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XST1 Two Dollars for one year, tnva-
t iu it a i't ii.v-i - - k'v. ....... .. t
: r 4 l l r i -i I
I my M'ins ii a uif.ii ue ui'imea uiree
iuuutiis. All papers going out of the county
to be paid for in advance.
Single copies, Five Ceula each.
Advertising Kates.
One inch $ 75 rounli column. $4 00
Two inches. .. , 1 2.jjThird column.. 5 00
Three inches... 1 75.Halfct.lunm... 7 00
J ouriuclws.... 2 2.VS4' T column. . . 9 00
Fire inches.... 2 75iViiolecolumn..l4 00
Oue inch 1 25 Fourth column. $" 50
Two inches.... 2 OOjThinl column.. C 25
Three inches. . . 2 7o!lIalf column. . . 9 50
Four inches.... 3 50 3,- (,f column. .. 11 50
Five inches.... 5 75jVhole column. 16 00
One inch $1 75 Fourth column. $6 25
Two inches 3 OOThird column. . 9 00
Three. inches... ?, T.VlIalf column.. .10 50
Four inches 4 75 ?' 0f column. . .13 50
Five inches.
One inch...
Two inches.
5 75, Whole column. 18 00
... 3 50Tl.ini column., o 50!
Wl (hi T.V -1 1 l-. -vi
Thre inches.. 4 50 Half column. . .12 00
Four inches.... 5 50.3 of column... 15 00
Five inches.... G 2.";Wliolo column. .20 00
One inch $3 50. Fourth column..! 1 00
Two in. hes.... 5 00j Third column. 14 50
Three inches.. . (i 50 Half column .
Four inches. ... S 00 ?.( of column.
Five inches. ... 9 50; hole column
m on
30 OU
One inch $4 .': Fourth column.? 15 00
Two inches 7 Ki Third column. 20 00
Three inches... 9 00 Half column. . 25 00
Four inches U 00 J of column.. 30 Of)
3vc inches. ...13 OOjW hole column. 35 J
One inch SO 00 Fourth column.? 1 00
Two inches. ...10 OOjThinl column. 30 00
Three inches.. .14 00 Half column. . 30 00
lour indies 18 00 !,' of column.. -38 00
Jive inches 21 OOiWhole column. GO 00
0:ie inch S10 00 Fourth column.$35 Of)
Two inches. . . 17 fXJ.Thir I column. 47 00
Three inches.. 22 Of) H;i!f column.. t!0 00
Fourinches. .. 27 (Hi . r of column. . 80 Of)
Five inches.. . 32 00, Whole column.100 00
B-T" Advertisements inserted at (hie Dol
lar per Square of Ten Lines or less for the
lirst insertion ; Fifty Cents for each contiii
"anre. K?)' Local and Special Notices,
Twenty Cents per line.
tJ.y Ohiltuiries and calls on candidates
Fifty Cents per square.
fca?" The privilege of yearly advertisers
isMiiclIy limited to their own immediate
and regular husiness; and the husiness of
an advertising linn is not considered as in
cluding that of the individual members.
kvf No deviation from these terms under
any circumstances.
ji-V Advertisements not marked w ith the
iiunher of insertions when handed in, will
he continued until ordered out, and pay
.ueiil exacted.
fruy.Vu advei.'isesuenfs inserted gratui
tously. Ejr Advertisements of an ahusivc nature
v:ll not he inserted at any price.
EJf-Annouiicing candidates County. Five
J)ollars; Congressional, .Senatorial or Flote
i ial, Ten Dollars to he paid in advance.
CUurch Iircelory.
rieshyt'-riiii, 1'syetteviile services v-
vry Sahhaih at 10::'.0 immI at nitrht; Rev V-ao
Hall, pastor; Sunday s. hool at 8 a m.
Metl odist services -vi ry Subhatli at
l );;!i;atid at niht; llevAl' Lawrtnce, pastor;
Si.iid.iv scl.oul at 8 o'clock.
Cm:'. I. ei 'lwnd l'rcsi v t ! i:in services every
Sah'-at!i at K.V'.o and at ni'it; l.'cv C 1' Du-
a II. pastor; Sunday school at 8.
Mi ihodist, Flynn services lt Sah
Vath in each month at 11 and ::iht; Ki-v WA
Cii'.l, preacher in char.-i-; Sunday sch tol At !l.
Cidon Church, rieasant i'iaius services
1st Sa'iKaih each liw t!, at 11 and r.t-iit hr
i; Metho lists; 1 1 v :lr liatliain, pr-'achei
i) cliar' 2nd and S'h Sahhath cacu ni ni'd.
nt 11 hy lh" Associate !!erorm-"d 1'ie-liyt ri
ans, Ilcv .1 H Muse, pastor. Union v Sun
day school at
A 1." IVeshytersasi, New !lp ", services 1st
and 3rd Sabbaths at 11; I'.elh.d, 2nd an.;
4ih Sabbaths at Jl K. v A S Sloan, paster.
