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U.8.Stn S,OiiitRVRii' OrrtCK,
(Utiio.Dto. 31, 1872, 10:1 1 p.m.
BfotiMtor 3).I8, nnd ilosrly rlttng.
Wind northwest, Telocity 1 mllo per
Mstl-um taraporature, last 21 hour,
'X nlnvim temperature, last 2 hour,
10-.il pm-Sl'.
Pea tiling wln.l. north to north west.
fotal velocity o! W.nd, last 24 rAJurs, 176
T.tlal rainfall, tail 21 hours .21 of an
Tiiom u L. Wato, Obsorver.
5fo piper to-morrow.
lUrrrr Now Your m eve'yhody I
TwKMTYf kvkn steamboats aro laying
up hero.
TicKtr-or-t.ciTit-MAS at tho Athena
urn to-night.
No pats will be luca from Mt
office to-morrow.
Piikntrr Irwin Ims the tux-book, and in
ready .to receive taxes.
JuroK Mulkky returned yesterday
from u visit toSt.Vuls.
Ten saloon keepcts went for their II
cemet yesterday nnd got them.
Yb-tkrday morning's train on the
I. O. was four bnurs behind time.
QUAltB lire telling In our market at one
dollar per down, and plenty of them.
Tilt post-offlco will bo opened to-day
from 8 to 9 and from 5 to C.
Tiik tolecraph oflico will bopon to-day
from 8 to 10 and from' 4 to C.
Both banks will keep their doori cloied
to-day, and rest from their labors.
A larok number of Kontuckians and
Miwouriani carao over yesterday, to trade
with ui.
Jack "Wimr.K gives a froo ogg-nnp
blowut to all ill frlond, at tho Levee
Dolmonlco, thii mornlnir.
Tot your small earning into the Enter
prise Saving! bank, and watch thorn grow
large by degrees and beautifully big.
EloilTKKN scvonty-tkreu is u good sort
of a year, as far as wo liavo tested It, live
minutes at this writing.
Ttl cold snap hits run its course. Vt
are now read; tor the next one. Let i
conio with all its frigid horrors on it
bead 1
Bkn'FIT of Mr. and Mrs. Sjldon Irw'u
Fri.l.r nlehL wh-n Eu-l Lvnn will b-
dished in the best style of the historonii
Tbb hnso of tho Ddt Firo Compm
came to hand yesterday, and now thi
Deltas aro ready to fight red or blue
True Enterpri.o Savings bank is the
poor man's friend -the poor man's and the
poor woman's, the poor boy s and the poo?
girl's friend.
LUJB noUCK,E-q , formerly of this cit J
mas married at Elrnwood, near Cp Glr
ardean, on Christmas, to Mir Mullie
Uunter Giboncy.
Tiik business of stnrint; leu at this place
has ben discontinued. Tho ico has become
as si.fi a U'nton's head, and as rotten as
the South Carolina legislature.
Tin solitary sleigh, which, without
belled horse, glided liko a surly thins;
long our str-i-u Ust weok, hat gone out
of-buslnets. It is nollher ornamental nor
useful now.
Tuc thirsting cisterns of the1 city havr
btwin fv.ired lately by the ''kynd skyes,"
asC der has it, with about four drops ol
water each. Tbey feel encouraged.
It is tail that Hon. D. T. Linegar is t
be put forward for mayor by tho salooi
interest; but as Dave and Tub Uulletik
were never known to smile in that wa,
the report is no doubt Mse.
AtJNT It AC UK L, an old negress, famous
as a disreputable woman, went out will
toe year yesterday passed in her checks,
and drew out what abo had won in the
game of life.
Tac German bund of mu.icians, which
has been entertaining th city with excel
lent music, gavo Tub Uullktin a New
Year serenade at half-pait 1 o'clock this
morning. Thanks, noble Teutons I
EVANSVH.LK has become alarmed about
the prevalence of small-pox, and has aunt
Cairo as much of the diicaio as she could
pare. The majority two-thirds of thi
inmates of the pest-houro In this city came
from Evausvillo and St. Louis.
Mr. Wilmanb, editor of the JJount
Carmel "Register," called on us yester
day. Mr. "Wilmans publishes a good pa
per in the most Important town on the
Cairo and Vincennes toad, and .bus re
ceived many advertisements from oui
Masuied. At Judge John II. Slulk
ey's retidence yeiterday. Dr. V. C. Lonu,
of Jonrttoro, and Miss Luella Mulkey, t
daughter cf the Judixe. Tho ceremony
wu ptformed by Kv. Father O'Hallnraii
of Saint INtrk'k's church, llappinoss and
long life I
Amoko the mini prominent arrivals at
the St. Charlts hotel, wero Doctor W. I
Leuti, of Jonesbnro ; D. IS, Kirk, of St
Louis; O L. Cooke, do; Arthur Scott, d ;
C. K.Oouke.do; J. 51. Uuckner, l'adu
e.b U. H. Dye. Otford, Miss,; W. II
Fowell, Ridley, Tnniec.
