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ffoign AdYortiaomout."
iV0,003 ji.vsk 10 r.vY OITT
lo.ooo cash oii'ts run l.v ni l
$100,000 'FOR ONLY $10.
Enough ot the 100,000 ticket issued Tor
J'1" i mm uraiiu urn concert, In aid of tlio
1 iibllo .Ibrary of Kentucky, Inning been
fold to Insure a full drawing, and the wish
"iriK hecii universally expressed that tlie
JO.Ow cash Kilt oilcred should bo drawn In
run ami paid In full without any s.allii
uown, an hcictofore: the iiianiiKcmciit, with
the concurrence ot the tiiMec, liato deter
mined toullow ninety da mi re forthesalc
"i the remnant oftlcfceU left on hand. The
"otieertatid distribution advertised for Apri
. Is therefore ot)oncd to Tuesday, July
I3.J, on which day and no oihei.tfiey will
positively and utieiiiocally take phrc In
' Uhllc Library hall, l,nulvllle, Kentucky.
At Mil grand concert tlio lollowltii; rah
alfts will lie distributed bv lot and paid In
lull to the ticket-holder who draw them s
1. 1ST Ik (JUKI'S .
One Orand Cash Gift .. .
One (JraudCaili (lift
One Orand Cadi (lift ...
One Urnnd Cash Olft
One (Irand Cash Uitt .. ,
One Orand CaahOKl .,
.f 100,000
. f0,is)
. 2.'i,0u9
. IW.OufJ
. 111,000
. 21,11" )
. ,(
. ),000
. (W.ooo
. U0,0IX)
1 Cash GlltMif f 1,000 each.
U) Ca-h (lift of
4) each..
800 each. .
WO each
1U each
eJ Cash Olru of
100 Oa.li (lift, or
lfVJCasli Gifts of
T &W Cash (Jlft of
9,000 Cash (lifts of
Total, 10,000 airt, ail Cah 8),000
The money to pay all these Rifts In full I
now upon deposit In the Fanners and
Drovers' hank of IotilUlle, and fcet asldo
for that purpose, ami can only he used for
that purpoac, as will l,e seen by the follow
ing ccrtlllcate of the cahlcrs
UKrtcie Fahmeiis' am Uiiovciin' Hank, I
I.oi'ii'Vii.i.r. Ky , April 7. 1 its,
Thu Is to certify tuat there In In tlio l'aro
mcrii' and Drovers' hank to the credit of tnt
Third (irand Olft Concert, for the benefit o
the l'ubllc Library of Kentucky, the hum
tlr sd thousand dollars, which ha heen hct
spirt by the manager to pay the IfU In full,
and w 111 he held hy tlie hank and paid out
for this purpose, and this purpose onli.
It. S. VKKCH. Cauier.
The party, therefcre, who hold the ticket
drawing the capital gift will get elW.OW In
Kr-entiacks, aLd so of the ?).(",) gilt, the
t&'i.UUQ, the tJO.OOO, tho tlll.OW, the i-VWO
and all the other ?lft, lO.'JO In number
amounting' to J.VW.titjO.
The remnant of unold tickets will he fur
nlsbcd to those who first apply rorderi ac
companted by the money alway haslni,' pre
ference over ascntai at the following pricer:
Whole ticket, iMO; halves, ro; and
nuarter, H :); 11 whole tickets for tlOO,
M for f.VW, 113 for 91,0 0, and ATA for 5,000.
No discount on less than $100 worth ol tick
et at a time.
'ilis conci rt and distribution of rifts will
beetn at 6 o'clock on Tuesday tnornfwr, July
8, iu Public Library hall, and the following
will be the order of proceedings: 1st music
by orchestral band, "d placing of ta-s 'one
lor each ticket sold) In large wheel. ')! pbc,
Irk ot Elfta In small wheel. 4th music by or
chextrai band. Mil cxplanator; remarks by
president. (II li draw In; ol tirt hall ol
5 lft. Ttlt raule by orchestral band, etb
rawing ol last half of gilt. 0th placing
of large wheel wl'h tags In hanils of com
mittee appointee b audience, loth grand
orchestral concert.
Tlie music on this grand occa-lon will be
the bet that can be procured, and the gen
tlemen who count and place the tags and
(rill in the wheel and superintend tlie
drawing and keep the record ot the drawn
number will be cho-en from the best
known and mot trustworthy cltlei.- ol the
state. All will be so conducted as to be a
perlect guaranty against complaint from any
just lource. '
The payment of gifts will begin on Satur
day, Julv 12. at 0 clock a.m. Ticket
drawing gifts mut be pre-ented at room
No t Public Mbary building, where cash
checks upon the rarmer' ami Drnver'
bank of Louisville, or sight dralt upon the
Ko.irtti National bank of New York, at the
option ot the holder, will be given for the
ticket. All gifts not called for In six
months from the drawing will bo turned
ovarto the Public Library fund.
1'or full particulars -end for circular.
Agent Public Library of Ky.
6 Louisville, Ky.
For Flavoring Ice Cream, Cakes L Pastry,
With grcfvt care, by a new process, vc
extract from the true, select VttU nd
Aromutlcs. each characteristic ilavor, nnd
produce riaconnyn vj .-.v ...
lnr nreat itrcnnth and perfect purity,
. ;,'.nnmi. nilt. Eetru flavor as rev
mental. Ko deceit (aci bottle full
measure, holding one-half mere than
others purporting to hold same quantity
U,e them once, vill use no other, llu
AtUrnte. Atlitious ilators ever made.
Ki Kimerlor to the cheap extracts. Asli
for Dr. Price's Special Flavortogs. Miin
ulactumt oniy uy
bteeu: 4 men.
lldnufaciurcrtof J)r. Price' Cream
Making Powhr.
noou nixnixa.
Corner TwelftU street and Washington Ave
j. C. HUELS,
(Late of St. i-oiils.)
... . nnva ,t pvcrv description done
iiuajiivawui.u"! --- ill Kiniis oi
with neatness and dUPe' WUe, jttislc.
rullDg done at short notice. " t BllJ
MaKHlnes and l'enooic'" -
atflielowest possible rtei' .0idfl pockets
County work, yuch Becor ul ty
Boxei, PoeUot BooK, Kn" ".Js, t
mftd to Mdtr
jajusjikiiiik jjahuijiu Willi
A TAl'llt IH llld UAiN'U.