Methodist, Muib.ny scr ici s '.ii ;l Sun
d.iv in arh month at ll o'clock and i v.-ry
Sunday tdht: Kcv W. I Collier, pa -tor; Sui.
day School at U.
("innbei land J'rcsle. t i ian -vrvi es 4m
Ssindav e;tch mono, al 11 vlmV A M :11m a
ni -ill!; vM :?! cr; is. ;iu :!! :S.ih' cnli s.-hod '.
i',:t;:!:st. M u'.:erry clr.TC.il sion. S.it
nntiv l.d ne 1st Xthliat'a in e.i-di month:
ner iVes lit Sahhaiti ni i 1 :.U-.-v A Va:i 1 !.. ;
I -asfor; Saldmth Fclioid at '.I
I'uitcd rrcslytcriu:i, I.incidn -services
verv S:ihh:tt!i at 1 1:15 a m; r.cv.J W Wail,
j.astor; Sunday school st IO.
Methodist, " Shady drove, (Sheltons
(rrcK) sen iors 1st Sahhalh in ea.'h inonlh
ntll o'clock; ltev Ct'l-nnv , preacher inch
Liheity drove services 2nd Sabhath a
11 am; l'tev W'A f.'i'l. ircaclier i:i char-i
XJuinherland IVeshyterisn. 0:ik ;roV",
(near riyntville)ser ices 4th Sahhath in
each month at 11 o'clock; llcv A W Suth
crlend. MipH'.
rrcsl.yt.ria'n, Unity, on the Petersburg
on.i ; l'oilos North ot K.i vcttevil! e, 1st and
;!rd Sabbaths in each month also Swan
Orel; Church, "Jnd and 4th Sabbaths in each
month: !: v 1 )' Osborne, pastor.
Cuiuh; rland Tresis t i ian, Cane Creek, on
l'ishiiei ford road. 5 mil -s Xorth of 1'ay-
-ttevi-Me, 2nd and 4th Sabbaths each month;
ltev J 15 'J'igert, pastor.
Melhodist, OA Hill services 4th Sab
l'Xth each month at 10 o'clock.
Cunihei land Presbyterian ltev N DCraw
ford, Tiastor.
Metiiodist services 2nd Sabbath at 10 a
m; ltev W 1J Lowery, P C.
Cumbfiland Presbvtcrian services 4lh
Sabbath at 10 i : Uev J 15 Tigert, pastor;
Union mndaj- school at 2 r t every Sab
.l.ath; prayer meeting Wednesday nijrht.
ML Hernion. 1 lintvilie circuit sei vices
,1rd Sabbath and preceding Saturday; Kev
V A Ca ill. preacher in charge.
T.Iacedonia.Fli:itville circuit services 4th
Sabbath anl preceding Saturday; ltev W A
lijll, preacher in charu'e.
Missionary liaptist, N orris Creek, (15nck-it.v,-,
services 2nd Saturday and Sunday in
cadi month; Kev S L Sanlord, pastor.
IWIcxil directory.
Fayctteville Post-Ollitc.
llailroad leaves every day except Sun
day at 6 a. M.; arrivoc ai 5 r. M. Supjlies
the following offices: Kelso, Lincoln, l lynt
ville, (.)rep:on. (i.orire'! Store, Klorn, Hunt's
Station, Salem, Winchester and licchi nl.
Shtlbyvillcsta-e arrives Monday, Wed
nesday and 1'ri lay at 10 a. m.; leaves same
davs at 2 r. w. Supplies Mulberry, Lynch
Lurr, Booneville, County Line, Shelby ille.
liuntsville sUe leaves Monday and
' Thursday at J a. m.; arrives Tuesday and
l-'ridaj at 4 r. m. Supplies Harpers Branch,
iJoshen, Ilazle Green, Meridian ville and
Sh Ibyvillc horse leaves Mondays and
Thursdays at 9 a. m.: arrives Tuesday and
Friday at 4 p. N. Supplies N orris Creek,
Chestnut Kid e,lIawthornc and Shelby vilie.
Pulaski horse arrives every Friday at 12
M-; leaves same day at 12:oO. Supplies Cy
riiston, Boons Hill, Millville, PiPgah, Brad
ehaw and Tulaski.
Blanche horse leaves every I riuay at
8 a. m.; arrives Saturday at 3 p. m. Sup
plies Camargo, Molino.Cold Water, Blanche.
Mnnev Orders can be obtained at this of
fice upon post offices in nil parts of the U
nited States. A list ot Money Order oflices
may he seen on application. Hates of com
mission for Money Orders are as follows:
'oi exceeding f 15 - cents
Over 15 aod not exceeding if..O la do
SO do uo v). uo
40 do do f) 2.j do
. D. P0UT1IAT, P. M.
nJffl L'i tt.iUI'lill HI
Established December ISLtb.
Tennessee Dog Law.
Correspo'idciit Cincinnati Commercial.
Chattanooga, November 20, ,o.
