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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, July 30, 1873, Image 4

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' Ws rqail fnbrllpr 11M recrls
MUhKr pip' vKUtnrly IoitmiiI
Mi lucl t "ce, either juruii
lly or by l'olnl C'asil.
FtihMeallnn 0M, Bnlleltn flssllUir
Maahlnston Avouur.
j' mo MllM"''"','"', u",,",
jr.lftgtl' MUM Hie Mh(rll llnille
(HI OAlfU) 10
Cincinnati, llnrjapolls, '0,
Dttroli, ClftcUnd, Nlvi rail.
Kufralo, I'rtlsbanr, WtwMt.klon.
Hslllrocro, .rtulartelpMa, hew lull.
Ujilcn sr.a ll foii.ta rati.
Utleaukta. Junt-sTille, M.liB.
L J.S-lI US- , . ,
f. L ,i.a II . nlv ,t.ll. I ir.llls If.
Dacitnr, HloomiiiKtOD, hf mipel.l,
Vorla, Qulnci, h,-,Ll,.',k'
Burlington, llock UlinJ, I A Salle.
Msndou, Duun, lrrl,
0ln, Diibuiue, r-ioni Uity,
Oniii.iD.Ulli'0.i)t northwest.
Elegant Drawing Room Sleeping Ca"
On all Night Trains.
lUfflsps Ct.se kid 10 til linputtsbt on.l..
For ttcktti nd inforinalinn, ftpplr lo I. ( It. H
depot Hi mo, on hoard tne transit stiimr .
tiwo Uolurobus and Ciro,n1 1.1 tno .rii.i-.f-
mili-OAJ tick( offices Ihreuzliout tli nth.
W, P JOHN-UIN. flen'l t'.ss. A(T'(, U.tc(i
A. Ull-blll, Of .'I. Irilp't. I'ttlefcgo
J. JOHNSON Ag't, Chir.i.
l'aBjeliger trains ou the Illinois Central
change time to-day. l'rotii ami alter 'i in
p, m. to-day tralna will tun u follows -
h.xpress, dally ... 4:iii'm.
Mill, eTcept .-'nnday ... .8 K a. in.
ni.i'Ain. .
txtiten, . -lo1 p.m.
Mill, daily except Sunday ..ll f p. tit
KA11.U0 AD T1MK TAlll.E.
Ou all J niter TuculSy ,,1 iy III, 1&73, trains
win run nam, except stiuuiy, iieiwct
Oreoutleld's lauding and lion Hldliif.
Missouri, as follow :
Leave Orecutield'f nt . . .1 00 p. in
Arrive at (irpciilK'Id'e Hi ... . !:(iia.ni
Arrive at Iron sSiditi)? al 7:1ft ji in
Leave lion Slums :u . u:in in
l'llOM (JA1U0
ludhu.ipolt, Toledo,
Cleveland, Niugia 1'alls,
rittsburg. Wiwliliivluii,
i'iil JiifInJjl;i. Xfiv Vnrl..
uonion hiiu hii i-.,i..ciii I'uliit".
Ou ami alter TneMlay, July I, ISM, irjini
it in run n jonnws;
Going north leaves Cairo at
Going couth arri.es at (.'alru at.
l Ofi a in.
p. in.
(Joln iViirth.
I-eaes alio at ...McKi a.m. ami fi'ihi i,.m.
Uolng .Smitli.
Arrived at Cairo al :UJ a. in, ami IfX j
'I'Iik oxprust Uulu north arrlluK ut V III-
trnrfi.-?' " '"-'M"? till eel eiinnue.
lion at p.iu .with ili Iniii.n.t.iu
Mucennes rallroail lur Imll.uiatinlW, tho
Croat ralirouJ eenlre, Until- vhldi point
trains re ilnpaiUiu; ut ull lnnii, lor all
vioinia 111 tue unlleil Mutes ami Culia Jn, A t
i-.iwp.m. mm iui) htanMllv and I'raiv.
I ildsvhlo rAllioad, fur Teira Haute. Imll i.
uapohs, ClilcOKo, Danville mid ull puliitN
uunu, ia iuu i erra name, l.vaimillo and
CalcofO railroad, and e.il Ma the andalla
line, and ludlaiupollii undM, l.olilinilliiKiil.
Atlir.fipiii with the Ohio and Mlviisippi
railroad, for Cliiciiuiatl, l.oiilstllle, unit all
poiutu east, via Cltielniiatl.
l'ai-feiii;c'i Kol'iR hy thi routu are jilaeed
In Indlauaniills.Cliiuiiiiiatl, l.iiiilUlle, .Sew
Vorlc, liot ll, l'Jilladelphla, lUltliiiore,
Washlngtoti, and ull eastern points, twene
uuuni in auvanee 01 any ouivi'liilite.
Exprem train makee luiiiicctluii at I U.tu
rado with St. Louis and 'routheaHein rail
way, lor St. Louis, Mt. Veiiioii i,lllliiuls),
tjhawnectown, and all poima between i:ido
riido and St. Louis.
At Norrlii 0 tv makes rlorc cuuiiecllon
for SprlugBeld, Hock IsLnd, nnd all points
on Springtluld and Illinois toutheai-turii rail
way and eouoectlous.
At Caruil with bt. Louis, r.vanivllle, ll' ii
dereou ami Nashville railway line, lor ill.
Vernon (Indues), Uv.iiisv1I1a. Ilendi-rtuii
(Kentucky), Na'livillie iTennousei ), and all
points 011 St. L.f b , II. and lutU.n and
liairje checked to alf iinpoit.iut pnintr
jafjr tickets and liitonnatlon applv ut
the ticket otllce, comer -sienlh Mieel and
uorntncrciai avenii", ( iiro, niinul,
Jjio. Lee, 5up t. f "hah O Woon.
