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r VMM oaibo TO
oa vuw , .
raatnyiaw, von,
Illtlt. AMIWM,, IMIMa.
few toelee the Ml) dim t rule to
ti ' alteealagljea, MprraMld,
MmM, . -lent oily,
v MHIHHPMM nnnm.
ILetaat Drawlac Boa Sleeping Oa
t, ; Oa IlWfjHr'rrelBa.
M, tm& QhMkM u all lasptwUat poUla.
t J. JOaTOKJN Ag't, Cairo.
r.mifir trims oa tna illlnnla rUutrtl
WM MM I MU, rmm ..' Ml
mm mm I "' alter 3:10
. as. te-day inIm will run m lolloWi t
kniM, dally ... ,8:1ft . in.
aii,aMpt8wny ....tax) p.m.
. 1:10 n. m
, daily except Sunday li.-oo night.
ba ud a'tir Sunday, May iA, in exctir
Man treks will be run each Sunday on l In
cur and Vlai-annea lallmad, between
Oatroead Mound City, m lolhiws t
Leave MM City. Ai rive at Cairo,
'.at 8:1.1 a.ra
4m pm 4:Mp.ro.
Letfe Cairo, Arriv at MM city
SaJB. U:W t'.m
MB. ftSJO p in,
Vara for tat round trip, dity eenu.
oa'AMLaao. Wmi. Um'I rickot Ag't
Oaan l alter MonJa .JutiaU 1873. tralu-
WiH run UtllT, (uept riunday, lietwct-n
Ur'nt.ld't laoUtu anil SlkoiKin, ttaoll
eauaty, MtMOU.t. aa (ulo :
Umi UretBiU' WiW .ai. and R:80 p m.
am rwe " .o:iv
" UbarteitoB 10:40 " 0:10
" Mkattaa 7.10 p.m. iMltf
iiaMt aow iaava lalta aid JluuaU City a
laM Calf.
'Leave Mound City.
7:10 a.m.
ktt.a. 6:o "
O. ffMl, G-nl Ticket At.
Oa asa altar UovUy, rebruarr S, 1873,
ndaeMikaCaadV. railroad. wlk run at
' muni mam
tec- Md.Clty
pre at. aco'd't'o.
atavo Cairo 8 JO a. m. fi:la p. b. le.
Mound City.. H:to 6:t0 " ar.
Kidoraao.... 1:30 p.m.
" Norri-city.. a:a
Canal Sl "
" MU Camel.. 4:M
-jrtraVuceBBei .. fi:i( 11
oouo autrra.
Ki. Md. City
preae. ace'd't'u.
eare Vlacennei... 7woa. m.
MbCanMl.. 8sa
M Canal ... VM
" NorniClty..loi
" Kklorado ...110
" Mound City.. 4-J3 p. m. 7:00 a. m. le.
atrlTe Cairo btol 7:15 ar.
Ooaaaettac at Vtavanaei with the Indl
aaooUaaad Vlaeennea.Uhlaand Mlltnnl.
ladKvaaavlUa and CrawforUiyllle railroad.;
u a. uaraai wiui u, uouuviue ana new
ftleaay air Uae ; at Canal with the St. Loula
tad SouUHMatern t at NrrlUtty the Sprlnv
leld aad IlUaol Southeaatera at Eldorairn
with Ut abawaaatowa braaeh ol thr 't.
Loulaaad SoulheaaUrn: at Cairo with Ike
Mobile aad Uiilo raiiraad traBiter.boat, ai.u
ateaawakr.jMeavaii.ltad Kiter, Viuka
bare aad Hew Orleans.
Caaa. O. Wood, Qen'l Ticket A't.
Jao. Laa,Ja., Hup't.
V9. Him. Bwu, uaaaKTam't Orvica,
vf . Cajuu, Juae 178, 10:11 p.m.
TVraMHvn danreea.
WlaeVTireeV Velootty J mllei per
jMaxMauat tafalaw but u boon, 83
teipioatart, laat 24 houri, 71
ltralHaC . wlad bat S4 boun. east.
Total MMfrber ol tatlea wiad travelled, lait
aj kotaa aa, j.
at vac of MtaadtBger'tfly eateraUaton,
at x ' aUmw-AJiTKTH A Co;
Megfla.bef4era at the European' hotel,
"ftarry'tfaBser proprleWr, receive board at
tr w mth, Mo-tl
tS- - i IfOR REST.
p DHMeh MreeV, between Twentbtu
04 I'wotrty! atreelt, a two-etnry house.
aWiMsvaleaaiiin-r klt.hrn Apply at
iUraMBftf4.ovtou p. Lyon, not door
W'ijrMB4te o-u ti
' Mr. H. K Morn withe" to Inform bir
.aatroat aad the
tkat.ekc km.')
itlie elty geurally,
duor to tbe
'X amber
tHwMtr ol
M.000 air
Bar thouaeadl
?-.at,ae;.' v'i rmnxmtm orrica.
'tZmr? "'.Vi !' rfJ m a7i a oi
.Wiby.agiaWV ,-..
' ;.. Mm. mji Davmr,
1 ftf'J .
i 't-ta l
. amU. aalatad alWaaaiaflA
l tataaaBBaaaaaa1 aaaaaaj faaBBaaaaaa. 3aBBraG9tPwVBI
Ceatral Tort. gldryinoio.
m. ui t.1 LiiJtm -J37eh nir cent.
rw " r-r" -
(kHta'ikMtr Uti la the.Wty U
Mo.t,BmkSmt. Try it B.AM.
