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rafcllMMUB Otate, BnllMIn Ualldln
Wttahtagtoa A-an.
U. S. Sto. Sun., OnsBiivKii's omen,
CAlllO, Jan. '21, 1872, 10:11 p.m.
lUromctcr 20.00, ami slntlouary.
Thermometer 38 dcjrrecs.
Wind southeast, velocity 0 miles per hour.
f Maximum temperature last 24 hours, at
10:11 p. in., 40 degree.
Minimum temperature, last S4 hour, nt
10 a. 111., 37 degrees,
rrevalllntf wind last 21 hour?, wed.
Total uumher of miles wind travelled, lad
21 houn, 217.
Tiwm vs L. Wa tso.v, Observer.
Sri.r.KDin weather yesterday.
I.atiqr stock of dry goods at C. Ilannv's.
Circuit couitr convened yesterday mor
ning. Ouit exchanges hale begun lo kill the
Handsomk lino of dress yjods at C. llan
ny's. A. O. l'nCKKTT, the advertising ngcTTTor
Ole Hull, Is hooked at the St. Charles.
Tun county court adjourned yesterday.
The court will convene again Friday morn
ing next.
Hanpsumk line of Cashmeres at C.
Tun Cairo A: Vincenncs r.iilroa.ljcompany
nrc gravelling the approaches to the crossings
on Couimerchiiavcnuc. The gravel Is brought
from Pulaski county.
Dr. Arteu yesterday Instituted suit he
lore Judge llniss against Ihc Calm A- Vln
cennus railroad, the under ordinance which
prohibits person fromohslnictlng thu streets
OLE Jlui.ls Co.ncuiit. Olo Hull, the
world-renowned violinist, will give one
grand concert In this city 011 Tuesday night,
the 23th lntant. i-21-tf
Conductor .loo Cormlck, who has been
confined to the housu at his home In Cen
tralis by sickness, has comincuccd running
his train as usual.
th West lor his One attainments, eloquent
delivery ind brilliant success as a lecturer,
has consented to deliver a lecture In this
city, at the Methodist episcopal church, on
Thursday evening, January 23, 1873, on
"The l'hllo'ophy ol I.ea.on and Wit." All
who have heard this lecture declare it one
of tho finest and most entertaining they
have ever listened to. Tickets for sale nt
W. 11. ltockwell & Co.N and 11. A. llan
nou's book stores. 1-ltMd
Ol.E HUM.'.-) Co.NCKltT. On Tuesday, the
2Sth Inst.; the great violinist, Olo Hull, will
glo a grand concert In this city. The ou'
caslon villi bo a pleasure new to the majori'
ty of our citizens, and It l not probable tint
many will ml.ts the opportunity of hcarini
luc great musician, probably thu only one
they will enjoy. Ole Hull Is accompanied
by Jll-s Or.ilella lihl.'way, Slgnor rerraiill
nud l'rof. J)enk, nil of them i;mluctit and
popular iirtlsts, Altogether, the concert
promises to bo tho most pleasurable enter
tainment oll'ered our citizens this season,
and We expect to see tho Atheneum
crowded to Its utmost capacity.
Hk.itTmino Our! Call at Ilalley's hard
ware stoic and sec tho steam washing ma
chines, l'rlce, 33 and 3 ."0.
Tin: circuit court convened yetcrday
mninlng, Judge HaKcr 011 the bench. IE. S.
Yociini, clerk; A. II Irvln, sherliV. The
grand Jury was organized and lutircd to
their room. Tho petit Jurors for Hie llr-t
week ot the, term were called and instructed
to be on hand, t'he following persons were
appointed as balllll'sforthls term : Jas. Sum.
merwell, lilchard l'ltgerald, C. A. Splis,
M. J. Huckly, Jesse Johnson, Wm. Holdcn,
.Mocklcr, (5. Wel.lcn, .1. 11. Uossiiian.
Our resident nttornevs were all present.
I). T. Uncgar ! acting as prosecuting altoi-
ney 111 the absence ol county attorney 1 II.
1'ope. Court adjourned to meet niralu tin-
morning at P o'clock, a. m.
ltAit.itOAt) Mr.Ktixo The memlcrs o
the local committee of the Cairo A- Tcniics'
fee railroad, are reUes!ed to meet at Dr"
Smith's olllce at 7 o'clock p. m Wednesday
the 22nd iustant.
Dennis O'Huicn, l'at Wall.ico and 1.
Wclh, a trio of Inebriates, yesterday depos
ited In the city treasury $11 25 each lor get
ting too noisy while under the Influence of
Laiiof. stock of caipetiug mid oil cloths at
C. tunny's.
Tut Ice lu both rivers, has about disap
peared, lteports lrom St. Louis say that the
river at that point Is clear of ice.' XaWga.
lion has been returned again between that
city and our own. (Julte a number of boats
left this port to-day tor up the -Mississippi.
A regular convocation ol Kadnsh
Conclave No. 4, will be held In Ma-onlc hall
this (Wednesday) evening, tho 22d of Jan.
1373, A. O. liW.
James A. 1'iiii.lis, Itecordcr,
Wis understand that I'ror. nTI. Curtice, as
bitted by some of our best home talent, will
give a concert on Irlday and Saturday even
llllM of next , yy''- Fryii .Mr. .Curtice.
eu-i,iioii uuiiuy, ami mat ot tae l.ullcs
and gentlemen enlisted with him, the under
laKing win certainly prove a grand success.
