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Foreign Advertisements.
1500,000 IS HANK 70 PAT (lifts.
10,000 CAM! OlfTS VAW IX TVU.,
$100,000 VOW
KnoiiKli of tlio m,(r) tickets ImicJ for
"w i lilnl Urainl (lift Conceit, In aid of the
'iiiillo Library of Kontimky, li.itltiir. been
old to IriMire ;i full ilnu'lntf, and tliu Mi
Imm'Ii HiiUcrMlly cxprc-eil that th
J'Wl c-asli L'litft o lit-roil should w drawn in
"HI an.l punl In mil without any valine
'own, as in re to I ore; tin; iiiunaireiiiont, Willi
Jiif voticuiiiiiiu? ol the triirti'ft, hao elder,
imiii'i to allow ninety lay nure rorthns.ilc
"niiereumiinliif tlekcti li-ft on hand, Tim
oiitf-it and distribution admlNcd fur Apt I
N HJhiTi fon; jotionetl to Tuesday, July
f, ' "fill, on which ilny ami no o.lier.thoy will
ttuMlively ami uiieiuioully take place In
"Wi , Library hall, LouhMlle, Kentucky.
At Iblsjjratid concert tliu folloitinir iali
irifM will ho distributed bv lot ami paid In
'oil to the tlcket-holder vthoilr.tw them :
l.lsT tlV (illl'4
no Hrand Cnih dill ..
One (fraud C'ahflllt . .
One OrandC'aih (Jill . .
One Orand (;ah Olfl
One Orand Cash OHt
Onedrand ( arhdjfi
, Wl.lPK)
. ,'r.,i)
. Iu.imj
' ( ah (illt.of ; 1,01.1 each
fi n.jj iin of
l ah Olfts ol
nta.h ulna or
liVlCanh (Jlftsot
" MJ lush (lift of
0,WKjIi (illls of
! each
am each.
H) each
10 each
Total, 10,000 (ilfli, all Cah VMS)
The money to pay all thco Kilt In full Is
now upon nirpo.ii in tins rnrmcr and
lirutors' hank of l.ouitlllt', and trt alde
lor lint purpose, and can only he used for
that purn)-, as will be seen y the lo.Iow
I iu( certificate of tliu cashier :
OKKItKfAH.Mr.llV ANll DliOVKKV lltXk, I
J.onisVit.t.i:. Ky., April 7. lVL
Tim If to certify that there l in tliu Tare
incr' ami Drowra' hank to the credit of Hit
Third (.'and dllt Concett, lor the benefit li
the I'libll- Library of Kentucky, lite bun
died thouirid dollars, which has been ct
part by tht manager, to pay theKillelu full,
and will be held by the bank anil paid out
lor thli purpo'e, and this purpose only.
K. s. VKKCII. CaOiter.
The party, therclrrc, who holds the llcket
'rawing tliu capital i'lft will k in
L'ls-cnbai k., atd mi or the ').( (.'lit. Die
,,'),'l, the Hy), the lii.O-.l. th Wf'W
ami all the other Rift-, H !,(. I" number
iitnoiintlni: to 5n0.i.
. I'ne remnant or unsold tickets w ill be fur
iiilied to tliO'e who tlrt apply (older ae'
rmipanlfd by the uioney always hat tiix pre
f mice Oter agents at the following price:
Wi',lci tlilct, iU); haUei, ami
(,iarteM. ti 11 whole tlckit for $1),
'.) for V', 113 for 1,H), and i'i for Vi,.
No discount on lei than klw worth of tb'k
e'i at a time.
The conctrtand ilItrlbu'lon of plftn w ill
lie-in at J o lock on Tiietday inoniliik-, Jul)
, In Public Library hall, and the I'oIIouIiik
will be the order of procecdlni;i: M iiaHc
' y orrliritril band. Ud plating of (one
tor each ticket old, In large wheel. Ud pluc,
lnjt.t :irt In mall Wheel. I Hi iuuiohr or.
licitr! bin I. Mh explanatory rcnutli, ,v
prcldcnt tith drawlnij ol tlr.-t hiit o'l
rtlt-, ;tlimulc by orche-tral band.
limwin;; ol lat half of t;lfl. Mil plailuj.
'.f uri;e Wheel with UK" In hand of eon.
ir. Uce appointed by audience. Mill graui
o," lii'Mru concert. 1
I jo nuitlc on t!iH urainl orca-iou will bo
tie be-t that can be procured, ami the (, n
lltiiicii wjo count and place the tair and
,ift In the wheil. and Miptrintcnd the
irawin' and keep the record ol the drawn
number Will be cho-eii from the bct
tn'iwn and nio't tnitworthy citleni ol the
-tt All will be mi eomliic'ted an to be a
pirlcc. guaranty a-.ilmt touiplaliit from anv
Ji Ollti'C.
I'll" PJnnt Of ulft. lll I I., nn.fi'tor.
'..r July II, all) oclock a.m. llekeU
''awiusf lfl uid't bo prrrcnlvil at loom
Vii 4 I'liMlc l.lharv building, where eah
litcla upon tha L'aruicr' and Urineri-
bank of liulMlle, or .Iflit JralU iikmi the
I ourtb .Vatlonil bank of New York, at the
iptlon of tliu bolder. Will be citell for the
I- kct. All ittflii not called lor In fix
iiionthn from the drawing will be turned
i'erto the I'liblie Library fund.
Kor Lib parti ul.ir? nd for circular.
Ajftnt l'ubllc Library of Kr,
Loulllle, hy.
','ar Flavoring Ice Cream, Cakes L Pastry.
"With pre at enre, by a new process, wc
struct from the true, select Vruttt mid
Aronmtlcs, each characteristic llavor, mid
produtu Flavorings of rare excellence
ur great ttrength anil perfect purity,
Xo pohonout oil. Kcery Jtaror as rep
reienttd. No deceit each bottle full
measure, holding one-half mere than
cithers purporting to hold tame quantity
L'te them once, trill vse no other. The
most delicate, delicious Jhnurs crermaCe.
Ho superior to tliu cheap extracts. Ask
for Dr. Priec'tt Blieclul Flavorings. JIaa
ufueturctl ouly by
DepoU, ClIICAfiO aod ST. LOUIS
Manufacturers of Dr. Price's Creavi
linking Powder
Fre from Livkrtool,
Kare from LofDCNiiKHnv
Karo from Olasoow,
Kara frota Qukknstowh
"jafTorJ, Morrli A Candfe AsenH.