NiVfjstAkeMaew.atjFlea ot wall paper
MiMOMfi; wiBdow glass, etc., ete , at B. f.
MelfalMr Mere. Jathlngton Menu anu
Ehml street. Oil end see the I""
MjIm la Will PP(f before purchasing elee
where. 1,1
8tV Antmxr, the bar-keepor, ba
jpenodafloe taloon la Lonli Mlatteaut
Md eland, where can be found, at all
timet, Move Hiving bit curtornert with
Ihobotiofdrlaaablot. IMMf
F. N. Ward It newpiepared to deliver the
ni aawed ead eoHthl. kury wood to any
part of the dry.' Abo all kin iuf wood and
coal alwaj oa haad. Leave ordert at his
oflce, aeriiCr Seveatetatli ttreet and Com
mercial ave'auo. If
J. fl . Mraaa. aaaclal actnt of
Oreoa City Mty; Colorado, It In tbii
city and will treatala until Monday even
lag Ho or toelal Induoemaatt to ex
cunlonliu. Call at Brlitol anu'Bttlwell't.
Beit Scotch ate, ttout porter, and olgbl
year old bourbon whlikey to bo found only
at the O'yetal taloon, corner of Sltth ttreet
and Commercial avenue.
Stkaoala A Lank,
6-liS lm Propnotori.
llnllTilia inn I.nnilfNfl r" bO fur
nUhnd to a tingle ientl-n t alto a llm
lt.d number oan accommodated with
jt IwaM Houto, pleaiantly located un
I'dtith itruet between Waihlngtnb and
Walnut. Man. Vandctkntkr.
0.4 tw
To avoid an attaok of tho cholera, go In
t'it. Fitcrald't tampli'-ruoiii, uornor of
Fi urtiwtiib rtrretand commorclal avenu.,
n, I drink lilt Ilnnnvsty brandy. It li the
o ily turn pmvuntlve, and tbould bo wed
dy everylody. CU7-lw
Mu.Uao.ciTKiNiiuiiitK, barber and balr
riMMr, corner of Klghth ttreet and Com-
iHrrlal avcmutyiealrot to call the attention
ilio (warded community to hit neatly ar
ranged taloon, and the fact that he U ebm
r ut bit priifeulon In all lit branches
n tioardml many lion In hit den, and
. lor morn. tl,
A ucw hotel bat lieen;opened Inthe large
liouae located ou the corner ol Hevcntli
etreet and Wanhlngton avenue. It will be
knowu at Urowu'e hotel, and proprletorcd
by Mr Drown, wboao reputation at a hotel'
keeper la well-known In thlt tlty. Tin
boute bat b en thoroughly renovated and
rerurnlthed, and It In every way flnt-clani
The Ubtea are at all timet furaUaod with
the bet'tae eeaeoa aford., and tke chargei
Nberal.i'belag. baly $1 M per day. Mr,
itrown tollclu and dctcrvet a there ol the
public patronage. Mltl
Thlt It to tntortn the people of Cairo that
llev. C. i uertebner, pattorof the German
Lutbern church ol bit city, hat opened a
tvbool wherela both the German aad Kng
lifti lanirtiajret will bo ttutfbt. If there are
Iboio au.ong our American born cltlient
who Winn to have their children learn to
read, wrlto and apeak tho Uerman language,
they now have an opportunity to gratlly
that with. Kev. Uueracbner It a thorough
German and Engllt tcbolar, and will aparu
no effort to mako the tchool of which be h
'Principal a tucceii,
liy order ol the Boamo or DtaccToaa.
U-U liu
Cairo, Juno 31, 1873.
A very'! Water Elevator and Purlfl.r
It the beat cittern pump In uae. John
t n't Tatent Pump a the bant porttbloone
ever preaented to the public. It hat been
tried over live yean, It it eaiy of action,
complete in partt and tlmplo In conitruc-
tlon, rendering It 'not only valuable In
event of Ore, but enablci the younger
membert of a family to uta It In washing
wiudowt, sprinkling atreeli, garden plantt,
etc. Tbeio pumpt aro for tale by
II, T. Gkroum),
6-23,31 182 Commercial avenue.
Saloon-keeperi are boroby notltlod to
at give my hutband, Timothy llutben
aay intoxicating iiquort aiconollo or
malt I will proiecute any and all taloon
keepert who dltrogard thlt notice. -
WixiraiD Uuhirn.
Cairo, III., Juno 3(1, 1873. 0.37 Iw
HE a. i. Kl'AlU KOIl riA LE.
two noute and tnree lou on the corner
of Seventh aad Walnut atreeU. Thebouaet
are at good at new, having been thoroughly
repaired tint latt tpring. Wi I be told at a
bargain. Enquire ou the premUei, or at
ISo Commercial avenue. 0-U-Sw
Mrt. Anna Lang on Klghth treet, between
Commercial and Waahlngto'n avenuet, hat
(ut openrd out a ttock of new and fashion
able millinery gooda, She hat one hundred
and Hlty different styles of bate and bonnet,
besli'aaliige amorUaent o'l rlbbont, flow-
-r and uotlona ol all aorta, all ol which wll
be sold at the lowett prlcet.
Illinois Central Hailr'iad Co,, )
AocMTaOrricc, Cairo, June, '2i 1873.
