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ifayotteviilo Observer.!. ItS)" j ,ir 'e last, week-
.-:rr..T ,.-.- - - - - j i:i reference to the ratSixal wc
IV. ('K : attiii: SAM i; OLD ST A Xl
ir. 0. -TALLAC3,
1 lit 01- nil liitnlie.r.
nml: tolas. Kv-ItUW."
Washington Letter.
vAKIN,ia,N, n.c.,j,:iv :;.d. is;;.
cryiewnieinhei-so! t (ureus
remain here, benatui-lliunnan,'i10 rn vo..U be m ten
t - ' 4V .ii . 0 hu.u m uii
" ? 1 . . v , jtlian hve eenN on the bushel.
t tin? Senate, nnicJi routine work L , . . - , , . . ..
Vails alter UiV active auiounmie;)ur (1t lu hn
VestenLivreceivcilat the Capitol,
the cordial .goodrhycs of the de
parting members. 'J'lie Senator' t
Iriendsare as warm in one partv
, as the other, and would ,
many if it were not for, the. fact
that the Democrats are far more
' ;mmerous than Kepuhlicans, l ie
jmikc no enemies. ; Jlae current
jntory of his kindly politeness to
' a cOl:red woman in a-horse-cisr
heiv the other day only illu.s
4 rates the habits of the man.
Yesterday dozens vt' unknov.nj
.men interrupted the business on
w hich he w as engaged, ; ;uid each
as pleasantly receivexl as the
most influential member who
called, People are in, tlie habit
"of saying that-all this urbanity
is assumed. It has not that ap
pK'aranee. . . ,
: Senator Beck was .among the
callers., lie is an' iidmirer of
Thurman, and . tiopheses ad-1 .
vancement. 1 robably no . man
in the Senate -has more of the
confidence of Congi-essmcn than
StMiator Ik-ck has. .Ing and
indiislrious service in both Hou
ses Jia.s iuadc: him thorouglily fa
miliar with the "needs ..of . the
country, and in "all 'non-partisan
matters his favorable opinion of
a measure is aceejited as conchi
tiye by all. " , ; -
, The resignation ; of. . Senator
layard as ".Chairman .of theFi
iiancc C.Vtmunttee. though not ac-
ccpted lias not Iecn withdrawn?i
ana naturally attracts great. in
(ercst to that Seiiator. I am a-
blc to say that" he will, prior to
resuming the duties -ot .Chair
jnahship' hi'. December, insist
upon a clear wnderstaiKling be-
in had that no financial legisla
tion will be forced through of
the nature of the " Vainer isilver
coinage bill. .
, Senator Wade Hampton has
made a very good impression for
a "new Senator." . :
I have mentioned these four
Senators because ' they seem to
me to be the ."comini; men" a-
mong Democratic Senators.
Others,' like , Gordon, Kernan,
teDonald, lmar, arc their in
feriors in few if any points, but
unquestionably the events of the
last session have served to give
prominence . to. these four, and
they, personally and as party
men deserve all the credit they
aiv receiving. , . ; -
The-Administration,' after all
the fuss it made alxHit' .suspend
ing the operations of Federal
courts, finds now, that there w ill
be no need of any such suspen
ROivs.' : TheATt 'tonal Republican
of this 'morning to announces.
Perhaps -Mr, Hayes is .-driven to
this conclusion by. a belief that
the people are coming to think
that he, and not the Democratic
Congress, should be held respon
sible for -any failure to carry on
the business of the, Courts.
There are manifestations alread
of a notable change of opinion
as to the cfiect this session of
Congress has had upon the chan
ces of ; parties at t lie coming e
lections. . : ; .
There seems to lies no .good
foundation for the rumor put in
circulation 'yesterday that Mr.
Hayes would-call-Congress to
'gether in Setcmber. McKav.-'
Two of the Murfrcesboro Robbers
Condemned to Die.
MuRFitpi-ii6no,Tenn., Jul v .1.
The trial of Hall and 'Smith,
the negroes w ho were , members
of the -organized band of robbers
who committed so many outra
ges recently in this vicinity, and
w ere concerned in the murder of
Major Pugb, terminated to-day
with n verdict of murder in the
first decree.' Judge Quarles sen
tenced them to bo.' hanged Au
gust 8th, within a mile of the
court-house. On the trial the
prosecution ollered the evidence
of detectives to whom Hall and
Smith confessed, together with
other testimony. The defense
produced no testimony whatever.
A new trial was ask.ed on the
ground that the evidence did
not iustifv the verdict. The
Judge overruled the motion de
claring their guilt w as overwhel
mingly proved." "
The trial has caused intense
excitement, as a lynching dc-
mnided on the rcsujt. Tlie'con
demncd refused to apjcaj. being
convince that had they xlone so
Judge Lynch would have held
Court to-night." The trials of
wven or eight more of the same
ang are landing.
Tlu condemned aeknowledg-es
their guiitiiuii, and gave a detail
account of the murder. Tliey
t aid theiv was no way to escaK
death and didn't wish to die w ith
;i lie on their lip?, as thev were
roing to glory.
