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yi"jmi'i'mi n
yettevilie .Observer; fflflUgg lEMll?.
m- fjcj:; at tiik samk old stand '
Conducted by . ,
o r
.-'f AYETTEVIMt ' TFHMccccr
iicicrm jLTeyentipn. w
-TliursBT -Karnini, July 17. ISTi). ' ' Our Union in a recent criito-
yggfca I j-ial c ift i ( ! j J JixjfoiTi 5 ' nays' ve-
" : ' " V7A5hin?rtnTi .letter. "' ' ' ; f T lrtmenlly : ' " r 4
' orlnnsf for the cure of the
.fpectftt (,orrepoiitienct ff the Cttr.nyr.it
' Wasuixoton, IV. ('., July 0lli, 1S71; -
Jfculienl officials m e quarreling
ovrr.llio. const riiction of" a ?n
J ejK-e in thy .(.Vnirt jK-nses "bill
ji.-isFi d ilic" Ia(-'KesV;l nil mul
iippnve!" Xiy Mr. IL-ijc. '.The
point how i-aisctl is, in hricf,r.s
to- Svlietner'' J.J. & prisoners can
'lie fJj Jitm money apj)io)iiated
ir their transportation. From
the p::-nlic Intellect of Attor
,ney(encral .Dcvens tlicre have
o?n evolved contra lktor- opiii
jon"i on ncarlV every wilyeef that
Jkis (-cine up before I:?ui; If iiee-
. " " - i it 1 . r 7,.
essarv no can ami win . -ueciuc
titties in fonfiUination.'V While
no one denies that excessive
drinking leads to sudden, violent
and premature - deaths, :t . .great
many well educated physicians
have probabh' never noticed-that
total abstinence lengthens life
and lessens the ehanccof death
oyer, tlmtqfjhc nioderatdrink
er. This has been demonstrated
by reliable and ret-tthl statistics.
lii England they di vvu a United
Kinrrdom and General Provident
nstilntion; N"cf TifcIiftnraiicrc
that Hub prisoners can be hiui,"The. jut shall live by faith," he
Jrenvii and quartered from money snx not beiid tlie i)resent no
yii-wi fr (Vv.I ll'fm 1 'Tim ' A ttnr-
'jiy-G'enCrars ofliee, nnder Dc
cns,Uas. made more havoc among
Vet tied jiciples of law than
tiafcVxtfl did .'with the statutes
on rcylhing them. '
0 TUo combat deepens in the
J apartments. ..The MdVordinates
of John Sherman and ihe rest
j re called upon for two instead
of one per'. cent.. of. their salaries
-to heip aiotvy.VAtlicaJisin in Ohio.
XiUr, vu' lhey- ill --sjiHer . for
3Iaine. . Age, nor . sex,, nor -pre-J
vious" condition of servitude j
saves . them. . The . assessment.
under the.', name
1 hough it
ir.dividual Vithout rcino'vimr
eaiise of th6 disease' is cryinsr I company- "v ill 5 take ui'lfcaniUml
uriuiKarus, mir-moaerate dnni:
ers in fair health are not rejected
But' ;this, 'onc of the; Kor.ndcst,
hugest and -wealthiest of mutual
organiz.ltions in the Old-World,
keeps a separate list jf the total
s"ownote the' lessened mortality
of the abstainers. ' Accrding to
tle most cai-efnl ly tohipiled sta-;
1 1st ks it Was reckoned ol the tiM
tal abstaining members ii37 might
1)0 expected to die during as cer
tain time.' But actually ohly4)0
did die; difference in "fa v6r oflcm
jerance' 47. "Xow ' look s at tlie
reverse; the same tabled calcula
ted that of a certain niunber;of
peace : vonce I when tliere is no
pea.te. r Jt.iVTm't" cauterizing an
ulcvi niil . "leaving .'tliV on
coin-sing in ihc' Veins; it is lop
ih)g cil' dangcrens excrescences
from the Jody politic and leav
ing 'flic rWtgerpis to bring forth
again and Vvorse. "jXay, the Se
ry prince of dark'nessHviU be sat
isfierl almost' to' Jt-T:fhc fevrbe
snatched .froiH him while Avcfhns
cmjjhiy our 'energies. ' Oin', fa"st
sight :of : i-cforpiation is a-limited
one.' 'When Juther cried from
t h c ' steps r o f St. 1 Peter's,
It U too soon U lorot tli ratafri-: oTt'.iis lornW'j
liL'nf. w htr-h will f iShiIk tv: ii ni in n ntOv t a i - - ;
!i','ii.n.t ninl vJriili-Hi in uic full iivmjiiIi j l 1 1. !
Tricrr-!1' Senli', a JSr-nH-ilv ilh-rdloieit j
in Mnitlii'i n uin.i nnn in-t-il n uli u h wotulurlul '
rcMiiU in Mil. til .rnii-i ta Wticr-.' rtii- lunsrr.srnrn' r
tetl cuc ot !(lver ale liiiimi. cui;m-i iri m 01 v riitnn
ounrtot' liilf t'l lio II I torc-l in ?-liHiHt..t Iiimu lire
MooH fiHK It I'aof tlironrt 'ilio tifew a.
louif n an .xres f bi ncxit. l;y "n wmnii-rlul
nitiun oil tile it ninl Moinacli liio II fcl'A'l I X K
uiH mil v -lfiUveAtft hMirvrtiuatv u j' Kiii'l " f t'vvri
ninl Uliik -V win It. hit also iiifit lU'Wiiirllv. t on
Rtip atinn of liio lluwt'ls, lij spejisia Hint nil iUulB
rinl iiisvai'?.
pel the M.ilarial I'oiwm ami excels l liile Irmii tin'
ilnH 5 fxaress by tan. I' ii. ri uvn -. '
I:, Pe:
chtu-cli cime Iq him. " 'Left is see
to if that -we -compass 'not' our
mountain beyond, the appointed
lime, but put one 'zeal, our ener
gy, our ".perseverance vvitli : wise
discretion jn 'the very strongest
linc'of prevention and attack the
the enemy .in hiss stronghold.:' ' ;
J - ,. . ,...777r:- .. .. . . '
rncr.iuixG LiQUitjr.s as mkdi-
r-v . , ' J' i'ii- i.s'U-i i -
x1 or many years aieoiivne. ii
uors In ,V-jiiious forms'stood liigli
wjtli Uic.pliyelahsjf' y'ur coun
try, as the great' panacea of lha'ny
of the ills I'flesli is liejr to', , in
tltMTjcnful:. alt IlilJiiiii, Syphil!, t iiii.tf, I I
ivrs nml Sole.-; tint uutiti: 1'n.m all purl;) the
(Soimti y. arij Hitialy lvHi.-wtitt'lo-inii i iniriH u,
rr i t t ilnH'ili;. wns it l ot C'f tiie aliunilame
ui' iror.'. ' 1 ' ' . .
