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. rota u.i i u.i ...xAk -i'.
. U t-M'
. . ., i .:.rl
- - - . . l ir f l.
i -
fcrKujTju hut
M ' J
Presvcblng, Hebbatli at JJ) a.. and 71 p.m
miIm.-wrfnciiiir at 74 d. sn.
tabbatli School, P-. . J J ladeB( Su
. MJtotwaeat. Biv. H..TaUtMl,aaU)r
,. " MKTlKDUrr-CM. Eighth aad Walaet 8U.
Preachta. Sabbath at 1M e-efc, aaeVJ p. m
Vrayer bmUm, WadMtOay.TtJJ.
! U.I.Ulh Krhadl. 1. tun. Ll iW. MUlWtU.
' tjuperlateBdeat. Kbv. r. L. TooimoK,
tforhlngpraVe. Sitrkath 104 a.m.
Kvculng prayaiev 7)
Habbath School, a.m. n.i
i r - ; llav. Km Co AM. Hector.
ct innirif' cilURCU Ninth HI. and
1 H.am. t
i School, 1 p.m.
y-rtl.. .vn ilftT. H a.m.
Ubv. 1. J. O'H allok as, Prtett.
r-T. JOSEPH'S CUURCUOerBun,) cor.
" tier r Walnut and vnn nyem. -
9 ill - I i
. i"i C ll'. t .
nr!'Watautand;roMttreM; i , -i
VaatiAM 4 n tn . I - - a kv k '
i::r:;.:ii-rj:-.ri..8o'ciocka.. aoaihst tub3baauk,
rr uv ttoffiusi-rritat.
itrnt UtwMB WaUIwto Avbu and
PiwblSbundy 'monunf at 10 o'clock.
Habbatn acuooi
irntTNil MEN'S CllltiaTLAS ASAoC'A-
, 4
"Weakly rraiar BMtUiil,'illar,74 pon.at
'iuiau!ll4JorDr Urcaaaore aMrbrty
mtwrntt !TMcUajf MbUUi at 11
4,'ckMfc a. Bfc Mk '"'' P- -
Yac atiorah UcoqmiU-w4U kite lUlool
AjaoctaalM,- by tao' ITLrit MUaioaary Uap
MCkamrvrjaiT.' - ,, ,
Ukv.imos.1.kona1id, Pator. .
AFatlCAN MKTUOD18T. Fourteaatb, U
liaan.W alaut ana uaar.
ClaM aaeeta at 3 PA
iECqaD FREE Jfc. BAKri8T--flX.
Btrccu. CMBHaa t aiau. uu w-m.
cci 8abbatkHMd ti. Ui.
I Cadar ftreaU.
St. Lol-19, Feb, 17. A lettor In the
form of a Million, Jtoaa. titnator Bogy,,
i-ai read la lb kouie to-day, atkiog (bat
tM invMtlgatlort vo reopan! and-an op
portunity given ut ateryoaa wno may
know BDytbfog in connjctlon with tb
charge) of bribery, tomake blrttatemeat.
Col. IJogy laid all pertont wuo acted at
hi frieodt In .the, conteat .will promptly
obtrtba lummqiiiof tbr eomaiittea, and
tbaVlv will Wfiall queationt of right
on the Dart of atiitte to examine
bit bank account, or the officer, of any
bank. with. wnlchUWfcaf )'. br.tineu.
The petition wont over under the rule.
Niw Yqnjt,jb.ioTIt it Hated that
will ee or
tlont, but tba aVidenca ibbwa' tbit aurai,
amounting, to otr $60,000, win drtwn
ooder eiixumrtanCea tbatmak It probable
ttey wer.u44 0 MCrt iCaldwall'i elfc-
tloUi Tb'.e Include! ' amount
already .Hated, the 1 10,000,
drawn from tba banking houio
of Scott at LeTnworlh 'by C,ldwell'
agenaad on hk check, and taken to
TopekaY , $60,000 drawn frocd "tbo bank by
Jtotrit, a very active rriena ot vawweu
and' 11,000 from tba bank by Jacob
Croe!r, another Influential tupporler of
OaldweM, ail durlnr banking 'boura. Tho
corainitteo lay the teilimotiy leavit no
deubt bat tba banker, who honor! tba
check, ondc'ritood 'the money if to 'to ba
mad for politaaal purpo. Tba atldenco
alio .Mow fMtr li. J. AnderfMi, tubie
uaatlWiTaaV$S,00f for.kii tarelce in.
i ha laWtla. njil iff JlBMff l'Tor
tar, of th'a Xa'nia iaeiliqiraiiroad wm
dm wti -nam ,tW kttk fcy' AbrtfJw, un.
der circtmutancae.niakioK it probable the
Konaywai ued for CaldwaH'i election.
Tbe comralliee have no reuon to .belloro
-they bate traead all tba money uied, and
bare no Recount, of leveal lurai ihown to
Uvebean paid by Caldwalhfor axpeniei
of frleadi 't TopiktTbt c6rornittt).iay
wm. Spriggi, former treaiureroi toe a an
il l iVclflc railroad, Uitifled'to tbe proceed
ing! of a, eelf-oon.tiuted committee of, tlx
of CaldwelVifrMdf, with the ttatemenU
oi tne mem oer tuereoi, won Totea urn
been ecTjrd, and bow' mtrth 'wu atked
by otheri'. u
freildent Qrnt'i aouthern tour
Walaut I .v.. .M(oTt JSinTBVni-p In the neonla of
-r" .? " jr. .. . .?'! a
jyTjtrr I tnat atction. ina preiiaeni coniempiaiei
CatUUCU turting on tna40tnf March, and exptcti
. . I .-t ..Mn..t4 h. n.a.1 f.M.
f ... ..... o .. .Tin m w t .s.',vuiu.utM trj - j - -
ice, sdoui 1 1 .ui., uii.ui. 'iK- i ... .
