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..Mr. resra'erlr reeiarl
l-al talk t kmc
a at m tter ""
fctafttt IksrtMt Beat
laalaaeU, i.llu.pjUi, do.
EfeM, PittMi. Whinlon.
ElMaBore, rhlladslpnla. New Totk,
Bl. rial ad all olnt north.
1 ibis If also th ealj dlmt f tj I to
U teeter, Bloomlmton, flpriDijMJ,
I erM. Qulnej. Keokuk,
irirutM, lock Mud, LuRsllo.
f sndole, I1on, Krssport,
i iIjul Dubuque, fioui Mj,
I, Oaths ud ill polBti BOrthwf t.
, un ell HlgDl Arams.
BWH Cheeked io all Impartial i-ololn.
of tlektu nd InformUioo, applf to I. C. R.P
Li at aim; An hAfcTd tna trt&ttl its smsr I
Ha Oolnmbas and Cairo, and at tn prlnolp.
grocitieiet nmc'l mrougnooi r.v tvuiu.
W. P. JOHNtON. (WB'I r. Ag't, Chtctio.
L Xitraau, Gsn'l bap'l. Chicago.
J. JOHNSON Ag't, Cairo.
'atsf-nrer trslns on the Illinois Central
t is. to-day train will run a follows :
ltpres, dally ...,3:ir a. m.
' In. TPfnt Stindav 4:00 n. la.
trH. dally txcrpt Sundav.. 3:10 p, ci.
'all, " " " ..12:00 night.
, On nrt after Sunday, M.iy 25," an cxcur-
ta train win oe run eacn auauay on iuu
Uro and Vincenncs tallroad, botwecn
to and Mound City, as follows :
ve M'd Citf. Arrive at Cairo.
a.m. 8:2ft a.m
p a. 4:56 p.m. "
ve Calra. Arrive at M'd City.
a.m. U.-00 a.m.
p.m. 0:30 p.m.
itart for the rountj0rip, fifty cents.
CbaxLS O. wood, Oan'l Ticket Ag't.
n and alter Monday, June 9. 18'3, ttalns
I run dally, except Sunday, between
vVmfleld'i landing and Slkeston, Scott
ty, Miiiouil. at louowi :
,Te Qraenfleld'i 10:00 a.m. and bi30 p.m.
Charletton 10:40 " t!;I0 '
fclkeiton 7.10 p.m. IU3 tr
dn no iv leave Ctr and Mound City as
r Cairo. Leave Moand Citr.
:16 p.m. M0
cms. u. wood, ucn'i Ticket Ag't.
and after Mondiv. February 3. 1ST3.
. ... i i . 1 1 i ii i
i :
5:15 p. m. Ic.
6:10 " ar.
u , ,
8:30 a, ta.
1:33 u. m.
23 "
4:10 "
Jlound City,
Ht. Carmel
Md. City
w i lacemicp... liaib. m.
, .
mu carmel.. S.-2! "
Carml 85 "
Eldorado ...113
Mound CltT.. 4l'L1 n. tn
7:00 a. m. lc.
duiuUl... ... n-in ..
r:Z0 " ar.
Partnol fkA I A..l-..ltf- .
. . -t ---'. tllj me ,7U lUil
the 8bDeeW-n hranch ol the 't.
e aad OM railroad trantfer boat, ui.u
rl XJ.-.I.I ---I' "
' " " WIH.U,,
. 0. Wood, Qen'I Ticket Ag't.
, JB., Sup't
tuu, u
. LEI,
H one of 8tandlnger'fly exterminators,
UIlOtWART, Okth .t Co.
iktr pnjpricior, receive board at
1 at ...
. i. iiorn wunes to Inform mr
and tbe ladles ot thn ritv ,., n..
ahe has removod her dressmaking
' ' I - Ut IU U1U
aeuro, up stairs. c-lm
umuraiineu room with board.
uj located, on Tenth. No. 40
n Walnut and Washington streets
ce required. A few dav bordcr
m accotnmouaieu abo. 0-13-Ct
white; tingle and double X amber
sad double X Canary, best quality ol
i, blue letter, etc., etc. 50,000 for
a Jnl.H t Ml Vllnft FSl n.p tTii-p.l
tie Bcllktik Office.
Mrs, Asm Lang on Eighth street, between
omiuh) ekita stock of new and fashion
I aft Hlnjirpat itvloinf liat ami hnnnMj.
, m - ,
and aotlon ol all aorta, all of which wll
old at tbe lowaet price.
One and twy Wk 'iri corner ot Tenth
4-. ..U MM 'mt .t m- FTLI.
. I. -Mil ImnM hv rKMAM. nr
o, la for pnaiBeea paipoaa, iu Tiry oett
the e4ty . For, Unas, eta., enquire of
(VIMfc Heal estate urokeri, tc.
ffctf atoysuar bwmj usa utcu ruuiieu anu
' . a . I . . . , .
aa m now one oi we son com
" . : . ...