(on I'iis r and Tiekut A(.;'t
ii, r. m k.n'iiil, Mtni. i.airo.
J.in'.a wlmtiiij: Ki.Pdit r.
U, S. Stn. Sku., (.iiiei:i.t eu'a Okkick,
Onto, Jul) :). i-!?8, Id n p.in
lirromettr lo ul.
Tncruioiueter :t cietresi.
nind, cj.iu veloni, o mils
Weather, clcu
Maximum ttinpi-rstitie IhsI SI hours, ()
Mlnlinutn temperature, Uit ;i tiourt, 71
I'rtvaUlu wind U.-t 111 hoiti-s. wet.
Total number ot miles wind travelled, Jim
'it hours, U&.
i:tiwtn t; uu and ubK-rver.
Beit Scotch ale, u,,t P.lttHr, and"ogT,t
yr old bourbon v.hisV tb4 f.,u,., only
at the Crystal laluon.roiiikiut.- iitli Uriel
and Couimerciul avenue
!yiC.A.l A it I. ASH,
6 25 lm I'lopm-iurs
Hicks lor theCallo, Aikansue and less
railroad, starting Irmii White '. i.ruer
ttorr, corner of fcixtii s-trcol and Ohm i. ee,
run follows :
Leave at 8 a.m,
Arrh eln city ut , 1(1 a, in,
" " ft p.m.
U-S If .Ions .Mkvkiih, Agent.
KeguUr hoardors at the ICuiopean hotel,
Harry Walker propnttoi. rmene hoard at
the rate ot $a) per inonth. .vin-tl
Fine v. bite j tingle and double . ami,, r
tingle and double .V Cuiiaiy, best ipubty b
manllla, blue litter, etc., i lc. tut
ale, print 1 at it t to ti on per IkoiiMiml,
"till" llin.l.l'.lIM DfMi It.
As warm weather u apjirouchlug the
lovers ol Jce criaiu will In k).hi 0 loam that
Meters. 8nup A;CI:iilaoii luw' im. ,) w, uuti
1 refurnished, in elegant til le, thur ,, ,.
fparlora. Their uruninolh aoda tVuut.uu lnu
alto been put In minimi' ordiA mul iutIM1.
U.wautlliii about the i MjI ,r liffient to make
the pleauuru and i niuloit ot l liu ir ; fa t roi u
cowplete. 4-lfi-lf
.Slieiitr Irviti Will Tiil CIilrgo hefjr
lie re tut ns hoim'),
Green wooil fifty retils loud at tho
hox lartory " 7.30'3w
--I'rolmti" Miirt whs In psIoii yo!tur.
day mid cousiJprnMti Idisiiiei's Irani ticted
I'ull Ftotk Indies lists at les limn or o
third their ValUi, at llnrlmnn T-lti tl
All kin.ls ofsun pictures nt.l.ehlnsllig-
era, iiiBhlli street, lieiwoen Htnti2inn
mid C'oiiiinnroialavonii. 7-IUlt.
- Hn!l stnel: of fruit mis i' tho
lorest in thu ni.trkftt, nud he has luxds ol
an wax. 7-'."' lm.
- Uhu4 fruit Jars, porcolsin linJ, glass
P)iuvl nt llHrtmati's.
7-10 If
Dullness In tlio police courts coiilln-
u dull otiiin id Any cnnsniiieiiee
occurred In either of them vesturduy.
I'hotogrnphs anil other picture at .1
Hchlctliifjor't, lighth trelt, hetwoen
AVasliingtoii and Commercial avenue.
lUlluy will oll'ur eitru iiulucuiuents
lor the next ill days, so ui to make room
for his large order of hunting ctovos.
All kinds of Jlly glatpas Kt Hart
iiuiii t. 7-10 tf.
-Kali. Ilutttnati oll'eta fur tutu his line
tptiiig wagon It iii suitable for cithei
faintly mu or u delivery waion, and can
bis bought nl a bargain Any one ilecir
Ing n vwigon of this kind should call upon
him and loam his terms. 7-ltt -tf
'Gents' half Inee, Oft cents a doxen, nt
HiirlMisn's. 7-10 tf
llalley has a lot of wood pumps rdiil
tubing uliirli he oilers intra low; call and
huethuui, 101 Washington nvuiiliu
7 ily-lin.
We tender our thankr, a little late per-
liapi', hut none thn Ins' sinevrc, for a bus-
Uet of punches sent lor our enjoyment by
Jlr. lieechur. They weto f.rown in his
own garden nud nro not often nxcouded in
ir.e ami llavor.
I'. I'ltKijurald -at his rooms, corner
V'oiitteeiilli street and Couiniereial nvo
nue, nllVrs tor tale Gninntss' l'.ittur .V
l!us' ales and piwo llntesy brandy,
and tho rentilno A;:eostiiro bitters, till
tlrst clasa holers cures Try tluim
7-17 tf
do to llalley s for good stoves and
good ImryiiliiK, 103 Washington nvi'tnie
- U. JJunny wishes tho public to bo in
tormert tlial lio has on hand a ttocl; ci
dry (jondi and earjiets at o)lnsin us nny
in the iSouthut, mid that ho is determ
ined lo sidl everything at lirices lower
tlniri thn lowert. dall nn him ln.ihiv i.n.l
exumlnu j;otls and pricos. Ho will nutisfy
yu both an to ijualiiy and cost,
Dr. Livarty, homotiopathist phyi
cion, lalu of .Shawneutown, has located in
this cily, and inleiids makiiig it his homo
Tho doctor comos to Cairo well recoui-
merided, mul refers to (lie officers of tlu
I'irft ntioiuil bink of fslmwiiei'town, to
whom ho i v;ull known, liavini; practnul
his profession aiminu thnin for jears. Uu
solicits u fair ulniro of Uio nalrmiuLMi nt
ZTt ciatl; A llircid live cents n bpool nl
IIiutiiiRn'e, 7-iu tf.
