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OKI l :: AT Til K SA M K tLI) .STAND.
t'Iilttri- ikiitl l'ulilifOn!-.
TlmrMliiy Morning, Jaimry G. 1S76
Mr. Kerr's Appointments,
S'nce the adjournment of
t,' )i-ivs, a p.rominent topic of
n t -ii
new: iar.cr diif-cr.s-ion. has been
: , r
Mr. peaer Jveri s cominittee.
We copy from the Xew York
0!'rcy a lit of the 'chairmen
of what it terms the 'leadii
tmu. .
. ays ami Mean,-3lr. lor-
mon, oi Illinois.
ppropnitn.ns- 3Ir. Ean-
da ! of I ennsvl vaina
hln'tions 31 r. Harris, ol
W avs ami .Means 31 r. 31 or-
! lu'.iciarv - 31 1
K'i !i;i;eky.
r'orei-'-ii Afi'air 3ii
(A .Marv am .
iankii;g and Currency
'i.iv, of A ew i oi k
' fC . t t
anile- Kailroad-Mr. Lama;'a
I'1- 'ron and Buffalo Bill, and on
audi- 31 r. bayleiv t,nkM j tj)e rccei)tior.-rccm!
Public I
of Ohio.'
The rule h,s heretofore heen!bluck coals and wl.itc lie., in !
Iu in:ih- the ablest man of the : nleasurable expectancy that my
. 'i r ,',.,, i, n1rl In r.oMrrLt Lv Lmo-
.:irly Chairman ofAas and e m on! tj le ca tight 1 long,
Mans. AVhether Mr. Morri- toai black-locks, ilowing over
,.-;il i... ..i.:i:,: .,.nv n.oumv
rvu v. in iiv. i;i -v; ui'iiitius iiui
1. . . ,
leridiilnt'o i-'ton'i mil 1 loi'r.ii'n
....v,v.,.v.. .w,,M ...iu "-v","v; leaineill neiT. lined Yun Jill- eel i not oniy ciogs up ine pores ot tlie en-
au cllicient leader instead of a'plimentx of warfare, and sup- t,,e '" andfards circulation, but it
, jjuii.viiw oi " ' . . ' . 1 ; s pronuctive of Catarrh, which is quite apt
niet follower, remain1; to be porting buckskin breeches. it lend to Consumption. "Oh," you pay,
sen The annointmcnt of lf-m-' which 'in turn should disappbar ! ' 't iwye J-t a cold in my head."
n.cn. a u., appoimuiLiir oi u.ui-, it 1U,.. iui thiitiohl is really a mild form of
d ill as Chairman on Appropr
Xoiironn -
.'ItlOIlS IS UOUbtlesS a II tliat Call
1.. 1 ;,.! IT" " 11
l)Mleiicd. He is an able man,
aad has always been known as
lavorable to a ngid economy, i om'-' cone uh. eu mat me bC!n;.r;v.im.t,js(a?eSt,1(!rc jsa Ji4cll&r(re liaT.
oln-nv vr.,m'';,. 1,;- ,-.i fV..! h d not arrived, and turned to j in-nn oirmive odor. If the disease bo al
ahas excepting his ote for , , ' ..,;.....,, 1)V ' owed to continue in its course, thick, hard
, , ... 'S.eak io ui .;c Li! ! 1 1 1 ti i ice l .. . .,, e . , : ,
the salary irrab. Nm'O of the! i i . i t " M rotations will form m the Lead, the
. j whom I was introduced to se- ,0I1S which sometimes become softened
Other committees arc COllsid-! eraJ Gr the "TOUn in w hich and bn ak awav in pieces. Why will per-
. ' i C" I ' 4: . .. r i.
c-red weak, and that on Pacific
the majority in the way of posi-1
tle legislation With COIlslllera-;
ble curiosity. Their nosition
j i ' "u"
. is a new one for them, and thev
ii l .1 t i .. "
Will Imd the burden ot rcspon-
nihility more onerous than car-
jying a pike-staif merely for
ihe purpose ol puncturing their
opponents whenever a favora
ble opportunity presents itself.
Vr A. Washington ci'y
correspondent touches up a
well-known Tenncssccan in the
following style
II,... A"". IllCJ 1 r
IIJC IIUUM, iU'llli-1. I M l J i, 1111.,
..... 7 '
of Tennessee, gets on p.etlv
v. ell, hut 1 have a crilieism lo
... , . . .
upon his reading, lie
vhould open his month n ider
Jiailwavs wi 1 hi; wate hot w ih 'One gcniiciuan w:ose name i 'as vel be cured of it? Ur. Safe's
t .1 . i . i i r,-, I did not catch, but who. from 'Remedy will cure the worst ''oiins of Ca
eonsiueraoie jeaiousv. JIX .. . . ' (anh; in fact, it is the only sure and safe
.:n ...: .i... sgeiieral appearance, I Viulg- ,., ,.ie,tr .vllich i,is v,t Len onVi-ed to the
't-f io tit .tvtiiit iiiu action ui i w l i i" i,- i. i
A i vl j. iv. ni rf unitto ! tin blii. M:inv harKb. lrntatuiL' nren:ra
hi the discharge d his duties, weanng oi an immense clrsUr
Mid not employ his nostrils so ' diamond l ing on his forefinger, i
l iueh as he does in the service'1 nuist confess that J found lii-;
f his country. There is not a tlc to compensate me for the ;
1-ali in the countrv in which a ot" mJ' red-shirted ideal,
slight mfsal twang i so notice- Seeking for a simile to illus- ;
ab'le as it is in. the hall of the ,I:lte the change which has eon.e
House. Mr. Urown should ;ver onr streets during the past j
take pattern after Dr. Meiiail'ev. ; tl:iy-S 1 c:,n OI)1y ;h 'ni 1' '
the old Clerk, who when he be-!tI,e o5t.v J,s il ''V- c-orn popper,;
gins reading from the desk, !
tn.-ns his mouth so wide that I
tlie bald snot usually
usually seen on
top of his head falls down on accompany tlie operation imii
ihe back of his neck. A.H.C. ,cated. It may be a homely
;compaiisen. 1 admit, but it Jits
.Tr" The Cincinnati EiKiuin r ) the case admirably. First one
hU the fentiincnt in this section
exactly when it fays that friends
oi currency reform must ask of
Coiijjress something that Congress
cm do, and ought to do. They
m iy rrquest:
1. The repeal of the re.surap-j
ti-n bill.