It is a humiliating fact that
there are more dogs in Tennessee
i than men. lletums irom the doz
i t:ix assessment from thirty coun-
troller's office, show 47,o4 men
anil 70,980 dogs. These thirty
counties do not emrrace quite
one-third of the State, but from
them we can judge pretty fairly
what the totals will he. When
all the returns are in, the totals
will no doubt show that Tennes
see contains nearly one htin
dred thousand more dogs than
men. This is among the "great
inducements to immigration ' to
the farming class who would nat
urally want to raise sheep in this
favored climate, .
And right here let me say wha
I firmly believe to be true, name
ly, that the dog tax imposed bj
the last Legislature hasdone more
to induce immigration to this State
from the farming class than al
the "Bureaus cf Emigration," al
the Commissioners, all the print
ed documents circulated, and al
the newspaper letters written.
Not a law lias been passed since
the war that will redound so a
bundautly to the State. Time
and agnin the attempt has been
made to impose a dog tax, but
the efforts have always been stilled
by prejudice and ignoranfe until
the' last Legislature took the bull
by the horns.
Tenni'ssee is naturally one of
the finest sheep raising sections
.)i the world. Tennessee wool
bas repeatedly taken the prom
ium iit the "World lairs, notably
at Paris and London, where nil
! he wo? Id was brought into eom
petition. All over the Cntnber
land Mountains, embracing about
one eighth of the entire area (if
he State, grass grows k'le-'-hijh,
illordiiig free feed tor sheep nine
. i . i ...
r ten inonins m me year. :.een
in be wintered litre ::t ten tents
. bead, win-teas in Michigan it
not ivss man a iou.ir ;i iieau.
. .1 1.1 i
This of ite!f is a difference wm'th
inking in'o considerntion. Yet
iiiliions of di liars in cash nre nn
Mil il'y carried into' Michigan,
oaid out for
WOO.. at:(J K' ltN IV(
ainmsg the tiinlty p puiution,
niKing ttieiii r:cnor every year
'as their lax duplicate annually
"hows.) while in lemussee not
me-si'xth enough wool is raised
lor home comsumption! Money is
mnually drained from this poor
State to buy woolen clothing for
the population, and money tio
that never comes hack, for there
is nothing to bring it. The in
crease in wealth in Michigan in
one year is more than it. is ia Ten
nessee in eight years. And in
Massachusetts the increase in
wealth in five years is more than
ill Tenuessee is worth. Tint is,
the people of Massachusetts actu
ally earn and save more iu five
years than all Tennessee would
bring, if sold at a fair valuation.
Notwithstanding that last , year
was a hard year, the increase of
valuation of property in Massa
chusetts on the tax books was
sisty-eight millions of dollars, and
it is doubtful if Tennessee tins
year will show one-hundredth of"
this sum. Indeed, from the tax
duplicates already sent iuto the
Comptroller fro::i thirty counties,
there is an actual falnncr off of a-
bout 8100.000 from last year.
Lut m these thirty counties there
are over 70,000 dugs, or about
three dogs to every two men.
Wh;it is lacking in wealth is made
up in dogs, lo say nothing ot
the sheep those dogs kill, and the
almost complete annihilation of
the wool business in general
which they cause in addition to
all this, actually consume enough
to fatten hogs for home cousump-
tion. In Massachusetts the
"swill" from the kitchen, embrac-
the refuse from the table,
(which in Tennessee is thrown to
the dogs,) fatten a sufficiency of
pork for home consumption.
Yet the waste from the table here
is largely more than there, for here
lot bread three times a day is the
rule, and whatever is over, goes j
to tin dors.
Not lon ago I met
a farmer
II 1 1 'J
who bad moved Irom Michigan j ani 1?1G1 dogs. The total val
and settled in Middle Tennessee, j uation of property in thatcoun
Of course he wanted to raise cheep, . ty lvai am personal, is only
for a Michigan farmer takes to
that as naturally as a duck takes
to water, He was delighted with
the prospect dogs excepted.
He told me that he had wintered
his sheep here at a cost of ten
cents per head, while in Michigan
it cost him one dollar. But a-
greater advantage still was that
he had never lost a young lamb
here from cold, whereas in Michi
gan, in winter, the loss was large.
Lambs dropped in Tennessee, e-
ven in midwinter, were healthy
and thrifty, and grew like pigs,
whereas in Michigan the chances
were against the tender new com-
ers at that time of year being a-
ble to survive.
n . ii .i ,
ii it nn inese advantages wptp
igh neutralized by the
of infernal dogs which
. - ..
well nif
noraes oi miernai aogs wincn
roamed over the country catching
eutepaauaiB caicu miee. im
man Was Wrought up to the point
i u mi.-
of demanding a dog tax of twen-
ty-five dollars a head.
It is a sadly significant fact
that every one of the thirty coun-
ties (from every division of the
State) the returns from which
have been sent in. contains more
,1. Ufo Jo ,?f
.bo i.w.
exception. When all the dupli-
i i l l i n
cates are made out it is probable
ui. . w-ulJ, u iv, --v
t. -t :n ,i l
..... fa
of do?s than men!