LumsooI New.loik hi Phllill'hu
Steamship Company,
Tor Carrying tb Mnl
o rrima luroimtK'
U Broadwar, NwYork, olio
R. Hoipl,
WaiblniioD Atdq OaifO, IUln)'i
l'nicK CuitKB.vr Orrioi. i
Tlmridy Kre., May 20, 1873.
'J'horo it very little animation diinlavod
In any of luu varlout branches of buitneci.
Comtnlnlon builncsi Is eipocially dull,
The demand for flour, grain and country
proJuco of all kind, li very finall. and
prices aro weal, and declining stock! of
all kind aro loo largo for tlio market, and
nro still Increnilng. Jlutter li Hat and
market glutted. It ! c'limalod that
tlieru Is on tlu market not loss than
fifteen tliouMtnl pounds of buttor, and
only rho'ce will soil. Ordinary will not
sell at any price. 20 to 23c Is quoted ai an
outsido llguru.
Tlio market is overilockod with cgn
anil tlioy weri-Jhard to sell to-day ut 10c.
Poultry is also dull nt quotations.
Tonngo Is plenty and freights tenrco.
Kites to Now Orleans aro 30c on tho bbl
and luc for pound froIi;hts, and to Mem.
phis 2c per bbl, and 12jc on oiind
'J'ttu weather U very wa'in and river
IQrCorrospondcnta should bimr In
mlud that our quotations represent price
for round lots from first bands, unlci
ctherwiso statod, and that in lilllng small
orders higher prices must be paid-.jf
KI.OI'K Very dull with no prospect
of any improvement soon. There is noth
ing at nil doing in round lots, sales being
confined almost entirely to tho order trado.
Sales embrace uOO bbta virions grades in
lots on orders ( 1 to .9 60. 109 bbli
low XXX !0 4Wi;C 60 and 1 00 bbli va
rious grades (H) 0 to ?'J.
HA V Market flat, and over-stocked
with low grades of hay, for which there il
no demand. There is some call for "gilt
edged ' timothy f.i 18 OOfTi rill 00 and it
would require but a small amount of this
to supply the market. Wo note tales of 1
ear strictly choice timothy deliver
ed Jlrt 00, and G cars choice mixed deliv
ered i I j 00.
COKN The demand Is limited and
prices are loaor. lh market is moderate
ly wall suppliod and eaiy. Whlta
closi"! to-lay at COe In sacks and
miied at He. Sites comprlie Ocars white
a ked atid del oOe; 3 cars mixed do l-'c
and 'J cars white In bulk on track I'Jc.
OA 'IS Plenty, dull and declining
Holders sro unwilling to mako further
concession-, and tho market is at a stand
still. 3-01Cc is quoted as outside figures
to-day with no buyers. Ssle wero " cars
in sacks del 39s and 2 cars do sold early at
WAN Plenty in the market and
nono-eiiing. Holders were asking V2(
H pertw to-day.
COKS' Mvji..c-lV0 jjrmiltl(jtc&rcej
not enough arm., t0 Up,,v the demand,
lti-ceipts of choice S. . ,n(".ft lro taken
readily (J $2 50 per bbl. "Wo noto sales
ol 3W bill! . U. ad., C- '.,''" ii"-
City Mills q, :5.
IIL'TIKP.-Marl..' gliittil , ' gill
edged butter oirered to day (a) 'Sic.
Ordinary not lu" nl any price. AVe
note .(es of 1U pkgs good butter Qi) 10c.
10 kgi choice northern r.i .'3c; 20 pkgs
ood to choicu (5 IS to "Joe. an J 200
lbs ordinary sold 10c. per lb.
KGOS Maiket largely ovoritocked
and no demand. 10c was the ruling
figure to-dav AVo note sales of 20 pkgs
shippers count, l'-'Jc, and 'J.OOO doztin do
lofo I -Jc.
CIlICKhUO ltaceipts aro m excess of
the demand, and tbo market is dull. 20
dor.en choice hens sold nt 53 20(73 50,
and G coops do brought $3 0063,3
POTATOKS Old potatoes continuo
very dull and diflicultto Jlpofo of. New
Kjtatot find a ready market at .4fVj,l 60
per bbl. Sales l'i0 bushels old P. 11. in
bulk at i5c(.i f 1 u0 per bbl; do del
1 Tifi 1 00.
APPLES There is a fair demand for
strictly choico apples at fGQfi 50 pur bbl.
Wo note sales of 76 bbls choicu at 0, and
30 bbls as in quality HQ').
STKAWUKKIUKS-Havo madu their
appearance and wero retailing in good
condition to-day nt 00c por box. They
may be quoted at 10c by tho crate.
PUOVISION'S Tho general condition
of tho market for mmoWcJ meat remains
unchanged. Canvassed sucar-cured hams
aro n:irco and quoted a flmdn higher.
Ilacon shoulders aro quoted to-day at Sc
and firm. Clear tides Hro plenty
and weaker and quoted at 10c by tho cask.
Wo note sales of 3 casks O. It. sides at
HAMS Sugar cured canvassed aro
scarco and higher; quoted at ll(VT;lCc.
Plain ounlry t.iircil t'liulto ar ijitokoU at
l'.'e. Sules wero " tlercos S. O. canvasiod
at 14c.
LAUD Kufined Is quoted in tlorces at
88Jo and in kegs at 10Uc.
1)UIED FltUIT. Vorylittlo doing.
Dried poaches aro quoted at 6(J0c, and
dried applet at Cc.
SUOAlt. Activo and selling at 13c fo
colfuo A 1 1 114 Jo for crushed, powdcrod
and granulated.
TKAS. Imperial, 711 25; (lunpow
dor, 75l 25; Oolont; black, 76$1
Young Hyson, $tl 40.
OUKESK. Good demand ; New York
actory f lb 10Jl7c.
bl UUPd-Tlio demand Is fair for
choice at C0cSi v g( Bnd New Or-
leain at 7s80c.
LIME. in IOU $1 20 lu I 60 W'bbl.
ChMKi-T, At wholesalti $22 SO $
COAL OIL. 22o.
