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.... . m. v...M.r .J,.,.,. r ,, - -,ti., r - ,, . .w .. .- iM . .- " ' " Him - mm. ""
m - pens Tor 5 cents
tl RIDER & BROTHER, of York, Ta..
frillacnd a bes containing one pros of
tbeir Srrttti.Ji Bit lUiatsEsa Feks, by
inai! pre-paid, on receipt of 75 tents: or
thov will send one do"n vt lh.dr assorted
1 ';" on receipt of M cent. Send imme-
dut.-iv. Awrs ck i dek&bimx,
i'vbhshcrs. li vol sclhri, Stationers,
jaa-J3 . - ,. -JTon, P-
'Tislhc way the World Goes.
On account of t'hc scarcity'!
of moncv and niuMlnancial em-
l.arrcssments'we arc how 'offer-1 Pel erwu Sa.it h. f F.yptfcvUle, a can- j. 'I IO,'s Pju' affWt
in- our large Mock of ladie-'iSrStli" u' Li"C&l1' e,'l,nf 7 a,d good ordinary; or
r , . tne .Misuse election. lint ctTinpn poftnn
cloaks, shawls lKlt,dreS good?, ff5r Wo arc authorize! to annornTQ Mr. ; aiy COUOII.
woolen bed blankets, horse j ";T. Child,, of t:,,ii:h wic .- j Grain-wheat is m a little bet-
Mankcts, men's overcoats and
talmas, slight' tlamagcd on
the voyage, of co8. The above
named articles with all others
usually kept in first class stores
make ours the most attractive
in the comity. Come and sec us
before the struggle is over, for
iis the Poet graphically des
cribes it
In luttlc or business, what ver the game,
In law or in 1ot, it is ever the same,
Jn the stnigl for j.ower, or the scram-
fur tif
l.itthUb.i vour motto "Rely on v-our-
Eaf. tone u, as u ituiu pi.iut, '-
,. M- . . , ... r . . , i
i-r -jilicr the bo a ribbon orj18 not now entitled to the
jhovirtor,iHhehocan"soitalone." pellatiun, no matter whnt may
MnniAV S: Morgan.
Profitable Employment
A Permanent Business.
Head the large double-column
ndverli-ement of K"imt;dy & Co.,
in this paper. Lead it all
a . a
lv auu accent tneir oilrr. ine
adverti.MT are worthy of confi
lence, and their aseertions can
he. relied on. Parties
money can be fully assured that:
they will rtcrive ju.'t what is:
promised. The liberality and en-:
1 er prise ol Messrs. Kennedy & Co.,
ar shown by the lact that they
ive to each ngent u c.jin silver
case watcii. We have
M-en ami examined this watch,
md are able to say that it is in
every way tqual to what is claim
ed tor it. '1 ney want an agent in
thif counH; rue lucky reader of
this paper will get it. The reme
dy they offer is popular, the prof
its large, the buwintss all your
cwii. If you do not wish anoth
er to benr away the prize, answer
this adiitiseuitnt at once, ano
remit for sample drzen, thus giv
ing 3 ou a business as long as you
live permanent, profitable, hon
rabl', plensant. Who could ask
more? lt
SITUATION i-8 Hook -Keeper, Sales
man, or Clerk in any cotnim-rcial Ijum-tie-s.
Tfiin leaMjuuble Iiefers to Lin-
ln S4ns ilatik. T. J. Gray & Co.. Klk i
J liver Woolen Mills. AUIre-
jan. C o Fuyettcville, Tcnr
K E3I0YE1) !
i nave removed to tne west ;
:.i .r .1... u...
t 1 1 . .. . 1
f.uu ui inc ciiiai.-, ueinTOij
Ida I O Tl t I l.l 1 1 I." f
where you will find the largest !J - - 1 ' rr" , ,' , XI ! advertiser, lr. dames U. omitli,
and best htock of Hardware ev-1 u D . CUrk' r,tld .-'i a gentleman of superior at
cr brought to this markct,which and P'c,al cnm-; 011 ,,,ePrie!n,ti: tainments, and would fill anv
1 will sell at Nashville prices
with freight added, for cash, no
credit. All persons indebted
..n Wot,.!,,... xv Orril-1
vie must pay up by the tenth
of next mouth or 1 will put ihc
claims out for collection. I
need money and must have it.
li. II. Ot; 11. vir
2S e vrant all the -'ges we
can get.
T. J. Okay & Co
Thr BilTcrtlkcr, hKViuK l' n jrinii'iitly i-nn-l
ivmedy. U noxious to iukc known l. lii K ll.iw
mfffn'r Utc wean f 'iirr. To all U Jrnin it, '
he ill itt'l arl'y t pifM-riim. u uttl. (tree
f chmtrts.) witb the i!iuviiui lir ine;aiin(r Mntl
mine itieMiin. bi1i ihi-v v ill tl ii'l hi ke I KE
tor Mxi'sirriox. ATn. Ukonihitis. Ac. t'ai
(irrwi lnot lUr precniHiu mill aJJix-ts
ll Peua St.. WiUimJburj, N't w Tork.
.GKSTI.EV.VS wlio iiffei"t for jears from
T-n ltilityr .Temature JK.-cav. antt nil i
tha ffoi of rouihlul indihrretiou will, for the!
-at of offeriii humility. free to ail who:
nflw ik !: . wnr i -1 m . - - -.. w . . h.ii. .... nv.
tnil ttxmiiX? tr wh-h ae ra 'iirr-t Miacn-r
MMhinf to lirnttt fcy th p-lvoi ticrw cH-rieii-
t3 do -i br iirrinj- in pvi icri i-oiniurnce.
JOKS l;.OUDtX,4iCeJar t , New York .
CQT W-e have a car load of the
celebrated Milburu Wagons; eve
ry oue warranted.
