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'Pk 1 I- ,'
fr'koJoiiMi or OAKS
tee all poMM.
J1STU, . Ml0,
at. rani eat ill point north.
W1 tb only dlteol rente In
r, aiMBiiatoB, HptiMit.
-ftkfaumit, La Halle.
Ptaoe, Freeeort.
Drawing Boom Sleeping Car
On all Wight Trail.
Cjtoeked ieU UoporUot pclnls.
awl tafenaaliea. arr.lv to I. O. R.R
ttrei oa eoar tnetris-it Umr I.
kt eSeee thronihout (ha wall).
A. Mm-u- an'l. Bno'l. chletao.
J. JOHNSON Ag't, Cairo.
lenefer train on I be Illlnpf Central
tiinri wme (-dr. fro"1 nd 'tcr 2:1(1
ft. BtTto-d-r train will run at tollowi t ,
rnt. dally ..3:13. ni.
MelVeircept Sunday . . . ,4:00 r. in.
MM. Hlllr rnt HiindaV.. 3:10 P. m.
Mall,, 7. , " " ,.12:00 night.
Oanad after Sunday, May 25, an excur
ale train will be run each Sunday on the
Cairo and Vlncennes tallroad, between
Cam tad Mound City, m follows :
Leave' MM City. Arrive at Calm.
8 a.m. 8:25 a.m.
4-.aop.ro, 4:55 p.m.
Leave Cairo. ArrlveatM'dClty.
0 a.m. 0:30 a.m.
5 p.m. 6:30 p.m.
Iran for the round trip, tlfty ecnti.
CIAHLH O. Wooti, Osn'l Ticket Ag't.
xailroadtTmb TABLK.
i bow If are Cairo aud Hound City as.
i Cairo. Leave Monad City.
Has. 1:45 p.m..
b-M PJR'. 6:40 " .
Chi. O. Wood, Qen'l Ticket Ag't.
On arid after Monday, February a, 1873,
(atM9nthaC. and V. railroad will run as
ooinq aonni.
Mil. City
6:1ft p. m. le.
ft:4H ar.
6-M a. in.
8:10 "
1:05 p. m.
lisa "
tM "
4:40 "
-aT Cairo
" Mouad City..
" Eldorado....
- NorrtaCity..
" Mt. Camel..
aoiifo aotmi.
Ex- Md. City
press. HcoM'I'ii.
? Vlncennes... 7w0a. in.
MLCarmet.. o:W
" Carml... ... "
" NorrliCtT..10.W "
' Eldorado..., UMi
Mound Cltj.. tXl p. tn. u. in. le
.rrif!lro b08 " Iflfi " ar.
OoaaectlBg at Vlncennes with the lndl-
UsapolM and vlncennoa,unio ana Missistip
Mirstmnavllla and Crawforclivlllo rallrnai
UMt. Carmel with the Louisville and New
Albany air line ; at cartni wiin iuo si. tauia
tad Southeastern ; at aomsuity mo spnni
3ald and Illinois Southeastern : at ildoraclo
with the Shawnee town branch of the ft
Louis and Southeastern: at Cairo with Ika
Mobile aad Ohio talu-oad transfer boat, aim
Mamera for Memphis, Hcil ltlver, A icks
burg and New Orlean.
CHAS. O. Wood, fle n'l Ticket Ag't
Jho. Ln, JB., Sup't.
U. S. Sio. Sn.,OB8XKvaa'B ovrics, 1
CAIBO, Oune 3, .1873, 10:11 p.m. J
BaromeUr 201.
ThanDomeUr 70 degrees.
Wlad, aouth, velocity , mile per
Weather, dear,
sTjnim tamperaturv last it hour, at
4 p. a., 86 dagrees.
Mllsaaa taaaiMrature. last 34 hour, at
a. ., 61 dagn.
PraraiUag wind laat U hour, aoutheast.
Total number of aUes wind travelled, laat
M Uourn, 108. -
Mdwik Oablisd. Observer.
4r Oaa4aar'Jua 4, and unUI further,
hotlm, aafrta train northeast wlU leavo
, V Cairo at 8:88 a.m. Cm. O, Wood,
, 1 Mat' Qen'l Ticket Ag't
house, 8 room and S clotott, with one
lot aad a half, corner of Twenty-first and
Poplar (treat, on easy terms. For further
Information, apply on the premUf .
MO-lta .
Fnm white tngle and double X amber
iagl and doublt X Canary, best quality of
aaaaUia, blue Utter, etc., etc. 60,000 for
ala, printed t t3 .60 to 6 60 per thousand,
attha Bnixwrw QrncK.
' T s tmj and all who deslro a fine,
gawabaa JTrtach calf,kld, Mornjco or patent
, hitfcf fair of boot, gaiters or shoes of any
"V wtJIaf tka totait styles, William Ehlem, on
TmatMkffreetU ready to furnish them
ak at.rjaa6nbl rate, and guarantees
atoeklgooaBU ana pcnecinninieciion
j Mia. Aaaa Laeg m Eighth street, between
Cnaussrnial aed -.Waabington avenue, has
Joat apaaad out atoak of new and fashion-
abMiMUiiaaryfeM. ue Da on nuaoroa
awl IftydMffigaiof haU and bonneU,
bmfkitmkmmtL ol ribbon, flow
T an aJ awtfana ot 'al aatta, aU of which wU
; .SayaDProachlna: the
Iotmsj ti WMH Wil he g)ad to learn that
Marfc aajfclUWiii tore fitted up and
rafltralaaad, UtMgaat ty)e, tbtlr le cream
yaitor. Taatr msmwoth soda fouaUIn ha
at kMa ft la ruaalag order. Mad nothing
kj wMiM ahaut tb aubjMM nake
mgmm. f eomtart of (heir patrons
r 4-19-U
WwiiUhiam aattbad it
that'l II I
IMJan OoU-
P aurtlal
Aa wafvWtaunr
The wctther yesterday wis showery
All kind of llnent, lacei, edgings, and
trimmings of every yarletyt Burger's.