Is not this positively discour-
aging? Can a people, supporting
such, members of non-nroducinc
animals, .ever attain wealth? A
sneep is a prouueer; eveiy one is
an item of wealth; every pound of
wool sent out ot tlie btate brings
casn ouickiv m return, lui a
i , li .
oog lToauces noinmg. 11c is a
i i . t n
consumer, a r.on-produ
upon labor, an unmitigated curse,
and, where thej exist in numbers,
the' are a sure indication of the
novertv of the population. On
the other hand, sheep are an ein
hUm of civilization, thrilt, wealth.
Where you Gnd them in greatest
number, ou find wealth, indus
try, comfort, intelligence, thrift.
Where dos are the rule and sheep
the exception, you find poverty,
shift lespr.ess, ignorance.
The returrs fiom the thiitv
counties, taken as a basis, indi
cate that there are about 225,0C0
dr.s in the State lifted for taxa-
tioTi. The manner of listing them
in many counties is exceedingly
dffective, so that tens of thou-
..:''! .. k.,t I
'iiius iu ictii re luAdiniu, i
even supposing that Lo.UUU is
. . - .
the correct number, what do vou
suppose isthe vearly cost of their
support r Jsot less i nan lour mil-
lions of dollars each Year. It
what is fed to the dors w sisffiven
to the hogs, the net result would
be more than four millions of
.1.0.... ..-...k ,.1- oiiiin.ll-
. . . I
UUIl.llM WUllll VI IJUl IV cllllliltll I
v. With that amount of mon-
cy brought into the State each
year, you would hear less of
hard times" down here, and
comi)laint that there is ''no
nonev in the country.
1 I
An average dog will, at the
owest calcu at on.ent five cents
wnHli of Ih-pjkI nod niP.-it ihiilv.
r..Ti .1 il 1 -1 "l I
Jiuiumy mis uv uie liumovi ui
dnvK in n vonr nnd .Ins in iho
Mate, and wc find that they
- -I .
rn.vt. nm-p v nvor inr m inns
of dollars annually, to say uoth-
iiiir of the sheen thev destroy,
and the immigration thev hinder.
V hat thev consume outright
would fatten more than four
millions of dollars' worth of
)oik, which would bring yearly
into each county largely over
forty thousand dollars. And
this in the face of the fact, that
there arc counties in this State
the people of which do not en
joy the distribution of as much
as forty thousand cash dollars
among them from ali their ex
ports combined.
In every one of the "thirty
counties the returns from which
are in, there are more dogs than
In Cheatham county there
are 780 men and 1,999 dogs, or
nearly three dogs to one man!
I should like to knowhovv many
sheep there are, and if there is
not constant complaint in
Cheatham that "there is no
money in the country." In
, Clay county there are 807 men
all the ends thou aim'st at he
$761,020. In sheep-raising sec
tions of our land it is not dim
cult to find single men who are
WOrtll more than all Of Clay
nty. In Coffee county there
1,375 men and 2,211 dogs,
In Fentress county, 029 men to
1,1 61 dogs.
In Giles county there is the
enormous number of 7,2o0 dogs!
But that is a moderately thick
ly populated county, there be
ing 4,580 men in it, or not quite
two dogs to one man.
In Hancock there are 921
men and 1,GG7 dogs. Henry
comes nearer to being an even
thing, that county having 3,031
men and 3,299 doss. Marshall
i ot"-r i rvo-r i
i lias .uivi men anri -wi f intra
7-- - -7 (-1 - -
Moore has 957 men and 1,501
dogs. Monroe has 1,591 men
uogs. Aionroe nas men
and 2,881 dogs. Perry has 911
m ,1 1 offi .1 7n.
mcu aim v uugs. x oik,
892 men and 1,112 dogS. TrOUS-
dale has G8 men and LSlGdosrs.
lute has 1,189 men and 1,900
I ClOgS. X. 15.
ly men, as here used, is
meant all voters under fifty
years of age, or "polls." They
are listed, by the Assessors a-
loner with the do?s. excent such
RnrP nvpr T trUW' 'UV c
r &
not subject to a poll tax. There-
, n i c u
fore it would be fair to add a-
.v,.. v,. w,.v..,v, p.
I , K
...w 7.,, u V ?i Y
dosrs would
largely ahead.
for that
matter, there arc no doubt more
dos not jriven in than there
are voters m the btate who are
cAi-mpL noui iuu u uu ac-
count of age.
ne loiai valuation oi real
I j " j 1
ana ktsuuui prupeny in mese
!.:.... : . &
umiy cuumius loois up $oir
ii-'.uii, snowing a .slight
lost sht:t:p.
lou will notice that there
arc 7.250 dogs in Giles County.
