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rirrT5A-irioDArLir iiuuDJCiTiKj OATtJlUJAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1872.
F4)tlmllts OHrf, NnlK-tln llnllillnff
" WaahtnKton Aniir.
JficsniNO.-Tlin ford stores of " city
ifo doing rushing builnoii. Hoto.i,
Bmow. Yesterday morning tho appear
ance of few snow flakes tn tbo nlr sur
prised us Cidrn people.
Will OrB.s.-rCoyno's Crystal saloon,
in the olJ ' posl-ofllco building, will open
Ibis morning wilh n grand tree lunch.
I.v'Town. CtiMi. i Waller, freight
agent of Uio Moillo and Ohio railroad, nt
St; Louis, ii booked at tbo St. Charles ho
tel. OvEiurAtirn It. I). Ilurd A' Son have
ovrrhiiulid their nld Inn in cm otUce, Rtiil
have now ono of tlio belt counting-rooms
In Cnlro.
How Co mi I Tim thermometer was
down to tho freer.! ng point nil dny yester
day. After nightfall tho wuithcr moder
ated considerably.
j'.KltNTUCKr Limraky Association. A
Urn ted number of Gift Concert ticket for
tbe.Kuntucky Library Association enn bo
obtained of V. U K.ckwoll Ac Co., on
Commercial nvenue. Tlio sale will con
tinu'e.until the 2t"iih inst. ll-lO-'.d
MERCHANTS, clerks, or nny others who
wish to wear fine boot cither Culf, moroc
co, kid or patent leather of the very latest
stylo, go to Win Killer's, on Twentieth
street. 10 lUlf.
KitTcnsT.!). Mr. Waller Hyslop, the
popular cashier of the Enterprise Saving
Bank, of this city, returned on Thursday
from Canada, where he had been visiting
a brother whoso lifo was tlcsptlred of.
"We are glad to say that Hyslop Is healthy
and happy, nnd bit brother out of all
Mkats. Hyland & Stuer, linvo ono
of.tho neatc't meat-markets in the city, on
Commercial avenue, near the corner of
Tenth street. They keep on hand itlwajs
nil, kinds of meat, sell at tho lowest fig
ures, give good weight, nnd nro at all
times attentive nnd obliging. They dc
icrvo, and wo bopo will receive, n lucra
tive patronign. Give them a trial,
. The Coiuiei. Kikk. Tlio tiro In the
corrcll, mentioned in yestordny's IIui.lk
TIN, destroyed four houses. Tho colored
men, thu deprived of their homes, are,
with commendablo energy, already repair
ing thn disaster to their fortunes, nnd will
soon have on tho silo of their destroyed
hooios, houses moro comfortnbto nnd of
more- magnificent proportions tlrin tlinw
deilroyed. Tho oxnmple, of Chicago mid
Boston has not been lost upon tho citizens
of Cairo.
Noncit to IItftk.DKRs. Sealed pro
posals will be received by tho undersigned
for tho erection of a brick building, to la
built on Washington avenuo near Twelfth
street, until Monday tho '.'1st Inst, fit 0
o'clock p.m lllds will bo received for
thn material and finishing tho cntiro
building, or for brick nnd brick work
coinrleto and carpenter work, lumbor nnd
hardwnro complete, nnd for plastering
and materials, and for painting. Tho
right to reject nil bids is reserved. Plans
and specifications at my shop,
11-lCtf. F.'lttCAnoMi.
TuitVKii Hall. Tho Cairo Turners
are ol tho mot energetic nmong our citi
zens. They know no such word ns ''fall."
About it year ngo they inado an ell'ott,
soinuwhat lotidiy trumpeted, to build n
ball nt tho corner of 'lnnth and l'oplnr
streets, but It gradually died Into inac
tivity, and lias riot been beard of lncc.
Hut now, without n herald, tho Turner's
huvo quietly returned to tho enterprise,
and tlio delivery of sand nnd other ma
terials on their building sito proves that
they moan "business." Wo hope they may
bu ablo to furnish the city with a public
hall, tho greatest need 'of Cairo nt this
tiino, A large, commodious fcafl, suitable
for concerts, balls, etc., would bo u prolltu
bio institution.
New Flouu am Fkkh Stoisk. -Win.
Loncrgan lins opened n flour and feed
store in Wnrdner's new building, on Com
mercial avenuo. Ho is selling the cholc
est bran Js of Cairo City mills fluir nt the
mill prices. Ho lias also for sale, in largo
or small quantities, hrnn, buy, corn, oaf,
etc. iiuncrgan is cntitlo I to a liberal share
of tho public patronage, which wo hope ho
may receive. ll-lC-lw.
Stratton & Bird.
1-0 boxes northern cheese, choice.
21 boxoj of I,' i rid on l.iyer raisins.
60 hoxe of London layer raisin.
4 tierces choice S. C. burnt, imw.
10 barrels golden syrup.
125 caddies Virginia tobacco.
2 boxes candy toys.
Zinta currents, French prunes, Yar
mouth corn, nnd 20 barrel pure cider
vinegar from tho oonntrv. 11-15 21.
NoyeV CiliCfs Tho Crescent City
rireu, O. W. Noye, proprietor, will ar
rivo to-day. This nflurnoon at two
o'clotk, nnd tills evening nt half past
seven performances will lie given, and
everybody should see this world-famous
circus. Thorn are few circus manager who
have a belter reputationi limn Mr. Noyc,
and nono who have moro thoroughly do
served their fame. His performances nro
varied and possessed of greater merit than
usual, wilh tho biggest show travelling
and nono ear. fail to get tho worth of
their nionev.
KonotiY denies that if you would have
oysters by tlio plate, stewed, fried, roasted
raw or on tlio half shell, by tho dozen,
ci.n or birrel, there is only ono place In
tho city whoro you can got tho freshest,
juiciest nnd best. That p!a;o by common
consent I) tho Thalln Oyster saloon, nt
the corner of Twelfth street nnd Wash
ington uvonue, nnd, whllo there, if jou
should chanco to call for n glass of St.
