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Wa ram sstacrlter not recrlv
tmm ttaair HHr r--nUrly o report
tha (Mt tkH . either person
ally ar hy Paatal Card.
Mom Mh, lltlla BBlMI
Waatalasrtaa A v
matter oa ever pe,
M plica tn RnorlMt Honlc
BtghtrHllMtfaeBbnrtt Boulc
aeelaaatl, Ulianapolls, Toledo.
Jfetrolt, Cleveland, Maara Falls
Buffalo, PilUbatg, Washington.
Baltimore, 'Philadelphia, New Tork.
Boston ud all point, tut.
sfllwaakU, JanesTllle, Madl.tn.
LeCroM. 8. Paul and all points north.
This Is als o the only direct route to
Deeatar. Dloomlngton, Mpiingsld,
Peoria, Uulncr, Keokuk,
Burlinj-loo; Rock Island, La Balle,
MudoU, Diion, rreepon,
Ualaaa, Dabaqae, Hioui OltJ,
Omaha end all points northwest.
Elegant Dtawlng Boom Sleeping Oft"
vn an mgm Arams.
Safcac Cheeked 10 all Important point..
For tiekati and informatmn, apply lo I. 0. R.H
depot at atroi on hoard tne tras.il ateamer be.
Imm Oolnmbu. and Cairo, and al loe prlnolpt
railroad liok.t ofBcaa throughout tba south.
W. F. JOHNSON, Oen'l Pane. Alt', Cblo0.
A. Bureaux, Oen'l. Bup't. Chicago.
J. JOHNSON Ag't, Cairo.
Passenger trains on the lUlnoli Central
change time to-day. From and alter 2:40
p.m. to-day trains will run as follows :
JCxprM, dally ....4:05 p.m.
MaJ), axcept Sunday ... ,3:1ft a. in.
Express", .. 2:10 p.m.,
Mall, dally except Sunday ..11:55 p.m.
hailtaOadtTmf- TABLE.
On and after Monday, Aug. 11, 1S73, train
will run dally, except Sunday, between
Greenfield's landing and Riddles, Missouri,
at follows :
ooi;;n west.
Leave Oreenfleld'a at . . .
Arrive at Dexter at ..
Arrive at Biddies at,. . .
leave Rlddlei at
Arrive at Dexter at
Arrive at Oreenfleld'a at . ..
.. 0:01 p.m.
..10:40 u.m.
.. 11:20 a.m.
.. 1:20 p:m.
.. 1:12 p.m.
. tr.N) a.m.
Leave Greenfield's at 0.40 a.m.
Arrive at Cbarleitou at 10:30 u.m.
Leave Charleston at b::iO a.m.
Arrive at Greenfield' ut )-; a.m.
Indianapolis, Toledo,
Cleveland. Nlairra Falls.
Pittsburg, Washington,
Philadelphia, New York.
Boston and all Eaateru Point,
On and alter Tuesday, July 1, lb73, trains
will run as follows: '
Going north leave i Cairo at 4:00 a.m.
Going tooth arrives at Cairo at . . . . U:s0 p.m.
Uolng North.
Learte Cairo at. ...11:35 a.m. and C:00 p.m.
Going South.
Arriraa at Cairo at..Ri m..u. mr i.io p,m,
The express) train north arrlvea at VI n.
cennea at 12:30 p.m.. making direct connec
tion at i90 p.m., witn tne luuianapoiu and
V'lncennea railroad for Indianapolis, the
great railroad centre, from which point
trains are departing at all hour, lor all
colnti In tbe United States and Canada. At
12:63 p.m. with the Kvansvill-i and Craw
I'jlusvllle railroad, lor Terra ilaute, India
n spoils, Chicago, Danville and all points
north, via the Terra ilaute. Evansville and
Chlcogo railroad, and tan via tbc Vaudalia
line, and Indianapolis ami St. Louis railroad.
At 1:55 p m. with the Ohio and Mississippi
railroad, for Cincinnati, Louisville, and all
pointa east, via Cincinnati,
Passengers going by this route are placed
In Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, .New
York, Do. ton, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Washington, and all eastern points, twelve
hours in advance of any other route.
Expreae train inakcs connection at Eldo
rado with St. Louis and Southeastern rail
way, lor St. Louis, Mt. Vernon (Illinois),
Hhawneetown, and all poluU between Eldo
rado and St. Louis,
At Norris City makes close connection
for Springfield, Hock Island, and all points
onSprtngtleldand Illinois Southeastern rail
way and connections.
At Carrul with St. Louis Evannllle, Hen
derson and Nashville railway Hue, lor Mt.
ernon (Indiana), Kvansvllle, Henderson
(Kentucky), Nashvillle (Tennessee), and all
points on at, L., E., U. and N. rallwuy aud
Bage checked to all Important point".
syrortlcketa and Information apply at
the ticket office, corner Seventh street and
Commercial avenue, Cairo, Illinois.
Jo. Lee, Sup't. Oiua. O. Wood,
God- and Ticket Ag't
B. F. Burniiue, Agent, Cairo.
v a u.n d .
u. a. o u, on,, UBHKl.VXH'B UNICI, 1
Caiko, Aujust 18, IB73, 10:11 p.m. J
Barometer 20i3,
Thermometer 70 detrrees.