Jicrlin nnd Vienna wero cnlivenod lH
month, by royal marriage In each city.
Ill Vlelilm thuatilt-liupllul court lettivalt
were marked by the nuuilsilon of member
ot the pro-, a circumstance very unusual
ut exclusive gatherings of tho kind. '1 he
tiialcn Was known to bt ouo of mutual In
clination, and not of polities, nnd the peo
ple gavo re vi.nt to their Joy; many
uiianublo inslilutiont wero established In
honor ol the occasion, and all tho town
nnd provinces lent deputations to con
gratulate tho Imperial couple. Hunga
rian ani Polish maenati-a, In their
national costumes, knights of various or
dtirj, generals, ambassadors aid ladies of
rank gavo tho Austrian tottivltlca an np
tiinrance of extreme iiiHirriltlcerJCO.
At tho marriage of Kmperor Witbulm
nepnow lotne queer post-nupitai ceromo
nlali ot tho olden limo wero observed,
Tho pretty, blushing young bride arrived
from Altuiiburg In tho state enrriago of
tno royal family, a noufi on whccii, all
gilt, and surmounted by s helmet and
crown, drawn by olgbt horses, its exterior
crowned with pages or lackeys ol all de
grees. The ceremony was periormea in
the evening at tho palace chapel, in tho
presence of tho member of two families.
Then camo supper and the extraordinary
pagear.t of tbn fackol-tanz, which, In ac
cordance with old court custom, closed the
day, or night. Tho Merlin correspondent
of tho London 'Times' gives the following
description of tho closing entertainments:
Tno rackoi-tftiz, or torchlight minuet,
is a courtly rlto perform d, curiously
enough, not hy tho chamberlains, but by
tho members of tho Cabinet on tho occa
sion of royal marriages. The torches,
symbolical of hymenial bliss, bay, Indeed,
long been superceded by tapers of exquls
Ho odor and light, but now, as 200 years
ago, the ministers of tho crown consider
it as honor to ho selected to move grace
fully up nnd down to tbo mcseuroJ
cadence of tho music, und, candlo In
hand, pay their respects to tho new
married couple. So highly valutd is
tho honor ot sharing iu the display In
the present Instance a iiuestlou bed
arisen as to tho member ot tho cabinet
who should have tho pas ol tho others.
Couut Von Koon, being the I'rtusisn
premier, claimed precedence of Princu
Ulsmarck, wbo, In bis Prussian capacity,
Is only minister of foreign affairs, wbile
rrlnce lilimarck, assorting thu uorman
hancellor to bo a more- important person-
ago than any minister, premiir included,
Insisted on his right to IcaU ou tne minuet,
and marshal tho luminous host before the
royal tbronc; I need hardly say that as
usual tho prince had it his own way,
lepped tint and foremost, and h.dd the
iggctt taper, mo ministerial prelude
over, tho briuo, likewise in accordance
with traditional etiquette, walked up to
tho emperor, and, bowing low, requested
the honor of dancing with
his matcslv. Tbts was the
Ignal for tho general polonaise of
bo court, ministers always keeping
head, torch In hand. At tbo conclusion
of the polonaise, tbo young people retired,
toe members of tho cabinet having previ
ously nstlgoed their tapers to a like num
ber of pages, whose office it is to light the
appy pair to tbelr apartments, ltnme
lately after begnn the remarkable cere
mony of tbo distribution of the carter.
common to all classes in tbo middle ages,
but cowadays observed only by royalty
and tho country folk of snmo primitive
istrlcts. A. riuanu, cnueu me untie gar
ter, with ber initials interwoven In it, Is
presentnl to tho gentlemen of tho court,
who pin It around their coat sleeves, car
rying it home as a trophy of the day and
reminiscence of the event.
Tbo Illinois State 'Journal has this in
formation concerning tho whereabout
nd doings of tbo Illinois railroad com-
.No official business of public import
ance has been transacted by the board of
ailroad and warenouso commissioners
ince the last reported meeting. It is tbe
mention to hold sessions of tbe board
every week, beginning on mesuay anu
contlnulne until Friday, but at all tlmos
the secretary ot the uoaru, jir. v. jic-
Lnughlln, will bo at tbo omen for the Iran.
action of business. Messrs. Cook and
Pearson aro attending the presont St. Louis
convention, where tbey will this morn-
in;; probably bo Joined ny Jir. mown.
They havo gone there to obtain informa
tion concerning tno carrying irauo oi sue
country, rates of charge and routes as may
assist in thoomciul uiscuargo ot ineir ow
cial dutios. The great and serious ques
tion of tho schedule of rates and charges
for tbo various railroads in tho state,
which the commissioners are required to
make by tbo eighth section of tho now
law, has not yet boon reached, although it
Is receiving some attention. On tbo liTth
ol this monui a racciiug
to bo held In this city he
tween tho members of tho board and Gov.
Uoverido and Attorney Oenoral hdsall
for consultation concerning their rights
and duties under tho law. At that tlmo
will nlo 1)A deto rrulned wbitt principlu
hall b thn rule In makinn tho schedulo
nf MmriTPs. This latter dutv will bo very
onerous and complicated, In this stato
are Hbout tlfty rnilroads, with numerous
stations on each line, and to classify all
tn,U nf frolL-bts. under tho varyinc cir
fiimi.mces of each circumstanco nnd road,
from each point to every othor point on
thn road, without doinil itllustico to
somo one, cither Uso railroads or tho
people." is n lahor of great magnitude.
1 int nip nftnr tlin nrODOSOd consult-
nn thn :'7tli. tho hoard will becin tho
n...nnrttnn of thn schedules, and havo
them ready us soon after tlio lirst day of
ii.. o,imn tlm law l'ops into oporatlon,
n. m i,n nosslblo. What courso the
managers of tho roads now tftVco is not
known, although tho Uhiengo papers to
r,n ,i,o ihn iVnlr-lii atronts aro propurlng
!. ni,,liiln tn tl;n oll'ect about the 1st of
July, which will Increase rainor man ro
UUCO mo iresuui vumiiv.
