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I I Ml .
i ! I I
fnblleallftn OIHre, Ilnlltln llnlMInc
Wiuittlngtori Avrmtr.
U. S. Sin. SKn..Onsi:i.vr.it,o m-rici:. 1
caiuo, Arm ai, itf3, iO:ii p.m.
llaron-etcr 30:1.1. Itl-lns.
Tliernioinetcr I degrees.
Wlcd nortlic.it, .cloclty 5 mile per hour,
Weather cloudy.
Maximum temperature last 21 hour", at
ft n. m 43 degrees.
Minimum trmitcrntitrc. last 21 hour, nt
I) a. m.. A'l decree.
l'rovalllug wind lat 21 hour, northeast
Total number of mlle wind travelled, la.'
21 hour, 2TiI.
1U1I W. H uiNr.rr. oh'fMcr,
I"Jfty tljoiH.nid t-nvclopctjll
the llri.fiini.N olllce.
t reechednt
Yesterday wa " eold day, dkigreoablo
ml iuiplcaaiit In every respect.
A met'llng ot the director of the Cairo
and St. Louis railroad In I.e. place In M
Louis to-day.
I'm dopes ruriiMied and printed nt the
Ut'LLETi.N Uri'io: at t to per thousand
A lew tub !ioicc liuttcr, fur sale nt .1. I'
Lull-In'., between seventeenth and Klgli
teenth street, Comnierelal lueniie. 21
Jut recehed and for mIo lie .Mathu Sr
L'hl, Ohio levee, ."J hbN choice apple-, and
".Obbl sweet potatoes 4.l!tf.
The Hiimctt steam cooking u-ol, the
National American and Kpletiro broiler',
the Dudley spiral gate mid door prJiir, nl
llaltey'n, ICS Wn-liltigton avenue. 1-21 1 nt.
Tho place to buy wall paper and window
shades lo. -Jieventli street, opposite Win
lcr' block, where you can buy cheaper
than any pl.tco In the clly. II. Am.i:. tl
1'. it. Ward Is nowpicpareit to deli-, cr the
beft of fawed and pllt hickory wood lo any
part of the city. AIo all kin Ik of wood and
coal alwayn on hand. il.'ii tr.
Tho iiiOMpiltocs, l;naU( lllu!-, Vrni and
uuiiiuio ucc, arc comiuz, to prepare vour.
self by cocrlng your window with wire
cloth from IlalleyS; you can !ecp without
bars, and dlno without liter. -I-2I lni.
New dock and now rtjloi of wall paper,
paints, oils window gl.i, etc., etc., at It. I
Mclgs' now rtore, Wahlngton nvcnitu and
Eleventh street. Call and ?eo tliu latent
tyles in wall paper beTore purcha-ln? el-e.
where. l-in-tf
llird tagcj, llower haWeH, wire eloth,
riddles, and screen", rake, hoe, shocl,
spaden, spading and hay Turk, Hep and ex
!enlon Udders, wood piiiup and a general
assortment or tinware. iove and house fur
iiMilug good-, at Halley'-. t-2i im.
We arc the sole iigent for tlio talo or .Mu
ton'n pure ilittr Ntiiar, madu on Id' larin
at Cobdon, Illlniil, put up In convenient
slcd package, for family n-c, and even
package warranted pure.
4-13 tr' C'OfFKV, I'ack & Co.,
No. " Ohio I.cvoc.
Yentcnlny morning. Urn body or n woman
war illcoered In tho Ohio iicr aboe the
round-house. ,It imi't have been In the
water for kome time, n all the clothing was
v.nhcd Into shreds the -loekliig onl-,
which worn woolen, remaliilii whole, 'J'iiu
bridge of lao noo w.ti briiNed, whether be-
rore or aftfr death It wai impos-IMo to de
tcrmltic. A rorancr' Impie-t walicld, and
a verdict rendered in accordance with the
clrcum-tanccs death from caii'i' unkuotwi
to the jury. Tlio i cmalin of the poor tin
fortunato were burled In Ihu ''een mile"
gracyard, yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Anna I.mg on KlgliUi street, bvtsveeii
Commercial and WatbliiKlon nv chuck, Iiuk
Just opened out n utocl; of now mid l.i-lilon.
able millinery goods. Sho lrn oim hundred
and llfty ditl'crcnt ttylenif hal ami bonnetK,
beside a largo aoorltnciit ol ribbon, How
itk and notions ol all fort", nil ol which wll
be told at the lowc-t prlec.
-OAino and vi.vci:nni:s j: viuoad.
Trains now leae I'alio and yioi u I City a
follows :
Leave Cairo. I.ravo Mound City.
7:JDu,m. 7:lua.m.
1 in. lil.'ip.in.
r:l3p.m. ':I0 "
C'liAU. O. Woon, Or-n'l Ticket Ag't.
Office C aiuo ani St. l.oui It. it. Co., )
tJAIIto, UN., April If', It..", j
A meeting of tho director. of thii comjia
ny will bo hold on Thur-day next, tho 2lth
Instant, at 10 o'clock a. in., at tho olllco of
Messrs. II. It. l'aycon ,t Co., No. .KM North
KltiU Hrcct,.1accardMiiilldlng, In the cltv
t ht. t.oul, llourl.
4-V.i du. H, ,AAT3 Ta l.ou. Pre.t.
ici:ci!i:am s.m.oon.
