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raMIatla '' Hiillftln r.clldliiff
Wattnc(ou Avenue.
U. . Hto. Sicn., onjKKVEit's Officii, J
OAlrto, April Si, 1T3, 10:11 p.m.;
lUremtter 29:07.
Tbtmometcr C3 dcrcs.
Triad outh, velocity 8 miles per hour.
Weather, closr.
Maximum temperature last Ut lionr., at
I p. m.,"l degrees.
Minimum temperature. I.nt 21 hour, at
4 a. ro.,U degree.
Prevailing wind last 2hour, south.
Total number of tulles wind travelled, laM
34 heurt, 142.
' Davih U. JlAUM'.TT. Obse i ver,
Fifty thousand envelope Just received nl
TJn-flrst nicetlnc cil llo newly elected
Ity council w-lll bo licld lids evening,
Alderman Mxby of Ilic Pirst ward ijuaH
fled befere City Clerk Iloiviey vc-tord-iy nf.
Envelopes furnished md printed ul (lie
Bcm-ehx OrriCE at 83 to id per thousand
Tbo Hit of delinquent tax-payers til Alex
nder county will appear In vVcdtiesd.ty
mornlnc'i Hui.txTi.v,
Just received and for sate by Matklis &
Uhl. Oblo levee, 5) Wil choice, apples, and
W bbli meet potatoes. 4.111 If.
County court, probato side, Judiro llross
prtildlnV, convened yesterday, The buI
ccaortbe session will bo of little public In
tcreiti. OmBg to tbc fact tliat wo bac a "tax
list" on our hands, and to other causes, wo
are compelled to so to press this mirnliu;
with limited amount, ot leading matter.
Tlic place to buy wall paper ami window
ihadei IsNo. Sdeventh street, opposite Win
ter'i block, vvhero you can buy i-hcapcr
thau any place In the city. 11. Ami:, It
P. JI. Ward is now pui pared to deliver the
best of sawed and spllthlckory wood to any
part of the city. Abo nil kill hof wood uud
toal always on band. ' ;t-U." If,
J?ew stock and now styles if wallpaper,
palnU. oils, window glass, otc, etc., ntlt. 1'.
Meigs' new store, Washington aveiilio mid
Eleventh street. Call and sco tbo latest
styles In w!l p.ipcr before purchasing cl"o
vvherw. l-Ni-tf
On list Tuesday evening two horo
thicrcs, named Vclson and Thompson, mic
cccdod In tiiRkbi their escape Irom the
Ouloonda jail. After n lou mid vexatious
search they wtri recaptured mid returned
totbe jail.
VTc aro the sole a;cnt for the salo of .Ius
son's puro elder vinegar, made on bis farm
at Cobdon, Illinois, put up in convenient
iitd package, for family ue, and eery
package warrauted pure.
4-13 f. Coi ki:v, Pack .t Co.,
No. ,"i Ohlo'l.cvuc.
Mr. I.lncjar, lor tbo proceittlon. con
tulded his argument In the (Jreen-Slierw ooil
murder case at o'clock last evening.
Judgu IlaUor then luf lrii.ln.l tlto jtirv, -vliru
the case wn given to them tor dccMon. At
late hour lu the nlgbt tbo Jury had nol re
turned a verdict. There tccnn to bo but
one opinion as to what the verdict of the
Jury should be, but JurUs do not always de
cide in aecorJauce with public seutiineot.
Mr. A. J. Carle's livery, feed mid sale
stable, on Washington avenue, near Tenth
street, is now open and ready for business.
Mr, Carle i prepared to receive n number of
boarding horses ou the very lowest terms,
lie guarantees to provide otock left at ids
stable Iho freshest of bay and sound grain
nd plenty or It. llo has lor biro a lu mber
of tbo best horses and buggies to be found
InthocHy, uinong ilium horses that can b
driven auywburv at uny tlmu. UU uirms
will &1 way be reasonable, lie rc-peitlully
solicit; a share of the public ptronac.
Just received and for sale by W. II. Hock-
well Co., 1'ayson, Dunton .V rcrlbner's.
manual of penmanship. An examination ot
this volume convinces m that It Is altogether
the most complete workonjienmaii-blp ever
issued. It Is a hand-bood ror teachers, en-
fravcrs, draughtsmen, sign-writers, iiinaleur
penmen, or any one teaching or making let
ten with pen, pencil bnuli or graver. II
conlulnstt full statement ot the most np
proved methods of conducting classes In
penmanship, and a systematic description of
ihe formation or every letter, Illustrated by
over one hundred nnd fifty cuts, and Ave
full page illustrations-. Published by Wool
worth, Ainjwortli .t Co., Sew Vork and
Tbo SprlngUeld lllgli ticbool-avt' an on.
tcrtalnnieut lu tbo flpera-house ol that clty
on last Tuesday eve-dug. A part of tbo en
tertalnmentvasabi.rlcsnuo of the Illinois
Uglt'aturo, rcprasented a rollow i:
speaker .
llradwcll, (Cook)
Darntll, (Schuyler) . . .
Hace, (Macon). . .
llltefSt, Clalrj
Alexander,; (Montfoiners)'.
Jones, (JoUavIcss)
Oberly, (Alexander).
'J'hornton, (rulton)..
Collins, (Iroouotsi
JlclJonald, (sholbyj .. .