Louis lager ; n glass of wine, native or
toreigti, or miniDthing of n stronger kind,
your own good tasto will testify that
.Jaeckel keeps tho best. Then go to the
Thalia, call for what you want to cat or
drink, and if you nro not more than satis
fled, everybody will say that you must
cliargo your dissatisfaction to your own
depraved taste, if
Gkt Kkady. Messrs. J. P. Irvin
and Joseph Dupoyster (if Bal
lard county, Kentucky, and 11.
Watson Webb will call on tho citi
zens to-morrow to contribute towards pay
iug tho balance duo for building tho bridge
over Mayliold creek, about four hundred
dollars. It is n fact that of the IT. 000 cit
izens of IUIIard county, ono half llvo
south of Maytleld croek, and, becauo of
Iti prccipillous banks were, until this
bridge wns built, uiiablu to reae.li tho
Cairo market, and wero compelled to do
Umlr trinting nt Columbus, 'i'hey can buy
clieapur and sell at higher prices In Cairo
than Columbus, and now that this bridge
has been built will do so. Tho bridge is
n gooj thing for Cairo, and Cairo business
men should not hesitate to pay the bal
ance due.
Tim Pi. a .nt Kits' Toiiacco Wakeiiousk.
We learn with pleasure that this insti
tution is to bo revived under tho manage
merit of Messrs. G. B.'Straughn nnd .lesse
Illnkl", both well-known tobacco men
l'hey Imvo rented from Mr. Thornton, l.is
present door nnd blind warehouse the old
market house on Tenth street, and pro.
po-,o to c-imuionco buiines on tlio 1st of
U.-ceinbor. Wo need not say that Messrs-
Mraughn & llinklu understand tho busi
ness into which they propose logo. They
iro known throughout Bilhird ns
among tho most reli.iblo and expert to-
b icco handlers in this p.irt of tho country ;
una wo boliovo they will mcceed ir.
building up permanently in C.iiro a to-
lisceo market winch will eclip-o
that of any of tho cities hereabout, which
h -retoforo Imvo been enabled til httlllll Hft
Curo's rival, but which hereaflsr will be
compelled to "ttand imlde." Wilh our new
railroads and tho influx of na-n like
.Strnughn mid Hii.kle, our citv i.s sure to
run in advaiico ot its rivals; and nothinjj
is moro certain than that Cairo will bo
ono of tho best mid most prominent to
ll icco markets in thu country. Messr-
iJiraiighn ii iiinklo nro suro of niccess if
they receive Irom our citizens encourage
ment nnd 1 mural" support.
Mrs. Av.na La.nti. Kighth stroot bo
tween Commercial arid Washington nvn
nuos, has just received n largo nnd varied
tock of full goods, nnd desires to call par
tlculnr attention to her handsome aort-
ment of ladies' and children's underwear,
something new in this market. Her
woolen drawers nnd leggins combined are
also something now and thn most enmtort-
ablo thing for children In cold weather
ever devised. Mrs. I.ang also has n well
elected assortment of hats, bonnrts, rib
bons, flowers, and notions of nil sorts, all
of which will bo sold as chenp as can be
found olsewhcro in this market.
Gone Awav.-Mt. Carl l,.Thomn left
this morning for Springfield, whero he
will locate permanently In tho life insur
nneo business. Mr. Thomas has been n
rctidentnf Cairo for miny years nnd we
regret, to Intel,!,,,. imti, ,',,,, tf) hnVf,
commended himself to tho l.if AssocIh
Hon of Amoric-i nnd his verv properlv
been prom,,t,.,i ln iu fcrv(! Thern (j n'n
rieuer nnnt tlun
nctivo nnd uritlrin
... a more competent nr
vahmhlo man than ThoIn,u in ,.verv w(lv
no Insuranco company run bna.t. ji wng
birn to bo a llfo insuranco agent, nnd 1,hs
luokily, fr hlm.pif nnd employers. ,lrop.
Pd lr"to thnjni.ines,. Hnccess to him.
Pr nr',VP1 l wharf yMti.rilav lVn
learn from the om,er..U,,RC;,f;;n
per, apparently doransH. cot lmnP , m
ct,ltyoThur,d;ywUl)-:,Si; ;
nnd clerk of th, Wi '
fllctd upon him threo dr,R.ro, lU,
"While tho Chester was lying m u Wf '
tit tllk aMmr Kt At .1.1.
Memphis, the passenger, whose name U
Tlobt, Pottus, suddenlv Rumilted- vnii
nd fteralniggle iiiccoeded In plunclntr'
on. Knua invo nil "ictlm s hurt tl,,.
Thomss. Ho is
Hid is thoroughly up
Steniner Xnshvillo, Memjihis
" Si LuUv, Si. i.ums
" I loreliuu Lee, Kvunsvllio
'' Anna, .Memphis
" F P Gracoy, Meinplils
" City ol Cli.tter, .Memphis
" Legal Telldt-r, Mempliis
" Joo Fleming, .Muinphi.
" W J Luwis, .St. Louis
" J L Huitt, Onio river
" lllilloK, Columbus
" .liui Fisk dr., Paduculi
Steamei St. Luke, Memphis
' Nnliville, Ciiicinuati
" Floreneu Lee, Kvniitvillo
" , Aiiiih, Ciuiiniiati
" F P Gracoy, Kvansvillo
" Cily ofCln'ster, St. Lonls
" Lu'iil Tender. St, L.-uis
" W .1 Loais. Vu-k.burg
" Illinois, Columbus
" dim Fitk Jr., Pmlucuh
" Indiana, New Orleans
II 10 MUlltlY COAL.