I-ouBhury or Mound City, was In the city
yesterday. He is the roml psre nt or twins,
aad Is happy,
FaraaoU and a lato lot ot emtom nude
boota and shoe aro sold cheap at Burger's.
Hemember the .Moonlight Kxcursloti hy
the 'nl Vive Cotorle" Friday evening.
0-S St
Burger' has a complete lino ol hosiery of
all kinds, end corsets, roll, ruits, rlr., In
unlimited variety.
That Internal Mound City MournM' lull-
mates that wo got drunk on welss brer and
had a tooth pulled because wo couldn't
think ol any thing elso to do.
SwUs muslin, tarletoni, Frunuliand Ilnm-
burg emliroldcrli's nt Ilurger's. Orcat burl
The "Qui Vive Coterlo" will give n grand
Moonlight Excursion Friday evening. Turn
out, everybody t Tleketsfl eanh.
Burger has Just received a lull line ol
summer drew good of every description,
which will be sold cheapor than the clif up
st. The Dolta Clly Cornet Hand and l'rof,
Klsenberg'a String Hand will accompany the
"Qui VWe CoterU" Friday evening on
their excursion up tire Ohio river. Come
one, come all, and bare a good time. (1-5-21
The eiitnrprltlna; merchant of Wakhlngton
avenue, Mr. Mocorlcs, will until tho 20th
Inst, dispose of his largo stock ol goods,
uotldns, etc., at cost. Call on him If you
wantbargnln. ii-MI
Jss. T, Johnsoil'a Oardcn Nlnlo I'lrrn.
takes Its departure to-day on n spocial
train vl tho Cairo and Vlncenncs railroad.
Mr. Johnson gives a good exhibition and car
rlen tvllh lilni tho bet wllio of I lit- citizens
of Cairo.
New s"pk and new styles ol wallpaper
paints, oils, window gloss, etc., etc., at U.K.
Meigs' new storo, Washington avcniio and
Eleventh atreot. Call and eeo,th latest
styles In wall paper licforn purchasing else
where. .( .
The ladles who managed thu St. Mary's
park picnic niado a handsome sum of money,
but they had a great deal of trouble. Tho
noxt picnic thoy take In band, will bo given
(they Inform us) not innnrr than ten jears
after the prafvnt time.
Mr. .1. M. Moicovlcs la cloning out his rn
tire stock or goods at cost. Tho goods
must be sold, at Mr. Moscovict expresses a
determination to have his shrives clear and
ready for his successor on the 20th of dune.
The next regular communication of
Delta lodge, 60S, A. F. A. M.. will
be held at Masonic hall this (Thursday)
evening, at 8 o'clock. Visiting brothers
coruiaiiy invited to attend. W. A. Sloo,
. . Secretary
Is It lawful to mtke a remark of this kind.
louna Dyui In the Mound City 'Journal')'
".Mr, Davis, editor of tho Cairo Sun,' was
oraieny a preacher by traV. and report
ys a very good one, too. What a pity,
that a good proacber boutd be spoiled to
make a common editor,"
The Falls bouse, brought by Bumraerwell
across tno Mississippi river from Missouri,
wa drawn up Washington aenuo yesterday
oy lourwen yoke or oxen. Thl ts tho
greatest feat ofbouso moving oa the records
or una part oi the state or ot any other Main.
Suinmerivell i a house-moving brick.
There will be exercises lu tho primary de
partment of tho publlo school under the
superintendence of tbe teacher Mls Ross.
of a very lutercsUng nature, this (Thursdsvl
afternoon, commencing punctually ut 11
o'clock. The exercises will consist of read.
Ing, rccltntlons, munlc, Ao. l'arenfs and
rrtcnils are cordially Invited to attend.
Mr. .1. M. Moskovlci. tho entcrnrUlnif
dealor In dry goods, Washington avenuo
between Ninth and Tenth streets, offer his
largo anu varied dock of goods at cost
prices. Hit store la full of the choicest o
ilry good of every variety and quality, and
the price at which he I dispoiiug it tlicni
aro astonishingly low. Cull upon him and
atlsfy yourself. " 6-711.
It you want the water In your rMern to
be healthy,
Amy's patent
At C. It. Woodward'.
Dr. Wood and Mr. Hudson hare tlirm in
um. rt-a (It
Miriam's Ciluie w .well' rendered last
night. Jtalnforth as Idles was fine. This
young actor has something ln him. -A fow
year experience, study and the practice of
the art ol keeping something out of himself,
will give him a high , position ou the stage.
W nd noty, tho Irwin wero excellent.