Wind, northeait, velocity 4 'mile per
Weather. flr.
Maxlauta temperature Uu ui home, eJ
Minimum, tempttature, latt 21 uoure, 7
i'reValliEg Wind Ian 21 hours, northeaat
TotaJ number of ralle Uauled dnringlant
Ji noun 101.
Edwin Gaklakh. Obsener.
Bait Scotch ale, itout porter, and eight
vbaj old bourben whisker to bo found onlr
At Ice Crystal saloon, corner of bixth itrett
and Commercial avenue.
SrrAOALA & La N't,
- w w
C-2& lm Proprietor..
Hacks lor the Cairo, Ark ansai and Tixa
railroad, etartlng from Whlto i (ireer'n
tore, corner ot Sixth etreet and Ohio levee,
run follows :
Leave at b a.m.
4 p.m.
Arrive in city at 10 a.m.
! p.m.
0-8 U
JousMstyxKH, Agent.
Begular boarden at the European hotel,
Harry Walker proprietor, receive board at
Fine white ', tingle and double X amber
mi khu uuuwo 4 1 . mil iiuauLf fii
1 .1 . I . . A, A bin ,71 fA '
ft nnnuu ai m uu ui u w i'vi uiuusauu.
I U), Bulletin Orricc.
gubar efcop in oompUV running order,
K4 tMas4 and a good ran of custom,
taltt at TBI JJptuTiN Or rice.
Dr. Smith has been off al St. Louli.
McIIalo sold lit hogs out of tlio
pound yesterday.
Moso Harroll has abusoJ ojr shade
tree, and his life is in peril.
The woathor continues very hot and
thcduit on tho streets Is increasing.
--Henry Laltner may havoour hat. He
has a boy baby; but we do not despair,
Mr. R, I). Hondrix, woll-known in
Cairo, died yesterday at his residence or.
Eighth street, of fover.
Mr. Henry Winter who Las Leon se
riously and even dnncerouslv 111 for tuv-
- 1
oral days past, Is slowly recovering.
Tho attempt mado by a Pulaski
county doctor toshootonoof our merchants
the other day was an Ignominious failure.
inosteamor 11. u. lerger is lying nign
and dry at Dovll'a island in tho -Mississippi
river ton miles abovo Cnpo Girar
deau. Shoriff Irvln left yesterday morning
via tho Vinccnnos road (or Shawnoetown,
to sccuro one of tho nssnisius of Hud An
Tho excursion to-morrow will bo, wo
have no doubt, n great succeis. We pro
pose to load tho boat, in a measure, with
our own family.
A military company is proposod,
Wo aro ready to put on 1 uniform and
shoulder a musket. In peace no man can
oxcol us as a soldier.
A weddlnc at tho GatTnov houso last
night created oulto a stir, and was nn en.
Joyablo affair to tho outsldo world as well
ns to tho bridoand groom.
A picnic for tho bonefitof tho park
has been proposed. If tha nlcnle It mnn.
aged with discretion tho commissioner.
will clear at loast a thousand dollars.
F. E. Albright, Kin. of 3Iurnhv.
boro, Is In this city. Ho rcpro
scnts that froward villnco a on
tho high road to trroatness. and all It iln.
vout inhabitants as happy as thoy aro
Victors at Mr. Wintor's callorv vta-
torday wo mean gentlemen visitors
found him hnrd at work with nencil
and brush, dressed esasonably in n clean
papor collar and cuffs.
Two thousand citizens who llk to
sleep at night, and who enn't becausu of
tho barking of tho million dogs that infest
tho city, bavo united in a petition to tl.o
council, praying for tho oxtlnctlng of tho
cwuno specius in Cairo.
Whllo both Kov. Ths.ycr and Rov
Thomson wero out of the city, thcro was in
Cairo a religious famine; but Rov. Thorn
son having roturned, tho hungry may cat
again and bo illlcd.and when ltnv. Tlmr.r
gets back a foast will bo tho ordor of tho
Farubkor ."c Son aro going'tu maku
things howl in tho clothing businoss,
Thoy havo come to wako tho echoes nnd
wako up tho othor clothiers of tho city,
wco nuvo boon dozing lately. Thoy will
ornament tnoso columns with n hugo ad
vortiscmunt. "Wo "Oaso ball, but If somn of Dm
Cairo baso bull people don't beat tin
jiounu -oiiy dhio balleM, wo shall feel
compelled 10 organize ourjolf Into a first
.. ..earn JH.t,u,l, ,,. tll0 3IouM(1
v,uy boys, proachor nnd a . Even In
bate ball Cairo must not lo oxcolled.
Potior has been abusing us ofaln. hut
wo still retain all that placidity of turnnor
for which wo nro notod. Our tetnpor has
not been oven rullled by thounkindnr,.f
our big-bullicd friond. AVlth all his faults
wo lovo him still, and propose, when noxt
wo.mcet mm, to rold him in a loving em
brace, and rock him to bIood mother, rnrlt
hlm to sloop.
Mh. Purcel), tho mother of tho four
children for whom Judgo Hro-s has boon
intorosting hlmsolf to ilnd bomos, is now
in tho Guardians Homo, a rtrotostaut in
stitution at St. Louis. Tha matron, Mrs.