As warm weather W uiiproaeldug the
loveri ol Ice cream will be Ud lo burn that
Jie.rs. saup & L'larkson have lilted tin and
rcfurnUhed, In elegant -tyle, thelrleo cream
j)arlor. Their m.imuioth Kda loiuit.iln Iihk
also been put In running order, nnd nothing
Is wantins about tho cMablLlnicnt to m ite
the pleasure mid eomtort or their; patron
ouplcto .:M
Notice l hereby given, that Hi; aiiiuml
meeting ot tho tockhohltr of tlio Cairo
City Kerry company will bo held at the coin
jiany's otlice, court .SIMli meet and Ohio
levee In this city, on .Monday, Ma finest
at 10 o'clock n. in., for the purpose of elect
ing seven directors to bctve Hil- cnniiiig
year, and lor general limine".
Tiioh. W. 11.i.uiia, fcce'y.
Caiuo. Ills., April 17, IS".!. MI dtd
r.M. i i.Mj,
l.t. The work should be perfectly dry.
2nd. Co the Avcrlll Chemical paint."
3d. Coer knots and apwllh .liellacor-l.
4th. 1'so tho Avcrlll Chemical pjlnt.
Mh. Priuiu with a coat ot medium thick.
6th. Ue tbo Ai-nll Chemical pulut.
7th, Let each ooot dry before nddlus
8th. Vo the Avcrlll Cheuilcsl paint.
Oth. l'alut about thl time of the year.
iviu un mu Air" iii-iMn;ui puu.i.
ti For sale, ml veil ready for tlo lu nil colon,
H by N. E. Way & Co., Sixth ktrcct, bctwem
i. Tblngtou nnd Commercial avenucn,
J1 h. U. Avoid Pll liurultatlonr,
N. Y.
()!' CUSTOM-HOl'M.'.
1 am now prepared to inrnlMi all kind ol
cord-wood on shuitiiolli-e. Stock nlwajs In
yard, readv for dell-cry without delay.
Sawed or split wooil to any length ordered,
liming machlno facilities lor sawing, I am
ena'ded lo Mipply stjc-wood with dlpatch.
Order mar be left nt llrltol .t .HhvcllV,
.1. II. Phillip'. '. C. White's nlllec, .1. II.
Jlotcali's, orat the yard.
I. II. 31 INN.
m iri.it. mketino ot the i-irv coiscii.
r-.i.t.miiiv tiik MAvon ron tiik
rt;nfosi: ok uikia.vizi.vo.
Council Ciiamiiku.
C'Allio, Ills., April 22, ISiTtf. J
i'resont Ills Honor .Mayor AYood, and
AMcrmon lllxby, Korsmoyor, .Mei'ivon,
.-icuauiey, .-.lever., .Uori-i. mollis, in.-
. H ... ...I,. ,1a. ft
lips, Kltionfioiiso nnd Koblnoti-10.
t.osu and miokt termk.
Tho mayor stated that tho tlrst business
in order would bo tho dr.uvitig by tho
momber.'. lor tho long and short term of
The clerk prepared tho nocoisary sllp,
and tlio drawing was proceeds! with, tho
result being a) follows :
First Ward For long term, Iliraiu
Ilixbv; for short term, .1. M. rlilllliH.
SjcoiiiI Ward For lonjr term, Wood
Illttenhousoi tVir short term, llcriunn
Third Ward For l:ng term, .John Mc-
Ewcn i for hott term, F. Korsmeycr.
Fourth ardl'or long term, .M. .1.
McOrtulcy; Tor short term 0. F. Mollis.
Fifth Wnrd-For long term, "W. II.
.Morris ; for sliort term, .lohn II. ltoliln
son. .MAVOU-. I.VAl'QURAI..
Tlio mayor aroio and delivoro 1 li'n in
augural address a follows:
Ukxtlkmkx Members of tlio Cilv Coun.
Wi! liavn inoL lilt t (ivnntiii' In nnr nlllnlnl t
capacity for tho purpose of commencing 1
a new year In the history of Cairo, and to i
enter upon tho discharge of tho Important
untie which our fellow-cltizon havo nv
posed upon ttsj duties which I freely con
fess I would havo wished tohavo been put
on Ihu shoulders of somo ono of my fellow
citizens mora nblo to disclmrga them than
myself. I have, however, boon selected ns
chiof executive of our young nnd now
growing city, and will, with your earnest
co-operation, ondcavor to leavo nothing
undone, which, In my fcooblo wav, 1 can
do to further Its interest. Gentlemen of
tho council, tho position you occupy, ns
nldcrmen, Is ono of great responsibility.