They always are. To-night, the Marble
Heart, l au attraction uo play-lover should
Irwin, Mayer ana another gontleman of
the combination called on us yesterday. Rv
the way, ha It ever occurred to our people
that the member of this company, male aud
lemalc, arc decidedly, handsome. Irwin In
a good-looking fellow, but not xo good-look
lag Mayer. Ti tact Is Mayer is hard to'
beat. A a bandfama ntan he Is a uccef
Mr. Irwin la better looking than her hits,
band. Tho other,' ladle of the company
bay name we do not recollect at this writ'
log, but they are all handsome.
The Mound City 'Journal' aya that -,fudgo
Gren of Cairo, earnestly advocates appro
priating the nary-yard, in case It is aban
doned by tho government, for educational
purposes. He would establish In It a young
ladles' Institute, a theological school or some
Institution of learning of a high order, a
seminary or colled of some kind. Uo said
year would be required to arrango grounds
for such an institution elsewhere so beauti
fully and conveniently as they aro arrangod
bar now. The uggttlon 1 worthy of
consideration, coining from the source It
doa." '
In tbtt iaiue of Tun BuLurriH appears an
attack on Her. T. J. Shore. We don't be
Uev the charge made against Shores ln it.
Say what you may about Shore be i a man
of energy, and he ha done mora than could
hare baan axpotd of him, III church
property, cai about 6100, and of thl
amount b coHtd by canraulng In Ken.
tueky and other (iaia 6M0. Of It b him-
'Hit paid abont M of k(-wa noney, and'
vaBci aosaf iswiisMas. r hi en men
who. wart' turned out al tbe ekarah, with
nbMt taa cadr Instigated to it by lb devil
Memw.bMkedbf IM, Hh,Mfti
wwleeg e4 atoelr mMml 'h fat,
of tte pH eaMet prrU waiMt him,
Theoouncll at the meeting nU Tues
day night, rafutad to confirm Henry Mar
tin as policeman, and did confirm llemli.
Theoouncll Is ?rywli, and knows what
It should do aad ho It should do If, but
we quMtiuti ihe wisdom of Its selection In
tills natter. Martlo. It Is said, dissipates
lomowbat-gets drunk In fact. This may
ba, but we do not know that he ever got
io drunk he was not entirely fll for duty.
If we are to aeak for model temperance
men to adorn the police force wo should
go far and find few. This Bet. lit in of
fice and the churches aro th only Institu
tions In tbe city out of which such men
could be selected. Hut It li all right, of
course. The king ran do nu wrong. "Wo
shall keep our longing eyo upon flomls, In
thl hope that ha may finally bloom Into
full btown policeman. At present he Is
only a bud, but, undor tho culturing sun
of tb council, he will bloom. W knnw
be will. Ue must.
On Monday, .lime 2, at the pm-Minaga by
ftov, II. II. Tlmyer, Mr. W. 0. Mchnor and
MIm l.h K. Wlnsdr, all of this city.
Hy a young man of considerably cxpC'
rlcnce both In dry good aud grocery busl
ness. For further particulars eiuiutrn nt
Cundld'a Rrncery storo, F.lghth treii.
c,.z nt
A cabinet orgnu, es good as new, urn! ol
llrnt-rlmi manufacture Mill lio nolil low iiml
on easy ternn hy applying to
Mrm. M. .1. Dinar,
Cor. Washington Ave. and FoiirleriilhM.
tl 4-lm.
On Saiiirduy morning at ten o'dm k.at the
livery stahln of II. F. Fields, on Tenth street
between Washington avcnmi and Walnut
street, a lot of horses and mules, second-hand
buggies and carriages. Sale positive. Per
sons wanting n good baigaln should not full
to attend. II, V. I'lKl.tx.
A colony I now being formed In IliU city
to go to that dellghtlnt land. Railroad faro
I much reduced, and great advantages are
thcrwisc gained by Joining this colony.
For futber particulars apply at once to llrls
tol A Stllwcll, who aro duly authorized locn1
agents for the colony. Oreut Inducements
arc given for rcrrulti during this month,
n-n I III
Juliu Antrim, tlio chief among Cairo cloth
ing men, ban Jint received an Invoice of
hats to the amount of ten thousand dollars.
All of the latest, newokl uud "nobbiest"
styles straw, felt, bcaer, etc., etc., to
which bo invite tho attention of all who
wear bats. Ills stock ot ready made cloth
ing is not excelled outside 9! New York clly.
It I worth a day's travel to see his gnndn.
This i)pular hotel has been rclltlcd and
mprou'd, and 1 now1 one of tho most coin
fortablo stopping places In the city. The
travelling publlo and persons desiring
pleasant quarter by tho week'or mouth,wlll
always find them at the Commercial hotel,
llules of board have .boon rcductod aa fol-
lowsi Day board, t Ml per week; trantlt,
1 60 per day; boinl and lodging, from 66
to t7 per week. If
Health and pleaHiire-seekcru are going to
beautiful Colorado during the summer sea
son, and will bo glad to know that the Mis
our! I'aslllc Railroad company ts sclllug
tickets from St. Louis to Denver, Colorado,
and return, at greatly reduced rates. Call
upon or address E. A. Ford, general pas
senger agent or the Missouri Pacific railroad,
at St. Louis, Mo,, and bo will cheerfully tell
you all about It. rt-X!t
llurgcr 1 now orTcring for dale a splendid
assortment of dress bilks, Japanese suiting,
etc., etc., tit tho most reasonable rates.
Illinois Oknthai. Railroad,
Auxnt'h urricn, June ., 1873, J
We will comiucnc.0 telling the Chicago
Jublleo excursion ticket on Tuesday, Juno
3, for tho -:10 p.m. train, and will dlscou
tlnuo tho sale of them after the departure
ol the mlunlght train ol Thursday June 6.
