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JUNE 14, 1173.
liii .VI
ratter f ti Cltf nd
Oejalr. Ml ,"'r mttf Dil y
(- rlllslle oalls-rii ill nl
JjIlM &OKIKL1 Kdllof sfed Publisher
One week, by carrier
Om year by earrfsr, laadrauce 10 00
On year by carrier U not ptld in
uer.tdwM .' oo
JUJMalta. 0
Joan H. liberty ha reduced, tb subacrlp
Hon price of the Wbbklt Cairo Bulletin
t On Dollar per annuBj leaking it the
J4 sp-m ,) m jr (i i tiun I tu ij j'lbdra lltinol
WlTHtbeailvent of tbo president's ftn
ilyl the "season" has fairly begun at Long
Postal card may be usid lor bltter
If the purchaser finds be can't write on
tbeaa, and so something ii saved.
Tt mut cause Onarly's subscribers to
(ndulire in considerable profanity if ttiey
Wt Ri Tm Boilbtis Knv ofunet
than it cornel to our office. Stat Regis
ThbBclletin it regularly mailed to
tne 'itegister . Wa are at a Ion to deter
mine at wkom wo thall awear.
0B week apt yesterday proctiely the
president, and family arrived at bonj:
Branch. Th4 exact moment nf hli arrival
waa flfteerlKBiinutes pait 9 o'clock a.m.
During all that momentous Friday the
president!, baggage continued to arxivo at
Long Branch. Eight furniture wagons
were required, to convey tha bairgnge to
the cottage by the if a. We nre glad we
have tuch a president. He u a president
to be proud nf, and ol him we arq proud-
Gen. Dick Tatluu Ii billing and coo.
leg "w'lb Qov.l Bill Kellogg of Luuiiana,
a apjKUci j upon which tha Mow Or
leanppera look with much distrust
Toe .late OonTee'eratei ereoue after an'
other dropping into tha Radical camp.
Just at the teniible portion of that party ii
dropping'' euit'orjit, and, into tha ne
party tb ai.tl-roonopoliit party. The
( Confederates are like the old style Demo-
orati, mighty ilow but awfully euro.
Tbry do advance, tut not until tbe main
body of the army hai gone forward and ta-
i ken a new politico.
The New York 'Humid' aavi that trou
ble Is anticipated (n.admiaistrailon circles
jj between tbeJUnifed States and pain on
ine question or tbe emancipation of slave
in the Spanish colonics. It appears that
the stronger party in ('uba. because the
wealthiest, is opposed to emancipation
wune in inipaiuy u n against tne repub
lic of Spain, or making Cuba a dependent
ciate. inn makes emancipation In Cuba
' far distant reality unless the Unlwd
3tats intervenes, ' which It has pledged
'Itself to do, not only In published corres
pondence, but ia' wbat haej' more recently
esasied between the secretary of state and
ur minister at Madrid. The oretended
mancipation of slaves in Porto Kico served
nly to'-'loleaslfy ine president's diigut
pith cVpanish rule and Spaalsb diplomacy.
It will be remembered that our minister
it Madrid nVralded" thji' concession as a
Wreatjdlplomatlc triumph ior tbe United
btaies.'-lt appears rlhat beforo the edict
Lkf minftutlnn In Pnftn tflnA .nl inf..
?ct, every slave had bwin sold and sent
Cuba.' ' Captain' General Flultaln
seriously embarrassed, and has of late
m plained to' tbe Hptn'sh minister in
Vasnington of the difflcukius wnicb besot
him in' bis efforts to Tepre-ent the new
form of government'of Spain in Havana
e Is comparatively powerleis to t'lif.'rie
be republican sentiment, for he finds tho
tuatlon iar dilToreut lo-dav than wh.n
11 predecessor had the support of the
- -
honerihists and was in accord with the
,esino. Those Wbo claim to speak advii
Idly say that tbs president's policy .to-
Vard Spain, or as far as her American
toitestloLS are concerned, is as definite!
kgresstve u that toward Mexico, and ho
iruve it. ?