A ttm of our monlcd men sire about
purebaiing a Idotk in the u per part i)
this eity, on which they propose to bull
Uaicnrat bouses, to tw ranted for $10 t
'3 month Tenement bouiii are mud
atedrd In this tlty, end such an Invesi
aDlwUl, dwublBot, be fry pruflta
The Cairo 'G.xotlo' Carrier Doy'e New
Yoar'i Addross, placed nn our labia by
by friend Ilarmll, isprottyln lis typog
raphy, and In Ha poetical matter li very
flno. It was ovidently written by tho banc)
of eomo porson possessed, In a marked de
gree, nf tlio divine aflltlut.
Tub atlendanco at thn Ui gh and Ready
bell last night, was large, tevenly-flve
ouple being In atlendanco. At II o'clock
the supper was served. Tho tables were
'nadnd down with good things to eat.
Financially, tho ball wa also a success.
TnsWgeJt shlpmont of oysters ever be
fore received In Cairo, was received tast
light by Jack Winter 1,000 cams. They
iro B.'tt'Cla, and aro for sale at .Tack's
popular market, where also may bo pro
cured bear steaks, benr roast and boar
A miscrbant pliici-d ho iron rail across
tho track of the Mokllo and Ohio road
vestcrday morning, near Moscow, Ken
ticky. "When tho passenger train carno
north tho obstruction wa not observed by
ho engineer, and tho cngino was
wrecked. No other damago was done.
TttoMAa Gatland and Ed Darrah
thought a turkey would bo good to have
n Now Year' day. Acting, upon the
thought they gobbled one at tho corner
toro. of Eighth street and Washington
-tvenuo, but wero gobbled themselves and
lodged all night with McIIale. Sban
nessy let tbcm both go after reprimanding
Amdhosb Pyatt, tho boss Carrier Boy
of Tiik Duixitin, will bo on hand with a
greeting to his patrons thl morning. Its
iuthor.-a lady of tho city, propared it in
haste within tho lust forty-eight hours
will invites tho gentlest of criticism, as
loes tho typo, who did not commence the
labor of composing nnd Imposing it until
titer supper-timo last night. Hut it will
do would bo oxcellont for any ofllco but
the par oxcollcnl Bullri iv, and wo hope
Ambroso may mako it pny.
A few days aio, u ahoeiuaker of this
Ity abandoned his family: it wife nnd two
chl'dren. From Memphis ho sent a tele
gram to a friend of her's, saying : "1 nover
-ipect to return." No cause for his con
duct has beon given, except that a Week
r two ago ho was on a heavy, long-con
tinued spreo, for which bis wife upbraided
nim, but ho continued until bo became
!isgusllngly besotted. His wife talks
rtboul holding somebody responsible.
Tub Mt. Carmel excursionists on tho C.
ind V. mml, improvised u meeting on the
return trip from this city, and passed res
olutions, which' wo And in the Mt Cnrmut
It-glstor,' thanking verybody. Of Cairo
hoy say : '-We sincoroly thunk tho people
f that city for tho kind reception given
is, and for their most bountiful holpitall
les." We beg the Carmelitrs not to men
ion it. Wa were throwing- bread upon
he waters at the O. and V. celebration,
tnd we hopo it may return to us before
.nanydays have paued.
Atiieheum. Last night, being drixzly
ind dark, the bouse was nothing liko fSlI.
I bo play presented was Brougham's
.omlc drama, entitled "Tho Irish Emi
grant," and was rendered in excellent
ttvle, worthy of better patronage. In
ihe character nf Bobalink, Mr. Irwin
howed conclusively that ho was matter
of that part. This troupe will stay with
is only during tho balance of this week,
ind lovors of tho drama should call to
'uud that this may bo tho last opportunity
tliowed them of stoing this excellent com-
puny of actors. To-night: "Ticket of
Lcavo Man."
Thr devil is to pay now, sure. Why is
t that we cannot become an admirer of the
neck and senile P.ipo withnutstirring the
'ream into muddy wrath? But it
!. Kven the ..centle Colonel
fohn Wood, aspiring himself to
tho mavor'i 'office yearning to
erve the city filled with a great desire
to add to the glory of the Republican
party, bas turned his wrathful eyo hither-'
ward, and has said, in bit oracular war:
'Tho Republ'cani have a majority in
Cairo, and thn Republicans propose to run
ho city in their own way hereafter. We
will have nothing to do with a citizen's
ticket, and if Fopo .is drifting thatawHy,
t him drift " Dear John, becalm. Wo
lo not wish to have you agitated. We
wouldn't stir your bonnio blooU for all tho.
highlands of tho delightful land from
whence you brought your yielding dispo
lillon. Wo want to accommodate you
Wo would be delighted to have you trot
out your Rads in support of a straight
ticket, in fact, to mako a square or a
round or an octagon issue with you, wo
throw down tho gauntlet, and daro you to
nominate a Republican ticket fitr city
fBcet. Do you obsorvo tho phraso, friend
Wood, wo dart you; and, to mako tho
'hint acreeablo all around, got on the
ticket yourself, liiddiel
The Presbyterian .Sunday school festi
val last night altractod a large company
of adults, and about ono hundred and
oixty scholars. Tho church was beaut!