Pasaengera by tho I. C. railroad, arrive in
Chicago froma to 0 hour In advance of any
other route from Cairo.
0-3-tf Jamks Joiixnon, Agent.
Uurgcr bat Just received and opened a
largo stock ot damasks, napkins, towullngs,
etc., etc., all of which will bo sold cheaper
than they can be bought anywhere c1m In
A rare chance I offered to 101110 man
with money to invest In good paying
property in tho most desirable part of the
city. Two lot, 60 feot front on the avo
nue, houso 3 sturlei. Two large itorcs
cau be fitted up on the first floor, the up
per stories are well arranged for offices or
dwelling. For furtbor particular en
quire of John Q. Hahman & Co.,
C-I-tf Real Eitato Agents, Cairo, Ills.
On and after Tuesday, Juno 3, excursion
tickets to Chicago will be sold by this now
route for 613 the round trip, including a
ticket to l'. a. Ulimoro'i (or tbe Uoiton
Jubilee fame) Grand Jublleo concerts, which
will bo held Juno 6 and 6. Tickets good on
any train, and until tho lOlhof June to re
turn. Direct connections made and passen
ger put into Chicago as toon as by any
other route. Woodruffs magnificent sleep,
ing palaces Irom Vlncennes.
Ciias. O. Wood,
Ocn'l Passsonger and Ticket Agent.
The iuoit beautiful percales, Jaconet and
other white dress goods ever brought to
this market, cau be bought lor exceedingly
owpilceaatDurger'. '
CURSIONISTS. By reference to the time card or th
different line to Chlcgo, person can aat
Uty themselves that by the Cairo and Vln
cenne railroad and connection, they will
arrtre there one hour and twenty-teven
minutes In advance of any other route. The
Cairo and Vlncennes railroad line reaches
Chicago at 6:30 a.m., and otbtr routes at
7:67 Excun-o-lsta by tb Cairo tnd
Viacenaet read can remain in Chicago until
th evening of tbe 10th, while by the other
route they niutt leave there "on or before
tbeeth." NetetheeMfereaee.
6-4-t cab. 0. Wood,
Qb'1 ticket J ut.
MAItY, '.
A telegram received In this city yester
day, Irom tho clerk of tho Mrry U. Forsytho
conveys tb Intelligence that the eteimer
was wrcrked In tho null of Mexico on Mon
day last and Is a total loss. Capt. Hamble
ton and the crew wcro saved. The Forsythe
left Mound City several week ago, loaded
with government store lor I'eiisacola.
She was Insured, but for what amount we
did tint ascertain.
' H.VS.' 8.
hi: if hi:i'UI.si:d with iihkat
The llev. I.ogim Sleeper called on us yes.
tcrday morning and poured Into our ear
tho woes ol the Caldwelllte. During the
Interview this conversation took plica :
Reporter : Mr.Blecpordld you come hre
as penco-tnaker to reconcile Shore and
tho unruly member of his flock)
Sleopcrt I have boon on a missionary tour
In Ibis vicinity, and, out oi sympathy for tho
church here, got Into tho controveriy, hop'
Ing to settle H and make pctcn by Inducing
conciliation en both sides.
Reporter 1 When did you llrt Mt Mr,
Shores f
Sleeper: First cume lt.ro In the parly part
of tho winter and visited Mr. Shores. I was
kindly received by him, and presched four
times for him. 1 bavo known Shorci for
years,, -when bo was iu his teens and in
cook-house in St 1ouIn. Ho win then a very
rough hoy. 1 thought he had bccnconvei'tei
Mnco, but now I very much doubt It.
Reporter.: llow illd the rupture occur
between you and Shores r
Sloepcr : llccauko 1 tried to sottla tho dll
liciilty in his church. He ha no bettor
friend than I on earth. I would do anything
to have him happy and good.
Reporter: .ton called on him last night
Sleeper: lcs; last night after supper,
with Mr. Williamson. Mr. Williamson en
denvorcd to induce Capt. Hurd to go along
but the captain Indignantly nald ho would
not bo seen near Shores' house. Other per
sons also refused.
ltoportsr: How were you received t
Hicper 1 we went 10 tho Uoor ami rang
the bell. Mrs. Share came to the door,
Mr. Shores followed her. Shores said, ad
dressing Williamson: "How do you do,
captain t" Williamson asked him If ho did
not know me. Shore laid 1 "No, 1 don't
Won'tyou come In, captain)" "Not ir Mr,
Slccpor don't," said Williamson. "Well,
said Shores, "there Is no room in my house
for Mr. Sleeper." The balanco Is very short,
"Won't yoti receive htm a a conciliator)''
asked Williamson; "won't yoif listen
him)" "No," ald Shore, "ho head
mob or devilish nigger who want to rob mo
or my church, and that' enough of him for
me." "Uood evening,;' ald Capt. William,
son. Mid, wc turned away,
HAMRIjETOX'H esoapb.
TURE. That incorrigible joklst, Hon. N. R.
Casey, was in the city yesterday. When
he heard or the disaster to the Mary K.
Forsyth he was the picture of despair, but
learning tho wat insured, and that Capt.
