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Fayetteville Locals.
Fayetteville Observer
Thursday, January C, 187G.
SITUATION as Book-Kecper, Sales-
l :
man, or C lerk in inj cunmnnn hum-
ness. Terms i-a.-"i:tble Leers to Lin- j gn. c C
coin Savins Banfc, T. J. Gray & Co., Elk ! 0 ft ft i) t ft
iiiver n ooieii w1.1t5. auuio,
ian. 0 0 Fayetteville, Tain.
1 have removed to the west
7ecem : Thursday, Awg.3,1876
TRl.-fi 1 EE.
pQ" We are authorized to announce
Ilnnn- 1 1 . l nrsi 1 1 . Ksn.. u cnndiJatfl
Hide of tl)C SqiUlie, between j for Trustee of Lincoln county, at the Au-
Kislier and the Bakers Shop, !bus1 z- . . At T
, . c , . . fCT We are authorized to announce Mr.
n jili 1; j uu iiuvi .imj. largest
ami best stock of Hardware ev
er brought to this inarket,which
I will sell at Nashville nrices
with freight added, for cash, no H the old proverb that a
credit. All persons indebted 'green tTuristtnas makes n fat
to the firm of Hatcher & OgiI-lprave.vard.be true, next sum.mer
V.emusi pa up oy ine lentn , . vprv KjrlI At all events.
Peterson Sinitli, of Fayetteville, a can.
didate for Trustee ol Lincoln county, at
the August election.
of next mouth or 1 will put the I.. . 01 1 -ii
claims out" for collection. I; the storm on Sunday night will
Mock Legislature.
The court-house was crowd
ed last Thursday night to wit
ness the proceedings of this
body. The House was called
to order at 7 o'clock by D. TV.
Hebb, after which J. D. Tittle
bat Titmouse waselected speak
er, "W. A. Gill, jr., clerk, and
"W. A. Millard sergeant-at-arms,
and the august body proceeded
to business.
Bills were introduced v to es
tablish soup houses for the ben
efit of the legal fraternity, to
enact a 5.".000 salarv rrn.b. to i
I7- . rf 0 7
require each member to read; ccemDclJ
Marriages iri 1875.
During the year 1875 there
were issued in Lincoln county
246 marriage licences, "which
were divided between the
months as follows .
January, .
J nne,
need money and must have it.
K. II. Ocjilvii:.
The Lightning has Struck.
his own bills and resolutions,
(this was strenously opposed as
aflord tin opportunity of verifying I being class legislation, inas-
! the proverb. The rain fall seems
!to have been general m i'8 char
much as some of the honorable
members could not read,) to
dogs, to promote matrimony,
to facilitate, divorces, to give
colored people equal rights in
White. Colored. Total.
19 8 27
13 8 21
12 4 1G
1 4 8
7 5 12
9 3 12
7 5- ' 12
27 8 35
19 5 24
18 22
18 1 19
28 - 10 . 38
181 05 21G
prior, extending over a larce area Ipvv a tnv on sbopn. in urntpf-r
i r . ' w :--. 1 i
i -4 v of country. It csiae down in. lor
times and scarcity ol money, i J
we have reduced the price on!rfents. without intermission, for
all our large stock of goods so' several hours. The clouds seem-
as to enable the most indigent ed to have hung themselves close hotels, theatres, cars, etc., to in-
to protect their hmiics irom Hie j t0 the groundj and just wrung corporate the Fayetteville La-I
oileriiK' a!B8Ven f(et in ns ma"J" hciirs, and;SOcks, gallowses, and for other
ca.-h buyers, we are
line of overcoats and talmas ; Mulberry creek was said to be j purposes. A
ftew Advertisements. .
The Aral ot Cooley, Bradshaw
&Turley is dissolved, and all per
sons indebted are notified to call
and Fettle. W. E. Turley contin
ues the business, and will contin
ue to give prompt and courteous
attention to orders.
Charlie Jont's. west side of the
Square, announces his stock to-
lie is a most worth' young
County Court.
The following magistrates
were present last Monday
1st dis L. L. Cole.
2nd do Hugh Parkinson.
3rd do T. & Corder.
4th do Jno. M. Dickey.
5th do A. J. Whitaker.
6th do Wm. Buntley.
7th do-F: G. Buchanan.
. 8th do F. P. Fulton, M. II.
9th do L, L. Clarlc..- , .-i
10tli do Rufus Harris.
11th do II. T. Childs. .
12th do John Careyw
13th do D. M. Holloway.
14th do T. W. Clark.
15th do B. B. Bradford.
16th do F. L.Ezell. ! '
17th do Samuel Bond.
18th do T. M. Barnett.
19th do A. S. Randolph.
20th do Robt. Drennon.
. 21st do A. S. Moore.
22nd do J. M. Routt.