3bSf20ca-UO-l0W0diJ bU'h0U
?U?Lu,1,S'7n-3 l,,u,h0,s . 0J oz
15jcj do lOozlCe: 4 bushel. Oats 20c- fi
EESWAX.-ts lb 30o.'
U A 1 CJ-I cr t
AV'.. . uurl mottled
3-, wuoi.ijj.ngii toap, 7jc.
TALLOW, lb 7c.
COFFEE-Scarcoand firm, Java soil
trig at 30-12c; Ltguayr 31035c; Kio
pnnio io cnoico i i(4,oc.
BI1UOM3. Dull; common liouia'icll
at $1 50 ; choice and extra choico is
3 76 ; steamboat $t 605 00.
FItEIOIIT Cotton, compressed te
Now York, 8Jc; Vj lloslon, U. Un.
compresscil, to Nsw York, $ 1 H; to Hoe
ton $1.
P.ATE9 To New Orlcins and Vlcl:.
burg: Potatoes, apples, otc, SOq pork
1; pound freights 15c cwt; hay C
por ton: whiskey 1 10 per bbl.
TO MEMPIIIS-I'lour, etc 23c pcrlbl;
pound freights 12 ja por cwt; hay $1 pof
ton; whiskoy 80a per bbl; pork CO.- per
Steamer .las. (lilmore, St. Lo-jit
" (iulckstep, Kvimsvllla
Thompson Dean, St. I.on;i
" .loli ti Lurnsden, Nathvllb)
" (Iroy Hound, Cincinnati
" .Mm Fitk, Paducah
" (ilasgow, Hickman
" It. K. Lee, iouist lllo
" .Minoeola and barges, St, Louis
" Colorado, VIcksburg
" It. W. Sklllingor, Citcir.tati
" Orand Towor, St. Louis
Stcamor .Us. (Jilmore, Cinclmntl
" Thompion Dean, Cincinnati
Minneola, Cincinnati
" (juickstep, Kvansvillo
ltobt. Mltelmll, N'kw (lrl,.nrii
" It. E. Lee, Now Orloan
Illinois, Columbus
J I tn Kisk, Paducah
.lohn Lurnsden, Mt. Vernon
' Grey Hound, St. Lotis
Colorado, St. Loul
H. W.Skillinger, P.ed river
" Orand Tower, MetnIs
The weather yesterday wss clear and
vory warm.
The Ohio river is still r sing at this
point, 28 inches boiqg tho riso sineo the
dalo of.our last report. The Mississippi
is also rising but not rapidly.
There was not milch change for the bet
tor in tho amount of business transacted
on tho landing yeitorday,
Tho Thompson Dean passed to Cin
cinnati from St Louis without landing.
She will not appear again until the fall
trado open, and then it Is probable she
will boat least 15 feet wider than at pres
ent. 1
Tho Hubert E. Lo yesterday bad a I
good trip in amount, but at rate, ruinous- j
ly low. f '1 50 per hbd was all sho could
.... .,(..' 11... ... .. . I
un ijoi.wi. um tapiain minus ue
will lay tb Lee up on her return.
Tho Colorado had somo freight for St.
Louis and made some additions here.
juis aim inauesorno additions here.
The Orand Towor also mado additions
for Momp'ils, and the It. W. Skillenger
iur i.eu rivor.
The Iron Mountain wont to Columbus
after an empty barge, and then will go to
St. Louis for another tow of iron ore.
The John Lurnsden brought '-'10 tons of
pig Iron, and S) ton bar iron for St. Louis,
which sbo rcihlpped here, and cleared for
-Mt. Vernon, where she has a loud of grain
for Xashvllle,
Tbo Mineola has 1,100 tons iron oro for
Cincinnati, and Stoubinville.
The Gray Hound has tho hull i f the
Gaty Xo. 1 in low for St. Louis.
Tho Katchez left New Orleans last
Saturday on her last trip for tho season in
tha Vicksbtirg trade. Tbo Henry Tole
lakes her place while she prepare lor tho
"ttftfj.. .........
Lee, was preentt'd in New Orleans on
Wednesday, with a magnificent and costiv
pair of rnarinn glasses, tho gift of AV. (j.
Kingsloy and W. A. Fowler of Now
York. Tho glasses bear tho Inscription,
"To Card. .John W. Cannon, steamer
Hubert K. Lee, from W. 0. Klngsleyand
W. A. Fowler, MtcIi, 1673."
Tbo Illinois Central Itallroad company
has contracted with the Howards of .lef
fersonvillo, for a throe-track transfer boat
for usq at Cairo. She ir- to bo about tho
same slr.e as thu Dunleitb.
Captain It. McKenr.lo, tho government
contractor for tbo improvement of tho
Wabash river, will commence operations
cnrlv next week at the llono bank on the
Col. AV. E. Merrill advertises in Tues
day's Cincinnati 'Gazette' for sealed pro
poials for 23,000 cubic yards of rock ex
cavation at tho Grand 'Chain on Wabash
river, arid Ilrii;adier General.!. II. Simp,
on advertises for furnishing and deliver
inc tbo moterial and doing the work re
quired (or tho Improvement ol tho Mis
sissippi river between the Missouri and
Ohio rivers, for wnlch an appropriation
bar been male by congress.
Notick Is hereby given that I will pay
no bills for goods sold to any of tho em
ployes of Tim CAtno HcLLr.Tis, either
or thorasolvos or lor tlio use of tho offico
unleso tho samo aro furnished on an order
igned by Mr. llurnott or myself.
l'.'-20-ly .Ions II. Onnrav,
Steve Assklmknt, tho har-koeper, ha
opened a rluo saloon in Louis lilattoau's
iid stand, whoro can bo found, at all
times, Steve terving hie customers with
! tho bet of drinkables. 1 1--1-U
Mil. Geo. Stkimiouhk, barber and hair
Ircsser, corner of Eighth streit and Com
mercial avenue.dcs ires to call the attention
jf the bearded community to his neatly nr-
ranged saloon, and tho fact that ho is mas
ter of hit profeiiioii In all its branches.
Ho has boarded many a lion in hit den, and
call-. for more. tf.
Doolev't Voast Vowdor Is convenient
economical and alwtvs rtdlablu. No wasto
ot food prepared whh it, at it is always
01 tliu neat quality. 0-0.8 1 w.