T. J. Gray k Ca
Selling at Cost 2
We wish to close outour entire
etock of Hardware in the next
SOilave at cost, and are offering
n P-rpnt raanv things for less
than co$t. Will sell you ploughs
at less than .lactory prices.-
Tennessee Wagons at reduced
mriccs, all for cash no credit.
FairWaming. We respect-;
Sully notify all arsons owinglcUizen of Lincoln county. He5
us. that if they want to save i , J
u . " . .... i passed tlirouli town lat
cost, to come uy uv un-u n
pav oil their claims belorc we
ilace them in the hands of an
officer; for collection. II you
can't get money bring your
4-orn or any kind of produce.
Xotifv us as soon as possible
whai yon can do. Respectful
ly Wihtakek & Allen.
Satisfaction or no ray.
T4e aWo the motto of the Town
Fprirjr Livery Stable. Call and u for
M. C. ATRfKBON & CO., Tropnetcrs.
Fayettevilie Observer.
Thursday, January 13, 1876.
- J
Yec?oH. Thursday, AuglSTB.on, owing to the long time it
; ... , i.' , i i " Hakes to get it in market from
: Tia)8-r.K. -k -. this point, they arc very tender
.are. nuthurized to .aiiflf.arccJ
Henry llendfffdf, K n clwt
-f lvolaty. .t t),a
rCiVScetSn i
3 Lst Frid iy, ecling that
we would like to inhale the pure
country air. wa boarded the train !
j .
fvr Kelso. After a brief run, the
monotony of which was agreeably
relieved by the humor of the ex
cellent conductor, Capt. Rhodes,
we arrived at our destination.
Kelsa has been quoted in years
i i i...f :.;
have been the case in the dim
I past.
A no.at church is in the
.. r. a c v,., 00 rai,
' J
two htonea-the ground floor to j
be occupied by the Curanerbind ;
Presbyterians and the second sto-'for
. tn t,Q r.Miai,.,! r.,r T.ri,r;
ito t n n u n i t
No. 172, I. 0. O K Danm? the.
htc Christmas holidays, Kels-.j
had an experience to which it,
would be difficult to find a paral-i
JfcI ot a drop of whiskey was
sold during the week at the place,
and not a drunken man was seen.
The station is a model in morals,
hospitality and intelligence, and j
Wl, - frtl disnosad to imt.rove the
first leisure day by running up
there again.
Sales to tiikc Place.
All sales of property adver
tised in the Obseiivki:, or fo:
which handbills may be printed -
at this office, will hereafter be
noticed under the above head-
ing, free of charge. "Yc call!
attention to the following: j
Hy W. A. Millard, sheriff. at
the court-house, Saturday, Febru-j
nrv oth, a tract ot land in tbeCth
district, belonging to 1. D. Ilul.
Uy the same, same place and !
day, 10 acres, more or les in the-'J acres 111 llie otn '"Strict, tC
17th district, belonging lo W. L.j longing to T. L. Williamson.
i Silvester. I
By the same, same place and
day, three tracts ot Unu a
cres in the 7th district, 30 acres
1 m t no j 1 11 rt iai rift aril ill 'irp hi
" " 't " 7 !
the 4th district. eKcent a home-1
. , ' . . ;
..I .ill 1. . I . . . .
Mfim ot acies ueiuii"iii!: iu,r"- " ' "
J. Tucker,
liy D W.
l uesoav. me ion 01 reuruary,;
7;i .irTi'ii in nrc nr IiMS in I lit' Hthi
" "
district, belonuintr to Dr. W. u.miglt accept with entire satis-
' 1 11
jT The Fayettevilie Muni- A g"ng celebration, as
cipal Board met last Saturday ' we mnounced l ist week,is appoint
night. S. M. Hill was. re-clec-jed f or the fourth Saturday in this
ted constable and appointed po- '; mouth, in the iHigUbirh v)! of
lice the salary of the last po-j Kelso. We hope to hi ahle to
sition being fixed
lit 5i00 peri
! annum. A. O. Battle was re-
j"!"' ?orron wruy
The time for the regular meet-
1 11J Was llXCU Oil lllC
VIniifl'IV III flit
lp We had the pleasure of I
a call last Mon.iay from our es- -
teemed friend Mai. Marion Chu-
dress, of Pulaski. Time has :
, ,, TT : .
dealt klliulv With IlllU. lie IS tile !
m l i f i i- 1 1 i-.i ,i 1 1 i-iiiii n.i niiiii.Lii.r r 1 1"
r i
tleman ihit he always .was.
Our readers will, of j
course, excuse the encroach
ments of new advertising upon
our reading space this morning.
It is seldom that such profitable;
trespasses occur.
rrr Mr MnHin ATriTiViifin
. '
oi me vicinity oi tamanro, I
killed a hog a
few davs
'that weighed 721
P-s. net! Its
extraordinary size is worthy of
O-f" Our (oimer townsman,
Capt. W. P.Tollev, is a-ain a
Tuesday en route for Flintville,
his future home.
A masquerade party ia
to come oft at Bright Hall on Fri
day, 2lst inst. The managers
will acce- t our thanks for a tick
et. pNext week we will prob-
nhv rrmiiilP the rmblication of
ily resume the publication
J . . . ,
our detailed market reports.
FacteTlc Market
I J win rr t o ft decline in rnttnn
in Liverpool, New York and
Nashville, it was with dificuhy
that sales could be effected at
full, prices. t "Our ; buyers ali
having lost on" cotton thli feea-
f,,n,w! "IV nnnlo "r,l!.V1.