'J. Tint the right of issue be
taken , from the national banks,l
and that the notes of the United
States be substituted for the notes
o? the national banks.
Tl.,,1 ,nll0r Jo ilnno
. .- f
... ,
Judge Advocate Gen-
i ii.i. l
. .. . ,. ent branches the volume of bus-
the retired list, at his own i-e-,incss is exceptionally hcavv.
.piest. lie is remembered in! The Mason Sc Hamlin Organ
connection with some of the J Co., for example, who arc the
most disgraceful fcciics that leading house of the kind in the
Main the pages of American j world, report a demand which is
hi-tory. His brutal conduct at ' temporarily beyond their capac
thetifal of Mrs. Jurratt, and ity to supply, though their case
Ids tyrannical course generally is, of course, exceptional, they
. .... . .... .
in relation to arbitrary arrests
and courts martial, will condemn
him to infamy as long as his
name shall be remembered a-!
mon" men. (years they have enjoyed almost
J unquestioned superiority at
The number of insane people in j home, while few American man
Si.i F4:ineis.:o this year, it is snid, ufacturefs of any kind have re
invent v fivi)3r eeat. larger than Hccted so much honor on their
ii was l ist e tr. ; country abroad. At London,
Our Hew York Lctler.
Tin Aroniliau Diuncr. .Ifmqiihi
Miller. Corii-iipiiii"; lvtiu -onliitary.
(iO.OOO vr
.Month front tin: North
ern Paeitic.
"HlO r
Front ur Own Correspondent.
Nl-:W Yolllv', )00. 'A 1ST."):
To (In JMKor of' ilia Ohscrcrr,
Xew York, iust at nrcont. is
well supplied' with literary eel-
t-brities, a liberal sjn-inklin of
xv'iom appeared at the unusual-
iv bril iant dinner niven iv the,
J ,. , , .. -
Arcadian. (dub a tew e cnmgs
si,K.t. at tiieir elegant rooms on
Fiith avenue. Among the dis-
linguisdied persons whose pres-
eace contributed to the interest
,of the occasion were the venor-!
..,.,::,, l.,,,,!.,,-.,,-!.
fcw lvmiuu? a!Ui-marks, so; w been heard from
1() cd of ofd Nuw York. 3. -abject, and that he is a
p Conway, Prentice IX 3Iul-'A as ever of the futi
ofthe ..Qvcrlaiul Month- I cc.ss of the railroad win
... i , , n.wtr,,, .,n(i.!i i .... i- a. c
ly," Laurence Hutton, author
f ''Plays and Players; I'. II. j brought him to bankruptcy.
iAVebb, bettir known as "JohnjHe says it now occupies the
Paul; and last, but not least, i
Joaquin Miller. From the gen-
eral drift of r.cwspai.er para-1
grai hs 1 had prepared myself j
ce in lhis illustrious person
gorf of Jnixlurc Gf Eord P,y-!
looked OVCl' tllC nssemblairC Of
i"S of a red hunting:"0'1' 1 "m well, with the exception of a
V , , i .".c.M. Header, do you know that a cold is
(led OH the OOUth b (llV ofl!lu mo.t tjanAerous maladies? A
i . i ....
: Kit IT- t) 1 LI1L" .iJillll U
7 b
i i .i i i. r-n i -.i
,111 ,uon lU-Sjmi 1 etl ooois. an
Ill accordance Vv llll lue inclin e
i i ... l i- .l
"V: 11;U I'31' f n UU'Uhecatuloiue of diseases. The passage to
'lu(.t ofthe Sierras." ot sec- i is obstructed, the seni of smell
inir any thin- of the sort, I r.t
found him. Among these w!;
,;na;l midd!e-aued' i-eison.
With high cheek-bones, reddish
blown whiskers, ar.d thin, short;""' in-aul i?,'n? ti efTect, and when
, . .. . t , . u d Willi lr. Pierc i's Nasal botmie, ac-
,1:U1' 01 x. s:i,ne c'.'or' xUl) l'x" j ,-onii.,s to,iirsctioas, docs not fail to effect
tended his hand in an al.LClit a cure. Sold, by all Druggists.
. i ,-t
sort oi a wav. and alter a word
or two iX)it weather, re-! 5T Cotton culture, which
lapsed into silence, leaving hh- gXVo t?ome promit-of being a euc-
l ) resume my searcn nr i! e
. . , W. I'l V..I1IWI lllUl UU 1, w-.. O W
picturesque poet at mv lei-mc. , . ' ,
A few inquiries shortly alt.r;b-" a f". The area planted is
revealed the somewhat staggci-:a',0VV,nS the flua!,t' has Je'
ing fact that 1 had been ''-en-meliorated, and the want of facto
tenaining angels unanaies," or 'ries mnke the culture unprofita
wonls to that ell'ect, and that I ble.
my business friend was noi.e; rri. r rp
,f ,i ,i 1 trSr The pram crop of lexHS
(jther th.an the romantic genius i e f
himself. On k-arnimr this. I of! t,lliJ 3ca.r amounts to about 8,000,-
'..,mvn lirivi!i.,l li?ii innvi i.lnv.-
- 1 in .11 .ii- iw w iw.-i
i . i "ii
ly. to discover, if possible, seme
"i ward signs of the IVometlu -
1 ... 1 . 1 . . I .