KIT. TT H. nUd-B,' w"
Sabaae'boa p javh
net, betid mr'taekiguisbiid gentle
4 w. j . J
men, lenatort, TaemDen oi congmi ana
tR!chmbndrVlrfinU"wlirt the flrit
Hopping pTacf. 'A'aHf Is the preiident'a
"l.KL ... .I,. k. Inftl.l nnnt-Mt tn
hit next aJmlalrtraUomin tbe attempt to
only lttateanieali recotfniwa by A5 1 ttgfmonite tba people of the North and
PVWBWVH. . - I CI . L i HI I-.. I, .1.(1,. ..nil I ah nf
the South aocuMly and tba local .avrn
............ mrvi.'uc l mentol ina naua w ot tuiwb,
IV. T. J. HUORaw, i-Mtor,
1 iimaii aitar an a i nun
. , Benrlce. Sabbath, 1 i P.-0". P-m
X v
Bichipond'and ober'placea arrangement
1Tb mada to rive htm an enitmifailic
. mm . a Li.bui I
mm4 Mf4 Mt4aya tej ah .aaaailk n .1 vnicAt
WAcmxoTOsr.reb. IT. The report of
s fitate-eJULarge S.
.'JAlltU COUNCll,, Scat. BeguUrCpnyo-
, caaton at M. aortic Mall, tlta aaaouu rnoay
in each monta. j'-i
I'niiiii -ui-rt-ti Nn. 71. Rrirulr Con'
XM-atlon at Muoule Hall, on tbe third
'Ji i nt vrv tiinlltfa. '
l nixiK. So. tn F.A A. M. Beiru
lar Cotnmunlcatlout at'SUtonlo Hall, the
until' mil luunu Mouauji oi cku iuuuui
u.i vrt viiKll LOUOK. 22 MeeU In Odd.
rellowa Hall, In Artar'i.bui.dUg, every
I J aaUAavr - - -
5 w " 45tate officers:
a i V S
,ic.tli.nl J. Oirletbr.
rfilauunant-Ovyernor Jubn L.Beverldgo.
twiUry of MaMtieorg e II. Harlow.
AataUtorlf Htale C- K. Upplncott.
9tau fxewurer Cpr Ituu. . ,
-iMn.l Iiuuf K. t iteM: '
BuptrulUcliutcUoit--Sewt)n Bateman
iin.hn-l.tua U'TnaDbuil aod John A.
fepreaenlattve (or
HtprtMUiaOve Tblrtcentli Jitrict-Jobn
M. ureoa.
. wkuiieuB nefrfSAL ASSEMBLY,
KnreienUttvc In .the '00th Uletlct r-
Jahn U. Oberly, AVm. A. Lemma and Alain,
ew J. Juteore.- ... .
Senator lor the flOth dlntrict.-Jeiaa are,
. f. cmcutT coukt. . U.
Judge D. J: Baker, or Alexander.
StatVa Attorney-l'etrtckval. i'ope.
Clerk It. 3 YoeUm. c-Sheriff-A.
H. Irvln. .
Wm,'3irtln AJeior and Treuursr,
A6Ute-. E. SlcCrite and S. hUrchii-
U0U. 'f 1
Clerk Jacob 0. Lynch.
Coroner John lLjUoaunim.
Mayor John M. Lanadeti.
Treaaurcr U. A. Cuunlugbam. .. .
Comptroller E. A. Burnett. viv
CUrk Michael .Uowlcj . ,
- "Marnliil AuOrew Cain. . ..
Atlomav B fll-.Panc.V!..' ic 1 w
l'oUce aUiriiitiaU V. llroit and U. Shan
Chief; of Police U U. Uycr.
. K) 'J & aaLxcr 060M11. .
.'Mayor John M. Lantden.
Hint Ward P. Q, Scbuh.
Second Ward C. R. Woodward
J OUTUI Teiu -
tb tanato commlttea on the Caldwell caie
on the evidence taken, including tbat of
Smith, Caldwell' former pailtior, at to nn
agreement with Carney, who Jwat paid
$15,000 In coctideration of hit withdruvia
from the canvaii, the corrcctnest of which
it admitted'by Carney, tba committee be
Have tliii arraneement corrupt, againtt
publlo policy, demoralizing, In
cSnractor, and directly contributed
to detlroy the purity and freedom or
. " rt -1 i : . . ..1 . .,i v.u
election, anu inouiu nu u. .uic.a.cu UJ
the ienale at a meant procuring a teat in
that body. It was an attempt to uurchate
vote of the friendt of Ctrnoy who C.Id-"
well dbuUltcii expected Carney coiilJ
ihen brlnir back, over to blm. Tbo Init
part of tho agreement of Carney tbould
conccallbo mercenary part oi tue iraui
action, and f plac bit with
drawal from the canvait, and tupport
of Culdwell, upon personal und polltlCH
coniideratluni tbat wcro bdnoritble tolilai
alf, and tbi bo did. If it Wat legitimate
for Caldwell toi buy off Carncr, it wat
quully legitimate to buy off another can
didate. It wal an attonipt to ouy tome
member.' votoi, not directly, but through
the manipulation! of another purcbaie.
Tho , roonoy" wai not to t,gfi.. to
them, but to Carney, and to them
Lin tbit manner, tho evldonce leave!,, no-
ra.inn.blo doubt. Buying ofl oppoting
cindidafe, and In tliat'way lecuring tho
"Votei of all, or most of their frlend'j i in
Heel buying tbo ofiect. it reeoqnizei a
cindldacy for' offlce at a mercbantab;
commodity, ana iiuving a money
value, It at dcttructivo of free
dom and purity of elcctioni a
tbo direct bribery of member of the ieglt-
... 1 1 n . .1
WAiHlsqToS, Pab.,17. A bill authori;
r.ing'ari "Incroaied Uini of 'twenty thou.
and cf national bank note In ilatea hav
ing leti than their propOrtloaTwa offered,
but rejected.
Bill were . Introduced. , n4 ralerred,
among which wa ono by Mr. Armttrong
of Dakota, to enable tba people of tbe ter
rjtoriet to elect, go vernorjarjd all other
territorial ofBcori.