Stoiinboats tuppliud at anv time, both
hiy nr.d niht, with either lump or chest-
nut real, in any quantity, nnd on usual
term", nt tho yard nt grand Tower. Ills.
Special contracts ollorod on favorable
tonus upon application.
H. V. Oi.yiwia.nt,
1. A IIokee, Gen l Supt.
Salts Agent. 3.15 jy,
Tho line steamer Henri- M l,r,.v., :
thu Anchnr 11 fill ln.nl 1 I . 1 .1
o clock this evening for Meinphlsuridi.il
way landing. Thu u.Bu,,t steamer Mary
h. l orsuh will leavu ,,t .....t.,..i. .1.;.
"vo .ing for New Orloil(l4 w-v
landing. 4 IIO itllolldul Al.r-l.fr u..
Kt..Iotcph uill leave this evening for St.
ami ail way points at 0 o'clock,
.ah:.? .'.i,k 1,!,!VL' Hl 41 P. fr Padu-
14 "" way landing.
dlne,l .."? V"1 hour, the r
thr.-.;. " " 'n.e"M nd I.
ditlon of tho Ohio nnd Mississippi river at
various places.
nust.NKss and wrATtir.it.
Thero whs very llttlo doing at tbo
steamboat landing yestord-iy and freights
woro scarce. Tho wind sn high and cold
all day with flurries of snow, tho first of
tho season. Tho first full of snow last
year occurred on Novomber 14.
Tho Nashville' had scarcoly any freight
nnd ridded fit teen tons of scrap iron for
Tho Florence Leo camo down with a
very slim trip and returned to Kvansville
Hying light.
The Anna had n fair loid of cotton for
Kvnnsvillo and n few bales for Cincinnati.'
Tho Nash villa reported tho Mlnncolu
with a birgo hard aground nt Pleasant
point when sho pissed there.
The City of Chester brought up n.fow
of tho paengors of tho sunken St. Marys.
When tho Chestor left her sho was float
ing with eight feet ol water In 1I10 cabin.
SOo Is lying straight and can bo raised.
A deck passenger on board tho City ol
Chester on her way up refused to pay his
faro and nttacko 1 thu second cloik, Clem
Nolle, with a knife. Mr. Nolto retreated
up stalr, closily followed by tho deck
passenger, and ns he was going Into the
b irber shop ho slipped and foil, when tho
decker cut him very severely in tho back
and would probably have killed him had
not one of tho passengers knocked lilm
down wilh 11 poker. Mr. Nolte's injuries
ato not datigorous and ho will soon lis nil
Tho William Cowt-n is en route t3 this
port from Louisville with ten barges of
Pittsburg coal.
Tho llurksvlllc is still running the trade
between hero and Hickman nnd makes a
daily trip loaded with grnin.
Tho printer in yesterday's Bulletin
made us say that the Kddyville bad been
converted into a cotton boat when it
should have hem tho Edinburg.
Tho Indiana cleared for New Orleans
last night with ull the freight she could
Mns SotiTiiwouni's New Novel --Tbo
Artist-'s Love; ami Oiher Stories. My
Mrs. Kmmn 1). K. N. South worth, nnd her
-istnr, Mri. I'lnncet Henshaw liaden, will
be published in n few (b,y by T. B. Peter
son & llrolhers, Philadelphra, t'u. '-The
Arti't' Lovoj nnd Other Stories," will be
issued in n largo duodecimo volume, uni
form with Mrs. South worth's other work,
and sold by all booksellers nt SI 75 in
cloth, or SI W) In paper cover; tir copies
will bo sent by mail, post-paid, by thn pub
lisher, on receipt of price. All of Mr.
Southworth'is thirty-live books nro put up
in 11 neat box, cloth, full cill hacks, 1V0
Price $01 2.'.. Tho following new books
hnvo Just been published by tills house,
and lire spoken of very highly i "The
OutCHt; nnd other P.-etn, by author of
Beautiful Snow." "Tlio L-iwrenco Speak
er, neing n selection 01 literary gums for
sehooH and private study. ''Within the
Maze," by .Mrs. Honrv Wood. "Wild
Oats Sown Abroad." by T. B. Winner, 11
series of spicy Kurop'ean private letters
from tho portfolio, of n gentleman of lei.,
lire. ' My Hero," a capital Knglitli low
story. ! A Lonely Life," by a new writer.
"Home and the Papacy," from tho Frcntb
of Li Galtina, with n llfo of thn present
Popn; ami n new edition of "Benullful
Snow," with handsome Illustrations.
tho presont cold snap continues it would
find ready sale. 20 dozen mixed, large
and small, live chlckcnt sold at 2!i 40
per dozen.
GAME There Is consHcrablo enquiry
for guno of nil kinds but nono In tbo
TUBKEYS Wo noticed several. coops
of turkejs on tho lovea, but no sales re
ported tho mnrkot stands 1215 00 pcr
APPLES Choice apples nro In good
demand. )'J5 bbls sold nt 'J B0(3 00 per
POTATOES-200 bbls sold at $2 00
per bbl dclivert d from store.
PHOV1MONS-Prime Itnf lard Is
selling in tierces at UJ(Jf,10c nnd in keg
from 10 to 10c per pnutij in filling or
ders. Plnin hums sugar cured HXJUc.
PLASTEKINO HA IB. 35c V bushel.
LIME. In lots $1 i!5to 1 CO V bbl.
CEMENT. At wholcsalo 52 Co
i! 'J-'. bbl.
WHEAT. The prices tc-dny, reported
by the Cily Mills, nro No. 1 White,
SI 7o; No. 2 While. $1 (55; Hod I .j
hi in pie, $1 CO 10 1 (50; MtdiUtri-.nciin
$1 30 to 1 fiO. Damp or tough wheal Is
SACKS. Besetted Gunnies lBjrJilOj
Corn llurlaps, 2 Bus. En, 18 els. Im
proved Gunnies, -Jj It sbel, 'J I cts. Outs
llurlaps, .', Biisiit-1 23 cts. Cotton stntn
les litin. 35 to 38 cts each.
