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ma ink I HnkMrlbrra ( rxrlv
IB.r paper. rr-"ri so report
lk f( la Ik nlei eltbrr peren
11 r jr Foetal Ord.
Fdtsllaatloss tMBeo, Balletta BalltfUa
WHklifMi Avaaaa.
U'4 mt llr oa vrrj, P-.
IN Xtlaa Ian Mhorteet Roale
attjrfctr e Boerleet Bonte
a?o st.IjOxjis
rnou ciiro to
ClnetnaaU, u tlanapolls, Toledo,
Detroit, Clsvelned, Miiti Pslli
Buffalo, Kitt.buie, WwblDftoD.
Baltlmors, FhllkdrlphU, Kfw fork,
Bolton end all point, till. ,
ttllwaakls, Jan.stlll, Madison,
LaCrosst, Bt. P.ul and ll point, north.
Ibil I. alto the eel; direct mule to
Heritor, nloomington, frnng.ld,
U Hallo.
nous uir
Omaha and all point, northwest.
Decent Drawing Room Sleop.'.ng Oa
un ail aigni iram.
Ba(( Cheeked 10 all Important points.
For tickets and information, apply to I. C, R.H
depot .t airoi on board me tr.n.it steamer be
laeoa Oelumbti. and Cairo, and at tne prlnclp
rallroa ticket office, thron.gr.out the aouth.
W. P. JOMN-f'.N. Of VI a... Ag'l, Chlcaio.
A. Mtrcisu, Gea'l liup't. Chicago.
J. JO'tC.N.SON Ag't, Cairo.
Pa.senzor train on the Illinois Central
ehanie time t i-iUy. r'rom and alter 'J;10
p, tc. to-dsy trains will run at lollows :
.tpre, dally ... .3:1.') a. in
Mail, except Sunday ....4:00 p. ni,
Express, dally except fcundav. 2:10 p. m.
Mall, " " ". ..r.':00 night.
On and a'ter Sunday, May i.'i, an excur
sion train will be run each Sunday on the
Cairo and Vtncennes lallruud, between
Cairo an J Mound City, as follows:
Leave M'd City. Arrive at Cairo.
8 a.m. S:'25 a.m
4:30 p m 4:Mp.m.
Leave Cairo. Arriveat M'd City.
Bam. tl:30 a.m.
6 p.m. o:30 p.m.
Fare for the round trip, fifty cents.
Cbarles 0. Woof), Oon'l Ticket Ag't.
On and alter Monday, June 'J. 1573, trains
run uaiiv, except aunuay, between
Ore-DSildi lanuini: and Sikeaton, Scott
tounty, intnoun. as loiious:
Ltave Oreentleld's 10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Arrive " 9:50 " " Mo
" Charleston 10:4') " " j;lo '
" lkeston 7.10 p.m. 0-6 tf
Trains now leave Call and Mound City as
Leave Calio. Lesve Mound City.
":45 a.m. 7:10a.m.
Km- 1:45 p.m.
M.'ip.m. ft:40 "
Cuaa. 0. Wood. (Jeu'l Ticket Ag't.
On and after Monday, Februarr 3, 1S73,
rains on the C. and V. railroad wfll run as
.eave Cairo S:S)a?m.
" Mound City.. s:lo "
" Eldorado,.., 1:35 ii. m.
" NorrisCity.. L':i3 "
" Carml 3:01 "
" Mt. Carmel.. 4:40 "
-Ttre Vinctnncs .. 6:V0 "
eave Incennts.. . iw a. m.
" Mt Carmel.. S:W "
" Carml 9:55 "
" 'orns City.. 10:32 "
" Eldorado ...11:00
" Mound City.. 4:33 p. m,
arrive Cairo 6:0S "
Md. City
Mb p. m. le.
6:40 " ar.
Md. City
7:00 a. tn. le.
TflS " ar,
Connectlni; at Vlneenne. u-ltii ttm lmll
cnapoltsand Vlnecnnes.Uhlo and MIsnlKtlppI,
and Evansvlllc and Crawfurdfvllle railroads;
U Mt. Carmel with the Louisville and Nuw
Albany air line ; at Carml with the St. Louis
uu souiueaeiern ; ai .nrru uty me .pring
3eld and Illinois Southeastern ; at Eldorado
with the SuawneeUiwn branch of the t.
Louis and Southeastern ; at Cairo with ths)
Mobile and Utilo railroad transfer boat, aim
teamers for Mcmpnis, Ilea Hher, Vieks
burg ana -New Orleans.
Ciiau. O. Wood, Gen'l Ticket Ag't.
Jno. Lei, Jit., Sup't,
U. S. Sio. Sek., Obsxkvxk'h Orricr,
viuiu,iiune w, ie3, iu:u p.m.
Barometer 30:05.
Thsrmomcter 72 degrees.
Wind, northeast, velocity 2 miles p
Weather, clear.
Maximum temperature last 24 hours, st
4 p. tn., 80 degrees.
