. The agrieultur.il departnie! t
especially is one of irr prominent features. Tie:
la-iiions are aUo rceulnrlv vei.orted illlIscoluulU : !
aim so are uie markeisoi everv Kind
The Weekly s-r.v, eiht past with fifty-six
liroad eolumr.fc is only l.'2oa venr. uostasre'Dre
paid. As this price barely repays the coet ol paper,
no discount can tie made from" this rate to clubs,
The Dill.VM'i n l.'IVir,. iinr 11-lirf. Ilfl!-STIA1V rtf
twenty-eipht minimis, pives nil the new for two
cents acopy. buhscnpuoii. po.taSe prepaid. 55c.
a nioiitiiiir .i..u a year, scnpav edition, extra,
per year. We have no traveling agents.
A'l-l"kSVS''SeW York "'J'"
: .
Insolvent Notice by the Chan-
eery tonrt.
'17nETlEAS, David C. Hal!, aelministra
f V tor, &c, of O. ?. Uriflis, deceased,
in the Chancery Cotrrt
ssec, on the second of
by decree pronounced
hied his insolvent bill
at FayetteviHe, Tennessee
cuuuuiui'i.iuto.iiuu uv ucLiet: I'luiiuuuueu
rVn ....! wi .,. aF 1.a Pl.nn.n.
Court at Fayettevi le, Teunesce, in the
cause of David C. Hall, administrator, and
others against Dessa Grifiis and others, it
was ordered that the administration of
said eMate he removed to the-l'hai.cerv Court
for the otate to be wound up as an insol
vent estate.
This is to to notify oil persons to file!
their claims properly authenticated 011 or
before the 20tli of February, !76,
with the Cleric and Mast-.-r at I'ayetteville,
Tennessee, for pro rata distribution or thev
will b- forever barred. D. W. CLARK,
nov. Uo-uiu Clerk and Muster.
Jno. XV. Davidson.
0 ab iHet-Ma kerJ
7 !
FayetteviHe, Tenia.
it-- j n 1 ! it- t
Also ilocs Carpenter's anUoinsr's wort,
SMM m M'eiti
' ' ' '
F all kinds made to order with
cs j7 sj r rr vrt
llt'pairetl and Vnrnishcd!
at short notice !
of every description furnished without
deiay,- and at reasonable rates!
Jzv Call or leave orders at J. 1.!. Wil
son's shop, on College street.
Wanted for the
A nurraiive or the ri
advenl'.n es an.l travels ol" M;
anie I...I. t alttMjucz, o!ienvi.-e
known as
K litcil !iv t .1 Ve)lTHIt;TOS. I.nte 1'. S N.ivr.
f A DAM K VKL.Vseil.'KZ. li-ftuise.i ;.s a C011IV.I
4 1 cntte oflieer. ii:irti.,ijat-..il iu a nuiulH'r of Ike
h.txl ".t fi.nlit battles of the lat.'. war. ami grreatly
(lisiiiiuNliL-.l lii'i-elf ly tie" rxtriior.1 inary Vrtior
she cl:ail.iy.'.l. she also .listiiiguislieil iieiself as a
Spy ami Secret Service Ajre;it,
and on numerous occasions ran through tlic Feder
al linos iind oit:iinel infonniiti.ni of vital iuipor
lani:.; to the onl'ederato eoiiiinaiulers. Ulitaiiiiug
aitiiiission leliind il.e
Scenes at AVasliiiiirton.
s1ieest:i!;iisliut confident inl rel;siions wi;h pmmi-
uciit Federal oflicinls; was eoimoned in the great
Boml Swindle,
liywlii.h tiie fnited States Treasury suffered to
til;' extent of millions of dollars : whs aelivtlv en-
gagJd iabloekado runiiing. and in Client: raging
Substituting: and IJounty Frauds,
by wh it-h tlie work of lei ruitinsr tlic Federal ar
mies mas gi) seriously impelled; and was the heio-int-of
a iiuinhei' of exploits even more inlerest iug
than those of the hat'le-lield. It also contains a
history of her .Miiiiiitr t.n the l'aeitlc slojie. hr
1'raveis in Kurope, .south America, and among the
Mormons, I.ove. Courtship. Marriai;', etc.
The xliove tacts are substHutiated l.y leading
men both south and North w ho pai Dtdpated. No
hook of siieh varied and intense interest as the
Worn: u in liatlle has ever been issued in Amerit-a.