Wo will commence toe tale of excur-
tl 'ii tlckelt for tbo fourth of July, on
Wednesday, J ul 3. and will discontinue
tiiriu on tho everting of tbe fourth.
Tukeiago.d to return until tbo 8th, in
clusive, .iameo dORaaoN, Agent.
V Hit pic-
TURKS. . . !
Tbaexcittnit'ni over Wintor t new pbi
lograpb galltry coatlRuae at faVer heat.Mr
WinWr it thinkiugterioualy ofencreatlng
hltalready unVqualed facilities for work.in
order to meet he doatandt of bit buitnest
A, forty-negatlve4ay, tinoo bit opening,
any be oalled a tiaall days work.
AM pertoat Indebted tome on account
of tubtcriptloa to Tub Dau t Bvllctik
are hereby aotlfled that on Saturday,
June SeHb, I taall fall upoR all tuch per
oat who retfde above or north of Twelfth
ttreet, whtn 1 6a'eTect tovrecel ve all
a)'4lue me to lbatdatei aBcjlMtlMoa
day, June 80tb, I-aaall call apoa all tbote
Mtlding towth or Twelta ttreet, when I
'tliia f sWM'TUia 'ilaata' fnm ;Mi. lata
ratraV RSl Mtla reUly rW aTtke fkfin
m to ;-, amd harder
JLaAA mma Mllaaaal aaU ikaVt it 4a aa-aa'
aaay BaersBBBr eaa-aape aatfaaaaaav aaaaj aaaeajy awri aajaaBf aaaa, ffW
John Beaaker it tick. I
. Partea Thayer humorously protettt
that thlt le thawltg wtatber.
The ebolera ecare bat spent ut rorce.
Kvta Davie It emerging from hit panic
Blood v fldx It becomins a common
If aot popular diteato tn tbete regloni?
There will be a matcb game of pigeon
tbootlag In tbe upper part of tbe city to
morrow. The fllthloil bole In the city It tbe lot
oa which the flro-dottroyod Cahlll build
ing ttood.
MoIIale wat compelled to lot out ol
tho hog pound all the lmpriaoned porktra,
ilileen In number.
Down with tho pestilential city Jail I
Wby thould we carefully tupproai all
nultancet but It the groatetl 7
Sheriff Mtert oloatd out hit entlro
ttock of household and kitchen furniture
at auction Wodnetday aftornoon,
Jamet English, well known to many
of onr sitiKent, it dangerously tick at
Villa Iildge. Hit life (judoapalrod of.
A communication from lluv. Logan
Sleeper will appear to-morrow, lie an
nihilate! ut. Wbero, O, where It Snoret7
Mrt. lluthon, who bat endured the
misery of adrunkon hutband, notlBet aa
loon-keepert to not give her bettor-half
any more liquor.
City tcrlp told yettordny for ninety
emit on the dollar. Poraona who bavo
licontet to pay July I, are looking
around for the "wbvrewith."
Jim Harris, tbe negro wh tlabbo
Turnor, It a detporato character. Ho bat
lived in Cairo two or three yean, aad was
foared by those' who knew him well.
Mr. Fisher, tecrotary of the board nf
education advertitoi for bldt for tho work o
rtialng tho colored tchool building and
putting a foundation and additional ttory
undur it.
The Board of Education, If dnslrnut
oi pravontlng cholera, will lixe no time
in dnodjrlzlnit tbe public tchool nrlvv
Vkiilta. They aro ns noisome at tiutrid
Ruv. Mr. Oroon, of tbe Soutbwuitern
colony, Colorado, started for Green City
yest'irday, with a.party of prospectors.
He will tako out another party July 10 b
to 23d.
Mr L. W. Ntlllwoll requotla ut to In
form the public that It la all-Urcd hot
Mr. S. nover camo noaror twoarlng In bis
lire I bla fact will convey to our reader
a faint Idea of bow infernally hut It it.
If Html t routd rnturn to ortb If
Utmlot over wat an earth bo would melt
in thitjweatlior. He would tlnd no ncci-tt-
Ity to exclaim, "O, that this too, to solid
Beth would molt, thaw and rctolvo Ititlf
Into a duw."
For tale n large amount of choice
fruit In tbo orchard, contitting of peachet,
pearj, applot and quince, on Cairn and
Vinconnea It. 11 oleven miles from
Cairo. ' Enquire of J. 8. Hawkim,
0'2l'2w Croat ttreet.
- Tho ferry company givo notice that
pirtont who como aboard of their boat,
me inrao raioa, rausi ma uhiiAh
or leave their teams while on tho boat, aa
tbe company will not be reaponalblo for
accidents that may happen under auch
Deacon V. T. Scott't new home, on
Coimii"rcial avenuo, between Fifth and
Sixth ttroott, la being rusbnd up at fast
iho masons can put tho brickt and mortar
golhur. The house is to bo a ono atory
and a basement, and lire proof, if the den-
con knowt how to muke It to.
tt A tpecial communication of Cairo
VVodge, Ho. 337," A. F. and A. M., will
bo bold at Matonio hall, thlt (Friday)
evening at 7 o'clock. Work In F. C de-
groo. Vitltlng brotheri cordially invited
to atlond. U. F. Hlakic, Seo'v.
Per order W. M.