Last year there were 1.7.10
sheen in that .county killed by
(loirs. These hiires arc mute
appeals in favor of the dog tax,
more eloquent than words,
ast J';ir in Coffee County,
450 sheep were killed by dogs;
in l ei it county oOO, in Hay-
ward, 1,147; "Wayne, 500, Kob-
ertson, l.llo; Sequatchie, 000;
Uecaiur, l,oih; Sumner, ouj.
are made up wc find that those
counties-having most (logs have
lost Heaviest m sneep. J?rora
vh:it. ii v still itifvi vn hnvn
r. ,i .1
- -- - -
n out s.iccp Maugmei m borne
oi me counues, u is saie to say
that fully lo,000 are killed year-
mj ouuv: : uy uu-. ivuu
er tlog expenses, and wc have
i a . l i I . a . n a
a sum loiai ukil is a signiiicant
answer to the question, "Why
is Tnnrpssrn doov?'
i Know an lnsrance wncre
twenty thousand dollars was in-
vesreu in a raciory ior me man-
usaciure ox ooien goous, giv-
ing employment to fifteen per
t a
uiit, uim ici-iiL-uiiii i an
of over ten thousand dollars an-
nuaiiy to tne couniy in which
it was located. 15ut the dosf.s
loctrrVT'nrl lhn slmen tn khpIi nn
.iVy. ...r ,
extent that there was little WOOl
1.1 11 1 . 1. ! j 1
lo oe nau, ana me Kiciory ue-
CaiUC S11C1U. J. 110 11UIC line Or
industry is closed, and the sec
tion is a dreary and unprofita
i;lc waste, given over to weeds
and the ttogs
1 here is a clamor upon the
part of coon hunters still-house
rangers and cheap demagogues
that the "dog tax oe repealed
it has arousca a ti egree oi op
position that is positively dis-
TP ,.l..r.,. .l.nl.l -i
ermrno-ino- r in f uninr s inn u
v r. . , i i ill
be heeded and the law repealed,
those who propose to engage in
farminff would do well to seek
. .i i a' . T?.,. T A
. i
home oilier location. iia i uu
nnt Ultorn U ,r?ll l.r vononlnrT
I cannot think the people of
Tas lf n 1
Hire that will stab the best in-
ru Q..,i ; 41...4. -i
ii ncio ui iiju uiuii; in limb n u j .
Although the dog law is im
mensely unpopular now in sec
tions of the State whcre they
have most dogs and least of any
thing else, .yet a strong and
growing sentiment is in favor
of the law. The man possess
ing a really valuable dog should
not object to paying one dollar
upon him, while the tax will
have a tendency to rid the State
of- the tens of thousands of
thy Country's, thy God's, and
- worthless curs which are an un
- mitigated nuisance, a curse, a
blight upon industry, a barrier
to Wealth, a Check tO immigra
tion, and a token of poverty
and shiftlessness. II. V. R.
Trouble in a Church.
Brother Durst Calls Another
Brother an Infernal Scoun
drel and there is a Muss.
From the Bellefonte, Ta., Republican
On Saturday last the Lutheran
t-uureu at centre uau was aeai
i r . . ttii i i-
CateU WltU appropriate Ceremonj'.
b . i
xmv. lion, ui me Jreuusyivania
1 . iir. ic ! ii.. i 1 I
1 ueolegical seminary, preached
verv excellent and imnressive
'nn ' a
e.u.v.n. a.. 11.151- ouui cg ,iuu
1 .n j j
was in aiLeiiuaiice. ami rnanv vis.
iters from other denominations.-
At the conclusion Prof. Wolf an-
At thprnnMiNinn Prnf AVnlf nn
nnnnrpn that a rnllpntinn h tnkpn
. .
up to pay ofi tne debt remaining
nn tliP rlinrph antl n nsinl in.
;rPfi nnw manv ,wro nrpBpnt
who wouid jve $500. After do-
inffl,; Ui t,,! cnmol, o,,
;tnr n i.HUriha nt omnnt on,i
failing he dropped the figure to
250fand expected, and waited,
1n,i Pntrpatpil fnr rpnnn;pj hut
V, u: i
appeals ana lervent entreaties
hrniKrht nut nnt a ifnnnr -it that
orougut out noi a uonor dt inai
figure Rev. Mr Fischer, the
pastor "loci, in his astonishment
lr. . ' ...
al llie impeCUniOSlty OI his ncn
mpmWa nrncp nnrl anirl ihrtt i
l,A Uf
hh.it would pIvp ih-.it nmount
i ii a.i liiii iiiiw i iiiit inn r r-1 iiiiiin
n0 i,i o ,in,Jn ha
congregation who were able, and
wi10se duty it was to subscribe
that"amount. At this point an
0$ man DV the name of George
TWt a rich' mnn mw nmkl, v
I ' ' . J
one of the stinciest on the conti-
"That's risiht. Brother Fischer.
that's right; just name the 250
men let a hear the names!
"Put Mr. Durst do n for 250
said the dominie.
But Mr. Durst was not dispos
ed to ojrree to a proposition of
that kind, lie said
"I try to live as a christian
man, to be honest and liberal, and
orpnriiu nir thnr 14 nr.o man
here (pointing to a gentleman
m inu conzrejiauon 1 wno nas
robbed me of thousands of dollars.