Mr. Packard moved to tuipend tbe
rule and pait'to tbe bill'to encourage and
promote telegraphic communication ba
twecn America and Alia. Agreed to am!
bill paud,,13C.to J2.v . ,
Tbltbill give tbe American and Eat tern
Telegraph company tbo right to contract
for land aad maintain linaa' of talegrapb
9r tubmirYoa cable oa the. faciSc'coaU of
tba United Statee to connarttna Aaaarican
and Aiiatic coait, provided tba company
a'jtiU-beglBtO My cable wilWn tar yean,
and it provide tbat one or mora govern
raeet etoamen-aaay W 4aUilad M aid ia
Ur. Mavnard moved U impend the
rulei and adopt tbe resolution aiilgning
evening leuionf.on llondiy and Friday
next, for billt to refund tait-i collected on
raw cottom "Neifatlvod. U3 to 83: not
twc-thirili ia'tho aOfmrtiveJv. f
Mr. Pinrco moved to tuipend the rulct
and'brlrig'tip'for cbritldera'tlon the tenatt
bill for fjriher andoneinent anl aupport
of agricultural colleger Agreed ayet 133,
uajs CO.
Mr. Pierce then moved tc tubitituto for
tbe bill' a provltlon tbat for every
iOO.OOO annual, incomo cccuring to col
leget there tbali'ba one free icholanbip,
and tbat.wbcnjlbe annual income iball
fncreate all college! .laall be free. Sub
ititute agreed to, and bill patted,
Iluuie adjourned.
l't ' HOAFrOUD: " 11 '
EvAHirtlirI,b'.'.T.,-Obrl.M Alex-
ander, while working on a icaffold, fell
from a three itory building, a diituncc or
bomtweptyre ;ftsJ litorday and
itiuck a brick pavement, breaking both
armi, hit note, Jaw bnric, and othurwiie
crioutly,ierhapi fatally, injuring blm
a it Annr.iK
i -
ETC., El'C.
Ctty-at-Large W. P. Halilday
tnd D.
laturo. Smith alto tcttiuca to. pay.
"lnp Carney a further turn of $7,0(0
of bl withdrawal iron tbo arrangement,
but C.rncy poilllvely dcnlei bu receipt,
and-tbo evidence) gov to ihow it wn uiu
indirectly in procuring votei, tbo money
having. beep placed jby Aj. Anderton,
who drew it fiorn bank on Caldwoll'i
check, on a tiblo.ln Oarnoy ' room, whoro
It could be. and wai, conveniently
carrledoff lb the ' party for"1 whom
it was. intonded, Sidney. Clark. Tbo
committee Jay1 an arrangement wn ' con
with etpecial reTerente to tne cieetricai . eluded hatweeaiCalUwoUtnu Htovent, a
tmmtment ol dlteate in all tuo new and ln. I ,w . i u.. ...li.i. n.i r.
Proved method! or application., !( . f,..a.0, : " "
tn aU,caa)r'flmeicOmplaUiti' a'lady to pay Clark' expeniei in tbo canvait,
will be in attendance, ., , I .tlm.t.H nt ti'Jooo to Slnonn. .nil
i.tlBtoBy1erclalveBnt',iit!. i T.i" "-. , Phi 1X1 V -ii..' .
WILLlAMll. 'ttMltBTH. "D.
fteiond Ward-B.U. Cunningham, E,
i Htincel. Jamei Swayne.
lAiiA ,Wail-Wlltt?u. J..B. PhlllU,
Fourth Ward Jno.'m. uouinton, a, II
eae. J. U. Aetcav .
Will reiume tbe practice oi hi profettlon
tl'1000 to.
I CJirk wltbdrew in in bU, favor, .Clark
unaNuau.Nn.u; Tbirteeaik iwaet. b.
rlaa Waahiattaa avenue aad Walaot itreet.
liuoa.ninrciiTuu, up .......
"CW.-iMJktariA, m. d.
ID1KCB oori
lath and walnut,.!!!.
e inn.
uUmtan Heaue.aaer court houe. OI
c.vr.a)erli refaiajaa. ao Hourlrom
a.m.. e ll m. aao :'om a to v. m
TotMm wtMwtj" 5 f4iVfm wf-O.' R.
,Woodwar.''lurs',',T'iJ3 u -"a-imd
urging friendt to tupport Caldwell, who
received 'tbo vote of one of them. Tho
money, however, wai nevnr paid; but
Caldwolli refuul to pay it uoot not
cbango tbo character of'tiie traniaction,
and probably ruUed inhe expaiure of
Caldwell and tbo iiiitltution of tbe invei-
tlgatlonClaik and .Camay :each tattlfy
'fJaiaWill told- ''them the eUrlUn -rit
fJW.W, a3 Yrai wnerjwitnitiu'tUto
UtOaame th!g, wlitle ne y Caldwell
toUklm!tWIiu'4ny.pld Carney wa no
more than lpper ceotpf tfaeywhole coat
of tbi aliciloo: Tho committee had much
dlfflon.tjTln triIfigto"Tnoney 'traniac
tkx rsorostp exevnatos orr.
DxiritON, Tex., Feb. 17. The propoted
excunion of tbo lcglilaturet of Mittouri,
Kama and Texa will not coma .off at
contemplated, for the reaibnt that tbo
it.., V.M.Iil. 1 Ml ,1 WW. n I , vw
pleted to tbi piece In tlmo to make ar
rangementi.; It la now but 13 mile from
here, and if tho weather it favorable, will
befinitbed in, two or three wecki. The
Put track-laying back. The logltkturo
of thlt ttata vititi Galveston next Wednet
day to participate in the fettivitloi of
t.. .n nUB a , ,
For cattle from hero to ft, Loul will be
lOOuftcr March 1, It i believed tbcto
'rate will' bring 200,000 head of cuitio foe.
ibipmast'thiiieuinn. : .
Ilat'flnely opened, in and teed la LolHg put
in the ground. . , , . ,
' J t 1 I lMMIGhllfT '
Aro cominc into the ttatu in ,1-rno num-
bdrt, and tulltcfi bete ii greatly increat
lllg. t .4 (
1,4 hepubitio; 1 t cl
New York, Fob. 17. Money tlrn-
gent, loanr and Intcrett doling at 7
gold lo 1-et- -Sterling' -weak 9J0OJ.'