Tho diameter of its citizens, and tho ad
vantages of its location, havo much to do
with tho growth of n city. Thoro are,
howuvor, many causes boyond tho control
of tho citizens, and altogether Indepen
dent of Its location, which may uuntilbuto
to its growth nnd prosperity. If tlio men
who enact Its ordinances, nnd thosa whoso
duty It Is to uxeculo tbo will of mu
nicipal icgiiiuiiou nro uulu aim lumen, u
city is fortunate, nnd its interests will not
bo retarded, but bo fostered with caro and
skill. Uontlcmon, when tho municipal cor
poration is well governed, the people who
compote it havo llttlo reason to complain
but when the municipality is led by cxtrnv-
iigancc, thoughtlessness nnd corruption,
tho puoplo who coniposo'it will havo good
caut) of complaint. If thoro is truth in
this proposition, and I have no .iuui of
its soundness, nothing could bo tnoro U I III -
cult than tho uamliig of n position of
greater responsibility than that upon
which you am now entering j u position
requiring, cool deliberation, unbiased
minds, and a great deal of tact nnd wis
dom, utid from which even tho suspicion
of corruption and tho folly of prejudice,
should bo summarily excluded. 1 am tat
istlcd, gontlemon, you will meet tho re
sponsibilities of tho position wisely, nnd
perform its duties woll. Yours is no easy
task; it will requlro much of your timo,
much moro in proportion than any of tlio
councils for tho last four yoars thoro be
ing only ten members in tho present Loud
while thoro wore o'ghteon In tlio lust oi.o
However much ti'ito it will take, 1
hopa and trust you havo counted tho cost
and nro now ready to perform your
wholo duty, lot only ns representatives of
those who havo placed you here, but as
roprosontatlves of the whole city of Cairo,
Independent of parties f any kind, sect
or color.
ta v ns.
(icntlcmon, ono chief rciuoii for the
gruil burdon of taxation Is this', that til-
uUhough our city
It requires tho
is small, Ktill j
samo number i
of ollleurs, and ihoiatne amount of maehln
ory, n it takes to run n largo one. Wo
havo collected tills hut yoar tho interest
oa the bonds issued to the Cairo and St.
Louis railroad, nr.d tho interest on tlio
bonds to tho Cairo nnd Yineonnes railroad,
and whilo wo havo dor.o this, our taxes in
lb" aggregate, havo Icon very llttlo moro
than In either of tho two previous yoars.
line taxe. Havo or course been-higher, ton or dais of persons, in tho dischagn of
tho valuatimi n.u been roluo.vl o hs j thoir lcgltlmato business. Saloons nro
to noarly oir.et tho cnliro tnx on bonds ! duly licensed bv thocltv nnd if their keep
I'suod to these two roods. Anothor chief cr break tho ordinances mado to govern
rcaion for groat and I urdunioiiiotiuation, j them, thor must ba nmonablo to tho law
n uib cov oi repairing nmi ronovniing our '
worn-out sidewalks. Oentlemon, this is
the most oxpenslvo part of our city gov
ornment. It mntter not so far us cost Is
concerned, whether it comes out of tho
gcnurnl fund, or ly spoolal nssosment, the
amount must eomo out of tho tix-payers.
I would, thuri'lore, urgo on tho present
council, tho noeesiity of building brick
sidewalks, wherever In their opinion they
can bo built to uuy advantage. 1 would
reipactfully urgo all cltl.jiis who havo
tltawollaruoftho city at heart, to put a ,
ioi iu this largo una enormous uxponso
In repair of nldewulki, and Jet them com
niotice at onco and bjlld sidewalks that
will havo somo look of permanauco whon
liJIt. There nro n great many block
In tho city wboro such walks can b0
arm s louia ko uuiit, and when completed j
we will havo walks ten font I
vory llttlo moro expento than tho ono of
wwd six feet in width. This Is n matter of '
. - - - ... - - -
cAiiio daily Bulletin, Thursday, april -m, ib73
t'") utmost Iniportaneo anil -lionM not bo
. il.VANCK,
I'm financial condition of tho cily has,
I 1 bellnvo, never beer, better In my romcm
lirntico than It lias been tho last two yonr
At thu Incoming of tho ndnilnlttratlon of
my worthy predecessor, scrip wai not
worth inoro than GO to CO cents on tho
dollar: shortly nltor ho was olocted mayor
scrip camo to par. It la now worth B'i lo
!0 cents on tlio dollar. How long till nd
ministration will bo able to keep It at that
price, with scrip outstanding to tho
amount of nearly forty thousand dollars,
is n nuetlon tliat will trouble nil ol us to
tolvo. If tho present council lisuo scrip
at tho samo rata that tlio last council lias
been obliged to issue It, for tho last twolvo
months, it cannot bo rn.;ooind that scrip
can bo kept long ut Its present price In
view of tlio fact that city scrip is tending
downward, 1 cannot too strongly urgo tho
I greatest economy In tho administration of
i tho city government, and tho curtailing of
' ii ii....,.- . .. i.. I .. . i . .
mi uAjiuiiuuui L- nut uusuiuivj noscssury
Tio onlv safe Pollev to keen serin ,.!.
,tJ f lo tl0 ,rcflt caulloil ,fl .