23rd do W. E. Carter.
24th do J. F. Baxter.
25th do J. B. Riley.
J. W. Goodwin, Esq., pre
sented a tribute of respect and
resolutions to the memory of I.
P. Dismukcs, dec, which were
that were slightly damaged on ' n:gher than ever before known.
the voyage; also, a lot ol nest'
cardigan jackets, woolen scurfs, ' The Sunday School
ladies cloaks, shawls, hats, and j Chiistmasf tree in Fayetteville
nurse blankets at rot. V)ni; ! this year, wasn't a tree at all, but
Mini ui'it lie ml lw r-nn i n i-tt :
a m- a..vwl I. ( t" II .1 "I flll I I 1 '1 T
that t-oniething good can come; J jof race, color, or previous con-
out of Xaarclh. Remember i Bright Hal!, and was crowded . servitude, followed by
inai v.e uikc an kiimis m u.u il-i viui pie.-fnift ui fLiy jmiiu. uu
in exchange for goods. ! many were they, and some of
Mi vmxy & MoiuiAx: jtlCm so costly, that the total val
AVe want till the g2S we ue of the articles displayed and
, : r . jncr. Messrs. M. AV. Tadwad-
to mmwrnmZ
: . . . " iaiso importunate tnc ursi to
man attentive to business, and ordered to be spread upon the
every way deserving a large custom j minute
Five cents Reward. ,.r . p;iv..nnni.t.(!cn,,riP
Vick's Fublications i AV A Gl11 b 1Cp0lt ' 1
R. II. Ogilvie has removed I intendent was presented and ve
to the west side of the square, ! ceived, and the sum of u00
next door to Fisher's, and our was voted to him as his salary
von ncr friend Searcy McPhailif,.,. ist- TTo wns instrneted to
houkl be reiected on account; ia with him i i- r -r
Our friends D. C. Hall & Son ! ' tr 1 1
rr it . i t ( l to teach school, bl, to be dcauc
are offerins their entire stock Gt c " ' '
choice goods at reduced rates for
cash. Try them. Every article
that they offer will always prove
to be as they represent it.
deal of
merriment was created by the
offering of an amendment by
Hon. O. P. Doolittle that no
petitioner for membership
tS Ex Speaker t Blaine, in a
letter now for the first time print
ed, which was written to a gen
tleman in Ohio soaa after the elec
tion there, pointed r out the fact
that the Constitution of the Uni
ted" States does not prevent a ma
jority of the people of any State,
if they desire it, from having an
established church, "under which
the minority may betaxed for the
ereqtjoq of cuurch edifices which
they 'may never enter, and-for the
support of creeds which they do
not' believe.'" He suggests that
this dehc!; be"remedied, and that
at the aameJime "all possibility
of hJrtfuragitation on the school
question should be ended also" by
including the following old Jeffer
son Madison amendment among
the inhibitory clauses in section
10; article 1, of the Federal Con
stitution, viz :
No State sh ill make any law
respecting an estutlikment oi re
ligion or prohibiting the free ex
ercise thereol; ana no money rais-
New Advertisements.
D. O.-MLL &
ITEK their entire stock of Goods to
the public at the very lowest price
TLey have'a .i-londiJ stock, of
Rea(ly-3Iatle Clotliini
A large stock of
Any 1-ook not on hsnd will ha fftrnislietl
without extra chirge.
' ' All iersons indtbiedto D. C. Hall, either
HiHUWIi J ill!!1
First National Bank,
Fayetteyille, Texn.
R. S. WOODARD, Cashier.
J. R. FEENEY, Asst. Cashier. .
J. G. Woods, President. '
Wm. Boxxek, Jr., Vice-President.
i.ivrni.ivT n iTQ I) k
, V V il I lit f .
ill 13X11 111 Ui3 Diillll-
Does a General Bankiny Business.
T. O. ?.C.LKV, J. W. HoLMA!.-,
J. L. r.KYAXT, D. Y. Clark,
M. D. HAMPTON. Cashier.
julyl7 D. W. UOLMAN, Tres't.
y note or account, will confer on him a hi- ai n a daf at homn. Anents wa
k-or bv comir,- forward and soUIii.g. Come . J 1 lIV'y-l 'li'j 1 u- A
wantPrt. Ontfltan.l
AiiirtiMtA. Muiim.
vor iv comiiis lonvaru anu sciuu. omi-
0110. come all. I need all the monpy due I a WKF.K t;r.irAXTKEi to Ajri-nts. Male
in?. jan. t o
mil Vin.ile . in tlit'tr Im-nli'y. ri'mu
nna .OL Till IHlt. A't'!re r. U.
Ki:V CO., Auaimta. Mt.