A ;oiipfi) living near Iho rorner of
I'illh slroet and C'onimurcial avmiiie, in
dulged in it little piii't set-to nboiit ten
oclotk Jail night. Tho Wifo gave her
husband ipilte a tappinj; ovur tho hoad
Willi a i'our-lcggiid elool, and tho bus band
retalinted by running away from the
housu. (;ulet wag soon restored and at
last account the couple were basking in
each others nrins us if they were tho nioit
loving couple in tho world.
-Skilled propoi-ala will ls received by
1". Hross for tho construction of a small
dwelling bonne lor Mm. Ouorgo Woldoii.
The parties bidding mutt not go above.
t ;i", as that is tho amount of money ill
his hands to lie impended in building tho
noiisu wi course mo contritei win bo
awarded lo the patty turn thing tl. best
plana ani cpeiirl.:,iii .ns for the building.
7 -".n It
ilOAl'.DIN'G UOUSK Folt Hit y
Tins large brick house known as the
Itlelock house, corner of Hevelilli and
Walnut, i lor rent and Hi furniture
for sale Them are during tbo sumuier
Unity and during the fall and wmler fur-
ty-llvo and fifty regular hoarders f .
particulars apply on the premise.
l-'it if
Notice is hereby given to saloon-Leap
org and Inpior dealur genurally of thu
city of Cairo, that I will proiucuto, to tLu
Iitllegt nilent of the Inpior law, anyone
who mfy ell or give my husband apiritu-
Oul liquors, or permit him to drill It the
isuiu upon thnr preiniiO
l'.I.LA bl-lHtS.
Caiiio, Ills , ,luy ao, 173. 7-:io it
Nwtieoti benibr Ki'va.'i to 8j( it.Kjn-
kenpers and Inpior dealers of tho city ol
Cairo, that 1 will proae.-ute lo the lollosl
extent of tho lew, anyone who may eell or
give my Imsbgnd spirituous Jlquor, or per-
nuil rum to li Ink thu gstim iinon thmr
premmei. Li , v A Stiuuiai,.
Caieo 111., July lfe73. 7.'.'U-8t
A two story hong) on Commercial ave
nue near ibis corner of Nineteenth itreet.
Thu hoiim it rorty fi.ot long by twonty
two feet wido It loaUins tun rootng ami
kitchen, and a good cistern and iiucewury
out-housee am Httaehml till. "It U well
Velitil'itesi and well adapted lur a busitieas
liouio or dwelling. It is in a husiungii pml
of tho city and has Iteett newly paititisl
and 'ovatod loaide and out. Apply to
John Ucuamy,
Kiver HiinlilioH I loose, Ohio Levee,
Caito, Illinois. 7--lin.
MK. .MAX Itoll.KK.
Hsa located in the city. Coi-tricts inade
for tunitig pi.uo by the yiar ot other
WUe, to (uit tllO OWHer O'O.. n j,dt ut tho
jewels ir,j of K A W lit. !er w.' re
eeivo ut attention ,
liVIDHNtyi t.S
'JIIK DAiili
A'iso.v wkiih ANiJjunnn
A Nil I II. I'OI'H TO concli'im;
T'houasof Wlllinm ('arnphcU i .r the
iiiuriler ot Thomas Doyle, was continued
in the Alexander county circuit ion I yes
terday morning. At the adjournment l
court on .Monday otening, eleven jurors
bad beon aworn, .lint before tho adjourn
ment of court, an order was mailo for
twority-four additional Jurors to uppaar
at tin) opening ol court )eterdny inurri-
" Iff - I ' 1 1 i 1 1 i Muiith was ihn llt'lli perron
oallcil, rpiostionoil and accepted, and the
Jury was full.
We bullavti that muio of the paper ol
the city hav ever jiuhlWhed nuytliiin; lil.u
a detailed account of tho l.dlini
ol Doyle hy O.unpbell. This boint; the
ciiJU wu will' now sjivii in a- few Words us
posiiiblo tho tin t of thu emu.
Campbell win ,i deck ban. I on the (irand
lower of the Memphis and fit. I.ouls
I'aeket poinpiiiiy'a line and ol which boat
Thomas Doylo was flist mute. Djjleand
Campbell had a ipi'trrol, during which
Dojlo struck Cumphell with a coal ehovel
Whun tho Grand Tower reached Cairo
Csuiphell lull her A weolt or tun day
alter Campbell lolt the Grand Tower the
boat naiii landed at tho wlmrf
in this city. It was alter
dark, tho light on the w hnrf boats hat iii(;
I'.'eii lit, imd Doyle, In the ilisclmrgo of
his duty win lecuiving and diivlisrgitiu'
freight to and from thu boat. Campbell
went on board tho boat, and ilupiirod for
Doyle, stating that hn had a "bill he want
ed to mltle wilh l.i in that lm had "want
ed to settle it lorn lone; timo,'' and intuiid
od to do it that flight. II u was told that
Doylo wan "out front,' and weut in that
iliriH'tlon in search of him. Doylo waa
etnmliiie; tioar the door of tho w htrl'-loul
giriiij; directions to his men.
when Cuinpholl ttlippml up behind him
and -ttiuk him a blow on the right -id; ol'
the head Willi a heavy club. Doj lo foil
iisentiblo, and was picked up and curried
to his ipiarlerit on the boat. Campbell
immediately alter strikini; D.ulo ran
away from tho k-uiio of his crime, anil was
n Jt uruwted until n day or two alter. Dr
II. Wurdlier of this city, was called, and
ejiiuiiiiod Doylu'a woumU, tlnding that
his skull Wa biul.in, Doylo lived about
twenty-four liours after leonlvinj; tliu
Thu following is n list ol thu Jurymen :
William Oorryburrv. W. O. .Snider.
lolin H. Dennis, Itioliard I'.il.iier. .Motus
11. .Minion, ."..niinul Wall
.lolm Keun, D. O. Vandorbilt,
WoitliiiuMoii. William T'iuiiiii.
