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. rx,) RakMrlkrra -it r
mm sr hi rtjr t rrt
f Ikr MtsaOa-
, galliUa HtilMlas
1 A
sa4 a iter r f
M (Mtaa Uw tlral atasSBt
Mm tka Haarsawl
rttoM cino to
OM oaiflo TU
aMiaaaU, a Itaaapolla, Toiado,
Detroit, CUeelaad, NjCrm Fall
flats. nuanaiR. W.hloto
patni ri. Phtladalpbta, Nw Torn.
Saeioa aod all potaia asMl.
Uwaakta, HaMvtlle. Madla.n,
LaCroaM, 8t. Faul and all point, Bonn.
bia U alae tb ctl) oiirt r tie to
tWaauar, aiooniactaa, Mpitnaeld,
t.na, Quiaoj, Keokuk,
fiaoa. ioek UUad, I -sail.
Haadoia, Dttoa. Ympotx,
Mlaaa. xabM. -loas oity,
Oaaka and all point rjerthweet,
Xltcaiit Drawing Boom Sleeping Ca
On all Klgbt Tram.
Msjaaf Chaekad 10 all ioponaat point..
Vat ttetata aad lalormalinD, apply to I. C. K. I
4eaa atroi oa aoard in truant stnsiiivr b
lain f-l" " " ad Cairo, and t In pnnclp
tallraa iletcl oAca throughout lb ealh.
W. rJOHN-olt 0n-l a tai'l. ChtotfO
A. HitOBau, Oaa'l iwp'l. Cnloago.
J. JOHNSON Ag't, Cairo.
Faattneer train on the Illinois Central
ohajtge time tt-day. r'rom ami alter 2:10
J), am. to-day train will run a follows :
JcxprfXM, dally ... .3:15 a. ra.
ail, except Suaviay . . . .4:00 p. ru.
atxnresa, . 2:10 p. m.
Mali, daily except Sunday ..12:00 nlghL
On and alter Sunday, May 05, an excur
Ion train will be runeaeh Sunday nn the
Cairo and Vlneennes tallruad, between
Cairo and Mound City, a follow :
Lear Md City. Arrive at Cairo,
8:U."i a.m
A-Mp.a. 4A"i.tn.
lajave Cairo. Arrive at MM City
. nuua.m.
P-". 6:30 l.iu.
Fare for the round trip, fifty cenu.
Csurum O. Wood, Oon'I Ticket Ag't,
Oa and alter Monday, June 9. 137.1, train
'ill rua
aaur, eicept Sunday, between
Isndlnir and Sllti'.tnn Umii
u uai;, mimuui i. aa lonowa :
Leave GreenaWd'a lo.-oo a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Arrive " om s.io
" Cbaiieaten 10:40 6;io
" Mknton 7.10 p.m. WJ tr
Train now teste Cairo and Mound City aa
follow: '
Clro. Leave Mound Citv.
7:46 a.m. 7:IUa.m.
1:45 p.m.
a:lip.m. u-m
Caaa. O. Wood, Qn'l Ticket Ag't.
On and alter Monday, February 3, 1673
inibpob tne V. and V. railroad will run a
Ex- Md. City
pre. ace u t n.
8 A) a. tu. p. in. le.
. 8:10 fi:40 " ar.
1:3A p. m,
2-23 u
4:40 "
Cave Cairo
" Mouod City.,
" riJarado ...
- " Carml
w Mt. Carmel...
rtr tiucennea
Kx- Md. City
tireiiH. ri',il,t,n.
eave Vlncennet.
ML Carmel
' Cannl
7.W a, in.
b:U-2 '
Norn City
Eldorado .
.11:00 '
" Mound City.,
4UJ.1 p. m. 7:00 a. m. le.
6:08 " 7.-i ar.
Connecting at Vliicenneti wltb tbe IihII
xapolliand Vinceniie,Ubioani 1UU-IiiiI,
led Evanville and Crnwfordllle rllrnaJ;
UMt. Carmel wltb tbe LouUvllle and New
lbny airline; at Canui wltb tbe rii. Luuln
la J Soiitbttfrn ; ut.N rrl City tbe Spring
leld and Illlnoi doutbeantern ; at EKloritiln
tth tht Sbawneetuwn branvb ol tin t
Loul and tioUlbeanUro; at Cairo wltb b
Mobile and Oi.lo railroad traiiler boat, m. u
Uauer for Mempbl, Ked ItUer, Vluk
burg and New urlean.
Cll8. U. S'oi)l, (Jen'l Ticket Ag'L
Jko, Leu. jk., Sup'L
Se4one of sundinger fly extrrutlnatora,
BKKW4ltT, OhTH 4 CO.
M lea
Hcgnlar boarder at tbe European bold,
llarry Walker proprietor, receive board ut
the rVe of M per montb. b-10-tf
One double wagon tor aale cheap, up.
ply to Uuie Loomia & Co., No. 01 Obio
Levee. Ct,
'Ouabuegr In Art I cl all order la for m1 t
Call at Baaament of tbe Expn-aa Office,
ObloLavae. . 1'hil. K. IIuwand.
Mrs. H. 1. Uurn wl,be to Inform ber
patron and tbe tadlea ol tbo clt neut rally,
tbat abe baa removed ber dfi'-uuking
rooeaa. Mo. 134 to No. 105, next door to tbe
Atbeucura, up stalra. C-6-lm
Fine white ; aingle aiid double X amber
Ufte and double X Canary , bel quality ol
vanilla, blue letter, etc., etc. W,'ff) for
sale, printed at f3 00 to 6 50 per tboutanu,
st tbe Hctxa-TiN Omcr..
cabinet organ, good a new, and ol
trat'dasa manufacture will be sold low ami
on easy temu by applying to
Mrs. M. J. Dcwky,
Cor. Washington Ate. and Fourteenth tt.