.U ti iv i ,i i, .riniiiv .M.ineiim. au.l Mai-
ill'? Oil the 'JOlh ult., T:ee Giiiilo. howmfr liow eitncr wx mar tasri-
! m i m r k ii x ( ; . r st i hom a x y , .cin a -
I'X awsv from
ed by taxation in any State for i It John Keen, am..t u years of .rr. -'- KJVi "v &ii
. . i , i- i, i; I will pive the above naiiifd reward ir Ins : m (.ts. iiuntACo. vi'J s. 7Ui m.. Tlida.
ine SUpi)nr, ui puu.io m uuui.-, ui : ,;t.liven. t lms :ln;i no thanks, near Cyrus-
derived from any fund therefor, ! ton, Lincoln county T.nn !$5 1 PMttTJ&t
shall ever be under the control of j j-' .I,0!.(,L s 1 1, ARl. j - th--ai:.: -, vrrTJ.
nnv relieicus sect, nor shall any I fs ST. mrw W I .i...:,..rl':ul, sU,I,i'' lU,oUal ltw:,"5. x'
i . i . .i: l.. j i
money SO rais U eer ue uimucu , r f 0fCol.-v. Bradshaw &Tiirlpy Zr eC tnt1(1i"-r any
X expin-dhy limitation Decemb, r 25th, ; - i S
between religious sects or denomi
I 1C7- Mi m.i-inlK indclilCiI to til- ti 1 111 for
i lumber or work :-re notified to come forward
Business honor-
lin.l liKTHtivc. .Wen!
.Miirion Mipply o., Marimi, .
the persistent motion of Hon.
J. G. liuzfuz of the Commit
tee on Internal Improvements
to adjourn one hour for din-
1 tic H'lvi-r; ix
i f ti..: t
tect from his salary.
An appropriation of $50 was
made for the benefit of Miss
lW There is much comfort j
the same to vrc-cnt them.
. V. . , n,;Um I COOLMY.r.IIADS'lAWdi
aire, and dying, just in front of
a law suit. Isaac Mcrritt Sin-
an.l Mtile, and all having claims against liCllgum aim
run LEY .
,brj. 0-:;t
IT 1 T 1
11 1
J.J xJL-U J-
1 111 VJ1
FycttoTillc Produce Market, i teily
. n . ,1 Jacob am
i?iour, 6fiic, accoraingio quai
Kebccca King, to be given quar-
- T T 1
ance, Jince Hamil
ton and Wm. Moffitt were ap-
Grain corn, 27r, for yellow; pointed commissioners to exam-
r h . v in lnj'fi i it mi in nt i v rofi 1
. ' . . . 41 t 4 ... ,1 .... I U . . a .- . -
.. mi';:--, "ii -uin (it imi . vy a . m , li u L I v I au I'T uu.o in,.v , . . a. ! a ai 7J (
.,i:!ncte(1 token t,f afipCtion was callJ 1lll"uJ" -U"30ct for mixed; 32k, for prime i ine Cane Creek Bridge.
c , the last to -lay the whole thing, wtite. , Several persons were released
lVl ZXW: , 8n1 hai U C,,Ut- ; La .ionllic table' Good speeches! Wheat, SI, for choice amber 1 bein- over a-e
..-u. ...--...imu wi-.i ikm-o a-.M.v.- sum was a very pleasunt one, and , , mi it ir Lr.d trhiio. o,n fnr ,,rim. Wp- 1 ' ux-lilo U,V1
j; r.r a v.-m.-.x. - 1 ; were made by. T. B. Hardfacc, nd white, jUc lor prime, lowe. Rl,fiif-;mi worn -idonted
,,ivH,v...v.-iaia.n,,v.?.N,.v.it. we !ire sure that all who were : T F Knnnoy,1Iini o w q0rMM. ! grades not in demand. : Resolutions wuc adopted,
F.RRnRSnPYOTlTn 'nresent. felt that it was '-ool toi 1 , ' V " : i Uve;75c. inliaht demand. , pledging a support to the tax-
isii'.'s. .. ! iv ; r liv. - i . v.
(.KMIi;M,. w?ki H..T i.-l f,.r irs l'i-,m
".iiv. f-t-.-iii.it !i re Ic. i. aii'l
tiif rBV.i- 1. 1' lii'. I iii.I.M-n (i.m will, I'm- the
i-::.e o! t: rV'-ihir il ri iti i ' . v- l-i 1ee i.t ' I f .
!.' i it. Hi - pTiif ! e . i 'ii f.r lunkiH'T it'"'
v 1 iti j I rt i: i i . v ui!i ii le.' ri!i-ei .iilierrrs
. i-Ii;iit ! jilu'it ! i'.i.' a i: ill-rr's ': . l'-:i-e
.ai (1 i ! n 1 !f -.v ii Tilrrt o!i!: 1'iii.r .
J 'i li u. . I ; ' e.ijr l , S i'v. wti .