Aftnr tntlnL- the nuostion ngain and
again, tnodorn motoorologlsU havo como
III thn mnn 114 nn tuat tnu 111UUU l.aa "w
sort of influonco ovor tbo woalher, ngroc
nir with tho Iron Uukc. that It is non
sonso to place any faith I
weather nredlotor. limo was
was thntii.lit nlisnlntn nilstross
sons. Pllnv hus tho followine wcatbor
iviadom: Plnu wcutber. wind or rain
may bo looked for nccordins us tho moon
rlsiis with a tinrn wliltn. rud or swurtby
l!fht. If. at full moon, half tlio disk it
cloar.flno woathoris bqtokened; If rod, wind;
if black, rain. If ot tho rising of tbo now
moon tbo uppor horn is obscured, thoro
will be a provulcnco of wet woither when
sho is on tho wano; if tho lower horn is
obscured thoro will bo a rain boforo shoot
tains her full: if both horns ncnoar ob
tuso a frightful tempest is near: if they
aro sharp and erect high winds
may no oxpected. Darwin declares It is ft
sure sign of coming rain when tho moon's
uorn is hidden In haloes. A correpon'
doilt of Notes and Queries sava a lnrvn cir
clo round tho moon, with a north or north
east wind, predicates stormy weather; if
tin wind comet from tiny other quarter
tbor will still be ruin, but lets of It,
-Noncx.il beroby given that I will pay
no bills for goods told to any of lbs em
ployes of The Oamo livuM, siller
or themsclvoi or lor the us of tho oflica
unless tho same sro furnished on an order
Ignod by Mr. Durnott or mytolf.
jduK u. Oberlt.
STETKANsr.hMr.,r,tboba,kcorCr, h,
jpentdafluo saloon in Louis HIatteau's
Md stand, whoro can bo found, at all
times, stcvo serving Ms customers with '
tho best Of drinkables. ll-'.'Mf
Mn.oKo. STEiMnoni, b.rber and hair
Irosser, cornor of Eighth street and Com-1
niorclal avcnue.dcslres to call the attention '
f tho boardod community to bis nesllyrr-1
rangod saloon, and the fact that bo Is mas- I
ter or nis proiession in all its branches I
llo has boardod many a Hon in his den, and
tall for moro. tf. ,
Tho Rev. Turney is exultant at the fall
uro ol Dr. Thompson to fish up from the
bottom of tho sea tadpolcan proof of Dar
winism. Had Thompson (with a P) an
alyzod tho Avorlll Chemical Paint, ho
would havo found "conflrmatioa strong as
holy writ" that no tadpolo wiggles its tall
therein, and it was an entirely new crea
tion of man's Inventive genius, as much
superior to any other paint as man Is ex
alted abovo tbo Inferior animals, Oftbli
scientific truth tho cilh.eAi ol Cairo aro
rapidly bocomlng convinced. I-'or salo
mixed ready for uso in purest whito nnd
all colors, by N. K. Way & Co., gcnoral
commission merchants, and agents for tho
Iron Huggy Co., Sixth street, hetweon
Commercial and Washington avenue, tf.
DtxUAMs Yea.t Powueii for rmritv
and strength is unequaled. All who uso
it like It and recommend It to tbeir neigh
bors 1-17-dOm.
Dr. Ilrnrj-'a World' Tonic
' nnd
Illood Pnrltier.'
It Is th? rrcst housthold rcmrdr, plttssctto
tsk', jf t potsnt for the prevention ami cure of
iMaraso. It la bttttr thin Hitters, Cordial,
I'.uchuorSarsaparilla. Sold by l)ni?glst
Dr. Ilnrjr'is Hoot and IMnrst Pill
Mild jet thorough no csusf s or pricing
itny veytuible jfrtat 1 Ivtr umcuy.
isnts. fioldby DniiTKlsU.
Mr. Wliltcomb' fyrnj.
The frrat soothing remely. Price only S3
:tits. Glfes rrst to the mother oad health to
the child bold by Druggists .
Mnrrlajre Clntdr.
Intfrtstlng tVork, Enlarged Kdltlon, Xtw
tngravlngs, Two-hundred and alxty Pagrs,
i Ice Ul cents. Addrssa Vn. Bcth1 Disrrx
ur, 13 North Eighth Street, St. Louis, Uo.
Contentment and happiness reign In
all households where iJooley's Yeast
Powder is used. Try it. Your grocer
has it. Put up full wci"bt.
Like lttorLAKS on Dkkss Parade
The teeth should always be scrupulously
clean and freo from blemish. Keep them
in this condition with the incomparable
Sor.odont, and when they aro veterans in
tho service, they will stfll bo as ' fjood as
new. ft-Sl-d&w-lw.
A 'Warnino. When mo cyclopean
furnaces raging beneath Vesuvlvu are
about to hurl turtli a molton sea of lire,
thu earth trembles and tho inhabitants
lleo for safety ; likewise when disease U
announced by tho avunt courior, pain, no
should provide ot once tho great Anti
dote, Dr. MsCaho' Tome Cordial and
Svstem Henovator, and guard well the
citadel of life. fi.l-J-w-2-w.
UssnAKE.v. AVhilo other articles of
their kind are largely adulterated Dr.
Price's Cream Unking" Powder and Spe
cial Flavorings, vanilla, lemon, nectariiif,
etc., hold their unnaken position in tuo
estimation of thousands as the purest,
best, most reliable and cheapest. In all
particulars that constitute perieci resmis
they cannot be approacbed by tbe various
Known UaHing powaers anu littvunng
tracts made in imitation. Ono trial will
satisfy that for purity and strength Dr.
Price s are alone In the market, o-ji-iw.
Ktso or the nhooi). rr dyspepsia
and neuralgia. Case tor four years
oast I have had tho dyspepsia very bad,
vomiting up my food nearly every meal,
with much pain and distress In my stom
ach, nud could get vury little sleep nights.
I also had distressing attaclis ol slck-ueaa-
ach two or tbrco timet a week, which at
tbo tlmo mado it imporsiblo for roo to at
tend to my business, l was inuueeu to
try your King of tbe niood. Tbo pain and
distress In my stomach wero entirely re
lieved, vomiting coaseu, nnvo iioq no at
tack ot neauacuo sinco i commenced
taklnc tbo medicine, and I sleep Well
nl"hts. mv bowe s aro now recular, havinc
been costive ueiore. I nave now ranon
two hnttles. and mv hea th appears to bo
fnllv rostorod. 1 deslro to odd tnat my
wito was much troubled with salt rheum,
which the King of thu Illood has entirely
cured. Benjamin C. Thompson,
r ranuiori inn, . i.