Tbe New York 'Uerald' of Sunday last
jicllthei an interesting letter from Rome,
omtl church nd to that Un-a liod of
riaestants who do not withotd their re
act and admiration from the venerable
niifl, who Uay now be regarded as al
ii a prisoner ta we" Vatican, aioeii a
luntary one, The 'Herald's' correipon-
nt bai been' favored with an interview
lb Cardinal Antoualli, Fupe Pius
'in b's minister pf stats, and in tbo cun-
irsatioB which ensued betwean them, as
ported by the 'Herald', the public is In
xmad upon several subjects in which It
(lis a dsep interest. ' Tne Popes health
bsn the toplo of much peculation
sinformallon and exaggeration recently.
nas net, eoiy oesn reported as
lar death but as baviog actually
is sed it dark portals. Both reports, it
ems, are false, and, Pio Nono, cow in
a eiitbty-second year, enjoys as good
ittltb aivany man,baf lugpuicd thaallot
k three score acttovears of.human life
more baVjtit.a score, bai a right to
Inact. "Hi Is tomtwbat troubled with
vnmatism, which stiffens his limbs arid
at not permit bim to ascend and descend
a stairs leading from his apartments to
Vatican hie sfUlctlon bow
)r dosijiiei f revenvbles from enjoying
I bleesingi of fresh air and sunshine, and
fen be desires either, belie lowered Into
i gerdens In bis cbair and taken up in
i Mine maiet5jSHeeontlnUHihii(diri-
DiaBoer of living and eujop bis cut
aery good spirit. 'ftceplloHhi event
a sudden change in hi health, which at
age couli oofbe'ealled unexpected, tb
LjUvb of cardinals ;fcfj tr,e twice of
F miwrrr U m event ttill
e iBdsMWrwwtre- vti in 'jw,e,
JkeBjftsBB fit tto'BM Mel tt
imposition Italian papen, to give dally
bulletin! .if bit health, in which ill dan
gerous itate i 'dilated "on. no lets to tbe
amusement of tb p,,pa btmtelf than to
theMtlsfactfon of bit' enemies. It Is re
laled.'of hjmjthai on tbe evo of hli eighty.
ecood brtb 4ay, ho listened with quia
enjoyment to the reading of tha exagger
ated account of tbe itnte of bis health
hich wai given in the 'Capitol' of that
In aniwer to a queitbn of tho correr-
POndenL Cardinal Antnnalll antwartil
witV a depth of fe ling whloh showed the
sincerity and strength of the determina
tion, that the pope and his advisers will
m-ver loave the Vatican: "Iamaiit
ItmaUf' s'ald the cardinal ; "they ma)
drive us out of thn Vatican by lorqo, but
otherwise tve shall romain here, dio bote,
nd ie burled here." Believing llsvli
wronged out of its temporal postossloiir,
the papal government will not yield tbi
irail of them the Vatican, to the d
poller, and tbopopo, fearing to even lueiii
to be reconciled to tbo existing order oi
things, will tiotleavoit even to appear oi
the streets toglvehispoople b s tlossliie; a
hirmerly. Sucb an appearance might !'
construed into the evidence of reconcile,
tlon betweon Vlot.r Emanuel and tin
pope, nnd this seeming uvidonce of an im
potiibilily, the latter will nover give
Tha religious corporations bill, not yet
pasted by tha Itallun chamber of deputies
but which proposes to dvprivo tbe reli
gious orders of tbe cburcb of their oxiti
ence as legal bod its and to expropriate
their property to tbe government, wa
tnado the ailbjct of a long conyerf ntloti
between Cardinal Antonelli and the 'Her
ald' correspondent. The cburcb feels lli.
land to be a most unjust one for muny
reasons: it deprives tbe Popo of ono of hi
most powerful spiritual 'ntlio; It depro-
ciat.es tbo property of tbe ordors,
ai faithful Italians will nut
buy it, their education leaching thorn that
no blessing would attend suca purchase;
the loeal extstenco of the orders denied.
their right of meeting and discussion can
at any moment bo denied them, and tin
Holy church has need of these orders in
the present time ol skepticism and op
pression. Tha pope and his adherents
feel that tbo Italian government has
violated tho guarantees it
gtv thorn beforo and after
it entered the Roman territory;
and in this sentiment, but few except tbo
most intolerant enemy of itomanism will
fail to sympathise.
Kegulitr Meoling
Cairo, III., Juno 10, laid.
No quorum. Adjourned.
iLJ.UuwucT.C'ity Clork.