Tbo following is the uvidente swum
to hy tho wldieMPg :
.Mifplioll Alexander testified .My home
ii in fa't. Luuis; I Jiuve been niriliilikr on
tho river on thu Grand Tower uvor nine
She was built; I know the prisotiur bv
iglit; thu. is him, (pointing to Cump
hell I w hirn Hist in April last; hu
was on tbo Grand Tower for a little while
but never inadu ii wholu trip ou her; ho
shipped liomCiiIro lo Memphis, and when
thu boat nuno lmi-U to Cairo hu lull thu
boat; it wus nt Cairo Unit 1 uw him come
on board iiguln; can't tell winch of tho
wluirfboats it uim we laid at
whon Wo i-uuiii to Cairo ,
when he cninn on the boat he said "goid
evening," and asked m whero .Mr. Doylu
was, thi.t bo had a lull he wanted to enttlo
wilh him ;l Mid lm bad wanteil to nettle it
lot a long fnio nd would tettla it that
night ; ho then went away and about ten
minutes aftnr he left Doylo Wus hurt, I
was acquainted with Doyle; It wus night
whun Campbell caiiiuou the boat be had
auiehin In- hand; Iho slick, whn li is
round, about f jur feet in length nud prob
ably tut inch through, was exhibited to
tho witness and indenlifled by liim us the
one that Campbell had iho night Doylo
was ttruik.J Campbell it mu
and went up forward, tbo Grand
Tower was nmdo f.nt Ij the wharlboat;
the killing was in thu month of April, I
did not hear tho blow , I did nut see tln-ui
bring Doylo on board the bout ; saw Doyle
that night anil ho seemed in good health ,
saw hitn three-qunrtcra of an hour before
Iho killing; J was at my lire door.s whon
1 ampbell cuuin to me and stttd "Good
evoiiing, whete ii D.tyluV I have n bill to
settle with him b-lilglit.' J did not ens
Doyle until thn next night, and than he
was dead ; he hud n bad bruise on bis
liBad , I lieard of Doyle's, getting Hiurt , J
c.in't tell wlr.it tune of night It was wbou
thu iioat loft Cniro; the Gram) Tower litis
been in service two years tlio Hat past
Crui-exauiluod by Judge Mulke.
Can't toll what ti nn Campbell chipped
under i wu were on our way to Alemtihis
whon tlrt I knew Crtinpliull , don t know
whither Cumphell shipped for tbo round
trip or not, don t know why bo left the
boat; 1 went on to tit. Louis with
thu boat and came back with
lur, It was on the following
Tiiiir.xd'ty that Campbell canie'oti thu boa;
aupposu staid with mo live or fix minutes;
h id my back toward him when we fll
b.Mjim to talk, and alter talking n whilo I
turned tn f.ien to him; it was dark. I
was wilbiii tbioe atejis of hun; my r0B
waa toward tbo tire most of thu tluio; I did
not the stick in my liuiuls that night;
i uw Itaftorwurds when It whs brought on
the boati I did not put a murk on tint stick
baloro wu went to .MempbU; j,ul
a mark uu it because tliuy am,) n
was tbo stick Campbell lilt the mule
with; I Mould nut swear Unit was
tho stick , Campbell Jind that tnlit,
my face was tow ird Cainpholl partot tin.
time in J pin i of the time it ves not .,.
did no us aiivthilig to III') at ut lm ui. t
Doylo -u r ,(ty ' ut kno.v that Dwy .u
I l.nod. 'd Cauiibi ll d wi. I" I' -' litis llmci
I am in the employ of (!. Mempliin p.u kut
;iii)pany: tlmy did not glvu mot;iiny
rfflJiitb tfiinniind Bwani in thlgftao; thy
ttfiig'ij gu nit wlfilii I nm here; if I gel any
money It will be more Hun I etper.t;
Campbell did not tell me the instil he
talked to urn that Doylo had 1 nocked bun
down and rohb-d blni of his wages.
Ke-Jir" t by Judge AII011--I was mb
puinticd by -Mr. Cain on board tho boat, it
wag after dark Ciinpbell eamu to uue hid
on I be boot, but I coul. I (ie his (me tiom
the light of my lire doors.