fully decoratod. To tho right of tho pul
pit as you entered the door was a tree
wrapped with cotton, to reproscnt snow,
on the branches of which hung ono hun
dred and sixty packages of assorted car
dies for the children, who soon plucked all
tho templing but not forbid
den fruit. On it center table
in front of tho pulpit was a pyramid ol
oranges a barrel of them, To the left of
tho pulpit fruits of all kinds wero piled and
irranged artistically. Alr and behind
the pulpit were emblems of Christianity,
crones, crowni, stats, aichors, olive
oranches, etc. On the pulpit wa a selec
tion nf mifcelleneous books for children
one for each scholar. Threo beautiful
price books were given to tho three
I'h.ldren who, during tho year
hvl brought into thn School the;r,.,t a
number of new scholars. During thi eve
ning friends of Mr', Thayer presented to
ler a baml'onio new bible. The cere mo
niei opened with a song, after which thmu
vas recitation from Fsalms and prayer,
Welcoming speeches were made by two
little tlrls s"loar.d chorus, book present
lions, and other Interesting exercises m d
the momontl pass pleasantly away, end
the ll'' pwnple finally west wy bippy
w aw Jim to tba ui jut.
Waktbd City scrip, Urge amount
immediately, at my itore, cornor of Sixth
sareot and commercial avenue. .
ll3t. D. Uartmam,'
Tub foitlvaland ooncorl at Mound City
wae oppointed for Now Year's night, nnd
not Now Yor'i eve, as herotoforo an-
nouncej. Tho entortalnment will bo
glvsn to-nlgh'. Let ell attend.
Mahribd On tho 31st Inttant, at tho
residence of tin btldn'a father, at Villa
wig", Ills., by Hav. Fred. I,. Thonnon,
Mr. Thomas A. V.iung of Metropolis, Ills.,
to Miss Sarah M Wilson.
Wb publish this morning tho business
card of Messrs. John Q. Ilarman & Co.,
real cstnto agents, etc. Tho new firm is
well up In their business, Is entitled to un
limited confidence, and will, we doubt not,
succeed. The real cstnto business of
Cairo has grown Into big proportions, and
there is plenty of room for tho new firm.
C,TV SCKip.-City scrip for salo in sums
to suit purchasers at current rates, by the
City National bank. No. 72 Ohio loveo.
1-l-dlw. A. B. Sapporo, Cashier.
Mr. Wm. Brown Iim opened n day
boarding homo In Buder'a block, corner
of Eighth and Washington, and is pre
pared to accommodate an unlimited num
ber with day board. Meals will ho furn
Ished at all hours of tho dav In flrt.e1
style. Thn tnblo will bo supplied wlth.the
nest me markot and the season affords
For particulars apply at tho houso.
12-3l-lm .
Look Herc. The following are.tbn un .
precendented low prides at which Iluntv
and Grccnwald, 105 Commercial avenue,
aro manufacturing all kinds of boots,
shoes nnd gaiters :
Wellington Fronch-calf bool $12 00
ditto donhlr mlnil In p.
longuo boots, s s J4 pO1
ditto, dollbln lntn.1 i i r.n
Sewed gaiters, plain 8 00
And all other work dono at correspond
Ing low prices. Repairing dono with
noatness and dlpatch. Only tho best
material used, and all work guaranteed.
Samuel Smith, medium lecturer, will
give public lectures and soances. All
communications oonfldontial. Address
1-1-lm P. O. Box 730, Cairo, Ills.
Ladles wijl find at Burger's, 141 Com
mercial avenue, fancy goods of all kinds,
selected with especial roforenco to the hol
iday season; men and boys will find all
Kinds or boots and hhocs, and ladies' and
misses' shoes that will give perfect satis
faction. Mr. Burger has aln dress good",
shawls, skirts, furs or all kind-uch a
minks, sables, etc.; nil now. lust received
from tho East, and now boing sold at very
low prices at figures rnducod to meet the
demands of tho holiday fade, so U.at the
nimble penny may be turnod Instoad of
thn slow dollar. Call and lee for your
self. tf.
The discharge of fl aid in Diabetes Is
snmothlng very extraordinary, having
been known to roach tho amount of thlrtv
pints In twenty-four hours, each pint con
taining over two ounces of saccharine mat
ter. In the early stages of this di'ease nn
remedy is so prompt as Parker's Com
pound Fluid Extract Buchu. Try It, and
you will nover rcgrot it. Sold by all drug
gists everywhere.
Monday Evening, Dec. 30th 1872
The market Is very acllvo and tho de
mand good for all kinds of grain and bay.
Transactions in fl iur hsiobeon restricted
for want of shipping facilities to the In
terior of tho south, but tho demand is
good and prices are firm and unchanged.
Owing to thn favorable condition of the
market and prices at New Orleans, outs
and hay havo advanced and the specula
tive demand is good at outside quotations.
Corn sells readily at unchanged prices.
