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..Mr - t. report
MWlkliflM. "' "-
rMiiMit . "-
B4laf filer ott nt'TP'
fsjgfcty MUMtketkorlMt MonlD
'-070 ST-LOUIS
Olaoliattl, l.lltaipolla, Toledo,
Detroit, Oletelmd, Nmr Falls
Btrfrslo, PitUhuiK, WMblDKtoo,
Baltimors, IPMIadelpbla, Naw York,
Billion and il omn Mil,
MllwinkU, JnoMtllle, AUdls.a.
J.Otc, Bt. Paul uJ ill points north.
Tkii I lto lb etilj dlnct route lo
Dtcslar, Bloomln,ton, Nptioxlli
iVortis, QulnoT, Keokuk,
Burluurtta; Knk IiUnJ, 1 811.
hUndois, Diios, Frtwport,
(taint, Dubuque, Sionx Ultr.
Omth tad all polatt Lottbwut,
Klecent Drawing Boom Sleeping Car
On all Night Trains.
Bf Cbckd 10 kit Important points.
rot ttekat and iDformstioo, pply to I, 0, K.K
depot t calm; on board tfietreatit etenmer be
tweey Ooltusbui tsd Cairo, end et tbe prlnclp
rellraeJ ticket offlcee throughout tbe eeutb.
W. P. JOHNSON, Oen'l Put. Ag't, Ctlo0.
A. MiTcint, Oen'l. Bap't. Cnicsgo.
J. JOHNSON Ag't, Cairo.
Passsurer trains on the llllnol Central
change time to-day. From and utter 2:40
p.m. to-day trains will run as lollows :
Express, dally ...4:06p.;m.
au, except sunaay . . . ,a:iD a. in,
Exprewi, .. 2:40 p.m.,
man, uany except aunuay . .11:00 p. in
railkoadtTmb TABLE.
On and after Tuesday.July 10, 1873, trains
will run dally, except Sunday, between
Greenfield' landing and Iron Siding,
Missouri, aa follows :
Leave Greentleld'i at ...
Arrive at Greenfield's at
Arrive at Iron Siding at....
Leave Iron Siding at. ...
4.00 p.m.
ti-..'."i a.m.
7:16 p.m.
0:15 a.m.
Indianapolis, Toledo,
Cleveland, Nlagra Kallt,
iikriiu,K. anuiliuion,
PhlUdelnhla. Sew V?W.
iKiJion ana an .Eastern i'olntu,
On and alter Tuesday, July 1, 1873, trains
will run as follow:
Going north leavo Cairo at 4:00 a.m.
Going souta arrive at Cairo at.... 3:1U p.m.
Going North.
Leave Cairo at.... 11:35 a.m. and 0:00 p.m.
Going South.
Arrive at Cairo at. .8:00 a.m. and 125 p.m.
The expret train north arrive at 'in.
I'.nilM ! tliin n m - -1 1 . . .
Uon at lfcso p.m., with thelndUnpua aud
vi&vesnes raUrftaa tor Indianapolis, tbe
great railroad centra, from which point
wain are departing at ail hour, lor all
vomu m me unitea Bute and Canada. At
"twp.m. wita us JCvanevme and Crw
t'JUnllle railroad, for Terra Haute. India
u !", Chicago, Danville and all points
uvrui, via vuo icinuiuu, cvansvuie tiuu
Chleogo railroad, and east via the Vandaila
tine, and Indlanapolli and St. Louis railroad.
At 1:55 p m. with the Oblo and Mississippi
railroad, for Cincinnati, Louisville, and all
point east, via Cincinnati.
Passengers going by this route are placed
In Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, New
Tprk, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Washington, and all eastern points, twelve
hour In advance of any other route.
Xxpresa train makes connection at Eldo
rado with St, Louis and Southeastern roll
way, lor St. Louis, Mt. Vcruon (Illinois).
Shawneetown, and all point!) between Eldo
rado and St. Louis.
At Norris City nuVcs cloe connection
for Springfield, Hock Island, and all points
.on Springfield and Illinois Southeastern rail
way and connections.
At Carml with Bt. Louis, Evansvllle, Hen
derson and Nashville railway Uue. lor Mt.
Vernon (Indiana), Evansvllle, Uenderaou
(Kentucky), Nashvillle (Tennessee), and all
points on St. L,, K., U. aud N. railway and
Bartage checked to all Important points
fSerrar ticket and Information PPly t
neket office, corner Seventh itrcet aud
jommerciai avenue, Cairo, Illinois.
Jo. Lie, Hup't. Ouas. O. Woou.
Gun. Pass'r and Ticket Ag't
b. r. nvnxtiux, wgent, lairo.
U. S. Bio. Skb., Oubkkvkk'm orwtcw, I
Caibo, Augut 7, lbTa, 10:11 p.m.;
Barometer U9:d7.
Thermometer 75 degrees.
Wind, southwest, velocity 10 mile per
Weather, clear.
Maximum temperature ;iast 21 hour, &
Minimum temperature, last 21 hours, 72
Prevailing wind last 24 hours, east.
Total number of miles traveled during last
24 hours 110.
Edwin Oakland. Observer.
Beat Scotch ale, stout porter, and oleht
I vux old .bour ben whiskey tui fr,,i
1 . . 1 r -1 ... -
at me urjrstai ssioon, corner 01 Sixth street
arid Commercial avenue,
Stiaoala 4 Lajjc,
hn Proprietors,
Hacks lor theCalro, Arkansas and TexA
railroad, starting Irom White Si Greer's
tore, corner ol Sixth street and Ohio levee,
run as follows:
Leave at , 8 a.m.
