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frtilftf mt alUUa BalMlair
U. . H. fiwi.. OnsEi.vjrn's orrici. 1
, AlBO, May a, 187:1, 10:11 p.m. J
Iter 0 dea-rns.
sirta. velocity 4 mile per liour,
..KqMVft tmprratur last 21 hour, nt
4 M'M degtttt.
M'-'iT temperature, list 21 hours, nt
Mitklllwlnd last SI hours, north.
Tfti,autDbcr of miles wlml trained, l"t
MM, 390.
f Dafap W. JlAltNETT. Observer.
W ara authorised to announce tliat
DavMtf.Hskcr i.a cnn.lldato for Judge ol
theTsrenty-aixth Judicial circuit
on Monday, Juno 'J, IS:).
Moscovics 1." selling oil' at cost.
! tl.
fifty tnousand envelope- just received nt
UeBOLUrnVoriicc. ti
Envelopes furnished and printed nt the
BCuJtra Opi'ICK nt 83 to $0 per thousand
Tho Burnett steam cooking vessel, thn
national American and Eplctiro broiler.
th Dudley tplral gate and door spring, nt
tuueyra, ice Washington nvninio. l-.'i lm.
Selling off at con ntTfoscovicV. .v. !f.
Tbe plco to buy wall paper and window
shadea ls.Vo. aseventh struct, opposite Win
ter, bloc, where you can buy cheaper
than any place in tho city. II.Aiii.k. tl
lur Cider Vinegar, double strong, vvar
rented to preserve pickles, for nolo by tho
barrel, mod at retail, at 11. 0. Thlcleekc's
graccry tor, Washington nvcniie, between
Tenth and Klevcnth streets.
k'.ilWaid 1 nowpicparcd to deliver the
beat of tawed and split hickory wood to auy
partpt'tkc city. Also all klu lioT wood and
C0-,,W2 on ""id. l'Cau orders nt lili
offlcocairtier Seventeenth street and Com
mercial Aremic. ;j.o5 tf
liu and
ijiubdm) qeea, arc coming, so prepare your
aeu-Djvcevering your window with wln
alota from llalley's ; yon can sleep nlthout
ban, and dine without tiles. -1.21 lm.
M.oacovlcs, Washington avenue, near
Tenth street, I selling oir nt coat, .vj tr,
.Now stock and ii5v styles of wallpaper
palflti. oils, Window glass, etc., etc., at II. F.
Meigs' new store, Washington avenue and
Kleventh street. Call and see tho latent
styles In Wall paper before purchasing else
where. t-lO-tf
Bird cages, (lower baskets, wire cloth
riddles, sand screen, rako, hoes, shovel-,
tpadca, spading nnd hay forks, step mid ex.
tendon ladders, wood pumps and a gcueral
assortment or tinware, stoves and housu fur
nlahlng goods, M Halley'.. 4.'j m,.
We aro tho nolo agont Tor the sale or .Mu.
on'i puro cider vinegar, made on his farm
at Cobdon, Illinois, put up hi coincident
Uod packages for family use. and c co
package warranted pure.
18 U. CorvKV, 1'aois f Co.,
No. ' Ohio Levee.
We have rocelvcil rrom Rockwell & Co
their "new and charming pieces of hect
muilc': "Dunua foitet your .Mither
Sandle.V "I have no IIome,"and ".My every
Tlioujht was of Thoe," from the popular
pubusliInffliou.se of J. I,. J'ctcr. 'cw Vork
It you want Rood (;oods at cost, go loMos
covlca': IVafhlngton aveimi'. near Tenth
Tha Hev. C. II. Farr. pastor of tho .Meth
odist cnurch at Mound City, was nu WedueD
ay taorulng last soerely attacked with
cerebrospinal meulnUli. However hit
mend'rm be pleased to learn that by time-
W and aiBclent treatment lie Is wiy mueii
beUefpltU hoped out of (lanjcr.
'An,artbiuaLe "hokc up" this locality
err aentrblr,' yesterday aflornoon about
thrve'6'cloek. Terra Arms rocked very kmi
lb!' and decidedly for rrobably half a min
ute, and'tho "rumble" wa uuinlstakable.
"We ara'arjtlrely sttlfliod to get along with
out anm-;ir(ore eartinjuakes, for i:m tlmo to
come. ,ir-"
XT nndarstind that Mr. It. V. Iiekncr,
agentlnUil city, for tho Gcrmanla I.Ilo Ir.
sursnca company of New York, has received
a cheek for one thousand dollar, the
amount due Mrs. vrilllnni Schick u Iimir
nee on'thc life of her lato husband. The
Germaota Is one or the bct and most re
liable company In the country.
YesUTday luornlngnMr, Kdnard (iulnn,
of MiMlsslppl obunty, MIouri, ciosscd tho
river to this city In kearch or a young man
bytbefcameolAYllllamltoss.who had tho
d.- befot.robb,lMr. (ium or n , 0
or the cate, and they at ,in ...., . ...
search of the thief, constable iorR U yc
don took the noon train on ... Cal.o and
'""- roau auu went to .Mound City
I u 7 i . 1 "'cro " "'''"l tn
I . Z J. "uuc"on wlc hu found Uohm mid
I took him Into cuttody. About fJOO of the
w.0"Tl.e..n0,'llo, Penon. Ho was
-'- ? i.city and turno.i over to
lUnd trial for the thett.