Valuable real estate consisting ol tbree
lota irontiof on Klflcenth street between
Walnut an i Cedar; large Iraue house nearly
new, two stoiiea, tbree rooms on each floor,
outhnn.r. etc. For further particular en-'
.Uir at tbu prentle, Mim. t . .-i i.i;un.
(H o-l in.
Mrs. Anna Lang on Klxhtlistrett, between
tjeejtamercial and Washington avenue., baa
Justopeji'd out a stock of new ami fashion.
I.lr millinery goods. .She bas one hundred
and tni tlSercnt ttylesof bl and bonneU,
betdthisa 'lime assortment ot ribbons, flow,
ere' aso notion ol all sort, nil ol which wll
MU ft Uit lowrst prices.
A sufficient number of teimi bars been
engaged by tbe Delta City Firs company
to make trip between lbs city and St.
Mary's park rory la minutes, i are only
1EN CENTS. 7-4.1 1
Tbo funeral torvicea of little .lmci
Roy, infant ion of Mr. and Mrs. Alvord,
will bo held at their reiidonca on Sarentb
treat, this aitornoon at bair-past unu
o'clock, promptly. Tho friend of ' tbe
fatnl.y ara Invllod. Tbe remain will tu
taken to Beech Grove cemetery on tbo
2:10 train.
No paper will bo timed from tbii of.
See to-morrow.
A. J Carle'i mare, "Kittle," Ii still
Hon. D. T. Linegar will orate at Du-
Q'j In to-dy.
Capt. D. Ilurd'a rcildenccon Saveolb
S'.rcel la for aale.
A niw addition ti being built to tin
box anil bniket factory.
Vanilla, Strawberry, Lt-mon and Or
ange Cream at Jjaup Jc Clarklons. Gl
Tb morning pasienger train on tbe
Cairo and 1 -- '
at four o'clock a-m.
Tbe sidewalk about tbo Thirteenth
atroet icbool-bouie U boing recomtrurtcd
and lowered to the new grade.
Mr, Cba. Gtlligher it miking citen
live repair on fail flour mill at tbe corner
of Twentieth and Levee ilreeta.
Sherbert of Orange and Lemon will be
had on tbe 4tb New citndiea and cream
Bon Bona at Snup X Clarkiuna. Ct
Within the pait year tho colored
people of tbii city have erected four new
churcbci. They are all good aiibilantlat
David Black, ion of A. Black of tbe
city abiie itore, nnd a brother of Mr. II
Levi, of tbii city, aro doing buMneii in
Denver, Colorado.
Tbo tiduwalk on Walnut atrcct, about
which thero bas hem to much complaint,
will probably be flniihod to-dar. What
noxt will theie croukor. find fault with''
(.'apt. Dawien of tbo tow boat Mary
llceofthe Mnaiislppi Valley Tranipor-
tation company' lino, haa been Iran, fur.
rod to tbe iplvndid new boat " Ctcienl
Romombor tbo aale of tobacco at the
1'Untor'a waro-bouie tbla morning at 10
o'clock. A largo aiaortment of lino to
bacco of all crados will be put upon the
Charllo Williams, tbe colored brick-
layer, bai packed bia traps and, liku tb
Arab, quietly stolen away. It la mid be
haa gone to Marion, where bo intend,
tnakint; hie homo in the futuru.
Roman Candle, and Sky Rockctt
Cameron Torpedoes for tbe 4tb of July
Fire crackers, 3 bunches for io ct or 10
cts pur bunch. All othur Qro crackert
equally aa low at Haup & Otarkton. cv
Mrt llrtbavk a new buu.o on Wnlnut
street near the cotivent is approaching
completion and will be ruady for occupa
tion in tbe course of tbe next two montb).
When Dili, hod it will bo a very linu rciJ
dunco. Tbo Illinois Central Jtallroud com
pany la wldMning tbo levee and putting
Mown another double track between Tweu
tfetd street and Buckingham's elevator
Tbe earth uted In cnnslructing tbe till Is
brought from near Villa Rldgo.
A groat inauy p pie do not approve
tuu action of the council at tbu meHting
on JConJay tugbl with refurencu to the
C.iiro and Vinconnu railroad I'eoulo
generally are diapoaed to bu letiiotil with
tbo company in the matter at ia.tiu,
Saluon-krepera aro hereby notified to
not give or aell my husband, John O rilic
any intoxicating liquora. I will pro.ecute
any and all wbu disregard this notice.
Cairo, June 30, lb73. .Sarah B. O'tjbea.
Foriale a larire amount of choice
fruit in the orchard, consisting nf peaches,
pear applet and qiince, on Cairo and
Viiicennea R R., eleven mllea trotn
Cairo. Enquire of J. . Hawkins,
C.'27-2w C'rosa alrect.
Have lumber dealers the rlgli to tako
up all, or noarly all tho street in front of
their yard.? If not, they ahould bo in
formed of the fact and bo compelled to
leave at lesat so much of tho street open m
will give "narrow-gauge" wagons room to
Tho committee to raise funds to bui'd
a new Baptist church in this city have rc
cilved subscriptions to the amount of
nearly $2,000. Tbo foundation of tbe
church bus been completed for somo lime,
and the main building will bo commenced '
few weeks.