The' market Is overstocked with butter
and egg, no demand at all for eilhr, but
as yet there is no material change in pri
ces The river continues to riso and is clear
of ico. Ratos to Now Orleans havo de
clined, boats are taking flour, apples &c ut
COc por bbl and grain at 30c per hundred.
Thn weather is warm .tnd a light rain
has fallen steadily all day.
FLOUR The market is firm but quiet.
Transactions are limited by wnnt of ship
ping facilities. Prices contlnuo unchanged
500 bbls various graJes sold at $ 12 tn
0 50; 2 car loads do at 0 60 to 9 70; " 100
bbls do & 2'i to 0 75; 200 bbls Jo 0 60 to
9 75: 100 bbl choico XXX winter an
track 8 21 and '22b bbls vurioui grades at
5 to 9 60.
WHEAT We note sales of 1 car In
ferior red at 1 30 and 1 car choice do at
1 40.
HAY The markot is very firm, prices
havo udvuncud since last week and choice
is held at 27 00 to-day. All that arrives
finds ready sale. Sales comprise' 1 car
, choico timothy del at 26 00; C cars good
mixed del 25 00; 0 cars good timpthhy,
sold last Saturday, 252J 00 del; 170
bales good mixed 25 00 del and 4 car
mixed and timothy brought 2426 00.
CORN Thero is a good demand to
supply thn southern markets, Prices are
BULK CORN-Saloi comprise 12 cars
mixed on track 31035c; 10 cars whito on
track 37c; 2 cars do 37c; and 16000 bushels
mixed in Elevator on p, t.
CO UN IN SACKS-Salcs wero 0 cars
white on orders del 4748c; 'I cars white
. 7c; 2 cars yellow 44c; 3 cars whito on or
ders 48c; 6 cars mixed on orders 45o and
2 cars white 47c.
OAT." The market is very active at an
advance over last week, The supply la
limited. Receipts are all taken on specu
lation for the New Orleans market, Sales
in sack delivered were 4 cars on ordera
3(o; 1 car on orders 35c; I car choice
white 38 ; 3 cars mixed 81 Ji ; 3100 sarks
mixed sold on private terms, and 8 hi
mixed sold in bulk on track at 29c,
CORN MEAL Oood demand and fuH
upply. rxliM remain abeut the mb a
bbls, 400 kiln dried 2 66f2 00; 200 steam
dried del 2 Go; 500 bbls steam dried del
'2 65; 135 bbls do 2 00; 300 bbls Bochcrs
Culorlo on p. t. nnd 800 bbls ''Evening
Star" City Mills, steam dried 2 CO.
BUTTEH Tho market is overstocked
and very dull. 10 p'gs choico roll sold
at2025c;20 boxes do 22Q26.', 200 Us
roll 16 to20c and 300 Ibi choico roll 20
EGGS Wo note n very dull market,
holders nro asking 33a but will tmvc to
lako33o. 20 pkgs sold tit 3315c; 3"0
dozen nt 33c and 10 pkgs tliglmy frosted
sold at 30c per dozen.
POULTRY-AI1 hinds dull. Very
Hub demand, there is ctiiitlderiible
droned poultry In tho hunds of di-nlusr.
The weather is warm un unfuvornblo.
TUKICEVS 800 pounds dressed sold
at 13lCc.
CHICKENS 10 dozen drcaiod sold
2 0(n3 00 and 12 dozen do at '1 75 to
3 CO.
GAME Very light demand, plenty In
tho market. 10 dozen rabbits sold nt
1 00 to 1 26 per dozen; 8 dcers at C7o
and 20 dozen quails at I 00 to 1 25.
WHEAT. Tho prices to-dny, reported
by tho City Mills, nro No. 1 Whito,
$1 76; No. 2 While, $1 06; Rod by
ininplo, $1 60 to 1 CO; Mediterranean
$1 80 lo 1 60. Damp or tough wheat is
BRAN Quiet, 100 nicks sold on or
lurs nt 22 no nnd 1C0 sacks ship stud' del
20 00 por ton.
LIME. In lots $1 '-'5 to 1 60 V bbl.
CEMENT. At wholesale $2 26
2 60 V bbl.
ONIONS-Por bbl none.
POTATOES Per bbl 3 n to 3J.
KKKl'your doors mid gatts fhut with
the Dudly spring from HhIIiiv's.
12-1 9-1 m
Stcumcr Illinois, Columbus
Steamer Honry Ames, Bolniotit
" Illinois, Columbus
Hero tho river lias fallen 0 inches dur
ing the past 24 hours. The tatal rise here
caused by tbo water out of tho Cumber
land river, was 12 feet. Tho Ohio still
remains open to Paducah, an! U clear ot
"Ice. No change in the condition of the
nighty Mississippi itbovo here, it still re
mains a solid muss of ice, and thuro is in.
lulling when it will bo npeutd. - Old 1872
has loft the rivers in a much worse condi
tion than it found them one year ago to
day. Nothing on this side could bi
learned of the Ico gorge at Kundolph, but
it is thought to ho ill ore still.
Special dif patches to The HullktIN re
port tho condi. ion of the Missiisippi and
Ohio rivers at various place..