Minimum temperature, last 24 hours, at
I a. m., 68 degrees.
Prevailing wind last 24 hours, northeast.
Total number of miles wtud travelled, last
U hours, ii.
Edwin aini.AND. Observer.
Mrs. n. t, Horn wishes to inform her
patrons and the ladles ot the city generally,
that she has removed her dress-making
rooms. No. let to So. 105, next door to the
Atheneuiu, up stairs. C-o-lm
Fine white single and double X amber
single and double X Canary, best quality of
tnanuia, blue letter, etc., etc. bo.000 for
ale, printed at $3 W to 0 60 per thousand,
ai ue ijullitin Oktick.
To any and all who desire a tine,
genuine French calf.kld, Morroco or patent
leather pair of boots, gaiters or shoes of any
or all or the latest styles, William Ehlers, on
Twentieth street, is ready to furnish them
at the most reasonable rate, and guarantees
good stock,good flu ana perfect satisfaction
Mrt. Anna Lang on Elghthstreet, between
Commercial and Washington avenues, has
Just opened out a stock of new and rashlon
able millinery goods. She has one hundred
and my different stylesor hats and bonnets,
Mid a Urge assortment ol ribbons, flow
en axd notions ot all sorts, all of which wll
b Mid at the lowest prices.
Un. Lattit Coleman lakes this method or
laforadag ttt public that she is now pre.
an i kodoali ktnua of fine laundry' work, at
cfctapnlM. Fluttngi crimping, etc., done
t a smtaU a4vaae per dozen on plain clothes.
riUiMaad Individual will And It to their
i.Tlltafr a taka their clothes to Mrs. Cole-
IMS OB lounu iuxci, souio
I WMfcisftB aSd COBBltrcUl
AH kind of llncni, Ucei, edginpit, and
trimmings orevery variety it Burger'n.
Paraols and a laigo lot ol custom made
bouts and shoes aro sold cheap at ilurgor's.
A new and beautiful assortment of grcna
dines are now for s ale at Burger's. Call anil
fee them.
Rain Is the Kcncr.il rule now. We have a
shower every d.iy and sometimes n half a
Swiss muslin, tanctons, French and Ham
burg embroideries Bt Burger's, Orcat bar
Thcro will bo especial meeting of the city
council nt the council chamber this after"
noon at t o'clock.
The 1'ulaikl county circuit court Is still In.
session, and In all probability will no' ad
journ for the next two weeks.
Burger has a complete lino r, hosiery ol
all kinds, and comets, co'.'.ars, cufis, etc., In
unlimited variety.
John Oockcl sc;,, u, copy r tl0
Springs 'Conner' from Arkansas.
writes: "W care nil well." All right.
Hurgcr , no,v offering for sale a splendid
aniorlmcnt of dress silks, Japanese suitings,
''" ., etc., at the mjst reasonable rates.
We aro glad to note that tho bad places on
Poplar street are being tilled aim put In to
condition that will mako that street pan
able. Hurgcr has Just received a lull line ol
summer dress goods of every description,
which win do sola cheaper than tho cheap
If tho people won't the Methodists will eel
ebr.itc the Fourth. Th-y are going up the
Ohio aboard the Kckert on the nation il hol
iday. Tho tnot beautiful percales, Jaconets and
other white dress goods ever brought to
tnl market, can bo bought lor exceedingly
owpiiccs at llurgcr's.
A cae of genuine cholera Is reported to
hae occurred In Kentucky opposltn this
city yesterday, Tho victim kicked tho
Five thousand lbs breakfast bacon: 20.000
lbs bacon shoulders; 5,000 lbs plain hams, lust
received, and f jr sale low at Mathuss A ltil's.
The gravel train on the Illinois Central
railroad Is running again, and resterdav
brought several loads to nil In the new track
on Ohio levee.
Ry a special dlpatch published In this
morning's Uullktin it will bo seen that the
telegraph lines on the Chester and Tumaroa
railroad have been completed.
uurger uui just rccciVCU ailj opencu II
large stock Ot damasks, napkins, towellngs,
etc., etc., all of which will be sold cheaper
tliati tncy can bo bought anywhere else In
The enterprising merchant of Washington
avenue, Mr. Mocovlcs, will until thu 20th
Inst , dispose of his largo stuck ol goods,
notions, etc., at cost. Call on him it you
want bargains. C-l-tf
The mind of Rev. Mr. Thayer will trl
umph to-morrow nfght in the I'resbytcrian
church by informing a large attdleuce of cer
tain facts, of which it will know nothing un
til It gets tho information, relative to the
triumphs of mind.
Mr. J. M. Moscoviea is closing out his en
tire stock of goods at cost. The goods
must be sold, as Mr. Moscovics expresses a
determination to have bis shelves clear and
ready lor his successor on the 20th of Juno.
New stock and new styles ot wallpaper
paluts. oils, window glass, etc., etc., at U. F.