1 ' p w.
RIJMC iUvllj UV.,. .,,,..,,. .11 M.iJl,
" " bpM.
A i .1 Its... 4 r ..
0-tr JOHN ilKYXHH, Agent,
Hegular boarder at the European hotel,
aarry Walker proprietor, receive board at
be rate of fSQ per month. wo-tf
fine white ; single and double X amber
ingle and double X Canary, best ijuallty ol
oanllla, bluo letter, eU., etc. w,000 for
Je, printed at 3 60 to 6 ftO per thoutand,
t the IlULLKTtM Orricic.
A warn WWther is approaching the
)ver ot Ice cnua will be glad to learn that
ieiarfcttoopACJarkiOB have fitted up and
tftirnlTiffj in alegoat ityle, thtlrlte cream
. trior". Their mammoth aoda lounuio ban
f 10 been put In running order, and botbii1K
'1 wonWBsT About the esubltsbuent to make
pbjaaura and romiori or ttieirpatrout
itr. Davit now wear a itraw hat,
Buslnws oa th landing yeittrda
was Juil moderAtely lively.
Green wood flftr cent a load At tbe
box factory. 7-30-3 w
Dr. WllliAmi, tb dtntUt, late of
thi city, wai in town lAtt ning.
Mr. Clark of CincItnAtl, owner of the
CUrk building, Ohio lereo, U in the !ty,
looking After hi inUrett hero.
MArrled, August 6, 1878, by L. J or-
gensen, Biq., Mr. Thomu D. Allcock to
Mis Hu'ldA A. Howe, ell of Kentucky.
Hlley'i stock of fruit cabi Is the
largest in the mArket, And he has load of
can wax. 7-29-lm.
There will be a sal of tobacco At the
Planters' warehouse thli morning. There
will be a conilderebl quentlty of line to
bacco offered.
Capt "W. L. Ham blcton of Mound
City was In Cairo yettsrday. He it con
siderably "bronzed," but not quite enough
to make a flrit-claii statue.
A detailed account of the uionoys le
celved and expended In improving St.
Mary's park will be published in Tat
Dullitin to-morrow morning-,
Halley will offer extra inducements
for the next 30dAy, 10 a to make room
for his largo order of heating itovos.
John Sackberger, who a week or ten
days ago fell from the second tory of hi
house to tbe sidewalk, is eblo to be About
Again, and will be as well as ever In a few
Mr. M. O. Cox, tbo newly appointed
city comptroller, is probebly a well qual
ified to Oil tbe position a Any other man
in the city. He will make a good And
faithful officer.
A new furniture tactory, end two new
dwelling Louies, ere to be erected on the
vacant lots at the corner of Thirteenth
and Walnut street. Work on the build-
log will be commenced in a few days.
Dr. W. R. Smith hu removed hie of-
flee to the second ttory of Mr. Louis Her
bert' new brick building on Eighth
street, betwoen Weshington And Commer
cial avenues, where he has more comforta
ble end commodious quarters.
Just received end for salo fifty bar
rols pure cider vinegar, at MathusJc
Uhl's, C4 Ohio levee. 8-iS-lw
r. mzgerAia At ni room, corner
Fourteenth street end Commerci! are
nue, oner for tale Guinness' Porter &
Bass' ale end pure Hennessy brandy,
and the genuine Asgosture bitter, all
nrst-clais cholera cures. Tty tbem
7-17 tf
We regret to leern thet Lanny Bar
ciay, who, tome time since, went to Ken
tucKy to spnd the summer month with
hi grand parents, a dAy or two Ago, met
with en accident by which he lost two oi
hi toes. Jaet how tbe Accident occurred
it uot known.
Mr. Thorn Freemen who on lest
Saturday threw a chair from a window
in the third ttory of hi home, on Wa1-
nut near Fifth trot, and then ewore he
would catch the chair before it reached the
ou4i " uin twuer yesterday, and
with careful nursing may recorer.
Go to Ualley's for good stoves and
good bargains, 168 Washington avenue
The large and commodious tore room
on Ohio levee, lately occupied by Mr.
Hobert Cunningham a feed store, la
now undergoing repairs preparatory to
receiving the shelving, counter, etc, for
a arst-clait clothing store. Messrs. Farn
baker Jfc Co. of New York, will occupy
the building.
Among the guests at the St. Charles
hotol yesterday wern the following: L
L. Forbes and W, B. Ford, New York
city j G. P. Wett, Mis Wolf, Baltimore;
F. W. Ferguson, wile end on, Kansas
City, Missouri ; A. Comstock, Mississippi
CoutralraUroAdj It. W. Smith, St. Louis:
D. W. Martin, Dayton.
O. Uanny wlshe the public to be In.
formed that he ha on hand a stock of
dry goods And carpet a extensive as any
in the Southwest, aud that .he I determ
ined to sell everything At price lower
than the lowest. Call on him to-day and
examine good and price. He will satltfy
jou noin as to quality And cost.
The quarters of the City National
bank are undergoing a change. The rooms
are to bo greetly chenged. Tbe portion dl
vidlug tb front And back room is being
torn out, throwing both room into one.
When the change has been completed
the City National will have one of the
most convenient and pleasant rooms In
tbe city.