SfiQ ndvertifcinent in another column.
Thousand have already cone, and thou. I
auds more are turning their cje towards ,
new home in the fertile Wo-t. To tho.io
golni; to .Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colo-1
ratio, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Oregon or i
Uaiuoruiu, wc recuiiiiueuil a cneap, miit.
niilck and direct route, via St. Louis, over
tlio Missouri Pat'lgo Itallroad, which runs
Its lines Day Loaches and riiilmau fcleepcrs
from St. Louis to print'lpal points in tho
West, ttlllioui cnane. We bellovotlmt tho
Missouri Paclllo ltallvoad ha ibu best traek
and the lluest and safest eiitilp
iiienth of any lino VuU of tho Mlssl-slppi.
aud Us connections with road further We.-t
are prompt ami ruiuuio. x tie Texas con
nection 01 IU1 loau n nun coiuiuuiCU. aim
passengers are ollertd a tlrst elais all-rall
tion as to rate, routes, Ac. wo refer our
readers to s. 11. iiioiiipso i, i-.asiorn raou
irer Aacnt, Colunihus, Ohio, or 1:. a. Ford,
(icnerol Passenger Agent, St. j.uul;, Missou
ri. Questions will bo ptomptly and cheer
fully answered I
The Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Company
oiler 1,200,000 acres 01 land in ucntrai and
SolltllWUSl .Missuuu, uuioui co to ci. per
aero, on seven year;' time, with freo trans
. ...I'ltlnn irnm St. Louis to ull tiurchiispr.
Mlm.itc, soil, timber, mineral weulth, acliooU
'llUrCUCS Rim inn miiuuiK Dutivij llivuu
entrants from all point to this land of fruits
ami flowers. For particulars address A.
uek.Lantl Commissioner, St. LouU, Mo.
Ulh' l-W-d'eodly.
n her ns a route trotn si. i.oui io icxas, cutter over
'SnrWth0 sea dali: o?oVcr the Atlantic .V Pacific It it.,
of the sea- ,:,.,i, t-, ,., , tnn t,i , i.,r... '
111 llllll A w I , .. ... w , v u , .II1U1IU11-
You can buy an
and ono-half lbs. Durant'a
A Coffeo Sugar for Ono Dol
lar; Soven lbs. Now Orleans
Sugar for Ono Dollar; Best
three an(l ono.imif Hba. Primo
io One Dollar : Boat
""punai lea, Witu jjusuh utiu
a half per pound J Best Gltll-.
powder Tea, One Dollar and
ScVCnty-flVO Cents por pOUlld J I
Voung Hyson and Oolong Tea,
UllO JJoIlar per pOtinU, ana C
Crytlling proportionately cheap
' '
ttr C. llannv wishes the
public to be informed that he
has on hand a Stock of Dry
Goods and Carpets as exten
sive as anv in the Southwest.
and that ho is determined to
sell every
article at
lower than the
lowest. Cal
on him to-day and examine
goods and prices. He will
satisfy you both as to quality
and cost.
Vlncsar niltrr. arj rC a ' r. n T ITir.,
auU ot 1'odr lum. Wh.iv, It- f t-i.r i aiw
ItcfiHi Liquors, Uostorcd, s,lc. I. and .totcned
to p aetti; taste, c ulcd Toiif ,'' ' Ap t.itrV'
" Itcstorfrt," A, that lead t'-.e '.pptcri u id drunk.
ronrsi and nlu tut are a tro .MM; made
from the notlic roota and lif rbs of CaufcmU. Iree
from all Ai 'oholn' iMimiiiao'. Thry arc t ,ie Oreat
UI"I Purtnerand a Mfe-ptrine I'rtnctple a Perfect
litthivatorand lavlgoralor of tlieS-jsU'ni carTjIng
u3 all poisonous matter nnd rcstorlnc ttie blooil
to i tisalttijr condition, cnrlchlns: it, refreshing and
InvlitorAtln both mind nnd body. Thcj aie tasjr
of admluntratlun. prompt In tin tr action, tcrtalu
In tlicir mulls, sale ana reliable la all forms of
Xo I'rrsnn csn Ian Slir ISItlrrs arcoM.
Ini? to directions, nud remain ions uiinelt. provided
their bones are not destroyed by mineral polou
oroilicrmean.nnd the vital organs ated beyond
the point of repair. . .
ii ,iirp.imir Iiiillctilon. Headache, Turn
In tfle MiouWir. Couirlis, TIpliiiK'S.s of tie Chest.
UlKzines. Sour llructaiions of the biomach, HaU
Taste in the Mouth, fililous Attacks, I'alpnation o'
tbe Heart. Iiiflaminf lion of the tunes. Inln In the
region of llic KUnrj,. anil a liundrvil other pulnfu
8yiiii,toiii,arciheoJpnDiroXliyipia. In these
complaints it las do equal, and one tottle will
prore , licttcr enaranu-e of Us merits than a
It'tiitthy adicrtltcineot.
l'nr Kcmiilr t'oniplnliif. In jnnn? v old,
married or slncle. at tliediuof woinaiuiood. or
the lurii of lire, thte 'Ionic lllllcm dlplay so ilc
ci an Intlucnce Hut u marked Uuprovonunt I
,'in ptrcrp'iwe.
for liiltuiiiinntory nnd Climulc Illiru
mnlUm ami liout, )sKpia or Indigestion nil
tons. KeiiiHIcut nnd liiurinlttciit Kesera, l)ica'cs
of the Wood. User, Kldueys uud llladdir. tht'e
1IIIUM have been mot uccerul. Surn Plseai-
are rnii-M-il It Vltlatcl Illood, which I Rcucrally
prtnlurcd by ilerarircmciiiofthc liliicstiseOrran.
Tliry me n tientle Pnrcntls r n ssell n
n Toiili-. powesslBB also the i.'culiar merit ol act
Inu' as , pumrful aKcnt In rrlicvtne Ooncesilou or
inuammauon iu me i.iii t uu, m ib"
Iu llillou lilseav.