Georgo Voting testified - .My name is
George. Voung; llvo in !U Louts; have
lived thernlC years; am a llreman on thu
Grand Tower, and havo been there for
two years, steadily, the prisoner made 11
trip on tlio boat with us from hern to
-Memphis; know tlio prisoner by Might, it
win In April ir .May that ln made tlio
trip (u Memphis, when we came back lm
quit hero; when Wu emm bsek on
our milt (rip from lit. Louis
bo catnu on tho boat . didn't know which
mo of thu whirl boats wu wero at ; it was
on Wudnnsday night 1 think; lie came on
me noai ami s.int "now no you nil get
along, gentlemen '' ' mid then lm went oil'
and 1 did not -j him again ; saw him on
tlio next trip, hu came on the boat; I wns
going out and he was coming in - he did
not apoek to ma I bat lime; 1 went out and
stood hy the eido of tho door ; he stood on
one tele of the door ar.il I on Ike other
aide; tho lights wero burning on
the boat; he had a stick in
his bund ; he Was standing with the slick
behind him ; Doylu was back oft thn boat;
I know that Doyle got hurt; I did not
ho.ir any noise ; a few minutes alter be
was 'finding in the middle of the wliarf
boat wilh lue 1 tii k; J lieard it lioWe and
looked lack, 1 did tint go back light
uway, tbero were o many gathering
about . a few minutes after some one ran
out and I w ll wns William Catnploll;
was after L lieard the noise that I taw
Campbell running out '( tbu bout
wherii I saw tho crowd rollencd was
riKht bosiJo tho stage plank near the
steamboat; did not sou Doyle again until
after he wa dead ; believe) it was near
Halls point tint I saw his body, his
Imdy was taken to .St. Louis, wo landed
here on our way up , did not notn-.i i lose
enough lo nee whether this was the aticl
or not; it was a stick altoiit that length
the night the difficulty took plnco Cum
bell tlid Hot Ijieak tome; think wu inaib)
threo rounds from the lime Cnmpbll left
the boat before Dtiyh) waa bit;
1 do not know what county Cairo is in ; I
don't know how long it wn tftor Doylo
was bit befoio the boat left Cairo
Cmis-otiiruinoil by Judge Mulkoy
Campbell ran out III town nfter he hit
Doylo; he was going pretty lively when
bo went by me; hit wus about half-way on
tbu atugn w ben I saw him going op thu
levfo ; hu had no rtick then ; 1 tioii't re
member wheilic.' it was very dark that
night or not; Campbell had on somu kind
of 11 ltluo shirt and a chi , hu was running
ptelly fast when hn cauio hy mu, mol I
1..1 ..ut an i.lio stop as lur as I could
1 seo bim; cant tell how many trips wn
iiiado when Doylo was bit; Campbell and
Doylo had a fuss ami DnyJo struck hiiu
with a co'il shovel, then Campbell ran oil
tho boat; on thutioxt trip Campbell came
on tho bout mul got his money ; ho did
not die here, bodied on the river some
where about II 11 les' point; 110 ono has
hired me to romu hero to swear in this
Ite dircct 1 can't tell just how many
trip- we Hindu front thu time Campbcl
bit tbu boat till hu got Ins
money, don't know how many
trips wo miido Itom tlio liino Campbell
left tho boat till Doyle was lilt, 1ml think
it waa two or thrcu trip'
Chief of t'olicu Me Mule testified I m,i
city mrirsbul ut Culriv, 1 huvu aeeti thu
prisoner; 1 arretted him in tbo latter part
of last A pril.attho cornerol Iviglith street
and Ohio luvee, and turned hint over to
the tiherlfl; he inked me what lie wag ar
rested for, and 1 told him for stilling tint
mate of tho Grund Tower, nt first lie dr
illed it, but afterwards acknowledged It,
and mid that bo did bit him.
and wi-led hu had killed
Doyle for he was a mean man; Campbell
then told us a dihVulty he bad had with
IJ.iyluon a previous, trip.
Crofi-exiimme.t by Judge .Mulkey
Campbell told me ho had had a difficulty
with tbo male, and that the mate had hit
him with 11 shovel and that he hud drawn
n revolver oil him.
Dr. II. Warducr testified- I urn a pliy
sliiati and surgeon, was called about tho
I'lthof April to aeu a pitient on board
tin) ateauier Grand Tower; Thomas Doyle
was bis ntime; I found a very severe in
jury on the right sidse of tho bead alo
the oar, and n fracture ol th"
skull ; when f Urst saw him he had not
Ipul.en; after n while ho wok 11 up and
naked what wag 'be matter; he was tuld
that be bad been hit . he then wanted to
lay down; four days after he wn lirotight
back to Cairo deud Mid 1 made a pott
niortom examination of tho head. 1 1 lore
Dr. Vt'nrdliur wel.t on to give a duteiluil
duicriplion of tho wound, etc Ho round
that tho Mi ill I hai been clucked from
near thn corner of tbebi-s.il in almost, a
straight lino to tho base of tho right ear,
Hint at tho lovvur and of tho fracture a
imull piece of bone, probably tbo si .o of a
gram ot barley or wheat, hud been broken
There, was 110 donht ill the doMnr'a
mind Hint Doylo dial from thn elicits ut
tbo blow iiilllcted.ilpon his head
The pro'ccntlon huro rosted their case,
Dr. Warduor being tbu last wilm.'iti
The defense having several witnosiui
who-hud not yet put in uu appearance,
and it being fifteen minutes of 'i o'clock,
court adjourned until i o'clock, p 111.
Coiitt io-asmmbled at tho appointed
hour, when the witnesses for tbo defence
wero sworn, afler which they wero sepur
rnl'il. Tim Hn t J .vltneii 1 ailed wis
1 1.11 nm ni;ri:ii'.
Mil. ii jhii..n testillid- I know
the i' 1 t ul chant, ter of ilcceti cd , In.
imrai tgr was known as tbat of a dmigor
11 , nan, ho was 1 H habit "f ''''" '
revolver ami tia l.'mcklcs
C'ross-uxamitied by 'ludgu AII01I'
I'vo In Now Or: sii' hive hfln" H'ere
uvur allien thu war ea'ej j hnvti been in
Ouiro abmit throu months; don't kie w
Doylo', character any lurHier thkn 1
con 5 can't tell how old a man Doylo we- ,
ho was about my Jimght , I am about IHe
eei iivu or six Inches bufb hu ha.l uuik,
sandy hair j I was on tlio Grand Tower
and inudu 0110 trip ftoiu ;;t Louis lo .Mem-
1.111B011 1110 houtj all 1 knmv about his
uharacler is what Imdoiiu to tie).
Ke-dlroct- I tnow what monbt L'oiitr-
ally say about bis gullura , buruUer.
lacii I ulllur tr-stilled- I knew 'I hollies
Doyle; from what those, wl.o associated
wilh him say about htm hn w- a duiii'.er-
ous character; saw him I,,.... a t.sir of
"us a Mllicitles and a reeoli..tr .1. In. boot
... "on a ruvoiver in in
Crosj oiiiminod by Judee Allen
, tv. 1. .