Special meolinR of tbe City Council
Called lor the purpose of opening bids
for ttjo construction and reconstruction
of sidewalks nnd general business 1
Council Cu Annuo
CAtuo, Ills, June ta, V&TA, 4 p m.
Present His uonor, Mayor Wood, and
Aldermen ivorsmeyer, McEwen, Mo-
Gauley, Meyers, Morris, Phillips, Kitten
house and Kobinson 8.
On motion of Alderman Robinson tbo
reading of Ibu minutes was dispensed
Thecjty attornoy reported back linuor
bonds of .Mrs. Uahn, stating that in hl
opinion tho city bond is good and suffi
cient, but tho state bond Is not.
On motion of Alnorman Hittenbouse
the report was received and filed.
On motion of Alderman Riltenhouio
said bond wero reformd rrfc in Mi-.
Hahn for further security.
lhe city attorney to whom was referred
tbe :1mm of K. A. llurueet for I'J&B 84,
reporieu Dack samo with stuloment that
in bis opinion tho payment of $100 in full
ot tne claim as recommended by tbo
claims comtnlttuo, would be at equitable
lut.lement and woiild recommend that
their report bo concurred in.
alderman Munis moved that said reJ
poit bo received and concurred In and
that Mr. Uuroell be allowed said auiuuut
ot IOuinfullof bit claim. Oarr ed by
the folluwltg vote: Ayes-Kursmejer,
.McKwen, McGau'cy, Meyers, Morris,
Pfiillipi, Kittuunuuio and Jlobiuson a
Nay 0.
TniAUBxit's Rcpiinr.
Report ot it. A. Cuoningtmui, city treas
urer fur May, wu preiunted bowing the
tollowlog amounts on band June Uk In
getural tund 5381 73: in iniere.t fund
$J,283 02; in Foi, Howard & Co., Interest
tund 4,0uS xl; In special fuudiilBO; in
Cairo and tit. Louis Rillroad company
interest fund $3,9&i 27: and iu Calm and
Vinceunes Railroad company intereit
fund t,5J2 27.
Ou motion of Alderman Morris said re
port Mas received and ordered filed,
Report of D. J. Oalllgan, superintend
ent of streets, was presented recommend
log that the following describud sidewalks
be reconitructed, vlr t On north sldo of
tieventh street from Walnut street to Jof-
tersoti avenue; on north side of Fifth
street belncen Commercial and Vashing
tonavenuei; on bntb sides oi Fourteenth
street between Waihlngton avonue and
Walnut stroet; on south sldo of Thirty
fourth street, from Commercial avenue to
Levee street; on south side of Twenty,
first stroet from Hycatnoro street to Popu
lar street) and on west side of Pop lar
otrsot from Division street to a point fifty
feel north or Twenty-first street.
On motion of Alderman Morris said re'
port was referred to tbe street commltte.
(Alderman Oixby appeared and took
his seat )
The street committee to whom was re
ferred at 'be last meeting, a resolution in
structing them to report tho best 4lan to
permanently Improve Levee ilreet, re
ported the samo hack recommendfng that
said street be gravelled and the work paid
for by special aeeeisment. '
Alderman Alttenbouse moved that laid
report be received aod that the ordinance
eemaiite U Uitraeeed t draft trti-
nanco in accordance with. the recommend
ation therein contained. Curled.
Said committee reported back the
potttion of tbe police force, asking the
council for Increased allowance, with
slatement that tbe council had no power
to allow them Any advance on their
On motion of Alderman Hlttanhouia
said report was received and ordered filed.
The ordinance comraltteo reported the
following ordlnanco, whloh wai read by
ibo clork, viz:
He it ordained by the City Council of the
City of Cairo:
Suction 1. That, wheitovcr, It shall be
come ncctfcary In the opinion ot the mayor
nd board ol health of the. city ot Cairo, for
the health of the city, mid to prevent tbo
entrance or xprcad osTtoutnglotts disease.
I lie mayor may iiuu his proclamation aup-iire.-itliix
the nalu or uo ot t'Ucli vegetables,
irtiltK, ircrh fi-h an i other article ol diet.
a "lull he deemed by them Ituurioua. and
likely to cause the renil ol suub oleanei),
und upon uch proclamation being Issued
.iikI plltillshcd, It hIihII be tllilawiul for any
one to use, a llor glte nway any xucli arti
cle" us are Interdleteit liy hli proclamation,
and anyone tiKlng, rellltig or giving awuy
"iii h ariiul-a niter the lsulng und publica
tion, anil during the continuance of sucb
p.ocluniutloii, ohull be liable 1 1 a title ol not
ics- than the uor more than Utty dollars for
each and ccry oll'eine.