Unmbloton had escaped a watery grave,
be brightened np. Ho said ho knew
llambltton, and wea iuio that gentleman
would prefer any otbor kind of grave to a
watery ono. "You ," he remarked, as
bo took the inevitable unlit cigar from be
twoon his lip, "HambUton has no uso for
water. He allows none of tho fluid
to got into him and he don't want to get
into It. Wh'on th boat went down It wat
thought, for a time, the captain had gone
down with it; but whon the morning
broke over the watte of water ho wat die
covered about half a mile to the larboard
of the boat in which the crew had escaped,
aitrldo a cannon, going toward New Or
leans. With one hand he was paddling
tb cannon, and In tho other hand held
a lug of what wat presumed to bo wbli-
koy. It wat known to the inmate of th
boat that, if any of tho water of the gulf
should get down the captain' throat, ho
wat a gone goallngj but. all their anx
iety was dittlpatod almott a much
dlulpated at Oberly wat In Spring-old
when thoy got oloie to him, by eeeing ln
bla mouth a cork. Having ascertained
that he wat wall oorkod, thoy know he
wat In no danger. Ho wts saved Lord
bun mint and I'll hot he hatoa wator
more than he over did; and he al
wayt did hate it worto than poison." Thlt
it Casey's atory of the rescue. It It all
very well, except that little allusion to ut,
which mutt bo regarded as one of tho Doc
tor' Joke.
The following correspondence oiplalns
Caibo, Illinois, June 4, 1873.
Mx. Sildin Inwiv Understanding
that the stay et your excellent troupe in
thl city 1 to be brief, and remembering
the exaultito pleasure many of our cltt-
can experienced lattwinUr "by your ren
dition or me "taroie near, or xne
Sculotor't dream." we. th iundertltrned
would respectfully ask a repetition of that
uporb play on Thursday evening, ,.fune
6, lOJU.
Very truly yours,
WnMorrK , Mile F Gilbert,
OPink, OW Dunning,
Charlee M Howe, J B Hudson,
Alexander H Irvln, Chat Cunningham,
P Fitrgerald. M Coyne,
Phil B Seup, L L Davit,
Phil Boword, Jno F Sector,
And many otbert.
Box Orricn, ATnuut 1
Cairo, III.. June 4, 1873.
Mesir. W. H, Morris, O. W. Dunning,
M. F. Gilbert, Ohai. Cunningham, A-
H. Irvln, and many other:
Gbntlkubm Your bind note of thl
morning is received. While tendering
you my ilneera thank rot the high corn
pllrant vou have paid mo, I would ay
It will afford mt snoeh pleasure to comply
with tbe rquttv lopUa; to nlwayt
mtrlt your good opinion, I remain
Very renaotfulfy, ur Inwix.
Aowdbauttr awortniit or great
aUMarOaewtortaleatwurfer't, CaUtnd
.irimK AliLEN ANU i. r.
Owing to a ohanco In Ibo running time
of passenger trains on tho Cairo and Vln
cennes railroad, Judgo Ilaker and tho at
torney enetstd in the trial of Harrison
tor tho killing of Hwobodo, did not arrive
t -found City until after o'clock yot
lerday morning, and It was half psst 0 be,
roro court wag called.
The prisoner wa already in court when
the Judge arrived, which avoided any oc
CAtion for dolay.
in Jury wat called, after which Mr
Llntgar commenced lliooloslncfpeoch for
tne uerense.
Mr, Llnegar tpoko for ovor two hours
and wat Ilttoned to with tho clotott nttcn
tion throughout by both tho Jury and
thoso who had gathered in the court-room
to hear tho spocobel of himself and Judgo
Mien. -Mr. Llnegar left no ttono tin
turned to liiiprosn the Jury favorably In
behalf of bis client. Ho btlleved IlarrI
ton wat, In a great measure, excusablo for
tho killing of Swoboda. Hnoboda and
Harrison bad been warm personal frlondt;
they had boon together on the evening of
tho killing, and had gone to the liouie
where tho homlcldo wat enacted together.
Hn believed that from tho long
and oxcottlvo uso of strong
drink Harrison's mind was not right; that
ho wat by the tllghtcst unusual occurrence
thrown Into a fit of Insanity, during which
he might commit an unlawful aot. He
believed there was tome provocation on
the part of Swoboda; that when he
opened tho door and saw Harrison In tho
hall ho raised his band as If to tako Har
rison by the throat. Thlt fact coupled
with tho fact that Swoboda, when ho on
torad the room with hi band in hit
pocket, was atkod by Harrison what he
bad iu his pocket, and that Swoboda wat a
much largor man than Harrison, wore all
circumstances which might have caused
Harrison to bsliovo that ho wat in dan
ger of bodily Injury, and If b shot
Swoboda undor such an Impression, then
tbere was nn excuse for him.
Uo spoke of tho reason wby Marrlton't
wife wat not with btm during hit trial.
It wat only becaute tho wat confined to a
tick bod. If the bad boon well tho would
most turoly have boen with her husband
aunng ma iriai. one, 11 any one, iinj a
right to accuse her husband for his coune
previout to the tbootlng of Swoboda; but
tb knew tha condition of his mind at that
time; and the knew he wat not responsi
ble for hit actt. That ttrong'drlnkt bad
drowned bit reason lhat he wat not him-
self ; and the had never once cblded him
for bit course. Mr. Lloeger continued hit
argument until a few minutes after 1.
o'clook, when, to far as the dofonce wat con-
corned, he left the cato wilh the Jury, say,
Ing that whatever their vordict might be
no would betatituod that tho Jurv bad
acted causclously, and in nccordanco with
their bottjiidgmunt.