Business un tho levoo continue good.
Notwithstanding the condition of th
river below here steamers contiuuo rccciv
ing for the South.
Tbo day opened with a slow, drizzling
rain, much to tho disgust of pedestrians,
Aftur dinner the wind shifted to th
north and prospects for another cold spell
wero good.
The following steamboats were ut this
port at thn clo,e of 1872: R. A. liitbhagr
lUvun, Mary Divage, Paulino Carroll,
John Kilgour, lllowild, Exporter, Andy
Johnson, Uiiorgo C. Wolff, Utah, J t.rt
W. Garrett, Crescent City, Thompson
IX'an, Wm. J. Lewi', James Means, Ike
Hammitt, Wild Ctt, sunk, John Luins-
dm, Colorado, City of Alton, Mary E.
P-iM, City ot Uvlena, Cpitol City, Grand
Tower, Warner, Joo Kinnoy, Continental,
Ohas. B, Church and Glasgow.
Tim Henry Ames finished discharging
her load, and left for Belmont to load for
New Orleans.
The Joe. Kinney for Vicksburg, is fil
ling up her trip fust, and will leavo for
that port this day.
The Lo Claire, recently sunk by tho Ico
ut Evansville, is boing dismantled.
Tho low-boat J. N. Kellogg, and bargct
aro still in winter quarters at Commerce.
Tho Mohawk has laid up at Now Or
leans until the heavy ico runs out of tho
Tho position pf the sunken Wild Cat,
remains unchangod, and nothing is being
dono to her. She is owned by parties in
St. Louis,
Tho Mary Alico, en fouto to this port
wilbsevoral barges, has laid tip at Friar's
point, waiting for tbo goigo at Randolph
to brca up.
The tow of the Crescent City Is nil ready
for departure, but will not leave until tho
river below here opens.
Tbo Jim Fitk,Jr., has not nmdoa trip
slnco last Saturday, and has been laid up
at Paducah.
The hull of tho burnt Emma Is now at
Paducah having a cargo box built on it.
Our Homo Advortison.
City Natlotsal Hank Bulldlue;.
Hcil attention paid to ordsrs Irotn nmn
txials onhtordsv
John (J. Ilarman.
Chas. Thrupp.
Hart Car. l !. aad blot.eves.
Caibo, Iilinoh.
Abstracts of Title, Conveyancing made a
sp '-islty. Real Kstate bought and io'.U.
arls-eePaU, eu.
! hereby given Hint default Iiavl- c been
lor more tlinii ixtt ilnys in the iwy
or n
portion of
to he n.ili
by n
cerium mortgage executed by Frank linn
iinip to Samuel Stouts Taylor mi l K ..win
Panon. trustee- or thn Cairo tlty Pioliurty,
dated March 10, 1804, and recorded In the
recorder ofllcc, In and lor Alexander
county, In tho Mato ol :ililnoi, In book I. ol
deeds, on page c:)7. etc, we, tho tinder
IkiiciI. mitt tritHce., will on l-rld:iy, the
-Ji ' dny of .r.iiiiniy next. A. 1). ISTiJ, nt 10
ii clock Ol tho forenoon of Hint ihiv, iimlcr
iiml iv lrtunortliu powcrorMhi roiitnlncil
liisjild tmirtiragc. m-II nt pnl.lle miction t Mho
Iilhet bidder, for c.ih. nt thenlllce litiildiiij
of Mild tnuji'o., coiner of Wii'liliigton nvi
" "'"I MKhleciilli Mrcet, In tin, city nf
Cuiro, n-AlexiuiiliTcoiuity nnd Mute of Illl
nol. all tho right, tltlo nnd Interest nf Mild
(rank lliiiicniiip. cr M aligns In jiinl to
lot iiitmbeied :i (tliu c,) In block i.uinl.crcil
4 ) (lorty,) In wld e l y , i i,( nm uniini- ,
tho recorded jil.it thereof, with the nomine
mincca, to Nillsiyibo purposes uml uoiull
Hon of yald innil.ici...
rrtiMeesol tho Cairo City Prnnoiiv,
l),'1'JlJ"l'-".lliiol)Deccii)h rao, 187J.
N hereby then tint ,1
inailii lor iiioru thmi clxty ilnvn In thn p;iV
mentor a portion of the iiuuuiiit sectircil io
I i " " "am morigngu executed liv
'J.0.1'". 1 .' !1W5i" 1 10 Samuel Slants rnvlor niii'l
I'.dwlu rar-oim. tniMi'i". of Dm
I'roii. rty. dated Nov. II, uml iccfir-'eil
III the reeonlor'a otlicc,ln:i ilior Alexaiiilcr
vottnty. In tho Hate nf Illinois, In book I- ol
dccdH, on Mau 102. etc.. wc. tlu; lliiiliirPiii-il
tril-tee, will ..n rflday, the Ulth d.iy or .Ian
nary next. A. I). 1ST: . ,,t in i.. , ...
loreliooli ol that day, tinder nnd by lrtilo or
the liowiTol Kaleconlalnoilln kiI.I imirluiiao.