Phaw. (Carroll)
. ..Matbcuy
. . ..Tobln
. . Shuiinabau
. ,J, eix
... .Cralton
. ..llcimott
. . .Sutton
. Melvlu
urcnaoru. (haiigamuu)
Suinn, (I'eona)
ordon, (Morgan)
"'"I Million
The Sprlngtlcld 'Journal' thusioiiiineuted
on thli part of tbo exhibition
The bnrlcsouuof ilin lc.isi mir.. ...i
did in every scuso. i'ho curiam lose, di,.
elosln a scene in the bouse ol representa
tives; the speaker (Master ilalhfnv, was a
very fit representative or the dl-tn'iguliiipd
gentleman wbese jiosltlon be bad seemingly
assumed. Whoever wrote this burleume
n.s iiiwsi Jiamillf Ull Oil SOIDC 01 ll0 most
.....mo.ciii cuaruciun in mo legis ature.
"brsd well with his "subjods of vast Imoor
ur.ee, Alexunder strenuously poru'lng
.'tln1.,ll"e, .,aV;lt,1 '' clfaraclerl,tlS
, rriil.Pi?!.W"ri."',9'!.,vl,lui'' Vb""-J bachelor
fTiMinn i" " ' w,m "I c egant
aictton and sharp witilclsnis nt
Jo Dsvl.ss, and many otbei.vver. -i.t. ,,,11,11..
presented. The railroad bill the Vv, !il
creek iim,t, ,,,,.,. i...i." , .'''
ether. .were dl.cussl.'i-but the , bi lor bin
, n ..f-f ?iu', f"'J k'vcriioi's man; ton 1.
tho use of the high school. Kvcry ten t w as
well USUiDed;butMa,te'Cau J ohcrlv.
npWWMMO.I.niwt ta thorcire:
enUtlve of fc haw, of juuiclclsl coin 1 It ice
fame, Vredenburg as tbo gciitpma il
Bchuyter. and Matlcny a. iL ,r
especlsl It hspiir, and oven poweiiuiiy rcii
resented. Clerk, pages, and the whole ru. i
each Individual did hit full duty.
Two white fir's wanted at the t. Chsrln
kottl. Ainlf UBiasdlstsly. i-20 2t.
Poll mam:.
. -ij(lc I .njitf ltarnc . Ap, '
.tAMlM .lollN'O.V.
( I'u l .( Mom Di r
I.O.O. 1'.
Tho member of Alexander b"l., an rc
ptosled to nttend n special m'cllng or said
Indgo on Tuesday night. t 14 n'elocl;, lor
gonerM lundnet, mid fur 'folk In tbo lie
boecn degree, llyordcrnlthc N. (I.
I.SO-St .loux II. llontxsoN. I!, i;.
Trains now leave Colt and Mound Citv a
follows !
Lome Culm. I.ene Mound City.
Titfn.in; 7:10 a.m.
12 m. litnp.in.
.Vir.p.m. f'!ll "
Cll.vs. O. Wo, Ofli'l Ticket Ag't.
Mr. Anna Lane on lilglilbMroct, bclween
Commercial and Washington avenue", ban
J 1 1 -t opened out a .'lock of new and fashion
able millinery (food-. She ha ono hundred
and fifty different stylcsor lmt nnd bonnet,
be.-Ido n largo nortment ol ribbon, flow
er." and notions ot nil -oi ti, nil ol which wit
be fold nt tbo lowest price.
omen Caiiio ami Sr. I.oum It. 11. Co.,
CAIIIO, Jlli , April lf, IHJft. )
A meeting of the dlroetoi ol lhl eoina
nj will be held on Thursday nost. tbo 2llh
lutant, at lv) o'clock :i. m., nt tlm nfflvu of
.Mcsi. II. 1!. 1'iiyaoii.V Co., Nil, Mil North
l'lltb street, .Inecard's biilldlnir. In the eltv
of st. J.ouli, Ml-Miurl,
1-10 did. S. STA A M T.t v.oil, I'l-est.
As Warm wertllier U npproanliliiir lb,
Ioer ol ice cream will bp glid to lonrn tlnit
MeM.j;inp .tClatkon ba llttml up mid
refurnished, In elegant Mjlo, their Ico eroain
parlors. 'I'hulr in imnioth soda loliutidn has
al-o been put In runnlnsf order, nnd nothing
U.wnntlm; about iho oslabllsbmont to m ike
the pleasure and outulurt of their 'patron
Olliplele .Mt
Noiice Is licroby rIvoii, lint Ilia itnmtal
meeting ol the i-toekholders of (he Cairo
City Terry company will be held at tbo com
panyS oillce, corner Sixth street and Ohio
levco In thN eily, on .Monday, May f. next
at lOo'cloel; n. hi., for tlio purpow of elect
Ini; seven directors to siinc the finning
year, and lorKcneral lunines.
'I'iiom. Y. llAf.Llinv, See'y.
Caiiio, Ill April 17, 1S7"). 1-17 did
A incollii'4 of the persons interested In or
lamenting St. .Mary's park, whs held at tbo
olllco or V. V. Thornton, and n committee
ol threo appointed who have- entire charge
of tbo work. The committed will call mi
persons who have Mibscrlbed.for the money,
and on others who have not jot subscribed
ror Mib.-ciptions and money to forward the
work Let all bo ready, nnd wo can make
the pane an ornament to tint city,
V. V. Tiioii.ni ox. Chairman.')
I'll!!.. IlowAltl), SCom.
I'at. I'n.r.niui.n, j
Caiiio, April 21, 187,1.
fcuii picnic, copy.
V.VI.U.MM.Il lllli;,.'l'UV
1st. Tbo work should bo perfectly dry.
2nd. Cso the Avorlll Chemical paint.'
3d, Cover knot-) and sap with shellac e,rsl.
lng. 4 tli. Use the Avcrill t'bumlcnl paint.