Uuldon, tcstlflos to thu good charactor of
tho unfortunato woman nnd will a-Mst her
to a way to mako a living when sho shall
bo reetorod to health.
Yestorday morning nbout flfty peotile
who wanted to attend tho salo of lots at
Dexter, Mo., collcctod at Greenlloid's furry
landing' to tako tho boat for the othor sido
of tho rlvor. They waited in vain, how
ever, as tho boat did not return to convey
them across in time for tho truin, and that
crowd wnk composed of about llfty of tho
maddest pooplo Cairo has hold for some
Tho illuminatod card of which Bar-
clay Brothers ahould bo proud, was printed
hflllE Uulletim otllce: and. with blush.
Ing modesty, wu boldly assert that it is
mo nncstspocimen of lottor-prcH print
ing over donoin Cairo. Indocd. wo mlrht
assort, without danger of successful con-
tradictlon, that it can't bo oclipsed by any
office in all tho neck of woods embracing
tne entire v tst.
It Is hintod to us, and wo think it is
true, that Mr. William Winter will toko
the Instruments etc , of his photograph
gallery on tho excursion up tho rivor to
morrow, in ordor to take somo moon light
pictures on the roturn trip in tho oven
Ing. Young ladies know that white robes
are 10 ethereal In moon light picturos.ond
we ex,..t very little elso will bo worn on
this occasion.
Mrs. Purcel, grandmother of tho lour
children referred torn to-day's Bulletin,
has two Insane sons now in thu Jackson
villo asylum. Both aro pronounced in
curable and ono Is now in Cairo. Tho
mother desires Judgo Bross to mako some
provision for them In this city. This helms
. .1,. ..I. . .1 . , ..
no power 10 uu uwiur man 10 send tuom
to the county poor farm.
A man by tho namu of D, T. Mason,
who has been hanclnir about thu cllv Kith
no apparent means of support for somo
time, was yestorday taken up under tho
vagrant act. Mason is a well dressod and
rather Cue looking follow, a centlomanlv
loafer, In fact. He was Unod fifty dollars
and tbe costs, but upon payment of costs
was grant! a stay of execution and loft
town by river last night- Ho claimed that
bis lather was a government employe at
Washington city; that ho hlmsolf was a
book-keeper,and that he was In tho city in
earth ol employment. Ills arrest was
due to his keeping company with gam
bltts a&d thieves,
It Is wonderful. Tho othor nlghti
about 11 o'clock Tom Is sure It was not
earlier than that hour a porson, or at
least to all oppcarancos n porson, ontoroJ
a saloon at Villa Rldgo. Tho bar-keoper,
who had boon acquainted with John
Strieker In tho llfe-tlmo of that gentleman,
was immediately itnnk with tho likonots
of tho porson to the deceased. With tho
voico of that gontloman,but with a eaddor
countenance than ho wore, tho person
asked for a drink, tossod it off, and turning
around walked slowly out Into tho dark
ness, saying in a sepulchral volco as ho
passed across tho threshhold : "Tell
that wo aro waiting for Charley."
Sunday and Monday woro as hot as a
bako ovon ready for tho loaves, but Tues
day and yesterday woro models of com
fortable heat. Wo hopo tho hot spell is
ended. It hat had a bad effect in Cairo.
Under its malign intluenco Davis of tho
'Sun' has driod up, the council has sub
sided into a qulot llttlo do-nothing body,
tho mayor has gono into his shady nolo
taking it along with him, The Bulletin
has bocoma as dry as Judgo Bross in well,
beer season or ft congressional speech,
Phil Howard has closed his museum,
Harry Walker has taken to tho intotnpor
ance practice of making ice-cold mint
juleps, and wo to drinking ice water. But
all that is ended now. Davis will How
again in a genial stream of racy localnoss,
the council wako up, the mayor allow his
shadow again to fall upon our slJotvalki
Tin. Bulletin tako to roliglous themes,
Phil Howard wind his melodious born,
Walker forego mint, and we becomo again
tho paragon of fastidious ilrinkors of full
Dr. Lavarty, homooopathlit physi
cian, lato of Sbawncetown, has located in
this city and Intends making it his homo
Tho doctor comes to Cairo well rocora-
mendod, and refers to the officers of tho
First National bank of Shawnoetown, to
whom ho is woll known, haying practiced
his profession among thorn for years. Ho
solicits a fair tharo of tho patronngo of
ourcltlzuns. 7-i!0-tf
0. Hauny wishes th public to bo in
formed that ho has on hand a stock of
dry goods and carpets as oxtensivo ai any
in tho Southwest, and that tho is determ
ined to soli ovorythlng at prices lower
than tho lowost. Call on him to-day and
examino goods and prices. He will satisfy
you both as to quality and cost.
P. Fitzgorald at his rooms, corner
Fourteenth streot aud Commercial ave
nue, offers for silo Guinness' Porter A
Bass' ales und puro Henncssy brandy,
and tho genuine Acgosturo bittors, all
flrst-elass cholora cures. Try thorn
7-17 tf
Dr. W. 11. Smith has removod his of
lloo to tho socond story of Louis Herbert's
now brick building on Eighth stroet, be
tween Washington and Commercial live-
nUOT, whero tin l.M w.w. o-c-tnl,ln nnd
commodious quarters. 8-10-tf
All persons aro horuby notified not
to harbor or trust my wife, Catharine J
r labor, on my account, as 1 will pay no
bills or dobts of her contracting.
oamlkl r isncn.