(topping puce in the city. The
m 'SHibUo and peraoru drairing
t MMteri by the week or month, will
a aaaMivave oees tvuucku h w
; . rv
BuslneM li eomewbat dull, and city tcrlp
baa a doWDwanl tendency,
Reed ft Mann'i foundry building Is being
moveu io uie ioi aoum oi wio one on w men
It notv tand..
McIIalo and Cain captured ten intnerablc
offender against tbo poaco and dignity of
Cairo on Sunday.
Hon. Wilder W. Wamcr, member of tbe
boue of the general aiecmbly, w.n In tbe
city yeitcrday cn routo eotith on a business
Sheriff lrvln yesterday began tbo ealo of
property in this county advertised for sale
lor the non payment of taxes, Tbe sale
will he continued to-day.
Field bad a greater number of horses and
buggies hired out yesterday, than on any
day beforo this year. The livery business
is as brisk as a bee about tbo bung of a
molassea barrel, or files around the slaugh
ter houses.
New stock and new styles of wall paper
paints, oils, window glasn, etc., etc., at U.K.
Meigs' new store, Washington avenue and
Eleventh street. Call and aco the latest
styles In wallpaper before purchasing else
where. 4-1 .
K. M. Ward U now pirparcd to deliver the
best of sawed nml split hlrkury wood to any
part of tbo city. AIo all kin ixof wood and
coal aiwaj on hand. Leavo orders at bis
ofllce, corrur Seventeenth street nnd Com
mercial aunuo. 3-Mtf.
The Dubuque saengerlcst commences on
the SOth and will end on the 24th of the
present month. The- Illinois Central will
tell tickets for the round trip at $18 30. The
sale of tickets will commenco on June 18
and contlmic until the. 22nd. Sec botfee iu
another column.
Phil. Satip hts excellent ice cream aud so
has Ellis. It is an actual fact people eat it.
The attention ol the antl-eattng council is
directed to this alarmluif fact. The ordi
nance against eating must he crowded
through to that the mayor may prohibit the
eating of ice cream by proclamation.
Mr. Len Kaxon ol the Padncah 'Tobacco
Plant', Is in the city. His mlittlon is ono of
peace. Ho hopes, by arduous cultivation,
to bo ablo to induco tbo people of this -v II
Uge to live godly lives, and fall into the
mural habits of the saints or McCraken
county, among whom he has had his abid
ing placo lor many years,
It has been said that the only bill Judge
Dross of tho county court, don't cut down
is tbe bill for his own salary, nnd It has been
Intimated that, if he had anything at alt to
do with its allowancn, ho would be sure to
reduce it about one quarter, lie never al
lows the county to pay more for auy senlco
than he believes It to bo worth.
Mb. Oxo. fc)TtisnocK, barber and hair
lrosser, corner of Eighth street and Com
mercial aronue,dealres to call tbe attention
if tho boardod community to bla neatly rr
rongod saloon, and the fact that ha ii mu
ter of his profession in all ita branchot
Ho haa bearded many lion in hit den. and
tall for more. tf.
Mr. C. II. Qartrell, solo prop,ctor of the
0. Walsh gai burner and regulator Is ln
tho city. With his regulator ho guarantees
to save to the gas consumer from twenty
five to tlfty pel cent of their gas bills, and
chahengea a test with any other burner.
These who wish to save gas and money,
should examine this invention, and 11
It is as represented adopt it.
Hacks for tbe Cairo, Arkansas and Tcxa
railroad, starting from White & Greer's
store, corner ol Sixth street and Ohio levee,
run as follows:
Arrive In'clty at."
ii !
S a.m.
4 p.m.
10 a.m.
John Mbykrs, Agent.
Tho attention of tbo council Is called to
the alarming fact that certain citizens aro
Id the dally bablt of eating frusti fish. They
ou ght to be punished for this heinous crime.
We therefore Insist that a special m ctlng
of tbe council shall be held immediately,
the ordinance to prohibit citizens from
eating instantly passed. Tho republi
can habit ot eating what ouo pleases should
be crushed out without delay, and It our
council can't crush It out where Is tbo coun
cil that can!
City Marshal Mcllale made aad havoc
among the dogs on Monday inormug. YV hen
tho tun rose iu flrst beams fell upon the
corpses of at least tlfty canines The
marshal lingered for a long time around
Tue IlL'LLKTiN building determined to let
us have a shot unloa we appeared with two
tagsvlnlble. One tag ho say Will not save
us. He Is laboring uudcr the delusion
that we create moro disturbance than all
the logs plouso don't insert "other" bo-
loro "dogs" in the third ward. Ho ii a
Tho MclhodUt friends havo chartered the
clegaut etc amor Eckert, and proposo giving
another crfcurtlou up the Ohio river on tho
1-ourth of July. These excursion have
been very pleasant and satisfactory, and a
tho Mcamcr has beeu newly painted and
otherwise bcautmod and made more com
tortable, this may be expected to bo moro
pleasant than the preceding ones, The ar
rangements have commenced In good time,
and nothing will be omitted ln making It the
occasion of tbe season. We bespeak
largo crowd. Further notice soou. 0-12 td
This Is to intorm the people of Cairo that
Hev. C. 1'Ucrschncr, pastor of the German
Luthern church of hl cltr. has opened
school wherein both tho German and Eug'
H. . i ....
iuu inKUBKes win oc uugut, ir there are
those auiong our American born citizen
who wih to have their chlldron learn to
read, write aud speak tho German language
tucy now nave an opportunity to gratlly
that wish. Ilev. Ducrschuer Is a thorough
German and Englls . scholsr, and will spare
no euort to maka tho school of which he I
principal a suctcn.