:, I1,L 'eoiia a m,i;iar
tu of moustache, ami the
which has but just arrived at
temperature necessary to the :
wontieriui iransjonnations tnatj
1 1 . ,
slorc would burst into holiday
(lisplay then another, two, three,
ten, fifty at a time, tnl now the
whole retail portion of the town
' is as plump and as tempting a
'it.. ...... f. . i
the most successful popper-full
that ever was snatched from the
Hire in the nick ot time. For
these few exhilarating days, the
retail merchants are having a
rest from grumbling, and are
feasting their eyes on crowded
countcrsand plethoric tills, while
the thought of the little folks
and biir folks which theso invr-
UI0 "l
Ud purchases will soon make
ghul, is enough to warm the
heart of a cynic. Every bodr is
doin well, and in tho rasp of
lit.. . .i , :.. .1. i:iv
ine laiest ncaieis in uie uiuer-
having, in addition to this sud
den local pressure, a regular
trade in nearly every civilized
country in the globe. For
jat Paris, at Vienna, wherever
i their instruments have been ex
hibited, they have, by sheer
i force of merit, triumphed even
over national "pride, and receiv
ed the hiheet distinction in ev
ery ease. In almost any other
'industry at least two or three
manufaeturera will l)u found
lwho.se claims are so nearlv e-
anal that the foremost position
u m-vir fUtinitpiv nRifrtiwl lnit
, the name cf Mason & Hamlin
'upon a reed organ id what the
sinin; of twenty-four karats
r,e is to the roklen injrot.
V , l'oVL- .
There can be but one such, and
that indicates unapproachable
; excellence.
any of your readers have
.invested in Xorthern Pacific
bonds, it may interest them to
. , i i,...i
uu i lie
as confi-
future 6uc-
which swal-
ii()Wc.d up his crreat fortune and
i,JOudest nosition of anv road
; tiic country, being entirely
jVee from debt, and making on
the tiailic ot its two complete
;ends $(50,000 a month net profit,
i acts are Stubborn Things."
I. Tbousands of human bein?3 are yearly
Uess a Mifficient knowledge of themselves.
! A limn meets his neighbor, nnd the first
j , iioni8 , oIInr aryou?, or 4W is
j,;r health?" The reply frequently y,
! . CI... . . .1
I U V Ul UIU uanuj UUft lliuiuillt;h
. i . .
, r;ll.,ni , omi if ,10t arrested in its course
ni tncome enr inc. v-atarrn is one oi tne
ii. rr. -
n.o-t .lis.TTepable. offensivp ntrptions in
".;,air.d, and there isa disaSrce.tble sensa-
ti..rs may, lor a time, relieve the ursency
r .1 i . .i j.. i 1 .
luie.s.." )r. Ha;o s Catarrh I'.emedy is
r -oj in f-i 1 1 fr-ri l 'i Tin nf unnonrQ t.i
' OU.-llClS.
kj) ousueii, iue average uiiut-
i ?l wt nce me open
' "? grain season has been
j viicSilnirg, Teimessce,
PRICE ounniiiTo
KVY1 lliflllYR XP.EniP
Ull II lilll ill.1 1 lllilll i. I Li U MJ U -J
fjOc to CO jicr dozen.
Lock Stitcli Machine
ut Manufacturers' prices.
I I ; 1 II i A I I I I CI 111 1
Mjiiui if ui 1 1 Hi ill;
at manufacturers' prices. 1
Will send needles hy mail on receipt of
tlit' money.
A Urge assor nient of Rurial Cases and
Casltcts, l'rcm tlie FmalloKt to extra larpe
sizes, aiid prices from $10 to $50, ready
tvinini.'d, including outside case.
(T Also a lar.-olot of Fish Dros. & Co's
Wagons just rec ived, at $90 to 110. from
lilit 2 to 6 horse size. L. B. HOLT.
sep. 2, 1873. tf o
J. L. Bryant, H. B. Morgan.
It Lyncliburg
KELTS a full lino of goods in all the
different branches of trade, riz: All
Trades of fancy and staple Dry Goods,
Made Clothing, Boots, Shoes and llats.
We also keep the best of Cofl'ee, Sugar and
ther Groceries, Iron, Nails, Horse and
Mule Shoes. Castings, Cook Stoves, Tin
ware, &c, all of which we will sell
Cheap as the Cheapest !
We want all the
Brin us your Wheat, Corn, Feathers,
irasrs", Beeswax, Ginseng, Dried Fruit, Eggs,
and any thing else that will sell, and get
the market price for it in cheap goods or
croccWcs. Thankful for past favors,
janl J. L. BRYANT & CO.
.... ... , 1 -o r I
NKW oi:k.
Fightccii hunilrt'd mid tevf nty-n'x I the Ceo ten
nijl !-. Jt is hIm) the year in which an Opposi-
Uiin lloiise of Ki'iirvsenthtivPi", the flit tint the
I war, will lx- iu wer At Vhington ; unci theyt'r
of the tweuty-thh'l vlcction of ' i'rciilcut oi tho
I ultfil hwu- All uf these events are sure to lie
of trient Interest hikI iDi)oitHiice. erpecially the
two lutU'r : nJ nil of thi-ni nnd everthing connec
ted with them ill lie fully and fiefchly reported
and expounded in The Scs.