'Esaarkable Curs cf Srcfula, &c.
; T jt..rt)N; tt-."",cl,"itvji'v i. jisi.
r,t:KT-Vnii j tten yum I .hnvc biij vt rcat
s iffert r from rotnia i it sisl i!ilrcinp (oi'm.
X have b.-eii'ooi-.Hiteio myroirti'HMiriH I!l'U-cn
ve4r.s-u iilt -ii.OiIoiii! ultxTiii vy,:., Th mirt np
pAiveil reiuivlies Ibrsiith .-Cj ti.ivc tx.i':l ril, ami
ilie most liuiue'jt 'p!tA:iciiU ..iuiiitil'.' wirlmm
aii .'ileeiiL'il bencijt. imtr.i!eil. i!fstree I.
lU-spimiliii,', wb ilt bi t Hf 'JH-'AV, '. loyil
C'initn.Uii. to mminruc" the ueul'ynii t oiiiioiiinl
ilettrilie tluvrullOi' Iojtui.iei1 j'roiil the. tifV pi' the
Statin?!., ks ft Is fornnri'v in u'te-i 1m ol" the
intens.i if iu, m rrti(irflyoit in J oir itieiti
cine; 'si ilir.ioiit to a v"; I ubninhinb.t all other rvui.u-.
ilii-s nml iwmtitiiit'.i .la.-iiwj til lulu1 xlx tl'ACt J Stil-.
li'i-ri.t. iniiil I cm ay truiy,"- f am - cured f all.i
pani."ol aHilMeac. with nolhing to ii.-a-ucr mo i
Lar.tiTB inri(ii4 l' !y pViIV;ii'i-'. ll:iuirlit
iimmiiiis nave uiu'jsen sinee mis itniui.ai.; nm-i,
iv it hunt any return of the disease,
'or the.tvtiih of the above statenient, I rc"''f lo
ii7 pentlciil.i In tt:rtw O'oaittyj Ot-vand to tno
lijiiuiSer-s f thttb.ir vf cliurotiuu t ircuit. ivhu.d.'ti
ntiitaii toJ w itli-nie. ' I -shall Ki ren.;slrt, with
tile jt'lptii iratinjUo,,Yourbe4lieiit(ji vaHt.
- J. t. BKANSOX, Atfy at Law.
The Gliange ! I
i , Has teeiLEiacl3 by closing oat,,r.
r, .And Tiiihis up, with
- ,., -
.-, ,i.: ,
"!' .; V.'i '):! vol :)
' f ;,-i:;i! o;j
.f-:.;; ,,; -i'ff -;rh re?
j i ,..
:l r, fUii v.ti ir II, 1
tfrtJJfc', STOCK-
T'i J."
'" - " OF' Vl 1
r 't - :i vd v'rrr;v
r r
' f S"oluniai y'conl ribiUion: 4 as 'jLUese days of "enligh'taied civil
'xlesi)oiicnllv cufoived' a's in" theiization" many of. the wisest phy-
.best days d Grantanu Sacn
Chandler.' The... principle ' of
course is bad. Every"' one" ad-
nuts that. .J no act-: becomes
sicians.of the ;age. arc discarding
it altdgeiher.froin their practice;
admiliing as many r do, that it
may be. useful in some cases, but
Vlesjfieable when the panic admin- it will almost always admit of a
Titration mattes the - collection substitute. r In iey of the many
-. .... . - . i f ... t . r
tlittt ins made so mucH pretcn- ens ansjug irom an inuiscrinn
ion to c'nil service reform.
2 - !Miv Ifayes takes up in a few
days an illegal residence at the
jSdiers' Home, near (his.city.
The 1 lome. .jvfi.s. bought and paid
.for entirely. by the enlisted men
if the regular Anny,,and.is their
jVioperty exclusively. : . ; ' . : .
:;T ISenator ;(nkljng, says, t iA
iirnored, that he thinks .Senator
"vVjnilom,. next to (uant, would!
lie thesfr'ongest IJepublicnh can--lii3al
e for ' t UiV I'nJsidciicv : so
I n nai oj-s lal ne audi la nili rt think,
nata use of intoxicants, lnethinks
it .were wise if our physicians
would think tVvice before prescri
bing" liquors as! 'medicine; .for
what though they,; should, save
the life of a person for' the time
being (which; backed by the hest
authority', ! .shall doubt as being
tire, case but rarcjy'at most) what
It ' 1 1 T'i,-" ' ,T
iioiioi . M Jien ).v tins means ii:o
patientt)9coine a'sl'avc to an ap-
pcuie ...niiitii , always . tiegraues,
and almost aHvayshoiieiisjic.
Tlie evils of. this kfuxV'm'ost fre-
nKxlerate drinkers insured,1 only
244 w'ould die in a Certain tiihe.
lint really 232 did die, being an
excess of 33 'more than expected,
or in excess of the totahd)st!ain
ers 122.: :rriiia atfects thO "funds
of the society thus : -Had L'the'
number of total. abstainers that
was expected td die 4'eally have
died the claims would have been
$130,240. But is only IX), or 47
less, than the calculation; died,
the claims to be paid out of the
common fund 'was 'only $62,215,
or nearlj- pncrhalf saved by total
ahstinence. '. TKe;caleulalion of
filnds . rcquiivci to ' satisfy' claims
of" moderate- drinkers' ' tteaths
was" 241,415. But the' deaths
being more they actually requir
ed $252.85, or ovei $8,000 in ex
cess of anticipation; and miicli
mere than that sum in excess of
wbat.tlicy would have needed if
they had been total abstainers
insead of moderate drinkers. 11;
: .(rt':l 1 ) 'r. ) cy;r
.T'li't lb: I. a
"ihey pay; a;vl mnny otiicr- Pcna-Iqncutlx falling ujuler'; my6wn
tois and Kenresentatives. fck-na- observation are cases where. phy-
tor AVindom would be a very re-Lic-iaiis liaye- prcsci;jDca uranuy
10 anvst me. progress -ol jmuiio-
havp. icuown
yuug me.iyfaiivind honorable,
i utelllgent, their ' 'parents' i nide.
free from Inul. habits whathlnk-
ing,;themsclves tluvatened .with
tliat iusIdioiLs, enemy !of Ihq Jni
uian rae, crmsumptjon, liVvvc aiv-
pjiej Kineir ni sieians.ior.soiac
thiug to arrest the. disease, when
;stronjf .apple brandy" was .pre
scribed.' .. And the result of that
in-cscription. to-day, siich young
men aixi' but wrecks, made so hy
a ddVasii'ig appetite, and this ap
petite, fo'rmeu by. following ii phy
sician's prescription.. , Bomo .of
the . best medical -authority in the
world deny .that aJcohjl is good
for' pulmonary .'.'diseases. 1 rl)r.