SEC 'i So pemoti Hlmll throw into any
highway, th'-rouithlaru or other publc
pluc, uny animal or vegetable sulmtulice
wuaiuver, nor sriu tney mrow in ! any
liubway, thoror- 'lure, vacant lot, r.illioud
trip, or Htiy other pUce within the city nt
Cat o, oll'iil or Flops ol ny kind, und any
one giiniy oi a vioiatioti,oi tutu nectton oi
till- onlln inco sbuU m IUhle to a tine or not
leri tl'an Uvo nor more than fitly dollar lor
null oncn-o.
&EC. 'J Jt thall not be lanlul for anyone
In tho city of i Mlro. to stirrer uny kind of
tilth, slop holes oltulof uny kind, ilvcuylng
ii'eut, or anything el-e to remain In or upon
llielr nrciLireit. so hi to heroine ottenvo o
uny citizens or likely lo become Injnrloni
to the he ilili of nu tiortlon ol the inhabit-
nuts ol the city, nnd anyone kii Ity of a vio
lation ol tliN fcctlon of Ihli orilliunco shall
ha liable to u tin ol not Icxi thiiii livo nor
more than tilt v dollira for cverv day aald
violation continue-, anil the evidence of a
tu'ijotliy ol the hoard ct health that such
plucex are otlen-lve or Injurious to health,
kIiiiII bn coiit'lu-lve of that tact.
bKC. I. lhe owner or occupant ol any
livery or other Muhle within this city ball
Keep nii ciawo anil a. auto yaru clean, anu
shall not pemlt more th-Mitwo rart loads
ot manure to accumulate, nnd remain In or
near the bamo nt any one time between the
tlrst day ot Mav and the first day of Novctn-
her, mm any one utility ol a violation or
t Ii It Hection of this ordinance shall he liable
to a fine ot not lcs than live nor more than
titty dollars, for every day such excels of
two cart load ol manure shalbe allowed to
remain in or near their stable.
Alderman Merris moved to suspend the
rutei for tbo purpose of putting said or
dinance upon its seooml reading. With
drawn. (Alderman Mollis appeared and took his
frint!no cohtiiact.
Alderman Morris from tbe printing
cimmittec, ai instructed by tbe council,
I ibmltted a contract with John U. Oberly,
for tbo city printing for one year trom
June Gil), 1873, as per his bid accepted
May 2B:u.
On motion of Alderman McOauley said
contract was approved by tho following
voto: Ayes Bixby, Korsmoyer, McEwen,
McOauley, Meyers, Morris, Nellls, Phil
.lips, Riltenhouio and Robinson 10.
Nay 0.
Tho finance committee roportad thai
during tbo month of May, scrip to tbe
amount of $701 13, bearing $7 19 interest,
and coupons to tho amount $2,320, woro
paid and canceled.
On motion of Aldorman Meyors said
report was received and ordered filed.
hoard or health retort.
The mayor, as chairman of ibo board of
health submitted a report telling forth
that they have done and are doing all the
ordinances empower them to do towards
regulating the sanitary condition of tbe
city. That ono week after the organiza
tion of the protont administration the
mayor issued a proclamation calllt g
upon all citizens to clean up their prim-
lies ; on May 27, ho issued an order to tbe
police to mako arrests without notice
wburovur nuisances wero found, and that
a great many arrosts have beon made
since and more could lie made If the ordi
nances wuro stringent onough. He re"
emmended that sections 80, 81 and Si 0
ordinanco No. 4 be amended sn as to pro
vide, thai the testimony of the board of
health he sufficient lo mako a case for the
city against persons maintaining nui
ances. The board reported that all boats
touching here aro boarded by tne police
andincaeeany sick person is found on
board, a physician is called who decides
whether or not tbe bout shall bo ordered
to quarantine.