Mclgs' new store, Washington avenue and
Eleventh street. Call and see tho latest
tylcs iii wall papor before purchasing else
where. 4-1
The Colorado fever is raging in certain
circles In this city, and It there Is not a num
ber ot the patients " taken off" we are no
Judge. Uut, let them go to Colorado, or any
other place. They will come back again,
every one of them, in less than a year.
is A special communication of Delta
lodge, No. WW, A, F. and A. M., will
bo bcld at Masonic hall this (Thursday)
evening at 8 o'clock, for work In M. M. de
gree. Visiting brothers cordially Imltcd
to attend. W. A. Sl.oo, See'v
lly order of W. M.
Tho Thalia society has, as we undcistand
manors, yieiuea up me gnosi. sorry aro
we. The Thalia Is a useful society, and fur
nisncd much harmless amusement to our
German fellow-cltUens. Tho Turners hao
been presented the entire library aud all
the stage lixins of the defunct Thallv, and
arc very thankful.
it you want the water In your cistcrni to
be healthy,
Avery's patent
At C. R. Woodward's,
Dr. Wood and Mr. Hudson have them in
use. o-a tit
i no Cairo and .It. Louis railroad will b
completed to Murphysboro next Saturday
iu tue auernoon a train ol St. Louis, Red
liud, ana other excursionists wtllariivo at
Murphysboro, and a good if not a glorious
time is expected. A number of Calrolte
will go to Murphysboro on Saturday aud
participate in the lun.
The work of "cleaning up" tho "Illinol
Central strip" has commenced, and a num
beroftbe old stables aud shanties on the
Compaq's grounds below Sixth stree
were yesterday pulled down. A number o
meu are at work, and at least a dozen of th
dlflcrent stinks that have for so long exlslcd
mere, were yesterday abated.
Hie rat-ainicted hotel proprietor spoken
ol by the 'Suu' of yesterday vetilug should
procure tne 'Sun' man to do rat and tan
work around his premises for some
time. As a rat eatcher Davis might be a
success. To guard agalnt accidents, while
pursuing this calling, he should procure a
dog tag fiom the city marshal.
Hacks for the Cairo, Arkansas and Texas
railroad, starting from White A Greer's
store, corner of Sixth street aud Ohio levee,
run as follows:
Leaf e at 8 a.m.
' 4 p.m.
Arrive Inclty at 10 a.m.
" " 6 p.m.
0-8 tf John Mxvxrh, Agent.
Mr. J. M. Mcskovica, the enterprising
dealer In dry goods, Washington avenue
between Ninth and Tenth streets, offers his
Urge and varied itock of goods at cost
prices. His store is full of the choicest of
dry goods or every vailety and quality, and
the prices at which h is disposing ef them
art astonishingly low. Call upon him and
satlify youriilt 6-7 U,
Residents an Commercial avenue bitween
Twentieth and Thlrty.fourtb street, are, so
to speak, "red hot," and unless something
Is done to give them lomc way to get to an. I
from their property without having to go
blocks out of their way, either the city or
tho Cairo Bnd Vlnccnncs Railroad company
will have heavy demises to pay. We aro
Inclined to bellevo the railroad company will
be tho victims unless they go to work and
open up the streets referred to.
The Illinois Central Railroad company has
contracted with Howard .t Co., o Jefferson
vllle, Indiana. f0r a mammoth transfer boat
to be used Vn transferring cam accrovs he
Ohio rlvcr to connect with the Cairo branch
ol t.o Mississippi Central railroad now in
"ourse ol construction. The boat Is to be
210 feel In length and 40 feet wide. Slio
Is to bo ready for delivery by the first of Oc
tober next.
Tho Paris Mufclllgencer' says tho Cairo
and Tennessee River Narrow-Gauge, an ex
tension of the St. Louis and Cairo road, will
soon ho tinder contract In Duck River valley
Hallard county, Kentucky, subscribed
money and land with great liberality. The
St. Louis and Cairo company agrees to iron
anil equip this road whenever graded and
crosstlcd. It will have n branch to llrownv
vlllc, Raleigh and MemphK
On Tuesday last a number of tho members
of the Union Sabbath school or this city,
went on a picnic excursion to Caledonia.
A car on the Cairo and Vluccnties road was
chartered for tho occasion, and when start
mg time came was found to be rather small
for the large number of persons who wished
to go. Tho party arrhed at Caledonia at an
early hour In the forenoon, and spent the
u-j jiieusniiwy in ttio ucautnui grove near
that town.
If we woro not of the strictest of the
Christians we would swear at the printer,
In a local squib about tho city jail wo gave a
prisoner credit for singing loorc's touircou
titlulng tho lines
"If there be an Elystan on earth
It is this It Is this."
