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?.hlletlo stalls il1iJ
U. S. Sio. 8n., OnsKkvitn'o Offjci:. 1
Cairo, April n, 1S73, lO-.tl p.m.
Tkmeaetcr 40 degree.
Tf Mlkcr cloudy.
Maxlfaum teropcraturo laM VI hours. At
D. B.4 80 demos. -'
stuimum temperature, lt 24 hours, at
7 s. ., 80 degree.
lrvalUm: wind last SI hours, west.
ToUl number of mile wind travelled, last
U hour, 3SS.
David W. JIahnktt. Observer.
ton M-ivok.
We are authorised to announce lr. Wll
mm B. Smith m a candidate for mayor at
the ensuing municipal election.
We are authorised to announce James
8. Swayne as a candidate lor major at llic
Approaching municipal election.
We are authorised to nnnouncc II. Wat
on Webb as a candidate, for tho ofllco of
city Attorney nt tlio approaching municipal
Wt art authorized to announce 11 r. James
A. rhlllli a candidate for the office of city
treasurer, aUhe ensuing municipal election.
We are Authorized to announce that Itob't
A. Cunningham will be n candidate far re
lection to tho office of city trcaurer. nt the
ensuing municipal election.
Wo are authorized to annouuee Michael
J. Howley as a candidato tor re-election for
tho office or city clerk, nt the ensuing mu
nicipal election.
Wo are authorized to announce Mr. James
Summerwell as a candidate for the office ol
polleo magistrate nt tho ensuing munlclpil
Wc are authorized, to announce the name
of CharlctMchner,Kiq., as candidate for the
offlee of police magistrate nt the ensuing
municipal election.
Wo are authorized to nnnouticu.Mr. James
Ryan a candidate for tho office of police
magtstrato at the ensuing municipal elec
tion. We are authorized to announce William
F. Pitcher as a candidate for tho ofllce ot
polleo magistrate, at llir- enmlng municipal
election. .
FrLLOW-ClTMEXS ok Oaiuo : 1 nm a
candidate lor re-election to the oillce of po
lice magistrate. Four years ago I did not
believe ltwasposilblo 1 should live to a tit
offlco again at jour hands, but having In a
great measure recovered my health, and
needing tho Income the position afford, 1
Again appear before yon In the capacity ot a
candidate, and respectfully solicit your gen
erous support. It. SIIANST.9SY.
We aro authorized to annouueo D. J.
roloyas a candldste for Alderman In the
fourth ward.
We are authorized to announce .1. it. Cun
ningham as a candidate for aldernrn In the
rim ward.
Wo aro authorized to announce the name
or Chas. O. Taticr as a candidate for alder
man frou- tho Fourth (4) ward, at tho rustl
ing municipal election.
Uy authority wc announce dial .M. J. Me
Oauley will be u candidate for alderman
from tho Fourth ward at the approaching
Fifty thousand envelopes Jut received at
tho Bulletin ofilce. tf
Easter Monday ball at ScheetV hall nest
Monday evening. Go.
Envelopes furnlshod and printed at the
Bulletin Omen at 83 to per thousand
Mr, Jewett Wilcox and family aro In the
city Hopping at tho St. Charles. They will
remain here several days..
F. M. Word Is nowpiuparod to deliver the
btit of aawed and spllthiekory wood to any
part of the city. Also all klu lior wood and
coal always on hand. :-25 tf.
A serious cutting affray occcuired about
lour o'clock yesterday, morning on Ohio
levee near Eighth street. Four or five river
men got Into a quarrel and knives wero
freely used. Several ot the parties were
badly cut one of them, name unkuown It
Is believed, fatally. The man win did the
subbing was arrested and put into the
county Jail.
The Katie l'utnum comedy company will
give their first entertainment In this city, In
the Atheneum to-night, in the pis, of "Old
Curiosity shop," in which Miss I'utntm will
take the dual character of "Li'tle Sell''
and "The Marchlone's." A Katie Putnam
is a great favorite with our amuir inent lov
lng people ot Cairo, she will bo greeted by
a full bouse. Let It be to.
F. Maulepbutg. corner of Wellington
avenue and Fourteenth stret, lu, engaged
the services of an experienced baker, and
now turns out the raoH excellent Mead and
delicious cakes baked In this city. Families
willbe supplied with any nuaiit'tv .i..ir.i
of either wheal or rye bread, and with all
wnusor "sweet" cakes, cooki. .Scotch
cakes, tea aud ginger eakes, sp-ngo and
pound cakes, etc.. etc. HonsM:,.. t.-r. ,.,
your bread and cakes of lllauVeii'irg, and
you wiu ue nappy.
ltemember the ball at Pchcel'. !, i mm
Monday evening.