IK'NHAMH Veaht Powiikh for tiuritv
and strength is uneouuled. All who uso
it like it and rctfommoad.it to their neigh
uora. i-iT-uuin.
will bo true to you. Never will you need
falso ones, u you use 1110 suzuiiOXT
morning and evening. It Impart Indes
tructibility to tho enamel, keeps iv white
and spotless, una wonueriiiiiy improve
the breath. 27-iUw.w.
SccfM In business depends on a vlror.
ous and healthy manhood ; this begotinm.
orgy, activity of thu brain, uud tnuscslar
ondurance; without these thoro can be no
tuccess in lite. i lien the einriB 01 weak
ness and decay appear, uso Dr. McCabe's
Tonic Cordial and System Itenovator, and
relief will follow. o-2i.l'it
Ftn.1. Mkasuiik. Whllo Dr. Prieo
Speeial Flavorings nro full measure, other
oxtracti aro short nearly ono-hnlf what
they are said to contain, arranged to look
largo and sail choap, a cheat on tho con
turner. The moitof tbo so-called '2 ounco
flavoring oxtracti bold but 1 ouncos, tlm
l ounco lest than !1 ouncos, whllo Dr.
Price's are full ineaturo, just at roproaent
od ttrong and pur. One trial will prove
that tho bottles hold oao-half moro than
other puiportingto be tbo tame tize, and
extract! are of tho ttrongott and most
natural ntvor C-lS dA-wlw
r'Drrin-nrj'n World' Tonic ntia ,
Blood Pnrlflcr.7
It it the i-rcat hoiufbold'trmedy, pUtsant la
le, yetpotsntfortbe preftntlon and cure of
'UstaMl. It Is bettfr Iban Hitters, Cordial,
" ichit or Sartaparllla. Sold by Druggists
lr. nenry'a Hoot itml Plntit P11U.
Mild yet thorough no naasta orBrlpIng n
fflyvfirttable-great liver rtmtdy. 1'rlce Si
,,n, f-oldbyDroggliu.
r. Wlillcomb'a Nrrtin.
" 1 Th SMat soothing remedy. Price on'.y 2J
1 nf 11- . . .. . . .
1 r"i 10 me momcr i ncaun 10
'l'cblM SoMbyDrugjItt..
MnrrlnKii UnldP.
InttrMtlng Woik, Knlarged Edition, Ntw
Inxravlogt, Two-hundrtd and ilxty rans,
'rlci0cnls, Addrfss Da. Hutu' Disrr.f
lit, 12 North Eighth Street, St, Louts, Mo.
Thousands have already cone, and thou.
an.N more are turning tnelr eves towaril
new home In the fertile Wot.' To those
"ml;MIourl, Kan-as, Nebraska, Colo
;" ' '"li, V yonilinr, .Neada, Oregon or
ta irornla, wo recommenil a cheap, safe,
quick and direct route, x la ft. Iiiil'. ocr
thuMls'aurl Paclgc Itallroad, which mu
lt Hum Day Coaches and Pullman Kit opera
from fct. IxiiiH to prlnulpal points lu the
w,''olit chanirc. Wo bellow; that tho
JIIoiirl Parlilo Itallroad has the be-t track
and the llm-.t ii nf,.,t (.,lUn.
mejitoraiiyllne West nf tho Ml...i,!.
mid lUcoiinectioii with toad filrUicr Wed
arc prompt ami rellablo. The Texas rim.
nectiori of thl road l now rompletej, and
paociuror ro ollrl nrt rla nil-rail
route mini St. Loui to Texas either out
the Ml'totirl, Kan..i - Te.xn It, it,, U i c
ilatia, n.-iter the Atlaiitle A- I'aclllc It. I!.,
la Inlta. For map, time table., Informa
tion .1. to rate, route, Are., wu rfer our
readers to S. II. Thompnu, Kateru l'a"en
l'it Agent, Columbti, (Jhlo, or II. A. Ford,
General Pas-enger Agent, ftt Loul-, Ml-ou-rl.
(Question will be protiipth aud thcer
fullv answered !
The Atlantic A- Pacific liailroad Company
oiler- Ifiww lu res of land in Central and
!-outhwet .M.oiiri. at Iroiu $.1 to Sl'J per
acre, on e en year' time, with free trail
orlatlonrrom m. Louis to nil purchaser-.
Climate, Mill, timber, mineral wealth, schools
olmrciK- and law-abiding hoeletv Iniltc
emigrants Irom all point- tothl latul of trulls
and llower. Tor partli'iilar uiblre4 a.
lick, Land l'onmi..io!icr, St. Loul-, Mo.
aSVou can buy six
and one-half lbs. Durant's
A CoQ'ee Sucar for One Dol-1
1. u t r i
Iar 5 cveil lbs. ISCW Orleans
Sugar fur One Dollar; Uest
three and one-half libs. Prime
Rio Coffee, One Dollar ; Best
Imperial Tea, One Dollar and
a half per pound ; Best Gun
powder Tea, One Dollar and
Seventy-five Cents per pound ;
Young Hyson and Oolong Tea,
One Dollar per pound, and ev
erything proportionately cheap
at Hiram Bixhv.
X Hoiuij- wrilioK Ilia
puhlic to be informed that ho
lias 011 hand a Stock of Dry
Goods and Carpets as exten
sive as any in the Southwest,
and that he is determined tn
sell ovorv article at
lower than the
lowest . Cal
on him to-dav and examine
and price?.
JIo will
satisfv vou both as to nuality
and cost.
Tirr: obsas
Soothing Remedy!
'111 II III W I fill
llMleieiie. f CnreiCollo and (JilrlnR I"
WHITCOMB'S j th. ,tu,if1'i'e,lt"
8YRUP. I r" Vx cn
foWq.i Cnnrulilons anil crer- I t3
rotnes all dUrsees incu.cl in
1uId! and L'Ulldrcn J ejujTTS.
sssis?sf.tM f Cnr" Tlsrrhoea, Pyserle-
OVDIID I " Children of all s.
r.ellsres pain, srnkneneroi. I
bsuitlonln 16or20mlnut,Rl- ZeSX
iet tone and pimer lo ths i)tm. J q 33 3 T S .
It Is the Infsnti' and Chlldrct'i Urest gootlilci.
Itsraedy, In all dliurd.rt Lrousht on hy teethlct: or
'"taMkS'a'r'incalllar fr JlltS. WniTCOMD'S
EVfc.V.D.?IuiT6!i MDICINI! CO , ft.