-renls wanted in every county in the t'nited
States. Agents fan make more money ! e.iiivass
i ii ST for tliis hook than any others, as it is the eheap
est as well a the host si-lliii Aftents' l)t:ok ever
published. The book is a lanre oeMvo volume of
over 600 paires. iirofusely illustrated. We print,
bind and publish our ovvti books: hence fan i.llow
larger roniinissior.s than any other house. Secure
your choice of territorv at once. Address
C'oit. 1'kyok asi Mitchell stklits',
dec. 9 A 1 LAN TA, GKUKOIA.
In Chancery Court at Fayette
viHe, Tennessee.
E. P. Reynolds vs Henry Turner and others.
December liules, 1875.
IN the above cause it appearing that spa
to ans'r. and alias spa to ansrr have been
Issued ior dcle-ndant llenry TurRer, lo the
tounty of Kutherford, State of Tennessee,
and it appearing from the re-turn of said
fcheiifl. liiat detendant Henry Turner is a
non-nsident of the State of Tennessee,
and is (aid to be a residtnt of Lvansvi.'ie,
On motion of complainant's counsel,
and it appearing to the saiislaclion of the
Clerk and Master from the return of said
shcrilf that said defendant Henry Turner
is a non-resident ol the State of Tennessee.
It is therefore, ordered, that publication
he made in the Fayette vilxe Observer, a
newspaper published in the town of Fay
etteviHe, for four const cutive weeks, com
uiandinir said defendant Ilenrv Turner to
appear t or before the uest term of the
Chancery Court, to be held for the county
of Lincoln, at the court-house in the town
of FayetteviHe, on tho first 3Ionday in
April, 1?6, and plea6 nnswer or de
mur to complainant's bill, or the same will
be taken or confessed, and set ft r hear
ing ex parte as to him.
A trt;e copy, attest: D. W. CLARK,
tie.?. 18 o Clerk and Master.
!mi;a.w asnieif 1,11,. tfPtffx.uimiiummjH.L.wwjJ.wj
Personal Property
On "Wednesday, January 5th,
: 1870,' - " '
WILL ofT r for sale to the highest bid
der, on ten months' credit, at my house,
near the mouth of Cold Water.consistingof
Morses, Mules, Cattle,
Hogs, Farniinp Utensils, Wbeat, Corn,
Kitchen Furnittr, etc.
dec. lC-2t o .J. S. IIOBBS.
Saturday, January 15th,
i QftX
B Jf Ol)etlicnco to a ttccrre of pale pro-
1 nounced at the OctobtT term, 1875, of
; the Chancery Court at Favcttcville-, Ten-!
; . . ,." .
j nessce, in Uii case of Hush. Thomison,
! cuardmn. afraitistT! Ij. Willinmsrin I wiil
sttend at the CO'll t-house (1 Mir in llio town
1 Bl u,t :., , VI10Use u ,or 5n, lL l0" 11
01 r ayettOVlllo, IctinesSiC, and offer for
sale to the highest bidder, at public outcry.1
. ... ? ,, . , ' .,t , "'Jt,
,or c',st, the "'.lowing described j
Tlflf'T (IP T 1 YD '
situated in District Xo. G, of Lincoln
! r t.,....c i j'i-r.n'
to-vti: Beginning at asfake in the middle
of Is'oriH creek, tiriswell'd north-east cor-
! Tier, sllld runniti? thence un the rrpf-t with
i its meanders, J'orth 40 tlcjr East 40 poles
i ,h..-0 vu w A r,-,. oo . .f.-'
"""""'"'- 1'asl p'e, iiiirce
orth 2 drr. Fast 110 poles, tht nee North
! dog. Kast V,l poles, th.-uce Xonli 1 tleg. i
j Kast 17 polns, thence North 1 dog. Kast 11
P?est 1 ,vh,'e w:,k' trt,ice, Xorth d6s-
West, poles to a MiKf, thence North 88
ue-g. cm .'j j oics to a stake in d . j j. . oi..'a
east boundar' line, thence with said Cole's
line South 5 desr. East 15 polos to a rock.