. f ,
4 ; gooci oramary y.t; low
W, mm
Ue " " ' V g
I prices to- -note. --We quote
i choice amber or white. :ir fit-
!prime selections, 90c; lower
j grades not in demand. -
Corn our buyers arc nearlv
.... , -.i
over tneir scare about corn, and!
j they now readily take all offers
I J J w
of mixed (which includes the
In repp nnrf nf trio rtrorinf- " ot
..llrv 071. ei;,.irr "
white would bring 32Jc, in car
; load lots. Our quotations arc
that, the buyers furnish sacks.
r i 1 i i
! iiye has decliued: we quote,-
i lork is commanding 8c, net.
-iN o bulk meats in the market
a lour
mills are holding
,n lift In ctitt en hoUni- ivvi.Uc rl
flouV We qUQt0j by wIlolesalC
cnr OM iot8 $6.50 )er barrel
fancy family; G, for good
family: lower?rades unchanged
- retail price being about 50c,
1Q0 mQre tha who,csalc;
jw, loc, per dozen.
JJutter, 15c, per pound.
New Advertisements.
AVTc announce Mr.II.T.Childs
a candidate for Trustee. He is
one of the cleverest men of our
acquaintance, and if elected
will oe an excellent officer.
? uis-ouy tuiap
She rill' sales
Our friend D. B. Holt of
Lynchburg has made a large
reduction in the price of sew
ing machines and needles. The
cost of these ai tides is so large
ly reduced, that almost any per-
son can afford to purchase,
' Xon-rcsident notice,
Sales before our Xext.
Advertised in the Observer.
Xext Saturday, the loth, by
1). V. Clark, C. and M. and
special com., at the court-house,
iy toe same, same uay ana
iP,aN acres and 41 poles m
ioojc county, in iwo iracis.
jf3 We ask particular at-
ttniion tc tbp nrd in
u m,on ro inc cai 11 .in
this pa-
i i.i lL-r -t mi,
iii-i iii-iiiii-ii 11 ; 1 ,-1 I B ill
. 1 , .u 1-
1 ' 1 nil l T 1 1 J l 1 : 1 1 III Ik l l l M ll 111:11 ill
; faction.
accept lue icma invitation to ue
To Tax-Payers.
Corne to Fayettevilie neat Sat
urday and pay your S?are and
County Ta.vtf, nnd save cost.
m m fjmiil i li ! ii"j .yiL.1 .iLjimii, 'tajamMJi j
lu,,nrtC(i ,rCfk!yfjrthc Obhekvkk. h,, II
'i . Cox ( hm.. 1'i-inltice Jrj'cifinfn.
t' ... I. : . I'll . I'll !!.... d'.lSHZ.
Flour fancy, $7.f.O(ii.7.75; family, $.7nC
iii ii w 11 1 1 tr. j j . . rill - m' . . v 'a i'.mu
' 7 otl i 'A.l(a J.i.:l(l MMl tiO .
II.... tl Wl.rfl -XI Torrt I.IJ l'ffll.'ll'
'J'A,', " ij.u'i 1 i.v-iq
- - - .
i'eathers. nt
"cathfrs, new. 5('(rf5S. .(nioi-ti. 1.5 8
Irish IV ta toe s. 2 002oO
15:iion xlioulders, 99i,'; haiu,- lti3
In this vicinity, Sun-Jay, 9th, inst., by
c. Jno. D. HaraaktT, Mr. C. C. JAMLS
In Randolph county, Ark , November 2ti,
ist.s . t the nsidence t the bu ks muh -
! er, bv Rev. Mr. Mrri, of the 11. E. Church
South. Dr. u. J. UAH rtlili. irnieny oi
thif placP, and Miss J0HNIE CRIDGES,
of Randolph county, Ark. No cards.
The following uiarriago licenses have
been issued since our last report
F. F. Massey ami Sarah Masscy. ' t
J.S. Loyd ami Mattie Howard.
helix Moore and Rachel llackctt.
John Beavers and Anna Scott.
lVnj. Daily and Sallie Reynolds.
John Graves antl Fannie Brooks.
Wm. Goodson and Mtrgaret Black.
George Justice and Kittie Pryor.
In this county, ou Cold Water, Frid.ty,
"ih inst.. of consumption. Miss M. E.TEM
I'LILTON, daughter of W. W. Templeton,
ageil22Te'S and 8 mouths
For several vears the was a member of
the C.F.Church was ever hiadly eteeuied
' by all who knew her, and died iii
ull hope
jof a blessed immortality.
New .Mredisemente.i'g, . .
StXOER, N. F.,per doz.
do Mfg. and Leather.
American, per d jz
Uuckeye, ". ; ;
Orover & BakerV rt "
..v.......,;.. 40c;
35 to 65c.
Howe, "
Remington, -
Weed. . .- ...... :
West Wilson; ' i -v -.7
411 other machines
Hand Sewing Needles, 3 lo 9,
per paper, o cents. - -
All kinds Machine Attachments at great
Jy reduced prices.
Groyer & Baicr ani tic New Home
Sewing Machines 30 to 40 per
Cent, off Old Prices.
I r,,r pnce hAt T c,rcu,f ?: . .
tiivi 1110 vnur nrrfprs and if linen nufl
'qiinlily fail to please, I . will refund the
! monev. I will send by mail or express to
nJ ""areas on receipt 01 oruer ana money.
ii j- 1 i
1). B. HOLT, S. M. Aoent,
jan. 13 o
Lynchburg, Tenn.
No. 1,002. - - ;
BY virtue of one writ of venditioni ex
ponasu.to me directed from th,e. honor-,
able Circuit Court of Lincoln couwty Ten
nessee, "at "ilu November term, T875, in the
case of Hollins, Burton & Co. against T. I).
Hill, and E.G. McLaughlin, Mayor, I will
exiiose lo public sale, to the highest bidder,
f jf cash, at the court-house door in the
town of fayettevilie, leunessee, on
Saturday, February 5th, 187G,
all the right, title, claim and inlerest that
T. D. Jlill has in and to the following
Tract of Land I
lying in Lincoln county, Tennessee, Civil
District No. 6, and bounded as follows, to
wit On the North by the lands of Newton
Whitaker, on the East by the lands of W.