Mr. Oi. Greenlee of Goose Island
was in townyeiterday. He is "on the war
path" and determined, to put hi shoulder
to tbe wheel and go bi full length in rid-
ding his portion or the county of the
thieves and vlllians that infest it. May
he never "let up" until the lest one of
them he been driven from the limits of
the county.
Menu. Lane end McKlnney are form.
a stock company to build a mammoth
dredging and excavating machine after
the patent belonelnit to them. Thev
have recelvod proposition from several
railroad companies to pay them a royAlty
for the use of their patent. Mr. Lane it
the inventor of the patent, and we hope
he may succeed in demonstrating that it
ii tbe btt machine of the kind In us.
Dr. Lavarty, bomoeopatblst physi
cian, late of Shawneetown, ha located in
this, end intend making it hi home
The doctor come to Cairo well recom.
mended, ana refer to the officer of the
First NaUobaI bank of SbAwneetown,,to
whom be I well known, having practiced
his profession Among tbem for yean. He
solicits a fair share of the patronage of
our citizens. 7-20-tf
cvmence pointing to tbe guilt o
ui areese a toe tiAyer or Mi
brother Don is accumulating. It hu
been Ascertained that the day following
the killing Breese met a boy in the road,
and tucceoded in'.makingA IrAie el pAntv
loon. Hearing of the murder that boy
told of his trade with Breese, end tatd
mat mo pants were covered with blood.
bey are now iu the hand of the officer.
nd identified a having Uen the prop-
; ui ue rauruerer,
Nothing worthy of noto occurred in
tne polio court yesterday. One plain
drunk, one disorderly conduct, end a case
in wnien Jim Orange wai intereited, were
tne turn total of the proceeding of tbe
court. JimOrenge procured the Arrest of
a derkey by the nemo of Lee, but Jim
could not eweer herd enough to make the
charge etlck ; end a it appeered to the
county, Jim we compelled to pay the
ooU la tbe cue, it being evident that the
prosecution was basely malicious.
Helley hu a lot of wood pumps and
tubing whtoh he offer extra low: call end
aeethem, 168 Washington Avenue,
The addition to Mr. C'Arle livery
and feed liable hevlng been completed,
he how ha room for a few more boarding
nortee, which he will take on reasonable
term. Mr. Carle wiihei to call particu
lar attention to the fact that he ha at hit
teble end for hire several new family car
riage capable of seating comfortably four
or live persons. He but among his livery
horses a number that aro perlectly safe
for ladles to drive, His terms aro as roan-
onable as at any other establishment tho
The coming fall and winter promise
to be a lively one in this city so far as
Amusements are concerned. First on tbo
lilt comes Dr, Denton, who will deliver a
series of lectures commencing October 17,
September 19 and 20, Duprez and Bene
diet' minstrel will hold forth. Mr. I),
P. Bowers, the celebrated ectrosi, will ap
pear for one evening, Novouiber IS.
Lawrence Barrett will be with vie two
nights, February Ii and 4, and Miss Char
lotte Campion will give us two enter
tainments, February 27 and 28.
During the dey yesterday Invilationi
were sent out to a number of gentlemen
of the city to meet at tho Delmonlco ho
tel, from whence tbey would proceed in a
body to the steamer Exporter and give
tapv John A. Williams, herjeommander,
a pleasant surprise. Between eight and
nine o'clock about twenty couples put in
an appearance, and at tbe latter hour, tho
party left the hotel for tbe boat. Capt.
Williams wu taken completely by sur
prise, but inviting the party to make
inemseives at borne, at once set
work to put the cabin in order for dancing.
Isenberg's string band soon arrived, and
all being ready dancing begun. At about
half-past eleven refreshments were served,
and it is needless to say that everyone
did justice to tbsm. After tbo refresh
meat were aispoieu oi dancing was re
aumd,and kept up until a late hour lathe
night. Capt. Bandusky had
charge of tbe floor, a fact which of Itself is
a sufficient guarantee that it was well con
ducted. The party wu gotten up by Mr.
Phil Howard and Mr. Wm. Conly, and
that they have roaten to feel gratlQed at
tbe manner in which it passed off, is en an
sertlon for tbe truth of which everv one
present will vouch.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 1872.
The underiigned'manageri bee leave to
inform the citizen of Cairo that on tho
l&tb of August they intend giving a pic
nic oxcursion, on tbe
Up the Tennessee river to Norton BlulTs.
A moonlight excursion In the evening, to
gether with a grand pyrotechnical exhibi
ted on the river. Both the Cairo Silver
Cornet band, and Prof. Corbett'H string
band, are engaged lor the occuiion. Am
ple arrangements made for-refreshments
on the boat, and we pledge ourselves ev
erything tbatcan be done shall be done for
the accommodation ot the excursionists.
Boat leavos promptly at 7 a.m. Faro,
gents $1 60, ladies 60 cents, children 25
cents. For further particulars roe small
N L Wickwlre, Marsh Warren. Phil
Howard, Jas A Phillls.
Jack Winter, B F Blake, W li dchutter,
Peter Saup, Henry Gotsman, J T Ren-
J. U.Oberly, Esq.,
Dxar Sir We have just recolvml a
shipment of manufactured goods from
near the middle of this state, costing nine
(9) ptr cent freight. Something ought
to be done thli winter In the legislature
to compel the return of theie outrageoui
over cbargei, and a line also for this im
potitlon. Your truly,
Caiio, lilt., August 0, 187:1.