V"'1 - "ortt.-west corner thenee ScuHi
01 dtff ; hlyt .10 P'.10 lhe 1SS, :
Li.ntilliiHig JD Acres, j
j v - rs
i Allt i 1 1 TI 1 , 1 ll nvnnninA . 1. .. ..1.1 1
rsid land will be sold for cash, to satisfy
a judgment in fuvcr of to:n;-.laira:.t-; Hugh
Thomif-oni r.nd W. II. Moores, for .fOl'7.78.
with interest and cost. Thirty acres in the
aboe boundiuies not to be sold.
1). W. CLARK,
M. arnl Special Commissioner.
: C. and
dec. 1(5, 1S75
Moore County,
the Court HoLse fn FayetteviHe.
the loth of j
-1 o-,'
anu- i
j iir , ic t,
X oheriier.ee' to .1 decree of tale
ro;ii:t'cu at tne tH-toher term, 18i;, oi
j the Chancery Court at Faveltevi Ie. in the
j case of W'ilev II. Uudd r.v. J.
jand others, I will .-.ttentl attiie court-house j
door in the town of Fa vettevillc, and offer
j for sale thC MiowinSdcmb
I Tracts of L inJ, Ijingin Moore
j ocunty, Tennessee, j
! ( ivil I-itriet Xo. , ainl bounded as fol-
,We.-t8S'o poles to a rock and 1 o nters,
, tin i ce South 7 pel- s to a stake and pointers,
; thence South i d",-r. Lat -18 poles to a
beech, thciice South S doq:. Fa-t 18 poles
! lo a lar'e oak, tin nee South ol der. Last
1 08 poles to a slake, thence Fast 4 poles to
; a stake, them e Xorth 7 de. West 81 poles
; to the boi'ining, conti:iiiing
j 23 Acres and 148 Poles-
! The 2;id Iract begins at a stake near the
job! Steam Mill sit-', mhiimi thence West
I 17 "J p! les to a strike ; 11 I 1 ee-ch pointers,
j ther.ee S.ulh fil'J ob;s to a stake in the
: road, theuce South H tio.tr. Lust with the
1 road 'JJ-s1.; no'e-s to a t:iko n- ar the branch,
I ti.Ciiee North " dc jr. La-t 2Spo'i'sto a stake,
j ihenee North " lie?. West 3-1 j poles to
j the bojrii'.ning, containing
10 Acres and 73 PoIps.
... ii '.i 1. 1 ."ii i .11 t 1
f h hv rvi'u 1:11111 ui.i i c s ior rasi .
to pav a iudiii.'iit e.f
I VI 111 1(1 tl t'l
uu;eJi.i i . j. mil' .eii.u imi.nai,
and coinni!fi.i!is
1. W. CLAKlv,
c. i jr.
dec 115,
ami itpscial Commissioner.
Om Monday, January '., 1870,
X obo.l'ence te a decree of s:i!e pronounced
at the October term. 1S75, of the Chan
cery Court at I'iiyof l; vi 1 . Tennesac", in
til'; c::s ; oi' 1. 15. Marsh, against J. K. Mar-
. - ... i : t x I :n ... ii
un ami wi. .NaiM-yo. oiaii.T,, m atien.i
at tie; com i-nou-e uoor in tne lown o:
Fayette vi L Tennc-s -e, and oiler for sa!e
to the liitic st bitbb-r at public outcry for
cash, the to-lowing tleseiibed
situated ii Civil District No. 0. Lincoln
' county, Tennes0( and bouudi.'d m follows:
j p,'.;,,,,.,., i:t a r(ti.i ,,,!? thence
Ntirth SH V;. West 55 poles to a rock,
; thence North. ''7'. dc Kast U7 ook'S to
a hooch, ihenee North 88 do,:;. West
polos to a beech and stiar tree, thence
South 28 clejr. Kast. I Li poles and Iti links to
a rock, thence .South "'J by. West .VJj poles
to a sucar tree, thence West L poles and 7
links to a blue ash, thence South t d- jr. West j
130 poles to a stake, thence South S deg.r.ast
122 poles to a rock on the Last side of the
road, thence North '"J!o dor- Last 18 poles
to the beginning, c. n ainin
K)L Acres, More or Less!
Terms of S.it.k Said hind will be sold
for cash, to satisfy a judgment of $2,170 h
interest and cost, in favor of complainant
against defendants, rendered at the Octo
ber term, 1875, of the Chancery Court at
FayetteviHe, Tennesse:.