Handsome line of reps
lain at C. Danny's.
and figured dC'
Dancing Sciiooi .Mr. Charles Hardy
wishes to intorm III public that he will open
his dancing school at rhllharmonle hall, on
Friday evening, Jan. 24, for gentlemen,
and on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 25, lor
children. Those wishing to attend should
be on hand promptly at the opening on each
Jar- 1-21-ts
KANNY l!l.ACK,u white woman who-c as
sociates are like her name, got drunk night
before last. Fanny was arrested, and while
on her way to Jail, became noisy, very
noisy. Yesterday a line of $i'i and costs was
assessed against her. She had no money
and vvi.lllvcon bread and water for the
next thirty days.
The next I'rotbyteriau sociable will bo
held In Mr. Hyslop's rooms, on Thursday
evening, Jauuary 'Slii. lie extends a cor
dial Imitation to all to attend. In connec
tion with the sociable tho 0 will be an oyster
(upper under the au-plcc. or the ladies ol
the I'resbytcilan soclet-. Supper can be
had ut any time alter 0 o'clock, l'riic&O
cents. 'jt
Tiik following named persons were sworn
lu yesterday, to act us grand Jurors, lor this
term of the court : Louis Jorgciiscn, lore
man, J L Splllcr, Auuiidtls Jackel, l)enj.
Dexter, Daniel Lumpen, John '1'. Hetinle,
0. 11. (Jreely, Itufus Miller, J. W. Durham,
Daniel Kelly, S. E. Wilson, wm. lUden, Ja-.
Kyiuston, Given Hagey, W. II. Morris,
Tho. Sullivan, Alfred Mitchell, Joseph Tab
lnadge, Jacob Higgle.
Laroi; stock of bleached uuislln and sheet
lug ut C. ilunnv's,
Athencum. Anot;iervut larc audience
greeted Prof. Taylor last night, at his pet
loniunce. Tho professor has nridti a great
many friends during hi. stav in the citv
Thlsevenlug will po.ltiwiy i,u ,, j., t
for.nauce in Cairo. Tho great attraction
will be a twenty dollar greenback a, the
first prize, and a llo pig ns the second, the
person drawing it will have to carry the
same lrom the stage through the hall, or tor
lilt tho prize.
Til K following naund gentlemen were se.
lected as petit Jurors lor the first week or the
term; Alex. Hurke, Alfred Caudle, Ulrain
Denton, (ieo. De (iullder, David L Mil
lord, (. Miller, John (I. McCilte, W. n.
Frazer, Chas. Lame, Abner Mcllrlde, Moses
Leutz, Andrew Douglas., Levi Jordan, (1.
W. Giles, Jaii G. Gantner, Jno. Ilankston
John HMiop, Jacob Lattner, Michael Kob
Jer, L. W. Stllwell, Peter Conuellv, Win.
Kendall, W. U. Glover, John lllgi'lii.,
As the passenger train on the C. .V V. rail,
road wus making tho crossing on the Illinois
Central 011; Monday eenlng, two shots
were tired at the engineer. One of the
balls took effect In the shoulder, but being
mostly itpcnt, it did no material Injury, ft
being nearly dark at the time, It was lmp0,.
tlble to discover the perpetrator ol the act
Which wan cowardly In the extreme. We
ure Informed that Col. Wood has offered
500 for tho discovery ot the person who
tired tho shot.
Lectuiie. Hy request, the He v. D. 11.
Tumey, noted lu JIJluoU and other parts or
Handsomk line of dress goods nt locts.
at C. ltatiny's.
Tiik following gciitl.'inau were selected as
petit Jurors lor the second w eek :
J. 1. C.iiocron, J.W.Davis, Win. llcnrv,
Jr., 1'. Mahoncy, C. It. Woodward, Valen
tine lloesch, C. 1'. l'arsons, John Madden
Fred Kveiiiart. J. 1). DeWilt. Jas. l!ciion.
Jacob Lk'lit, Wll-on Klna, Frank I'lckelt.
W. li. Lindsay, Madl-on Anilerson. Samuel
Hawkins, (), Greenlee, A. X. Atkillon,
Coachway llrad-haw, i'hos. Drown, Jas. Ki
ll", Win. Siceknian, Ldward Adams, H. F.
Tarkcr, T. O'Cullahan, Christ. Ilanny, Geo.
Carpenter, Tbos. W. Ilalliday, (!co. Hums,
F. S. Kent. Jacob Martin,. D. Mathus,
Dennis Coleman, C. F. Nellie, Wm, Martin,
J. II. Kelly, John Powers, J. H. Shelden,
Jacob Lchntng, Itobert Jones, Jas. Kinsley,
Is.ihu Waldcr, Jas. Law.
That theielsstlll plenty of room tot en
terprising men or capital ami business ipiall
iileation in our city, is demonstrated almost
dally, for never beore, have we hid such a
steady influx of new-comers, as during this
winter 1 and still they come. Mr. Alonzo
Hohannou and family, formerly of Anna.
Ills., have become citizens of our place. Mr.
Hohannou lias been lu bu-luess with J.
i:. Lufkin ut the above named town, for
Ave or six years, and from his well-known
character and bu-lness tact, will greatly
facilitate the increasing trade of J. K. Luf
kin, and may prove a valuablo acquisition
to Cairo buslue men. 'lids is not a single
ease, but the demand for hou-cs and tho ad
vance In the price of realty, all show that
the growth of the city Is healthy anil rapid,
and likely to bej-tcady and continuous.
LAltor. slock of cititaliis and damask's at
C. l!nun)'s.
-w. . . 1.UUIU. .niiige Hross presidio
J. (!, Lynch, clerk second day.
111 ine muter or tliu guardianship of the
minor hclr.s ot Ja. Howe, deceased, It ap.
pearling that tho guardian has never tiled any
paper, aim iiis uonu iieing worthless, and
sevcrd citations having been returned said
guardian not found, It was ordered that
unless he tiles a good bond and makes proper
reports by next term ot this court as rcmifred
by law, he will be removed from said guar
In the matter of tho ctate of John Cahlll.
doeeased, John Ilog.tn, John Walsh mid M.