Copelan(l!say;s; 'T lie; lungs of
intempenite ,?ulyect.s 'are !statexl
by f(jne-writers to be less Jijihtc
to consumption linn tlioso , of
temperate persons; buttliis does
not accord with the facts, of the
IcasQ. , The free use of alcoliolic
i f T . T -
arinhs ts not only a poiccrjul
re(Usposingflid exe 'din g cause
of tubercular or jndmouan con
sumption.. And such indjvidu-
als;oftener succumb to lung dis
eases than to disease of any oth
er organ.. As alcohol is convey
ed to thc.lungs through the .me
dium of the circulation, as it es
capes through the exhalant ves
sels, it necessarily comes in con
tact with the. delicate mucus
membrane of the trachia, bronchi
and air cells, and by, the irrita
tion it thero " occasions ; induces
cough , and labored; breathing.
The membrane is thus constant
ly predisposed to inflammatory
attacks; and the copious expect
orations met with in intemperate
subjects indicate the congested
condition . of the , organ. That
jiaihnoiury consumption. often o
riginates.iu tlie. use of intoxjea
tiug liquoi-s," we believe is in ac
cordance with the experience of
every practical pln-sician. -Dr.
McLane has, assured us he lias
attended at, least fifty ;cascs c-f
fatal consumption oof tlie lungs
brought on by intemperance."
Iii London they have a temper
ance luispital 'where all kinds of
diseases and accidents are treat
ed' without alcohol," and it is
found that a much larger, per
cent, of patients recover than in
any other way of treating. The
death rate is much, less than in
other hospitals where'more or less
liquor is allowed to be used by
the physicians. I think if phy si-
eiaus would. bring themselves to
think about these recurring evils
and study the subject properly,
they would discard alcoholic liq
uor altogether from their prac
tice at least as unnecessary, if
not convinced that it is injurious.
AVe clip ihe following from the
Weekly Jkseue, Los Angclos,
Cal. Life insurance companies
give us some very valuable sta-j
unci-tabic candidate, but would
'nvouse no more cut husiasin thanhiai'J diseases.-
u inummy.' l'nbably the le
publicans will need to look: more
lor 'cmnusiasin ne.i ear man
jrom-sty." 1 ' ; . ' IVIcKay.
T'lic 4llcment of 4 he S;ate
.debt on ihe basis of the 50- J
jropositian now'bcforelhe peo
jile, will reduce, the annual intcr
,eM,lo J?500,()00.' As ;.?lpO,000
of this amount will be paid by
the .; railroads, only;- 100,000
w ill have to be paid by the pco-f
pie. This is equivalent to pay
jngjb per cent on onl' 2G per
cent, of ( the' now outstanding
ilcbi; which is' a (better . sett le
iiicut so far as the people are
concerned than that originally
liroposed by Col,,Savagc.. '", Itis
equivalent to unngtng mo ueoi
.down from - ?25,000?0OO to
CGO.CGG, "or r early, one-fourth.
Purely, viewed from a purely
'jkxuniary standpoint, it. is to
ihe interest of tha people of the
State to avail thcmselvea of
this opporluuit', and rid our
politics of a question the agitn
tion of which has. been bo disas
trous to our progress and prosperity.-
Mitrfrcesloro Jftws.
- : What Our Judges Say. .
In his letter to Hon. John E.
(Jardncivnow sitting ns one of
the Court of Arbitration, Judge
Freeman, of the bupreme Court,
says: "If the people have an
opportunity to settle at the rate
proposed and it is not . done, it
will be an act ot supreme folly
even madness that will bring
-consequences, that I fear .will
not be righted in my day or
yor.rs." And Judge Turncy,
in a letter to the same gentle
man, says: "To fair to accept
the terras ofiered wiJh in my o
pimon, ruin the credit" oP the
State; that being done the credit
of its citizcns'individually is al
so destroyed, and of coursc'our
commerce with other States is
destroyed.'.' . ... ?
course of; true love!
Kow a Hoosier Couple Hoofed it to
Xkw .Albany, Ind, July 0
Mr. Sand ford AV heat and Miss
Marietta Bailey, of Campbells
burg AV'ashingtoh Couiity, aN
rived 'heic 'yesteiday, ".haying
coiuiieu tiue crosh-iies in lite
railway track between hi Ces,1 a
distance. of forty miles. ' They
went up to- Jellersonyille, and,
a ft e r b b t a i n i ng m kf age 1 i ce n se,
were uiiite'd by the' lion." J6hn
S. Davis in; the 'Circuit 'Court
.ii I j ! ' 'I '
room. . r , r . .
, The brkle' was sorely troubled
on account of 5 walkl ng ptf 'great
a distance,' apdVlKid takwi If
her ehoea-" during.'' part of the
journey, which cau'-ed iUM"st6ck-
mgs to wear out.. , Yv hen snt:
arrived in." the. County Coiut
h o u s e a t J elfe r soi i y i 1 1 e s h e s t e p
ped info the'oniee. of. lu-corder
McGoniiigaJwhb, bashfully no
ticing her barefooted condition,
gave her .a 'pair of low-neck
hose-rrbetter 'known ''as rrhen's
sock's. 'The-bride '.Waeycr i o
much' obligee!, f.ihd yraltz'eiir iip
and was married.! .' ! i - ' " !
