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Fayettevillo Observer.
...mi'I'ick: atthv: samk old STAf'i
IT. 0. "WALLACE, ;
I3litoi ml Itilllilici. '
-. . . . ..
TLur;;!;iy Romins, July. SI, 1S73. ;
l.WasM2.gton Letter. , ; "
' tyceirtt Correspondence of the OnsFP.vzn
-.'- ' ' V'ashi!?itox;P. O, Jnly 21lh, 1871
The radical National Repuhli
- -ri persistently demands the ro
, moral of every employe of the
K .Federal (Government who is not
a Kemiblican in politio?. .rMost
; of those conservative, men who
i.re new in the Pcpartmentf,
'. ..'Iiavc; come -down to us from j a
former generation,' having eery
, oil 30 years or more, or secured
; : their places tlirouli .the vaunted
competitj vc cxaminatioiH . int ro
": duced hy the liepuhlicnn' party.
The hardship the injustice of
rtnrmn's them out', now-must he
" stpinirent to all. -:
"'i Ucnenil Ewing in a conversa
tion herewith a iiiend yef-terday
- iistiiiiatoii the Democratic major
t ity in Ohio at '40,000. His cam--pfun
fairly, commences to-lay,
ami tliorough work will be done
np to Use time of the -election.
, "11 Utnt money and speaker can
' lo will ln; done against the Gcn
"Vral and the ticket he heads, but
the bulications are very
c bic to them.v; . A.; .. ."
:"; Steps are being. taken to give
-cliieieney to the .Yellow Fever
.Relief Association, headquarters
.in .this r city. ' Coiresinjndenc
.from all ficction is solicited
evident -that the fever- has a
firm hold nO.Iemphirf, and almost
-certain that it will spread, to. oth
er cities. .In thai case, as busi-r
,jies;"i tif all Jiinds-will be. destroy
ed,' caaly, syt-U matic; and rwrw?-
veiing cll'os-ts shoufd be made tq
riipply medicines, clothing, foodj
S:c. .The federal "government
' l:as done nobly in thus early fm
inshhig tents, rations and vaeili--c'mes
to lhcv sufferers at Memphis
VJld to. those who have lied from
that city to tki adjacent coun
1 ry. ; . Private gvno-rokHy should
be early in the field.
, In raeiitioBing .last : weylc: ihe
convention at Saratoga, August
fdh, called '-by the: : American
.linker's Association, I forgot
one point which will .occupy the
attention there, and will probably
bo brought IxTore Congress-next
ivi ntcr. J find by the reports in
the treasury department that du
ring; the year 1HT7 the national
banks, with a capital of $155,
250.001 pan! an aggregate tax of
$15,731,877, of winch WK,57:j
were paid to the - United States,
and ,820;)01 ; were ; local,, or
St ate, to v. 1 1- and ' county ta xc s.
TIkc .local, liixt'S are very une
venly imposed; the banks in'-STcw
York state and city .being more
heavily' taxed than those of any
other r3tate.or .cily, Ihc rate be
ing, niKctively, 2J3 icr, centum
rind 2.0 per centum. 7n Phila
delphia the" tax is only 0.5 per
cientmn, .and -in Washington only
0.7 per centum, r It is obvious that
ome means should.be adopted to
cure this discreianey, for the tax
in wmc"qn'sirtcra is excessive and
r-mniot Jonsr Je withstood. - lnc
fiDoncicro at Saratoga and else
where ought to adopt some mea ns
to equalize not only bank taxa
lion but ail taxation." " :'-'-
ilVompb action is to be taken
bv the -'Mississippi Kiver Com
mission.' A meeting will le held
at once; at SC Jjoui.s, and we may
misonalJy .ex)eet plans for im
provement oi - the grear nvcr ti
no distant day. - . ;:
Cupt. Kads, it has been deci-
4icii,hall ivceive at; once tliai
lialf ,millinr paynble "l11 lJie
completion of his jetty work' and
the attainment of a;0 ftt chan
nel: through', the South Pass of
the Mississippi lie will have to
maintain that depth for a series
of years, -a nil. from time to time,
if lie does so, wiihx;eive the re-
mannng payments unoer ms con
. tract..! !The : govemment never
made ai better investjnent and no
cnHHecr ever achieved a greater
.' . , Mali ay.
su excess.
-StSn Wevrwli to call particu-;
L-u- attention to the following ajv
pointmcnts for .". ' : ' 1
V(iC J.'-fi. TIIiSIT ai KOI If. P. TOILET
vfllfcdurrM lit icpl ot bisiroln anl
-. ' .. . Ti . r m .... i : J
Wore couiswt'n m me kji'w iiim.
j.Iors in Tavor of tb 60-i prupofuJion:
IiTchburjr, FiUy, AoruhI t '
jfiitlK'irj, SaturJn j, Awpul 2nJ. .
jetteville, Monday, A upual ilh.
Tloasant U.ninB, Tutlaj. August 6th.
Uoou's lliU.Wednosdjj', 4ujtut Clh.
speaking Icghis at o'clock
- The Fever at Moinphis.