P. Tolley and Mark Whitaker, and on the
South by the lands of A. J. Whitaker and
T.U. Hill. Levied on as the property of
T. D. Hill, to satisfy one judgment against
him, and in favor of Hollins, Burton & Co.,
for $378.90, besides interest and cost.
janl3-nS6 Sheriff.
Nos. 983, 981 and 9S5.
BY virtue of three writs of venditioni
exponas to me directed from the hon
orable Circnit Court of Lincoln county,
Tennessee, at its November tei-ftj, 1875, in
the cases of J. B. Thomison and James .
Holman against J. J. Tucker, principal,
and W. W. James, security, I will expose
to public sale to the highest bidder, for
cash, at the court-house door in the town
of Fayettevilie, Tennessee, on
Saturday, February5th, 1876,
all the right, title, claim and interest that
J.J. Tucker has in and to the following
. Three Tracts of Land I
The firjt, situated in Civil District No.
7, Lincoln county, Tennessee, and bound
ed as follows, to-wit Un the North by the
lands of J. J. Harrison, on the West by
the lands of M. D. L. Whitaker, on the
South by the lands of Ben. Warren, and on
the East by Mulberry Creek, containing
80 Acres, More or Less!
The second tract in Civil District No. 4,
Lincoln county, Tennessee, and bounded as
follows On the North by the lands of W.
U. Moores and Ben. Warren, East by the
same, on the South by the lands of M. H.
Bonner, and ou the West by Mulberry
Creek, containing .
30 Acres, More or Less!
The third tract, lying in Civil District
No. 4, Lincoln county, Tennessee, and
bounded a9 follows On the North by the
dower of Mrs. M. James, on the West .by
the same and the lands of M. H. Bonner,
on the South by the lands of S. A. Warren
aud Logan Thompson, and on the East by
the lands of Ulideweil & Thompson, con
taining 70 Acres, More or Less!
Said tracts will be sold, except a home
stead of twenty acres, which has been set
Levied on as the property of J. J.
Tucker, to satisfy three judgments against
J.J. Tucker, principal, an 1 W. W. James,
surety, and in favor of J. B. Thomison and
James W. llohnan, for S561.0f, bjsides in
terest and cots. W. A. MILLARD, .
janl3-S12u " Sherif.
No. DS7.
BY virtue of one writ of vendiiioni ex
ponas to me directed from the honor
able Circuit Court of Lincoln county, Ten-
Bessee, ai US jutrnuier tcmi, iui, m
the case of Ethelven McKinney against W.
L. Silvester,' I will expose to public sale
o the ht-hest bidder, for cash, at the court
house door iii the tuwu of Fayettevillo,
Tennessee, on
Saturday, February 5th, 187G,
at! tbe right, 1ilk?, claim and interest thatj
If . L. Silccster has m and to me loiiow
ing described -
Tract or Parcel of Land!
situated in Civil District No. 17, Lincoln
county, Tennessee, and bounded as follows,
to-wit: On the North by the lands of Bet
By Patterson, on Uie East by the lands of
William McAnn aud John Patterson, on the
South by the lands of J. B. Maddox, and on
the West by the lands of Ueorge lliillips,
ceutaitiiug . j
Ten Acres, More or Less!
Levied tn as the rierty of W. L. Sil-
rester, to satisfy one judgment against him
and in favor of Ethelven McKinney, fur
2o30. besides intcfest and costs.
. w uim.aimv
Non-liesident Xotice.
T. S. Corder, adm'r, and in his own right,
Jacob B. Corder, and John C- Corder,
complainants, t". W. G. Corder, B. H.
Corder, and others, defendants-
ON motion of complainants by counsel,
and it appearing to the satisfaction of
the Court that defendants W. G.. Corder
aud B.U. Corder resi le in the State of South
Carolina, Henry Beasley and wife Rachel
reside in the State of Alabama, Henry T.
Seals and Clark Seals and George Corder, a
minor, reside in Limestone county, -Alabama,
Smith Uineman and wife Hannah re
side in the State of Texas, so that the ordi
nary process of law cannot be served upon
t)t;U1 It is, therefore, ordered by me that
publication be made in the Fatettevule
Observer, a newnpaper published In the
town of Fayettevilie, for four consecutive
weeks, requiring said non-resident defend
ants to appear before the worshipful Coun
ty Court on or before the lirst Monday in Feb
uary, 1376, and plead, answer or demur
to said complainant's bill, or the same win
be taken as confessed and st for hearing
ex parte as to them. ' ' .
jan. Ho T. P. BOVCf , Herli.
'0LB 0111! S!,G00.0Q IS 60LD 0!If f
I i i i- " ' . It
And will'lor.reitJll,fOO to any person who
actual test
ever form
Emm Seals
. a more soecdv. certain and ctli-ctua I cure lor all fains and Allies ol what- "on Bl ovur eiitnty t.musauii ipieit.
, external and internal, acute or chronic, deep seated or otherwise, than iii, J? the Veir ibT6 will see VheiV
We have had this challenge of $1,000 prominently displayed in all our Circulars
and New spaper Advertisements, for the last four years, and not taken, which shows
the superior excellence of our Remedy over all other. For External or Internal use.
IToo ihn TC"niirnlffi.Tnnt.hnp.ho.Sniqi!iS."Rpiiisns.Fh.ftli womuls .
'"-"vl .,ss..s..0-,
13uriis" Colic, Cramp, Cholera
chitis, Catarrh1, Coughs, Colds, Inflammatory Rheumatism,
Asthma, Phthisic, Heartburn, Indigestion, Summer Com
plaint, Pains in bide, Back or
ons, Stings of Insects, Bites
Especially Rheumatism.
m. . . , . i
JnOWn tO lue VVOnu. lln iiii.un in ii uij
taneous; in fact it litte
Cure, No Pay ! Try it, and be Conviiieed !;
r I III ft fill UI AVlfl?T? A n orf iIa nff:iiivi-rail f5.if.