.1. McGauly were appointed us appraisers to
appraise and value said estate.
In tho nutter ot tho estitcf Louis Nas-
sano, deceased, Mary Nas.ano petitioned the
court and in ado application for letters of ad.
ministration. It was ordered that it the pe
titloner give a bond In the um of $5,170,
iciicrs win no granted.
I.Aitr.K stock ol wool blankets at down
price ut C. Ilanny's.
.1. 11. Oni:nt.Y, K-j.: Tho editor of the
MiazetitV In his I.i.t Is-ue, has taken the
sine 01 1110 mayor regarding his conflict with
tne city council, and has only shown one
side of the fMiestlon. He says nothing about
Hie mayor siguln,- .Me-srs, Stratton and
Hlrd's scrip, nothing about signing Mf.sr-,
laylor and I'-irsouN; .Mr, Paul G. SchuhV;
Me-srs. Satl'ord, .Morris and Candce'. scrip ;
noiiiiiig 01 tne contract of .Mr. It. II. Cun
iiingnam, receiving (.ritn- monthly, all
signed up nicely. Tho mayor claims to be
a member of select council and Joint mnel-Ingal-o.
Ho m, forgot probably (some peo
pie do) that thu mayor signed id's own semi
lor tr li'J for intending to a suit orthe city,
and Ids efcliscleliee stands tiiiu.
He does not know that tho niiyor h.iscon
stltuted lilm.sell eoinptrnller nlso ami taken
the purchasing business out ut tho hands of
the comptroller, and Is tho purchasing nK,.t
or the city without the least authority.
.Maybe he was not aware that tho inayorlclt
hi. chair ami tiled to convince the council
that his brother, Deacon Iteud, should have
7 .V) for nails when they wero otlcrcd at
M25. Ills llonor'scoii.cIeiicK got woefully
'cured at paving 0 15 for lull, j,-m
Gash, but was easy I., mUlg ; i0 t0
Jlr. I.ecil,
Thu Miazctto' did not statu that the
comptroller tried to gel nails at several
plarcs, and the men were Idle, and Mr.
Gah consented to sell them only upon the
earmst solicitation, of thu compt'rollcr.
Your-, for r.vm 1'i.ay
Cairo, January 21, 1S73.
To give our readers an Idea or the great
esteem in which (Jlc Hull and his company
are held, we subjoin a rew ciillci.iiu from
tho leading press ;
or Ole Hull, tho Loul,ville 'Couiler-Jour-naf
says :
To properly describe, In words, the
playing or Ole Hull I. an Impos.lMlltv ; to
lully express tho e.iiotloiis nud feeliii",
awakened hy that nnglc bow, a, It hove",
over thoso string., drawing thetttrom
sound, too sweet for heaven, Is like a duty
lor vvhlcli wo feel our pen too weak uud
feeble to attempt. And lor thosu so Inrtu
liate as to bu present and they were many
It Is uiiocessary.
. Who has ever heard a moro tender, soul
full, ui-oulzln;; "prayer," than that poured
forth lrom his violin lilt own composition I
Verily, it was he of a hard heart nnd a gross
nature, whose eyo was not moistened with
a glistening tear, drawn from the very foun
tains of tho heart, hy those walling, bc
accchlng tones, and to whoso mind, remin
iscences of youth nud of a loving
"Mother' 1'rnycr," were not brought by
power of those strings. Ills others-election
woro tnagultlciciitly playot.'. Mr. Hull exe
cuted passages which have never been play
ed by any vlollst wo ever heard, and which
we doubt tho ability or any other living nr
list to'porform. Alter tho 'Mother'" l'rayer,'
.'ir. 1 mui puycu an encore, n beautiful little
arrangement ol "Homo, Jjvveet Home,"
and lor the same alter tho "Carnival," an
arrangement id the "Arkansas Traveller,"
wnicli in that line was about tho "cutest"
thing wo overheard, and from tho warmth
of Its reception compared wilh some of its
predecessors, too much Its simciior to
allow comparison even to bo thought of, vvc
inuglno there was- a gain of finely drawn
sarcasm, vvnieli was as delicate us it was
or Slgnor Fcrr.mll, the M.oslon Journal
s iys ;
Slgnor l'errantl's Figaro was of tho true
Italian type, dashing, audacious, Impetuous,
siniost rcslstalile it sometimes eaino elo.o
upon the verge of over action, but as a
whole was kept well wllhlii bounds; more
or thu conventional Il.irblcru than .SL-nur
Koucolil.;5lguor I'erraull yetgave his own
Individuality to tliu character ami urored
his right to be considered as a hullo of the
very best stamp.
Of Miss Uldgeway, the N. Y. 'I'vcnlm?
Mall' says :
"I'll Itillo in Machcr.i." Tho
debut of Miss Grazlella liidgway was a re.
markable success. Her sweet face, nctllu
and graceful llgure, together with a Ircsh
uid sympathetic voice, won her hearers tin-
mediately. i!iu li.u been a pupil of slgnor
Albltes for over two years, and her vocal
iraliilii.' reflects thu highest credit on thll.
ready popular teacher. Mls Jtld -war h
m inner is simple and uncoii-tralncd. tier
icting is natural, and her Mngiug displays
great flexibility ol voice and a clear utter-alicc.
"She ha already become a favorite, lu "ill
tho large eastern cities, ,011 the concert
stage, and bid, lair to become a chining or
naiucnt of our 1 ric stage also."