It willberemcinbered.tlutsomM mx weeks
ago a German cooper named Thoiiia. Huller,
In a fit or Insanity attempted to drown him.
aeir and son, a boy about eight years old,
but wan urcvtnicd l.v n... i.,wr.
friends. Domestic trouble was the nause of
uuauempno commit suicide, ami it has
xeigueu upon in mint! so much a- to cause
Its completo dcranremeut. and hw iri.n.i.
were compelled to send him to the asvium
at Jacksonville. Ho was taken iv.it on th
afternoon train yesterday,
A curious and ory painful accident oc
enrred at the round house yesteiday. Tho
fc.Ali of engine So. 130 attcrajited t j fill
one of the patent oil ups on themglnc with
Ullosr, tad lupposlflc the steam and water
sM all AXliAUtted turned the stop, when
ttfABf Ullow. and w-Ater rushed out with
tmmmm. trfklaaF falm In tUn ttku t ui
vwmw-f m v;miuaj
UAWtully. One eye, and perhaps bpth, are
Injured, but bow much we could not learn,
u biAfaee waa covered with, oiled cotton
wMwMirIsia. HJHAOeisZackToomy,
4 koiMWsji At CMtrallA, whither ho wa
ttkM ImI vtBlAg'f trabx
The ntico to bur wall paper and window
hadei Is o. 2 Sixth atreet, opposite Win
ter' block, where you can buy cheaper
than any place IsKhe cltyS , II. AM..", tl
The municipal canvas It in something of
mixed condition. The oldcit inhabitant
has never ecn a greater muddle. The
bitch appears to be In the fact that having
fought nobly, the colored troops desire
representation on the city ticket- Why the
Idea ol a colored man on the tlcVat should
disconcert matter w materially, is not ex
Actly apparent. Our Radical friends eer
tainlr fnvor tho movement heartily, and aro
only undecided as regards which one of
the half dozen names or coiorcu men compe
tent to hold office, shall be placed on tho
ticket. To secure harmony, Democratic
Liberals might, In a day or two, "educate
themselves up'' to contemplate the Muta
tion, calmly and patriotically,
nd Liberal ltcnublioan have
the benefit of former Ideas and associations
to reconcile them to the Male ot adairs.
The colored voters arc nearly four hundred
strong In the city, and claim a right to bo
represented in tho city government. If our
Itadlcal friends, who certainly ought to be
the foremost to speak in this matter, wlb an
"organ'' in which to dectare themselves In
favor of regarding the modest desires ol our
colored fellow-citizen, wc assure them (our
Itadlcal friends) the columns of Tn BUL
LETIN shall be placed at Heir dlspo-al to
make known the geulleman of color they
desire to co placed on the ticket
The St. l'atrlck's Ucncvoleut society will
give a ball n Kaster Monday evening, April
14th, at SchecPs hall. Tho friends of the so
ciety arc luiltcd to attend.
Wauted, a Rood barber (white) at corner
of Eighth street and Commercial avenue;
good wages and steady employment guaran
teed. (l-lOCt.) J. GKOltOK STKINIIOV5K.
Lost A L-olil boon eal-rluif. Tho abo.e
reward will be paid to the person leaving
tho .ring at my livery Mable, Tenth street,
Cairo, llllnoU. 11. 1 Fielh.
A ncut cottage and two low, located on
thu corner ol Division street and Washing
ton avenue. For.terms, etc., enquire nt the
corner ol Fifteenth street and Commercial
avenue of T. O'cau.aiian.
1-10 tf.
A plea.-ant, cheerful room, xltualed on
Seventh street between Walnut street and
Commercial avenue, to be used as a Mltlng
and sleeping room. Apply to
11. F. UUKNSlDi;,
S-'V tf C. and V. railroad office.
I will sell lot numbered 12 lu blocklU, first
addition, fronting on Twentieth street. My
housouow standing on aiid lot will be moved,
leaving :i good brick cellar, clstcni and out
hollies. For particulars enquire at my shop
on Twentieth street. WM. KHLF.RM.
.1-1 fid Iii
In tht! circuit court, yesterday, James
Moss, on a charge of assault to murder, was
convicted mid sentenced to the penitentiary
for eighteen month.
John Lnwson and Ills wile, Indicted Tor
larceny, were tiled. I.awsonwas acquitted
and bis wilo sentenced to one year In the
The l'utnam troupo open in iUU city to
ulght nt tho Atnoneum, Katie l'utnam ap
pearlng as the Marchioness and Little Sell
In the "Old Curiosity hop." In Sew Or
leans Miss Katie wat a favorite in this char
ter, and paled tho renown of "Lott.i." Wa
bespeak for tho company n good house to
ntgfit. Over threo yean have elapsed since
their last slslt to Cairo, aud in the meantime
they hare won golden opinions from nearly
every city In tho union.
A (5001) HAUGAIN.
A very dcslrablo summer residence, situ.
ated lu the town of Anna, Illinois, going by
tho name of the "Farin property," Tho
house has six large rooms, good cistern,
and suitable out-houses. This property in
now ouered for ".ale at a bargain. Terms
cash. Apply to C. Schick, Anna, Ills.
Or to N. M. Kakis, Illnklevllle, Ky.
lam glad to be able to announce that I
have so far recovered my health as to be
able to re mi mo the management of my shop.
Jlyold customer will, therefore, understand
that In the future, as In the past, that, If they
desire clean, easy shaves, fashionable hair-
cutting, or any other service lu my line, I
will be on hand to bestow upon thtm my
personal attention. My shop, as ii well
known, is four door from the corner of
Eighteenth street and Commercial aenue,
where I Invite my old lrletidi and now custo
mers to call nud see me.
4-3-tr Oeoiigi: Ukini.no, Bather.
Mr. r.UK)ib U ttlll tn our city show lug
tho great superiority of hi wa-htr and
churn. Considerable succe'i so far has at
tended his ellurn In tho sale ol the machines
and rights to terrltorj'. But lew thlngi, If
any can be much moro desirable lo families
than a tucce-ful washing machine and a
perfect churn, and from the opinion, of those
who hao wstnesked his demonstrations wo
can but bellevo they aro a great sucees, and
merit the confidence of all. Ho will take his
machines to any family that may so desire,
or ttity may test them thoroughly by calling
to-day at thu Arlington house, comer ol
Commercial avenue and Seventh street. 1I
will rcnulnonly three days longer. We ud
lo all intrcled to give thtm a trial.