it) nn,i t tho samo tlmo not retard
10 gro,vl, pf tliu city. You will bo called
on vory soon to mnko up i yearly estimate
of nil moneys necessary to run tho clt
government for ono year, which is called
tlio nnnual appropriation bill. I rc-
1 spcctfully call tho attention of tho coun
ell to nrtlclo scvon of tho now chirlr,
which dcllncs tho niodo of appropriating,
and also tho modo of raising monoy, for
i tho use of tho city. During llio current
ofllclal year, ninny necessary public im-
l provomcnts must lo made. Tho sldo
walks and crosswalks in romo parti) of the
city nro in n bad condition. The -ncces-
. tary repair on sidewalks must coino oul
of tho general fund, bul for nil now
I walks, nnd all walks requiring to lo rc-
j constructed, nn urdinanco has boon
ndopled by tho lato city council, and is
now in force, which embodies article nine
of special assessments lor locnl improve-
j ments, and is generally conceded to bo as
neat ly unitorm m us wotxingi, as any mat
lias yet been In forco. Tho lato council
l,,,,iU n BooJ n,lin.v ilewn1k under
M" l,y,lho ""orlty of said ordinance,
""u, ""ouB co.iecuo.is oavo ueen
! inadn so far, for tbeso improvements, it in
hoped that tho city will soon bo benefited
by their collection. Many of tho streets
of tho city nro In bad condition, nnd de
mand your imuicdlato attention. I.ovco
street, and somo of the crosi-streets leading
from it aro in n doplorablo con
dition, and should bo at onco
attended to. Tho surplus earth excavated
by tho Illinois Central Kailroad company
should bo used, as the cxpcno of hauling
it will bo light, and tlio necessity of rc
moving it is very urgent,
1 would stulothat tho city has been at a
very largo expense, taking caro of small
pox cases during tho last year. Tho most
of theJ3 caes havo boon non-residents of
tho city; many from St. Louis and other
places. An ordinance Is still in forou pro
hlbltlng tbo car tains and ollicors of boats
from landing any person who has any
contagious disenso within tlio limits of
tho city. I cannot too strongly urgo tho
nocessity of tho faithful enforcement of
this ordinance, and tho spcody punish
ment of all partioi who may violate It.
tioii or riiosrni'Tio.v.
Tho moral well-being nnd good ordor of
tho city requiro that tho polico ordin
ances should bo rigorously enforced. In
mo laco of Dm munfoijuii la w,lowd-liousn,
outraging nil sense of decency, obtrude
upon tho most public thoroughfares of tho
city, and their koepors, without conceal
ment, ply their nefarious calling, Tlio or
dinances declare these house to bo public
nuisances, nnd imposo n heavy
ponulty upon tho owner of
utiy building, UU agent or nttornoy
who may lot or lonso their buildings to
any of theso publiccharactcrs. I am fal
sified that this Is n hard matter to m&nago
Hut while tho ordinanco stands, un at
tempt pcrsUtonl nnd continuous should bo
m iihi to enforco it. Tho best and surest
method of breaking up these dons is not
only to nrrctt tliu keepers nnd female in
mates, but do as is dono in many uthor
cltice arrest and lino all Inmates found, bo
they malo or female, Tho one is ns much n
violator of this law as tho othor, and
should be ns summarily dealt with.
(lAMIILUIts AM) uami.no.
l hero is nnutuor nvocallnn ot uifgracc
which tho polico forco should novor allow-
any man to ply with inipunitv, that of
professional gambling. Thoro aro out-
cuits who nro entitled to pity and sympa
thy, but tho profesiional gambler cannot
oiler any oxcuso in palliation of his voca-
tlon. Ho Is truly called tho cnoinv of so
ciety. nnd brings to ruin and disgrace
more of our young inon than nil other
vices oo-nbincd. I shall ronuiru tho no.
lico forco to uss nil :ho means nt their
command to kcop tho city ns clear from
this vice this ear as itlm boon in tho ono
I have no intention to persecute any jitr
for doing so
it is my intention to insin
on nil doori of saloons being kept closed on
Sunday. An ordorjy city is what all
good ciliuons look for, and it is my Ititon
lion to see that they havo it.
Oontlemon, to your con.ldoratloii tho
suggestions I havo mado nro respectfully
submitted, and I am satUlod that they
will receive that attention at your hands
which their importance- doiiinuils. Lot us
go to work. In tho perlormanco of our du-
tios dligently. I havo great faith In tho
future of Cairo, and bclievothat if thoro
is wisdom in tho legislative councils of
llio city, nnd energy among lu citizens,
Cairo will yet rlo to that commercial
greatness which hor position by naturo
entitles hor to.
On motion of Aldarmnn Morris said au'
dross was received and ordcrod spread at
iiiivii iiuuii Liiii iinniiini
mayor announced tho standing
committees for tho onsulng year as fol
lows: Mnr.F.1ANI ukainaoi:.
Koblnson, McUnuley, Korsmoyor,
Meyer- and lllihy.
claims asii rnt.vmo.
lllltoiihou'c, Ncllls nnd Morris.
Movers, .VcKwcn nnd Phillips,
"niiDiVANcK Avn mam em,
Morri-, HUhyn"1 Hoblnion.
Phillip, ICortnoyer nnd IlltlcnhouJo.
ThoMiyor, Nellis, Mcliwon, Phillips,
Mcdauloy and Meyers.
Tho mayor nominated William McIIalu
for tho olllco of city marshal. Tlio nom
ination was confirmed by tho following
vole- Ayoi Hlvhy, Korsmoyor, Jic
I'won, MrOanlcy, Meyors, Morris, l'hil
lips, ltiltcnhouso nnd Itoblnon 0. Nay
Tho mayor nominated Daniel Qalllgan
for tho olllco of Hty uperlntendcnt of
stroots, Confirmed as follows : Ayes
llixby, Korsmoycr, JIcKwun, Mcdauloy,
Meyers, Morris, Nellis, Phillips, Itlttcn-liou-o
anil 1'oblnson 10. Nay 0.
Tho mayor nominated K. II. Fallls for
thootlico of city comptroller. Confirmed
as uiiows: Ayes n ix by, ivorsmcvor.
McKcn, JlcUauloy, iicyor, Morris,
Nellis, Phillip, Uittotihouso mid Itobin
son 10. Nnv--0.