He pietends to be a christian, and
vou ,
scoundrel (raising his voice,) an
infernal" At this point the ma-
iorit of the congregation were
r. )
I . . . . .
mii iiifir let'i: umt: vjio Mini'-
irj? on the benches: others cried
r)llt him our" "shame on him "
an( othcr manifestations of disap-
probation. It was an unusual
hut or,icr ,va3 finallv restored, and.
J ' . -
we are t0 S;iy tjiat ti,e hal-
lence ot the assembly contributed
i .1... i r i.. .:ij
llfllCl uusi y IU 111B 1U11U ioi uunu
; the church, and the accom
pii,hed pastor, Rev. Mr. Fischer,
is very mu .lelihted
Two fcuits over 1? orty
. . i
From the Sandy Creek, X. Y., Xews.
' Xot a thousand miles from
here a short lime since one of
i,,,,,,,,., col,l rlt..tv tn,.L-nTr
to the other at a certain price
per pound alive. It: was stipu
lated that he seller should keep
the turkeys until the buyer
called for them the next day,
and that, in the mean time titey
were not to be led. According
to contract the latter called for
the turkeys, weighed, took them
home and dressed them, when
lo! twenty-two pounds of corn
were raked from the crops.
I 1 .1..,!
lIl'I W .1.-1 U I V. .11111 I 1 1 -I 1 1 1 I
cd th ab(,v? m? of pounds
j ' " r
"w 11 Ul luu
and refused to pay more, bel-
lcr, mJnvn, becamc ad and
n i m s-t v l i . f-A f . tt -i-ii st at il n j-i
sucii iui inu uui ii. j-iiu uiisw;
, . , , , . , , .
W3S triCU ailll UCCHieU ill .IUVOl
of tho lattcr' .cadl hS
Oim costs, Allien auioumuu iu
or? Piaillfc,u a-nu 50 IOr
the aeicnttaiu.
If a man U found drunk in Ver
mont he is committed to jail and
kept there until he reveals who
supplied the liquor. Several are
now lying in the jail at Rutland
because they refuse to tell.
When you hear a man say that
the world owes him a living, don't
leave any movable articles, par
ticularly any bank bills, lying a
round loose.
ft M
- Oh, pleasure crowned and hallowed morn,
vy nat millions welcome tnee!
What joy to nations yet unborn
Throughout posterity!
To know, to feel, by fauh that all
May rest indeed secure;
Unknown to name, however small,
Alio iue mat win enaure.
Again, thou com'st with promise bright
To bless the sons of earth.
Those sacred seasons of delight,
..... . . . &.
i nat nailed n baviour's birth!
A"d stil thJ Promises bound
1U lenuer mercy nows.
- As when with beam radiant r0-no.i
ine star of Bethlehem rose
And o'er the eonsnrrntl
al Her softened lustre threw,
Brisht heaven,J b, whose orient hcen,
.e um t0 l)T V
-mrietj ciessea mora: thy earliest ra vs
i,-,i :,i. . . ,-.
oatVMSl '
' S t
" wnu visions ori: i .
'.lisful must thJ comins be,
I a nat, scarcely knowinsr wh v.
E'en little children welcome tnee
with artless bursts of ior! '
!' Jpeah that thrill the soi,
Triumphal strains in ranture roil.
Harmonious, soft and clea:
Kmwin n,nj f.
With stern defi ance hurlod
The Tengeance-breathins voice of war
Awakes a slumbering worhl.
Hushed are the sounds of carnage vile
Lon? may its horrors cease;
Love, friendship, bliss be ours the while.
And aeaven-anointed peace.
Sweet peace on earlh, good will to men
Breathes forth in every strain" '
p"arV-Y.r i s
tiesume her frightful rf-irn.
But hallelujahs far and i
Like holy incense ri?e:
Lo":1' ,oud hosannas light and clear
i a .
" '
Mnhmnsof praise lift high the voic:
Rejoice, ye wretchej'Zi n-ioice
Sl -your cares awav ;
r'fc nS " Sr'
A"'1 hail e more this haiiow. d d;.r
I . U i ..
" ie,trt-,uu pleasure nan.
Ye wretched, hopeh-ss and fuI.in
Whom sin unsightly stain
M-l.: . .1 . -. . "' .
xuis nay, ior your reileinpttoii b.rn,
The priuce ImmanHel rei"ns!
lie reigns triumphant oVr tliekiub,
O'er darkness mid disniavt . "... ' .
Believe, rcnent. disnel
And chase your liars aw.-. v.
!c$?ech, implore, nor longer dread
The pleading voice lie hears.
Who raised up Lazarus from the dead
And dried the mourner's tear--
J" aith and repentance much avail
ill ni.i.e your ransom s-ire,
Sincre contrition wilt rot fail
lhat bles-inj to tenure.
Forsake your way, ye errirj ones,
Of liviiiir waters drink:
O, !; not of BfliaPs sirs -
But from j-crvcrsen. -s shrinki
On air deeply of the living stream,
"Ask and it shall he "Ivor,''
That boundless niercv mosf simrmnn
Secures to you a heaven.