Pleanier Fanulu Lew N, Louisville.
" Frank 1. Grade. N'a.livillc.
" Northwestern, Columbus.
" Jim l'isk. lVtueah.
" It. V. sklllingcr, Cincinnati.
" 11. i acger, New Oilcan..
Steamer James . i'arker, Memphis.
" Carrie V. Kountz. St. Louis.
" Glasgow, st. Louis,
" .Mary K. Koisyth, t. Loul.
" Frank I'. Gracev, Nashville.
" Colorado, St. L011II.
" Capital City, St. Louis.
" Grand Tower, St. Louis.
" Pauline Carroll, St. Louis.
" Northwestern, Coiumbus.
' Jim Kik. P.nliteah.
" John F. Tolle.St. Louis.
" H. C. Yaeger.
Steamboats supplied at any time, both dav
and night with either Lump or Chestnut
Coal, in any cptanllty an : 011 uual terms,
at the yard at Grand Tower, Illinois, .spe
cial contracts offered on favorablu 'terms,
upon application.
H. V. Olyniant, Ocii. Supt.
D.O. Hokrb, Sales Agent.
Here thu Ohio is again 011 the decline after
luvlii" rl.nii '! l.i..i.- ',!. ...,, w j. ,B )lo
was going past tliu harbor yesterday. Tho
ice continues pouring out of thu Mississippi,
but Is gradually rotting und sinking. The
transfer ferry-boat at Colunibii, started run
nlng again ye.trrday, and thu Northwestern
made her trip without detention. The 1111
mils is still roostliur at Island No. 2, and will
have to wait another rl,o, Julte a fleet ot
i-o.us ieu uir ai. i.ouis yesterday, and the
river is open so that place, with'sev en feet
reported In tho channel, PJcntv of water
below here. Special di
l.RTi.v report tho condition of the Ohio und
Mlsds-lppi rivers at various places.
The levee throughout yesterday was tho
scene of lire and bustlings ami activity.
The wiiarr boat, were crowded with steam-
crs transacting their bu-lness.
The weather was cjuitu cold during the
forenoon but in the afternoon It moderated
considerable and the atmosphere was mild
and agreeable.
Tho following boats lelt for St. Louis :
John I. Toile, Carrie V. Kountz, Glasgow,
M ry K. I'orsyth, Colorado, Capital Citv,
Grand 'Power and Pauline, Carroll, and it is
probablu that they will go up all right.
The l.'muu O. Llllottlult lor Memphis las
evening drawing seven feet and had 011
hoard over 10,000 packages of Irelght, On
her return ir thu Mississippi river I, open
shu will go ou up to St. Louis.
The Fannlo Lewis Is now loading for
Vlcksburg, and will leave about Thursday
The Friuk P. Oracoy, from Nashville,
brought down-only 12 packages of freight.
She returned last night, and Capt. Sliuins
hopes that ho will have better luck next trip.
Amoiiglier jiasse-igcr. was Mr. Dodson, clerk
or the snag-boat J. J. Abort, now laid up ut
Smlthlaud, and Capt. Frank Hedard, con-
tractor for thu removal of Hacon Hock.
Mr. Clem. .Sanson, Junior member of the
firm ot (iarneaii, Dozler A: Co., who husbceii
here during thu Ircee.up In the Interest of
tliu Iltm, lelt 011, tho train yesterday alter
noon for St. Loul.. Duiing hi, stay ,mr
city hooiude many friends by liisgciitleiuan
ly iralts of cliaiactcr.
Hilly Hlenkcr, clerk ol the llclle Jlcmphh,
I", wo aru sorry to Irani, confined to id,
homo at St. Louis by a sevcru spell of sick
ness, J. Frank Luke lus been npnolnlid com.
111 mder of the steamer Capital Citv. si..,
lelt for St. Lulls jestcrday, and will com
nicneo loading ihero on her arrival for
S Icksblirg.
nd delivered. Flour it vary firm and
would be RCllvo if shipments could bo
tnkde to All orders. Corn rulci Active nnd
Inn, but transactions am lltnltod owing to
carclty of tonagej itocki of all kinds nro
light. Tho hay market Is weak and un
settled. Timothy would toll if it could bo
shipped. The wnro houios are overflowing
with medium grades And prices will do
cllno. Scarcity of tonAgo to meet tho do
mandsoftho largo quantities of freights
to bo forwnrdod has caused ah ndvanco in
rules to New Orleans of Coon tho dry bar
rel and '.Mc on tho hundred pounds. Tim
weathor sinco our Inst report has been very
ehangahle, ojienlnj; very cold nnd closing
to-dny wnrm, thawing nnd shnvvry
D?7f"Corre!roiidents ehoutd bear in
nil ml that our quotations represent prices
for round lots from first IiiiiiiIh, unless
otherwise stated, nnd that lu tilling small
order tiigiior prices must lie piiid7p3
FLOUIt Tho market lias changed but
ittlo during tho Inst week, Tho dem itid
is strong nnd active with stock of good
shipping grntles rsthor light. Transac
tions nro sotnowbnt rcstrictud by lack of
shipping facilities to tho Inlurior of tho
south Mid lack of tonnco to Now Orlonns.
Prices hold firm without ndvnncing. Wo
nolo sales ol 220 bbls XXX 7 CO; 107 Milt
choice XXX 8 00; 100 bbls cholco family
9 00; 1000 bbls vurictis grades fi 'Jo to
0 75; .150 bbls do 5 CO to 10 00; COO bids
choico XXX spring 7 00; 300 bbls do 7 CO
r.nd COO bbls various grades 0 to 0 2.".
