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- Llllln Itallilln
mm? UTTTT "CTn T,"'
JoU.f n. OBERLT, Editor f-CXT3-
TUUIS OF TBI DAILed lo announce Dr. WH
OM Tmk, fey canter.... acandidslo fur mayor nt
Om ysvarby carrier, lanlolpal election.
Om yr by carrier horld to anmtinec James
si4tmo a Candida o for msyor at tin
YMawatfc, bytaaU,, municipal election.
JV MOBtttf
.... e authorized to announce
lib at a caiidldato
11. Wat-
t,t tti ,.tiiA
. . .V. UllitV Ul
f'orn at the approaching municipal
Tho place to buy wall paper and window
iinac it rio. 2 sixth street, opposite Win
ter block, where you can buy cheaper
man any piaco In tho city. 11. AHLK. tl
JHssBlbblc v'rowlcy of this city, tielec ol
.nr. joun Uowley,li nowaltcndliig the unl-
vctsiiy of Notre Uanie, Indiana. JIln
Crowley last month drew the golden rose, n
prize only open to thod pupils who ore en.
r wed on tho Tablet of Honor tor strict ob
servance ol tho academic rules. For two
Mr. tngllsh t still In our city showing
ine great superiority or bis washer and
churn. Considerable success so far hit at
tended his efforts In the sate ol tho luscblues
and rights to territory. But few things, If
any can be m.ich raoredciirablo to families
than a succemful washing machine and
perfect churn, and from tho oplnlousof those
who have witnessed his demonstrations we
can but bcllcvo they arc a great success, and
consecutive years Jlls Crowley has stood THE NOMINATION FOftMAYOli nnrs Werlt tlie contldcncoot all. He will take his
imt In rank continuously on the Tablet of I UEUOINQ. I machines to any family tha
Joke O. Obion.
Km prtr of
Om lv
roii ctrvTiiKAsuitcn.
f We m autaorized to announce Jlr. J.unc-
FblHIs a candidate fur tho olllco of cltv
treasurer, at the cnitiing municipal election.
vv e arc authorized to announce that Hob'i
A. Cunningham will be a candidate for re.
lection to the oiSce of city treasurer, at tin
ensuing municipal election,
ron city cf.cni;..
vve are auiuonxed to announce V. F.
JUlone as a Cfndldate for city clerk at tl c
pproicnnig cuy election.
We are luthorlzcd to onnounco Michael
"0"'y a caudldate lor re-election foi
ia. Oiuce oi city cicru, at tho ensuing uni-
uiripai t iemou.
1 T , . vv.uio: 1 am n
cauuiuiiiv jorciecuon to Uio olUo of cltv
tuujcci 10 your will.
Mr. CO l'Mtfcr withdraws rom Ihs con.
testforaidcrmntiof the Fourth ward. His COL. JOHN WOOD FINALLY vrrFiT?
llUnV fr Dlld U-lll rixrml ll... l. I. H ilt- ..r.1.tJ.1' Atl I"
" O" " ... tAV UJ OUCH I .lVJU.1il lJi.
proper 10 wko tins step j but wc presume
hu uas cuiisuiicu nit own interest", and be
lieves that he could notglvo tho time and at
tentlon to the olllco lht llrequlrcs. " Below
Is his card :
f-1.": J.:,,,?.J0.r ''lnnaii In tho Fourth
is a 1
ward, una oblige your, CmaV a i'Vio!
An election will bu h. hi ifi.ii ... I- .t..A.
hlahwaycominls-loiiers and .chool trustee.
The election will beheld 2t (he A mli mitIma
house. Tho ollkos nrc nil Itnfinrf its. I
ood men should he selected. Jlcms. John
L-. V'. Gcors J'at,"rr anJ IMcbartJ
.,,i'iiiiii, aro me on v can, ll.litn. i...
ya heard of for commlsjloncrs. Thee
,eiitlcmciiarf nllL'oodnipn. t..i ..i.i t...
lalthlul and efficient ofllcers. For school
irustw. we lave heard no one mentioned,
hut La ceo doubt tuat a good man will be
ilr. .Malonols
thr.iugU the ballot-bajc on Tuc.day nuxt.
Vours, repjctfplly, Casi-ku Y0bT.'
1011 roLtcc MAOtsriiATK.
e are amuurlzeil to aiiiiounco Mr,
Joseph MrfCeuzU a n cnndld itu fur r l..
tlooltothiJtlUccor police mal,tr.iie at tlu
losuiug luuulclpal clceiloli.
w... 1 .
w nuiuuiiu-u w announco jir. James
oummerweUas a candidate for the olllce ul
police in lil.trata at the cn.uiug luauivliia'
Wc re autaorizj J to .-1110011000 the name
01 uuricou-uiicr,t.!ii., aa cjudljjtu lr ttie
oace or police U'agl.tra.c at tU
muurdjul clvctluu.