Court then adjourned until 2 o'clock
p. in.
Arr-R.soox sissiox.
Tho court re-atsembled at the appolntod
hour, 2 o'clock. The roll of tho jury wat
called, after which Judgo Allen began the
cioting argument for tho prosecution.
J. uo judgo apoko for nearly two houn,
commanding ttrlct attention all tbe tlmo,
The plea of Uarriton't insanity was, to
him, and hp btllevod to tbe Jury, a farce.
Insane men did not do at Harrison bad
done. He belierod Harrison wat not only
not insane, but he did not boliovo bo was
io very drunk on the night on which the
murder was committed. He believed it
was a raalltclous, premedltatod murdor and
noining else. From the evidence before
tbe jury it wat clear that Swoboda and
WW f a. ...
narriton naa both boen going to
ho the same girl Ida Wlntor.
He did not too what any
man could tee ia bor that wat attractive.
She wat homely dish faced, fiat nosed.
and altogether disagreeable. Passing to the
plea or drunkenness tt up by thojdefonsp,
that he said was no excuse for the crime
and wat not rocognizod ni tuch by the
When Judge Baker had finished road
Ing the Initructioot to tho Jury, and they
togethor with the indictment wore handed
to them, the prisoner becatno oxclted, and
It was plain to be seen that a terrible war
wa going on within him, to conquer hit
feeling and contain bit self posesslon
Tits rniRONnn.
On enuring the court room yestorday
mentng wo found tbe priionor stated on 1
chair In conversation with toveral friend
We came near to wbtre ho wat titling,
when he reached out to tbako btndt with
ut. We took hold of the extended banJ
and atkod him "how be felt?" he replied
that he felt "at woll as he pottlbly could
uoaer.ine circumiiancoi." We tald to
him that ho would toon know what wat (0
be mi (ate. He said "Ye. It will loon
be oyer, and I will not, reel hard toward
toy one, no matter.' what may bo done
with me 1 1 will "hare no bard 'feelings
agatmt th jury or anyone else. I am
sure I would sooner be in
Joe's place ;tban in the condition I am."
lie then asked foraBuLLtTiit which we
gave him, when he turned to hi friend
and resumed hit conversation. Be wa
evidently much depressed, aad realise tha
terrible potltlon in which be li placed.
Be wa paler and mora anxlou aad rest-
leu than at any other time during tbe
progress of the trial. ' Hs was drid tb
tame as ha bee hi cut torn tlr.ee tbe com
mencement of tha Irfal. During tha titae
Mr. Liaegar wu (Banking be pU
the olotett attention, aad when
that gentleman referred to 4k fact that
tba only thing that prevented bU wife
from being with him oa thlt eecetloo wa
that (ha eonflned to ariek bed,
primer exhibited lfe(ef aaiatloa.aU
eould tot keep tba tear fravt ftort!a f
Mi eye. Hi aether, a MM 1A T,
at by his side during ell tba forenoon,
and teveral timet during Mr. Llnegar'i
renurxi, when that gentleman referred to
the unfortunate condition In which the
wat compelled to meet her son, wopt bit
terly. She it a very Intelligent appearing
lady and wa dressed In deep mourning,
but for whom we do not know.
Up to ' o'clock thlt mornlnu lb Jury
bad not returned a yarded.
Cairo, Hit., Juno 3, 1873.
l'rciont Hit Honor Mayor Wood and
Alderman MoEwen, McGauloy, Meyersi
Morris, Rlttenhoute and Robinson 8. -
On motion of Alderman Itoblnton the
reading ot tho minutes was ditponsed
(Aldurmen Binby and Korsmoyor ap
peared and took tholr toats.
omcKBb' iir.i'Oiirs.
Tho official reports of tho following
named ofllcort wero presented and, on
motion of Alderman Blxby, approved and
ordered filed, vli; of Daniel McCarthy,
clly jailer for May; of J. J. Bird, P. M
for May; of V. Rross, P. M., for April; of
Win. McUalo, city marshal on arrests
made and animals Impounded in May; of
police constable Cain, Lallue, Mohner
and Connt, for May; and of police con
stable Mohner on the condition of the
street lamps in May.
(Alderman Nellie appeared and took
hi toat
A petition of tho police constables wat
prescnlod, asking that their salaries be
raised to an amount equivalent to $75
rash, Ou motion of Alderman NellU
said petition was referred tn tho commit,
teo nn police and Jail.