Titb. rrlmu with a coat id medium thick
ness (Itii. Uso the Averill Chemical paint.
7th. Let each coat dry beforo adding
8th. Cso tbo Avcrill Chemical paint.
Htb. l'lilnt about thlH tltno of the year.
10th. I'so tbo Averill Chemical paint.
Por sale, mixed ready for n-e lu all colors,
by N. i:. Way .V Co., Mxth street, between
Washington ami Commercial aveiiuc".
N. II. Avoid all Immltatlon-.
Avj'.uii.i.i : :
HiNiun. HirnNcis.
Three ordinance breaker were beloro IiIk
hoiiui .ludgo llross yesterday.
A negro, for a trilling oll'cne, was allbltcd
three days In tlio city lock-up.
Two white men, In both cases drunk and
disorderly, were sent up for the sanio length
of time.
There was nary a "red" in sight the lire
long day, and tlio judgo and otlicer were
exceedingly gloomy .
i.AWKKNcr. iiai:ui:tt.
Mr. Lawrence ltarrett and Ids lalentcd
dramatic company will appoar at Ihe
Athcnetim lu tills elly on Wednesday, Aprl
tlO, uud Thursday, .May I. Jlyinunynl Ihe
best dramatic critics Mr. Itarrctt Is icgurdml
as second only lo IMwIn Mouth. During flie
past winter, for a season of live weeks,
Alkon's theatre, lu Chicago, was crowded
nightly to witness his rendition- ol "Ham
Iff," "llichard III," "C'iissiiis"aiid"l!oe-
dale," with .Mr, Itarrctt In his splendid con
ception or "Illllott (ir.iy." On tho itrist
evening tho play will bo "Ilaiulot," with Mr.
lUrrott a the "Moody llano," nnd the
second "ltoscdalo."
I.OCM. l'lJitsuNAlilTlIJti.
.sir. VV allur MybVoinelliiiicd tiuiiim. I.onl.
Mr. Oberly relumed to Springlield yester
day nlleriiooii.
Mr. John (,. ilaruian is eonilned to hU bed
by sicklies-.
Mr. William Kluge K suffering from an at.
tack of ihe eerebro-siilual liieiilniritK llo is
reported to bo veiy sick.
Mr. (is iircenieij and Or. U-iwrcnoe of
(nose Island have been In llio clly for sev
eral days uttnndliigclrelilt court. They wer
bdh wltuessfsln thi(lreimsHlirwood mur
der cs. ,
Mr. II. S. llascall of Mttle Kock, Arkan.
mis, furtucrl) ot Calm ami connected with
Tunllfi.uiTix, arrived In this city yosler
lav. Mr. llascall was luurrled lu l.lltle
Kock a few iloys ago, and oame in this clly
on a wedding tour. ns old f'i lends unite
In wishing id, n ,ro.pcril and happiness In
hi- new rebiUon.
Juilgu Jlross of this city, while on a 11
csnt vi-it to Chicago, was made Ihe reclpl
ent d a very beautiful nnd costly gold
medal, The Jewel w as prcMiiited to him bv
llouglas lodifo ol odd b'ellovvs, and ha en- i
graved on il tho following Inscription:
"I'rosciiteil lo tho Mo.t Worthv (irand
Master (ir,Illinol,,J''rcd. llntM, by llio uiein
hersor IXlllglas Lodge, No. 'l, ), O, l'
Chi. ago, April 21!, 1X7.1." A might be c.
pccteii the judgo Is very proud ol the jewel,
and will alwajn remember tins dnnotn win,
feelings o klndout regard.
Stkvc Axsm.MH.NT, tlio br.r-ltceper, )m
sponod 11 tlno saloon in Louis JJlatteau'i
ld Hand, whoro can bu found, nt all
times, fjtovo serving Lis 011 Homers with
tho best ot drinlublo. ll.'.'2-tf
ur.niM.Aii Murt
Cot Mil, I'lltMM It,
Caiiio, Ills.. April I I, I" ). )
No ipioruin, Adjourncl.
.M. .). llowi.KY, City Cierk,
U'R(!lAn Mtitrrtxn opiiikcitv coOKcit,
roSK or i-AXVAMSisff Tin; ubtuunh ok
tub; i.atk (ir.xr.itAi, ilkctiox axi
KOtl'llRKRHAI. lib'KlXKM,
C.vtlto, 1IU., April 18, 7p.m. 183, f
1'roier.t Ills Honor .Mayor Lntudon
and Cunningham, .Mctcnlf, 1'IiIIIm, Itolln
ion, Hehuli, Strnltou, Svviiyna, Tnjlor,"
Wood nnd VvoJwnrd- 1 1.
On motion id' Alderman fjcliub tbo rend
ing of the minutu wm diipensed vvith.
(Aldormon AVnl Jur nnd .Satl'ord np
peared nnd took thoir seal.)
omnxA.vci: cosimitktn nm-oitT.