:A Memphis iapcr,refcrring to
hc origin of ,tho yellow- fever
in "that city, says: It 'apjH.ars
that' the ' wife of ; Mulbraudon
h:ul: several trunks full of
clothes which had been' left her
by her relatives who , died, of
yellow'fevef during the epidem
iot)f last year; that within the
past two weeks she opened two
ormurc of these trunlcs and
took out, shook, and aired their
contents. I5y the germs thus
M t free her husband, was iuoc
tibtcd after hissystein had been
reduced by the intensely hot
went Iter, 10 whici he siK cmnbcd
.on' Saturday. '; .
The Contest Between a Kentucky
Town and New York Bankers." ;
Elizabethtown, Ky., at a vote
taken in 1SGS, decided to issue j
bonds to. the amount of 75,000
in aid of the construction of the
ErizabclMov.n ' and ? Paducah
Ilailroad. This -vote --was-' ob
tained by. -the . representations
of those most prominent in Ihc
enterprise,1 that the principal
machine shops ... of ...the -road
should be located there. The
bonds were issued to the road
and all sold by, the corporation,
andlitock in the road to the a-
mount ot 75,000 was issued to
the town. On these. bonds the
interest at seven, per, cent. ', per
annum was paid, tip ; to 1S74,
when the CeciUan branch of the
Paducah road : t was completed
and the traiiis - ran through to
Louisville." Of " necessity, the
machine shoj3, such as they
were, were built in that city,
none having' ever been: ejected
at-Eiizabc t li town Then t was
that the people' of Elizabcili
town refused tQ 'longer pay thd
interest on the bonds,: claiming
that' the management of the road.
had violated their contract in c
recti ng the principal; shops in
anotlier place. urexet, iMorgan
& Co., -and - Ilallgurten 11 ' Co.,
which firms " had-' become 1 lie
possessors ( of'-' about. ' ' 70,500
worth' - of the - bonds,1 :then
brought suit against the trustee
of the, town on the unpaid cpu
pons, and after a liardly fotiirht
legal battlo, Judge1 U;dhird 'de
cided the case in,t!ieirfavor,nud
rendered-' judgment-' agtdilsi '
the trustees, for about $17,500.
!AVhcn this judginent was ren
de red the t f u si ees rci-igncd, ah d
the town ' was -witiipm- a city
government' a'nd,v.Uv3gh' .sue-'
censors have been elected . each
year,'lhey liavQ repeatedly 'refused-
to otialifyv After their
resignation the bondholders be
gan a series of efforts to compel
levy of tax to pay their judg
ment, and, to t ins end, procured
a mandamus tci.be issued by the
Federal -Court -com pelting the
tnisiCes'lo levy the tax.' ' 1 lie
trustees were-summoned before
the court and responded. Judge
iJalJuid lielil that' their, resigna
tion -was not good," and. thai
they were trustee!? ; until their
sucecHsors 'were elected and
qualified... They were put ' un
der bonds of 1,000. each ami a-
gni n-ordered' to make the levy.
Upon their ' return' homo they
met, appointed tin assessor, and
decided 6ii a levy of sik and
one-half j)er cent., or six dollars
and a half to the hundred doI
leu's- worth of property, to pay
the rjridgment.'- .Vhcn the levy
was completed they ' appoint
ed several collectors, but each
one in turn refused to qualify or
give bond. : They even went so
far as to advertise for a" collec
tor, but no ouq rcsppnded to the
call.1 "When the rnlc; against
them was returnable 'they ' aj)
pcarcd. heforc Judge . Pallard,
reported their iiction 'and he
very promptly 'discharged them.
The bondholders then .advertis
ed for a co 1 ! e el o i-, ofl er i u g t e n
t' per cent.,' bat no one' would
u ndert ake : the gob.1 '.In d e.pai r
of ever getting any thing, hy this
plan, the bondholders hit upon
another scheme They based
their plea on the ground that
the-execulion against tliC trus
tees having been returned," Vo
property found, and ' that'.they
had made a levy of a certain
sum, those levied; on were' in
debled to tire ' trustees , in '.the
sum levied, and they were sued
by wayl of ;. garhishrn'ciiti'i'and
prayed that 1 the ' garnishees '.be
compelled to pay into court the
amount of their indebtedness to
the trustees in discharge of 'the
bondholders' debt. About fifty
or sixty of the largest tax-pay
ers were made defendants .and
irai nishecs. and allwno were
levied upon . ' were., included,
though not specially named
..This plan scared the- people.
The question, whether they, are
liable, under this new proceed
iusr is . still pending;, On -the
call of the case, demurrers ;were
s " ' j .
hied, 10 uic -aciion, on. ine
ground that the face of the bond
stutesjhat the town ; of Eliza
etht own will pay such and
such a sum, when the trustees
were sued for the debt.; Other
matter, is set up in the demur
rers to virtually the same effect.
Judge Ballard has not yet ren
dered, a- decision, but, it is
thought, and even , intimated,
from what he has been heard to
say in regard to other, similar
matters, that his decision will
lh rendered shortly tothcclfect
that the action bt the bondhold
ers is well taken in making the
iudividual . tax-payers -' garni
shees. . ' . . . ' .'