The printer knowing Billy Morris to be a
singer concluded that he was also a writer ot
longs, and gave him as the author. Patience
Is at a discount In our immedlato vicinity
The Moibodlet friends have chartered tho
elegant steamer Eckert, aud propose giving
another excursion up tho Ohio river on the
rourtu or July. These excursions have
been very pleasant and satisfactory, and as
tho steamer lias bceu newly palutcd and
otherwise bcautlUcd and made more com-
lorlablc, this may bo expected to bo more
pleasant tUau tlio preceding ones. Tho ar
rangements have commenced tn good time,
and nothing will be omitted In making It tho
occasion of tho season. Wo bespeak a
large crowd. Further notice soon. -12td.
This is to inlorm the people of Cairo that
Rev. O. i ucrschner, pastor of the German
Luthcrn church ot his city, has opened n
school wherein both thu German aad Koj.
Ilsh languages will be taught. If thero aru
those aaoug our American born citizens
who wish to have their children learn to
read, write and speak the German language,
they now have an opportunity to gratify
that wish. Rev. Duerschncr is a thorough
German and Englis j scholar, and will spare
no effort to maka the school of which he is
principal a success.
llyordcrottho' IIoaru ok Directors.
0-0 lm
Alter wo had written tho abusive notice
of Mike Howley on Tuesday, and before it
was in type, we received from him a notice
of the council meeting which was not held
when it should have been. The abuse grew ou
the fact that Mike had not, up to the writing
mat auusivo paragraph, given us notice
of the council meeting, and therefore alter
receiving It wo should have suppressed the
huso. Rut we didn't. Wo were not coins
to lose it, and we printed it. Having done
so, wt are now prepared to apologize, and
we emphatically Ucuy that Sllko has any.
thing cross-grained about lilin. He Is a very
accommodating young man occasionally.
The sprightly 'Sun' has us. Wo wrote a
local Item Tuesday night In which we salil
we would cndeaor to persuade the mayor
aud city council to do uuitaln things. The
printer omitieu tne words "city council."
llils tlio 'Hun' knew, because tho uc.vt sen-
tenco o( the Item commences thus: "They
can do this by procuring, '.c." Rut the
Suu' took us up and asks: "Don't he
know that the mayor has no right to cmplov
a man to hoard boats J" Of course wo do',
mm uuer making me same point on the
.Cllnl vn wnlll.l ..... I....... t .
...... ..U .-uuiu iiuv imiu liinva into me nr.
rorotlrself, If It had not been for that out.
rageous printer who is always getting us iu
10 trouble. 1 he mayor and city council can,
anu suouiu employ a steamboat visitor.
And then to talk about establishing
quaraniino anu gelling our Uoctors to "boss
mai an looks nice, but where will the
tumid! Kcmiiwiuriiyr n mey nave no au-
suuiujr tu cui;ifiy puysicians to prescribe
auiiaijr ujc-eurcn wr me city, men thev
have none to employ phjlclaa to boss a
quarantine. Sun.
We never even Intimated that the council
might not employ physicians to prepare sanl
tary regulations lor the city. What we said
was that the mayor could uot emnlor nliv.l
clans or anybody else without authority of
iue council, ino council has authority to
do all we asked it to do, and the man who
intimates that It has not Is wkrse than a vll
llan and It would be vain flattery to tall him
a coward or words to that cflcct.
Mr. A. Illack, at the city shoe storu. nr.
nerol Eighth street and Commercial avenue,
hasjust received a largo stock olnew goods,
consisting ol ladles', gents', mlsuV, and
children's shoes, which ho is oilerlrg at pri
ces lower than ever. This stock ot shoes
was carefully selected, and Is as Hue au as
sortnieutof goods orthe kind as was ever
Wrought to this city. Mr. Illack, the pro
prletor ol tho city shoe store, has had many
yea's experience iu the shoe business, and
Is thoroughly posted iu all Its branches. He
never buys any but the latest styles of oods.
ana as a consequence has built up a trade In
magnitude second to none in this city. For
the latest st) les of ladles', gents', misses'
and children's shoes go to A. illack, corner
ol Eighth street aud Commercial acuuc.
Only lllxby, McGauley, Meyers and Rlt.
Uuuouse were present at the meeting of the
city council Tuesday night. Six members
were abscut. Attention Is railed to tuls
shauierul neglect of duty Do the people
pay their aldermen the Immense salaries
lalshed uponthem to have them remain ah
sent rrom tho council meellogsr We reply
with the voice of the orator whose home was
by the letting sun "Never I" We ask the
Sun' to burnt into the full (lower ot indlg
nation, and help us deneunce the absences,
The 'Sun1 will readily see that If the alder
men neglect to attend the meetings ot the
council cholera will surely attack Cairo, and
that therefore it is the duty of the press to
go for the truant aldermen end bring them
up with a short turn, ileanj upon this out
rage, brightly iMalflg 'Sua' I
There was not much business done tn the
polica court yesterday. Two or three
women charged with being Inmates o
bouses of Ill-fame were up, and tho usual
fines 10 and tho trimmings assosied
gainst them. They paid.
Later in tho day a case or plain drunk wai
brought up and disposed or by lending the
victim to work on tho streets for three days.