Hugh Mann tho old man of tbe
Arm of Koed & Mann propotet to retire
from Cairo to St. Loult and go Into the
ttoamboat buaineat. We are torry. Wo
liked him. IU was a hard worker, a good
charger, a cloio collector, a tplondid taver
and a moral mau with Icanlnga toward
xno city manual warm wagonort,
draymen, ownert of other vehicles and
puthert of push carts, that tboy must all
and oacb of them take out a license bo
fore Monday morning, (those of them who
have not already done to), or else be pre
pared to pay tbe One by tbo ordinance!
Jot. Arnold wrlttato ut from Denver
"at tbo foot of tbo mountaini," whore bo
ox poets to ttay all aummer. He aay;
,-i nit a aeugnwui country, xnero la a
fortune for a perton of a speculative turn,
out card on laiert. xenkeet are thick
Oil nere. tweryoouy is making money
an I spending it alto."
Tho .next meeting of the Must Wor.
thlptul Urand Lodge of Masons (colorod)
tor tbe ttate ol Illinois, will be held In
thlt city, commencing on June 24, 1874
Tbe laat session wit held in Belleville on
the 24th or tbe present month. Squira
Bird and Deaoon Scott represented the
colorod lodget ot tblt city.
Too many bad breaks In the ttreet In
the upper part of tbe city have all receiv
ed due attention at the hands of the ttreet
committee of tho city council. Poplar and
Twonlleth tlroett, where, a abort time
back, tome of the worst placet conceivable
exltted, have been repaired and are now
In at good condition at any other struts In
tho city,
Mrt, Purcell, wife of a ship carpen
ter who retldee near the corner or Twelfth
and Poplar ttreett, yetlerday afternoon,
while pitting along Washington avenue
ear Tenth ttreet, wit ttrioken down by
un ttroke. She wat removed to a neigh
boring boute, and Dn. Kvant and Parker
called to attend her. At last accounti
the wat in a critical condition,
The board of health bat "had printed
a tmall bald bill beaded, '."How to pre
vent Cholera." The circular racket that
wharou the pbyitelani or the city recom
mend "coal tar ladUlafeet the low groundt
and Mwew, nd oopperit for yardt and
ar ivy rattlta, 'therefore rrtolvtd tbattvtry
gofd olt!dm'tMBk rt bit special duty to
tecure tAa.dUlaroeUBtl tBecllad
uareoy aura bbbjib toawiaMiiy tai
wm eny.
FRIDAY, JUKE 27, 1873
Inbn bVIim! aavl that the WOIMR
tbe big thing oa tce-whe tettlAjd Wor
tbe Sleeper council that Sherettfsd beta
nr itft tlmaa a dtv. It very untrutarui.
., . -
Mr. Scheel aituret ut tnat iv. tar, onoree
It not guilty or the charge- oa occa-,
alorit the old man oloquont hat vltlted hlt
place to beg money for tho ctute or the
Lord, but not to drinR. r. oooeei it
ture that too porseuw un...
drank anything butwaUr at Wellington
hall, and tparingly or that.
Denutv ShetllTi Cain and Martin got
wind of Jim llarrli, tbo aiasalon of Turn-
or, yotterday morning, and went In tearoh
of him. Tboy aacertainea mat ne wat
bid In a house on Fourteenth ttteet
When they applied for admission the wo
man houaekeeper rofuaed to comply. Tho
ifflcert pretended to go off, but tuddenly
tumiD" rushed Into tho door oeiore it
could be clotod. Harris hearing tbe at-
tault took refuge In tbe cellar, where he
wat captured. Ho It now In tbe county
W o aro of thobcllor, and to will every
one else bo wbo will Investigate tha tub
loot, that tbe upper part or tbe city, lay
Irnm Division ttreet up, It in a cleaner
and healthier cirtJltlda. than It bat over
haioro been, riven in taejcorren, oaring
tho pond of allmo-covbred, disease-breed
Inc and.'tllthy water Just below It, It at
clean at a now pin, and If the cotored peo
ple who live there will only be carerul
and not eat too much raw vegotable mat
ter, there will be little cause for fear from
the cholera or any other disease; 1
-If Mayor We doa't keep hit health
proteaUrt oa ottf preejrtte we shall blow
him and them up. They have notet, eacl
of them, ton fi-et long. A few weekt ag
before thoy became smelleri, they bad or
dlnary notet but now It It, on tho contrary
qullo the revorae. Wooten't note length
uod w vk before lxt one foot, latt wcet
three feut, and thlt week It tproutlng like
a young coitonwood tree in tbo spring
time. Mebner't nose bat becomrt to lonu
it retemhlet an elephant'!. The boy
annoy blm by trying to drop nutt ami
crackera Into it.
D n that printer. If Thayer and
Thornton don t ilka efcrt'-esprvasloa tbey
mutt consider the feeUaajtS lif a writer who
it a witty fellow aad', jurhote wll has
bi-en rulaed by aa "Ignorous" prjnter,
t Jake Bradley would.iay. Wo tald
yesterday and It wit oaa of our 'atott
delicately, buuiorout oxprttaloni that ibV
only place tho Maaont could not melt
upon tbe Urel wee in Breading't Hollow,
becauae there It no lovel place In the hol
low. The printor made "level" levee."
Tbe result was that printer and tho writer,
ufter tho manner of bad Muon's, parted
on tbo awaar.