Ct.OOO.OUil. Treaaury diiburtementi.
700,000. Ooyernment itrong and moro
active. A million were bought by a 0r-'
man boute on Saturday tor iMpmcnt.
State bond dull. , Stocki Irm.
ei'Sr-ftr'iBij r-aot of 'i2, isj: of m,,
151; of 'CO. ; new of '65. Ht: 6-20. ICi;
of 'C8 1GJ; now (t, 13; 10-40, 14; cur-
rencytc, i4.t
Waiuiwotom, Fob. 17. I'robabilltlct
Lleht wind nnd uleatant weather contin-
tto-da'y t brought Atlantlo'MUlei, In
creatine toutbeatterly wind, vecrine to
louthwe!t prtvall,,wllh'falling barometer'
and threat-nine weather. From Upper
Lakea iouthward to Texa on the latter
coait mtioatlyiwlnda and partly cloudy.
St. LorjnPcb. 17. Flour" quiet and
unchangad vVheat quiet; Noi2tepring
Mnla. rift,. m..t CI tO. ...mnla In,. t'.
'red fall, lacked, $'i 00" 05. Corn tlovr
and oatler, Ho " mixed, 33.)q iNo z white
mixed, 39Q40C. Oati'laactive anJ eatler
for buyeri; No 2 mixed, 20c. Barley quiet;
No.'-.8Qg85c. Bye dull; No 2, 7o07Jo.
Pork un.hioead,13lull3Je! ;d. . moat
tiff; ihouUlort, 4 j; clear tide, "ir, order
lot lalet, thouider and clear rib, teller
April, 4l(S)61c: Btcon firm; thouider 54
5jc; clear rib, Tr, clear ildat, $1 Doft)
H 00. Lard unchanged; prima, ilaam; 7J
(SiHc Illir'h wine firm at 90c. Cattle In
good demand and irm: air to.choica na'-1
live, It 5000 00; itocker, $2 50 t ,37 JJ
Texan, $1 7S04 37J. Uoe Arm at 4Q
4cj.buik aie,,M ao(a)4.4i,
CnfcAha." Keb. 17. Flour unchanced
Wheat dull; lown No 1 tprlnp, 1
1 -iru V n CI .111 ...k. CI ",r
March; No,ivll10. Corn Arm; No
2, mixed, 311o cath; 315c March. Oat
fair demandj jown, No 2, 2Cc. Bye,'
higher tirade advanced; No it, 5"(?,58c.
Proviiion quiet and unchanged. Me
-M-lS'-MaT!!, )1'J.S April
Lard bigbor, $ CO cash. Bacon quiet and
unchanged. ,,
Nxvr YonK, "Fob. 17. Flour heavy,
tuner weftern, (0 25a.$i; common to
(rood,'S7 107 50; cood to choice $7 G0(3
7 2ft; wbent ?s DUMiu 09. . wmtky aic,
Wheat -nolhtng doing, tio. 2 mixcl
apalne. $1 71; winter red, St SOffil 85
Bye and barley uhubanjrcd. Corn ouiet,
and unchangod, low, mixed wettern, 64
60c; oldi afloat, OCQSGjc; in ttore C4Jc.
Oatt nncbanged, new wettern, mixed,
OvgASc; old in itnre, 5455c. Coffee
steady. Molatiet firm. Pork more ac
tito and tlrmer, new meis 14 Jej prime
$14 25. Rffttady. mett 0HJ; pickled
hamt U 1(2)12; thouldert 5; middlpt quiet,
lone clear 7; , tbort . clear,"; long and
'thbrt clear February 7Jc;'ihnrt clear 7J
Tjn. Lard tlrm, tteam j8S;
Hiiupnt!. Feb.17. Coiton qn'ct; cood
ordinary, 17Jl"Jc; low middling, ' lO.-j
receipt., 2, 405; tbipnicnt, 1,070; tiock
29,805. Tloiirflulflt'and'uncbagedriO 60
:0 CO. Corn meal eatler, $3 IS. Com
dull and drooping, Cl(85c. H dull and
droopinc, 495lc. Bran dull Hnd droop,
ing, 2022c. .Bulk meal in f.lr demand.
Lard firm, 8J9Jc.
Nrw Oklca.vh,. Feb. 17. Flour firm;
iiipcr$7;1XJ7r8T;7CX7 75; XXX SS
9 75; fnmlly $10ll. Corn icurce;
mixed 78-; yellow1 80c: white 8rie. OhU
easier, 65fl0c. BrHn St 3C1 40. Hy
$38015; prime $4HQ4'.'. .Cbolca pork
qilltH; new m; niu ury phk iprnui
tcarc, CI, 8J(;J81c. Bacon quiot, 8, 8
0 ham dull,! 13c. Lard ktoadr; tlercn
8(8jc. Sucar dull; common 71c; fair
lully'.fair 718Jc: prime 9Jc. Molastc ,
llrm ItQIOcrgnod formontlae 5Cc; prime
07c. "Whiskey 91'J7c. Coffefl ilftglOc
Sterling., ,24 light.; par gold 14.. Cot
ton, lalU 4,600; pood ordinary 18c; low
middling 18Jcl8jc; middling' Orlcan
KUe and Full oi tbe Rivers
For 21 hours ending 3,pt mPob. 17, lS'.'l.
KvAKiviLl.r. Feb. 17. Mercury 44,
Hlver risen four feot and rlilnii fait. Un:
Metiengor, Ada llcilman, Fayetto, Morn
ing .siitr anu uuwllng Ureon.- Jown:
Arlington, Mary Ament, Arkenta Bell
and .t'uletline, with good trips. Uutlnttj
very active and Ireigbtt abundant.
Naiuvill. Fee 17. River rising
lowly with, 30 feet on Hnrpeih ihoal.
Weather moderate and partially clouuy,,
ArrlvcJ: John Limidcn. Cairo. Depait-
d; John Lamideoj Cairo.