1. W. CLARK,
C. and 21., and Spcciitl Commissioner.
dec. 9, IS 7 5 o
No. 800.
virtue of one writ of alias vendi
tioni exponas to me directed from the
hontirable Circuit I ourt oi L,incoin county,:
1 ennepsoo, ti us ovrumvr iennt loto, "
tne case oi iuiKaue, iiannicv o. co.Bgaiusi
J. 15. Harrison, 1 will expose to public saIei
o the highest bidder, for cash, at the court- '
house door in the town of FayetteviHe,
iennessec, on
Friday, December 31st, 1875,
all the right, title, claim and interest that
Ii. Harrison has in and to thefollow-j
ing described
House and Lot !
situated in Civil District Xo. 3, Lincoln
county, lennessee, ana oounaeu as ioiiows,
to-wit: Cm the Xorth by ilims 6c Coston,'
On llie west l)V 11. -. 1. onipp, on me .wuiu
by the liail hoad, and on tne fcast by V
Eoutt, containing about j
Five and a half Acres!
, . . ,. . T
Levied on as the property of J. B. Har-
rison, to satisfy one judgment against him
and in favor of Kuikade, Handiey.& Co.,
for $125.72, besides interest a , nd cost.
- W. A. MlLLAKl),
dccO-n?l.F' Sheriff.
Late with UKlbert,
Of Athens, Ala.
i i . k b-c imi m. m us w m;
Ijli, UXJDDlti 0 li 1)11 J
83 College Street,
Oct. 14 3 m
Xorth-west corner
P'ill-oiiVill. Tnil.
And carefully selected goods suit
able for the
Xo Trouble to Show b'oods.
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
Silks ami 'Poplins.
' !
. I
Flannels, Opera Flannrk tVe.tj
Ladies' Trimmed Hats, Ladies'
Furs a Speciality.
Hotions.HMiBfiEs.Btwlf , Shaes and
Of all descriptions and sizes.
The undersigned promise to da
and if any doubt it
N. B Feather 8,wool, beeswax,
hides, furs, taken in eNchane ftr
i . . i
at the
I s
liiiirrl iUal ftt I x.
Sept. 23, 1ST5
South side of the 1'nblic Square,
Fay e 1 1 e v i 1 1 e, Te n n essee.
4 HE prepared
with keen La-
7nrc clmrih S...a.rc rlcnli
(j01Ili)s!,nd nrusl.es.and nice Tow
. i '
els, To shave, cut hair or shampoo
in the latest stvle, and as cheap as any one,
Hespectful and prompt attention always
given to all customers. jan.7-tf
Liverv Stable!
PIIIL undersigned has opened at hi
JL old stand, on Rridgo street, Faj-etlo-ville,
where he is prepared to take care of horses
in the best Pt j le, furnishing careful atten
tion, comfortable st.vls and pood food. I
have a geod
which will be run at anv and all tinips, on
reasonable terms, for th-; accommodation
of the public.
Hq8E TQ UlitE
as cheap as safety wi-l allow. I am pre
pared, with a safe team and good wagon, to
doal! kinds of hauling.
Cliarses moderate.
nov. is o v.. c Mclaughlin.
m fit
T the request of some of my old friends,
T am !i:iin nt mi' ol.l oflieo readv to
xJL I am again at inv old ollice ready
serve aj wj10 mav nee4
i it.,..,i '
t, ,.e.. i.
Haviri-T been enacd in
, ll;e stu.iy anu prac- ,
if lirntv.tivo Vf'flffl i
; t,ce 0f Dentistry forever twn;y-iive yearn
T ciaim to tboroughlv cjiulilie l to treat
sueCessfuIIy and skidfuily all diseases of
tt.e niouth and teeth. I "don't propose to
do cheap Dentistry I propose to do my!
work thoroughly, as I have always done it,
and then I am responsible.
dec. 2 A. S. 1)U V Al.
Few Youn Sows
- y
jn five mi;es Kast 0f Fay. ttevil-p.
t h.md ht nt fif ' ii. or
ever have had for sale, from 2 week old np
t0 g months, by my fine Kentucky hoars.