-.11 l i
rQ" We hav' i -.tr hind of the
reU-brated Mill'iirn Wnjr' n-; eve-:
i v one u :ir.wit. .1.
T.A. C.kay & Co. ;
SeHisis Hi Cost ! j
Ve ih lo cl-.sout our entire ,
stock d Hardware in t lu next
DOdays ;tt .vs7, and are oJfering.
n irreat in-inv things for less'
K 1 ,
U UtVlK. I 1 ,1 .1 ...1.. 1 P.
I ill iict'ii, uttti. ciuicrs, uiiu a iuui-
j3 It'-cky Point (Jr..nge Xo.!Hy looking one read by Hon.
505, Situruay, 25th ult, elected J. Y.Pinchback,col. Ilesolutions
the following oflieer.s
J. C. ILi-rue, I.istT.
S li U'lsbonml, O.-eiseer.
Win. li!)'ec, Lecturer.
'W. I), liensoii, Steward.
J. D. McUkdl-m, Ass't do.
Ebrn. Hill, Sec.
D. A. Snoddy, Tretis.
Mr.j. .T. C. Ibiiru ',. Ceres.
Mrs, Mulha "AVfiite, Finra.
Miss lii-.ie liusV'ii.iiih, Punio-
Pork. Gc. iiross. collector if suits arc entered,
Bulk meats, no demand, lighC;n consequence of corrections
oflerings. 0f assessments and releasemcnts
lihJ(i'Z- bvthis Court.
Dimcr, ii)(i iujc.
?tn i lia ori: rmi(.i i" .
Kr iut'orm:itim. alilres
G23. P. r.Q77ELL i CC, 41 Park 2:vr,
SEW KltiK.
For . 25 cts
ger the wing machine inven-: CgEXBS I
tor, left five wives, twcuty-six
children and $13,000,000 for fsrillKsub-crbcrU w-w leicivin" at the
lawyers to quarrel over, and ai-j (, alonl, "
vide among them. They are j of
after money, but do not care so j . CJ
. ho ppwmti of Mrrriii. Clio i c c ii r o c c r i c s
r V . , .. , 1 Sr.NI SOU OUll i'ATALO(!L"E
in shape ot the nappy lamtiy ne
left, Sam. Ward, a millionaire
of Detroit, had two families on
his hands, a few millions in his ; r. v. s in th. iv n-..;i.
, ' , ?!' I'v a I'T-.tini t "ft ';, tm.i t. business, kecp-
pockets and was a spiritualist, : ;rJ. r!lt'uK., ,vlll(1, f(. s,i i as
who was advised oy tiie spiru.' .ch-aj. as tt..-y ca
of Dean Kichmoml and "Cab-, u :'tral ' uU'-
bage John," whoever they might !
have been. His will was madej
at the dictation of the spirits, i
! n. ti; 1ST'
j con.-i -t ie if S -lyri r,
t '.nitcd 1-Yui;, tyt rs, Catun ut.soal F,.r inl-.nnatiii. a.Wrc-s
Oil. 'in' aeto, t. iL.a"s, t-te. bI.-p, nave T.--r.-.TT f. 41 p,r Vrrr.
r.v vuitK.
i', 1 l.ej:o to :. v 3 a
and lawvers have been ouairel-
. . A
K. Harris, L. L. Clark andjinor over his remains for over a
C;:Ii or P;:i fcr.
t ii.M!LlL J( NHS.
V 1 C K S
that "broiiL-ht down the House
1 ..... I firn mp.it. 4 Oi.
1 1,-1 , 1! I'lir I , . Ilrm .1 III ' " . - . . , I M. ... I ! ,..' ..,.4. .nv I
jiiv-n u -i ni. 1 .. nm I -ii'or irnrn minninriMi a i monin. wuii uu veimuL 11 ten-.
;SPindle. Hon,. J. Y. Pinch-1 m, l() middiing, 10J ; committee to report upon the dered. The lawyers do not P lower a.Ki Wc.J.U . ..ecu,.
!i 1 1 . r T-r Ci o . j . .. H . , , .V.. '' C ' 1 ' ennm to inn oKt.mi thflf liUSl- aro tho '. est tb- w..rbl .:o bi-. 1 hcv arc .
i uaciv was eiccteu t;. senator, : J; mMdlin;:, lU. ' propriety of insuring the court-, , . . ;,'a,u,-d b- a ,,-i:r.,n , in ,., -tiea.and
i and the House -adjourned in! T"TT " lLX -tml 1he co.t ness. If Sam. A ard made 1 d o, tl u , be,.,t,,,i fsowom i .pi,n-
i J , : Sunday, December 2uih, house, and the co.st. will, it was Sam.,. AN avd s will: j did Yetr.-tabi a iw-d f at.-.io.-ue sent
idisust- L severe rain stoim. aeeomnn- P. G. Buchanan, Williamlif the spirits dictated, Sam. had j f; wf' hs" 1,10 '!J 2
i Y e ha
than rod. Will sell oil ph.liiis nt . ,
it il.an ,;, ivVv.V.- Cilhe C -rter, Lady
'jVnnesMc Wagons :.t ifducetl ;.rd.