Potltlon of John T. Rennlo und others
was presented, praying the council to re
peal that portion of nrdlnarico No. 51 re
lating to the reconstruction of tho sldo
walk on the westerly tldoof Walnut street
bolwoon Fifth and Suth streets.. On mo
tion of Alderman Morrlt said 'petition
wat relerrcd to tho strcot committee,
Petition of police constables wat pre
tented, praying tho council to causo tho
gas In the Jail yard to be lit on dark
nights. On motion of Alderman Mc
Gauley said potltlon wat granted by the
following vote: Ayot Blxby, Korsmeyor,
McEwen, McOauley, Meyers, Morris,
Nellis, Rlttenhouso and Robinson
Tho following bill wore presented, and
on motion of Alderman Robinion, referred
to tho commlttoe on claims, viz:
C R Woodward, 10 kegt nails and
other hardware $71
R U Cunningham, rent of coun
cil building for May f0 00
Cairo Bulletin Co., publishing
council proceedings in May and
other advertising 48 'il
J R Cunninsham.hau'ing 1 loads
slop 'J 00
Stephen llradley, hauling 100
loadt lumber from levee to city
lumbor yard 50 00
George Lattner, hauling day..,
Dan'i McCarthy. 10 days sunorln
tending jail gang at $2 39 00
Thomas Fitzgerald, .7 day work
on streets at $2 25 CO 75
Peter Conlan, 37 day work on
streets.. ..: 10 75
PatWaldor, hauling a drunken
man to Jail oO
G W Honrickt, 4 dayt aorvicue
examining and estimating cost
of sidewalks .0 03
II L Klnnoar, 4 days service ex
amining and estimating cost of
sidewalk 20 00
M Doud. hauling G loads -lumber
in March 3 00
II T Gerould. rectlrt on gas plpct
atlail.oto 1 32
Cairo City Gat company, gas con
sumed at the different lire on-
Ine-bouiet, 3 months, to Juno 1. 37 80
Cairo Citv Gas company, gas con
sumed at cltv clerk' oflico. !l
months, to June 1 4 55
Cairo City Gas company, gas con
sumed at city Jail. 3 months, to
June 1 B 05
Cairo City Gat Co., gas consumed
in 87 ttroet lamps In May 304 50
Stonhon Bradley, hauling and
scraping on streets' , 57 76
Wm. llonrv. Jr.. night latch and
knob 1 25
Wm. Honry,jr.,balancduoon bill
recolved March 31, 1873 0 00
W. B. Rockwell & Co., stationery
for city clork'i office 3 07
II. A. Hannon, itttionory for
treasurer and comptroller 10 30
Dr C. U. Evans, surgical tervlcet
for T. Manahan. prisoner in
city Jail 10 00
Parker & Blako, glazing 6 lights
in city Jail ? 25
A. Hallor. 2 dozen tin cunt and
plates for city Jail 2 00
Joseph Brott, brooms and buokett
for cltv tail 70
.Tamo Kennody, reconstructing
sidewalk on west tido of Poplar
ttrctt.from Ninetoontb to Twen
tieth street. 230 feet at 40 cents
per foot Oi 00
Jat. Kennedy, reconstructing
sidewalk on south tide of Di
vlsion ttreet, from Wathington
-v-miA to Pooler ttreet. 400 ft
at 40o a foot 11 OC
Jas. Kennedy, reconttructlng
tidewalk on west tide of Pop
lar ttreet from Eighteenth to
Nineteenth ttreet. 220 ft at
40c a foot 8 00
Jat. Kennedy, reconttructlng
tidewalk on norm sme 01
Twentieth ttreet, from Wath
incton avenne to Poplar ttroet,
458 ft at 40c a foot 175 20
Jat. Kennedy, reconttructlng
tidewalk onioutn tide or Twen
tieth ttreet. from Wethineton
avenue to Poplar ttreot, 419 ft
at 40o a loot 107 60
Jat. Kennedy, reconttructlng
tidewalk on wett tide of I'oplar
tract, from Twentieth to Dl
Titloa ttreet!, 200 ft at 40c a
foot 80 00
Jat. Kennedy, reconttructlng
ildewalk on eatt aid of Poo
ler ttreet, from Twentieth to
Division ttreets, 178 ft at 40c a
foot' 70 4 J
J a. Kennedy, reconstructing id-
wain-on norm tide or Twentieth
treet, between Commercial ave
nne and Poplar atreet, 645 feet
at 40 ctt, and for excavation
noaae h .-.
232 00
F. Brott, P. M. ulary for May...
D. J. Galllgan, (alary at Superin
tendent of itreete in May...
1. B. Fallto, May (alary a Comp.
troller : r
36 00
BO 00
50 on
aVB.Ounnlngham.Mav talarv aa
TrtMoter 75 OO
'. J. MowUv. Ma lalarv a nui inn nn
Wm.M.Btfa MiytilJv uMar.'
(ball :
-.11 ' ...
100 00
A. Cain, May talery ai police ton.
(table ' 7, n(l
, A. Oonant, Mey talary a p0c, 0
Ohas. Mhnr. My talary as p0.
ilea constable
TS 00
Phillip Holm, May eatery at pollco
W. W. Wooton, May talary at po
6 00
"& 00
lice consume i.i.i.
1. C. La Hue, May talary 11 po
llco constable
75 00
Fred. Wbltcamp, May talary as
police constable, twonty-four
CO 00
John Wood, May talary at Mayor, 100 00
.icon vnooa, tainry at .Mayor from
April J3 to jo 33 a.t
Th following resolution bv Alderman
Rlttenhouse wes adopted, on moilon of
Aldorman Nellis, vlr. t
Resolved. That tba tir,i
are hereby Instructed to report at next
mooting of the council, tho belt plan to
permanently Improve our Leveo ttreet.
Tbo mayor nominated W. W. Wn,,in
for the potltlon of health officer. The
nomination wit confirmed by tho follow
.uB,..ioi Ayet-inxby, Kortmeycr, Mc
Kwon, McGaulor. Mv ll,.i. n-.iu.