PBOVISIrsNS. Sugar Cured Hams
plain lb. 10 lo I7o. Shoulder
i;,iceli t-Jc ; Clear Sides Bacon, rjllijej
Broakfiist llacn, l.'lWHc.
I.AItD-Pilme leaf lard, In
tierces "r1 I. HlO Ulc.j 111
ket's. r t. 10 to 101c.
TEAS Imperial, 75Cil t!5; (iliniKiw
tier, 7-V.lt Ai; Oolong li.ack, i.1 W ;
Yoilin.' llv-011. $1 ooC-lI 4n.
(.'IIKEs'K. New Yiiik Factor', new, V &
ItCl'S Cholte 'f gallon, (c((j?l 00
New Orleans. TitftNic.
SEEIS.-Mlllet V bll.liel. 2 Wl ; Timotli
t3 70. Ited Top I 7ito'J W. C'loMr
i7 Ml.
COFFEE .lava, atTiSOe. ; Lngunyra, '.'3
(Tiilj. iilo, Piiiiie to Choice, 'J to 'Ai)c.
BltOOMb. Common House "f tlozen, '1
Cliok-e to Extra, K 00(yf 75 ; S. B. $4 I)
(a,."i (Kl
BEESWAX, V lb 30c.
SOAP. Si-liacrJi'i'it (Icnnan mettled;
7)e; Chiimpalgn mkiii, 7k-.
TAI.I.OV,'r tt, -,e.
SUGAH-Coll.e A. 13Jc; to 14c;
Crushed l'owdered and Graiiulnted Sugur
lo to l.-.je.
FBEKiHT. COTTON. Coiupren-cd, to
Nkw YoicK, nV. ; to llo-TON (Kl. L'n
comprci-M-il, to Nkw YoliK.t-l 14; lo Hob
TON. 1.
KKEKillT TO MEMPHIS.-yioui, 30c;
Hay, ?5 00 ; Corn V ct., 171c. ; Oai, KJe.
Potatoes,, r' bbl., 'Mi'.; Apple?, :)-. ; Pink,
..r. ; m-key lic. ; l.imil-t r, ci SI. tl lw
lleay Ireiyhl cut. . 171c
TO NEW Olll.EANts. Flour V bbl. Mlc:
I'otatiiC!. Wlc. : Annie?. We.: Pork. 7.V.
niM.ey, i on ; 11. y f ion, ?t w ; com y
tt li.'ie. ; Oats too. ; Toliacto V lihd.
ijo ; Colton f' bale, l M ; Lumber V
I to. Unity iit-ight, "t' t-wt. tlac.
Thursday Evening, Nov. 14th, 1872.
Thern is been moro amiriation shown in
some branches of tho general mnrket sinco
our last issue. Oats lias improved both in
demandant! prices. Dealers tlnd itdiffl
cull to fill orders, on nccount of light re
ceipts.. This has occasioned the advance in
prices. Several orders for white seed oats
nro on hand and cannot be filled for want
of slock. Fleur continues dull. Ilav i.s
dull nnd declining.
Corn is dull and lower; very llttlo de
mand, and a large stock on tho market.
Meal is in good ilemalid
Thu weather is cloudy with strong indi
cations of 11 snow storm,
tho coldest of tho season
Freights ure unchuiiged but very stiff at
.IlBl, , . . . .. t
nxv syorre'ponucnis snouiu oeHr in
1111 ml that our quotation represent prices
ior ioiiiiu mis irom I rl inirnls. 1111 i s.
olherwii.,1 stated, and that in tilling small
oruors nigm-i- prices must bu paid..Axjj
i.-t lieu ...
ri.wuu very umi, prices aro un
1. 1 . ..... . ...
eii'iiig-u ; very HIII0 moving. Sales Sirs
confined to 1 car load various grades
JO ol) to 0 ,5; 1 carload various grade
50 to 0 00, nnd 120 bbls various grade?
J 7 00 to J 00.
II A (fillet. Thero is notdiipping de
...I rt. .... . ...
ii.iinu. j 110 rsoutuern markets are lilleil
up; prices on nil grades nro lower nnd
Imvo 11 strong downward tendency. W
nun, eaie 01 o ear loans, i car common
timothy del $18 00; 1 car prime tiniot Ii
del 18 00; 1 car choice timotli v del 1!) 00:
1 car choice mixed dolJU 00, and
rtdlop del 1G 00,
COKN Dull. A largosupply on the
market and lie-lit demand. Sale i.ro made
at lower ligurcs than previous quotations.
cars rnUed sold in duridt-cs at 4t'c del ; 4
cars do in sacks del 45c; 1! cars yellow
mixed in bull; on truck 31c; I cars mixed
in bulk on truck 3lg,35o' 2 curs white
mixed In sacks del lSc;cars white in
sacks del 4'.)o0u; 'Jchh whito In sucks
del f.Oo ; 3 cars while in bulk on truck 4Uc;
nnd 1C cars mixed do 3C(o,3Cc.
OATS Active and closed linn to-day
at .lie. IteceinUfa far s unt of 1 1,., . 1. .
Council CiiAMnmi. )
Caiiio, Ills., .Nov. 11, is;-.'. ;
Tho chairman, (Alderman Bearden),
being absent, on motion of Alderman
nwayne, Alderman fcatlbrd was called to
tho chair.
Pre-cnt Aldermen Cunningham, Met-
calf, Pliillis, SalTord and Swnvne 5.
No quorum. On motion of Aldern.un
Swayno ndjourne I.
Citv Clerk,
Special joint session of tho Cily Council
.1... ..... -. ...