Tlio onllriBiico committee reported tlio
following urdinuncoii which wero rend by
tbo clerk, vU :
An ordinance to provide for Ihiieoiilruo-
lion ul a brick sidewalk on poitiotis of
sievoiuu streci.
lie It ordained by llieCltv Council or tlm
City ot Cairo:
MiOI'loX 1. That kldewnlks be eon
strui led on the southwardly sbluol Scveulh
street, liolli the westerly Hill) of tlm side-walk-,
now exUling on tlic vvelorly Mdu ol
Wnhlntoli avenue to the cnMeiiy lino ol
tbo sidewalk How eNUtlng on the ea-leily
side ot Ualuilt street, and on the north
wardly side of said (-eventli slrcol from the
woteily Hue ol the -idcwiilk now oxlstlng
on Iho we-teiiy Mdo of W'a-hliiif tun avenue,
tun point M,l teet va-twnrdly from the en-t-eily
lino ol' tbo sidewalk now cxI-tpjK on
the oa-twardly side of Wiilmit street,
Snc. 2. hi Id sidewalks -hall be ten red
wide, shall lie conli nrted nt bard, Well
b'lrned bllck, compactly and properly laid
In herring bone manner In a bed ul cn.ir-o
sand not le-s tliau lour Inches thick, placod
on a lirm and substantial bod ol coal cinders
or earth, ami shall be ho laid to the grade e-labll-liBil
bv the pruv ilon or (irdlnaiire No.
:tH. .-aid walk shall bu l.iltl with a slooe.
downward, toward tbo curb, of one third of
an Inch to tlio foot ; a nulling ot' -omul
whlloorhuiToak Ul.mk. tlncp Inches thick.
and nt least fourteen Inches wide, lo be
spiked on with tlilriy-puuny nails to found
vviiiio or iiuiT oaK suikcs, iwo ami a nan loot
long and three iiicbcH sipinro, placed on the
outside of -aid curbing not more than tlvc
feet apirt, and the outer line of said side
walks shall bo ten led I loin Hie line or the
lot on ea-t lde of s.dd stri ot.
bi:o. .1. Hie local liiiiirovouients herein
provided lor, shall bo made by special a-e--
nielli-, im in aceoriiauco Willi llio pro Ms
Ions of section Is) lo ."il iuclu-lve. of article
Hot the act of the general a-cinlilv ol the
state of llllnol. annroved Anrll 10. 1S72. mid
entitled "an act to provide tor the Incor
poration ot er.le ami villages. " mid Ihe
cost and expense of the cuiitruclloii of
said sidewalks, shall be paid out ol lunds
arising lioin said special as-esinent.
Skc. I. I lie owner ol iiiiv lot Irjutimr on
liny sidewalk, piovl'lous for the building of
which Is made by till- ordinance, -hail be
:i own i iiiiny day aitcriiic timo at vv hie i
Mil ordinance shall take cllect, in whieb to
build said sidewalk oppo-ito Ids lot, and
thereby relievo Ihe wmie from nes
meiit. iirnvldcd that the work o to bo done
thall lu nil respect conform lo the rcquiro
iiient ol' this ordinance, and be done to the
satl-l'actlou and approval of tlio committee
on streets.
isKC. f. 1 pon the expiration ot said thir
ty days, the city clerk shall publish notice
lor leu days in the newspaperpiihll-hlng the
onllnaiico ol tlie idly, setting forth that
sealed bid lor lund-hing the material or
doing Iho work, or both, for tbo construc
tion of said sidewalk, or nliv one or more
ol' them, dliected to the city council, will be
lueeneu :u ins omico up in uiu iiinu oi inc
iciciiHml'oI the city council, for Iho opening
nt said lo,
earner than i-, nor nil, r man is ilavunoui
WHICH illeellle.- stiall not till
the date or said notice, which notice shall
snecllv or state tlio lime of said mcctluL'.
and ileseribo the work to bo done by rcfur
iliur lo ibis onllnaucc. glvlmr It number.
and date of approval, and that said ordi
nance I subject to examination nt nnv timo
at his olllcc, ftald bids shall bo opened by
tho clerk in the presence of the council, and
the contract for ihilng the w irk or furnish
iug the material, or both, lor tho construc
tion of ald sidewalk, or anv or mole of
them, shall be awarded to the lowest lespnn
sililo bidder, wlio shall siilllcicnlly guarantee
lo Urn Mitlslaetioii of the city council the
furnishing of said material, or iho perform
ance of said work, or both, under the super
Inteiidanee ol Ihe committee on lrect,
within such time or tiiiie-;.is nny be II yd bv
contract. If ald city council shall then detiii
It expedient to do so. If said lilds are not
itl-iactor) lo said city council they may re
jeerono or all of them, ami may then ir.
thureaflcr autliorlu said sidewalks to be
constructed by such agents as thev mav
think proper.
Approved April 111, lH7;i.
.loux.vi. i.vxsdir.x, Jlayor.
Aldermnn Wood moved to amend bv
milling nt tho end of section 2 of said or
dinance, tho words " or in such othor man
nor as- tho commilteo on strcols nn-y di
rcct." .VjiKndmont ndopted.
An ordinance to amend section I of oidiu
alter .No. .s.
He It Ordained by the City Councilor th
City ol Cairo:
.Sia'iuiN 1. That ordinance numbered
(cluhU be amended bv addiiiL- nt the end ol
section iiuiubcrcd 4 (toiirj of s.dd urdluaiico
the word following, vj.: "Which compen
sation shall Include the cost ol all lik l and
lights used ill said jail building."
i'inaxl'i: committei: iii'.ronr.
Tho llnanco coiumitteu to wliomnt tho
last Hi'ictiiig, was referred tbo report; of
tho citv comptroller, 'reported llio sumo
back 11 correct. On motion of Alderman
.Sall'ord tbo report was received nnd order
od tiled.
'i'ho lollowing bills wero reported bad
by tbo claims, printing and street commit
tws, recommending payment, via:
Dr. (1. (5. Parker, ntlnndance ut
jiest-nouio 111 .viiuch $ 00 00
. . oolten, services nt
jiest-houso in -March 81 days...
Henry Dlckorsoti, service nt
post-houso lu Jlarch 10 dnyc,..