In another plaoe in Tub Bulletin
will he lound an advortlttment offering
the St. Cbarlei'hotel for tale. The. St
Cbarlet la the only really flrtt-cla'st botol
In Cairo, and one of the beat In tbe ttate
outside of Chicago. It It now doing a
good and paying butlnott, which will be
lareelv Increased In a year or two by the
new rallroadt being built Into Cairo, tbe
depots of which will be.ln plot'e proximity
to tbo hotel. Any one wLhlng to can pur,
chase tbe entlro proBorly,,or ,a One-third
Inlerott with tbo managument of- the butl
neti of the houte. Tbe hotel will be told
on the most reasonable terms, and pay
ments easy. Information at to termi, str.
can ba had by addressing JeweH Wilcox,
caro of Ticknor ft Co., St. Louis: or O.
W. Cochran, 44 Perdido street, New Or
-At the June term of the Alexander
county court, the( following orde-, which
t oi .consiaoraoie miportanco to attorn let,
administrators, guardlaus, executor! and
conservalort, wai made and ordered 're
corded :
It u ordered that iu all probate catat
berore thlt court wherein tho adminlttra
tor, executor, guardian or conservator It
tn default in not tllinsr panert or other du
tlet imputed apon ibein.by law or by a
rule of tbit court, and cases therefor are
contlnuod or cltatioot Uiued, the cost of
such continuance, cliatloM, etc., shall nut
ne laxaa against tne illo, but against
men' MBtinuiraror, executor, guardian
or contervator, and no such, olerk'i or
inerlfl feet thell be charted ill aay re
port except upoa a special order of tbe
court, enteied up.m th presentation or
legal, valid ana good excuse la writing ;
na the clerk or tblt court is hirnbv re
quested to post up three copies of tblt
report aoout too oourt noute.
The Sbores-Caldwell church imbrog
lo waxes warm. Tbe flock following after
Caldwoll have secured the services or
Judge J. II. Mulkey and the flock follow.
tng after Shores tbe services of Llaegar
ft Lantdcn. Tbe attack bat boen made by
Qon. Mulkey, who bat advanced In gallant
style upon the enemy's works. Gens.
Llnegar aad Lansden are maintaining a
stolid silence, and have not yet uncovered
thilr 'baiterloa. Tbe plan of their cam
ptign It a dead tec rat. On the 28tb Inst.
Mr. Caldwell will elect bit trutttit at the
mooting called by publio notice in Tbe
Bulletin, and then Oen. Mulkey will
mako soma o her legal maneuvre, when,
we presume, the commanders or the oppos
ing rorce will be compelled to thow their
band. We are a mm or peace, and Imltr
ting the example or Kentucky In the late
war, we propose to assume and maintain a
position of armed neutrality,
Circuit Clerk Yocura, in a long com
munication addressed to Mr Obrly,rupiles
to a little Item which appeared, in Thr
ituLLETiB in reference to toe u uiver,
Page and Uoyne printing grab. II li a
fearfully lone epistle the entitle of Beu
ben, tbe acrlbe, to a dletreeted pr)fttr
but Its length is compensated for byjitt,
reclneti. It It racy, Reobee, Ma'rwtlter
into print, It lueoett, If he were aa
brier as be U able ba would ty very 'brief,
ad If ha were a able at ia it'leagtby ha,
weuld krvery able. Our firiad teettbea
Tuiaed to Chicago for bit artatiag because'
he could git it chiaper, aitl'law'fcrmt a-d
prepared byA aa able lawyer," We kave;
If we are not unaccountably mlttaktn
rtptat what we have before laid, that wa
as wet) aa, We)iYoc,UD,ojJudfe Irotd
nave ut iniereti (or tin near pew
alt f hearjLjMd therefore will do taelr
rUtlag at a lew a price a Culrw, JPft
la"ayrtn de It, and piy iho county
any rtatonabie turn tor too BrTiitB. .
wlll'ritard.ourielf wjilleejo are doing tho
vorj.j Alk Mr. Harm in and Mr. Lynoh
If wa doa't do all county printing at well
aad averaging ill the work, at lower Og-
arei'tnaa tho elerk-fuctmllng nrmt
?rlce; To do work lor tho county with
BroH oa the county judge'i bench it
wearlniMi and vexttlon of spirit. Ho
evidently bat the good of tho detr poople
at heart, and, at a mstttr of oourte, Is
like our friend lleuben, exceedingly anx-
lout to Dlaitta them. He beliovet he can
do. to by being a stingy oflicer, and there
fore cult down nearly all bills curt
among otbert from Ave cents to $2E, ac
cording to the tixe oi tho bill. We aro
compelled when bo does to to lay
out of our money, whtob wo alwayt greatly
need, and shoulder the expense of a law
lull, or content to the reducod bill. Wo
therefore curse I! rote fifteen mlnutos for
every five cent taken from ut, and tako
tne reduction, in cnnteiuence ot .tun
condition ot aflitlrt, we havo concluded
that tho cholera woutd bo preferable to
dealing! with that nlckle court, but rather
tban allow 0., P. and II., with their gold
pent, ink standi and commissions, toio
cure tbe printing or thlt county we will
do the printing for nothing and allow
Broat to cut down tbo bill twenty. Ave per
cent. If lteuben wanti anything better
than that, in tbe Inter eat of the duar peo,
plo be and Broei and o love to well, ho
'mutt go to Chicago and get It.