LouU, Mo. MJ fcy DruggUt aad Psalsrs la
Medlclwi Teryhere.
Ilr eltanslex th U" ni' ronlnR th llr ",
llMtandl'IiBt l'lllseurinanycoin.IalBtfhlcI,ll
Zt ! 1 nit U suppeied thoy could re.ch. such as
liidcliV. IJln Ws. Nssinli.
Si F "no llm.dm.rt Feet, nsillnt.
i'lsllliira. UliciimrsSlasii, rVcnrlKli.
ffiiei Alls' Vloiia. lotl-lllll.tloli. It
Wllty. TFever t all klmf. lyPO
t4. Jnailillre, and stlier kindred coml.lnt
arWog "oalaw state l lb. body, or oUlruelloa
UV.?nET,l.'0f?omiI.rc.iryand other lsM h7
., Irt ttiou "r.eir J to dl.t.lu.ln... or p ...ur..
1h atlmulst. th. wesksuod and dlit.np.r..
psnntVlTalthy action, iItIdi; .lrI
dlsburd.n th.m..We. aud II row f 'r,uc,''';
"hlcli .r th Or.1 cam. r "i S'V,,
, All hear, and Urowiy.Dtlo". tsulch .r. 1 th
fr.rtinn.r. of dlr.ful dl.i.i h .s Apt I"" I
sii.i.siu.i,e.ir sr. eSuctuslly wara.a
hy few do. online srcUlng J'HI'- , k
r.u irrts iMiSistkbii.il w-k, Oims, '"
Bl.ts.li kl).
l4k, Oj'unu t),slinl Ksslul .lf)'H
MAY 30, 1873.
Foreign Advcrtiscmcnls.
j 1 n'niTvKHvathi.
- - - .
$100,000 00
I'o be ili'triblltcd in
T, . 30 . 8I3JI E'3
ll-t Semi-Annual
To bo drawn Friday .Inly 1, 1S73,
$10,000 IlfcT GOLD!
OXE PRIZE $ri-nnn IN f:LVKIt
Fivo Prizct $1,000 St
Flvo Prizes $500 i (1 ItKF.N'HACKS
Ten Prlxet 1100 " I '
Two Family Carriage- and .Mctched llor'o
with Sllvcr-mouiiteit Harne.", worth
Two lluirglc, Hoie, Etc., worth ?fi"X) each.
Two flm-toiicu !o.-enood Piano, worth
t.Vx) each.
Ten Fatally Sewing .Machine, worth S100
l,rX) Gold and Sltier Lever Hurting
Watche, worth IrotniiOto i:n) each.
Gold halns. Siller-ware, .lewclry, Ac.
Whole n-tmbcr fflft lO.Oil. Tlckclllmltcd
To whom Liberal Premiums will be paid.
Simile Tickets i'J: Six Ticket 10 ; Twelve
Ticket iM; Twenty-live Tickets J 10.
Circular containing full ll-t of jrltf-, ail.
enptiooof the mannrr of ilrawlcg, ami othr
inruttr.atioo In rererrnci 10 trie cllatrlbiuion,
bn eent to snf one orilerls; Ihem. All llt'
mutt be S'l.lrexed to L. U. BI.NK. Boi. xs.
Cinelnnstl. O.
Main Olll c. lul W. I ifth t.
Leoalikhd iit State Authoritv asd
Dkaw.v ik Pudlic IX St. Lot; ii.
Grand Single Number Scheme.
50,000 NUMBERS,
Class II ro 11 it Drawn Xay .'51, 1873
O.SrJO rrlzes, Amounting to J300.000.
1 I'rtteof...
600 PrUeenf..
m of
20 1
Tickets $10;
Tickets, ib Quarter ,
Tickets $2 CO. 1
Our lottetl. sr. clisrter.d by the, But., r
sIxstk "Uawn st the Hint nsmeil. aua all arsw I
ln .r under the U.rsliion ot eworatom
uussloners. st. Louis r.nrers nd a oori ot "oM'fi2'i-eui"l0
.11 iiVi s . sk r Afttfslfltftl
Wewill draw asimlUr scheme th last ilT ol
tery month during the jear lf73.
Kemllat our rlek by polelDte money order,
letereil letter, drsfl or eirrees. fend for cir
cu.sr. Ad.lrese, JIUKIIA V, MILLCIl 4 CO.,
I'. O. box 2119. t. LoulD, JIo.
f ih I.IVI.K, KI.OOD. K1HNKHS ami HOW.
KIA, ..nl steal cerrecilte nf all Icmilt ilerne
mcnt It c ntaln no akh Ik r t- ,iiJ the
yttrtttuttjsr uiwtil
J ( rI l iiir., 31 UOUIS, .l'l
' " ' len j he 'l'" '' cu 1 -v" - u 1 ' u 1 '
r 'a tear- r leliahle Lhemittl and I'liatnuceil.
(i ,1 - ' ertuiK the tm.-i.tite a tii.n ..f your
! .fr t.hjteter rerouimen led with to bear
yn Icme lu the .(Tuaiy of tiir Istt and
in . n he-t iireiisiati tn ' MAGVlKh S
It Mil liN.(i lll'f-IKkM" li s all ilut you
C4int" 1 't rft hi aticiatite, .ural .e. fituratnr
a t tin 1 .Tin; pe tall ii . 11 0 1 ' .V .d
k lev .n I 11 1. h
J 11 I'll I'-lluUS', May.r. v.! .1' Ihave
f 1 t.. n i .cj..nt and - rtV-1 . m"Ji-.iic
1 - v. r ei '
M 1 1 1 s s I 1 s. Slate Inmrjn.rl rr .1 ner
1 . ..I t-i itio .tn., 1
111 Si IS
I 1 1 J It I III
nf lilhii e. K..UU 1'
tt Jer
I I lit 1' -I 0.
1 I . . ill, !.
V I i.M-K
1 i I -I a. 1 mt
i;r.i 1 1 u 1111 1 .
1 -in. rtt 1. is
i III I It )t.
1.1 1'r. I' iriuti'i
s i
I'.i't fiural t wrid.
M - II VKIM I r,
ll'l- I I VI'. Iln t
III. t. U, -II.
M I M)I!I W.,
..f M . .If Mirh.lM Co.
'illtK'i.N HAI.Nl'M,
im i..r. II. 1. !