J'hillip Pay, services nt pen-
tin 0b
21 00
hoitsu in March .'I0 days IH 25
Hiopiiou iiradloy, lor hauling 11
drunken man to Jail
11. A. Jlurnott, Jlarch salarv in
city comptroller CO 00
A. Cain, .llnreli salary as city
It. A. Cunningham, .March Hilary
at city treasurer
M. ,1. lioiviey, .March salary its
city clerk ,
75 0J
100 00
ii, ji, .uyon1, .vinrcn siunry
chief of police wi
ii. 1. .viartin, iviaroh s-ilary 111
V. Whltoamp, .Marcli salary ns
1 vol I co constable
73 00
76 00
C. .Mohtiur, March salary 111 no-
lico coustablo
P' Holm, .Mnrch salary ns police
.). O. I, alloc, .March salary as po
lice constable
II. P. Illlliugsly, .March salary n
polieo constable
P. Conlun, 36 days woik on
stroetn in ..Mnrch'nt ?2 2fj por -day
T. 1'iUgerald, 26 days n-ork on
76 00
75 00
76 00
bo as
strods In .March at f2 i!6 per
day 60 26
Win Mcllalo, siiperlnlenillng
work on streets nnd sidewalks in
March, 18 days afi 00
jiiuon .loiiKins, lor planting luu
traui In s;i . .. ...1-
trees iu St. Mmv' imik
66 00
A Dovore, for fiirnUhlng iimto
tial and lowering and repairing
"iduwftlk on south lido of Thlr.
t fourth (trcct from Vn Inn
l n to Cotnm rtial n.nui
'J.100 ft, nt 1,5 els.
.las Kennedy, for repfiirmi? 5oa It
of tidovvnlk on north fctdo ot
Twonliotlt ttreet, between
Washington avcmio lad Wal
nut street, nt 60 els n fool
Clius Thump, for laying oil' side
walk on north sldo of Nxth
stroet.from Wnshlngloti Mi0
to Walnut sttoet
Jos Arnold, for taking census of
the oily H,'JSS names nt $10 t
Chs Thrupp, for nuking nison-
ment map So 2 (or Mdevvallc
..mlaalmiiil'l t
I) ,
l.-.l ;i0
HJ 88
10 00
Milton Jenkins, lor tepnlrlti!
sidcvalkon north side ot Moo
leetilh street, trom Commorcml
nveniio to l'opbir street, 52 . .
lit 10 Ctl II loot r'" 10
C It Woodward, one 20 foot Mix
tion nnd extra couplln lor
o iM
Uoilpjli nnd Itoady nto com-
Arab Flro company, 1 qunrters
idlowanco to A pill 1
f.0 00 I
Hough nr.d Jtwidv Tiro company,
1 qimrtcr'i " nllowanco to
April 1 r'
Hibernian 1'lre ooninatiy. I UIIHr'
lrir's nlbiwiiiico to April 1
60 00
Daltn 1'iro coiepany, 1 nunrtur s
nllowanco to April 1 r, 0U
1' Vincent, lime nnd driivng,".
for jii I - ":
I no. i,' Harmnn, a J days services
n uciijt'ui'' nMMsincnt, n oom-
mluioficr lorsldovtulk purpows
nt ?fi
J no. 11. OoMinsn, 2J days services
in recasting ii-ssiincnt, n com
missioner lor .-idovviilk purposos
nt i
II. V.'nuoii Webb, 2 dyi sr
vices in rei'tlng aMnssmont
us commissioner for idowulk
p:irpocs, nt 55
ILriry lioyd, baulini- drunkeii
man to Jill
Win. .Mel laic, for dieting prison
ers in March 320 dnvs ul ttOe...
12 .V) i
11 r.o
12 60
Kit 60
J!. II. Cunningham, 1 month's
rent of council chamber to
April 1 10 00
Ciiiiii, l.ox nnd llatkct Co., side
walk lumbor nt 111
Cairo City Gas Co., ijm usod in Htl
street lamps In Muroli...
James T.o. 1 ton of conl for
clerk's olllen
li. II. .Myort, balaiipo dun on nc-
111 CO
:i0i oo
5 00 '
oount of hogs sold in retiruary
nnd ilnreli
I 20
HibornUu Tiro Co., lor amount
of appropriation for alarm bell
ns per ordinandi No. 1 1 IOC 00
I', sweeny, lor mulling iirunneii
mnn to jail
litoss 1'. M., salary for fob.
P. llroM, P.M., salary for March
M. .1. llowlcy, fimount paid for
express charges on registry
books from Bpringllnld
K. A. iliiruett, city comptiollor,
for stationery, postngo stamps,
to , &e., for use of oily from
April 1, 1871toArrIl 1. tS7-S...
John Clndnoy, for hauling 47
loads lumber in March and
I'obruarv. at 60TcU
1 15
10 00
2:t oo
Cairo lluliotin compunjvpublish
ing counll proceeding! in
.March &c nr'
Alderman Cunningbum moved that
said bills lo nUovvcd. Cartled by tbo fol
lowing voto: Ayes Cunningham, Mct
cnlf, 1'hillts, Itobinson, Snfiord, Sebuh,
Strntlon, Swnyno, Taylor, Wnldcr, Wood
nnd "Woodward 12. Nny-0,
, . ,,r,i,
Iho commitloo on chinn reported lacK
tlio lollowing bins reaoiuiouiKllii pay
mont thereof nt tho rate ol $J 60 11 day,
Of T. Gorman, .1 dnys sorvices in
estimating cost of sidownlks
to be constructed and repaired
under ordinance Xo-15
Of.lno. A. Poore,3dayg services in
estimating cost ofsidowalks to
16 00
bo constructed and repaired un
der ordinance No 13
15 00
Alderman AVood moved to allow tho
bills ns roeommondod by tho committee.