1 he Opposition H.u of Ropreai'ntativcu. tak
ing up the line of inquiry opened years ao by
'J BE .-CK, will l surnly aiid uilih'entl'y lnve-u'nto
the cormptiinis and hiiMlefi!" of OKAST'd ad
ltiiniMrtion : nnd will, it is to lie hoped, lay the
louudution fur a new and better period in our nnt
ural history of all this The .cn will contain
complete and accurate accounts, furnishing its
leaders with rarlv and trustworthy infonuation
upon tliei-e alHxrhing topics.
The twenty-thin! 1'residential election, with
the preparations for it. win be memorable as de
ciding upon ukani :s aspiraiicns for a third term
of power anil plunder, anil Hill more as decidipff
w ho shall le ttie candidate of the party of Koform,
Kud as electing that candidate. Concern in all
tliese subjects, those who read The Sits will have
. the constant menus ot leinj: thoroughlr well in
furnied. , i tie Weekly Sun. w hich Iihs attained a circula
tion of over eighty thousand copies, already has
its readers in every State and Territory, and we
trust tliat the year 1ST6 will see their numbers
doubled. It will continue to he a thorough news
paper. All the general news ot the dav w ill be
lound in it. condensed wheu unimportant, at full
length wheu of moment: and always, we trust,
treated iu a clear, interesting and" instructive
Kisouraim to make the Weekly St n the best
family newspaper ill the world, and we shall con
tinue to Rive in its columnsa larjje amoutis of mis
cell aneous reading, such as stories, talcs, poems,
scientific 'ntellipcnca and airi icultiiral infornm
tion, for which we are not aii e to make room in
our daily edition. The agricultural department
espocinlly is one of its prominent features. The
fashions are alo regularly reporteil iu'itacolumus;
and so are the markets of ecrv kind.
The Weekly mw, oiijht iap with fiftv-six
broad columns is only Sl.'ioa jear. postage pre
paid. As this price barely repays the cost of paper,
no di-countcan be made from" this rate to clubs,
agents. 1'ostmasters, or anyone.
The Daily alartre four pa-je newspaper of
twenty-eight euliimus. jrives all the news for two
cents a copy. Subscription, postage prepaid, 55,
a month or $t.5o a year. Sunday edition, extra,
fl.loper year. Wc have no traveliniragents.
Address, TIJE SUN, New York litv.
lee ;!-t)i
Insolvent Notice by the Chan
cery Court.
7l7"llKnI:AS' 1l)avid C- 1Iall aJministra
j V tor, &c, of 0. P. Griffis, deceased,
filed his insolvent bill in the Chancery Court
at Fayetteville.Tennessce, on the second of
September, 1873, and by decree pronounced
at the October term, 1S75, of the Chancery
Court at Fayettevi le, Tennessee, in the
cause of David 0. Hall, administrator, and
others against Dessa Griflis and others, it
was ordered that the administration of
said estate be removed to theChancery Court
for the e.-tate lo be wound up as an insol
vent estate.
This is to to notify all persons to file
their claims properly authenticated on or
before the 'Jtith of February, 80,
with the Clerk and Ma.-ter at Kayetteville,
Tennessee, for pro rata distribution or they
will be forever barred. I. V. CLARK,
nov. 25-3m Clerk tnid Muster.
InO W D'lviflcni.
J n0 " UtU lUSOIlj
Favelteville, TViin.
Also floes Carpenter's aM Joiner's wsri
l''' all kinds made to order with
Repaired ami Varnished!
at short i oiice !
of evcrj' description furnished without
delay, and al reasonable rates!
Call or leave orders at .T. 13. Wil
son's shop, on College street.
In Chancery Court at Fayettc
vllle, Tennessee.
E. 1'. Keynolds vs Henry Turner and others.
December Rules, 1875.
IN the above cause it appearing that Fpa
to an.Vr. Mid alias spa to ans'r have been
issued lor defendant Henry Turner, to the
comity of llutherford, State of Tennessee,
and it appearing from the return of said
shciilf, that deiendant Henry Turner is a
non-r. sident of the State of Tennessee,
and is aid to be a resident of Evansville,
On motion of complainant's counsel,
and it appearing to the satisfaction of the
Clerk and Ma.-ter firm the return of said
sheriff that said defeiidunt Henry Turner
is a non-resident of the State of Tennessee.
It is therefore, ordered, that publication
be made in the Fayette villi? Ouseuvki:, a
newspaper published in thy town of Fay
etleville, for four consecutive weeks, com
manding said defendant Henry Turner io
appear at or before the next teim of the
Chancery Com t, to be held for the county
of Lincoln, at the court-house in the town
of Fajettoviile, on the lirst 31 outlay in
April, and plead answer or de
mur to complainant's bill, or-the same will
be taken for confessed, and set b r hear
ing ex parte as to him.
A tre copy, attest: 1). W. CLABK,
deij. 10 o Clerk and Master.
Immense Success. UTxZ
til v to the noi'iilavitv of tin; 'eojle' jmpcr." tlie
Sr'iU SrAM.i.Kli KasNkh. 14Mi .m-.-u-. n laiirr Spajje
-tUculiimn paper, illiisriiito't. nnii tilled u itii eliariu
iu: slories, tales, i-id - wit. liiinier, and three
columns (tcriitcti to its 'l.oj. ties' t or'cr," or cn
me of f-wiiellers. cjnarks. ami II (itiil)iiff'. It is
by all od'ls the best auil must popular of all tlie
literary papers, lieml hy ira tieo ili lijilited snliscii
bcrs. e'stalili-lied ISfi-l. never Mis'nrt or tails to
appear en time. It isa "launly liiend." find a
eoinyleto family paper. It will save jon fmm l
inj; swindled uiid five you must deii)ditfhl re.id
lnjr for a whole year. Vail not to suln-ri ilie NOW .
lh.-tini itiK Fn-iuli lnniiiii are ivi n
UUl kkke to every one payinir tl for the Ban
ner for ISTii. 'iliee iirc worth I earh, and are
bkacties. all mounted leadv to h.uijr or frame.