We wlb pur licighuorTovr the riu-r
would devise Mine means by which tl.r y
eould provide for their own poor. Hardlv
day pa.se.but that there I. one or n o t
pauper, apply v. the authorltl,. 0,
whence they came, leuu ont. )u
hm;i uuwiuc nam .,,,
one ol the
ft VT"s:.r. "Ul,n -nU Ken.
'''ii by
.1.. " nan mien ma nii-j
,- . . ...... lai n H.aiTlll-4
tn th railroad ar.ri.i.,,1 ......
tt:hn l baVC l",ha,l ded,
tnis.iZ. i-3 ' "um s-nai citon I,, net
tptalro, under tl... i,B.., .. ' V. hl 1
hidi-k" r,'''.""'u" "'t all he
Io.atat.1.1...' " '"""''. woud be
-T " w niiEU it ii pis in iiiis ..is.. . .
ii.i T J u,,u "v 0U it be Imiiw.ll
." "pii. the,.; ;0 ;
t.v. Hi . .. ' 1
The auHi.u. :.;V." ruu' 10 "'I'ltal
aaMnor the many whim ?
ifMuiti. would .ay o'!;0;;"1-
pOtMWtaOMdUtit Is to tfcat " .i i
aavatUr, Mwt it our nelghbon can't ull
4l.tt?W i;in, they will g,""
"v. wj .ouuiu, hi least, oi,;
awi w uav ftv u aomo other
Th- Jury Ic tho w. of Kail against tho
Illinois Central Ilallrond company was not
able to agrrc, and was discharged at mid
night last nlplit.
JUU revived, nt tho Cairo Conservatory
ofilusle, a bran new musical Instrument,
l'rof. CMrtlco Is delighted with it, and U
willing to warrant that lor rich tonn and
beauly of finish I cannot he excelled, it Is
not rr sale. 1'rol. Curlier will tako Rteat
plcnwitc In .showing It to nil peron who
may u Mi to sCe It. lt'sn clrl-
llAILiiOAlfACt lUH.NT.
An nccMent occurred on the Iron Moun.
tain ra.1ro.id, at Charleston, Missouri, on
Frlda night, by which three men were c-rlo-sly
Injured. Ono man by the name oi
Owen Turlcy had his left hand ho badly
criKhed a lo render amputation necessary.
A stated concl.ivo of Cairo Commnudery
IC. T. No. m will be held nt tho Axylum nu
.Monday evening, May A. I)., 187H, A. O.
iTm nt 1 o clock p.m. A full ntlcndance Is
desired. Sir Kiilghti will uppear in latlglto
dress. YMtmg .Sir Knights aro courteously
Imlted to attend. .I.i.mk- A. I'nti.r.in,
Mi-". I.ettlu Coleman, on Fourth street,
couth side, between Washington mid Com
mercial incline.", takes this method of In
forming the public that she Is prepared to
do all kinds of Laundry work at cheap ratc:
crimping, nutlnj, Ac. done at a small ad
vance per do.cn, on cost lor plain clothes.
I amines nnd person desiring washing done
wlllliud full "atlrfactlon ghen by taking
tliolr or.V lo .Mtn. Colninnti. tf;ihlnjf Ink
en ' y the week or month.
.ludgc llakcr lat night made a dcclion lu
the Injunction case ngalnU the Illinois Cen
tral Railroad company, lie decided that
tho company had tho right to U-C and oper
ate two tracks on Levee street, but mutt ex
ercise that right so as not to prevent the mo
ol tho street by the public, lie alo ordered
that tliu railroad company should not make
up train between Fourteenth and Fourth
trect", and that ears Miould only Maud on
tho tracks long enough to be unloaded and
to be removed as soon as unloaded, and that
the fjU, width ol the cross streets should be
loll open.
And every variety oM.adc or color. Dur
able, bciiutlful, wnter.proor, elastic and
economical. The Averlll Chemical l'alnt
Is prepared (or Immediate application, re
quiring no oil, thinner nor dryer. It Is hold
by tho gallon in packages to suit, Irom one
to forty gallons. It dries with a bard, rich,
glossy Mirracc, docs not run rrom scam, or
nalMioles. Will not rub, crack nor peel off;
coc. more with the mmo body, uud Is
cheaper, more lasting, and better In every
respect than any other paint. N. E. Way &
Co.. general commission . merchants and
wholesale agent for tho A. 0. 1, Sixth
street, between Commercial mid Washing
ton avenue.. N. It. lie ery cautious
counterfeits nrc abroad ! !
Rev. II. H. Thayer of this city, lectured
hut Tuesday evsnlng, April 'is, In the city
ol Olney. rrom the Ohiey 'Weekly Times,'
wo clip the following notice:
The lecture or Rev. II. . Thavcr ut tho
I rc.sbylcrbui rniirili on .Holiday uwillmr
was u masterly effort. Ilia subject .sjcl.
made "was a manly dclense of labor, iind
a withcrlni; rebuke totliosrof tbo Am,'ilvall
VH'oiiln wlio inuke money tncir god aim wttl
. stilll ircs nnu laMiion. J
And from the Olney 'Ledger' the lollow
lug: Oiircitlcns bad thcpleasiiro of listening
to Rev. Mr. Thayer of Cairo, tectum last
.Monday evening. His subject was "rieir
made,'' and was n M.Icndld j.erl'oiuanee,
prepared with care and delivered In u grace
ful mid effective style. Ills hearers were
not only all well pleased, but were greatlv
benetlt.'d by what he said.
th iTTJuurciTe j.