Aldormau Swnyno moved toamoml by
allowing nt tho rato of 56 n day. Alier
man Cunningham moved ns an amend
mont to thu uiuondmoiit that tlio bills ba
allowed nt tho rate of il a day. Aldor
man Cunningham's amendment! was de
clared to bo sustained but tho bills not al- 1
lowed, by tbo following vote: Ayes I
Cunningham, Molculf, PhilUs, Sall'ord, '
Schub, Strntlon, Wulder und Wood 8.
Nays llobliison, Svvaytie, Taylor nnd t
Woodward I. I
Alderman Hvvayno's amntilmcnt was 1
lost by tho following vole: Ayes Hob- I
inson, Schub, Swaynu and Woodward 1. 1
Nays Cunningham, Motcnlf, Phillli, j
L-ntl'ord, .Slnilton, i'ajlor, Wnldcr and !
Wood 8. , " !
Alderman Cunningham s motion lo al-1
low ut ft n day was then carried by tbo
lollowing vote' Ayes Cunningham,
Metealf, PhilUs, Jtobinson, Sall'ord, Schul
Strntlon, Swnyno, Wnldur, Wood and
Wood .vnrd 1 1, Nay Taylor 1 .
Th) following bills woio reported back
by llio claims coiumiltuo rocommonding
thoir referonco to tbo street committee,
vi "
Of Stephen Ilradloy, for scraping
earth, witli team, on Coinmer-
dal iivonuo 0 days at $6
Of John (lladney, for scraping
cnrtli, with toam, on Commer
cial nvontio J day nt ?5
$:) 00
Aldoriiiiiu Tiylor moved to suspend tho
rules for tho purpose of taking action up-
on said bills, ijurriod.
On motion il Alderman Taylor said
bills wore nllowid by llio following voto:
Ayos Cunnlsglinm, Motcalt, Phillis,
Itobinson, Safford, Schub, Stratton,
Swnyne, Taylor, Waldcr, AVood nnd
Wood ward 1", Ny-0.
Tho claims coiumittoo rejiortcd back tho
bill of Win. Henry, Jr.,for ?8I for 12 kegs
of nails, rocointiionding paymont of S7S In
full of bill. On motion of Alderman
Wood enid bill vvns allowed ns roooininon-
olm follows: Ayes-l'tiniilngliatn.ildcalf.
Phillii, Itobinsot, Salford, Seliuli, Strntton,
hvvayne, Taylor, WulUor, AVood nnd
Woodward 12. Nnv 0,
I'ho said commilteo reported r.dvcrsoly
upon Iho bill of tho Cairo City (las com
pany, amountiug to 1 for gas used at
tlio city jail for three mouths, umlliig
March 1. Alderman Cunningham moved
to allow, host ns follows: Ayos l'nn
illiigbnm, Kvuinson, Sall'ord, Sobuh, r-'trut-
ton, Swnyno, Taylor nnd AValder 8,
Nays Motcnlf, Pliillis, Wood and AVood-
ward I. '
tlleport lo be eoitcludcil To. morrow.
.M Adio OK TUB mod l ii. Odoriferous Hozo
dpnt, rctolorj thu mouth encliimtiiie;, com-
potod or rnro, nntuopiio herns', it impart
whitonos to tho teeth, a (lulicioui llowors
like nrnina to tho brenth, und preserves
intact, from yotilli to 11150, tho tooth.
I ui:ni.NANCi:.NO. ni.
An on Inaiico In provide for tlio conlnie
lion or ccrinln new sidewalks, and the re
construction and repair ill ntheis.
lie It ordained by tbo i lly Council ol Ihe
Clly or Cairo.
Hk.cI'iox I. Thatsldcvvalksbo constructed
on Iho northerly side ol intli (1'iiicciilh)
sited, from Iho sidewalk now existing on
(he westcily sldo of Washington aveiilio to
the sidewalk now existing on tlm easterly
side ol Waluill street, and on tho iiorthcrlv
side oristb (eighteenth) street, Irom u lino
drawn parallel loathe vveslerlv sldo ol'
Walnut street and 10 (ten) red oasteilv
froinlt to the ealcily Hue of Cedar street,
and that tbo following described sidewalks
lie lecoiKtlllcled and repaired, vl.
Oil Hie cm-Ii'Hv sldo ol Unicoi slr.u.l
Irom Konilli sircet to I wcntlclh street on
i no westcilv side ol Walnut street, Irom
I'oitrlli street to a point lllly led north
ol Seventh street, and lioin Tenth street to
Klllceiilli street; on north hlo of l'oiirth
sired Irom Washington nvcnuo to AVnhuil
I sued , on both sides ol I'llth street Irom
, Wablii''toii iivenue to Walnut street; on
north sldo of eighth sired from Washington
avenue to W nluut street ; on north slue of
Tvvollth street Irom Walnut trcct lo a
point 125 feet castwatilly Irom Cedar
street ; on the southerly sldo of Twenty
seventh sired, and on same side ot
Twenty-eighth sired, from Commercial avc
into to l'oilar slieet i on the south side of
l'llleiiith street Irom Waliiiltslrect to Cedar
sircet, and on the west side of Washington
nvcniic, Irom Twelily-sevenlh lo west
Tweutli-clglith street .