C. C. Davidson Is coutlncd tn thr bouse
with sickness.
Mayor Wood was much better yesterday.
11c will soon bo out and able to attend to
business again.
Mr. W. W. Thornton will probably return
from Chicago, whero he has been attcndlnc
the "Jubilee," to-day.
Mr. Chas. Kurd will leave Cairo for Den
ver about the Urat of July. Mrs. JJurd will
leave this city some time during the first ol
next week on a visit to her friends before
"going west." She will moot her husband
In St. Louis, when they will proceed to
Denver together.
I w.mdor what young men can be think
ingof when they drink brandy, end then
go In ladioi' society? Possibly they imag
ine wo get accustomed to the odor ai they
do. have often been ilckonod and die
guited at smelling tho breath nf somo of
tho "Lords of creation" around hero; and
I am no more sensltivo than the majority
of ladles.
Somo moa who are moro deceitful, have
certain destroyers of tho smoll of liquor
which they use; fondly Imaglnlngthat we,
in our verdancy, nevor luspect them, but
that only confirms tholr guilt
I will tell of Bomothlng which
happened not long since. I was out shop.
ping one day, when an acquaintance
passed mo on the street. Poor company
oelng better than none, ho slackened his
pace, and I soon detected signs of his bav
ing visited a cortain saloon not far back.
I'robably my faco showod my disgust, for
shortly bis hand went in his pocket, and
he very adroitly conveyed something to
bis mouth. It was not lung before tbo
smoll of whiskey gave placo to some
thing more familiar to my olactories.
Now, Mr. Editor, my object in writing
this, my first article fur the press, is to see
lr young men cannot bn awakened up to a
senso or their danger. It seems to me that
drinking saloons and their attondant evils
make a very poor commencement for
young men, if they evor expect to make
anything respectablo of themselves.
In Thk Bulletin oi Wednesday
morning we publlsbod what was given to
us as the particulars of an attempt, mado
a few days ago, to inveigle a little girl into
a certain house of ill-fame in this city.
Theitory was givon to us for the truth;
and havlnlng heard it from one party, we
went to ice the "little girl" in question,
and from her own lips heard the story in
almost the same languago as we got it
from the party who flnt told us of it. Rut
yesterday morning we wore called upon
by a sister of tho woman to whoso house
tho little girl was lent, and requested to
give place to tho following communica
tion, which tells Hi own story:
Mr, Editor: In an arttcal in The
Bulletin of yesterday morning, allusion
Is made to tho attompts of "Miss W a
to assist in accomplishing the ruin of tbo
llttlo girl who came to this city on Mon
day, and as tho articlo says, fell into the
hands of a certain lady, who took her
homo, where sho will romiiln until other
wiso provided lor.
I live near tho cornor of Eighth stroot
and Commercial avenue, and it is sup
posed I am the woman to whoso houso tho
little girl was to como. Tho child did
come to my houso, but that iho was lont
thero by anyone I do not bolievo, nor
did I know that sho was coming to toe mo,
I havo known the child for years, her par
ent! and mine having once boon close
neighbors. She came to see roy little
alitor, and when she found that my sister
was not at my home sho went away. This
is the truth of tho story and all thero is in
With tho light of my own ait life be
foro mo, and feoling as I do, I am sure 1
would not willingly be tho means of in
ducing any young girl toenterupon alike
life a life full of remorse and regret.
N eitbor it my houso a "den," I don't be
lieve anything basever occurred there to
mtke it deserve that name.
Tho assertion that I bad any desire to
bring about tho child's ruin ii false from
beginning to end,
"Misi W e."
Cairo, June 10. 1873.
Steamer C 0 Church, Now Orleans
" Arkansas Kellw, Evalisrillo
Uelle of Memphis, Memphis
11 Richmond, Evansville
11 Illinois, Columbus
11 James Fisk, Paducah
" W 11 Urown, St. Louli
" City or Helena, St. Louis
" Future City, New Orleans
' (slenceo, St. Louis
' Eddyvillo, Nashville
' Commonwealth, New Orleans
SWamer 0. 11. Church, Cincinnati
" Arkansas Belle, Evanivilli
" Illinois, Columbui
" Jim Fisk, Paducah
I' Hello Memphis, St. Louis
" Future City, St. Louli
" Sam Brown, Ht Louli
', Glencoe, New Orleani
" City of Helena, Viekiburg
" W II. Brown, Ohio river
" Eddyvllle, Naibvllle
" Commonwealth, St. Louti
Business of all branehei waidull.
Tb St. Louli 'Republican' of yMUrday
iTiBlng uyi a tumor ( as e4Va8.ee la
JUN1 W, 1878
ratal to all points South, Monday, by th
Southern piokm, wai gaining circulation
In that city j but wai generally diicred
Red. Cincinnati ralei to New Orleani
are now 40 cents per cwt, and an advance
wai alio made in New Orleani lait Satur
day on freight to St. Louis to 50 cents per
The Richmond arrived at this port with
Ion than half a load, but aided all thero
wm in light, and will go out with a very
fair trip.