"The saving on corn and wheat,
not to mention other thin"; Mich
as lacon tud lic-tock, wmiM
i T -his Is 5,11 r !no-v
! than 'all that LuhijIu county i
Unvoted t;u1erile.y
Snu' intelligent farmers think
-jthi is too low nn estimate upon
the tthcr.t ' tn-p ( fthc courtly,
thal.it kv luuivr .xhyKK)
haslu-Js than iM.UKK) art) tli;;t
vo pivlemd making
our cMiniau's miner oeiow. man
above Uio.nctnal facts, i If these
fanners are correct it makes the
argument in favor of the railroad
still stronger, and ishows ' te
giater-necessit' lor each one to
aid in getting it." "The" amount
of ;hVf)0Q mentioned iiecc's-sary
for Lincoln comity to raise dot h
not include what is to be. raised
in FayetteviJle, ; though we" do
not.thjnk' that it would Tequire
Ihe'i w hole -?22,."(X) from the
comity. : - -1 '. ".' ' "',y;''.J
' Aiv there not two hundred far
mers in Lincoln county willing
to subscribe " 1.00 each to . bring
the railroad, from Petersburg to
FayettevilleV ;:Thcy would have
six, twelve and eighteen months
in which to pay their subseii)-
tions." It can ea.silv le obtained
if our people. -really 'desire -the
road. ,-. ' : ' '..'' i '' :
AV"e lravo not had much
to say in reference . to" the XX)-i
proposition - s ii b mi 1 1 e d ;Tc r
rat i ficat ioi 1 on' tlio ; 7th J day of
who were last year called Iow-tax
men, and also by some who were
called high-tax men ; on.the ;oth
cr hand it is opposed' by some
of those called low -tax and by
some high-tax men,' though up
on very 'diherent grounds. . The
low tax.men, who .oppose! it say
it i unjust ;nnd is' too much;
whilst the high-tax meii who op
pose say it is unfair, to tiic bond
holders and will, not and should
not.be accepted by them, and is
not such a settlement as a State
as rich as Tennessee.' should ho
willing to make. There is, how
ever, very little interest taken in
it, and we 1 ear that the vote will
be very light, and w ill "not indi
cate the real state of public-sentiment.
AVe publish a portion
of Maj. Win. J.-' Sykes' recent
letter. which shows the grounds
upon which winie so-calleil State
credit men support , the 'settle
ment. . I....' ' .
H5f" The" unreliability of
cjrcuni.staiitial evidence in cas
es of murder was strikingly il
lustrated in tlie case of the -recent
murder of . Mrs. ' Ilujl, . in
Xew.York. The murder was a
mysterious one, aud as the lady
had not for many' years lived
amicably with her husband, Dr."
Hull, the police jumped at the
conciiirion that the; murder had
been commi ttcd by hi in.' . Ci r
cnmstantial cvidenec'iointed tci
hiniand a man bveii camo . for
ward and offered to testify that
Dr. Ilnil had proposed to him
the job of killing his wife. The
circumstantial proofs were so
strong that the . poor old '. Doc
tor was in a fair ' way to : be
hanged, when the Jaotual mur
derer was providentially discov
ered by a--newspaper reporter,
lie, was a negro who had form
erly been a servant in the Hull
family, and who robbed the
house after committing the mur
der. He was arrested at church,
where he had-been listening to
.i pennon on the "Torments of
the Damned. " - : :.
The inhabitants of the
fever-and-ague districts, of 'the
country w ill be ' gratified to
learn that Congress, before ad
journing, placed quinine on the
free list. The jpricc of "this in
dispensable, drug will 'hereafter
be. much lower than it has been.
; OPostmastcr General Key
has addressed a letter to a gen
tleman in Tennessee "u1 w hich he
says that a the institutioVof
slavery, is no more, there is not
much use of people making a
big fuss about the subject of
State rights. ' ' .
"What IIayfs Waxts! A St.
Petei-shurg correspondent says;
An iron-clad carriage, surround
ed by 400 horsemen, is one of the
appliances' used by the.Kmpcror
of Hussia to protect himself from
his beloved subjects. There is
nothing fo lovely, he thinks, as a
"strong government.
August: m suppose it is gei ovem mPelI 1 lma itperlectly
crallv1 w ell" understcl ; by ; the Xf,,? ' ?- gl?at
, " pleasure in. - doing : it, nl other
- 33 b b i k o v i 1 1 o rXc 1 1 1 1
i ': ' "June 29th, 1 879.
lVr. X. O. Wallace, 6;
Knowing. that you take a lively
iuteivst in uj enterprises. that
look to proW ana develop
nient in our ci-untry inducetl
me to ask a p!a:-e in your col
umns fur this co;nuimiiciitU;n.
'i his evening hapiiening in the
"Model School" of this village 1
was areeahly turjriyel to lind
myself jut in tiuio ito witness
the beautiful ceivmonv of the
4 .1.,. 1... ,
'.,..:. v .k. 1, . ;
, nunt to the. uoyk ana yoanf nun,
and rosetts of honor to the voim'ir
ladies, whoaro prepared to enter
the si iphmore-class next term.
Unlike all other 'schools that ,1
have been acquainted with, 1
found in this the spirit for dis
play and public notoriety not
onlv: wanting -but ignored 'bv
both' teachers and scholars, : al
though the last afternoon of the
term,1 all was :is quiet -'a sou or
dinary days' in the school room.
Directly my attention 'was di
rected to the fact that self-go v
erirtnent to the thiimIs h.-ul boon I
most 1 elfectuall v taunht : and
learned in ' answer to my Vines
tions tliat tlui1 public examina
of the pupils' as found it conven
ient to be present at the regular
daily recitations of all the class-
es, tncreny-' avoiding all that
loss- of ; time required Ur pre
pare students for a public ex
animation at the'end of the term,
tlie effects "iij)oit young character
consequent upon public "display.