MX. 2. .-aid sidewalks shall be built or
eonltuctcd, rc-constriicled and renewed, or
repalied a lollows, v 1 : They shall lie six
Tcet wide Upon the lop, Ihe toll cov cling to he
ol white oak, c.v pressor pine plank, t wo Inches
thick, and not inoro than eight Inches vv hie,
laid to a straight edge on the olitble, the In
side llneol'the covering to be four reel (11--laut
Iron Ihe Iront lino of the lot-, said
planks in be laid crosswise with the. sidewalk,
anil well spiked on with at lea-t slv twenty
penny mils in each plank, if the plank Is not
over six Inches wide; If over cveii Inehc
wide, vv 111 at leat nine similar nail to three
stringers not less than three Inches thick and
six Inch wide, set on edge, notched ami
tlirhllv iltcd. and well spiked on with at
le.i-t two twenty-penny nails, to sills or
ero-flies not Icssthan three lliclic thick and
six Inches wide, placed on edge crosswise In
ald shl.'walk at Intervals of not more than -
led. If laid on ihe ground these sills shall
lie plseed mid plkcd oil, and levelled hi
blocl of Wood not lc-s than twelve liicln
ion;; and six Inches wide, placed under cm b
stringer. II Iho sidewalk I elevated above
the natural ground II shall be so elevated
upon trestle-work, the po.ts of which shall
be not less (ban lour inches sijuare,
Into w blub the sills or cros-tles -li.-ilt lie mor
ticed or gained, ami to which said sills or
cross-ties shall be well spiked Willi al least
two twenty-penny nail- in each po-l, Ihe
po-s to be set and well nailed on lo block
ol wood not less than twelve Inches long,
six Indie wide and three Inches thick, and
substantial lateral braces of oak lumber, not
less than olio Inch thick and lour inches
Wide, shall Im nailed with a proper slope
with Ihice twenty-penny nails In each post
at each alternate section or set or posts.
When Hie sidewalks aro lecnn-tiilctcd unit
repaired all decayed or broken lumber, or
material, shall bo detached and excluded,
and sound materials substituted therefore
and the whole work or construction, rccou-
struetion and repair shall be dour in a -ub-
.stain lal mi. I woikmanlike manner, and to
the satisfaction of the committee on streets.
If the sidewalk Is elevated over thirty Indies
Irom the ground the post shall lie extended,
without splicing, threo teet above the side
walk, and to them, on the iii-ble at the lop,
a strip or white oak plank, one inch thick,
and iwt lc-s than four Indies wide, shall In
securely nailed with two twenty-penny nail
lu eaeii po-t.
.-aid sliliiger-. sill, er tie posts and
i blocks shall heol white nr burr oak, cypres,
' red cedar. Mack loeiirt or mulberry, and the
1 gr.ido to which said sidewalk shall be laid
l shall be tho gradu established by theptuvi--,
ion ol' onllnaiico No. .".i.
' Sue. :s, 'flic local improvement!, herein
I provided ror", shall be made by special asse-s.
nifnt. and in accordance with the provis
ions ot sections is to ol Inclusive, ot article
I 1) or the actor the general assembly or the
, M.t(, if ituitol.-. approved April 10, 1S7J,
mm entitled "an act to provide lortheiiicoi
porallon of cltle and villages," nd the
eo-ts and expcnes ot the construction, re
construction and repair of said -Idewalk-,
shall lie paid out ot Innd- ari-lng Irom -aid
special iissL's-uicnt.
si:c. 4, The owner of any lot Ironlitig on
any sidewalk, provision lor tho building 01
renewing ol which is undo by this ordi
nance, shall be ;allowcd thirty days alter
, uiu 11, nu 1,1 which mis ordinance -nan lai.u
I died, In which to build or repair such side
' walk opposite In lot, uud thereby relieve
j Ihe sumo from assessment, provided that the
Woil; so lo lie done -li.ill III all rc-pcels eon
form to the ieiiilrcmciits ol this ordinance,
ami bu done to the satisfaction and approval
of the eoiimilttco on streets.
"'Skc. 6. Upon tho expiration of said
thirty ' days, the city clcik shall
publish notice for leu days In
Hie now-paper publishing the' ordi
nances ot the city, setting foilh that scaled
bids tor lurnisblugtlio mater. al-or doing the
work, or both, lor the construction, recon
struction or renewal ol -aid sidewalks, or
uny one or more ot them, directed to the
city council, will be received at bis olllco up
to the time of the meeting of the city coun
cil, ror the opening ot said bids, which meet
ing -hall not lie earlier than 12, nor later than
1M days froni the date of said notice, which
notice shall -pecllv or slate
tho time (it said meeting,
and (leserlbo Iho woik to be done, bv
referring to this ordinance, giving Its num
ber, und date of iipprovnl.and that said ordi
nance Is subject to examination at anv lime
at his olllcc. Said bids shall be opened bv
the ckuk in the prccucu of tho council, and
the (oiitract for doing tin- work or lurnlsh
lug tlio materials', or both, lor the construe
thin, reconstruction or repair of said sidewalk-,
o' any one or more of them, shall be
awarded to the lowest responsible bidder
wlio sin 11 suilldenlly guarantee to the satl.
faction if Ihe city council the liil'iiMilng ol
sain material or tlie perlormanco ot said
work, or both, under the stipcrlnteiidancc
ol ,the cinuiillteo on street, within such
lltno or times ns ma) bo lived by contract, II'
sain ciiyeouncll snail uieii deem II expedi
ent to 1I0 so, II' said bids are not satl-laeto-r.v
to said city council they miy reject nnv
1 or nil of them, and may thou or thereafter
1 nilthoiie said sldovvnlli to be eon-triictcd,
rccoiisirticlud or lepubved by -neb agents a
they may think proper,
1 Appi-iivcd, April 10, 1S7X
.loiix M, b.vxsnr.v, Mav or.