Gfvts Mv daughter vt v taken on ttkoaittwlay
of June. Itotwiih wliut wftb Tpposeil tribe Ai-ulu
i:iicunia(i-m.i)il aii tre ttodier tlio same Willi no
giiccess. In il.ircli, lollowiiiff. vic:x' 01 iwne
gan to Ti-ork out ol' the ris'lit arm. a.nl ooiitimieu t
ii)ji-:ir lHI nil tliepne Ituiti tbeelliov W ,'e vul
d..'r joiiruciu-3 (int.. Many iiec:sof bo.c esme out
01 i he nrat Utat ailit Wtf.v 1 ne cnc i"" .- r-
. . vL'i..i.. c.L...it;.iir x riir liavinsr :
boc emiihrtfrt abnt sis yours- to. net beJ,. J, ' l-o
wise CAintiidcicil Uopeles I riis indiu-i-l tmry Ir.
rer.ilierloll' Coinponnil KAftaoi iif fctilliilgi. anil
w.is !ivi-ll ttfilK'il with-its. efle.-,ts that,! lutve
conii'iu'ed the use of it until tlie pi-cstint.' ' '
Mj-iUiuhter vas contlncd tiit-r Uul aliant six
JB ir"!)i;fur! slio .it op or e?on turneil over with-,
out lurt;i": fclto iiomt fiui tuiall day. -and K- (H.t
Ol' lim-,t"uic-r.lia;j waited ucross tin; loom. llci
Ki-ni-Vkl liu.-tlth is 'now pt.MX'i "d 1 "! '' W'H.
sa tier limits gain otiviiirti;. well. 1 attribute
tier rconvesv. wiih the" l)k'!sinK of tiod, to tho use
of vour inTnAnaOl' moilHimV- ith rt(tuik!, I
au: jours trull',. , w . H . JM.A N 'ft .N .
vvst Wist. ... soi. wjt0
G E: 8 : Tlie alNtv certUtcute of .Tr. W.J. Ulan
tin we know anil certiTy to as beK'.a' trtiw.' .The
t!:tng-i80; httmti-oilsof tneinost"rsv(V-to1 ritiain
will ceitify to it. As mm h relerein-e c.Vl be given
at way Uo ra(juirl. -' i oura trmy.l -"!
HwN.ll l..,.V'fi.LIA3fii. : i-'.-
i' :; :;r o."i':f r,'-v 'all ol
IX !EVEItY LINK . . vi
figy Dr.'Pemfccrwn's istilllsla 1 pte
paica liv A. K. MKrtKhLI. A o. tiiilaU J'n.;
hold b'y all Dmgirii-tti" tn II (Hh bottlrs.- or sent ))V
cxpre? Agtuts WHtitfto miiviim ."Terywhere.,
Send for Boole CurwiH i:ory" free to all.
Medicine sent to poo vtvyitj pa'yabl-j in install-,
dec.J2 If
'D:i -nil
i'.'ll-fi -; iSi
0ur Siigaj- andY Cpfieo
1 .
t 1 '' ill i ' . '.
if :
u or
v.i I.'
h '-fall in n every - respect-
Cheaper than heretofore known. ! :
- : i i-- 'i .":.: ' i A
1 To've Competition; :i(s the t:h oC trad;, , I
-' ' " ' suffer no one to iolf -
'IT'"'- "J"'''--: e?!f!i .. Sis-.;,.
aagrr-r"Tmiiiri -ar mm. Baawcmr
V .
I : ?;JJ 1
'J ii'- ill '' rtj
if Pi
.. . .... "! ' ! -V ' -f v
:;wvVW i.-:-i-;i-
f "' . .VlTH'THE'BFST. ?
UrOWINCf RLAD i:s. . '
m 1 - - X j. xl . V .1
n f-n.f jj."r;! BEDS,;-;?
L-, J.-.-, f , " - TriAT. ABB MAfiR .', .f
Table and Toc-ket Cutlerj, (lie finest. "a njil
best1 Sci-ssorS 'niade Eiipp' hR!,-Vaen
Lrini9tintlijX)k.esr,.bwp.;;y wliet-Uand ppringt,
ta saws, wood ware, fai-penlersi tuois tF,
all kindSjiron, horse shoes and ri.11s;"double
AIitiTflL limp aibil ppninf '..) f. f-::: ft.
for Ine next i.rfr'dnv. ; 'r
. R i - H . 0 8 1 L V I E & C 0 . :
;ii".fO. I ',
'.w. -lis;
T r a tl.Q 1 7i I a c o ,
HATE just rcecivod
."ptete stock of '
?;'..;;! it ii. :'i j. ; ;
Iare and com-
r -
Cheaper or Better --y- -,f -r -;;?: T:- p.
. ,7 . - , t " .!: . . ..fr- , if;.: for tho farmer and mechanic, which Uiej
. j
n the last 'hours of the
late extra session of : Congress,
that hody d'ul one thing tliat
ua-s- iwnlly oxpcctcil although
the whole country deinanded it,
".nnd that was the alolition of the
tarill on quinine.' It is now on
'ilio'five list, and n a conse
quence it otight to he Bold stxm
at nearly oni!-half the. price it
hcri'iof'oje oM at. This tariiT
Vm one of the necessities of the
Vick and Kuflering was a great
injustice out of which n few men
'made many millions of dollars.
:-" Jf? CV1. Jolm C. Uuix-h.es-.
pects to tieiik in ruycttevillo on ;
AVcdrtcudfly next, on tlie State
deht fjiu-Mion. . ,
Important" to Road Overseers-
: For the .,infoL;inalion ;of "road
oyerrfecrs we cop- section 12l2
of' tlie- code of Tenneeiee,' Which
rcads'i ''' :n-Jri'A
; "Bridges shall-he made ly the'
OT'erKeeriihd'liis liahda thrcnf'h
swamps and' oter nmall rniis ai:d
creeks, foi' 1 Trhieh- 'purp)sej.
well' as for making-cduijeVay,
he (the bverscei) may cut poles
and other necessary timher with
out inclining any penalty tliere-
ibr." ''': v
Hie law ' also: inquires-' over
peers to place across all running
streams -where- the road 'crdies,
a well-hewn foot
a thine:
that is 'neglected; hy! a great
many ovei-seers.'
goods tiiax l- no. !
f. ;.'. ". ..:,,' i.
Low for Caslii
-v'l .;l 1
-Ti.lil Iiacinre Hjlhoseof yvxi who
JL mar want A t-
to be lookinp: about for (he best 11110111110, as
lhe.ai-e afways r jlie; cheapest! We . will
1 have a supply of Hie , " '
Buckeye & Sweepstake
ua 111 miif, jinti coiiiuient iy" , ietoiUkivii.t
them to joti as I lie
Could give .voiiiHyJamouht:of;-etti(TcateS
frmii tbos Ifial harellieth iVuse, and a
llier are scaMeretl thi wiph tlieiroiintv, will
refer juujo any, pewoiHliat lias one. Asa
n 1. . .-1 n nr. '
jfluyicti .iuovQr, iicapcr.
we Lave no hwifancy in";gayir.g thai tlK?
is ahead of' ah Others,' arid cordially invite
oa to, esHPiiije them rbeforeipyrt-basing.