L-niieii mr un.- purpose 01 opening old-
lor the construction, reconstruction and
renewal ot sidewalks.
Council Ciismukh, 1
Caiiio, III-.. No. 12, iaT2.
l'rescnt His Honor Mayor L-msden
and CuiiningliBin, Hurd, Mwtcalf, Phillis,
Bubiri;on, Schuh, Swayne, Tuvlor. Wal-
der mid Wood II.
Tlio inaor st ited tho object of tho meet
ing to be for tho opening of bi Is for th
coiisfuciion, rccuiittruction and renewi.l
To-dny has been "' "uowlk, whereupon tho clerk openod
tlio lollowiug bid
Of Geo. W. Hondrick- to build all new
sidewalks a IveriiM-d lor to bo built on tlio
U'rouiid, m ib cents per lineal foot, uud
furnish nil luiiteiials.
Of N. A. Oovore, to do tlio work for
iijorcoon-truction ol tho sidewalks on 23th
and ;ll.li etnets, for 12 cents a iino.il
loot, or to do tlio work and lurnUh th
........ f - . .. . . . .
o.iitu. Him i,,r reL-oilsirill'ling l,o HUIIL-
Hilewalk-s tor 45 cunts a I. Ileal loot.
Of N. A. Uuvore, to do the woik and
iiirni.li nil materials ,T building tlio new
idewnlks ndvurlited for, lor one d.ilhir n
lineal loot fr all Wnlk elevated upon
tre.tlewurk, nnd 8(1 cents h lineal t.p.it
wliero tho same is built upon tho ground
without trettn-work
Ol Mi'tou Jenkins, to do tho repairs on
me .niewiiiKi, on ropiHr sireut rri.ni ibth
lollivisii.n striels, nnd on lotli tre-'t
from Coinmerei il avenue to P..ilar street
o r i"j terns a lll'ei.l li.nl ; to do tlio re
pairs on 1)1 vision and 3llh i-trtots f..r ihe
urn of 10 coot' a lineal font; to do the
roi-airs on north side of Cro.H Jtreet for
the sum of 12 eMr,t, h ,fu.i f,,t . mj
-'5th street f.ir'the sum of 1 1 cunts a lineal
loot, tlio cily to furnish thu materials iu
evi ry case.
On motion of Councilman Taylor the
hid of N. A. Ibtvoro lor furnishing the
uiaterials and d dug th work for tho re
construction of tho sidewalks on 25th and
31th streitt wns iiccepted.
No hid lining iu for tlio furnishing or
materials for tho work bid for by .Mr.
Jenkins, his bid could not lu ae-jeptod, and
wn tln-reloro laid aside,
Alderman Cunnfngham moved to nc-
cept N. A. Dovoro's bid to build
man Wood also stated that Mr. Cahill
agrees lo tako J30 less than tho amount of
his statement, but would not agrco to
mako tbo deduction of $81 80 abovo men
tioned. Alderman Cunningham moved to ac
cept Mr. Cahill's proposition. Carried on
a division by a volo of seven to four.
Councilman Wood moved to Instruct
tho proper officers of tho city, In conjunc
tion with tho street committee, to draw
up proper contracts with the blddors lor
tho work let nt this mooting. Curried.
On motion of Alderman Bjbitnon, nd
journcd. M. J. Howlkv, City Clork.
Council ciuMncit, )
Caiiio, Ilk, Nov. 12, 1872.
Present Aldermen Cunningham, Met-
fair, Phillls, Itoblnsori, Stuucil, Swayne
and Wulder 7.
An ordlnnncu entitled "an ordinance
granting tho right of way to tho Ken
tucky and Tcnncsso railroad company over
eerlain streets of tho city," was road and
laid over for a second reading.
An ordinanco entitled "an ordlnnnce
regulating tho height of chimneys, etc.,"
having been amended by tho select conn
cil wns presented for concurrent actlun.
On motion of Alderman Swayne, this
board rclilrcd to concur in tho amendment
by tho following vote. Ayes Cunning
ham, Metcalf, Phillis, Bobinson, Standi,
Swnyneand Walder 7. Nays 0,
Bill of John II. Oberly for $15 02 for
publishing council proceedings in October,
etc., wns referred btck by tbo priming
committee as correct. Alderman Standi
moved to allow. Curried, ns follows:
Ayes Cunningham, Metcalf, Philli", K .b-
inson, Si
Nays 0,
The committee on claims reported back
tho following bills, recommending pat.
ment, viz;
Frank Itemls, whitewashing park
fence, et . 52 25
vt 11 itockwell, stationery ror citv
clerk's, olllce . . .
Win llenry. Jr., 10 kegs mills, etc.
Cairo City (las i-ompanv, gas used
in Kl street lam; In Oct
It II Cunningham, rent of council
building for Oct
E A Burnett, Oct. salary as city
comptroller ...
A Cain. Oct. salary n t-llv marshal
M .1 llowley, Oct. salary as city
T W Ilalliday. Oct. salary as) city
treasurer, pro teni, 7 tl.ty h . . ..
It A Ciiiiliiiighaiu, October salary as
city treasurer 24 das
L II Jlver-, October salary as chief
or Police
Charle. Mehner. P II Helm, K F Bib
litig-lv. II F Martin, J C l.a Hue
and I-red Whilcauip, police con
stables, salary for Oi-tolier each
F llros, salary as police magistrate
to Nov. Ilth one molitli
Win Henry, hard ware lor pest house
M F Woolon, 19 days guarding small-
pox house
Wheeler, 8 day, guarding
Miiail-pox house .
Klehard Slack. 10 days guarding
-malbpox house
Henry .-lack, 2 day guarding small
pox bouse. . .
Sandy Itedmau, attendance at pest
houe 15 days
Jackson Corn, attendance at pest
house 17 days
W W Wooton,' superintending siirill
pox matters 31 days
. P Holly, repairiupct house, etc.