The debt now amounts to a-
bout 120,00(), including princi-
pal, unpaid interest, the judg
ment rendered and the costs.
Various meetings have been
held at different times to con
sider the question of compro
mise, but no settled and dclnulc
plan could be agreed on and al
ter a feeble agitation, - the mat
ter was dropped. The trouble
always was that. there were too
many to lead in lho diffeicnt
plans, and too ? few to follow.
Some favored the issue of-ncw-bonds,
others the -immediate
and unconditional payment of
the' debt at a sum not to exceed
?15,000. : It Yim been an uiider-
stood thing that the bondhold
ers would accept'45,000 in fall
payment, but, there ..was .never
enough genuine backbone man
ifested inr aising the" sitm, Iicnce
nothin'r was done. The meet
ing was for 'thc'""ptirfo"so"''6f 'a-'
gain consulting alwnit the 'mat
ter. The people, have become
tired of repeated litigation, and
especially as every -point of de
fence Iras been invariably deci
ded against them and in favor
of the bondholders. , - - '
The lion'.. James "VV. . Hays
urged the people to make the
bondholders a proposition ol
15,000 in payment of the debt
in full. Mr. AVilliam Wilson
spoke" to ihesanie eirect. Judge
A.', B. .Montgomery endorsed
the plan of : Messrs. .Hays and
Yiioon, out inougnL mac we
cmdd sctlle at l?35,000. V Others
sp'oko to, the ; same eirect," ad
vancing' sums: ranging, from
$30,000 to .$15,000.- A.Vesolii-
t i o ii was passed for thctmymeiit
oi wuum ien. years, ai
tix per ceut." per - aJiinjin .inter
Closing Exercises of lilollno Dchccl !
v-.f;;-: - - 'and Other .Items.; iv'
j".: I Forthc FaycllL'v'iIio Obrvcr,' ' " ;
L L July :28tH On account of the
school room not.being'large c-
i ,,( - . p p i
holigh to ": hold -the crowd , that
Wfvi cxpepted, the closing jexcr
cises were held at Beech CI rove
church pn theiOth inst;. ; At. an
early hour the Ijousej was densely
rowucii. Willi; nfteners. .-t..;wTa$
imposfiiulof-for:4iu;: to get Scats',
but j'our corrcsppndeiit procui-exl
one. t Space. y.Ubnot , allow me
to liiention all the fea turps of. the
programme, but will" say it -was
a success in every respect. - The
manner i n which -. the little . boys
and girls dclivtrrcd their speeches
and dialogues ..showed that they
had given their, subjects great
study and deep' thought. . The
cxercisoG were interspersed witli
excellent music, vocal and instru
mental. The vefy best. of -order
prc ailed during .the entertain
ment. ' Mrs. Hill deserves giea
praise for.iio; sntisfrtctoi-y man
nor in -wnicll tbc .has conducted
her sehool.., TVc' Jiave . been .re
cently blessed with refresliing
showers and corn look: revived;
farmers look more pleasing,- but
more ram is needed -yet.
I leani that an attempt was
made a few nights ago .to bur
glarize the house of,, Mrs. Eliza
beth Pitts in this neighborhood
by..;JtVQ miknown xrson, but
tiiey were ; discovered: and .made
their escape before doing damaged
A young :man nanied Smith
Saunders came near, being drown
ed in the river a few days ago
near the writer of this, while ki-
thing. T. He .was discovered just
in time to be saved, and was aid
ed to the bank by Mr. John Mills.
-,; YouiS truly,; , A DaYEY ;
. A Low Tax - ini tin, W ri ti ngJ to
the Nashville -Burner, uses this
language" in regard to the settfe
ment of the Stafe'-debu" - ' -,
'But I maiulaii let who may
favor or oppose t ho compromise,
that if the Statq d'ebtL can be
settled upoa the 50-1 basis, the
peoplq will i have;;.'achieved a
most, signal victory- -o'VfCr .thd
Shy locks-of the money, power..
Heretofore..!.. have had .uQthirigi
to say lor. oriagainst the- meas-
Ure,but:tluJ. time has'now come
ior the people, to reasoi) togeth
er and- cpnic JLo-. omc ; :dedisibn
iis to' how. they rVVtU;; veto; upon
I he ," questioi).c J .ojp p osed i I he
iniquiiojis iuiHijng tnu u.oio,
and, I havcjbeen N'We .'what has
been jsty led an extreme low, tax
advocate but I am di.fpo.-icd to
vote acccpled", on thts 7th day
of August next, upon this com-.
promise,bccauscf 1 think it is lair
and .as.. cquitablo a settlement
of .the 'question as. will ever: be
made, and because it secures to
the people nearly.airthc.y,:have
hcretolora contended .for.? J
- DBALERs iir' j'"
Farni!ngTooIs& Farming Machinery
; jVml All. -Maimer or
Coal it07cs"ani Ecasa FormsMiis GccOs,
Qlothing:, Hate, Boots Shoos,
Indies lints, Dress Goods), ....