Tho mayor irominntod Wurrcti Wimtns
for tho ofllco of clly Jiilcr. Not con
firmed: Ayes Korsmevcr, .MnKwcn,
Meyers, Xollls and Phillips S. Ntiys--llixby,
.McUaulcy, Morri, llittonhotiso
nnd Hoblnson 5.
Tho mayor nominclcd John (iladnoy
for tho olllco of city J-iilcr. Not con
firmed, Ayes Mclvwen, Morris and
Uoblnson !J. Nays llixby, ICuriincycr,
McOauloy, .Meyers, Nelll-, Phillip nnd
Hlttenhousc I.
Tho mayor nominated .I.T.Ward for
tho olllco of city jailer. Not confirmed:
Ayes JIcGnuley 1. Nays llixby,
Korsmoycr,McKwcn, Meyers, Morris, Nel
lis, Phillips, P.ittcnluni'o and Koblnson 9.
Tlio mayor nominnted .las. S. Swayno
for the position of nssislant chiof engineer
of tho II ro department. Conllrnicd in fol
liws: Ayes llixby, Korsmoyor, Me
Kwcn, McOauley, Meyers, Morri", Nclli,
Phillip, Kittoiiliouso nnd Koblnson 10.
Nay 0.
Tho mnyor ccmlnMod .1. C. I.alluo for
tho olllco of day poli:o constable. Con
firmed: Ayes llixby, Korsmoyor, Mc
Ewcn, McOauley, Movers, Morris, Nollis,
Phillips, Kittcnhou'o and llobinson 10.
Tho mayor nominated A. .Cain for the
olllco of night polico constable. Con
firmed : Ayes llixby, Korsmcyer, .Mc
Kwcn, McOauley, Meyers, Morris, Nellis,
Phillips, P.ittenhouso nnd Koblnson 10'
Nay 0.
Tho mnyor nominated Chas. .Mehncrfor
tho olllce, of night polico constablo. Con
firmed : Ayes Korsmoyor, McKwcn,
Meyer, Morris, Nellis, Phillips, Illtten
bntiso and Koblnson . Iny Hi.by
nnd McOauley 2.
Tho mayor nominated Ilonjainln J.
Itichey tor tho olllcoof night polico consta
ble. Confirmed : Ayes JJixbv, Kors
moyor, McEwcn, McGiiuloy, .Moyen,
Nellis, Phillip, Kitteiihoit'o and Itobinsou
'J. Nay Morris I.
Tho mayor nominatod Potcr A. Comint,
fur tho olllce of night polico constable.
Confirmed : Ayos McKwcn, McGaulov,
Movers, Morris, Nellis, Phillips, Kitten-
house nnd Jtobiiiion 8. iava llixby
and Korsmovr 2.
Tho mayor nominated John liognn for
tho ofllco ot night polico constable. Con
firmed; Ayes Uixby, Korsnieycr,
McKwcn, McOauley, Meyers, Morris
Nollis, Phillips, Kittonhout o nnd Kobin
son 10. Nay 9.
'llio mayor nominatod John II. John
son for tho position of special night polico
constablo on Phillips' wharfboat. Con
llrmod: Ayos llixby, Korsmoyor, Mc
Kwnn, McOnuloy, Meyors, .Morris, Nollis,
Phillips, Kittonliouso, mid Koblnson 10.
Tlio mayor nomin-Mcd Jamos Law for
tho position of special day polico consta
bio on Phillips wharfboat. Confirmed:
Ayes llixby, Korsmoyor, McKwcn, Mc
Oatiloy, Moyors, Morris, NullU, Phillips,
I.ittonlioiue, and Koblnson, 10. Nav
Thuollicial bond of Kobert A. Cunning
ha-.ii, city treasurer elect, was prcsontcd
being in tho sum of sovonty-llvo thousand
dollar-, with Isaac Walder, Peter Nell'
K. II. Cunningham, A. II. Sall'ord, O, I)
Williani'on, and Kobort AY. Miller ns so
On .Motion of Alderman Morris said
bondwtts apjirovcd and ordorcd on llio.
Tho ollioial bondof .Michael J. Ilowloy,
city dork elect, was presontud, being in
the sum of two thousand dollars, with II
Watson Wobb, V. W. Hamlin and Jonn
Ii. 1'hilli.s ns iecuritios.
On motion ot Alderiiiou llixby said
bond was approved, nnd ordorcd filed.
The olHcial bond ot II. Watson Wobb
city attoruoy elect, was prosontod, bolng
in tho sum of two thousand dollars, with
Henry Klllolt, II. F. Parker nnd F. Hross
as hoeuritics.
On motion of Aldorman Korsmeyor
aaid bond wai ntinrovod and ordered
mo mayor again nominated 'Warren
Wlmms for tho olllco of city Jailor. Not
confirmed! Ayes Korimover. Mel! won
Meyors, Nullls nnd Phillips r,, Nay
iit.i. r t . .
uixuy, .wcunuioy, .Morns, n ttenbouso
und Koblnson C.
On motion of Alderman Mcl'.won nd
M. J. IIowi.ev, City Clork.
ion Man. My son wan taken with n
jwolling on hU leg, Just nbovo tho nnklo
Joint. 1 paid our family physician $20
or nltondlng to It, with no bunellt. Somo
I lino alter I was advised by n friend to uto
AtiUerson's Dermtidor." I used one hot
tlo cn tho swelling and cflectod a per
mnont cure. A. S. IUllh,
c , , Standing Stone, Pa.
fcoo ajvortl somen t in anothr coluir n.