AiiniioDihT ciwncu. j
The Jiov. .Mr. Thompson will preach in the
.Methodist church this morning and evening.
Subject morning: "Justlllcatlou What it
lmpllcsand llow Obtained." In the cvrt"iS
the subject l be. "Tm Lopei- Menlcd."
r.i'ivcoi'Ai. ciiuiiuii.
'1 he Rev. Mr. Cowglll of Hickman, has
arrhed, and will conduct the services at the
Churcii of the Redeemer at 10 o'clock,
a.m., and 7j o'clock p.m. tn-il.iy. Holy com'
iminlou at morning stnlce.
pur.sn v rKitiAX ciinu ii.
Rev. 11. n. Thayer will deliver n discourse
this morning In tho Presbyterian church
upon the following subject: "The Withered
Hand." In the evening Ids subject will he
"Tin; Oolden Caudle-stick."
Ilcroio F. Ilross, P. M.
Patrick Duulany and James WeUch, Tor
being drunk nnd very disorderly were lined,
tbo former two nml tho latter ilvo dollars
and the costs. Tho lonncr was ordered to
Jail for three and tho latter live days.
M clialo made the arrests.
Daniel Harry, who has been before Judge
Ilross half n dozen times within ns many
weeks, was up yesterday on n peace war-
runt sworn out against him by one Rebecca
VMlkius. Daniel has on divers mid sundry
occasions swore that It would give him ax.
ceedlng great pleasure., "everlasting!
beat h-ll out of Rebecca,-," auu she, fearing
that he might nt omo tlmo mulct tako to
please himself, sworn liiiu Into jail t mlcr
bonds ol two liundreit dollar.. Daniel
plneth behind the grates.
Daniel Thompson nolo fourteen blocks 0
tobacco, all of the vnluo ol'four dollats. Mr.
Thuiiipsou went lo Jail, falling to give ball
In the sum of two hundred dollar-, for bis
appenrmee It the next term of the circuit
Robert Yiituvj (colored) wa.upon nchnige
of using language calculated to provoke u
bicach of the peace. Robert did not like
the look, or the Judge and took n change of
vinuc to lllru'. rourl. where he wa. .Ii.
Jofph Whll en, on a charge of Using iibii.
Hvc language, was arrested and takii be
fore hi. honor, Masl.tiato llird. Whltten
appueu mr a change ol venue to lin.,,'
J-,"rt. Hut bo was doomed to pay mr what
ur said, lie lell with thu eou.t tho
dollars n ,i the "trliiiinliigs."
iw.re,l... uird, P.M.
J.r.iiik(iaAV,wn lined live dollar, and
ho "Insepcrables" ror abu.tvo laneuai;,.
Ho paid like a little man. S k '
lucre wcin several other cae. b.rore
HIM but wojrullt'd to get any rcpoil.
Tin. inmilar hotel bus !.,.,. ' ..i...... '
I'I-rovd,a, u owon( , r '
... - IM" III7M I UIII- I
mitl iirnii4 t ak it....
pIcHsniifquartu. by the week or month.wm
uhviiys find them at Hi.. r?nnini.r.i,.i i.......
Hates of board l.avn been rp,i.,.f.i
dlrvcttuo'., "' "m W per week; transit,
ul MperdHy; bwd aud loiHni-. from
In conformity to previous notice u large
number of the people of llallard county,
met at Low's schooMiousc on tho walors ol
WINon's creek, on Saturday tho 20th of
April, 1873, In order lo tako Into considera
tion tin. propriety and Importance ol tie
railroad, now lu contemplation from tli
Tennessee riser to Cairo. Illinois, and by
way of organization, Judge Samuel II. .leu
kins was called to the chair, and A, .1. War.
den appointed secretary.
On motion, the chair appointed Arthur
Smith, Esq., I), and L. P. Roberton nlid
Charles Mabrcy to draft resolutions express-
hu of tho object mid senso or the meeting.
Tho committee retired, and during their ab
setico, tho meeting was nddrcscd by Judge
Jenkins In the Interest of the road, making
It perfectly clear that the coiiiummatlou ol
the project is of vital Importance lo the per
manent we I fur o of tho county, and in that
view urged upon the meeting tno .Import
ance of Imuicdlato clllclelit action lu order
to the accomplishment or the cud lu view.
Judge Jenkins having concluded his rc
maiks, the committee reported the lotlowlng
resolutions, to-wtt :
Resolved, That we recognize tho Import
ance and value ol tho Tennessee
River railroad to West Kentucky
and Tjiii.ussec. and more CMiccl.dly to the
I'oiiununltica living along Its loute, uud hnpu
It may lm speedily built ; that in our Judge
ment, so far n tint part or tin. rad Irom
jiayiiciu to uairo is coiieerueu, mo mosi in
rect and cligil.lo route will bo round along
tho waters of Wilson's creek, and lurther,
that the road call bo made on that Hue nt a
mmi iII.t runt than anv other known to us.