Say, can ye longer djr.htinrr stand
ith such a i:ize in view?
Nay, turn to Him whose he!nin- Imn.-l
Will surely puide vou throuli;
The halt, the blind, the frail, the ..r
r it: . t '
w n: . .
ei.: iiift i ecu.mr care.
Whose lovin-mercies still endure,
All!l u,llc" we stl11 "y share
Divine religion, heavenir jrui le
1 w. an" smilU
Yea. the most brilliant powers of
1 Tl. . a
T,;, r:ay,
ilJt "surely pnSs al'ay.
0, may we seek tlico more an l n.i.ro
W ith earnest, longing heart;
Thy pleasures ssnclifie.l anj iiure
11:. I a r .
i in uoi irom us depart.
Welcome, most welcome, lia"ovred morr
Tl.eday on wi.ich our Christ wa I
i un n-iir An 11' . . i .- . . .. i i . . a i !
Who died that we n.i-ht live. i
Your Mother-in-La-.
Here is a sweet morsel from
the gifted pen of the Columbia
Journals editress, cornmen U- to
all who have that evor present :
personage, a mother-in-law, and
especially to the ''Iioaz" fam 1 , :
"Treat your mother in-law asd-iughters, vere invited, hut of I politician should die suddenly,
you would your own mother; don't 'couise didn't go. But many of j there would be commotion and
let her feel that she is a stranger i faahiuu.dle rabble went, glad distress through the whole coun
in her son's house. You ought, to eat, diink ai:d make merry at1 try ; yet in heaven it might not
to love her for the good husband jther . people's expense. Litelyjhe known at all!"' Mr. Moody
she has given you. Don't by this funny couple gave a pfty,! was careful not to say the news
jealous of the affectionate atten-! :lId i-aeh and every lady who was j would not be received in that
tion he shows her; remember how j
well she has earned it. Your
husband's heart would be a poor
contracted one, if it could not
find room for a wife and pother.
Help him love and cherish her
Think of the vacant chairs around
the hearth stone of the voices
shc-' misses tljat usd:.toake mel-
odv in her heart. It will be hut
for a little wb; :ipd .when- her
work is accompMihd, aad the!
shriveled hands are folded meekly j
upon mat oosom on wnicn your
husband has so often wept out his
childish sorrowj, comforted by
those silent lips, it will be the!
sweetest joy to your heart if you
can say, "She was to me a Nao
mi I was to her as Rutb."
Counterfeitincr mor.v ia net.
ting to be o0 of our meat mpor-
tant induri?f lo BnoUyS i
cently ten m.ll.OD dollars in coun-
terfeit greenbacks were burned.
Broggs' Experiment.
From the Yolo (Cal.) Mail.
Broggs who lives in Elliott's
bouthern Addition, ran acrcss
the item the other day that "at
night a horse would refuse to
step on or over the body of a
man found lying in the road,
but, as it impelled bv instinct.
would stop and remain motion
less until after the matter should
be investigated."
Grave doubts as to the truth
- . - i
of this statement arose in his
mind, and to settle the matter
for himself, he resolved to give
the thing a practical test. Xow
Broggs has no horse, but does
own a very intelligent and fris-
ky young mule, so he thought
it just as well to try the ex
periment with him. There is a
narrow lane leading from the
clover patch, to the water
trough, and he sent his little
son Bobby to open the gate
and-turn out the miile; mean
while Broirirs fav down lull
L'Hgth acro.--s the lane, assum
ing an apparently lifeless atti -
tuUe. ihe mule had been kept
in the pasture all day and con
sequently was very dry, so he
came waltzing down the lane at
a great rate, and everything de
noted a fair trial of the test.
And so it was, but not exactly
as Broggs would have desired.
i although it confirmed him in his
skepticism. When within a
yard or two th- mule perceived
the uro: ,tra!e form of hi ni. - i -
tor, and, with an explosion of
sound which vn? a eoniiimmKr.
i between the shriek of
a loco -
hnotivc and th.- yell of a Iriirht-;
f maiiiac, he bowed up hisj
;b:;e!c, flung his tail to the breeze,!
jvievated iiim.-clf abuiit fifteen j
IWl in the air, and with all fourj
ifeet in ;t b;;iu-h lit on the pit of ;?
'i-'-g.' '-bivad-bakct." Then,
I with a f:end:li laugh, he sud-j
oerdy spread out his leet with a
raping .omul, .aii.i was oil like
a lias.:, not Oinitt iirr. hounvor.
;to give tho expciimeiiter a par-
I.iigh. ,.i the small of his
ck as he departed.
the once ;
of the ri;:!e did r,!;t
near vnv;
il.c doctor's bit;, and Iirorr
liO'.v e llenl.if iiio'
now many pot
v.'ill have to
before iie
will get.
even on his1
A Novel Party.
A sk : .
cinou; puty was given'
rec.Mt.y, by a wo-:
man wuo ua.s b-'couie quite cele ( eXl: Who was the model Tre
'r iU,i f 'r ht'1' determined ;,n l ;jjeilt? Alilhrd Fillmore.