prices, all ,or wh-w cmVd. 1 .Cafilj1on: Cjte vnrr
4 Public installation the 4lh Sit-
n!-il n" tliij tn.i--.llt
-i t ; in hoping for another
At the electi(;n held ni
ST. !1V i
5.i 1 1 1 - iwiiWV .-ill 1 1 : sdiis fiwlt'.o-
iis,tlut if tlwy want to s::ve from Col. 0-A MoD .niol, cuanty
f.-ost, to conu: up at once and lecturer.
fv oil their claims hrloic we, . k
)licc them in the hand of r.n '-
tn- tolicetion. H U;tlecc
money biiiiif your j Henderson Nevils was elected
-orn or any kind of produce. ; constable of the eighth district.
Notify us as soon as possible
what von can io. Iiesi'Cctful-
ve never seen an cn-i . , , ...... n t- rwioiul W "W. IVn-kei- and
I . t sii nieti oy inunuer mm jt:;mi.iny vs, , ... ... - --.
jtertainment more thoroughly ovcr'this vieinitv. The J. L. Mallcrnee were appointed
i enjoyed by an audience, andj. j of m feawci a committee to examine and re-
l.rt I t A'ntinc.' 41ik imi 1 t m n"i-i
W.C Ulll U-AUIVW lilt lOll iTI
legisla-: Crcek 0 jniiys'jYom Fayette-1 and abutments of. Elk Kivcr
tive convocation. jviJ1(?- was fl,K;k by iigiltningv bridge at Shilob
r--r lo..,, ,-nnr nntv nnllv-! about !) o"t;l,ck. cauirlit fire, and i,ie ou
; J .tiw fvi.i 1 1 v ' .. .. , ' , . . . . ,
.mictntml tr.rv,.1 w.t- Willi ill I 1UI1L 1 S I c 'Ui tuij ninw v. WlhD uuilu
nofhinir to do with it, and there
fore he ncVcl; made a will. We , V I C K ' S j
rest the case. j Flower and Vegetable Garden!
: is th"in'.-t bfatstiful work of thr kind in j
T?ol Vstilto TraiKfl'IN. 'tl ew.M. It contains nearly 150 pa.qcs,
a , v . & , . - - - . - - -
mi " r it" i . r r rcA
I ine IOUOWtirr ii.iiisitjio ui ica
Can do it or Will
F.V.-J)i'Ctfu!l V.
an?. 20, 1S73.
Xorris port the cost of raising the piers
itments of. Elk Kivcr;
it Shiloh. . -4 estate liave been acknowledged ! and colored from natur.-. pric:
bounty boundary . com-; gjnce our iast, in the County Court : " C"VCTS; 6octl:iJ ,n el
r -i. i .: .. t ' f.
i;s of ilniM! in'trts. UIHI Jiini K it l
iif rintr.t i'f Vlctrrrs, beautifully drawn
o cts., 1U
jrant cloth. ,
?Tjcv 7 .!. ;;- ; v.?
encd Briarht Hall last Friday vva
A public address is exprcted 1 night. The ladies were thought
can't 'ct
ful in seeing that the renteinen;m-
r. . i i' ', . 1 . ; nnrt lvnc l-PCPIVPll.- - Tt. fOlltill-
most 01 ine lurnituie ami ciotu- i-"'
Vhrmr tho .inii imp ibo ties and determines tue line ue-
'Thos. B.
YealeS tO AV. M. ' T!,: is a beautiful tiliartcrly Journal,
r- i r-.-.o -, t i nn-lv lltttstaii'ii, nti'i niiii-imiHji '
Smith, acres in otn uis, Cfl!o;,.,i i ,,,,,,;-with the n.-st number
. . !. .i -i.t. 1 r.tU -l ft. 1 i ft1 ft 7i i for lTi; int isctii-i I. . Address
whom they chaperoned had re.idc.tco of; lot.. .John v..ik, s.r.
i i,..: i.l . . n . . .... . . i rt . t - o - nir '1 ii 11:11 t m iiivl w w i vi . . . . j i v
knocking bricks Iroin a clnm
proiier attention. It was a
rt hou.e last Saturday, Mr. ; li-ht,'ul liart-v those pros-
enr we nave no uouut wm re
member it with pleasure.