Un motion of Alderman Rittonhoui
said report was rocoived and tho recom
mendations therein contained, concurred
The following communication Irom
tho mayor was read and, on motion of Al
derman Riibioson, referred lo ibo finance
commltte, viz:
(Jentlornen of the City Council ;
You aie wed a Ware itiat cily scrip is tond
ing downward ami men uiu out ou tbe
truets purchasing at 70 nnd 76 cents, and
uuicis lommbiug bu done spuedily to
check the downward tendency it musiaiid
will go down mil lower.
-The lacli are lheu: Wo bavo a large
amount ot scrip outstanding, bearing 10
percent, inlereit, and the taxes for tbit
year will not be collected until April,
18(4, making un additional issue of imp
noce.i.ry to run the city government un
lit thai tune, or in other words, the nuw
tax law has put au additional Uiue of
scrip on the market which we cannot
avoid, if wo would. It Is true that tbe
new city charter grants tbe city authori
ties all the powers neceiiary to collect
enough to pay tbe indubtedneis of the
city, but as that cannot be collected only
for the use of next year, It will do us no
good for the present year, and to collect
tbo whole amcunt outstanding in one year
would, in my Juifmout, work a hardship
to every tax-payer In our city. I
I have given this matter considerable
thought, as the question now is. what
tll tho cily do for money to run her tbe
present year? As before staled there is
t,o money in tbe treasury, iclp going
down and eome of th people clamoring
for improvement of one kind and another
and no means at tbe disposal of tbe coun
cil to make the said improvements.
In vlnw of this state of tacts I respect
full recommend to the city council, the
funding or taking up of nil the outstand
ing lutere.1 bearing scrip. Into bonds run
nlng 2, 3, and 6 yean with the tarn rat
of lBtMMtMrlf MW retire, Til i 10
par cent. The point may be raised whether
the city has the legal right to fund the
scrip Into koedi. i'he Tjity ejithsMitlee
are nrnbibliarf from JnorBawin
tb Indebted aess of lib.
city, but as this I merely trantfeT or
one kind of indebtedness Inlieuofaaether
I think there can be no legal objection. If
thero ii a legal objection to tho lnuo of
more bond tbe lame end can b accom
plished by the consolidation of icrip into
larger amounts and Issulns; new scrip to
tho parties holding tbe said scrip and then
taking tb scrip up. Tbeie, gentlemen,
are tbe only two method that
I can see to get rid of the scrip now Issued
and be free to enter on a new basil with
our annual approplatlon bill, and
bvidolng we will be compelled to keep
our ex penses within bounds of our receipt
when there will tfl no fluctuation in our
eltv icrip. Hoping the council will give
this matter the weight that the subject de
serves At their hands,
I am, very reipocifully,
' .Ioum Wood, Mayor.
The comrnllteo on claims reported back
the following bills recommending pay
ment of the same, vlr.:
O R Woodward, 10 kegs nails and
other hardware 171 07
K li lUbUiuuham, rent of coun
cil building lor May CO 00
Cairo bulletin Co., publishing
council proceedings iu May and
other auvertiittig 49 21
J R Cunuintiham.naUiiiiK 2 loads
slot 'i 00
Hlephuti Uradioy, hauling loo
loads lumber from leveo to city
lumber yard 60 00
0rite Latiuer, hauling h day... 2 36
uhu'i McCarthy. 19 davs ui'orin-
tenuinu Jul k"K at 33 00
Thomas Kiizerald, '27 days work
on street 'ii 60 75
Peter Coiilaii, J 7 days work on
streets CO 7&
Put W alder, hauling a drunken
man to jail co
U V Uenricks, 4 daya service
examining and estimating cost
ol sidewalks 20 0)
il 1j K'nnvar, 4 days services ex
amining and estimating cost of
sidewalks 30 00
M Doud, hauling u loads lumber
in March 0 00
II T Oerould, repair on gas pipe
ull-til,utc 1 32
Cairo City Ous company, gas con
sumed at the different ttie en-
ine-bouses, 3 months, to June 1, 07 80
Cairo City Uas company, gas con
sumed nt cily clerk's onlce, 0
months, to June 1 4 Hi
Cairo City Gas company, gal con
sumed at city jail, 3 months, to
Juno 1 8 05
Stephen Uradley, tiaulloir and
scraping on aitoels' 67 76
Wm, Henry. Ir niebt latch and
knob 1 26
W. O. itockwell & Co- stationery
for city clerk's office 3 97
Parker & 'Hake, glazing 6 light
in city jail 2 36
A. Uallcy, 2 dozen tin cup and
plates tor city jail 2 00
JoKOph It r oss, brooms and bucket
for city Jail 3 70
James Kennedy, reconstructing
sidewalk on weal tide of Poplar
itroet.from Nineteenth to Twen
tieth streets, 230 feet at 40 cent
per foot 93 00
J as. Kennedy, reconstructing
sidewalk on louth aide of Di
vision street, from Washington
avonue to Poplar street, 4ti0 ft
at 40c a foot 184 Ot
J as. Kennedy, reconstructing
ilduwalk on west side ot Pop
lar street from Eighteenth to
Nineteenth streets, 220 ft at
40c a foot 88 00
Jas. Kennedy, reconstructing
idewalk oo north lids of
Twentieth street, from Wash
ington avenue to Poular street.