Some days ago we montloned that
Mr. J.T. Ent had sold out bis interest in
the Walnut Saw mill to Capt. Sam Oir
Mr. Ent never owned sn interest in the
Walnut mill, and consequently Capt.
Orr did not buy front blm. Mr. Ent Is
nrnftrtul .f !. U.. .!tl.
r.w,'..qu, v. ue ivpi.i inula. i
J R Cunningham's hacks will leave j
the corner of Sixth street and the lev
every hour on the Fourth of July, and tn j
that uicht also, running to St, Mary's I
park. Ferson. going to tbe picnic wiMdo
1 J .
ell to ride with Mr. Cunningham at
twenty-flve cents arido. 7-2-3t.
The report circulated on Wednesday
afternoon that the Mltsissippl levee w
caving iu was incorrect, Tho levee is not
caring in, but the road, soiiih distance
above the levee, ia caving in rapidly, and it
it said that two hundred feet has caved
into tbe river within the past month. In
one place tho river runs within to bun
dred feet of tbe embankment of tho Cairo
and St. Louis railroad.
Ystrday wn hri'V in Judge tiro..'
(miIho finit There- tvun e.t.r,
poor devi's, H.J.idgu Sh iMie.y wui.i i
(iy, nn for "being on utmr, ' tnreo ..r
abusive lauguago, one lor disturbing tbo
peaeo un for vagrancy, and be was sent
iothecityj.il for tweniy-Ight davi, and
five women for being inmate, of and con.
neciedwlthahou.oofill.repute. The ag.
gregave amoum 01 unep aiies.e i was con-
siuwavi u.vi vu uuuurvu ttoiiara,
About 8 o'clock last night a quarrel
took place between a couplo living on
Poplar nosr Thirteenth street, In which It
is said the husband lost an oye and was
severely scalded bv bis wife who bad a
teakettle full of boiling water walling for
him. As we did not seo tho husband wo
give tbe story ns It camo to ut. Thero
will probably be a trinl lioforo nno of our
police courts when tbo facts in tho caio
will be known.
Brown, tbo carpenter, ond Sullivan,
tho drayman, fought yesterday on Wash
ington avcnuH opposite ElchofXi furniture
laclory. Tho quarrel c;riw out of a dis
pute about a bouse. Bruwn (truck Sulli
van several fearful blows on the bead with
a spirit'tevel, Sullivan finally succeeded
m getting Brown, who Is much the smaller
man, down and gavo bun a terrible beat
ing. Sullivan was nbllgoi to have tho
doctor drcts the wounds In his head.
Mr. Henry Elliott, of tbe firm o fEIH
ott & Uaythorn, bat concluded not to
leave Cairo thia summer, oven for a day
too much business Tbo largest slock of
ooota and shoes ever brought to tbit city,
and at compMo a variety and aa choice
collection as can bo found In any market,
la to be disposed of at prices that place
them within tbo reach of all, and ho Is
determined to slay here and seu it done,
''," Instead of sending his friends
'greeting and goou uj, . . . ,
all to come and bee me the happy posses
aora of a neat-tlttog pair of shoes and then
depart with hti bleaslng. 7-1-31
It is the duliberato opinion ot 1 !.
Mr. Shore., founded upon actual obscrvn
lion, tbat Rev. Mr Sleeper is not "right"
that he is queer. Influenced by this be
lief, Mr. Shores says his Just anger against
Mr Sleeper has become n sentiment of
pltv, and tbat therelore bo would not do
anything to injure him. After tho man
ner of good Christian, Mr. Shores often
tioea into his clo.et and lifts up hit voice
rupplicutlng the Lord to have mercy on
tbo turbulent souls of Sleeper and Catd
woll,und lead them Into tho paths of peace.
Mr. abort' bas had a great deal of experi
ence in prayer, and, therefore hopes bis
.applications will not be altogether una
-A cordial which is healthy, contains
no Intniicatlng spirits and may be bought
at a low price, is an .t..luie blo.slng
at tnis season of the year, wo may ay a
necessity, in view of thu tendency to dis
eases of tho bonch in vurious sections
and the presence nf cholera In many
places. Stratton bas for salo thu best arti
cle of the kind for e.alo in Cairo or else
where. It is tho Liquor do Bordeaux,
imported from France, and is composed
of tbu moat healthful and bene
ficial ingredients. It nids diges
tion and gives tono to the
tloinacb, and is a sure preventive of
cholera, dysentery, and other diseases and
afflictions of the bowels. In addition to
being an excellent tonic, it is an extremoly
pluasant beverage and only nouds it trial
u tuoure petted tnli.fucttotl.
Regular meeting vt tho city council.
CofNCtt. ClMMIIKK, )
C'AtKO, ill.., July I, IS7a.
Continued Irom yeiii'iday. itiillctln.j
BALAHV llil.Lt)
The following bills wuru presented and
on motion of Alder.'iiau Muyurn allowed
by tho lullowing vote: Aesj Bixby,
Kormeyor, MuEwen, McGiiley, Meyers,
Morris, i'mliips, Rittunhouse 8 Nay 0.