I live
-"ionium, i.'iniustur county. 1'unii-vl-
I llllVU bUQII 111 C..I1-.1.11..... I. at Mot..
ay; When I first knew Doylo ho was run-
mg on tlm o ,,0 QtlMt. n jl)at l(ml ,stl,
to run from yt Lo,,!. ,., ML 1..,., . .,
nwked my turtnor down with a ( lub-
I only iiiado 0110 trin nn br .i...i ..1...
year ag,. llvo or sjx luontba ,,, 1 ,
tag tarn on tho Grain! T.m,,,. n ...1..
w. , ...,IU v,,, 11
uein j act man; I cat, t lull Just whal color
1111 nan-was: think- tl.,. i:,ur,.i c.....-
has l.eeiiiiiniiingii year, any bow; I think
lA.yw was twenty 11 vo or thirty yentg
ot live, 1 bavu heard both whit..
and black men talk ahi.nt Imo
I dmi t know whether he bad a K 'ateeer
not, but he had wtutken.
Jack lletitley tegtiHnd-I knew Thomag
Doylu in his llfo time; I know a good
deni about hiui uiy.If and what other col
ored men sv about htm lm
carry braes knuckles,
Citisg-exaniiiiasl by Judge Allen 1
hivo no lionits, but I am Hopping at tli
marine hospital.
Ttioniug Jelieraoti teatitted I am ac
quainlod with what soplo ginerallj- gay
nlauit Doylo heirg u dangerous man ; tie
had a bad character among river men ; ho
put mu oh" the Ut m (iraud 't'ower and
drew a revolver on me,
Cro-s.oxumitiHl by Judge Alton I live
in Hi. Louis , 'l lioiiihs Doyle ha sandy
hair and a moudaebo . he didn't have any
Aler. I tootic teslill.Ht-1 hii9ii Thomas
Doyle when I saw him; only know ef
him fi"'ii what I havts heard others sty
that hu was a bad and dangerous man ; he
always, carried a pi'tol and brass knuckle,
and was tilways knocking some colored
man in tin; head.
Cross-examined by Judgo Allou I live
in Cairo; I shipped with Doyle twico.
Alexander Watson teslllbtd I know
ThomiM Doylo for about one year;
he was ronsidored 11 dangerous
man among river men ; ho was al
ways knocking and cutting black men
about, and tlmy alt gay lie waa 11 bad man,
ho was in tho baliit of carrying a pistol
and bran knuckles, hu was. n "edosti
built mt) 11 with sandy hair.
'"" "soiiiiihI by .lo.li?.. Alltili Dojlo
did not wear whi'kers nor mustache;
Doyle has not been running on thu (irand
Tower all tho time; he used to run on the
Missouri rivor; I can't toll how b.ng its
been since ho ran up the M Issouri hut its
h'iico I know him.
A t three o'clock thu defomo rested theii
case, and tho argument was opened in a
liair-hour address to tbu jury bv Hon
ll Watson Webb. '
Judgo Mulkoy followed Mr. Webb in a
-poach oi an hour ami a hair duration,
and wnsli-tened to with matkoit attention
hy the jury.
Hon. V. .1. Allen tnd I'. II. I'oive. lor
tho prosociit ion and I). 'P. I.irif.gar, tisij ,
lor tho defence, will address the Jury this
Ii'Olt SA LK.
I vvlll sell my testileiicc propel ty on
cnth Hiiuet, between Washington avenue 1
and Walnut street, cumiiriaiiitf six lots, nm-
mug thrniiKh from Mixth to Mevonth lieou,
with lino dwelline-holise, carriage home,
ut able, well, fruit tree-, erspery, etc, cte
ull in prime condition.
AIjo the nne fuisinrsu ttdn,i, Nu. 77 ribio
le- ce.
Al-u 1.71 acres excellent liuit or farmlm
land, on the uiiin river, adjoining tlm tonn
ot (alcdmiii. Pulaski county, half mile
from a station on the C. and V. rallioul
me hundred acres under rulth atlon.
AIo a line lot, :ij acrcti, with a good turiu
luiline theicuii, situate I in ilia itidire, 11
beailtlllll pl.it e, well storked Willi tliolie
fruit tires.
Also two lota at the cornel ot fbiid --treoi
and the lever.
Al o threo good drun, and three tela of
dray burncss; a Iwo-ier'e wago-t, n-arly
new, wim unuble Itarneee
t'ri. ea and tenu- leasonabln.
C'AIBO, lull 111, 7,;. J
'.-tti '.'w
AuT'a. Orru'c 0, A V, It It, i
Caico, ilia., July an, loV i, (
I'or the aocommo.latlon of tho t ill 'nd
o Cairo, the Mvuud CJity ncoomrmidatiou
unit) w)u on ana alter Jlonday, .Iniy 'Ja
Biioji n ion. .ws At folirteenth stru t
I wentieth afreet, Twenty-tifth street,
inifty-bnirth itreet, and thu civetine- ol
tl.u I III.. ..I.. I I .. . - ,
" 1.11.1U a 1 uiiirui rtiiip.tnii rj
will be pnrmitled on tbo train without n
li'l.' t. J'aro batwu-n Seventh t-trect ta-
tn n and Illinois Cuntrul raili-ond ciossinc
nou internictiiulc jioinlf, livo cents.
I lekets goml for twenty lares can be nur
fhased at the ticket olllco, cornnr of -inv
uiilli street, fur ono dollsr I
Vill Uol be permitted Id got oil' or on tint
train at any points other than tlm ubv vo
cius.o. Woon,
,. J""' ' I'twicnger and Ticket Agt.