A hidy friend has furnished us
iv, IHTAKKK iy m.i ..
list of li:tti;i:s
1 The same day the lollowing gen
tlemeji, who are known ns "the
old loard," were chosen aldermen
jot Fayetteville fur 1S7C Jno. Y.
a cnim- county.
ney and tearing up a lev, sum-; The poor house commission- X.Moore, 10 acres in Dth dis,
trlCS. m-c rnnoftPfl 17 nJlllllfTS in the'inn
K, 1 O ft - v . v. --- i n' j. v
Thos. Bonner, col, to doun J.
j . 1111 oii!OI
40 acres in inn us. . - e, , is Ppm, ;..,, rJATr
AVilliam Orriek to William i fti oaiua u u j .
rThe ftdlaivinir are the I Por house, of whomS are white,
cj . - 1 1 . i : ..,,1
wlrch we will be pleased to pub
lish next week.
Iletmdni in the pcFt-offioe M.'C W. d. S'egall, C. A. Olemer,
Fiyetteville," Tenn., Saturday, iG. F. Smith, F. R. Morehead, E.
Editou Permit
. tmtarv l , 1S G
Amos. .1 .1
i; lncll. M.ij'-v
1: I s. J V
lirolcn, Win 2
'touch, K 'Z
lark, ( has S
I'.ix, M.irioti
lluLbc'd. Wm U 2
Umit.-r,l)'!.li ii
alcdojioUi.Mj s Ca'.h
n tine
lladcn, J V
1 ohnsoii, lli'tifcc.-i
.lnnson, lr.l i
.'.ovilacc. Ci M M
.'iwcrv, JJcv. V IJ
Millik.'n, M
M.-t.lIugl), Urs
INcwscm. Al'i;-k
irrici', -diss Mi.-nrv i
jl'ttUson. Ikuiry
'JIati in, Mis K:t'ij
lltigiiiis, .'has X
jKnlaild, Wm
i K tmia Pft'id
'llv'ves, yir. Mary
iSinitJi, 1 lurry 2
!siiort, Mrs "Marv
ISntith, Mis. Marv 2
L. Allen and C. C. McKinney. j through your paper to express
: : my appreciation ol a substan-
KJ" Wo are pained to learn tial present from the C. P. Sun-
that oar friend Joel M, Ilairis, day School, in tho shape of
Ivq , of Cane Creek, was the vic-
Ilitch cock's Complete Analy-
t.m ofaseriousaceideat last week : kind mQ y q
m ijii.-t iiuiiiK, nv,. nf.h v in T in f . hprtnr ilo nn-
Xo. 20, I. O. O. P., Fayette
ville, the current term
A.V. J. Davidson, X. G. .
S. W. Car mack, V. G.
Fritz Warren. Pec. Sec.
w-ero two deaths in 187i Har-
rict Pitts, colored, and Xancy.!
I Stone, white. They report hav
iingcmployedW.il. Hicks as
superintendent for 180
Morgandot in Fayetteville,? 125.
!: will 5cn l the OitsEitvKR, usual t
price !-.'', and the Louisville
Wecbly ;
n-ii :! price if'J.ni joslno prepaid on both
Levi Etlick to Thomas Tav-!i.::oTs. tore:,, year 'or.r, ,!.,,. c . , ' I l i
m icres in ''3rd dN S:J0)J 'i w .k;.v-t (.n:-r-.M,n,ahsii.ogn-at i jj,, StrifffT Atteaded lo.
1 ' c ' " ? i XATIOXAL r.riLY NKWSPAl'KK.; .
C-FayettevilleCouncil No 0S9
'JT ard l;i t both papers.
U. F. of T. will hereafter meet in I rj, qrft HQ) f ;
Knights of Honor hall, third story, j Jjg Jj Jj) j
(ieo. J. Stoncbrakcr,Pcf. Sec. j Petitions for juries of view
W. T. Moycrs, Treas. ian(i OVCiccrs were granted.
Meets evcor Friday night. ; R R Boyce, clerk, reported
r-5 rri. ,...:k4: "Tho for tho mini tor endinir January,
)i: 73 X LIU Ct'lllllOtlliOll ... -1 7 -
Special Notice!
T K II A VII fi-'ard t'. e question askPil, -WINO to the enr. ttv -f money, 1 an
xj once:
. .5. '
t V W!;- l.ors. Srt.-h and other lin
cltit c tvurli c-n't b .- inanutacitirf a as cneap i
her.-.t- a:--, where in th.t Sute'.' Wc can an-'
catching him underneath, crushed
jTh inipson. Henry and broke his leg and loot m a
,Wiiitv:wtU, Mrs Sally , , . i,,
van.fuc, sirs Juda ! shocking manner. e sincerely
m':i - - . i .