By order of the UoAitn of DutKUTOiis.
(Ml lin
Mr. A. Black of the shoe store has just
received his second stock of summer shoes
and slipper this season, and is now opening
a lice of good which for style and work
manshlp cannot be excelled in the southern
part of tho stale. As heretofore, be makes
it a specUllty always to keep on band tho
latest (tyle of ladle', 'mines' and children
shoes aud slippers of Brolaskl'a renowned
custom work, which he sells at price rang,
log much lower than eastern work cau b
purchased ele where, as there l no Jobbers
between him and tbe manufacturers. HI
lock of gents' and youths' congress gaiters,
buckle shoe-, Prince Alberta, Edwards aud
Alexis, an entirely new style, I very large
and v aried, and will suit the most fastid
ious. He would particularly requett the
gentlemen to inspect bl line of shot be.
lore they desire to purchtte or have made
tlHkt. W7 It
At Union City, TcnntMSM, posters bava
been put up Informing thapoopleol that
vllllaga that cholaraof a virulent kind Is
prevailing In Momtihls, Nashville and
Cairo. Wo don't know how It is with our
neighbor of Meaphls and Naibvillo, but
our citizen will be surprised to learn
that cholera of any kind I prevailing In
Cairo. A few case from ilemphls havo
been put oQ at our wharf, but they havo
been promptly Isolated. Not one eaio of
chotera among our own citizen ha been
roportcd. Wo have hoard of a fow cases
cholera morbus, but only on that provod
fatal, and that occurod a month ago. So
far Cairo has crapod tho postllonce, and
our city authorities from tho mayor down
have been laboring to get tho city Into
first-rate sanitary condition.
A gentloman from Kentucky, drunk as
a lord and tbo proprietor of a lino wagon
and a good team of horses, concluded to
stop a train of tho Illinois Contra! Kail,
road company yesterday. To accomplish
this not diflkull tatk he got into hi flno
wagon and drove hi good
horses, which were to his Una wa
gon hitched, on to the track, and tbero
he hnltuJ. A train was going down tho
track from .the (tone depot. It ap
proached tho fine wagnn, the good horses
nd thetnubrlated Kontuckian. Out what
did the wagon, tho horse or the Kenluck
Ian caro? Not a continental! Tho Ken
tucklan was a grango man, and ho didn't
Intend to allow any d d railroad to run
over him. The onginer rang tho bulU
mada tho whittle screech and rororsed the
engine, but that Kontuckian granger
knew his rights and did not fluo at the ap
pro at: h of the cars of tho horrible mo
nopoly tbo I. C. Tbo consequence was
that thote cars ran against that Kentuckl
an' wagon, and threw It and tbe hones
and tbe Kontuckian several feet down tho
levee, and went on as if they did not
care a cuis whether school kept or not.
And w;-.hink they didn't. Tdui It is with
monopolies. What do they caro for the
feelings of tho pooplo 7 Ask that unfor
tunate kunluckian now substantially
wagonleis. The wagon is just as good as
new, but it is in very small pieces. Tbo
borsos and tho driver are not, luckily, In
small pieces, but tho Kentucktan i as
mad as a March bare.
On Saturday June II, at tbe Commercial
hotel in this city by Hev. U. II. Thayer, Mr.
William U. Watson aud Mlbs Sarah CHJIcn,
both of Salem Kentucky.
Illinois Cextkal IMilhoad Co. I
Agent's uffick.caiko, Juuc 17, 1373. j
To persons wlshlug to attend the Saenger
fest to be held at Dubuque, from Juno 20 to
24, Inclusive, we will sell excursion ticket,
to Dubuque aud return at US :K). Sale of
tickets will commence Jnne H, and be dip
continued June 22. Ticket good to return
until June 2'), Inclusive.
C-i 4t Jamks Johns ox, Agent.
Sun copy.
County court, for tho transaction of pro
bata and criminal business, convened yes
terday morning.
The fact that tho sheriir, Mr. A. II. Ir
vin, was selling tbo town property advor
tiled tor delinquent taxes somewhat inter
fered with the court, aud but little busi
ness was done.
Court adjourned to meet this morning
at 0 o'clock.