Resolved. That wc will give the right of
way over our lands, and aid In building thu
road by tho subscription of stock to the ut
most ol our ability.
The Jesolutlons were unanimously
adopted, and niter their adoption the meet
ing was nddrcssed by Arthur Smith. Esq.,
at length, in regard to the practicability of
the road, and the ability of the people living
along tho road to make It a success,
A resolution was then offered requesting
i the Mnytleld 'Democrat' and Cairo 1Iui.i.k
1 tin, as well as other papers liiondly to the
project, to publish the proceedings of tho
mcclimr, which beln'ij'adopted tho meeting
adjourned. Sa.ml'ki. II. .Ik.nkins,
A. .1. W.vitt.KN. Sec'y. Chr'n.
l'Olt SALE.
Just received anil lor side, "0 boxes Sicily
oranges and leinrn. 1). Hum ,t Son.
6-3 M.
Mrs, Anna Lang on Eighth street, between
Commercial and Washington avenue, lias
Just opened out a stock of new and fashion
able millinery goods. She has one hundred
and tlfty different stvlesof hats and bonucts,
heldo a largo assortment ol ribbons, dow
ers and notions ol all sorts, all ol which wll
be sold at the lowest prices.
As warm weather Is approaching the
lovers ot Ice cream will be glad to learn that
Messrs. Saup it Clarkson have lilted up uud
refurnished, lu elegant tvle, their ice cream
parlors. Their mammoth soda lountalu has
also been put in running order, and nothing
is wanting about the establishment to make
the pleasure and comlort of thclrpatroii
Notice Is hereby given, that tin annual
meeting ot the stockholders of the Cairo
City Ferry company will be held at tho coin
pany's otllcc, corner Sixth street and Ohio
levee In this city, on Monday, May fl next
at 1U o'clock a. in., for the purpose of elect
ing seven directors to serve the ensuing
year, ami lor general business.
'i'rio. w. u.i.i,f i,a v, Sec'y,
CAlliO, Ills., April 17, 187.1. .; .ltd
The tlrmofSchiuct.storff.tCo.,bakers and
conrcctloncrs,No.:u Eighth street,! this day
dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. Sehmetz
su.nl retiring. The business will bo contin
ued at the obi stand by Mr. Rudolph Hub
sackcr, vvlui is authorized to receive all mon
ey duo the late llrm, and will pay all their
outstanding accounts,
Hl'liUI.I'll llKltxvfKKK.
('.vino, May 1, 187.1.
"" t.
I.ADIKs I.19T.
Ruck, Addlo
Uariics, Mary
Cunyors, Adullnu
Campbell, Jane
Filts, Liddy
Nicholson, Mary
Perry, Cins
Hobin.on, Emily
ShorniHti, 7.ulia
Timberlake, Cath-
Wilson, Mary
AVillinms, Nnncy
Hoody, Kuto
Copoland, Maggie
Cuinmings, .1
Dostolt, Minnie
Jonos, Saruh
Powell, Laura
Ryan, Johanna
Rico, Kiln
Scott, Mary .1
AVill, Josephine
AVhoeler, Suli.i
Withers, L A
Wuiil, Mary
Adams, James
Andersun, .1 oil u A
Hull, L
llurke, I) P
Hurt, U 11
llehurst, "Walker
C'alllhan, Tim
Clnrk, (loo
Oope, Oliver
Cnochrnno, Jon W
Curtis, Clms 11 2
Dunn, Solomon
Dinner, Adolpli
Elkini, LouD,
Kttreu, 1)
Faulkner, S I)
Kruit, Jackson
1'eHr.ol, John
Knhor, Chiis
Fisher, Win
Abbess, J nines
Acrls, Jacob
iloon, Daniel
Herry, (I W
Hurke, Joo E
Hurku, Win
CurmieliHu, (ioo
Connelly, Thoiua.
Clark. on, J T
Orowdcr, J P
Clinndoln, J)
Dt'clicr, Fred
Katon, Wm
Kdnards, J
I'roiiah, X D
Fry, M J
Forsyth, Juo W
Fox, John
Fitzgerald, Dan 1
Green, Wash
Harris Clmj
Hirch, Guttnve
Hlckey, M
Home', Wm
King, F L
Knpps, Anton
Lee, Hobort
Lee, Jus
Killer, .las
Mnry, D II
Myors, Horiry
-McMann, Jamej
.Mahis, ,l,ihu
Nauglo, Albert
Oul, Thomas
Pears, Elijah
Hlcluirson, T ,
Head, J C-2
Green, Chin
Ilufuhulme, F
HoTVnrd, Jus
Hummer, K o
.Jon v urnii, D
King, .Muster M
Lane, Wuslnv
Ludreth. Hill'
Henry, AVin
.McMoruni, .Mr
Murphy, Homer
Morse, Jhonoy
McCarlz, Mlohaol
Neely, Joieph
Nun n, H W
Prnor, IT P
Hyatt, Win
KobiiiEen, K.d
Hudol, tlodfroy
Smith, A
5el2t"- Alb1r' S.blnes, Henrv
5 r0.0,,"ner', ,,0.nr' 2 Htephons, John 11
Sliendnn, Lewii '
Shnrp, Potcr
f-initb, It J
Forhlt, Nathaniel
Tannor, John
Woods, Albert
Williamson, A
Wilson, Iko
Sherman. Cant S
Taylor, 11
Valla, M
Wadgymer, A
Wright, J J
Wheeler, l'annor
Welsh, a V
Wblto, Tho.