Kir rlnco the endowineut of juvenile hu
manity with fingers and toes, tradition has
transmitted to posterity the entertaining
history of five remarkable pigs j tho largest
of which frequently performed thu family
marketing; while tho last arid least encount
ered an insurmountable obstacle In the brii
dcor sill, agalnt which he made vociferous
complaint, The striped pig has attained
renown us a successful evader of tho liquor
law. Jlr. Bucket tiufotds the pathctlu talo
ofthe pig whose untimely demise was caused
by excessive superfluity of check. And
the spotted pig has become proverbial as a
type ol beauty. Pig lead was formerly used
in the manufacture of paint; but the rapidly
Increasing popularity of the Averltl Chem
ical Paint has nearly superceded the use of
lead as a pigment. The A. C. P., can be ob
tained lulled, ready for use in all colon,
from N. K. Way ft Co., general commlattoD,
merchant, Sixth street bttweeu Co tamer,
clal and Washington tvtnuat. 4-tf.
Mrs. Aiini Labs on Eighth street, botween
Commercial and Washington1 avenues, has
just opened out ft stock of new and fashion
able millinery goods. alio has one hundred
and fifty different atyletor Hats and bonnets,
besido n large assortment ot ribbons, flow
er and notions of all sorts, nil of which wll
be vild nt the lowest prices.
Sotlce Is hereby given, w anilug all per
sons against purchasing a note given by me
to James ltow for threo hundred dollars,
(1300) and endorsed by I.. W. Stllwcll, tho
same dated March SI, 1873, and made
tivlle ten dava after date. Paviacnt will
be resisted, because the consideration for
whch said note was given has failed.
Cairo, III.., April 9, 1873.
2t I', It. Mwn.v.
Council Ciiauijlk,i
Cairo, Ills., April 7, 1873.
l'rcter.t His Honor Mayor Lansden
tnd Aldermen Cunningham, Hurd, Met-
calf. Uoblnson, Scbub, Stratton, Swayno,
Taylor, Waldor, Wood and Wooilward
On motion vi Alderman riwaybo the
reading of the minutes was dispensed
Alderman I'hlllis appeared and took
his seat.)
courrROLLr.n'a lo.poui.
Tho city comptroller presontud rport
of tho financial condition of tho city, for a
period of fiitrtcen months, ending March
1, 1873.
Aldermen ohiih moved tlml snld r-
purl bo ruoeiveJ, tiled and ordered
lderman Swajne inovtHl to mund by
referring to th finance onmmittce.
Amendment carried.
The following Is the report:
htaticxxxt of rzciii'Ts anu jtxrr.xDi-
MARCH 1ST, 1872.
tU. In Trtaiury Jn. 4 IMS U,!'44
From Police Mapittate), finti $ J,10 !f)
11 I.Iccdki paid SUM M
Taxes collected 33,93; S
" fctteel or Poll 'faxes col
lected - ?a do
From Doc tain collected, net lot
" lotercst on note cfhUrati
Hub Co US t
from City Scale. 21 SI
Ian bv Treaaurer to F.
II. Co. fund to balance....
Ill (it
Total Ilecelptt In It month...
Total Id Treasury during II tn.
Interest paid durin; 14 euontht W.OS) il
Interttl cald K. H.ftCo.bondt 13.7M 0"
Ciiv Scrip redeemed acd can
celled 4V: :o
Band! paid aid cancelled... TiU si
Toii a
Total Cath Paid
Balance in General fund Mch.
lt, 1873
Balance In General Interett fund
Valance In special Cash fund..
;,M1 71
3T1 M
3.4M .HI
Total Balance In Treatury 3,K'J 01 7,0IJ iii
thie Treaaurerfor amonntnter
drawn by 1 tl. A Co. Fund III t2
I'KorniATin, ik vocrtikk mostuscoii-
IHQ ttAKCU 1st 1873.
Balance outstanding Jan. 1 1S7S
Issued on ac. OfTicers balarics...
" " I'otlce "
' " Jail and Jailer's
Fee .
Issued on ac. of btreet, tabor
Materials Ac
Issued on ac. of Hew-er Repairs
" ' General Sidew'ks
' " Gas in Street
Lampi .
f ssurd on ac. fire Department
' ' Refunded Tales
" ' Council Clumber
and Clerk's Orhc
Issued on ac. of Prinlinc. Hind.
ing and Advertising
Issued on ac. St. Mary's Park
" Hoard of Health
" " Loan to Arab
Fire Co
1,7111 10
C.4U U
7.J18 7P
J.M7 71
4,310 34
204 44
13,137 M
4,119 72
3 4
71 1 15
1.44S 17
IMi 43
4,0.'.S 61
i.oor) on
V.4I3 !4
700 00
7iS 01
Issued on ac. Miscellaneous Ex.
" " Letee, stone tor
Issued on ac. Ueetions ..
u. & V. K. K.
Celebration H
Issued on ac. Old scrip reg'tered
' ' Amount of accu
mulated Interest paid
Total issued ..