Caw), 111., August 1 1, 187:3. 8-12-Ct
Water hogshead" for hauling water,
holding two anl a half barrels, ready
mado and for salo at the coopor shop on
Fourth streot near the Mississippi levee.
8-12-1 w
D. Arler has the largost and most
complete stock of harness, saddle.", bridles
and strap goods in tho city which ho soyn
ho will soil at bottom prices for cash and
cash only. 8-10-lm
Phil. H. S:iup receives ripo, lusciou
gropes ovory morning, freah from tho
inoyord. llo offers them for salo at
wholesalu or rutail, t02 Commercial
avenuo, 1 1-8-tf
Hallcy has a lot of wood pumps and
tubing which ho offers extra low; call and
ecothem, 108 Washington avontia.
llalloy will offer extra Inducements
for tho next 30 days, co as to mako room
for his largo ordor of hooting stovos.
7-29.1 m.
Halloy's stock ol fruit cans is tho
largc.t In tho market, and he has loads of
con wax, 7-29.lra.
Agent wanted, in Alexander county,
for tho Weed sowing machine. Apply to
A. Mohan, St. Charles hotel. 8 -12-31
Go to Halloy's for good stoves and
good bargains, ICS Washington avenue
Green wool fifty conts n load at tho
box factory. "-ilO-lw
Aot's. Uffici: 0. A: V. R. It , 1
Caiuo, Ills., July 20, 1873. j
For tho accommodation of tho citlzons
of Cairo, tho Mound City accommodation
train will on and after Monday, July '2H,
stop as follows: At Fourtoonth streot
Twentloth street, Twonty-flfth Btrcot,
Thirty-fourth etroot, and thu crossing of
tho Illinois Central railroad. No ono
will bo permitted on tho train without a
lickot. Faro botwoon Sovonth street sta
tion and Illinois Central railroad crossing
and intermediate points, llvo conts.
Tickets good for twenty loros can bo pur
chased at tho ticket ollico, corner of Sov
onth street, for one dollar. lVsengors
will not bo pormittod to get off or on the
train at any points other than tho above,
Chas.O. Woon.
Oun'l. Passongor and Tlckot Agt.
Mcllunry Roo A: Co., of New Orleans,
have come to this city to stay, and havo
fitted up a first class barber-shop on Com
mercial avonuo In tho room next to Han
non's book store, latuly occupied by Stu
art A Oholson as a dry goods storo. Tho
workmen aro nil first-class and are pre
pared to cut hair, shave, shampoo, etc., in
the very latest styles. All thoy ask Is a
trial. Thoy respectfully solicit a share, of
public patronage. McIIk.nuy Hok & t'o,
A good span of muloa, wagon and bat.
. . - , -
net. Aiss ton acres oi torn, .cuijuiror 01
Geo. Lattner,
Corner Fourtoonth streot and Washington
avenuo, at UlankuDburg'i saloon,
A package of letters on Washington
avenuo, botweon Eighth and Ninth streets.
The flndor will please return them to C.
Uanny's storo and receive a liberal re
ward. 8-14 2t
Delta Social club room, suitable
for offices, first lloor, south sido of Tub
Hui.Li.Ti!.' building. Enqulro at this of
fice. H-C-Ht
Died yostorday at 3 o'clock, p.m., Mr.
R. I). Ilendrix. Funoral services to tako
place at rcsldonco of decoasod on Eighth
streot, between Walnut and Cedar streets,
at 1 o'clock, p.m., to-day. Friends aro
Invited to attend.
On and nfter August 1, 1 Intend to do a
strictly cash business, oxcopt with thoso of
my customoii who settle promptly on tho
first of ovory month. All old accounts
and notes In my hands which aro not
settled very scon, 1 shall advertise and sell
at public vonduo. D. Arteh.
Caiko, July 20, 1872. 7-27-lm
Illinois Central Hailkoad Co.,
Aokst'b OrriCE,0.viRo,Aug., 13,1873. j
Tho salo o( excursion tickets to North-
am points will be resumed to-day and dii
continued on tho 31st.
James Johnson, Agent.
3un copy. 8-l3-.1t
Parties wishing goods sold at auction,
will pleas 0 bring tho sumo to my auction
room, No. 105 Commercial nvcimn, on or
before Thursday evening of each week,
as 1 shall foil on Friday of each week in
stead of Saturday as heretofore.
Daniel Uahtman.
Tbo only licensed auctioneer in the city.
0-12 tl
Um located in tho city. Contracts mado
for tuning pianos by tho yoar or othor
wlso, to suit tho owner. Ordors left at the
iowolry storo of E. A; W. Budor will re
j colvo prompt attontlon. 7-29-lm.
A raro rbanre I? offerod to somo man
with money to invest in good paying
property in tho most desirable part of tho
city. Two lots, 60 feot front on tho avc
nuo, houso 3 stories. Two largo stores
cau bo fitted up on tho first floor, tho up
per stories are woll arrangod for ofllcos or
dwelling". For furthor particulars en
fni I re of John O. Hahman & Co.,
fi-l-tf Real Estato Agents, Cairo, Ills
( ! K A X I) liASKKT l'TcN N '.