Uiuce imder JlradernlaceonColle'rc.Strcf.
We pl keep .on hand a supply of the
. Alvmce Hay Hakes ' " ",
and v iil furdlsti 3-611' EnKmes'Saw ,Uills,
v neat t'lias, at snon nuiim. j j ...-
; may 15 .-: ";;;. ,;;; ,"yV,. & CO
kichols;shepard & co
'j IJattlo Oreck, Mich. -' '
' OaiGWlAL AN& ONLY CENClKEi i - ;;1
;r;: :,Hr.-Ii5!p.,Eifej'tti to te'e'1 '
. . t -. ' !
will be pleased to meet their old friends'at
. - -' . ' : .--. . -. 1 .
J ' " our sfore. " 1
: ' i. .i..i.Di,nKi.v.
U ; jmi! 5-2lU f r ... ' ..... 1 .
1 )'
it.): Tu -- B-r;f'-5
I .i:,;4 ?'--':
lt pf'A "''- '-.'-'.:.i- !
'f J- v.'-! rill t.O .,
Thirty U,s; Xails for $1.' ; Half
Soling and' Tiring Iron .3 ;
- cents pcr lb. IJand Iron ,: : '
. andXailat'e3:';;;";!
,AVe also tecp A .good slock of Jfauls
Trace Chabs.' Hai.uv' and th famous Scotch
Collars and everjtoing' usually kept ih. a4
ii r: i ! -';', : .'::.!.. iv.r
; Speoial Bargains . in Cross-C'nf . SArs.
t'sT'AU. persons indebted to. ;nS;WiIl
please come forward and settle within 'he
text thirty days, or'fliey will find tliefr ac
counts in the bands ot an ojhrer for codec
tion.fcs we are camelled to have money to
jpieet our liabilities. , ' "'
. j . j-x rr. t -r. -. '
A fiTTP T IT f
or -
IX aci-orJance ttljh tlie provisions of n
JtV'Xlzt iG ha lv. A.- Eobiiixm lo.l.G.
l'ills and John Wan'leii, dtd (tober COlli.
lb;Jltifl r'torui'l in .Ivi-t If-fd Lr.ok No.
4, pages 49o', 4tf f and. 4iiViit "i t,e" nistcr'ji
oH!ie-f Lincoln CtMisfy, 'J't nnMi e. Ave will
aftemt al'tbe'couit-hou iir m tiA; town
of Fayette vi lie, on
Saturday, August 2nd, 1879,
wilbin la wful lionrs, and ofu-r Tor ale to
the lifjjlis.s btihltTj for" wash, tlio following
Tracts or Xots of Band -. f
,A,k)t siiualcd iiv (he county of Lincoln!
Stale of Teiincsaee; cfvi( district Xo. 8, and
lmomled as follows, towil IWglnmng at a
backberry tree, the south-west corner of
said lot, ami running: thence north 2 degrees
east 8 poles to aa alley,.! hence south 88j
legrtes' eait 1't jjoles lo'a. rwt comer,
thenco south 2. degrees west poles to a
rock corner, thence south F'J east li poles to
a rock corner, at the west side of a road or
street leading to T orris Creek, thence south
degrees east along a plank fence 1
im!es fr a slate, thence Buih SSJ. degrees
tves4i 21i ples and 1 link to the beginning,
'cijaiaing, ,rr . ' ; -, -. .
82F(fu.rire JWhJfore' or Z,ea$ I
beinpart of the Jot fonnejrly belon'ifc to
! W. C yUt teller, the same btiug ia tho town
uf I ajeifevule, J eniiessce. ( -
"M MB,a H Ire me-l inie a wi pla ro we w CI sell
said obinsKu'a iutereHtil being one-third,
in each of de tragi s. or parcels if land here
inafter described, Ijing in the Gilt civil dis
trict! of Liucola connty," .1 eunessee, and
bounded as follows, to-wit , . .
The First TxactTegins in the: middle
if Xorris Creek at the snutli-enst corner of
L li. "hit pVld's joft running north 'M tlegvees
west b poies and 10 links Iq the SiielbyTille
flnFayetferille-'pike, thence south 34 de
treea wvst 7 poles and'20 links, thence south
frJ' degrees east G poles autt 12 links to
the centre of ihe creek, theiice-wifh Ihe me
anders of the creek to the beginoing, con
taiaing - v: : f ', .
51 ft, Square Poles ,'2lfore or
"1:1 vxi::-:Bes3j:::7i "
being tlie.fot nponVhu-h. Jbe Steam Flour
ing'and Crist Mill is situated.- ; r .. '
Tho Second Tract begfas near the
. ... 4 1 . f n i. .. i. .. . 1 1 L . tl . ' 1 1 . I .ti
ll"! iii-ctji tvrner vi uitj iiHii((.!y mulling
at a stake oa thehelbjrille audFajette
ville turrrjiike, runuing w est lii poles thence
south 16 poles thence east 16 poles tiiemre
i;rth l6 poiea ta the beginuing, containing
l.'Acre&, More or Bess I . .
M i ng ihe lot upon which a" Dislillery is
, Full partiCufars "are set forth in the mort
gage, and.reterence' is here had 1 same.
.Ifjy1? i'.'.'-:-' r r Mortgagees
LAND SALES. . - . ,
S' UP HEME CO 1 7? T
Sale of Land!
D. A, lknm,E.d., rs William t
' Benson, et ah,"
1Y Vhtuo of a detrce of the IWraMr
J. upline Court t.f T.-iineVee, p -ti.Mr-ewl
nt tlie above entitled cause at it De
cember U'im, 1873, 1 wi!! seir at -,,t,Iie ,m j
ay to ihe lnbf.st. and best hiddpr at tt.W
twid-Iii.us. ,!,,r ia (he town cr Favelte
VU at 12A:u.;k, on.
iroduyyAymi m;is7D, '
certain tracts or parcel-of land, separately.