Mi 4J
Jl.lel 40
Total oflssue and outsundinj
Amount Daid and cancelled
M,3i: m
from Jan. 1st 1S7I to March
1st 1873, Scrip and Interest lo.MT CO
Ual. ouuunding Mar. 1st, 1673 49,1)73 30 )..H2 M
Inereueln 14 months 14,314 V
rtateuekt of the citt tbeabuber'a
Ualanct on hand Ian. 1. 1672
11, m 41
;s,7ss 2i
Atn't received from various
sources during 14 months
ending March lit, I S7J...
Amount expended for Interest
paid and Gty Scrip redeem
ed wi.ttO 71
"a.soj 7i
Bal. In Treasury Mch. 1, 1S73
I. I Tavlor
To balance uncollected uiet
Jan 1st 1871
P,y eaih paid Into the Treasury
Uy baUoce uncollcetsl, turned
oeerto T, W, HaUlday
T. V. Halllday
Balance from J . If. Taylor.
By raU paid into theT reasur)'
'' forfeited taxes
" Abatement on Blocking...
" balance personal Tat list
turned over to K. A. Cun
ningham 32,1,17 Si
::,M7 :s
n,j7 6)
1S.217 eo
11,144 57
iVt 31
311 01
1,171 tJ
1J,I'J7 it
It. A, Cunnlugham,
Hal. personal from T.W. Hal.
Iday ....
By cash paid Into Treasury
" Balance personal of 17I
uncollected ...
1,171 M
u7,lW M
12 !'J
1.131 7i
A Il.Inia,
To Ueneral uanant cf U7i
By cash paid Into Treasury J,7o1 23
iaiance uncollected taies M.zn 77
Total uncollected in hands of
Cunningham 1,131 Tv
Total uneoltccttd In hands of
Irsln... 51.33 77
Total u.Tol!cted-. .,
Uy balance uutstandinz Jaa.
1st 1S72
By amount Usueil to Cairo A .
St. Uuis II. II
By aracmut Issued to U, ft V
.ill '-1
A;m 31
110,(102 (3
IW.OW 00
4i,o;o to
Totalitsued and puutandiug
tw amount reuccrnca oy lay.
lor, Treasure , 2j ()
To amount redeemed by Hal-
Iday Treasurer 77 t
To smt. C. A V. It, K.
lane's cancelled i,0"0 M
so balance outstanding Mch,
1st 171 ,
4S4.47S U 1.!SI 31
40,074 3i
4SI.S7K to
Scrip out.-.andlng Mch I .UTS
BsnSt ' Mch 1, U73
Total Indtttcdncsi .
2,700 (!
.'1,000 0?
1,000 00
54,521 M
3,434 SI
:w m
21 HI
4W,t3S 44
11. Hi Receivable, n;ic of
Eames Hub Co
Rough and Ready lre Co.
loan... .M.w,..M..,.
Arab t,tt Co
Balance uncollected tai,
Balaace la Interest fund.,..
Balance In General fund.., ,
Balance in Special Fund
. in.tia si
Rt.il(ully submitted,
City Comptroller
ojticiha' nxroHTa.
The offllcal reports of the following
named officers war presented, aud on mo
tion of Alderman Wood rteelred and or
dered filed, tIi : Of B, A, Cunningham,
olty irounrtrt, fof March ; of F. Bross,
aM for JA'Dtiary and February; ct wm
MoHaU, olty Jailer, for .March of police
constable, Mehner and Ilelm, for Febru
ary ani Jlarch; and of Police Constable
Latlu for March.
UADtXASCr. COWillTTA'. BBrop.r.
The ordinance committee lubmllted the
following ordinances, which were read
for the Aral time and laid over for a sec
ond reading, vis;
Au ordinance to provide lor the purchase
of an alarm bell for the Delta City fire
Iioniror5aliicd by the City Council of the
City of Cairo : .
Section 1. That a sum not exceeding
four hundred dollars be and the samo Is
hereby appropriated for tho purcnAie or an
aiarn bell, to be located on or near tho
Delta City Fire company'aengino-house, and
that the city comptroller be, and he hereby
li Instructed and authorized, to purcluue the
ame, under the advice and direction or the
committee on lire department.
An ordinance to provide for tho construc
tion of certain new sidewalks, and the re
construction and repair of other,
lie it ordained by the City Council of the
SkcTION t. That sldewalksbo constructed
on the northerly sldo of 16th (Fifteenth)
street, from the sidewalk now existing on
the westerly side of Washington avenue to
the sidewalk now existing on the easterly
side of Walnut street, and on the northerly
aide or 18th (Eighteenth) streat, from a line
drawn parallel to the westerly aid of
wainui iircei ami iu iieni icei easterly
from tt to the castetly line of Cedar street,
and that the following described sidewalks
be reconstructed and repaired, viz :
On the easterly sldo of walnut street,
from Fourth street to Twentieth street; on
the westerly side of Walnut street, irom
Fourth street to a point fifty feet north
of Seventh street, and rroui 'tenth street to
Fllteentb street; on north aide of Fourth
atreet from Washington avenue to Walnut
street; on both sides of Fifth street from
Washington avenue to Walnut street', on
both sides of Seventh street Irom Washing
ton avenue to Walnut street; on north
side of Eighth atreet from Washington ave
nue to Walnut street; on north aide of
Twelfth street from Walnut street to a
point 125 feet eastwardly from Cedar
street: on the southerly side of Twenty
seventh street, and on same side of
Twenty-eighth street, rrora Commercial ave
nue to Poplar street.