HAY Stocks nro accumulating nnd
prices nro weak nnd unstendy, with a
downward tendency. Thoro is sotno de
mand for choice timothy but it Is dillcuH
to mako shipments and transactions nro
light. Sties consist of : cars liraria nt
18 00; 15 cars choice, timothy nt 'J3 00; I'J
cars choice tiiixid 22 00 to 21 00 and 0
ciirscholeotlinolhy 24(77.25 00 all delivered
CORN' The market rules firm at lust
weeks quotations. Sales comprio 1200
Micks mixed 1 1 -10:; 5 cars nilro l In bur
laps del 3; 3'J0 sacks miielin lots de
livered -ICp; 20J sacks white In lots del 48c;
12 cars mliod in bulk on truck JJ'jc; 10 cars
uiil to in bulk on track 33c I car whlta in
sacks del ic; '1 curs whitoin bulk on track
37 Jr; uud 200 sucks mixed del Vjc.
O.VT.S Firm nnd scarce, recoipts full
short of thodomaud nnd in consequunco of
this, snles to-dny wero nrndo nt an advunco
of lc on the bushel. Tho market closed
ntSlcin bulk nnd 37c tucks del. 12 cars
And 800 sacks sold at 38c delivered; 3 cars
33J"Cc del; 2 cars and 2o0 sickt nt 37c
dol; 4 cars nt 30a in bulk on track and 3
cars hi 30(T331c in bulk.
UK AN Quiet, a fow car loads sold nt
20 O021 00 per ton dclivcrod.
COKN MEAL No chango in tho
murkc't, prices rulo us previously quoted
demnnd good. 400 bbls "Evening Star"
City Mills steam dried sold at 2 bo; 300
bbls K. D. del 2 53; 2 cars do 2 50; 000
bbls S. I), del 2 CO, and 100 bbls country,
fresh del 2 45.
LA Hi) Wo note snles of 10 tierces at
HONEY 10 boxes choico whlto clover
honoy Fold nt 3Cc por pound.
POULTRY Market baro, good poul
try of all kinds would Dnd ready salo At
2 503 50 for chickens 12 0015 00 for
turkeys nnd 0 007 CO for gecto.
nut 1 Ki:-.. unchanged. Soniuonquiry
for good solid packed und choico roll nnd
sales uro made at 202Jc. Common but
ter I2lCc.
huub cry senrce, small packoges of
rresh would command SOc to-day. Sulrs
range according to size of packages nnd
length of time on hand ut 25 to 28c.
OA.MK Nono in tho market, nrlcn
nro nominally I 2JI 60 for rabbits and
AV II EAT The prices to-dny, reported
by tho City Mills, nro No. 1 Vhit, 1 7C
No. 2 White, 1 Co; Rol by sntnplc, t to
to 1 ou; .Mediterranean 1 30 to 1 50.
Damp or tough wheat is unsaleable,
1 l.Ahl KHINtl HAIR. 35c V bushel
LIME. In lots $125 to 1 CO bbl
Kjh.M t.y l . At wholesale $2 25
ou p inn.
COAL OIL 2?(7230c.
POTA'IOKS-Perbbl 3 00 to3J.
GCNNILS-ltesewed 2J bushels I8c
bll"hcl 20e.
1 ui.Ai'- -jj i.tis corn njoz l.'.ic; do 10
o. ll.c; 4 bus Oct.2Ue; 5 bus -Jle; I! bus 22c.
PltOVI.SINS,siut;l,r Curt.a JJnI1(
Plain ?.i m. mi to )4c.
yiour hides Hacon, 8C7.10c
Hreukfastllncon, ll12c.
ir.A.s-iniperlal, 75(71 1 25; Gunpow
der, ..V5,l 2:; Oolong H.aek, 7r(Ul ou
ounL' HvMin. Si (NifiLi in.
,CIEIL Nevv York Factory, new, tttt.
v1M,,11'S0,!'.nle "f all0" "il 05
New Orleans, KL'Oc.
A'ii .fr ..,!v"' ''Oe. 5 Laguayra, 23
ftL'Lll. fl lrilll.S t. (M.n .... 4l ... 1. '
lmUMl.S. Loniinnn IlitiUM v
W; Choice to Extra, 3 (X 75 ; S. H. $1
"XiiSV '-T.-O'-tv s
1-17-lvv. Aceiils. Cairo, Ills,
Thousands have nlready gone, and thou
sands moroare turning their eyes towards
new homes In the lerlilo Vct. To those
going to .Missouri. Kanas, Nebraska, Colo
rado. I'tah, Wyoming, Nevada, Oregon or
California, wu recommend a cheap, sure,
iiulek und direct unite, via ft. Louis, vy
the .Missouri Paclire llallroail. vvlib h runs
Its line Day Coaches anil Pullman Mecpcr.
rioni St. Louis to principal points In Hie
est. without chaime. We hclkw that the
Jllssourl Pacllic ltailioail Ins the hest lr.n k
und the finest and sulcst tiiulii
liients or any lino West or the .Mls..l.p.
and Its connections willi roads further ot
ure prompt nud reliable. Tho Texas con
iiectiou of this Miad is now completed, mil
passengers are offerer a llrst clars ulbrall
route It inn m. Louis IdTcmis, cither nvir
the .Missoiiii. K'iiii..is a- 'P..VIIS 11. it i.. s,.,.
della. oroverthu Atlantic ,V Pacllic I.'. I!.,
via Inlla. For maps, time tuld"s. inlotin i
Hon as to rates, routes, ,Vc. we icier i ur
renders to -j. II. 'I'lif iiiiir-un. Cuslern I'.is.
gerAuent, C0I11111 us. Ohio, or L". A. Ford,
lieneral Pas.cng Agent, st i.nuls. .Missou
ri. Question, wl.Miu promptly and cheer
fully answered !