A ni;w
.Mellcnry Jtoo ; Co, of New Orleans,
have cotno to this city to rtny, and havo
lilted up a Qrst olasa barhcr-sbop on Com
menial avemio In Hie room noxlto llau
le.ii s bunk ilofo, lately occupied by 'Uu
art A Gljoljiin as it dry goods store. Thn
w .rb tmtii urn nil lirst-class and urn pro
pared to cut hair, slnive, ahuinpoo, etc., In
ven Kitnst htvli.s All tlmy ask is
I tn.il
'I l.i-y r( p.
fiiily Folicita flmro ot
M. Hi: nv Hoi A' ".
AoKNrOrn. b, Calm; July 1,187;!.
'I'lm .Memphis and St. Louis Puckst
compnny now oiler lor lalo roiitid It In
tickets Irom Ciiro to Denver ami roturr.
fT". good for tiinoly days Irom dalu ol
ale. Also regular tickets on Hn for
Kansas City, Omaha, Topoka, l.iwretice,
Han Prmiclsco arid all principal point
west, and by river und rail to all pot nig
south. Tor futlhiir Inlormatloti call at
the compHiij's t.llico, No, 71 Ohio levoe,
under Citv National bunk. Cairo. Illinois
JaIi:s MAi.bouv, 'Ticket Ag'l.
Sot A Mii.vkh, I'a-neiiger Ag t.
.Messrs. II dinylhe At C'o,lntiud ie
moving tlmlr (tnliro stotk of govtlg fiom
their old (land, i'ti the kio Ixvpu, to the
one nccupid by them at thn corner ot
Nilletaeiith ami Commeninl avenue, hav.
im; ni.,t with 11 sucefes in their new store
fur b.M.'Md their murt aanguiu ntpsicta-
tlnlis, (key baie cm liiilnl to ronsolblalii
Tor the present at least, their biiglnass
In the meantime their store bouse nn the
lm ee will be given a thorough overliMil-
mg and jiUced m jiarfwct repair. Thanh
! mg tin puhllt; for pail laVors they retiCt-
; 7
full solicit a
eoniinuance of the same
Mr. Jaiiu-a lij iiasUm, wbosti reputation 11s
a butcher i nr cvctllent wilh the people
ol this clt). Ins upwind a new meat
shop llf.ir the corm r ft! Cuuilili'lelsl sii line
and Tt( nlli tli -lieet. nett ilmtr to .Mr. I'.it
Itlirf's ,to. ery store. It well I now 11 and
aenowledKcd fsrtth.it Mr. HytitiHtmi, tint
Itn; his lotit; exp tie lice III the meat bust
lies ' ill this 1 ill , never o lined to Ins 1 iialom
rrs anything but the choicest of 11.11 llnd
of meat. IIesil(ooiI imlge of t attle, and
buys nothing but the uilMKest ami lattest
and as a ceiisrnttciice has the best of heel
The same m 1' lie -aid of ew rv kind of meat
sold hy him. (live bim ililal. and our word
lor 11. Mm will ithvuvs he pleased. (MS tl
A rare t nance is ollensl to gotno man
with tmiticy to invest in good laying
property In tbo roest tleairahlo part f the
city. Two tote, to feet front on tlm ave
nue, boue :i stories. Two large storrg
nn be fitted up on tho Urst rloor, tho up.
ier storieg aro well arranged for olhees or
divellincs. For further fmrticulars en
iiuire ot .loltK ('. IIAHMAN i Co
0-1 tl Heal K-tate Agents, Cairo, Ills
KKA D 'I'll IS.
On und after August I, I intend to do a
otrictly cas, business, oxcept witli those of
my cust,. men who settle prnniplly on tb
first of every month. All old necnutits
and notes in tnv hand which nro not
settled rrrt stxoi, I ahull ftdrnrli.) ami gell
at public vendue. D. A MTKR.
Caiko, July 'Jt,, 17. 7-'J7-lm
(.A I Hi 1 IjuX AND IiASKfr Co
Dealer" in
11 litis ami sort
beep coii-dulilly on build
Fl.oultlMI ANIt SlItfNil. Af-tt i,AIII
Onleru Hnlii lled
Mill IMtYAHl. I'nRM'K 1 II I II I V-1 ol! K I 11
hU.M.MKItAltlMltioil In tlio
fi'iiilc. Ila itt ;i large selei
1.1011 ol liiiiithoitu' white ''nods
very clieiip, Kali'ste tie alen
oieiiius, plain stripctl and liy;
I 1 ft a 1 .
ni'OG styles; r-tWia.-SM, plain
striped and litriired ; rictoi'ii
lawns, )laiit bt piped and lig
u rod ; -Marseille? in trreat Vitn'
eliosaiiil patteniis , Nanaouka
palierns : linen hiwna, white
and lignred . I'l-i't-tiles in hand
some figures ami designs; em
Ijroide'ivia in large as-.url
1 1 '1 1 . ;
iir'iiim ; wiiue iiTiinniiiaiH in
large assortments ; linen iut
itigs in all fihade.-i ; linen dam
asks, liiuiilftime patterns ;
Jiavo in store a very com plot e,
large tmd veaunnablo asuorl
i 1 1 1
ineiii 01 tirygooua 'ery etieap.
(J. 1 1 ANN V.
I . b. 1'lea.so fill I, no iron-
hie to .sliuw i'onds, (i-"JS tf
TSgtg- You can buy six
.. .1 i.ii- 1 1 . 11 11
.111(1 llllU-llltll DIM, Miirani s
A ('otl'eo hJttgar fur Ono Dol
lar; Seven Iks. Now Orleans
f-Jugar fur Ono Dollar; I'o.qt
threo and one-half llba. I'rinio
Jtio Cotleo, Ono Dollar; Host,
ftuporial Tea, Ono Dollar and
a half per pound ; Heat Uun.
powder Ton, One Dollar and
Hevoiity-tivo Cants per pound ;
Young II yson and Oolong Ton,
utio j-oiiarpor pound, ami ov'
orylhing pniportionatoly choaj
at IIiuam Itfxiiv.