Sec 2. Said sidewalks shall be built or
constructed, re-constructed and renewed, or
repaired as follows, viz: They shall be six
feet wide upon the top, the top covering to be
of white oak,cypressorpineplank,two inches
thick, and not more than eight inches wide,
laid to a' straight edge on the outside, the In
side lino or the covering to bo four feet dis
tant from tho front line ef tho lots, said
planks to belaid crosswise with the sidewalk,
and well spiked on with at least six twenty
penny nails in each plank, If tho plank 1 not
over aix Inches wide ; If over seven inches
wide, with at least nlno similar nails to three
stringers not less than three Inches thick and
six Inches wide, set on edce. notchod and
tightly fitted, and welt spiked on with at
least two twenty-penny nails, to sills or
croHs-ues noi icss man turco incuts wick aim
six inches wide, nlaecd onedsc cross who to
said sidewalks at Intervals not more than alx
feet. U laid on the ground these sills shall
be placed and spiked on, and levelled by
blocks of wood net lea than twelvo Inchea
long aud sis: Inches wide, placed under each
ainuger. n me siaewauc is elevated auove
the natural irround It shall be so elevated
upon trestle-work, tho posts of which shall
be not less than lour incbci square,
into which the sills or crosMlcs shall be mor
ticed or gained, and to which aald till or
cross-ties shall be well spiked with at least
wo twentj'-penny nails in each post, tho
posts to be set and well nailed on to blocks
of wood uot less than twelvo inches long,
tlx inches wide and three Inches thick, and
substantial lateral bracca cf oak lumber, uot
less than one Inch thick and four Incite
wide, (hall be nailed with a proper slopo
with three twentj'-penny nail in each post
at each alternate tsctlon or set or posts.
When the sidewalks are reconstructed and
repaired all decayed or broken limber, or
material, shall be detached and excluded,
and sound materials substituted therefore
and tho whole work of construction, recon
struction ana repair snail no done in a sub
stantial and workmanlike manner, and to
the satisfaction of the committee on atreet.
irthe sldowalk is elevated over thirty Inch
irom me grouna mo posts snau ue extended,
wuusui splicing, turee icct udovo me stuo
walk, and to them, on the inside at the top,
a strip or white oak plank, one inch thick,
and not less than lour Inches wide, shall be
securely nailed with two twentj--pcnny nail
in eacu post.
Said ktringers, sills, cross-tie t posts aid
block shall be or while or burr oak, cypres,
red cedar, black locust or mulberry, aud the
grade to which said sidewalks shall be laid
shall bo tlie grade established by the provis
ions or ordinance Ho. 83.
Sue. 8. Tho local Improvements herein
provided for, shall be made by special assess
ments, and in accordance with the provis
ions of soctlons 18 to 61 inclusive, of article
9 nf the act or the general assembly or the
state of lllluois, approved April 10, 1872,
and entitled "an act lo provide lor the incor
poration of cities and villages," and the
costs and oxpenses or the construction, re
construction and repair or aald sidewalks,
ahall be paid out or funds arising Irom said
special assessments.
Skc 4. The owner ol anv lot fronting on
any sidewalk, provision for the building or
rouewlng of which i made by this ordi
nance, shall be allowed fifteen days after
the time at which this ordinance shall take
enact, In which to build or repair such tide
walk opposite hi lot, and thereby relUve
the same from assessment, provided that the
work so to b done ahall In all respects con
form to the requirement of this ordinance,
and be done to the satisfaction and approval
or tho committee on streets.
SBC. 5. Upon the expiration of said fif
teen daj-s, the city clerk shall
publish notice for ten days in
the newspaper publishing the ordi
nances of tho city, setting forth that sealed
bids forfurnlsbingthe materials or doing the
work, or both, for the construction, recon
struction or renewal of said sidewalks, or
any one ormoro.ol them, directed to the
city council, will be received at his oillce up
to the time ol tho meeting of the city coun
cil, for the opening of said bids, which meet
ing shall not be earlier than 12, nor later than
is day from the date or said notice, which
notice shall specify or state
the time ot said meeting,
and describe the work to be done, by
referring to this ordinance, giving Its num
ber, and date of approvahand that safd ordi
nance is subject to examination at any time
at his oillce. riald bids ahall be opened by
the elerk in the presence of thu council, and
the contract for doing the work or furnish
ing tho materials, or both, for tho construc
tion, reconstruction or repair or said aide-
taint, taV.4 J AST"' I44UII! Wt UvUi lUalll aw
awarded to the lowest responsible bidder
who shall f.ufflclcntlv euarantoe to the satis.
faction o' the city council the furnishing of
sain mscenai or me penormauce oi saiu
work, or both, under the superlnteudance
ot :the commlttae on streets, within mob.
time or times as may be fixed by contract, If
su cut council sunn men uetm u expeut
cut to do ao. If .ald bids are not satisfacto
ry to said cltv council tliev mav releet anv
or all of them, and may then or thereafter
aumorize am amcwaiK to be constructea,
reconstructed or repaired by cueb agents a
they may think proper.
Alderman 'Wood moved to amend tatd
ordinance by substituting "thirty 'day'
for "ilfteen days" In isctlou 5 of said ordl-
lis rice. Amendment adoptod.
The finance commtlteo reported that lu
tho month of Feburary $3,830 03 In city
scrip bearing $01 03 interest, had boon
paid and cancelloJ, and In month of
March 1,7I0 00 In city acrlp bearins;
Vj2 15 interest, had been paid and can
celed, and 7,842 00 In coupon Lad been
pl J tnd cancelled In February and March'
On motion of Councilman Hurd tho
report was received and ordered Bled.