Worthlnl-m. W V WnnH.t,l vi n
1 Wrr, Win "WoitlaLe, W 1)
Kl FT V-FOf R Tl I A N Nl V El W A II Y
XoWe Urand Hrolhon nnd HlaloM, I
think It due tho Judgment of your com
mlttoo and myseif, and tbo (.eons on, ta
statu that I nni Um second el oice as
orator of tho evening, -and pe h. by
tho tiros l.Wt through, you w.ll'thli k
should havtT been the llilrJ or roiirlh
choice), nd It wa. nttor ! o clock v eilor
tetday before 1 vat rcquostwd to do tho
oraiing of tho veiling, ns Hrothcr Oberly
coud not bo here, and therefore considor
Inztho shortness of tho time to preparo
In.ind my profe.-'Ional duties, yuu will ho
so kind ns to exc.l'o tho crudo
Idias nnd tho undrcseJ manner that 1
pnsont thflin In this evening, i his, 1
bJluvc.is tho thirty.fourlh Hnnlvursary
oi tho Introduction of Odd l ollowshlp
Itio tho United State, of America. 1 ho
Hothorhood of Man gnro birth to tills
odor, nnd it is, 1 ll'ink-, the only order in
tlti I'nlted States whoso toxt nnd pro
rqulsito for membership It (Imply honor
utlo manhood, and honorable manhood
almo. Wo exai t faith in no creed, in no
dopna, but simply for n man to I'oel in
hoiur bound lo nlways, under all clrcum-staa-cs,
Klvu oxnct justlso to his follow
man mul thureforu to nlwiwt net ns
tbou;liacn'Rtedbytho Golden Hula In our
denlngs nnd conduct with our
follow-man Friendhlp,Lovond Trutti Is
thu triune motto of Odd Fellowship. I rom
thu Imu our llttlo bark Is luuncliod
on tin troubled sen of llfu tho voyiigo Is
eVBriecompanled by storms, winds and
wavf, wliicli more or less ruinu mo sen
overliioh wo aro dostinod to sail until
woaiohor in Hint mystic harbor, nnd,
thort'oro, thoro arc over opportunitlo. for
tho ranifottatlons of those grnd princi
ples f our beloved order. Infancy Imi
Its roubles; childhood nnd youth nlto
hnvitholr troubles, nnd tho strength ol
nint rlty also has Its troubles nnd vexa
tion, nnd thesu in i ejrantar or loss dureo
go vvth us all tho vvy ndown the journey
of Hfo. lu this journey of
Hfo thcro is ovor something
in tl) future) to be d"lrod, soinething to
stlmlnM us to activity, somothlng to
mskeu reslloss. Childhood is restless,
nnd luigs fot youth, and youth is resiles,
nnd lings for maturity; hut n constant
strugD it contuimlly kept up in this
riicu id llfo, nnd sUrn'rci.lltios nro over lo
bo batted with,for thu uoldon npplo, Con
tontinmt, is nlvvays Ju.t n Wtilo nlicad, n
llttlo bjjond our riael),und so the AUbamn
is never found on this uido of tho mystic
vnlo. Anlso in this busy whirl of nctlvl
tlos, let tin motto, Excel. lor, ovor nctuato
tho truo Oil Follow. To bo n truo Odd
Follow .igniiles tt knowledgo of tho social
relations cf life nid n knowlodgo of tho
social rohtious of life dcni'iiids tho highest
dovelopuent that the physical, moral, and
mental mturo.of man possiblu to bo at
tained b' tho race, that their powers may
be used "for tlio furthernnco of human
happineB for the clovutioti of our kind.
In tho tuturo of things nuukind, nnd so
OJd Folowshlp, must bo progresiive, it.
stagtint'on ever produces corruption and
decay; tlieroforo ou.vnrd nnd upwurd
mutt nnd shouH bo our motto, that tho
glorious trinity of F. L. ani T. may
triumph. Odd Fellowship is n un
ion ot tlo hoarts nnd hands of thoie wlio
desiro tr put their shouders to tho wheel of
human welfnro, and nid In liftini; it out of
tho mjrnl ruts of tho day, nnd modern
Odd Fellowship Is by its nuthorizvd rlt-
nnd no lua.Vet'Wfisl tbirpraatces'"olr"soiiVo
of it. professed numbers may lie, the timu
must come, if no order continues to nour
ish, Hint tho term Odd Fellow will moan a
good moral nnd Litolloctunt man. When
American Odd Fellowship undertook to
improve and olovato tho diameter of mini,
it stsrted upon a ,'ong voyage, nnd now Its
h oino is on thu greut sen of humanity, and
hero vorklng forthe grand purpose that
gave t birth, mil stimulate, tho lUw of
Its lite-blood. And wiioi Odd
Follousb'P shall bocomo uuivursid, n man
win io nonoreii not lor nu t.rass
or gol, but for hi) moral worth in com
munity, for his faithfulness in all tho life
relatljns, ot thu uiu Uo makes of tho Int
ents io mnv have or may havo acquired,
for tbo good ho does, thu happiness ho
produces. If moral, grow mankind must
bi educated to understand thn great r.u
ceasllios of tlw Hrctherhood of Man ; nnd
by oducatlon I do not moan morely
thoborlcsort, but that kind that elves ex
pansion to tlio intellect, gives liberality
of idem that will enable us to tako com
mon sanio viows of ourselves, of our lives
and jur destinies; an education
that wilt give us not sec-
Uriaiism but that religion of tho heart
wl.ict will over causa us to ever do our
wholidutv. without fear or favor, to God
and Jan. Thoreforo it is tho wUonnd truo
nimtnd business of every understanding
Ode" Follow to do nil ho enn to oncourago
ancoiovnto oducatlon everywhere. Jinn
runt bo sducnted becauso ho Is n man,
andnt a man has tho faculties for making
hiticnpablo of everlasting Improvement,
nncino iscuiues or lorces must tin rightly
edentod sooner or lator, for such is tho
ha to I heaven.