!53i-l tract lesi-nsfed f(riolrj
J.Trart Xo.'1Sltnated m ?.rd cWJldis.
trit t cf Lincoln cowity, Tenp.. , t",t
wafns of lake"s creek and F1wj rUr as.l
bnu.ded as follows: -Reginning at J. 1).
HrvMit's 'sritfr-e.tst corner, hetK-
tvS poles to Jolin CordeVs h ir' north-al
corner, tfience south 223 with ('order'
and Hetcher's easl bonrnlary line to t'Ictch
er's south-east corner, stake aod chestnut
pointers, thence went SO with Hetcher's
south boundary line, Prilant' norlh-ea.t
corner, (hence south J00 jkxVs t 1'riliM'
south-east corner, stake and gn point
ers, thence" east 210 pile t a stake, o
the 1'nrth west bnmttlary lia of o,UiJ
acres, 1 hen ctrth with the line 408 jx.Ie
to a sf aka: on ibt swith boundary: iinc
of t!t? Bray's, thence pols went wrtb
the F.ray's tract to P.rjaat'a at bom
ibry line to astake, theiu-e sootU "J pol
with IJryanl's line to the Legianiag. t'i
taining -i ,
211 Acres, More or Best!
Tract Xo. IT Sifuatf.i'in ,1r4 civil Ji
trict of Lincoln county on. the waters of
Flint rirt-r.'and bounded as follows: De
ginning at the north-wesl corner on a hick
ory and post oak. it being on thcsoclh
boundary. line of Wiiiiam Uenson's tract of
4'J acres, tlfence- east 111 poles tn a red
eak with said William Benson's soutL boun
dary line-, thence south 130 to Edy IJeas
ley's south-west corner, a- stake aud rel
oak pointer, t-n the north iMiundary line, of
Shepiiard's, thence west 1 11 pole to 2 smail
dogwood, with 8hephard' line. tUie
in!rth 1UO jwfes to the . beginning., Con
taining. - . -.-.".'
CO Acres, More or Bess I' i
', Tract No. 3 Situated in civil district
Xo, 2:1 and bounded as ToIIows: Depinniriir
.at a slake and pointers, south 15 degrees
east polts to a white oak, thence north
.85 degre.es east 'JZ poles tu' a stake, south
13D-0 south 13 poles to a mulberry stun.p,
smith 5 degrees east 20 p.les to a chest
nut, south "1 degrees east .0 poles to a snr
wood, south 46 degrees east 20 jkiIcs to a
slake, east 2 poles lo IVnson's corner, a
black gum, chestnut and hickory, thence
south 11 poles to Leonard's north-west cor
ner, a hickory thence cast 32ti poles to
dogwonl and beecli, theuce south 02 de
grees east 25 poles to a beech, one rod a
bove the sprfng in the lionmr, thence 74 de
grees east JO poles to a stump in a Geld,
theuce north 21 degrees west 33 poles to
a beech, thence north "iT degrees east 4'J
poles to a hickory standing in the west
boundary line of the hinds, of (ieorre Hun
ter, thence north 3 degrees east with his
line 70'' poles to a "sum II red haw, with
persimmons for ointers, thence south-west
12 poles to a rock pile and backberry and
ml bud pointers, Ihence sonfh 71J degrees
west 89 poles to I5enson'.s east bouiiJurv
line, a small hickory, thence north VXi
jioles to a stake, fJienco r.orth 13 degrees
west It poles . to a persimmon, thenre
north 84 degrees west 1') poles to a stake
and pointers, south 7,'j pdes to a stake,
thence south 15 decrees fast 23 noles to
'l-i.i . . . .
a luckory, uience souia 3 aegrees wcrt
2S poles to a chestnut, thence north 37
S obedience to two decrees or the honor
able.hancery Conrt of Lincoln count r.
fcnnes.ste, pronounced at its April term,
iPi'.t, in tiie consolidated causes of Thos.
H. Dledsoe, adiivr,.etc.j vs. Jno. H. Edmon
son; et als," and Stephen Hart vs. Thos. H.
P.Iedsoe aiid others, I will oHer fir sale to
thehighest bidder, at ihe court-house door
in tbetowirof Fayetteville, on
Monday, ihe 4th day of Amgust,
v.. 1X79,' ...:.
'he folfowliKr descrilH(l tracts of land Iv-
mgjn tni il district X"o. 10, and bounded as
fftilltWfl to-u-kl
... .,j . ..!,., i .. .1 iu --.
1 nf- Trhft ruirnn nir nf n i.i-. " "'"'i""i iiituie norm JI
.-w . V . ... e. .. . CIIIIVV 1M I .1 i li . , . .
Ilio.Fishbrg Ford road, being north-east i i''" ":,?"JK,KS 10 a.
,.,.,,i.r r f I.. I v 1 ,.., rc. ,i,M I oeprees HfSl pojes r.
aC.V poles to a rock, south 70 degrees east I Rr f"' )TTl ""'V' ? U'"T"
B polei to a rock, north-east confer of U. I. w l",Its iu 1waI,,uf near th
Drowns land, south Jhj degrees west- 1W W f3 8'ak? ' .ml
noles to a slake near ihe water irate, south P'.""ttr?: ,!!e'. f "-.2 to Uie beg.n-
H's' Agrees west .",0 poles to a stake in ",nS' lou,a"11''S .
: iik. ft-",' : ; V- . J
r " . ' . .
romc ixmencan corsets enu-
ed to Mexico were supposed to
be saddles of, a new kind,' ant
returned as ."not giving'atisnic
lion. -.; .. , - . ' .. ,
....' i . ,.',1 vro7
FarmrrrgToals& Farming Mach in e ry
"i: And All Manner of ' '
- . . . - . j. . ; .i . , i -.
Ccci StoTisanlHmisc
Clothing:, Hats,' Boots; Shoes,:
v J
Ladies Huts, Dress Goods,
:-:. -''. ;;v,;:.
: r ,
M iloT-SaTin(r Thpeh"r of thin dar mni ttoffa -
1 . . fttt. JUom1 all rir.ilrr for Bpld Vork Perfect ClaAlo
i.t J"! !! i-i ..' :.' -.i ')'!;,,. i
j .: ';.'.-; .... "- . !
the ceutpr of the Fishinz Ford road, and in
JiKt S.. Fdmonsiiu's north boundary line
with ' the roaif, north 37 degrees west W
poles, north 211 degrees west y,r poles, north
1 dcgrefS east aRi; poles.norlh 20 decrees
?tl 7J poles to the beginning, . ;
y.i Containing .92$ Acres t.
also S3 wrcs not mentioned i:i the plat, the
same Mother -with said tract being
the lahd heretofore sol.l iii said causes and
purchased; by Bim Foster. ' : . ,' --
JJtid Travf.--rh-i'ig 74 nrrcs of the fol
lowing lot, bcuiglot So. b in the plat of
laid land: Hogi'toing at a stake south-east
corner of lot Xo. 4, sjuf h iVI !.j tlegrees west
S8.74" poles to a rock in the field, sonth
degrees lest 149 poles lo'a stake in if.