'AVhile engaged for a; moment
i:i conversation .with one' of the
students, and in reply to a' ques
tion, I was informed by Inmthat
the system of this school was dif
ferent irom all- others' that he
hald attended here, : said . he, I
required the teacher tp. jdfoveni
me, but 1 cannot, do that here, I
was told upon entering- the school
that tlie true character of a gen
tleman miiit be 1 sustained by
each-student or that the system
of the school-would necessarily
work the pupil out of it, and I
find it to be so.''; The gOAtrning
irinciples, of : the. scliool are' iu
reality kindness, the highest gen-
iiemamy consiueration anatrutb,
and such is the perfection of the
system that the idle or lazv pu
pil cannot stay iri it, he wiil . in
variably find a very modest apol
ogy for withdrawing; thus you
see the school ' necessarily main-
rains us nign-toned character.
Just then my 'attention was at
tracted hy a seafand desk elab
orately 1 and lK?autifully" dressed
with flowers, it. being the only
one in the room my curiosity ltd
me to ask the stndcnt'the cause
of flic elegant decorations, he re
plied, that it hi ;thc desk , and
seat ' occupied by '.Miss :' Xaunie
3L, of FayctteyiNe, and which
has been Ireshly decorated every
daj' during the, term "since her
chaiige from 'living on earth' 'in
the natural body to the life in
tiods'world of . spirits .in, the
spiritual body piepa ring to wait
there instead"' of ' here in, a siite
ojt;. pre)arat ion : for the life of
heaven, and in honor, of . her
most excellent and lovely char
acter it. will continue ' to be ithiis
covered with flowers to.'thq end
of the present , term.. Oh,, sir,
there is a spirit in fused into this
school that makes , the , student
govern himself in spite of him-
self, it becomes the : height cf
each, one's ambition' therein to
excel. Ve were, i lit err'ujited in
this " private converse' by a call
from the "judge for the'attcntion
of those students who' by a g ear's
close 'attention to .'studies had
earned the blue' knot. .The pre
sentation was short and uncere
monious, the students being re
minded that they were trophies
to' carry , to' the home circle, , to
make glad tlie. hearts of father
and mother, brother and sister,
and not' for. vain, public display.
The. - presentation of , the rosetts
of 'honor to the more advanced
students and the short , address
by the president was most earn
est and impressive, all pointing
to the kind ot solid education
that makes nieii and women that
educates for the nation. , '.." .
' Spkctatou.
The following is the
law governing the August elec
tion: ;t ' J : ';- "
Sec. f.! 35c' it lurthcr enacted,
that the voters at caid- election
being qualified voters of the
State, shall vote.' directly upon
the provisions of the .first sec
tion .ofjlhis act, those voting for
the acceptance of the sainu hav
ing", written or jiiinted on their
tickets the word "Accepted,"
and those, opposed to the .'pro-'
vieions of. said section, having
written or printed on tlicir tick
et the word 4,K'jeeted." And
it shall be the duty of the Sher
iffs of the. various counties of
this State to compare the voles
cast i said election, .and. make
return thereof to the Govcnor
and Sccretaiy of State, who
sluill decide the result when as
certained. The Govcnor shall
make proclamation as to the re
sult ot eaid election when so ascertained.
n'lll llf'l'll .in nt- ihi' i' .1 ' 1- 11; vi .i w iiiiui mu ii.iit.iui, mm iiuiiunai m
.III 11. V 11 III I ft t((l tf. Of fYR'fmi lF tll-- Cllrxlifl TVJTrr mil' 1 t.ll !1 llm lionn li-i.ni tUr .kIIuiu- tu 11. I.
'" and cih'H of tciW wo would havb; no mo!ftg
f'lltH ' ollli'ili'U-tiJ on1 1 Vmiwlo ,-! v ,. .-. , , notinceu oiiu 01 niiiw HW.IHIIL-. vuer uivm
UllS, "UaUlKlUS alKl.lllCnaS ,. , , - ' : confined alioiitaix yeir to her lwl. ami the
ounrr ' men I
Grounds upon'tffcTcn thVDebt
Settlemont is Supported. "
t rum
"If wo do not owe the debt wc
should not jay it, either in whole
or in part. ' If, however, We ito
owe it, and this cannot be denied
with any show ,of reason, we
; have no right to dictate terms
f set t lenient.- 1 f we feel - that
wo are unable to pay a debt that
we owe, WV: jiave .'the lnorah as
well as the legal right to ofl'er
terms of settlement w ith the .un
derstanding that our creditors
have as good a;lright'jt6 reject
the terms ollered without ch incr
. ' - I." ... " 4- , xr wlih vtvl'iilona tili-cMUuttit. llio awt n
lust cause 01 oiience as wc lnvc!l:,oVL,, ni',i'!'jl"r"iiu,ti''veit-iiu.oii.