Reader, you want the Ka.nnkk, juii Ml'ST try it.
It costs but very little, only iJcetits for paper, or
IM for paper and lour chromes, all sent prepaid.
Sent three months loronly It) i ts. 'i'KY it om e
Send for samples, or bettor, IJ cents and receive it
3inonili3. Addrc-s
jan. 6 II ANN El! ( ., Hinsdale, N'.II.
X. E. Dollar Snle.: BromfieM St.. Boston. Mas
is daily shii-jdns liuiioreds of lxes and paokamii
of valuable poons alt over tlie-t". s. nio im worth
of elejraHt t;old Je-lry, llinc-s. l'inn, SAts,
L'harins. He , .Vc.. Solid siher and Plated Ware.
Cutlery: ijlaw.ire, hanry (ioculs. (li.ljO 'articles)
and all (leM-riptions. Kine" Teas, t ollees. Groce
ries. Verliinierv, Hair Oils. Soaps. Ac, Ac. Also
5 oOCl book- of all kinds, and sn
e nil. and sell at those prices everywhere, yet wc
are selling everything at the popular price of on
ly one dollar. Gi.wuo delighted patrons testify to
the benefits of our oiiAT sale, and in our paper
hundreds of letters areprtnted from our patrons
in the-nast three years. Keaiifr, you ran fav
money, ybn can make ?10 jo as far as"20 elsewhere.
If vou dea I with n. M e want agents EVK3T
whlre We pay large commissions. 'o rik,
no capital. Good's sent t :. O. 1. with privilejreof
eeiug before paying Send forfull catalopuo Ac..
tEE Send Now. Address. H . ORM1MON A
CO., -V. E. DOLLAR SALE, 33 Broiufleld St ., Bos
ton. Mass. J.in.8
To perietal
i at the Obsetuer Office Fyottevt'lle
THE Bonnl of Tnintee taKo jilcastiro in
announcing; that Fayctto Aca'leniy will
he opened for the reception of Btudents on
under the management and control of Cap-
fain T. I,. Norwood, late of the crlebrn-
ted Binpham School, lornled at Mebanville,
N. C. The building is now ttndergoinp re -
pairs, and it will be nmlo entirely comfort-
able by the time meiitiont d.
The school will be onnniz"l nnd con-
ducted as a Military Institution, but t adrt
uniforms will not 1c required Hie I'ml t
sion. Instruction Will be s-ivi'ti in nil Hie
branches umuuI taught in tho ln-sl Ann i i
can schools. fBI
First-class ansistatiro will b iii(tcy od ij'
to whatever cxlent it may bo found nei i '
tary. , ', U
The uniform rate of tuition will l"i If M
per month. '
Board can lc, obtained in b'"iilii at
$10 per month. j
WM. r.oNNF.K. du.,
K. L. DllAKi:,
K. U. AM.KN. I
i;. s. wn.soN,
dec. 23-1 f o Hoard of 7Vf"V'
HE next regular session of ihis Acad
JL emy will hegiu
January 10th, 1S7C.
Tuition from two to six dollars pr monlh, J
according to advauccni..nt.
Instruction Thorough,
Course equal to the best school of tie
country. Incidental fre one dollar iu ad
vance. W. A. SUMNERS,
dec. 1G 2m o Principal.
FTER an interval of one week, em-
bracing the Christmas holidays, the
Fayetteyills High School for Boys"
will resume its regular labors on 3Ioii- j
! day, January :Jrd, 187C, and con -
tinue six months; closing June the lith,
187G. ' We take this occasion to thank our.
friends for their former patroiiacr, and to.
sr ,x:;
cation, spelling, reading, writing, &c, ourj
curriculum tmbratts most of the text-j
books used in the An erican Colleges j
the Sciences, the Higher Mathematics, tho
Greek and Latin languages. By a special
arrangement the st udy oi the
languages may be pursued at .a small ad- j
ditional expense. No extra ch:nges for;
anything except for French :md (ierman.'
While both the instructors are menile is of !
the M. E. Church South, and one of them;
j lio'.ds his position hy the appointment ofthe '
U'nnessee (.oi:f toiico, yet that frightful
monster ' Seetai ianLin'' nevi r shows him-
self atall. The Bible is read and prayers
are oilere'l to (Jod :or Hi blossirgs, and if
anybody objects lo that, wo allow them to
keep their boys a wav. To these who can
not p:iy money we say,
Hentl Your Boys
and pay us in something else. To those
who cannot pay at all, ivj Fay send
vour i
joys, they
T it. .1 . l 1 .
iu uiose ucsirwix -oaru we sin', you sniiii
have it :it rier month, rnmn :i
furi.ish d. All you have to do is to fur-
nish your own lights and wasSiir.g.
ltiition rates as follows
1'reparntoiy department, 2 jr month.
lu'ermediatc, Jo.O't per monlh. i
High School. .1.X) per month.