Thousands are now out of employment. To ihera we offer, in tho sale of our ui
edv. a preventative of hard times. We have adopted as our Motto:
Durino-the pivst year the wonderful success of this ureat Keraedy lists Tar cxre lcti
nni'niiKt . aani'iiino Pmepf at i.vnn; thousands
found out from actual experience that Dr. RADCLIFF'S GREAT KEMhDY, SEVEN J
SEALS or GOLDEN WONDER.-is the Most Wonderful Fain Destroyer in Existei.ce, I
the Most Expeditious, Safj and Powerful Remedy known in the World Cures are cf- j
I'ected almost Instantly, as if by Magic. Thousand of certificate b have b-c-n rtcoivt d
from all parts of our broad land, unsolicited and unasked tor, speaking in honrt'elt and
universal praise of this Great Remedy, from personal knowledge of its almost niirac
ulous powers in curing the most obstinate and protracted cases of Disc: ss. j
$1,000 Profit in Four Months'! 1,872 One Dollar Bottles Sold! .
JrLoad Tlxlsi j
Scott Town, Lawrence Cocxty, Ohio. i
. -----..t--y-i- a rr t c .. . a . i : . l ., t n . 1 ... ; 1 1 . , . ...... ..r ,i... i
MESSRS. IV r.A.NtlJl X V.U. JJtVl Oil . Alimumviiuoi inn iniviuii. ... .11-
great benefit I r-reived from the use of Dr. Rndcliff 's Great Remedy, SEVEN SEALS '
a G0LDEX WONDER, after being confined to my bed for eight years with a com-:
plication ol diseases, viz.: Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Palpitation of tha Heart, Fain in j
thn H;.rht .;,!. with fpn.ral Dehihtv. lor which I tried tho skill of our home t hvM-i
cians.liiso a doctor of New York City, and
orn nart nl Ohio Took moueh natellt medicines TO R ini Hi ail 10 i.onuiinice
length I was induced to trv Dr. Hadclitf's
. . . . . , . .
I sent and got six fifty contbottlus, and before using it all found myself able to travel j
in ft bujf 'y. Took the agency for its sale last Aprii, four months ago, and have sold j
thirteen gross, 1.87
- - ... . . - 1
72 hntt un to tins aaie.
(rrowintr demand to stll ten thousand (10.0UO)
you think this worth using you can do so,
ties as a man of great affliction.
great affliction
For this Great Remedy we Wish You to Act as Our Agent. j
Dkar Sin: The above fully explains the articles we wish to sell. This business is I
honorable, and by being energetic, will piy you wel'. li i our desiro to appoint sni !
aeiit in every county in all patts of the Cuiud States and Canada, granting to each j
the exclusive right to sell eveiy bottle sold in your couu y. as long as you continue to ;
act as our agent, and all orders which we may receive from your territory sl.a.l be;
turned over to your account. !
This Wonderful Remedy, SEVEN SFALSor GOLDEN WONDER, sells rapidly in '
the hands of the right kind of men, and we want none other. Now, if you think you ;
are the man for the work, forward jour order, name your county, and go to work; you
ran sell a eross in a lew davs. without a doubt. We have one man who buys on tin
avenge three gross per week, and his oretrs
county (Berks Co., Fa.) He writes that he
hu ...iiiimr MA,ion n. it ronntinir wholesale.
sale or retail, or putting it. n commission wi.lt your druggists, or selhng by su',- . l
BEents. This business is worth the attention of good uif-n and men of capital. h )ul t itaisin .Minks, jtc, &c. hk pa,. only re
vttt make but reasonable wa-es ay .$100 per month for the first three months (many Vil Z'JUVffL flJJZ I
make more) you would nevertheless be
Agents are doing better with our Remedy than anything elsj they ever took hoi I
of. Why is this? Because the Remedy does'just as we say, and our agents can
warrant every bottle. No cure, no pay. Knowing that we make all losses good,
siiou.d they be called on to redeem a bottle, agents run no risk of Joss.
. SKVEN SEALS or GOLDEN WONDER is put u;j in S 1.00 and 00 cent bottles, cle-o-nnilw
finUriPrl in neat and aiinroDriate wrappers, aud packed iu nice boxes, one doren
fr"' j ii
in each box.
,., "-:... ..,.r T.r
I U Urulgl UU1 BLAic v puuco
small size, 50 cent botles, per dozen, 1.50.
01 D I ...
W,. o-ivo Knp.'iHl tfrins to our County stents ai sucn ngures mat uiey can sen o
Hrncrf Tula and cnuiitrv Kloies at the above plic'tS and miike a hacdbCUie piolit. Weal-
ftiio j r i
In nnliT to have live energetic men to
concluded to s;iv iree gratis to each and
COIN Silver Hunting
Beautifully engraved, and correct time-keeper, worth $20.00, and a certificate of . g'n
cy giving SOLE CONTROL of such county as the agent may select, (not already la
ken;) and furthermore, all orders coming from such counties as the aent miy select,
will be sert back by us to the agent to be filled in fact we give sole control pf such
eoiinlL-s as iflU" as the agent continues in the business. Remember, the Premium
Watch is givetiialis to agents. We take this plan to have our Great Remedy, quick
ly and thoroughly introduced. Let us hear from you at your earliest convenience, and
secure your county at once, before being taken by some one else. Remember, this
offer is open for a short time only.
A Small Capital Required to Run a Large & Paying Business.