..... I I li.l iu;-t t'liltiiunt illV-iirl.nM riiiiHitc'i. Without
ju.imer num.. ii vtc s..y inai
.!11 . n' ... . '.; !
wv win ;nei icniiM in seiuenieut
and if thev should not be acctp-
Uul ii-illnii 0 lnintr.il timo ti n
U. W Jllllll .V limilMl unit- ll.C
11.1111 1 .11
tlebt shall be lorever barred. this
,,' . , . ,
is as much -repudiation ' ln.wrii-
1 J-
r7M if W('tvniT f f4 feliridriilo
C 1 Jili: Hi. 11 L LO t. )UUiait
41.,. ,V.Ka1A MlV. 'ri,'.i
tins liuuii; iicui, . V"'-.iHUiiws
have twice, or. tliree times otrered
tcnus of settlement w hich we, tr
rather our Legislature, have: re
jected; and if they or any1 por-
cause to be. offended at them 'for
their , rejection,' tlia n they, have
at us for our rejection of the
terms they "olTercd. Our ''true
policy would have been -to have
made a manly, dignified appeal
to our creditors, unaccompanied
by: any threat, to; grant us' such
fair and liberal ' terms of settle
men t as we co.uld safely have ac
cepted. .'The Legislature In the
Act of settlement, . can provide
that the four per ; cent. . compro
mise bonds should not be' subject
io laxaiion in ,xne nanus oi our
i)Wi citizens. ' As. it now is',' cur
laws maKe a iiiscriminanon in
favor -of -United : States jbonds,
which ..arc !non-taxablc;; 'illow
could wc get Un of the; small
bonds' into the hands. 'of our ow ii
citizens, to answer, the puqoscs
of . a local, cun-enc if :they:;aie
subject to state, county- and mu
nicipal - tax? f :-X6. Tennessecafi
Would own th'em' aifflbeing yal
ueless - at , home, they, would be
worthless every w here.; ; ;IJnles
we intend: to .act in good faith
to make adequate provision, and
that permanent, for the iiajment
of-the -debt as compromised Ve
had better not pretend that we
are willingto settle. - Unless we
do this; the Act of settlement
Avill not be w orth; the . paper : on
which it is' Written."." ' I " am Tor
the'settlement ."iyithi the... under
standing that we !ivill act in go .id
faith, and that W C do hot intend
to discriminate against our own
bonds and in favor" 6f United
States . bonds. ,' Taxing . Teiines
see bonds, will bring us ito reve
nue and will drive them beyond
the Stittc so as to lie !a! perpetual
drain' upon yp" : ' '. ' '
Jt 3V6tt6'Vlll6.
' "A .;..'' ..4tt.r p Vi.l r
A represent at e of, he: -:o-
zelte spent Saturday ... evening
and : Snnday )in - ihe; pleasaBt
town of .Fiijettt.ville. ;; It. is on
enterprising towii and lis 1 citi
zens arc clever and accornniod
ting. "While there, lie learned
that the railroad , question was
being thoroughly. discussed and
that the'.' Narrow-f Gunge' road
would be extended from Peters
burg to that place,1; andj . als6,
that it was probable that a. Rail
road would be biiilt'from that
place, to lluntsville, Ala. ;We
congratulate FayelteviUe anion
her bright ,pi osj)cct e, SVg i re
gret that bhelbyville has slight
ed her; advantages in tliii direc?
lion, but hope shc;will yet come
to the front, which .felie; .is iully
able t o do:--i elbyvilU Gazette
t f;
I !
r -; : I
y . And All Manner of '
'' "V"-'-: ' !--.
Ccoi Etoyes anil Hcass FurnlsMas Gccis,
' Clothinsr, Hats, Boots Slices,
' Ladies Hats, Dress Goods""
.... Shawls, Etc., . -
V jfcWealo deal in Pbodoce of all
tir.ds and pay the highest market price in
Gash or Gool.. "
W keep the most raned stock to
be found anywhero and invite all to xm
inn our .goods and price-.: We guarantee
Mtmfac-ion. J. L. BRYANT CO.
ort31c - : -
I'ELLcw .rniLLAci: vwat.
It l fii.in I,, fnrij.ti tin, r.ivnxortliT.ti'rnhi
illmmv, In. h w ill iui .li.iiln tvdira in a more !ii.t
lil'i'Hiit H'fl vlrtiiriil till-in mtlw fa LI niuRih. (M 1KT;.
,tlerrvll' I )r ji) ii v, t H.-uhmIv di,,vrrt.!
In Smubciit Mnt,u ml !.-.! llh am It uomli'i Ut
iv.ulu In Ki.ti Auitfi-li-n ulirrH mnt mcKiara.
tihl a-inr i.uefiiiT found. cHM fn. 111 .in,' at tJ
ouii. of lillat ilHi UiiPi-c or Hrntiu.. !,i,ui tli
iliil onclt ituMt It through tms Av,
loi.jf u. an fpi.,f bll. pxl.t..'lly it. Mi.H-lirrul
not ton ott tin) l.livr mill tiuni-li tin. i!uiiiil
uut only liKniiit. Ui .:i Utttky any liM ti fm
ami Itiiu-k uiiili. Imt nl-.,. eti f llca-lactie. t on-
Ui.itU.m ..f Hie lowt.-in, l4tcilu ituj nil Ml.
i.ll wi" .-, . . .
N.i i ii.-.M f.ur rtlin r'crerflio will
)i! 1110 .n.il:n-.il 1-oK.iii rtiiil i-xi-.ii if lulu In.m Hit.
.I.h.,1 liy iiiihk MKKUKI.I.'n IlKI'.VTl.SK, lili h
" w Mfv..f Ml. I 111 ( H'Kfl " -
Sr,':Pcirr2liIli32;i'H aVrM'
: l', ri'" rojrtt of vi.u.Ui fl (ui. f RlKniTim-
nni'iiii., j-iiii uMi'iini, nviliin,, mirvr, I I-tt-r
hii.I Morcn. tlint coiiiu I lidii nil in. of tliu
r.muliy.jiio not oniy iuwmi kull but an tnirasn.
g"tt u Imi doubtif wa it not for tlio abuu.lAttvc
ol. prtHtf. 1 . .