Ir.cidental Fee, $1 W).
tne-half payable in advance the otherat!
d e. 10 o
E. JL & T. B. FISH EH.
Oak Hill Institute!
r H?- next regular session of this school
J will commence
January. 81st, lSTfi,
and continue twenty wieks. under the su-
perision ol 1. Iliuiei)-iu;ii, assisted ty
, ... i
competent teaeheis. Tin re will be an ex-
tra spj-sion of four weeks beginning the
3rd of January, 1K70, tor the accommoda-
tun of tnose who wish to pursue their j
studies, as well as tl.c.s.- who wish to thor-j
onghly pn ji i'e themt-elves for future teach- !
ins. Sikcij'I iiticniion will be iriven to !
those who wish to teach: also
1M ieefiag, Kair-wcrl Fcaltcr-icrlf,
rtLLIO-If Ulif UiUu.O ;lij
during the extra an well as the regular ses
sion. Tnibo.'i from fj lo per month, ac
cording to ad ancements. 1'oard -fl" per
month, incidental fee, $1X0 invariably in
advance. .
One-half-of tho tuition must be raid in
I ss-is csts yrx cssv t." tj -j wo lyf
I 1
advance, and oin-half at the end of tkjfTOA SAT) C$ P 3 -fW
session, unless other arrangements are niadi;. ; J- O XA KJ jLt. U JLL JUiUj.J.J
Ten per cent, deducted from all tuitions which will In: run a t an v and all timts, o.!
paid in advance. Eor further particulars reasonable terms, for th ; accommodation
send for catalogue. Address, I". Ill M E- 1 of the public.
IJAL'Gir, Principal, or W. I
ident B. of T.
Co i.e. Prcs- .
dec. 9 o
Fayeltcvillc Female
, .
rpiIE rest session W
X SrptCKiberi.tli, 1S.. Ibis In-;
stitution is
intended to (tier
the younq;!
ladies of
uiiiuuiin aiii,iiijuiniitu uuuniiijij
a.tvantajes to ne surpassed iy no female;
College iu the South. Its faculty is com-j
posed of experienced teachers, and its
terms more moderate than those of any i
similar institution in the State.
TEU 31 .S .
Primary Department. $10.00
Grammar do lo.(X)
High School do 20.00
Modern Languages 10.00
Music fincludine use instruments 30.00
Board from fflO to $12 per month. For "e cotirt-nouse in rayeuevnie. on i:ie
further particulars apply to j rst 3Ioinlay of March, 1876, to dc-
.1. W. HATCHER, Principal, or I 'ed said attachment suit, or it will bo pro
Dr. C. A. Diemeb, Pres. B. of T. ceeded with ex parte.
iulr 8 1875 o It is further ordered that this notice be
Good and Cheap :
"OOR SALE a first-rate Doty's "Wash-
jl I'ranu iiiiviisui uniif;ci-iiiu
of the best machines for household useever'
JL er and Universal AVriiifrer
the Observek offico. inarchf) !
I Of Athens, Ala,
Late with Gilbert,
j j jj
j Jy j y a
' ' fi . , 4j . f
lyOlllgt' '"" ' M
' 1T TY -r-v-t? t rT
,rH"I TjTjl'sf JL, J'vN, Z. ErP Jv,!4
Out. 1 f .1 ni
no to Tin;
Xortli-wc.-t corner
ii, for mmh
I And carefully selected goods suit
able fur the
Xo Trouble to Show (iootls.
SP1". '! Fancy Dry Goods,
Silks and Poplins.
Flaniifls vVc
Ladies' Trimmed Hats. Ladies
Furs a Speciality.
; in
J j
n i ni l'
N otionsi H osi eries, Boats, Siloes ana ;
Of all depcriptions and siz?s. j
The undersigned promise to do;
and if any (iotlbt it
j ''
jAnd Coin i nee
N. B Feathers,wool, hef swax, !
t i . i . , .
'tiange ii
! "OOtlS, or UOHilt tor CM
I Hirrht-pt Market Price.
li at tlie
Sept. 23. 1875.
iTin n nnii?
At MJ & UUli
j South side, of the Public JSjuire,
' Faycttevillc, Tennessee,
I 4 BE j)reparel with keen Ra
! JLjL ors,iharp Scissors", clean
' Combs 'and Bri!shes,and nit'tf 'I'ow-
i i ii riu r ii iiti 1 1- i ir v ii M ill :i, ill
- - i
in the latosj stle, and as cheap as any one.
( Kespectful and prompt attention always
given to all customers. jm.T-tf
Livery Stable!
H E undersigned has oiiem d at his
JL old stand, on Bridge
ville, a
street, l'ayelte-
Livery Stable.
where he is prepared to take care of horses
in the best style, furnishing careful atten-
lion, comfortable stalls and good food. I
have a good
TO lis RE-
as cheap as safety will allow. I am pre
pared, with a safe team and good wagon, to
do all kinds of hauling.
Charges moderate. .
nov. 18 e. c. Mclaughlin.
-- -
IStatC Of TCllllCSSt'C, Llill'olli
, .
VUllIUJ. .-
'John M. Wright,
Attachment, Suit.
j0i,n ii0bb
f-iK plaintiff states on affidavit that the
defendant is indebted to him 1, and
that hu a n0n-resident of this Staie, Mel
hv:n i,.,:n.,i frrl,n l-' 1 K.ilinn a .Tn-
i tice of the l'eace, an original
niiai nun in
.....i .
against the estate of the defendant, return
1 al.ln In 1 1 -. Vnciimlior tnn of tllO f'irpm't
i Court of Lincoln countv, J875, and the
same bavin? been lovied on the tlefendant's i
property, it is ordered by tho Clerk, that j
the defendant appear before said Court at j
puuiiMieu in uie i' a 1 r. 1 1 r. ii.lk vusto to.
HARRIS, (Jlerk.
dec. 23, 1875 o
(ards, Bill-Beads, Tictets, etc.
-p.nr, WITH V V K TVF.5
3 i.JU iMjAliNri.O t.