ell ut public auction, to the lilghen blddi r.
for cash, at the olllco luilldlng ol wild tru-
IV, .'. 1M,r',cr 01 " ""'"nij'toii iiveiiiif anil
LI htcclith street, In the cltv of Cairo, In
Alexander county and i-nto or Illinois nil
the light, title uml (ntciv-t r I" .-uil .Tnlin I', I
i uxkui i. or mi uii-ri!4. in Ami ii, i.oM
bi nd I! (nineteen.) io (.weiity.) (twi ntv
one.) ti (twentv-two.) '-'.I iii-i-iiiv.ii,r.. .,,:.i
SI (twi'iity.r.Mir.) in block M (lltD-elglit,, In
the H st Addition to tho city or Cairo, iu-
' wic rcconicu pint iiii'iviir, Willi
the iiliiii.rtciiniii'c-. to mI.ii-tin. ..........
and condition of anld mortirngc.
I i'IIMits in tin t airocll) riupfitv.
Dated t.'alio, lllliiol-, December ik), ibli.
Is hereby given that ilcliiult liaAing been
in.iile lor nioru than xtv il.tyi. In tiro pay
ment ol a portion or thu'anioiiiitM'iiiied to
be p.ild by it certain mortgage executed by
.lo-'ph MchiMiie to Samuel Stit.iti Tavlor
and IMwIu l'.ion-, tniKtcun of the Cairo
v.iiy I'ropcriy.iiaicii .'cpiciniiei- l.'l, 1m;.hiiI
recordcil In the recorder."! olllcc, in mid lor
Aicxaiiucr I'oiinty hi tiiv Mate ot Illinois In
llliolf I flf ftH.lll.. .Ill II-I...I lilt ..... ..... .1...
ltndcr.lgiieil wid trtiitvei, will on 1'rlilay.
.1... .if.l.' .1 i- r ' . . . ...
iiiu ui uniium iie.. -. I, lilf, al
U o'clock 111 the forenoon of that d.iv, under
and by irtuo of the power of wle i-oiitulncd
in wld morti'aife.i-ell iitpublle auction to tho
liighf't bldiler, tor cuxli, ut the ollico build
Iiil' of wld tru-tOcK. corner ol W'm.IiIm-Imh
mi'inie and i:igiti-cutli i-trcct, In the city of
uairo, in .ic.anuei' count and ft.ilc of 1 1 1 1 -not',
all the right, tltlo nnd luterot or Mild
.lo-elili.McKi'lileorlil- arrlgn-, liiulid to lot
numbered V; (lin. eii.) IU (-Ixtccn.) and 17
('eu-iite mi.) In block numbered 'J ( wo.) In
the Fourth addition to the wld cltv ol Cairo,
iccordliu; to the recorded iil.it thereof, with
me iipitiricii.iiit!c, to wtl-ty the purposes
.urn uumiuioii oi Mini nioriagu
Tntfttees ol the Oalr . cltv 1'iopertv.
Dated Cairo, Illinois, Dccciubtr !lo.
li-'lldtil. '
Is hereby given that default hating been
inuue tor more tiiau hlxty dayx in tint pay
ment or a portion ofthe um milt H.'ciirul to
Ins paid b) a certain innrtgiigo executed by
Kr in Maxwell to ;:iuml Maati. T.ivlor nnd
K lwlii l'.ir.oin. tr i-te'o or tho Clint Cltv
Property, dated September lit, lofi.1, nuil
recorded In the recorder'-otllcc. In nod for
Alexander county. In the st itu ol Illinoli. in
book K. ol dceiN. on page "Jill, etc., we, the
undersigned wld tru.tcHti, will, on I'rlil.iy,
tho vMth day ol January next, A D., 18 a. at
10 o'clock In tho forcu ton of th.it il ty, under
and by virtu ortlie. powerofwle loiitaluei
ill wld mortgage, cell, ut public auction, to
the li'glie-t bidder, lor c.i-li, at the ollleu.
building of wld I'ru-teen, corner of l a-li-Ingtuit
iiteniiiiiilid lgliteeiith htrcet, in tbo
City ol Culm. In Att-Miiiilcrcountv and statu
ol llllnoN. ull thu right, title mid Into ctt ol
-aid Krt In .Mu.vwell or hit avlgni, In mid to
lot numbered :t ( Three), In block niuiiiu ed
18 (lorty-elglit), In the llmt addition tu Mild
city ot C'dro, uccordllig lo thu recorded pi it
thereof, with the nppurtc u.iiicet: lo tatlsly
thu illinium's and condition ol raid MortuMgu.
Tnntcei of the Cairn City Property.
Dated. Cairo, 111., December 3'), Is;-.."
NOlll h
It hereby given that default having been
made for niore than sixty dayi in thu pay
ment ol n portion ol the amount secured to
he paid by it certain mortgage executed by
Warren 0. Dunning to Samuel Slant Tavlor
and Edwin Purnu, triistcv of the Cairo
City Property, dated November llth, IbDI,
and recorded In tho reco'ei' otllce, in anil
for Alexander county. In the stuteol llliuoN,
In Hook F, of dee is, on page ass, etc., we,
the undersigned wld trustees, wUI on Fri
day, tint tilth day id Jaiitiary next, A. D.,
18i.'J, at 1(J o'clock In tho forenoon of that
day, under und by Irtno ol' thu power ol
sale contained tn said mortgage, sell, iitpub.