We are authorized to announco Mr. Jatnc
uyau a candidate for the olllco of liollut
nwgiilratj at the eiimlng municipal tlcc-
We are authorized to announce Wllllani
P.I'Jtcherasa candidate fur tho olllco ol
pollco maturate, at tho cmulng municipal
candidate lot Ic-rlecllnn i,, ti, . .
Uce niagl.trate. Four yoars ago I did not
believe it wa. jto.slulo J tUould live to u,k
ofllco aalnat your lundj, nut lmi,i-i,, u
icdmtf the income the puMtlou aiturd-, I
i-ulu appear bciorc jou 1,. ulu cpaclty ol u
caudidate, and rc-pccttujly .olldt 1 our K
erou.supi.ort. H. aiiAX.M:,Bv.
roit jmjlhsics.
We are authorized to announce John II.
u younc colored i-pmIIo.
cxprosseu ""n l nbilltr-acood innn. and In .11 ...
poets quallOod to All the oflW If
l-d ho will do his boit to All ih ,.m,
ilr Koblnon, anuouncfd i..r .1,1...
in thol ifih wrd,litoooll.L-nn
people of Cairo to need much m.
Hon at our hands. H 1,-. , ...
- wv.ti in me
ounciiror a longtime, and wo belior
man has discharged hli d,.tln. ,..t.i
fully or nor moro accoptlbly than he has.
Our cltt.-.ens will tlnd u,,. ,.r,n.i: ,
- . v.i vnill Ul
i mectinir in ihl mnrnin.i.
llULLKTl.t. It will Lo seen IhM
orality Is not in vorv ercat Hm.
unonjf ourcittzons. Aftff ni
K nomination Col. Wood
" now ' cltlr.cn'
dato for mavor. Tf
Inobcdleucctothecallpubllihcd In Thk
Uullkiin of yesterday momlu0', a largo
number of citizens os,croblcd at the court
hou.'c last evening for the puwose of noml.
11 itlng a candidate for mayor, in point of
number Wc dare say there has not n i.i-m.
a meeting assembled in this city for a siml
Isr purpose for many year.
aiuo ciocKirol. John Wood called the
mjetlngto order and nominated Cant. D.
llurd for chairman. Carried.
capt. iioitn
iook tne stand, and In a few Words an
nounced the objoct ol tho meeting to be for
the nomination of a candidate ror mayor,
and lr thought proper, candidates for such
ither olllces a the contention might Bee
On motion ol Mr. Tope, Mr. D. L. IUlsof
tho 'Sun,' Mr. M. It. Uarrcll ofthe 'Gazette.'
and Mr. W. F. SclinMrnn
were oppolntpd to acl as secretaries of the'
At tlio conclusion of Capt. Hutd's re
marks, Col. John Wood asked if iimnlna-
nous would bo In order.
that may so desire
or Vity may teit them thoroughly by calling
lo-usy at tne Arlington nou-e, corner ol
Commercial avenue and Seventh street. II?
will rcuialnonly three day longer. We ad
vise all interested to give them a trial.
A very desirable summer residence, situ
atcd In the town of Anna, Illinois, going by
me name 01 me "i-ann property." The
nouie nas six large rooms, good cistern.
and suitable oiit-houcs. This property is
notv oucreu lor sate at a birgaln. Term
cah. Apply to C. Schick, Anna, Ills.
Or to N. M. FAittN, Illnklcvillc, Ky.
t candl.
elected, which ht
HPtlAt t f .
Mes-m. Ilium ,V Amson would r,thiii.
Inform the public that they will remove their
amen 01 general merchandise from Eighth
uu. 1,10 inc sure room No. ll2,Commcrcla
nV)1ll nn.ila...l .... ..ill... ..
"vi auutt-x.nioiitv iiuyiuorn ,
and will, on Monday April 14, be prepared to
display at their new pUccof 'jtisltirku a very
large and well-assorted stock ol" dry good,
cloihliig, etc., to which they liultf all their
old customers anil many new ones, tn .Il
The chair Mated that nlmot am- m.fi,,n aJ examine for themselves. 4.iuit
Mr. 1 ope moved that a committee of ten CAPITAL PUNISH M rT
bo appointed, whoso duty It would betore- n , , ISIIMLNT.
tnt I.A .. - ..... - SlJ.1t. n I. ...n. I . . -
uC ii.i.ut. 01 a numucr or persons from -"'s iu 01 mo m com
anion? whom a candidate should beeli.-ti.i. nunicalionavorinc the abolition nf r.