438 fiat 40o a foot 176 20
Jas. Kennedy, reconstructing
idewalk on south sldo of Twen
tieth street, from Washington
avenue to Poplar street, 419 ft
at 40c a toot 107 60
Jns. Kennedy, reconstructing
sidewalk on west lideof Poplar
street, from TwentUth to Di
visioa streets, 200 ft at 40c a
f(ot .'. 80 00
Jas. Kennedy, reconstructing
sidowalk on east side of Pop
lar street, from Twentieth to
Division streets, 17G ft at 40c a
foot 70 40
Jns. Kennedy, reconstructing
walk on north side of Twentieth
street,betweon Commercial ave
nue and Poplar street 64 feet
at 40 els., and for exeat alion
mdoSI 222 00
F. Brois, P M. salary for May... 26 Oo
D. J. Ualllgan, lala'ry as Superin
tendent of streets in May 90 00
E. U Fallls, May salary as Comp
troller 60 00
R. II Cunnlngbsra, May salary a
Treasuror 76 00
M J How ey, May salary as CUrk, 100 00
Wm. MoHale, May salary as Mar
shall 100 00
A. Cain, May salary as police con
stable 76 00
P A. Con ant, May salary as police
cnnatable 76 00
Chaa. Mehner, May salary as po
lice constable 76 0
Phillip Heim, May salary ai polico
constable 76 00
W. W. Wooton, May salary a po
lice constable. 76 00
J. C. La Hue, May salary as po
lice constable 76 00
Fred. Wbitcamp, May salary as
pollc constable, twenty-four
davs CO 00
Joha Wood, Mav salary as Mayor, 100 00
John Wood, salary a Mayor from
April 19 to 30 33 33
John (ilndnov, hauling and
scraplm: on stree's 7100
Daniel MeCarthv, dieting ptl'n
ers 165 days 82 60
Alderman Oixby moved that laid billi
b allowed and order drawn on tbe treas
urer for amoun above set forth. Car
ried by the following rote: Ayes Dli
by, Korsmeyer, McEwen, McOauley
Meyers, Morris, tyollis, Phillips, Rilten
houio and Roblmon It. Nay 0.
The claims committee reported back the
bill of Dr Evans for $10 for surgical Mr
vices performed for a prisoner at city jail,
recommending its reference to tbe city at
torney. On motion of Alderman Rot in-
son tbe bill wai so referred.
Bill of II. A. Hannon for 110 36, for
stationery for treasurer and comptroller,
was reported back by same committee
recommending payment of $7 80 in full
of bill.
On motion of Alderman Robinson the
bill was allowed at recommended, by the
following vote: Ayet-Bliby, Kort.
meyer, 11 cOaulry, Meyer, Morris, Nellls,
P billlps, Rltienhoui and KoWnion 9
Nay-McEwen 1.
Tbe same committee reported baek bill
or Cairo City Oat company, amounting to
1304 60, recommending pyail of
J9I 6 lo full pf bill, a per r?H f
polio oooittble, Mtbair.
On Uoa .j AMerana Meyer tl
blllwa artowi aB't4MmeBed, by tha
following 'yet: AyieBlxby, Kon
Byr' UoMwm,' NteCtaaley, Meyer,
MorrKNelllsl'PWlKRItbonse and
obiBvi-l6. tfsiy-Mf. -
Bill Wwl Henry, Jr., for $4 for bal
ance due omMarch bill for nail, wm sent
back without report. Oa motion of Alder
man Konmeyer laid bill waa tabled.