The Atlanlle .V- Pacltl,- I' .llrn nl
nllurs I.200.IHSI acres of I.1111I In iVim .1 .1
tjouthvvcst Mls.ourl, nt ii-om ?:i to $ p, i I
acre, nn seven jears- time, with lice trans
l'oitatlon from St. Louis to all purclm-cis. I
Climate, soil, timber, mineral vvi alt...
churches and law abiding soeleiy invilc
cm grants from nil points to this 1 mTl offrnils
and llovvers. for particulars ndiie A.
luck, Laud Commissioner, tit. Louis, .Mo.
iTO. 7-1- OHIO Hi2u-V
IStitail nnd Proscription
Corner Washlngtoii Ave
uud Llghth street.
PR xj LS
.mi:, t. k. tchnhi ll
respectfully aiinoitncrs the appearance
tne gie.it violin virtuoso,
Tuesday evi:mx(;. .IA.MMKY !?S.
Assisted by the rollowlng eminent und poi-
Ular Artists.
lllltllO.M: CUMIt!.
The Concert will commence at S "o'clock.
Ailinisslou si i lt.,.rii.,l sP-il. rj ..i, tits.
extra, to be obtalnad at Hartuiau's store on
and alter .Ian. 2.ilh.
I he grand Pianorortes n-ed at thl.
aiu iruiu in it rhrnti-i ni-iiiiif.i,.... ..f
t in. iii.iimi .vio., iiaminnri. l-'Jl tu.
isi.JA r,
, , Nol'iUh
Is hereby iriven i lint ,l,.r.iiii .. 1
made for more than sixty dn in the pa v.
ment, or a poitiou of the
securcu 10 He
SsOAP. Schaeffer'i. German
(je; i.iiaiupaign soup, Tie.
TALLOW, -ri ir, 7c.
11111.. IIOWAUD,
MitlKiunl Ilunk IIiiIIiUhv.
Stifcial attention rant toonirr. i.nm
tt nUht ortUT
Hock of brown domenles at C.
Monday Evening, .Inn. 20th, 1673.
Tho only tning in tho way of an net!
gruln uud flour murkot Is tho dlflculis, t
making shipments. Oati Hlmulatod i.v
the scarcity of rucoints nro tu.1.1
to-dny uud very etltr. Salos vv ore mndo i
HO031o in bulk on track and 37c sackad
Sl'GAIt Colleo A. l.'Hn ! In mi,., rnuui.
1 -.... siiaiiumieu .-sugar 11) 10 loci
rur.iitiii, iuni)., Compressed, to
urns., Mf, ; to nosTON HI 00. Un
eompresseil, to Nkw Yoltic, 1 II j to Hob
i'Ki;iViiiT to .MEMPHis.-vioui, .ir,c,
Hay, 00 Corn rs cwt., 20e. ; Oats, 20c.
Potatoes. bbl., Itoe. ; Arrlea.Xie.: Pork.
0. ; nisKoy, iie. ; Luml'ci', '! M. 7 00:
Heavy trelglii-r3 cvvt.. 2UJC. '
TO NEW Oltl.EANS. Flour '0 bbl, Me. !
' '',!'l10l;'1. !' !,,Al'l'le, r.:.c.; Poik, 70.
hiskv, Ji fdj ; Hay 1; ton, ifil 00 ; Corn V
wt.,27Je.; Oats, 27je. : Tobacco ' rt hhd.
0?ns,t0,,.u." V l'V.1l Lumber '.
.M.1Q0O. Heavy freight, "rt cvv 1. 27J'i
And Dualcr in
All Goons Wauhantki) Fuesh
And sold at the lowest prices for cash.
Ct3yElghth street, hotwoon Commercial
and Washington avenuoi.
81 000 IN ONE WEEK.
To any shrewd man who can do business
on tho quiet, I guarantee an Immense For
tunes, easily, rapidly, and In perfect safely,
Address in perfect confidence,
. , . ., WM- 'N'AltlSKN,
,0 n, .79 We,t FQWih ,truit' York.
12-26 vv am.
it. in... it
nt.nii.-u iij inj nam .y a
. --"st- fc..t.t. ..tt i-iiu.N nan-
camp to Samuel f-tuats Tnvlnr mol I'.i.ti.,
Parson., trustees of the Cairo C ity Property,
dated .March 10. IM5I, ami recorded in Hie
recorders oHice, In uml lor Alexander
coin hj, 111 inc state 01 -.Illinois, fn , 1, f
. ' ! cic. we, the unilcr-
signed, sal.l trustees, will on Friday, the
J'lh dav of .faniiary next. A. D. I:a', at 10
o e ock in tho forenoon of that .lay, under
and bv virtue ortlm power of sale contained
n wild morfpsc. sch.it public aiiellont ithe
highest bidder, forca.h.atlbeoltlce bulliling
! ! ,'f ! t'TI' "'s-ror Washington nve
nilp 11 id Lfghtecnth street, in the citv of
Cairo, fn AIe.v.ii.li.r... '. .. VJ- ... .
1 rank Ilaiicamti, or his a.slgn.. M and to
ol.'',J.l!f,,S,.,Ml i1 ,"'"'".) I" llck numbered
.., j.iiiimiii euy 01 u ni, uccon nir In
he recorded pl .t thereof, with' the ;q pmlc
B '.' -"H-fy the purposes and'iondl-
Hon of said mortgage.
11,. ,W""iLtUl' ('alr" aly Proper! v.