AuT's.UmcK O. A V. It,
Cairo, Ills., July 2C, 187y,
For the accommodation of tho citizens
of Cairo, tho Mound City accommodation
train will on And after Monday, July 28,
stop as follows: At Fourteenth street
Twentieth street, Twenty-llfth street.
Thirty-fourth street, And the crossing of
tbe Illinois Central railroad. No one
will be permitted on the train without a
ticket. Fare between Seventh street sta
tion and Illinois Central railroad craning
and intermediate pointi, five cents.
Tickets good for twenty farei can be pur
chued at tbe ticket oBlce, corner of sev
enth street, for on dollar. Passengers
will not be permitted to get off or on the
train at any points other than the above,
7 Pnenger nnd Ticket Agt.
A two.story home on Commercial ave
nue near the corner of Nineteenth street.
The house ie forty feet long by twenty
two feet wide. It contains ten rooms and
kitchen, and a good clstorn and necessary
oul-houies are attached to it, It is well
ventilated and well adapted for a butlntti
houte ordwelllng, It is in a builneis part
of the city and has been newly painted
and renovated intlde and out. Apply to
John Hicubtt,
River Shannon Houte, Oblo Levee.
Cairo, Illliiolt, 7.3.1m,
rioclar meet1no 0- the city council.
Council Cuamber, i
Cairo, Illi., August S, 1873. f
l'retont lilt Honor Mayor Wood and
Aldormen Konmoyur, McKwen, MoOau
ley, Meyer, Morris, Nollit, Phillipi and
Rlttcnhouse. 8-
On motion of Aldornun Morris, the
reeding of tbo minutes wero dispensed
Monthly roportsof tbo following named
officers were prriontod and, on motion of
Alderman JCorsrnoyor, received and or
dered nied.vlz : of F. Bross, pollco magi,
trato, for June ; or J. .1. Bird, pnllco ma
gistrAto ; of Daniel McCatthey, city Jailor ;
or William McIIalu, city mnrshal; and of
police constablosOaln, Martin and Conant,
and Mohner and Helm, all for July.
Ropnrt ,of D. J. Galllgan, superinten
dent of streets, was prcitented, and read,
recommending that tho following doscribod
sidewalks be reconstructed, viz : on north
side or Sovonth street, from Walnut street
to Jefferson avonuoj on north sldoofFifth
atrcot, from Commercial to Waibington
avenuosj on wuitsida ol Wathliigton av
enue, from Fourth to Fifth street , on
south sldo of ITwonty-llrtt slrnct, Trom
Poplar to .Sycamoro strouUj and on north
sldo of Klovcnth street, betwuuii Wathing
ton avonuo and Walnut strocts.
On motion of Aldoruian Nellis said re
port was roforred to the street cotnmittfc.
Tho ordinance committee reported the
following ordinances, which were road by
the clerk and lnid over for a second read
ing, viz
An ordinance to provide lor the grueling
of Levee street.
Vlll:ilKAS. It is IiIl-IiIv ilphlmhl,. II, 1
Lerc xtreet from tbe freight depot ol tb
Illinois Central Kallroad company on four
teenth street and Levee to Fourth street,
sbould.be Improved to snrh a width as to lur
nlsli u sufficient roadway of a iolld cbarac-
icr lur uie passage oi urayf. ami icanit at all
se"oni or the year, thercloro.
Be it ordained by the City Council of the
City ot Cairo :
Section 1. That so much of that portion
or Levee street as extends from the south
erly side ol Fourth street to tbe northerly
side or Fourteenth btreet, and Is continued
between the Hldewal): on said Letee street
and the inner or lint rail from said sidewalk
ot the Illinois Central railroad, be covered
with gravel similar iu every icspect to that
now used as ballast by tho said railroad com
pany on tin Ir track now on wild Levee and
that tbe same be laid to u thickness of eigh
teen inches In the center of said road and
with u gradual decline to a thickness of nine
inches () at the edge ot said sidewalk on
one ihle and to the inner rail ot the Illinois
Central railroad on the other where the
track runs parallel with the sidewalk, and
the same proportion shall be followed In grad
ing tbe road near Fourth and Fourteenth
streets where the track ol mhl railroad
curves iu near the sidewalk, being agrudu.il
decline Iu the thickness ol' said gravel ol
three-tilths (3-5) of an Inch in every lineal
root or tho base or said tilling, from the cen
tre ol said road to the edge or the sidewalk
on one side, aud to said inner rail or the Illi
nois Central railroad on the other ; the
same to be laid in the thickness and man
ner hereinbeloro set lorth commencing at
the preseut level of tho road tho filling of
holes and uneven places In the load to be
tilled in addition to the thlckuess ol gravel
to be laid on as before wt forth.
Sac. 2. The satil Improvement hhall be
made by a tpuclal luwnment, ui provided
tor in sections 18 to 61 inclusive, ot article 0
ol the city charter.
An ordinance to amend ordinance No. 4,.
Be it ordalnod by the Clly Council r tho
ctij or cairo:
That the Words "Ohio Imw." In. etrlnlmn
out in ordinancu So. 4S. .-imi rnnim.r,.i.,i
avenue' bo inserted In lieu thereof, in the
cases iu which said ordinance provides lor a
reconstruction or renewal or the sidewalk
on the north side ol Twentieth street, from
Ohio levee to Walnut street, nml nn ihc
souih tide ot Twentieth street, from Ohio
levee to Washington avenue.