The undersigned managers bog loave to
inform tha citizonsnf Cairo that nn tbo
15th of August they Intond giving n pic
nic excursion, on tho
Up the Tonnesseo rivor to Norton IlluU'f.
A moonlight excursion In tho ovening, to
gether with a grand pyrotcchnical exhibi
ted on tho river, Both the Cairo Silver
Cornet band, and Prof. Corbott'fl string
band, aro engaged for tbo occassion. Am
ple arrangomonts made for refreshments
on tho boat, and wo pledge oursolves ev
erything that can bo dono shall be dono for
tho accommodation ot the excursionists.
Boat leaves promptly at 7 a.m. Faro,
gonts SI CO, ladies CO cents, children 2u
cents. For furthor particulars see small
N L Wickwiro, Marsh Worron, Phil
Howard, Jus A Phillis.
Jack Winter, B F Blake, W H Schuttor,
Peter Soup, Henry Gossman, J T Ren
Tbo National Publishing Company ol
St. Louis, havo Just issued a vory import
ant and valuable work, by Prof. 0. S.
Fowler, on Manhood, Womanhood, and
tbolr Mutual Interrelations ; Love, its
laws, power, etc. It is a mastorly ox
position of tho laws which control tbo re
lations of tho sexes., and their duties to
wards eaoh other, and it is not asserting
too much to pronounco it tho most valua
ble audtimoly publications of the age.
"Know thyself I" was tho profound In
junction of the ancient sago, and it Is tho
neglect to comply with this prcopt which
cnueos nearly all tho misery and sickness
of tho world. It Is astonishing to find
how utterly ignorant mon and womon,
otherwise accomplished and intelligent,
nro concerning thornsolvcs, Husbands
and wives constantly feel tho ncod of
moro light on thu subject of their relations
to each other, especially concerning tho
great duty for which marriage was insti
tuted tho begetting and rearing of a
It is for the purposo of (Utilising this
knowledge that Prof. Fowler hat glvon
to tho world this work on "Sexual bci
once," which is simply an explanation of
tho laws which govern tho soxos in rela
tion to each other. Ho points out tbo
duties of husbands and wives and dis
closes facts of which no true man or
woman ought to be Ignorant, Ho lots us
into tbo secret of female health and beauty
far Into old ago, and shows how mothers
can avoid much of the sufferrlng of bring
ing children into tho world a subject In
which ovory woman is intorosted, and
how "female complaints" may bo ayoided
with caso and certainty.
His book is puro and elevated in its
style and Ideas, and furnishes practical
solution of many of tho most porplexlng
questions ol llfo. It should be road by
the young and old, by tho married and sin
gle, and especially by those contemplat
ing marriago. It touchos upon quostions
and discusses them thoroughly, in which
very person is interested. Tub advl:
which it glvti to unhappy or Indifferent
husbands and wive is sound and practical,
and Its wsrnlmji to those who 100k to pro
mote ploaiuro at tho oxpenso of health
ought to bo read by ovoryone. Tho tcr-
Iblo practice of "regulating tho slzo of
families." wh'.cb prevails In many parts
of our country, is shown in lU truo light,
and wo commend the chapters concerning
it to every husband and wife.
All frionds of morality and purity in
social llfo will hail the advent of Prof.
Fowlor's book ulth dollcht. and thoso
who seek information upon thu curious
and tragic foaturos of domestic life, thoso
who would study human naturo stripped
of its marks and dl'gulfcs, will Ilnd this
volume tho best hand-book In oxistenco.
Young mon who value their domostic hap
piness, should not fall to read his remarks
on the subject of soloctlng a wife, as tho
information It contains is beyond value.
Tho book is a roal blessing t tho pub
lic, and will bo regardod as such by all
who read it. The low price at which it Is
Issued brings It within the reach vl atli
and every prsn who wants to arrivo at
a proper understanding of the true rela
tion of the sexes, should proenro a copy.
It is sold by subscription onlv, and Mr.
G. W. Tompkins, who is tho autborizad
agent for thH section, is now canvassing
for it.
Regular Mooting.
Council Chamber,
Cairo, Ills., August 12, U73.
Proiont His Honor, Mayor Wood, and
Aldermen Blxby, Korsmoyor, McEwen,
McGauley, Meyers, Nellls, Rittflnhouso
and Robinson S.
On motion of Alderman Moyors tho
roadlng of the minutes was dispensed with.
The streot committor) reportod back tho
potitlon of the Gorman Luthoraa church
and Thos, Hoaly praying tho council to j
havo a sidewalk built on the south side
of Thirteenth stroot from Wahington
avenuo to Walnut street, rccommondlng
that the prayor of tho petitioners bo
granted and that thoordinanco committco
ba instructed to draft Hn ordinance in ac
cordance therewith. On motion ol Alder
man Korsmoyor tho petition was granted
and the recommendation of the committco
concurred in.