1" 1 H 'ltd' ' "'-''"iij' r 110 1372.
asMCTicslBLfa rtifstciu'iBBi c
11-211 ir.
Ol ihainols nnd rabbit skin,
for Weak liliigs.
I'rcpaic.l and w.I.I
nmi; .mkdicink
An 1 Disinfectants for stable'
And "Fiiiversnl Standard."
Egg- At haholay unos.
MA 1 1, II (I AT.
Ths rplendl.l simmer
Dick Fowi.kii, Captain
Leaves Cairo DAILY, fSundavcxceptml), at
I p.m. For freight orpas.useapply on louii.
or to Jas. J1ai.i.ouv, Ag't.
jan .'!tf h
Ol! A.-TICK.
,,, 1'.. '''', -'"'li'it deranlt having been
made for more than s Mv .lay. In the tnv
'!."',''.i, ,"..1'orlI".","f ' "- "eclllt'd io
iol ! ".. . '"""P-e execute,
r 1 1. 1. 1 ":'"'l'el Staat, Taylor ami
. .......,.,,,,,, uu-ircs 01 t in Cairo Citv
ronerty. dat... Suv. 1 1. lew. and r ,. I?.
, r.ri;;.,";',ler : ,j.i,k,( ? '"r Aie.vau.ier
.1,. .. " . ,L -mnois, to iiook P ol
inr.t.L Vt1 iff u ,.'." '' '' ""' nn.lerslne.
trustees, will on Fr . av. t m yiti, 1....
(i'r'w'lf X''i iV Iti'!i' at "'d"c'k in th,
. .. ...,. , ,, .,v uiiueraiiil iv virtue ot
11 u l',ovv,'1r"f,-''i''-'"nlaluedin sal.l inorii: g,
sell at iltbllc auction, to the highest 1, ,J Ur
for cash, at the olllce building or sal. tn.s
T)JZ"'r, "f. Ul'!"Ktot, uvenu. , nd
tlill.l.T ..Iff .. 70 .11.. .
11... ii , ,r. ' "i Illinois,
the righl, il lo nu.l Interest r,r s ild .l.il. i
i!,Vr. 1 .!.". "J ""lis'iH, lu nud to lots mini.
n, l 1 1 11,1 -0 uweniy,) i twenty-
one,) 22 (twenty-tvvo.) 2.1 (tvve ity-threo.laiiil
24 (twen ty-rour,, in ,ocQ M (li ty-clgl
eordlllg to tho recoide.l plat thel,. of y I h
ani:&;T:r1l".'-'y''''' vnl
n,ii iiiwi iznw,
n . r".".',.rf.'!r.",!'Calr,"-"y''-"I'erly.
I a cd Cairo, Illinois, December SO lb72
Is hereby given that default having beet
matt.! for iiior,. tl.nn tlvtt .u. ...
ment ot n portion of tho amount seciiie.l i.i
.it. i'u.11 a e.'liuill inori
XU!.'0 cxeetlteil I.v
Josepn .vicKeii.le to Samuel Mauls Tailor
and Ldvvln Parsons, trustees of th c,,ro
City 1 ropcrty. dated .Soptember in, lti;;,. ami
reeorde.i in the recorder's olllce, in uml for
.iie.Mi. 11
ei I'll 11 tv it, tiu. .in... ..I i........ . ...
I.,.,. I. I, . F . i r,.i,i ... lllllllllf. IH
book P of deed-, on page 1 (, etc.. up !,..
UUderslL'lied sal. Inisi.?,.. ..111 ...7 iJ.V..i"
the2lth day of.la.iuury next, A, f).
1(1 11 clock 11 tho forenoon ol thai day, tuuler
h ! ', ,'lrt!,u "ni"! "Wi'r K,l contained
iiii.iiA 1 1 1 . 1 . "ipuinic auction to the
r. ',' ' ' ,"r casn, at tliu olllce build
said Irusfees. corner nf
aiciiue an. Elghteeiilh street, lu the city nf
.'.'if ',,'l.k'x.ilV'1,'r,'.01lnt '""I " of'llli
) 1 ii V- Interest nf sh,
....... i.eii.iiMirii s nss gns, 111 mill to hits
numbered 15. (ilu in T.it'. ... , ..'..
(suieiilcen.l in I.N.eU ,,. i .7,?. o !'. .' ' .' .'.
the Fourth u.l.lltli.i. in iim . ... , '..
according to the recorded iilat tlivri-nr," .villi'
ndci:!:!!!!!-i.!,!..!fc,: llu I""-po,es
. "--- 1 i w mini llllli lUilU
I ruslees ol'tho Cairo City Pionertv.
Dated Cairo, Illinois, Deccinucrfly, 11,72.
llAiutisnutto, Ills., Jan. 17, lt7:i.
Notice is herebv el veil II. -if nil tl...
nnd hniiils given by individuals as subseii...
Hons to tho Cairo A- Vlncennes railroad
...j...... un-now 111 my nanus lor collect .111.
I lie eoiiinnt.v U ilwklfi...'. f.r ..1...1... '
1.114.1... ' . ' 1 ! ' '"s "I' "i
us ies at an early day as practicable, ami
II Is hoped that all persons who have execii
ted notes or bonds' to tliu company will ho
lirenare.l tn ttttl..it tt-i..... ....nA.t u
...... i : 1 ' """.i 'i"'ii eiiiier
1 !J !',.lf or ,lcu, nnnKN h. Uaum.
l'l Atiornyy u, .v v. K.lt.