Tor hUlii 1)1. eases, Hniptlon. Tetter, Salt
r.hcuin, Welches tpot, I'lniplv Cuttuica, I!ol!.
Carbuncle, Mug-worms, hcald-llead, !-ore Kses,
r.rjsipi'US Itch, scurfs, lilscolorations of the ."-kin.
Humors nnd t)icaes of the fckm, of uhatecr
name cr nature, arc lltcru'.iy iluvr up nnd carrlid
out of the system In a short tunc by the uc of thuwi
Titters. One bottle In such c:i'cs mil rouMnce tlio
most Inert Juloiis of ttulr s-iiratlse effects.
Clr.-lll.e Ihr Vlllul.il Illood HllUlCV r JOU
Cnd lis nnpurltles tuMlni throuirli the sklu in
I'lmnlts. Krupllotu, orhures; cleaue II w lien jsu
rind It oiistriicicd und uluinrl'li luthoielru. ch-nn.se
It when It H foul : your r.--Itriir- will toil you win u,
Kc;p the blood pure, and the health of the xysiem
will follow.
tlruli fill Tlioiisniul rrn'-J.ilm Vivnnsli Vn
TSlfi the most woudenul Inslgoraiit that ever in
tala'd tho j-luune ayatcin.
11 it, Tnpr, unit otlirr AonnJ, trtrtTT i
the sttein of so many thouand, nro e tlccluu.
Ucstrotcit and remoed. ,",ijs a illxtlnirui-, i
Miisloloiilst. There Is scarcely an Individual ou' .'
face of tho earth whoe owly Is exempt from Hie
presence of wornu. It Is uot upin the health)
element of tho bodr that worms clr. but iirsu
ilio dU'o-ad humora and filmy UepoKlt't thut hrud
llic mini: monsters of disiac. .So sinun o
nnillelne, no vcrinlfucts, no ninhelmlnlM s, will
free tlio sysiem Hum worms like these Hitlers.
i ri,.,4 n,i uinir.ii. nr:i a.s number. Tre.
Ircllltlllt ill l J lcn f s i i '-1 lUK' .
i Miir, liom-ueaicr, uno muer, ,uj un-j
' w ''.'. '5' u.i!J"'-
i r,l n-rnlnal thl tuVp n dote Of H.ll.KKI. a "
Itlllnu. Iti niltK nt. nun iiiieriniiieiu
l n, which are w prevalent In the s allot t ol
our eieat rlicrs tnmus."ut tho liiileilM.es,
cpntl.Uly those uf the MlMpl'l. "hi". Mmsi -rl,
llllutds, Tinueee, t'uitilx-rl.iiol, ArUiiuo-K. II U,
Culorado. lirajos, IUi (.randc, IVail, ,.ab nv.
Mobile, savannah, llo.inokf. J.iim s. tin I hi li
1 oiinre ounlry during tho mmmcr una Am unm
.ui'l r nurvjlj y so ib rln siasous of imr-uiHn
I ii'w ities. uro lnvarl.il.ly nrmuipami d by o. n
n r t t. nn t r u imhihh-, sjs- - -
r.imenii lit of the etomacli nun liver, ops-
o her abdoiiiinul vKera. la ttulr trcatir.cr. u
i. . ,tne.exel1ltllapoelfullntIut'Uceuplat.,
in, u.s own: i iiitlaily ,T;;
iio-iiU.ir'if lor His purpose erjual to I)n. J- ' '
L.i'it mnuisii lliTrniti, as they nl spe oi
f. i,,.io tno dark-colored vtseld matter with wiif u
uio I. men uro loadcLalilit) same tune suuml.i'l its
the u ietinof thellier. and (teneranT retoin'
tno noaltnv functions of Hie dliteailio on-Mli.
'sS'ls or Kins'. i:ll, While liltn"
t li T- ViVflV las, Swciled Neck, (ioltre. Scrofulous
lnrian,in.i'loi., Indolent lua.imniailons, Mtruirul
iW oii. "id Nr. Lruptlonsof the Skin, sore
t-s etc.. etc. In lllwte us In nil oll.tr cunsutu-
Iq al Hi-as.". WALkr.n's Visroni I irrni have
Ihoii'i i'. " rroat cumtlio poners Iu Iho m-
U'V "Tl-alhtV. Tnllfisnsla VlnrR-r HI-
ii n,,.. . I, n (.IIIIIMir IIIIIIIIUT
1 11 ..L -....t .u.t-tii4is.fs.ii ruff 1.4 Pnt'Ct. I.
ihn iuu
' T e nio .rri eVof )n. Wal.KKli s V sr.on
ml ti lts at" Aperient, Dlaphorcllf. Caimlnatlw,
"Sir 1 ou" buMllve, Diuretic, bedat vc Cotiuttr
irrltaut. sidoriac. Alteram c. and Ann ' "' .
The Aprs lent and mild Uivallio propertlM
of lii. Waluvii's ViNKiua ItinKMiiro iho best
riiuar.l la cases of ciuptlous and iimiitruatit
fMer7 Their oal.iainlo. licnlliiB, and soolhlut--Pro-f?riTes
i rutect the humor of Iho fauces, 'llilr
.dative properties allay pain In the nerio.is tj
MU IxMAiii, and bonils, from lunaiumalluii,
Hfl0,1' an Its Atm 0" tl.Vi.UBl' the Islllatjr tl.icts,
lin'u'iuii'supcr'loa;! ""' "M
Of J liiuus rc.e., . v." I.:,, disease by
' .. -.... t'.vrt IL 111
WI5. tnuuuu V""!'. .. rtt.,.. Th,,, r.n.
coiuatii no. sTlrii. ,inVAi, U CO.,
DroBRHnand Otu. AHis., oau .--,
ban rrauclsco Cul., it
!,Vi irtDltiB tho llloo I tln v rcmoif tlio cause, am
C ". ; ,. Hav thoeire l of the Intlailimatloi
th.' iumreulurilcpoll) the alTut.-U paita imln
'..".V.'.tl V. nulilf with VlMOAIVIIITTriU. No
FSmSuc cai take" old 0 sysiem Ihus foicarmcl.
epidemic can mat ii ' met 0 smilK ,0
. 'i".1;', iVi t "rroni I half to one aud one-Half wloe.
s-i.ti .Sill. riMIH UVVlt it 111 itlU'
Foreign Advertisements.