To roneral nims of education aro not
merly to cnablo us to got pcrishnble
riclis and Honor oi u uoubiiul kind, but
to puporly cullivato tho mind and heart
thiitiach individual may understand ids
owniaturc and tho nnturo of this beauti
ful mil curious world in which wo find
uursdvos, and so bo ovor ready to avail
ourfuvpi of tho ovor present opportunity
lor loing goon. vi uirm wo uro iiioio
tieniy equal than nt any futuro time, and
thoiumo liumanity bums in nil our heartr,
butil is tho education that wo havo re-
ce i od from thoeuri'oundlug,tlmtJbiis made
th. dillerenco in tno various specimons
oi humanity that wu seo around
It is education Hint iiiaxcs the differ-
oico between savages and cultivated puo
fo, and It Is education that makes nature'
euitlonian a truo Odd Fellow, Therefore,
Isuv. let our dogma gi forth, that thorn
r.ust bo an educated class, nnd Hint elms
nl humanity. Tl.o free schools of our
ountry nood uncouragumeni, no.'d ontliu
susm, need tho .stimulus of parental zeal
ii behalf of tho rit!ht nnd nronor nlid
tiorough education of thu rising genorn-
tiui. This coming generation should hu
nnre strongly lmprosiod with tho Impor
tiiico of making a savings bank of tlielr
neijs. lueysnsuiii reauz.o tuo neeeisuy
of contlniiHlly dopositing in this bank
gums, precious gems of knowledge
Every school shculd bo it mnnufnctnrv of
mens, uud wu woald Mini every Odd ret-
low wn j ii n oirno-t nnd unceasing workor
for a higher educntion, n purer life, nnd
tiiut no living exponents ot liberal learn
ing and moral parity. Practice is always
tin. most omphalic, practical nnd succojs
fill teachor, Thu true nnd lasting groat
ness of Odd Fellowship will ho much pro
motod by an onluented membership. Wo
must burn to livo loss sensuous lives and
mint learn to livo morojniurnl and intellect
nil lives. Ani so our energies should not
-H h spent from thoondsof our flngors, or
in pursilng richos ns though to get dollnrs
nnd cents wore tho groat object of this
life, but vvn should act as though tho cul.
tivation.ot'our Intellectual and moral na
tures win tho highest and and noblost oc
cupation that could possibly ongngo our
Attentions or engross out activities and
energy. Then should we not be more
tamest in regard to the aducattoui of our
4, 1873
chlldron? ror thu moro thoroughly wo do
this work In this generation tho higher
win no iuo morality and stanuaru oi .
order In the nsxt, '"I
wo should all fool tun. wo
cannot bo Odd Fellows In ,iplnt and
In truth unloss wo oducnto our own hearts
and mind., nnd that by so doing we should
do much moro to elevato the order than
by gaudy drc'J parndt nud exponsive
Tho present ago Is such a universal
chase for dollars nnd cents, and tills mer
cenary inullvo nnd spirit so pervades our
educatlouiil idans as almost to entirely ob
scure or liido tho should-bn truo and noblo
object of education In montal cul
turo nnd discipline, the Invigorating of
tho mind, und ennobling tho Impulses of
mo neart. Tills k nd of oducatlon pro
motes liappinosn, frutornity, bonovoletico
nnd truo piety nnd nil that' mukes n man
moro in mi I v or a woman moro womaiilv
Tills kind of oducatlon will promote and
auo in to appreciate gonutno tompcr'
nnco. l mean bv tumnernnco. a t.roner
restraint upon nil tho animal natures of
man, Urns onnbling us tn control the pas
sions and lustful annotltcs that nre so do
basing when allowed to control or rule
our conduct. Wo enn bo. und mnnv nre.
intemporuto in uatlng us well ns In drink
Truo Friendship, Lovo and Truth can
not properly manifest themselves In any
ono not strictly tempcratu in til nanus
Easo und luxury do not purify and en
noblo our characters. Tho crowning Juw.