Mr. Yocura moved to amend the motion taI punWiment, I am deilrous of ofTering
1 ii f' I'?I8 by aill'!nS Uml tUe commlttet' few ,uepestloni on the other ldo. I am
Col. Wood moved thai .... v, ;T' M'"niui very much In favor of
the proposition to appoint a committee be f P Punl,hmcnt- on say. It Is
cbuustueruu : BUU mar. all In onnnl vnt rnr '"V """nio assumniion to sun.
sv. . ... -I
mn.t i. .
,..uunu;y will DP. Wf iiv. m J ...v.
ho will give tho city faithful and vigor
oui administration. Tho nn,ntn.in
am a 'ho ponerol approval of the mail meoiin
wbich wai compoiod of our best citizen,.
Katie Putnam us yMn s,i 1...
fig, won tho plaudits of iho B,,ii,. v..
, - IVIIVU sj
K"emai men understood the lllblo
well two or four thouiand yean ago
now. from ttio amount of disunion
tbe liibio ii now causing wo think it roa
The chair then anooln.M ,1,.. ,,. "MI? 10 "W"8 be' undontood
gentlemen as such committee- 0 men man at present. .We differ In ou
First ward G. D. Williamson and Paul Plnlon concerning the pasiago: "He th
saeuiiein man's blood by
ball hli blood be shei."
canuidatcs ror mayor be had. He thought
tho convention was as capable of selecting a
man that would suit them, as well as any ten
men could do so for them. Col. Wood with-
urew 111s motion to reconsider.
O. Schuh.
Second ward
S. Cox.
Third ward.
ho manner In which she performed the
I'aracter. Aliis Putnam has talent of . , ourlu ward P. H. y,
""""""P -tirelr to ..
rim o, U10 character .ho penonotos.
ho is a Jlno vocalist as well.. ,,...
r.d Is n ot chary of her favors In this lit c'.
As Cato Slope, Brown surpassed him-
-IL H. Cunningham anJ M.
Phlllls and John
ope and G. U. One-
Halllday and W. H.
1). J.
1.. .1
in tut
V,'e are authorized to announco
Foley as a caudUjtu lor Alderman
lourth ward.
Wo are authorized to announce J. Ii, Cun
BInsham a acjin'i.l .1,. 1... . ... . .
P.r , .. ..... """" ucnu.in lu the
Itv tntsnll . .
"oannouuee that M. J. Mo
candidate lor alderman
wardut the approachlu,
gnve high satisfaction to tho
which tho lenton ... .-
other cauie, conspire lo render rather
solf and
Wife of
iu, at 1 p,m
GauJey will be
from ttio l'ourth
Filly thouwud eiiu-iopeiJu,t rccciu-dai
wuuui.uii.vuiiia'i ,
Envelopes furnished aud printed at the
-ui.i.urix umct at b) to Sd ,r
" "uuruiiu
ricnty ofrre,heivsatl.ufk(u
uw avenue, between
Eighteenth streets.
ieu'iitccuth uud
F. M. Ward is now .1.. pared lo deliver the
u. auu spilt lit.'Kury wood to any
J : luc - ''0 all km 1, of wood and
i-uMiunuyioiijianiJ. U-Sj tr.
ri...t . .
""s i"un is sun in losdon. The
w.m U.,uocina, been dl.-po cd of, uud
-mv win UWU.CI laxen up.
. xo.cjm jicivnzio anuounces hlmsplf
. """"o uullktix as a candidate
l,t police magistrate. Mr. Mclcnzle is one
0! Cairo', oldeu rlt'zcw. and will receive
tJ. support of many of our old-time Cairo"
cKCteu uo wui eudcavor to till ih..
i" J;C3fle now rea J' 10 rc'vo orders
to the livery builne.i. Ho has a lot of fine
buggies and good horses, which ho will hire
cut on the ma.t liberal terms.
tha?';, Cma? ,Ul,'' ""dcrstands
Cairo an?, l"!lUr"Iu" b run -on, be
Cairo and Incenne. railroad through Irom
eroecr, Washington
Win. Elchhotr, Thursday, April
fruncrul Will InVn 1 .1 -
resldcucc on Seventh street, between Wftu.
."0.u.. ...u ropiar, Saturday, Aj.rll j' at"
l'-t". llelatlvc, and lrlcuds ar.i invited
without lurthcr notice.
XiAltuTJlT U'A VTtMl
Wanted, a ood barber (vvhU,,' at corncr
ofLightli street and Commer,.,l ... J".. .
Lot A gold hooii ar.rii.i-. ti.. .1
reward will bo paid ,0 the pcr-on leavii ,
iho ring at my hvcrv stal.l... -r ... l"?
Cairo, lllluol.. Il.F.Fiitii.
4-8-Ot ' "
Foil ItCNT.