He auction, to tho hlgl et bidder, tor e i-li
at the ollico building ol said trustees, corner
ol Washington avenue nnd Kighteentli street.
In tun pltv or Ciilro In Al.v ih.i.ii. :
v . : '-:... "' ."".--"'in iiiliiio
and statu or Illinois all the right, title miil
interestorsald Warren C. Diimilngorhls as
signs, in and to lota numbered 31 (Ihlrlv-oiic).
nnd 82 (thirty-two), In bloek minibercd 7:j
(seventy-three,) In wld cltv orcalro, accord'
Ing to tlie recorded plat thereof, with thu
appurteiiu.iccK. to wllily thu purposes uinl
condition of said mortgage.
Trustees of the C.dro City Properly,
Dated. Cairo, UK, December ."0, lali.'
U hereby given that default having been
made for more than sixty day- In tlio pay.
mcnt of a portion ol the amount secured to
be paid by u certain mortgage executed by
.loieph Mc tenzio tn .Snuiucl Staatt Tuvlor
and Kdwin Parsons, trustees or the Cairo
City Property, dated .March lflih, isib, nnd
recorded in tho reeordcr'n olllce. In mid lor
Alpxandercnuiity, In thu statu of Illinoli, in
book P, of deed, on pugo lift. etc.. we, tho
undersigned said trutccs, will, on Friday,
the 'itth tlay n January, next, A. D., Is73,
ut 10 o'clock In the lorenonuof lliat dav, un
ilerund by virtue of ,tho power of sale con
tallied In said mortgage, hWI, at public, mic
tion, to th'' highest bidder, for cash, at the
olllce building ol said tiu-lees. corner ol
Washington uvenue and Klghtccnth street,
in tho city or Cairo, In Alexander county
and statu of Illinois, ull ihe right, title i nil
Interest of said Joseph Mclvelixlu or his a,,
klgim, In and to lot numlicriil .TJ (thlrtv
two), 3.1 (thlrty-thr.-c), and 31 (Mil tv-four),
111 iiioch iioiooi'ii u . onu in iiiu loiinil lid
tilt loll to said city of Culro, according to tJC
rccnrdi'd plat thereof, with thu uppiirtcnuu
eci to satisfy the purposct and condition ol
wld mortgage.
Trtiteoi of thu Cairo Cltv Property,
Dated. Cairo, Ills, December SO, lBi'J.
T VXKS. 1A72.
Tho tax book lor tho current yeurhnv
Ing boil) pined In my luiliiK I Would re.
pectltllly oid the attention ol tn-p:icr In
section IU. of tlio laws ol is,-.', which pro.
ttlcf that wlicro parties own personal prop,
trtv u wclljti real estate, the person il prop,
crtymttst flr-t bo destr.dned before thuieal
e-tHtocaubiNdd. I MIAI.lt TIIKItKOltK,
NIIXT. c in nciico to ilestraln for such taxes
In eontoiuiitv vlth said section. Tax-pa v
em by pi ylng title regard tu tld notice will
snye both tro iblo and . oi, n the I iw upon
tho subject l Imperative. Tlio book lire
open at my office. Olllce hours liom 0
o'clock a. ui. ton o'clock ji. m
Al.t'X. U. lUViN, Collector,
Cairo, De 21, 187 J. 02w,
iTO. 74; OHIO LLYffi
i jB HB fflB nlPI mrll BH sH H
''cp him
mm nenm
ejs si,
O I s,
oam.N'jhsTd ye CSESr-
r.tiNitnsjPSa C
71 C0l0R5,BBiS
lcldil and )'rc?cription
foiner Washington Avo
"ml l.lglitli Mnet.
Of cliaiitnN nnd rabbit tl.lu,
lor Weak luiigi.
Pivpnieil and Mild
i'i i:nouv mio.s
ii 'i.K AN!)
I I'l-lnfcctaiits lor stable.
1 1'- inky m:i:."
H I "rnlvorsal fctnndard."
I1IIIII4 lll.Mll.MJ.
MICIIAKlt COYXH. I'roprioior.
(Ut.ll I'OST OfFlCr. hT.tMt.)
Comer Sixth street and Commercial Ave.
Tliebc'l hmntN c . Cfjrars choice Winer,
l.iiiiors, etc., aluaVMin band.
JSTOpc'ii day mid nlslit.JPJ
Corner 7th stree and
CouiuiuicI.il iv.
tSTTbe bust br.imU of Cisar", choliv
Willi s, l.lipinrt.eic., iiiMiy on hand tt
Dun a do
KOOM. Jllll. IJ.'. ll.'H. l'mprli-lor.
tut) Cnmir.freisl Atrniif. CAIKtt, I I.I.I Mil
H-i lifniel nf r,itti" -. Oier nt rrits;,
Itll.MAltD nalonn ruriilshud wilh the I t-si
ol t ut.li--ti .1 b.ir-upplled wl'b uines.liipinr'
anil elirnr ol ilu-iie.i lino .