Tbe front of tho First National bank
building has recently been painted, and
now, Miller & Parker aro painting the ad
joining building with the celebrated
Averill Chemical paint, li, F. Moig does
the work, and N. E. Way & Co., genoral
commission merchants, Sixth street, fur
nish the paint. They have plenty more
of the same sort in convenient puckagos
and all color mixed ready for uso. It is
the most durable, brilliant and economical
paintln the world. Why don't you buy
Havo you visited Schlcsingcr's new plio
tjgraph gallery on Eighth street between
Commercial and Washington avenues ? 11
not, you should do an, and give the proprie
tor an opportunity to try his skill In taking
of you a perfect likeness and a splendid
ilctute. Mr. Schlcsingcr's gallery Is fitted
up In tho best stylo, with tho intention ol
lolng nothing but porlect work. Tho
ladlua' drawing room Is beautifully fur
nished, and the oporatlng room has a sky'
light unsurpassed by any ln the West. Mr,
Schleslnger hope his many friends, who
have heretofore given to him tliolt patron
ago, win conttnuo tucir tavors, To them
aud tho public generally he extends an in,
vltutlon to visit his moms, whether desiring
work done at preent or not, sattstled that
tbo appearance ot his gallery, tho many
conveniences ho has procured liiocud, all
ttiH latest Improvements in bis art and the
skill of an operator of groat merit, latoly of
London, Mr. I-rant Locke Mteelo, will com
maud their patronage whon they shall need
work to bo done. tS-HMm,
Scene: A saloon on Commercial avenue.
Three persons taking their wbiikey
straight. Enter gentleman from Villa
One of the three to gentleman : How do
you do? Drink?
Gentleman : Yoi; lemonade.
Ono of them ; Lemonade I Good Lord,
don't. Didn't rou hear about Tom Par
ker;? Gentleman : No j what?
Oni of them ! Why, he took a glai of
ice-cold lemonade this morning, and was
Initantly attacked by the cholera. Tbe
poor lellow dlod in a couple of hours.
Tbe gentleman wai aitoucded, lie took
two drinks of wbliky, and going down
town reported that Parkor was dead. Me.
Hale wa going to call bis company to
gether, and all Parker' friends were
plunged iu tbe deepest sorrow. Many of
them were gottlng ready to go to Villa
Kidge to look at Tom' corpieand pay the
last tribute of retpeot to him, when be
made bis appearance on tbe streets yetter
day, the healthiest man in Egypt, and
denied In perion bli own death, and tbe
dander that he bad taken to lee-cold Urn.
Tho season for summer travel I at hand,
and for a few mouths hall the world w.U o.
away from home. An imrueme amount ot
travelling I done in this country In the sum
mer season. People whose dttlrcs do not
lead them, or whose puic will not permit
them to visit Europe or tho fashionable
watering places, gratify their desires for
change and recreation by excursions to
beautiful and plcturcsquo places In our
Some combine business with pleasure, anj
t skn stinh rnntos nil will allow tucm to attend
,to some small matter by penonat attention
which would not warrant the expenso in
curred were it not combined with plcasitro
and recreation. Tboe who seek pleasure
only are oftan at a los to determine whlcu
way to go or which route will embrace the
ruort variable and pleasing scenery, give
mot comfortable accommodations and touch
lightest that highly necessary companion
tbe pocket-book. For who is there among
all those who travel ln search of plcaiure
who tries to sec how uiich expense can be
Incurred? And again who Is thero who
does not endeavor Iu all cases to Incur as lit
tle expenso nnd got as much ln return as Is
posslb.ef Tho Illinois central iimirosu
company with commendable llberatlty and
enterprise on the part of lt?ell nnd the varl
oil' routes with which It connects, havo
isiucd a
For tbo Hiiminer ol 173, coutululug routes
and rates for excursion ticket tor the num
incr fruaofi. lheso ticket wore niaced on
ale iu Cairo at the company's ticket ofllce
June, 1, and will continue to be sold until
August 1S73, and will be good until the tint
day of November 1S73, being four months
ami a half from the present time. They are
sold at greatly reduced rates and may
be purchased rlthvr in Cairo or at
the company' olllce ot 102 North Fourth
street, ct. Louis, aud arc sold only lor the
round trip. Persons desirous oi taking :
summer's Jaunt into Michigan, Wiscou
sin or Minnesota have the choice ot no less
From Cairo or St. Louis. Some of these
routes am all rail, others are part rail und
part steamer. For instance th tourist who
wishes to take a trip to Milwuukeo may buy
a ticket lor t'JO 10 and take his choice of
seven different route after reaching Chi
cago, if he wishes to reach St. Paul, he cau
buy a ticket for the round trip tor til K),
and Iroiu that up to $30 40. On the first he
can travel from Calio to Dubuque by roll ;
thence to St. Paul by steamer, and return
by the same route. Tho moro expensivo
tickets take him via Chicago nnd other
points, and a pleasing variety is added to tho
Jourucy by a change from
excursion tickets can also be had for
Madison, Wisconsin, liar j boo, Waukesha,
Oconomowoc, Graud Haven, Green Bay,