. ' ; Shawls, Etc.,? ; y
; . : . . :. ' ' '
X'-J Wi 'so deal in. rr.omJcB 'of all
kinds and pay the highest market price in
C.ish or (loud-; ,
BJ" Wa koop tho mot ranod stock id
bo found anywhTO and inTite all to exam
ine our goo-Js unit puces. . we guarantee,
Fatisfac?ion. . J. L. EltYAST & GO.
ortolo ; " -" . i "
1 IU , L1BL.11
to the rniilfaj ocroe of tllpeaM, ptgat
nmil among wuic
flAINT, COLIC, ETC, - - ; ' i ' .
Jjc of Appotita and ITaage, tho bowcl
' Kra aldYn", Tbdt lymctime ftlternato with
looo:i"e.vr, riiin'ia tha'Hodd, ooompwiej
n tha richt sido" and undertha shoulder;
cli'iation to orertton of bodjror roind,rri-
jufimon with feeHnfif' hark rtek)&i
eoie duty, Goaul"v.'-eatine8; Vixxtnee,
Flutteri-igjiUtio noiuDotooforto
-1 7a-TeaowjBkin, IlefwiihKenerftur r
vr th right oye jastloBsno et niRht
wiUi "fitful di-eaauu highly ookuad Uriag. -IP
:: tuh's: pills; i
tiro spocially adapted to such -'
XB39, a single doae effects
,suct a change of feeling as to.
astcnlsh the sufferer.
i "i : TUTT'
E r 7 I , H v -f
vre Mpoaiidll tram uttbkf ntie that mrm '
- t'r I raw any rtiotc tkut ratlin jars :
j ih mt'df llcale iirca.nlulo. Tlir ;
i hi care a, 'IraniHr, Prify, mai IaTlsra4s j
I tho entire Hjalem ilT roJlwiB tbaeno
'. corird .lrr llicy elcunu Ik b4e4 ; ,
'. truiuVBiiuafaBriHitkMlBBrt j
lioitlt'a nmt rliatily to Ika bodr. eoH.ina . .
- . tbc bowel ta tit BlormUjr wUU4
' wkli-h uu ace eta fol woil. , . ''ft
il Ii. TOTTi Dmrflirj Tnr'ima
Lpiic ?- i'ii wa voi ju rdd ; J mrmd
tttfimi ikit wiilitu fih. 1 mm now wll men.
. J Tfc!r1rt rffset it V) Iim vk Appwtltw, :
nd cauo tiia ho1y tty Tako on Flcob, tbu tho.
BTct.jp isiDrUhif ud by tklr Toalo Atm ',
. tion ou tu lie..ilT Urcaaa, Ussalsf '
:; fctooUare ytodwd. t j... -...: ;
o7 i DR.J. F.'HAYWOOQ, !
OF NZW YORX, SAYSi- ..; ? .
r 'rtorir am l.irer V i uormal funofrun. and f o
' thlft v,tTtp','', Tmnil ha. bwn iuraetwl ;
1 OfSe .S Plttcrai Htreet. .NlWvTulb1 '
' t"Pr.TrTT'SlIAirCAIief VlubIIiior-.
i i tuition and tT&tinl lltsCpipt ' will be uuUied Jrt ' '
ou applititipa. . . . . . .. . ' ; ''
TOn'r ilAIR -DYE. ;
Okat Ha.is on Witikkieiiii ha4 to a OlouT , ;
iUAVX byaou;!ppiijj4)no thim tb- It ixa- :
partt a Katural t set IiaiAnraneotulf, au4 r i
mm HarmUH um tnng wtvr. Soid bj inicgiata or
t . at b; da.prema un rucetpt of $1. ' r
Ofiloo, 35 Murray Str New York. ; r
april 21-ly,';:y ,; :. i v'.r . ''
tLji-.t in ii ii i ii
: Faycltcviilc, Tenn. . ";
jAS jnstrcceirel a largo stock of
consisting of
.Safos. Wash Stands, Chairs; -
(tnd other articles in that lino,l;whieh ho
will sol) ns low assuch goods can he bought
in ihls unroot. " ... ' .'.
Also, always on hand '
C'asos' Caskols, and
., -.rrt ,
.., T ..v.
asohenp aJ can tor had in the place. And
a good Kemsol gtjntle horsea ! aaA careful
driver.- , . ,'. . J, B. WILSOX. j
-doc. 27; o ; '" '' -"-' '
' ' South side of the Publio S'piure, u '.
Faycttcvillci: ci tvj Tennessee,
IS non' prepared with keen Ra-(
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Comb andT5rufdnK,and niceToV.
els, To shive, cut hair or shampoo
in tho latest stylo,' and as cheap as any one.
llcfpcctful 'and prom) attention ,alway
iven (o all cutstoincrs. ' jan.7-tf
Come ' tviKl
A; McDonald;&rJas: BroTO,
: rr:-I5AiiSES'S, -fr
l f:0i..':-'i :-- " s ' l -' " ;
: . - " . .
TTATE ojiened a' show on the foutli sido
AX of the Square,two doors ot of Dright
nan,, ana are prepared with ; - - , yr
i w f - . .