f IENU UUEHI.Y 10 it being ateason
ti. epueuues, tl auuuid not bo cause for
urial aetoiiikuuieut that 1 have buuu nf'
tJk.lod by that terribly touulous diseasu
known at "rushiuir tutu print." 1 had
e ipputed ibat by kaepiug cool, and read-Iiil-
Ilia liULLKTla ovary luornuiK, 1 tei-
ta uiy WoUiU escape, but, alatl tbo peren
nial spring ui yuutn irum wniun ituougut
1 draUK ueaitn oaa proven oeiuuve, and
tblt morning Wben t went tu quench my
tbiiil 1 lound a poisoned water, aud
wat pictured upon lit turlace a bldeou
monttur. a county official wbo had or
dered several hundred dollars worth or
blank! Irom Chicairo at an oxborbllan
price, and you, wliu, I had hoped, was one
if mv hoaomett frlnnds aro (1 buna tho in
nocent) louroe ot my woo, and.i loug ft r
tho tlmo, wnicu 1 know will bo auuit
wben we thall again bo reconciled ; in
fact, It mutt be short, for did not job
hurry Into tbe armtol Jfyors and rteliis
and did not you display a very ay in pa
liellc. loving and melting to to.rs dupe
e iwn In parting with Austin? Thoruloio,
I know wben f tell you tbat I bavo been
misrepresented to you, that we will soon
ak in ea.h other smiles.
Now tbe truth of the matter is, I did
order of Culver, Page and Hoyno about
tlflv quires or legal blanks, and ono and a
half quires of extra legal cap, for wblib
they charged the county $07 25, or at tho
rate of $1 per quire for sine-lo sheet (two
and three for mi on a iheet), and SI 60 per
quire for double iheet bianki, tome of
which bad priated matter on four pager.
uur county court naving received tne in
formation from some tource that Culver,
Pace and Uoyne had offered and sold
blanks to othor counliet at CO and 75 cent
per uutrts, salt they wnro justified In trill
mine the bill down to $60 60. At toon
as I wat Informed or their action, I wrote
Ueiri. culver, rage and Uoyne that J
uiidertteod they had discriminated acaint
our county, and I wanted to know why,
in view of tbe fact tbat wopaidcaab, they
charged our county SI and $1 CO per
quire tor oianat mat tney lurnisncd
otner countiei at eu and 70 contt per
quire, to wniuu tney ropned vory emphat
ically that they had never told, to any
county In thlt ttato, bianki at a lower fig
ure than the price charged us, and tn y
could not accept tho amount allowed lit
our court, and hopod It would reconsld r
Iu action, as thoy would reel compelled, II
necettary.to brine suit for tho full amount
-d" $07 25.
Ai to tbo charge of following a bad
precedent, I plead guilty to the soft im
preachment.. I follow It though with an
eyo single to tkjo welfare of. tbe county,
and not becidto such a precedent bad
been cilabllibed. I needed a great varl
etv of blanks but few or each kind, and
berore ordering from Chicago. I consult
ed tho printing establishments of Cairo, to
And what they could be printed for and
they, Including they Bulletin Printing
tioute, onerca to set up tbe form and
ttriae on toe urtt iuu Blanks at trom 93 50
o $5. per blank (not sheet), according
to size, which would have amounted in
tbe aggregate to not lm tban $200. for
tbe lame variety, and but a few mora in
number of. blanks that CPA rcbarg
ed $07 25 for they oan woll afford to
undersell any house that doot not raeke
tbit business f printing, local blanks, as
they do, a speciality, ror they strike oft"
and keep oa ban for tale, large quantities
or tbe various legal forms used In tbla
state, and tbe e forms aro Tollable and al
most invrrlebly "nick," since they are
careiuuy prepareu unaor too supervision
or a competent lawyer.
I admit il l mortifying to have tbe
county court cut down bills you. run up In
good filth; but, confound you, did not
our eagle eyed judge out your last bill
down from $100 85 to $75- whereas he
out O P and H. from $07 25 to $50 6",
which looks as ir eagle ey had smoked i
souse In Cairo as wall as Chicago.
I am In favor of natronUlnr homo in
stltutions. and think I hae always shown
a disposition to do so. arid 'just so sooh as
T neod prtrting dona I Intend tn distribute
mv nraera in uairo, ii y primers win
work for the same prices charged In ol'ier
cities, and bo willing to submit ynnr Mils
to tne scrutinizing gaze or our eigia-eyr
jungo. a nere, how uoony, corns in my
arms. Yocuti.
I. C. R, R. Co., AoEMT'a Orxios. 1
Caibo, June 35, 1878.
Tbe Illinois Central railroad company
now offer round trip tickets, Cairo to Den
ver, Colorado, and return, at a reduction
of Ihlrty-tlx dollars'and fifty cents from
regular rates. Ticket! good for.nlpety
days Irons dale, aad will remain on tale at
Cairo until September 10, 1873. These
tickets are sold oa tbe Hate conditions' as
the excursion ticket from St, Louis, being
a still greater redaction and taken in con
nectloB with St, Louis rates make tbe fare
between Cairo and St.' Louis $7 50 Includ
ing omnibus and haggage transfer front
East lit. Louli ti'depoti and. from depot!
to Eaat St.-Louie aad' retara. Ootnt aad
tba tickets at taallHuels Central tlokei
o'ffloe anl'JU ,UfeBilW. Ughty-twd
dollan aMIfly oekte ft)ea,Calr.t peat
v.raaraur.. V.OjJJfiC I
t tia
t, QmM wHoa for, kU. afctr
rhote contemplating a chanat of home
and butlneti location, or wishing a good
Iaa.tla..l L ...'J 1 1 i . m. '
Invcttmont, thould call on llrlstol & Stll
well and learn tbe particular! regarding
the South wottern 'colony of Colorado.