The W. II. Brown, with a tow of iron
ro for the Upper Ohio, went by hero yes
terday. Sho will go on until sho meets
the Sam Brown and Kanawab, when she
will iwap towi with these boats and re
turn. coxdition or the eivirh.
The Ohio came up ilvo Inchos during
thotwenty.fourhoun ending last ovening.
Anisiuio offfalri will not last long, how
ever, for as toon as the hleh water oc
casloned by tho recent heavy rains passes
ou mat itream will again commonco fall
ine .Mississippi wai at last accounts
falling at St. Louis, having como up one
Inch in tho twenty.four hours ending
xuesuay evening,
Yestorday, though damp under foot, was
a pleasant day, being not near lo warm
as tbo tew days previous.
Tho Glencoo come in deeply ladon,
having on board In all ovor 15,000 pack
ages. Sho did not take on any freight at
this point.
Capt. E. A, Sheblo and ion were re:on
tly at Metropolis examining tho modol ot
their new steamer Joo. Jtowd, building at
that point, and wore very much pleased
with It. The boat will hardly bo com pie
toil and ready for buslnosi inside of i
year, and Capt. Sheblo n)t wishing to lie
idle during the spring business, has con
tracted witb Alf Cutting for tho building
of two HOO-ton bargos, 180 foot long, 30
feet beam, and sever, feet hold in the clear,
to bo completed by the first of Soptomber,
and to be towed by tho City of Alton
next spring between this point and Now
Capt. Pete Conrad yosterday closed a
contract with Alf. Culling fur the con
struction ot a itroni: model barire. to be
completed in ninety days, and lo be 160
iobi long, -: loot boam, and & feet bold
Arrangements are boinir made bv ib.
signal bureau toobtaln the temperature of
mo water ai auierent depths ot the rivers
and lakes throughout the country, with n
view or securing information fur some
scientific gentlemen, who are to stock the
rivers and lakes witb all kinds of fish.
Congress made an appropriation for that
purnoso last winter.
Mr. L. E. Dyer, wife of L. E. Dyer,
government appraiser of erchandise at
this port, dlod on the Grand Tower below
this city on Sunday. It is said Mrs. Dyer
died of cholera.
Shortly after the Jim Fisk left this rort
last evening she broke her shaft, and was
towed to Mound Citv by the Eddvville.
The accident will compel her to lay by
tor several aays.
Ctly BaUvssal Bank Bsslldlssg.
aBpecial attention paid to orders from aieam
boats nUbt ordav
I will offer for sale on Thursday, June 12,
at 01 o'clock a.m., at the residence of Chas.
Hurd on Seventh street, between Washing
ton avenue aud Walnut street, his entire
househeld and kitchen furnlnure, consl.tln
of marble top center tables, cushion chairs,
bureaus, bedsteads, wardrobes, carpets,
extension tables, iiiattr.isses, pillows, mir
rors, cook stoves, In fact all his household
and kitchen furniture will be sold, as he
leases the city. Sale positively without re
serve. D.lUitrsUN, Auctioneer.
This popular hotel has been refitted and
mpro ved, and Is now one or the most com
tortable stopping places In the city. Tho
travelling public and persons desiring
pleaiant quarters by the week or month,wlll
always find them at the Commercial hotel.
Rates or board have been reducted as fol
lown: Day board, I SO per week; transit,
91 W) per day; board and lodging, from f 5
to 7 per week. tf
As warm weather is approaching the
lovers ot Ice croam will be glad to learn that
Messrs. Saup A: Clarkson have fitted up and
refurnished, In elegant .tyle, their Ico cream
parlors. Their mammoth soda lountaln has
alio been put in ruunlng order, and nothing
is wanting about the establishment to make
the pleasure and comlort or their patrons
complete 4.16.H
One hundred men wanted to work on the
Mississippi Central railroad, seven miles
Boutewest of Dresdon, Tennessee, and
twelve colored men ror teamsters, bv Shee .
hsn dt Tolvr, contractors. Good wages
given and rrco transportation furnished.
Apply to M. BuiiNs,
Proprietor Mechanic boarding house,
Cairo Illinois,
Valuablo real estate consisting ot three
lots fronting on Fifteenth street between
Walnut an i Cedar ; large frarao house neai ly
new, two stories, three rooms on each floor,
outhouses, etc. For rurthcr particulars en
quire at the premises, Mas. 0. Sehiuan.
A cabinet organ, ss good as new, aud or
first-class manufacture will be sold low and
on easy terms by applying to
... . Mils. M. J. Dewby,
Cor. Washington Ave. and Fourteenth St.
Saloon-keepers and all others are hereby
notified to sell no more liquor or auy klud,
lnfnvl...lnn ... , . t
""'-""" r owerwisc, to my uusoauu
J. T. Collins, or they will be prosecuted to
the fill! PTtent nf !.. It. 1....
..... v . . v. mg IHJUUI law.