Cl6an ; Tovv-eif?,. ". .Keen: ilazors,
: r . r Sharp j Shears, : , ; ; :
ahd prompt attcirion to vrait uport custom
ers' neediti"; TshaTiR?,' hair cufin?, Bham.
poouing, tfl' ; Shop open tron C -o'clock in
the morning untu a atiiigut. .'.'J. ; . :: ,
'jitnc 29 o ' 1 - -
ia a Standard Morally Iioroody fox
. 1 : . , . . ft
5 anu JLow6i. i is inroir -1
s fcyuvauiu. xs never y.
1? 4 ii 3 !Sl'? M beon -nA,l !
rtt6 yi llM2 in my practiced
W l 1 Er aal bt the Bnblic.2
5-vl for more than S3 veara.2
3 J," "witll. unprooowonted remilta.
5 S. T. H. SAKFORD, H.DT., 1T2ScATv 5
0 XS lRrCtilT WIiVTC t "TO I IT)ftrTTfOX. $
lril2M - v- ' ' ' "'
m - k
; . --o-
Purchased from First Hands
pOODS ABBIVING nll Ihe timo, so that
VjT our elotk is kppt coniplelo nLyou are
sure to get m f
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All these things and I . -! "
i : : Bottom Prices 7i
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You win always find at : ' 1 ; ;
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Spring and; Summer Goods !
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Something Entirely Kcw! '
Our notion department will be complete, la
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''- may 1 sf , J 879. ' ''I' , ". .. .... "...
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400 Broadwiay; - New York.
, Tl'Cilistinctlra fettiire of thts spool cottva aic
that it is made from the very finest , . .
: --i y... , - , ' - '
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ever produced in spool cotton beng dyed hy a
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; - J, ':' ..". :
T ; ' ' ' '
rendering tliem so perfect and brilliant that dress
makers everywhere use tbcin instead ef tcwiriK
silks: '"-: ' ' ; - . ' -.
; A Uold Meadal was awarded this pool cotton
at Paris, 18".8, for, "rct strength" ard "k"!"-!
exocllence" being the highest award given for
spool cotton. ". ,' , :.. ; r:.-
i Wo in v it comparison and respectfully ask la
dieg to give It a fair trial ami convince themselves
ot Jts superiority orer all others. ! , '
. .To be bad at wholesale and retail at
Aiquilh, Hampton & Ilolmaii.
. . .1 aD - '"k-
Whitakcr & Holman. ';
ju!ylo-6iai ' ' I ; if'-"
., r i ,-i - .
A SKfinVD hand fi-vrdinc Machine; w ith
narkpr" and "barrar" and about 30
teer ol iron shatiinz and tour nailers at
(ached, which w will sell - ..','
or on time with notes- and good security.
Apply. tM.-D, HAMPTON orJ. W-XKW
MAN, Jsyetteville, Tenn. . aug.20-tf
' 2'eur. the north-xctU corner Square"
18 now prepared to' man u fact are
Harness, Saddles, Brllle,j
and IIartf ngrales in tho best style.
and of the very best material. - Collars,
I lames, and Wliipg always en hand.
Jiepairinff done with neatness and dispatch.
Cheap for cash or BARTEU08LT . Jan21-12ia
The Change !
And filling ap with
t-. OF
Our Sugar and Coffee
0 s th;e est the
. r . CountryAffords.
Is'- full in- L eyery respect
-Cheaper than heretofore known.
I love Competition; ita tho life of trade,, :
suffer no one to &cll 1 '. ;
Cheaper or jBcticr.
' -- : ' : ? '
will be pleased to meet their eld friends at
: j . -. , .,.- ' ,
s ( : , our store. . .' . . ;
June 5 2m
r .
Srafle Falaco,
tid: late .
. r .
NimiM I llll'SII.
t ;
V .
For Miziatratcs and C&nsUblesJust printed
and for sale at this OBio. . : :
: . j . ii - -i - v. - . .
r k
' . - . ' '
jEil ji. CbT ID I
s. ' . ; ' ; . I
1JURSUANT to a decree of the Ch.incpry
Court at-Fayetteville, rendewd- at it
April term, 187'J, in the eansea of tlio Lin
cdn Saviugs 1'auk.v. 1L N. T. hiiu, and
Vi. C. EUis vs. H. N. T.-Shipp.-I will attend
at the court-honsc door m t lie to.vn of Fa j-ettetitiej-Tetiawsee,
on-"-"-- - .-. .
Wednesday August, 13, 1S79
nn oCVr for kiU to 1ho highest bi Jder the
following described !
.Traci-of-Jjatid t.
situated, in civil .district -Xo. 8, Lincoln
county Tennessee, ou the north sido of Klk
river, ami bounded as follows On the north
by tle larvtLf ef T. C Jones and Hid. Lay,
on the west by tha landa of T. C. Joaes,
Klizabeth .Uray and tha lands kunwn as
thd Carty tract, on", the south .by the lands
of A- IX KeL and WiiliMit J'-onnw, sen. and
onlhe eastby the lands of William Con
ner, sen. and ujd. Lay, contaiiijng .