The committee on Are department re
ported bad: the petition of G. V. Mc-
Kealg and others, praying the council to
pan an ordinance taking city block 22
out of tho lire limits, rocommnndlng that
said potitlon b not granted. On motion
of Alderman McGauloy said roport was
received and concurrod in.
Potitlon of tbo German Luthoran church
and Thos. Healy, praying tho council to
ordor tho construction of a sidewalk on
south side of Thirteenth street, botween
Waibington avonuo and Walnut street
wai prcionted and read, and on motion of
Alderman Meyers referred to tho ttrcot
A reinoustranco of Win, Lonergan and
others, againtt tho conttruction of said
sidewalk was road, nnd on motion of Al
derman Koriiueyor referred to thu atrcot
Petition of Wm. T. Scott waspresonted
setting forth that on March Huh last hit
billiard saloon wai destroyed by ilro, and
that his butinoii wai nitpendod from
said date until July 1, last, and ho thore-
fore atks .that hi hu allowed a credit on
noxtyear't billiard license lor tho time
hit butiiieji wm impended, or that
proper amount of the momty paid for his
license 1 o refunded.
On motion of Alderman Morn said pn.
tition was laid upon thu tabh.
nil. LS,
Tho following bllli wero preiontod and,
on motion of Alderman Meyors referred
to the claims committee, viz :
Michael Olynn, hauling a drunken
man to jail
V H Vouug, hauling dead hogi
outside thu city limits
W 11 Hockwell ii Co., stationery
for city clerk
John Gladney. hauling nnd re
moving garbage in July, with
two toanit, per agreomunt
V H Young, hauling a drunken
man to Jail
Danlol McCarthy, dieting prison
ers prevloui to conviction
Daniel McCarthy.diutlug prison,
en in July, 21U days at CO
2 BO
2 I1H
IM 00
3 117
111 00
20, 00
it 00
0 20
1 05
297 50
2ft 7 50
J a met Taylor, cloaning privy
vault in Jail yard ,,,
Wm, F llaker, 10 empty goodt
boxes lor jau commute
Uuse,Loomii & Co., ice for clerk's
otUee from May 24 to July 31..
Bird Fitzgerald, hauling a drun
ken man to tail
Barclay Broi.diiinloctantr bought
by city maribal
Cairo City Oai Co, gas consumed
in eo itreet lamps in Juno
Cairo City Gai Co, gas coniumed
in SSstroet lamp in July
Jas Kennedy, reconstructing 80
rest ot sidewalk on flail smo oi
Walnut streot, between Eigh
teenth and Nineteenth street,
at -to cents a foot
V 00
las Kennedy, reconstructing SO
feet ot sidewalk on eatt side of
alnut itreet, between Thlr-
teenth and Fourteenth street,
, aMOcontiafoot '12 00
les Kennedy, reconstructing 100
feet of sidewalk on east side of
Walnut streot. between Ninth
and Tenth itreeti, at 40 cents
a foot
J Kennedy, reconducting i!30
feet of sidewalk on oast llde of
Walnut street, between Sixth
end Sovonth street!, at lOccnU
B foot
Ju Konnody, recoiiitructlng 200
feet of sldowalk on wett side or
Washington avonuo, between
'12 til)
unarioi and Wett Twenty
oighth streets at -10 ccnti a fobt S3 10 (
Jas Konnody, reconstructing 1M !
feet of sidewalk on toutb side ,
iwonty-eighth street, be
tween Commercial avenue and
1 oplar streot, at 40 :outs a foot CO
Jas Kennedy, reconstructing 210
feet of sidewalk on eatt sldo of
V alnut Btroct, between Nine
teenth and Twentieth streets,
At 10 cents a foot , "2 40
J Kennedy, reconstructing '.'I. 'I
feet of lidowftlkonwentildoof
WAthlngton avenue, between
1 wcnty-ioventh and Chsrles
itreets, at 40 conts a font 20
Thoi Moolian, baulingW pieces of
sower plpo at t:t each !10 00
Cbns Sackborgor, 4 days' worl: oti
treot" ) (jo
Dennis Healy, hauling on stroKs ft
days at $4 CO and hauling II
loads at 60c. , 24 00
Jos Lohtnos, a days' work "011
trewts 0 75
M E Powurs. haulini! on slrueta.. 1L! Mj
Thos Fitzgerald, 26 days' work on
itreets , :. ,.. V, 2:,
Honry Wisdom, 17J days' work
on streets., ft :7
Daniel McCarthy, 18 days in
chargo of jail gang .', :',C, 00
Peter Conlan, 2C days' work on
itroet , .'i.h ftll
Stophon Bradley, 2J days' hauling
on atreots... 11 25
Warren Wimuis, 4 days' work on
streets ' 00
Peter Gaelch, 12 days' work on
C IiNewland, repairing Eleventh
street pump in July
C B Newland, repairing Elev
enth etreet pump in November,
27 00
1.1 00 !
R A Cunningham, collecting
1533 70, sido-walk taxo. at 2J
per cent l.t rt
M S Enimingor, for 22) feut sid.
walk built by him on Thirteenth
itreot, for which no nllowanro
hai boon made by city 20
t. v. c. IP R. lit l.t..
Bill of Illinois Central Kallroad compa
ny, amounting to i.'i.OOO, for removing
track on Levee itreet, between Fourth and
Fourteenth street!, at por ordinanco No.