LOUlaViLLB, l tU. 17. Klvo a feet o in-
chrt and ruing rapidly; 15 fuel 0 incfioa
cuiiul; 13 fcut 0 Inche uliutc; ,'J fuut brido
pace. Weath6r cloady.end Qamp all day;
mbrcury 45 to 50. P.lV.ir rtll or drift, aad
crowd uttractetl to thobatiU lo Wntcb tho
water. Old boatmi-n hero Hy protpect i
fair for, the .bigliOlt w,(er fj'ir teveral
venrt.' ' Arrived s Andy Baum from
Memphis; Charmer froinTvantvilt; Com-
monwcimn st.u Aiiegiiony Dane ana oar
get from Cinelnhati. .DrVarled: Clmrmer
for Ciucinimtl; Exchange Tor r Aiti vine;
Orleahito-rffght wttbWo!il btfatii
Pirrijiuno. Fob! IT. -Bciieht heavy
raim caused tho river to ri'to iri'Minongu-
heln river lut niebf, und. at two u clock
tbi p us., Current wa .flowing itrong.
That n coat, fleet,' cdnilttlng of 30 boatt
...I I,..-.. 1. .!.,. I.n f.i ll.il i r.n.n.
logs at SmfthfloU ttreet brldgd,' nidved off
in tue rising current, carrying- along wuu
them several man! encneed cn board,
Some of them tti-rn laved, but two who
miempicu 10 jump irqin iiid uargo so tue
'whed'of tho 'tleamer wrc' lott. 'Seven
otbi-rs were lott, Dilpatcjiet from otter
'point say that great damage iftit been
done to property, bridge, beats, arc.
Swent away unless "the report a'ro xg-
giralcd.' Flood may bo ntitlclpattd. Sev
eral coal barge tank tinco tbe destruction
of the tleet tbit morning.
, Vrcjain'wi, r D. 1,. -uown: 'uuv' or
QjincyjSam Halo and ba'rget, Belle Lea:
"Weather clear anil' cold. River .rising
a MxMvni8,.Feb. 17. Clear and-warm-
Kiverirismg f.t,inow within 10 feet 'of
liighwatnr mark. 5 Arrived:' 'Idlewild,
Jtvanaville, .nnd Probatco. Departed;
Grand Tower, last night; to-day; Hello
Memphi, and Elliott, St. Louis; Colorado1,
New Orlcan; Pink Varller Pint? Blum
T. F. Eekort, Cairo.
Powdered and Granulated Sugar 11 to 14c
FllKtUHT. CU'J'J'ON, Uoaipreaaed, to
Wkw York, etc. ; to Boston fi 00. Cn-,
romproted, to Nkw Yoiik, ft 14 ; to Boi
TON. tl.
TEAS Imperial, "51 85 Guopow
dcr, TWai tbi Oelong K.ack, 751 00
Youae Hytea. tl Wt 40.
CIIEKIi.Nv.-York Factory, new, WB
St, I'uul
Fort BcntW.
Uxtium. Fab. 17. A maloritv l( tba
coniervatlvoerfor'aUtf ih'o Spanish army
li.vn nisiirsd the government that tbev
lwh'l!it4o.iih.Jr.(ub'lWl A 1
LiMOfi Fek.i 17. Go? otnaunt orgam
officially deny that there It any movement
in Portugal for tbo ettuUlibment of a
K'Jt'.' 1
.1 . 1 1
O 1
l.uuu. . . ,
C I Alllj
i t.u. 11 T.tl. ....,.,
.IH-IUJIIIII . . . yv 1 t t V
lcktuuric . u..r.t,A
Nashville ...
New OrleaiH.
Little ItiuW..
.it. .
i5 J
Prior Corrkkt Orrfcc, V .
Caiko, MondayFob. 17, "1873.
Tbe weather ha 'boon cloudy nnd dull
for tome dnyi, and Vo-jlay' continue the
tame. -,The ttroot are still tomewbat
tnuddy,i making itreet- travol unpleasant.
Tbo general feature of tmnmrket hre ttn
uhanged lnce Friday'; report Tho tie
mand is good and tho supply full. Ton
nage la moro plenty than lasti week and ihV
thopreaant-itage of tho river there will
KKm be facilitfet for the shipment of tbe
larg'o qnanlitiet ofreight wliicli'LayilaocUt
mulaled hare during, tho pail few ueokt,
and which hai'been auginenteu nyiato
nrrivalt. Since last Friday, nearly on
thousand car loads of freight, all or tbi
c'(ty, have arrived over tbe Illinois Central
etarCorrstpondenU theuld bear in
miaet tbat or queutiont roproscat priac
for raund lota from tint hand, unlet
olborwito rtato'd; aad that in tilling email
orders higher price mutt bo paid.
FLOUR 14 In cood demand with
a light tujjply. Sale aro reported of 837
bblt various gradet $0 5C01O; 600 bblt at
SC10 60; 1,000 lib! on orJort (V 60(3; 10-60-,'
100 libit XXX tprlng wheat $7 25;
lOObbls XX'?C 25; 100 'bblt lowj? 2i
11 AY Tho mnrkel i unchanged tlnro
lott report, with improved chipping fit
cili tic. Wo nolo tale of 2 car chnlco
timothy $20; I can cholco mixed $24; 1
car' prime timothy $25; .1 car low uiixixi
$20; 1 car timothy $25; 2 car choice $24
26; 1 car prime $18; 2 cart 2I23.
CORN-iThe' market it tolurnbly well
supplied and' price r.-ingo at proiously'
.quoted., Vo nolo :tlet of 6 cars white,
4050e, 1500 buthnli mixed 47c; '-1000
bushels western 4950c; 11 car mlic l In
bulk on truck 88c; 6 cur white, on order
61c; C curs mixed on orJort .4Sl9c; 5 cttr
mixed in tucks, del, 47c; 3 cart mixed in
bulk .18c; 3 car white in bulk 40c.
OATS Firm anil active, wjlb few
changes in quotations. Sale ombruce
2000 bag del 3.1c; 8 car in bulk on track
30r; Tear teed oat 40o; 3 crirs mixed 39c;
S cars in tack and del 30c; 4, cars in bulk
Sic; 24 cart 39c.