Ill Acres, Mor$ or Zesst ,
r Tcrtns ca sh. . A LF. S. FULTON, '
jnlj24 C.' and Mr and Special Com. :
Naccordaneo w.ith'the prorisiona or a
JL'niiortraire made br R. A. Uohinson to J.G
Pitta and Johfl Warden, dated October 30th,
iy77,'ind rerded lit trnjt deed booho.
4, page 4'JG, 4y,iiul,4yy, jn the KcKistcrs
office of Linroln county, Tennessee, wd.will
attendat .thejurt-huue dour in the town
of FayeUeviUe, oa .-. ' . fj t,. ,.-:i,f ,
'Saturday August 2rul )1S70,'
wilhla . lawftil howrs,' and oltrr for sale, to
the-highest bidder, for cash, the following
described "J -". " .' '" ;
)'iJ TrateoPLoU oj ' Land V :
' A" lot rttaated in the county' bt Lincoln,
State of Tennes3ae, civil district Ne. 8, and
iKwuded ai follows, to-wir-r-Coginning at a
hackberry tree, the . south-west, corner of
said lot, ahd rorrtting thence north 2 decrees
east 8? oqles Xo KX alley; thence south bS.Sj
deRreea 'east ly, : poles to a rock corner,
then'ce'south 2" degrees west 7' poles to a
rtck eornertljeacfrswith 8! eass 14 pde to
rock etA-ner,. at the wsl side of a foad or
street leading toiNorria LrecK, tlience south
28)4 degree east along a plank 'fence 1
poles to a stake, thence north 88 degrees
west 22 poles aud 4 liuka to the bhvainj,
82 tare Poles y 'More or Less i
being part of the. lot formerly belonging to
W. C. Ylet cher, the same being lh fUe town
of jayetteTille, Tennessee.
ALso,at the same time and place we will sell
said Robinson's interest, it being one-third,
in each of the tracts or parcels of land here
inafter' described, lying in the 6th civil dia
trict,.of: Lincoln' county, Teunessee, and
bounded as follows, to-wit '
The FJrt Tract begin in the middle
of Norn's Creek at the south-east corner of
II. Whitfield's lot, running north 30 degrees
west ft poles and 10 links to the Shelbyrille
and Fayetieville !pike, thence south 34 de
grees west 7 poles ahd 20 links, thence south
62J degrees east 6 poles and 12 links to
the centre'bf the creek, thence with the wie
anders of the creek to the beginning, con
taining - "' t, ., .
5 1,," Square Poles, . More or
:'r.7r'L-.f ti -Lewi :." v.. .'
being the lot upon which the Steam Ilour
ing aud Griut Mill la situated.
' The Second Tract begins near the
north-east comer of the Distillery bnilding
at a stake on the Shelbyviile and Fayette
ville turnpike, running west 1G poles thence
south 1(5 poles thence east 10 poles thence
north 18 poles to the. beginning, containing
; 1 Acres More or Less I. : .
being the lot upon which a DidtUlory Is
situated. ... . - . ' -
- Jfull'iiarticnlars are set forth in the mort
gagel and reference is here had to same.'
:.r j.o.rrra, john wabde..
jylylO- ' , .. ' , .Mortgagees..
Sale of Land I
5T obedfence to two decrees of the honor
abla Chancery Court of Lincoln county,
Tennessee, pronounced at its , April term,
II. Bledsoe,' adm'r, ete., vs. Jno. B. Edmon
son, el als, and Stephen Hart ts. Thus. II.
Rledsoe and others. Lwill olFer for sale to
the highest bidder, at the codrt-house door
in tho tow a of Fayette ville, eu - '
Monday: thedth'day of August,
;v ": X J879, ' ' ; ''
the following described tracts 6 f land ly
ing io civil district j?e. 10, and bounded as
tollows, towit: ' - : T ' "i
1 1st Tract;.-i-fieginni'ng at a stake in
the-Fishing Vord road, being north-east
corner of lotffo. 1, north 88 degreea eaut
66 poles to rock, south 70 degree fast
CO poles to a rock, norUv east corner of R. L.
Crown's land, south 1 degrees west 140
poles to a stake near tho wafer gate,' south
MJ4 degrees west 30 poles to a stake , in
the center of the Fishing Ford rojd, and ill
Jnot 8. Edmonson's horth boundary line
with the road, north 37 degrees west 81
poles, north 20 degrees west 35 pole's,' north
17 degrees east2Rj poles,north 20 degrees
west 73 poles to the bt'giimieg, t ;
;;; Containing :02 Acres I
also 38 acres not mentioned in th plai, the
same together with . said ' tract brrnj
the land heretofore sold 1n saideffusrs and
purchased by Sim Fowler.
2nd Tract.- Rcing 74 acres of the fol
lowing lot,' beiog lot 'o. 5 in the plat of
said- land: Beginning at a stake south-east
corner of lot No, 4, sooth 64; degroos west
S8jj' poles to a rock in the Geld, south 3
degrees west 140' poles toa stake' fnl S.