A 1 ' y tr -e. t n'"-
.5 r,
l II -;. 1. (.'IN
I It
4 'tllit',1 I h in l rii
P 1. I I-Id.l s' S
" I uk. . f M I 'cm.
lll'.Mt I Ml I'll,
l.iie t My t 1 mm) Ast'r
I I'k I .on ti'ii t irocr
II M t 1 1. , Ml-Hi
Pre. Hut cr lir. v Hank
I. h i.Kl.l.NkW'llU.
Prts V M t A
I A MlHYl'i K
f lir Iv to
V l.i.VY.
1 1 - , I 'aline ikntp fi.
i. 'it itl n.
V i. l'r -itg-.yt Iuls, Mo
I J U,.t
:z ?sr bottle.
TlllMIK AVAHNlSOS. A kick stulnacli
an nt'liiiifr lti:nl .lint t-oiitlilcralilo L'oncral
iluhlll y. nil1 llireo warnings which 11 isinati.
ncfs to iIIhii'l'iiIiI, Danx't'ioiis illnrn-es may i
IIU l.t Jll. I. ' I'IWI1 ..IVII, .it, uncivil
without ilol.iv. 'I'ono tho rtrlaxcil stomach,
culm tho L'xcituil hralii, itivlorutc tho tier
ionss)ti'iii, utul reguliitu tlio bowels with
T.vim.vxT'S snrzi:n ai'cuiun't
If yon wish' to cscupu tho exiN which the
pruinnnlto;)' syiiiptoiiisliiillcutti. llotv many
I'oiiNumliii; lovers, violent lillllous iittaektj,
liorviius paroxysms, ami other tcrrlhlo all
inctitH mlht bo prevented If this aurceabio
unit Incompiirablo sulino tonic ami altcratlvo
wero ulways tuWon In llniol Sold by all
Ulllk'.s, fi-'.M emUtv-i'tY
Foreign Advortiscmonta.
.,,,nrF.!r nV,',r ?rc ""'a vne raw-r iir.rw,
I "'.'"or WhUky. IToof ftpmts nii.1
I Itenisi Llqunr. ilmnrrt, apicnt, ari'l sncclciif I
In pirawih' taste, rt, i uir." " Appctlzrrs,"
i--iiii-is. - a' .,uijbi. .111 ) iippirrnll 10 iinink
cnni-s nn.l rnln, but aie a trii. MiiiiWno niadrt
from the name rnots and Iicrl-s of Caiifornii. free
trimi all Alcolioli. SWmiljAM. IhCT at" Hie (irrat
llooil fiuinoran.l a ure truing Principle a Perfect
ll-noirai.ir and Invlcnratur of lac .xysirm, cirrilng
orf all lontiin nultir anil rwiotlnit the liioul
to a liMlth j c onilliion, c nrti lilns It, rrlrclilng ami
InHiroMimg toih muni and boly. Ttie arefi.
of o'lmlnl'irallon. prompt in their aciion. ccrtaiti
la tliclr rcuiu, safe and rcliiblc in all forms of
.No rrsnit full Ink llirsr Itltlrrs accnril.
leg inillrMiions, and rrmafti mng unwell protMnl
then bones are not ilcstrouil by inlm ral k).oii
orittirfnaiis,atil the 'Italurgaut wasted Ujond
the point utrcpalr.
I))irU or Inillurllon, tlrailariic. Pain
In lh nhunMir. Coi., iiuMneiw nt (tie thin,
Uucinras. Sour I'.ruciallons of I In: hlomach.
Taste in llic Mouth, timous Attacks, raipuailon ur
the Heart. Innaninistlon of the Lungs, l-aln In the
rcylonof ilici;i Mic. an.l a liumlreil ollir palnfU
t? miiioi,... areitieoif-princsor Ik-ii.j.v. Iiniicu
complalnis it has no riiual, and ons tioitic hiii
iiroie a Utter Kiiaraniee of lis inorlta man u
hiiirlliy ailttrtlseinent.
Kiir IVinir "iiiiiitslnta. In jnnng er ot.i.
rnarrleil orsmgv- at llieilawnof ninanliood, or
the turn of life, th. n Tunic Hitters ilnplar so h
cMoil an innucncc that u mar.td luir rouimut h
niKiii iier.Tpuoie.
I'nr liilliiiiiniatnr-nmt Clitnnlc Itlifo
11111IU111 a ri I (,out. Iij-tpla or injiKnin.n, l.il
Pius, ltcimttciii na.l liit.Tiiiiiient IVicr. ntw.tvs
tf Hie Ili Ksl I.nrr. Kl.lnrjs and lllaiMrr. tliefl
lllltcrs time bfin ninu iincm.rui. siii li Hlcas
nrr caur. hr Miialnl liksxl, nbli-h l gcnerallf
proiluud iij ilrnipgciiH iiti.f the liigp.-niu irran.
'I In ) ill n (.'riillr I'lliKntlt r n will nt
a 1 oulr. Iw'ingai-o the peculiar merit "tH'.l
lug .is .1 iiwcrrui agent la n iieimg c.ngistion or
Inflammation of the l.ircr an.) Ivi-mi organ a"J
III Unions indues.
Knr Mtlii Dl.cn.,, Prapllonv Tetter, Pa'i
Itlicttil, lllotelit. ,t,, l unpi,,, pustules, Uoit,
I'arlmiicles, itiuK wunns, hea,.ca.. Mire I.ics.
I.rj;liw la. It h, N-nrts, litsrnloratluns nt the skin.
Ilumors on.l liN-acs ot Hie i-kln. nt uhatcur
name it nature, nro lllcrstiy ilinr up ami carrtnj
out of tlii- sjnem in ahortuni"tij thcii-ent iko
lailers, (ltil liolllc In fUCll CIM'S vs, til tonviuie tliu
irwi Hi' rcluloii" of their curailie rrrt-ts.
( teulisr the X'lllntril lllnnil rchrnrrer (An
find hs impurltlis burstlne Ihronc.i iht nui in
1 InipU. Kruptloii", or .-ores : i linnv-It h,cii Juu
Hud It 11 -irui tcil and kltnrul-ti In the eiu; cie.ii.-i-
lllllitlt llisioili; TOUT IM'IUIK "III It'll lOUlSllCIl.
Keep tbo b.oo l pure, and the heuliti nf the ej-ii'm
v. u .1, w
(irntrriil Tlioiisnnil proclaim Vivrnaii III.