35, upproyed October 18, 1H72, was pre
sented and read, and vu motion. rof:rred
to thi itreet committed.
The following billi for lalaries lor the
month of July wore presented and read,
and, ou motion of Alderman Konrneyer,
allowed, and orders on tho treamry al
lowed In favor of tho following persons
for the amount" let forth, by tho following
vote. Ayei ICoriineyor, McEwen, Mc
Gauloy, Meyers, .Morris, Ncllit, Phillips
aud Rlttenhouie 8. Nnyi 0.
E 11 Fallis, city comptroller , .10 00
K A Cunningham, city troaiurer, "5 00
Win Mcllale, city marshal
M J Howloy, city clerk
John "VYuoil, um;gt,
A Cain, pollco constabio
P A Conant, police constablo
Phillip Holm, police constable
James C Labuo, police constable,
Charles Mohner, police constable,
Henry T Martin, police constable,
2:1 .lays
Frank Bemlt, police conttablu ;i
10(1 00
100 00
100 00
75 00
75 00 1
75 00 '
75 00 '
T'i 00
50 1
uays 7 Vi
D J Galligan, superintendent of
W W Wooten, health oflicor 7ft OU ,
streets 00 00
F Brots, police magistrate, 25 00
J J Bird, police maIttrute 25 00
Resignation of Edwin II. Fallli, city 1
oonfptroller, was presented and read aud, I
on motion of Alderman MrKweii, n.-l
eopted. I
CO M IT ho li. u n'.s p. 1: 1 '0 ut .
1 ho city comptroller reported that ho
has been unable to dlspojo of the irum
halting belonging to the city, and ho" ic
coaimended that tho beltii; bo sent back
to the maker, or to tho ' persons from
whom the city purchaacd it, with itistrue
tiono to sell the same. On motion said
report wai received, and ordered iilod.
Tho mayor nominated Milnor S. Cox,
for the otlico of city comptroller, to fill the
vacancy occasioned by tho resignation uf
E. II. Fallie. Tho nomination was con
firmed by the following vote: ayni Kon
rneyer, McEwen, McGauley, Meyers, Mor
rls. Nellis, Phillips and ilittenlioiun-8.
Nay 0.
Ollicial bond of Henry T. .Martin, with
Potor Netl'and C- Hanny, its locurilios, was
presented nnd, 'on motion of Ald-rrnan
Morris, approvod.
liquor im.Hii.
Stale and city bondi of tho following
named personi for liquor license, wero pre
sented and, on inntion: approvod, and or-
derod fllod, viz; of T., Ilotts, J otoph Pun-
dola, Parker A Montagun, and Jnoph C
.State and city bondt or Harry .'. alker
for liquor Hcenio wero presented. Alder
man Konrneyer moved to approvo, Al-
derman Nollii moved to umend by refer
ring to the nityattorney. Thonmeinlmoiit
wi loit. The original motion win then
put and carried.
Liquor bonds of M. Burns wuro nroson-
ted and, on motion of Aldoruian Nellis,
roferred to the city attoruoy.
tin motion of Alderman I'lilllini tho
council adjourned.
M. Howlkv, City Clerk.
Lot numbered 0, in block numbered 4
fronting on Ohio levoe, with hmlneis and
dwelling, new kitchen, etc., all complete,
Also tu, alo or rent, tho household and
kitchen furniture, bar nnd bar fixture, in
nrst-cla-i condition. Tho bar nnd houio
w kept by Mn. Fnlkonitoln, nee HAbn,
nna hu a food ruu of cuttom. This ii a
fine opportunity for liny person who
withes to inveit In good property or en
ggc in a lucrativo huslnof already estAb
llshed, For further information pply on
the prentices. H-O.ilt
F0ic 1UCNT. '
The Delta Social club rooms, suitable
for oiliees, first floor, louth lido or The
ill 1 1.ETIN building Enquire at this of
fice 9-tl.Ut i
MoHenry Roe & Co., of New Orleani,
have come to this city lo stay, and have
"lied up a first elms har..t..,.. n
10 CO , morclal avenue in the room next to Han
' non 1 book store, lately occupied l,y Stu.
ert & Oholson as a dry goods .lore. Tho
"""""ml n'l iirit-clans and aro pro
j pared to cut hair, shave, shampoo, etc., in
, the very latest ityles. All they ask li u
' trial. Thoy rf-pftotfully solicit a tharo of
public patronage.
MuHksrv Roe A Co,
Has located in the city. Contracts mado
for tuning pianos by tho year or other
wlte, to suit the owner. ( (roers lelt at tbe
Jewelry Pturr, of V .V V. Under will re
ceive prompt attention. 7-2!t-lrn.
A rare rlmiico Is ollerud to some man
with moni.y to invett in good paying
property In the inoit desirable part of thu
city. Two lull, f.0 feet Iront on the ave
nun, houo 3 stories. Twit largo atoms
ran be lilted up on tho llrst Iloor, the up.
per itoriea am vU rrnr."d lor oUiotu ur
dwellings. For further pnitiaulars en
quire ot Jnu.v q. Hakman .b Co.,
il-l-tr Knal Kstatn Agent, Cairo, Ills
HKA I) Tliili.
On and after August I, I intond lo do a
itriVtly cah lmine. except with those of
in iiwlimioii whosettlM promptly on tho
Urt ..f every month. Ail old accounts
and nutei Iu my hands wbiob are not
settled rer-i aofjti, 1 dmll advertise and tell
at public viinduo. I). A in eh.