Tho stroot committco reported back the
roport of tho superintendent of streets
recommending thu roconstructio n of thu
following described sidewalks, vU : On
tho north eido of Sovonth street from
Walnut ttroot to .letVerson avonuo ; on
north side of Fifth street from Commer
cial to AVaington avenues ; on the west
side of Washington HVunuo from
Fourth to Fifth strooU ; on tho south
side of Twenty-first street from Poplar to
Sycamore stroot", and on north side of
Eloventh stroot botwoen Washington avo
nuo and Poplar .-trout. Tho committee
recommended that said sldawaUs bo recon
structed, and that tho ordinance commit
tee be instructed to draft an ordinance in
nccordanco with said roport.
I. C. R. n. co i iiiLr..
Bill of tho Illinois Control Railroad com
pany, amounting to 53,000, for moving
their tracks on Lovoo stroot between
Fourth and Fourtoonth streets, was re
portod back by the street committee, rec
ommending that said bill be laid over tin.
tilhaid railroad company comply with the
ordinances of the city in tho removal of
thoir said tracks, viz : Ordinance No. 35,
approved Octobor 18, 1872, and sections
.01 und o2 of ordinance No. 4, and that tho
city clerk bo instructed to notify f aid com
pany to this eil'ect. On motion of Aldor
man Nellis tho recommendation of the
stroot committco was concurred In.
(Aldorman Morris nppoared and took
his seat.;
Tho following bills woro reported back-
by thu committee on claims, rccommond
lng payment thereof, via ;
Michael Glynn, hauling adrunken
man to Jail rn
V 11 Young, hauling doad hogs
outsldo tbo city limits 2 tQ
W B Rockwoll & Co., stationery
for city clerk r.q
John Gladney, hauling and re
moving garbage in July, with
two toams, per agreement, 150 00
V 11 Young, hauling a drunken
man 10 jail
Daniel McCarthy, dieting prison
ers previous to conviction
Daniel MoCartby.dioting prison
C 07
ers in July, 210 days at CO
cents 103
James Taylor, cleaning privy
vault In Jail yard 20
Uute, Loomis A; Co., icoc Icrk's
oflico from May 2t to July 31.. c
Bird Fitzgerald, hauling a drun
ken man to Inll
Barclay Urot,dlslnfectantr bought
by city marshal 1
Cairo City Gas Co, gas consumed
in 85 street lamps in Juno 207
Cairo City Gas Co, gas consumed
in 80 stroet lamps in July 207
Jas Kennody, reconstructing frO
feet of sidewalk on cast sido of
Walnut street, botweon Eigh
teenth and Ninoteonth streets
at lOcontsafoot 32 00
Jas Kennedy, reconstructing 80
feet of sidewalk on oast side of
Walnut stroot, botweon Thlr
t xinth and Fourteonth stroets,
a'. 10 cents a foot. 32 00
Jas Kennedy, reconstructing 100
foot of sidewalk on cast sido of
alnut stroet, between Ninth
and Tenth streets, at 40 routs
a foot 10 CO
Jss Kennody, reconstructing 230
feot of sidewalk 011 east sido of
Walnut streut, betwoon Sixth
and Sovonth strouts, at lOconts
a foot 02 00
Jas Kennedy, reconstructing 200
feet of sidowalk on wost sido of
AVashington avonuo, between
Charles and West Twenty
eighth streets al 10 cents a foot 82 10
Ja Kennody, reconstructing 101
feet of sidewalk on south sido
of Twenty-eighth stroot, be
tween Commercial avenue and
l'oplar street, at 40 :outs a foot 01 CO
Jai Kennedy, reconstructing 210
feet of sidewalk on east side of
Walnut stroet, betwoon Nine
teenth and Twentieth stroots,
at In conts a foot 08 40
Tbcs Meehan, hauling 10 pioces of
ewer ripo at $3 each 30 00
Chas oackborgor, 0 days' work on'
stroots 13 CO
Dennis Healy, hauling on streets 5
davs at tl GO and hauling 3
loa'ds at 60o 21 00
Jos Lehmes, C days' work on
M L Powors, hauling on'tVrce'ti: . 13" 50
Thos Fitzgerald, 25 3yi' wofk 0n
.foots 002:1
Henry Wisdom, 17J days' work
on streets 31) 3;
Danlol McCarthy, 18 days In
cuargo or Jail gang
Potor Uonlan, 20 days' work on
30 00
stroets hi
stopnon Bradley, 2 days' hauling
on ."tronts ,
Warren Wlmms,4 days' work on
11 25
0 00
27 00
lo 00
I Petor Oaelch, 12 days' work nu
street; ,
0 11 Newland, ropalrlng Eleventh
street pump in July
Alderman Korsmoyor moved that said
bills bo allowed and paid. Carried by tho
following vote: Ayes Blxby.Korsmcyor,
McEwen, McGauloy, Moyors, Morris,
NollI", RlttinhoiHO and Robinon
Nay 0.
Tho olalms committee roporled back
tho following bills recommending that
tho bill of llaker bo not allowed, that
Kennedy's bill bo rcforrod to the euporin
tondent of streets and that Nowland's bill
bo roforrud to tbe officer orderim; the
work, viz
C. H. NewlauJ, repairing Etov
enth streot pump In Novom-
ber. 1872 S
n 50
Wis, F. Baker, for 10 orapty
goods boxes for Jail cornmltteo
d.i.i,. K'nnnedy, reconstructing
2 13 feot sidewalk on nun iiiuir
Washington avenue between
Twenty-seventh and Charles
street at 40 conts a foot 07
Aldorman McEwen movod that th'o
recornmondation of the committee on said
bills bo concurrod in. Aldorman Blxby
moved to amend by laying Bakor's bill
asido for futura action. Amend munt car
ried. Thy original motion was then
adopted. .