Oreen Lake, Dulutb, Marquette, Elkhart
ako and Hipou, tho prices running from
920 40 to ft!) 40, acoordlng to ulttanco ai d
route chosen. All of these routes tako the
traveller through some of the grand st, most
tailed scenery on the American continent ;
gives him a sight ol tho grandest of the
great lakes, (Superior) und it companion
lake Michigan. Tue Haraboo valley, the
hcautnui lakes which are Iu the vicinity of
Madison and Ocouomow.ie, Waukesha with
ltn noted mineral rprlngs, aud many other
p uces oi notes, description of which, to
gether with many of the UlU'o.ent
towns of the Northwest, can
be found in tho guide which will be uup-
piled Ircu on application at th? ticket ol
lice. Tho Western and Southern tourist who
wishes to travel east, 1 not lelt out in tbe
cold. Special excursion tickets from
The .round trip tor furty-tlve dollar aro
ottered glting the traveller the choice of
thlec different routes, from Detroit cast
By the Hist be may go Irom Detroit to Port
land, Maine, by the Grand Truuk railway;
thence to llostoli via the Boston and Maine
or Eastern railways; tho second, same as
above, to Montreal, thence via tho Vermont
Central railroad along lake Champlaln
through tho Green mountain region via
White river junction, Concord and Nashua
to Boston and return the same route. The
oilier is tho samo to Ogdousburg, New
York; thence through northern New York
to Houses Point; thence along lake Cham
plaln same aa No. 2 to Boston and return by
tho same routo. Iu connection with the ex
cursion ticket thoso who wish to pas
through the Thousand island and down the
ruplils of tho St. Lawrenco river by steamer
from Kingston to Montreal can do so at an
extra cost of four dollars; Torou o to Magra
Kalis anJ return via Lako and New York
Central rallroaj three dollars and sixty
cents; Hlchmond junction to Quebec and re
turn lor threo dollars.
Th 'Giizette' announce Itsolr for Bros
for county judge, Lynch for county clerk,
Martin for county treasurer, and a woman
for couuty school superintendent. Our cu
temporary desires to have two members
of the county court from tho city, and only
one from the country, and suggest thai
oitbvr Marchildon or McCrite will do for
tho couulry member, Tho 'Gazette' ha
suggested a tlckot which would please us
and would meet our support ; but tbe first
thing to bo decidod Is, shall we have parly
nominations or shall the race be of tbo
kind denominated "scrub?" Tbo ticket
suggested is Democratic, and in a party
race might be defeated. Aloxandercounty
is Radical, and if the parly line
were strictly drawn would return
Radicals to all tbe office ; but wo believe
there Is no disposition on the part of tbe
Radical leader to make this lnue. If
they determined to do 10, they would find
tbotnielves In a bad fix in a dilemma
of the most embarraslng description.
They would bo compelled to give a colured
man a place on the ticket or lose many
colored vote, and if they did give a place
to a colored roan tbey would Iota many
white votes. Black Radicals will vote for
white Radicals, but white Radical won't
vote for black Radical. Betide this, the
lUdlcalt have no available watorial out
f which to manufacture county officer.
and may tbtrefore itand back quietly and
take no particular interest ln tbe oanva'
But-th flrt thing to be determined iat
"Bhall w have a party conteit, or innll
' we allow everybody to run bla ow
Cordially Invite the publlo generally to
oln them In celebrating that glorloutday.
A grand time It expected and all neces
sary arrangement, looking to tbe comfort
and enjoyment of the participant bave
been perfected.
The colebration of the day will com
mence with grand parade headed by the
Doha City Cornet Land In which the
whele flro department hat been invited to
participate. After tbe parade those de
sirous of attending tbe picnic, which
will be held In the grove of Kentucky,
opposlto tho city, will find the new,
powerful and commodious forry-boat
'Three State " at the landing prepared
to take them across.
Parontscan take tholr children and feel
perfectly safe In doing so, a the high cat
tie guards of tbe new ferry make It
simply Impossible for an accident to hip
pen. Tho boat I new, lafe and reliable.
A fine dancing floor forty feet in width
bv Qfty foot In lonjtb will be laid on tbe
ground, " no sawdust," so that thoie do
siring to trip the 11 light fantastlo" can do
so to their heart content. Prof. Elsen
burs' celebrated string band will furnish
tbe music for the occasion.
Necessary refreshment will be on the
ground In abundance. Come everybody
and enjoy tho holiday in good old picnic
The day's festivities will end with
grand ball at .School's ball and garden.
Fare round trip on boat GO cents.
Children, with paront free.
Admission tn ball,- Gentlemon 50 cents
each. T. M. Lovarr,
W. II. SroKin,
Committee of Arrangements.
Patcx Current Office,
Monday Eve, June 16, 1873.
We note ome Improvement in corn
moal since our last lisuo, but the general
market remains in th same ttate of dull
ness heretoforo reported with leading
article; especially flour, hay and oat are
very slow of sale.