Rlttenhousn and Roblnsono v.-o'
Tho resignation of F. While am 11 at tuu
lico constahlo to dato from May 24, wat
road, and 011 motion of Alderman Morrlt
Th mayor nomlnatod Henrv T. Mirili.
lor tho position of police conttablo to fill
the vacancy occasioned by tbo resignation
of Wbltcamp. Tbonomlnatlon wat not
confirmed, tbe vote being as follows
Ayet Blxby, McEwen, Meyon, Rltteti
home and Hoblnion-5. Nayt-Kone-mcyer,
M:Gauloy, Morrlt and Nelllt-4.
iho mayor thon nominated Frank
Bomls for tho office of police constable to
fill laid vacancy. The nomination wat
conflrmod as follows: AveiRItW
Korsmoyor, McEwon, McGauloy.'
Mey.rt, Morrlt, Nellis. RlttonhniH
and Robinson 9. Nay 0.
Tho following mestage from tbo mayor
was road, vetoing a bill for an ordinance
entitled "an ordinance to authorlz- th
eatre and Vlncennet railroad company to
lay down and operate a railroad track on
Twentieth ttreet from Commorclal avenue
to Levee street," vlr.:
Olntlumev or tiix City Council
I herewith respectfully return to you for
your furthor consideration, the ordinance
entitled, "An ordinance authorizing the
Cairo and Vlncennes Railroad company
to lay down und operato a railroad track
with witches, from tbe junction of Core
mercial avenuo to the Ohio levee on
Twentieth street," without my approval.
And. I bog leave to slate my reasons for
not approving tbo same.
My reuont for not approving tbe above
named ordinanco are : First, That the pe
tition asking for tbe tald railroad track it
not signed by a majority of property
ownors on laid Twentieth tret. It Is
tignod by to parti owning and operating
on 260 feet ot said streot. tbo third party
. I ! . 1 .... I . . r. J
igmug iuo pawion nas oniy a loato tor a
term of yoart on. laid property, and while
he may have control of the premise lu
quettion, ib cannot, in my judgment,
use tho right of petioning
for tbe purpose above named
Section 90 of article 5 of tbe city charttr
ttatei that tbe city council ihallhavotio
power to grant the ute of, or the right to
lay down any railroad track ln any ttreet
of the city, to any steam or horte railroad
company, except upon a petition of tbe
owners of the land representing more thau
one-half or tho frontage of the street, or to
much thereof at it tougbt to bo used for
railroad purposes. It will be aeen at once
that tbe ordlntnco in question, and passed
by you at tbo'lust meeting of tho council,
granting the right to lay down (aid rail
road track it a violation of the city, char
tor and for this roaaon if for no other can
not bo approved by me. There it another
important reeton wby thlt ordinance ought
not to have been adopted. Tb ea-cl'ilt
well aware of tbe feeling 4bat existed
in the city whea laid
railroad aompaay - tc:,fo(iet
(ionof Commercial avenue., Man they
took poteeetioa ef (aid (tree thajrhava
made many promieei.to' pnt th eireet in
good order to aa to. fully eoeap ly. wUh the
ordinance paeted by. UH oouacil, We
have only to look'at the preeeht aeadltlon
of that (treat to eea how.thef hava: com
plied with the tald ordlaiaM i judge
whether or not tbey.bave - coaaaUtai with
the requlremeate of tba city ta iUt par
ticular. Ae uomraeretai' avenue 1
from Twentieth to , TM(ajr4burtb;
ttreets, . aad no wage), TM dray
or Toblole . of any; ' ieacrlpV
Hon can ;ptM along that part of (aid
ttreet In any direction. The (aid ttreet
ha been taken possession of, aad a tingle
traok laid down near the centre, with no
immediate prospect of the balance of tbe
grading being done at ia called for In the
ordinance granting the right of way on
tald itreet to tho laid railroad company.
From Twentieth to Fourlhttreet it It in
very little better condition. The track
it laid and as yet no grading worth
mentioning ha been done. Tbe
track as they are now laid and operated
cannot, in my judgment, be called any
thing else than a nuisance, and a tuch
should be dealt with by tbe city council.
Tbe city hat been at contlderable expense
laying down ('.vising and repairing the
above mentioned street, while in my opin
ion tho repairi on tald ttreet and tbe erod
ings ought to have boon done by the (aid
railroad company. At least tbev oosrbt to
have left them in a good a condition a
wnen tney took possession.
Gentlemen, while I am as much In
favor of railroads, and will do ai muoh a
any member of the council can do to at.
tilt them, justice to the citizen demand
that the Cairo Vlncennet railroad com
pany should thoroughly complete the track
now laid down, before the council ihould
permit them to lay down any other track
on any of the other itreett of tbe city.
John hoop, Mayor.
Cairo, Juno 3, 1873.
Alderman Blxby moved to rocooiidtr
tbe vote by which laid ordinance wat
adopted. Carried by the following vole:
Ayet Blxby, Korimeyer, MoEwen, Mc
Oauley, ieytrs, Morris, Nollli, Rltten
house and Roblnton f. Nay 0.
Tbe quettion wt then put, ''iball the
veto of the Mayor be uttalned?" with
the following remits. Aye-Blxby, Kon
raeyerr McEwen, McGauloy, Meyer and
Nclllt-6. Neyi-Morrli, Ritteaboui
and Robinion 3; nd veto of the
mayor wu deoiared to be tuitelned.
An ordinance entitled "and ordinance
to amend ordinance No. 61," wMraad a
lecoad tin. Alderman Rgbintoo aoved
t, table. Ut by following vote s Ayet
MovrU, Itlttwbouii and Jtoblawa-rS.
eaem-i" rim ra.

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