"ileaarlaMa Curo cf CcrofuU;&j'. '
; ,1 A-li 0M J.c. llUA.N.so.s. .. -Ki
-iinroN. j., .Sfn,.t,i.r j,-( isri
GKtTS: Kar.lv tiK-u )o:ir I Imvo Ih-oiv u jtreat
f uffuivr fioiii HumliiUiit it. iiiatll-.l!vtii)r .imi.
. ,.. n . 11 v.'iuiiiifi w 11. y nnitll JIUII IHril 4.JT BlU'tfU
(j.!!l.lilI() , wa-iviei by jt,-. Ayir,tr Kioy'i
1 '"""tJ'.-ii..t,J coiniiieHeu ttia ikooi' courCotnttouiVl
iKO of coiirCtiinituuiui
Jf ;." tonvev mi a le ptato h
'-'. to sity. l ub.ui.iunfil all itli
dic an.lcoiitinuc.l tlio itx-of yonr.xtritc
UKM'ilM) till) ruiiui,' I uhi.tiMti.1 fur 11 tlio lii of tin-
lilliniri:t. I.ini-Ja.! ii n Itiiiiu...-ii t 1..
lea of tlio
other rvnitf.
(Mir ineiil.-
ituui, iitiiii i-cn .t.v truly, 1 nut curiyt jot all
piV nji.uuia. with notiiing tooh,tmt ti.
j ai-tivo pursuit of- tny pi-oi'cinn. . Jlore tliun eijflit
n,n"tl1 hJVtf 'i,u'ii1i',-'1'1 -'ii-uijie cum,
I without any I'l-turn uf lltu Uiwiise, :
Ktli trwh of the .Hm) .tatctnent, I refer to
ans- poiiileiii.-m in ii:tnoirt ouiitv, 0.1.. ami to the
muiWhwror ,h -rokcet ircuit. who arc
mviiiiiiii wicn mo.- 1 ever winui 4. with
( Mm) ddems tfiaJtiiilu. Your olieiliunt ervunt.
:. J-- Jiu.ay., ah y at Law.
A MIIt.rYClL.li:. ;
W KST I'ul NT. U X, Sept. 1. 1870
" OktH: My il.iugh:.-r wm LiUcu on the itiUi day
of June, lSfi'l. with what w.n MipposcJ to be Acute
Kheumuti-iu. ami was truuUii tor ttto tsmo witb no
KIII'Mv. Ill Jlitl-CIl, IQIIIWI!I. piocfi 01 Ihjiiv be
i-.i-j; tousidtjra-l luielt!i. 1 w-t imlui-o I to Irr Jr.
Pcmlturton'. Comioiind Kxtnici of hiilLnii. eml
vj u well .iti-llcrt with iu effe -.ts that 1 kure
co itimieil the iiso of it until the prcstiiit.
My ilitnuhter was conllned to Uer be.l almut (Is
ye tr heluro ulie st iiji or ove i turned over with
otithl). Mie now siu ui) all day, and sen. iast
of hur tinirt h.vs w;tlked iu ro t the room. Ilei
general henllh ii now gixnl iuuI I hellcre ha will,
s;i her i i in hi xatii tr.:ntli, walk Veil. I uttribtite
lior rucuvory, with thi li!ei!lnx of liotl. to theme
of vour iuTuliiuhlo iiicUicim. With gratitude, 1
Mttl you rs tru ly , - W . B . U r. A NT N -
Wept Point. (it. cjit. i,imT0
Gen i 6: Tito hIwvc cei-tilicate of Mr. W. Ji.UIi
ton we know- ami certify to its being true.. The
thing l .; handreiUol the Miost roieoted ritizuna
will certify lo it. A nim-h relerenre can be given
as may We required. Vnttrs truly; ' -:;
- .lUAWI'OGP WALKKK, Drasslsts..
: t tjluX.H. l. W1I.PAMS. i -
tff Dr. Feniberlou's Ktillingla'b pre-
paicii by A. r. M tltni-.i.t, .t in. i-ii u, ra. , :
. Sold by all lruffiru:tii in VW bottU-a. or (cat by
- Howl for.lJo"k-,-t;uriOB fciory't free.to nil.
prince Aireuts wanlC'l to ennvuf ererrwnere.
Moditiuee sent to poor yeoiiie, payable in luslau
meut.- ... ! ' -', '-'
deal? ly.,? ..' .!.' v ;..':;.'
. . . i mi. i
f1UZ Iriiie lias eonre forlhoseof joum Ko
.A mav' want a !
s.i 1 c-,.. I -:: ;
io be .looting abont for (lie liest maeliiiir, as
they are- always (he chcapes!.1 !Wc will
i ' j 1. have a supply of jllie ; j f
Buckeye & Sweepstake
on 'in, time, and cqufidenlly recommend
. , them lo you as me : ; i
. dlst ixmm h the barret! J
Could tdve tou any amount of certificates
I from those that liave "(hem in use, and as
lhey &re 8ca,(erel 1Lroh 4he ,;n(Jf wni
refer vou lo any person that has one. As a
Combined Hower & Reaper
. - '
we liave no hesi'ancy in sajing that the
is ahead of all olhof?, and cordially invite
you to examine thorn before : purchasing
Olllce unuer Iratie J'alace on College Mreoi
We also keep on hand a supply of ihe
: Advance Hay Kakei '
and will fo'mish you En;ines;; Saw"'-'3Hlfhf
'heat Drillii, tke, at short nolir. . :
1 may 15 W. & CO.