. er,i-teni dhrts to j;.t into g.,odj Next: Who was the most van
M.e.e'.y. w-is ori-jumlly cillating and unrcdiahle? James
j.::i;ir.er.n.ud in a Im.-Iou hotel, ! B ichanan.
uid ri .rii. d tji ; .iof a well- j ;ext: Who was the Tnost hu
Kiuwii i.-vy loik-jr m.lSOa. ;raoro,iS nj g00d natured? Abe
ih'-! marria-j cr ated a jrreat : T.InonTn
.C.l-:d d
t '
ol c ur.ij Thev went!
) iiuro:)' ni.d
yung gentle -
j nun's w ;aUh and prop -ities! Next: Who was the most GIFT
.sjoii brought them into n;tio ED? ij. . Grant. Whv? 'Cause
ex-cua.nherm iid is pretty,
'? x education and
- -
reU.ieliieiU, anu CotiMJt r.ibie CleV-
I en.cAH. wo years ago tl.cy caia. j Boys, you have lea nt your )es
! bi.ck to Njw uru, to the .innoy- sons vpi-v wpII. ILw'pfs for IT
ano'-- 'd the y uag gentlsmun s .
TelativeH, and l a tuwith establish
l'd tho.riselvr.s en the Fifth avenue
Then cauiy a fcerie4 ot'gia id par-
The m 't dit-tingui.-hed uf ;
"ur citizen?, their wives and j
present received some handsome'
article t.f j-. welry. This
most iiovtl bid for social fame and1
popularity evtr heard of. In , 10 soc people s nerve, was in
yiow of the prevalent hard times, 'vented by the boudoir joumal
this style of eritertainuifut niust',st Adolphus de Crcme. He
become very fashionable
roner.re Conwav lectured on
Sundav to the Chion. nn
"The Devil," and so graphically j we ,vJ01ct: t promul
did he depict the parly witi, the man to play pen
Which Chicago is so familiarj1"0 Iimb ot' a -sl:acb'
!...! .., " 4.1 1 . . "
the audience of their old famil-
iar friend
1,11 appiaie icsu-i candidate for office in Xc-
rl tl'?.Proi"i, .'V'co-"it,10" ty.Tada. named Hen-,, in addrcs,-
Judge Morgan, an old, sWd ;bceiUHC h? of&crat-
and experienced lawyer of New 'g aroumUor a living.
York city, testified before the) Cljarlcs (Connor, the cmi-
E e o 1 or da v, tint sever ly !
cent, of crime' in "tL
was directly caused by the ml
sl.i,i - o,I3 iinn,. 3
Kpisiainu wiuuimcu uu crime. '
S M T W T 1' S
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11 12 13 11 ir
18 11) 20 21 22
25 2C 27 2S 21)
9 10
23 2
30 31
12 3 4 r
S 0 10 11 12
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22 23 21 25 20
1 2 3 1
7 8 JO 11
14 15 10 17 18
r o
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j Seitembek
1 2
3 4 5 0 7 8 0
10 11 12 13 14 15 10
17 18 10 20 21 22 23
21 25 20 27 28 20 30
October 1 2 3 4 5 0 7
8 0 10 11 12 13 14
15 10 17 18 10 20 21
22 23 21 25 20 27 28
20 30 31
November 12 3 1
5 0 7 8 0 10 11
! 1- 1!1 It 11 lit IT 1
I ' 10 20 21 22 23 21 25
I '( v7 'N i)f 'AO
1 December. 1 2
:j 4 r o 7 8 o
10 ii ii i:j it ir, u;
IT 18 10 L'O 121 '22 21',
L't 23 2ii 21 2$ 20 "0
Presidential Lesson.
th,ir place for recitation,
Toin William. who was the
t - . i ic i t-,
j'li usi i ;itrio:ic :in!i unspins'i rres.
-(Jen!? Gen. Washington.
NeXt: Whl wafl the
Bhum,n? Ti,n,n... T.n...
v wi.rt -na
Next: Who was the most
e5S aJi(j arLitrary? Andrew Jack-
i son.
VvTho was the must cun
ning and foxv? Martin Van liu-
Xext: Who was the most eirot.
istical? John Tvler.
- liiWIl,
vrt,.j. v. r ni
jbitiou. - ? Andrew Johnson.
:i lu.Ver refused anvthinif from a
$50,000 house to a bull cup or a
huncll of cigars.
Ir. Moody is credited with
havincr made the following an-
nounccment: ''Suppose that
President (irantorsome other
other place.
inc refined style, so a3 not
j thus writes 01 a recent event:
"A Missouri man has, we rc-
'o1'01 to rcconl, coaxed a boy to
I lakesulphuric acid,and a crovd.
we rejoice to proinulgatc,coaxcd
pendulum from
ing his fellow-citizens assured
them that he w; ntcd their votes.
1 i'i f'U ' 'tl '! 0'i '"" '
ll '' .' 1 n". l l ; . " '
'nk- M "S, " l,lrjlr-
,i, - in,,...,. a- a.-

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