Peter Dowd, hauling 2 loads to pest
lioue . . ....
V Itl-er, 4 pairs blanket for pest
ho-.i-e . .
M Hrisuoll, hauling celling p.ip.-r t
pest house
Parker .t Itlake, fi5 lbs. celling pa.
ier for pest house
Dr Evans, vaccinating 0!t p.-r-ons
Ir(l (1 Parker, vaccinating :12s per
sons Dr .1 C Sullivan, vaccinating 200 per
sons .
M.I McCaulv, drugs and medicines
Barclay Brothers, drug and medi
cines fieo Schllimel, rent of pest house,
prnU-ion furnished, hauling
done, etc ... ....
I. Jorgeiiscn, grocer.es for pest
boils, etc.
James lto-s, two tons coal for clerk's
Morri., I'ood .t Co., 4,503' feet uii'it-
It .Nhailllfssy. P. M Oeti.l.er s.'il.irvV
John (il.nliicy. hauling lumber
III. Mell.ile. ilietln-' iirlsmier. I
Oetol,e'.:i:5 dai s
A. Frazer. pultliitf in new alesln
pump eoi-ner ol Kleventh slreet
and Commerelal n ...
Phliliii Howard, James PnillK. .
i.i.Miv, ,10s. .M-noiu. r . Ji. Ward.
M t..... II... ii.,.,. . .....
. un, i 111. lino unit 1 no.
1 00
70 50
290 50
40 00
50 00
75 00
100 00
23 33
CO 00
Kl 33
75 00
25 00
1 SO
r.7 00
24 CO
30 00
0 00
23 50
25 12
0 3 00
14 02
2 00
14 00
4 02
21 75
8 2 00
50 (0
10 S'i
43 (50
31 05
21 CO
88 00
f.2 13
25 (Kl
22 00
107 50
10 G5
4 00
22 no
5',i no
50 0 1
II 00
5 35
maud nnd orders nro held wuitine- for sidewalk on tr.-stlewr.rL- ,.,! (!,.,..,. v
t..,l, C. , I . .... . ' ----hv, ,,
-s--vr. tarn ptini in uiiik on trnel ut
river de-
now tiz feet
wutor of J671.
ilmasL Infllctlnc T0FV dltnrtAPdm j I Hfttiivu tit,, it.
-v a(,fM-S lltiri(Ji, I Mil-a flvtp 1 -
J-.ttus wrfUktm to S,. Louis. 1 patchc to Tit Bul lI u hB",n 1)11
k repoitlhocon-
cars sold in
l!4o (sold early) l cars dodo Jlo; t car in
sacks del ilOc; 12 cars in sucks del 31c;
nnd 4 cars in bulk on truck 21c.
COBN MEAL-This market coritinurs
good at quotations, 200 bbls kiln dried
sold del at 2 40'2 45; 300 bbl steiiin
dried del 2 40; 140 bbls Calorio $2 40 nnd
U00 bbls Evening Star " Cily Mills stenm
dried J 602 f,5.
BUTTEB Choice northern is In cood
tlHinand ut out.idu quolations. Common
butter finds no market hero. Sales reported
uru I box choice roll l!So; 12 nkes cholcn
solid packed 25o ; 5 pkgs clioico roll 23c ;
and (1 pkgs choice roll V-'Gc.
EGGS Thero is an nctivo demand for
eggs with nono in the market, loo dozen
sold at 'J5j, nnd 5 boxes shlppor' count
at 'J5o pur dojsen.
CHICKENS-Market overstocked with
llvo chickens. No demand at nil. There is
wns enquiry for dressed poultry and il
Hendricks' bid to build now sidewalks
upon the ground.
Vlderuian Metcalf moved to nmond by
omitting mention of Ddvoro's bid
A -. I ns.
...ii.-.miii.-iii i;imeii, x (10 motion, us
amended, was thou adopted.
Councilman Wood inovod to accept N.
iV. Dovoro's bid to build now sidewalks on
trestlowork. Carried.
Liquoil winds.
Slain bond of James .Manning for liquor
license was presented, and, on motion of
Alderman Swayne, approved. City bond
of same was presented and, on motion of
Alderman Bobinton, npprovod.
CAII ill's account.
Councilman Wood, from tlio street com
mittee reported vorbally that he had meas
ured the work of Mr. Calull and made tho
number of yards 13J less than made by
Mr. Thrtipp, and tliuu mado tho total
amount duo Mr, Cablll for all tho work
84 80 less than bis sUtumsnt. Council
Keith, for sort ees ns 1.1..,,
Ileeinun on election day, .Novem
ber 5th. e.ieli
John (iladl.ev. Iiamlii ' liMiiher
P. Coul.tn, gf dah' woik on otreet
111 tl. li.l.er
Thus. Fltz-'er dd. 27 davs'' u-oi k- ni,
street- In (let,,!, .r
Win. .Mell.ile, 22 .lavV work on
streets In Oetober
Nick Williams, meat furnhed ' peit
hnii-e Irom Sent. IT t. . 1.,, -n
N. Feith for fuinisldiiL- i-nfll tiu niisl
ouryiuv u Mil:ill-pox patient.. . . 12 00
On motion, laid bills wero allowed bi
lbo following vote: Ayes-Cunnliigliaui,
Metcalf Phillis-, Bobinson. Standi. Swnvne
and Wnlder 7. Nnv 0.
Bill of J. B. Pu-d fr SI4 05 for hard
ware whs, on moiion of Alderman Uohin-
son allowed ns follows: Ayes Curiing
ham, Meteair, Phillis, Bobinson, Stancil.
Swayno mid Walder 7. Nay 0.