A few tale of flour ha botn effected by
dealer making concessions, and a few cars
of strictly choice hay havo been disposed
of at low figures.
Corn meal is active and scarce, with
prices on choics steam dried advanced 5c
on the bbl, .
The weather i very hot.
Tbe Ohio river is large and continue
to rlso (lowly.
Freight are quiet and rate to Mem
phi and Now Orlean are unchanged j
from Cairo, but an advance is reported
from tit. Lout.
SaT"CoriepondenU should bear in
mind that our quotations represent prices
for round lot from first hands, unlet oth
erwise statod, and that In tilling small or
dura hlgbor prices must be paia..f
FLOUR Receipts aro in excess of the
tnand, and stock already large and in
creasing ; price In tbe faat week nave de
clined -5 and SO cent on tbe bbl. Wo
note sales of 200 bbls choice XXX, to ar
rive, dol from track 3 25; 30 bbls
do from (tore $8 25; 175 bbla various
grades $70 and 60 bbls family $1.
HAY A fow car of ttrlctly cbolco
timothy and mixed havo been told
tince our latt report at $18
and $17 del, to Co uted in filling ordert for
tbe Soutb. There it no speculative de
mand at all. We note one tale today of
2 cart choice mixed del at $17.
CORN The weak opent with a better
upply of both mixed and white corn on
Iho market. Tbo demand continue active
and price are firm at quotation. Six ear
choice white in square sacks told at 61c
del; 3 car mixed in tackt del brought
49c; C50 tackt whito at points below told
at 60c del, and 7 cart whlto ln tackt del
told at 50051c.
OATS The market it dull and un.
changed. R6colplt are small; demand tbe
ame. 38c is an outtidu figure In fait
they may be quoted dullat3738c to-day
We note sales of 2 car at 382 sacked and
WnEAT Market unchanged. No tales
RRAN Quiet and dull. The mills are
asking $12 00 which is about the corrsct
CORN MEAL The market it bare of
choice meal to-day and the demand
it active to supply the order
trade. Receipts to-day would find
ready sale at $2 46 and $2 60 for cholco
tteam dried. We note a aale of 100 bblt
round lots at $2 45. Trantactlont have
been limited by lack of supply to meet tbe
BUTTER The bot-wtather tendt to
keeping the butter market down.
Twenty contt It tho outside figure for
choice, whilo tbe average reeelpti will not
command moro than 15c or 18c, and weak
at that, Salet 20 pkgt choice packed 20c;
10 pkgt do 18c to 20c, and 1C pkgt do I6o
to 18o.
EGGS Market bare to-day. The de
mand it active and few would tell at an
advance over latt week't quotations. Large
ihlpments at this season would toon glut
the market. We noto tale ot 800 dozen
fresh 10l2c, shipper's count.
CHICKENS Arrivals of spring hardly
meet tbo demand, and old are in very limi
ted supply 2 coups spring told at $3 50
10 dozen bent $3 503 76 ; choice
mixed tall at $3 253 60.
FRUIT None in the market, except a
few oranget and lemont In the bandt of
retail dealers.
POTATO ES There are no old potatoes
on the market to-day, but there Is notice
of tbiproent to arrive to-morrow. Tbe
new crop I coming In from tbe South and
find ready tela on arrival at $6(25 SO per
bbl; sound Peach Blow era quoted at Too
tn bulk; 10 bbli saw pete toe aoid at
$ 90,
ejolei l-4y with tappllet of Ml kind
nitty up to the deaaed.- Sale h.v all
been 4 at pre v loo quotation.
HAMS Sugar cured oanvaied are
quoted at i4t6c. Plain eeuntry cured
ciiwic are quoted at lZo.
LARD Refined la "quoted In tterooi at
8o and In beg at 0l0c.
DRIED FBUirVoryllttle doln.
Dried peaebet art quoted at MMe, aud
dried apple atOo.
SUGAR.-Selllng at 13o for coffee A ;
14014)c for eruihod, powdered and gran
TEAS. Imperial, 751 26; Gunpow
dcr, 7&1 25; Oolong black, 760S1
Young Hyson, $101 40.
CUKESK.-Uood demand ; New York
factory V lb 181017c.
bYRUPS-Tho demand It fair for
cholco at CO(0$1 V gal, and New Or
leant at 75080c.
PLA TKRING HAIH-36c V buslol.
LIME. In lott $1 26 to 1 60 V bbl.
CEMENT, At wholesale $302 50 V
COAL OIL. 22c.
GUNNIES. Hc-etwod J buibolt Itc;
3 bushels 20c.
BURLAPS. 2J busbdls cora, 9 oa
I5jc; do 10 ox lCc; 4 busbelt Oatt 20c; 6
bushelt 21c; C bushels 22c.
SOAP, Schaeffer't German moltled
TJq Champaign map, ?je.