I purchased them from the best stock men
of Kentucky Sam. Pry or and S. Li. McLl-
If anybody wishes to purchase, I
thfnfc T canJpiase tLcm. Coi0 and j'ock
oT yourseiTyS
AXjililia IiIirilMlUlil,
i mm,
HJJjMgaguvjjRHeii in win mi ii
r. tr.TA J,
Tarkoa & Co. La to with Miq.lorJ, Hooper iCo
) )
.9 V . .
1W. W. & R. PETTY:
j TTAVE rriiiuvod lo their new house.
Xorth side of the Public Square,
next door to D. C. Hall, where we are
with our ustial complete stock of
Also, tne v : v bet
1 rcaft4
the verv hest,
In addiiien to
Misittdlancous I3i
stock of
e.nr stock of SVhotd and
oks, we have a complete
j andTeStamClltS
of the American Dible Society, at
JIarcb 1 W. W. & IL l'!.TTV.
BP II I'iGG0'0:)'S!
Kast ide of the b'quare,
e ivins a larg.' and carefully se-le'.'
Suitable to the season and adapted to
wants of the people, it:ciudieg
Ladies" Dress Goods,
And have just n et ived a large stock of
which will be sold at Bottom lrlt-cs.
And also a line of
Faniilv Groceries !
Alt .if u l.ili niil ln koIiI !otr for !
Call eiriy and examine stock and prices,
april 15. 175
Down! Dcwn at Bottom Prices!
J AM offering mj stock of
a i bi
i j.
n-.i. yba LllH
so yCry low th.it I cannot fail to plea?e the
closest buyers. D. C. HALL.
Also, a large stock of
SclioolBcs, Stationery, Ms, Fens, &c,
of the best quality at publisher's prices, ai
April 20, laTT.
Hood find Cheap:
TGV'K SALE a tirst-rate Duty's AVusIi
3l er and Universal Wriiiifer two
of the best machines for household usoever
invented. For further particulars apply at
the Oisettfe oc.
I. J
111 1 lulll j..jwr,fmwHMI
B002i fs HILIi
Li: S- j l'-'
VPHii n-xl T-gn!ar scPfion of tils AcJ
i A emy w'.l li"pa
Jnniiary 10th, 1S70.
Tuition from lw to ; dollar. P r mor.tb,
Ctirc riual lo the -t n-hot-U f tl c
country. lnc.l-;iiii f-e pre dollar in d-a"rf-.'
lic. I" 2m ' Principal.
it rnD n
j 4 HEi: an i:
i-rtal f.f rn hk'k, ctr
thriotni.is hol.d.iyo, t! c
iwi.I rL-.iiiu- :ti rr-sular !.i'.).,r en 3Ion
!tiaj, Jai.iiary ;Jrd, 187fi, s: I r c-
tiniit; fix moiilhi: chxir.j Juno t!i- 17t:.
; l?7e.. We tike t'i-4 ora.iori to thank nr
i fr.eipts t.jr their !o-n. r parrf,'. . aTil i
solicit its r'nti;i!ur;f e. Whtl.-. w pay spe
cial attention lo il;e i:ro!i'-:d-w-..r!i ol (!.
cation, s; e;:i;n, rt-aoiu. w:i:.r- A---., our
curriculum rmbracc mr,; of t-Tt-books
used in tlie American r,'ol!fr-.J
the Sciences, 1if Higher Jlatl ".it:cs, t.h
Greek ami Latin 'tixxzfi. lly i..l
arrangom. ut tl." stu-lt- ef ih.:
I?XlYCIT;l.yp Ggil&XA'
lanuaxes may bo pursued at :i small ad
ditional eperie. Xo extr.t chirk s for
anyiliir .-e'f-pt for l'reneh rnj .'mi-in.
While b..th t!i.; instructor tiv-rnb-r of
theM. 1". t iiiireh South, and on-? i':!xtn
j holds his position by the' appointui'-nt f t!.r
j Tt-nness'.-f.' Cocf-.rcnce, yet thr.t !r.;:bifui
1 monster ' S'-rtaiianism" never .-hows I.itu
selC&tall. The I'.ilde is read. in I pray'
areotrered to God for His !!. 1 and ;'
: nn body ol-jpct' t that. w allow t!r m l
I keen t!rj:r fo
To t!.. :
w .10 an-
: in t p i v inocer v.'