Alderman Bitby moved to allow Mr
Bakor's bill. Lost as follows: Ayw
lltxby, horsmiyr and I'.ubinion
Nnys McKwon, McGauloy. .Morris
Nellis and Rlttunhoufc 5.
At his own request, Alderman .Movers
was excused frum voting.
Tho ordinance committee reported th
following ordinance which whs read b
tho clerk, viz
An nrdlli.ilici' relating to sp.n i il -i
lie It ordained by the city Coiun'il ol th
( ItV of Cairo:
SkitidnI. it shall he the ilutv ol th
city colloottr to m ike the icpnrt required of
him by section :;:, of article of tlio city
charter, within - di)s alter the expiration
ol the thirty i;J) day notice required to be
l'Iwii by lilm in section 01 said article y
hut If, on account of the sickness or ali-cnc
or any legal disability ol the said collector.
the -al 1 1 report shall not be mado Willi In th
said days, then the same shall bo mado !
mm iiitiie caruc-i pracucaoii- ua alter in
eausu of the delay Is removed
SIX'. 2. At to special ossc b-iiic nlnlicad
made where tlie.'il diy- notice tiiiulred It
-alii section .Nu.. I.. o said article li.i- ex
plrcd more th in days, the said collector
shall proceed at once to make his report
provided lor In -aid -cctlon ."0. of -aid aril
cle 0.
Alderman Rittonhouru moved to fill
each blank in "ettion 1, of said ordinance,
with the word "sixty. ' Carried.
Aldorman Rittonhouso moved to fill th
blank In station 2 with the word "fifteen.
Alilnriiimi llohlnaon movod t -.p.ml
the rules for tbo purposo of putting sai
ordlnanco upon its passage. Carried.
Aldorman Meyers moved to roconsldor
the vote to fill the blanks in section 1 with
tho word "sixty," and to fill said blank
with tho word "thirty." Carried.
Said ordlnanco ns amonded wot then
read a second timo and, on motion of Al
derman Meyers, adopted by tho following
vote: Ayes Blxby, Korsmoyor, McEw
en, .Meyers, .Morris, Nellis, Rltlonhousc
and Robinson, 3. Nay .McGauloy, 1.
A bill for an ordirmnco entitled "an
ordinance to amend ordlnanco No, 43,'
introduced at tho last rnoetlng, was read a
socond time and, on motion of Alder
man Rittenhouse, adopted as follows
Aye Blxby, Korsmoyor, McGauloy,
Meyers, Morris, Nellis, Rittonhouso and
Robinson B. Nuy McEwon 1.
A bill for an ordinance entitled "an
ordlnanco to provide for the gravelling
of Leveo street," was road a socond
time. Alderman Morris moved to amend
tho same by substituting "15" for "18" In
section 1, and by changing tho fraction
of decline to suit. Lost as follows:
Ayos-McEwen, Morris and Rittonhouse-3,
Nays Blxby, Korsmeyor, McGauloy,
Meyers, Nellis and Robinson, C.
On motion of Aldorman Moyors said or
dinance was laid upon the tablo by tho
following vote: Ayes Bixby, Korsmoy
or, McEwon, Moyors, Nellis and Bobin
son, C. Nays McGauley, Morris and
Rittenhouse, 3.
Official bond of M. S. Cox as city comp
troller was presented, being in tho sum of
five thousand dollars, with R. H. Cunning
ham and Wm Strutton as securities thore
on. On motion of Alderman Morris "aid
bond was approved.
State nnd city bonds of Adolph Swobo
da for liquor license wore pre.'ontcd, and,
on motion or Alderman Morris, opprovod.
The city attornoy roportod back tho
liquor bonds of M. Burns, slating that
said bonds are good. Aldorman Moyers
moved to.pprovo said bond3, and concur
in tho attorney's report. Carried.
Tho roport of R. A. Cunningham, city
treasurer, for July was presented. Alder
man Robin"nti movod to rofur thu same
back to tho treasurer for ollldovit as re
quired by tho city charter. Carried.
The July report of tho finance commit
teo was presumed showing that thoy had
doitroyod by burning, coupons to tho
amount of ( 1,120, and scrip to thn amount
of f 1,882 03. On motion said report was
received and ottlored filed.
On motion of Aldorman M
loyers the
council adjourned.
M. J. Hou 1 ev, City (,'lork.
t'Alth l'KTKHS,
(or.:ieveiiiii ,,, HopUr
lniSfJI! I?ie P" .hath hasengagen the
alio" I viLlPW lVtton "terand
Si !"Um lono ,boe" nd is ready
r?,u.f"i'tur"d epairall kinds of work
$3 wlUinPftr8nddlspateh,
Home Advertisements.
John 1. Barman. Chas. Thrupp
North Cor. of (Ills Sit. nml Ohio
Cairo, Illinois.
Oiler lor sain nt low figures and cay terms
0 lollowiiig real estate :
o 1 Aii elegant cotLago. corner Twelfth
and Locust streot, Is 27 ami 24, li I, third ad.