Ttrtts Die mo,i Hutnicriiu Invljoraut that ever su
U. ,i I Hi ' ,itViiii; MStcni.
I'lu, T.ijie, mill oilier XVorinsj, Inrkinj; In
luc ijo. in of o inanjr thunainl, are erreciualir
tl k-rijtj ami remottil. s-.iyi a illtiiu!iiiiiej
piij-i .tosiw There li scareiij un In.litninaloniiie
I.i.-e of the cartli whose liwljr H exempt from the
presence of worms. It Is nut upon Hit health,
clement! of Hie luxlr that unrois cxl.t. lull upon
the ilHcaiicd humor an I .'Ilni ih'.-ns in it breed
VMM! litirik' monslvrs of dl-cxn'. .No )sietu ol
ni'ih'lne, no urmirinrcs. no anthelmlniiics, mil
free thi" "jslem fnim onns like thefc llilte r.
.Hi cliuiilrnl l)lene. 1'er-ons enjraced In
rjlu's an.l Muier.il. such a. I'lumbtra, Tine
setter, t-uhl-beattr. an.l Miners, as thev advance
la life, arcsutijeci 10 rraltsi of the iiuhi m. to
cuard analnsl Ihl. take a ilo-c of W ALkKii . Vc
tiun liirrr.Bs twite a week.
Illlllllla, llflllllK'lll, uml Ililermlllr.it
I'rin.i whli'ti are M prevalent In I lie jllejscl
our crcjt liters iliroucbout the I'nUcI Minn,
eepe. lallr Iho.e of the .ll.ls.lppl, (llilo, Missouri,
Illinois. I'cnnf-see, Cinnlierlail, Arkaii'n.s, licil,
l-j.li.r nil. Ilr.i.ri. III.. ,:m,i.I IVrl t..ilii?i.i
VI. .1 . . -fit'iMrtilf 1 1 f t ...it 'tint.' nn.l .nttir
int. r. v.nti their as tribniaries, ihrunshotit out
enure -ouurrr ilurlne tho Minitmr and Autumn.
" J, I'J '.J';1. t 2,". 'C ! L0.". i
. t"'' :""'.'" . 'A-'"."
Ito ileraii Yemenis of the stnmacti and liter, and
ollwrr abdominal slvrera. In ihtlr ueatuitnt, n
ituro.tin c.uccrtllis a iotcrtn intnicnrc upon Hide,
110 cattiirtle tor the rtirposa equal to Da. l" Vxi k!
.li-H VlKnin III rr )THs, as they trill stieeililr
remove the dtrk colorcil tlscld matter with which
the hoirelsare lo3'lc.l.attlicimfllnirstliiiulatinir
lh.- vcrcliom of tho liver, and coiicrally rcsiorliii
Ihi healthy ruiiclloris of Iho illcestltu on.'An
,.,!"',,'f.,,," "r Kliift'. Ksll, Wliltcnrrcllloirc
llrir. I.r.ii-lpclas, Mtelliil .Vcck. Goitre, .ncrofuluus
Iiin.itnmtilons, Indolent Inflainmallons. Mercunal
AlT.'cliuiis. tii.l .sore, eruptions of the Skin. -oru
!:,r'.'!" Ur' '" tb""e ,l 1,1 other constitu.
Il0n.1l I l;eas.-s. WakKCii's VlNKotu llirrtiis have
shown their urcat curallto potters 1 11 ,0 inns?
oli.tln.it.' on. I lnlr.ictat:i' caeii.
Dr. Vitlker 'alir.il lilts VIllelTMi u,,
ten art on all Ihet-e caw. Ill a elinllar maniiV 1"
Hy purifjlru: tho Illoo-l thej remove, the cause, ami
hr leMtltiinr atrar the eifects of Iho Inrtainnwiinn
(the lulHrcuUr il-'po-ll") tho affected pans rctclte
health, un l a permanent cure Is cStri'li-tl.
I lie properties 01 IOU ttnl.Enn'H vixniun
Ilimits arc Aperient, Diaphoretic, farinliialltc,
Nutrlilous, l.a.iilvo. Dlurcilc, rdatlte. Couuter
Irniant, Midortilc. Altcrallvp. and AniLliiliom.
The Aperlriii anil mild l-axatlve properties
of Iik. Walker's ViM.utn Ilirri-iLs aro ihv hot
ejn-Kuani in tjes 01 crupuous aim maiu-naut
fetiTti. 1 hi Ir luuanile. IicuIHil-. .in.l tiMiiiiint- nr...
pcrtles protect tho humors of the fauces. 'Ihelr
Mdailto ttroperllos allay pain In the- mrtntis sys.
ttimi, colic, cramps, etc.
Tll.lr ('lllllltei.il I Unlit lllllllrllre rr.
v.ii, Biuiii.--n. urn, ,'vni-ift, injui luiiauunaiioil.
H-n-H throughout the sjkii-iii. Iiit-ir Auti-lilli.tis
properties stimulate tho liter. In tlio n cretloii 01
Llle, and lis discharges tliroiiirli the biliary duels,
and arc superior to all remedial neents. for iin run.
of Ullliitis fen r, I'ever and Acue, etc.
Fortify Ilie lioily- nKnliitl illsrase liy
purifying all Itsilulds vs i.sr.iUR lurrKits. No
cpldi-mlc can take hold of a system thus fore-armed.
nircrilmis. Take of the Hitters on collie to
tieil at utzhl from a half to oue nnd nm-.ii.iir ume.
k'lassful. Hat (toinI noutl.hliiir fiio.1, mch as licef-eu-uk..
mutton chop, venison, roat ttcef, ami vcire
tal'les, ami l.iku out-door exercise. They ure
iiiiikw.i ur purely tcjetablo luurtdlcuts, aud
contain 110 ttplni.
It. II. .sicIIII.I,D dr. CO.,
Urncirlsts and lien. At'ts.. t-au Pranrirn ivii 1
cor. of vt'iuhimrtnii ami Charlton J-ih., .n v.
cunt iii i.u I'lttuuirsis a Ul.AI.r.l53.
Isnstf retarded aalhe M4.MMIIII IUKI.M1 1'llll.
1)1 It. and too best artlele prepared for maklu Unlit,
nhtilesome anil delirium lllsl't'lTS. Itlll.l.s,
HKl.tll, (iltllilil.i: and othar ( AKI.S, it, Ae.