In tho circuit court, on Monday nftor
noon tho caso of tho people vs Hofi'mnn
for tho murder of Henry Tubbs wns
called. Nearly half n daj wa. cpent in
getting n Jury, after which tho counsel
stated their cac, and tho court adjourned
for Thursday.
Judgn Allon and 3. 1'. Whooler nppenr
for tho prisoner, and 1), T. Ltncgnr nnd
County Attorney P. H. Pupo for tho peo
ple. Yesterday morning tho caso was re
turned nnd tho following testimony taken.
For tho people,
Dr. J. P. Orler lc:tlfiod-Practicing
modlclncj was acquainted with Henry
Tubbs ho Is dead; dlod slnco July; on tho
JCth of July was called tosco Tubbs; went
Immodlatoly to see him; found him suffer
ing from n wound In thn back; tho ball
had pitied through tho stomach, went in
nt tlio Luck; remained with him sometime
ho wanted trio to glvo him morphine; h
vomited Ireoly; discharging oyston; Itwns
about It o'clo:k when I saw him; it took
ino 10 or 15 minutes lo go whoro Tubbs
wa; noxt morning 1 was summoned to
nixko n post mortem examination of the
body of Tubbs; I did so mil found a hole
through tho upper part of tho stomach;
found tho ball; it wns a rillu ball;
Tubbs I'lima to his death by tlio
olfects of n gun shot wound; met Tubbs
that morning; I was going homo and mot
him a fow hundred yard; from whoro ho
wns killed ; the shootsng was dono in tho
upper part of this county, on tho !'Glh day
of July, lbl'J; Tubbs was In tho hou-o
when I saw him; old know tho
si') of tho ball, but don't remem
ber now ; had tho ball until
tho case was tried before Judge Hross;
.Mr. Wchbtook tho tall.'
Cross examined by Judge Allen "Was
at tho widow Ooodman,) when
I was sent fur; was closo to tho Cairo, and
St. Louis railroad; was summoned by
Scott Ha.lowood: saw lilm heforo ho got
to tho houc; was riding pretty fast;
started m soon as 1 saw him; had started
from Mrs. Goodman's boforo ho got down
the hill; ho called mo to como n fast as I
could; 1 wont pretty fast; went with him;
was bet ueen 10 nnd lo minutes before
wo got to Tubbs; had n w,tch
and looked nt it; don't remember whether
it was 1j minute boforo or !" minutes
nftcr 11 o'clock; my watch was nbout cor
rect; don't think I met any ono on tho
way down; found Mrs. Tubbs, Mr. Hnzlc
wood, Mr. Thompson and others nt Tubbs'
whon I got there; don't remember seeing
nny ono on tho rond down; did not halt
in crossing tho railroad; did not sco any
ono coming up the railroad; Cooper creek
is south of whuro crossed tho
railroad; don t know whether I
lookod down the road; I can't toll if
Uunvli carao nfior r befuto I gut tburo;
don't know if KoachN grocory was shut
up, but think It wns closed; don't know
how long Koach stuyed there, but ho wa
thoro rpiito n whilo.
liy Llnogar The grocory Is nbout a
mile and a quarter from whoro wo found
Mr. uilll lliilewooil toMlllui! Wai ae-
miaiuted with Tubb-i wan Willi lilm on tin,
Juth uf duly, 1I2; the first I saw of him wai
with .lordeii, coming toward the grocery:
tlio grocery was kept by n man named
Koach; Tubb- wa drinking Mime that day;
I wa -Jltlng on the fence, and llotl'iiuu
came mid -el by me: did not go into the
grocery; Hodman (.aid "let's go In;'' I ald
no; after a while I aw old man Price and
hi nn go away, and then we went in;
Tubb began to;iiarrel with llhllm.iii, and
said hu wa "a ii d traitor;" I pushed I (oil
man away, mid told Tubb lloll'uian did nut
want to light; Tubb did not like It; anothci
mail t-alil ll tliey wanted to
light let them do It; Tubbs slapped Hollman
lu the lace; I think hu pudicd or Mapped
llotl'man; Hoffman went out and went over
the dump toward home, Tubb followed
lilm onto the dump; last I saw of Holl'uunhc
was on his way home, near tho brldjra oer
Cooper cieek; can't tell the exact time of
day It happened; it must li.it e been .s or!i
o'clock lu tlio forenoon; I mppono it I hall
a mile from the grocery to HiilfmanV hoii'e;
I was with Tubb aH tho time; wo tald at
the grocery; Koach look hi gun and w ont
up the road and hot onco or twice; Tubbs
wanted mine oytcrK, and sent for Koach; ho
caino back and we nto bceral boxr, or
ojteis Koach took hi gun and went oil'
again; wc left tho grocery and went up to
JordcuV; Tubbs rode Taster than tlio rc-t or
in, and wa somo distance ahead; when we
got to Joiden'-, we found Tubb
laying on the bed; ono or the
gill came In from Tubbs' hoio ; Tubb got
up and went out ; In a little whilo wo heard
a idiot, and Jordon wanted to know what it
iiieanl; wo Marled over tol'iibbs' hou-.ii
and went around the road; 'when wc got
near tins house wu heard Tubbs' wllo