1.01 uoovo graue, o 101s in 11 4, in What Is
known as tlo "itidgc Block;" thoso lot run
through the block Irom Fifteenth to Six.
tcclitli street", and the best residence prop
erty In tho city adjoining property hli,'hly
.o a i.otd.i anil 1, 11 in, city, Woshlnirtoh
avenue, between 'thirteenth and Fourteenth
sttent". west sido. Oood two-story building
on each lot.
No 3 Abo. vi'-int lots fi and 0. adtolnlni'
the above. Lot U, b 23, city,
on Sixth strict, south side,
between Commercial and Washington ave
nues, will be sold In tract" to suit purchaser,
very iovv snu uncus) ivrms.
No4 l.oU7 and 8, bus. corner ol Four
teenth and l'oplar streets, front on Poplar
strict, west side. opposite post-office block.
1. -upieumu uu.iiicss uuiiuing, resi
dence In second story, 0 room", hall and
front and rear stairway, water on both floors,
In number one condition: situated on north
west corner ol commercial avenue and
Twelfth street. A great bargain If sold
No 0 Lots 4. 7 and 9. b 22. cltv. on
Commercial avenue, bewcen fourth and
Fifth streets, Lots 20 and 21, b 23 city, on
Washington avenue, between Ultli and
Sixth street. Terms easy, price low.
No 7 Lot II, in l 1b, on Nineteenth
stieet, between Commercial avenue and
l'oplar street .1 great bargain. Lot25, b 65,
1st ad., oil Washington avenuo.
No 8 -Two ven desirable bu.sincs houses
and two lot", on sixth street Ixitvveen Com
mercial ami w aslilugtou uremic, will be
sold at term to pav purchaser rental of 25
per cent on investment.
No 0-Slv. lots in l 20, 1st ad. High
ground. s)'iji)r.irh on eay payments.
No ID Lots 1 und 2, in b r north comer nl
Tenth and I-veo streets. llct bu-ltics loca
tion In the city term" eay. I.ot-'.'l, 2i and
23 In li 10, M ad., south corner ol Twentieth
and l'oplar street". Al-o three lots in court
house block, Irontlng on Poplar street.
No 11 A splendid two-story residence on
north-eut coiner of Walnut and Ninth
treef, with two lot very de-lrablc prop
erly. No 12 Lot- IS anil 10, b 70 "Willi side ol
Twenlv-llrst street, opposite "Convent
Block rt very desirable for residence pur
poics, cheap.
No I.'i A well improved farm of 210 acres
W) acres under cultivation : houscsand barn
good orchard, bearing trees; running water
through farm above- overflow. One quarter
mile from station and depot ol Cairo X St.
Ixiills railroad. Will be sold on easy terms
lor Jlii per acre.
"..Nu H Tenot the chub est lots, In block
57. 1st addition, above crmle, bcautlllll resi
dence location, will be sold ut a great bar
gi.n. We call particular attention to this
pi pcrtv as it will bo sold very low.
In addition to the foregoing we Oder for
"ale, orlca-c, a Urge number of vacant lots,
in dlilercnt parts ol the city, embracing No
I bn-iiicss and residence property.
In unimproved lauds, we have for sale
ouriVf) acies In Alexander and l'ulaskl
counties, at prices ranging from $2 to J15
per acre, ami are prepared to offer indues
incuts to iiurctia-crs tnat cannot be equalled
In Colorado, Texas or any other place or by
"any other tuan." A large amount of lands of
the very hist quality, In Alexander and Pu
laski counties, belonging to tho Illinois Cea
tral Uallrosiit vonipmiy, tor the sale of which
"c ure tlio egents, will be sold very low and
on such eas; serins that a person of Industri
ous habits, With a verj small sum or ready
money, can In .1 few yearn become the
owner of a productive farm. We have
plats aud ilec-rintlrins of all lands offered
lor sale and vvjll take pleasure in showing
purchasers the property. Titles to all lands
sold by u guaranteed, and shown lrom the
patentee when required by abstracts. Ap
ply to .1 OILS' (j. UARMAN A CO.,
Cor. sixth and Levee st"., Cairo, Ills.
June 7, ls73.
Bur and Sii.l Rial Estati,
And pierare Conseyanc.s of Kiods!
Corner Twelfth stroot and Washington Ave
(Lato of St. Louis,)
BLANK BOOKSof every description dono
with neatnoss and dispatch. All klndd ol
ruling dono at "hnrt notlco. Bibles, Music,
Msgnzines and Periodicals bound neat ami
at tho lowest posslblo rate:.
aunty work, Mich as Becoril-, Dockels
rao Bool;. Blanks, etc., mado a ipeclallty
Boxes, Pockot Books, Knve lopes, etc
atslo to ordor 11-24
fa preparsil to
suppij ouiio-ner itn fi
iiikIIIt of
OltDKBS left at Hallldav Bros.
olllce. e
OHIO I.kviie. or at tbe Coal Yard below th
or at the uoai Yard below the
St. Charles Hotel, will receive prompt atten
tion, Tho Too "MoNTAUK" will bring coal
longsldo to steamers at any hour.r
(KirnsrellHneteialti trees ait Coa
eaarolal Avaassta,

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