ol of human exittenco must bo well earned
by labor, for wisdom nud virtue.truo man
hood and womanhood, nro tnus to be paid
fur. Wo uro so made and so conditioned
in this I fo that wo can not get thu best
tiling, without strenuously tnxidinB for
them in naturus arena, tins best thing
Is character, which Is built of tho flnct
nnd noblest material solf-rospoct, solf-ro-
ninco, euorgy, earnestness aud purity or
niinu nnd Heart. as wo now
out our noblest odlllccs from
thu qunrry of hard granito, so
wo must how out that noblest edillco of
all genuine character from tho hard
granito work of circumstances, from the
intricate mass of opposing diflicuKlcs, such
us poverty, hardship, toll nnd troublo
If wu aro earnest solders in thu battlo of
life, triumph and victory aro cortalnly
ours. Thu chivalry or this evory-day
life, if wo but bear ourselves knightly ail
through tho fray, our lances ever set
against cverv lgnobiu thing, is not to be
despised. Thoro nro yet many good lights
to bo touglit. Thu II' tit. lor genutnu lib
arty, tho tight for the truth which itlolf
makes rreo, tlio fight for wisdom Mml en
lightens tbo intellect nnd hoart,
tho fight for ju.tico tbut
levels up all tlio piano of brotherhood,
tlio ligui lor virtun that malms narou and
hotoinesof us nil, grand tights nro all
those; nnd 1 sty, let every truu nnd gen
ulno Odd Fellow engage ns a valiant lol-
diur in tli cm battlo.. (live, us tho armor
requisite and let us cheerfully put In on.
Lot thn. o colors bo intcribedon our ban
ncrs, that they may wavo in brightness
over our hondt. (lvo ut the gleaming
weapons Truth nnd Justice, and then lt
us chargo on tho foes of man and tight nn
until wo havo won victory nnd glory for
nil. Lot us cducHto ourselves in theio
grand battles of llfo ns to best set forth tho
principles ot our ordor 1- riendshlp, Lovo
and Truth. I will close my short nddrcss
by reading n poem entitled;
Ileiirath the trldlnked banner
Whine folds are tlnatlng lice,
Triumphant on the land
And victorious on the tea,
A noble army marches,
Whose ovations ne'er can cease.
For Its ways nre ways ol pleasantness.
Aud ull its paths are peace.
"V!K,".7 en vnr.V
I-or the cross or for tho crowu:
It builds up no Napolcaii",
It hurls no llapsburgs down :
It wars against no nation,
It di Inks uo hum. n gore,
It leave, uo skeletons behind.
It sends no plagues before.
It needs no drum or trumpet
To urg. Its ranks along ;
Tho soldiers nre all heroes
In that majestic throng.
It lights, but not with cannon,
It stril.es, but not with steel ;
Its only guerdon glory
And its goal, the human weal.
It battles with tho sorrows
And the Ills ol human kind.
And plants Its proud gonfalon
On the freedom ol the mind s
Attacks the hosts of iL'iioranee,
Charges on tho ranks ot sin,
opens wide the doors ot heaven,
And bids all men enter in.
Its foes are natures enemies,
Disease and death ami woe;
In its camps there aro no orphans,
No widow's tears call llow.
It loathes the couch or sullerlng.
i.,1'0 ,r'u.,!,s,lc!' ruiMls ,vl11' '""''"'I.
Protects tile friendless Uvlii".
.vim consecrate, tin.
Whst power can stay Its progress
Till It m irches through the world.
All nations see its triumphs.
And hall Its ling unfurled.
Heaven smiles upon Its conquests,
And approves the (ioddlke plan.
To link fu holy nuptials
The Hrotherhood of .Man.
Stonmer, Continental, Now Orleans
" Tyrono, Memphis
" City of Chester .Memphis
',' Wild Hoy, Pittiburg
" Alico Hrowii, Whlto rivor
Illinois, Coluinl'iu
" John Kylo, St. Louis
Allegheny HoKe, Pittsburg
" Jim Fisk Jr., l'aducah
" Peytonn, Louisville
" Jennlo D, docks
J D Parker, Cincinnati
" Andy llaum, Cltiiiniintl
" Hello Mumpbis, St. Louis '
" Fearless, St. Louis
City of Ilulona, Vicksburg i
Stenmor Commonwcnltb, Now Orienin
Continental, St Louis
Tyrone, Nashville
City of Chestor, St Lo ins
Wild Hoy, St Louis
Illinois, Columbus ,
Alleghany Hello, Xw Orleans .
Ili.i l.'l.l.- 1.,,I. ,.,!, I
l'oytona, Now Orleans
Jennlo D, Column I Point
J J) Parker, Memphis
" Andy Ibiuni, .Memphis
" Hella Memphis, Memphis
City of Uideim, St Louis
coN-nrriox or rni: uivkiis.
Tlio Ohio is now rising horo at n fair
rnto. Tho Missi.sipjil continues to swell
Special dlspaiclic to Tim Hl'm.ktin ro
port the condition of tho riyors at vurious
Hu.iness was quito brisk during yoster
l'y. All tlio pnokoti camo and wont
witH gool trips.
Tlio weather vvts sloudy nn I vcrv cool .
for Mv
Tho Wild Hoy U n small tow boat, nnd
lins boon purchased by partlo. nbovo St.
Louis, and will bo used for towing rafts.
too Alice brown brought up a largo
tow of empty coal boats.
Xu Illinois m.da la tra trip yetr
Jy, to bring up a bargo load of lumber.
ino Alleghany Hollo and Peyton bad
lows of frelghloJ barges, and wont by
without landing,
Tho llaum and Parkor discharged con
tlderablocily Irolght and had good trips
or .Memphis,
Tho ptoklot discharged horo by tbo lico
wero destined for Chicago Instead of St.