Sattl Creole Mich, j -
atakiMtaiaa atl Mail W ArillMllr.
UKluinAk Amu vnLi utnumc. :
fiC.-VT "IT! T? A T1 r T? 99
,f it-
TnS MatclilMi.Oraln-8aTl4 Hme-SarliiBV
Br 4 Mnorr S.tidc ThrfhvT. of tltls Ut u4 itfir
. Rro4 aU rlmlry t lat, Fertort Clwillfc
aaa mt uns (.ma mm k
S1TAS FonfrThrenbarmaSiKW-lalty. piM. ,
Mir. tl Hcfnton 'ir.lj er &tnm rwfr.
OCR FnriraM KImiu Thrbr Enaiara.
bntk Porlibl. mnA Trxivm, with VilasM, tapwr
mwul 1r fc-oiKl ny mthtx nc r kind.
TIIK E?fTIRK Threshlnn Fxja fan afl
tbrm to in rlrv. lht atnouBt) J '
Eitn Grata SiVKU tl.- Iianrrwl HtehiBf. . t
GHAIX Calin will not anbmlt to thr oi
anna aatji of (iraia ul tke liirtor work 4oaa hy
SU other aaachinv.. whefl onoc poaMd on th altfiituoa.
NOT Only Taatlir Mancrior tor Wht. Oafa, I .
narfcr. Ero. aad lit. ;raius t"t fni ttT
ful TUmlMT im rbua, l.nrUir. fculrt, Ckww, a IU
Bt.. R.4iiirM no " atlachoMOM " or rebuilding " a
mLxagf from Crmm u IjoeO.. . I t
15 Thnroasli Workntaprtip, intrant Unl.n.
PrrfeelSoa of Prn, C.iApltiimc- of tqulinOBI, etc,
Mr " TtaaanB," ThmkcT Ouuiw u lnonaj.ara.le. -
1VT1TI:'Oi;s tnT sii'ii-y f Prt,
oVraa k-M thaa ano-naif th. -am! tuao4 (Kin. HmXmM
Clou Work, a-ilk ao LlUwloc. er rieourraifa.
FOl.'R Stxm f Reparatara KaJr. Ranrlnf
ft.w Ittx a.'tVelTtlotoaoiao.oJwl tweotilea ot aooo.'
od Bono Poveoo to aaoufc.
TOR Parthsiara. Call ar Vrlrn ar
k vrtaaaaaJoriaei
n.krch C 4io B
Sulphur Water.
1AM noTF ready to deliver Knljihur Wa
ter. :
Term3 as Heretofore
Water at ihe well will he charred fame
I delivered in town. J.D.HILL,
.161111,1; 31161 S
sl'i'-:rI '
Si ",
bllY GO01S,
pieCliaiige !
" , - -
j . V r
.1123 been made by closing out.
I i .4
And filling up with
OF i
j 1 1
. ... r .... . .
. f ,'J .'.'.-, .. .. I '
Oiir Sugar and Coffee
Country Affo ds.
i f T -
h I'';.
- S')
m i ff;"; i.-. -. r.f .:-
v Is.-: flilliin every, -respect'
) Cheapcr than heretofore known.! ;
' it v.iJ
! ! !;:i"t-u-j'-u I i L '
I loTeCoiiiitetiUon jll.the life of 4rde.. J
' I
ftl.7 I
f r
; CJicapcrtor Metier
" ?, . ,QODSTUANI 'DO.;,:f;, 5
, ..... I y j '
ill ft i Ji'Sf' ..,4
. r
,i-.- it
'A if
.?;:. :s -.'.f.i-'( .'Mi ;.;
will be pleased to meet (heir old friends at
- 1 i-''. '' -oir Btore. 1 ' "A.
1 1
" june 5--2ni
. f
. i
;; tr.
i k i
i . i "
: i
' i "
.!., .-vr.'l
ASKCOND hand Carding Madiine, with
"packer' and "bnrrcr' and about 20
feet ot iron shafting eJ four rmllera at.
tached, which we will sell..
or on lime with notes and good socnTifr!
av 1 as a . a a b a oh. . - '
Appiy ittn.u. iiAJiriu orJ. w.NKw
MAN. FaycUeville, Tenn. an;. 20-if
For Magistrates and Constables, just printed
and for sale at this Office.
!nh Prinfinnr and
VuU , I IlllUllr
Obszrveb o2icc
. . 1 1 .
';.:',. :,:J '
i i
... r V "ITU THB BK3T
A' ,, ".wagon :.
I. . r .. I i THAT. ACS MADE. V
Table and Tocket ('uMery, the finest and
best Scinsorainiade l.iipy and Wagon
rims aiid ptjkes, bnjrfry wheel and fpririgm,
cut saws, wvodware, carpenters tttols f
all kinds, Iron', horse shoes and uailii, doable
horel! iijn . aL tfcjncat, '
for the tiext iity'days. ' ..-'
R. H. 06ILVIE & C0,
ii ii -.:.
r - k
.til .UaJ'Jfi.
'XExr nooE to the
T 5r hitt '"Pal i e o ,
AVK Just received a large and com-
le stock of
for the fnrrnrr and mechanie, which Ihey
ill sell extremely '; , '
liiM'Law for Cash.
Thiriy- '. Xaiis for i?l. T Half
Soling and Tiring Iron 3
. ... cents per . Band Iron
. ';!!. 'ii, aiuliXail 1'latc 3- -.