AneatcotU.geaud two lots, located cn
the corner ol Division street and Wa.liln-.
ton uvciiu.!. For terms, etc., enquire at the
wui.iui u. i luecuiu street aud
uvemieor 'p
i-10 tf.
Filth ward T. W
Tne committee retired to the ihcrlfTs of
lice, and alter an ab.enre of half an hour
returned and reported the. following per-
iiiiiuiuuicj ior mayor:
vn- m fa.0t" TV10' Co1, John Wood' T- UwyeM w,re I'-Bg 'wost
. vuuu v, iiarman.
Col. Itcarden moved that the committee
be authorized to select candidates lor
mayor and aldermen. Lost.
On motion of Mr. McIIale the report was
The committee retired a second lime.
Col. Yood moved that Judge Allen bo re
quested to come forward and address the
meeting. The Judge did not com,..
The committee returned and reported II
W. Webb, Harmon, W. Ititteuhouse and
Mr. Mathus moved lo receive.
"cu,B a moiion to receive tho report
could be made, Col. Wood took the tlcorat.d
..uUUiiceu mai ne could not under auy clr
cumst wco permit his name to be used as a
candidate lor major.
Mr. John II. Itobluson stated that.be was
authorized to say 011 behalr ol Col. Taylor
tiat ho would not accept the nomination,
anil Hint tf ttil.....t 1.- 1 . '
. .. ,iw,i,IUJlvu utt vouid
flltlhltlllllllii.Mix.l .IJ!.. .
ust m so target t which tb bright
hot It Imtd. CrUln1 not it tfc
church, for no crwd (unless Mrhap tla
Baptist, I am not'wU I a formed Ift their
no.a. tb.t th. murderer I. . mtr.
w. v. v,oa. oerwiniy not at tb Bible,
hli ilde, and h. would not rldlcul, hli own
with. Lut, certain! r not at it.. i.i.s..
mnt Imposed on murderer for It has no
connection with it. What tbon 7
He then aski tho orthodoxy quevtlon
"If man knew that Ood's laws were lr.
roTocaoie, and 10. tholr vl.it.tlnn ..-r.
..ii 1- .' -
6"u, woaia it not thouiand times
raoreueter him from ih. ...
I , " iiwipqiyij U
onraes man for him to believe that Le
.gnorantiy or wilfully violate these
ws, evon lo the commission of that hi
oui crime, murder, and then by repenting
--.MBJtiy tiiiinif nnnri .laitts I., r..-
gion and taken dlrwt'.v t ,,
-,vlJ is wouiu ir nnrl ,ni 1t .t.i.
aast nut h.l 1. .1 .
....... , luo irrevocability of
'", and ,,,rb.P,
-.. win. Whf llc) g
time, however, dons arrlvo, when every
man is a true Christian, then it will b
tlra.to talk of abollihlnK canltal nunl.h.
-"us- ror 11 an raon followod the pre
ojp'i of tho Bible, or In fact any rollglous
creod, thero would be no murder, and con
equently no necctilty for a cenaltc.
And again Reason uyi that mau must
learn from the dear school of tiii.n
that in every cam of vlolnilnn i ni.
. WU4
aw we must pay the full nom.li., ..
don Is ImpoJilblel Pray , tb.t ,,n,nmin,
compatible with the Christian religion?
I had always thought until now that Ood
wou.a lorgivo the sinner though his .1,,,
"""" ""nson.lf he truly rept.-nt, yos
ven at luo oloventh hour. Hut now I
now (?) that Ifanyono has eommlit,t
sin at any time, no matter what may bo
l.ls sorrow, and attempt! at atonement, he
Is lost, for "pardon- is Impossible." Talk
of absurdities, friend, but be careful ycu
uo noi lay abitird thingi. But I fear I
have already exceeded propor space, and
will accordingly reserve furthor remarks
till fonio future time. Dun.
" druggists
ISTO. 74 OHIO TJiria-VJDs-
IkUil and Preterit linn
Corner , Wa'hln?toti Ave.
and Klghlh sticet.
IP R gigl
Of vbaiiMls and rabbit
for weak luug..
'111.011 ATt
HOHK 1-linOAT.
Prepared ami sold
Ami Disinfectant, forfctablw
" V0UA6 A31UHCA,
And M'iiitiral
Ol l ttattMiSMl Bast Uulldras.
laJf pfOtl attcDtioa rsH li.Mmiu. ......
boats DlditoriUv
I will fell lot numbered 12 in him jo ii-..