Cairo. July 20, 1872. 7-27-1 m
A good span of mula, wagon and Lr-
j r.e. Also tec acre of corn. Enquirer of
" ' (U.o. Latin 1 n,
I Corr.er Fourteenth itri-etHud Wahington
j avenue, at Blankebhiir ' talocli
' 8-5-2W
Between tho St. Chirks Lotel and tho
steamboat landing, a pair of gold rimmed
spectacles. The finder will bo suitably
rewarded b leaving tho same at the olllce
of tho St. Chnrle botol, Cairo, Illinol.
s-T it
A 3ne, now cottage, complete in all itt
respects, situated on Fifteenth itreet op
poiito th'j pott-oflico. For particulars en
quire of White A- Co., corner Twentieth
street ami Washington avenue H.n.ct
-MUST ijlAl"i),
Accounts due toMathut ,t Ubl must bo
paid on or before the 15th lost., or they
will bo placed in tile hands of an olliccr
for collection Wo mean thic
a-'-'-lw Matiius A- I'hi..
Barber ohop in complete running order,
o Bou(i Man-J and a good run of cuttom
Knquiieat Tue Bulletiv Okkice,
Fivo laro rootni, suitable for nllico or
sloeping rooms. Enquire of Elliott t
l lay thorn e.
1 hnrfday Evening, August 7, 1S73.
1 ue inatliet in most branches rules quiet
anu dull. J horo u an active inquiry for
llouer from XX up, with none at 1 in
the market to fill ordernj grades bolow
A. aro neglected.
There is a fnir suntilv
', w ';?rn M,,d 1,l,t IUtl" ,lo"''.
I m,xtd U )itt,u b,,t tll,,re ' l,,er'ty
, l"ncJl u,e wan ot the trad,
I Ttj" weather Is coo
1 and
ploaiant for the scajon
with indications of rain in tho evening
Price generally remain unchanged.
RiTCorretpondunti should bear iu mind
that these quotations ure for round loti
from first hands. For broken and small
ltu !.. tint.
mm iu nuiug oniers, an advanco of
1 to :ic it charged over these prices
the market.
FLOUR Transactions ure small for
want of stocks to till ordor. All kiudi
Aro scarce, but tho demand is (ur grade
from XX to cholco family, low grades aro
negloctod. Sales comprise 100 hbls vari
oils grades $58 5u, 200 I.LIh do, on or
don, S 50f7l)0 25; KO bbli XXX j'7 25 ,
00 bbls choice family fa 60, and 200 bbls
various grades 5(38 76.
HAY tuiet ami dull; receipts light
and none wanted. One o.ir prime timo-'
thy, del, brought JIH, and it the onl v trans
action wo have to report.
tO R.N 1 bore ia a fair supply of whito
torn, aim niinough tbo demand bat fUlIfn
oil' pricui Imvo been well sustained and
aro firm at quotations. Mixed corn U
tcarco, but there Is riothiug doing in it.
tvo note smos oro curt whlto in lacks del
6263c; 5 cars whito In bulk on track
41c; 2 car white In sacks del 52c, aud l
cars do 50c.
OATS-Plonty and dull at ;S5c. Non..
selling ea:ce)t in imall order lots.
CORN MEAL The market' i. over
itqoked again, and prices are weak, with a
a downward tendencj. The demand is
only moderate. Sale embrace 1100 Mil
steam uriea del Vi 50; ion j
ou; vin un mi ' 40. and ion i.i.i
.1,. ,1,. ! r.ii 9
iiu utr if" wr
BRAN Dull ntidqiilvt, quoted at Sll.
r.iifj)!-'. "
w x i nu i iHuij rij ,vcak. ft fuw
pacicngos oi gin eugoeiil i hs h,;h M 3fic
but 20c may bo quoted kmIiu outside llguro
for cholco. Wo note SUlUS uf U ,)He.H-0,
cholco at lbOi)20c; 0pck.gM ofcookl .
atllci 12 packages of common at 1"I0
50 packages of choice at 1820ci; 16 small
packages chuicoat 20 f323c.
EGGS-Dull nd plenty. Sales wore
COO dozen Irtish receipts at lOo
CHICK ES-T,u ip-,,
lllarlrril la Unl
...11 .nnnll..,! I "
wu" '"l'l ".rvmiiiry Wili-oiii. ami r, .
relpts go U ,()Wi Vu no)u (alM jf
coops old helm 25 and 50 Jnn ,lv..,i
old and yoii,. ? r0fli,3 t(j
FRUIT-Very little doing n fr uIt of
any description except from countrv
wagons, wo.cann
ot.'glvo any ettablished
prices on it
PKOVISIONS-Thero l.t been no
large transactions since our lait report
The stock is small and prices held Urui and
TEAS.-lmpurial, 7&1 25 j (liir,pow.
der, 7B1..25 Oolong black, 7,V3$l
Voting Hyson, f 1(3)1 40.
CHEESE. Good demand'; Now York
factory -p. lb lJ17c.
SVRUPS-Tho demand j rlr for
choice at V,0c$i '(( gal, arid New Or
loans nt 75.8l)l-.'
!'hTii.,UN(1 "AIK-Mc V bnsLel
LI .ME. In lolsil 25 to I CO V bbl.