K 11 Kallia salary as complroler
for June
it A Cunningham, salary ua
treasurer lor Junu
Wm Mcllnle, aalary ns inaiai.ut
lor June
M J iluwley, .alary as clerk for
John Wo.nl, salary n. mayor lor
June ,
A Cain, aalary ua pollcu diluta
ble lor June
P A Conaiil, aalary poluu consta
ble lor Juno
Chas Meutier, Salary a police
constable for June
Phillip lleim, salary as police
t'onalahle for J u iu
J C Lalluu. aalary a, police con
st. blu lor June
Frank Bdinis, salary as police
constable for June '27 daya
W W Woottftl, auiary ut health
otlicer for June
Daniel Gulllgali, salary ns .tiper
intendent of stnet. for June..,
J J Bird, salary as pmice magis
tra e for May and Juno
F Dross, sal. ry as polite munis
tralo for June
.10 00
75 00
100 CO
100 00
100 00
76 00
7o 00
75 00
7,1 00
76 00
C7 60
75 00
0) 00
60 00
'.'5 00
Alderman McUauley oll'ured the follow
ing resolution, viz :
Resolved by thu city council that per
mission is granted to C. O. Pull r A- Co. of
thu New York store comer of llHIi and
Commercial ave. to maintuin u protection
or rnll,n!; "found their pump.
un moiion oi Alderman tvorsmeyer laid
resolution was reterred to the street com
mitlee. Alderman Moyen submitted tho follow,
ing preamblo and resolution, viz:
Whereas the city council of the city ol
Cairo has horetofure granted the right cf
mbv through curtain streets within tiii.uv
I Calroof to tbe Cairo and Viuctnnes lUif.
iod wo.on certain conditions and slipula
lions eipresmd la the ordinance and
amuiidmnis thereto, and
Wrierea., tbe laid Cairo and Vi
IU lroad company ha, entirely failed and
I ...... l-.t ...,.t ..-
' ,M ",a orU"'
Therufure bo it ordered by the city
council of the city of falro, that the or
dinance committee he Instructed to report
an ordinance repealing all ordinances and
tmendinents granting thu right of way
t o said Cairn snd V.ncennes railroad
over Commercial avenue and other stre, L
and declaring thu railroad tracks of ,id
Cairo and Vlneennea railroad con.pany on
Commercial avenue ano othor streets to be
a public nuisance and requiring tho city
oiar.hal to removu and abate said nui
s nco,
Alderman Morrli moved to table sahl
prearnole, and re.olutlon. Loit by tho
following vota, Aloermnn Itlltnnhou.e
cl.tigior the hv'm and ta,. sv . '
U by, M .r.i., P.i'Ii,,. ,lM j:,Ull1,ll)U.
t. Nnys Korsneyer, M..',T.e, Mefij.,.
le .JMeyors and thu fliair :,.
On motion of A lilui man Mejur, i.q
iliuanco oommittco werj Intiru. te.j tore.
' ,, an ordinance if, accordance ,k '.
,,rMtnMB d re.olutlon.
Alderman McOauloy offered ac Aider.
inau Motrle morel tl, adopilon of the H. ,
BULLETIN, flttlDAV, JULY 4, 1873
lowing resolute, which was adopted, tI:
Resolved by tbo c.ty council that '2 or
3 special police be appointed forSt. Mary's
Park to act the Hb of July.
Tho mayor nominate-, m tucb spools
police, ataran -
Chas. Lanca'ter. Confirmed -Ayea-Blxby,
Korsmeyer, ..Metiwcn, McOauloy, Meyer,
Morris, 1'billlps and Bilteiihouso, 8j nay 0.
Ablnrman Bliby offered and moved tbe
adoptlou of tho following preamblo and
resolution, viz:
Whkkka:, As It a proposed to build a
narrow-gouge raliruau. nom won",
nois, to l'aria, Kentucky, tnuncelo Hunt.
vhle, Alabama, and thence toabip Island,
on tlieUulf ot Mexico, and
V limit:, lhuru win oe iiomen a con-
h,r the t,uriioi.e of ducussirii! tbe
subject and toenquire into the expediency
Ol routes, etc , at iiuuisviik.-,
Juiy 7, 1873, therelore be it
Resolved, By the city council of thoc ly
ol Cai o, that the be.t interests of the city
ol Cairo will be subrviii by being rep.
resettled in aid coiivunlion, and that thu
mayor be authorized to appoint a commit
tee of three to attend said convention at
an expense not to exceed tl60.
Said preamble and resolution were
adopted by thu following volu: Ayes I
Bixby, Kor.meyur, McUauley, Meyers,
I'uiilips and Ritluiihoute il. Nays Mc
Eweit and Morris 'J.
Tne mayor appointed as such commit
teu I). T. Linegar, V. Broia and J. 11.
OlbVial bond ot George Lubr as special
police roaslablu was read nnd, on motion
of Alderman rhlllltis approved and or.
dered filed.
Lto.l'011 llOSt).
Liquor bonds of tbe following persons
were preented and, on motion approved
and ordered filed, viz: of John Clancy, U.
Divine, ftlrs. C. Rottier, Mrs. 0. Briback,
Win. McCormlck, Dan'l Sullivan, F. D.
Rexford, Henry Breiban, R. White, F.
Ga.xola, James Manning and Kate Gliin
On motion of Aldermait I'uiilips, ad
journed. M. J. Hotvi.EV,
City Clerk.
Pkick OriincsT Ornce, 1
Thursday hvetiing July 3, 1873.
Tho statu of the general mnrket contln
ues uncLatigcd at present, but our mer
chants look hopefully forward to tie time
when business will resume its customary
activity. Prices generally rule lower on
everything as compared with transaclioni
of last week. Tbcre is no demand at
all for mixed corn, bay or orts. White
corn is in lair request at JOg-IOt', wltb
prospects of tilt early advance over them
Tho weather ii extremely hot and un
favorable for genoral outside businen.