01 net ot 'f'weiitj-si'uond uticct
ami Ohm Loco
-M D GI.'NTlUt
I'lto mi troit.
In lots to Mut tin- iru.
Jf-Jf-i'iJcis m. .cited.
1 )m
Our Homo Advcrtiaors.
II 'lurns,
Istf I'litilie
Ne I'lllt. in I 11 M (bin
.1 .iNTf?.l-U'?JI.
1" .TJ H'll IA A. ro 11!.
stem , g i.ftle,'.
eeeMsjee eggaesi.?!,''.'" '
stgssMeteett isgeeegke
riHKMix, iuiui uitu,
(Mtl. .
.tssat. .
I'ltlt .
IN t'Klttf ATl'YM.l I., Ii V.,
issalr S1.1JU..
Aesets 7i e,v )
iii,i:vni,.wui, oi.kviu.a.'ii),
ssste tiitt,e;s ,:
Attt tl".', J-s
Aiir.mcA'i (iKfitrau mo,,
Aaatta .. t(etiiii'sittegeeas-.s .
rajiiwiiuTicci jumiuii. uiku.
Asaeta . tu.ftw.w
iKWKi.rsrin', HAinniitu, mpi- ani.
isstls , ... Bl.fat.C",
,. VV"
tafnti'i)nnr.KT, unsroar,
t S!-,' t
I'A ri'Olll), iM(JllltISA (JANI)KI
71 llltlii l.fft,
OOIvri:.A.jJ v.
Tt WAsim.-moMi.T
A.crj?.i:vj.. ssno.ooo.
't'hls (leriinn l.ile Iti'itmui-o (Vmipiu.
guaralitees nm only I'abt-up Policies bid
nbst a A alilH In Cash on the Mou-foili itur
Kill.'.' A. IIIIOK,
U KNOtlHl.yDolir,
- l'iel.l nt
- - Hftreta.y
.liill.N W. ritHK.1'1.
Agrut for Cairo and vti linty
8L1.TION NO. 17.
Afoi ntiun for promoting Lite liinnn
and Hick llcllef by weekly dues and inutini
co-operittlon In object otpublie bcm-llt.
'Hie I. lie In-uraiii e l'ollele4 will be 1--UC t
by Hie '1 1 nl. .1.1 1 Lite In-iiniiito t'omp mv
11. M I'.y KltH, 1'rt-der.i
JOHN W. I'ltl K'W, An'T.
for 1 iilriioiiil Vicinity
X .TNT 3 TT jR, . A HT C It
S-M .
(IsailAHlA, ;i. v.,
flANOVKU, if. V-
)(' .
ItKI'UllLKi, N. r.,
Assfels .
.... 7II,V
OoinrrMa;; ttxUndsnrtltsrs'Afetior.
YOffKKT.s, H. T.,
IssKs 4) I
riltttMtt.N'i! ITOHV, t. 7.,
AsT't, MgN llltMSIltlltHII
..1.!5J el
muiett, Unelliii., h'niniluro, Hulls n, t
liu-tt, iaicire,i nt rtii.Mi ka UierittlHut soauf.
iniiisot -.-iiriiT Mill wurraut.
I le- ..;tliil) nI i f tlm ettlll)aOt C'
sturruf thair (.siroiist.
lE-JOTvrxii t:bl.a.xd:e
"oniet I'wdfih street and Wa'bliii'toii ,v
rl C. I I U b L 8 ,
1 1. He lit Ut, Miiils,i
llimi; HIRDKU Atd) ULANK l"'..h
M ATitirAUTtTHr.lt
III. ANli lloobSol eiPryi!cciiptloiidu..c
wIMi licHltieis mi, I dispatch. All kinds 01
ruling done at short nutb-e llihlfs, .Musi.
.M iii7liiot, and IViiodicals bound nujt an I
ut '.lie louett i.os-lble i.iles.
ounly woik, tin h as accords, Dot Let
Hooks. ISt.1i1l.s-. (.;.. iniilea ipcrl-il.u
Lues, I'oiket II.,, ,,-, .m,' lotu s, ci
til t le to III. I.. I It 'll
fi'i'i;.t .niiti.vjN.
ilAll, IIIIA'I.
Il.e l.lti.li,l tlfiitp",
r A.
r. :ih':i:b-k..
Dick 1'oivi.ttit, Captain
Uivea t.aliit DAII.i , (.Hunt iy excepted, at
I p. 01 I or lieilit onus,,,,,- ,,,.,,1. r. 1.,, .,,
'O .1 M ii uiii ,- A ..'I
H A jl V J I.SO n7
11 s 1 s a is
1 JUA'.i,1 r.i:o:u:i3.':-i
0 11 1) n i: 11 1 it 11
(Unui, It.t.
Nil. ill)
Ohio I.hvhii
I.) 111:111 llludell, ilolt'liiluiil, Is notified
Hull on duly "I, Is7.;, Maiy ,M. Illodgctf.
eiiiiipliiiKuii, nictl her hill In chancer)
01 the Alexander county circilil court, slide
ol Illinois, lor dltoifo, and that v.i, Mllt
now pending In ald coiill. That thcii'iipon
a sliuiliions was Is-iied out ol (be cleik's
olllco ot Mill 10111I airalnst toil, letnrnable
on iho iniirtli Tuesday In duly, lM7.'l, lim
Himol sanl coili'l, then lobe buldcii al Ibe
coin l-linue In Cairo. In s.ud couiily mid
slide. i).iliil July -'"G W'!:
ItKt'iiKN h. )(.UM, clerk.
.Samuel I'. Wheeler,

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