Figg's north boundary line, north de
grees west 31 poles to a fallen hickory,
south 5C pole to a chestnutoakon the top of
the ridge,soiifh8G degrees west 22' poles to
a sugar tree, north 1 degree e6t lt;'j poles
t a hickory, north 50 degrees weal 111 to
sugar tree, north 10 poles (o a stake, so'uh4
west corner of lot- Ha.' 2, north 69 decrees
east lJO.to a stake.aml pointers, . south 'p2
degrees cast 78 poles to the beginning," .
Contamwg IJJ jlcres I
said 74 acres being the same-heretofore
sold in said ea'ises and purchased by Sam
uel Crabtree,
Ternis of Sale: .Cash,
-! .'.. i .ill).'
W. CLARK;' ,; "
july 3-
special Commissioner.
" -L : No. 7,04(1.. V .
CY tirfue of a writ of alias Tendition
exponas lo toe directed front the honor
able Supreme Court of the Stale of Tennes
see, at its December term, 18?, in the case
of Louisa J. lVosuer by next friend A. M
Procter, against Alonao ft. Cjrrii;fr. I wi!
rajMJse to sale to the highest bidder, for
rash, at the court-house door In the town
of FayetfeTineETehne8seeOti :
' j 3fo?iday, A ugust 11th, 1S70,
all the ripht, title, claim and interest that
AUtnzo li. Carrnier has in and to fit he
ing a one-seenth interest) the following
described -
. Trad of Tjand !.
cituated on the water of Mnlberry creek,
in civil district of Moore county, (now
tn the 6th civil district of Lincoln eounfyj
Tennessee.and bounded as follows, to-wit
On the north by the lands or John-K. tarrl
ger and A, M. rrosscr, oo the west.by tUA
binds of Thomas Uaile'y, on the south by
Ihe lands of Wm. Thomison, and on the
Sai by the lands belonging to the heirs of
Jacob Wagzoner, containing j. ''
.Alont 221 Acres!
Levied on the "one-seventh interest of
Alonzo B. Carriger it the above described
land to satisfy one judgment for $.'ytfU.S.'
against him and in favor of Louisa J.IVos.
str, etc., besides interest and coals- -
July 10 S9.C0- ' . -Sheriff..
D. A. Rcnsoiiy Eit.vs. William
" " lien
woi, et a 13.
T virtue of a decree of the nonoraMo
Supreme Court of Tennessee, ironoun-
ced in thelM-ve entitled-cause at its De
ceiiil.cr term, 1878,1 will sell at public out
cry to the highest and best ladder at .tho
c'.i"rf.".5'"l!!i l1""r 111 town of Fayette
ville 'at 12 oVIoek, u . ;
'Monday, August 4th, 1879,:
certain tract or fareo! of land, separatvly.
ojui irauis uesijiiaiei as fouews: -
Tract No. 1 Situated in 3rd civil dis
trict of Linctdn county, Tennessee, on the
wafers of Duke's creek and Hint river and
bona led as ftdlows: Beginning at J. D.
Bryant's south-east comer, thence west
108 poles to John Corder's heirs' north-east
corner; thence sonth 22K poles with Corder's
and Fletcher's east bouudary line to netch
cr's son'h-east corner, stake and chestnut
pointers, thence west H) with Fletcher's
south boundary line, TrUant's north-east
criier, thence seuth 100 poles to Prilant'a
south-east corner stake and turn txjiiit-
ers, thence east 210 poles to a stake, on
me i'osetii west boundary line of r,MK
acres, thence north with the line 403 pole
to a stake on the soutli boundary line
of (lie Bray's, thence 63 poles west with
the Bray's tract to Bryant's east boun
dary line to aefake, theuce south 80 pol s
with Bryant's. Hue to the beginning. Con
tainrr.g' " '
214 Acres, More or Lest I '
Tract No. 2 Sitaaledin 3rd rivil dis
trict cf Lincoln county ' on the waters of
Flint river, and bounded as follows: -Bc-ginnu.s
at the north-west corner on a hick
ory and post oak, it bein on the south
ltoundary line of William Leuson's tract of
4 St) acres tlience east 111 poles tiareJ
oak with said William Benson's south boun
dary .line, thence soutli 13U to Edy fieas
ley's south-west corner, a stake and red
oak ptdntor, on the .north boundary line of
Shephard'sJheiKje west 111 poles to2 snail
dogwoods, with Khephard's li.ie, thenco
north. 130 poles to the beginning.. Con
taining ' 00 Acres, More or Less I
Tract No. 3 Situated in civil district
No. 23 and bounded as follows: Beginning
at a stake and (lointers, so'ith 15 degree
east ltKJ poles to a white oak, thence north
S3 degrees east poles to a stake, south
13 9-G south 13 po.e to a ninlberry stump,
south 6.1 degrees east 20 poles to a chest
nut, south 71 degrees east -0 pules to a sour
wood, south 4u acgreea east 2(5 pe;es to a
stake,, east 2 poles to Benson's corner, a
black gum, chestnut aod hickory, thenco
south 11 poles to Leonard's north-west cor
ner, a hickorrj thence east 12t poles to a
dogweod and . beech, thence south C2 de
grees east 25 poles to a beech, oae rod a
bovc thesjring in the hollow, thenco 71 de
grees east 10 pohs to a stump in a Cdd,
theuce north 2IJ' degree west 33 poles to
a beech, thence north 57 degrees east V-i
poles to a hickory standing in the west
bouudary lino of ilio lands of George Hun
ter, thence north 3 degrees ent with his
line Tt'i oIcs to a small ml haw, with
persimmons for pointers, thenee south-west
12 poles to a rock pile and hack berry and
red bud pointers, tlience south 71J degrees
west .80 polt'S.to Ben sou's east boundary
liue, a sniall hickory, , thence north' lOit
poles to a stake,, theuce north 13 degrees)
west 14 poles, to - a persimmon, thenco
north 84 degrees west 2t) poles to a stake
and pointers, south 7) poles to a stake,
thenco south 18 degrees east 23 poles to
a hickory, thence south 78 degrees west
23 poles to a chestnut, thence north 57 .