Bill of Cairo Box nnd Bsket Co.. for
$37 09 for litmbkr was rchorttd back bv
thn comiuittto recommending payment ol
3- 70 in lull of lull, 0 motion i)f Alder
man Swayno tho ..ill win allowed as ri-com-mand'd
by thu following vote: Ayes
Cunningham, Metcalf, Phillis, Bolinson.
Standi, Swayno and Walder 7. Nay 0.
Bill or Crl Peters for ?3 for pointing
threu picks was referred back lo the claims
committeo reccommendinir payment of
l 00 in full. On motion of Alderman
Motcnlf the bill was allowed as recom-
mended by thn following voto: Ayes
uunningiimn, riiiilis, Metcalf, Bobinson.
Stancil, Swayno and Walder 7, Nay 0.
On motion of Alderman Bobinson the
board adjourned to moot to-morrow even-
In; nt thu usual hour.
31. J. Howi.r.r,
City Clork.
Council Ciiamwch, )
Caiko, III., -Nov. 13, 1872.
Proiont--A!dormen Phillis, Kenrden,
Bobinson, Sutford, Stratton, Swayno and
Walder 7.
On motion of Aldtrman Satferd tb
reading of tbo minutes was dispensed
AN cntllNANCK.
An ordinanco ontltlod "an ordinance
(?rantlng tho right of way to tho Kontucky
and Tennrssco railroad company over
certain trcots of thn city," was road a
second tlmo and on motion of Alderman
Swayno adopted by tho following votes
Ayos Phillis, Bearden, Bobleson, Safford,
Stratton, Swayno and Wnlder 7. Nay
caihll's account.
Statemontof John Cahlll's account wns
presonted, showing a balance duo him, of
$288 '21, after deducting tho nmotltit al
ready allowed and tho nmount (SO),
agreed by him to bo deducted. Alder
man Safford moved that said balance of
$288 23 bo nllowcd. Carried by tho fol
.lowing vote: Ayes -Phillis, Bearden,
Bobinson, Safford, Stratton, Swnyne and
Walder 7. Nay 0.
On motion of Alderman Swayne, ad
journed. M.J. Howlkv,
City Clerk.
(Open Day and Night.)
J. K. PAHKS, I'roprielor,
Ohio l.cwe. bet. 4th nnd (!th streets,
A fine new Dining Hull with every con
venience h'oi been added to this popular
Itt-staurjht, nnd the guests will tin 1 tu-rv
riqulslte lor thelruccumod.itlon.
consists of excry substantial and delicacy or
the scasou.
s supplied Mllhthn
ISTMIxcd tlrlnks prepared with care.
11-10 tl.
Corner 10th street and Commercial aventt
next uoor to the llylanil saloon.
11-10 tf. CAlBO, ILLS.
Home Advcrtsicments.
(An ordinance regulating the height ofchlin
iit-vs. ,-te.l
lie Itonlaiiicd by the city council or the city
or t.atro :
.sstCTitiN 1. mat nercairer in the eon
slrttctlouor cliiu.neys lor shops, mills, facto.
riei. orothcr t'sUibli-hments wln-re steam I
tl-e ., the mu-e shall be not less than Illtv
feet In bight from the present established
grade of the streets or -l.l.:alks.
Skc. 2. Every person who shall hereafter
erect anil maintain any clilumev cunt ary to
.1 .1 .. .. ... .. .
iou proi isniiis in hi,. , i ct-ningsecilon, uill
eier.v person ivim Mian in-r.-aller u-e or
maliitaln any clilmney in -iicli a maimer a
to be oll'-n-lve to, or Ilk Iv to be injurious to
the health or comfort ol a'uy portion or the
luhabltanbs ol the citv or (.'alro, shall forielt
ami pay ior me use 01 the citv or (.'alro the
umoi me miliars ior e cry day Mich per
oii so maintains a no u.c. such ililumev ul
ter written notice, scried bv anv one ol the
police olliccrt. or the said citv ol Cairo.
Appiotcd Nov tuber IS, h72.
John M. Lanmikn, Mavnr,
Attest, M. J. Howlkv, City Clerk.
Alt ordinance granting the right of wav to
toe iicuiucKy anil ieu:ies.t-e Itailrond
company oier certain streets of the clty.l
WllKltKAs. The Kenlllcky and Tenness'ee
Ilailioiid company h.iie axreed In establish
1 uepoi ior ineir road on the Ohio rh
naiiK. outslili-of l.eiee street, (lie lower or
-muieriy cull 01 wuicll Will lie near I W t-ntv.
lilth street t-.tiiidiil In s.il.l ,-Im- ,,.,,1
leirous of binning running conneetlons
with other railroads whose termini are iu
sain ciij, iiierciore
lie it ordained by the city council of the
ciij 01 i,airo :
Skctio.v 1. 'I hat In consideration of the
estahlishtni-nt of a. depot bv them on tin
nio riier l(.ink near the Intersection or
1 weniy-nitii street, ir e.tended, and l.ue
street, tlie Kentucky uud T. nni-s.ee railroad
eompanv ol hi-ntui-ky are hereby author-
ir.r.i .11.11 ciniioivcivii 10 mi anil graile so
11111. 11 01 i.eico htret-t as inav be nect-ssan
lor the purno.es u( thi. ordinance and to lav
bin, ni.ilnlalii ami operate a single or
moon- one 01 rails on, oierand along l.exci-
street in sn 1 c v In. 111 t ... r ...l.l ,1 ,
grounds ,,t r n'ear Tweiitv..Ktii sir-.-r
liorlliwiirdly a .d on, oierand along I la I In. ad
aieiiitii to t'ommeri'ibl uicniie, or to It.s in.
terseel Ion with the Cairo mid Vliiceniies
and Illinois Central railroad tracks, proii-
p.,,,, ii, rails, snaii, ivneli laid,
be .0 arranged that truu-l by men and teams
mi i uiong hum irai-K snail not l,e lin
pcdeit Iherebv,
Apjirovcd November IS. 1S72,
John .M. l.t.M.KV. Mayor.