COFFEE Scarce and firm, Java tail
ing at 8li32c; Laguayra 21(25c; R?o
prime tn choice 21025c,
BROOMS. Dull; common koute sell
at $1 60 ; cholco and oxtra cholco $30
8 76 ; iteamboat $4 6006 00.
FREIGHT Cotton, conoreted t
Now York, 85c; to Bof tl. Un
compressed, to New Yerk i4; to Bos
ton $1.
RATES To New Orlon and Vloks
burg: Potatoes, apple, etc, 30c; pors
1; pound freight 16c cwt; bay $fl
per ton; wuiskey tl 40 per bbl.
TO MEMPHIS Flour, etc 26cperlbl;
pound freight 12) per cwt; hay $4 per
ton; whiskey 80e per bbl; pork 60c per
Steamer R W Skil inger, Red rlvor
Jas Uuward, New Orleans
Anita, St Loul
Idlewild, Evantville
11 Grand Tower, Mi tnphit
11 Allee Brown, St Louit
11 Arlington, Momphii
Steamer Sam Brown, St Louis
Idlewild, Kvansville
11 Grand Tower, St Louis
" Arlington, Cincinnati
11 Skillinger, Cincinnati
Both tbe Ohio and Mississippi rivers
are rls'ng again. The Ohio, during the
twenty four hours ending at 6 o'clock last
evening, had risen five inches, and is still
rising. Tbli, howover, cannot bo of long
duration, as the low water season is ast
approaching. The Mississippi Is also
'creeping up her bank, though not at a
very rapid rate. Thit rise, like that In the
Ohio, will also toon have to give way,
Yesterday the weather was extrcmly
warm probably one of tbe warmest day
of the season. Tho msreury averaged 89"
throughout the day.
Business wa apparently a little better
than it ha been for tome time past. How
over, it wat not to lay good ; and we need
not anticipate to tee much business trans
acted before tbo fall trade commence.
The James Howard came in from New
Orleant latt night at about 8 o'clock. She
had on board an immense load.
Toe Evantville and Padncah packet
are doing a moderately good business for
this season ol the year. The former bring
considerable tobacco for itshipment at
tbl point via Cairo and Vincenne rail
road. Several boatt received conilderable quan.
titles of freight bare, while tereral otbort
received comparatively little.
City sTatloaai Bank BaUdlaa-.
aa.flpial attcatioa paid to orders froa in
fc ls nUbt or da
For sale, a ticket good for 1500 miles
travel issued "to bearer" and good either
way for one or more persons, over the At
lantic and Pacific railroad (length 327 miles)
from Franklin, Mo., through Rolla, Lebanon,
Springfield, Pierce City, Neosho and Senaca,
Mo., to Vlnlta, Indian Territory, and good
over the Missouri Pacific ralboad (length 330
miles) from St Loul through Franklin, Jef
forsonClty, Tipton, Sedalla, Pleaaant Hill,
Kansas City, Wyandotte and Leavenworth
to Atchison, Kansas, and over th branches
of these two road, from Tipton to Boone
vllle, Mo., 25 mile, from Sedalla to Lexlng
ton, Mo., 65 mile, and from Pleant Hill to
Lawrence, Kansas, 61 miles. For further
particular enquire at thl office.
u. A. Burnett,
One hundred men wanted to work on the
Mississippi Central railroad, seven mile
outewest of Dresden, Tennessee, and
twelve colored men for teamsters, by Shee
ban tt Toler, contractors. Good wage
given and free transportation furnished.
Apply to M. Burns,
Proprietor Mechanics, boarding homo,
Cairo Illlnolt. 6-12-tl
At warm weather la approaching the
lover ol ice cream will be glad to learn that
Mestr. Saup Clarkson nave fitted up and
refurnUbed, in elegant iryle, their to cream
parlor. Ttaalr mammotb tod fountain ha
alio been put to running order, end Dotbing
U waatUc about fee eeUblUbsiBt to nek
the aleeawi and oomlert ef their petroia
CU(; 4-lVt4
Valuable real estate consisting of three
Iota fronting on Fifteenth street between
Walnut an I Cedar; large Iramebotite nearly
now, two stories, thrpe room on tiach floor,
euthouses, etc. For. further particular en
quire at tho premises, Mas. C. Skhuiax.
Two house and three lot on tile comer
of Seventh and Walnut street. Tine bouse
are as good as new, having been thoroughly
repaired this list spring. Wl I be cold at a
bargain. Enquire on the promises, or at
126 Commercial avenue. 6-1MW
A cabinet organ, a good a new, and of
first-chu manufacture will be sold low and
on eaxy terms by applying to
Mm. M. J. Duwkr,
Cor. Washington Ave. and Fourteenth St.
On Division street, between Twentieth
and Twenty. Urt street, a two-story house,
six room, and summer kitchen, Apply at
Central hotel, or to O. P. Lyon, next door
to prcmlics. n-ie U
A house, 8 rooms aud tt closets, with one
lot and a hilf, corner of Twenty-flrtit and
Poplar BtreoU, on easy terms. For further
Information, apply on the premises.