$60,000 OO
To bo di'trlbuted In
Tj. T3. QT 33 E ' 3
lClst r.egular Monthly
To Iso drawn Monday .limo 2, lsM.
two gp.and capitai.a of
$5,000 Each in Gukp-NIiacks 1
Two PrUosH.000 5
Fivo Prizes fftOO
Ton Prixes (WO
One Hnro nnd iltiggy with
mounted Hariie., worth f'iOd.
One llnu-tonod llocwood l'lano,
worth Ten Kamilr Scwins .Machines, worth 8100
l'lve Hold Watches and Chains worth
fcflm each.
lite (ioiii American miming watches,
worth 812.-I carls.
Ten Ladies' Ciold Hutitlnir Watches, Worth
9io each
m tfold and Silver Loter Hutting
Watches, (Ju ail), worth lititu ?S0to WW
Oold .'lialn. Silvcr-wnrc, Jewelry, Ac.
Whole number GlfnO.WO., Tlekctlltnltcd
To whom I.lber.d Premiums will bo paid.
Slm;lo Ticket il: Six Tickets 3.'.;- Twelve
Tickets ?10; Twcnty-tivc Tickets $.'0.
Circulars conttinlnK a fiitl list of prlt, ilf
scrlptiouof the indnnrr ot drawlnc snd othr
lofonnation in refirtno to thn illstritiuioa, lll
br rnt to tny one unl-rlo; them. All IrtttTs
mustbeiai.lrrsscilto t..I "I'M'., Box, "1,
C a .ansti, O.
a.n )Jl - 111 W I'u'js .
i Missona statu LOTTuny
Leoalized hy State AtiTitontTT and
Dn.vwN in PtnLto xn St. Lou.".
Grand Sinizle plumber Scheme.
50,000 NOMHEftH.
Class 1 to ni Drawn Xny 31, lb"3
6,860 Prizes, Amounting to $300,000.
l True or -iy,io ono rruooi
l " or........ I3.iv) o
1 " Of. 10,WJ 1 9
1 " of J,.vsi
" of ,(JC
11 Ot 2,fH
of. l,ori
.fi " of .. 6K
10 " of 'iW
Tickets $10; Half
Tickets, 55:
Tickets, 53 60.
Our totttrltt &rn chsrtrtd l,y tho Btatc, tr
lri drtiwn tt tli tlm named, and 1 draw
tncs ar under tlis itprlinn of awotn toin.
Th omnia! drawing IU b nuVillhd in till
4t. Loulpper ami a ropy of drawing sent to
purchaser of ticket.
We will draw a similar ehem tbe last day ol
mt wv montli ilnrlnir the year IS, J.
twmitiii our riK or poiorm oioonr oratr.
tr poi
mr or.l
nil fnr t
"8ller, Inter, ilrri or uptwu. "rail lnr cir-
cu,r. Aditn, .MUHHAI, .Mil
1I.I.KU A CO..
T. U. tnl ills.
rt. Lmiia, .Mo.
let- l tltnp'.y of vetl-known ROOTS,
irtlUS. o-l FRUIT8, eomblncd with other
r . . I, . Mhlc'i In their nature aro Cathartic.
t 1 ut, i.utrtl.ou. Inur tic. Alt'raUvosndAnU.
1 1, Tho whrlo In prerened In a Bitrhelent
. . t ty of spirit from tho SLtlAll C.V.M to
to taam hi any illniatc. tihich lutkca tho
f lis ni ml ler'ratdsToiilea unit C.illiitr-
r la thoHoiM Tuiykto luUuacd fill lj ua
domestic Tonic,
oii't lo bo used u a modldtc, aud always according
to direction. , ...... , ,
Ihey aro tho sheet-anchor of Iho fueble and ile
imitated. They att "pou dUcased User, sud
stimulate to neh a deitree, that a healthy octlou M
at oueo biiuijjht olwut. A a remedy to which
Women iunitH!ClaUyBnWUUtinMKdiu,j,
every other ttlaiulaut. Ana, ripi Ins d sum
mi l- 'I mill-, they havo no equal, 'luty aro a
mild and (jenUo IMrftihve aa well nn Tonic. They
Purliy tho Illood, They aruafjilcnjll Appetliir.
i-io ..ml., ihn trrnV ttronir. Thev liurlfv and In-
Ttjortta. They euro Uymwpala. Couslliittloii. and
ltiiu. tin. 'Ilir-v ai-t a a ttN-'-tni' ill ull f-nv
JUonli-ra which undermine tho bodily slreuflli u J
uii r
vM ol
break down uio auimai epirits. Q
Denot, 03 P.irk Phco. Hew York.
Will ho received at 77 Ohio luvce. until .May
ua, 12 m lor "city prlntlmf." Ui'l to state
how much tier month for council proceed.
..,,,1 ll nnll,.... i-.ililtlllLT tO SU1110. IHllV
iiuii'h per li)U words ur prliitlnR ordlnuneei.,
mid such other matter as Is now paid lor by
I tie sfiuaro. , ., ... ,,, .,-.. nn
T ne council tc'iii vit i.v;
and all bids.
14 4 tbblfi
M7 lit.
City Comptroller
Mtt JHlXtk 1111 I I 1 KJ i I I
1 S
Foreign Advortisemonts.
Household Remedy!
As so Invlorsttor, Llrtr Corrector
nnd Itlood Renovator liicptrlsr to all tht
Hitters, rilxlrs, Cordials anil Sara a
partltna In ft. It Is so drtd to ths tol
sjitetn thst sssry organ aad fanctlon la ths bolr Is
brought oadsr Its sxhllantlDglaSntacs. It girts
torn- nnd atrensth to the dlgratlvn np
p.irntn, dlipola Inntrnor nnd debility,
Invlirorrslps tlio Liver, rvtrnlfstc tho
liltlno- nnd BotreU, rsmorts tbt fft of
iccisor oTsrtaiitlca cf anjr klml and gUst l
tollly nnd rlchncka to the blood.
Its curatlTs rowtrs alttr and coBttstslr rsorgaa.