The capital required is very small and the profile from it will fully equal that of
thousands of merchants who have invested a large capital in their business. Hun
dreds in all parts of the country are making from
$1,300 TO 85,000 A YEAR,
And hundreds mre will date their success from accepting our liberal offer at this lime, i
Any one w illing to work for success can force it, but those who believe that it cmi be ,
had from idleuess are not the kind of men we want to push our business. e want ,
As one su, h is worth a dozen who expect a business to push itself. We have -pent in (
pushing our bu.-incss I
It has paid us to do it, and it pays our Agents, as it advertises it thoroughly in cvrry j
SUte. County and Township in'the United States not only for us, but lor the Agent.
Remember, this is a life business and that
TI.ES securelv Dacked with our different
And all sending $2.50 for Sample Dozen, wo will send free of charge, Samples of our
Eiht ElesiantChromos, entitled:
If you want your county, let us know as early as convenient, at the territory may
be taken. We woutd be pleased to have parties who contemplate taking an agency,
fo send for Sample Package of this wonderful Remedy before engaging largely in tho
' Remember, we Guarantee Every Bottle.
With these suggestions we leave the matter with yoti
.,nlofli vmi follnw the business as a Jm
Wu want none but honest, conscientious
L U .. 1 Vamv. MAMP.lnA:..r.
Address all communications to
Sole- Proprietors,
o o
: ?
can produce a remedy which will prove by
Golden Wonder
- - f- 7 7 "
Morbus, Flux, Diarrhoea, Bron
Loins, Piles, Ringworm, I el
of Venomous Serpents, am
b Ul t C'liUlllUUS OU1 IICI11&, illlll
.v ..t j: : r.i:...i ,
- c ,;ii, iii, nvuucuuituiio am luamu-
rally donioli.shej p.iin.
have been curea, ana tuonsanns nave
two of Pitts-burgh, and one in the north-!
..mrnit fP t 1 o ni Tlini 1171V
a . 1 k. v 1 1 1T1I 1 A aL ,
AUCUSl SU. toii. anu eueci iroui me
bottles in the next year
Gentlemen, il
as I am generally known over three ci
Yours respectfully, U.J. DARLING
are increasing rapidly, and he has a sm.iil
expects to si'U on- gross pr day, at rtti.i , .
10U have the lirivileseol sehllie Wlio.e- :
establishing a business that would pay you j
R,,A. i fio Wtloa. n. r dorpn S9iO:
ev --.-f " " . " i - ' ,
. . i r- ,t ...
take nold ot tne bus ness at once, we liave
every agent apresent of a handsome, ti:io
every year it grows larger an.narr
tn art as A?ent9 oA.Ml IAj VJL.t.2i Litjl-
Posters, Bills: Show Cards, Terms, c.c
NO PAY ! !
We do not wish you to en-
- dnoss. and really desire to make money.
s. anu r
'Vfl liefl VV I ' V
To such we will guarantee success.
Eitfitoen hnndred and sevanty-otx Is tb Onten
nial vear. It ta also the year in which an Oppoti
uin liont of Representative., the flnt lincv tbe
war, will be In power at Washington; aud the rear
of the tm-eDty-tbirri elcetioii of a Prciiident of the
Vuited Statu. All of those evonts are suro to be
of rrnt interest and ini porta nc. especially tho
two latter; and all of them and evwvthinK rounec-
ted with them will be fully and freshly reported
The t)pM-iitioi) House or Represontatlvw. talc
ing Hp the line ot' inquiry opened years ago by
Thk c.v. will ba sternly an I diligently iuve-tigato
thrt rArrnitiAiitt snil miliiia of l.lANT'd ail.
the corruptions and miieed of giant's ad
nunistration ; and will, it U to be hoped, lay tbe
ural hinory. Of all this THE Su will eoutain'
complete and accurate aci.ount. I'urni.hinp its
readers will" early and trustwoi thy inloiniation
upiu U ee absorbing topics.
The twenty-third Presidential election, with
the preparations for it, will lie memorable as de
cfclinu U on GR . i '3 ain aliens for a third term
of power and pluuder, and still more as ilociding
who shall be the oaniliil.ite nf the party of Reform,
and as electing that cuudidate. toutoitiinjr all
these subject, those who read TaE Sun will Iihvo
tbe constant iuuuus ot being thoroughly well in
formed. The Wekklv Sex, which luc attained arircula-
alieady has
, and we
thorough nows-
Uay win ie
i ion ud In it. condensed when unimportant, at full
length when of moment: and always, we trust,
treated in a ulear, iuterestiug and instructive
It is our aim to make the WfriLT St N the best
family newspaper iu the world, and we shall con
tinue lo give in iti tolumnka larre amours of mis
cellaneous reading, such as stories, tales, poems,
scicutilh: u:ollifrenre anl agricultural informa
tion, lornhii b we are not all e to make room in
our daily editio.1. The agricultural department
especially is one of its promineut features. The
fashions kre aim mirularlv reported in itscolumus;
and so are the m:i -ketsof everv kind.
The Wkkki.y cs. eight pages with fifty-six
Iroa i I'oli'inbs is only i.'io . year, postage pre
paiii. As this .price barely repays the ccst of paper,
no discount can lie made from this rale to clubs,
agents. I'listiuastcrs. or anyone.
The Daily M-s. a large four pase newspaper of
twentv-eiicht columns, irives all tho news for two
?D"n" y?r. scsdat e.litton. extra.
centsaropv siiii.sci intion. postage prcpaui. ooc
oost.iue L)
7ii.io per venr. nave no traveling agents
AiMress.lHKM'N.Xew York City. ..