I It I . " ) uits
..uw.h.,.1, .iuiiiui-ou iwcntietu street. Mv
linlilnlii.iir. II 1
UU..U, cuuiuillKOII S'lKl 01 W 111 intniM'n.l
leaving iiood brick cellar, cistern uml .:
house.. For particulars cinptiro at my shon
011 Twentieth street. y, uulzus.
Trains uow leave falioaud MouhiH-ih-.l
1 viiuii 9 ;
Leave Cairo. Leave Mnnmi ph..
!"' l:lft p.m.
Cu.ta. 0. Wood, (jcn'l 'J lcket Ag't.
Mrs. Anna Lang on L'khtli street. littvt,
Commercial and WaMiInston avenum. I11.
Mr II. uixby,
h u for lale a ane sc'lZn,. . , "U . 'trce'' J?.1 "'"T'1 out a klock r Mew " '""Ion.
bry. Anouedeslrlnz to "r , 6 "C'Ul B00lls. Mie ha, one hundred
and cheap' pocket kuirU shDu V, m"K,a k,)lc"0f 1,aU u,lJ
call. 9 V ""fU tM t'lveJUim a be-lde u large assortment ol ribbons, llow
.77, . u,s'u ue"ro last cantured uu um al l"u 10"et prices.
u in h n tsii is..i..s...
), V,r. 'X, "Ull"aooil or cloth fi
. ..... u, Jlr. Hjun T,J0
.w.uvu m auoui .
A firi.1l .
wshad Tcsirr.i.v t r.' r "oar"if
. ' "vino '.-imiri.
on, and tlie tblof i,nun.i .. '
f3oo 'uiucniinol
TV.- ... ...
rprnrt. Illlnnl. i. .1...... .. l""rill Of
-- - ..xn.,1, turner or l; l- ill,
Walnut streets, next Sabbath. fc
Tha III! nf. r. ... 1 1. ,, .
. "" iiaiiroau companv
11,. Vu. i 7, , w?"teenili street, ami
the tics laid down ready for the Iron 1
. .. ., a ,(
tha wn. .. n. 1...- .... . . : "e.
- .uic ei
.' t lart X Qholson will open business in the
store lately occupied by Blum & Aaisou, on
r.iiiiiui sircct, on Monday. April it, upon
winch occasion they will show an entirely
now lino of nrlnz and
among uhlcii nuuy special bargains will be
lound. To our old ciutomcr., and to all
who msyluvor us with their patronage, wc
promise the lowi.t price made br anv hmu.
in Uil market. Our cue price cah system
vvlll be strictly maintained.
I-H-Jlt faTUAUT & (fllOI.tO.t-.
Mr. I. W. Halllday declined the noinlna.
tion.as hj would not have time to attend to
tho duties Imposed upon him by the onic.
Col Bcardeu moved that tho committee
bo Instructed to report a candidate lor
mayor, and the names of two persons irom
each ward as candidates for aldermen. Mo
tlon lost.
A motion was then made that tho com
inlttce bo authorized to recommend two
persons Irom each w ard for aldermen. Car-ricd.
The conimItte retired a second time, and
after an absence of anothor hall hour. rn.
turned and reported II. Watson Wei.i. jni.
Q. Harmon, Wood Blttonhouso and John
M. Lansden as candidates for mayor.
Mr. Mathmi moved that the renort be to.
ceiteu aim mo committee discharged. Lot.
iapi. u. u. Williamson moved to ad.
Jotirn. Motion withdrawn.
Mr. Yocuin movid to ro
elve tho report of the committee. Carriod.
Mr. Webb declined to b 'come a candidal.
for mayor. Ho was a candidate for cltv
attorney, a position that ho desired, because
ue ueeiiou 11. no noptil tho convention
would not luslst on his becoinlmr a 0111,11.
Ke non thinks this pauage implios re-
veagp, and says render murder f.ir rn.,.
dir. tint iIaa rt.t H...t.i .
vv ....01 lumiumsQi render
murder for murder? No one imagines
that the punishment ii mcrelv for rvn..-.
it Is to check somewhat the passioni of
omurs. uo says too world has tried Mo
ies' law in ages pait and found It a la.
.. 1 . I t . f ts .
memauiB jauuro. tias it proven a la
mentable failure ? Lsit vear Nw v,i
everv tnnp.
.1 . .
u.rer oy some iiimsy pretext or other, and
u exccmion was a rarity. The Dress .d
people cried against the growing evil, and
suiugi aro ainrenl. To kill
man now Is nni k.