FICE, EiyetteTi'lle,
Tarltcs fe Co. Late with Shepherd, Hooper &Co
HAT) T) TAT C P.1)1)VA 1
Mt CC IU Xiix. x X
AVL r iii'V-d to their new hou-e,
UJD1)L1J 'V JJlllili)
'""-vXorth side cfthe Public Square.
or to 1. C Hall, where wc arc
with our usual coruplet'.' htock of
Also, tl;.? very bet
AVl' keep the ycry hest,
I stock of
stoi.-k of School and
we have a complete
ftifolcs andTcSlnniOlllS
of the American Bibb? Society, al
j-: o ,- o f v f O Y
Li Cf: i., J. U O I
M:;n-h 1
.il hmI tm tut
I'.ast Side of the Stitiare,
iS r-'-rt i i iiig
t,-d slock of
birg'' and carefully s. dec-
Suilabl ; to the
miti and adapted to the
wants of the peiipl... inchioiig
Ladies' lirts (loods,
And have jut r icd a large stock of
which will b
at Bottom
And also a I
me m
Faniilv Groceries !
f which will lie sold low for
i j
i" rly and ex;i:iin'.'
1". "l'sT.".
oek and prices. ;
L!y? S,
IEi-A-C2IKI- i
AM rc.nr.ir.ga regular Mail and I assen- (
Z':r ::k between
Favcttovillr and Slu-IIivviile,
throiiih Mulberry, Lynchburg and Flat j
i Creek. E"ves l'a y, I : ville every .donda-,
: W'edn.'-davand 1 ri !tv. Leaves Sh.'Hiyville
; ev-ry Tuesday. .Thursday and Saturday, af- 1
t,.r .rr' ,uj f .N',.rthern and Southern trains !
; I!m o.l. afe hor-'e-i. a comfortable I
l.haek. with p-a-onnbh
i.-ir-.i.j the. tinder-
sig'K'd eonli iei-.tjy p;
i i.ts this route to
'tl, ti-i vili:iir tin 1 1
II WATS' iN, Proprietor.
Oct. 11,
' - - - " "
I . . . ... .
' ji .... - . . ,
. -a t 7--;r a . f,. n-i er r o inecierK oi
, M i' r'..,, ,.r iiirn n eminttr
I JL 111" I ' "
Term.. (1 I'l Hi toe SU'i ''VS
a of ti.o admini-
' tratur of the estate, ol
f. Afvor-;. icC0a.st-(E
j j j
of the insoher.cy of said decedent's estate,
notice is hereby ;:iv'n to all persons baring
cla ms a';iiiist said r.tate to present them
to the Clerk of said county authenticated,
n or before tho 1st day of .June,
lH?ti. for pro rata distribution, or they
will be forever barred.
dr J. J FINNEV, Adoi.
AVA I t;J. l hM
Manhattan Mainifai-tuiintr '
( niiiaii are now reor
iraiiizm -j tnei i irt.iiir:il h ..f, i
cits, i- i-er-iii-men may ei ure Ilie ciiotrel iii all
- s"
sales in -i i-.:iii-t ti rnt-ry rn a staple rtnle. j
-rciaiiciU'M-li iii.tn;-.s Mint a !iiun'MM.r tbtt mav i
ay f. ,.i,t ,er aiiiiiun. r'nr imi t i.-ni ir, :
i l-t rw .. . i:h it.'itni ciii-inw t . ; A. I.L .''11 A1S J
n- -. t-nt. If. l:.-ti1-street. M.-ir Yotk. - I
Cisri sjJ Sismrcoaiffitasr's
BY vixtue of a decree of th5. County
Ceurt of Lincoln county Tennessee,
pronounced at the December term, 1675, in
the causii of John Hwazey et als against
David S. Larkins et als, I will, on
Tuesday, 25th of January, 1S7G,
at the court house door in thetown of Fay
etteville, Lincoln county, Tennessee, offer
fr pale to the highest bidder, the fjllowir.
Tract of Land !
situated in Lincoln county, Tennessee,
Civil District No 25, belonging to the heir
of Henry Larkins, deceased, and known
t-i the LarVin land, ar.d bounded a follow
' On the North by the lands of Hejiry
: Warren, on the South by the lands of Thos
; Baxter and others on the Last by the land
' of Thus. Mo-fly and Walker, and on the
West by the lands of Kilipatrick and Stan-
; Containing About 2,C00 Acre?!
j Said land will l.i divide! into Juts to s-iit.
' purchasers, and a plat exhibited on the d.iy
of sale.
! TETtM of Sai.k: S.ii-1 land will be sold
! on a creHit of one and two years, txerpt tti;
, sum of 5 p'-T c lit. in rash. Notes with tv.
or more jcood an-.l sutiit ient securities will
; be reqiiiit-d of the purchaser, and a Ii.-u
j retained on the hind until tbf purchase mon
ey is paid. 1'. I). BOVCK,
dec. L'J o (".. rk and Special Com.
On Saturday, January l."ith,
jN obedierco t a il. cne of si'e pi...
nounced at the Oct ub r term, l-T'i, ot
; the Chancery Court at Kayetteville, Ti n
' r.essee, in the case of Hufrh Thomison,
; guardian, against T. L. Williaition. 1 will
! htterd at the court-hf.use d.itir in the town
i of Fayettevi!!. Teni"sse, and offer lor
! iV to lh hil.et bidder, at public outcry,
lor cash, th" fi' imvini d ascribed
situated in Civil District No. ti. of Lincoln'
as fjiiows,
in the middle
Ol orris CI'eeK,
nort!i-e.it e.iP'
I rier, and rur.ning t!n.:.ee up il.f rreek
; its rcear.dets, "crth 4U ! g Las: 4') j.
; thence North : h g. Kasi --' job , tii !
North d.'jr. l ast "n poles, tin nee Ncrti.