CORN MEAL Tbe market I well tup
plied and demand fair; Our report of
sales cuibrnnco 390 bbl .steam dr'iod dtli
.oYRUPS Choice. V gallon, OicQt 00
New Orleanii, cr70c.
COFFEE .lava, 30052c; Laguayra, tl
25. Rio, Prime to Choice, U to 26e.
BROOMrt-VoQiraon Home 'rfoen, $1
tfi l Choice to Extra, $i 00 75 ; H. B. $4 Mi
(4 VU. 1
KRK1GIIT TO JlKMl'llIS.-Vlom, 40o (
llij, t0 00 Corn V ewt 20c. ; eat, 'jou.
Putatoex. V IU., 40c; Ajrlti.tOc. ; J'ork,
4(1. ; AVhbUj.b-K.-.; Lumtei, M 11. $7 00;
Heavy frclgiittt cwL.UOC.
TO NEW ORLEANM, Flotrr V bbl, COc. ;
Potato Cfto.-; Apjiltf, Cue.; Pork, 7ft.:
Whisky, $L6ut, Hay B ton. $7 60; Corn
wU, Sue.; OaU, 30c. ; Tolhicco bba.
fi TjO ; Cotton V bale, $1 60;, Lumber V
M.10 00. Heavy freight, cwt.30 ,
(Conctpondcuec ol . tbeoston Post.)
LwiDOjf, January., 2i 1873.
For tomo week it ha tfaen whispered
mysteriously about tbe clubt, and .repeated
In low murmurs at West End "at home,"
that a new icaudal iu hlcb life was on tba
cards, and would ore long crop oUt'in tho
Westminster courts'. The particular court,
iu which it should come to tbo surface
wat, until recently, doubtful'; but conjec
ture pro'vo'J generally happy in 'designat
ing that most sensational or all '"Westmln-,
liter tribunal!, tho coiirt overjwblch Mr.
Justice lianoen'presldc." In a word, It
wai lald'-tbat- a" Certain' 'htibleman'. oon-.
vlnced'or hIvwlfo' Infidelity, wai about
to ttiit tbo trutn'of hit tutpieloni by per
mitting 'the public eye to ret t upon ,h It
domestic Riiatri, ana ruaKing a cnargeor
tbo most'ietloos - character" to be directed
againit n pec res of tho' realm. "Thl It.
not to very nncommon nn "occurronce, even
..Uil !'
among inn viriuou upper ton iiiouianu.oL,
Knianu, nt to creaio- an xno -nurry
which this rate liM done. ThuThynne-
Towushehd elopement: ol which! wrolo
yoti, being quite "jn accordance wijh
numeront preceuenu, it airenny lorgoiien,
or'would'the crsr I tpenk of thecoma to
tematlonaraiithid fair tohe,"or Justify
it relation In this letter, at ere not the
persons'- concerned aoniettiing'more tban
art'ordlnarv'pVer'ehd peeress. The youth',
tbeoxseedfng and famou' beauty 'of too
lady, tn oner penoa ni meir married tile,
the fumily relations oP my 1ord,tbo peti
tion tlioy havrf held iu tho liltjbesl'ibciety,
niid'tho'domuit'c bapplnctt' which none
who knew mem doubted tney were enjoy,
intr, ar elements lnMlio'aflalr, which ren
der It one of 'ilngularlr tnonVnful i'-0
lerctt anJ atrangenesr. - ' ' c
11YRON 8 okvkmon. , ,
The husband and vife srioken 'of are
Lord and I.dy Wentwortb. Lord'Wcnt
worth Is aboni thirty-six, and hit "wile is
about twenty-four. Lord Wcntworth ii
the grandton'of the illustrious Lrml By
ron, being tno only ion or Ada uyron,
Countess of Lovelacf, and of the present
Karl of Lbvelnce. Ho ha ono younger
titter, and thute two are Ryroti's only line
al descendant! living; The title of Byron
being entailed to tho main lino' could not
puis through Ada, but when the poet dlod,
pained to n cousin; lo that the' Byrou of
to-day i but n rcmotn relative or Lord
Woulwortb. Tbo latter Is, however, not
only a lord by courtesy as tbe son and belr
of the Earl o( Lovolnce, but ho in a peor
o'( tbo realm in his own right, beiug Baron
Wontwor'tb by descent from hi maternal
grandmother, Lady Byron (the poet'
uile), wbnso family of. Milbanke
was untitled to the dignltyc Wlien Lord
Wcntworth camu into tbi title, dvo or ix
yeart.ago, ha assumed thi turname of Mil
banku. lie rciuinble tho Lovelace in
face und form far mora than tho Byront,
and as tn u hoi r of Lord Lovelace, ba tho'
courtuty tillo of Yueoutit .O.ckham. Hut
in ono marked pecu,liarjtyrbt. bear tho
tlaiiip of deiuunt from tbe grent Lord
Byron lie ba very much aucb a defect
in ono of hit feet lndocd, it I a tort of
club, foot-which to tormented tbo vain
poet, und which ho labored 10 aitidoutly
to conceal. But Lord Wcntworth. doo
nut iu the least rvtemblo Byron in per
sonal Ix-auty. .On llfo' contrary, ho I a
plain man, short and rather ihic'.-t-l,
with heavy feauturei, a light no", IIl'IiIIIi
Imir and bluo eye onu who would no
where be remarked nt distinguished in ap
iieariince. Ho lias nover tuicen nrty part
in the proceeding! of bnutu of lordi .inca
assuming hit plucu thero, but hatn'ppeared
much in society, and, while displaying no
very brilliant' tociul qualities, hat been
looked upon a n young man of good
evidently enjoying fn a tranquil way tbo
botnago paM'tobM lovely Vrfte, aad
waaderlagfrom room to' 'roots with tbo
air of a maa quite tatiarlwttk kitnMlf
tad with thlnn.i tkoyartt. 4: .