..v. u u fJavbllllu Ij
was last year, and anyone who reads the
criminal bulletins knows that murderjs
not as frequent now ai it was one ye'ar
ago. But capital punish ment mi not
abolished last year; only slackened. It,
then, a little looieneu has 10 evil an ef
fect, what would not total abolishment ac
complish? As to the frequency of mur
der in the nineteenth century, hit remarks
spply as well lo any other crime as the
one in question. From the fact that steal
ing was as prevalent when the penalty
was death as it Is now, he concludes that
the morals aro not Improved by the sevei
itj of the penalty, and probably advances
th'.s as an argument for
abwlltion. llut If this upplies to mur
dor and capital punishment, it applies
equally well to other crimes, and punal.
tlti, and wo would according to this falla
cious reaioning abolish every peo-sltyj
and, without penalties what do laws
amount to, and without laws what is a
He aski If God bat forglvon a murderer
"u "gin uaa man to hang him ?and
puforo that gives It as his opinion that
It 11 man's province to protect himiolf.
. luBuii m la a ij 1 uuot aiMBrnnitar kai.1 i (
tiiv .n ! ,.i . ..... " . v""' i"a n' "eon
...vV ".w-c u. iU0 miner, 10- men euaonstiea tioro by tbo American Cannel
do nut hnnir a murrl,... ., I n . 1L 1
r,TBngo mom- v.oai company, and Jim Bicea has
StcamerSain Orr, Canelton
" Orand Tower, St Louis
Idlowild, Eransville
ii a Turner, N Orleans
Ham J H.le, N Orleans
Bismarck, N Orleans
Andy Baum, Memphis
John Kylf, St Louis
Bed Fox, Wabash river.
Jim Flsk.Jr.Padncab
Illinois, Columbus
Steamer Grand Tower, Momphls
" C V Kouniz,N Orkans
" auiewiid, Jiv-ansvilla
II a Turner, Cincinnati
Sm J Halo, Louisville
" Bismarck, 8t Louis
" Ola-gow, Hickman
City of Cairo, N Orletcj
Andy Baum, Cincinnati
Bed F.,x, K Orlcani
' Jim Fisk. Jr., I'uducah
Illinois, Columbus
The rite in the Ohio durlmr th. nt
... r . '
.-Kul.iour uours was only two and a
half inches. The Jlisslislppl was on a
stand still yesterday but will probably
swell a little to-day.
Special dlipatches to Tub Bulliti.v
roportthe condition of tha rivers at varl
ous places.
Buslneii was quiet yesterday and but
lint, ..t t .
wo ireignt was bandied by either the
steamboats or drays.
The weather was cloudy and damp with
CnntilnrKtn J..f
n.uuuunng ine aiternoon.
5 BBTal ucTfaffjrtT"MiJsWls 0
sn i usi uurix iiinvM tnn nnAA t v t
nxm TUTi.'i.v '"o
i , ,r V l170 r'-,' Usf vc'ion, and
. i??0 tyl4 the paa.u-ca, tor all
ttwo famUy should bo a siafflo djv
wi,ont this Liniment Tho money
Wed nnlcM tho Liniaoai 3 Z.
mra rnd ret tho c-c
oujdinrfiu I n. I . i r
atylc. tho of lotlluKCc.r ".?""
appointed their agent. Thoir first tow of
52,000 bushols arrived Thursday night In
tow of the Jiam Orr, which boat thev will
use for towing their flats.
xue uen. Anderson has been at Mound
tvt.t...-i .
the ronH .r. m.t.. ... . ; mane
u wagum.
Lldlflrf. fnU ... 11.
fc.Tr,7ir.,t..:i:;.: . fcu.e.u au1 the
- -...-....v.iu,BUloi millinery goods lm
s just received: hau and iJJ., . 10
.mn l.m.f ..... .---- fii uie
'",,,u DI n iiicnlte vriiv
m shann anil nntlmt. ...t.i. (. ..
l,. i ..... " "l
a : "uuo5 hue French
Md American flovra and straw trlmmD."
-tm arcir iiiiu. jiira. jjruM im. .
w - xtafi a iiritiii
lUne of fans, neck handkcrchlcff. i,. .
Hi enivaw, irom new, Lcl r & Co
ttwfo,uii 01 wiucu are told nt low
M well as a largo quantity rfo'brr
or Vods J"1""!, mlxc(i roftdjr for u' 10 "lors,
LslE: IT2 ' ' Z?-' commlasion.'
Ci:i.KHItATi:i) BIOS.
Kvir since the endowment ofliivenil. in..
...-in; "im i.iijvn aiHi iocs, trad i nn I...
iraii.imiifti 10 posterity the cnterulnlnK
hlstury of live remarkable pig, j the largest
hi ..mm iru.juciiuy pcnoruied the family
marketing; while tlm lastaiidleasten.-nn.it
creu an insunnoumaijic oottacle In the i,r
d' or sill. ogalnt which he made vociferoii.
compiaiui. Alio striped pig has attained
renown ai a successful cv.tder of tlm Hmmr
i.... ti. i .. .. . I-
ii. jiulhui iiiiiuiut luo patiictlc tale
oi ine pig vv uose untimely Uem so was catu,i
"j eaecs.ive supernuity or cheek. Ami
uic Killed pig lias become proverbial as a
typo ol beauty. l'Jg lead was formerly m..t
in the manufacture of paint; but tho raphllv
Inerraslng popularity ol the Averlll n.,m.
leal I'ali.t has nearlv suncreeilcil th.