6-20-1 Ul
Stbve Akaelmkjit, the bar-keeper, ha
jponed a fine saloon tn Loul Hlattoau't
Md itand, where can be found, at all
times, Hteve tervlng hit customers with
tho best of drlnkablot. 11-23-tf
The place to buy wall paptr 20 per cent.
cheaper than any other place. In the city 1
Ho. seventn street. Try h n. able.
noT 'weather is com.
Refrigerators at from $18 to
SoO. Ice chests at $11, $13,
$15, $17, $20, etc. Beer cool
ers at Cincinnati retail prices
water coolers, ice cream freez
ers, wire cloth for window
screens, bath and foot tubs,
charcoal furnaces, charcoal by
the bushel, barrel, etc., at
Reeiiwart, Okth & Co'b.,
13G Commercial Ave.
Notice Is hereby given to all person Inter
ested that tbe city council of the city of
Cairo, Illinois, having ordered that side
walks be reconstructed and renewed on tbe
following named streets, to-wit t On the
north sido of filneteemb sixcet from Com
mercial avenue to Poplar strieet; on th
west side ot Poplar street from Division
street to Twenty-fifth (trect; oa
the north tide ol Twentieth ttrttt
from Ohio levee to Waluut ttreet;
on tbe south side of Twentieth s.reet froa
Ob o levee to .Washington avenue, bave ap
plied to tbe county court ol Alexander
county, state ot llllools, lor an atfetsment
ot the cost of said Improvement according
to tienetlta, and an assessment thereof hav
ing been made ard returned to sJ court,
thn rJnal bearing thereof will be bad at tbe
July term of sil court, commencing on the
21t day ot July, A. !., 1J3. All person
desiring may then and thero appear an 4
make tbelr ifelense
John Q. Harman, )
John If. Uosbman, Commissioners.
Tii'iMAa Winter,
Dated June 11, 1813 C-12-8t
Public notice is hereby given that tbe
county court ol Alexander county, haa ren
dered judgment for a special assessment up
on property benefited by Uie following Im
provement: The new aide walk on the west
side ot Commercial avenue, between Second
and Third streets; the new sidewalk on the
south aide of Tenth treet, troja Walnut
ttreet to Jefferson avenue; tbe new aide
walk on the south side or Thirteenth ttreet,
from Commercial avenue to Washington av
enu; the new sidewalk on tbe north tide
or LLxth street, between Washington ave
nue ai:d Jefferson avenue : the new sidewalk
oa the east tide of Washington avenue,' in
front of lou 18, IB, 9u and Sf, In block. 24, la
the city ol Cairo; the new sidewalk on
tbe north tide of Twellth (treat in front of
bioek me, ln tte Tblrd audition to the city
oi Cairo; tbe rew ddewalk on tbe aorta
slue or cross ttreet, from Washington ave
nue to Walnut ttreet ; the new aldtwalk oa
the east side ol Unlbrook avenue, from West
Twenty-third to West Tweniy-fourtb ttreet:
the new sidewalk on tbe south aid of West
Twenty-fourth street Hum Uolbrook avenue
to Park avenue; tbe reconstructed side
walk on the toutb tide of Divis
ion ttreet' Irom Poplar ttreet to
Washington avenue ; the reconstructed side
walk on tbe north tide of Center street from
Washington avenue to Walnut street: the
reconstructed sidewalk on the ea-t tide ol
p.iplar street from Eighteenth street to Di
vision street ; the reconstrui-ted sidewalk on
tbe west side of Poplar street from Eigh
teenth to Division street ; the reconsthli ted
sidewalk on tbe south side ol Mneteentb
street from Poplar -trie t to Commercial ave
nue: tbe reconstructed sidewalk on tbo
north side of Twenty-fifth street from
Washington avenue to Walnut street;
(he reconstnicted sidewalk ou the souih side
of Twenty-filth street from Walnut
street to Uolbrook avenue; the reconstruc
ted sidewalk on tbe aouth side ot Thirty
fourth street from Commercial avenue to
Washington avenue, a will mure fully ap
peal from the certified copy of the judgment
on file in tbe olllce ol the clerk of the city of
Cairo, that a warrant for the collection of
such assessment la in the hands of the un
dersigned All persons Interested are hereby notified
fo call and pay the amounts assessed at tbe
collector's office No. 01 Ohio Levee within
thirty days from the date hereof.
Dated this lltb day ot June, A. D 1873.
Rureht A. Cunninoram, Collector.
Nhon oss Twolflts atrewt Betw
Popar lUstt ana luimiuarelil
Are prepared to do all kind of work In
heir line in first-class, workman-like style,
and at a reasonable rate a any Arm in the
city. All order attended to promptly. A
bare of the public patronage f retpeetfuUy
ollrlt.-d. -- M6tl
lilt. MaX ROLLER,
A Competent
win ..1- M.la in tbl ait
ne week
law a emeia - MAiask s-a

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