degrees west 40 poles to a black gum,
thence north 78 degrees west 40 poles to
a dogwood and hickory, north 43 degree
west 3'J poles to a bluck walnut near tha
spring, degrees west 62 to a stake and
poiuters, thence south 2 poles to the begin
ning. Containing
209 Acres, Afore or Ijcsb!
Tract Jfo. t Situated in 23rd civil
district, county of Lincoln, on the waters '
of Hint river aud bounded as follows:
Beginning at two small oaks iu Dotson
Graham's west boundary line, thence south
56 poles to a stake and pointers, his eomer,
tlience east with his line 100 poles to a stako
in f'liu Ticket's west boundary lino, thenco
South with his line 90 poles to a stake,
thence west 177 poles to a stake ami
pointers, thence north lid poles to a stake,
thence east 71J polos to tho beginuing.
Containing .. .....
125 Acres, More or I,ess I " '
Tract No. C Sitnatcd in 3rd civil dis
trict of Lincoln county on tho water, of
Flint river and bounded as follows; Be
ginning at Eline Pick's west boundary Unej
William Benson's south-east, thence west
177V poles to a stako and pointers to W.
D. Benson's south-wept corner, thence with
his line west 28 poles to a stake, thonco
west 118 poles to a stake on tho west boun
dary line of the 433 acre tract, thenee south
120 poles to the south-west corner of tho
48'J acre tract, east 32orJ poles to Elin
Ticket's west boundary line to a stako,
theacc north DO poles to the. beginning. .
: 220 Acres, More or Less!
Tract No. O Situated in 3rd civil dis
trict of Lincoln county and homidfd a
follows : Beginning at J.. D. ' Bryanf
north-west corner, thence west 7 Co pole
with Bryant's, Kerchcva Ts and Vorctr'tf
south bound.i'y line to a stake on tbo'
east boundtry lino of Renegar, fhenco
south lOOix-hs with Reneirar's east bomi-'
dary line to a rock anil pointer, thencocast
1UO poles with Carter's heirs' north hour..
dary line to n stake n Bryant's soulh-
west corner, Ttienca r.orta trj poles to tha
beginning.- Containing "
70 Acres, Mere cr Lcss!
Tract No. 7 Si tinted In 'district-
23 of Lincoln county-m Ihe waters of
Hint river ah.J bounded jh follows: I'.e
pinningat a stake 2. poles north of W.I).
lifMisws south-west corner, thenee went
148 poles toAlandy Stone's TJorth-wesf r...
nor, thtnee north 120 poles U 4 dead !j-st. ;
nutx, thenco :tst 148 poles to W. I), lien- '
Son's north-west corner to a" stake,, thenco '
south 120 pole with W. 1). IietisonV west
ootimiary line to Jlary atons's corner, Ilio."
beginning. . Containing . ; . ... .
. 11S Acres, More or Less ! V"'
Terauof mIo Cafw .i , . :
; ::' .-'U'.N. cowdl.t,- : ; , . '
!. ' ' Supreme Court Clerk. -
Nashville, June 17th, 1879.'- "
i jiir.e 2G- - ... '
Thos. S. Corde'r, Adrr'r, V3. li. '
j M. Dunloj), Adm'r.' ' "
!..." - f
BY virtue of a doi r.-e of tho Honerr.blo '
Supreme Court Tennce, pronoun.
ced at iu December term, H7H, in the above '
entitled caue, I will mll at pnb!i outcry f,
the highest and best bidder at Ihe conn
hmise diKjr in the town of Fayet fertile at :
12 o'tlutk, m., on ;
. Monday, August 4lh, 1S79. '
a' certain tract of laml, situated on tho wa
ters of CoMwater Creek, in f.in....i
Tennessee, and bounded as follow.-!' .
ginnin- at a while oak, Kall'n corner, th-nce-west
121 poles to a jniplar, fhjce mrth at
north 68 degree, east 73 it,
x erms vl sa Ie : - t'a sh.
.' W. N. COWDKN' '
June 20- . ; - ' ' GP:C"W.
Job Worlc.
W VTrl V,h hm 'n, have th
k i " uu nnr - x j. . . . . y m v
to 8 beech, the soutb-ww! corner t, if.
mirldle tract, thenc soufh 51 " L, Z

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