JSeml Your Sloys
fjjsn-lp.iy 11s ii semvthin- (Uv. To th?c
" j who e-iirnot p-iy ;;t all. we .-ay send your
, ov., thev
To tho-;e eb'sirie beard we .-ay, you hall
hate it at $b r-er month, room ni luol
fun Nh -iL All you have In ! is to fur
nish your cwn liirhts and wa-!iii.g.
Tuition rates ns i'ollous
l'rep:iratory.di'parun'iit.$2 per uionih.
Iii'enn.'di.tte, S-'' per rnorifh.
Ihuh School, 1 1.) per month.
Incident ;1 Fee. l (Ji.
.'ne-ha!f paval.lein advance th" other at
expiration of
it. e. lj o
Oak Hill Institute!
j f 1 ilL net leiol.ir session if this school
; J vvi'l coinnienee
i January 31stis;.
I aii-l ei.ntiiMte twenty weeks, ual. r !o. sfi
j peryisi n of P. Hiniebaugh, ai--d by
I compel, nt teaeheis. There will be an ex
tra session of. lour weeks liej'tnmn the
old of January, 1 7, for the r.econunotla
tioii of tliose who wish to pursiitr thiir
studies, as well as those who w isii to ihor
ouul.lv prtliare ll.enselves for fatu-e teaeb-
. Special st:t n:ion will b- ive.i l,
i those w ho wish to t' ach; also ti
BocIl keeping, Hair-wort, Fes(Iier-wartr
I during the ext) a as we II asth; re.'i l.ir sf .--isi.m.
Tuition from -$2 0 per riotitli, ac
eoidng t a.h a net tn: r.ts. loird i'' -r r
Imentli. lnc:.tl.::t:il lee, .f l.( ) iuv riably iu
ad vase-.
(tie-half of til -tuitimi lhi!M.I e j :i l ill
advnt.ee. and one-half it li e i d of lhe'
j se.iien. unless otl.e-r arTanjemi i ts aie load. .
Ten per Cent, d.-el'.icte-tl from a'i t':lions
j paid in atlvance. l.r further ;:,it:i u;ars
!.st;i,l'or catalo'.Mt". Atitlr-ss p. S I M K
! l'.A C . II, Prinviiml, or V. V. O i.;-: cv-
l.hid U. T. i. -j. '. o
FayetteviHe Female
IIIL n.-t s's.;.,n bL'ii.s 3trnLiy,
J S''t'inlM-r t !i, 1 S7. J Lis lu-
latlies oi
ls iiiteiide'.t to oiler t!
) ounp
jai'va'i'.-i e In Le siirp.-.si-d lv !,o IVin.-iI.'
I .ii in t!.- .o:tii. Its luitrM is com
pes,-' t t,t
e.-;ii. !!r l.ee.l fell; b. i- : nd its
t rois in tit- ii.oiti-i.-it-- II. art tio.se o! any
si;;ii r iiislitu: ion in the Slat'1.
rr i: it m !- .
I'liii.aiy IVparttnetit Si' MM
1 1 r;iin!ii."r d- 15.1
lli.-h S. hool do M.Mi
Mo.i--rn Languages 1'itai
Miioit: ( iio lii iia ii.-;- i:i s t r :i mi-ii r ) .'50.'"')
Hoard from ."flu to -t 12 per mouth. For
further particulars apply l"
.i. w. hatch Lit. j;-;,ir;rat.t.T
ln. C. A. DiLv.r: :, 1'rc. L'. T.
joly t 1S75 o
R A IV K live;.
First National Iinal:9
Fa y i :tt k v i l l f, T i : x v .
C P.. Mcr, UIKK, WJI. CO.VXEi:. Jr.
IL S.'WOtiitAIU), Cashier
.1. IL l-LLXLV, Asst-CVhier.
.1. ii. Wo..:s, . I'r- i. lent.
Wit. IJosmi!. J::.. Vicc-rre-ider.t.
fa v i;tti; v i i-Li:f ti: .
1CJP1TJL STOIK, 100.-0000!
Docs a Central Hankinj Untitle.
i -r- it? "rnR
Bvctrr J W. IIolhvi
J. L. Betast. I. W. Clark,
M. D. HAMPTON, ( a shier.
juljlT D. . 1IOLMAX, Pres't.
( ards, Dill-He:i!is, Tifket.s.Pic.
- anl i':.sia!cb, at the OBtlKfiyES Of,
FICE, Fjjettsvil'.q, .

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