Iusolveiit Notice by the Chan
cery Court.
t T tor, Ac, of O. I. Qriffis, deceased,
filed his insolvent bill in tha Chancery Court
nt Fayettevilh'.TennefKee, on the second of
S. p-eii.ber, 1873, and by decree pronounced
at the October term, 1S75, of the Chancery
tuun at r aveuev i ib, icnnessre, in mo
C. Hall, administrator, and
otl.ers against Dess:t Griffis and others, it
H'n oriiorid that the iidniinistration et
.tid ci.iat.' be rt moved to theChir.cery Court
for the estate to be wound up as an insol
vent estate.
Th s is to to notify all prrnn to f l
p"diJtrU j
!i f..-orMr hsrrpil. D V nLAHFC t
ill b
fo ever barred. D.W. CLARK
25-3iu Clerk and Muster
Jno. W. Davidson J
Fayettevilie, Tenn.
A!s3 docs Carpsnter's ana Joiner's mxl.
all kinds made to order with
Repaired and Varnished!
at short r.o'i.-c !
of i-very description furnUhed without
delay, and at reasonable rates!
JSy Call or leave ordors at J. B. "Wil-
sjn'.-s shop,
on Collego street.
UOOU lOOKri. m)Te lho' joiiowiny cheap
mi l really valual le voliiines. sent prepaid lor
. ,'iei' yuaek and iiumbug m Amrnn. Se.x'r
.li ',. st o.i" aii'l uvir vim ra-h. onlv iK ct.
llie VKNTKlLOltl i;i's IID. or How lo learn
Vt n r i i-tn . r'nll Instrueuons pxauip'rs, n
ei iiies, also ho x to make i lie vvliistle to imiiate
a 1 biiils and beasts, onlygo tts. -Vhr K IBaI.k
': ISu AMI llKK.tKl.vC l;OKsEH. also ItlC 'Oluplet
, llur-i- iiix N.r A l.irge oi tav I Oi't. anil iho beft
ever i .ci near I'K ji.. i verv tarmer iir.is it. n-
1 f otr. am.- v n ! Tl. i .s-ir..v
liabonlit. How to plllJ' and rvervUmir el. :
l. '? - "mJ M. V . AO c 31 Kp tA . " ,
u) sii int iricfc iu iCvtT'trTiiilin, teiiMHiiaiii bti o
J-t .ly aoc i. stcr.tTS ov ivr i-a pp..
illt chl'il;ll fiin'lT. Dill V :mI . lis. AnV ho.lk Sl'lll
,. 1V.,.. .i i
bik sent
div-ss nil or.ieri to the oiil esiubiisht'il );oi;se ui
HL'NTKi: A U , 11 nslale, N. II.
llTn-t' 'HAW! HAW! iTiSl
.re tUn-e '.Crvvnoiis, Kw.er. Kmuiit. Kounu, Has
1 tic Kub,.ri' Kacrs. Eai b one will in.. Wa 1X differ
ent luei-s. and nil. so lunnv! Orv;.t-t tlnni- ever
j nude. Inst Uie thing for holid.nva Onewnl con-1
i 't.lst m u'lioWi tuwii T kiiwls: m.-iili'rl Iri'P liiruii-'
! I . lucenia eu h. u for ii. send lot o-ie and lnugh f
, ani ttrovv ini. iiumimiiu juiiir ri"'LJii .11
; inv.tm y ind cl ' Ynuuaii stick it through your,
h it and' vi t m ike n bole I Tin tin; wowlrr of Ihc
a;. ni-'ud for it and havu fi.n 1-OUl.V KR I Onlv
2. e.eiits, 5 lor II. Ci:ls or tolHTSoie. Lovk
JliKISO I. ARILS. KoKTl'Nt 1 tl l.l NO 1 AM! 3 klEllS.
! c I'-h in neat r.ae. These are the best rards ever
in ,de ami every jonuff person i-rctti tboni titn
j y the-e l.iii'iveiuiii. 1 ei-ut ier park 3 :or '5
I i-e t. eod f ir thrin and have luit iih the girls.
' 1 irn.i; i" asci.naTdK ! fve every 'ueetheait or,
liver All a!oiit e..nrtin(, rure for love. Ac Cn
lylircnts LoVKB TCLEOHAru. Needed by ev-
! e'.-v .'M-cr. Only t'O cents. All above are elegantly
l.l'nnii.iated. tent free for priee. lit O D books fi r
ila. alatopiie mix. Addres II L'.NTtR CO.,
. Hinsdale, N. H. Jau. li. iB'ni.
In Chancery Court at Fnyettc-
! rilln rrnttnncrn
1 E. P. Reynolds r. Henry Turner and otuara. i
Decemb.r Rules, 1S73.
I N th-? above cause it appearing that Fpi
I lo Mi-, r. ana aiiiis spa to ans r have been
issoi d ior defend: nt ller.ry Turner, ta t'n
lonrity of Pu'ih'.rtoid, State of Tennessee,
and it a.-t
ani'g I. oiu tin; return oi said
heiilf, that dciendant H'-nrv Turner is a
a,,j is ,
lc: of the State of Tennessee,
ail to be a refill-nt ot Lar.aihc,
U!a:ia- .. , ,
j 111 IIIUIIU'I VI , UHI11I1I1UI 9 WUHT-t,
una it appearirg to me ia isiaci.-jji or inu ;
! t h-rk and Ma.-ur f. mitlio teturn of said ,
1 stierilf that said defndimt Henry Turner I
is a i on-resi.'e-i.t ot the State of Tennegsi e. j
I It i.s'ihcic on--, ordeicd, that publication I
I be made, in il.e Fauti kvh i.e f instil vr.it, aj
! newspaper published in the town of Fay- ;
etteviile, for four conse cctivo uit ks. coin- i
manding .said d ;lendant Heiity Turner lo .
! appear at fr b ore tl.e- n-xt tenn of the-.