Petition of H. Levy was presented rep
resenting that he had a liable built on the
rear of lot a, In city block , aald (table
blng 11 by 16 ft, and praying that laid
stable be allowed to reaaaln at erected.
On motion of Alderman Nellie tald pe
tition was, tabled and the city maribal
ordered to cause tatd ttable to be Uken
Petition of O. D. Williamson
waa presented, asking that a ditch
be dug on tha west tide of
Washington avenue between Sixth and
Seventh tlreeta to drain that neighbor
hood. Alderman Ritteohoaie moved to refer
said petition to the street commiltoo.
Alderman McOauley moved to amend by
allowing the petitioner to have the work
done at hli own expente, under the direc
tion of the luperintendent of itreeta.
Amendment adopted.
Petition of John T. Rannle and other
praying the council to repeal to much of
ordinance No. 61 as relate! to the recon
struction of the sidewalk on the west sldo
Walnut street, between Fifth and Sixth
streets, wai reported back by the ttreet
committee recommending that said side
walk be allowed to remain undtiturbed.
Alderman Korsmeyer moved to table
'the-petition Lost.
Alderman Oixby moved that the report
of tbe -treet committee be received and
concurred in. Carried.
Tbo official bond of Frank Demit a
police constable was presented, with
Philip Schmitt and S. M. Orr a securities
thereon. On motion of Alderman Meyers
laid bond wai approved.
The following bidi fer the construction
and reconstruction of (idewalk were re
ceived and opened in accordance with the
city .clerk's advertisement: Of Jamet
Kennedy to construct the new sidewalk
on tbe north tide of Fifteenth ttreet be
tween Washington avenue and Walnut
street, at 74 cent a lineal foot ; to recon
struct (and furnish all, material for) all
the sidewalks to b reconstructed under
ordinance No. 61 at 40 cents a foot ;
of Milton Jenkins to construct tbe
sidewalk on north tide of Fitteentb
ttreet between Watbingten avenue and
Walnut street at 06 cents a foot; to recon
struct the sidewalk on both tldei of Wal
nut ttreet from Fourth to 1'wenlieib
creels at 47 cent a lineal foot; to recon
(truct tb (Idewalk on both (id of Fifth
ttrtfrom Washington avenue to Wal
nut (treet at 43 cent a lineal foot; to re
construct the (idewalk on the touth sides
of Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth
ttreet for 44 centt a lineal foot; to recon
struct the (Idewalk on watt side of Wash
ington avenue from Twenty-seventh to
west Twenty-eighth street at 60 eente a
iineel foot the bidder to furnish material
in every case; of W. T. Russell to build
the aidewalk on tbe north tide of Fifteenth
ttreet from Washington avenue to Walnut
street at SI .25 a lineal foot;, to reconstruct
the sidewalk on tbe touth tide of Fifth
(treet at forty-five cent a lineal foot, ai.d
on north aide of same street at fitly cents
a lineal foot tbe bidder to furnish all ma
terial ; of J. V. Oarvey to reconstruct the
(idewalk on both aidea of Walnut (treet
and furnish material for forty-five cents
a foot, or without furnishing material for
(ixteen cents a foot ; to reconstruct walks
on Fifth atreet and furnish material for
fifty-seven eente a foot, or do the -work
alone, for seventeen cent a fool.
Mr. Morris" moved that the street com
miitee bo instructed to contrael with Mr
uenneay to ao all tbe work aecee-
iary, in tbetr opinion to he done,
at hi bid, or in case of bl refusal to do tbe
work, with any other person at tbe same
price. Carried by the following vote:
Aye Bixby, Korsmeyer, J&cEweo, Mc
Oauley, Meyers, Morrit, Nellis, Pullips,
Kitten bousn and Robinson 10. Nay O.
Bid of- Ooo. A, Cbrlstman to build the
brick sidewalk ordered on both (idee ot
Seventh (treet, under ordinance No. 63,
at 936 60 for every 26 feel, lineal measure,
and furnish all material, was, on .motion
of Alderman Hittenbouse, tabled for tbe
The following resolution, offered by AI
derman Morris, was adopted,- vis:
Resolved. That tha cltv comotrollar be
and he is hereby ln-tructed and authorised
to sen toe uio be It nir be ona-ine to lha
city, at tbe best price he nan obtain.