A petition of Linton & Orr was pre
mitttd stttlug forth that tby procured a
llcuui for their wbarfboat, for on yar
from January I, J 178, for wblon they
paid lota the city truury toe lum of
KOO, and thai owing to a lack of levee ac
commodations Ibey found It loipolbl
toiucceed la the bullae and therefor
discontinued their business, on the lOtb
stay of March. They therefore asked that
thu council authorize the rtturn to then
of a sufficient amount la city scrip to
cover the unexpired term their llcenie bat
to run.
Councilman Wood moved to table the
petition and called for the aye and nay
on tbo question. Carried by the following
vote: Ayei Cunningham, Hurd, Met
calf, rhlllls, Uoblnson, Scliuh, Miration,
Swayne Taylor, Walder, Wood nd
Woodward Uj Nay 0.
Petition of John Sbeehan wai presented
asking the council to allow Lira pajr for
rvicca as police constable for tho latttr
half of the month of November, 171,
which the council at that time refused to
allow, on account of hi being suspended
on November IS, though tho .suspension
wa not confirmed by the council until De
cember 1, 1871. lOn motion of Alderman
Wood the petition was referred lo the
committee on claim.
Petition of the Illinois Central Hall,
road company wa presented, representing
that they are owner of the " yellow ware
heuse," and that aald warehouse Is on
what .il platted a Levee itrett, but doss
not really extend over any part of tbo
actual street. The company therefore
asks that some action by resolution or oth
erwiie, may be taken by the council, per
mitting tald warehouse to remain undis
turbed, till In the Judgdmont of the coun
ell tho business In that prt of the city re
quires in removal.
Alderman Met calf moved to tablo the
Aldorman Hard moved to amend by
referring the petition to th street com
mittee Tho motion to table w. crrleJ on a
division by a vote of 7 to 0.
The following bills wero presented and,
on motion, of Alderman Wood referral to
their proper committees, vIk
D. U. O. Parker, attendance at
pest-houte In March $ cu no
W . W. Wootten, services at
pest-house in March :J1 days... 09
nenry Vickerson, services at
pest-house in March 15 dayf... H 00
Phillip Fay, services at pest
house in March 30 days......... 44 35
T. Gorman, 3 days services in es
timating coit of sidewalks
to be conitrueted and repaired
under ordinance No 4S r, oo
John A. Poorc, 3 dayi services in
estimating cost or sidewalk to
be constructed and repaired un
der ordinanco No 45 1,", 00
Stephen Bradley, for hauling a
drunkon man to jail lo
K. A. Hurnett, March salary as
cltv comptroller ;o 00
A. Cain, March zalary as citv
marshal .'. ;& oo
It. A. Cunningham, March salarv
a city treasurer .". 73 00
M. J. Iiowley, March salary as
city clerk loo oo
L, If. Myers, March (alary at
chief or police 8.1 33
II. T. Martin, March salary as
police constable ;& 00
F. Whitcamp, Itareh salarj
police constable 00
O. Mehner, March (alary a po
lice comtabl 7 00
P- Ilelm. March salary a police
constable Jfl 00
J. C. Lallue, March salary as po
lice con table 7 00
II. i Billlngsly, March salary as
police constable 75 00
P. Conlan, 39 day work on
street In March at $3 25 per
day ;o '.'9
T. Fitzgerald, 25 day work on
streets In March at J 25 per
day : J aj
Wra McHale, luporlntending
work on street and ridowalks in
March, 18 day 3d 00
Milton Jenkini, for planting 100
tree in St. Mary'a park C" 00
N A Devore, for furnishing mate
rial and lowering and repairing
sidewalk on south side of Thirty-fourth
itreet from Washing
ton to Commercial avenue,
2,109 ft, at 45 ctt OSS CO
Jat Kennedy, for repairing 609 ft
of sidewalk on north sldo of
Twentieth street, botween
Washington avenue nd Wal
nut (treat, at 50 cU a foot 24 50
Chaa Tbrupp, for laying off side
walk on north side of Sixth
straet.from Washington avenue
to Walnut meet .1 00
Jot Arnold, for taking census of
the city 8,288 name at 110 a
thousand 82 S3
Cbas Thrupp, for making assess
ment map No 2 for sidewalk
commissioners 10 no
Milton Jonkins, for repairing
sldowalk on north side of Nine
teenth street, from Commercial
avenue to Poplar street, 534 ft,
at 10 cts a foot 5'2 40
0 II Woodward, one 20 foot suc
tion and extra coupling for
Itough and Koady Fire com
pany 75 50
Arab Fire company, 1 quarter's
allowance to April 1 Ml 09
Itough acd Heady Fire company,
1 quarter' allowance tn
April 1 , 50 (JO
Hibernian Fire company, 1 quar
ter's allowance to April 1 M 00
Delta Fire company, I quartor's
allowance to April 1 5000
F Vincent, lime and drajagu,
for jail , '-' 75
Jno. Q. II arm an, 3) day sorvlcot
in lecasling assessment, as com
missioner for sidewalk purposes
at S5 VI 50
J no. II. Qotsman, 2 day tervlcci
in recasting assessment, as com
missioner lor sidewalk purposes
at j 12 50
II. Watsou Webb, 3 J day ser
vices in recalling asieisment
as comniiislonnr for sidewalk
purposes, at $5 IS 50
Henry lloyd. hauling drunken
roan to jail 50
Cairo City Oas Co., gas used at
city jail during 3 month end
ing March 1...T. - 14 00
Wm. Mcilalc, for dieting prison
er in March 320 day at 50c... 104 50
It. II. Cunningham, 1 month'
rant of council chamber to
April 1 40 00
Cairo, Box and Basket Co., side
walk lumber at 110 Ul M
Cairo City Ots Co., ga uiod in 80
(treet lamp In March 01 09
Jame Ron, 1 ton of coal for
clerk' offlee 5 00
Wm. Henry, Jr., 12 kegs nails... MOO
L. H. Myer, balsTec due on ac
count ef bog sold la February
and MarchT. 4 '!