Irad as a pigment. The A. 0 P., can be ob-
.t V... . w
uvei, oui as a warning to others, and in
so doing they are doing as Reason holdi
it is their province to do protect themselves.
He aiks "If God can and does forgive vi.
olatlons of his infulllhlo 1.... -i u r.
- i . 7 , 1 U,UD01 ,J"y,Terluylad ngaraftofloMon
our f Hhi gAV',,hv' V'Uli0n 01 b".ch.h.wintowtoSt LouE
ZgT: UrW;7 ,AndX 6n,Wer N' Th' RI i'ox passed down for
A H ? 8 u y0tfUly N6W tea' Wi,h flv8 a'boat. loaded
repent,"anil lie has al cower tn Hi.,.no. .hi. hm... ., . uou
date for mayor. b,lweon lru9 reDantanc: ,n " ' " " '"""'"V tm 'uch " oop
. ' . ir-v...j ( ,UIVV nave?, lutnDer. otc,
Wh Ills iva hiva nnl n1 . it.ii. .1 '
.u7;u.:,"V: - "B0'B ThoCarrleV
mu . u.ncK-uearieu uypocrite repontant load betw
uu wonoy oi counaenco as bo who Is
truly so. In his next statement he ap.
pears to take the ground that Ood does
not will not rorgive. Then what
Great success of the talented young artlt,
Qn.tn ort'oinrftr sid Mrlodr
And her
Saturday, April 12, 1373,
Us-aud Xnttsiea To-day nt a uV-l
tVHl be presented
(With song, "Homo, gwett Hume.")
rt- ... ..
...1,1 ,l"e W""J an exhibition ol the
iMuiatw ijuns i.aniurn."
Adtniilon to Matlnco 50 cents.
Ciiildrcn 25 cent.
To-night, KAT1K PUTNAM as
ti,?'M,,i,H,"'',:y uyen ,,,at on Tuesdav.
the JaUi day ol April. A. D. 187-1, a gentr'a
elrctlon wf bt. held In 11.., ..it..' .....ilT
Ar.'?.u.n(,('r-C.,,.llnt'.-. fctatn ol IllllioK foithe
niiii-Vr. , XV; '""leu munit pal
olllLcrx, to-witi A mayor, a cltv coun II n
city clerk, a city attorney,' a city Usurer
and a no ro inm .irai.. Lt. ..,it' .u'h
Mr. W. II. Morris moved that the num.. r
Col. John Wood be added lo tho report.
Mr. Pope- said that Col. AVoml iVi
withdrawn his ob.ectlons to being a candl.
ate, iua convention wai at I bcrlv tn nU
him In nomination il they wished to and
iiii.i-...t !... I... I . . . . . I "I
miu.vi. inak in? uo nominated.
s the
MtlotUf U n w, beautiful and I
merchants, Slith street betwesu Comiie'
aM mu 11 NisUsWU VBUUtt. i-tftf
The oue.tlon whether Col. Wood be tho efllcer And for what purpose
nillillllfttA u-nii 1 11.1.1 n. ....1 . .. I .... ...
came ocsus into tne world, but to "call
sinners to rcpontanco ?"
"If," lays Boaion, "Ood could or would
forgive the- flondiib murderer, he. can bv
this moans take a short line to heaven."
Tbli does not teem to me, to have- a very
cloie connection to the quostion, and teems
10 oe aimed nuire at religious faith than
at the point for which it is Intended. In
fact one-thlrd of bis article appears to
bear more directly on religion than the
queitlon of capital punishment. He says
that when Lincoln was aiiasilnatod. tho
l-reacners torn us it was the will of Ood
that this good man ihould be removed thus,
l'ray Inform us of what denomination were
the preachers who afflrraod it wu Uod's
will? Our friend muit have been liiten
jog to some bard-sbell Baptist, who-be-lisveln
predestination, n,. n,. nui.
- www sjun sjurii
candldldato was then put and carried hv
large majority, only a small fraction ol those
precut voting "no."
Col. Wood was then called out, and In a
lew well put rcir arks accepted tho nomlna
tlon. Ho said that If elected he would do
all in hU power to administer the laws as he
found them on the boot; that If obnoxlnn.
m nirj ouupieu uio people must force
t'10 couucll to repeal them. 1 1 vv ould not be his
duty to say what was or was not good-1 0
ciul I only administer the laws as ne found
Alter thanklug the convention for the
nonor conicrrcu upon iiim, the mcttln-n,i.