FLOUR The market continues dull
and unchanged and prices rule lower.
3ales weru 300 bbls various grados nt
5 60(3)8 50, and 200 do at $$(.9.
HAY Very dull. Thore Is absolutely
no demand at all for any kind. Wo note
sale of two cars choice lulled dullveied
nt $15.
CORN Prions g.norally rule lower,
closing to-day at 44o for mixed with no
demand, and ItQSOc for white. Tho stock
of mixed is accumulating, but receipts or
choice white aro rouJIly disposed of on
arrival. Sales ombraco two cari white
in sacks delivered at t'Jjj four car
do del 4Pl7i.50.j 1 cars do in sack dul
60c; S ears do In bulk on track 1'Jc, and 1
car mixed in sacks dul Itc.
'ATS Wo havo no improvement to
note in thu market. Buceipts light, but in
excess of tbo demand. Salus wuro .'1 curs
in sacks del 30c
CORN MEAL Unchanged. Slocks
aru largu and sales slow; 400 bbl, ehoico
steam dried sold at $'J 50.
BRAN Verydull.no demand at 512
BUTTER Choice is scarco and In tood
demand at '2J(h;i2a. Common is plenty
ai d tho stock is becoming damaged by
the hot Weather. Salus were, lo tubs
choice, 20(7g-lc; 10 pkgs good to choice,
IJ(5)18c; 20 pkgs choico, 1820c; 30
small pktt choice, 2'.'c , and 6 pkgs tin 22o.
EGGS Thu demand has fallen off but
stock aru small and receipts light. Sales
12 boxes and 600 dozen I2l2jc.
CHICKENS The markut ia quiet and
moderately well supplied. Sales were 1
coop bens, J 50 ; 1 coiqi mixed, $3; '2
coop, hens, f3 26, and 3 coopa spring
cbickuns, $'2 2S(g,-J 10.
FRUIT Receipts aro Insulllclent to
meet tho demtiid. Thero is an active
market for raspberries and tbo few crates
that como In to-day found ready sale at
fancy prices; about 30 cases sold at ft-
Qi, I 60 since our last report.
PROVISIONS-Thu market Is quiet
and dull, tucks aro large and tbe demand
entirely local. Sales embrace 600 lbs
sugar cured canvased hams at 14c; '2,000
lb bacon clear sides 7Jo; 600 lb pBin
hams I'JJo and 603 lbs sbouldura 7jc.
HAMS Sitfar cured canva,ud are
quoted at ll10c. Plain countrycured
choice are quoted at l'2c.
LARD Refined la quoted In tierces at
8c ami in kegs at 0010c.
SUGAR. Coffee A quoted at 13c;
Ul ljc for crushed, powdered and gran
ulated. TEAS. Imperial, 76(5)1 U6; Gunpow.
dor, 761 26; Oolong black, 75J
Young Hyson, Jlf7i)l 40.
CHEESE, Good dumand ; New York
factory tb Kllc.
bYRUPS-Tho demand is fair for
choicu at OOtrgJl 'fl gal, and New Or
eans at 76(2,8oc.
PLA -TEB1NO HAIR-35C tl buihol
LI ME. In loti fl '25 to 1 60 bbl.
CEMENT. At wholesale 2'2 50 V
CO A L OIL -- . .
biuhiils '20c.
lt.uwt'd i bmhcU 1
--i bttslala corn
51 J oa
20c; 6
lu; do 10 oa Ib.j .1 busholi Oats
bu.be, '2U-, 0 bushuii 2'2c.
IlKESWAX.-'cUb 30c.
7f pi' tjj
chat. acnacDors Germhn mol'.lod
COFFEE-Scaroj and firm, Java jell.
ng fct 30&32c; Laguayra 2PlJ"C5 KIo
,mo to cholco
,..,,.,. comMOn hou.o sell
at $1 CO to a W, choice and oxtra titoit-o
$3(3,3 7oiiteBmbo.U! "06 "0.
FREIGHT Cotton, cou-oressod tc
New York, t)5c; to Dor 1. Un.
comproased, to Niw York ti to Hot
ton $1,
RATES To New Orleans and Vlcks
hunt! Potatoes, apple, etc, UOc; porl
. . . ..i. t , .
nor round frnMita 15c cwt: bay i
per ton; wiilalcey $1 10 per bbl.
TO MEMPlllS-l'lour, etc25cporl blj
pound frelghta 12h per cwt; hay 4 per
ton; whiikey BOo per bbl; pork COc per
Tho company will form at their engine
house at 8 o'clock, sharp; th.iy will then
proceed up Commercial avonuo to 1 wen
tleth street, down Twentieth to Poplar
up Poplar to Divlalon, down Division to
Washington avenue, down Wellington to
Eighth, down Eighth to Walnut, down
Walnut to Fourth, up fourth to Commer
-I nn (iornmerrlal to Klifhlb. Iln Eighth
to leveo, up levoe to Fourteenth, tbelice
to tbe Tbree States which will bo waiting
at tbo Illinois Central whtrfboat. 7-1 It
Editor Bulletin,
j Dbak Sin Iu yesterday's issue of the
'Sun,' July '2, I notice that tbo "luminary"
I maku special paragraphs to publish tu
I tbe world tbo indebtedness of the city
and the amount requisite to run the ma-
chiuery for another year, Thcso para
J graphs are not items of news to the citi
j zens and do not require a conspicuous
j placo in a paper, as such news can be
! read in the council procooJings by those
interested. If a paper connn publish what
; will be "beneficial to tho credit anil pro.
purity of tho city, in my opinion, it is
time to quit. T.r.P.vvEP
Situated on tbe Cairo nnd Vincenncs
1 railroad, one-half mile from tbe depot at
Caledonia station, containing one hundred
and fifty-Qvo acrei of the best fruit land
in Southern Illinois, one hundred acres
uuder cultivation, tho balance in good
j timber and well watered by never failing
springs There is a frontaco on the Ohio
rivor of one-half mile with good landing
for wood yard and genoral shipping busi
' ness. Prospects for iron and coal good.