nibernian Fir Co., for amount
or appropriation for aiarn oeu
a per ordinance No. 44 40C oo
1. Sweeny, for hauling drunken
man to tall "
Stephen Bradley, for aeraplag
ana wua tea as om tjonntr
clal avenue day at $9 80 00
f. Broii p. M., lalary far F.b-
25 00
' t0?!' VM'i ''y 'or Mtch I J 00
..' Uowljy aoaouatpald for
"pre charge oa regUtry
book from BprlBgl.ld...... 1 )ft
VA" cy comptroller,
for tatlonry, pottage itampi
a OMofclty from
i i"' J871 10 AFfl1 . 18T8... 10 00
John Oladney, for hauling 47
load lumber in March and
February, at 60 ct., and 4 day
jcraplng earth, with team, on
Commercial avenuo .. jo 00
Cairo Bulletin company, publlih
lng counsll proceeding! In
March fcc fjo 35
Bill ot Geo. W. Henrlcks, amounting
to 244 00 for bulldlnr; 320 feot of side
walk on Sixth street from Walnut street
to Jeffenon avo., at "t, cents a foot, which
wai referred to tho street committee, was
reported back by iaU commltteo ns correct.
Alderman Hurd moved that ald bill be
allowed. Carried by the following vote:
Ayei-Cunnlngbam, Hurd, Motenlf, Phil
Hi, Roblnion, Sohuh, Strattan, Swayne,
Taylor, Walder, Wood and Woodward
12. Nay 0.
The following resolution ufl'ored by
Alderman Taylor was, on motion of
Alderman Hurd, adopted, viz:
Keiolved, That tho committee on street
be and tbey hereby aro instructed to have
any trees removed from the public streat
where they aro In tho way of a proper
construction of ildewalkt.
Alderman Sehuh offered the following
preamble and resolution, vi.:
WnrntAs, Ujiicctlon 2 of artlclo 0 of
the "act to provide for tho Incorporation
of cities and villages," under which tho
city is now organized, It 1 provided that
the city council may In Its illjcrctlon
cither provide for the elnctlon by tho
legal voters of the city cr thu appoint
mcnt by tho city council, of n cltr mar
thai, city superintendent f streets and
otbor otllcer naml In 'ih tvtiti,
t hercfore,
Resolved Thl a poeia! committee to
consist of flvo me m bar of thu city coun
c 1 he appointod by tko mayor to have
prepared an ordinanco for submission to
the council, providing for tho appoint
ment by the city council of a
city engineer fnr thu term of two
years from the date of his appoint
ment, whose compensation for services to
bo rendered as cuch engineer, shall bo
Qxed by said ordinMico, provided that such
city cnginuer shall rcceivu no stated sal
art. from the city of Cairo, And shall only
be paid for lervicos rondcrod said city, if
any, as may bo provided for in said ordi
nance for like services that may bo ren
dered to other parsons.
On motion of Alderman.Hcbuli said pre
amble and resolution were referred to tho
ordinance committee
Tho mayor submitted thu following res
olution which was, on motion nf Alder
man Cunningham, adopted, vir.
11 0 it ordained by tho city council of tbo
ctty of Cairo, that tbocomralttae on street
be and it is hereby Instructed to cominu
nlcato with tbo authorities of tbo Cairo and
Vincennes Railroad company and with the
Faducab Gravel company, with roferenco
to tho graveling or raaradamiting of Com
mercial avenuo from Twentieth street to
Second street, and such cros4 streets lead
ing from Commercial avonue to Levco
itreet at aro more generally used by tho
public, and report to the council at tbo
earliest practicable day, tho probable cost
and expense of tho improvement and such
other information as may bo necessary for
a full understanding of the matter by th e
Jno. A. Foore, Wm. McHale and Tim
othy Gorman, tbo commissioners hereto
fore appointed to cttimato the cost of tho
construction, and the reconstruction of
certain ildewalkt, provided for in ordl
nanco No. 45, approved February 17,
1873, Including labor, materials and all
other oxpenses attending tho same, sub
mitted a detailed roport of tbo estimate
of the cost of the construction and recon
ttructlon of each sidewalk or parcel of
idewalk mentioned in tald ordinanco.
Alderman Wood moved that (aid re
port be rccelved,and that tho city attorney
be directed to present the necessary peti
tion to tbo county court in accordance
with the provisions of the city charter up
on the subject. Motion carried.
Alderman Scbub moved to reconsider
the vote by which tbo council rofused to
allow the bill of John Richardson, amount
ing to 518 70, including ft 70 for dis
count on scrip, for repaln on engine (f
Delta Fire company. Motion carried.
Alderman Woodward moved that said
bill be allowed, let tho amount charged
for discount on scrip. Motion lost by the
following vote: Ayes Cunningham,
Me teal f. Phillls, Robinson, Schub, Htrat
ton, Swayne, Walder and Woodward 0.