Vv vVx t i sympathize with him, and trusi;
W fits. Thomas ,) i J I '
v.'ijk .Tson.MissMary : thut a recovery will speedily end
ken of in this volume.
o Vfir" "For the 11, 1870, State revenue collected,' In lhis county, at the residence of Mnj. j
C ltai, I. oi a, , enmra ' W. II. Moores, Sunday. L'ud mst., by (,. IV. r irs 1I V iJS YftU tlo
e Observer," was (H(M3; county do, Jj410.0sj' j:CKenzie, Es.,Mr.Tri(VMASLAWTiiitor; 5 n.. -ci..., a?s,ti
4 4..I 1,1,1., !10 land MissXANCYUTTLK.au of Madison, flfliAr, Innfoninrr.TC !
Perrons calling (or the above
! his sufferings.
letters, will please ray ailwliml. j rra- Jmes Vick, of Roches-
W. Ii. D0UTI1AT, P.M. : , , i a r
. . ter, Jsew lork, is At the head ot
X Xotwithftanding the ex-1 the seed trade in the United
jedingly inclement weather, tle'States. His Floral Guile U a
Masquerade Tatty at Bright Hall, beautiful 'publication, and ought
TusstJuy night, the'2Sth ult., was ;to be in the hands of all lovers
.quite largely attended. Some of (of nature. He insures the safe
ibe characters were grotesque j delivery of his setds by mail in
fill were well sustained, and when;surcs m i0 germinate, and to
jtgf3 A big excitement last
week in which, it was rumored,
a citizen's life was" threatened,
and which promised work for
the Circuit Court, turns out, we
are told, to have been only a
rough Christmas frolic.
Close of the
. . . 4,r 1.1.. C11 'r
minted in mis paper uicmj stnuui uu, v.. t Alabama,
-ml! . X t 1 I . . . , 1 It'll il ' . . 1
T4 Un nuti pi " ho t.-i nwincr nfiP.OUniS were At uoraon-s :wiu, m inm oi'.r
tt.15 im iw.l,iuv .v. ,L,.r
! JAM US M. WHlili and Miss 15K1
Jf Klleriiig my etitiro
years ago
"The Departed Year," and was' presented and allowed
credited to George D. Prentice. n,15h Thomison, coffin..........
CIC ! Wheeler, Marshall &Uruco, books
Y. J. Stcgall, lumber,
the entertainment closed, at 12 o'-! fts representL.d
;iock, me pariicipnnis Bt-j;uiiicu, ;
well pleased with the manner in j qiu. fr-lclui jcssc
vhichthe affair was conducted. ;ra..k,; infonns us th;;
C3 A select company enjoy
ed a fine dinner at the hospita
ble table of Dr. Saffold oi the
day alter Christmas. e re
gret that circumstances preven
ted our acceptance of an invitation.
W. j t jjf" We have a very interest-
it his;inT letter from John A. Womack,
Last Tuesday the Fay- iH.VshorC guarding jail
cttevillc municipal board met "JaSii, chaining priVonVrs
and organized by electing Jno. ; Abb Todd, col, work on jad cistern
Y.Gill, Mayor; F. P. Fulton;: n. h'. ogilvie,' road tools
, .n. n c,.:.l. rr,..,e . i Lewis I'each, . rock work
KeCOl UCl , VJCO. J. . oiu.iu, w ! j. c. Joucs, coffins
C.C.McKinncy, Clerk the otn
er offices to be filled hereafter
?-.00 I t Wll S5L. .
S!).C0j The followinpr marriajro licenses have:
73.00 . i,een issued since our last report
The Iluntsvide Indepen
dent informs us that Mr. Daniel
Carmichael was dangerously nnd
perhaps fatally stabbed on Christ
mas day near New Market, by a
man named James Arnold.
9.00 j
b.73 I
212. 'JO
Other Manuiacturers,
Wed- , , . ;.T t
TJ . ! ail 'I W) W li S1I1W t mi i ni -
'at a very small "r '.nt a'x.vc COST.
I '.. U tit-w and ot
ITiSP 'G&ass GGGZis
: hi.utlit in New York and I'o-ton from first
class houses. CW-isting (
sff Prof. Ticc, the great j advertisement in the OnsnnvER desciiptive of the Mormons and
cathcr prophet, predicts the 'is yielding liberal returns. He I their religion. It is in type, and
coldest weather in January and ! has sold several lots of I3erk- Will appear next week.
February, and everybody should j shire pigs, and others are spo
preparc for that time by getting ; j-cn for. That's what advertis
good,. warm flannels, bed blank- j -m tocs
cts, and other winter supplies; :
at the Fayettevilb ' Woolen ! Fires were .uiiknown in
Mills. " I Fayetteville on Christmas day,
rrr: V " . .t. "n 4 Uvcpni for cookinir.- The mer
sff l'reacning ai mo vuuu, 1 -
it ,wlv. .Tnnnarv SUli. ! cury marked over 0 degs
1 t i Lnnf dim
v., by Elder J. A- Ha-'e seio, w.i.ii m
Vgsz Fayetteville High School
for boys opened a new session last
Monday, under unusually encour
aging auspices.
at 11 A,
We have an anonymous
letter, which says that a cer-
tain firm is a humbujr. We do
'not know the writer.
firT Who ever experienced
such weather? e can t tell,
iudging from the temperature,
whether this is last fall or next
ft, A meeting to watch out
! the old year, and welcome the
new, was held at the Methodist
Church last Friday night.