Parties wanting a good bomo will do well
I to look at tbo placo Worn purchasing
' olsowhero. Term etsy. Enquire of
! o.27'2w I). limn St Son. Cairo, 111.
Havo you vMtcd Sebleidngcr's now pho.
j t igraph gallery on Eighth street between
I Commercial and Washington atcnue.? II
not, you ahould do so, and give the proprie
tor an opportunity to try hi skill In ttklng
of you a perfect Ilkenoi and u .plendld
plctuio. Mr. Schle.lugcr's srallery I fitted
up In tho be-t style, with thu Intention ol
doing nothing hut perfect work. The
latliea' drawing room I beautifully fur
nl.htd, and the operating room haa aky.
light uii-urfus,ed by any In the Wct. Mr.
Schlcalnger hopes his many friends who
h.tve hiretoforo given to him ihcli patron
,e, will contlutu; their favor. To them
and the public generally be extends nn in
vitation to Wt his room, whether de-lrln
work done at pre-ent or not, .atUfled that
the appearance ol hie gallery, the many
conveniences he ha procured indeed, all
the latest Improvement, in hi; art and the
Kin oi an operator ol great merit, lately
...iiioiiii, ,iir. rraiih i.ocku Steele. IV ,ntn
in mil llielr natroiiairo when thnv .h .ll n (
Work to be done.
M ami St. L. Packet Com pa. nv, )
AOKXT a UrKiCIS, Cairo, July 1, IH73 ,
Iho Memphis and St Louis Packet
company now offur for salo round trip
tickets from Cairo to Denver and return
5.9, good for ninety days from date ol
sale. Also regular tickets on salo for
Kansas City, Omaha, Topeka, Lawrence,
San Francisco and all principal polnth
west, and by river and rail to all point
south, for further Information call
tbo company'i office, No. 71 Ohio levee.
under City National bank, Cairo, Illinois
Jamks Mallokv, Ticket Ag't.
Sot, A. SlLVKK, Passenger Ag t.
Mr. James Kynastou, who.o repututlon as
a butcher Is par excellent with the people
of this city, has opened a new meat
shop near the corner of Commercial avenue
and twentieth street, noxt door to ir. Jat
lluri' grocery store. It Is a well now n and
acinowlfilgcd fact that .Mr. Kynatton, dur.
ing hi. long experience In thu meat bil l
ties In this city, net er offered to his custom-
era any thing but tho choicest ol uvcry ilnd
01 meat, lie is a good Judge of cuttle, and
biiya nothing but tho younge.t and attest,
and as u con.equence has the best of beef.
Tho Mime may be said ol every kind of meat
sold by blm. dive blm atrial, ami our word
lor It, you will always be pleased, 0-18-tf
A sway.back, sorrel maro, about 16
bands high, with a huavy fore-top, about 9
years old, shod all around, had a swelling
on tbe inaido ot a hiud leg cauaed by a
kick, formerly ownod by Dr. Ann, of
Hazlewood, and later by Dr. Runfrow of
Gooie Island. She ttrayod or was stolen
on tho night of the i'tltb Inst from tbo
livery stable- of the subtcribur in Cairo,
A liberal rewurd will bo given for hor re
turn, or Intormation tbat may load to hor
rocuvery. A. J. Caiii.k.
CaIko, Illinois, June 30, 1873. 7-1-31
A rsru cliiincn Is offered to sorpo man
vtith iiliney to Invest In good paying
property In tho most desirable part of thu
c ity. Two loti. 50 feet front on liio uvc
nuo, liouiu j fturlus. Two largo stores
can bu fitted up on tho first floor, thu up
per stone, are well nrrangod lor ofilccs or
dwolllngs. For further particulars en
quire of John Q. lUtuutf & Coj
C-4-tr Real Eitate Agcnt'i -'ifo; Ills
Tbo firry boat, Three Stains, will mako
hourly trips to-nwrrow to the plc-nlc j
ground In Kentucky, touching at tbe
terry landing and the Illinois Coutral
wharfhoat, foot of Fourteenth street i
making It convutilont for thoso living up
town and down town. A full supply of
good cittorn water will bo on tho ground
sulliclent for ovcry use.
Notlco is hereby glvoti that thero will
bo a meeting of tho Board of Trade nt
their room at 10 o'clock a, a., Saturday,
July U, at which H Is hoped all members
of tbo board will Ui present Notlco is
Iso given to all parsons holding claim.
against the Board of Trado to present
thiim bv'.) o'clock a. m.. Fridnv.
D. Matiu-h, Vice President.
Excursion train July 1, 187 , for
Brtnding's Hollow and Knight Tomplar t
S.irings, on the Cairo and Vineeiines rail
road, will leave tho station, corner of Sev
enth street and Commercial avonue, at 8
a. m. Returnlnc will arrive at 7-30 p. m.
Excursionists must procure tickets to on.
titlo thnm to reduced ralo, I
Chas. O Woon, Gen'l Ticket Ag't.
"the BARBER.