ASl'MXiNt MS0,
' How chingeu is ill this kow t Lord
WAiitoorthi ihli Ufa MUa4 mnA all
110 Mir hopea .of three jeart ago that
tcred, finds hinitalf impelled to admit the
broad, hard gaxe of the world to a icefta
of the sad. lost domestic infelicity. He
Into the' dlvorr! tWV abd earfcM hi
beautiful wife with the grav-tt dereliction
nf which that court take cognlf anc. and
bogi to bo rVatl from tsotidf which wbllom
were 10 delithtfulfbut haVo tow, it teem,
become Insufferably Irkiome. Tbo charge
Include tbe nalnet of a well-known "man
about town," noted for bit fascination
and hit conquest, and of tbo flrat lecreta
ry of the Spantth Legatloa. Lord
Wcntworth attempted to'trj tha case be
fora tbo judgo ordinary,; lat, as tha
Mordsunt case, a motion to try. It beara a
tpeclal Jury.ha pwallaVirftrt
trial will thut be publicly hid. You will
Judge from the 'account'! have riven of
tho position and perwm 'Of tho parties,
what !veosllon tbi afMrhai crtatel at
tbe West End, and wltk What curiosity
tbo coming trial I looked forward to. I
tlaVo seldom known of a mora nwlaricholy
loeldent.'many as b'ave been tho'simllar
ones In London aristocratic society. 'There
aro not5 a1 few who ttrenoontly tile tho
ledy's part, ind'siy tbi cbarrts are' mon
etrout and unfounded. Bataly, it Ii to bo
hoped to; we halt all too toon
n ' . - .-. 1 U
" raa ar Mimrr- Wotrtsfa Yasnio'J
Uimm Pmriater.T 4 . a
i; U Um (Teat heaaatteU raaaady, taatast'ta
takcyat patwtror the prevaaUeti aad. oare or
rtltniii.- It bCr tkaa Wtitvi,.Oefdlal.
nnebaoTttenAparula. foldby T?(tlt!t
t ' ,,, -
nr. atotarTa att at'MBtt.
j UU4 yat taVvtN a aaaaea oriieat-tTi-JrtlyvagOatto
tlHaraa4y. prlc.S
unU, Sold.byDigli!. ku
,t 1 ' ' 1 4 i. '
Mtra. Wlsjiaflt) aaJb'a atp atatj 1 .
u-TWaTvU tiotAlt'rstws''IVtJaa aaCy U
:enta. Qlva 1 aastnir ttattaatnuite
rhoklid- fldtDhtMMi' ' - '
taurestlaa WMkT' fcJarrai wlUoa. i X.w . -
t'avIntiblMdir t
HloaMoeaU. Addrtti'atoTT' Smtbw I
itar; U Korih'lIaUi ttreet, St.'Lool!, kt
Aettljetesk ',
Mb 3
A a . .
There are no diseases, so.lebiliutlag in
their effects upon tho constitution no the
above, and none more' difficult to cure by
the unial mode of practice, The Fever aud
Ague Powders will effect a cure in case of
the longest uudlnr as well a prove a pre
ventive tn tbo rormlnjr lUge of the dlteowd
Being purely vegetable, they act with cer
1.1 nty ou the dlt?ase, totally eradleatlug it
trout the system, and. pre veal a Teturu at
any future period. ;
Why waste your saoney and health in try
ing every medlelna you, hear, of, .when
Thomptou's Feyer and Ague Pqwden bare
never tailed to cure tho UilUlii any case.
Their renutattb'n Is established. Thou.
aatida of testimonial have been received,
bowing that these powder have performed
miracles lit ruling- easoa of long Haading,
many of tbera considered hopeleM.
lucre, u no jH.x iu uxiiig lAeau 1 uey
contain nothing' lujuxiout,. aud,.thtrlore,
none ot the lingering dMuei so ofun the
result 'of 'the many notrumi of the' day.
Physlclana recommend th'tn aw luperlor to
uluiuctor any other kaewa remedy, lor
bey leave the 11 stem in a aoaiUiy atata. and
tbe patient beyoud, the nrobabUiiX. af a re-
S3 CO;
i bbls, f2C0, 600, bbl.
S2 CO; 400 bbls. Evenl
oh p, t.'
ing Star
I 3
UlV)i i
i 10
I 4
I 0
Au itmneuse misn of heavy ami iltn
gerou looflf How patIiig.dt. l,onl at tho
rate olOiiille per hoiirt .
, ' , 1 THOS. L WATSON. Y "
' " observer Big. Ser.t'.S. A.
Cincinnati, Fob, 17. River falling
ti'inporartlyl ;i"PJ Uerdto'n, Wheuling;
Condor with coal, l'omproy; Jidd llobbi
pniedMroWheoli'ng idHt.'Louli; Al
bion with lalt, Pomeroy lo Meniphii.
Weatbei'.al)SJsty'iktl Wswm.
Ui. ! IT.K 17 ArrlvKit- CAlv II f
I.Thtiier: MahiMslODAarto None, The
. - - - a - .
river roio lour reel up 10 2 p. m., wuen 11
became about ataiionary. Ice from tbo
Missouri river bat been runtlinK past tber
cltyialllaflerni) wtd'atWa Umo ttoppcd.1
tbo lurry boats, but no uamage reported,.
rain y wiiLiroibUiCrenK up mere ana
above. Weather mild and damp.
3 car
moal, $2, 55a ,0. w
BRAN No mlus rcporled.
NYIIEAT-loalo. i . I , :
BUTTER Plenty iu tbo market, and
prices aro easy. 300 lbbt told for l8;2lJc.
18 pkgs, .1825.:.
APPLES Aro 'selling at $l5 per
bbl for cholco.
"POllir (Julet. "NVo note a m'o of 10
dressed hoc;i nt C'il-
LEMONS 10 boxes told fur $7 60.
EGGS Tbo market it sparvlyjiupplied
and' prlcot aro stiff. Four boxes told (or
35c per dor.on; and i0 dozen nt 35c.
.POULTRY There it .noltnueii dplng
Dressed chickons toll nt 35c.
rOTATUKS me marKe: is inirntun
obangei rates. Sales compriso 160 barrols
Peach Blows, on track, S2 10; 126 barrels.
fromitore, $2 76ffl3i CO;, 100 barrels varie.
tics $3 75(5,5. r . 1
jonnwo rHtciif.