Thlt colony ii on Platte river within C2
mls oi Dowver, and 30 tnlltt 6f Oreetoy,
and will toon be upon the railroad Itritt.
You may havo at lot, In .Green City 'for
$26 If purchased before-' July 8, which
conttltutH you a tnombir of tho South
wattern colony, and nntittet you to tpecial
rates of railroad transportation. The fare
It very low undor tpecial contractor thlt
colony, ltoute by way of St. Louis,
Omaht, Cbeyonne and Greoley.
C-37-64. J. C. UiiRBtr, Special Agont.
Sltuatod on tho Cairo nnd Ylnconnoa
railroad, one-balf mile from the dopot at
Caledonia station, containing one hundred
and flfty.flvo acres of the best frnlt land
in Southorn Illinois, one hundred acres
under cultivation, the balance in good
timber and woll watered by never railing
serines. There Is a ftontago on the Ohio
rivor or ono-bair mile Willi good landing
: . i
for wood yard and gonoral shipping busi
ness. Prospects for iron and coal good
Partlos wanting a good houso will do well
to look at tbo placo beforo purchasing
olsewhoro. Terms easy. Enquire or
0.37 2w D. Hurd & Sox, Cairo, 111.
Samples or the Avordl Chemical Faint
bavo boen boiled, heated, frozen and
pickled in alkalies and acids, and fumiga
ted with foul gases, It has been boiled
and then Immediately placed on ice so as
to froer.o whalevor water might have
been absorbed; it hat alto boin heated
and then plungod into ico water, but with
out any sign or crncklng or softening
No othor paint could ttind thue tuts
Sold mixed in all colors ready for tbe
brush, by N. E. Way ft Co., general com
mission merchants, Sixth street, bolwoen
Washington nnd Commercial avenuet.
N. H. Use none but tbe genuine Aver-
ill. C24tf
Tbo partnership heretofore existing bo
tween the Wdorslgned In the foundry
buslntat under tho Arm, name or Reed ft
Mann, it tbit day dissolved by mutual
content. By tbe termi or the dissolution.
Joseph B. Reed It to pny all the debti
gainst tald firm, and It authorized to col
lect and receipt for all claim! and do.
manda owing to the lime.
Jotcrn B. Beep,
Huoh Mann.
Cairo, Ili.f , June 21, 1873,
Refrigerators at from 18 to
$50 J co chests at 911, $13
15, 817, 820, etc. Beor cool
crs at Cincinnati retail prices
water coolers, ico cream frcez
crs, wiro cloth for window
screens, bath and .foot tubs
charcoal furnacos, charcoal by
tho bushel, barrel, etc., at
Beerwart, Orth & Co's.,
136 Commercial Ave.
PntcK OunnxNT Omcf,
Thursday Evening, June 28, 1873.
Tbe woather continues vory hot and
buainoas dull and lifeless. Corn ii easy
and prices lower. Stocks of all kinds are
up to too requirements or trade, cats aro
oasler; SOo is outside, quota' ion to-day.
Corn meal It easy at $3 fio for choice
brands. Butler, rect. cbickons. etc.
quoted without change,
tRfcrCorrospondints chould bear in
mind tbat our quotations represent prioes
ror round lou.from first bands, unless otb
orwlae stated, and tbat in Ailing tmall or
den bigber prlcet must be pald.f
riiuuu rne marxet continue! over
ttocked, dull and, deprosied, none at all
telling except in tmall order lott. 100 bblt
varlout grade! told on orderi at $57 35
and 200 bbls SQ'J 60.
HAY (Julet and dull, very little move
ment except as a small order trade may
require. No demand at all ror anything
b"low ttrlc ly choice timothy or mixed
There It no "gilt edged'' In the market.
Salee made were choice ralxei and lime'
thy , a few can at prlcet Varylnrfrbiij t14
17 dellverod.
OATS Very dull. Tbe tupply it llm
itet and demand imall. Pricet are weak
and lower. Sales embrace 4 can In sacks
del 36c, which Is the outside figure to-dav,
CORN White continues in (rood mill-
Inn demand. Mixed Is ea y and In fair
supply. Prlcoi are lower on both white
and mixed. Demand' moderate. Sales
were 6 ears mixed in sacks del 47c; 3 car.
mixed in bulk on track 38c, 3 can white
In bulk on track 42o and 2 can white in
sacks del SOo.
CORN MEAL The demand hat fallen
off tligbtly, but prion continue Urm. The
tupply It moderate. 300 bbls choice steam
dried $8 60.
BUTTER Choice Is In fair demand at
quotations, Salet were 5 tubs choice 20
JWci, BO lbs choice 30c, and 10 pkgs com
taon to choice 16 to 30a.
EGQS-Scarce. Receipts' only fair and
eatand active. We note sales 0Y 1,000
sen snippirt count 12 to Wo.
OUICKENS-The demand It an I..
and receipt! are small. Choice bent eon..
and a ready site at $3 SfMU. and oho!..