Piss's north boundary line, north 83' de-
LHMt Arm. 1w
Tract Jio. 4 Situated in 2.1rd civil
(Tistrii t, county, of LiiH-oln, on the water-
of Flint river and hounded as follows:-
beginning at two suial oaks in lh(tsui
(raham's west boundary line, ihence south
l poles to a stake and pointers, his corner,
Ihence east with his line 100 poles to a stake
in Eliu Ticket's west boundary line, thenco
south with his line 00 poles to a stake,
thence west poles to a stake and
pointers, thence north 1 h; poles to a stake,
thence east 71,'g poles to the lcginning
Coma using
125 uteres, More or' Bess!
Trai t So. Situated in .'5rd ivi! dis
trict of Lincoln conntr on the waters of
Hint river and bounded as follows: Re-
grees west 31 poles to a fa ien bickorr, :,";, ,, t" r- ,r-
Lu.h M po to a chestnut oak on the top of J L1' 'J1'1
the ruhte south 80 degrees west 22.r polis to XU ' " f 1 ' ' , 1, T"?'. nr
a sugar tree, north 1 degree e.st 1U2 poles J', '-' 1 i ' ak P""ue'" f" )'
iu A,l..rr m.rih TJi lit P.' laio" " t romer, thenc with
I ma lint- n i-i Mo
' fctN A
- Vf-fo V?V r ,
.:.v.-.; v-tMI-rv.
M nits of iMrmtora ntaJc expn sjlj for icsm rover. i
t-Ui Portxt M rtd Tr:t.nn, wui ValuU imrov- J
J ; nta, tkt trvuA nj f4br ot Un4- j r- , -. '
THK I-XTTIIK Thresl:ln"e Kxpenswi fund oflrii ;
Mqro v fir !w th-:i an-wmtii ea pj by ib r, ,
- f.itn, Urmia SA KO lT ihert Improva4 Jtliihtit, i ' ' '
i- '5.UAlT XUbrH will mHaiD?lt the nwr- j
9 rarHM wKtvf of Grr.in and tbe litferur work 4nat by
- an other bimi, wtom efte f pii oa tit dUtavuaa. . . , "
Sewiiifi Hi.
y. ...
sugar tree, north 19 poles to a stake, south
west corner of lot No. 2, north .ID degrees
east 116 to a stake and pointers, south t!2
degrees cast 78?4 poles to the beginning,
' ' Con ia in itt g 122 A c?w
said V-f acres being th same heretofore
soijin saM causes and purchased by Sain- j Containiog
poles tn a stake, thenco.
wost.l IS poles to a stake on h- west boun
dary line of the 4J acre tract, tht-iire south
120 poles to l!ie south-west corner of tne
1H! acre tract, cist 32.V.; pole to Klin
licket's west boundary 'line to a stake,
thence north DO poles to the beginning.
nut fVu '. irpp.
Terms bt'atc: Cash.
J). V. CLAV.K,
July '3 : special Conimissioncr.
Xo. 7,01fij.f , .
Its introduction and world-rcnowncd rep J
utation was tha death-blow to hih priced
machines. - ' ' ' '
.i ': -L - . .-..! -
( .
i j i
;J if
T0T Onlr Xtstiy f:uK-rior for WToaf, (, ,
' M Tttrlry. Vxt, &n4 iikB irtof, hut tj Oklt Irmxtvm.
M Thn-tifr In Flm, Timorb.-tlllv, Ow. Tin Ifke
Sm4k. Kwii. :i. ".tucUiiiaauT 9. .rlwil4iBg". l
IS -ThorotirR Workninittlilp, El'irant Ftnih,
Tcrficr nf fnrtm, f.ftHflH.I-11 Jiqulr-w"! CfcW -
w " Viin.r K TkTMhv-7 OulMU r0 lagoei(MU-,lii,
. . A- v . . .. I . 3
1 1
;;t j
i v
. This is a very important matter, as it is a
well-known ahd undisputed fact that many
or the so-called nrst-class machines
are offered so cheap now-a-days ara those
that have been repossessed f that is. taken
back from customers after use) and rebuilt
and pot upon the market as new.
The White is tLe peer of anr scwinsr ma
chine jiow.upoii the market. It is much
larger than the "family machines of the
Singer, Howe and Weed make. It costs
more to manufacture than either of the a-
foresaid machines. ' lis construction w im--
pic positive and'darab'e. Ita workmanship
js onsurpasscd. , . '
.too not nay any other before trying'
Machines delivered in any part of the county
fth.tJ-Cin , r Blolino, Tenn .
220 Acres, More or Ecus! -
Tract No. O Situated in 3rd civil dis-
tritt of Lincoln county and Iwunded as
follows: r.eginnirig at 3..ih Bryant'.
north-west corner, t hence wct OM poles
with Hrjant's, Kercheval's a I Mercer's
Qkllflt KtttirTw la. .a i.. 1 . .1
BY virtue of a' wrK'of alias reDliVo' I u "'"A T? ",aK "
i- ; j r .i , a11 oonnoary line or lienepar. 1 thence
ex,H,nasto me.lirect ICOpoh, with Keregar's east bnn-'
abl Supreme Court of the State of Tenues- i:n fX - m.t..i:.p,. "imn
see, at its December term, 187, in the case j ? --les w il KZ,-l i - ,n7M".
of, Louisa J. I'rosser by next friend. A. M. b0 --7.lCf ' ,";,h ,wn? J
Frosser, against Alonzo 15. C'arriger, I lZ7A ?".
expose to sale to the highest bidder, for , . V" 1 ,-r
.. .u .i i u... ?i: .u- 1 Ibeginnmir. Corta:mng
cash, at the court-house door in the town
of Fayetteville, Tennessee, on '
Monday , August llth, 1S79,
all the npht.'title, claim and interest that
Alonzo Ji. C'arriger has in and to (it be
ing a one-seventh interest) the following
described ..:.'