Ou, motion of Alderman Morris, ad
M J. Bowlct, City Clerk.
iks at aiaaiao.
Comer Twelfth strsst and Wathiagtea Ave
J. 0. HU ELS,
. (Ute of Bt. Louie,)
BLANK BOOR8 or avai-r ilwHnHnn dan
with neatness and dispatch. All kind of
mllnc dona at ahort notin Blklu Und.
Mtnxtneeand Periodicals bousd eetatvi
a J lowest aissent rate.
-.flSTL'SSii" ofdJ Di
tWt at
aayBB ariafaaMaaamHBaeiMBaL.
(Tw w'nrwWt v"a
Hom? Alvrtitanerits.
Bite a t.
aa Ajaiu el
omo aivsra aud (law aw ha
70 Ohio Lhvib,
Caibo. I lli vote.
Oats, Hay, etc.,
And dealer In
LlUS, CBUB2IT, PLA(TXR, Haib, Etc.
Be) bla Leve.
ETI will sell in car load lots at manutao
turert' prtoet, auuintf rrelgbt. 4-3-ti
QBuoeeeeors to K. B. Htndrleas Oo.)
Forwarding and Commission
aMsa. Liberal AtvaBoemmiis made
BBBJaT" open OoBil(aasesti.
Are rrMnd le raeeive, atore aa forward
rretahts to all petal aad bur and
sail oa commission,
erBaslBMs aitadad to crnnptlvt
8. D. AybUU. E. J. AYXK
AYER8 k CO.,
No. 18 Oaio Livbb, Caibo, III.
General Commission Merohsn
scxX'Xs'JD'BS' jlZhsht rr,
w.m mutm utkx.
Our Homo Advortisert .
And buy your
BOOT 3 -A.2STX) 8110328
li. JONES,
(r.TMsth atreet nail Coramra at
'JrifftiSE? '""'Pored to manufaiture al
.Z'teUl. SStliin'n"
a,..vu wa at VUICI fUJIC JOU Willi
lam alw manuraeturlns an extra (jtii 'v
manshtp anT warrantl to be ot lb l,o". 1
notice 10 nC" ,',",1n0J0N"),Mr'r,
Just opened
AlthBlBSs "flhe BED ROUT,
Conxsn or Sbvkjitii Strkkt ami Wash-
Where I Invite all tbe citizens or Cairo
and surroundlnK country to call and see Ii
they cjnnot i-ave money, ax I will sell verv
h.v" ,ptd the old motto, "The
Mmble Penny Is Hotter than the plow fllx
penc;n.. S.S.MAWON
Car Elevrnib nail Pnpl ir if,.
Informs tho puMlo that he h.none,if a the
service" of a Klrvt-clvs Vt'aon makcrand
alto a Klrstt'laxs Hor-e shocr nnd Is ready
Jo manufacture and cptir all kind of work
in thin trade with npalr and dUnatch.
Dr. B. f. rialdt laronat la pnblk that h ba
opnd a
oa tha D0rtht tide of Taatb lr-l aa nam
nisB'sbUtwUlbafuiolthed with tea bill tti
and the publlomay be accommodated at J.
hours of the day and nljht with safe teams
on the lowest tPrm.
Dr. Kleldi akaa share of public natronace
and will endeator to merit It by fair daillDr
and strict attention to bus)
(toranraT aiwelaih iimiaad Oins
ravrelaa Avanat
C. O. PATlKk.
For Sale at Wholesale or Retail.
Cairn, Illinois.
"' f. MS.WHf.tt
Aoknts Homk Cotton Mills
NO. 80 Ohio Levee, Cairo. Ills.
Dealers in Window Shaded,
Wall Pafkr, Purb Whitb
Lead, Linbcxd Oil
SmiTa Turpenti.Vk, Glue
Shellac, Alcoiiol, Etc., Etc.
Washington avenue and Eleventh street. '
Caibo, . Illin oi
C. Hanny wishes the
public lo bo informed that lie
ms on hand a Stock of Dry
Goods and Carpets as exten
sive as any in the Southwest,
and that ho is determined to
sell every articlo at prices
ower than tho lowest. Cal
on him to-day and oxamine
goods and prices. Ho will
satisfy you both w to quality
and ooft,

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