Attest: M. J. Howlkv, City Clerk.
Tha rM an.) EIMt..M,n, B(m(lt
Ei. Thomah, Clerk.
jar Leaves Culro for Paducah and Fv-in..
v b every TlmrMlay and Ktinday iveliim
at 0 o'clock, connccling nt EvaliMllle ' Tifc
he Uuls.lileand Cincinnati packet,. Fr
Irelght or passage iipiily to ror
JamkmBiiioh Passenger An'1.
KE(Ui!'A.'f AH). IMnL'CAlIA KV'Ar
The line Passenger Packet
Xkolkv Buiiii " ""
tSTLcavca Cairo for Pndtirah and Evam-
lie ecr 1'iie sd ay and Kritlay evening
o'clock. For fielght or tiai,s.air .r
board or to ' " 1
Jasikh Hindu, I'asscngcr Ag't.
The fine low pressure Passenger Packet
EJTI.eaves Cnlro ciery Wednes-lay ami
.Saturday eetilrig atO o'clock, Tor Padu ill
and Miomllle. For rrclnht or passage
ply on board or to 1
JAMEMlllGOg, I'assetKcr Ajf'l.
c a uToTii'XducaiI
The splen-lij .Uussr
Dick Fowler, Captain
.cavei Calm DAILY. (Sunday excepted), ut
4 p.m. 1- or freight or passage apply t n ;:,r,.
or to
Ja. Mai.loiiv, Ag't.
Sealed projiosaN will be received nt the
ii cicm ouiec until TJ o'clock p in. or
..lui oaj, me s conn nay o Di-eember, A.
p., lh,2, for turui.hingilie material, or do
liig the work, or both, ror the construction
of sidewalks; on flic lollowlng named street.,
lo-wit : On the northerly side or Twt llth
street Hoin llie lerinlmis of tin- present side
walk on said Mieet. between Walnut and
Cedar Mi-eels, to Locust street : on the
Mitilheily s de of Thlrteenlh Mrett from
Commercial avenue to Washington avenue:
on the i at side or llnlhronk avenue Iron!
west I wenty.thlrd Mre t to west Twenty
louriu s rcct ; on u,,, M,t, s, ,- w,. t
I wenty-rotirth street from Holhiook avenue
to Park uvt'liue.
Said proposals shall be directed to the cily
council, and will be opei ed at a Joint luet-t-lug
of the council at Hie time about named
All liroiOa s shall In- in.-iili, In
Willi Uic iroMniw. n-niilr. -Illi.llts 1,1, il k,.rt.,l-
llcatloiiH ol ordinance No, III, nppri.cd
Octob r llilh, A, D., Ih72, which ordinance
is now on me in my nmce subject tocxamlnu
Hon at nnv t inc.
The Hiy reserves thu right to reject any
Ol 411 M1UB
M. J. Howlkv, city CIcrK.
Cairo, Ills., Suy, IS, 1S72. tllOt
Will mk thr trlpf dully.
At 7 a.m.
At II ..n.m
At 4:30 .ti.tn.
At e-30 a.m.
At 1:30 . p.m.
. n.m.
.h;r,; .".".r.1.1 .Wafv ;V c, ",,,i 10 ticket, lor
?2 W). Uill land, when hailed, at any goo,'
Intermediate landing for pasnengcnt oi
freight. novltf.
A place where you can buy a much for
a you can elsewhere for
In Admiialty.
By vlrtitro ofn writ of Mile Issued out of
mo uisinci court oi me ijiiueii .-states, ror
the Southern district or Illinois, in ndinliallv.
dated on tho llrst day or November, A. D
1872. will be sold nt public (.ale to the
highest nnd best bidder, for cash, at Cairo
'J' hixiV,Mc.tinn,Vlo:i!)iU ,la.vof sVovcmber
,h0 f0,l0W,"
The sntno limine ,,,. .-...i. .
ordered by the court to be sold:"ou,,,L,,
.,,, , , , . U. 8. Marsba),
Spnnfcilcld, Illi., November Otis. 1872. -
Tho undersigned would re.pectfully in
form the public that they have fitted their
new store house on Eighth street with the
finest and best assorted stock of
general merchandise ever before brought
to this market, and in order
to securo a large portion of the patronage
of the public,
Our stock it entirely new, and
iKtugl.t enprenly for the corning fall and
winter trado of this locality, and consisU
of Ladies, Gents and Children's
And all other articles to be found in a
flrstt dais dry goods and clothing establish
We call especial attention to our large
assortment of dress goods, shawls and
cloaks, which department is complete in
nil its. details. Ourslockof
is tho largest in the cily, and we are en
abled to offer speciul inducements to pur
In Oentlcmcns' Clothing, Boots and
Shoos, Hats, Caps, and furnishing goods
wo aro fully prepared to meet all de
mands at prices defying competition. An
it is to tho interest of every one to buy
whero goods aro chospest and best
wo cordially invito the public
to call arid exiimino our stock beforo pur
chasing elsewhere.
Our establishment is located on the east
side of Eighth direct, between Washington
and Commercial avenues,
Blum & Amson.
A valuable farm within seven miles oi
Metropolis, on the .Toneshoro Iioad, consist,
ing of 200 acres with 60 acres cleared and
other imnrnvemcnts. now owned and form
erly occupied, by J. T. Bcnnie.
TElt.MS. One-fourth down balance In
ono, two and threo yeurs notes secured by
mortgage, witn six per cent, interest.
N.H. The timber Is cood nnd liai never.
been ctillod nnd no timber will be permitted
o bo cut or used, except what Is necassary
ior tbo wear and tear ni 'the nlace. until after
tbo second payment has been undo.
t or lniormstion apply to
Call, "

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