Lt.ancerv Court, to De neui i-.r ine couniv
of Lincoln, at tho court-hou&e in the town
of Faveiteviih-, on the first Monday iu
April, ar.d p!eai answer or de
mur ta couttdaii.ant's bill, or the (.a me will ;
; ue taken for i-ulcsseJ, ai.d .t t r hear-;
.vz , v parte a t- hitn
A tr.
p copy, attest :
Clerk and Master.
! o
IMP. MAClllNEFY BOXING, uc, fr.i
I. t at the Own it" Otiiff taye:teri!I
THE Board of Trusteoi take pliaure in
announcin;that Fayrtte Acad my will
be opened for the reception of stud-.nl on
First Monday in February,! 870,
under the management and control or Cap
tain T. L. Norwood, late of the cih-bra-
tod liinirlism oehool, located at Jlchanville,
- " -Th building W DOW undergoili
r -
pairs, anl it will be mal) entirely conilort
able by tho time mentioned.
Tho school will b organised ami con
ducted as a Military Institution, but. cadet
uniforms will net be required th fir-t ,lrf
sion. Instruction will he given in all thi
branches usual taught in tha best Ameri
can schools.
First-class assistance will bi ?mp?fyol
to whatever extent it may be found becee
sary. The uniform rate of tuition wilt be
per. month.
Board can be obtained in good families at
10 per month.
Board of Trustees.
dec 23-tf o
j r"THE next regular session of this Aea-l
'A. emy will begin
January lOtli, 1S7G.
Tuition from two tosix dollars prmonlh,
according to advancement.
jlnstruction Thorough,
j Course equal to the best school f tl
'iwintry. Incidental fee one dollar in ad-
van' e. W . A. t t M . 1. 1:,
dec. 1G 2in o I'rincipal.
FTER an interval of one week, em
bracing the Christmas holidays, tho
Fayetteriils Hili ScHael for Bays1'
;nill resume its regular labors on Mou
!day, January Itrd, 187C, and con-
iiuue mx months; closing June the lith,
1875. We take this occasion to thank our
friends for their former patronagi', and to
solicit its continuance. While we pay spe
j cial attention to the ground-work of
! cation, S elling, reading, writinir, A.,
ed u-
curruuiuni embraces most ol th.' text
books used in the American Colleges
the Sciences, the Higher Mathematics tlu
Gre -k and Iatin language. Ry a fp-ti..l
arrangpmint the study of tho
larrua2C3 may be pursued at a small ad
ditional exoenic. No extra charts lor
j anythirg except for French 2nd German.
J White both th; instructors are membni of
1 the M. F. Church South, and one f thrni
jlo'ddhis position by the appointmt nt of tln
Tt-unehsee Conference, yet that frightful
j monster ' Soctaiianism" in. v; r slmws him
self at all. ThePiibleis read an 1 prayei
I areotTcre l to God for His blessings, and if
'.-nvbo-iv obj.-cts to that, we allow them to
keep their bos away. To these who ran
not pay n.oney we say,
NcjhI Your Hoys
and pay us i.i something else. To Uios
who cat. not py at all, wo say send your
j '. oy.-i, they
j To thone desiring board we say, you tha!I
havj it at f 10 per month, room and fuel
furnish -4- All you have to do is to fur
nish your own lights and waihit g.
Tuition rates a follows
Preparatory deparlrarnt,?2 per month.
Intermediate, $3.00 per month.
High School, t.00 per month.
It;ci lenUl Fee, $10O.
One-half payable in advance the other at
expiration of term
dec. li o
E. 51. & T. B. FISHER.
Oak Hill Institute!
fTMlEi.cxt regular session of this scLool
X will commence
January 31st, 1870,
and continuf; twenty weeks, under the an-
pcryision ol 1. Uuneiiaugn, as-isteii ty
Competent toacnciS,
There will be an cx
weeks beginning tho
tra session of four
3rd of .laiiunrr. 1H76. for the accomiuod-
ii ii of those who wish to nursua thur
studs, as well as those who wish to thor
rtighly prepare themselvea for future teach-i''C-
r"p cial at:ention will be given to
those who wish to teach; also to
:- : Booi ieepinf , Hair-wcrl, rcatler-worl,
during the extra as well as the, regul tr ses
.ion. lutt on irom z to $o per motun, at:
cording to advancemr-rits. Board prr
month. Ir.cidfiitanee, 1.(0 invariably in
One half of the tuition miiil le paid ia'
adv.v.rc. and cne-half at the end of the
i-sion. unless oil er arrangements are maihv
Ten per cent, deductul from all tuitioiis
paid in advance. For further particulars
send for catalogue. Address. F. I1IME
I'.AUGII, I'rincipal, or W. F. Cc i.k. 7'ret
idc.ti li. nf T. dec. 9 o
Fayette villc Female
IIIE next season bopina ?Iinlnj,
J. September th, 187rt. This ln-
-lit utfn ia intemUd to tctr tac joun
es to be urp.i"d by no remal)
. ,
"e in the South. It8 f irully is com
pete I of c'jperiirced teachers, and its
t.-rms iner li. odeiaf than hosi of any
fcimilar it.LUu:i -n in the Slate.
t j-; it ts
Primary Pcpartmcnt
1 1 t.iiuu.ir do ....
li-li Se hol do
JloJern Lii'ZtioKrK
.. !."..
. . .!.
.. l'JM
Muic (Itidu iin use instriit.'i' nt) ".'J.
I'.na rd from 1'J to 1 2 per month. For
further partieuiar !.T t'
.1 W HAT' I I. t. l'ii.ir,H.
I'll. C. A. lItK::, iVtt. li. f T.
julv S, 1HT5 o
Good awl Cheap:
IOR SALE a tirst-rate Duty's AV;ih-
it and VnivTal AVriiier ttm
i of the best machines for househol l U.S. ever
; im
iit-1. F.ir further p ii-ticulars apply at
t .
th. I'll -tnvr.i: e-aiTL. li.ateu.i

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