Its Hit tnttrs !' ot Balds and otto lhol!dso(
tlit boTon ijit.m, tbtrsVf p rsTtntlog and enrleg
Hycptlc nnd Conauniptlve Nfinp.
torn, Folrrnnil Ai;nr, Illllou DIrB-
r, rotrr of nil kinila, Vrsou Debll
ltf, AtTectlon uf ttio Ntnninrls nnd
llo well, etc. AsacllJanJ dtllghtfnl Isrlgo
rant for dtllctt fsmalts, It Las no rar-srlor.
11 Its uts ctw lift tadtlgor li glstn to both t-if
and mlod, sending a glow of titilltjr Itrooch tttj
fsrt, which Is pcrinnneiit nnd laatlusr.
Ills tt roost tS.ctnal rsaitd; for In rslltf ot
tinusn saferlcg trsr dlKOstrti, aad si !uut to
iLt laite u old rjt or flea wins.
X 25 X THE X & X
t o TJact a mors dtllclons mtdlclns to take, yet to
t-'.t f r tho frsrectlon and curs of dl'tUM u
? nzxzrz t:i: iirs sues minxs.
Prtrn 1, or O llolllr for t)3.
rrtr.d ly Ui.Orrton Stlleln.CoPT.lX)nS,
M" S.U 1? Drotftsti s id dtaltrs Iu tn-ilclcM
aim f r tt as an aheratue. nircattve. t'enuraier
and ituiretib, attn; tpectjlly ujKin llic llier, blood,
iiliK-i an I howiji
JO-it I'll HKOW.V, .Mayor, uho adds . " I haie
f.iund this the mi plea-am and crTectiie medicine
1 Ini e eier vieil "
.M1LK.S SFLLS. State tntitrin,! fnrpmitticiir.
7..." .V..t enuorse me 11 -y 11 r tmi i( n
.. , nn.ncau.1.
I'r C oilier lait & Oil
cf ljil,n& KanJ PouJrr
Pr p M I. flu dole
W 1 WAt.M R,
Cleric Probate Court
P.RirTAlN' A 1111 I.
cit.vs. o coMni,
t 'htn'n Ilrn Cen CVm,
I' O ILkt.ll-oN.
" JetiV. ' of Mo Dem.
Attorney at Law
w lite City ft Ccur.iy Asi'r.
i's Cl'k Court Crim Correct.
late Pr tloaimsn
Saiinc Au
It .M l-ll A.Mllt.KS.
I'r- Hut (4 Drov. Panic.
1: i;kllnvooi.
Pres. V. M. C A.
ef Shryock & Co.
cf Cay, llannenl:arrip &
Pu'i Rural Wurld.
M S. HARl.Nr.TI,
late City CnllKt r
rilOs WALSH,
M. T. AVPR i:VS.
ifMmvly. MkhMKtCo.
I'ltl- RON 11ARNUM,
I i-arr-im t 1ICIC1
And marv others tocin'irierriii t- tncntlin.
J. Ci C. MAGUirtE,
?le I'.s pr.eiors, St. Louis, Mo.
:s:tt3 rsr bottle.
utr. most Tiionormi rcr.tritn or the
i.Loot) vrt iit'covnicp.
crTtn all imtDiw. thom a common
LltllTIUN TO Till: WOltsT fcCUOr'UL.t
llv Its uao Cnticcr's nre i-iircd, and
Caiicenu tumors are et'pirsed ulihottt tho tnr-pi-on's
knife Scrofula rsmejaoi d, and Cousuinp-tlonpr--icnliHlir.dei-.red.
Vi'iirrenl III'Usi',Mfetri'it atnlM tier
f.l I'nlM'n. anilthi'ir rr, tternui,ld,andUor.
tl health and a '' nil cmst.tii'i ill v-iji'ui- n u.
I'l'iiiulc AVciiUiie-s initl llNcnai'i
Drotity caer 101 piii.al. Svie'. e." '
liiternaii ; nnd Tumor a- e rcdiK i d und ius4k rr J
"ZlXit, . Hi. S'.P I" S-nP II
I'es er sores 01- soon r -i
tlm i'rful
SrorliiUlf ni-en-e, IKin.lnill. fa y
or It'Wh "" "d I ,-'1;' S1' v
lea In! the H.in -mnotl. .mil f'
OhroHlo Hl.riisii, lour nnd Are- 1)'
nrJor.it Liver I)) H ! Ittn a'ii..ilni N-rums
Alloc' . l.en-.a' lliMIU. In . "'t all V
mimers.lsi'-.--' -''''-;' h. I,,nl,l ...l..r. . . .
nuered. tn.v, way h. tin most p. ... ml
corrector. I n Kln of Ut' IWuial.
Kuril I'Ollle iuU' b. i i.eii f ;r' t.t,d
fiftv ouluarv uie e.,-M, , -. on- dolls
lfriVi ioiit'to lotiror llvo liollt.'" 1
ru?o baltll' m... h' al 1 Head. l!l-n W. ..... r.n..
1,1,1. mi ,1111 Face. 1U- ort '-inin .iiiitiMi . it.-.
V'ii? "".:..! J l.oiilcN nil cure
Scaly r r tsth'nsol th' M.'n. I liors. IJ.11 -. a,d
1 iitr itiilie Mui 1 ll d S" Miui H Krysli..- i.e'e,
he'lthy lr-lori ti P " 1 und leeh, Ul
rn.ctual in m .n--N',1' "s-aa' "
1'roiii II ' ttvclvo bottles iv .
tho worttcii-cs of t-irofula. ,.,,,..
From (lirt-e l twolve hpttli
cur orounilobsuiiatcasi . of ' atj
t'rotll nv l I'"" V. . .
L c-i" sol Pita.. and r. .'; '
From two I" ten boltli ' 1
ta.rV.MW bottle, or Utar.tV.R). U
Eold by all lnifcxl-is x
11. ULNS02I, SOX 0., l'repr r,
BcctctllmoulilslnliK'alculumn. ISutLilt), X. V.
n' ... .vlinan nenlllriUlielltS are UllOXCCn
tiniiiiblti. and vUioso tlmo can bo wholly
L-lvcti to a pleasant and remunerative em
..I., a-siv.n-r nil Vi'f liout I'tnuii'C. lllld wt
...rl.iiv nillclt i-ort-usiiondeiico with thoto
only ofgood social standing Addres
1ILAI liAIXKH il- IIEtt'liOIT.