(iu, Helm, Sixth Mreet, near Ohio letee,
has Just l.tlil out n conddcrablu sum ol
money In repainting, papering, and in every
way rtqulrlng his bitrbcr shop, ami hi. I.
now one of thu iilcc-l. If not thu nicest Ion
.trial otahlMime.nt In Cairo. Helm cm
ploy none but tirt.eli workmen In hi
hop, and wo venture to s.ty the two voting
men who now bold Itil.ilioin there, rionot
be excelled Iu their calling- by any other
barber or barber. In the city. Try them.
Tho managers of tho excursion up tbe
Ohio on tho Fourth, huvo arranged to
havo an ample supply of pure cistern
wator on the boat for the accommodation
oftho-o who prefer it to river ,lr,
They also assure us that tho boat will re-
turn to tbo cty on time-not Ir.ter than
coo j.. iii no mat an maj- oo ut uorne
and settled down by utual bed time
Notico it hereby given that my wife,
Mary, having left my bed and board with
out rt'y consent, and without good cauie,
I will pay no bills contracted by ber.
Our threo children, Mary. William and
Matilda, 1 desire to put in tho caro of uny
good family or families, who will tako
carcof th'im, Jm:i'h Ft nkh riser.
CaIiw, Illinois, Juno, 3D, 1373. 71 3l
Thi- popular bold has been refitted and
mpruved, and Is now one of the limit com
lort.'ible stopping places in the city. The
travelling public and peraous de.lrlng
plea..tnt quarter by the week or month, will
always find them at the Commercial hotel.
Rates ol board havo been rcdilcted as fol
lows: lay board, 4 fai per week; transit,
tl .Vtperday; board and lodging, from $6
to t" per week. Mil, M. J. Wiiitk.
tf l'roprietre.4.
Aa warm weather
Is aptiroichlng the
lover, ot Ice cream will be glad to learn th
jicsr. saup .V ciarttson nave utiect up and
refurnNheil, In elegant style, their Ico cream
parlor.. Their mammoth odi fountain ha,
al-o been put in running order, anil notblng
i. wanting about the e.Ubllhinent to mako
the pleasure and comlort of their patron
complete .15-tl
Saloon-keepers aro hereby notified to
not givo my bittband, Timothy IIu,ben,
any intoxicating liquors alcoholic or
malt. I will prosecute any and all taloon
keepers who disregard this notice.
WiNintKD llt'aiir.N.
CaIko, III., Juno 2i', 1H73. ii-27 lw
OR I)0.
A girl to cook, wash, iron and do gen
cral house work, In a small family, good
wages will be paid, noriu but the beat r.eud
apply to Midi. 1) Hukd,
-l-7f Seventh Street.
N O T I C E S A LO O N - K E E P E RS.
Saloon-keepers aro hereby notified to
not give or sell my hutband, Charles
Clark, any intoxicating liquor. I will
prosecute any and all who disregard this
not'eo. Lucv Clahk.
Cairo, July 3, 1873. 7-4-3t
A good dining-room girl wanted itn
mediately. Good wages paid. Apply at
tb uolilcoof Till. Bi'llktix.
"'2 3i
AnxNTitOrntM:, Cai no, June, '25 1B73. j'
Wo will comrnenco the sale of occur-
tlon tickets for tho Fourth of July, on
Wednesday, July 3, and will dhcontinuo
thern on tho evening of the Fourth.
Tickets good to roturn until tho 5th, m-
clusivo. Jam EH JoitNhO.V. AL-ont.
n ... p. ' "
o-i t-ov.
This Is to inlorm the people of Cairo that
itev. u. 1 uersciiner, iiastor of the German
Lulhern church ol bis city, has onen,.,! .-,
school wherein both the German anil En-.
lihlt language will be taught. If t)n, ure
thou uo.oiig our American horn cliUeua
vthowlsh lo have their children learn 10
read, write and speak the German language,
they now havo an oppnrtuiiliv to ..rniiu-
thatwlsh. Rev. Iitier.chner Is a thorough
German and Englls scholar, and will spare
noctlort to maks the school of which im u
prlncl(iiil a success.
By order ol ihe BoiiiD or Diukctohh.
Refrisrcratora nt fmm iift
f?9- j. ,co chests at $11, $13,
SI", 817, $20, etc. Meor cool'
d at - meinnati retail nrices
water coolers.
lt-S wire doth for window
sereens, bath and foot tubs,
charcoal furnaces, charcoal bv
the bushel, barrel, etc., at
li:i:iuvAUT,OiiTH &Co's
130 Commcrcil Avo.
Hacks lot the Cairo, Arkaiiui j Tex,
railroad, starting Iroin White ft Orer'
itore, corner ol sixth Mreet and Ohio lvc,
runai folIu'M:
I.":ite at - s s.m.
' . 4 p.m.
Arrltrlncllval .... 10 a.m.
" 6 p.tif
il-S u John Mkytki, Agent.
A new hotel has heeii.opcneil In.lhc, lar
hoii'0 located on tho corner ol Heunth
Mrcet and Washington aU'liue. It will i,u
known its Brown's hotel, and proprietor!
by Mr. Brown, vhnc reputation as a hotel,
keeper U well-known In this city. Tho
homo lui UePM thoroughly renovated and
rcrurnlh-ii, and h In otery way llrst-clan.
Tbo tables are at all time furnished Willi
the bct the season affords, and the chargt s
liberal, being only tl M per day. Mr.