Louis, m tho typo mado us say yostorday,
Tho 1-earless camo In light nnd will ro-
turn to St. Louis with n low. '.
Tho Contlnontnl dlschnrgod II fly tons of
vvlno nnd n pretty Jlr trip for St. Louis.
Tho now forrybont for this place will he
complete! shortly nnd will bo brought
down sometime this month. 1
Tho lowboat John (lilmoro will tow
Campbell's monitors to St. Louis,
Tho tug ('ncho Is having her machinery
overhauled nnd is belne; rcpnirod.
Tho Hello .Memphis eamii in nt datk
with a good passenger nnd freight list.
The Hickman packet .ila.'-ow Is still on
tho'dook nt Paducnli, nlid is receiving ox-
, , ,
tonslvo repairs.
Tlio Tyrone did not go to Hickman ves-
r!. .1, . .., I I.,,. ...mm., ,v "
lerday for tho tlrecn Lino companj.
Tho Com mon wealth departed bnforo
daylight yesterday, with nil tliu freight
she could carry.
Trains now leave Culm and Mound City as
follows :
Leave Cairo. l."nvo Mound City. ,
T.lou.m. "HOa.ni. '
VI in. ' 1:15 p. to.
":ir ji.iii. ruin
Ciias. O. Wool, (leni Ticket Ag't.
Notlcu is hereby given that next Moltdsv
morning at 10 o'clock thu alcs, at auction
of choice or drawers in the tables or tlift
chamber, will be made at thu rooms ot the
board or trado. The members nro all re- I
quested to attend. Hy order of tho board.
5-3-31 E. A. Hi'KNKi r, Secretary.
Cor ii r of Twelfth street nud Washln'tin
av untie.
Mr. Jacckcl wishes to Inform his friends
and nil lovers of Hock llecr that he has Just
received a consignment of that beverage,
which he will open to-day. Call around and
try I.
t'lljr Mnllonnl IlauU Bulldlusj.
.Hpscial ttntiun paid to orAff Irom Mran.
basis nlKht or '!
7K .
nn.,.U,,AS,rH.b,":"l, '"mmer'l.l tnd VV.sh
UXIOII Avenues. I, d.ll'ir r.-i ,ir
or th
iifsnlts lull Hon ol
Tmninn.i nou untrimnieu,
of all klndf. I.acr, ote., eto.
... .ucr umeioa usually lound In
Fai wv ,.? "mTi-i.'" n,l:l.ltlon " ock ol
.3', ' Mlmnery (JooiN, ha, tt ,im. ni
oh l, i . ",?"",or,',le"t "rciiiclnnatl Custom
.r!: . i 0 ll!i":k n1"1 m Color-. These '
?.-r n ,n"!vlc,, " ' the Ilnest , , K j
iio 11 s e ! 1 1 .!' ! i i'v ? ' ' ,ni1 tl'u '- omy
House thu city that makes them a specialty.
HI U G 6 I S T S ,
mm mm m ...iiij
ml niaiwBBB,-(sV's:,
Ol US,
IBiiii ll nr HI f I lTHPi Emm m !!MMWm.eJtWHr WlUKrdma
. , lrMT. nzoflgT tTTTr. .
I fuHrS0APfSwovdp
nB cosmetics Qm miNinslBBs e
x HM 1 LCT, E! -crmi-IU o
j MM
wammr mmnmm j
ILB 14 aH sWVi WW I sMH 1 II
Lato of St. Louis.
Coiner Twelfth strcot and Commercial Ave
ruling done nt short notlco. Illblcs, Music,
1 .Magazines and Periodicals bound neat and
,,t the lowest possible rates.
, County work, such ns Record, IDockcts
Fe" Hooks, Wanks, etc., mado n ipeclallty
, lloXt.P( iorkft Honk-, Knve loprs, eUt
mnde to order 11-24 tl
' . .
I halooxh.
JOHN WATtJi, rroprle.v...
, tu Cotnucrcisl Arcnua,
lltsl brand of Csllfo UOIusu rscelvvj,
1IIELIARD aloon furnished with the best
of table : and bar supplied with wines, liquors
and cigars or thenest brands.
a: 1-3: in
1 IjITTIjE kkntuckian
(Open Day aud Night.)
J. K. PARKS, I'roprietor,
' Ohio Levee, bet, 4th and;i)th stroet-,
, A line new Dining Hall with every con
i vrnlenrc hss been added to this popular
! Restaurant, and th" guests will tlnd every
requisite for thclraccomodatlon.
consists of ever)- substantial and delicacy ol
tho season.
is supplied with the
I GTMIxed drinks prepared with care.
ll-U) tl.
muii i
No. jin
r'At.n. Tn.
i:.Cr?.e',V"t.'",,1,'l' 01 Mire Nitrous OMile
(a, ror ti n painless extraction of teeth, at
the Dental Rooms of Dr. Douglas, successor
to Dr. A. M. Austin, Eighth .tree!. Hut
Retail uud I'rescnpt;o
Corner Washington Ave,
and Eighth struct.
- La,flCifjj
Of chamois and rabbit skin
for Weak Iuuk.
Prepared and sold
And Disinfectants for Stables
At ha kola y unos.
And "Universal Standard.'
at Barclay Bnoa,

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