.Notice Is hereby given to all prrsoti-Jiitfi
eted that the city coun ell ol the citv c
Cairo h.11 lug ord're.l that sidewalks bo 'cot
structed 011 the following named street", tc
vi It: On the easterli side or Washington 111
enue lu front oflots numbered i-luhteen tlii
nlu. teeii (lti), twenty (20), and twenty one
(21). lu block number.'. I tvieuli-foiir (21) n.
said easterly side from the imrihcrlv line ot
said lot numbered eighteen (..; pro'fuecd. to
the line fixed by ordinance as thu outer
edge of the sidewalk . n ttr"- .i.i 1..
con.tnicte.foii the southerly side of Seventh
street In said city.
Oil the liorthcilv- siito nt ci. il. .iF.,.i r
Washiiii'ton avenue to .fetlerson nveniie i
On th.- northerly side or ( ro- street lrom '
IV asfjlmrton av i-iiiie tn Vl'.il.n.i 1
nect with tin; sidewalks ,n those street.
On the wet side or Coininerclal uienue
In front or lots iiumberc.l one (I), two Ci
three CI), four U), live :t) and -Ix (0), in blo!!k
numbered twenty r.'ii.
On the south shle of Tenth street
from Walnut street to .lelleison au ime.
(Ill the northerly side of Twelfth strert
from the terminus of the present sidewalk
on said street, between Hnliiut uml Cellar
streets to Locust street.
On the southerly sl.le ofTMrtj.ni.il. ..r..m
rroin Commercial avenue to Washington av.
On the east shin nf lli.lhrook avenue from
Wet I weiity.tlilnl street to West Tvvelitv
lolirtb street.
On the south side of W St TlVl.t.tl.rm.rlli
street from Uolbrook avenue to l'.irk aie
liue. Tliatthe following named sidewalks be re
coiLtructed and renewed, to. wit :
On the soul, side of Nln.teenth street
from Poplar street to Commerdal menuc.
On tho north side of Twentieth stiect
rrom Olilo levee lo Walnut street
On the south side of Twentieth street from
Ohio levee to Washington avenue.
On both sides of Poplar street from
Eighteenth street to Dlii-ion street
Oil the south side of Dlv .on street and
on the north -Lie i.r Centre street.
On the ninth side of Twelitv-llfth street
from U a.hington avenue to Walnut .tieet :
and on the south side of same slrect Iron!
muni succi in noinrooi; aienue. And on
in.-suiuii sum 01 iniriy-lourth street from
...... ..iiniiii avciiuu to Washlu".
Ion uienue, have applied to the
county court of Alexan. er county (or an a-
ry r-...t-.,i ... .lie l'..sV ir.l V ClIICllH
"ll,""lls i" lame 01 -ant properly, and
. I. 7 -.n1. naiiiigiieeii ma.le and
entered I" s;,, ...nut, the tin.il hearing
thereon will be had at tho February trim .d
sal.l ciiurt commencing on the Seventeenth
.layot Icbruary.A. 1)., I ht:i. All pe-sons d,.-
sir II'' mar I hen .mil .1, ...... ' 1. .
their deleii-e. " hu
danuary 17, A. D fti;,, 1-1 1 tltf.
MICHAEL COYXE, Proprietor.
(oi.k pout oiticj: stanh,)
Comer Sixth street and Commercial Avi.
The bet brand, ol Cigars, choice Winn,
Liquors, etc., alviajson hand.
Biropen day and night. J3
Corner 7lh street and
Comiuurclal A v.
vitF"1?'." U'1 ''"ml. or Cigars, choice
W inc., Lbiuors.ctc. alwaj, (,n (,!,.! tl
E L TioIiXjTo
Mil) 1IAH-
J"a UATtJt, l-roprlrtur.
lot Crmrrcrr:.) Asstn.. CAino, ILLINOIS'
llsl t.r nJ of C!ifo UCIsvpIu rrcolvvJ,
IlILI.IAltD saloon furnished with the best
of tab est and bar supplied with wines, Honors
andelirar-ortlienci (.ran).. ' '
v:.m:h ami j.iuoi iim.
n. smytii & co.,
I A 1 It O , II.I1INOIN,
Also, keep constantly on hsmt most com
ill stock ut
BCOTCn Ajfl) Illlun Y'lIIUKIKS
li I N H,
Port, Mnderia, Shorry and Catawba " inc.
r HHYffl A CO. sell eclu-lvoly for cash In
tio.. l el... trVn,n tliirirs.
LITTLF kentuckian
(Open Day and Night.)
J. E. PARKS, Proprietor,
Ohio Levee, bet, tth and oth strcch-,
A fine new Dining Hall with every eon
ycniciicc hd.,, ,1,1,1,1 to this popular
Itestauraiit, and the guests will Una every
requisite lor thelraccouiodatloii.
consists of every substantial and dthcaer of
the sea-on, '
is sujiiilleil with the
KT-Mlxcd drinks prepared with care.
11-10 tl.
Itl'AI. KNTAi'i; AUKKVt.
scccsmou t rontr srocsriiiu
li.( iffyer ssstil M liolesiulo Tlmlo
1 rliru nail lomoo
No. b'2 Ohio Lr.VEt,
TaEbeepsou hsn.t coustanllr
fr r..1!,n,"lck' llourbon. icy n and Unaoula
nnisiiiei, trrituen urinoiss, lltl
ut. uuu VKillOrilJA IYIDOII
full rteekc
74 (bkcond ytoon) 01110 lkvkk,
Huv and Sill Real Estate,
Ami mr'.sar GnnTK) Minna ofUlo ln!
John q. Ilunuan. Chas. Thrupp,
Xortli Cor.otii Kt. nuil Olilol.ovcc.
Caiho, Illinoih,
Abstracts of Title, Conveyancing mido a
specialty. Heal Estate boiiL'Iit nud sold.
J3TaxM l'ald, etc.

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