Z,5-10-o"t. Mary Ann Collins.
Two houses and three loti on the corner
or Seventh and Walnut streets. Tbo bousei
aro as good as new, having been thoroughly
repaired tbulsst iprlnt. Wlil beaoldat a
bsrgsln. Enquire on the prernliiii or at I
1S Cosainerclal a.ann. evil.Iw
A house, 8 roorni and S cloieti, with one
lot aud a hair, corner of Twenty-first and
Poplar streets, on easy tcrnn. For further
Information, apply on the premise.
6-20.1 m
By a Irst-class cook, hotel or boarding home.
An'ilv et Hila ,ni . .. i... i,....,. . .
L ., i aire. 311111111111
boarding house on Twenty-Unit street.
CApli(XRbiNG. J
Regular boarders at the European hotel, .
Harry Walker proprietor, rucche board at I
the rate of 20 per month. 5-10-tr '
Get one of Stnndlnger's lly exterminators,
t llBBitWAitr, OB.TH A Co,
C-S liu
Refrigerators at from 18 to
$o0. Ico chests at 11, $13,
$1G, $1 7, $20, etc. Beer cool
ers at Cincinnati retail prices
water coolers, ice cream freez
ers, wire cloth for window
screens, bath and foot tubs,
charcoal furnaces, charcoal bv
the bushel, barrel, etc., at
Beerwart, Orth & Co's.,
13G Commercial Ave.
Notice Is hereby given to all peron Inter
csted that the city council of tho city ol
Cairo, Illinois, having ordered that side
walks be reconstructed and renewed on the
following named streets, to-wlt: On the
north side of Nineteenth street from Com
mercial avenue to I'oplar stricet; on the
west sldo ol Poplar street Irum Division
street to Twenty-tlfth street; ou
the north side ol Twentieth street
from Ohio levco to Walnut street;
on tho south side of Twentieth s.reot from
Olr.o levee to Washington avenue, have ap
plied to the county court of Alexander
county, state ot Illinois, tor an assessment
ot the cost of said Improvements according
to benefits, and an amessmeut thereof bav
ing been made and returned to said court,
thu final hearing thereof will be had at the
July term ol said court, commencing on tho
21st day ol July, A. D., li3. All persons
desiring may then and there appear and
make their delense
John o. Hahman,
Dated Julie 11, ls:3,
Public notice Is hereby given that the
county court ol Alexander county, has ren
dered Judgment lor a special assessment up
on property benefited by the following lm
provement : The new sidewalk ou the we.t
side ot Commercial avenue, between Second
and Third streets ; the new sidewalk on the
south side or Tenth street, Irom Walnut
street to Jetlemon avenue; the new side
walk on the south side or Thirteenth street,
rrom Commercial avenue to Washington av
enue ; the new sidewalk on the north side
of Sixth street, between Wa.blngtou are
uue aud Jell rsou avenue : the new sidewalk
on the cast sldo of Washington avenue, in
front or lots 18. 10, au and 'Jl, in block 'J4, In
the city of Cairo; the new sidewalk on
the north side or Twelfth street iu front or
block one. In the Third addition in tim it
ot Cairo; the now sidewalk on the north
slue or Cross street, rrom Washington ave
nue to Walnut street; tho new sidewalk on
the cast side of Holbrook avenue, rrom West
Twenty-third to West Twcntv-fourtli streets;
the new sidewalk on the south side nf MVtt
Twenty-fourth street from Holbrook avenue
to rars: avenue; the reconstructed side
walk on tho south side of Divis
ion street from Poplar street to
Washington avenue: thereconitnirii.il i(p.
walk on the north side of Center street rrom
Washington avenue to Walnut street ; the
reconstructed sidewalk on thu ea-t side of
Poplar street Irom Eighteenth street to Di
vision street ; the reconstructed aide walk on
the west side of Poplar street from Eigh
teentb to Division streets; the reconstructed
sidewalk on the south side ol Nineteenth
street from Poplar etreet to Commercial ave
nue: the reconstructed sidewalk on tho
north sidp or Twenty-fifth street rrom
Washington avenue to Walnut street;
the reconstructed sidewalk on the south side
or Twcnty-llfth street from Walnut
etrert to Holbrook avenue; the reconstruc
ted sioewais; on the south side ol Thirty
fourth siruct from Commercial avenue to
Washington avenue, as will more fully ap
peal Irom the certified copy of the judgment
on file In the office of thu clerk orthe city or
Cairo, that a warrant for thu collcr tlnn nf
such assessment Is In the hands orthe un-
All persons Interested are hereby notified
fo call and pay tho amounts assessed at the
collector's office No. 1 Ohio Leveu within
thirty days from the datu hereof,
uateu mis uui day oi June, A.I)., 1873.
Roiieht A. Ccn.Mnoiiam, Collector.