Nays Hurd, Taylor and Wood fl.
A communication from tho I. O. Rail
road company was read, accepting tho
right to lay down additional tracks sn
Levee streot, botwomi Klghteontli and
Twenty-sixth streets.
On motion of Alderman Sehuh tho com
munication was received anil ordered
City bond of John Donnelly for liquor
licenso was presented and, on motion of
Alderman Cunningham, approved,
State and city bond of John Tanner
wero presented and, on motion of Alder
man Cunningham, approved.
Alderman Metcalf moved that tho d'jr
attorney bo authorized to umploy udd j
tional counsel In tho suit of A'lexnndir
Allen vi. tbo city, now pending in tbo
circuit court, provided thulr fco shall not
excoei foO. Carried by the following
vote i Ayoi Cunningham, Metcalf, Phil
Its, Robinson, Schuh, Stratton, Swayne,
Taylor, Walder and Woodward 10.
Nayt Hurd and Wood 2.
On motion of Alderman Stratton, ad-Journed-
' M. J.'Howllv City Clerk.
"oaYro'an'd'pa juoaTj
Tn M'l lii stiamr
Dick Fowleb, Captain
Leave Cairo DAILY, (Sunday excepted) at
lp.as Forifrtlgbt opaaje apply on boat or
o Jas. MaiiouV, Ags.
Reappearance ol Cftlro'i Favorite, th
lneen of Comedy isntt Melody
And her
rot Mis Nights.
Thursday evening, April 10, 1673,
The great dual character of
Mttlc Nell 1
Tho Marchlonoss, J Katie l'CTNAM.
In licrcsqulslto songs, dances, and licr un
rivalled banjo solos.
Friday Evening (ho Sensational Drama of
Untie In Threo Ureat Cliariwttr.
3TCbangc of Bill every night.
I'escrvcd seat) at Hartinati's.
Vraoil Hntldte isstiirdj- sit 2 oVlnrk,
AdmiSHlon.to Matinee to cents.
9-"t Children 25 cents.
n.??ro!'.i!li,e!l0,iJr Kivc" ,u,lt ou Tuesday,
the 16th day ol Ann . A. 12. 187.1. a t-cneral
election will bo held .1.. tlo city ol8Calr
Alexander county. Btato ol Illinois, lof the
selection of tho lollowlng named municipal
officer, to-wit: A mayor, a city council, a
city clerk, a city attorney, a city treasurer
and 11 polleo magistrate: each or tho llvo (5)
wards Into which tho city is now divided bo
lng entitled lo ttie election of two ('21 alder
men. For thu purposes of said election, poll,
will be opened at the following named pla
ces, to-wlt: In tho First ward, at the com
mission house of K. F. i)ali, Ksq., on tho
south Mdo of Sixth (0; street, between Com
mercial and Washington nciiups; In tho Sec
ond ward, at the Itnugh and Heady engine
housi! 011 tho cast ldo of Washington avenue
lietwee n Hevcntli and Eighth streets; In the
Third ward, at tho Hibernian cnglne-lioute
on Thirteenth treot between Commercial
Aeiiuu and I'oplar stroct; In tbo Fourth
ward, at tho court-houc, and In the Fifth
ward, at Sir. Hulllvan'a houso on the north
west corner of Commercial avenue and
Twenty-tilth street.
uy oruer 01 1110 city council.
M. J. HOWI.KY, C'Hv derk
.John M. I.anbukn, Mayor.
Caino, III., March 12, lS7.T-td
S A M W I li S 0 N ,
I BOAT a70BBI3 j
ifISlltIMt trstSi . 1
0 r (1 c e n 2 a .
In. Jits
Quia Lavas: Cairo, li t
I'Ari.U llAXil.tU Jk MOST PAl.HTI.StO
Alo dealers In Paints, Oils, OIsm.,
Washington avenue and Eleventh street.
Corner or Mlnrtrmtti atrccl find ."ii
itrrclnl ATensie,
ts prnr.r.Y a, veoetablb pnEPAitATioir,
..vJ.0iJ)Jl'O!',JBlmP,5r ot well-known ROOTS,
HER OS, an?, FHUIT8, tomblood with other
V "l rUe, . unlets lu their nature are Cauiaitle,
'ilsOt, Jiutrltlout. Diuretic. AltsrativoandAnU.
I'Uions. Tbo rhola fa preserved In a sufficient
riuautltytf spirit from the NUOAK OAMi to
l ip IQtia hi aay climato, which make the
ofthe iiiutiilrblo Tonles nnl t ailiur-
In tho world. They are lntemled tf ' -lly c a
Domestic Tonic,
uly to be nscd a a medicine, and always eccordlutf
l1Th'oy aio'tbe sheet-cnehor of the Utble and de
bilitated. Tbr act uin a diseased liter, and
e Umulste to uch a decree, that a healthy action u
at ooce brouht about. Aa a remedy to which
H'oi" retpeolauyluiMiiUaurriorsedlU3
intry other tttnulant. Aaafcprlng ami tstini.
mer '1'orsle. tlify have no equal. Uhcy aro a
uilld aud geutle.AnirjtatlteM weft aa Tonle Thuy
l-urlfy lh Wood. Tbey areaaplendld Apptlir.
Thtf make tho weak atrong, They purify audio-
Headache. They act as a apeoiao in all iptcit ol
disorders which twdarmlne iha bodily 4rsuamaLJ
broak down the aulaaal tpuits.
Doooti 63 Park Placo,' Now ork.

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