Chlckini $2 253 60. Sales ware 8
choice bent $3'7& 25 dor spring chle. &
$3 50; tOdoEoldchl!kin,oho$ Via
e,,auu i coop or imili BDriaar ahlokaaa
Mid at $1 35.
! CIT-Soirce. Dtnaadfer ratpbtr-
Bttaal BtfWwl aalaa . M.m - .
PRdVlSIONfl iTactaagad, the tup
pU of all klndi of imoked mutt l, Urge
addMeniind purely local.' Bain 2 catat
tugar-curtd, canvaiied hami ltcj tW
pound! plain hm 10c SCO pound biepn
ihduMt'n 7,!o and COO pottnds cltar tit
t He.
WHKAT Tho mills arc woll supplied
and tlioro Is no shipping dotnnnd.
DRIED FRUITS Very Htiio doing.
Dried applss are quoted at 4lio, and
dried peaches at Cc. ,
HAMS-Sugar cured .caavnted arfe
quoted at 1410o. Plain coutotrycured
choice aro quoted at 12c.
LAttp-ltefloed Is quoted In tlercei at
8Jo aad In kegs at 0IOe.
SUtfAK.-ColTte. A quoted it J3t j
1414c ror crushed, powdered and gran
ulated. TEAS. Imperial, TEX&t SS i Ounpow-
dor, 7Bl 3&, Oolong black, 76$1
Young Hyson, $tl 40.
CHEESE. Good demand New. York
factory V ft 16l7c.
bY'KUPS The domind Is fair ror
cboico at 00c$t' V gal, and New Or-
eans at
PLA TKKIKU 11 A I It 360 atcuiuil
LIME. In lou $1 25 to 1 60 V bbl.
CEMENT, At wholesale 22 60
GUNNIES.-Re-sewed 34 bashels 18c
8 bushels- 20c.
BURLAPS. 2 busholi com. 0 or
151c; do 10 ox ICc; 4 buiheli Oatt 2Vc; 6
butbelt 21c; 6 bushelt 32c.
BEESWAX. TP 10 300.
SOAP. Scbaeflor'i Gorman mottled
7Jc: Champaign toap, 74c.
COFFEE Scarre and firm, Java tell
ing at 8l82c; liguayra :4(2i2&c; Rio
prime to oholce I425c.
BROOMS. Dull; commoa house sell
at $1 80 to 2 CO; choice and extra oholce
$3Ca 9 7S; steamboat $4 uo.
FREIGHT Cotton, coToreiitd U
New York. 85c: to Bor tl. Un-
compressed, to New York t4; to Bos
ton ai.
BATES To Haw Orletns and V.lckt
'ur: Potatoes, applet, etc 30ct poet
per pound freight! loo owti bay 4
per ton; wniekey $1 40 per bbl.
IV aiJiarniD r iour, etc oc i"r
pound frelghu UJs per cwt; hay $4 per
ton: whiskey SOo per bbl; pork tOe per
bbl. ,
Healed m
ropotala win be receivea uy tne
"board of education" of the elty of Cairo,
for raisliiK tbe school building, corarr ol
Nineteenth and Walnut street!, and puttln;
a foundation and additional story under the
same. The wholo to bo finished, painted,
etc, In accordance wtb plant and specifica
tions which can be Keen tn my office. All
bids must be filed with me on or berore
Monday evening, July 7, next, at 6 o'clock
p.m., tne sidle to oe accompanied wiui tne
names or two good and responsible sureties,
ror the faithful
il Derrormance ot centraet.
Cairo, Juno 'if, 1873. Oeorob Fiatwa,
ace J uoara education
1873 1873.
Fourth of July.
HibirnunFiri Company
V&, ttfia iaiVjoln
tfciatiti etlebrattag fcat ndiUmmr- A
gnadttaMti aaSsetTsMIaa. aeatitary
arraagiaiiB.leewlBg , t a-vejpatrt; and
eaataience With nf.l '
Headed by the .
In which the Whole Are,. department, hit
been Invited t,o participate.'' Alter the pa
rade thote detlrout or atten4lng tke picnic,
Which will b held In tbe ,
Opposite tbe 'city, will And the new, power
ful and commodious ferryboat
At thtf landing prepared to take them icrosa.
Parebta can take their children aad reel
perrectly.taleln doing so, as the' high cattle
guartb, ol the new terry atakei It simply
imp mllilij f Or ib' accident to happen. The
uoat tea it, mi aso rename.
Fort ffct In'width bv flftriij tMarta will be
laid on thi graund, "no twdlit?' to that
vuuso uriortu tnp tne -ngnt lantattlC"
cun do m Uthelvbearu eenteat.
l'ror.Wtenbeiv'i eeleBttt7itrlng band
will lurntth the ratHe for the wociaios.
Necessary refh-thmenU will be oa the
groundt In abundince. Coate everybody
anu enjoy the holiday In trood old clonic
ie. a
he day'i rUvltlei will eaderltb a
Fare, round trip, on. boat 50 clt
Chlldraa mUh parVate free.
'AdmltaloB to ball, (enUtmea, each ....10 ctt
T 'II. Ijivin. V
, Ubnry Mtout, VCoauDltUe,
x W. U 8TOMW, ) A" ,
Von can ' buy tlx
and onavhalf lbi, tJurant'a
AtCoffeejSugiir.for On Dol-
LUC.: van .Uml .XifiW.. urieaii
I rJi3WdfP Tw.1
I A .1 HIBal JiTVarv
Si. '.Mriviv-" "

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