ItUlnrilllhlr. and alnais renlj for Iniinedlste
use. Tbehe.t I'tsl' I'UH IIKII furn.enn loiursi: 1
till tm.S to AM IMItT 01' TIIK tll.OllK.
It I. runienleiit and eennomlcal. Ml IVISTK
01' I (Kill I'llt.l'llll ll It It II I r. Sold eterinheri)
hjuiiou;us, snip. t iUMimts uj dui.liin.
DOOLEY 4c nnOTIIER, Mannfaoturor3,
TiiioicstLn prroT, r
69 .v:ir ,sTiti:r.r, yvw-ronK,
A I'rlsnlciS'otiiiaelor lo SlieMnrrli'il
or thole about to Marry, on th. i'bi.lulnglc.Iiu).
tsrln and r.T.latlon.orih...iul jyitein, with th.
Ut.ildlscoierlei In producluir and pr.t.utlug off
sprluj, pres.rrliiKth.cuuiiiltilon, Ac,,
t This laaa I' )r.illDS work of two h;-Ird and
illty rug.., with nuiu.rou. .ogra rings, aud contain
tilusll. Information for Ihoi. who ara uisrrl.do;
cont.raplst. marri.K.i itlll It If a hoolt that ouht
to Ls under lock ami k.y tod Dot laid c.r.l.i.ly
about th house .
' Seol Man, ous irmi pilir) tor Slii, sent., litres
Ilr. Ustls' lil.sisri, .No. II .1 HilUIu-i. 6uU.i.,y
io:i:t 10 rax irrnrria as cwrcsTrain.
C7- U.fni, .M l, In, w tn. u.lornu. ucitu ti. s It.ril,. I.
ts.ll.isp.rs, .r uilui so; tlus.kK.iusdlM, tMru. Ur. Hall,'
.rk,no ustur t.slivurillMs.ls er new S.rlursbl. s.ur
.safliUoa. p.. lUrftscsotMoutuaJlM, rr.i).j. br h. T..i
.?lJ1t1.l",""u,,tl'-lll'l' 'ks. l)-'s, Ko. Nwia
SI UN I ltd Ms MIIM.T,
11,11. VOIS.
flooil stalillng connectflil wi tit thn house,
ami sample room for commercial travelers,
Kree omnibus to anil Irom all trains,
.liomJ . .1 M. DAMRON.rtoprMor
Foreign Advertisements.
ni'j nmt ol 1 North Malts Hit ret,
Offer to the stove dealers of the South
and Wet
5 2 S Z Z B S
r :n with low hksktwhu
ANo a comjilctc and well selected
cUick of
TI3STiTimS' O-003DS
ssf kveiiv ntscitipriox ,
From thn leading lactones of the country,
which are otfereil at a low rate a earae
quantity and quality can be pu-chaed In
any We-tern city I'leaso examine our list
bcloro purchasing elsewhere.
Asn a rvti A.iviRTifEXT or
HVE IE T jk. Hi t3
Orders liv letters solltlted. tritanntee 1 n
hat th'v w-. II In-prjm.illy. iml lalthlully e
at; i-owit fig cues.
Ik lv.i:i i'::;:::; c! Si, Uw
Parties In tiiuklnz nun liases In M Loals.
it III .lu well lu rut this nut a a reference, as
Hi') lire (lie lemliiig houses lu their varUu
lines nf business.
viti.ms, iiitdWVACO.
lot ,t to ., i mn r..
m 1 ft Hone Cotton Mills, St. Lon'u
North Fourth StroAt
iend for Catalogue and Price I.ltt,
Vkern. steber &
J 1 1 i i w r. 1 .- 1
a 11 r sr-js kirll ITf
r ifrs ittt frw 4-rJri
I 'T l,'mOMi..lITIlJf j
ll'fnttvmt Jicsitcr In
14 WiT'i nctun Ave , obtMiie h, l.1
1 a ft I,- new i itc, si 1 AMiis si(j,
If t t.r.
i lAsntsf irAmer.cantprine Waponi. Nwi
, mivx m t kUouis. ela 0AiMosifl
1 n. it' ri tie U11
B. r. lip
I .St ilt -.e llln.lrtltril CillnlmlllC.
LlPPlNtWTT, Wettera Depot1
""' nJ H.Lulkl SI lilltl rile...
uni ;hatleSu.,5t.Loul
210 & 221 Market Streot.
I I.IH'It, r.UAI.V and niJ.MMtAr.
Commission Merchants,)
tiik host Timnornn l-rr.iruii or tbs
lly II uso Cunrcr nro cured, and
Canreniil. tumors are tll.prr.nl without the sur
(.oil's knlfisrrofiiU couriuered, and Consamp
Unit prfveuteil and cured.
V e 11 r e u I HI i f m , M ercorlal and M Iner
al I'ol.oin, ami their 1 UV'ct eradicated, and lor.
rr a health and a sound constitution established,
I'cniiilc iiliiic and Ulte.tei
Iropy uent-ral or irilali ritvelling.. extern.) or
lulernali and Tumors aro rtduccd aod iUla
In a nery .hurt time. ,
i:rjlielii". Malt Itheam.Se.ia nead,an.l
ret .-r W.s areeoon rcuiote.1 by this jtoitcrful
deler.-entmeilU-lne. e..t
M iiriiutlf lllone, Daiidrnll, Scaly
or I mt."" Win. aud I'inipli. uulcUy Kio ttay,
(Iir.iiili' ll.i'ii'si,KH'rn.lAOT..Di..
i i!., 1 !ir lli'siK'tt-li, 1 heuiuatlsm.ltervon.
flSl"; MKTai iioti llty. in .hort. all th.
:V,m..V.m. dl.rsse. caused by bad blood, aril con.
n JcJauds". ttay before this most powerful
Z fZuitU Kins "I l'f Bll- ,
111I1 lioltlo tontaln. between forty na
tf 1 ordinary ilo.es. co.ilus only on. dollsr.
I'rom oiin lo lour sir IIto bollle will
euro Malt llliciim. Scald Head, Itlcg Worm, Pim
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I Dealers in Native and Fori;n Mttne
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N'j. '1 Hr ailttay, St I.cuu, Mo. 1
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Jsncs' C:m'l A Tocgraph Collegoi
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