It deg. Last ."I poh-s. t!i. nee North 1 der.
- East 17 pol ?s, thence North d-g. Last 11
: poles to a white oak, theriee Nortli 4J ile'.
I West 7 poles to a stake, thin.-.- North Ks.
, dcg. Wtst '.'3 j oles to a -take in J. L. Cob;-(
j ea.-t boundary line, tli' Dte vviih said Cole'
I line Soutli ."nieg. E.ii-t Ij poles ti a nnk,
; ('riswe!i's nurtii-wtst earner, thence Seti'h
o"1.. d"g. L.'.-st 107 po'es to tho beginnii,-,
Ccntaininir 'J-5 Acrts,
i out of -which is excepted th" old crrnv e v:ir-T.
..i 1 izr.'l Wil; mi!'! lor cali. t Siit;.-,iy
', a judgment in fm r of complaii anN Hugh
'1 li'.;)ii.-oni and V. II. Mcop.-s, 'or -"r"-'lT.7S.
with interest and cot. Thirty acre, m tios
above boundaii s not '. be sold.
i. w. ('Lai:k.
C (Hid M. (h.d Sj-iijt'irf L'oiuini.ts iim r.
U'l'. lli, 17j o
In Mojrc County,
;AI iheCouft-Hoise in Fayetievilf sv
the I.'th ol J;iut!-
ary, lS7r,
IN .b':;!ier.cc t" a ii : T' " of pr -
I.'ollliee.l at the i )et.i!,. r t -rin. l-7". of
; the Chancery Court at Fa vetfevi m the
'case of Wiley B. Uu Id is'. .1. !. Ib ward
and others. I wii! aMeii.l a f tho c uir: -hoi s"
'door in the town of Fa vi I tvi!!-, and o!l' r
'(r sab.- the following ileserdi -d
Tract of L'.nJ. l)ii'in Aim re
ccunty, Tt. f.nt f-sro.
Civil District No. .and bounded r.s fol
lows, to-w;t B' g'nhiiig 'it n slakr. runriiii;r
; West Sfbj poles to a roi k and joinli is,
: thence South 7 pel. s to a sink'' and p. - inter ,
thence South 7:1 d-g. E-t -H p.b-s to u
beech, thence Smith 8 do--. l-t 1h jmiI.-s
to a lar.'e oak, thci.ee South "i I ii Ka.-t
OS poles to a stake, thence Ea-t -1 pob-s ti
a siakf, tin nee North 7 dog. West 1 poles
to the beginning, containing
i . 23 Acres ami 14S Pole.
The 2nd trn t begins at a siako n. ;ip th
o it Mi'iiin .Mill Site, luiiiiilg llience U est
l"?.i 1" h s to n stake and 1 oc pointers.
; thence Son'.h til '.. poles to a slab"; in the
1 road, ihenco Sotitn H"i i"s. East with tho
I road ; poles t-i a
j thence North " deg.
; thence North
i the beginning, con';
ar th
l a-1 'Js u'. st.) a stak-,
g. Wi-.-t o es I.
0 Acre. and
Th;ms. Said land will be sidd for c i -b,
to ay a jod rin !.t dT $ '.71 i;7 in f:i.,ri t'
coniplairiitlit W. 11. Uud l, and ind r si. i ' st
and cominii-i ms.
I. W. CI.AllK.
C. and M. cud Sjieriiil ( 'ootoiini'tni r.
dec l'-, o
mLL 3i A (.'HI MIRY
Of all Kinds for Sitlc!
A VI NT. latch- vis l.d
severa I
of tl.,.
largest manufacture!
atel especially some of tie
Best Slops in the United State?,
WT: to fur.
Flouri"c' MiiU, Saw VulU,
or nnr lind of wnopj kim; VArinvr.uv.
AI1 k"ln,ls r SIZ!, ,,r r.n-ines ftom 1 ho,.,;
p,)Wer norf sbb; to a '.:! horso pov.cr s(:i-
ajso Thr.-si.;.... Mr.ci.jn.-, an.i
powers, either hers.; or steam power. And
is otl red as low as the s:.me diss of ma.
chinery can be bought. I wi!lfil,-n t'urnisli
A merJcln TurhirP Fi'linp I) nl 1 .
American 1 UTbire, i.Oiipse Double
1 Uri;int'. IU'jil IJ.mU f! 1 lir-
tine Water AV'hfel
or any other pattern wanted, at the ir-u-lar
Shop prices. Ali ot which wil! In: soil
on the best terms th iv can be hi.u-bf I
"o I'iriiiMi p. am anil Fiioi;iiient;on
.forboth Saw and (inst Mi Is, ,i:Ur stea,
111 - "
lru-nti.iv,-.ini-...l,.. t' .1
i "" "
i.n.i.-,. ,,1,1
ij.. v. :n
also superintend
8 construction of a'.I ki:i.l- of iiiaehinrv.
Ibspectfully, JililN' WILLIAMS.'
; nor. Iljin r a'-ett-ville, Te?nt.
PUR SENT to tn cnbr of -.he (l,;l ,r
the County Court of Lincoln county,
Tenn.,upon the suggestion of the executor
of the estate of
James C. Dave?, dcce.i.-ei!,
of the insolvency of said decedent's estate.
' notice is here bv civen to all person.; having
claims aain.st said estate to present tiieni
. .t fi ..i .r ...:ii . . . i .1
I ;i liiii i.ii'rik iii s-iiii v i itiv. n ui i'l it I i ii.
. i .. Z. . . .. ..
on or no i ore tne iiiitiajoi priitir
for urn rata Iilt ibt.tion. or tli-v willbs
r .. . i
lurc T "1,n '
o:tll MRS. M II. IA ES. hscnjt rt r.
, .

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