Attest: M. .1. llowi.KV, City Clerk. '
U oidiu.'iueo to provide for Iho piiicliaso
of an daiui licll for
i'l'o Vt' OV:s i 11 c 1 liv the
tlio Delia (itf. lire
Citv Council of tlie
( ily oi Cairo:
fii:ciioN 1. That a sum not exceeding
foiir hi'lidred ilollais ho and tho sainu Is
hereby appropriated for tho purchase ol an
alarm lelf, to bo located on or near the
Delta (lty I'lro eoinpanyV cngliie-housii.and
that tlie clly comptroller be, and bo hereby
i iiisl'tlclcd and uiithoiicd, lo purchase
the sane, under the udvieo and direction or
III" eoniiilltee on lire department,
Approved April lb. liiT.i.
dotix .M. I,.vx.iiN, Mayor.
Aftct: M. .). Ilowi.KV, Cltylierk.
V.l.M'.H AII I.UtOUtlN.
11. & CO., j
(I A 1 I! (I , ILLINOIS.
Alio, liesp constsntly un bsn, a most com
plotn stock of
fooTon .'.Ki) immt witiBiitus
-Q I N U.-
Port, Mudorla, Sherry nnd OutowbaAVlnei
Ii, Smvtli .viCo. n ni al-o nxints lorSjien-
' r, Molv ay A Co.'s i'ittsburi; i)c, (ifwhfch a
iirt!( stock Is kept constantly on hand nr
iht'lr.wholcsnle store.
D 11 u a
3IV ' -r
i7'T',w" "''ro,i""''''iu'
'3 ga
ri in .jt
11 'JO tf.
j, hero wi-irn llio Arancaa publio
uiu,! i y ri. jr. Jirvtr
yet ; . .1 UfU xv.'. ca isfr .jii, nnd
1m ju. Iy U!i btyk 1 iho j ma, j f, ,P UH
rjctciil Wouiia8,Cut.s,llunH, Swellings,
fjpraiui, Urulse. ceo., &o., (or Man nnd
iknttt. :. , family should bo a slui'lo day
i.c.vi licit.
Will T K UO Ii LA K 1'JjA XI .NT. .MILL
S. V.i:i JIHH, rroiii lelor,
1 1 rry .Ifscnytlon,
000113, SASH, BLINDS
Steamboat L i; m i'j u n,
KnrnUhD.I cn ih irlcst nollcn,
Conimerciul avenue, between Tenth und
Jllevonth streuu
H. I 11 It V A X 'I'
w i
.Near Twel.ly-si.Mh Sircet,
Ohio Li:vi:i:,
All Muds of Lumber. Dak, Poplar, Cy
nrcss. 'n nut. etc.. ,i,.ii, i i, .....
of Uiu city lico or charge.
SDM'atrona''o solicit nil. mill Kitt.f'iKilntt
Kllaruiitced. .'Will.
I'lllh. IlOWAltl),
('Mr JVntloiiol Uiinli Iliilltllnif.
.Hecml atlentton paid to order from icam
basis nluht nr ilav
Cor Ucviiilli mill 1'ojii,.,sk,,
Inlorms thu public that ho ha-enw-en Iho
porviccsof a l'lrst-c a-, Wiiurm miH , n , 1
al-o a Plrst-class 11,,,'so s ocr i 'i .' ' u nn .t
to manufacture am epiirnll kliidi !r .7
Inthltrade wltl,,1,,ijr,lIla1!ift
--"-ASCII Ffsi-.!?1IRL 1 ti iTUt I SVU 1
G I S T s ,
2STO. 7L OHIO L!1:jVEJ:f
Ilctiiil utul Prescription
Comer Washington
nnd eighth sticet.
cbamol nnd rabbit
fur Weak lungs.
At llAltCliAV IIUO.S.
l'ieiared and sold
And IHslnrcdants for stable
At flAIICJ-AV ltllOS.
iioni:v iii:i:,
And "I'nlversal J-tandanl."
.TftM.f.1 Ul
jritbont this linimenl.
irt. V
Tit fvrn v- Vr,",-.:".",..,-k "o Kcnuinn
Magnolia Balm
Puro Blooming Comploxion.
11 Is Purely VcBftblc, sad It opmtlon la sten
md fill at once, ft dots wy with (ba l'luslimi
Arpmrsncn caiissd by licit. rillKuo. and Kiclu.
ment. Ilisls suil romovisiiUDlotchisaii PlmMca,
l iiptlllnitilatk ami unsliiutly apou. Drlvs away
laa, ini klii, ana Siunbuni. udby lUKPUIIclmt
powerful iuiluiuco uiauUen (tie lajed cbtek vtlth
YonTnrur, bloom and beauty.
...S.J!'1,'i7.'u I'niKinsta and fancy Stores. J)iit.
The slendld stoamor
Dick Fowlkk, Captain
uVKir"ri,.VV,Y' (s"'"'roxeentod) at
l .m l ot Hollitopassairo applyonlio.it or
t,. '1. -MAI.I.OUV, Ag't,
SllltS IN
P H O V I s I O N a TU.
No. no
Quia Lievug OAino, Ir,L
rra !"" I
ol?!1 Jfistsrmd Country fito'res!'
at2,ie., t-0c. and $1.00 is..r Uottle.ltlU
Style, Bl2o 0f Uittlo. A.-c.f s
Jiioi..vi liixrvrrx-Tii
Corner or WlneJpontli Htreatitud Com
nmrelnl Aveuuv u
O. PATlJtlf.

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