J. 0. HUELS,
l-ate or St. I.011I1.
Corner Twelfth street and Commercial Ave
III.ANK I'.OOKS or every description donr
with neatiu-x and dl-patch. All kinds or
rullic; tlotiu at short notice Iliblus, iluslc.
.MuJzinen and Periodicals bound neat and
ut the lowest po-slblu rate.
County work, such u Itccords, Dockets,
let; llooK". Ill, ink-, etc.. made a ipecisllty
Itoxcs, Poi-kcl liooko, Knveiopes etc..
m ule to o- '-r. i. if.
TH in
(Open Day nnd Night.)
J. K. PARKS, Proprietor,
Ohio I.cv.'c, bet, 4th and Cth street",
CAIltO, n.r.s.
iII.'AIS AT Al.lt I10UK5.
A llnu now Dining II ill with every enn
venleiieo Ins buen lidded (o thi. populir
Hotiuir.int, nuil tho gno-i will Dici every
ri'iinUliu lor thulriiccoiiiodatlou.
Tin: idi.i. of lwiu:
conpitts ol" every subHaiitlul and delicacy ol
the season,
m supplied with tho
ItSTMIxed drinks prepared with enrc.
11-10 tl.
Dr. It. K. KU-IJs Inrorm tn puWIc that he !.
oiH-rn-d a
!, I V K It ' S TABLE,
nn thi ncrl'liwi'.t of Trnlh atrert a numi
Um Sul.l Kill t.r fjiolnlicd with nnn but Ilia
, nun mc puoiieinay no accommodated at al
lionr tit tlo d.iv mi. 1 ,ii..ii ..-in. . .... .
on the lowest tcnu,
I)r. I'iclils aks a share orpubllc patronnce
and will endeavor to merit it by lair dcaliiiit
anil sulci attention tn lii.ne.
JIavoii's Orricc. 1
0, 1S72.
C.wr.o, Ills.. December
Till. He nnt-u U I, nr.. I... l...... .t... .
thm wlllbe : ieJid fc"e" "'V c,cc'
A. It. Is73,
In tho city of Cairo, in the State of JIllnoK
lor thu purpose t.r determining the question
Ji, to whether said cllyor Cairo .halluccomo
Incorporated under tlio act or tho irencral
acmlily ol this slate, entitled "An act to
lllot lilt, lor llin I
1 it ii.ir..it.iivii ui i-tj4 gnu
i "rJ". "IM'i'ovcd April 10th. 1672. In force
.i ' ii al l"e ""mo time
thero will he submitted lor udnptioiiorinjt
t on. the mieHloti ot "minority reprcseutu-
i ", .o iituciiv council, or icgisiauvo au
! thority ot said city.
For the purpose or said election, said rty
' or Cairo ban lieen dividml into two election
districts, the one or which i-ointirl.es till tho
. tcriltory in said city, south and cast or the
center tine nt Twcllth strectoxlendcdlo the
Ohio and Mississippi rivcin. and the iilaco or
yollinr, In said dlsli let. will lie Ihe llou-h and
Keady i iiyliic-lioiisu; thuothcrdlstilct com
prist", nil the territory in said cltv, north and
west of said line extended as ulbresald, and
thu place ur voting therein will be thu court-bouse.
lly order ol tho city council.
John M. I.a.nmw.v, M.iy
'Cairo Dally Sun' and Calio Ouzt
jneasu copy.
Etabllshod, November 18, 1S72
jn iiiu chi um o i t.in sircci anu t tlsiungiou t
avenue, oppotlto llullctln otllce.
Olllcc In the llullctln ItulUllnsr, comer or
Twillth St. und Wnshlnyton ave.
Furnished In quantities: to suit suUcrlb'
crs, wltii their curd at the head or tho first
column: Price So per httudrcd, payable
cverv Saturday.
33Tl.eavo order on mnrnlni; of (Miie,
Will open
Tuition lrom f 2 to S20 per term. '
No pains will be spared to mako It
and satisfactouv
to all concerned.
N. P. CU11TIUE, Director,
Teacher of Vocal, Organ 'and Piano Mu.lc.
Teacher of WUd aud SUiug Ius'rumcutt
(3eo vlrculai.) U-U XI, .
The ilenibil siesmur
Dick Fowi.kk, CVptain
l.oaven Calio DAILY, (Sunday oxcopted), ut
4 p. in. For irulKht oriitsiui apply mi buart,
or to Jas. JlALLonv, Au't.
)uii atf i
Merchants, saloon keepers, runners, team
ster-. and ull oiIWh interested, uru hereby
nolltied Hut city license, lor tho ear t'i,
will expire on tbo first day ol January, 18. '3.
A p'umpt rcuuivul will ha required without
further notice,
M.J. Howuy, City Clwk.
Cairo, Dec. 3t, 187:1.

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