screaming; cho "-aid Tubbs had shot hliii'd';
wc wont up to lilm and found blood on hi
back: to tho lest ol my recollection I un-
derstood that ho shot himself ; hu i-poko of
the terror of death, and wanted a doctor;
I sent my koii to Mr. Ooodman', where the
doctor was; it Is n. sliort dl-taiico from .lor-
den's to Tubb' hotic ; both houses set on
the same -10 aero lot; It 1 about !!00 yards
around the road between the houses; 1 can't
tell exactly, but think It wasabout 11 o'clock
when shooting took place; il milglit liavn
been niter that time; from the time Hun-
man lclt the grocery for homo until wo
licajd the filing, think ll was l or'J hours
It I I inilolVoiu the grocery to whero Tubbs
wa shot; tlio slimiest route from where
llotl'man lived to Tubbs' houso In right
through tho woods, a dlstanco of thrcc-fjuar-
tciv to ono utile, Ihcro Is no trouble for foot
men to get through tlio woods; 1 h;uo gone
through it wllh n two horso team; don't
know w hero Tubbs wa going when ho loll
the grocery; did not hear Hoiruiaiuiiako any
threat. against Tubbs at any time; I was on
the hill flouting the door where Tubbs w as
hot; went on tho hill and found that ho had
been shot byji tillo ball-probably "biislr
whacked;" Haw where eomo ono had laid;
wo "nudo sightings from behind n tree to
tho houo, and found there was an open
way; wa probably (io or "0 yard from the
houso to the tree; tho ground was higher at
thophico whero tho shot was tired from than
at tlio house; the elevation would ho prob
ably "0 or SO feet; Tubbs had n pistol in Ids
pants pocket; It was a very .mall cartrldgo
pistol, I picked It up from tho ground; 1
QU)pod tlie ball taken from
Tubb.' body and one used lu
the pistol; there was n great diflcrence, ono
was a rlllc nnd the other a pistol ball; tho
pistol ball wa very small, what I Would call
n "hell rarlrldgo ball;" Dr. Orler and my
self weighed tho ball of the pistol and the
ball taken from Tubbs' body; Ihcro was n
great dlirerciicc, tho ball taken from thn
body was twice the heaviest; I don't know
whether llio cartrldgo was off the pltol ball,
but tho ball taken from Tubbs' body was
much Ihu heaviest; they would not balanco
at all; somo men picked up tho patching
fired from tho gun; It was checked pntchlng;
I weighed tho ball with n ball
given me by Yely llelbinan.
tho ball- balanced exactly; was
not po'lllvo that Tubb. bail not shot
hlimolf until alter ho w as dead ; (loach ahd
myself examined the pMol, am) found that
It had not been discharged Jiict belorn he
died he said that If there was not so m any
load In the pistol -oino one had shot him;
tlic pistol was a fic"hoolcr; havo not got
tie pllol hero: mycir mid
Deputy ihellll Cain .HTeled lloflinaii;
Hoffman said ho had awful dreams
Cros examined by Judge Allen Arretted
llntl'man one night lu lint winter when it
was snow liigscry bald; when arrcti-i he
H.iid he had had awlul orcam; went to
Koaeh'ngioi'cry on July id; I Iho throe
tulles nway Iroiu the groccrv ; from home 1
rnd briskly, and don't think I was 9 ol an
iiourou llio road; wa about a o'clock when
cot them; did not Hud Tubb thorn when
first nrrhod; did nut Hint llntl'man
ihcro nt llrt; Jordon Mil
Tubbs came together; llollinaii came shortly
alter, think it wa hardly half an hour artel ;
wa sitting on the loucu ami Hollman caino
and -at down by "me: can't toll Hie hour ol
day we sat thoro; old man Price went along
ahuilt thai tlmo; Price said "how d'ye do;
Tubbs culled Price In in "ot Yin up:" 1 1 oil',
man -aid "lot's go In;" I said "no;" Price
and Ids ron went away .and then wo went In;
was about lo or I,. minutes Mro wu wont
In; llo linau and price had n t orn crsatlnn
about hauliin: tics; , t:ilk took place while
wc w ore silling on the fence: Tubbs wanted
to I glit Hollman; pu-bod thorn -part and
old them not to light; mid Tubb io let the
boy alone. Iliat hu did not want to light;
I iibb. to'd llollinaii to got out or the hou-o;
llolllliall WCIIt out. nnd r.ixr ll..
toward home: alter wo loit
till) 'CIICC mid Wrnl lnl il.
groccrv, It wa not long iimll HoHni.ui went
inn luiu siiiiieii no : no lclt tleht awav;
think It Whs botwcuii H mid tl o'clock whi n
wont lo the groeeiy ; wa not ball an hour
ooioi-ii mo ariuai ol tlio othor parties
might be J hour, ami Jmajbo not o long
Ilolllll.'lll hilt fill 111., fi.lif., nl.r.nf ... I, .,....
inlghl havo been lo minute bcloio llotlui.ui
0 i ino grocory ior home ; it wa probablv
1 of anhourlroiii the tlini! Iiu nrrlod until
hi-staitoilforhoinc: got lo tlie grocery before
Hollman; nftcr llolliiuii lclt u wa itlxiut '.