The committee recommended thn rniin,.
Ing gentlemen lor aldennen from the several
wards. It should be remembered tlm ti,
persons were not uomlnatcd-simply recom
mended :
Kountx received a full
een here and vamville and ad.
dod nothing here.
The City of Cairo wont south with a
big load and added very little bore.
ine Andy Uaum had a good load
cotton for Cincinnati.
The Bismarck for St. Louis and II. S.
Turner for Cincinnati bad light trlns
The Sam Hale had three empty barges
for the Ohio river.
Tho Idlewlld brought a fair trip of
freight and people and returned with fair
passenger list.
Tb barge W. H. Oiborne Is loaded
with railroad Iron and car trucks for tha
Teias Pacific railroad and will b towed
to New Orleans by one of the Mississippi
Yally Transportation Co.'s tow boats,
(Jressl Allrattlonfor ra.i.r JfonfJaj.
S3Change of Bill every night.
ui-wrteu feats at llartman's. i.a.ii
nnrus ntii u lif i'Ii tl.- ,.1 7 . S"i
Int. ntilllt...! .1 . ' " "IVIUCI1 VV'
m'Cnn""-'d to tho election of two (2) alder-
w,Mir n",rlW'c of wild election, poll,
cc o v ,.T.',?J,a.t Ui?, fol;oltig named pla.
merclal and W ahlugtou aveuues: In the Sec.
ond ward, at the Itough and Head? cmrine
hou,e on tho eat side or Vu.hlngton avc me
terr.0 9V'!'.".'.' KWith street": 11 be
l?r" .a.1 1110 Hibernian cnalnc-hoii.e
niam.n .-1 it . "l "eiHrcn tjoinincrc bd
"c" lc. f'1 J,I''Y street; In the Fourth
ward, at the court.ioue, and In the Kiitii
jvard, at Mrs. Sullivan's l.ouo on the north
TvVe'nSf V"""" w-.f-Ja
VCnlV.flltll ctront
By order of the city council.
t.. . HowtKV, Cltr clerk
Tons M. Lansden, Mayor. ' '
Caiko, III.., March li!. lB73-td
First ward-Capt. l'jllllp,, .1, T, Hennle.
6econd ward Wood ltlttiinii,n..
man Meyers. tisn world hold that a murderer is mr.i
Third ward-F. Korimeyer, J. Q. Hirman. t001 of our Go, " used for the same
Fourth vvard-C. F. Nellls, M, J. jj-ri.,,. purpoie and in ih.
. .u.t luiantr as ine
I imall-noi nr tha Hfln.l ..
mhward-W.H.Morri,J..Uot,loi()0lW .docvrjne Uol
Vounr Easley, tho man arrested for shorn. DJ Pulpit, and ara earil.n ih.t 1. 1.
Ing at an engineer on tho Cairo and Via. tR.bt by tha Bihl.. n. .... ..
1 rrnnt! raiirntri amnat timn a 1
I . . . 7 . ' 7sier or cons stent to make a
I davtrladll. thaoli-eultfuiurtand anonli.j I. . . ... "
1 ' -.-""u, 1 " ffeaiasal elllar of taa ,...-v.
Just opened
AttbeKlva oft be BEI HOOT.
Or.Klxrithmr'KUiwenOomniitn!lln 1 Ws.h
or Ts
Momiif s s lull line of
Conirii or Siviktu Stkkit axp Wash
Where I lnvllu all tha rlUmn. nt r.lm
and surrounding country to call and m If
hv c;nuus save money, AS 1 will Mil Tnr
low. I bave adorned tha aid molti. 1 hi
urdsrr !lmbU Ptnay Is I)ttr than th Slow U
ITnminsd and nntriiomf.r
of all kinds, Lo, i ,to
.VECK TI'.M, (PLUM, UNDPrifli prur-o
And aU oiaerarticlM niuslly OU'nil ln ,
Mrs. McQee, In addition to her Min.i. .
Fanov and Mllllnfrr rirf. 2 ?.'0ck of
Complete assortment of ClKelnnaU QmX
made ladles' and Misses' Shecii n7i 1 1 J?
drns' Boou. KI.pI T.n,i . n' .V'n-
Magnolia BaJm
"Pure Blooming -Complexion.
went liMl. 1, f1 hy HMt- liruf. and Eicltc
Vl.vf"""'7 8t0", Vt'
Tbe spleadtd steamer
Dl Powleb,- Captain
Lv. Cairo U.ULY, (SutvUyexoanUdi at
iitf JaAXKMr.
-- --w wwk WM.
k9UM ih. cltr that it a sptcll.ty7.

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