CEMENT, At whi)lcialo.Mfj'2 50 W
OUNNlE.S.-l'.ciowed 2 btuhcls la
.'1 bushels 20c.
lliniI,AI'S.-2J butbels corn, yj 03
Iftjc do 10 or. llic; 4 bushel Out! 20( 5
bllthels 21c; 0 biithnls 22c
BKESWAX.-r lb:!0i.
BOA P. .Sehaeller's Oorman rncitlud
7jc; Chani)algri foap, 71c.
TALLOW, V 10 7c.
COFFER tffarce and firm, Java soli
ng at nOQilVo; Lagllajra 'J4('iV Kto
primo to choicit 34i'JSc
Ji AMH fiuj-ar cured (.anvatad ero quo
ted at Hlce. Plair, o,,Ultry cur,jd
choice are quoted at 124c
LAUD Itellned Is quoted In ti.,r., Bi
8jc and In Vcgs at ifQIOo.
Sl'OAP.. Oorlco A quote I at l 'l
1 lie for f rushed, pow.ler.nl anil t'rau
lllated. BllOOMS. Dull- coimiroTi bouse tul,
at l 50lo2 6l; i boao find cttrn i boi, e
I-.faiJ iC; iteambMt H tOfjjC 00,
riir.iuin -uotton, toti-i.rutied
Now York. Moj to lio il
coiupresied, to New York it: to
( 11
ton ti.
RATES To New Orlosns and Vlcks
hurg: Pntatoe-, applot, etc, 3d.-,
pound freights 15c ewt; hay
per ton; wnifkey $1 40 por bbi,
TO MEM PHIS Flour, etc 25e per bbl
pound freights 12ju pir ewt; hay M par
ton; whifk.-y fO: per bbl; pork COe In,
joun h.ThllFs A HON,
.Succe-or io John 11. 1-M1 iij
Flour, Meal, Bran, &c,
Cou. Tenth Street and Ohio Livxe
ia i ho. ill.
On the line ol ihr
Olwnla Salt? ol
'J'ow.v Lots at Auction
This new town I llllalcil upun :iti ele
atejl nnd beautiful n-etlon of hind, grantee
to the rjllroad company by the I nlted
It Is lx miles houth of IHoouifirld, lhr
preiicnt couiily r.et, at the point where the
old traveled ri.id leading to Dunklin count)
cro--.es the Cairo, Arkunsax and 'JVxax rail,
It i 44 miles west o! Cairo, and 2.3 ml W
eastol Poplar Bluil. It jiromnes to be the
llnest town In southea-t .Mlwourl.
Owing to the demand for loth, we ln,
decided to oiler i!0o ut public auction on
WED.NMiSDAV, AI'fSUST 13, 1873
Bond for warranty deeds will bo glteo
lcnn..nl s.ilc: Twentv dollar on hiding
oil each lot ; one-third January 1, 1874, and
balance In one and lio vc.irr, with 7 pel
cent, interest. ' 1
Special Irce excursion train lioin Caiio.
stcqiplng at all nations during the dv ol
-a o, le.ulng Cairo at it o'clock, a.m., 'and
retiirulngaltcr the sale,
, , . ,. . Tiiosi.is Ar.l.E.v.
I'rc!dciit (.A. and I . Railroad comnaii)
uoom A.vit iioi;s.
rft.st '. m,i, it, m,n,n,t,,(,i(41(,lrf, ,s,,t, i
F. ii. liant7, A. Dertlncei
A.vvro.witu i.
Corner of
Ekiiit Street anii Commercial A venue
All kinds ol boots and shoes made to or
der on hort notice, and In the latest and
most lokhlniiabl.! bty l-s. i.a.iie, ,oot- h)lufc
and gaiter it speciality.
Oaiho AND padwpah
All, Utll'i,
'llif t'lenttftl atcHuier
Diok Fowi.kk, Cantuin
Leaven Cairo DAILY, (dundayexceptod) al
J P.m hot- irriKhtophs-age apply on boat ot
Jas. MaLLOR V, Atf't.
l.VIIKin 111(1, li'i.ll .1. I'.,.l, ....,.,. r ,
Ihit on July ... ,s7;I yUlry j", JJIuj,
complainant, t led i,...- i.iii i ..i..,.V... ..
,'r 'i o'i.A!t"l;""k;f c""",' ''lrc,,lt :ol":'. "la'e
ol Illinois, tor illwiiviv Mini tim. mi.i L.,i. i.
now pendlnu in unld court. That thelcupon
iiMiiiiiuoiisvias sucd out of the clerk's
i nice ol nuni couil aifiiliist jou, retiirnable
on the roiiith Tuesday In.lulv, 1S7X tou
teuii of si, i;0i,it, then tobo 'holdeii al the
com .limine in Cairo, In o.ild countvuiiil
state. D.Ued July 21st, 1S7X
Rkuiibn H. Yooum, Clerk.
Samuel I'. Wheeler.
Complainant' Solicitor,
21.(1-4 w.
Hannv relief tor voting men from the i.
reels of errors and abuses iu early Him.
Manhood restored. Impedlmenls tu maj.
rlago removed. Now methods ol treatiueul.
N'kiv iiii.I rmiiirl.-'ililn remedies. IIonl:u
circulars sent freo, In scaled envelop.
.(iuresn, jjobiu is,"uuii.i", .iu, 4 MOUlu
Nluth dtrc et, Philadelphia, Pa.-au Instltu
tloubavioKahlgh roputatlou lor honorable
conduct and professional klll,

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