7 ! f h Ct3.' per Bo'! : i . ,-
4 . WT alKO- ."keep a . good stock of JIaols
Trace Cliainji, llamca aud the f itnous Scotch
Collars and everything' hsaally'kcpt in a
Special Bargains in Cross-Cut Saws.
J3" All ' persons indebted', to' us will
please coin a forward and nettle- within the
next thirty days, or they will find i heir ac
counts in the hands ot an officer for coUec
(ion, as We are compelled to hare money to
riiet our liabilities. ' , . '
': 'JUIt &
Jls introduction anrl worl J-rciiownc d ren
utatioh was the death-blow to hi-li priced
t... -
This is a rery important matter, as it id a
well-known and nndisp'ited Tact that many
of.the so-ralk-d firt-c!ass machiitcs which
are ofFercJ ao cheap now-a-ilays aru those
that hare been tepossonscd (that is, takrn
back from customer after uho) and rebuilt
and put upon the marled as new. . '
The While is the peer of any sewing ma
rhino -now upon the market. It is much
I.ir;jtri . lhan; ihe, faini'y , machines of the
Singrr, , Howe and Weed make. It costs
more to manufacture than either of Ihe a-
foresj.ii! maehihes. Its construction is sim
ple positive and durable. Its workmanship
is unsurpasscu. -1 . .
Do Boy any other before Iryiao;
t; . - :.: ! TIIKU IIITI
Machinrs delivered in any part of the manly
feb.6 fra . ; Molino, Tenn.'
Adopted by the Mayor ant Aldcr-
mcn of 1'ajcttcvlllc,
Al ; June 23, 1870. '
Be it ordained by the Ma ror and Alder-
men of the town of FayeltQvjlle:
' 1st That if any jterson shall feed any
borse.mnle, ox or oiher animal under or near
-..j M.ue u -r un lur .irw-oron e puoiK ,
aura l lli tnirn ..f F a i-i.tlt.TiHo on.-l. I
i i- . .i . . .i . 1 1-
persons shall lie deemed gmltr of a mi.-ule-
mcanor and lined therefor, not Jess than len
nor mttre than fiftr dollars.
' 2nd That if ' any person permit any
horse,' mule, ex or other a distal to stand
under the shadu trees on Ihe public square j
or streets of said town without Hie permis
sion from the owner of tlie adjacent lot,
nuch persons so oH'endiug shall be guilty of
a misdemeanor ami lined not less than, two
nor more than ten dollars. .
3d That If a ay person shall destroy or
injure any sba.le tree on Ihe streets or pub
lic iuarc of tbe towe of Fa velteville, such
person shall be deemed guilt r of a misde
meanor antl linod llaerefor, not less than five
nor more than fifty dollars.
C. C. McKisitky, C. A. WEMER,
june2G-3t ,terk Jftyor.
, t i . . .....
l - . :
I). A. Benson j Eit.y ntA William
5 Eenxon, el t(li. . -
BYxuUe of a decree of the Honorable
Supreme Court of Tt nneee, pronoun
ced in (lie above enliile l cause at its De
cember term, lf?7, I will ne!I at pnblits out
cry to ihe hiheit 4d lM.t bidtler at the
court -honsa door in the town of Fayette
Tiile at 12 o'clock, m, on .,
Monday, August 4th, 1S7V,
certain tract or parcels Hand, separately.
Said tract deni-uaied as follows:
Tract Xo. 1 .situated in 3rd civil dis
trict of Lincoln county, Teiineee, on th
waiors of Dakea creek and Flint river and
Ixjunded as follows: Degiunin at J. I).
Urraul's Bontli-cast corner, thence west
108 polea to John Corder'i heirs" north-east
corner, thence south 228 poles with CordtV
and Me(iher'nea9tbjundary line to Fletch
er's soul h-cast corner, etake and chestnut
jpointer!, thence west SO with Flekher
Htillfll liiinmlapv Tin. K!l.i. . . I.
.. , j . , . . 1 1 ii i 9 ii ' 1 1 j i - r a -
corner, thence south 10i polea" t Priiant'a
south-east corner, stake and gum point
ers, thence east 2iO .polea to a stake, oia
the' Toneth wet boundary line of 5,0flf
acre, thence mrth with the line -108 pola
to a stake on the m-ulh boundary lino
of the Dray'f, thence 68 poles west wliU
the .P.ray's tra-t to Fryant east bous
dary line to a!ake, thence aoulli &) pole
wiih Iiryanl's Hue to the begiuuirg. t'o
taining '.
2ii Acres, More or Less I
Tract No. 2 Situated in 2rd ! dis
trict of Lincoln cuufy on the waters of
Flint river, and bounded as follows: Be
ginning at the north, wett corner on a hick
ory and post oak, it being on the south
boundary lino of illiam 1ntMn'a tracf of
A6'4 acres, thenc -east 111 poles to a red
oak with said William Benson's south boun
dary line, thence south ISO to Edy Eeas
ley'a south-west corner, a stake and red
oak pointer, on the north boundary line of
Shephard's, thence west 111 poles to 2 small
dogwoods, with Shephard's line-, thenc
north 130 pedes la tbe beginning. Con
taining ...