The bell rang at 9 o'clock, and
from that hour until 1 the next
morning, a service of prayer,
praise, exhortation and conver
sation was held.
AND ALL KINDS PLANING; cloth i its for Mni and Poys.
AsCOioap I
J. W. Kin and K. T. Wynn.
A. J. Kencgar and M;ttio L. Cow in.
W. II. MeClure and Julia Hirpt-r.
James S. Thompson and Amamla Cowart.
Samuel Morrison and Lizzie Foster.
51. C. 5IcMilIen and Georgia Ann Spray
.1. A. Abbot' and Eliza A Re 1.
P. Austin McWhirter and Illvira J. Clift
VV. K. lleai d and Marv A. Jloyers. ..... .1
Anderson branch and Susan ikooks. All wantin-anyth.ng n our Imp, might make ,
John Bran-h and A. Uobbs. j t pay tiu m to
' ! A fine lot of hand made Shoes r.nd Doo?.h
j jti-t ie ;iivcd, a large stock of
before buying elsewhere. Don'f ask Jo)
time, for wo can't give any. Mills
hear the depot, I avettcville.
r . , " u- !
! Ladies' Dress Goods,
To Tax-Payers.
r The residence of Henry
B. Morgan, Esq , Lynchburg, was
destroyed by fire, Friday, 17th
ult. Mr. M. was sheriff of Lincoln
nttntv .1 few years aso. and has
Come to r ayetteviiie wcw many friends here who regret to
urdait and nnv vour State audi J ....
County Taxes, and save cost.
3r This is the time of year
for fast young men. to adopt reso
lutions to reform to be broken,
of course.
hear of his misfortune.
The warm weather, is
ruining recently-killed pork.
We hear of a good many spoiled
Tn FranVlin county, Monday, 27th inst.,
Mrs M AUTHA J. COBIi, relict of J antes f
II. Cobb, aSed 73 years j
Since Mr. Colb'saeatti, in iwai, fuc ..as , cparc(1 t mc
j.j V .till.lron matin" t inr I 1
homes rnuiant witn ner cnernunn-, aim j
pointing all whom she met onward and up
ward by her exemplary and trustf.il follow
in" of Jesus. With a mind clear and
stronz, she waited for the Mast Vs call to
' come up higher." When it came, she was
ready, and gently breathed her life away.
She was buried in' r'ajotteviile on Wed
nesday. Kelso, flaturdar, 23th ult., 5Irs. L.
51. GRAY, relict of Mr. ljurgcss Oray, aged
about 70 year,
In.1his countr. near Moliro. Runday. rd
inst.. of cor.samption, 5Ir. 5IANSFIKLH
Al'.BOTT, aped about 33 years.
In this countv, n Date's Creek, Wcd
nesday. 15th ult.. Mis? 5IAKY BENSON,
avred about W years.
a s r
i prepared to mnkc
Gsnllcmen's or CMrsn's Clotiim:
n the best manner, and as cheap as any!
reaionable person could at k.
in i i i t n ' I
him mm oanewnen rrassL
.. ....
Orders respectfully solicited
Tjntlics Ircsses
IAikh? Hats
at New York cf. C ".ill and prici my
(ioods bc'ore vou buv, for I am detrtnined;
t.r.!!. J. E. CALUWELL.
je-. 2, 1-7-.
jJL'r.srAM tonn or l r r the Clork f '
the County Court ol I.iiicoln ..Antv.'
Il ! Term., upon the u-ge,tiur; of aim'mU-
i trator ot trie cm-h-j o
Janice. H.
' of the inso!--
made in the latest gtyle.
B. J. Chafin's.
Residence a Mr.
tiot.25. 187'
frav. dccejvrcd,
,1 -r.i's c-tat".
shi l il -cei
l:rsons j i:rcha"in
tised in these ndutan'', r "
that they satv the ad-
ETTBvtt.i.K Oc-v ert -rnu ,;tjn -.. Kay-
b,;ent,,aHp.rsr, having
,.rV" of SHld t-fl"-' a T
. ency oi
.rvim3 ft'.
I... i tie. Cl-rk of
en .... .i..., -'.i.t
-iticlea adver- i-" - 5
.-HI pb ase mention ; v :;l br ferev.rbarnv f. j-j,,
... '-! .....in, i.
1 In'. " '"
111-? t-l
nur heat.

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