Ll.MK. In lots $1 25 to 1 60 $ bbl
CEMENT, At wholesale $2
21 60 V bbl.
COAL OUJ-2e(jM0. , , , .
''OTAfOESPJrbbl 2 75 to 3 00-
()UNN:E-RefCweil2t busheli ISo
bushel 20e.
; .BURLAPS-:, bu torn lioxl0jc;' do 10
o. lSiu 4 I'll bet. 20c: b bus xlc: 0 bu 22.
" PRaVISItNS,-8ugart Cured .llama
.plain lb. 1SSJ-- to- 14
sense nnd principles, and on' tho whole
very" well liked Hollas a'flno establish
ment nt tbo West Knd, and, as Iird
Lovelace is a man of larga' -property, 11
abla'to keep up an elegant 'and varied
stvlo of living. - I
It ii only a little more than.tbroo year
ago that Lord Wentwortb -iet Kai 'End
society in a flurry of gotilp and curiosity
by wedding the daughter ur a siergyuiuu,
ot not largo muAn,rusldentin thecojntry,'
and unconnected, ns fir known, with
aristocratic blood. In tho early spring of
1870 ho brought bi brulo to London, had.
her nrcieuU'd at ceurt, and Accepted tho
duodof invitations lo dlnpor 1 ud oyanlng
"at, homes" with which tUemdro'excltisivo
circle of tbo nobility favgrjul him. With
one yoico sba wat pronoijqced porfectly
tuautllul ; and nisi tui veruici wus por
IcVtly Jus'tiUed I can personally, testify.
1 hatiueiie'd to bo atone uflbo ' at hornet"
omecisll v L'lven in honor of.llie urandton of
llvron nlia 111 uriuu; aim L'uriauiiy-.iiu eu
logies of liar pcrtonui cuarmt, tpat 1 nad
beard were in thu least exaggerated. Lady
eniworiu wai uui tur iroiu iwumy, anu
loeked voungcr oven than that. Sho was
tall, tllebt und stately, wilh magnificent
figure, most richly yet tastefully attired,
and displaying brldaljowelry at onct'eost-
ly aud not ostentation?, tier very oar a,
luxuriant hair was arranged high above
an exquisite forehead, bur large dark brawn
or black eyes wero full of expression, yet
gentlo and gonial,' hor mouth perfectly
chiseled, bur note straight, and delicate,
nor iitin as tmootn una iair ai motner-oi-
pearl.- She itemed of tho' very bott'type
of Fronch, rather tnan of Rnglnh bsauty;
her quiet, dlgnitled manner; however;
wm thoroughly Engliih nnd thoroughly
natriclnn. Her tiMrin;; wai very
attractive, for whe wat itmple
and npparentlyamiable, inMtuellt, with
a low, plosiant voice.'tatid'moit brilliant
smile, alt ii ncedlcti to add tbat the1 wai
the cynosure of all cyrs; that In the
alerant saloon of Lrd -4 she held' a
little court of her ownrbolh lin right of
her brloal state and ,o( tier eonspicuour
beiuty.-' I. taw vitera'n'Jattttem'ert'.atld
TlA.rAe-.osia iadvee. ai4lAViiIh1 hlitor".
liVfoVJ lfi.i.Kh 'I f,JUnndmenof letter,. UMen of fee bion'
"BreakfuslBAcon; U(SH3c., , , ismd'hereoi lof-tht'oMbi. tratheM about
; 'KiWAJCV 80V. ' , vJber ia a buitla elrele, tiarierf 'aetWuou.
1 tu t a 11 ma naa etrw 1 iiai wtxri - mnu 1 ' . . r '!' a 1 . t a
..rchaVuVo. wyrTi .Tr ottrti m,!&:&n:.?s zwn:
1 .'rnAT.i.ni.t tN Tri. r u. . 1 oorneri wiso ausuirmv uora.TTenv
. . . 7 . ' ' . . .nt. , . . 1 .,1. .... IW... . n ,1 ..,.!
BUUAIt COuee .A, iai5 if ty 5 vrUAUfauj woftu ww v tHi 'I esiriag!
genuine are put up in square tin boxes, with
DEBS itauped oa the Ud, aad the olgMture
01 AiiuMraoN uauwroaa oa taa wrapper,
-pother can postJbljr be, geuvlse. t
t at t :
a 1 '
- . 4 I J
R II E U M A TI S.M ', ',l'jfhB k L .
u 1 t f'u
This liniment has 'earned tor Itself a repu
tation unequalled in the history of external
sppllcatlou. -BTTitouMud who bow tuf
fvr from iheuiuitlsm, neuraklf, etc., would
find Immediate relief from T uafu by tuluy
this certain remedy. Itts equally effectual
In cuty numycAfd, stltTnei! or theneck,
sore inroac, .eweiuors inuamatww, -iron,
bile, paia tatbn ilotv'or tav MUawftpl-
jcr or Biiuki 01 laseesa. v r ,
Oiio rubblnc will In all eases alia Inuaedl-
ato relief,. aud a few applications. cowple to
ctiie. ' . - w t .
On aec6iint' of 'its nowerftiPpenetraUog
nroticrtlci it ia beyoneTxtoahl the safest rem-
dy.for the auort ttoebsetetweidieiaaet to
which bom aud cattle ajiitae JUeurei
crntchos. old iauA.ft;el4;uttpr aoretehares
or hoof, brulaea. aatMsvfteier.'MavlB
tnruiii, ana au wiaieawaieai aeeerey tne
boorsorlioniioiiiiM'JMt.utwi'ii 1 -EjTKuII
directioM tKeoeaeMv.aeaki bet-
v - :rawtobo roma.
t Mi ktarhet asetse. JwlasJitohU.
auu ojosy:!traMtengHutf tatufa-
A Tn uV .Wml -- mk BSBSI
OBMejUMVATtawe ess ibsbi 1 ''
tunaatiawy, rA)uey WW wpw
i Si: C
It-tew ft.
HA iwws tSF.ea.
''WWt Fourtf.tr.it, Sew" leek

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