VO Acres, More or Less t ,
Tract No. 3 Situated in civil district
Xo. 23 and bounded a follows: Iiegianiur;
at aslako and poiulem, south 15 degree
east JUti poles to a hite oak, thence north
8i degree east 32 poles to a stake, south
13 9-i south, 13 poles to a mulberry stump,
south 55 degrees east 20 polea to- a ehest
nuf, south 71 riejrrees east 20 polos to a sour
wood, soulh 46 degrees east 26 poles la a
stake, east 2 poles to Benson's corner, a
Vdack pum, chestnut and hickory, thence
soum n poies to Leonard g nortb-west cor
ner, a hickory, thence east 12G poles b a
dogwood and leech, thence south 63 de
grees east 25 poles to- a beech, oqe rod a
beve the spring in the hollow, thence 74 de
grees east 10 poles to a stnnip in a field,
thence north 21,'e, degrees west 33 poles to
a beech, thence north 57?4 degrees east 4!
pole to a hickory steading in the west
boundary line of the lands of lieorge Hun
ter, thence norlh 3 degrees east with his
line 70'ji poles to a small red haw, with
persimmons for pointers, thence south-west
12 poles to a rock pile and hackberry and .
red bud pointers, thence south 71 degrees
west 89 poles to Benson's east boundary ,
line, a small hickory, thence north 103
poles to a stake, thence north 13 degree
west 11 poles to a persimmon, thence
north 81 degrees west 251 pules to a slake
and pointers, soul li jy poles to a stake,
thence south 16 degrees east 23 poles to
a hickory, thence south "8 degrees west
28 poles to a chestnut, ihence north 57
degrees west 10 poles to a black gum,
thence north 70 'degrees west. 40 poles to
a dogwood and hickory, nr(h 41 degrees '
west 3'J poles lo a black walnut near the
spring, degrees west C2 to a stake and
poiuters, thence south 2 poles to tlie begin
ning. Containing
200 Acres , More or Less I '
Tract No. 4 Situated in 23rd civiT
district, county of Lincoln, on the waters
of Flint river and bounded as follows:
ncgiiining at two small oaks in -Dot son
Graham's west boundary line, thence south
f)J poles to a slake and pointers, his comer,
Ihence cast with his line 100 polea toa slake
in Eliu Ticket's west boundary hue, t!ieure
south Willi his liye OO poles to a stake,,
thence west 177,' poles to a slake and
pointers, thence north 14C poles lo a stake,,
theme east 71,1, poles to the beginning.
J2.j A cres. More or Jjfss I
Tract No. 5 Situated in 3rd civil dis
trict of Lincoln county on the waters of
Flint river and bounded as follows: Be-'
ginning at Eiine Tick's west boundary line,.
William Benson's south-east, thence west
177' poles loa stake and pointers to W.
D. Bensou's south-west corner, thence with
his line west 28 poles to a stake, thence
west 148 poles to a stake on the west boun-
dnry line of the 4iS'J acre tract, thence soulh
120 poles to the soulh-west corner of the
4W acre tract, east 325 poles io Eliu
Ticket's west boundary line to a slake,
thence north IK jtoles to the Lcginiiing..
220 Acres, More or Less I
Tract No. Siluated in 3rd civil dis
trict of Lincoln county and bounded a
follows: Beginning at J. ). Brvant's
north-west corner, thence west ICO poles
with Bryant's, Kercheval's and Mercer's
soulh bonndary line to a slake on the
east-boundary line of l.Ynegnr, thence
soulh 100 jtol. s with Renegar's east boun
dary line to a rock and pointers, thence east
160 poles with Carter's heirs' norlh bonn--
dary line to a stake in Bryant's south
west corner, thence north 89 poles to the :
beginning. Containing
70 Acres f More or.-Less I
Tract No. 7 Situated In district X7.
23 of Linouln couuly on the waters of
Hint river and bounded as follows: Be
ginning at a slake 25 poles north of W. I):.
benaon 8 south-west corner, thence west .
143 poles to ilondy S'one's norlh-west cor
ner, thence norlh 12') poles lo 1 dead chest-
nuls, Ihence east 118 noles to W. I). Ben- "
son's norlh-west corner to a slake, thence
soulh 120 poles with W. D. Benson' weat
boundary line to Mar Stone's corner, that.
bcjrinuinir. Containhss
US Acres, More or Less I '
Termiusale : Cash.
tt N. COWDEN, .
Supreme Court Clerks
Nashviile,June lTtlx, lefTJ.
Jsnie 2(1- , -
Thos. K Coaler, Atlm'r vs. R.
J. JJinlaj), Adm r.
BV Tirlue if 41 decree of the Honorable
.Supreme Court ef Tennex. nrononn-. '
eel at its December term. 1878. in theahovn
entitled cause, I w ill sell at publicotitcry to.
Ihe highest and best bidder at the court
house door in Ihe town of Fayelleville at
ii, u iKtcK. m.f on 1 1
Monday, August 4th, 1879,
certain tract of land, situated on the wa-
(, of f(,(l, arr Creek, in Lincoln counlr
l 1 1 . ... -
. .. . . ri
Tennessee, and bounded as follow! Be
ginning at a while oak, Fall's eomer, t he ne
west 121 poles ! a poplar, Ihence north Si
degrees west 147 xdea to an elm, thenct.
north 50 degrees east 78 jiih l a sugar,
tree below the house, Iheuce north 1 pole.
to a beech, the sttulh-weat tnier of the
middle tract, Ihence south 51 poles, Iheoie,
east 211 poles lo the beginning.
Terms of sa le : Ca sh.
&'uj. ft. L't&.
june 20-
Job Worlt,
TXT E employ the baat workmen, bavs the
If best machinery, material. ! . .. .
prcnsxsd to do tbe bettPriuin,-.t4JOBabI
rsts andahort not'.

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