Itrowiifollclln nnd deerve n htre o( tht
public pattotiage. Mill
, 1 1 OU Clin DUy SIX
, and one-half lbs. Durante
i - -
A Cotluo Sugar for One Dol
lar; Seven lbs. Now Orleans
Sugar for One Dollar; Best
three and one-half libs. Prime
Rio Coireo, One Dollar ; Best
Imperial Tea, One Dollar and
a half per pound ; Beat Gun
powder Tea, One Dollar and
Seventy-five Cents por pound ;
Young Hyson and Oolong Tea,
Ono Dollar per pound, and ev
erything proportionately cheap
at II I ram Bixnv.
Summer Attention to the
, trade. Having a large selec
tion of handsome white goods
! very cheap, Batiste de valen-
cieimis, plain striped and fig
ured styles ; Swiss's, plain
striped and figured ; Victoria
lawn?, plain striped and fig-
lit"!.'! AI i ta.rtl 1 1 tt tit rrtnk trI.
- '
! eties and patterns ; JSTan.sookd
I patterns ; MllCH laWHS, white
and figured ; Percales in hand
some figures and designs; em
broidereis in large assort,
meats ; white trimmings in
large assortments ; linen suit
ings in all shades ; linen dam
asks, handsome patterns ;
have in store a very complete,
largo and seasonable assort
ment of dry goods very cheap.
C. Hanny.
J. S. Please call, no trou
ble to show iroods. 6-23 tf
HA-K hT.trKMKftTN.
rsORlV- t II I II l rt.rt if the c ad t
f t,
I run .N 1 1' fu II. nk of Ca.ro, lilino.
ol builtws. June 13, I -73
at Ujc ui' 1
t.'2 t f
p.i ui.) u,
1 ,1 "I (M
tr,5ii 12
1 ., ,i
at t ,
16 ,.) ;
1 sl.j M
s.t - Ii
ln ami dlscoucti ..
! Overdrafts
t U. IkrtvUto.curccirculatiriu
I U. totals .ad McurllK n
tt ! 0l""'xU' bW ,nJ
Iur fr.jm td-mlrar anil
serve a-nt... ..
I) 1- frf'tn other naUcnal Ur.ki
llaefrom luaLs and b.nkrrs
Ke.l estate
furniture and rtitureM
Current estates
C'avh items, uxhidlaj rence
st rn
Pteralbrat paid
T.xe paid w
Cash on hand in tVjrteacy ..... c..'Sf I
" " cola ...... 121 J-.-
1 !!
11 ' t )
..I '"I
.. I ..in t l
Cap tal it"cV
Kschite. Interest, ptofit and lost
Circulation outitanilinc . ,tm
ludltiduol ilrputltt
'f V""J c
II,?'-' '
V,Xi ft)
I. C'hariev Clinnnimiham ra.t.l rf it.- rtH. V,
tv &a
tlonal Hank of Cairo, do solemnly .wear that the abfe
.tatenieut Ii true to the Lest of tnowledjie and U
i-iiUcribed and tora to befcte me tl.I Thir
tleth day of June, l7.1
, II. II. rANf)KK,N..t,r Pull.c.
Correct Attest .
HOIST. W. MII.l.f.R,-)
i.M I'HILI.IPa. J. Directs:
w. II JIORItlS, f
KETORT of the condaion ef U,e City Natlona
Hank of 1 airo, at Cairo Jn the state of Illineu
clove of butmcts June 13. is?.i
L' ant and discounts
Overdraft ,
If S, bonds 10 .ccure circula
tlon ...,
Lf. Iwn.1. on liaiil .
f.-J-.'iKS 70
t70 O,
leys) (.1
15.IM oj
i,Mi n
Other stoctt, bonds and n on-
Due from redeeming and re-
verve agenu !I03,!?3 17
I uc Irom ' ther national bants ( :)? ;:i
luc fiom state Linlii and
bnVrt ..,
llanldn house .V.V.V...,.V.'.',7.
21,213 9.1 rt),S.il K,
1,01 ai )
v..-, O IIPM"!
Currrnt espenies sji ,11
'"Pa'd :12UU
n i;cHan ,0''1" "'h Imns.. 4.'" 37
Hdlsof national banks 6,1.1100
Iractlonalcutteney, (Includln?
nickels t ?. trjK 25
-pecle, com (,,i4 M
Li;al lender note, 00
30.WO On
P,9s0 71
B,1? lit
I IAI1II lTir-o.
Capital ,tock raid In
Surplus fund
KchanKe 6,070 Ml
Merest...... 0.1 131, so
I rent and lo; j m -M
.National lank circulation out
standinz 1",W 00
25,041 !
81,373 20
00,000 tfi
inuividual dennsits .12il'in IS
emand cettificates of deposit.., 20,tJa W 15.1,201 IS
lue to rational hanks 4.10 a
Due to state banks and hankers. 'jfi lyi
State of tllinois, county ofAleianHer.se, 63"3'" "
I, W I II Al.l.tUA V. prevident of the City Na.
tloiul Hank ol Cairo, do solemnly swear lit . t the
.Ixjve statement Is true to the best of my knowledk-e
and belief.
W P. HAI.L1DAV President.
Fubscrihed and sont lo befotc me this 3uth day of
June,Io73. '
. II H. CANDLE, Notsry Public.
Cotrect Attest :
'I. D WILLIAMSON. Directors.
II. L HALLWAY. J L"""on'
All. MOAT.
Tbe aplasdld ataamer
Dick Fowlkh, Captnin
Loaves Cairo DAILY, (Sunday-executed! nt
p.m For freight ppsjgo apply on'boat or
w ,A'' Mallobv, Ag't,

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