Lakcslilo BulldlnF, Chicago, Ills,
I d W AEt' Haas Cotton Mills, St. LoaU
I t-'tg CK3SV3R, BUECHASD & C0.
d'''PZmt 008 North Furth Strcot,
liVy -IlSRgZ XU-icntl for CataloRiie and ITIcc Llsl C2
of ''vvrs7ZT2J--vi"' , r-i r-s s i j
SfcE S? CmU
of 1 ' f 'he Ll 1 R, l.LOOU. Ktl S'KYh and HOW- Kta' .ttiatSfja.iy e
, " p fLS, an 1 sreat c rreenre of ail female dri,2e. UhulrMl Jhnlrn Iu
I Vn d si' Wailunst n Ave , npp ntcS C
X&x:a.Z3 THIS! Uivit&Co'tncwitore.St Uu'.l, Mo
MIV6SUS. J m C MAftUIKV., bt. Lauis, Mo : l r T1?'Vrk"VV
Genlh-n-.tn The underigrtU having Vnoi.n ycu Tot I it xXJLli V
injr.y years as reluble chcmikts and pharmacro. I , , , . .
tist, and oWtvlns the eflcitive actum cf sour 1 ftWlf T r ft B-4 . W Mkk
refnt.liet for nhatevcr recommende'I, uith la tear I VtyB! US -r y
voluntary evidence to the efficacy of your tail, and I , , .... t. . ,
. i our op.n.oa. bet mtmraoon, " SIAOUIKh'S Also Pnw r of Oreof rnrle .ff- "ml
LLA DLkANCo HIT rERS." It i all that vou Uittr .Vllln, tli llroadway, ftt Louis, Mo
Foreign Advertisements.
012 iiinl Gil .forth H nfti Hlsret,
OlTer to tho
and West
tovo dealers of the South
'T the cr.LEnr.ATEn
ri.v with low rf.se:cvoiu
Ato a complete nnd well selected
stock of
rrxiss' GOODS
? CVEIIY ntSt niPTlON.
Prom tin leadlna t.irtoncs of the country,
nliloli arc otfered at as tow rates as ame
ritl.mtity and nttallty can bo pu-cha'cd In
any Wctcrn city. Plca-o exanilno our list
hciore purvhaslnj; clowhero.
hv letters solicited, guaranteed
will be promptly and tulthtitlly
'tir t uy
L..ii:? Mini Mm of St. Ink
t'nrtlrs hi iiiakln:
mircliasrs lit t, I.ouli,
uill no ll lo (lit
till out ns n rrfrrrnrr, at
lll'jr lirr III Irmllng
houses Iu Slicir siitUus
niirioi ioiinrt
LsrAiui'iicu lfi yliAlls.
hWvhi Baakssller and Stationer,
t. , a t t-nl'TII r TIM Mflll lit
aw it
.Sent! for JUmtrittetl Luttungur
Dittlfr Odiflt nai 8up,i t Kitirn Tile.
Va. R. LIPPI.VCOTT, Western Depot!
IN W cor Jth & St, Charles Sti , St. Louis 1
21U & 221 Market Strcot.
LBatBbii"tJhodJ3S YEARS.1
Jonos' Con'l & Tolcgrapn Coucgo)
t'llftlt AMI ni.H'K KT HLITM M LUlll
I . t II r.i 1' I'T nut! w i avasisu-
j il w jiLJii' rttis, iri; ar t 1 tr i,i.
. rniKimnllil IU t 11 ST l Ml I II II I1AKIMI POWV
lit It, and tho best article preparwtformaiio Unlit,
Tiliolrsomn and t'ellclou UIlllls, 1101. LS,
llKKtll, IIIIIPDLK anu ot'aer c.iht.. :c a.o.
ills inrillliiie. ami ainai rrui lur ouiurai.in
Its. The hfst 1KIST HI" lit.ll lorunaiouf at.
OVA(!KS to ANY IMlir Of lllt: ui.ii '-..
It is rnniNilrnt and efiinomlcal. MJ iTASTt.
01 t'llllll I'llKI'tlUili niril IT. SMrisrnhtra
hj (iltOCEUS, hllll'-tll V.VbLLltS aud UHiLLlbt.
DOOLEY le BROTHER, Manufacturers,
Co -vnr sihuet, xcw-xobk.
fTTiUH IU I'M li
A I'rlvnto Connsolor (is thoMnrrleal
or Ihottatiout to Harry, ou tho I'bytiolof Irsl D.yt
ttrln and rtrelatlomot the teiual jjilui, th thn
latest discoveries la produelog and prsTsntlsg oft
spring, preersn( tho couiplaxioa, lo.,
This It tn ' :rttlo2 work of tro br--tr4 and
tlily pages, with numerous entrrarlngs, and contain
valuall Information for thota who ar mtrrtadoc
contemplate uitrritee; itill It is a book that ought
to t under lock tnd kry and not laid caitlti.1
about the bouit,
Sut to tat tee trrt '() fcf rtfly Cut. iSlrt,,
Pr. ll,'tu'l,lipBMr;,, IJ !. IlSUi Stm SlUi.,uW
ii::i:i h ?ai irri::: itrs usrcsiroAtf.v
Ccr Hefar pri i u ist aouri Cjutr s t4uui la
I bSUt rr-"'. " . r Rtaaitt. ywM Dr. Bull.
wti. . iM..e ati m, tlioH it te tew airUntit rr
tooaiiiua, n. Bunt ttu u eou.tiliw, trMatit or sr wtu,
a is duu. utaUoaM la Mi ..U. ou.. jfa. llln
i(VJi 6 UMk Ul..u Mtike- t CSuail. l. LU. .
Has now on hand all Vlndt of
For sale. Leave orders at
Corner Sixth and Commrd),
Or at'cornerof Twelltb and PopUr
or .t nr. Ktxi) ,
Xole Ajtentsf r Atner. an bpnnf A aeons. No
V N Mai a St , M Lounr SenJ for Cattbpi
Vl3almay "Wino Oo.V
Dealers In Native and r.relga Wine 1
Ni 813 nroadiy. St L a., Mo A
Commission Merchants,
000 A. 801 NORTH LEVEE.

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