Ttia apleadld ale.msr
Dick Fowleb, Captain
Leaves Cairo DAILY. (Sunday excepted! at
4 p.m For freight opaasage apply on boat or
to Jas. Mallory, Ag't.
boat mrmuwrn.
a a t a a I
So. no
Om Lbtbb Oaibo. Ill
ratty. Henalae, Uaaallae,
ted the oslobraLd illuminating
BHoes'ioiLDinn, ooi lira n, com
uikou iv,,
Caib.0 , Illuou
Homo Advortiaomonts.
Otllcoovcr First National bank. 3'10-3tn
Office over First National bank. S-lWm
John H. Mulkey. Wlllata C. Mulkey.
Office, rear rooms over Haunon's book
so. 1-i commercial avbwue,
Between Seventh and Eighth street!,
Wt tr.
William H.Ummui, V
William U Oilbsri, I CAIRO, ILI IHOIH.
Uilim r. OllWerl, J
HnMta. alt.ntion a-lt.n u Admirlt 4
amboat buslnv.a.
arvioB onio lbvbb, boom a T abt a otbb
Attoehhyat Law
fire insurance
Real Estate Aoent.
Will buy and sell all kinds or real estate,
pay taxes, rent houses, make collections and
negotiate loins.
(20,000 In sums of t.VM to 2.000 on Im
proved real estate security in Cairo.
Stores, manufacturing establishments,
dwellings and furniture. Hulls aud cargoes
ItiMired at reasonable rates In first-class com
panies. OrKicE- No. W Ohio Levbe.
618 tf. CAIRO ILLS.
A Competent
It E P X I R E R ,
Will only remain In this city one week
longer, and respectfully requests that ordere
for tuning, etc., might be lelt at K. W.
lluder's store. o-S lit
Succ.uonto K II HendiKka &Co
forwarding and Commission
ta2, l.iU rkl Advancement. mad Sitf
ai mcn Consignment. AW
Alf freparcd to ircrlsed, itoie inJ forward
fref.hti to all pointi and buy aod
sell on commitilcu
Business attended to promtly
An Illustrated Monthly Journal, universally
admitted to be the Handsomest Period
ical in the orld. A Representa
tive and Champion of Amer
ican Taste,
Not fur Bala las Baok or Hewe Starve.
I t All 1 UM Alti AKM ,
.oiwiumanuing me increase in ine pneo
of subscription last fall, when the Aldine as
sumed Its present noble proportions and rep
resentative character, the edition will more
than double the pant year ; proving that the
American public appreciate a sincere ef
fort In the cause of Art. The publishers
anxious to Justify the ready confidence thus
demonstrated, have exerted themselves to
the utmost to develop aud improve the
work ; aud the plans for the coming year,
as unfolded by thu month ly lasues, will aa
tnnlsh and delight even the most sanguine
friends ot the Aldine.
The Aldine will reproduce example! of
the best foreign masters, selected with a
view to the lilghest artfstlo success, and
greatest general interest ; avoiding suh as,
have become familiar, through photograph
or copies nf any kind.
The quarterly tinted platM for 187.1, will
reproduce four of John 8. Davis' inimitable
child-sketches, appropriate to the four sea
sons. These plates, appearing tntbo Issue
for January, April, July, and October,
vvonld be alone worth the price or a rear'e
Every subscriber to the Aldine, who pa;
In advance ror tho year 1873, will receive,
without additional charge, a pair or beautl
rul oil chromos, after J. J. Hill, the eminent
English paiuter. The pictures, entitle
"The viilo Belie," aud "Crossing (he
Moor," are HxiWInchoa-are printed from
'lb different plates, requiring 26 Impressions
and tints to perfect each picture. The same
chromos are sold lor 30 per pair, In the art
stores. As It Is tho determination of its cou
ductors te keep the Aldine out of the reach
ot competition In every department, the
chromos will be round ahead of auy that
can be offered by other periodicals. Every
subscriber will receive a certificate, over the
signature of the publishers, guaranteeing
that tho chromos delivered shall be equal to
thu samples furnished the agent,
or the money will bo refunded.
The distribution of pictures or this grades
free to the subscribers to a five dollar peri
odical, will mark an epoch In the history ol
Art and, considering the unprecedented
cheapness or the price ror lhe Aldine Itself
the marvel falls llttlo short or a miriacle
even to those best acquainted with the
achievements or inventive genius and im
proved mechanical appliances. (For Illus
trations or these chiomos, see November is
sue of the Aldine.) .n.i.vrw
will continue under the care of Mr. Richard
Henry Stoddard, assisted fe bet wrltera
aud poets ol tottoriRfal'WlWJ'
tho literature of the Aldine always In keep,
Ing with Its rt,uljJM8j
an nor anuin. In advance, with Oil Cbro.
K aiSW . berevfter, be. obtainable
onlvbv subscription, mere wtii De no re.
P".":P??7L.i itrVnt without responsibility
signature qknTS WANTED,
An. neraon wifWngto act as permanent!
nnVlFW?., Publisher,,
JAS N JtadtB Las New Yeri

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