, 70 Acres. Mere or Xrs.!
Tract No. t .Siiuatt-.il In district No.
23 of Lincoln eouuty on the waters of,
Flint river and bounded as follows: He
ginning at a slake 2f poles north uf W. I).
1'nson's south-west comer, thence west
1 J8 poles to Maodr Stone's north-west cor
ner, thenco noHh f2) poles to 4 dead chest -
- Tract, of Band I
situated on the waters of Mulberry creek. ! nuts, thence east 14 poles to V. J). IWn
' "l.y I in civil district of Moore county, (now , n'8 north-west corner to a stake, thence
wIch j fa the Gth civil district of Lincoln county,) ' "",n 12tl if,Ies w ith W. I). IVi sun's west
oounaary line lo Mary Stone s coruer, tin
bi'ginning. Containing
Election Notice!
-i-.L'l -iii j't T'.I'.jjJ i t: opea
yyABVELOl-J f.tr KlmitUi i of Pri, oninf '
' !' llln-iir rlirk-r',um4 Oon. , Mu '
Vleaa Work. MU M Litbrruigs Mr Kcattriu.
i.TIOrX Sii of Sfptndorf Xa Raarinj; .
0m frr.ni Six t Tmr.H n4 I.O.tjIo. ot liouttfr. '
rOS Purtlmlnra, Call oa or D!-r 'or '
vt'HtiMfiX'JiuiMnudClrcailunwnBalH. '
. - . . . .1
.' march 4nr a; J . ( -. -; . .
f K iA j i i . i j ;
A former nunil of
We rso deal in re.onccE rT all
kinds and py the highest "market price in
Cash or Goods. . -v
XtST Wo keep the most varied stock to
be found anywhere and invite alt -to exam
ine onr goods and prieesi ' We" guarantee
satisfaction. J. L. BRYANT A CO.
: Sulphur Water, v :
' " '.. . . :. t;
IA now ready to deli ve Sulphur Wa -tervrj
U ,11' ' '
Terms as Heretofore.
U now'copnectedwilh tJieTFyettevill Fe
male Academy in . the capacity f. Music have written or printed on the ballot, -He-
Jeacher. .Instructions on the I uno and j jected." JLlccUon within lawful hours.
pursuance to the proclamation of bis
r.xcellency, (Jovemor A rt. Marks, I will
Ine polls in the various voting pre
cincts in .Lincoln county, on : .
TJieJth day of August, 1879,
for the purpose of boldinzan election un
der act of the General Assembly of the
State of Tennessee, passed March 28th, I87U
act entitled ajvact to settle the!5onded
L'ebt of the .State at which election all
persons entitled by the laws cf the State to
h elective franchise, and favor tlie adop-
uon 01 ine compromise, snail have written
or pnntesi on the ballot. "Accented." and
all ilmse opposed to said compromise shall
Tennessee,and bounded as follows, to-wit
On tlx north by the lands of John S. C'arri
ger and A. M. I'rosser, on the west by the
lands of Thomas Bailey, on the south by
the lands of Wm. Thomison, and on Ihe
east by the lands belonging to the heir of
Jacob Waggoner, containing
V Ahout 221 Acres!
Levied on the one-seventh interest "of
Alonzo B. Carriger in the above described
land to satisfy one judgment for $- ,0,'J 1 .33
against him and in favor of I.otiisi J. I'ros
ser, etc.; besides interest and costs.
I P.. T. .HOLLAND, :
jalyl0-?n.G0 Sheriff.
113 Acres, More or ' Bess !
Teniis of sa lo : - Ca sh.
' W. X. COWI)i;N',
x. . ; . Supreme Court Clerk.
ashvine, June lTth, lTj.
june 2'J- ,
in the elements of Thorough Uase and
uarniooy. ' ,
. ... J.. ; : ' :is;j i", r...-.jf
furnUbed at lowest rates. feb.C - ;
Sheriff L. C.
For Magistratea and Constables, just prioted
and tor sale at this Uilioo.
Persons purchasing articles adver
tised in these columns, will please mention
Water at the well will be charged same as that they saw tha advertisement in the Fat
delivered in town. J. B. HILL. bttv;i.ls OnseavES.-J
Job JPrxxtlxi&
Of every description neatly done at this Of
ficeort reasonable terms. All work de'iv
ered when promised. Try
Tios. S. Corder, Adtnr, vs.-E.
M. Dudup, Aduir.
BY virtue of a decree of the Honorable
Supreme Court of Tennessee, pronoun
ced at its December term, 1S7H. in Iheabote
entitled cause, I will sell at public onf cry t,
me highest ant best bidder at the court.
house door in the town of Fayetteville at
12 o dock, m., 011 .
Monday, August 4lh, 1S79,
pertain tract of land, situated nr. n.
Xl? Cohlw.ler Ctfck, in Lincoln coamV.
i.iren. i I ennessoe, and bounded as follows: IW-
PaiM i a bloving-. 1( l-alc rt icaM. !
Whcuover h bowel IjrtOiue irrvjulaf. hm j
m i. o n ' i I
iamnWomitTnprneni. ;a certain tract of land, situated on the
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tiiiir Uo omrecd Irr the UunUn li it mm
enrrr. thronvli lUu hcwll'iic ol tier cliihtren. i 1 cii-i..-r, nun oounaed as tol.'nwv It
lon't tiejlocttlieprciKr trraiin. nl wlw-n tlie .vniH " . i?,i , . ' a" eomer, t hi'IK e
tniflrtaipar. Hirt to the upc-ricnt, ami jut ' , e 1 - poles to a poplar. Ihence norths
r-i-AJxi,nrv.G1,Ts. , .. SS,T, fife 1.
iiWtl . I ,rpe Mow the honse. thLu url'
to a beech, the south-west corner of the
Terms of sa le : . Ca "
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Mq f or i ivw iarif umniiMm. mi bi i our
B. ftixl worlvft RitlwM. yj ma. mtwi If. tny.
ten putf .dilfmBiiacOjMiiftiit.Xiii.
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to r.o. niciiaco Pimbut,
Mln. for bft Agmry humid-. ta
tha World. JTxpniiivo OuLflt Kreo.
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A tii-iiHiK, Main
jojie 21
tor WOpage p.phlct. ti. F. ROW LI. A CO Y
J oTo Worlt.
WE employ tha best workmen, bare th.
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paired 0 do tha bestPr ntingtraLotuS
rats and short nota. . r
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