"r.iii iiiiiiuios noioro wo ion for .lordcnV
i linos nun mv son rodo l.it: . iiri i-ti :m.i i
caiuo after: when wo got Ihcro Tubbs was
laving on mo lieu; one ol llio girls came in
Iroiu T'i houe; lordeii plajt-d on the llddlo;
alter hearing Mint I ald we had better to
down; .lordeii nnd '1 ubbs lite on same 10 or
t;j aire ot l.iiiil: 'l uhh had been
using near Jiurpnysboro; 'rul,l, was sun
posed to lie iiij son-in-law: bo ami Id wire
wore not at a cood iiniliTit.nnlln- ul.i.n i.
died: j oiit for a doctor oon alter I got lo
nous iiuii-u, a prooauiv u iiiiiiuich tho
boy wa Kone allor doctor; is about a mile
Irom Tubb-' to itoaob's "rnoorv In
orly direotioti; the lallroad run vory near
iiwiiii .urn suinii, iiniiiu.in live anoiu n lu.ll
mill) south orihofiocor), and So or lij yards
Irom the lino or tlio road; I- about a ml'p
irom wiu-ro Tubbs lived to
where Hollnian lived, bv going
through the wood-: around the
road wciild bo more ; about 1 mile or hmt
to where Tubbs was killed -, thcrn Is no road
through the woods between the liouc; was
on the hill Irom whoro the -hot was tired;
the gate I- nbout b or 10 step- Irom the houe;
thu door Irontlng the gte Is on the oast;
outh door is iioaro-t the gale; tliMclev.iMoli
-un-iui niu iiuii-e ; siauiiing in tlio iloor
hai! a i-lonr b-w of Dm ciliisulion.
w o-ioy Hollman My iiaino Is J. W. IIcll-
ni.ui, natu hiionn iiuiiinaii ior or H oars
urn not kiiow i iit.i ; doii'l know much
about tho cao rltlier wav; can't tell
how I came by the ball; I 'had it three
or lour nionin lioron; the killing: don't
hinnv neru i goi n; inn nan lit Hodman's
gun; can tell by tlio shape of it; we wore
shootlngaboul there: wo had been shootiui
about the lUno I came In po.cslon
or the ball; had been shooting
...... uHi.-i iiiui-s, as prosctit
about ton minutes at the house ol Tubbs
wont thoro about:! o'clock ; did not examine
tho ground ; don't think 1 iweroompared the
ball with the gun bclonlng to Hodman
tros oxamiiicil bv Judgu Allcn-Don't
know whore I got tho ball; think It would
lit Hijtlman gun ; ihui't know 11 Honnisiii',
Kim nan occn ure-.eil out sluoe I aw if If
It ll.ll III... I, lll.irn -.. 1. 1 I .... . , . 11
, .-.vv.. iiuiini ii.iu io nave oecti a
ehangi! In the mould.; necr aw Thomp.
oil's trim. 1
I'lV.tlniony oontliiiicd lo-nuiriow.1
Olllcoover First National hank. II-KWIin
Olllco over Klist National bank.
U'llllsm ll.lirrrn, 1
Willntm ll Gilbert,
Miles r.OI.ort, J
JarSpeeia. attalion KlTea to AdmlrttlT and
enmlMint bulneu.
Wkdnipuay EvrMiNo, Arna 30.
Lawrence Barrett
In Shakespeare' Sublime Tragedy ot
Supported bv his own Great Company
from llio VAltlKTIKS TIIKATKK, New
The I'owcrnil I'Uy of
"tt O S El ID
Keel cd scats at llartinan's, One Dollar
The sale ol reserved seats to coimncnc'
Apill 1!'. 4M4U
And Dci'tr Id
lll.rM. KIHIITH. K008, LAltD
t3T All (loods warranted fresh, and sold
the lowest prices.
Corner Oth Ht, indCominerclalAve.
7-it tr.
Corner 10th street and Commercial avenu
noxt door to tho llytaud saloon.
11-10 If. CAIKO, ILLS.
Kioiitii Strkt, Urrwscx Washwotoii
and Commercial AnxuKS,
AilJolnlB-t KIlBhoae uS Haussy'a
Ktp ho bs.l or "Ml, Horli, Hattoa VmI.
Lunb, Stuime, etc., .od ar prtparwl to ri
clliisns Id lb moil x-spuble mODr,
l-urro.sor lo James Kynaton,'
UcTcnxit and Dxalkr in all Kinds or
Krksu Meats.
Huy aDd slaughters only the best ealllo,
Iiok's and sheep, nnd U prepared to till any
demand for fresh meat from one pound to
ton thousand pounds.
Dr. Ii. K. rieIJa Inform tne public that ht ha
on tho norttiif est ai.le of Ttntn itreei nam
Ills HUbli will t Mrnlsnfil with none but tht
and the public may be accommodated at at
hours of tho day and night with nafo teams
on the lowest term.
Dr. Klcld asks a share of public patronage
and will endeavor to merit it by fair dcalfiis
and strict attention to bus!
Just opened
At llirMfn ol tbc II tilt BOOT,
a i no, ili.isois.
....m'!',01'0 1 '!!'ln a" ,lic -Klzon of Cairo
inn surrounding country to call and see 11
lliov cannot siivi, inntw... n ...m .n .......
, , ...v.nj, hji iii sell irij
viL'i i 'i'.Ilve 'll,''d the old motto, "The
Nlmbii; Penny is Kcttcr than tho Slow Six-
l"'IICO. y. a HATS ON.
s)-llMf '
The splendid steamer
Dick Fowlkb, Captain
Leaves Cairo DAILY, (Sunday oxceptod) at
p. m
ror ireigut opaaKo vi"J hum or
Jas. SIaLLOBV, Ag't.
Hpaalal atuotioa ptd to otin (rem itsara

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